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Putin’s Confession To Megyn Kelly About The 2016 Election Will Take Your Breath Away

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  1. Maryann Hearn Bowman says:

    It’s hard to believe anything Putin says, but I believe Pres. Trump when he ways “it never happened”. I think our goverment official we elected should tend to their business to do the work we elected them for. We voted for Trump to do the things he campaigned on,. He could do his job if the left would get a lick of sense. I hope when the voting in states comes around, the left will see they aren’t wanted!!!!

    1. Kim Weaver says:

      ABSOLUTELY! and Thank-you for saying so! I keep saying the exact same thing!

    2. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

      And, I sincerely hope that Republicans get some sense too, & vote out the RINO’s like Ryan, McCain, & McConnell.

  2. Houmid says:

    Vlad Putin would have made a better President than Barry Obama. Too bad he was born in Russia.

    1. jreg9304 says:

      If i read Putin right, He is actually a down to earth type. And he is right, why should he gather information about a Presidential election here in America. the liberal media has a lot of heaD SOAKING TO DO!!!!!

      1. pittpaul says:

        Putin’s alright if you like waiting in line for two hours for toilet paper and only buying meat on Tuesdays, and secret police arresting you in front of your house should you think about running against him. Oh and NO GUN OWNERSHIP!

    2. xingqin says:

      100% agree with that..At least Putin has hi people and country behind him, as does China.

    3. Raymond Miller says:

      Glad-I’m-Here Putin obviously loves his country and wants it to be a world player, where as Doggie-Doo hates America & Americans. He showed it at every opportunity with his words and actions.

      1. Dondh says:

        If Doggie-Doo refers to President Trump, you are part of the problem we are experiencing in our country today. Most of our problems President Trump is facing was presented to him by that immediate past president, Barack Hussein Traitor Obama! If you don’t believe that, then you have your head in the sand and don’t care how this treason man has put America in jeopardy of a number of things! I suggest you look for the truth as to how much money he made from several pharmaceutical companies to put out cheap products that would do nothing for the consumer, especially for Senior Citizens. He also has done absolutely nothing for so many wounded veterans who need immediate medical attention. He has promoted open borders which has allowed so many disguised Muslim terrorists coming in portraying to be good Muslims! Did you know that when those disguised terrorist almost immediately go to the 25 or more terrorists training camps scattered around our country! How about that terrible 400 billion dollar, our money, he gave to the Iranians for really no good reason. Did you know that Iran is one of the biggest supporters of terrorist groups from the Middle East: Probably not because with your head in the sand you won’t get any of that from you Libturd Media! I could go on with a number more stupid and anti-American things that treasonous Obama did in his 8 God-forsaken years in office. President Trump has done more good things in his first 100+ days than Obama did in 8 years! Its time for the Democrat Libtards to wake up and get on the American bandwagon instead of that negative, anti-American path they are on and seemingly want to continue! God bless our President Trump and his administration and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

        1. Raymond Miller says:

          Excuse Me ! The referral is to the POS the inhabited our White House for 8 years. It is a name I gave the POS from early on in his dictatorship. I am a 100% Trump supporter and admire him greatly. How could you possibly read my comment and draw the conclusion you drew ?

      2. cheetah says:

        Is Doggie-Doo jackass bamiboy or President Trump?

        1. Raymond Miller says:

          bamiboy of coarse !

          1. cheetah says:

            Thanx. That’s what I figured, but couldn’t tell if you were talking about bamiboy or a Trump hater.

      3. Raymond Miller says:

        Maybe I should have said hated America & Americans instead of hates, sorry for the confusion.

        1. cheetah says:

          Thanks. Yes, he did, and does, hate America & Americans

    4. lolpasco says:

      and where was obama born

      1. pittpaul says:

        Obama was born in Hawaii you ass clown. Jeez Louise, when are you people going to let it go? Hopefully right after Comrade Trump is impeached! BTW, where was Ted Cruz born?

        1. VanceJ says:

          Comrade Trump ? your a Fn idiot.!!!! pittpaul ? good name for you, you are the pitt’s.!!!

          1. msmotown says:

            Pittpaul is looking at all the give-a-ways that the dems do to buy votes. He doesn’t care about the welfare of the country….just his.

        2. Tom says:

          Nah! he was born in Kenya you libtard…

          1. Tom says:

            Nice forgery where can you buy one of these?

          2. pittpaul says:

            From Snopes.com, Tom. Go argue with them about this certificate’s validity. Maybe take it up with the Hawaii Department of Health. Where’s your evidence? Something Alex Jones said? Shouldn’t we talking about the current President and how he and Putin will use their offices for personal gain? Or how he’s abandoning our allies and siding up with a communist dictator instead? How his administration is under investigation by the FBI and the NSA for collaborating with Russia to fix the election? Of course not, this is an Obama character assassination.

          3. Mike W says:

            Oh yeah like snopes hasn’t bet caught in a few lies – go back and check that.

          4. Lillith70 says:

            Snopes is run by liberals and has a bias.

          5. boydasmith says:

            Woww,.. pitp..,.. nice try.
            I happen to agree with you on President Obama’s birthplace — and it’s inconsequential-pursuit,…., both after-the-fact, AND relative-to his beliefs, policies, and agenda—-already-set-in-motion.
            1) There was/is much ‘lower-hanging-fruit’ relative-to Obama’s ‘Global-Socialism-Agenda,…. and
            2) IF he had been a Conservative-Republican, pursuing an agenda much-like president Trump’s, his birthplace would not be a ‘bone-of-contention’ at all for most Conservatives.

            In the big scheme of things, IF this legal-Constitutional-detail had been clearly-and-without-question exposed before (or shortly-after) his ‘election’ there would’ve been grounds for impeachment.
            Even if there were clear-and-indisputable-evidence,… the leftist Media-Academia-Complex would have gummed-up-the-works so badly, and created such confusion-and-obfuscation that it would be next-to-impossible to SEE the real truth!

            But after so many years, … Obama’s 2nd election,… and so much more brackish-water-under-the-bridge,… it just seems like peevish, whiny, sour-grapes,… and bitter-small-mindedness to continue playing that politically-unsuccessful card.
            It’s just not mature to pursue THAT argument against him, especially when there are SO MANY BETTER ARGUMENTS AGAINST HIS POLICIES!

            Besides, most who voted-for President Obama (like yourself) could care less WHERE he was born. After-all,.. Obama was the predesignated ‘messiah’ of the LEFT, and the Democrat-Party.
            Actually, at this point the ‘Left’ and the Democrat-Party are one-and-the-same,… there are no longer ‘Liberals’ in the Democrat-Party,… it’s simply the LEFTIST-PARTY.

            So for the Leftist-Globalist ‘anti-Christ’ voters-and-supporters of Obama,… it would be a ‘plus’ if he actually WASN’T a native-born American,.. since they despise America, anyway. They yearn for a ‘world-citizen’ to lead them into a ‘UTOPIAN’
            … which is what Obama, and the post-modern Democrat-Party ARE attempting to bring about!
            This ‘utopia-kinder-garden-of-Eden—-hell-hole’ will include special-reverence for the evil-of-ISLAM.
            And designated carve-outs for Enviro-Fascists, ….immoral-Leftist (victim-mentality)-non-whites (which includes their apologist white-enablers).
            And all-the-while glorification for the homosexuality,.. feminist-fascism, and abortion jihads,.. along with every-other wickedness which opposes principles of truth of the Bible, and God’s Salvation of trust in the ‘work’ of Jesus Christ.
            How they can arrange such a disparate carnival-of-darkness is astonishing, … and depends on complete godless-spiritual-deception. But this more-and-more seems to be the case for those pursuing these false-ideas?

