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One Witness Revealed The Awful Truth Behind The Trump-Russia Scandal

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  1. reggie says:

    Demoncraps don’t want the situation resolved. They know it’s a big bunch of BS, and it will be exposed as such if people like him testify.

    1. GreatWarVet says:

      You can’t prove a lie.

      1. No name nut case says:

        The definition of lie is a lack of truth. Truth and lies are diametrically opposed to each other. One is real the other isn’t. Did you ever hear of a lie detector?

  2. Curt James says:

    Gosh. Democrats/socialists want to bury evidence? Say it ain’t so, Joe.

    1. l penn says:

      and chuckie mushroooooomer, like mushrooms, the DEMORATS hide in the darkness and are Covered with EXCREMENT!!

  3. Palmer says:

    The Democrats are going to BURN. There is nothing to find. Trump didn’t need help to beat their candidate. Corruption running Amok in the Dumbocratic Party. Climate change is a scam. Go Trump!

    1. John T. Koszalka says:

      The DEMO-RATS are now in self destruct mode. The QUEEN OF LIES help them the other day, by throwing the
      Demo-rat Committee under the bus as useless, and bankrupt. Now we wait for these hearings, and I believe the KING OF LIES OBAMA, AND HIS GANG OF LIARS are going to be UNMASKED. As a Deplorable One, I’m going to sit back, and watch them squirm, especially when Trey Gowdy starts asking questions. We had a preview the other day with Brennan squirming in his seat. WOW

      1. HR Puff N Stuff says:

        Demonrats falsely accusing others of improprieties they themselves commit to confound the truth! The truth will always surface.

        1. Sam Benton says:

          I have seen them doing this a long time – it’s all about defecting attention away from themselves.

          1. l penn says:

            IT’s the tactic the CORRUPT DEMORAT PIGS always use!!!

      2. Palmer says:

        I’m on the same train as you. I hope many more corrupt (especially Schumer) Democrats are caught in this web. The Destruction of the Democratic party is Imperative. The USA will prevail .

    2. Mike Burkett says:

      Democraps have realized that their efforts to prosecute the Trump administration for any Russian connections are coming closer to exposing the democrap corruption behind unmasking Americans without justification and other abuses of the FISA court for political gain (see the three extra subpoenas and the unwillingness to let Carter Page testify). Besides, the unwilling and unconvinced federal taxpayers are tired of paying for this witch hunt that has nothing after a year and a half. Maybe the DNC will pick up this witch-hunt bill, LMAO.

      1. rick meek says:

        That’s why the shredders are working overtime – data being bleach bit – people shot in the back …etc…

        1. l penn says:

          Typical DEMORATS tactics!!!

    3. White Cloud says:

      collusion between Trump 2016 campaign and Russian Gov is a big deal until shown
      false. A prosecutor, former FBI Director Mueller is assigned to investigate the
      allegation. Trump addresses the problem. TRUMP: [So now it is reported that the
      Democrats, who have excoriated Carter Page about Russia, don’t want him to
      testify. He blows away their…. …case against him & now wants to clear
      his name by showing “the false or misleading testimony by James Comey,
      John Brennan…” Witch Hunt!] Trump is Right again!!! Carter Page Testimony would likely to blow
      the allegation away. Obama Administration and Ds lies would see the light of
      day. The Prosecutor Mueller will have to resign as prosecutor. Ds do not want
      Carter Page to show the Trump-Russia collusion is a lie.

      1. rick meek says:

        Mueller is another dem put up job……The elites are going nutz trying to overthrow trump especially dragging the courts and liberal judges into the fracas – People will remember – seattle – SF – Honolulu – NY – VA after another mass attack……Right now – the so called “secure lines” of DOJ are being burned up by these people coming up with the “coup” plans…..

    4. ShermanRMcCoy says:

      No doubt that many indeed will burn. In hell.

      Wish God would hurry them along, though. Oh, and please take the RINO scum like McCain, Graham, etc. while You’re at it.

      1. Robert Zraick says:

        God helps those who help themselves. I think we need to work on this side of the veil.

    5. l penn says:

      Trump and his Real Americans need to hold these DEMONRATS feet to the FIRE!!!!!!!!! Goooo TRUMP!!!

  4. EttaMae Williams Svider says:

    Here we go again!!! I’m so sick of all this BS.

    1. Robert says:

      You and every Decent American Citizen who can actually THINK for them self.

  5. Jim Wagenmann says:

    We are not a socialist country even though we we socialist/democrats residing here . Socialist will push their agenda because the billionaire leaders of the movement follow Lenin,Marx and Stalin and know once socialism takes over communism follows shortly thereafter.

  6. Barbara Marlo says:

    The “Dim”ocrats believed the “dirty dossier” and picked Carter Page, a fringe associate at best, as their best hope of proving something that does not exist. Sure, they canceled his testimony because they don’t want to know the truth; THERE WAS NO COLUSION!!

    1. Ramah Lee says:

      john McCain was behind that dossier

  7. Elisha says:

    These “Democrats” are NO Democrats! They’re neo-fascist bigots. The current crop of “Democrats” is rightfully given the label Wall Street Democrats. They’re corporatist shills and apologists for the Wall Street oligarchical financier pedophile power elites. They’re limousine liberals and silk stocking socialists, representing a particular kind of elitist mindset – nebulous nabobs of negativism, supercilious sophisticates and an effete corps of impudent snobs – just like their buddies in the MSM (lamestream media).

    1. Dodi Marie Livergood says:

      We have Republicans doing the same, I have started telling all the Republicans emailing me for donations I will no longer donate financially to the Republican party till they all start backing our President and get his agenda done. If we hit our own in the wallet where it hurts it may spur them to do their jobs!! Money seems to be the only thing politicians understand. If we all refuse to donate till they do their jobs and let them know why we are doing it we might finally get results.

      1. Dodi Marie Livergood says:

        And voting out the ones that don’t and let them know we will be voting them out!!!

        1. Bud says:

          Only their own constituents can vote them out.

          1. Dodi Marie Livergood says:

            They need to do it, a Republican in name only doesn’t do any good look at McCain, Graham, etc. I’m sure Graham is tired of hearing me complain about him not backing the President. I must not be the only one because he seems to actually be backing him lately or at least not publicly going against him.

          2. Deborah Pratt says:

            A ‘snake’ in the grass is still a ‘snake’!! If the man has to be pressured into backing our president–he isn’t to be trusted in ‘tough’ situations!!

