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Obama Struck This Secret Deal To Allow Thousands Of Muslims Into The U.S.

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  1. shamu9 says:

    Trump Isn’t Bound by The Swahili Ubangi’s Agreements!

  2. Pegasus says:


    1. dixiedare says:

      Should happen.

  3. How many other land mines did the fraud set to destroy President Trump, this coward hid so much from WE THE PEOPLE he should be eliminated from this earth. POS

    1. granny_forUSA says:

      Wonder if Cape Canaveral is sending any more Rockets to the moon…?……

      1. The moon is too good for this fraud traitor to WE THE PEOPLE, I want to see him get his 72 virgins promised by Allah, that is where I want to send him.

        1. Barkingdeathsquirrel says:

          Yeah, but he’ll likely get 72 Virginians

          1. 4Pip says:

            No,where he is going it will be demons and he better hope it is only 72.

          2. Chandler says:

            I am not sure there would be 72 Virgins in one place. Just saying!!

      2. lew31 says:

        Yes, send him to the moon and leave him there with a 24 hour supply of oxygen!!

        1. Dennis B Anderson says:

          Why send the oxygen he will pee all over his tu – tu on lift off.
          Its going to take a while we almost lost our country to these rat muslim bashtards. They have been infiltrating our government since the 1960s.

    2. VET says:

      I always said he was a TRAITOR to our country that wanted our country 6 feet underground.This man should be wanted for TREASON against the United States Of America and but in a Federal Prison for life and sent down to GITMO with the rest of his followers.

      1. nickRay says:

        What to be said about this…. If you’ve always said this you’ve always been stupid. Don’t think so? Assuming “the rest of his followers” include the almost 66 million Americans who voted for him him 2012 (waaaaaay more than for those born losers Romney and Ryan), you’ll have to move gitmo to Australia. Too bad Australia doesn’t take immigrants, eh?

        1. Chandler says:

          There is always someone that does not think before they (speak) make comments.

          1. nickRay says:

            true. But why are they all on this blog? And while we’re at it, why are the comments so infantile? Whats the average age here? 10?

          2. Chandler says:

            Now nickRay,
            Everyone on this site has the right to state there opinions.and not get petty.
            And you do also but none of us have the right to belittle people, just because we don’t like what they say or how they say it.
            We need to try to understand there statements and try our best to get along and be civil.
            We most certainly do not want to Act like the Democrats Party of Socialist, Far Left leaning Progressives, and the admitted Communist. Have a great day.

    3. FAITH47 says:


      1. PM says:

        Now calm yourself, there is no place for the words you’ve used, and hate will only erode your heart, it isn’t a good emotion and places you closer to the one you hate.

        1. Richard Sabaski says:

          But it sure sounds good

          1. PM says:

            Ok, I concede if you feel better. Sometimes we all need a release from stress.

          2. Richard Sabaski says:

            I sure hope he reads it, then he will know how we all feel. Including people who voter for him and he let down.

      2. daneagle says:

        No! It’s not the fact that he is the important of a foreign entidy but that he is not of our origin! Nedd need to go forwRD TO,,,,,,,,,,KNOW WHO THESE BASTARDS ARE

    4. Grim Reaper says:

      Obama is a complete and total traitor and should be arrested and tried for treason.

    5. Lynda Skaggs says:

      so many people were foolish enough to vote him in twice

      1. Chandler says:

        Maybe but then again there is always fraud. Think about this Barack Hussein Obama had his entire records sealed. Why do you suppose he did that, something bad to hide??
        Just my thoughts.

    6. nickRay says:

      What are you talking about? It was no secret. It was announced at the time. Just because neither you nor the anonymous moron who wrote this thing are paying attention doesn’t make the agreement a secret. And what’s wrong with the deal anyway? Most of the people stuck, illegally,on those shithole islands by the racist Australian government, are refugees because of American imperialism. Those are our refugees and we should accept responsibility for them.

      1. It was not made public, it was a private deal with AU done without knowledge of anyone other than Jarrett. The liberal liars would never disclose the this or the $220M sent to Palistine, no press releases on either.

        1. Mishka says:

          Jarrett the Muslim second hand man for Obuma…yes….she looks like a man.

      2. Mishka says:

        Imperialism was left to Japan hun bun….We are a Republic by the people and for the people….if you are an anti-colonialist like Obuma then you need to take ur butt home…you are the true racist in my indigenous land….dude!

