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Poll Results

Poll Results: Who Is The Better First Lady?

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  1. Cecilia Robarge says:

    Certainly not that negro, homo Michael Robinson-Obama, ugly person….. duh… Melania is beautiful, intelligent, charming and the best FLOTUS,…. No comparson…..

  2. MARYANN33 says:

    Look at that self aggrandizing moron Obama. Nose in the air as usual…Far above it all in his warped mind. Please lock the dangerous fool up now.

  3. Bruce Walters says:

    You have to be a lady to be considered FLOTUS, Michael (Moochie) isn’t female so she never qualified. Melania Trump wins hands down.

  4. charlie says:

    so nice to finally have a REAL LADY in the white house again. Melania Trump makes us proud when she represents us.
    That ghetto rat moochelle the psuedo-man? woman? mus-slime trash was a total disgrace

  5. Sharon Moran says:

    There is no point here. Michael (Michelle is not a lady but a man in woman’s clothing!!) When will people finally accept it for what it is?? Not only was Obummer a non-eligible president, but he was the first Black president, the first Gay president & a lot of other things that can be said over the LONG 8 years that he stole the election with the “dead votes” as Chicago also does & taught to Obummer. Chicago is the number 1 city for the MOST CRIME & you can buy anyone for a price. I was born & raised there & anything you want to buy, either legal or not can be had for a price. It is NOT Cook County but CROOK COUNTY!!!!

  6. emikul says:

    I am a 50 year conservative who had to vote for Michelle because Milania has not done anything of substance Just like her husband. The Loser has to go

    1. Elena Bowman says:

      Shows how brain-washed you really are. YOU ARE THE LOSER and probably always was one. You are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You NEVER were a Conservative but a closet Liberal Democrat pretending to be a Conservative. LIAR!.

      1. emikul says:

        I cast my first vote for Richard Nixon and was a big Reagan supporter. Not a matter of leanings–no accomplishments at this point in time makes Milania lose. She needs a project

  7. Elena Bowman says:

    Melania Trump is not only a much better First Lady than that ghetto man/women who claims to be a First Lady. In the first place Michelle/Michael Obama was never a lady. There is no comparison between the two. After eight horrible years, we finally have a FIRST LADY WHO IS DEFINITELY A LADY and a beautiful, intelligent, graceful one at that.

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