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Putin Made A Shocking Announcement About Russian Collusion

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  1. Tom McKee says:

    I’ll venture that ‘the media’ and a lot of Democrats will say these actions mean nothing but are simply ‘staged’ responses intended to stop the investigations.

    Of course, the only REAL evidence of ‘hanky-panky’ between Russia and American politicians seems to be against the Clintons and possibly the previous occupant of the Oval Office. In addition, the only ‘evidence’ that someone tampered with and affected the outcome of an election seems to be between the Clinton campaign, the DNC, Debbie Wasserman=Shultz and the Democratic Party primaries and now, DWS seems to have many more questions about her IT contractor.

    1. AL ELLIS says:

      How about giving Russia 20% of our Uranium for money for the Clinton Foundation, if that isn’t collusion I don’t know what is. Hillary and Obama should be sitting in prison playing checkers or chess if they know how.

      1. Loren King says:

        I would really like to have a list of your sources.

        1. Jeronimo Dan says:

          Tell the truth Loren King, your really Chelsea posing as Loren King, aren’t you. Due to no one could be so sheltered as to not know, the facts have been proven over and over on the Clinton’s and Russia per the uranium deal, concerning the Clinton’s pay to play?

        2. charles johnston says:

          Don’t read the paper? It was even the lib rag NYT. Please keep up.

        3. VanceJ says:

          Dumb question, it has been all over the Net for months.!!!!

      2. ConnieJ says:

        And how about that 1/2 $million the Russians paid Bill for a “speech” in Moscow?

      3. reewa says:

        I believe this is treason…aiding and abetting the enemy.

      4. Michael Dennewitz says:

        No! They need to be hanging from a tall oak tree with loose rope. That way we’ll be able to watch the bastards die slowly!! ?

    2. rick meek says:

      Which is presently being covered up —- Watch for more suicides…..

  2. granny_forUSA says:


    1. Loren King says:

      Well, Trump is kissing the rump of Putin. The Russian are big investors in Trumps golf courses. So, you think that Obama should not have kicked them out? Trump has lots of investments in Russia.

      1. charles johnston says:

        So pissing Putin off is kissing his rump? In what universe, snowflake?

        1. John Milhous says:

          Hey, charles johnston, would you agree with me >>>> The only “ass-kisser” that I know of (in recent times) who is great at kissing ass is the infamous Demodouche, Obummer! And, from what I understand of his (non-existent accomplishments) IN EIGHT YEARS, Obummer is (at least) very good at KISSING ASS! Oh, and, by the way, “Loren King”, have you EVEN BEEN LISTENING to the news about PRESIDENT TRUMP putting MORE sanctions on Russia? ……..maybe you wanna explain to me just how THAT is kissing Putin’s worthless ass??? Because I’m seeing that as KICKING PUTIN’S ASS!!!


          1. Barbara Lewis says:

            President Trump has NOT been taking lessons from abummer

          2. charles johnston says:

            Yep. If Trump was worried aout those Russian investers, he’d be a lot more friendly to Putin and the Russians, doncha know, but hey, when you’ve swallowed the MSM lies and liberal crap for 8 years, you don’t have a firm grasp of reality to begin with. Be well, John.

      2. Danno42 says:

        Really? I’m sure you can unequivocally prove that ludicrous statement

        1. Millard Huff says:

          Liberals like you can’t prove anything because there so stupid.

        2. Shawn Sapp says:

          What can you prove Matlock? There is more proof that the dems colluded. There is no evidence at all of Trump collusion. Keep on wishing if you want to, it wil not make it true

      3. DollyT says:

        You have got your head screwed on backwards!

      4. Millard Huff says:

        Trump is not kissing no ones ass in DC.It’s you liberals that are the ass kissers.

      5. CaptainofthGuard says:

        Absurd is the only answer you get. Stow it,will ya?, the public is tired of hearing such nonsense.

      6. VanceJ says:

        Get your empty head out of your nether regions. you don’t happen to be a blond ?

      7. Barbara Lewis says:

        Well so what: he has investments, the sanctions don’t look like it to me.

      8. US Patriot says:

        I see you are a braind dead Libtard still chugging the Obama Kool Aid! When are you Libtards going to grow a brain?

      9. Deborah Pratt says:

        So explain why Obama waited until the ‘last bell’ before he left office, to take that action against Russia!!! It was only to stir up bad relations between America and Russia just before the new President took office!! It was a ‘nasty, vindictive’ move–not against Russia, so much, as against Pres Trump!! In fact, Obama did a LOT of that sort of thing in the last two weeks before he left!! You need to take a ‘closer look’, Loren—Pres Trump ‘kisses’ NO ONE’S ‘rump’ and, as a result, has gained the respect overseas lost by ‘O’!!

