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This Plot Against Trump Has Some Accusing Obama Officials Of Treason

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  1. karolh says:

    clean house- charge all with treason and have no mercy. We The People elected Donald Trump as our President because of these type of treasonous actions, as well as treasonous actions against us!

    1. truelies2 says:

      And the next in line, God Bless Him, chose his family over the intense abuse planned against him, his excellent background and fine family.

  2. Christian_Patriot7 says:

    Arrest and hang these former Obama officials! There was nothing remiss about Mr. Flynn and was surprised that Pres. Trump fired him!

    1. drbhelthi says:

      Mr. Flynn graciously resigned to remove the treasonists´ abuse of him as a means of further defaming president Trump.

    2. tarheel61 says:

      I am so glad to see that so many people are aware of what is actually happening! Don’t take your eyes off the shells, they will keep changing the rules as they go. God Bless all of you

    3. John Somers says:

      Unfortunately there are times when you are the President you have to do things that don’t seem right BUT are a necessity.

  3. advocacybz says:

    Brennan and Clapper need to face a perp walk and spend some time in Leavenworth. Once the cabinet is finanlly in place the housecleaning can begin in earnest, the Dems have attempted to slow the cabinet appts and allow Obama leftovers to sabotage the WH. The justice dept now under Trumps people need to go after the Obama leftovers hard and create the same element of discourse. Time to put some of these people away. Then the nonsense will stop, Trump needs to simply pull an Obama and use the full power and control of the justice dept and national security to start jailing some of these perps

    1. tarheel61 says:

      And the Left thinks that we are oblivious to their razzledazzle halftime show. Like we don’t know what is REALLY happening!

      1. 1947goldenjet says:

        The problem is that half the country thinks that they are doing the right thing.

        1. nicholsda says:

          Well CA anyways.

          1. Btty says:

            Not all Californians! Just the majority!!

          2. nicholsda says:

            True. There are a few areas that aren’t pro-Dem.

          3. Awaitingtherapture says:

            I’d love to see CA split into three separate States. The Northern part has been trying to for decades.

          4. Btty says:

            Unfortunately I don’t see California ever changing. Thanks to voter fraud, illegals and the gay’s California is cooked.

          5. mikefromwichita says:

            All of the land area of Cali which has any economic value is red State.

        2. mikefromwichita says:

          So says the MSM,……..but the the MSM said KANSAS was in play 72 hours before election Day 2016

        3. mustangsallyann says:

          Scary thought!!

    2. Mike W says:

      Obama has openly said he will do everything he can do impede President Trump – that is an open admittance to treason. Arrest him first!

      1. truelies2 says:

        And pray that he resists arrest…..

        1. Mike W says:

          The last thing in the world you want to do is make a martyr out of the pinhead.

          1. nicholsda says:

            He’d never be a martyr, he’s too chicken.

          2. mustangsallyann says:

            He does better when prompting others to do his dirty work. Once caught, and it always happens, he just throws them under the bus.

          3. Cathy aka OldTxGal says:

            Who cares about him being a martyr?! I’m tired of him thinking he can do whatever he pleases and keep getting away with it!

          4. Mike W says:

            It will be much better and more effective to expose him for what he is.

          5. Doris Will says:

            I don’t think that the Liberals would believe it if he made a public confession, and threw himself on the mercy of the court, Some how it would be the Conservative’s fault.

        2. mikefromwichita says:

          When finally arrested he will cry like a little girl.

          1. jwright673 says:

            Trouble is, he’ll finally admit to being an illegal alien and he’ll get deported with no jail time. However true punishment for him would be to send him to a women’s prison….

          2. nicholsda says:

            To share a cell with HilLIARy. 😀
            Would that be considered cruel and unusual punishment?

          3. Bob N says:

            He can be deported after he gets out of prison in 30 or 40 yrs.

          4. Doris Will says:

            A white van will suddenly appear to pick him up to take him to the air port to board a plane to Kenya or Thailand I think that is where he was living before returning to Hawaii.

          5. VET says:

            They should ship him down to CUBA and send him to GITMO with the rest of his Terrorist friends that he was helping them to get out and send them back to kill more WOMEN,Children and Men.This was a Traitor from another country and was planning to put this country 6 feet underground and he was the one that let the Terrorist into our country by leaving our Borders open and they were right behind the Mexican criminals and never checked for papers what country they were all from and that is what Obama wanted.He’s nothing but a CON-MEN dressed up to look like a American and a Pathetic Liar just like that other one i call TOP SECRET(Killary).

          6. Doris Will says:

            Not Cuba it’s a communist country, and they would upset everything. trying to free him. Not anywhere on American soil, with his adoring public idiots they would try to get him out. Indonesia, where he can wake every morning to the Muslim call to worship he calls the most beautiful sound in the world. Michelle could have a choice of a blue or black burka, and we could save the cost of his pension, secret service protection and medical expenses. Oh wouldn’t it be “luverly”.

          7. VET says:

            Doris i said down in CUBA at the prison named GITMO that is a American prison were the Terrorist are kept that Obama release many of them to go back home,and these Terrorist that he let go are now back with ISIS killing as many more people and he knew damn will what he was doing and that is the bottom line he had planned from the very beginning starting from 2009 till 2016.

          8. Doris Will says:

            OH! This started way before 2009: From Kenya to Hawaii to Indonesia to Hawaii to Occidental College to Harvard to Columbia Univ to Bill Ayers parents driveway where a young light skin negro told the mailman he was going to be President of the U.S. to Ayers mother who told said mailman that they were helping a young African through college. to being a neighborhood organizer. to being a neighbor of Bill Ayers. to the Illinois State House. to US Senate to the Social Security Card of a dead man and a fake birth certificate, conveniently the woman who certified the fake Birth Certificate died in a plane crash off of Molakai. All paid for by rich arabs, The Annenbergs, Grorge Soros, The Ayers family, His ADORING Fans and Don’t forget WE THE PEOPLE. My first thought was GITMO, but got very chummy with Communist Castros.

        3. Dave Nettles says:

          And pulls a gun.

      2. Arch Stanton says:

        Yomama want to be king, so badly!

        1. mustangsallyann says:

          Your mama wants to be king. If the goal is to be taken seriously, it’s time to learn proper English. Otherwise you perpetuate the very thing you complain about.

        2. mustangsallyann says:

          Arch, I want you to know that correcting others isn’t really my way. If I can understand the message it’s fine, imo. The reason I did so is we’re now being chastised for doing so, not because it’s not a nice thing to do but because they’re now stating doing so is racist. I don’t know your race but I do know this. If I was a minority I’d be P.O.’d and highly insulted. How dare liberals imply that minorities are incapable of learning like everyone else. I want minorities to know the true intentions of these people, they’ve worked hard to dumb down the public for a reason and it’s not to be kind or helpful. The less educated we become, the more control they have. We’re way past the time when minorities weren’t allowed to learn how to read and in their sneaky, subtle way, they’ll have people in that place again if they have the chance. Why else would they discourage learning by implying minorities can’t do better and that anyone trying to teach them, do so because they’re racist? If you’ve never heard of the book ‘Five Smooth Stones’ by Ann Fairbairn and you’ve the time, please get a copy and read it. It’s very informative and true to life, in the past and sadly now, once again, has become the present for way too many. That said, I hope you know that my correction was a show of respect to you and your capabilities, nothing else. God bless you. Sallyann

      3. mikefromwichita says:

        Nope there is a need to turn some underlings first. There is legal impede the president and illegal impede and treason. Witnesses to the treason are needed.

