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One Secret Meeting Could Devastate Chelsea Clinton

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  1. Ron haymaker says:

    I think the term here is “MORE DEVASTED”

  2. Jeronimo Dan says:

    The Clinton’s are like a virus, as it just keeps on spreading, while the nation keeps on looking for an anti-Clinton-virus killer, before it kills us all.

    1. maxx says:

      I would use the term “cancer” instead of virus.

      1. Oren Player says:

        The Clintons, all three, are more like genital herpes. Just when you thought it was gone, it pops up again.

    2. Deborah Pratt says:

      One of those ‘flesh eating’ varieties you hear about? Hope they find the ‘cure’ SOON!

  3. Frank says:

    Obama found it necessary when nominating Hillary to stipulate her to sign off that no conflict between Secretary of State would even be perceived. The illegal email server went in almost immediately afterward. As if it’s even possible Obama wasn’t in cahoots with these criminals is an insult to anyone’s intelligence …. period.

  4. bp 58 says:

    wtf my dogs teeth are cleaner than this ugly bitches teeth…

  5. davesnrakleberger says:

    Chelsea is as rotten as her mother and “father” and as patriotic as Benedict Arnold. I can’t see why a rational person would even consider she is fit to be president. With her murderess mommie, she might be better suited for running the mafia.

    1. Annie says:

      Her biological father is Webb Hubbell!

      1. noah jonas says:

        I thought her father was Yasser Arafat. She looks like he spit her out on a sidewalk..

  6. maxx says:

    Foreign money scandals are only a problem for conservatives. Back in the 1990’s Bill Clinton used Charlie Tree, a Chinese businessman, to collect hundreds of millions for the Clintons. Bill also was responsible for many trade deals that were extremely favorable to China. Clinton also turned the Panama Canal operation over to the Chinese by turning it over to an incompetent Panama as well as several huge California ports.
    Clinton did as much damage to Americas economy as Obama.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Still ‘at it’ from what I can see!

    2. Deeper says:

      I’m sure that Obummer still has him beat! ! !

  7. freedoms_glory says:

    They are all crooks and belong in jail.

  8. Maggietish says:

    Chelsea Clinton has a right to run for president just as anybody in the United States of America, who is a citizen, has that right. However,, Chelsea is going to have to explain why she supports the lawlessness, scandals and treasonous activities of her Mother and Father. Also, what Chelsea’s part is with the Clinton foundation and the “pay for play” scandal in which she was a part.

    1. littlesmoke says:

      Who’s asshole did the thought get yanked out of that Chelsea Clinton’s name even be mentioned as a candidate for POTUS? This country has gone absolutely insane.

      1. noah jonas says:

        It could have been any of the Clintoons.

    2. Cimmie Depriest says:

      She is just as crooked as her parents. Learned from the best now she can burn in hell too.

  9. maquignon says:

    Why is the Clinton Slush Fund (aka Clinton Foundation) still operating? And why aren’t the Clintons in prison???

    1. Marge D. Hoskins says:


    2. I, too, keep asking this question. EVERY TIME NEW CRIMES COME TO LIGHT!!

    3. mary says:

      Because they are Clinton’s and democrats.

        1. Force Recon says:

          Demorrhoidic Leftopathic Corruptocrats !!!!

      1. Jeronimo Dan says:

        No, it’s not because their just Democrat’s. You can be a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Socialist, Communist, Evangelical, or Atheist and if your of the DC Elite, your only going where you wish and certainly not to prison.

    4. badass says:

      maybe DOJ is too FKing busy?

      1. BIGFRANKBRONX says:

        Chasing unicorns?

      2. Cookie Vranish says:

        The DOJ is afraid to take on the Clintons, Rice, Holder, Lynch and Obama! They would rather chase some wetback around! Trump needs to fire and replace the entire bunch of them, ASAP!

        1. badass says:

          i think, i am agree with you…..this DOJ no ball….

        2. xeriscapelady says:

          Lets add Mueller, Comey, Daddy Bush, McCain and Graham to that list to go to prison for what they have done.

    5. Jim says:

      I keep asking the same thing.

      1. noah jonas says:

        It may take another 10 years for justice to be served, but it will come to that family of crooks before another 5 years have passed.

        1. Jim says:

          I so hope you are right noah.