            ‘Where’ he was born PALES IN COMPARISON to WHERE President Obama’s deception took America on a host of policy-pursuits. His destructive ‘BELIEFS’ are the only real, salient and consequential issue.

            As far as President Trumps supposed collusion with Putin’s government. Or the Russia’s supposed ‘interference’ with the Presidential Election,….. that is much MORE of a conspiracy-CROCK than anything the Republicans have entertained!
            There’s clearly MUCH MORE ‘hard-evidence’ that the Clinton’s actually did collude with the Russian government for financial-gain.
            The Clintons (and other corrupt Democrats,… as well as ‘some’ establishment-Republicans) did NOT become millionaires (or at least very wealthy) exclusively as ‘government-employees’ WITHOUT various-and-sundry corrupt dealings with various foreign-governments, AND corrupt practices within our own government.
            I clearly see the ‘cries-of-corruption’ by the Democrat-Party as an obvious ‘PROJECTION’ of their own corrupt-practices onto the reputations of their political-opponents.

            Ideas, Truth, and Courage MATTER!

          6. pittpaul says:

            Actually, I would rather exchange emails with you – at least your comments are based on ideology and policy instead of name calling and making bizarre charges about each other’s candidate. Although you go way off the deep end at times, your problems are with policy. I consider myself a Christian who follows the two great commandments – Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus didn’t say ‘except if your neighbor is a homosexual’. Or ‘except if he is a Samaritan’. You don’t have to like everyone, but everyone should have basic human rights to love whomever they want.

            And we can agree not to agree on Obama’s foreign policy. Remember America was coming off a ten year war in the Middle East. The entire country was gun shy at that point. He got us out of the never ending war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

          7. Bud says:

            I’ll go with the video which demonstrated that the document has layers, which only occurs when it is created using computer software. A scanned document does not have layers.
            Abandoning our allies? Where have you been for the past eight years when Obama was in fact abandoning and insulting our allies while apologizing to our enemies.
            Siding up with a communist dictator? The communist party no longer rules Russia; it does, however, rule Cuba, which Obama did in fact get all cozy with.
            The administration is not under investigation by the FBI and NSA “for collaborating with Russia to fix the election.” The Obama administration was the one which collaborated with Russia in the sale of our uranium to them.
            Try your post again, but without the lib big lie talking points next time.

          8. pittpaul says:

            According to Human Rights Watch since May 2012, when Putin was reelected as president, Russia has enacted many restrictive laws, started inspections of nongovernmental organizations, harassed, intimidated, and imprisoned political activists, and started to restrict critics. The new laws include the “foreign agents” law, which is widely regarded as over-broad by including Russian human rights organizations which receive some international grant funding, the treason law, and the assembly law which penalizes many expressions of dissent.[226][227]
            Reporters Without Borders, for instance, ranked Russia 148 in its 2013 list of 179 countries in terms of freedom of the press. It particularly criticized Russia for the crackdown on the political opposition and the failure of the authorities to vigorously pursue and bring to justice criminals who have murdered journalists. Freedom House ranks Russian media as “not free,” indicating that basic safeguards and guarantees for journalists and media enterprises are absent.[232]

          9. Gail Wasden says:

            Obama’s own family says he was born in Kenya. Michelle was taped during a talk with some group of foreign born folks and she acknowledged that her husband was born in Kenya. The origonal birth certificate from Hawaii finally released was obviously a forgery because there were several glaring errors on it. I don’t know what this is but it doesn’t even look like a regular birth certificate.

          10. pittpaul says:

            You got this off a Facebook page? That’s a real relevant source. Beat it Mike, your ‘Obama is an African’ ship has sailed. I’m here to talk about butt buddies Putin and Trump, two of the biggest a-holes in the world! How long are you giving pussy-grabbing Trump before he’s impeached? I’m saying not until the Dems regain control of the House in 2018. What’s your guess?

          11. Mike W says:

            My guess is you are a very disillusioned left wing tool. Who is extremely upset because it looks like you won’t be seeing that $15/hr minimum wage.

          12. pittpaul says:

            Wrong again Mike. I’m a Civil Engineer w 40 years experience. You still cooking meth in a trailer in Oklahoma these days?

          13. Mike W says:

            Have you ever designed anything that actually worked? And yeah I’m cooking some meth right now how much do you need?

          14. Bud says:

            The butt buddies were a menage a trois with Putin, Obama, and Hillary.

        3. lolpasco says:

          pittpauul you mean pittfall their don’t have a name where your born

          1. fred schramm says:

            I thought his name was Pitiful and he spelled it incorrectly.

          2. pittpaul says:

            It’d be funnier if you could spell, lolpasco
            “their don’t have a name” – WTF does that translate to in English? You should have listened to your stepmom and finished 6th grade.

          1. Mike W says:

            His little ol Grandma in Kenya said she was there when he was born. The left never did say if she was just an outright liar or a conspiracy theorist. Now his family in Kenya has doubts that they are even related and would like to see a DNA Paternity test.


          2. Lillith70 says:

            He now has the same age spots coming to his complexion as by his real father who was married at the time to a different white woman and had children as light as Barry Soetoro of Indonesia. BTW, Barry took first trip of second term to Indonesia–the home of his youth and where he loved to hear the call to prayers. Barack Hussein Obama the first has rounded features than Obama II (note not Jr but as when named after someone except his father–clever deceivers know we aren’t all knowing and can be diverted to look elsewhere) Its in the eyes and mouth and teeth where Barry shows his real father’s DNA–Frank Marshall Davis Jr. I am astounded that Barry hasn’t “discovered” that his real father was Frank and thus take on that mantle of the poet and pornographer of Hawaii, FMDjr. So Barack #1 was also married and married Stanley Ann polygamously? Was that legal?

          3. Bud says:

            It would not matter if it were legal IF Obama had been born in Hawaii to an American citizen mother.

          4. Deborah Pratt says:

            Thank you for posting this video!! This may all eventually become very relevant should it all go to court. Obama committed a ‘felon’ if he represented himself falsely of being a US citizen. We do not elect ‘foreign’ born people into presidency in this country. By law–he needed to be a ‘citizen’!! I’m sure, in this short time, not all actions have been taken against our former ‘Liar in Chief’ yet!!

          5. Mike W says:

            Obama has lied about who he is and where he is from. Obama lied when he applied to Occidental College – one way or the other he lied – he either lied about being a foreign student or he is lying now about Hawaii. Obama had to surrender his law license to avoid prosecution for lying on his bar application. Lying is nothing new to Obama he has become very skilled at it.

          6. Lillith70 says:

            And they never will if left to the quisling GOP in Congress. What a mess to sort out all the stuff Barry Sotoro AKA known as Barack Obama II put into law? They can’t even get Hillary on treason–Comey so queasy about going against the wishes of Loretta Lynch for one???.

