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Pope Francis Was Blindsided By This Shocking Development

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  1. davesnrakleberger says:

    the current pope was installed to destroy the church. I don’t know how they convinced the previous pope to leave but it’s no accident this pope is a marxist.

    1. maxx says:

      “Blackmail ! “

    2. Elisha says:

      Pope Francis is a Freudian Marxist.

      1. daledor says:

        True but he is also He is a Jesuit and there are few to none of the Jesuits that are not evil rascals that serve Lucifer and defy God (as per Illuminatti example Weissaupt who wrote the Illuminatti papers, the strategy to take over the world (New World Order) and place Lucifer in charge – Lucifer always boasts “I will be as the most High God, I will exalt my throne above that of God” – he created sin and rebellion while in Heaven and got kicked out after a war in the heavenlies).

        Jesuit – the Society of Jesus swear to an oath – look at this focal statement – “do my uttermost to extirpate the heretical Protestants of Liberals’ doctrines and to destroy all their pretended powers, regal or otherwise.>>

        Jeusits are notorious for their black pope. When godly popes were in office centuries ago the black pope and jesuits met in the miles of underground caverns under the Vatican and practiced witchcraft. The black pope mocked God, the godly pope, and Christianity and had orgies and drunken gluttony with rituals.
        Not nice guys.

        Abraham Lincoln defended a good Catholic priest named Chinequy who wrote a book https://www.amazon.com/Fifty-Years-Church-Conversion-Priest/dp/0937958212. The Jesuits set up prostitutes to witness against Chinequy to discredit him and
        destroy him (when Herman Cain went for presidency similar was done- after discredited Cain’s accusers admitted that it was a lie after he was not longer running for office of president).

        When Lincoln defended Chinequy and won. Chinequy was sad about something rather than rejoicing at being cleared. He told Lincoln that the Jesuits would kill him sadly. John Wilkes Boothe who murdered Lincoln was a Jesuit assassin. http://www.truthontheweb.org/abe.htm

        1. mhardin says:

          This sounds as crazy as the flat earth society!!!

          1. daledor says:

            Sounds crazy unless you study history, follow the money train, and want to discover truth rather than believe controlled fiction fed us. MANY older books by very credible people wrote things our society is conditioned/programmed to believe is false.

            Anything different is considered crazy by those complacent in society – changing with the wind that turns more and more wicked while thinking all is cool as long as their pockets are padded – with no moral compass seeking truth over convenience.

        2. Janice Marler says:

          You ate so right! I thought that I was the only only one that thought like this. I didn’t know about the Lincoln connection, though.

          1. daledor says:

            Janice it is difficult to connect the dots historically but concerning Lincoln the dots were painted by people that knew him then and letters written.

            I lost a lot of data but found that Lincoln did defend Chinequy against the prostitute accusers set up by the Jesuits who hated him for two reasons – first he was a Christian who followed the Bible more than man, or popes. Second he left the Catholic Church and joined a Protestant Church. Make no mistake historically leaving the Catholic Church is highly despised. Look back further in history. A Catholic priest in Germany beat himself and did all that good priests were to do then. However he studied the Bible and discovered that God is not impressed with abusing ones body after reading Jesus words “by faith you are saved, not of works, it is a gift of God”. God showed him that faith in God and Jesus God’s Son is the only thing God is pleased God.

            The Priest loved the Catholic people and never wanted to leave the Catholic Church but as God gave him revelation from the Bible he placed ‘thesis’ on the door so all could see the truths God revealed to him. He wanted to change what was wrong in the Catholic Church not to reject nor condemn it. —- He fell in love with Jesus and Jesus words changed him and as a good Christian he wanted to bless the Catholic Church not condemn it.

            WHO WAS THE MAN? Martin Luther! When he stood before his leaders and representatives of the Pope they tried to force him to obey Rome and deny what he discovered from the Bible that they viewed as heresy – the very things that set him free they wanted him to deny. He responded with faith in Jesus obedient to God but not obeying his leadership. After considerable persecution but not as bad as losing his life for heresy as some other peers had done — Luther responded, “I will not and can not recant.” He knew the risk and the threats but obeyed God.