    6. Annie says:

      Maybe one reason is that no one in this administration wants a report that they committed ‘suicide’ when we all know the evil Clintons are a killing machine! Disgusting, disgraceful & they all should be in prison by now!

      1. Force Recon says:

        They should be “victims’ of their own cabal!!!

    7. Eguth3 says:

      It’s actually a very long reply, but the simplest answer is they’ve place every important friends and alliance in some very important jobs. DOJ, FBI, CIA, ETC, That was their strategy and Obama continued it by placing key people in roles that would stop any investigation but made it more open. Hillary is a very paranoid person who enjoys hiring private investigators who will dig up key info on her perceived enemies, a causal acquaintance, her husband, his numerous mistresses, shanks, one night stands, her daughters friends & boyfriends, etc., etc., etc.

    8. dude says:

      I don’t know but that’s where they should have been 20+ years ago and as far as that little book stealing tramp people would haft to be just plain stupid to even vote for her as a dog catcher…I know we wouldn’t

    9. GrumpyGrandpa says:

      Why aren’t the Clintons in prison? Where have you been maquignon? Both Clintons have been doing illegal stuff since he was Governor of Arkansas and murder is just the cost of doing business with the Clintons. See for a lot more details. In my opinion, he could possibly have more money than George Soros. As Governor he was double dipping profits from Mena Airport from the Reagan Admin by exporting guns and importing drugs in and out of Mena Airport in Arkansas. His wealth is largely hidden and unaccountable, thus giving him unimaginable political power and influence over politicians, criminals, CIA and many others. In prison? NEVER!

      1. xeriscapelady says:

        Their luck may be running out. GOD put TRUMP in the SAVE America and that means he will drain the swamp of the CREATURES in it.Pray for TRUMP daily. He must get rid of the this LYING investigation which never would have happened if Sessions was not so honest that he recused himself. For what? He did nothing wrong.

    10. Jeronimo Dan says:

      The reason the Clinton’s are not in prison, is because they are member’s of the DC Elite. And the DC Elite don’t get indicted, charged, stand trial, get convicted, or go to prison.

      You Do and I Do, but not the DC Elite.

      1. noah jonas says:

        The Clintons are members of Deep State which is run by the big money of George Soros and Obama, as well as Robert Mueller.

  10. nSsgCdS2Tu says:

    Where’s is the investigation into this crooked family!!?? With all the PROOF flaunted right in front of our faces..yet they would rather spend millions on a FAKE Russian collusion. And yes the apple NEVER falls to far from the tree. We’ve learned she’s just as crooked by the stealing of the book she put out for children!

  11. Rick D. says:

    Wow!! So, Norway’s donations to the Clinton Foundation dropped from 20M in 2015 to only 4.2 M this year-a decrease of nearly 500%!! And, is there anyone on this planet who doesn’t believe that the C.F. ran a “pay-for-play” scheme? I wonder how many of the MSM will take the time to report this? Probably a big fat ZERO!!

  12. richard black says:

    hey demoncraps……please run her in 2020 !!!…….or would she be in jail ?????

    1. noah jonas says:

      Hopefully in jail, scaring the hell out of the lesbians with her butt-ugly face.

  13. Robert Walters says:

    The corrupt Clinton family needs to go into retirement and disappear from the government before they wind up in jail for treason and murder. The government needs to shut down the Clinton Foundation.

    1. Annie says:

      I was under the impression the penalty for TREASON was/is the firing squad. How many people have been given the firing squad without testifying at their trails. What is keeping the Clintons free from being put in jail waiting for their trails (all 3)???????

      1. grnjllybn says:

        The ‘firing squad’ for treason pertains to only while
        the United States is actively involved in war and
        drafting citizens for training in combat. Example
        would be during World War 2 while American combat
        troops were being shipped to Europe and to the Pacific
        to fight the Nazis and the Japanese. All the men in my
        family went to war without waiting to be drafted. When
        they returned, they were not the same. Some were
        permanently injured. But they all said they would do
        it again. America was a different country in the 1940s.

        1. Annie says:

          Thank you for correcting me!!!

      2. chief1937 says:

        Money and corruption is the reason they are loose.

      3. Doris Will says:

        There is no Statute of Limitations for Murder. I thought the foundation had been shut down.