      4. Cathy aka OldTxGal says:

        Obama has done too much damage to our country already. He must be stopped.

        1. Gary Purcell says:

          Him and chillery both need to be arrested. If ANYBODY else had done half of what those two have done, they would already be spending life in prison!!! THEY ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW!!!!!!!

          1. Cathy aka OldTxGal says:

            Right, they are NOT above the law and somebody in congress needs to grow a pair and figure out what can be done about them! Trey Gowdy comes to mind.

          2. Gary Purcell says:

            You are right Cathy, if we can get Trey involved we might actually see something getting done!!!

          3. Cathy aka OldTxGal says:

            If anyone can, it’s Trey. Wish we had more like him in congress. Jason Chavettz is on a par with him, but not as tough.

      5. mustangsallyann says:

        Mike W. He sure has and did it as soon as he was preparing to move from the WH. First pres. in history to sabotage his successor, isn’t that sweet of him. It seems laws only apply to some. Even Madonna threatening the life of Trump gets a pass. Yet people still won’t accept their guidance is now coming from satan. I can’t wait until the day we no longer have evil residing next door to God’s children.

        1. Brenda Sinclair says:

          Indeed the Bible tells us that the secrets of the wicked will be revealed to all at the appropriate time during these last days. God cannot lie. Luke 12:2 ~ “The time is coming when everything that is covered up will be revealed, and all that is secret will be made known to all.”

          1. mustangsallyann says:

            Some of God’s children have already seen and know some of those answers. As the Bible also says, some of God’s children will be shown beforehand and will recognize evil just as evil can recognize us. It’s then our job to attempt to bring as many back to our Father as we possibly can. It’s getting harder and harder to find those that don’t belong to satan. May they find the truth and may God have mercy upon them.

      6. Doris Will says:

        This is all a joke among Demoncraps, they call it babysitting. But it looks and smells of sedition. Penalty for Sedition is 20 years in prison. Now that’s what I would call babysitting behind bars.

      7. Brenda Sinclair says:

        MIKE I AGREE WITH YOU, until Obama, Americas worst terrorist and enemy is arrested for sedition and treason ,this horror and false accusations will strike every member of trump’s administration, one by one destroying them and their have to stomp om the snakes head to kill him, obama is posioning our government and many american people following. ONLY PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS THE POWER TO CUT THAT SNAKE HEAD OFF AND STOP THIS TERRORIST WAR ON AMERICA BY SATANIC OBAMA SATAN HIMSELF

    3. Daniel Lloret says:

      I think if Pres. Trump did a full court press to prove BHO wasn’t legally a potus because of non-citizenship, that would nuke any credibility and clout he still has with the Demonrats. Hopefully land him in jail, but at least relegate him to the scrap heap of corrupt politicians……

      1. Honorary says:

        I believe that Pres. Trump will wait for a few months before he will let Sheriff in Arizona who tried to sue Obama for his fraud ID and birth certificate. Egoistic Obama wanted to stay in the job – not because he wanted to work but because he missed all his perk- free golf, free Air Force One, his daughter’s outfit and the free trip for his tranny and her family. When PM of Canada, Justin Trudeau came for a state visit last year, Sasha and Malaria wore the outfit cost our tax payers $20,000 for dinner dresses. And Obama and Trudeau talked about the redistributing wealth and playing nice with terrorists, thinks otherwise, as do Buck Ofama and Michelle, an ape in heels.

        1. Jorge a Gonzalez says:

          You are now viewing a word of Narcissistic personality disorder major league power players
          Let’s pray that God can use them
          Because it’s hard as a mortal to stand next to one or be the target of their predatory behaviors

        2. Brenda Sinclair says:

          YES OBAMA BROUGHT INTO THE WHITEHOUSE ABOMINATION BEFORE GOD IN HEAVEN a male tranny dressed up like a woman, pretending to be americas first lady, funny you said an ape in heels i have heard that for 8yrs now, well a man dressed to be a woman wears a dress and his penis shows thur the dress, disgusting

      2. mustangsallyann says:

        Daniel, those that have supported Obama wouldn’t care if we had him on video committing murder. Evil, evil, and more evil.

        1. drbhelthi says:

          Only the video is lacking, the evil activities he has committed for years. Where was he prior to showing up in Chicago ? He did not attend Columbia, so where was he ?

        2. Brenda Sinclair says:

          worst crime obama has committed or any human can commit is in child trafficking, child rape, have to wondered how many little boys has he raped in the white house, child trafficking is big money why do you think 8yrs ago Obama went in white-house never owned property, left with 5 million 4 mansions worth over 10million and his salary per yr 400,000yr, do research doj dept is missing 9million they are investigating, their vacations taxpayers paid for over a billion they spent 369 days vacationing to top it off they took a lot of their Chicago hoodlum friends with them sometimes up to 200 people that cost taxpayers Obama stole from us taxpayers but his worst crime is raping little boys he is a pedophile

          1. mustangsallyann says:

            I don’t know about being a pedophile but wouldn’t be shocked if that came out in the future. He has no boundaries whatsoever if he wants something bad enough. As far as the rest, it’s infuriating to know so much money was wasted in a time that our country needed it the most. I think those actions were motivated by his great hatred for our country and citizen’s.

  4. isBubba says:

    They mess with OUR President, they mess with US. Let’s get some IDs on these clowns.

    ’nuff said.

    1. tarheel61 says:

      My sentiments exactly!

    2. John Somers says:

      I WILL stand with you on this !!!!

      1. isBubba says:

        I’ve thought of trying to get in touch with Trump’s folks to offer my services, too. I’m not without a lot of skills, including 40 years of top-notch computer commercial/hacking knowledge and experience. I’m even still good for a rumble at 6’5″ and 280lbs (with some muscle still there 🙂 )
        These days, I work on my inventions, some of which might apply.

        If you or anyone out there has an “in” to Trump’s operation, perhaps we could become Trump’s merry band of undercover thwarters. LOL.

    3. DirtyDaveyDownEast says:

      Uuge mistake. Obama is just the front man in all of this. There is a uuge world wide organization at work behind the scenes here. It is no where’s near as small an operation as an Obama led operation.

      This world wide organization is how we come down to the “Globalist Initiative”. In this organization Obama is little more than a peon. If it comes right down to it and it suits their needs, the globalists will throw Obama under the bus just as quickly as Flynn.

      Don’t get me wrong bro, I would love to see Obama and a few others hang for their high crimes of treason.


      1. Larry Pierce says:

        Go after the money

        1. DirtyDaveyDownEast says:

          If I had just a little bit of their pocket change I’d be set for life. Along with my 2 children and 3 grandchildren.

          Never mind the money there’s nothing illegal with lots of money or even throwing’ it around into foolish causes. This of course does not ignore or excuse the Clinton Crime Family Foundation for the Corruption of AMERICAN Government. Any money laundering enterprise should be shut down and prosecuted.

          No money laundering conviction ever received a death sentence. ! want to see Obama, Lynch, Clintons and Holder H-A-N-G!!


          1. drbhelthi says:

            The proper charge against them would not be money-laundering, and which charge entails the death penalty.

          2. DirtyDaveyDownEast says:

            Treason, or at least it use to.


      2. DoninAcworthGeorgia says:

        You got that right!

        1. DoninAcworthGeorgia says:

          First follow the $. Then allow the patriots to coe to the front..they know who the dirty yellow SOB’s are. Kick every Muslim out and play fast hardball NOW while the Country is with aTrump!