            And noone is helping the president to drain the swamp and change the corruption in DC, let alone the UN, o0r the world as an example or light on a shiniing hill?.

          7. pittpaul says:

            Bad f#cking edit job, Shelby. Are you that gullible and stupid to believe this? This video was discredited 7 years ago.
            From Snopes:
            it’s as obvious as can be (in both the video and audio aspects) that the clip itself includes multiple jumps and edits.

            Nonetheless, the prolonged and continued circulation of this clip as “real” indicates that additional debunking is called for, so we note here that this clip originated with ObamaSnippetsDotCom, a self-identified humor site which regularly takes snippets from video clips of Barack Obama’s speeches, press conferences, and other public appearances, editing and rearranging them to make it appear as if he said things which he did not. (Another example in the same vein from this site presents President Obama’s purportedly acknowledging an intent to create health care reform “death panels.”) Moreover, the original version of this clip (entitled “Birthers’ Delight”) is preceded by a text sequence clearly identifying it as a spoof.

            Now can we talk about that pussy-grabbing President of yours and how he’s selling America to the Ruskies?

          8. bytheway4 says:

            pitpaul, are you really that stupid? I see that you don’t know how to read and if you can , you have selective hearing, selective sight and no brains. Get lost, please.

          9. Bud says:

            Snopes is not credible.
            It was Obama and Hillary who “sold” America to the Russians.
            Try your post again, but without the lib big lie talking points next time, pitifulpaul.

          10. Shelby Olsen says:

            eYour language in your conversations is pretty bad. You don’t have much respect. As for me being gullible; Snopes, really? That is a husband and wife team who give their opinion…doesn’t hold much water. obama released many terrorists from GITMO who were against this country, and in his last days in office, he pardoned a military man who gave away confidential military information and gave millions to Palestine to use against our ally, Israel, among other things. It has put us in great danger. I have no clue what Trump did when he was young, but I am pretty sure that most people have done things when they were young that they wish they would have used more sense for. You are vulgar in your speech and I read that you are an engineer. I would think that you could think of ways to express yourself that would use more decent language. There are many things that I did not agree with in the last administration. I like Trump because he is standing for the police, law and order, the military, working on improving the infrastructure, standing for religious freedoms, working on creating the job market with better paying jobs and hopefully, abolishing obama care, among other things. He has done more to improve our country in his short time in office than any president that I can remember. Do you remember when obama spoke to Putin and told him that he would have more flexibility when he was re-elected? He wasn’t aware that the mic was still on and that he was being taped…not to mention hillary and her “special” relationship with Russia and her foundation. You have the right to your opinion, just as we all do. I completely disagree with you, but the name calling and derogatory comments are not necessary. I am not an engineer. But, I do investigate the things that the politicians are doing and what they stand for. I will never support any that follow things like abortion. I know that at a point in his life, Trump did, too. But, he does not now. I do believe that he loves this country and does not want globalization. I like the things that he says that he wants to do. He has worked at his promises.

        4. msmotown says:

          So why did he and others pay so much to hide the birth certificate and the last one they produced was declared as fraudulent? Maybe you are the clown by not doing some critical thinking and actually researching the impostor. Take a look at his books and see who he praises.

          1. fred schramm says:

            Justice Sotomayor was appointed by Obama. Lawsuits about obamas birth certificate went to her courtroom where they were thrown out Thats how she made it to the SUPREME COURT,

          2. Silver Eagle says:

            He doesn’t have a birth certificate—He has a certificate of birth printed by the US Department of Printing and Engraving—He’s a fraud

        5. Dondh says:

          That a false statement about his birth place! The face is, proven by his Kenyan grandmother and Kenyan brother who showed authentic birth certificates showing his birth in Kenya! Those two were covered up by the Liberal Media and never seen by most Americans The person who signed his Hawaiian birth certificate publically admitted she falsely signed a fake birth certificate but was again covered up by the liberal media there in Hawaii and the American continental liberal media! So you are dead wrong about his birth place and a Liberal sucker for the liberal lies and fake stories!

          1. Shauna McGlothlin says:

            Well said!

          2. Silver Eagle says:

            Wrong—his relatives insisted he was born in Kenya—come out from under that rock. Look it up……………..

          3. Dondh says:

            Obviously then you didn’t see the official photos of his Kenyan birth! Naturally, you as a Democrat want to brush that under the carpet and believe the corrupt and lies of the Libtard Media! You need to see and hear the truth from truthful sources, not the Media mentioned here!!

          4. Silver Eagle says:

            I don’t understand your post. I am agreeing with you–read my post—He WAS born in Kenya–I am a Republican. Do you have a fever?

          5. Dondh says:

            Sorry about that! No fever, but just get angry at those Libtards who refuse to accept the truth! Not only that, they have the audacity to formulate lies and make false statements knowing that they aren’t true, at least that’s my opinion. You and I both know that they are doing this for at least two reasons; one, they are still angry because their candidate, liar and criminal Hillary Clinton lost this past election. I believe she was in it only for the purpose of becoming the first woman to become president of the United States.
            Secondly, they are formulating everything negative against President Donald Trump because they hate him because he’s so successful thinking because they won the popular vote, Clinton should be president! They couldn’t accept the fact that most of her votes came only from 5 States and that’s not what wins our presidential election, its the electoral college stupid Libtards!!
            Any way, they simply will not give up and now former president, that illegal Obama, treason on his part in my opinion, is getting into and leading or advising this group who are drumming up fake and false stories against President Trump, treason trying to impeach him or get him out of office in another way, whatever that is. Would you agree with me that for Obama, this is an act of treason and the guy should be jailed for life or for a very long time!

          6. Bud says:

            I believe she was in it only for the purpose of becoming the first woman to become president of the United States.

            That may have been one of the reasons; however, she simply wanted all that power in her hands. She could just feel and taste that power.

          7. Vidad Makala says:

            your info is correct on da bummer.

          8. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

            She also was killed in a plane crash. Everybody else survived, but her.

          9. Deborah Pratt says:

            Your information is correct and I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of this yet!!

          10. maxx says:

            Liberals don’t need to know the facts. Their feeble minds are made up solely based on their political ideology AND how much they get in government welfare benefits.

          11. Dondh says:

            The fact is, they know the fact but won’t concede to them! You are right about their feeble minds based solely on their political ideology, I call it persuasion! I also some of those guys in Congress don’t have a clue what that means and only are persuaded by more outspoken Libards! I believe you know that they are interested, that is the Demtards, or Demturds, are only interested in government control so they can push the Republicans out of the way and get complete control! There is another problem and that’s related to those Rhino Republicans who haven’t the guts to stand up for our party is there for! These guys need to be replaced by good Conservative and Truthful people to be a part of Congress who will stand up for our Constitutions and the great American way!

          12. RockinOn says:

            Dead on Dondh, and with the agenda put forth by that SCUMBAG obummer and mooseschelle, I would suspect that could be the reason the LGBTQABCDEF… lifestyles have been pushed on us all here in America, when 2% of the population (not a majority) has a person in the White House who should not be there for more than one reason, this is what happens ! They are no where near the caliber of persons to have resided in the White House and either were the clintons, that is why the Libertards are so loud to push an agenda that fits their narrative ! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3270027238d56cad1ca2e4c0b3a4a7ffd86b2532dff160d78535bd4e21e21496.jpg

            Lost their licenses because they were Honorable ! NO !