        1. Annie says:

          maybe that is what they (Clintons) wanted the news people to report. Now in reality why would they want the well to dry up!!!!!! It would be better to announce to the news that he foundation had been closed. If, there was an investigation the foundation is still well supporting these (Clintons, Obamas, Lynch and anyone associated with them) people out of jail.

          1. Doris Will says:

            The name of the game was Pay to Play. Who pays when they don’t get anything in return?

          2. noah jonas says:

            The Leftwing News Media will say whatever the Clintons, the Obama’s or Soros tells them to say.

      4. Robert Walters says:

        ThDeep State, the Money in the Clinton Foundation and the Washington Swamp. That’s what is keeping the Clinton’s, Obama, Lynch and several others out of jail. The Washington corruption runs deep, sorry to say.

        1. noah jonas says:

          George Soros is the biggest financial partner in Deep State. This could be the reason for the Obama foundation also, although with all the billions pumped in by George Soros for his little buddy Barry, he won’t need other sponsors.

      5. noah jonas says:

        When will Chelsea realize that she is just as crooked as her ma & pa?

    2. Deborah Pratt says:

      Donations for the southern border ‘Wall’!! Sounds darn good to me!!

      1. noah jonas says:

        Yes and Mexico is helping build the section around San Diego.

    3. xeriscapelady says:

      They need to be in prison and the gov. take ALL of their assests

    4. noah jonas says:

      If the Clinton’s had one functioning brain among the 3 of them, they would have tried to keep a low profile, or pawned Chelsea off on Bill’s partner in crime, Ed Mezvinsky. Why else would Ed’s son marry that hag.

  14. Rodger K. Shull says:

    a BAD SEED, the results of 2 BAD SEEDS , getting together to have another BAD SEED, to carry on the FAMILY TRADITION, no matter WHO,S HER DADDY IS ” BAD SEEDS are just that BAD SEEDS

    1. Annie says:

      But the biological ‘bad seed’ for Chelsea is Webb Hubbell!

  15. James Hutchins says:

    Lock up all three of the crooks now.

  16. 3Curmudgeon3 says:

    Just like John Gotti (before they finally got him) the Clintons are made of Teflon.

    1. Mike W says:

      I think of that every time people say they will never get the Clintons. Gotti died in prison – hopefully the Clintons will too.

  17. Simon Ghanime says:

    The Clinton’s are a BIG shame on USA.

  18. Mister Vice says:

    Burn, witch, burn!

  19. Mike W says:

    Rape, Murder, Drug Smuggling, Pedophilia, Pay for play schemes, mishandling of classified materials, rigging an election, plagiarism, lying – what else can the Clinton’s be accused of before some people will come to understand that they are just NO DAMNED GOOD?

  20. drlent says:


  21. ONLYJB1 says:

    Oh it’s Howdy Doody time, it’s Howdy Doody time. The pure socialist/communist puppet with george soros operating the strings! chelsea, you need to continue putting the pork chop around your neck. You know it’s the only way the dog will play with you!

  22. Monica says:

    The Clintons need to go away or be put away. There are just too many situations that they are involved in that are shady beyond belief. Don’t even try and tell me the daughter knew nothing about these goings on and if she did not know who would want someone with that low of intellect in any political scenario that could effect the rest of us.

  23. Thanh Nguyen says:

    If they investigate the Clinton = they will find out a lot of People involved with them in their past. By that no one wants to touch. Also the investors are scare to get kill like the other.

  24. chief1937 says:

    The Clinton reign I believe is over it has run it’s course hopefully.. Surely the American people are not dumb enough to elect another one.

  25. Oren Player says:

    The whole family is tied together thru the Clinton Foundation, which is a criminal money laundering scam. All three should be in prison.

  26. jim jones says:

    Little clinton is struggling to become relevant, Ignore her and she will go away!

    1. dfinch says:

      I’m afraid the Clinton’s just don’t go away. They continue to push themselves on everyone.