          1. DirtyDaveyDownEast says:

            Lots a luck w/ the Muslims. To many people today have no idea olf the Founding Father’s use of the word ‘religion’ in the 1st Amendment. They were talking about all the various Christian denominations; Protestants and Catholics and also the Jewish religion. This would also include the Anglican Church even though they did frown heavily upon it.

            I’m not sure just what they would be, but I would definitely be in favor of “reasonable restrictions” on Muslims and all other nationalities allowed into AMERICA, the Greatest Nation Evah.


          2. Mike_Travis says:

            Existing law gives the POTUS authority to prevent any person or group who holds to an ideology that calls for the overthrow of our Constitution from ever entering our country. Because we all know that one of the main doctrines of islam is to make sharia the supreme law in the world, that means all muslimes are threats to the US. Therefore by law not one should be allowed here. (Immigration & Naturalization Act)

      3. mikefromwichita says:

        True drones and quiet visits by seal teams will be required. Start with soros.

        1. DirtyDaveyDownEast says:

          Ya probably right about that, but I like the idea of a public hanging for treason. If the idea was good anuff for ‘our’ Founding Fathers, it’s good anuff for me. I would be in favor of publicly broadcasting the hangings just as the Founders did ’em.


          1. Mike_Travis says:

            Absolutely. Then permanently mount the photos at strategic locations so whoever follows will be reminded of what is in store for them if they to betray us.

          2. ABO says:

            And again, Finestkind Davey.

        1. DirtyDaveyDownEast says:

          Finestkind is a term I haven’t heard used in a lot of years, approx 45. How’d ya come by it?


          1. ABO says:

            Well, I’m long retired from my field of Marine Biology and spent a lot of time on the Maine coast many years ago. Finestkind was a part of most conversations among Mainers of the time. Still love Maine and spend considerable vacation time Down East.

          2. DirtyDaveyDownEast says:

            Please ta meet ya ABO my ‘part time Maineah’ friend. Term was big around tha time EYE graduated high school.

            Finest kind!

          3. ABO says:

            So, yah just a young pup ayre ya Davey. Pleased to meet you as well. You must have an awful time puttin’ up with the tourists huh? I know when I make a run down coast the traffic is amazin’. Wish ya all the best there Davey.

          4. DirtyDaveyDownEast says:

            Not many tourists ’round this time of year. They’re all up country with their snowmobiles.


          5. mustangsallyann says:

            ABO, you must be a glutton for punishment. I was stationed at Loring and it took 4 years of digging out snow in order to get home again. LOL

          6. ABO says:

            Tiny bit of exaggeration on your part, mustangsallyann? It can be a little rough up around Loring but ah ain’t seen it quite that bad, LOL.

          7. mustangsallyann says:

            I’ll admit it, I exaggerated a bit but not much. LOL It was the first time I was ever in snowball fights from 2 stories above ground and you didn’t need a ladder to get there. It was fun but these bones just couldn’t take that kind of cold these days. ;o)

          8. ABO says:

            I know what you mean sallyann, when I retired I moved to Vermont and back then I loved snowshoeing and winter hunting and ice fishing but nowdays I don’t last long outdoors in winter. Down East coast in summer suits me fine.

          9. mustangsallyann says:

            ABO Oh, the perils of growing old. I think of all the things I used to do in the cold and snow and don’t know how I did it now. However, I’m always up to helping my grand’s build our snow families. Otherwise, keep the fireplace on at all times, it’s my favorite place to take a nap. That’s if and when my grand’s and my Pom’s allow me to anyway. If you’re still making Maine your permanent home, you rock. You’re the man!!!! LOL

          10. ABO says:

            Sadly, still in Vermont but I’m working on it. Stay warm sallyann! Keep that fireplace stoked.

      4. mustangsallyann says:

        DirtyDDE That’s how satan works. They’re all his stupid, little peon’s and are just tossed away when their value to the evil is gone.

        1. DirtyDaveyDownEast says:

          Actually a lot of the peons aren’t stupid, but really quite smart ie Obama, Holder, Clintons. However they are not wise; wise in the world’s eyes, but not our Holy, Almighty, Creator, LORD God’s. Herein lies the problem. We have 3-4 generations who have not, for the most part, been taught wisdom.

          AMERICA’s education system has grown arrogant and bold so that it now flaunts itself in the face of W-I-S-D-O-M The more the system flaunts itself the further the Greatest Nation Evah declines.

          If AMERICA, the Greatest Nation Evah, is to survive and thrive moving forward WE must experience a 3rd Great Awakening. Just as the 1st two Great Awakenings enabled AMERICA to throw of the tyrannies of first foreign rule then slavery; only a 3rd Great Awakening will enable AMERICA to throw off the tyranny of corruption now so prevalent in our nation, our government, our economy and our society.

          Let us Pray!!


          1. mustangsallyann says:

            DDaveyDE, you’re absolutely correct. Some of the smartest people can be the dumbest, as wisdom is a necessity and they don’t have it. I also think many countries no longer view us being wise in the world’s eyes, as well as being unwise in the eyes of God. Without reunification with Jesus and God, we’ll be doomed and it will happen much sooner than most think. We can only do our part and pray a seed gets planted. This is a crucial time worldwide and without the guidance of our Heavenly Father, His children will be safe but for others, there will be no turning back. But we already knew that, didn’t we? I stand with you and all believer’s in prayer daily. May God have mercy on us all. God bless and protect you and yours always. Sallyann

          2. DirtyDaveyDownEast says:

            I like what my Sunday School teacher said in class Sunday that AMERICA needs to become spiritually hungry. Pray that AMERICA will become Spiritually hungry.

            I love the Donald, but it’s God we need more than the Trump.

            No matter how high our new president flies, it will only be as high as the winds of Prayer that Christians lift up beneath his wings.


    4. Lilly Putney says:

      Let me know and I will do what I can.

  5. Judie says:

    I absolutely agree. The Obama appointees should be shown the door as fast as possible. They will say and do anything to bring down the Trump administration. God bless Donald Trump!!!!

    1. John Smith says:

      A the door to a federal prison!

    2. Merle Dickey says:

      I think Obama is the head of all the leaks ! If they can just get someone to confess he is organizing and backing it !!

  6. Tontine says:

    Those responsible should be terminated with extreme prejudice!

    1. Christian_Patriot7 says:

      Yeah, like a firing squad.

      1. John Somers says:

        Can I be included ???????

      2. nicholsda says:

        7 bolt action rifles, one with a blank and 6 loaded with .30-06.

      3. mikefromwichita says:

        ………or a seal team. Much of this house cleaning will need to be covert.

    2. John Somers says:

      EXTREME ? NAH we could have an auction and make millions to offset some of our debt.

  7. Allen says:

    Do not waste time. If it is treason, shoot them in place.

  8. drbhelthi says:

    Certainly they did it. They are the ones with access to the information that was “leaked”.
    They are attempting to wound president Trump before his cabinet can pin-point and disable the treasonists.

    1. Christian_Patriot7 says:

      Maybe they should be forced to take a polygraph test to identify the traitors.

      1. Hillary for prison says:

        Water boarding all O-shithead appointees sounds more appropriate. Polygraphs can be fooled by these career lyres and water boarding would be more fun.

      2. John Somers says:

        Won’t work, you CAN beat a polygraph.

        1. drbhelthi says:

          – depends on the operator, usually. While the machine measures and plots basic reactions of the body, interpreting the reactions requires a very skilled operator. A very small percentage of persons can defeat a polygraph machine with a very skilled operator.

          1. truelies2 says:

            However, fear and pressure can produce lots of snitches.