          3. Robert says:


          4. Dodi Marie Livergood says:

            Oh I agree 100%

          5. autrypma says:

            I thought I liked Graham..he seems ok, but I really still don’t trust him…does he talk out of both sides of his mouth…just no trust, because he was so down on President Trump before and after the election. You can’t be both ways…unless you want to be a Democrat Hypocrite…or a Republican hypocrite…same difference…

          6. Diane says:

            Ryan, McCarthy, McConnell, McCain, Graham, Cruz and Rubio are all fake Republicans.

          7. Dodi Marie Livergood says:

            Cruz has actually been busting his butt to get Trumps agenda moving forward, he may be doing it for his own agenda but at least he is doing it.

          8. #1TexasConservative says:

            @Diane, I do agree with your list except for one. Ted Cruz is a true strict Constitutional conservative.

          9. Ray says:

            You are right, I have noticed the same thing about Graham. And you don’t see the two together any more.
            I do the same thing keep calling there office and tell them to back the President. Maybe Graham is wakening up to reality now. We will see due time.

          10. #1TexasConservative says:

            @Ray Do Not Trust Graham Not Even A Little Bit!!

          11. Robert says:

            Then they should do it.

      2. Benji's Buddy says:

        I agree with you. Only I started a few years ago. I “used” to be a registered Republican. I got tired of voting for what they ran on, and then when they arrived in DC, ALL was forgotten. Just like now. They need to back OUR President. Sometimes when I receive a request by USPS for money, I send a copy of my Voter Registration, showing I am NOT a Registered Republican, and a letter explaining just that. Hey, the return envelope doesn’t need a stamp, so why not!

        1. texan61 says:

          Washington, father of America, admonished us not to have political parties and what happened. First rattle out of box, parties and American has been going south ever since.

        2. conservative since 1962 says:

          Thanks for the great idea! I trust you have no objection to it being plagiarized?

      3. Deborah Pratt says:

        Great suggestion!! I like it and will start doing that myself. I’ll pass ‘this one’ on!!!

      4. Susan Meyer says:


        1. Dodi Marie Livergood says:

          lol that is great!!

      5. Dodi Marie Livergood says:

        I love how Ted Cruz has been backing our President and
        trying to get the President’s agenda accomplished. Too many Republicans
        are not and I am done donating financially my hard earned money to a
        party that is Republican in name only till they start doing their job
        and backing our President. And I am also suggesting other Republicans
        to do the same. We are keeping track of who isn’t backing him so
        please spread the word. We the people are not blaming the President for
        the health care fiasco, taxes not being reformed, the wall not
        being built, Or term limits not being passed. We are blaming the
        Republicans that are helping the Democrats obstruct so they better take
        note and start doing what we put them in office to do.
        Sincerely, (This is what I have sent Republicans asking for donations)

      6. autrypma says:

        My thoughts today exactly. Keep getting request for donations for Republican Party…For what. I wouldn’t send them 100 pennies, especially Paul Ryan. He has the nerve to almost demand a donation, to help their cause…what cause…it will be a cold day in “you know where” before I send any donations for anything except children, true military and veterans.
        Can’t wait until election time comes around. We need to keep the Dems down, but also need to get rid of some of the Republicans and Democrats. Why are they such wimps. Why do they think they got voted in…well, they can be voted out, also.>!>>>

        1. No name nut case says:

          I agree. We need to “repeal and replace” the politicians!! BOTH parties!! I, like you, are sick to death of all of the deceit and lies on both sides. The only ones that they are working for is themselves and they are stealing us blind!

      7. Palmer says:

        Good Idea Dodi. I will do the same. Thanks

    2. Deborah Pratt says:

      Awesome post, Elisha!! Covered a lot of ‘territory’ there and so accurately!!

    3. xjcv8jag says:

      My concept of a new democrat is—– wait for it—– KATHY GRIFFEN

      1. Chi Sam says:

        The name is Griffin…and the look-at-me theatrics makes you appear even more incompetent.

      2. Chi Sam says:

        The name is Griffin…and the over-the-top silly theatrics make you appear even dumber. What an oaf you must be.

  8. Raymond Miller says:

    The demon-Craps and MSM have been hunting for dirt on Trump ever since he announced his intention to run for President. If they could have found anything they would have presented the proof long before this and Hill-A-Sh*t would be in the White House, not Trump. It’s all BS and they haven’t got enough brains to give it up, there are, I believe 10 or 20 A** holes in California that still believe it’s true.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Perhaps, more accurately, ‘praying’ it’s true!!! LOL

    2. Robert says:

      Don’t forget the Dumb Asses in Hollywood.

      1. Barbara Willis says:

        YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! You gave the perfect answer!!!!

  9. Frank says:

    The Dems talk shit but can’t afford to be exposed as making up fake accusations because that would completely discredit them just like the media is doing to themselves. Go trump you’re doing great!

    1. Elisha says:

      The Dems talk s*** because they all have a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain!

      1. David Estes says:

        I love your response.

        1. Ray says:

          Me too, that does sum it up about the Dumbocrats though

      2. Ramah Lee says:

        SAD BUT FUNNY!!

    2. l penn says:

      The DEMONRATS are covered with shIT!!!!

  10. SouthernPatriot says:

    Of course these demented Democrats do not want Carter Page or anyone which will reveal their lies and deception to testify or give witness to the truth. Democrats have been up to dirty tricks even when they were competing against one another with no true opposition. Democrats have made hypocrisy and lies a normal lifestyle, and see themselves losing power. Death throws.

      1. conservative since 1962 says:

        Are you sure that it wasn’t the computer’s “spell checker” function that caused that gramatical error?

    1. Robert says:

      Don’t forget the RINOS who have been doing everything they can to stop President Trump. They should be voted out of office and Kicked off the gravy train for the damage they have tried to do to President Trump.

      1. David Estes says:

        Hopefully they will come next election. I’ll do my best in my state to see that it happens.

      2. Ray says:

        Right, the RINOS need a good swift kick in the ass and send them packing for the door. It is a damn shame how they have treated him. It is at the point where it is sickening. UNBELIEVABLE!!!..

        1. Alan Nevling says:

          RINOs, DemonRats, Villains, oh my! Don’t let party labels deceive you. They’re all members of the Boot-On-Your-Neck Party. A few CONgresscritters are not, but mighty few, and far between. Help them as you are able.

  11. Allie Davis says:

    The story is not, and never was, Russian collusion. The story is Obama Adminstration spied on US citizens illegally, in GROSS VIOLATION of the 4th Amendment to the Constitution. See the proof right here- for FREE

    1. Ron haymaker says:

      If you’re looking for Russian collusion,look no further than HILTERLY. You’re find tons of it there.