        1. nickRay says:

          You’re an idiot. And your inability to comprehend the difference between an empire and imperialism is the least of it. for the record, dummy, the Uited states is most certainly an imperialist power and US aggression is absolutely the cuase of the refugee crisis engulfing western Asia. Yes I know you don’t know where western Asia is.L
          look it up if you can spell google…dude!

    7. Bruce Wood says:

      I agree. He is a low life that doesn’t believe in democracy and has a lot of libturds on his side. Could Obama have it fixed so that we may lose our country no matter what Trump does. The protesters have had their time to be heard not it is time to get this country moving in the right direction. If not we are headed for another civil war.

      1. Mishka says:

        No…they are now charging the destructive demonstrator’s with Felonies….which could be up to 10 yrs. in jail…they caught 126 of them and we will catch many more. Let them try to explain that Felony charge to their next employer…not so much.

        1. Chandler says:

          Yaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!

    8. nickRay says:

      And what better way to keep the deal secret than for the Prime Minister to issue a press release announcing it on the day it was reached!!! These terrorists are clever. Either that or you’re an ignorant fool who doesn’t know what you’re talking about….. Gee I wonder which on eit is….. https://www.pm.gov.au/media/2016-11-13/refugee-resettlement-regional-processing-centres

  4. granny_forUSA says:

    The KENYAN ILLEGAL DICtator………has never done anything RIGHT for the USA…..He is still attempting to destroy it just as he has attempted doing for the last 8 years……….Trump does not have to HONOR any promise he made to any foreign country.

  5. edlee says:

    Send them to Gutananmo, Cuba with the other terrorists.

    1. PM says:

      Then we get to pay for their medical care, food, TV cable, housing etc. I suggest we give them an option, return to their homeland or remain where they are.

  6. James Voegtline says:

    refuse the deal let aussi. do what they want with them but do not send then to the USA.

  7. Jim says:

    obola should be EXECUTED. Period.

  8. chuberry says:

    Accept the refugees, but place them in Obama’s new neighborhood.

    1. Barkingdeathsquirrel says:

      Hell, put them in 0bama’s new house!

    2. pepie says:

      his house in and by tent out side

  9. Houmid says:

    Isn’t it interesting that Obama spent so much of his terms blaming every thing on Bush. Yet he deliberate set up as many landmines as possible for Trump, knowing that what he ordered was going to be undone anyway? The office of President was wasted by Obama.

    1. YJ77 says:

      Unfortunately, in Obama’s mind & within his plan, his 8 destructive years was the prelude to Hillary’s planned 4 years of finishing the destruction of our Constitutional Republic. Thankfully, by the Grace of God, we prevented the total destruction and have the opportunity to restore the Republic. It’ll be a long, difficult task, though. Hang on, it’s going to be a rough ride for at least 3 years until Trump’s administration gets the swamp first drained and then can remove the deep layer of mud in the bottom [Federal Agency Bureaucrats].

      1. techsavvychick says:

        You took the words right out of my mouth, I swear. Killary was to complete the “work” he set in motion. Ironically, Obama’s legacy IS President Trump LMAO HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You know his blood is boiling at that thought! 😀

      2. Mishka says:

        God has given us another chance…hopefully the stupids out there will not fall for another wolf in sheeps clothing…he was a plant for the downfall of America….George Soros and his “One World Order Crew” will keep trying to take us down…but I think we all know that by now.

  10. MSG Leo says:

    If we have to take them, send them all to Chicago. That city is so war-torn, they won’t miss home as much.

    1. robinked says:

      Put ’em in Gitmo!

      1. Chiefbuck says:

        Yes indeed, along with other of our enemies like Obama, he Clintons and Chuckie Schumer.

        1. bytheway4 says:

          Chitbuck, no way , we can’t afford to take care of them, they loves those freebees, Put them on a slow boat ( with holes on the bottom) send them all to Iran. We don’t have room here for them,

  11. Rodger K. Shull says:

    Just another attempt to put the screws to the TRUMP administration. Notice they did not come over on his watch. They waited, I say load them up an take them pack to were they came from. They are all corrupt an criminal. Any DEAL that has not been started, from the past MIS-ADMINISTRATION, NULL an VOID,

  12. AmericanMuse says:

    Donald Trump is nuts! He has destroyed the unity and tranquility of our USA in just two weeks. Prepare your daughters and sons to perish in a new global conflagration coming soon. The man is a sociopath.