            Mooseschelle has broader shoulders than obummer for real !


            Looks like it might have more hangin too !

          13. Lillith70 says:

            I think a Brazillian and an old fashioned girdle should have bee worn in these clingy dresses seeing as so in the harsh lights.

          14. Dondh says:

            Those 4 idiots need to look in a mirror! They will see nothing but lies and crimes they have committed! I just don’t see how these people can say they are true Americans for all the dirty and anti-American things they’ve done! I hope some day, these people will be erased from any recognitions they could get, especially Obama as in my mind, he was the worst president this country has ever seen!! Thank God Hillary didn’t win or she would have given Obama a race toward the worst ever!!

        6. Larry says:

          Obama’s own grandmother said the Muslim queen was born in kenya

          1. Mr.Mudd says:

            He is homosexual. Google O and gay bath houses. Rhaum is a flamer also..

          2. Bud says:

            Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

          3. maxx says:

            Exactly. She did not say precisely that he was born in Kenya but she did say she was present at his birth and she had never been out of the African continent. Not rocket science to come to the proper conclusion. And remember, right after her statement was picked up by the media his grandmother was no longer available to the media by order of the Kenyan government. She inadvertently let the “cat out of the bag”. And his Dunham grandmother worked in a government office in Hawaii that had access to SS records. The SS number used by BHO was issued long before Barry was born to a man that died before ever collecting any SS benefits. Way too much suspicious information to be coincidence.

          4. pittpaul says:

            And I say you were discovered, not born, Larry.

          5. Lillith70 says:

            It should have been investigated – he is a globalist and more friendly to the anti-Americans than the traditional national narrative pre-his reign of deceit and smoke and mirrors, hopy, changy without saying the change. He ran on support for traditional marriage and not gays in military and when managed second election using Romney’s religion as a whip to bash him (now that it plain and funny considering the rise in Muslim protections above the regular law ones).

            Then second tern he used courts and exec orders to implement his real purposes against the polled will of the American public.

            Chaos caused is a tool from which benign dictators that promise peace are given mandates and freedom lost.

          6. Bud says:

            Yes, that’s very mature and adds so much to the conversation, pitypaul.

        7. Richard Bagenstose says:

          like there is no proof to russia interfering in the election , there is no proof oboma was born in hawaii

          1. Bud says:

            Perhaps few remember it, but I do.When Neal Abercrombie (D) was running for governor of Hawaii he promised that, if elected, he would produce Obama’s original birth certificate from the state archives to end the controversy once and for all. He won the election. Unfortunately, after a diligent 24/7 four-year search we never did see that original birth certificate.

        8. Orvis Pigg says:

          Sorry, that is not proven. He posted a fake birth certificate and democrats really don’t want to know what Obama’s background is. His records have been hidden by the courts. Why would a credible president do that.

          1. Mr.Mudd says:

            Pelosi and Reed filed fraudulent documentation to get the Kenyan on the ballot in 08.Where is the reporting on this????

          2. maxx says:

            Actually it was Pelosi alone that signed the document stating he was qualified on the Hawaii ballot only. She never officially signed, as required, the documents for all the other states. That was not an accident on her part either. Oblowhards ascension to the thrown was a total conspiracy by both parties. The democrats directly and the repuklicans by failing to act patriotically.

          3. maxx says:

            The Intelligence agencies should all have access to all information, locked or otherwise. Why have they not looked into it? Too many liberals in those jobs? I think Edward Snowden should be given a chance to vindicate himself by being allowed to find the real facts about Oblowhard. Snowden did US citizens a big favor by exposing the massive illegal surveillance we have been and are still under. He deserves a medal.

        9. Mr.Mudd says:

          He is on YT admitting his home country, Kenya…

          1. pittpaul says:

            Are you that gullible and stupid to believe this? This video was discredited 7 years ago.
            From Snopes:
            it’s as obvious as can be (in both the video and audio aspects) that the clip itself includes multiple jumps and edits.

            Nonetheless, the prolonged and continued circulation of this clip as “real” indicates that additional debunking is called for, so we note here that this clip originated with ObamaSnippetsDotCom, a self-identified humor site which regularly takes snippets from video clips of Barack Obama’s speeches, press conferences, and other public appearances, editing and rearranging them to make it appear as if he said things which he did not. (Another example in the same vein from this site presents President Obama’s purportedly acknowledging an intent to create health care reform “death panels.”) Moreover, the original version of this clip (entitled “Birthers’ Delight”) is preceded by a text sequence clearly identifying it as a spoof.

        10. fred schramm says:

          Then you must also believe that Putin was born in Alaska. With that kind of thinking your parents are probably eligible for a full refund of any and all monies spent on your education.

        11. Timothy Dayton says:

          The real question is why did Obama seal his college records? There are serious concerns that he got into Columbia as a foreign student. Which either would have shown him to be an opportunistic liar or a foreigner. Either answer is not good. But why seal those records if there is nothing to hide?

          1. maxx says:

            It’s no concern. A woman that worked in the Administration Office back when BHO attended Columbia still has connections to people at Columbia an hey were able to find a copy of his “Foreign Student” ID card.

        12. Vidad Makala says:

          Sori I am from Hawai’i and we all know he was not born in Hawai’i but from Africa.

          1. pittpaul says:

            So because your Hawaiian you’re an expert on birth certificate fraud, eh Vidad?

        13. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

          He was born in Kenya! He even said so in one of his books! And, Ted Cruz was born in Canada to an AMERICAN citizen mother. She was over the age of 18, so legally was an adult US citizen. And, if you are still buying into all of Obama’s lies, you’ll need to change your handle to pittypaul.

          1. pittpaul says:

            Barrack’s mom was an American too. She was from Kansas. It says so in his book, Dreams of my Father.

        14. June Burgess says:

          Even Hawaii Said his so called birth certificate was a fake, you really need to see the film of obamas grandmother and the rest of his family who state that he was born in Kenya, Didnt you ever wonder why he attended college here and received aid as a Foreign Student, oh thats right those documents were sealed, Occidental College Records, Columbia College Records, Columbia Thesis paper, Harvard College records ALL SEALED, Certified copy of Original Birth Certificate, Sealed. What country’s passport did he use when he visited Pakistan in 1981?

        15. daledor says:

          I would qualify as a professional on computer and computer peripheral equipment from service in the Navy, later working with IBM, and later other repair operations.

          FACT IS that typesets that were in the fake birth certificate did not even exist when Obama was a baby. Between Obama’s birthday, I assume in 1961 and the late 1970’s when I worked with IBM some of the fonts did not exist on the fake and most assuredly when I worked on comps and periph devices in the earlier 1970’s. PICA and elite with about 4 fonts controlled the market.

          FACT IS Photoshop, the founder of overlaying pictures of documents to form a combined document as the fake was developed in 1987 -26 years after Obama was born.

          Now if you can’t handle facts you delude yourself. Check it out, do some homework and you will find what I intrinsically knew back then. When I saw the document I was curious but quickly saw it as a fake for the listed reasons and others not listed that really were OBVIOUS to me.

          Like the Sheriff Arpaio and his ‘cold case’ law officer partners that researched the document and declared it a fake, I also did not start to disprove it but to validate it. Unlike the Sheriff though, I KNEW it was a fake when I first analyzed it for about five minutes. I dug deeper and was fascinated that using Photoshop, a relative new technology, I saw layers.