            Luther was one of the key starters of the Protestant Church then, a well educated scholar who knew the Bible well. For the most part of History since the formation of the Catholic Church (preceded by the church in Jerusalem, church’s in Asia minor, etc as the Bible states – it was several hundred years before the Catholic Church formed in Rome after persecution and killing of Christians in Rome ended – Jesus apostles were quite dead).
            There are things I have read in the Bible that the Holy Spirit sunk into my spirit man that were not accepted by most Christians. But most revelations are not as important as what Martin Luther discovered — so I don’t press the importance to bless the Church’s. The Catholic Church had mostly kept the Bible out of the hands of the people and the priests repeated liturgy sent from Rome to the people – some heretical and paganistic while some correct as many church’s today do not follow the Bible to the degree that they should. They KEPT the Bible away from the IGNORANT people, keeping the ignorant. Instead of speaking much liturgy in English all was spoken in Latin. Now if you do not understand Latin they spoke sorry, just follow liturgy and ask acceptable questions to the priests if you are not following like sheep — just don’t step too far. After the Protestant Reformation, following the Bible not popes and people, things changed especially as Wycliff, Luther, and others published translations of the Bible so all could read. More and more priest talked in the language of the people out of necessity. Make no mistake The Roman Church feels superior and thinks of itself as the ONLY Church among the leadership.

            Cordiality and deception, making translations approved by Rome to indoctrinate people to follow the approved Catholic Church has been done. Killing off so called heretics would not fly in more recent centuries as with the dark ages when evil popes cut off knowledge of God and paganism and chaos reigned, along with persecution and murder of true Christians (who would not deny their faith in God) and those not saved — all who would not bow to Rome then.

            The most accurate translations of the Bible are the Geneva Bible, the Greek Bible (written in Greek), and the King James Bible. Though I like some other translations one I have found about that I have grown to despise – the New American Standard which takes out some key scriptures and attacks the Diety of Jesus —look it up people have show many purposeful errors. Some translations are worse than others and the NIV is the worst from what I have found (the publisher worked with the Catholic Church, helped fund it and write it). Talk about heresy! I would rather be a heretic to a church than a heretic to God’s Word. I understand how Luther had a choice to follow God or to follow man, but choose God.

    3. JeanneD says:

      My biggest concern, at this point, is why did the other Cardinals vote Francis into his leadership role in the Catholic Church ? What were they thinking ????
      Please explain !!!!

      1. richard black says:

        i like to rape little boys !!!

        1. Barkingdeathsquirrel says:

          Then please turn yourself into the proper authorities with a full confession. Unless, you were stating what they were thinking.

          1. richard black says:

            took me waaaay out of context…look at what i was replying to !!!

          2. Barkingdeathsquirrel says:

            I was thinking that, but sometimes people go way off the rails.
            Sorry about the confusion.

          3. richard black says:

            no problem !!!

        2. Robert A Oziomek says:

          The world is full of assholes

          1. richard black says:

            and im not one !!!

      2. Jorge Rivas says:

        Ideally, the elections for pope are supposed to be inspired by the Holy Spirit. However, we don’t live in an ideal world. The cardinals are human like everyone else and allowed politics & personality to taint their votes. Again, Matthew 6:24 says “No man can serve two masters.” He needs to decide whether he is going to serve God or the NWO. If he wants to serve the NWO, he needs to step down because he’s inviting apostasy and schism into the church. Pope Francis is condemning Christians who don’t agree with his political views as Manichaeans (heretics). He wants Christian communities to build walls within & between culture, society & religious life but yet he wants a borderless world governed by unchecked totalitarian elites.

        1. GrumpyGrandpa says:

          Borders are a natural creation of God and all species are aware of it. Watch ants when borders are not understood. Same reaction from monkeys, elephants, whales and dogs as the insects. All humans seek privacy and safety, usually with the assistance of a door, window, gate etc. Those preaching otherwise are fighting against human nature and all nature in fact; therefore doomed to fail. The NWO and Open Borders are a fabrication of men like Soros. They seek our destruction.

          1. SGirl says:

            As they cower behind their closed & locked doors & walls!!!
            I am a devout Roman Catholic and I have been having trouble believing & following this Pope since his Papal election.

        2. Janice Marler says:

          Good answer.

        3. JeanneD says:

          Pope Francis has absolutely no jurisdiction over what Catholics believe or what side they should take on ANY temporal matter.
          He is entitled to his own political opinion which he has expressed, often.
          This pope is upsetting some Catholics and confusing non-Catholics about his authority in regard to politics and government.
          Obey the laws of the Church and the politics of your choice, Catholics !!!!
          The rest is New World Order and communistic !!!!