      10. Bob Leslie says:

        Let me guess, Mika told you that. Right! She stated that she told all of you Liberal Idiots what to think!

      11. quiltenlady says:

        Loren King a Granny for USA is a crock of Sh*t. You liberal snowflakes all go melt ! We are so proud of PRESIDENT TRUMP and sick of gay muslin illegal ovomit and inmate hillary.

      12. VanceJ says:

        you are out of your rabbit mind.!!!!!

      13. Fred says:

        Take another gulp of Kool-Aid, snowflake, and continue to ignore your lying eyes.

      14. Ancient Mariner says:

        Those golf courses in Russia likely wouldn’t make or break Trump’s real estate empire. I do wonder why he imposed those sanctions though. Maybe he was threatened by the bomb makers. (military-industrial complex)

    2. rick meek says:

      Ever hear of “Black Mail” —- Most of DC is being done….

      1. Millard Huff says:

        Damn right there is black mail in DC

    3. James E Colter says:

      And trump gave 20% of our uranium to Russia, oh wait a minute that was Hillary working for Obummer.

  3. ter334 says:

    t persists because the media latched onto Clinton’s excuse for losing the election, and members of the press never critically examine any claim made by Democrats.

    Nor do they seek the truth about birth certificates? Heck, truth isn’t in their vocabulary. It is all about being PC, Probably so they can get some special favors, first edition fake news, info on our troops activities but leaving out the part they were bombing in the desert, under orders of course by O, where ISIS would not be damaged?

    Is the real reason we invaded in Iraq. is because SA politicians wanted Saddam out? Making us the world’s largest, best equipped mercenary army the world has ever seen? We took out Kosovo and some serbs to “protect” some muslims there, took out Khadafi in Libya because a O sadi, the arab league asked him to do it?????????? Just deep and how high does the corruption in DC go? And they send our guys out to give their last full measure while they spend their time engaged in political embezzling to bring the country down or to stay in office!

    1. Brenda Sinclair says:

      TRUTH IS GAY MUSLIM OBAMA was not an legal president, he had no right to even be in usa, he had citzenship in indoneasia and came to usa on visa as a student and still maintains his citizenship in indoneasia..because obama lied on bar application, he lost his ability to pratice law, oops he lied about being a citizen and his male trannie michelle lost hers because she committed insurance fruad, we had two criminal gays in whitehouse with borrowed daughters those two sure did decieve us americans for 8yrs https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2db2293458820bdcb70c28c7c78fbafc30c9f41c87261aa39c73fd7c0560e059.jpg

      1. Brad Tipton says:


  4. GeneZ says:

    The liberals have nothing but illusion and the public lie to fall back on… And, anyone effected by it must play along as long as it does no major damage. In the mean time, we should attack with major investigations into Democrat corruption. Hang em high! Hillary. Obama… and, the rest that come creeping out of the swamp as the water level recedes.

  5. Bayside GolfClub says:

    From memory.. Obama in fact was roundly despised by many who were duped into voting for him in 2008. NO WAY did they vote for him in 2012. Not a chance. YET… “Tell vlad I’ll do anything after the election” gets hot mic-ed… THEN, we see a +30% skew for obama vs exit polling across the carolinas and elsewhere… with the electronic machines that are provably tamper vulnerable, easily..
    The corrupt obama machinery is provably in collusion with IRAN and PUTIN. The machines were lighting up ‘obama’ all over the place when the elector was saying they pushed “romney”.
    The theory here is that some of the machines were ‘mistakenly lighting up where the actual vote was wrongly being tallied. Whereas it is a simple matter to tally the vote opposite while lighting up the display according to the elector’s choice. THESE are the machines that were “giving up the scam”. The ones that were synced to the actual and wrongful rally, and then showing it happening to the complaining elector.
    These machines should be as DUMB as a 1 digit calculator with a 1 use per customer “enter” button.
    Yet they have software, ‘service’ ports and dangerous functional capacity that can be ‘patched’..
    WRONG.. DANGEROUS.. Must be outlawed..

  6. SouthernPatriot says:

    The demented and lying Democrats and their sycophants in the MSM awaken each morning trying to find a news report they can twist against President Trump. Failing to find such a news story, they make one up and falsely accuse the President of nefarious and traitorous things, of which they themselves are guilty.

