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Obama’s Unthinkable Attack On Trump Will Leave You Speechless

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  1. FAITH47 says:


    1. Houmid says:

      Only President who could make Jimmy Carter look good.

      1. No name nut case says:

        Oh, Lord. Why did you have to remind me of him. YUCK! Eeeeooouuuu!

    2. No name nut case says:

      I haven’t been happy with the Reps for a long time. I began to feel like it is the Bush party. Forget about the Dems! I wouldn’t touch them with someone else’s hands!

  2. Mikal Gastpipe says:

    “I think America should be at the front of the pack.”-Barack Hussein Barry Soetero Obama. How LAUGHABLE is THAT when it was Soetero Obama who ‘led from behind’?

    1. Annie says:

      He is a total jack—! He’s in the right political party…look at their mascot…A JACKASS!

      1. 1EdMeadows83 says:

        Apparently you are a Regressive, so please tell us, what has the Republican Party EVER

        1. John says:

          freed slaves from the democrats for 150 years.

        2. Donald says:

          Made us the greatest free nation in the world!!!

          1. Cherie Lynn Davis says:

            And we would have been even greater if the damned Democrats had kept their fingers out of the pie! What a bunch of bumbling, cross-tongued idiots!!

  3. JoAnn Giese says:

    Why should we care what Obama says. Former is the name to remember and globelism.

  4. Elisha says:

    Tell Bathhouse Barry to crawl back under some rock. We don’t miss that creature at all.

    1. William(Bill) Hooper says:

      Precisely what your Mother said after delivering YOU,Elisha!

      1. doctorivy says:

        Hussein-Obama’s mother, Stanley Dunham, posed for pornographic pictures while in high school. The photographer was his biological father, Frank Marshall Davis, a prominent member of the Communist Party USA. Barry is Davis’ child as clearly as Chelsea Clinton is Web Hubbell’s.

        1. Askjrsk says:

          Interesting Thankyou What country was this in?

          1. doctorivy says:

            This was in Hawaii, Barry’s place of birth. That’s the good news. He was born in Hawaii, out of wedlock, the bastard spawn of Sidney Dunham and Frank Marshall Davis, the pedophile, bisexual, pornographer-and prominent member of CPUSA.

          2. Askjrsk says:

            Great post Thankyou

        2. Kissingfan says:

          I thought the rumor was that Chelsea’s father was Vince Foster.

      2. Askjrsk says:

        What a dirty old obnoxious rude ignorant uneducated piece of feces you are. Yes troll, you’ll make money off this one response. Disgusting low life people like you make our respect for PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP grow daily by leaps and bounds. Next to having to apologize for OBAMA abroad the repulsive inappropriate few like you are a total embarrassment to America and the American people. We understand thing are closing on and OBAMA and Hillary and Comey and the leakers are very scared. OBAMAGATE being the biggest threat to civil liberties in all time. I hope others join me in blocking you and your bigoted prejudice and hate. President Trump MAGA!!

        1. Palma Menno Rice says:

          I did block that poster. Obnoxious isn’t it?

          1. Askjrsk says:

            Yes. Thankyou Take away their platform. Let them hang with noose around their neck, when we remove the platform

      3. Glenn Newton says:

        William hooper = dumbazz scumbag of the day!

      4. Annie says:

        Hey, William(Bill)Hooper..your a total moron, crybaby snowflake!

      5. Pomona Pete says:

        ah William (Bill)…what to say about someone who actually takes the ‘I’m rubber you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you’ strategem?

        this subte psychological ruse generates a conflicted superego, bending the ego’s will and neutering the ID. its first use known to history is when the Cambodians stopped Kublai in the twelves, but most people credit the war elephants.

        you see, William (Bill), conjuring the mental picture of a just-gushed mother looking down at the swampy emission and desiring to see it placed under a rock is truly mind-bending, but instead of ME suffering for your mental efforts, I simply bounce it back onto you! Touche!

        (and goddam, you’re stupid. please don’t try to respond to my little fun.)

  5. oat21 says:

    Obama is a total left wing progressive socialist jerk who has no idea what he’s talking about. Trump just wants to negotiate a better deal for America then he, the socialist Obama, did for America. He wants our people not to be raked over the coals of Obama’s giving American Taxpayer money away and allowing all the major countries to do nothing, pay nothing for just signing a piece of paper. Go crawl into a hole Obama.

    1. Kenneth Bailey says:

      Obozos a slimy snake

    2. Askjrsk says:

      Obama have one billion of our hard earned money for this Paris scam of break America through the transfer of wealth. Not one other country have one cent invested. Where is that billion dollars? There should be a money trail on that and get it back– one way or another. Who’s got our billion dollars from that scum OBAMA?

      1. Michael says:

        It is most likely in an off shore account of OSLIMA’S!!

        1. David in MA says:

          The bank of Malta has become solvent again?

    3. Annie says:

      Obummer should be in prison!

    4. Hans Glogauer says:


      1. Askjrsk says:

        Your laugh is even, as Hillary would say retarded.

  6. vincent deredita says:

    THAT NIGGER DIDN’T GIVE A SHIT what he did with our money. That NIGGER probably made money off of it.