  12. 1Texas says:

    Accountability may become a reality as the Democratic Party is and has been showing their true motives and ideology and the American people are sick of it..

  13. Betty says:

    sick of these false attacks started by democrats ,now they are afraid the truth will come out.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      ‘Afraid’ was five months ago!! NOW–they are well into the ‘terror’ territory!! Their worst nightmares becoming manifested!!
      Hillary saw it happen–now the entire party is seeing it. They didn’t learn anything by her mistakes, did they!! Should have left ‘sleeping dogs’ lay–but, NO! Had to ‘poke’ the Big Dog!! tsk, tsk!!

    2. GrumpyGrandpa says:

      I certainly hope the truth includes Seth Rich! Any American citizen deserves more of an investigation of their murder than what he’s received! Where is Justice! This is waaaay worse than Travon Martin!

  14. Danny says:

    Mr Page will prove that the dem’s is lying and more!

  15. HESpecialist says:

    Carter Page should issue a “sworn statement” taken by an attorney and transcribed by a court reporter. Send it to EVERY Media outlet, and see “who” will post it. Let the DEM’s to to refute it.

    1. jug says:

      I agree with that!
      But he had better hurry!
      Get it done and out there, all over the place, RIGHT NOW!

      Before he “commits sucicide by shooting himself 17 times in the back, with his hands tied in front!”

      1. Benji's Buddy says:


  16. rayhause says:

    The Republicans control the senate and the committee, just how in the hell can the democrats block his testimony. I sometimes wonder if a fix is not also a plan by our own party to damage Trump. I hope that everyone is raising hell with his senators as to their responsibility to support Trump”s polices. We have in the State of Texas, John Cornyn is one of those senators and unless he changes we are going to start dragging his name through ever pile of pig dong there is.

    1. Benji's Buddy says:

      As i stated above, I feel the same way! Maybe there is something in the air in DC that takes control of the people sent there? They act like Puppets, and forget what they were sent there to do!

      1. xjcv8jag says:

        It is not the air, although it stinks. it is the MONEY and FAME !!! Oh yes , add in the benefits.

      2. Robert says:

        They didn’t forget, follow the money trail. See who supports them, weather its Big Business, Wall Street, Lobbyists, Foreign Governments like the ones who gave Millions to Hillary to run her campaign.

    2. Robert says:

      President Trump has put up with a lot of LIES being thrown at him and his family so he can help the Average American Citizen have a better life. It is up to those of us who voted for him to do what ever we can to get his Agenda enacted to help all American Citizens. You have seen the Hateful Progressive Democrats and RINOS try to stop President Trump, we have to do all we can do to stop them. If one of these Parasites is running in your town, city, or state vote against him or her, and encourage your friends and relatives to do the same

    3. Ron haymaker says:

      Because there are too many RINOS.

  17. Fedup says:

    Why wasn’t “The Butcher of Benghazi” investigated when she sold off our uranium to the Russians for a donation to the clinton crime families foundation? The dems need to clean up their own house before they go after anyone else with their phony claims.

    1. Benji's Buddy says:

      BE VERY CAREFUL! “The Butcher of Benghazi” Incorporated, has a Very Long line of: Accidental DeathS!

      1. xjcv8jag says:

        A very very Loooonnng list of suicides, accidental deaths, unsolved murders and disappearances. I believe it is and will be getting longer. Seth Ritch ring a bell ?.

  18. Bud says:

    How can the Democrats block his testimony if the Republicans want him to testify? Is this just another example of the losers continuing to run the place?

    1. Robert says:

      I hope not. Just watch the RINOS and some former Presidents and want to be presidents who support
      The New World Order and the Globalists, SCREW Them all, they get RICHER we get Poorer.

  19. vil says:


  20. kasandra says:

    So why don’t the Republicans call him to testify?

    1. xjcv8jag says:

      I think that can still happen. Gowdy is a sharp prosecutor, he may be waiting for the right moment.

    2. Robert says:

      It will probably be found out that a lot of these RINO republicans are in cahoots with the Progressive Democrats.

  21. icemancold says:

    Of course the DEMOCRATS are bluffing. They think if they blow enough smoke up the peoples asses the people will not see the truth. The DEMOCRATS are sadly mistaken the people clearly see what is happening and the DEMOCRATS are going to do a HINDENBERG and go down in flames.!!

    1. Ray says:

      Exactly, the American people are not stupid. That’s why We the People, voted for President Trump to clean up this corruption. The American people are sick of the BS.

  22. jug says:

    Very quickly, they will “Seth Rich” him!

    Be afraid, VERY afraid!

  23. Luke says:

    Nothing worse than a lying demonrat and now maybe the American people are sick of this hypocritical unhinged deranged lying trash..I am

  24. Shawn Sapp says:

    They thought trump would already be impeached by now. They didn’t think it would go this far. That is why they had to try to pull trumps son n law into it. They have nothing and knew all along they had nothing. Coney, Brennan should be charged with something for the false statements to the press. Lying POS. Maxine waters and some other democrats should be impeached also. They all new the truth because they all made up the lie in the first place. The swamp is deep and full of gators, but it can be drained as long as the people don’t give up on Trump. We have to back him 100%.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      HA, Shawn!! They didn’t think he’d win the election either!! Don’t they ever get tired of ‘losing’?? Apparently not!! They really need a better class of people than Pelosi and Waters!!

      1. Robert says:

        2 real scumbags.

    2. Robert says:

      Amen to that. Trump spoke to a group some weeks ago, he told them to NEVER give up. All who voted
      for President Trump should remember what he said and NEVER give up. The Progressive Democrats and RINOS must be beaten.

    3. Ray says:

      Exactly, the Trump supporter will back him and he is getting more each and every day. Because people are seeing how the Dumbocrats are so desperate to take the President out and they have NOTHING on him and they lie. And people are sick and tired about Russia Russia every day, same story. NO COLLISION if they had anything the Dumbocrats would of had something out there by now. All lies to cover Obum and old lying crooked Hillary and the long list of scum in DISTRICT OF CORRUPTION. Put ALL in Prison so President Trump can get on with his agenda that he campaign on and promised We the People.
      Dumbocrats you idiots are really making yourself look BAD, BAD with your attacks on the President. Dead party rapidly happen as I type.

  25. Mike W says:

    The worst thing that could possibly happen to the left is for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to come out.