    DNC colluded with Ukraine for anti-Trump propaganda. Podesta and his brother in league with Russia have $450 million in Russia. Bill Clinton conspired to have his speaking fees in Russia doubled to $500,000 each. Hillary gave away 1/5 of our uranium and those oligarchs in Russia who profited from the deal returned $145 million to the Clinton Foundation.

  7. Buzz Waldron says:

    Actually, Putin said the number of USA embassy employees must be reduced… Pres. Trump plans to cut Russians working in our embassies to reach that number !!!

    1. jreg9304 says:

      At least not all on both sides are being expelled. That is a fair sign of no hostilities, but it could break down and become so.

  8. jackhy says:

    Putin is a dangerous autocrat and when push comes to shove, he doesn’t back off, which is understandable and alot like our Pres. Trump–like two belligerant boys in a school yard! The big story result is that any hanky panky or collusion happened between the Clinton’s and Russia, so that’s where the investigation should start and end. Will Muellar’s hand picked Demo assoc. do it is the big? Don’t hold your breath!!

  9. Lillian DeVore says:

    We should be angry that our Congress is spending so much time and resources investigating Trump, when all the evidence points to the Obama administration doing things that are illegal or borderline criminal. Instead of investigating the Trump campaign back in January, they should have looked at what the democrats have been doing. They think they are hurting Trump, but they are hurting US.

    1. jreg9304 says:

      What do you mean borderline? It is Criminal activity that we are looking at. The whole conspiracy and collusive cover up of Democrats, by democrats is highly illegal. Just be patient and watch what unfolds in the near future..:)

    2. Brenda Sinclair says:

      lillian i so agree with you all the time and money when the russians were not quilty of interferring in our elections hillary and obama just lied used russia as a coverup what i really see here is THAT RUSSIA WAS FALSELY ACCUSED AND SANCTIONS FORCED ON THEM THAT NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED MAKES YOU WANT TO ALMOST NOW FEEL SORRY FOR HILLARY AND OBAMA AFTER BETRAYING PUTIN THIS BAD AND FALSELY ACCUSING HIM, IF I WAS HILLARY AND OBAMA I GET BEHIND THAT BRICK WALL SO PUTIN COULD NOT FIND ME https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d6780620c25c47698f7c2db7839af0651f5c84ac1f9da6d4f48300b644693f95.jpg

    3. Rose Ribitzki says:

      They could care less whom they hurt …. they are too busy trying to cover their own butts !

    4. Deborah Pratt says:

      Well, ‘we’ have the power to ‘hurt back’!! It’s called the ‘VOTE’ and as long as we have that–they had better ‘straighten up’ and ‘fly right’!!

  10. KDC says:

    “In fact, the Trump administration has been tougher on Russia than Obama”… That’s because the BO admstration colluded with Russia.

  11. Wmichaelmic says:

    It makes absolutely no difference whatsoever what Putin or Trump does. The Democrats will continue with the collusion story for as long as they can in their feeble attempt to oust Trump. It is all they have, without this concocted story (created by Obama and Brennan), they have nothing. The collusion story must continue to satisfy their constituents. Period. The communist/socialist media have reported zero on proven collusion by the FBI, DNC, Hillary, her brother, her husband and Podesta. The only way to put this thing to rest is to prosecute (and jail) the real criminals.

  12. Hanschen says:

    Hillary Clinton is behind this Trump-Russia Collusion story. She started it before the election. It died down when her Jill Stein hack tried to kill the election with her recount bid. When that failed, she tried to intimidate and threaten members of the Electoral College (now there’s interfering with an election and a violation of federal law). When that failed she reignited the Russia story. But as usual nothing touches her. She is the real criminal here and until she and her left-winged cohorts are brought before the bar of justice, America will not be safe.

  13. 1Texas says:

    It is past time for the real followers of corruption to be investigated ,ie Democrats of every color and stripe,Hillary, Obama,Susan Rice,Samantha Powers, Lois Lerner,Schultz, just to name a few, and it all starts with Soros.My opinion.

  14. Veteranasm says:

    What I would like to know is what the hell so many diplomats are doing in Russia !!! This is our tax money at work ???

    1. SeanM62 says:

      They were spying. Now, our spying efforts are crippled.

      1. Veteranasm says:

        Could be , but hell over 755 , that would be over kill !!

  15. Patrick Dougherty says:

    and all who was involved in saying it, leaking it to the press, and the press who published it, should be charged for their attempts to overthrow a president. I’m sure that’s a thing.