    1. Bud says:

      Language, please.
      Yeah yeah I know, they use the word all the time so why can’t we.

      1. 48jerry says:

        it’s only a word meaning ignorant nothing more the blacks made it racial and they are always the ones using it

  7. Pauline Kasper says:

    Obama needs to get lost and stay lost! He is not the President anymore! He should face up to the fact that he is an ex-President.

    1. Jeronimo Dan says:

      Obama was never really our President, as he was a fraud, that lied about his birth and heritage. It’ll all come out some day, but it may to late to rectify the damage he has done to this nation.

    2. Annie says:

      He should be in prison!

  8. Roy says:

    It is so easy to criticize rather than unite. He is like the typical old school socialist who thinks the state should control the means of production and socially engineer their citizens.
    That only results in eventually the bondage of people.
    Here are the proven elements of slavery:

    Spiritual Faith
    Then starting over with Bondage

    We are in the final stages unless God intervenes, which I think He has

    1. mallen11 says:

      Yes, and our only hope God who can heal our land if we are willing to put Him first in our lives.

    2. MJL says:

      Why don’t you pull your head out of the Kenyan Coons ass you Muslim loving Idiot.

      1. Roy says:

        You must hate Jesus Christ also, right?

    3. Askjrsk says:

      Obama was the great divider. America has never been so polarized. Evil. God has intervened.

      1. Roy says:

        “Now therefore, O kings, be wise; be warned, O rulers of the earth. By me kings reign, and rulers decree what is just;” (Quotation from God.”

      2. danielzevetchin says:

        Polarized, it is because of morons like you .

        1. Askjrsk says:

          You are actually ignorant enough dumb enough stupid enough to think that I have the powers to cause the great racial divide of today, not to mention those who are frustrated and disgusted with what OBAMA has done to our country. National Debt today for every man woman and child, before current expenses is $62,000.00 we have unsafe borders illegals raping, stealing and murdering from innocent young girls even children in our schools. Dumbed down stupid ignorant people like you do not need to comment to me. Got it? You are entitled to your right to express your self. Just find stupid people that will listen to you and agree with you. Thanks there, gutter trash.

        2. Askjrsk says:

          Roy has a great post ass hole, what are you doing in the middle of it. You’re idiot medication not kick in. Ignorant repulsive obnoxious moron. Like to go hunting sometime?

          1. danielzevetchin says:

            Any time Assjerk. What a nice invitation. Are you going to bring your butt buddies along, little man.

      3. danielzevetchin says:

        Hey Assjerk, Really. Thank-You for the compliment. Good Bye.

        1. Askjrsk says:

          Your idiot pill kick in and your jerking your ass. No surprise lowlife like you has no class. Let’s go deer hunting. Wear your camoflauge so the deer don’t see you. Just my buddies in special forces. Bye bye.

  9. Mike W says:

    All you need to know about Barrack Hussein Obama – or whoever he really is


    1. SABER says:

      That’s exactly right!!
      Wonder why it didn’t matter to those who heard all this before, but kept on insisting that it was legal or set precedence for Cruz to run as president?
      Thank goodness he didn’t win.

      1. Mike W says:

        ” In all cases except Hawaii, the DNC form without certification of constitutional eligibility was filed by the DNC. Meanwhile, everywhere we look, the RNC used one universal certification document which included full certification of constitutional eligibility in every state, in 2000, 2004 and 2008.”

        Not only did the DNC NOT certify eligibility in their Certification of Nomination for 49 states, they didn’t certify during the primary process in many states either. In fact, in most states, it appears that the DNC never certified constitutional eligibility for Barack Hussein Obama, despite their many claims of proper vetting and certification, all of which we now know to be false. ”

        Remember it was Nancy Pelosi who certified Barack Obama. The DNC said recently ( a few weeks ago) that they have no obligation to produce a candidate other than one of their choosing – effectively saying they don’t care what the voters want they are entitled to choose the candidate. Ironically the Republicans said the same thing – remember they were trying to replace Donald Trump as their candidate? So why the hell do we even have elections if they choose for us?

  10. silver fox says:

    I did not nor my wife voted for this lowlife fake ass Kenyan he is dog load

    1. Askjrsk says:

      Nicest thing anyone could say about him.

    2. Pomona Pete says:

      main, yew cain’t wrat werth too sheets.

    3. No name nut case says:

      Neither my spouse nor I voted for him. I don’t know many who did, or at least they won’t admit it.

  11. silver fox says:

    fake ass barry so called ex prisedent

    1. Mike W says:

      There is a whole list of people who will go to prison if proven Obama was never eligible.

    2. Askjrsk says:

      Soon to be toast, so to speak. Fried chicken in all that Kenyan grease.

    3. Kissingfan says:

      I’m sure history will record Obama as the Fake President.

  12. KDC says:

    Well, let me start by saying that if BO disapproves, then Pres.Trump did exactly the right thing. We all know what climate change is about. “stunned Americans”… We, who have been awake these last eight years, aren’t stunned by anything BO does, or what inept Congress allows. If it’s negative for America, he’ll do it. What is stunning is that none of these pathetic crooks are held accountable for their crimes against the Constitution, people and laws that they broke.