    1. Junius Graham says:

      Your last sentence describes yourself.

    2. Dixie Vangelisti says:

      WHAT??? You need to take your pills and settle down.

    3. dixiedare says:

      You’re nuts.

    4. Chiefbuck says:

      Just a logical guess but I believe that you may be the one who is loony.

    5. drbhelthi says:

      – your second sentence gave me my best laugh of the day.
      It also suggests that you are blogging from a foreign country, and are not an American.

    6. Libs R Loons says:

      “Muslim” much, Muse?
      Maybe you aren’t aware, but our women have 2nd Amendment rights and can put a round between your eyes, thereby denying you entry into your jihad “heaven” and your 72 virgin SWINE!

    7. die hard patroit says:

      fuck American muse

    8. C.T. Dixon says:

      I would say your rhetoric may be over the top, but Trump does seem to fit the profile of a sociopath and would almost definitely score high on the PCL-R test.

      The indicating signs of psychopathy/sociopathy are listed below:

      •Glibness and superficiality definitely fits Trump
      •Egocentricity and grandiosity definitely fits Trump
      •Lack of remorse or guilt about the impact of their behavior on others definitely fits Trump
      •Absence of empathy definitely fits Trump
      •Deceitfulness and manipulativeness definitely fits Trump
      •Shallowness of emotions definitely fits Trump
      •Impulsiveness definitely fits Trump
      •Poor behavior controls and a disregard for social norms definitely fits Trump
      •Need for excitement definitely fits Trump
      •Lack of responsibility definitely fits Trump
      •Early behavior problems may possibly fit Trump, would need more details about his early life from outside sources not his own PR.
      •Adult anti-social behavior definitely fits Trump

    9. dixiedare says:

      Trump is cleaning up after the muslim Obama. It is you liberals that are destroying everything now.

    10. James a says:

      Your a complete idiotic freaking ass hole. If you are in this great country get the hell out we don’t want you ether go praise your allia (ass hole dick head what ever they call it)

  13. ONTIME says:

    If the slackers in the congress would follow the law and represent the voters and taxpayers, this problem would be half over and the damage of the obama era would be drying up…..The occupier of the WH during the obama era is a Fraud, a unmitigated con artist supported by the DNCommunist Jackass Party…Proof is there to use, simply force the legal restraint on B’o’s credentials to be opened and force him to produce a valid birth certificate, these two issues will knock down the wall he erected and open the flood gates to many other serious allegations by qualified investigators whose info was suppressed by activist courts on the left…I find the constant excuses of the elite RINO right a frigging joke, they are the lis BFF and that yellow color they present is the same shade as that found in the fat of a lying chicken….

    1. Mishka says:

      They have 100 muslims in the White House and surroundings…Trump will have to weed them out and clean house…that is what he has already done overseas in our embassy’s and he will do it in our Federal Courts…the Judicial System is systemically liberal and needs to be drained also.

  14. dixiedare says:

    Don’t honor any deals that the SOB made. He worked to help other countries and just about ruined ours. I don’t know why the radical Islamic president wasn’t thrown out of office, but, thankfully, we have someone now that wants to make America great again. Those liberals would let WWIIII start just so middle east people could get into our country. Evidently they are so dumb that they don’t see what could happen to us and they, evidently, have not looked into how they have just about destroyed Germany. I was so scared until Trump got in..

    1. Chiefbuck says:

      Progressive liberal democrats have a serious problem understanding reality. They are mostly parasites who consider work beneath themselves.

      1. Mishka says:

        Democrat=mentally ill…don’t ya know!

  15. Shelly Bush says:

    The sad part in all this is that it is not Trump who will reap the consequences of Obama’s deal, it will be the people of this country that will suffer because Obama has committed treason. They should take names of every refugee,and when any of them commit a crime in this country, Obama should be brought up on the same charges “for knowingly” (aiding and abetting) allowing refugees into the US that came from the list of countries that Obama included in his “Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015.”

    1. Mishka says:

      They always go to the welfare inner cities and surrounding area’s for their free shit and to leech off of other’s in the liberal inner cities…and that is where they will proliferate and hate…and do damage. I guess the libtards will get their just dues.