  27. James D. Gerhardson says:

    I add my questions to those that have been previously been asked,,,,WHY ARE THE CLINTONS NOT IN PRISON????? The fact that Hillary corrupted the office of Secretary of State, and facilitated the sale of Uranium to Russia, abandoned the Benghazi situation that allowed the deaths of 4 Americans, and the injury of countless others serving there, that she flagrantly ignored the rules of office by using unprotected servers and also sent CLASSIFIED EMAILS thru those servers, lied to the Senate committee, and still stands in front of unknowing, unsuspecting American citizens with no shame showing, all while holding the office of Secretary of State, (Which she was totally unqualified to hold). I am totally flabbergasted by how she has hoodwinked up to 50% of the American public and that she cares not one whim for this great country! We are fortunate that we have our present president, who has accomplished more in his first 6 months than the Big Zero did in eight years of deceiving the American public. I give one bit of advice from my limited knowledge and experience to those that would attempt to hinder the attempts by our president to do “good” for this country, and ALL of us that Love this country, and that is this,,,Those that would attempt to hinder, in any way the attempts by president Trump to finish his agenda to make America Strong Again are only harming the USA, our way of life, and our very lives! They are also cramming the disgust of the inability of the Democratic party to accept defeat and work towards improving this great country anyway, and are setting up the future of the Democratic party for defeat,,,for the american people will not forget that they have wasted the opportunity to improve our way of life, and it will show in the polls by the unforgetting public just how little they have cooperated in improving the state of our nation, by hampering the progress that they are PAID to accomplish while they hold their powerful positions as leaders of free world. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE?????!

  28. TPS12 says:

    Nothing has change all we ever hear is this could be it or this is pay for play oh the corruption. Until someone is charged and in jail or the msm starts digging instead of covering nothing will happen. They continually prove they are above the law.

  29. Sharon Melvin says:

    This is where the real collusion is. Lock them up!

  30. nodo says:

    This is disgusting. All this clear evidence of crime and no special counsel. Nothing stories about people legally (at least not illegally) meeting for a some minutes with some Russian on one occasion is top news and fit for a special counsel, who could not find anything on his original pursuit, to investigate.. What are the American people thinking of to continue to put up with this crap???

  31. Thomas Henry Murphy says:

    She’s a waste of oxygen…

  32. Brad Tipton says:

    Chelsea is just following the “TRADE” she has spent her life learning from her parents. Lying, corruption, cheating and deception.

  33. Debbie Hogan Tate says:

    Chelsea is just a corrupt as her parents! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. We need to burn the whole orchard!

  34. survivor33 says:

    Chelsea is just a chip of both old blocks. They are all corrupt and criminals. Chelsea also had corrupt criminal husband and in-laws also. I FEEL SORRY FOR HER POOR LITTLE KIDS, WHAT WILL THEY GROW UP TO BE????

  35. RuFus92 says:

    It is time for the real crooks, Clintons and Obama, to be pursued and prosecuted tried and jailed for all the chicanery that they are party to. LOCK THEM UP !!!!!!

  36. Gin says:

    I think I’ll PUKE!

  37. Emilie Walling says:


  38. Cookie Vranish says:

    All of the Clintons need to be in prison. Chelsea was enriching herself the same as her mentors were!

  39. Deborah Pratt says:

    This the ‘first’ I’ve heard that the Clinton Foundation was still operating–and still receiving donations?? I cringe when I read the ‘Muslim’ names involved here!! Seems the ‘rotting corruption’ still goes on!! Nauseating!! I have heard ‘whispers’ of a ‘silent’ move being made against these organizations, though. So far–this information has proven accurate in the past. I can only hope it is ‘right’ again. ‘Norway’–of all countries!! I always thought of them as a ‘friendly’ nation. On the other hand–if the Muslims have taken over Sweden, can Norway be far behind??

  40. Duane says:

    What is Chelsea’s salary as vice chair of the Clinton Foundation? I bet it exceeds $200,000/year. And it’s all from foreign bribes. What a country!

  41. Julayne Rowley says:

    My God !! Shutvtheir operation (aka Foundation)down and take the money to reduce our deficit!!!

  42. 4Pip says:

    Well,yesterday it was said the meeting they had was about the 2030 Agenda,but that is just a different way of putting it. Their goal is to strip America of her wealth and give it to others.These people need to start this nonsense by giving away their money to others,then we would see how sincere they really are about helping people. Do they not realize that people who work for what they have are not just going to roll over and hand their money to them.They are evil crooks nothing else,well they are also insane.

  43. Nina Ferguson says:

    The Clinton’s have been at the public trough, as in pig trough, so long that they wouldn’t know how to survive without it. They also have dirt on so many of the Swamp Dwellers that they have everyone scared spitless.