    1. John A. DeJong says:

      Actually, they were. Obama’s policies and plans were rejected at the ballot box these past three elections. And many Democrat “mouth breathers” were fired from the US Congress, Senate, Governors, state and local legislatures. Every single sycophant he stumped for was thrown out! The only thing that stuns America is that this wicked little man can’t keep his yap shut…despite EVERYONE rejecting his culture of calamity. The best news for anyone about Obama is Jimmy Carter. He wanted Obama for a second term because he is now no longer considered our worst President.

      1. Askjrsk says:

        So very true.

      2. CaptTurbo says:

        Yes, and sadly a pack of RINOs has taken their seats so we still can’t get this ship righted.

        1. No name nut case says:

          They might just get fired.

          1. CaptTurbo says:

            One might hope but yet the continue to infest our political offices.

    2. No name nut case says:

      We must be siblings by different parents. Lol!

      1. KDC says:

        That’s so funny…lol

    3. Cherie Lynn Davis says:

      Since most everyone knows BO is an idiot, we can rejoice in the fact that the more he opens his pathetic pie trap, the more everyone understands just how stupid he really is. There is an old saying that goes something like this, “Keep your mouth shut and let everyone wonder if you are stupid rather than open it and remove all doubt.”

      1. KDC says:

        Abraham Lincoln said that.

      2. Lakshmi says:

        Obama is, knowingly, an evil puppet of the Satanic Globalist Establishment/Power-Elite, New World Order ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE (Kingdom of Satan/ DEEP STATE).

        1. Cherie Lynn Davis says:


  13. gene smiith says:

    loose cannon, and easy to ignore, CLOWN.

    1. Deby says:

      You wish don’cha snowflake

  14. slms says:

    Obamanation should mind his own business, he is not the President anymore, Thank God!!
    Why isn’t he in jail for all the crimes and scandals he committed to bring down our Great
    Country because he hates it so he has been working hard to destroy It!

    1. SABER says:

      Trump is working on the Clintons and Obama. It will just take some time. I am looking very forward to that day!

      1. Askjrsk says:

        Aren’t we all!

      2. Mike W says:

        I can’t wait to see numb nuts smug look (like the one in the photo at the top of this article) slapped off that asshole’s face.

        1. Annie says:

          Obummer looks just like the puppet, “Howdy Doody”! He’s George Soros’ puppet, too!

          1. Bird says:

            That is NOT TRUE….. it’s an insult to BOTH Howdy Doody AND Buffalo Bob!!!

    2. Askjrsk says:

      He is headed for the chair. GITMO is being readied for the rest.

  15. mallen11 says:

    Of course -0 disagrees with President Trump since he wanted to destroy America while President Trump wants to make America Great Again. President Trump cannot make America Great Again without We the People turning back to God by making Him first in our lives. President Trump is doing what is best for America; we need to stand behind him by putting God first in our life daily.

    1. Forrest K. Wright says:

      Good word , the only ??? did you really mean it .

      1. mallen11 says:

        Yes, God is our only hope. He works through man and man needs to do His will or why should God bother with helping people who reject Him? Jesus Christ controls history and we are part of that responsibility.

        2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by MY name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face (learn His ways), and turn from their wicked ways (rejection of His Word); then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

        Daniel 2:20-21 Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God forever and ever: for wisdom and power are his: It is He who changes the times and the epochs; He removes kings and establishes kings; He gives wisdom to wise men and knowledge to men of understanding.

        II Peter 3:18… but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity.

        I Tim 2:1-2 First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men, for kings and ALL who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity.

        Luke 18:27 But He said, “The things that are impossible with people are possible with God.”

        Col 2:10 and in Him you have been made complete, and He is the head over ALL rule and authority;

  16. 48jerry says:

    oboma should be in jail what a disgrace

  17. JQcitizen says:

    Obama’s loyalty has always been to himself, liberalism, and globalism in that order. He had,has no ethical problem in lying to America and abusing the Presidency to achieve those goals, and unfortunately apparently has the full support of the Democratic Party that demonstrates similar ethical standards. His actions while in office have done nothing to improve America or the world. On the contrary, he with Democratic help, has managed to damage or destroy all that he touches and seems to be hell-bent on continuing down that path.

    1. Kissingfan says:

      You forgot to mention that he is a supporter of the Marxist philosophy. He learned his brand of socialism from the same source as Killery – Saul Alinsky. He made an attempt to follow Alinsky’s eight power controls to create a socialist (communist-like) state. Just search “How to Create a Socialist State” by Saul Alinsky. You will see just how far he went in attempting to achieve that goal.

  18. Palmer says:

    This Accord was nothing more then a way for the criminals and thieves that run other countries to hit the “Bank of the USA” for Billions of Dollars. Nothing more. We would gain nothing. China and India don’t have to comply until 2027. Come on people , Get Smart. There is NO global warming, just natural cycle of earth. Read what the other side has to say. Go to U-Tube and type “is Global warming real”?. Lots of scientists have information there.

  19. Jack says:


  20. springslook says:

    He did a terrible job and is definitely not a credit to his race….he has no class and is becoming a joke right along with Hillary! They just don’t go away! And by the way, what exactly did he do for his people?