        2. nicholsda says:

          Waterboard them. 😉

        3. mustangsallyann says:

          John, in DC it doesn’t need to be beat. If they don’t like the results, they’ll just forge it to show the desired responses.

          1. ABO says:

            Ain’t that the truth.

  9. kbmiller says:

    Hopefully the swamp cleanout will include the IRS, EPA, VA, Dept. Education and Energy. I’d also like to see Pres. Trump fill the empty seats in federal courts with Constitutional judges, ASAP.

    1. Mike W says:

      Don’t forget all the muslims Obama put inside.

      1. John Somers says:

        Maybe, just maybe the revolving door is about to open. They came through it once the next time will be BACK WHERE THEY CAME FROM !!!!!!!!

        1. Mike W says:

          As my Jewish friends say – “From your lips to God’s ears”.

      2. Brenda Sinclair says:

        put in millions upon millions to build up his isis cells in all 50 states soon he will give the orders they will rape our women girls and sons, to produce more Muslims, they will kill off our men because they have no value and can not produce Muslims babies this is now happening in Germany, Sweden, Norway,England Netherlands Spain google up learn truth about Muslims and see what we are about face get your guns ready to protect your family ,it is coming to us very soon GOD BLESS ALL Obama had 8yrs to let in thousands millions Muslims look up the Muslim riot happen recently in Chicago

    2. John Somers says:

      PLEASE don’t include the V.A.. Just FIRE ALL the Big shots, reform it to what it SHOULD be and give OUR Veterans the care that they so rightfully deserve and IN A TIMELY MANNER !!!

      1. kbmiller says:

        By cleaning out the swamp, I meant all the corrupt running the depts.

  10. tarheel61 says:

    Misdirection, I’m so sick of MSM even though I don’t watch and haven’t for years I still hear their trash from other sources. Everyone is off point, what about Obamas treasonous acts , to many to name . And Hillary, where to start money stolen from Hati, missing children, organs being sold and their Pay for Play. Let’s take one at the time and in order in which they happened. President Trump ran as a candidate for the People and so far he has done just that. What about all the missing money that the Obamas absconded with . Multiple luxury cars and luxury boats worth billions. If and when President Trump reaches the level mentioned above I’ll rethink the facts after we have dealt with the Obamas, Clintons,and the leaking intelligence agencies.

    1. DB says:

      The illegal spending by the Obama’s, to include vacations that were not work related, the cars, boats, clothing, payments to grandma to live upstairs and more were investigated. The Obama’s got the bill and decided it was best to give their prizes back. They were then charged for the gas and other usage details. Mrs. Obama also used funds specifically for buying gifts for dignitaries and other officials for herself. That had to be paid back.
      We will never get back what they really stole from us. We’ll never even know what all was stolen. Just like you don’t hear about this information. If it’s anti obama it just can’t possibly be news.
      Pray for our country. Pray for Trump.

  11. Mike W says:

    People forget Hillary caught saying “if I lose we all hang”. President Trump is still an outsider and the elitist career politicians in D.C. do not want to be exposed for what they are – a bunch of damned crooks. We have a 20 trillion dollar deficit but look at how wealthy all of these self serving politicians have become. They are circling the wagons

  12. BrokedownMarine says:

    One of the worst is Ben Rhodes, He should be watched morning, Noon, night. He was the idiot behind the Iranian Nuclear deal, along with the traitor John Kerry and we all know where Obama stood when it came to America.

    1. nicholsda says:

      And very likely the leaker.

  13. George Townsend says:

    obama hold overs need to undergo extreme investigation to root out the moles, and then jail or shoot them.

  14. Mike W says:

    Obama wants a civil war – he has done everything in his power to divide this country. Anyone who thinks Obama’s open borders were because of his deep love and concern for Mexicans needs their heads examined – he was trying to get as many muslims in as he could – and he is still trying.

    1. Christian_Patriot7 says:

      Obama and party should at least be in GITMO if not stood before a firing squad or hung for treason.

      1. Mike W says:

        Obama’s whole life is built on lies. Look at who he claimed to be his father – they look absolutely nothing alike. But look at Frank Marshall Davis there is a very strong resemblance. Davis was another of Ann Dunham’s boyfriends – the problem was he was already married too – like Obama Sr. But at least Sr.’s wife and family were in Africa – no one knew or cared – it would have been different with Davis. Davis was also a known communist, when you start putting the pieces together – it’s easy to see why Obama paid so much to have his records sealed. His two books one of them being “Dreams of My Father” memories written by a 2 1/2 year old kid? Dunham and Obama Sr. were married in February of 1961 – Lil Barry was born on 4 August 1961 – do the math. They were divorced in January of 1964 and Sr. split – Barry was 2 1/2 at the time.

        1. Christian_Patriot7 says:

          Oh, yeah, I know all about that.

          1. Mike W says:

            Listen to how well he pronounces all of the muslim words – how he said the sweetest sound he ever heard was the muslim call to prayer. Has anyone ever heard him pronounce any Hawaiian words? How he bowed to the Arab King

          2. Christian_Patriot7 says:

            That just totally made me sick! Obama was NEVER an American and totally a Muslim plant to destroy our great nation!

          3. Mike W says:

            Obama applied to Occidental College as a foreign exchange student – there are two answers for that – either would indicate fraud.
            Obama’s little old grandma in Kenya says she was there when he was born – I don’t know if she is a liar or a conspiracy theorist.

        2. daneagle says:

          According to what info I heard obummer was brought into USA about 2 and given too Dunham to act as his mother who was working for the CIA, 🙁

  15. DirtyDaveyDownEast says:

    I’ve been saying that Barrack Hussein Obama is a traitor ever since he was elected, if not before. Growing up in the Christian Missionary Alliance denomination and never belonging to a church without a strong missions program; I knew in ’08 that Islam hates Christianity and Christian AMERICA. I told everyone I could back then that the Muslim Obama was bad news so don’t vote for him.

    I’ve been saying ever since he got elected that Obama is a tyrant and traitor. Now that it’s been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt; can we now hang him for high crimes of treason?

    If AMERICA, the Greatest Nation Evah, does not hang Barrack Hussein Obama for high crimes of treason; AMERICA will have to dig up and apologize to Benedict Arnold.


    1. daneagle says:

      REMEMBER DR Allen Keyes he tried to tell the American people what obummer is but Sorrose underground was too strong back then and no one would think Dr Allen Keyes was CORRECT.

      1. DirtyDaveyDownEast says:

        Name kinda ringz a bell, but just can’t quite place him. Think I may be thinkin’ of anothah Keys. Refresh me mind.


  16. James1vc says:

    All the snakes and slimy things in the swamp are coming after President Trump and his picks for important positions. Time for We-The-People to stand up for our President. President Trump is doing what he promised this is the first time in many years this has happened and he is scaring crap out of all the traitors and crooks that have polluted our government for such a long time—We have a REAL chance to save our country with Trump as our President , lets not blow it ……..

    1. Charles Higgins says:

      It is time for full house cleaning to drain the swamp of DC. The contitution forbids cruel and unusual punishments but for sex offenders who grew up in town being sent to the countryside because of resident limits is exactly that.

  17. John Somers says:

    For ONCE in my 74 years on this Earth, I would stand behind OR if he would prefer alongside of him IF he were to declare Martial Law.
    Talk about “draining the swamp” Hello he would probably build a city on it for our Veterans and homeless.
    I appreciate what he has done so far and honestly believe that the BEST is yet to come from this man !!