        4. Palma Menno Rice says:

          Pope Francis is from South America. That’s why he believes in a “new world order”. He beat out Cardinal Dolan from NYC by a few votes!

      3. mhardin says:

        You should order the book AA1025 from Tan books…It will shed a lot of light on your confusion. It is a reading of a diary from a bishop that died in a car accident during Vatican II. In it he details his life long work to destroy the Catholic Church from within as a secret agent of the KGB. He became a priest in the 1950s and was the 1025th implant by the KGB! So many of our leaders may not be Catholic at all…Pray the Rosary every day as the message from Fatima was Mary and Her Son,Jesus are the only ones who can rescue our Church and our world!

        1. Shelby Olsen says:

          God is the only one who can save us. Mary, like us, is a servant of God. She referred to herself as “the maidservant of the Lord”. All of these concerns are predicted in the Bible. The rapture and the tribulation surely are not far off. Reading and knowing God’s word should be the most important things in a Christian’s life, especially now. If we spent the amount of time on reading the Bible and learning God’s word as we do on things like watching movies, just think what we could accomplish. This is a world that needs to know about God and his love.

        2. Barbaracvm says:

          At Fatima, Mary warned that the church would be infiltrated by the enemies of GOD. We are now living with not heeding her warning.

      4. June Gagnon says:

        Communism invaded the Vatican, in the early 1950’s and remains there today; see my post above concerning Cardinal Siri of Genoa – -who would have been Pope Gregory XVII.

    4. erospawn says:

      Of course he’s a Marxist..look at where he came from.

    5. daledor says:

      He is a Jesuit and there are few to none of the Jesuits that are not evil rascals that serve Lucifer and defy God (as per Illuminatti example Weissaupt who wrote the Illuminatti papers, the strategy to take over the world and place Lucifer in charge – Lucifer always boasts “I will be as the most High God, I will exalt my throne above that of God” – he created sin and rebellion while in Heaven and got kicked out after a war in the heavenlies).
      Jesuit – the Society of Jesus swear to an oath – look at this focal statement – ”
      my uttermost to extirpate the heretical Protestants of Liberals’ doctrines and
      to destroy all their pretended powers, regal or otherwise.>>

      Jeusits are notorious for their black pope. When godly popes were in office centuries ago the black pope and jesuits met in the miles of underground caverns under the Vatican and practiced witchcraft. The black pope mocked God, the pope, and Christianity and had orgies and drunken gluttony with rituals. Not nice guys.

      Abraham Lincoln defended a good Catholic priest named Chinequy who wrote a book https://www.amazon.com/Fifty-Years-Church-Conversion-Priest/dp/0937958212. The Jesuits set up prostitutes to witness against Chinequy to discredit him and destroy him (when Herman Cain went for presidency similar was done- after discredited Cain’s accusers admitted that it was a lie after he was not longer running for office of president).

      When Lincoln defended Chinequy and won. Chinequy was sad about something rather than rejoicing at being cleared. He told Lincoln that the Jesuits would kill him sadly. John Wilkes Boothe who murdered Lincoln was a Jesuit assassin. http://www.truthontheweb.org/abe.htm

      1. Palma Menno Rice says:

        God Bless Abraham Lincoln.

    6. AL ELLIS says:

      I think the members of the Vatican will deal with him in their own way. I think the last Pope left because he saw what the church is becoming and was given a choice, go along with the program, or drink this poison tea. I think the church conservatives will take care of business in the end. This Pope is even saying “the United States needs a NWO to control it” They (church) wants a one world government, church and world. He doesn’t want us to be independent and has said so. He says we “need to be brought to heel.”

    7. ExGOP says:

      This pope is a Christian. He believes in the values of Jesus Christ. Makes him the enemy of conservatives.

    8. June Gagnon says:

      Dave -Correct, it was not a “mistake” and chances are Pope Benedict was forced out the same way Cardinal Siri of Genoa was, back in 1958; he was elected successor to Pope Pius XII and would have been Pope Gregory XVII. The moment he was elected, he was forced to resign under threat of death, or harm to his family – -this was done by communists who had infiltrated the Vatican. Cardinal Siri lived in exile until his death, in 1983- – he remained under threat of death unless he maintained his silence about what had happened. IMHO, the only legitimate Pope we had, after that time was Pope Paul II, who appeared to be stronger, both spiritually and politically, than the illegitimate conclave. If you do a little research on Cardinal Siri, you will find all of this information.