          If it looks like a rat, smells like a rat, acts like a rat — it is a rat not a cat.

          1. dilligaf says:

            Excellent research daledor! I remember seeing the “fake” certificate on the internet. Something did not look right. (not sure what at the time). Most likely nothing will ever come of it. Still too many rats in the swamp to get anything done about it…………very sad for our country!.

          2. daledor says:

            Thanks dilligaf! I do share your frustration on those who think themselves so wise in their own eyes, believing lies and calling it truth and agitating those who dare try to wake them up. They indeed act like fools when they reject truth and treat those who speak truth with great vileness or disrespect. Such NEVER do homework – you can’t teach them anything.

            In the 60’s of age category if I am confronted with a truth, even inconvenient correcting an error I occasionally make though doing my best to be accurate, the I learn. When a person is prone to teach and can not be taught then the mind is closed and growth by truth is stopped – placing the person in a BOX. Problem is these days there are a lot of people in boxes, surrounded by their narrow world in the box, thinking themselves much better off and correct though in a box. Some that get out of school or college and think they know it all, laughable they should realize how little that they really know and be excited to learn more — some are educated beyond their intelligence. Ha!.

          3. maxx says:

            And don’t forget the fact that on the kluged certificate the fathers race was specified as “black” yet in 1961 the term “black” was not standard but “negro” was the standard.

          4. pittpaul says:

            While you’re all getting your panties in a wad over private citizen Obama, your President is collaborating with the communists to abandon our allies and side with Russia. Nice.

          5. daledor says:

            Obummer set up the first troops for the UN and many other traitorous facts that Congress did nothing about. Comey repeated that Trump was not under investigation, yet was proven to be out to undermine Trump – for one thing he called a meeting with the President and lied about that claiming that Trump called that meeting. Believe what you will – probably wasting my words on a concrete skull.

          6. pittpaul says:

            I don’t believe you. Tell me how it’s fake Mr. Knowitall. And by expert do you mean teletype machines? all the FACTS you cite are YOUR OPINION.

          7. daledor says:

            I know because of EXPERIENCE over many years. You believe what you want to – you dare not step out of your Obama fan box. I do not put ANY person or president on a pedestal. If a person does good, I say they did good and if a person does evil, I say that they did evil. If I do either – I call a spade a spade. Guess why? I put TRUTH above even my own convenience. Try it any I can say that you think for yourself rather than follow charades and agenda.

        16. Alan BYRD says:


          1. pittpaul says:

            Are you that gullible and stupid to believe this? This video was discredited 7 years ago.
            From Snopes:
            it’s as obvious as can be (in both the video and audio aspects) that the clip itself includes multiple jumps and edits.

            Nonetheless, the prolonged and continued circulation of this clip as “real” indicates that additional debunking is called for, so we note here that this clip originated with ObamaSnippetsDotCom, a self-identified humor site which regularly takes snippets from video clips of Barack Obama’s speeches, press conferences, and other public appearances, editing and rearranging them to make it appear as if he said things which he did not. (Another example in the same vein from this site presents President Obama’s purportedly acknowledging an intent to create health care reform “death panels.”) Moreover, the original version of this clip (entitled “Birthers’ Delight”) is preceded by a text sequence clearly identifying it as a spoof.

          2. pittpaul says:

            Alan – well if its all over the internet it must be true Byrd-brain.

        17. E. Hutzie says:

          Are you referring to Barry Soto?

        18. maxx says:

          Cruz was born in Canada to a Cuban father and a mother that was a legal natural born American citizen you moron.

        19. J. Ernst says:

          YOU are a captured mind…a minion of the newsertainment industry…a sheeple. SIMPLY because you CHOOSE evidence. You don’t examine what’s put in front of you…by ANY means of scientific examination!!! Cyber experts from around the globe “weighed in” on the obviously FABRICATED “Birth Certificate” of Barry Soetoro.
          There was NO SUCH THING AS A “BLACK” baby on a U.S. Birth certificate in 1960!!! They were either listed as NEGRO or NEGROID. The term BLACK was NOT available until what year?
          C’mon youthful stooge…tell U.S. when “black” was INTRODUCED as a demographic or an acceptable and legally listed “race” for documentation!!!
          OH WAIT!!! Barry was an exceptional “spirit child” and therefore a savior of some kind….right?
          Barry Soetoro IS an ILLEGAL ALIEN, bi-sexual, bastard muslim!
          ANYTHING “HE” introduced or signed was/is INVALID!!!
          But hey, in a communist society anything goes for the good of YOUR party right?

        20. Lillith70 says:

          Birthplace not what matters as much as did he get his citizenship back afater his mother had him adopted by stepfather in Indonesia which doesn’t have dual citizenship. These questions should have been vetted by the media before he was elected in 2008 AND his socialist views and connections told to the public. His mentor by his own words was a man named frank (who was most likely his real father) a Communist Community Organizer in Hawaii who had to run as a democrat to get his one elected job. The media didn’t even vet him to the public by telling what a community organizers does–they organize people to march and agitate for change to the advantage of the inner cities.

        21. CLARA PERRY says:

          WHO CARES OBOZO IS gone he no longer can make laws to hurt us,,,,screw him
          AND POTUS TRUMP WILL NOT BE IMPEACHED.. you are the ass clown pittpaul.

      2. fred schramm says:

        in africa

    5. tmk6190 says:

      What difference would that make, can you say KENYA?

    6. Shelby Olsen says:

      You mean instead of Kenya?

    7. fred schramm says:

      He has a birth certificate from Alaska.

  3. William Glass says:

    In answer to Mr. Putin ” YES ! The liberal establishment in this country HAS LOST its collective sense (if they had it in the first place).”

    1. msmotown says:

      I saw an analysis of the election by a Russian reporter, and he was right on the dot about the corruption of the liberals. He put all the mainstream media to shame. Did you hear about the people in London chanting Trump’s name after the terror attacks there? They know what Trump is trying to do is what they need the Prime Minister to do. Europe is being destroyed by liberal idiots.

      1. William Glass says:

        I’m glad I saw England , France , Germany & Italy in the 90’s. Europe WAS a beautiful and safe place to visit. Now it saddens me greatly to see how it has been basically destroyed by Muslim invaders ( that they let them in! ). This is what Pres. Trump is trying to prevent , but the liberal Obama judges are stopping him ( they are of the same mindset as the “mindless” Europeans ). Tolerance, compassion and “political correctness” does not work on Muslim terrorists. The “left” doesn’t seem to get it. “Can’t we all just get along?” is not going to work!

  4. Howard A Milor Jr. says:

    I believe just about anyone other than the American media. Because if the truth does not fit their agenda they alter it!

    1. msmotown says:

      I’m down to Fox and Friends, Hannity, Carlson, conservative radio and YouTube (Mark Dice, Next News Network, David Zublick, etc.)

  5. theojt says:

    Who is Megyn Kelly?

    1. jreg9304 says:

      A liberal asshole that you really don’t wanna know!!!!!

      1. Mike W says:

        That always dresses to show her availability and ease of access on the news. Except in the 2nd interview with Vladimir Putin she put on pants and a shirt for that one – I guess he snubbed her alright.