  16. It’s ONLY the media that is powerfully swaying public opinion (and voters). Ignore them. Go to FOX video news and cherry-pick the clips for daily news.

  17. None Of The Above says:

    You have it wrong Hitlery was right it was the Russians fault for her losing they did not do what she and them had agreed on she gave the Russians what they wanted but they didn’t help her enough with winning the election

  18. I do remember that Donnie’s wife’s first language is Russian and his daughter too…for the daughter’s mother’s first language was also Russian. And Donnie’s first campaign manager had close Russian ties as did his first National Security Adviser. Oh and his son-in-law went to the Russian embassy to set up a secure (secure from the CIA) back door communications arrangement. And guess what Reince says Donnie can speak some Russian too…got it from his two Russian wives. Can the Mooch speak Russian…anybody asked.

  19. DollyT says:

    Oh what tangled webs they weave when they practice to deceive!

  20. bunky doodle says:

    try spending time and sp council on dnc and hillary, comey, mueller as well as wasserman shultz. that is where everything from collusion to sedition to treason rests.

  21. rick meek says:

    If I were Putin —– I’d release the 33K missing e-mails…..

  22. SeanM62 says:

    Trump is stuck – he had to sign or suffer the humiliation of an overwhelming veto override so early in his scandal-ridden presidency. Trump’s ego is too fragile to withstand such an insult. Signing was the lesser of two humiliations.

    Putin’s response was another indication he does not wish us well, and he had to do something to save face.

    This article is fake interpretation of real news and a pathetic attempt by conservative pundits to save face.

    1. Wes says:

      Sean, you are an insane leprechaun of the Dimwitted Fallacious Losers,
      AKA DFL or Democrats.

  23. carlos martinez says:

    This writer has the premise of the collusion all wrong. If it was up to Trump, there would be no repercusions against Russia, in fact quite the contrary. Trump really hates the sanctions, and would have done just about anything to stop them. In fact, he did not want to sign them, but he had no power to stop them. It is Congress which imposed the sanctions, and Trump had nothing to do with them. This does not prove anything either way about the collusion. The collusion still exists. Russia did not count on the U.S. Congress to meddle in his cozy affair with Trump. and is so bent out of shape, that it imposed its own sanctions, notwithstanding their collusion.

  24. Morgan_Said says:

    Considering evidence of collusion between the Russians and Trump would be the “Silver Bullet” all the Trump haters have been trying to get… AND considering all the disloyalty within the Trump Administration and all the leaks that come out minutes after Trump takes actions… Why is it then, after more than a year, absolutely NO EVIDENCE that would destroy Trump has been LEAKED!

  25. Darrell Davidovich says:

    Plain and simple, The Dumbacrats only proved just how friggin pathetic they really are. They’re all crybaby assholes that can’t except defeat. Everyone of those dumbass Dumbacrats should be voted out of office in the next elections.

    1. Wes says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more.

  26. ONLYJB1 says:

    I have one question. 755 American citizens working in Russia and that’s not all of them! Who the hell needs this many diplomats??????? I’m shocked and I also know I’m not the only one!

  27. ONLYJB1 says:

    Who do you think pays their salaries? 755+ diplomats. Holy crap. Just another example of DC out of control and this has been going on for years, decades!

  28. Ken says:

    We need to be firm with Putin, he already has violated several agreements with former parts of the USSR.
    He has also unnecessarily provoked us with military pokes in the eye.

  29. Lorraine E says:

    The demoncrats promised to prevent President Trump from keeping his promises to the American people for the next four years and they are obviously keeping that promise.
    They have latched onto the “it’s the Russian’s fault” LIE that crooked hillary lost the presidential election despite all of her cheating and voter fraud.
    Now the demoncrats are using their LIE to endeavor to create a war with Russia. They are dangerous IDIOTS who are hell bent on fighting Donald Trump for the next four years even if it means destroying our country!
    Fact is that crooked hillary was involved in obtaining kick backs from Russia for land which she stole from the Burn OR ranchers in exchange for her “pay to play” illegal actions when she was secty of state.
    The demoncrats are going to keep pushing their LIE for the next four years because it is all that they have. Watch the 8/31/16 Caravan to Midnight program 599 with Maggie Rose to learn what evil hillary and her government stooges did to the Bend OR ranchers, ordered their comrades in the corporate press to LIE about, and then give the land to Uranium 1, a Russian company, in exchange for donations to her clinton foundation slush fund.