    1. Forrest K. Wright says:

      NOTHING sorry to say .

    2. Mike W says:

      Not a credit to his race? Which one?

  21. Galloper says:

    of course Obama would say that…….. , he is a Marxist as far as I am concerned….He is also sick with jealousy .

    1. Mike W says:

      And worried to death about his gay agenda. Look what happened to him when he went “home” to Kenya – they basically told him to F**k Off.

      “When Obama lectured Kenya comparing gays to the mistreatment of African Americans, Africa responded with a scathing letter written by 700 Kenyan evangelical pastors on behalf of their 10 million Christian followers. In it, Africa told Obama to take his ‘disgusting agenda’, his ‘equating racism with rejection of homosexuality’, and told him to shove it. The message from Africans to this African American Obama, was “hit the road Jack” while adding “don’t you come back no more”.

  22. Tommy Goodwin says:


  23. yennikcm says:

    aka POS barry, the Islamo-fascist, anti-American Gutter Rat.

  24. ronniecanoli says:


  25. monongahela says:

    We all know that obama is anti American and a proven liar, enough said~

  26. mpdMD1965 says:

    Can anyone inform me of one viable reason any real American not on life support with a dead brain would consider Hillary Rotten Clinton for president of our wonderful democracy? There are many super socialist countries you supporters of Rotten Clinton may inhabit and elect her as your leader there. We real AMERICANS prefer pro America folks for president. You Rotten Clinton lovers deserve her as the perfect person to follow to your demise as a democracy. If Socialism is your game Rotten Clinton is your Dame,

    1. Forrest K. Wright says:

      sorry to say their is a lot of truth in what you said .

    2. mallen11 says:

      Thankfully, we are not a democracy but a Republic. Say the Pledge to our flag. A democracy is the worst form of government thats leads to socialism and communism.

      1. SoundMind says:

        Yes, a democracy rapidly descends into mob rule.

  27. rottenrollin says:

    Why doesn’t Obama run off with Kerry for a week of bliss and give us the bliss of their absence?

  28. Robert Spiegel says:

    Destroyed our Country as President, now wants to continue by opening his big mouth, insert foot. If the people cared about anything Obama did and said, Hillary would have been elected. But the Country wanted a drastic change and so Donald Trump is now the President of the United States. If you don’t like it, Leave because that would make our County even better. Getting rid of the liberals that ant to give everything that hard working Americans have earned to those that don’t want to work (get paid for popping out baby’s) and real a decent paying job (i.e. support themselves). Our Country would prosper if they would all just leave and take Obama and his cronies with him. We don’t want them and we don’t need them. America and the American people come first and President Trump is doing just that. Thank you President Trump and “Let’s make America great again” together.

    1. Forrest K. Wright says:

      Robert Spiegel the only thing that will make this Country great again is GOD . not man , JESUS said IAM the way the Truth an the Light . an man has trying his best to screw things up ever sense the cross . satan knows that he is a looser , but all his followers are to foolish to know that they are following a fool , who claims to be god . if he is what he says he is then prove it to his followers and the rest of the world or shut-up .

  29. Deby says:

    Okay Pres. Trump-the gloves are so OFF!! In a debate between good (Trump) and evil (obozo) Trump will win-again. While obozo may have (I personally don’t think so) the “eloquent” way of speaking his lies, at the end of the day, they will remain just that-lies. Truth, Justice and the American Way is what Pres. Trump embodies- so please Mr. EX president-just go away now-you are so done.

    1. gnafuasusual says:

      That is part of the problem now…Obama refuses to go away. He has his own army nationwide and has a few Judges in his pocket. He commands this shadow group, government organization, from his home about two miles from the White House. When Obama said he would continue to work, he meant going back to his organizational skill as a street organizer. The man and his rich army of 35,000+ are busy as we sleep. They have amassed over 40 million bucks to make life miserable for President Trump. Read all about it when you go to truthorfiction. Plus, this information was provided by NY Times. OFA (Organizing for Action).

  30. A patriot says:

    too old Obama’s mama never heard of birth control, she would have done America a favor. send this bastard back to kenya

    1. 7734daniel says:

      The best part of obama ran down his mama’s leg.

  31. William(Bill) Hooper says:

    UNBELIEVABLE !! “Kelly”[‘Net name of the Diseased “right”-Wing Cunt for hire by ANY Fascist Propaganda

    site]Makes well-planned ATTACK on Reason and Brainless Trump-loversActually Believe “her” !!!!!

  32. Salgal says:

    Obama carries no weight. He was an ineffective president and squandered fortunes on so-called green companies that went under. He’s no expert; far from it. Pres. Trump sees the U.S. as carrying the brunt of this clean air treaty. Maybe Obama can cover the U.S. cost now that he is rich and feels so deeply about this clean air treaty.

  33. Nutmeg Man says:

    I sure wish the world’s biggest liar and worst president in history would shut his scumbag mouth and head for Iraq so he can live with his ISIS Muslim buddies and not harm this country any more. And please take that un-American wife of yours so we don’t have to listen to her garbage any longer.

  34. doctorivy says:

    Leading from behind. Remember?