  2. George says:

    “In addition to allowing individuals in adulterous relationships to
    receive communion, Pope Francis generated outrage when he sided with the
    doctors who wanted to pull 5 year-old Charlie Gard off life support. Francis later reversed his position, however, the damage was already done.”
    Just because the snake crawls back into the bushes, it does not mean that it will not re-emerge and try to bite you.

    1. SGirl says:

      Pope Francis has turned our church into a cafeteria…He will put forth his choices & you decide which ones to follow!
      Adultery destroys families & society…it is one of the 10 commandments!! If having no morals is your thing then Pope Francis is your guy!

  3. maxx says:

    Benedict might have has some problems concerning a “previous life” but he is absolutely “spot on” about Francis and what is going on in the church. Francis should be “dethroned” because so far he has done nothing correctly. Kind of reminds me of Obama and his perverted ways.

    1. CATSPATRICIA says:

      Reminds you of Obama? They could share the same skin–both are corrupt–and I believe this Pope has been chosen by the devil to destroy our church. Just as the devil Obama tried to destroy America–look at the destruction he accomplished in 8 years–hope we recover. Hope the church recovers.

      1. polly says:

        If you believe in end times I believe this Pope is the fulfillment of prophecy.The bible states that GOd puts one up and puts one down.I believe God allowed Obama to be in office twice so that the people who really serves Him will discern what is happening and will return to God..The pope has a part in end times.Jesus said the gates of He’ll will not prevail against His church and He has defeated the enemy Satan.So you keep reading His Word ,pray and ask Him for discernment so you can see what is taking place Never give up and never lose hope

        1. Janice Marler says:

          O pray for discernment whenever I think about it. I am getting so confused about things. My 31 yr. old daughter is a lesbian and I am so mixed up. God loves everyone that He made. He or she is His creation. Yet, they can’t marry. Isn’t this an awful life sentence? Christ, Himself, only suffered( then died) for three years.

    2. Bill Coker says:

      LOL!!! The Pope is a DOPE.

    3. Barkingdeathsquirrel says:

      I’ve been hoping for a lightning bolt to strike this current commie pope along with those that put him in such a place of power.
      Would set a lot of precedence for future choices and appointments.

    4. SGirl says:

      Totally reminds me of Obama & his administration!!!

  4. June G says:

    I have left the Catholic Church due to all of the NEW changes. I am 72 and have been horrified by all of the so called Priest that have fallen to Satan. I feel that this Pope is the False Prophet who is set to finally destroy Catholic Church that it used to be. I have family members who are still Priest and they don’t understand either. Rather than fall prey to all of the crazy stuff being changed and accepted I left. My prayers to God are for people to continue to pray to Him and realize what has happened is not for the best with Catholics. Why Pope Benedict retired is still a question. No wonder Pope Francis was so befriended by Obama, he thinks the same as Obama. I pray for America, my family and fellow Christians throughout the world. You pray too.

    1. Barbara Paolucci says:

      I too have left the Church – but not my faith. I firmly believe in the Catholic religion as practiced prior to Vatican II.

    2. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


    3. Robert A Oziomek says:


    4. mhardin says:

      Come back June!!! Jesus did not counsel us to run when the going got tough! We who are living our faith are The Spotless Bride of Christ! Only in His Church can you receive the Body,Blood,Soul and Divinity of Jesus to give us the Wisdom and Strength to battle this outpouring of evil in our world! The Scarments work regardless of the souls of the priests and Bishops that perform them. Jesus knew this would happen, which is why He has given us His Church!

      1. June G says:

        I tried. Far too many objectional things in various churches. I am old time I guess but I have my limits of acceptance and looking the other way. Too many living in sin by cohabitation and going to take communion. They are sinning according to God not me. I don’t want to judge so I avoid even family.

        1. Janice Marler says:

          Christ befriended sinners.

      2. LarryMH47 says:

        Rev 8:2- And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues.

        The RCC is only a PART of the Bride of Christ. Use discernment in seeking out a home church.

    5. polly says:

      We do.I see end times prophecy taking place .Do you think this Pope connived to be elected.

    6. Janice Marler says:

      I am 69 years old and I think that I’m staying with our church but am having second thoughts. I want to keep receiving Christ in the Real Communion. I do want to look into other churches with the Real Presence, however. Perhaps Greek Orthodox

      1. Palma Menno Rice says:

        Their Mass is Long.