  26. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    Arrest all involved in this back room sham and call it high treason and sedition as it should be, that way you can hang each of these bastards as they should be. These people are not leaders of the USA they are enemies of the state and should all be named as such and forever forbidden to be elected or serve in any capacity , they are pure garbage and we won’t ever allow them to do what they just tried to do, they will start a civil war in which all of them will be hung you can take that to the bank. People are fed up with these scum bags called liberals.

    1. Robert says:

      Don’t forget the RINOS.

  27. 3Curmudgeon3 says:

    What’s next after this fiasco? The FBI director that is a Bozo of the first kind. It’s called cleaning the swamp

  28. gene smiith says:

    Can’t ” We The People” find, in this GREAT COUNTRY, a better grade of people to represent us in DC?

    1. Robert says:

      We have started by voting for President Trump. The Denizens in the swamp didn’t happen overnight, they won’t be gone overnight. We will have to fight them tooth and nail to keep our homeland on the right track.

  29. Shawn Sapp says:

    I think one of the main reasons they took this so far was to distract Trump from his agenda and to distract the people away from obama’s crimes. Obama probably starting to pack his bags and collect any money he has stolen from us taxpayers and go back to france or somewhere, maybe his gay buddy’s island paradise.

  30. Duane says:

    The Dims are the true evil empire! Go Trump!

  31. Norris Hanna says:

    Democrats are throwing up road blocks for President Trump. No truth to any of the BS about President Trump and Russia. Sad that the Republicans can’t see through all of the smoke screen of lies the Democrats are throwing out. Americans want President Trump and congress to get busy taking care of our country and stop playing politics. Help President Trump make America great again.

    1. Joseph Prycodzien says:

      And do not forget the Senate as well, who need and must work with the POTUS towards ‘cleaning up the swamp and certain others involved within’ at the same time.

  32. Kenneth Bailey says:

    The only reason they are blocking him from testifying, is they want to keep the Trump Russia collusion bs going. I hope it blows up in their faces.

  33. Charles Graveline says:

    The time has come to put a end to all the B.S. from all the Senators, Congressman and All Parties within our Government. Including the so-called Shadow government. More taxes are waisted investigating he said she said to undermine the legitimate government of these United States. The time for half measures just over. Who ever is found guilty should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. No exceptions.

  34. justanagent says:

    I think they are now suppressing testimony and stalling because they know that as this investigation continues to unfold it will go beyond the alleged Trump campaign – Russia connection and blow back on them. They would love to be able to limit the scope to that one issue but it’s not going to happen. I think it was a smart move to appoint an independent counsel to conduct the investigation and smarter still to give him a broad mandate to expand it as he sees fit until all the wrongdoing is exposed. This is getting better and better.

  35. Ron says:

    Is this the comedy section??? Keep trying to cover-up the cover-up. Repubs. are fun to watch. Replaces Sat. morning cartoons.

  36. rambo says:

    In my opinion they should charge the Democrats with the RECO act

    1. Juanito Ibañez says:

      Make that “RICO” — which stands for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt
      Organizations (Act).

      1. rambo says:

        Thanks for correction

  37. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    Of COURSE they’re bluffing! And, lying too. I hope the Committee slaps Comey with a perjury charge, too!

  38. Glenn E Moody says:

    of course it dose they should go to jail for treason for holding up the progress of our elected President to do his job that we the people elected him to do

  39. Linda Smith says:

    Go America! Demorats are nothing more than puppets of socialism and communism. Grow government at the expense of the people.

  40. Joseph Prycodzien says:

    Will Mr. Page and his family be under close guard and be safe from any type of harm that could suddenly befall him or his family ?? There are too many ‘mysteriously dead’ individuals who were once connected with certain members of the Democratic Party and this causes this poster to have much concern when thinking about past matters and the unexplainable occurrences and results emanating from such questionable past happenings.

  41. ONLYJB1 says:

    The standard 3 ring circus has been recently replaced. Replaced with the democommie 10 ring circus. Every ring presents an American communist spouting mindless meanderings of stupidity. Laugh and enjoy these mindless idiots and at the same time look in the mirror. We are the noncaring idiots that have allowed these retards to become the ruling elite. Or as we find them today as the DC swamp! Time to drain!

  42. Deborah Pratt says:

    I’m a little ‘confused’ here! Can the Democrats block Page from testifying?? Since he has been identified as a ‘key witness’, how can they retract that now??? It’s obviously an attempt to block incriminating themselves in all this. However, can Trump’s attorney demand that Page’s testimony be heard?? I don’t know a lot about court procedure but, I’m hoping something like that can be done.

  43. chuckie2u says:

    More lies from the Democrats. It would appear the republicans could let the man speak on National News.. Oh I forgot the Democrats control the media.

  44. messup says:

    What isn’t understood about Russian “hacking,” “leaking” and other Imagineering schemes is one fact: A concerted effort to permanently halt appointees, cabinet positions, low level “Obama moles,” ” intelligence community” sharing of classified information have been ‘slow walked’ to the point of freezing actions of these various career appointees and career employees already in key government positions. Why? one asks! To freeze any actions President Trump might take to unravel past administrations (Lyndon Johnson, Carter, Clinton, Obama) actions, policies and procedures. Justice Gorsuch was a fluke. Until 2019, all stops will be pulled to “literally freeze” President Trumps administration. 2018 is a gamble worth taking to either gain control of Congress or Senate. 2020 is the really big “putsch” for total control in the WH. That’s what’s really underway. Pray. Amen. God Bless America and ALL Americans. Read A Bible. NKJV Psalm 128.

  45. Sunshn51 says:

    Name calling is always an indicator of high intelligence. I have no doubt there is rampant corruption in both parties, which is why it is important to get Citizens United overturned. The only way we, the people, can actually effect change is to get corporate money out of politics. Quit thinking parties and start thinking citizens. We all belong, we all are important, but some policies that favor business over citizens are harmful. The economic impact from the Paris Accord is grossly over stated. The concern for the fossil fuel industry is undeserved. The industry is in death throes and refuses to believe or change. Change is inevitable…we moved from horses to horseless carriages to flying machines. We moved from stone tablets to computers. And all these things were accomplished through science. Why do some want to refute climate science? Some 95% of climate scientists have reached similar conclusions. They may not all agree on exact timelines, but the science and results are supported unanimously. And do not underestimate the organizational abilities of progressives.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      It might be helpful to explain that ‘Citizens United’ are an organization backed by Hillary and her ‘gang’!! This is a concentrated effort to overthrow our present government!! The media hasn’t made mention of this and too many people are not aware. This is ‘serious stuff’ and citizens need to realize the implications here!!