  35. Peter Fedorenko says:

    It’s going to take several more years to truly fathom the damage that the Muslim Obama did to this nation. He should be tried for high treason.

  36. Just hoping Obama screws up enou for treasongh and we get to hang him

  37. jackhy says:

    Not surprising that O’butthole criticizes Pres. Trump every time our POTUS tries to undo the damage B.O. did to inflict untold damage on our country! If the dozen or so “investigations” get over soon, maybe the DOJ and other Cabinet agencies can start in on this despicable traitor for his crimes of the past 8+ years!

  38. Ralph Townsend says:

    I agree with most of these comments, Keep it up Obumer, we are going to find and charge you for treason. If you were smart you would get you a.. back to Kenya or some place to hide, rather than in a US jail..

  39. Askjrsk says:

    Soon an Ethel Rosenberg type of justice will come to this fraudulent illegitimate con and liar in chief. Plug the electric cord in!!!!

  40. Jeronimo Dan says:

    It needs to be taken into fact, that Obama is not one of us, be you are Black, Brown, or White. He wasn’t born in this Country, and he wasn’t raised as an American, but in another Country with a completely different way of thinking and living their lives. They’re called Muslim’s and they hate anyone that is not of their religion and thought pattern.
    Obama ran and became President to full fill one commitment and that was to bring down and destroy this Country, everyway and anyway he could during his time in office. He did his job very well as most all under the age of 40 years located on both coast, want this Country to be a socialist country and they to be taken care of by the government…which has never worked and never will.

    This Nation, will come back to be great again, but it will take some time and a lot of good men/women to make it right again. We’ve got a leader that is willing and able to lead from the front, so less all get behind him and show him he has our support.

  41. Larry Lewis says:

    When will someone muzzle this horse’s ass? Strip his passport if he continue to follow the President and ridicule what the President is doing.

    1. Askjrsk says:

      When he gets zapped. GITMO for the rest.

  42. RONALD WIEDER says:

    Just another piece of “Pooey” in need of being flushed ! He was “slimed”. in to our White House

  43. Bayside GolfClub says:

    o0bama is just a moron. I suspect he cannot even read.. Do simple math. I honestly do not think he could pass a 3rd grade graduation test. He has everything backwards. His I.Q. might be in the negatives..

    1. Askjrsk says:

      Sure can’t speak coherently, but knows how to give our money away. One billion dollars to this fraudulent Paris accord con. Who had our money? Why can’t we have it back? We need it. Our debt for every man woman and child is about 62,000.00 Let’s get it back.

  44. RONALD WIEDER says:

    Pure, unadulterated SCHMUTZ !

  45. MareCadTITANIC says:

    HEY, obummerz SHUT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


  47. Mr. Lips says:

    Why is this POS Primate, goat f**king Mooslim still in the news? I HATE seeing his picture. He is DONE. He is no longer President ( Thank God ) so Barry (illegal president) Sotoro, (mooslum goat f**ker) shut the hell up and go back to your African hometown where you belong.

  48. Michael says:

    OSLIMA, you and the HILDA BEAST need to eat shit and bark at the moon, then get over being a worthless ILLEGAL ALIEN who lied his way into the W/H with the help of the LIBERTARDS/DEMODUMBMIES!! I still can’t believe the American people were so ignorant as to vote his sorry ass into the W/H twice!!
    F*****G DOUCHE BAG!!

  49. 10-Nov-1775 says:

    All these fools getting their panties in a twist because they will not have the Unites States’ money, OUR money. They thought they had a gravy train, a sugar daddy if you will. Sorry, no more. Also, it is not as if the United States will stop pursuing alternative forms of energy; we will, but we will not be lorded over by out of touch European academics whose ole purpose is a one world government.

  50. Dave says:

    Go President Trump. Pi…BO off some more. He did nothing good for United States of America!

  51. Gretta says:

    Obama is the ONLY EX president in our 240 year history to organize and create a 40,000 man personal army of illegal aliens, muslim refugees, and black lives matter terrorist organization to unseat and take down a sitting president, and the sitting president that he’s targeting just happens to be HIS PREDECESSOR!

    Wrap your mind around this and THINK for yourself what this means!

    Hussein Obama, his very name tells us who and what he is, has created a powerful coup d’atat, just like his muslim relatives and muslim ancestors have always done. This is their uncivilized way they run their muslim society and their muslim culture. They don’t believe in freedom, they take freedom, they control, they force, they demand, they punish, they create chaos, they riot, they demonize, they kill, they take over.

    We are their target, and they will keep on destroying us if we don’t fight them back. Why isn’t our Congress investigating Obama? Why isn’t our Congress unsealing the documents that he paid over $2 Million to keep sealed, and that he used his VERY FIRST executive order to seal his documents from our eyes.

    This should have been the VERY FIRST red flag, the VERY FIRST smoking gun, the very FIRST FIRST slap in the face for us to completely vet and investigate the man who would and was over the lives of 320 million people in our country and who had the purse strings of our tax dollars and every law he decided to impose against us, and who had the authority over our military and all of our country’s top secrets.