  18. CaptTurbo says:

    I have accused Obama himself of treason from the very beginning of his usurpation of our White House. All his appointments were carefully chosen to help him destroy the republic. We need to dust off the gallows.

    1. ABO says:

      Agree entirely, Capt. I have said for many years now that Obama is the most dangerous enemy this nation faces. Although he is no longer POTUS I believe he is still our most dangerous enemy.

  19. ter334 says:

    If this stuff is true, then it is the muslims/islamists behind it. They want to topple the US,
    Europe, etc. andf make them part of the universal system of law, sharia law, which has been their agenda for 1300 years. There is no telling what info was leaked to islam during the O admin. Trying to politically assassinate Trump like they did Flynn is the least of our problems because the President is protected by the law of the land, the Constitution. They will have to draw up some sort of bill of impeachment to get him, or anyone out. This may actually turn out to be their own political suicide and turn more and more American citizens against the dem party, muslims, islam, RINOs,, the biased media, even the judicial branch? I think we are in the midst of a failed coup by the O admin and hopefully will be their own self political destruction.

  20. truelies2 says:

    Most of Obama’s administration are traitors. No doubt about it. Start, if you will, with the impeachment of Clinton, foiled by the Democrats, although he committed perjury in front of millions of Americans.

    Next take his wife, Hellary. Seller of access to the highest levels of our federal government, for a price. A pathological liar, full of hate. The full disclosure of national secrets left open for inquiring eyes on her personal server.

    Obama heavily staffed key positions with members of the Muslim Brotherhood, a major terrorist organization. He appointed judges and justices with known far left ideologues. Socialists and Communists. He recklessly brought into our country countless thousands of unvetted refugee’s. Also known as Islamic Soldiers.

    Of course THEY want to stop Trump, because if they don’t and the full truth comes out, Obama and his evil henchmen and women, will swing from a rope.

    Start with the arrest of the entire State of Washington Supreme Court. They are guilty of open rebellion against the United States, it’s Constitution, the rule of law and the EO of the President of the United States.

    1. golding4 says:

      Some of us Trump supporters live in Washington, we will wear red arm bands!

  21. Bill says:

    As America wakes up to the slimy mess we are in, the lies, corruption, propaganda MSN’s and politicians will be exposed for all to see. We are a divided country, good against evil and the evil will lose, but at a cost to all. The rules for radicals is in full bloom and the hate relationship is becoming obvious to all. The liberal/commies/haters are being exposed for evil they are and they will become more vigilant in the coming year, but they will lose and America will rebound, but will endure much pain. Stand tall real Americans for we must unite with President Trump and rid the evil force from our country. Our country is so fortunate to have a man of Trumps stature come forward at this critical time in our history.

  22. disqus_7EcB0kPDrU says:

    Trump is way tougher than all of them put together, they don’t have a chance.

  23. Bright74 says:

    He has to drain the swamp of corruption….

  24. daneagle says:

    This hit job on Flynn is coming from our CIA !!!! Clean out the snakes and save ?the good guys ,that is if there are any ????

  25. President Trump needs to do a major Spring clean of the white house, and any other building there in. He has a rat infestation, he needs pest control.

  26. lightning546 says:

    Sadly Trump keeps giving them ammunition they can use against him, if he would just start acting like an adult instead of a 2 year old it would be harder for them to carry out their agenda and coordinate their attacks against him.

  27. JBB says:

    So, our President can now bring in an even heavier Hammer (Another Courageous non-BS Leader) to work on the infestation. There are more great men in our Wings. God Speed General Flynn. Thank You for your Heroic Service to our Country.

  28. squeeze127 says:

    This has the fingerprints of an Axelrod all over it! This is what the legacy of Obama should be attached to him. A true scorpion!

  29. arthur M. alex says:

    t’s not only Obami, Soros, and their fellow travelers. It is McCain, and Graham who have drawn the long knives for the proverbial knife Trumps back!

    Do not fear. We have the guns!. The marxists in the House, and Senate will be first to go, followed the moles in the CIA, FBI, DSA, IRS, DEA, EPA,and almost a scored of other agencies!

    This time no one will be spared. Summary executions will fill the streets with the blood of the treasonous savages, and cleanse our Motherland once, and for all of the vermin who have infested our country, and Judeo-Christian ethic!

    Muslims, and jews , blacks, whites, and yellows will not be spared in their support of the coming insurrection will be slaughtered making the holocaust look like a two-car accident.

    Let us pray that the subterfuge laid out by the Obama’s of this world will never get the chance!

    1. golding4 says:

      How dare you use the word “Pray” and condemnation toward all Jewish people in the same Post….All that you suggest, Is that what Jesus would do? Where’s your faith, do you not think God can watch over Trump? God ordains all governments, some for evil and some for righteousness. this time He put a warrior in office, last time he put some woe on this country in office, just turn back to God, and see what He can do!

      1. arthur M. alex says:

        It appears from your name, you are a “person” with a Jewish surname, but not a true Jew who abides by the Ten Commandments, and our Homelands Constitution.
        You are part of the 71% of voting “persons” with Jewish surnames who supported a degenerate Hussein Obama, and the un-indicted federal felon, H.Rodham Clinton- ALL true American haters, and haters of those of us who believe in “Ashem”, and his Talmud!
        You are part of the minions who daily undermine our Motherland, and those who work daily to preserve our Judeo-Christian ethic.

        SHAME ON YOU!!

  30. brbg says:

    Yes, of couse it is treason. They should be hunted down and prosecuted. Flynn should be brought back.

  31. Carolkitfox says:

    Ovomit is an evil communist Muslim SOB. Son of a classless tasteless mother and one of two men, both evil nasty men, one on FBI Commie Watch list. Ovomits grandparents were also communist and he known associates all evil who should have perished IN PRISON. Democraps/Liberals = lying morons and people, too many are stupid enough to believe the lies and don’t even know what the truth is.

  32. thomas friedman says:

    there is no treason against trump, trump is the worst president we have had

    1. nicholsda says:

      Sorry, but that title is owned by BH0. And Carter is glad of it.

  33. tarheel61 says:

    Absolutely a Shadow Government is in place no doubt. I know the President has a lot on his plate but rooting out these bad apples is imperative.

  34. WilliamHarrington says:

    If this is true and not a pipe dream, then POTUS should put all Obama leftovers out just as we do with smelly garbage.

  35. myworld5 says:

    DRAIN THE SWAMP – QUICKLY ! ….THEY HAVE NO MORALS – Just about everyone knows of their evil ….they can’t understand -they didn’t win – they ‘cooked the books’ – they voted as many times as they could – they stood in the streets and made fools of themselves – they lied they cheated they stole – WHAT HAPPENED? WELL, I GUESS THE REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE JUST UNDERSTOOD THE ENEMY AND PICKED THE RIGHT “MAN FOR THE JOB”,,,,

  36. Basketof1Deplorable says:

    Maybe not “treason” but “sedition” quickly comes to my non-legal mind.

  37. 1IndianaSeniorCitizen2 says:

    It is treason!

  38. ICEE444 says:

    Anyone hired by el Obongo is sht and untrustworthy.

  39. Donna Morken says:

    If all these bureaucracies are bloated like all government agencies are then Trump needs to get rid of a bunch of people in them and the unions couldn’t do anything because he is getting rid of excess. i know the unions would try but hopefully wouldn’t succeed. Then maybe when a bunch of these Obummer people realize their jobs aren’t so secure they will come around and do their jobs instead causing him trouble. A bunch of them are muslim brotherhood and they are know to be terrorists.