      1. Shelly Bush says:

        My personal feelings are that the responsibility of every person who actively allowed the refugees to come into this beautiful country (Obama, courts that blocked the executive order) and they do harm, should be held accountable by being charged with collusion based on conspiracy.

  16. Patrick Driscoll says:

    Do not see why Trump and USA have to be saddled with these uncivilized creatures because Idiot obuma continued to screw-up. This clown was the biggest screw-up in USA history. Think most real Americans only happy when he is at GITMO.

    1. Chiefbuck says:

      This clearly shows Obama’s intention to destroy our country. He and his lap dogs caused trillions in damages and by reducing our military and intel forces greatly weakened us. Now ‘dimocrats’ are doing their best to finish the job. I suspect that we will have a long hot summer as these morons rob, rape and act like the savages that they are. Stock up with the necessities just in case things get out of control. Protect your families and property but don’t do anything illegal. Self defense is probably still OK.

      1. Mishka says:

        I just had a Dumbass Sheriffs Deputy say to me if someone breaks into your house you need to be judicial about it!!!! This is how FU Washington State has become…Snohomish County is full of this BS…and don’t even think of going to Seattle.

        1. Chiefbuck says:

          Mishka, Believe me, I won’t go within 700 miles of California. Obama and liberals gave the conservative cause a huge boost. There is a close knit group of GOP conservatives here in Delaware, growth is increasing at a good rate. We still have a long way to go but the democrat party is helping by their actions and attitude. Their level of corruption is the only area of growth in their party. The parasite party depends on taxpayer money in order to buy votes and finally the taxpayers realize that.

    2. Dick says:

      This was NOT a screw up from Obama. This was all part of his INTENTIONAL plan to destroy the United States. I’m sure he, Hillary and George Soros have more up their evil sleeves that we will have to contend with. Stockpile food, water, firearms and ammo to protect you and yours.

  17. Bernie Lounds says:

    He should be shot by a firing squad as a Traitor.Period.

    1. Chiefbuck says:

      Only after he spends about ten years at Gitmo.

    2. bytheway4 says:

      Bernie , that’s the best way but make sure we do the same to Barry’s boss, Soros, Then we can make sure that they will never show up anywhere , ever.

      1. Mishka says:

        Soros is looking pretty ill lately…think his hay days are getting fewer and far between…but he will try and cause as much trouble as he can…the economy…money take down artist is still paying Demonstrator’s to riot.

  18. Terry Hampton says:

    I’m sure there are more stupid deals that Obama made. I feel confident President Trump will figure out a way to eliminate those deals as he is much smarter than Obama.

    1. Mishka says:

      Yes he is…Obuma got into Havard with a “C” average and on the welfare dime…yes…we paid for this degenerate to take an “A” students place…since we are all created equal now…why do we still have minority status???? I am part indigenous and have never taken a dime from this government and have never used my woman status to get special treatment or a job.

  19. Libs R Loons says:

    Excuse me, but the REAL number of Muslims that Obama and Holder started sneaking in amount to between 5 and 6 MILLION. They are part of Obama’s “private army” that he vowed would equal our US military.
    They have no loyalty to our country and Constitution, but only to him.
    Just because Obama’s not stinking up our WH anymore doesn’t mean that he can’t give them “marching orders”.

    Stay vigilent, and keep your powder dry!

    1. Rocky Scott says:

      Trump needs to call for open season on all muslims.

  20. KittyKittyKit says:

    Just pass an E.O. saying EVERY DECISION made by OBAMA is SUSPECT and is on hold indefinitely till inquiries are made on how to NULLIFY the orders made by an ABSOLUTE FRAUD making his way into the White House without being thoroughly VETTED.

  21. 4USA2 says:

    Trump should take them, all right, …. take them and put them back where they came from! This was such a blatant mean act of Obama knowing he was dumping the mess on the next president. What a total dirt bag.
    So… Trump should take the refugees and ship them back to their homelands. They were not vetted and they do not qualify to be placed in our country!

    1. die hard patroit says:

      Obama is not a dirt bag how dare you to insalt dirt that way he is a pile of communits shit

    2. lew31 says:

      Put them on a rusty, leaky old ship with a bomb set to detonate in the middle of the ocean.

  22. bikerdogred1 says:

    Now it is time for Trump to make a deal about kicking them out of the country!