        1. Janice Marler says:

          I know and there isn’t a church too nearby. My uncle was Greek Orthodox.I have to really think about this anyway.

  5. Yukon36 says:

    Current Pope reminds me of the Democrats in United States. Will do anything to take down our country and turn it into a communist dictatorial country.

  6. sharyn says:

    I’ve said is a previous message I don’t think of Francis as MY POPE. Although I wasn’t a fan of Benedict possibly due to the fact that John Pauls shoes were hard to fill, I did’t outright dislike Benedict. I don’t trust Francis at all. He’s gotten involved in politics that he has no business in. He expects the poor to take in refuges. How about leading by example. How many refugees has the Vatican taken in??? None.
    I’m thinking I’m leaning more to being a Lutherian at this point. I’m supposed to confess my sins to someone who what, may very well have done far more than I could ever think of doing. I don’t think so. Several of my priests from the past have been found to be homosexuals and caught in unsavory situations. The church had better clean up it’s act. Allow men to marry and broaden the base of priests. Where did Christ say you couldn’t be marry. A few of the Apostiles had wives. I’m beginning to think myself that Jesus too was married. Let’s face it how many Jewish men of 33 weren’t married and have children in the day.

  7. Mike W says:

    When the church fails to realize that God is omnipotent and not the church the church suffers. When man gives himself to much credit and assumes a role of power that is not his he is humbled.

  8. xingqin says:

    The Pope is trying to impose his own twisted opinions upon the people and he goes against the Bible and the word of God. Yes he is faulable and puts his pants on the same as you and I. When he misleads the people, he is changing the word of God and he has recently become a servant of Satan.

  9. Barbara Paolucci says:

    Pope Benedict should not have retired. Always believed there was something nefarious involved in getting him to retire and that he might have been threatened. But who knows for sure why he did it. It’s more than odd that a Cardinal unknown to Christians outside of Argentina and even unknown to the majority of other Cardinals would be voted in as Pope. As Cardinal, he never went to Rome! Now there’s recognition of what Catholics in America know to be true – Pope Frances is a leftwing menace to all Catholics/Christians as well as the Catholic faith.. He needs to go. Would welcome back Benedict in a heartbeat.

    1. SGirl says:

      It is very interesting that in over 600 years has a living Pope stepped down/retired!
      We may never know the true reason for it but one thing is for sure, politics had everything to do with it!!!

  10. Mary Charbonneau says:

    Pray to the ‘Blessed Mother’. Satan is petrified of her – and, every priest knows this.

    1. erospawn says:

      Jesus Christ is the Author and finisher of our faith. One would think that Satan would be more petrified of Jesus. Especially seeing as how he has the power to bind Satan. I pray to God through faith in Jesus Christ..

      1. mhardin says:

        Remember what God said in the garden…The Woman and her seed will crush your head. Mary was chosen before all time to be the bearer of the Godman and our Redeemer,because of this highest of honors bestowed upon Her,She has been chosen to lead the attack of Jesus and his believers to conquer Satan. If you disrespect His Mother you are disrespecting Jesus.

      2. SGirl says:

        God is very patient and Satan takes advantage of this but when God has had enough, Heaven help those that have taken up with Satan.

      3. ruru101 says:

        Satan is crafty, he knows the Bible well and will use it against each of us to destroy our witness and lead others straight into hell. But he is a defeated foe and can go about seeking whom he may devour only as long as God let’s him. I think he only has short time remaining. Remember your Christian witness is all you have. So pray, have faith and make sure that your Christian witness is positive every day, so the devil has no power to use you to destroy another for life.

      4. Mary Charbonneau says:

        Yes, erospawn, but the ‘Blessed Mother’ is the Mediatrix to Jesus.

      5. Palma Menno Rice says:

        Mary is the Handmaiden of Our Lord Jesus.

    2. mark k. says:

      Jesus is the Lord, and no one else can help. Praying to saints is idolatry. Sorry, but that’s man-made crap the catholic church sold you.

      1. Janice Marler says:

        We don’t pray to saints. Unfortunately we use the word pray. Saints are special friends of Jesus. Don’t we ask one “special” friend to be on our side and ask a friend in common for something? It’s like that. We are not asking the friend ( saint) himself for whatever it is. We are asking him to put in a good word us or simply to help us ask Jesus. I believe that some Catholics are confused by this, too.

        1. Palma Menno Rice says:

          Not this Catholic.