    Why didn’t we “THINK” about this way before he took office, while he was going around the country telling us he was going to “fundamentally transform” the freest most blessed nation that ever existed on our planet? The ONLY thing he could have possibly done to make us better was to drain the swamp of corrupted politicians. But, instead, he joined them and became their mob boss communist muslim leader.

    1. 7734daniel says:

      I am locked and loaded, I may be old and slow but I believe I could cause obama and his kind a lot of heart burn.

  52. Fortuneless says:

    Obama damn near brought this country to its knees and he is mad as hell that he did not succeed. Its time for Obama and his Marxist to be eliminated by any means necessary. That even means jail for sedition and the act of being a traitor.

    1. Annie says:

      That was the “Hope” & “Change” he preached & the moron pinheads bought into it! Thank God he’s out of office & hag Hillary wasn’t elected!

  53. David in MA says:

    This ““global community.”” is really the “bankers community”, which Ben Franklin warned about and to make matters worse the countries who are supposed to be “helped” are either muslim countries or countries being over run by muslims. To support the climate thingy would be funding America’s own demise.

  54. Bobby Arnold says:

    obama is a stupid fucking traitor nigger moslem faggot

  55. quelque chose says:

    He wouldn’t know “principled” if it bit him in the @$$!
    Still the narcissist. Still thinks he’s relevant. Very small, petty man, with an equally small, petty mind.

  56. ECwashr says:

    Obama is THE WORST EVER!! A pathological LIAR low life AMerica hating POS!!

  57. Melvin Bennett says:

    Who cares what this little skinny phony traitor closet h o m o, closet muslim thinks.

    Hopefully he gets aids and dies, so we don’t have to pay him for the next 45 years.

  58. Rodger K. Shull says:

    all of his , childish actions since the election towards PRESIDENT TRUMP. is very clear an plain, he want clinton to win so he could puppet master her around, he is a iranian spy an muslim spy an a puppet for soros an the nwo. if it were not, then why all of his cry baby antics an temper tantrums. soros has him by the nuts, he has failed an clinton has failed, ( both her an husband) their puppet masters,

  59. AdjunctGeorge says:

    Amazing lack of class by President Obama

    1. bt90 says:

      He has class low life gutter trash, I hope the bstd dies soon

  60. parthenon1 says:

    Typical Obama . . . Give away the store and get less than nothing in return except for the major part of the bill

  61. Annie says:

    Here’s my description of Obama:

    B ozo
    A rrogant
    R uthless
    A brasive
    C lueless
    K enyan

    O bnoxious
    B lack & White
    A nti-Christ
    M uslim
    A nti-American

  62. Maria castro says:

    can we exile the crossed between a parrot and an spider monkey

  63. roland Osbold says:

    Obama, just go away, nobody cares what you have to say…..go to my Webpage on Facebook ,search,, ,the cure for any cancer, ,its free, the cure itself is so easy you can do it yourself at home, and it works 100%, cost 2-3.00$….. plus many more information you never heard of. GOD created Human Beings 1+billion years ago out there in our Universe, learn how they live and travel, they are far, far ahead of us, why 1/3 of the Angels rebelled against GOD, no Man has seen GOD, I did, find out what happen, it is a must read, you will be glad you did, yours Roland Osbold

  64. jerry.rebar says:

    If this c-sucker is smart he will get out of he USA , go to remote South Pacific island and live there very quietly..
    There is very little patience left with him and his liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical familiars.
    Go away Obama, not every one has my even temper and good nature.,

  65. downs1 says:

    May God judge this foolish man severely! He is a traitor and needs to be treated as such! He is upset because Donald Trump has accomplished a little more than 100 days than Obama did in eight years! He was absolutely the worst president this country has had! But try to tell that to a bunch of Democrats! They have trouble with reality!

  66. Arbie Viau says:

    When is this parasite going to understand that most true Americans HATE him? Obama was always at the bottom of the barrel, and is sinking even further down the rabbit hole every time he lifts up his ugly head! Obama, just shut the Hell up and go away, we couldn’t care less what you think or do, just sink into oblivion and do your criminal “stuff” – you will soon get caught and have to pay the price of prison for life, so STFU!

  67. CaptTurbo says:

    Screw that community agitator, Obama. Jail him too!

  68. Tom says:

    Any benefit to this horrible agreement Ovomit created would be to funnel money to third world countries; our money! This piece of crap, Ovomit care and enabling Iran to build nuclear weapons are Ovomits legacy. He needs to be on federal trial for Treason!

  69. John says:

    Obama is the person who put the capital N in the N word period

  70. John says:

    Obama is lower than whale shit and that sits on the bottom of the frigging ocean !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. keith mc williams says:

    obama is still running his mouth and hurting the world — Kill this man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. keith mc williams says:

    democrats still will not admit they are wrong and put a muslim in the white house to participate in over breeding of muslims to take over the united states and the world

  73. Houmid says:

    Obama is a dork and a liar. What he knows about climate can be written in billboard type on a 3×5 card.

  74. Richard Bagenstose says:

    the kenyan coone is all mouth, someone want to give me a dozen rpg’s and i’ll make the 8 million dollar mansion look like mousle in iraq, 8 years and the coones still didn’t see threw the fraud, just what has oboma done 4 you, nothing, he did more for illegals and refugees then you blacks

    1. SGirl says:

      Not 1 democrat has done anything for the black vote (other than false promises) yet they will vote them back in office every time…I don’t get it!