  23. tellmeanouherone says:

    Obama is a freaking CRIMINAL!! There was never any doubt of it in my mind. If Mr. Trump HAS to accept these muslim scum in to our country, then the best thing to do is to settle them in obamas neighborhood in Chicago. According to Obummer, there is nothing wrong with the people there so lets use them as obamas welcoming committee. They may take care of the poor homeless victims, or the muslims may take care of the trash in Chicago. Either way, there should be an entertaining study made of the results.

  24. Mike W says:

    One of these days the liberals will come to understand how much damage they have done. On that day they will be screaming “why didn’t somebody do something about this?”.

    1. Mishka says:

      They will and are seeing the crumbling of their inner city sanctuary’s at the moment….crime and infestations are prevalent and will continue as they allow more outsider’s to over populate our Country….Drugs and violence are prevailing also in the rural counties…we must stop the flow and regulate who/what comes here now.

  25. barbarakelly says:


  26. Rosia Gregg-Lambeth says:

    Why should TRUMP honor the deal Obama made with Australia? Leave the muslims in the country of New G., or return them to their countries. We do not have to let in anyone we can not vet. Obama should be made to pay for this deal, who wants him near their state?

    1. Mishka says:

      Australia was first settled with Criminals…an Island where they dumped all of their criminals…so leave them there.

      1. Ray says:

        That’s right, Obama take care of them. A complete idiot.

  27. Low Cover says:

    Because Obama is a piece of work who hates America. The DA Liberals just don’t get it.

  28. Low Cover says:

    Need to arrest and hang and then burn the corpse

  29. Vincent Fisher says:

    I’ve noticed that the Obamas, the loving and kind progressive couple, have chosen an upscale neighborhood to live in. No immigrants there. Oh, he has claimed in his spare time he’ll work with disadvantaged Latino and Black youths. In his mind disadvantaged White kids do not exist. I’d like it better if he and the missus would spend their free time working with, what ever in the hell “working with” means, this particular bunch of immigrants. That scenario could become a reality series.

  30. Richard Bagenstose says:

    fix obomas a**, take the refugees and drop them off at gitmo, there is plenty of room their , then have the mp’s arrest barry and michelle and give them the job of feeding them and cleaning up their cells, barry can take up playing soccer with his muslum buddies. then we can water board barry and see if it really does work,

  31. Betty says:

    Australia refuses to let hem in but wants us to take their rejects this minister said he had to protect Australia WELL TRUMP HAS TO PROTECTAMERICA

  32. dragonfire777 says:

    Reverse it.

  33. Larry Cowden says:

    Unfortunately the biggest land mine is yet to blow!! The billions Obamababoon shipped secretly to Iran has allowed them to finish building their ICBMs, test them, sell missiles to hostile forces that have attacked the Saudis and our ships, and to finish funding and completion of their nuclear weapons! That action by Obamababoon alone should mandate his immediate execution. It will be very surprising if we don’t go to war with Iran by the end of this year to protect Israel and our selves.

    1. Mishka says:

      Our war ships are armed and ready to go…ballistic missiles in place and they know it…strategic command in all the right places.

  34. SweetSharron says:

    Barack Obama was not only the worst president the United States has ever had, he is the best president for destroying the United States and for basically signing “death warrants” for the American people. The only reason these illegal immigrants so desperately want into the United States is to obtain $$ for support and essentials and to kill any one who disagrees with their lifestyles and religion.

    I ask Donald Trump that if there is anything in his power to erase this crazy agreement between Australia and Barack Obama, that he do so immediately. Does it make the United States look bad or not dependable… who cares?


  35. TalkTruth says:

    Send the refugees and their leader Obama to gitmo.

  36. Spiritof America says:

    OPEN obamas SEALED records……….What will be found………………will end ANY orders obama put into play.

    1. Mishka says:

      There will be a seal like on the Clinton Library…yes…Bill’s Library…its contents are still sealed till who knows when…now that Hillary lost….maybe they will open it.

  37. pcman says:

    If the deal was not funded by Congress, it is illegal. Funding should include the lifetime cost of the deal. Obama can pay for it with his retirement pension and charitable contributions from the people who support him.

    1. M. D'Souza says:

      What was the $400 million to the Homeland Security which Obama quietly doled out to, just before leaving the office? It’s our taxpayers’ money that Obama seems to have been very lavish to spend and give away, while he spares his own money.