  40. loony1975 says:

    obozo, killary and ALL of their cronies are TRAITORS guilty of TREASON, and should be executed by firing squad, PERIOD…

  41. My country says:

    Sometimes it seems we are all going to have to jerk these twits out of their cushy elected seats physically! Americans are tired of the trashy people with pink things on their heads and those who want everything for free ! That’s why they are screaming for socialism! These idiots don’t have a clue as to what that really means ! I guess in their world they just want to smoke pot and get welfare ! Bernie was going to give it to them but he never told them who was going to pay for their wants ! This country is falling apart with stupid Americans praising Hitler ! Everything Obama did has to be removed and destroyed ! And the only way is to clean the swamp !

  42. Robert Morris says:

    My brother and my brother-in-law were both CIA agents & having known how the agency operated, I would not put anything out of their sphere of operation. The CIA and NSA should both be dismantled and their operatives investigated and placed in prison if they are found guilty of undermining the Potus. America cannot tolerate a shadow government with Obama and rogue CIA agents operating a clandestine service whose purpose is to overthrow the civilian government elected by the American people. My brother, and his wife and two daughters were guests of the revolutionary government when the Shah of Iran was overthrown thanks to the bungling of the CIA. The CIA was instrumental in the overthrow of the popularly elected president of Iran in the 50’s and the overthrow of the government of South Vietnam, and the elected government of Salvador Allende. The bottom line is the CIA is just as bad as the Russian KGB. President Trump would be wise to fire the CIA director and most of his immediate subordinates. Our government before Trump was totally out of control and it must be reigned in if our Republic is to remain free. The swamp needs to be drained and the leaks show how crooked Washington will stop at nothing to preserve the status quo. Trump needs to surround himself with a battalion of marines to provide him with protection. The CIA will stop at nothing including assassination of the president to remain in control of the government . Hillary Clinton was supposed to win to insure the power structure in D.C. remained secure and Trump upset their goals.

  43. Eli Charlie Noseworthy says:

    All OBAMA-HO people should be physically done away with including him !!!

  44. Michael Noone says:

    Damn right I agree. There is obviously some serious leaking going on, and, in the case of classified info that is the phone conversations in question, that is treason. I watched the Sunday am shows and listened to the anti-Trump guests, along with the anti-Trump commentators try to minimize the leakers’ sins, and heap blame on Trump for calling out the intelligence community, saying they are all dedicated, career operatives. Well, if that’s true, they are as outraged as Trump about this, and I doubt that they feel disrespected, probably more like embarrassed and pissed of about the rat in their midst. Find them, charge them, interrogate them to go d out who is making the marching orders, and jail them. Trying to sabotage a new administration is not the work of minions, I believe Obama’s silence on this is telling.

  45. PM says:

    Maybe a computer expert can dissect and determine the source of the clandestine emails. The has to be a way or means of determining the leak.
    A court order should produce with some subtle pressure the news agency that published the information, it was illegally procured and someone should be held accountable and face the music they orchestrated.

  46. David Keith says:


    1. Mike_Travis says:

      I am no fan of GW but when did he commit treason? Specific examples.

  47. Countrysunrise says:

    The one thing we should do is arrest Clapper and Clinton, along with her State Dept, and get the Special Prosecutor moving so we can start the trials!! I’m sure that someone from the State Dept will say something about someone. In the meantime, we continue to prosecute with some speed, as well as continue the investigation. Someone is bound to get nervous about all of this activity, and this is going to get them caught!! Hillary will take us all the way up to the top, since she e-mailed Obama. We also need to prosecute Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Lois Lerner, Donna Brazile, Sid Blumenthal, John Podesta, and Jennifer Palmieri. There is going to be quite a Conga Line, so get your popcorn ready for the Trial of the Century!! It should be better than OJ’s!! Especially when they decide they’re going to prosecute Chelsea on those RICO charges, too!!

  48. barbarakelly says:


  49. Irwin C Gemlich says:

    The CIA, FBI, and Secret Service were all involved in carrying out the assination of JFK — and they got away with it! I am convinced that they, under orders from barack insane obama, also are responsible for the murder of Justice Antonin Scalia. What are the odds that they will try it again?

  50. FactsConfuseDumbocrats says:

    Look closely at the Obama regime and especially at the Country’s Security Agencies. Obama not only had to order the NSA wiretapping of General Flynn’s phone but also in his last month in office he changed the rules for sharing of these creepy wiretaps with thousands of others in government. Guess he did this to help cover up the guilty parties but the original handler of this info are still readily available and hope Trump freezes all retirement applications until this investigation is finished.

  51. Joyce Kroff says:

    Yes, I believe it is true. Obama and his left overs, Hillary, Hollywood who thinks they are elite, CIA liberals and democrats that are involved in this should be taken out immediately. Isn’t the punishment for treason death?
    President Trump and his administration need to work fast before they cause any more problems and ruin another good persons reputation or more. They need to be removed immediately for Nation Security.

  52. mikefromwichita says:

    Certainly a number od CIA sorts need to go to the gallows for this particular Treason and other crimes. I hope Trump Security will start with some small fish and then use plea bargain to work up the food chain to Obama and his bosses. For them just the gallows of course- No Mercy.

  53. JC says:

    yes—I agree that the Obama people should be tried for treason—especially Brennan–Clapper—Lynch–Holder–Reid—Clinton they are all without American values

  54. Jorge a Gonzalez says:

    Media on left for all the commentary whether true or fake news is skewed by their world views and their primitive fears. They lost the election and to this date they cannot comprehend the Trump phenomenon so instead of insight they choose to attack, undermine and subterfuge not understanding that they cannot destroy what they never created nor ever believe could be possible. As Trump pursues his promises and continues his successes he will continue his juggernaut momentum and will without doubt leave the left crushed for several voter generations. Then and only then will Trump have the golden opportunity to effectively dismantle them.

    1. ABO says:

      Exceptionally well stated and absolutely accurate Jorge. Thanks.

  55. thefounderwswereright says:

    The D O J and congress need to start doing there job to protect this country’s national security and to find and prosecute the treasonous offenders otherwise we will be swept into the dustbin history.

  56. ABBAsFernando says:

    NewsFlash: Vile Liberal Scum fascists are the ENEMY of we the people loyal to the United States Constitution. A fact of life. Liberals are what they are fascists worse than Hitler’s fascists. Responsible for more murders than NAZI Death Camps.

  57. rightsright says:

    Obama himself is included and we need to restart the birth certificate cases and not allow him to pay lawyers to get the cases dismissed now that he is not in the White House. It is important to force the truth and stop his aggression against America. Trump is just the scapegoat, the plan is to destroy American sovereignty and nothing short of just that. ALL ABOUT ONE WORLD ORDER! WHO IS OBAMA, REALLY?

  58. rightsright says:

    Why so many deaths associated with Obama? Do your own search and draw your own conclusions. Treason?

    1. Mike W says:

      Same could be said for the Clinton’s. Remember it was a Democrat who assassinated Abraham Lincoln. It was a Democrat who assassinated Martin Luther King Jr. It was a communist that assassinated John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

  59. John Savell says:

    They need to be routed out and if it can be proven that Obama had anything to do with these actions, he should be prosecuted as a traitor along with the rest of them.

  60. stick says:

    Obummer with his shadow government is an act of treason with it’s sole intent to overthrow the President (Trump). Note:

    Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets,
    advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of
    overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the
    government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or
    the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or
    violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government;

    Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or
    destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues,
    circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or
    printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity,
    desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government
    in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so; or

    Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to
    organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate,
    or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by
    force or violence; or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any
    such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes

    Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not
    more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment
    by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five
    years next following his conviction.