  75. richard black says:

    hey obummer…..you think kenya has the money for the global elite ??? didnt think so !!!!

  76. pusherhombre says:

    Not only did the world reject the Paris Climate deal, but the markets rejoiced and we set several all-time highs. Seems like the Democrats understand neither the world we live in nor do they understand, after eight years in power, where jobs come from.

    1. SGirl says:

      They are jealous & upset that Trump supporters (worldwide) have awakened and are sick & tired of their lies & corruption. They expected us to allow them to bully us forever.

  77. JRuss says:

    If you look at the raw satellite global temperature data, you will see that the global temperature has been decreasing for the last year. i.e. it is getting colder. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bfcb71da0af9af02d976fb9028c142b11be201242f7e6b805665e219f805e7d5.png

    1. SGirl says:

      Mother Nature has been in charge of global cooling/warming since the beginning of time and will continue on, way after we all are gone!

  78. bt90 says:

    Obama shut up, you are one low life fking muslim, go back to Kenya and herd your goats, I despise and detest you

  79. Pomona Pete says:

    in March of his first year he came to our school in Pomona to visit the teacher and kids who’d made a whiny video, or rather he appeared across the street with them leaving the rest of the staff and students to look at nothing from the parking lot.

    so I went inside and watched his speech on tv. in it, Obama went on and on about green jobs like wiring every home in America for the digital age, etc. it struck me as being a lot of happy talk – what’ll they do after all the homes are wired? – and so it proved to be or call me Solyndra.

    he’s still talking jabberwokkie about green jobs? these fruitcakes really think they make up their own reality.

  80. April Williams says:

    Obama hates this country and he hates all that America stands for. He really wanted HRC to win because he knew she would finish what he started.

  81. cheetah says:

    Typical whining, sore loser, leftist nig

  82. 1EdMeadows83 says:

    “Former Presidents do not criticize the current occupant of the Oval Office.” Unless the current occupant is a total asshole!

  83. 1EdMeadows83 says:

    “Former Presidents do not criticize the current occupant of the Oval Office.” Unless the current occupant is a total asshole, as is the case today!

  84. Bill Chandler says:

    I whole heartly agree with KDC & John A. DeJong. We are now beginning to find out what a sorry, sorry piece of crap this mix-bred Sores monkey has done to our country. He dam sure was no leader and he did nothing but damage to our country for eight years,(which the elections were stolen by George Sores and all of his crooks) he would of never been elected president, just because they played the race card all the way. Never heard any mention of his white mother in those eight years. He must of really hated her. WE will find out he was the wrost thing to ever happen to this country and we will also find out that Reed & Polisi knew all of this all along. They ,everyone should be charged with treson and sent to jail, period. Wait don’t guess that will happen since Bill & Hillery two of the biggest crooks in the world have got away with every thing that could possible be illegal for years.

  85. David Shelby says:

    Perhaps mr. Obama believes that the American economy will be hurt because, hurting the economy was all he could accomplish.. he knew how to do nothing, and his accomplishments were all by way of E.O.’s–our current PRESIDENT’s E.O.’s TRUMP b.o.’s e.o.’s, besides all the little feller could do in office was blame BUSH!!!

  86. Elad says:

    This makes the O’Bummer number one asshole.

  87. John Lambert says:

    Hopefully Barry The Bathhouse Punk with be indicted,tried and prosecuted for the high crimes he has committed against this nation.Along with the Clinton crime syndicate,George Soros,Eric Holder,Susan Rice all being part of the much needed swamp clearing exercise.

  88. WilliamHarrington says:

    Obama is just upset that his much vaunted ‘legacy’ isn’t.

  89. Roger says:


  90. Jane Faatz Mitchell says:

    Jimmy Carter did the same thing to Pres. George W. Bush. It is unbelievable that they would be so mean and they should be prosecuted for treason.

  91. AL ELLIS says:

    Every time Obummer opens his big mouth and inserts his big foot just reminds me of what a huge mistake this nation made electing him POTUS. I repeat, “Obama will go down in history as the worst President this country has ever had”.

  92. fordfool says:

    it seems the only ones who keep pelting us w/ his ‘legacy’…problem is…his Legacy is that, he HAS NO Legacy……And for future reference, as an
    unemployed former Govt employee, if U cant lead or follow (and he couldn’t) then STFU and get the hell outta the way. Some people take their bows backwards though…

  93. WOW!! Somebody….. Anybody…… Please, Give me ONE GOOD REASON why this mooslim became president????…. He just will not STFU!!! Why do you Libs still drool over this phony??? Back in the 90’s you Libs were saying that B. Clinton was the “First Black President”…… He didn’t do $hiite!!! Except scandal after scandal…. Remember Vince Foster? He got ghost!!!…. You left wing looney tunes had better wake the FU!!! BTW, I am a Black decorated vet and I NEVER voted for slick willy or the mooslim!!! I am a devout conservative who loves this country and will stand up again to fight for it!!!!…. And yes, I’m mad as hell. It’s time for us REAL AMERICANS to fight back!!! Phuck the dumb $hiite and all of these sob stories about deportation of ILLEGALS!!! HILLARY LOST!!! [email protected] RUSSIA!!! LET”S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

    1. SGirl says:

      Thank you for your service to our country sir!