      1. Sunshn51 says:

        Citizens United is the name of the Supreme Court case. It declared that Corporations are People. The result was an injection of dark money in politics we previously had not seen. It has polluted the already damaged election/political processes. Yes, there is an organization, but I was not referring to the organization. You might just want to do some independent research on the subject. Understand that we have gone over the edge to the side of the oligarchy.

  46. geneww1938 says:

    Beside not finding and proving one single lie, falsehood, criminal act, or anything scandalous with hundreds of paid and “anti-Trump” investigators … what could be a flaw to be found in the DNC besides these headlines found on the internet…“trail of dead bodies leading to Obama’s white house worse than Hillary’s” …or “47 deaths of Clinton friends” …or the recent “/2017/05/26/foul play suspected death black prosecutor found Florida beach/” … or “barbells crushing throat of former U.N. Diplomat John Ashe” (day before he was to testify about bribery 6/23/16) …or “DNC staffers, Seth Rich, Sean Lucas and Molly Macauley worked on exposing recent election fraud during the Democratic primaries were all found murdered” … or “Clinton Body Count +5 in Just 6 Weeks” … or “Cash flows to Clinton Foundation from Russian Uranium Deal” …or “Clintons Take $1M to Ignore Nigerian Foreign Aid Theft” … or “Clinton friend Fethullah Gulen, Pocono Mountain, PA” …or “Hillary Middle East contacts (funding Clinton funds) starting ISIS and coup in Turkey” …or “Hillary’s huge scandal list 25” …or “57-Nation Coalition” to sink our dollar” … And then “The Clinton-Cash-movie” on YouTube … Or should we forget domestic policies like “Ruby Ridge” … “Waco TX” … Or “$.5 Billion dollar Solyndra scandal” … Or her support to “Obama-dozen-scandals-counting”… Or “Misplaced $6B under Hillary Clinton” … or “Criminal Aliens Released by the Department of Homeland Security 4/28/2016” …or “Operation Zero Footprint” … or “MH17 evidence shows two Ukrainian fighters” …tied to… “Biden’s Son Ukraine Oil Deal (May 2014)” “69 eye-opening facts about Hillary’s VP pick” plus “64 Ways Obama is Sabotaging Trump” and “Color Revolution” and “Soros Report: North American law center’s organizations 2017/03/ report on U.S. patriot act violations.

    Please pray for our President and our new administration.

  47. RsGoat says:

    As long as Democrats keep our President n check Russia is OPEC’s best buddy against ISIS and even the new French President has recognized this as he is beginning to work with Putin on the problem of ISIS and Europe’s oil supply via OPEC! With this thought in mind who is working with Russia? To me it looks like the Democratic Party and that was instigated by Hilary’s call of foul and Obama’s unmasking which was to me no surprise. I say it was no surprise since diplomat’s are expected to talk with foreign governments even those coming into power.

  48. Paul454 says:

    So then let the Republicans subpoena him for his testimony – how hard is that? I’d also get about 150 Special Forces troops to protect him until then!

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      OK–‘that’ is what I was looking for!! So, they can subpoena him then?!! Watching this closely. No matter how the Dems try to ‘diffuse’ this situation they ignited–I think it just might be ‘too late’ now!!

  49. downs1 says:

    The Democrats did it to themselves! Intellectual dishonesty brings a heavy price, and they will have to take their punishment! But these idiots don’t know when to stop! They never learn!

  50. hoosier46 says:

    Since it seems the Democrats always accuse the Republicans of doing what they are doing themselves, it could be that the D’s are concerned about having their connections exposed. Things like Hillary’s connection with giving the Russians our nuclear energy stock seems to support a D connection too.

  51. painterkk says:

    This is diversion to keep Trump too busy defending against false allegation that he cannot carry forth his agenda. Democrats are hoping to create doubt in voters’ minds sufficient to gain enough votes to take back majorities. False witness is a crime and frivolous accusations should also be.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Still, I’m stunned at how well Pres Trump seems to keep up with all this chaos!! He does stay informed somehow. I’m impressed!!

      1. Ray says:

        He is a very smart man and he doesn’t let any grass grow around his feet. He knows what he is dealing with in Washington and he has good people behind him and lawyers from the outside. He will eliminate the scum in the swamp, just need more time.

  52. Sherman Stoloff says:

    Sure looks that way doesn’t it? Every time you ask a democrat for proof of collusion they all say the same things: where there is smoke there is fire; wait until you see what happens; Trump and his people are liars; etc,. etc., etc. I just want to know what the Justice Dept. is going to do when they find out the smoke came from a smoke screen set off by the UN-American democrats who just can’t get over their loss and only want revenge.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      A very interesting thought!! I’ve been wondering that myself!! They had better ‘shape up’ and start doing more ‘action’ than talk, as they have in the past!! A lot of people are getting fed up and they’d better start producing some evidence of their accusations!! This ‘smoke’ thing has worn as thin as all their other little ‘sayings’!!!

  53. Roger Peabody says:

    Everyone paying attention knows that the dems/ libs are the ones colluding/(having colluded) with Russia.

    1. Ray says:

      Sure they are. They wanted to turn it around and put it on President Trump to take him out. But it BACKFIRED ON THEM, LYING SCUM!!!!!..

  54. daledor says:

    People need to remember how the kinder/gentler/fairer/compassionate social leftists that totally control the Democratic Party and the RINO plants from the socialist left are the ones lying, cheating, slandering, on a witch hunt, causing most of the riots and division in our country,

    MASK OFF when socialist liberals don’t get their way and lose power and control over US the ONES they are supposed to SERVE.

    Remember this when ACTIONS AND WORDS DO NOT MATCH not to FOLLOW LIES but OPPOSE EVIL, get them out of DC and in JAIL.

  55. Deborah Pratt says:

    Not to change the subject but, have you heard the ‘newest brain child’ from the Dems?? They are trying to pass something called ‘UBI’! Universal Basic Income’!! If you thought they were ‘scary’ before–wait until you see ‘this program’!!! A Nightmare waiting to happen!!

  56. Jack says:

    The demmecrats are trying to railroad the first honest president we’ve had since Reagon! That’s obvious to everyone except the “snowflakes”; they’ve been brainwashed since kindergarten!

  57. Marge D. Hoskins says:


    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Anyone have a ‘lid’ and some ‘nails’???