  6. M. D'Souza says:

    The “Conspiracy Theories” are Hillary Clinton’s specialities. Russian collusion with the Trump election was started by HILLARY when she lost the election. She had to blame someone, & the FAKE media jumped on that bandwagon beating the drums for impeachment. That’s NOT going to coronate Hillary nor will it bring Obama to continue as POTUS.
    So why are the Democrats wasting their time in the Congress & wasting tax-payers’ money on FAKE investigations?
    Putin rightly gave MeGyn Kelly a good snub by telling her “Are you all lost your senses?”

    1. msmotown says:

      When is that old Clinton had going to hang it up? She needs a little more alcohol and cocaine! Kelly can join her. Remember when Kelly spent a whole week with Bill Ayers? Why?

    2. Mike W says:

      I wonder why all of the Clinton body bags, the rapes – the pedophilia by both Bill and Hillary at Jeffery Epstein’s Pleasure Island”, the cocaine ring in Mena Arkansas,Bill Clinton giving a presidential pardon to his brother Roger – in prison for dealing cocaine – all the stories about Hillary’s own cocaine addiction, the pay for play schemes by Secretary of Take Hillary Clinton, The billions of dollars missing/unaccounted for from the Haiti relief effort after the 2010 earthquake, The uranium sold to Russia, Hillary’s brother Hugh Rodham acquiring a very rare permit to mine gold in Haiti after Hillary interfered with their election to get “her” choice candidate in office, all of the Clinton Foundation corruption – all of this is viewed by the left as conspiracy theories. Yet if someone said that President Trump ran over the Easter Bunny on the White House lawn – drunk – driving Santa Clauses sleigh the left would scream for an immediate investigation and impeachment.

      1. William Glass says:

        All the aforementioned crimes are well documented and a glaring condemnation of our “criminal” justice system. If you are a criminal with “deep” enough pockets and “political” influence then you are not treated the same as the rest of us. The Bernard Madoff case is an example of one executive criminal screwing the other big time criminals. When you violate the “club” rules , you go down in flames as a warning to the other “members”. Killary and husband are up to this point not in violation of the “club” rules Yet. There has ALWAYS been two sets of rules for the “rulers” and the “ruled”. “Equal justice under the law?” Give me a break!

  7. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:

    Putin a better World leader then BUSH CLINTON and OBAMA. Nobody is protecting America from the Jews destroying our country and society. Hitler did protect Germany and his people,
    WAKE UP USA ITS JEWS WHO ARE THE ISIS TO FEAR. HOLLYWOOD JEWS ARE OUR ENEMY! PICTURE SAYS IT ALL. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/03b2c3d0efdd93e635df1249215a0add6f84027899ef361aff2c89734475cf0d.jpg

    1. cheetah says:

      Hitler’s attitude. Must be related. He pumped anyone he wanted

      1. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:


        1. cheetah says:

          Obviously a left wing, lib, pro illegals/queers/welfare pumpers, dem.

          1. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:

            No “Shit For Brains” I am a well educated American who has seen America push back 125 years. THEY ARE ALL CROOKED AND SELLING OUT AMERICA. The Obama’s just sign a 68 MILLION DOLLAR book deal for all the damage they done to our country! IT IS JEWS WHO WERE SHOULD EXECUTE. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2429b250852ceb23748387dca2edbfd910ede1795e1fe456879ba21dff25e50c.jpg

  8. MikeyParks says:

    Will the Democrats every give up? Not as long as the MSM supports their fishing expedition. But if Trump ignores them and continues on with his agenda, the Dems will just keep making clowns of themselves.

  9. Tim Oconnor says:

    BREAKING NEWS: The Russians planted BACTERIAL VIRUS in Hillary Clintons vagina. It caused horrible stench so bad that people around her felt sick to their stomach. Another result was the infamous “cottage cheese pu$$y,” a disgusting white froth dripping down her legs. What a pig, and the stink was unbearable. Comey even tried to cover it up with air spray.

    1. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:

      Israel attack the USS LIBERTY killing and wounding 208 American Sailors. HUGE COVER UP ! TIME TO BOMB ISRAEL! Picture says it all. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/03b2c3d0efdd93e635df1249215a0add6f84027899ef361aff2c89734475cf0d.jpg

      1. cheetah says:

        That was Hitler’s attitude. Must be related. He pumped anyone he wanted

      2. FL_Stingray says:

        You are 50 years late with that.
        It was LBJs problem and he did nothing

        1. cheetah says:

          He did nothing because he knew better. Check history. Everyone who turned against Israel collapsed & never recovered

        2. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:

          Sorry but this it is the American People problem. There is no deadline for murdering our people! JEWS ARE ROBBING AND KILLING OUR COUNTRY STILL TODAY!

        3. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:

          BOMB ISRAEL AND KILL SOME JEWS FOR USS LIBERTY ATTACK.ISRAEL THINKS THIS IS FUNNY. THEY HATE AMERICANS. WAKE UP FOLKS https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2429b250852ceb23748387dca2edbfd910ede1795e1fe456879ba21dff25e50c.jpg

          Family marks 50 years since Brackenridge man killed in

          Israel’s errant attack on USS …
          Tribune-Review – 1 day ago
          Unsung heroes of USS Liberty attack
          Allentown Morning Call – 1 day agoAMP

          Fifty Years Later, NSA Keeps Details of Israel’s USS Liberty Attack Secret
          The Intercept › 2017/06/06 › fifty-years-…
          3 days ago – On June 8, 1967, an Israeli torpedo tore through the side of the unarmed American naval vessel USS Liberty, approximately a …

          Infamy at Sea: Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty 50 Years Later – Counterpunch
          CounterPunch › 2017/06/02 › infamy-at-…
          Jun 2, 2017 – In early June of 1967, at the onset of the Six Day War, the Pentagon sent the USS Liberty from Spain into international waters …
          50 Years Ago: NSA’s Deadliest Day | …
          observer.com › 2017/06 › 50-years-ago-…

      3. Shelby Olsen says:

        Why would you want to avenge this now? Are you going to bomb Germany and Japan now, too. This is past history. It is not the fault of the people or leaders now.

        1. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:

          Still today we have listen to the Jews complain about the Holocaust and the blacks complain about slavery. Our country is under attack by The Jewish Mafia Empire who hate white America. TAKE YOUR CONFEDERATE FLAG DOWN. Hitler said Jews were black and queers and he was right. AND YES ISRAEL SHOULD PAY FOR KILLING AMERICANS. The future and safety for our children are in danger. We have been killing innocent people in the Middle East for Jews 17 years. The American people have the right to know about the USS LIBERTY and these Americans should be honor every year. THIS WAS A COVER UP TO PROTECT KILLER JEWS! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e69a3f33ee17e7407aaa55386de886d9e522930ad6f8cb6a92f706e6aaf87f7f.jpg

    2. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:

      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/62ca29271674f0e62f28de1f2d50967de1a04f1e54ed58f8c8b984b7dc529447.jpg JEWS ARE SHOVING PENIS UP YOUR BUTT.

  10. SouthernPatriot says:

    The leftist complicit media did not report on Obama’s daily violation of the U.S. Constitution and his presidential vows as proven by the unanimous vote of the SCOTUS slapping him down. The main stream media did not even report that. Now with Trump, about 90 percent of the media supported and gave money to the Hillary campaign and it lies about Trump, and carries on a false/lying narrative about Russian collusion for many months with absolutely no evidence.