  94. SoundMind says:

    Obama will always be known as the food stamp president. The only good fallout from his reign was the resultant increase in gun sales.

  95. daledor says:

    If Trump’s decision hurts America it will be due to New World Order controller bankers and their global corporations as well as controlled foreign governments by the same NWO controllers who CAUSE IT.

    Logic dictates that not putting our money in international hands so that they prosper and do NOTHING (unless they turn HAARP atmospheric heaters and weather changers off to improve the global weather condition (not including solar and forces from the universe we exist in being awry) — saving America billions of dollars (restricting Al Gore and the money hungry crowd from buying new mansions on our expense – that use tremendous amounts of energy to rum, nor planes.

  96. No name nut case says:

    Yeah Trump! It feels so good to have someone take an interest in OUR (the US of A citizens’ and the country’s) welfare for a change! If other countries want to have what we have, they need to only emulate what we did to get where we are, instead of trying to take what we earned away from us! Hard work and getting politicians OUT OF THE WAY is the key!

  97. Camille Gilliam says:

    The statement Obama made is stupid, he has wanted to turn this country into a third world country all along. He hates us, and that is all there is to it. the Agreement stinks on what it will do for America. everyone will starve to death because of all of the jobs that will be lost. We can NOt take care of the whole world and we shouldn’t be expected to.

  98. Robert Zraick says:

    Ohomo is full of shit.

  99. Karen says:

    that’s big talk for a idiot that took more vacation times than any other President in office. oboma wanted to be on the world stage at the cost of taking care of the US.

  100. Dennis Anderson says:

    What tells me this is bigger than what we ever thought is because this murderer Obama and his crew are still roaming around as if nothing has happened? I know the majority of real americans wouldnt have any trouble taking out this trash. Obama is a walking dead man for the crimes he has commited and for what hes about to do. No ammount of security is going to save his globalist muslim terrorist skank @$$.

  101. mike gunter says:

    This Socialist MUSLIM Fraud Liar needs to get out of politics. He has destroyed America. Trump plans to continue with Climate control but refuses to give our enemies 3 BILLION dollars a year to use against use. This is just a slush fund for the colonies like obama and the rest of the crooked politicians.

  102. Sandra Critsetr says:

    As we witnessed in the last election, Obama and the democrat party’s voted “OUT” because the majority of Americans were fed up with what the Obama and his administration were doing to our country! Now that America has voted for a real true American for our President our country has I just a few months improved 99%, thanks to an honest President. So lets al face reality “we are better off today than we were with The democrats in the White House.”

  103. Janet says:

    Obama signed us up for this without Congress even voting on it and was just another step in his plan to bankrupt American and let other nations rule us. The agreement should never have been signed in the first place without Congressional approval and approval of the US citizens. Our rights are not transferable to other countries

  104. TAM44 says:

    Any time that corrupt lying treasonous traitor sissified muslim BOY barack hussein obama is unhappy with president Trump, It makes me happy. obama was anti-God, America, had no respect for our laws and broke them. He had no respect for our military and made America the laughing stock of the world. God bless president Trump and his family.

  105. ExGOP says:

    Criticizing Trump is a national pasttime. He not only deserves it, he invites it with things like the stupid actions at NATO (childishness) and withdrawing from the Paris pact. Really stupid, and for no reason. The author tries to make up some fake “wealth transfer” argument, but it is hokey.

  106. CharlyO says:

    What would you expect from a half black born in Kenya illegal President. Only liberals are that stupid. they are the problem.

  107. I care says:

    Obama, Is a bitter black loser that made America ( his America ) full of HATE for WHITES. I am so sick of hearing my family say Trump wants only whites???? As a American/ Mexican/ Iranian women, I hated the last 8 years , I voted Trump and I very happy, Just sick of so many hating him for doing the right thing. Al very happy the many welfare Queens will be put to work or better yet learn to woke on a pole. Go Trump never let them win . THIS FAMILY IS BEHIND YOU

  108. Donald says:

    Like I have said, even before Obama was elected president he is a terrorist out to ruin our economy.

  109. yatesracing says:

    This Treasonous [email protected]# OBUM MA SHOULD BE PUT IN PRISON FOR A VERY LONG LONG TIME…

  110. Lakshmi says:

    Since Obama was not LEGALLY a president, with fake birth certificate and fake social security numbers, how can anything he did as president be considered lawful and in effect? Obaminationcare should be automatically NULL & VOID, right? All the terrorists that he snuck into America at taxpayer expense, should be immediately deported, right? As a TRAITOR, shouldn’t Obama be charged & tried as a TRAITOR?

  111. Lakshmi says:

    A GREAT CANDIDATE is running against demonic Elizabeth Warren for U.S. senate. Dr. Shiva is an extremely devoted conservative who holds 4 degrees. He has been extremely successful and, like Trump, wants to give back to America for giving him opportunities. Please, promote Dr. Shiva for senate at every opportunity.

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