  58. Ohio Lady says:

    Um Hmmmmmm… The whole ridiculous “fake” baloney against our President and his advisors is no doubt all made up and carefully gardened by the Dem. loser party. I put in a small garden yesterday and I am thinking of these “importance ” (not important ) committees churning up any dust they can possibly scrape up. I am so nauseated and sickened by them all and their hungry media. YUCK !

  59. Daniel Graves says:

    The Democratic Terrorists do not represent anyone but them selves. They do not work for the country just their own greedy selves.

  60. fred schramm says:

    His testimony doesnt fit their narrative so they dont want him to testify.Their phony stories about Trump can be compared to filing frivolous law suits amd should be treated as a crime.

  61. texan61 says:

    Someone called someone to show their cards or fold and they folded.

  62. Sam Benton says:

    Pay attention – the dems only start accusing when they are guilty of those same things. They don’t even care if their accusation even resemble truth because the media will promote the lies. Total BS

  63. NoCoincidences says:

    “Did the Democrats cancel his testimony because the Russia investigation
    is now at the point where everyone must put their cards on the table and
    they will be exposed as bluffing?”

    The demonrats should have been ‘exposed’ as the lying, deceitful, crooked deviants, they always have been. As for putting their cards on the table, there is no need for ‘bluffing’ when they just carefully conjure up unsubstantiated lies, all this without a conscience.
    It is past time to endi the overall lies and the fraud of the imposter of the last eight years. Start at the top of the shit-heap, shovel and flush; repeat..

  64. Roger Reid says:

    Having trouble figuring out what’s going on politically in this country? Consider this. Democrats are refusing to testify under oath or are pleading the fifth. After much ado about nothing when a Republican WANTS to testify the Democrats block him. One side appears to be operating like the mafia. Crooked! lying! Self indulgent! Immature bullies!

    1. NoCoincidences says:

      Yep- the demonrats are acting like they have the majority in the house and senate; by the lame non-actions of most of the RINO’s, they may as well be back controlling the Gongressional agenda.

  65. Tim says:

    the devil’s children can’t stand the truth. Some hate people breathing, so they are killed (murdered). The Clintons are the ones putting out the contracts to have people eliminated, and getting away with it. Trump needs to make sure these EVIL people go to jail or the grave. He needs our FULL support

  66. Benjamin Michel says:

    Well Hell the queen got beat 2 times she could NOT beat a no body he came from no where and beat her like a drum she should had taken that as NO one wanted her even her back stabbing of 1000,s of people and doing dirty tricks to Joe she still was beat like a drum the second time by Mr Trump That goes to show that the D party was not behind her

  67. elizabethmcfarland says:

    they do not want the real truth to come out, and that is obama, hillary, and all the communist liberals that are suppose to be OUR employees were taking big bucks from Islamic terrorist groups, and now they just want to buy a testimony of lies and not have any rebuttal to the lies. Not all the public is stupid enough to believe their lies, matter of fact, most of the public does not, but then the real public does not include illegals, criminals, and muslim “not real refugees” that are not legal to have a say in our country to start with. If a real count of real votes was done, I doubt hillary received half a million total since the others were all illegal and had no right to vote for anyone except in their own country which is NOT the USA. They are going to push one time too many and end up over thrown by the REAL AMERICAN patriots and they are going to bring that on themselves just like isis lover vile cathy griffin has done to herself. All we have to do is hand them the rope, they are so stupid they will hang themselves with it!!

  68. RichFromShowMe says:

    The Dems whole Delusional and Demented Trump Bashing is about to come to a head and they’re running scared. Comey’s memo’s will tie all the Crooks-on-the-Left together . . . . all the way to obamba, “the witch”, koskinen and many others.

    Pages testimony will unleash the flood gates . . . they are worried 🙂

    So far, after 9+ months of investigation by the “alphabet agencies” the only thing they have on Trump is, (1) he likes two scoops of ice cream and (2) he likes Russian Dressing on his salads, occasionally.

    The Dems have finally realized the only provable connection between Trump and the Russians is #2. A few of them even realize that’s ridiculous, but there are still those frothing-at-the-mouth waiting to pounce.

  69. Joyce Kroff says:

    I don’t call it bluffing. I call it lying and trying anything to impeach the President because their side of losers and crooks lost the election. They must be held accountable for their lies and games and cost to the American people. They don’t seem to understand the American people DO NOT TRUST THEM OR WANT THEM IN OFFICE ANY LONGER. We demand that they RESpect our President. Enough is Enough….President Trump supporter must stand up and let these looney liberals and elites know they are no longer in charge and have no clue to what the average American is going through or desires. If they do know then they are totally ignoring it.

  70. Robert Russell says:

    For one thing Trump is more intelligent than Democrats and has a work ethics to boot they will never beat Trump. Now Trump tell NATO & UN we don’t need them!

    1. Ray says:

      You are absolutely correct. President Trump has been out there all his life in the real world to make a living. These Politicians have never accomplished a real job on the outside, some have, but very few have. He will out smart them for sure. Just give it more time, he will destroy them. In 8 years he should have this country back in shape and great again.
      Soo these Politicians better start listening to what he is saying. Because everything he says is right so far.

  71. US Patriot says:

    Democrats and Libtards always tell lies to advance their Communist agenda! Pretty much the same way an Islamist will lie in order to advance their Worldwide Caliphate of Domination!

    1. StopTheJews says:



      The Commission’s Report concluded:

      “That there is compelling evidence that Israel’s attack was a deliberate attempt to destroy an American ship and kill her entire crew.

      “That fearing conflict with Israel, the White House deliberately prevented the US Navy from coming to the defense of USS Liberty by recalling Sixth Fleet military rescue support while the ship was under attack.

      “That surviving crew members were threatened with ‘court-martial, imprisonment or worse’ if they exposed the truth; and [the survivors] were abandoned by their own government.

      “That there has been an official cover-up without precedent in American naval history.

      “That a danger to our national security exists whenever our elected officials are willing to subordinate American interests to those of any foreign nation.”

      Why did Israel attack the Liberty? Was something super secret going on that is so damaging it must be protected at all cost?

      Some experts believe Tel Aviv decided to sink the Liberty because the ship’s surveillance capability would discover Israel’s impending invasion and capture of Syria’s Golan Heights, an action opposed by Washington. Others believe Israel was concerned the Liberty would discover Israel’s massacre of hundreds of Egyptian POWs, a war crime contemporaneous with the attack on the US ship. Still others believe that Israel intended to blame the attack on Egypt in order to bring America into the war. It is known the US was providing Israel with reconnaissance and that there were joint US-Israeli covert operations against the Arabs that Washington was desperate to keep secret.