      2. polly says:

        Sad how many would follow some religion without going to the Bible to see what God has to say. Everything we need to know is in the Bible. we need to study the Word and meditate and do whatGod says we should do like praying always etc. Jesus is the mediator. We go directly to God through His Son’s Name Jesus. Mark I wonder why is that so hard for people to do

        1. mark k. says:

          Indoctrination, I suppose.

  11. Beverly Murphy says:

    Good! “Cast your bread upon the waters and it shall return to you”. Got that, “Frank”? Pay attentionFaux Francis; how much can you be told, b4 you understand that the people (except your leftists) have figured out the creep in sheeps’ clothing
    Is out to screw them? Not your job Man!
    No one Is buying the bull crap, so quit shoveling it. As our duly elected and loved President would say, “You’re fired!”

  12. Beachlover17 says:

    Pope Francis sticks his nose into too many things that do not concern him or the church. He needs to try to get things straight within the church since many of us having been leaving the church with all the scandals.

  13. MarcJ says:

    That phony Pope was a Marxist street preacher in Argentina.

  14. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    Pretty simple, to except marxism and leftist ideas increase the money flow to the church from places and people that have never given anything. They have a lot of bills to pay and like these leftist here at home they don’t mind stretching the truth to keep them pockets lined. At this time the world is in a worse condition than pre WWII and it will continue to get worse, keep our military strong because we will need it soon. Everyone hates us simply because we are a free nation and without any burden of kings and queens and dictators, well almost anyway if you set aside this past turd from kenya, but to survive 8 years of that life size cyst only shows how strong the USA really is. We’re resilient and will overcome the worst that usually kills other nations. Just keep these liberal slugs out of office and continue to out vote them until they no longer exist, if you don’t they will give away in one day more than we can produce in 10 years.

  15. kevin A Grumpy Old Man says:

    This pope is not a Christian and the person he is working for will be his final judge. Carma is hell, literally.

  16. Cleavis Nowell says:

    The United Nations and WCC require syncretism -an unnatural blending of religions. The U.N. categorizes the N. Korean communist workers party as a religion. Terrorist islam ideology is not required to syncretize. A syncretized religion is no longer a religion – just a shabby political ideology at most.

    1. ruru101 says:

      You have hit the nail on the, The UN promotes a one world church. Also, our churches in America are being pressed to promote the same, occasional one faith meetings in communities. I call that a watering down of the churches.

  17. Chip Murray says:

    Pope Benedict is the true legitimate pope…clearly feeling responsible and guilty.

    1. Karen says:

      Baloney! He has changed the Canon to his way of leftist thinking. Where are the Cardinals and Bishops? Someone should stop him, he’s the anti-Christ.

  18. John Timmins says:

    He is the anti pope!!!

  19. John Savell says:

    This pope is a far-left-wingnut political activist, trying to push globalism and “progressive” policies that go completely against the Church and God’s Laws. Too often in the history of the Catholic Church have the popes gotten involved in secular politics instead of focusing on spiritual matters.

  20. Robert A Oziomek says:

    Pope Francis is bringing much needed change to the Church so who cares what senile Benedict has to say.

  21. polly says:

    I think he is with the NW O.

  22. rick meek says:

    My biggest concern is for those boys that were caught up in the old behind the doors deal —– were they professional or innocent….?

  23. Jim McGann says:


  24. 10-Nov-1775 says:

    Francis is to the Catholic Church what Obama was to America.

  25. Alleged Comment says:

    He is a dumb ass Marxist! Wants everyone barefoot and pregnant. Easier to control that way.

    Did you see how ANGRY he got a few months ago when that man grabbed at him in the crowd and the Pope almost lost his balance?

    The scalding scolding and look on his face was HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ME!!! That about sums it up to me about this jackass.

  26. Maryann Hearn Bowman says:

    Ive read and seen just about all you can on the pope. I think he is so liberal that if he were to vote in the US, he’s vote demorcratic. Too bad.

  27. don76550 says:

    Catholics, if you are fed up with the destruction a liberal pope is doing to Catholics, express your displeasure at the collection plate. It is your donations that allow this bogus pope to live in a lavish lifestyle while destroying your religion.

  28. ruru101 says:

    Pray that Pope Francis will see the light and get out of politics and into nurturing the Catholic Church. I think he has done much damage to the church.