  30. Michael DePoy says:

    Most writers of fiction get paid by the books they sell. So just how do the so called News Journalists, who by the way are suppose to report factual news as per definition, get away with the unproven lies they are spreading? Who pays them? Disney? Now We all know they hiding behind the 1st Amendment, BUT that is only protection for your opinion. It does not cover out right lies, unproven accusations, and intentional Character Assassination for political gains. In fact this collusion has no facts, no leads, no evidence. Further more even if someone from the campaign did meet a foreign national of some government. What law was broken? We have plenty of Democratic representatives doing business with China, Russia, Ukraine, I don’t see any investigating reporting being done on them. Dear News Media you been bought. WE KNOW YOU BEEN BOUGHT, only question is how sever will the punishment be? Banned from ever speaking on public air waves? Jailed in a Federal facility? Or is it step in front of the bus time? LOL I can hear the LET”S MAKE A DEAL game show theme right now…little birdies going tweet tweet to save their big fat rears LOL Semper Fi

  31. Pablo Moreno says:

    Don’t be naive about this: Trump did this against his will, in fact he and Tilerson heated it, but Trump had no choice but sign it due to the overwhelming vote in congress, so he wouldn’t vetoed. That was the real reason, of course the Kremlin is infuriated with the decision, but definitively was a no-choice decision.

  32. Barbara Lewis says:

    Do you actually believe that the liberals will believe this. NOT Just a big way for them to stand up to what they have already said.

  33. US Patriot says:

    The Democrats and the media are to blame for the poor US relations with Russia! Big Big mistake you Communist Democrats and Communist media!

  34. Deborah Pratt says:

    Of course Pres Trump has been ‘tougher’ on Russia than Obama!! Obama and the Clintons were ‘obviously’ in collusion with Russia for years!! No ‘whining and outrage’ by Congress then!! Now, Pres Trump has reluctantly been forced to sign more sanctions against Russia by these very same people!! He has been working on forming an alliance with Russia for only one reason–to defeat the terrorist movement!! He isn’t looking to enrich himself at our expense like ‘O’ and ‘C’!! Yet, Congress puts him in this position—whose ‘side’ are they on?? The side of the ‘terrorists’, it would seem! It wasn’t Pres Trump caught on a ‘hot mike’ telling Putin—“I’ll have more flexibility after the elections”! Was it!! This ‘Russian’ collusion charge against Pres Trump is just one more ‘bone’ they want to ‘pick at’, even though it has worn ‘thin’ in credibility!! They are running ‘low’ on ammunition to use against him, and they know it!! To the point where Mueller has to go back 30years into Pres Trump’s business dealing to try to find something, anything against him!! This ‘Ruskie-phobia’ stuff is meant to stir up anxiety in the population from 40 years ago!! How ‘far back’ do they need to ‘dig’ in order to find more ‘dirt’??? This has passed the point of ‘ridiculous’!!

  35. John Savell says:

    The left, including the media, never lets facts or evidence get in the way of their BS.

  36. Original Anna says:

    Why is Congress trying to cause a war with Russia and why are the republicans going along with this crap. What is it that the democrats are covering up and the republicans are helping the democrats cover up. What is congress trying to distract us from. Is it the Wasserman scandal, is it the fact that Bill Clinton got $500,000 for a speech in Russia while Hillary was secretary of state which is illegal for an immediate member of a representative’s family to do. Is it because Hillary and Obama gave 20% of U.S. uranium used to make bombs to Russia. Trump has never been shown in pictures with Putin laughing and drinking with Hillary and Bill Clinton. Trump talked with Putin after he was President and it was legal gov’t business during gov’t presidents meetings.

  37. CCblogging says:

    The Globalist Socialist Deep State aka The Democrat Shadow Government does not want good relations with Russia so they keep stirring the pot. The Russians are angry over this fabricated Democrat BS and now we are seeing the results. Folks, we cannot let the Democrat Deep State get us into a war with Russia and her allies. We will get a bloody nose or worse and for What? America should not be the world police or the world bully. Keep voting the Globalists out and always put America first.

  38. jackel says:

    President Trump was pushed in a corner on relations with this by those politicians witch hunting for any Russian election interference. None so far except looser H.Clinton says it was, and any collusion turned from her to Donald Trump—–dem, liberal, leftist mission accomplished.
    I don’t President Trump’s going with any sanctions

  39. Joseph Techiera says:

    Clinton is the one colluding with Russia she sold them our uranium rights for 1.5 million

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