  44. M. D'Souza says:

    The acorn doesn’t fall far from the oak tree. Like parents, like daughter. Let’s see what was Chelsea Clinton’s salary as the vice chair in the Clinton Foundation

  45. Stephen Kirtland says:

    Charitable projects? Do you mean the HIV drugs initiative in Africa? The drugs were purchased from an Indian company which, oddly enough had Bill Clinton as a board member, along with eight other board members each of whom was a convicted felon, either in prison or on parole. It seems the drugs were counterfeit or diluted and useless. Are you referring to the earthquake relief efforts in Haiti? It seems that the Global Initiative was tasked with the coordination of the donated funds and directing the rebuilding efforts. I saw one article which suggested that 1% of the money donated made its way to the people of Haiti. About 3% wound up in government hands and the other 96% disappeared into the great Clinton maw. It is documented that Tony Rodham was active as a contractor to the relief effort and that he somehow wound up as a partner in a gold mine in violation of Haitian foreign investment laws. The nations which sent donations to Haiti are puzzled at the meager results of their efforts and there is an inquiry underway. Unfortunately the chief witness, the head of development in Haiti at the time, committed suicide just before he was scheduled to testify. Reportedly his earlier statements validated claims of the Clinton Foundation’s misappropriation of funds. Do you refer to the Global Initiatives support for contraceptives and abortion as population control measures in the “darker” countries? Why that’s just progressive support for eugenics, getting rid of the “human weeds.” In other words, business, and politics, as usual.

  46. ter334 says:

    America’s first political foundation with a charity false, or is it a fake front? Remarkably like islam’s govt that has a fake front as a religion, islam. The CF also funds an “ecumenical” religious operation for teens in AK that is headed by a muslim.

  47. Rhonda Beebe says:

    If they do not take her down slowly and causiouly…the entire USA Government will fall!!! This massive!!!!

  48. GrumpyGrandpa says:

    The Clintons passed onto their offspring (being debated) the same lack of morals and freedom of conscience each of them have to other human beings. The Clintons even defrauded relief funds meant for the Haitians after their devastating earthquake. I should mention Poppy Bush also chummed with Clinton during that time. Quite possible the whole Clinton machine and Bush machine are guilty of fraud.

  49. xeriscapelady says:

    I want to know why Mueller is investigating NOTHING and the Clintons and Obama’s, etc are so corrupt. Its time the other is shut down and put these people in prison. Since Chelsea was involved in a Foundation she knows the corrupt, she should end up in prison oo.

  50. Al says:

    Investigate and if crimes were committed lock them up just like regular criminals.

  51. Alleged Comment says:

    Heck, just HANG them already.

    Bill RAPED and sold the Chinese American missile technology and Hillaryous mishandled American top top secrets on a unprotected private server outing her as colluding with the Russians, the Chinese, and the Moslems since the secrets were available to anyone.

  52. Jeronimo Dan says:

    By putting Chelsea in Congress, or the Senate, we could gain a title, as having either ugliest Congress person, or ugliest Senator in a Government world wide!

  53. 3Curmudgeon3 says:

    I hope you’re right, but money rules and they have plenty of that.

  54. Susan says:

    Bill and Hill have the same father – Lucifer…do something or quit telling us how horrible they are…grow a spine and start the destruction of the snakes…

  55. Bill Chandler says:

    Who in the hell is in charge now? Why are the Clintons not all in jail and this includes the poor ugly Chelsea. We have thousands of crooks from the Obama administration which includes him. as the head of the crime family. Everyone in this country knows that they are crooks, murders and thieves.

  56. noah jonas says:

    Chelsea must also hate Americans. Why else does she find so many people with a camera to take such butt-ugly pictures of her butt-ugly face, which causes so many to lose their lunch. I’ll bet that old womanizer Bill Clinton wouldn’t ever kiss that ugly mug.

  57. Palmer says:

    Mueller has no jurisdiction to look into Trumps Finances. Prof Johnathan Turley said on Fox the other day.

  58. Pattie Kelly says:

    She is a Clinton and there for molded from the same clay.

  59. WHY haven’t they been locked up yet???

  60. Elizabeth Davis says:

    the Clinton foundation is just a front.

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