      Survivors with whom I spoke said the attack was the easy part of the experience. The hard part has been living with 40 years of official cover-up and betrayal by the US government. One survivor said that he was asked to leave his Baptist church when he spoke about the Liberty, because the minister and fellow church-goers felt more loyalty to Israel than to a member of the congregation who had served his country. His church’s position was that if our government believed Israel, the survivors should also.

      Survivor Phil Tourney said that “being forced to live with a cover-up is like being raped and no one will believe you.”

      Survivor Gary Brummett said he “feels like someone who has been locked up for 40 years on a wrongful conviction.” Until the US government acknowledges the truth of the attack, Brummett says the survivors are forced to live with the anger and dismay of being betrayed by the country they served.

      Survivor Bryce Lockwood has been angry for 40 years. The torpedo that killed his shipmates, wrecked his ship and damaged his health was made in the USA.

      Survivor Ernie Gallo told me he “has been haunted for four decades” by the knowledge that his commander-in-chief recalled the US fighters that could have prevented most of the Liberty’s casualties.

      Every American should be troubled by the fact that the President of the United States and the Secretary of Defense prevented the US Sixth Fleet from protecting a US Navy ship and its 294-man crew from foreign attack. They should also be troubled that the President ordered the Navy to determine the attack was unintentional.

      This article is based entirely on doumented sources and on interviews with six USS Liberty survivors, as well as Captain Ward Boston and Bill Knutson, the executive officer of the USS America fighter squadron dispatched on the first aborted rescue mission.

  72. StopTheJews says:

    All political parties are crooked. When are you people going to open your eyes and see that you are being played like an old violin? THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT IS VERY CROOKED AND DANGEROUS AND CONTROL BY DEVIL JEWS. America has been push back 125 years or more. Our military has been weaken. Nobody is protecting our borders or our citizens. Killers and drug pusher walk right into our country . IT IS JEWS JEWS JEWS. Even the FBI CIA SS AND HOMELAND SECURITY ARE A PIECE OF SHIT. We are lied to and mislead everyday by the crooked JEWISH MAFIA EMPIRE MEDIA. HITLER SAVE GERMANY . Millions of skilled jobs gone and undermined by Jews like the JEWISH FDERAL RESERVE. Picture says it all !

  73. StopTheJews says:

    Check out how crooked ANTI AMERICAN ANTI CHRIST WALT DISNEY QUEER JEWS ARE! LOOK AT PICTURE AND READ ARTICLE. Disney queers have destroy Florida. Other countries would execute these HOLLYWOOD JEWISH Pigs!

  74. Curt James says:

    Say it ain’t so, Joe. Democrats cheating? Covering up truth? Naah. Never happen.

  75. Judy Kidd says:

    Lets all pray that the young democrat that is running for the 6th district in GA. loses. He will only vote for higher taxes and give money to planned murderhood.(Parent hood) lets pray Karen Handel wins. Democrats are so corrupt you can not trust them and I hate to say it but some republicans are just as bad. Pray for our Country to be returned to sanity.

  76. Ron haymaker says:

    The only thing that surprises me is that it took so long to get to the truth.

  77. hillbilly says:

    Don’t know,don’t care. Mr. Donald J Trump is our President for the next four years, He’s trying to keep his campaign promises as best he can. Support OUR President, if you don’t like what does vote for somebody else at the next election. He will win a second term or not depending on his performance…..

  78. Original Anna says:

    More than likely the democrats were just told Page was going to testify to what Obama was doing. Well, that little statement sure got a response out of the democrats.

  79. Gerald A. Reason says:

    When we find that this whole thing is an attempt to undermine the Trump administration and to remove him and his people from their legally elected and appointed offices, those who are perpetrating it should realize that any coup attempt, be it armed or covert, constitutes an attack on the Republican form of Government, laid out in the Constitution and those who are behind it (like George Soros, for example) are committing treason and therefore should be so charged and then receive the appropriate punishments. There were those who challenged each newly elected President but no President, in my 74 years as a natural born citizen, has ever come under this much of an attack with lies, innuendoes, and blatant BS as Trump has.

  80. hwytracker says:

    First, You haven’t provided much information on this and secondly, I would like to know if the Republican Party could hold an Open Door session/hearing in order for Mr. Carter page to present his (under Oath) testimony. How can the democRATS block a Republican inquiry? Put Mr. Page on FOX News as a Special News Broadcast. Let him speak his peace to the public who want to hear what he has to say about the alleged Russian collusion accusation. End it this way. Git-Er-Done

    1. Beth says:

      Good thinking. I was also wondering why something couldn’t be done to get his testimony out there.

  81. Beth says:

    First of all I hope he has some really good bodyguards. How can these people stop him from testifying? Are they the only ones who have a say in the matter., Why aren’t we fighting back harder?

  82. Doxieman says:

    For the 1,000 time [lease put all the dumb ass democrats involved into there private cells at Gitmo!

  83. Babsan says:

    The Democrats/Communists and their Muslim FRAUD are the ones that will be exposed in all their CRIMES.

  84. Joecolt says:

    For People who really want to see the Truth on the Democratic Party Leaders, all you have to do is go to youtube and find this Video, “Chuck Schumer Literally Flip-Flopping on EVERYTHING “- Including Many Topics. Everyone needs to see Chuck in action. It Outstanding to Watch It will not leave you Speechless.

    1. Juanito Ibañez says:

      One of the most dangerous places to stand is between Charles “Chucky the Cereal Killer” Schumer and a television camera

  85. harpo49 says:

    democrats are a funny bunch what we call feces they call lunch s**t eating dumbocrats

  86. ter334 says:

    The democrats are political animals. Politics to enhance the party is in their DNA I guess it started back in the GD when FDR came up with the New Deal. The source of their +politics for the party, not the nation, was probably a strategy developed during the early days of the machine politics to combat the powers of the bankers, Sweat shops, child labor. They ended up liking to be the boss so tried to keep that status.

  87. Barbara Willis says:

    Just another piece of crap from those idiot Liberals…..

  88. Larry Cowden says:

    Dumbassocrats only want to take down the administration in order to force a total takeover by them. If you have a dumbassocrat for a rep, knock their heads off and make sure they know they are not going to be reelected as long as they continue to attack the administration.

  89. Bayside GolfClub says:

    Has anyone considered charging the dnc for WITHHOLDING EVIDENCE in the matter of the supposed server that was supposedly hacked? Isn’t it the 1 single piece of evidecne that would show, or not show what they are squabbling about? AND THEY HID IT..