    Sad demented Democrats are preparing a draft for the impeachment of President Trump. What charges? Additional lies and deception by the demons that are Democrats. They do not see that they will soon be a party of the radical fringe and that they will not win another federal election for a long time, and will lose a great majority of state elections. While the Democrat party self-destructs, President Donald J. Trump will continue to work overtime for us, donate his presidential salary to charities, and work to defend us, remove the encumbrances, regulations, and fiats and decrees placed on us by Obama, and continue working to Make America Great Again!

    1. Whaledriver says:

      Comey testified in Congressional hearings that Trump exerted pressure on him to drop the hearings about Russia influencing the elections in Trump’s favor. When is anyone going to ask Comey about serving on the Board of Directors of many Clinton Foundation interests (companies)? Is Congress so stupid as to not see the connection between Comey and the Clintons?

      Hopefully, Comey will have his ass fried for malfeasance, corruption, conflict of interest, perjury, contempt of Congress — and treason.

  11. Tins17 says:


  12. jreg9304 says:

    Good for Mr. Putin and great for President Trump!!

  13. Whaledriver says:

    Trump sold 25% of American uranium reserves to those very same Russians, along with controlling interests of the companies that produce this fissile element, useful in nuclear weapons and reactors, through Canada without a federal license permitting the the sale.

    Oops! That’s Billy and Hillary Clinton, NOT Donald Trump. And here I thought that Trump was keeping the rumors of the Russians influencing the November elections alive to serve as a smokescreen for what amounts to treason, the sale of critical nuclear materials to those very same Russians.!

    My bad!

    1. Mike W says:

      President Trump was very very wealthy before entering so called “government service”. The same cannot be said for the Clintons. In fact in Hillary’s own words “they were broke when they left the White House.” They sure are not broke now. She did very well for herself as Secretary of Take.

      1. msmotown says:

        Ask the Haitians about the Clintons. The Haiti government sent a representative to the U.S. to share their grievances and all the mainstream media turned off their cameras and left when the man started listing all the things that Clintons had done against them.

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          Oh–do you mean like the funds she stole from the Haitian Relief fund that they never received?? To this day, Haiti has never recovered from that terrible storm!! Americans donated to help them in good faith and Hillary Clinton ‘pocketed’ the money!!!

      2. Dondh says:

        Are you kidding about the Clinton’s being broke? That is totally false because they have millions in their Clinton Foundation, much of which was donated by that anti-American socials George Soros. This guy is a thorn in America’s side as he doing everything he can financially to make America into a totalitarian, in others words, a socialist or government controlled dynasty! And this guy isn’t even American born! His birth place is Hungary and holds citizenship in both countries. He was totally against President Trump and financially supplied large funds to certain members of the DNP and to the Clinton’s and their foundation. So don’t tell me the Clinton’s were broke some time ago. They’ve never been broke! After all, Slick Willey was drawing a handsome retirement from his presidency and she make a good salary from her time as Secretary of State and a terrible job she did there! They had a criminal time when Bill was Governor of Arkansas and several mysterious things took place during that time and afterwards as well!! Check out Clinton’s Body Bags” from the Internet and you see that these two were criminals belong to the DNP who they buffaloed everybody in that party and several Rhino Republicans! And lastly, IT WAS SHE WHO SOLD THAT URANIUM TO THE RUSSIANS, BUT AGAIN GOT AWAY WITH IT BECAUSE THE MEDIA REFUSED TO PUT THAT INFORMATION OUT TO THE PUBIC!

        1. Mike W says:

          I said that Hillary said they were broke when they left the White House. Read it again.
          I always wondered why she would say that – because Bill was still receiving his presidential salary for life – so I thought she meant that trying to squeak by on about $34,000 a month was “broke” to her. How many people especially the fools that supported her would love to be that broke?

          1. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

            I would LOVE to be that broke! Especially now that I retired. I make almost $11k a year. And, when she said they were broke, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. When Bill left the WH they still got his $400k a year salary, PLUS a Cadillac health plan. And, he started charging up the wazoo for speaking at different functions. $500k isn’t exactly chicken feed! And, no, I am NOT one of the ones that supported her. I thank the good Lord everyday that Hillary didn’t win the election!

          2. Deborah Pratt says:

            I’ll ‘volunteer’!!! That’s my husband’s and my entire retirement income for the ‘Year’!!!! However, all of it has been ‘honestly’ earned—not ‘stolen’ from anyone!!

      3. Deborah Pratt says:

        She still owes Haiti over 6million dollars in donations that she stole from them!!! Demands need to be made!!

        1. Mike W says:

          There are billions of Haitian Relief dollars that are “unaccounted” for. Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton put the Clinton Foundation in charge of r that relief effort.
          The Haitian’s war banned from being near Hillary campaign venues – because Hillary and the corrupt main stream media did not want the rest of the country to see or hear about that.

    2. gloriarider says:

      Yes it was Hillary who sold Uraniun to the Russians. Now you have it right…”)

      1. Mr.Mudd says:

        Don’t forget when she ran the state dept 6Billion came up missing. My sources say the Clinton’s are sitting on 100Bil..They are traitors..Fact is Clinton and Obama can’t stand each other..

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          That’s understandable!! ‘We’ can’t stand either of them!! LOL

    3. VanceJ says:

      Clinton’s put me in mind of the movie the Grifters.

  14. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:


    1. cheetah says:

      That’s what Hitler said. Must be related. After all, he pumped anyone he wanted

  15. Thinkingman2025 says:

    Comey had a choice: perjure himself, or go to prison for failing to report a “crime”. He chose perjury, and cleared Trump. The Russia – Trump canard is a proven lie, and the Libertards need a new non-issue to go apoplectic over,

  16. David in MA says:

    “Who do you believe?”

  17. Raymond Miller says:

    Sweetie Pie got her a** handed to her. It’s not hard to tell that her motive for the interview was to try to get Trump. She is such a phony POS. She tried to match wits with a person much more intelligent than she is. He made her look like a moron. She is the female version of Horaldo Rivera.

  18. Faye Patterson says:

    Fake news by Media and Democrats to explain why Hillary lost. They can’t accept that America rejected her clearly for President Trump and his promises to put America First ( something he is doing by the way).

  19. M. D'Souza says:

    If there is a case to be made for Journalistic Malpractice, CNN should TOTALLY LOSE their credibility once & for all, as a news outlet. They’re the ones who are spreading anti-American propaganda throughout the world. We don’t need such an enemy from within to destroy us.
    MSNBC, NBC, & other networks are the arm of the Democrat party. Free Speech doesn’t mean that they have to manipulate news in favor of Democrats. Putin is the RIGHT person to tell it to their face. MeGyn Kelly deserved that slap on her face from her interview with Putin.

    1. FL_Stingray says:

      What credibility?

      1. cheetah says:

        Credibility they had…once upon a time. He obviously forgot the credibility disappeared long ago

        1. Larry says:

          You must have it before you can loose it..