    If two or more persons conspire to commit any
    offense named in this section, each shall be fined under this title or
    imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible
    for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof,
    for the five years next following his conviction.

    As used in this section, the terms “organizes” and “organize”, with respect to any society, group, or assembly of
    persons, include the recruiting of new members, the forming of new
    units, and the regrouping or expansion of existing clubs, classes, and
    other units of such society, group, or assembly of persons.

    (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 808; July 24, 1956, ch. 678, § 2, 70 Stat. 623; Pub. L. 87–486, June 19, 1962, 76 Stat. 103; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(N), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

  61. Jim says:

    ALL who are involved in trying to harm Pres. Trump should be executed. Period.

  62. William Peterseim says:

    Beginning with the Clinton Administration, a concerted effort to infiltrate and subvert, through appointments, transfers, firings, etc. left-wing “intelligence” people whose loyalties lie NOT with America and historic American interests and values, but with the left’s agenda as nurtured by George H.W. Bush and Bill and Hillary…later to be joined by George W (all globalists) and then by their ultimate champion, a President by hook or by crook who never shared American values because he isn’t one in the true sense, Barack Obama. Then, someone said last week I believe Obama’s CIA head Pancetta, that Intelligence is NEVER withheld from any President. Really. So, exactly WHEN did our intelligence community, specifically the CIA, “inform” President Kennedy that they were going to kill him? Was that about 1 sec before they blew out the back of his head with the “impossible shot” as dramatized on Seinfeld, and how did they expect him to hear that information as it was whispered from yon grassy knoll, the sewer grate, or the rail crossing? “Oh Darn, Mr. President! I should’ve whispered louder. Maybe then you could’ve at least formed an “Oh Crap!, I take back my wanting to abolish the Federal Reserve, and the troops can stay in Vietnam and the military/industrial complex can prosper, I mean, I did pretty much orchestrate Diem’s assassination and have been trying like heck to kill Castro, so what’s 50,000 or so young American’s lives?” But, alas, he didn’t hear the bullets, nor see it coming…Lyndon helped make certain of THAT. THAT will teach those rich Kennedy’s to BUY the Democratic Party’s entire convention (Joe paid for it all, with the one stipulation that Jack got the nod), the Daley “machine” in Chicago, clear back in 1960, was routinely (every election year) resurrecting FAR MORE people, at least Democratic VOTERS from the grave that Jesus ever did, and swung Illinois for Kennedy. Everyone, especially Lyndon, KNEW, that nomination belonged to the most powerful man in Washington, Sen. Majority Leader Lyndon Baines Johnson, so, there’s more than ONE way to become President, right Lyndon? And blacks today still worship L.B.J. out of ignorance thinking that HE got them the Civil Rights in 1964. WRONG! What HE, L.B.J. did was stonewall President Eisenhower every year for like 6 years during the 1950’s to prevent IKE’s sweeping Civil Rights Bill from ever getting to the floor of the Senate and debate. Then, while JFK was at the helm, Johnson kept silent. Only when they could take him out and Johnson took the oath, did civil rights become an issue for him. Still, no assurance. For you “KNOW IT ALL BLACKS and LIBERAL WHITES” do something rare, and use your BRAINS and look up the actual VOTE on the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Only a HANDFUL of Democrats voted for it. As I recall, about 90% of Democrats opposed its passage. It passed because, as I recall, EVERY REPUBLICAN but one voted FOR it. It just squeaked into law as Democrats controlled both houses. As Johnson signed it, he beamed to those around him and said, (nearly a direct quote) “I just bought the undying allegiance of these Negros for the next 100 years for me and the Democrat Party.” One of the few things the guy got right. He bought it through their ignorance. Even Martin Luther King and Martin Luther King Jr were registered voting REPUBLICANS…the Party of Lincoln, the Abolitionist Party. The Democrat Party planned and launched the Civil War resulting in the deaths of more Americans than all other wars combined. And, when they didn’t like the outcome, they formed and ran the KKK for over a century. But the only thing you hear about the KKK today is when a former leader announced he was for Trump and the leftist news media was all over that like flies on poop, and the blacks piled on. Well, in our church, we preach TRUTH and it was so great that during the election, our large black membership proudly boasted signs proclaiming “Blacks for Trump”. So, at least a few are really learning something instead of parroting the Communist News Network, aka CNN.