  38. Deb says:

    if Obama didn’t inform Trump of the deal it was dereliction of duty or a Clinton type lie. I agree is was a sneaky bastard would do anything to get his way just like he is trying to re-write his miserable legacy. Now we have to honor another of his half-assed schemes.

    1. M. D'Souza says:

      Pay honor where honor is due…& NOT to the sneaky snake that has just slithered out of the OO.

  39. James a says:

    The damn Muslim terrorists Obama was the worst possible thing for our country and true Americans ,if you liked him and believed he was helpful .your an ass hole terrorists easy as that get out and go to hell! I’m glad we finally got a real president hopefully it’s not to late Obama caused so many issues and sold our people out to help his own motives for handing us over completely defence less to the communist.we almost lost our freedom because of Obama and his followers ! Because you dumb ass’ are in freaking
    LA LA land! Screw everyone else if there not in our country there on there freaking own . We have so many people here that need help let’s help our own first there’s so many retired vets living in the woods because there’s no money to help them! Because Obama decided to help fund our enemy’s and give them homes here so they can focus on killing innocent American s . I say close the boarders if they are from a country that is ageist us they don’t get to come in . These kids that are here from these countries learning and getting a free ride kick there ass out and let’s educate our own people . This is utter stupidity that this stuff is going on. Trump is our saving grace if everyone would grow the hell up and support him like you should he could get this country back on track get us 100’s of thousands of jobs get people off of welfare and earning a living .you democratic ass holes don’t want to work you rather get payed to sit at home and cause freaking problems guess what the free ride is freaking over get your crap together or leave. All you protesting your basically saying your not Americans good leave ! As for Obama and Hillary plus a few others I say take them out back and shoot them or let them rot in jail and let people get to beat the hell out of them for a nominal fee to help rebuild our country!
    Trump if you read these were behind you 100% you say the word and we will take care of the problems!
    Let’s make America great again!

    1. bytheway4 says:

      Jams , don’t for get to include Schumer and Soros with them.

  40. AFGus says:

    This so-called deal needs to be recinded post haste…..as in immediately! The last thing this country needs is more radicalized Muslims. The fact that the Australians don’t want them is a big assed alarm bell. Just say NO President Trump!

  41. Martin Alonso Zuniga says:

    All the miseries that happen to USA’s citizenry have their origin in the criminal lawlessness of the “elected officials/hired help/bureaucrats/politicians” who happen to behave as mafiosi rather than virtuous leaders. But again, I am digressing. Trump is the one and only answer, for he is a rather good doer and a fast one too.

  42. Grim Reaper says:

    It is high time to declare Islam a terrorist organization, and ban it from the U.S.
    Send all Muslims packing or to re-education camps where Muhammad can be waterboarded out of them.

  43. Original Anna says:

    Trump needs to set up safe zones throughout Africa and Iraq and the darn muslim countries themselves and when the war is over these people can go back to muslim countries who should be responsible for them, not us. After all these muslims have been traveling from one muslim country to another muslim country for as long as the middle east has existed, most of those countries in the middle east don’t even have a marked border especially in sand type countries. That is why so many nationalities around Turkey have settled during wars within turkey but on the edge of turkey’s borders. There is no reason why these refugees can’t have this done for them, it is what the United Nations is supposed to be doing not the second the refuges leave their home the united nations sends them immediately into a western country. This is baloney and takes the responsibility off of the united nations and puts it on western countries to drag the countries down. After all this is what the muslims who now outnumber non muslim countries in the united nations want the united nations to do, make it easy for the muslims to spread islam throughout the world. I am glad that citizens in this country have woken up to this planned invasion or a war that islam is taking advantage of to do an invasion into other countries. The numbers of these young men leaving their homes to go west make what they are doing an invasion not a simple refugee wanting to get away from a death threat from their gov’t. They should stay home and fight the very people tearing up their homes instead of running and spreading their religion through running instead of doing what ISIS is doing militarily. Both are techniques of spreading islam to non islam countries.

  44. John Jones says:

    Trump should have told Australia, no, not going to happen. When you make a deal with the Devil, you get burned ! Sorry !