    1. Stikit says:

      Comey allowed them to do their own investigation, with an outside firm, instead of confiscating it. Go figure.

  90. Rodger says:

    It is a good thing that Russia provided some accurate information during the campaign because our media sure couldn’t be trusted. We would never have known about the collusion in the Democratic party that assured that Hilary would be their candidate. It is a good thing she was because she is a born loser.

  91. Rodger says:

    Of course Russia, and every other country, didn’t want Hilary to be our President. She had already scared them into some pretty large donations to the Clinton Family Foundation. Just imagine what she would do as President.

  92. Patriot159 says:

    The Dumborats are so stupid, they can’t even figure out they’re burning down their own house!

  93. Daze Inde says:

    Indict every DemocRAT blocking the witness’ testimony for obstruction of justice.

  94. dennodog says:

    The great DISTRACTION is apparently working,though. No one is talking about the CONTENTS of all those wiki-leaked, clinton e-mails.

  95. Constitutionist says:

    This is called hatred from the left and they want a criminal that broke the laws of the Constitution while as Secretary of State. She has broken many before like Bill but the Libs were in power then, just like Obuthead violated the Constitution many time. Actions by the Media, and the libs have been proven by all there false claims, and fake news, and false statements that Tump was involved with the Russians was a make belief to get the libs in a up roar to get Trump out of Office. That in it self is a crime as it is attached as a coup. That in turn makes them a traitor.

  96. Renee Kelly says:


  97. Doug Meyers says:

    The reason is Obvious to the common thinking Citizen. 1) The Democrats need the investigation to go on to slow President Trump’s MAGA agenda. 2) Excuse for NOT voting for or against President Trump’s Cabinet Appointees 3) The Democrats COLLUSION with Obama’s TREASONOUS Criminality.

    1. #1TexasConservative says:

      Good post Doug!!

  98. jesse says:

    Of course the demonrats don’t want him to testify, he’ll blow the lid off the delusional left’s fraudulent ruskie ruse!

  99. fishunter says:

    It is unfortunate that such games are played out in our courts. They should be in or out. If they issued a subpoena to testify, the person should testify. I blame the courts and judges for much of the corruption that they have allowed. It is time for Trump to start naming more judges and for the politicians to confirm them. (this may be a reason why 15 judges have not been named)

  100. bp 58 says:

    watch out for comey he’s a fantastic lair he had a good teacher the killary clinton hag..

  101. Mario Ruffino says:

    Democrats make the Mafia look like a bunch of Cub Scouts but unlike the Mafia who had rules and regulations that they lived by, the Democrats make them up as they go along to support their doctrine.

  102. J. Ernst says:

    The hysteria factor is always brought “out” when a business model is FAILING!!!
    INCULCATION of accusations WITHOUT MERIT is the second front to continuing the ruse.
    The newsertainment industry is the NEW POLITBURO of the old Soviet business model.

  103. David E Blankinship Sr says:

    The Democrats must be completely deluded to think they are damaging Trump. From what I see, they and their minions are completely scraping the bottom and still finding NOTHING!!! When this is all over, those who have actually committed felonious acts up to and including TREASON should be apprehended, remanded and tried for their heinous actions. They can always play the “Griffiths Card” and claim “Trump made me do it” would make about as much sense as Kathy has made this past week or so.

    Hilary and Chelsea are doing their dead level best to sound totally out of control. I mean, where did calling Palin’s Daughter a “Whore” come from; gotta remember that while pointing a finger at someone, three more are pointing back at ya. We have really advanced since the days of the cave man; we no longer expect even a modicum of civility from those who would advocate “Politics of the Left”. What happens tho, when someone from the Conservative side calls a Liberal some sort of name… you got it; they are gonna holler that their rights are being trampled on or something like that.

    Truth be known, the Left could have just about anything to defeat Trump. They are so scared that the evils they have unleashed upon the USA in the form of “Universal Care for Everyone” which it sure ain’t. Only if you have massive funds to spend over and above the “Basics” will you be able to afford many life-saving procedures, especially if you are over 50.

  104. rick meek says:

    Time for them to BURN — I remember during the other investigations – Clinton – Rice – Waters – Now obozo…..They kept shutting down the investigation and screaming about “with hunts”…..The elites are going nutz trying to overthrow trump especially dragging the courts and liberal judges into the fracas – People will remember – seattle – SF – Honolulu – NY – VA after another mass attack……Right now – the so called “secure lines” of DOJ are being burned up by these people coming up with the “coup” plans…..

  105. MACVSOG says:

    Finally the truth will be exposed and those lying democrats will be exposed as the pile of crap that they are!

  106. Kika68 says:

    Carter needs to testify. What is wrong with the republicans that they don’t go ahead and have him testify. The democrats cannot block his testimony. Republicans are in charge. Why are they letting the democrats walk all over them and hold up Page’s testimony? They are scum bags!!

  107. John Herald says:

    Aint nothing going to happen to anyone …… especially if your a Dim-O-Crap….

  108. Olaf Thunderfoot says:

    Hopefully Mr. Page has his life insurance paid up and his plot picked out already.

  109. Bruce says:

    The Democrats have regularly, and publicly made false statements about many people in order to damage them. They depend on the ignorance of the general public, and depend on sensationalism and emotionalism of their base to push their case. Granted, not all Democrats play this game, but the mean spirited and most spiteful, and hateful of them certainly do.

  110. Arlene Peters says:

    So now, doesn’t it make you feel that Carter Page “could” or “should” fear for his life? After all, he is now dealing with the actions of the crime families of clinton and obama. Hopefully he will make it back alive… Maybe we will finally get to hear something they did not want us to hear… Let’s pray that he doesn’t fly back on a commercial flight… Maybe Trump can get him back by using his private jet, and have it guarded with our own Air Force pilots..

  111. Michael Fiedler says:

    Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops. Luke 12:3

  112. Kenneth Bailey says:

    I believe the demorats blocked him because they know that Trump would be found innocent. Without this guy’s testimony, they can keep the lie going and it takes suspicion off of them. I think they should investigate obozo, the Clinton’s, Lynch, Reid, Pelosie, Shummer, Rice, Come, and even the RINOS.

  113. Palmer says:

    My Question is “can the Republicans ask him questions without the Dumbocrats”?

  114. Mary Sekera says:

    Can’t Carter Page then be subpoenaed? Trey Gowdy issues subpoena’s for others in cases they are investigating.

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