  63. William Peterseim says:

    Reading some of the comments below, I feel compelled to add the following: How about these leftist networks: CNN, ABC News; NBC News; CNBC, MSNBC, CBS, you know the groups…how about them making the following proposal: WHEN former President Barack Hussein Obama UNSEALS ALL OF HIS STILL SEALED RECORDS, PRESIDENT TRUMP SHOULD AGREE TO RELEASE HIS TAX RETURN. That’s something ALL Americans could get their heads and arms around EXCEPT for the Hillary/Obamaites who refuse to hold THEIR gods (note, small “g”) accountable for or to anything. NEVER in U.S. History has ANY Candidate for political office, at any level, that I have been able to find, been elected with absolutely NOTHING being revealed about their past… And yet still, the anchors at CBS News, and all of their guests (they only have leftist Anti-Trump people come on as guests) still rail about how decent Pres. Obama treated the newly elected Trump to The White House on Inauguration Day “DESPITE Trump having told all those lies about him, including how he wasn’t born in The United States”. They continue to be allowed to get away with that when every expert who has studied that bogus Birth Certificate Obama released several years ago has stated it was a pure fabrication, and not a very good one. 8 “layers” as I recall. Stating he was born in a hospital whose name didn’t exist until Barack was in elementary school; whose father was born in Kenya, the name later given to the British Colony in which he was born…but not named Kenya until Barack’s dad was in his 20s! So, they didn’t buy a very good document forger. Not to mention that (but I will) Barack was issued a Social Security number that would ONLY be issued to someone born in CONNECTICUT and he’d never been there until he was campaigning for President. But, the Social Security number HAD been issued…and they are never REISSUED to a different person. The person his was issued to was from Connecticut but went to Hawaii and suddenly died there. When you die, your “stuff” goes through that county’s PROBATE Court. Who just happened to be working in the Honolulu Probate Court at the time the guy died but Barack’s maternal grandma…you know the communist white wench who, with her communist husband, sent their Daughter (Barack’s future mother) to the only Communist School in America up in Oregon or Washington state. She saw an opportunity. Young kenyan-born Barack (just ask his PATERNAL grandma where he was really born…as she was present in his Kenyen village) needed some American credentials. So, checking, the maternal grandma found the deceased had no family, so it appears that she stole his identity and passed the Social Security card to Barack. According to many who have done the research, this appears to have been the scenario. So, whatever else you might say about Barack, he DOES LOOK GOOD…for a guy born around 1894, as memory serves…roughly the date of the deceased from Connecticut who was FIRST to have that Social Security number. Yeah, I know, but he’s part black so all this information, if 100% true, is racist. Yeah, we know. Oh, and one thing that I haven’t heard ANYONE comment on: In America (until real recently) we have strived to “win” to achieve, to aspire to be great, be all you can be, become wealthy, whatever. So, Donald Trump becomes a success. Did he stumble a few times along the way? Sure. Who hasn’t? Walt Disney had problems and, at various times, huge debts. But Trump survived and prevailed and is one of the most successful businessmen in American history. Barack Obama never ran ANYTHING but his MOUTH in “the hood” as a “community organizer” that I recently heard some white Liberal saying was really something of which to be proud. Really? So, you must be a devote’ of Saul Alinsky too. God knows, Barack was. Community organizers, ala Obama style, organized for riots and behind the scenes manipulation the way the communists did to foment revolution. Yeah, something to be proud of. Everything Obamas got was HANDED TO THEM courtesy mostly of leftist, American-hating, former NAZI, George Soros who bankrolls every anti-American and now Anti-Trump protest group he can find or create. So, get this: Since 2001 when Bill Clinton pushed Congress to increase the President’s salary and other compensation (remember the Clinton’s were so broke and struggling, right?) the President has been paid $ 400,000 per year. Plus, a $ 100,000 non-taxable Travel Account, $ 50,000 Annual Expense account, and $ 19,000 for entertainment. Really? First thing to come to mind is when and how do the American people, not the Clinton-loving illegals who came here for our jobs or freebies, the American TAXPAYERS…HOW and WHEN will we SUE THE OBAMAS PERSONALLY and demand that they REIMBURSE THE U.S. TREASURY FOR ALL THE EXTRAVAGANT TRIPS TAKEN MONTHLY by the drag queen who would be first “lady”…Michael, or Michelle (Barack has publicly referred to him or her with both names so, maybe a physical is in order). “She” party’d on OUR TAX DOLLARS like a woman in the ghetto winning the Lottery every month. On her SMALLEST, SHORTEST VACATION (what was she having to vacation FROM every month?) she blew through 10-20 TIMES their COMBINED Annual Expense account and nontaxable Travel Account. Now, his SALARY of $ 400,000 IS TAXABLE. And, at the highest brackets. Their mansion was essentially given to them under a real sweetheart deal. But, it’s hard to see how he could have $ 250,000 left after taxes. Although a great supporter of Islam, I don’t think we allow contributions to foreign mosques or Isis or the Taliban to be deducted. But, for poops and giggles, let’s say that miraculously, he paid NO tax and spent NONE of his salary for 8 years. That’s $ 3.2 million in savings. Could never happen, but even so, they are worth MORE than that today, and no one questions how a sitting President makes that kind of unaccounted for money. BUT: Donald Trump, a self-made Billionaire, oh he’s bad, he needs to be Impeached. Really? For WHAT? He just arrived. Barack obama committed repeated acts that were directly UNCONSTITUTIONAL but the same people (and Congress) gave him “a pass” on anything he did…because, this was agreed to in a private meeting before he was sworn in for his first term…leaders of Congress purportedly told him that, rather than risk an uprising by blacks, they would never impeach him. BAD MOVE GUYS. give ANYONE a blank check, look out. Give a guy who openly admitted on national television while yet campaigning that he’d “always hated America” and, oh gee, what could POSSIBLY HAPPEN? Dummies. So, anyway, covering a few items here, obviously. Donald Trump spends his OWN money, using only some last minute contributions from outsiders campaigning. Hillary never puts a dime of their money in, getting all the dummies to pay for her. AND, can anyone, even a Hillary “LOVER” imagine any Clinton NOT TAKING A SALARY for President? You should live so long? So, Trump spends his own money to get elected; takes no salary to put up with all this BS dumping on him as he attempts to right the decades of serous WRONG done to our nation and he’s a bad guy that must be stopped. But, Obama gets everything handed to him, doors opened, opponents destroyed so he can win elections, and then turns a big PROFIT while in The white House and while is wife is busy Breaking the Bank with constant partying, and that’s ok. Hillary and Bill set up a bogus “foundation” entice foreigners to make huge political contributions into it in exchange for giving them political access and power in the U.S. but we will spend millions now investigating the Russians and any possible ties to Trump; while the Clinton foundation brokered a deal in exchange for MILLIONS of dollars of likely illegal contributions, to sell a large percentage of the U.S. URANIUM MINES (for nuclear power and weapons) to a leftist Canadian who they knew was only the “go-between” in the ultimate sale…TO THE RUSSIANS. SO,we have Hillary and the Democrats upset and demanding investigations into the possibility of the Russians LEAKING unsavory TRUTHS about Hillary and her dealings; but I don’t hear no stinking demands to investigate Hillary and Bill and Chelsea Clinton and the Clinton Foundation for taking millions to sell our limited nuclear stocks to those same nasty Russians. Does anyone BESIDES ME find anything WRONG about this disparity? I mean anyone other than probably 160 million Americans? When all 310 million +, if they knew anything and weren’t so deliberately “dumbed down” OUGHT to be REALLY concerned. I rest my case.

  64. Alan Hastings says:

    President needs to enact Martial law right away and round up Soros, Obama Holder. Lynch the Clinton s and all the bushes and have them all charged with treason. Every elected official and or group that ever received funds from Soros or any of his foundations is guilty of treason Every Illegal in this country is a criminal guilty of invading our nation and trying to overthrow our Government . Just by reading the Qumran you will see that every muslin is a trained terrorist and member of a terrorist cult that all should be put to death and do not in any way belong in the USA. The nation is full or liberals, illegals Muslims and members of past administrations openly omitting and calling for acts of treason. Obama and his open admitting of having a shadow Government to overthrow the Trump Presidency is an open act of treason which by law requires his death by hanging.
    It is past tine for President Trump to enact martial law and clean all of this traitor, treasonous trash out of the USA Forever In a way they can never return. Of you are going to make America Great Again then Damn it wse the powers appointed to you and clean house before it is to late.

  65. Barbara Lewis says:

    What we need to do is PRAY, PRAY,PRAY AND PRAY some more. There is a plot to take this administration down and it doesn’t begin with just obama. It will begin with hillary herself. So this is what we have to do. Pray and bind the evil spirit of greed and malice in the government and pray that GOD will have his way in this administration.

    1. Cathy aka OldTxGal says:

      George Soros is the mastermind of the plot. He’s not going to stop until he’s destroyed the US and our economy.

  66. Bob N says:

    Trump needs to replace all of the people in security positions that are left over from the Obama Admin., especially those moved into those places by Obama since the election. The infor used against Gen. Flynn had to come from Obama’s people because of when the meeting took place. An investigation needs to be started on those that investigated that meeting and how the media found out about it. That would have been Obama’s CIA or NSA that leaked the info. Did Obama know before hand?

  67. David Keith says:

    I think that Hillary committed Treason as well as the others that are trying to destroy not only Trump but our entire Nation!

  68. William M Durham says:

    Drain the swamp, fire all obama holdovers and get all intel chiefs to read the treason act to the remain people, then if one breaks the rules try him/her for treason, life behind bars is a bitch

  69. Robert Walters says:

    I agree, this is treason at a multitude of levels. This needs to start with Senator McCain resigning, can’t put a POW alleged War Hero in jail but he’s done in the Senate and AZ. Watch for the list of scapegoats to follow, whose willing to fall on their sword for Obama and Hillary or who will testify against them to Congress and or the Senate. Heads are about to roll. Time will tell, unless this is another Obamagate, or is it ???

  70. Merle Dickey says:

    I have always said Obama was a treasonous president . He should be charged and hopefully found guilty and have all his presidential privileges removed and put him in prison .

  71. Brenda Sinclair says:

    Indeed the Bible tells us that the secrets of the wicked will be revealed to all at the appropriate time during these last days. God cannot lie. Luke 12:2 ~ “The time is coming when everything that is covered up will be revealed, and all that is secret will be made known to all.” GOD BLESS AMERICA AND KEEP PRESIDENT SAFE STRIKE DOWN HIS ENEMIES ,IN JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN

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