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Poll Results: Is More Gun Control the Answer to Mass Shootings?

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  1. leviathan says:

    It has seemed to me for some time,that many of the politicians are out of touch with the real needs and concerns of the citizens of this nation.They live securely,some have armed security,but I feel sure that if it isn’t provided by the government itself,with the money they make they certainly can obtain private security.The average citizens, middle and lower class,live in many places where they are faced with dangers everyday.The idea of a baseball bat or other type of protection other than a firearm,seems ridiculous when facing a break in by an armed intruder.

  2. judy says:

    We started out 81/2 years ago with this same nonsense. Then it was more gun control would lead to less mass shootings. This proved to be wrong. Now is the time for less gun control so that we can have less mass shootings.

  3. pepie says:

    do guns scare you pussy , why are you afraid of guns did one fire and you ran and hide under some thing ., I hope when your men go out to get those guns WAR breaks out because i would not dare to do that . So many are going to be shot trying to get those so called weapons that protect them . you Think that the government makes you safer but just the difff . more danger comes . go ahead lets see how many young dirt bag cops try to get people protection away from them . hahahahhahahahahah

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