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Poll Results

Poll Results: Do You Support Donald Trump, Jr?

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  1. BeeCubed says:

    This is just another way for dems to undermine President Trump! Making up more and more lies!

  2. Gary D Flatt says:

    Vets and Oathkeepers for President Trump/Pence. Molan Aabe.

  3. Askjrsk says:

    Without lies there is no fake news. We believed EVERYTHING Walter Conkrite and Woodward and Bernstein and DEEPTHROAT. Were we fed a shovel full of BS. Clinton a very good president that hot young interns couldn’t keep out of their mouths. The unnamed anonymous source that fed the Washington Post and New York Times was credible. Ha ha ha. Even Nixon was blindsided just like Hillary. Today we have a 21st century president. Keep those tweets and comments coming, Mr. 21st Century President.

    1. Charles Wetterman says:

      Well Said

  4. pepie says:

    why doesn’t Mr Trump assign a lawyer to investagate democrats for money laundrying,cash for sale . malfistive.colustion and lieing to congress or the senate. see what they think when they are being under the gun as to speak

  5. Craig Apelbaum says:

    I don’t care what the dems and the media day. Don Jr. didn’t do anything wrong. The man’s good people.

  6. Pattie Kelly says:

    With all the other presidents family was off limits. Why is OK for the Trump family to be besieged? OH they are Republican now I get it.

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