    1. SGirl says:

      The problem is, as I see it, Jesuits took a solemn vow to not seek high office or power, that is why he has become the first Jesuit Pope. Their vows were to be obedient to the Pope & Church but now Pope Francis has no one but himself to be obedient to and that is where the problem lies…

  29. Joyce White says:

    If the Pope was making changes for the betterment of the Catholics in the world it would be ok. But his changes are a departure from strict Bible based truths. To say that individuals living in an adulterous relationship will be welcome in heaven is an outright lie. They have to repent of their sins and live a moral life, or their ticket won’t be validated..

  30. justanagent says:

    I think Catholics would do well to turn away from this pope and reject him even when he speaks ex cathedra. The members of my family who are Catholic do not trust him.

  31. JC Hoot says:

    Nice to see this activist was given a public reaming. He and Obama need to go and hold hands.

  32. Pattie Kelly says:

    I believe we are in the end times and that Pope Francis may be the Pope to usher in the Anti-Christ.

  33. Brad Tipton says:

    To put it simply, I am glad I am not Catholic. I am familiar with Catholic doctrine having been married to one, then engaged to another. I can not believe what I perceive to be “anti-Catholic” and “anti-Christian” doctrine, opinion and announcements.

  34. Gardener8 says:

    Real Catholics have a real problem with Pope Francis’ teachings.

  35. Janice Marler says:

    There was always something weird about Benedict leaving. Pope’s don’t just leave. This pope is an anti- pope. They have been throughout history and he is one. And, there is a connection with the Illuminati as well. Hooray, for Pope Benedict.

  36. Ken says:

    If his policies are followed, he will destroy, not only the Catholic Church, but the rest of the civilized world.

  37. jerry1944 says:

    How can one say he was blindsided . He want to have muslummss into his group and he want to mkae This guy make make heaven but i cant see any that floow him doing it He really sounds more like a nut case . One just cant change a religion just because he has the power Its God law not this nuts that count

  38. M. D'Souza says:

    Pope Francis should know what Jesus said in Matthew 6:24, “No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one & love the other…” The current Pope sounds like a Marxist. Has the False Prophet of the end times arrived?

  39. Knowledge Transfer says:

    Pope Pandemonium is a Jesuit now known as the Society of Judas. Jorge Bergoglio is a liberation theology Communist clown who can’t be trusted to lead groups in silent prayer. By the way, given his obsession with Mercy [as in the superfluous year of Mercy] when will this so called Pope initiate the vastly long overdue year of Justice. God’s mercy is not guaranteed because it is dependent on admitting sin; being sorry [contrition] for the sin; and making a firm purpose of amendment to do and sin no more. Thus, the insolent; impenitent; and obstinate lock themselves out form mercy when it comes to forgiveness of sins. God can be merciful prior to death. After death God’s justice is irrefutably guaranteed. Actions now will have ultimate consequences then.

  40. June Gagnon says:

    Pope Benedict is quite correct; notice he was able to do this without naming any names and I applaud him for taking a stand. I have no faith in Pope Francis – -only in God and my Church! if anyone’s eyes and ears are open, then they already realize where Francis is “attempting” to take us- – he will NOT succeed.

  41. Palma Menno Rice says:

    I am disappointed with Pope Francis. He’s destroying many of the tenets of Catholicism! He’s a Pope of the New World Order.

  42. SDofAZ says:

    It is time to replace this pope. Looks like the political activist communist has his days as pope NUMBERED. One would hope the Vatican can clear out their trash as well.

  43. GRAMPA says:

    We have seen many corrupt popes in the life of the church. the church is not defined by a man. we have elected a man who represents the voice of the church. the many centuries have man has drifted away from the rules given. rules now complicated by the desire for power. power comes in many forms. this pope doesnt need or want material things. his desire comes in the power and control of the millions that listen to his word. it now becomes what he follows as a moral standard. following a single man is never a good idea.

  44. Dennis Allen Jr says:

    Pope Francis is a willful heretic, unfortunately.

  45. Lakshmi says:

    I can’t believe that Francis is being directed by God.
    The Satanic, Globalist DEEP STATE NEW WORLD ORDER ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE (made up of murderers, warmongers, terrorists, liars, thieves, drug traffickers, sex traffickers, kidnappers, communists, pedophiles, torturers, cannibals and every other type of criminal) is the Kingdom of Satan. They intend to create a worldwide tyrannical totalitarian military oppressive police-state ruled by the secret servants of Satan = HELL ON EARTH. Francis supports this evil insanity!

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