  45. Bayside GolfClub says:

    They refuse them for good reason. Life and death reasons. obama forces them on YOU. Muslim Countries refuse Millions of refugees (code for anyone from anywhere) and obam,a will accept every one of them no matter how dangerous. No matter how many children get raped and beheaded..

  46. denphi16 says:

    I’m thinking a burial at sea along side his brother Osama Bin Laden

  47. Lynda Skaggs says:

    i believe pres. trump is for us and will do what it takes to rid us of the terrorists no matter who they are love you trump

  48. VET says:

    If Trump has to keep this deal that Obama made with Australia Trump should take them all down to CUBA and live there with the rest of the Terrorist like them in GITMO.I am pretty sure there is plenty of rooms left after Obama let them all go home to make bombs and take people’s heads off,he himself should be there with his friends along with that other Traitor that commented Treason right along with Obama.Or Trump can give them to the states that have sanctuary cities to let them live in there and have them feed and clothe them and pay for everything they need and their Medical bills also,and Trump should stop all FUNDS to these states and let them pay to keep them maybe a bad EARTHQUAKE might take the worst state that is CALIFORNIA out to sea toward North Korea and have a new neighbor that will take care of them LOL.But like i said don’t give a damn dime of the American people’s TAXES to any states that are harboring any Illegal criminals that are not to be here,if you Dummies knew how to read then go read our Constitution that you Idiots don’t know nothing what is in it but again you are nothing but a bunch of Stupid UN-AMERICAN Liberals that are the most lying people that our Nation does not gives two S—-T about because you are the most Corrupted people along with your Democrat Thieves that would sell there own Mother just to F–K the real Americans out of whatever they have to take from them and pocket whatever they have that they could steal from them and they have been doing that to us in the last 8 freaking years under the crooked Obama administration and its still going on now the tears are has Phony has them.

    1. YJ77 says:

      Just because Trump’s “delayed admission of non-citizens from a select few countries” AKA “Extreme Vetting” EO excluded those covered by a prior agreement, unless said “agreement” was vetted as a Treaty and passed by The Senate of The United States; it’s only basis is either Obama’s word or signature. Neither of those any longer carries any force of law in The United States of America. If the “agreement” was even of the statue of an EO, merely rescind it. Game, Set, Match!

  49. PM says:

    We don’t know and may never know the extent of damage that Obama has done not just to The United States but the Mideast. As sure as there is a just and righteous God, he will receive his reward and as of right now, it doesn’t look good for Obama.

  50. daneagle says:

    Obummer was an edict to overcome real democracy,,,,,his is the most obnoxicus cause to the western world,,,,,,,,,,,,,she/she is dumism

  51. M. D'Souza says:

    Does Obama still nurture the prospect of becoming the Caliph of a Muslim Caliphate, by bringing in these RAPE-U-GEES into the US, or is he having the ulterior motive of becoming the UN Secretary General when Ban ki Moon’s term expires in 2017? Obama does need these Muslim votes in both these cases, just as he needed the Black’s votes to become the POTUS. Or else why did he give away $billions to Iran, if not to get the Iranians to vote for him at the UN?

  52. M. D'Souza says:

    How did the phone conversation between Pres. Trump & Australian PM Malcolm Turnball get published by the media??? Has Obama secretly planted hearing devises in the Oval Office, so that he could listen to what Pres. Trump plans, & accordingly plan his assault on Trump’s plans?

  53. 2nd amendment vs evil govt says:

    this is the way Ohomo was doing his part for Hijrah………jihad by immigration. his evil administration has been flooding USA with mussies for a reason. Knights Templar will have to ride again during Crusades 2.0.

  54. Joe says:

    I’m amazed at all the criminals obama set free before leaving office. What was that all about? I would love to see President Donald J Trump overturn Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s conviction and put him on the stand. I was in bewilderment on how fast they made the Gov. A perjurer as to keep him off the stand. It also bewilders me on the sentence time. Long enough for obama and long enough to cover what time clinton would have had LEFT! Please don’t get me wrong! There are NO ANGELS HERE!

  55. Chandler says:

    ,It should occur to all Obama should be charged with TREASON,
    In my opinion he was never eligible to be President the Democrat Party knew, but helped him get in office.
    Who seals his records if not hiding things that would prevent him from running for President?????

    Just wondering !!

  56. helensatmary says:

    Obama is a illegal alien! The sooner he is tried and put in prison or hung from a noose the better!

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