          1. cheetah says:

            That’s what I said…they ONCE had it

  20. jong says:

    One of the biggest problems we have is that many still relate Russia with the Soviet Union. Which is severely flawed. Putin for all his faults supports the Church and has all but, considered homosexuality unlawful. Both very good things. Look for Putin and Trump to come together soon and we will soon be allies for we are far more alike to each other than China to either.

  21. The duck says:

    Obama is more dangerous to the USA than Putin. Obama has stated he is going to be a player in our political system and be an organizer just like he had been prior to wining? his election in 2004 and 2008. Where he is from and who his friends are he still keeps as secret as possible. Undermining President Trump is his primary goal as it is the democrats goal. My Senator from Washington Sate could not support Gorsuch because he would rule on all cases based only upon our constitution and laws. That was Senator Cantwell. Guess that is the consensus the Democrat Party when you listen to Schummer rant on and on.

    Russia in this debate is a nonissue, fake news item.

  22. sandy2249 says:

    First of all Obama & his liberal party was trying to bring back the cold war by attacking Putin and his country with a bunch of liberal BS and what’s amazing is they all know its total BS but they keep reporting it anyway to make the American people & the world think Trump and the Republican party had Russia help them steal the election which is total liberal BS ! Shouldn’t Trump & the Republican party be INVESTIGATING LIBERAL VOTER FRAUD ALL ACROSS THIS COUNTRY ? In this last election and in both of Obama’s liberal voter fraud was massive and wide spread and Republicans were so afraid of the liberal media they just let it go like they’ve let liberals label our party a bunch of liberal BS like we’re all racist and a book of other liberal BS . The liberal party & the liberal media has been spreading hatred and BS for years because they know Republicans were afraid of their liberal media destroying their careers and then going after their families which is just what the liberal media and liberal party do with all Republicans in and out of office ! Its time we the people demand investigations into liberal voter fraud all across our country now and I think the reason the liberal media & the liberal party & Obama & Clinton was 100% positive they won and their liberal won the election because the same amount of liberal voter fraud they used to put Obama in office twice was used in this last election and they all thought she was president at 6:00 PM or sooner on election day because they were already calling her president Clinton and Obama had her portrait put up with the other president on election day so Obama & the liberal media both knew they were using liberal voter fraud to steal the election & if you was watching all the liberal media the day after the election you would have seen liberal anchors and reporters pissed off and wanting to know how Clinton & their liberal party lost the election when they all knew 100% positive Clinton & their liberal party would win the election and if you watched any of them you’d have seen all the liberal media shocked that Clinton & their liberal party lost and on NBC morning show that morning you would have heard a liberal anchor suggest its time to over throw the government in our country and by that evening that’s just what Clinton & Obama & the liberal party started doing to try and steal the election and all the liberal media started talking about what if Trump gets killed what would happen and its not hard to figure out who they thought was going to take Trump’s seat and Republican seats in both offices ! I think the reason they keep talking about Trump being murdered is because they want to plant it into the idiot brain dead liberals across our country so one of them would kill Trump ! Another issue is passing the Photo Voter ID Law IN EVERY STATE and not depending on either house to get it made a law he needs to just take out his pen and write an executive order because if it went through both houses liberals would object and make sure it doesn’t become law because they know without liberal voter fraud they may never take another election any where in this country ! They keep saying our country is 50/50 half Republicans and half liberals and they get all their numbers to come up with this 50/50 BS is from the results of the elections and liberals know those numbers are total BS and if the photo voter ID law’s become the law in every state the American people & the world will not only see massive liberal voter fraud but they’ll also see that the liberal party isn’t 50% in this country ! Someone needs to put a spur under Trump’s pants and tell him to go after liberal voter fraud now and make photo voter ID the law of the land NOW ! One last thing, WHY IN THE WORLD ISN’T TRUMP AND REPUBLICANS INVESTIGATING OBAMA & HIS LIBERAL PARTY’S COLLUSION into Israel’s last election because Obama & the liberal party sent liberals over there to help with the other party’s campaign and to try and influence the election so a liberal would win because they hated Netanyahu and everything he stood for and they wanted him gone ! Obama & the liberal party left a paper trail and Some Republicans were talking about it before our election but the issue got lost when everyone started campaigning ! We have the PROOF so why aren’t we using it and the liberal party was just as pissed off the Netanyahu won as Obama and his party was when even with their help the liberal party in Israel lost the election ! Someone near Trump needs to talk over these issues with him now !

    1. lolpasco says:

      voter fraud yes in the last 2 elections not this one trump won no fraud there

  23. Pat Jones says:

    let’s see Putin or Clinton???? Putin or Maxine Waters??? Putin or Schumer????? You see any pattern here? I believe Putin before any of these others.

  24. Maryann Hearn Bowman says:

    I don’t think Putin had anything to do with who won the election. THE PEOPLE OF THE USA DID THAT! Why can’t the dems see it all for what it is. I know they do, but the thought that Hillary lost takes money out of their pockets! Try again next time with a better, smarter and intelligent person. Hillary was a real dud.

    1. cheetah says:

      They see it, just continue their temper tantrums. They refuse to put country & people first. They know if they continue this b..l s..t the country/people won’t get up, things won’t get better. The jackass will continue to blame the repubs thus causing the jackass to be elected in ’18. NOTHING will get done by ‘legalality’ hearings, etc. They take time & cripple the elected to get the job done. Cheaters. The jackass has always been a cheater

    2. Deborah Pratt says:

      Seems the Dems don’t have a ‘history’ for choosing ‘intelligent’ people!! Looking at those who make up their party–Schummer, Pelosi, Waters—that speaks for itself!! LOL

  25. Dondh says:

    Why did that idiot ask Putin about Barack Hussein Traitor Obama about the same things she asked him? The reason, she’s a turncoat treasonous anti-Trump Libtard who hasn’t a clue! Thank God she left Fox News! She started on her downfall at that last summer’s presidential debate when Fox was the sponsor for that debate, Why she got to be a part of the questioning team is way beyond me. Her big mistake occurred right off the bat with her first question, a totally unfair and stupid one at that! Her only objective was to degrade Donald Trump from the get-go! Again, I’m so glad she’s no longer with Fox. CNN is the right place for her, C stands for CLINTON or (COMMUNIST. N stands for NEGATIVE AND FAKE REPORTING and lastly, N stands for NOTHING BUT NEGATIVE ANTI-REPUBLICAN, ESPECIALLY PRESIDENT TRUMP LIES, EVEN ANTI-CHRISTIAN AND LIBERAL FAKE AND FALSE NEWS REPORTING. This woman needs to get out of the news broadcasting business and stick to her beauty product business!

    1. glenn davis says:

      You appear to have answered your own questions.

  26. lolpasco says:

    fox news sucks to

    1. Shelby Olsen says:

      That depends on who you are listening to. At least they include liberals on most of the shows. Then you hear both sides. All I ever hear on the Alphabet news channels is their opinions. Investigating videos online gives you some pretty good views. The information is right out of the horse’s mouth. That is what gives me negative views on obama, hillary and schumer. They are all immoral and anti-Armerican. They do not stand up for our rights, only for their own gain.

  27. Timothy says ASK BILLY says:

    The corporate juggernauts, and the military industrial complex have everything to loose if Russia and the USA get along, and the members of NATO are in collusion with the corporate greedy and military industrialists. So no matter what the citizens want, the game has been heavily stacked against us. The elections mean nothing to them as they get their way regardless, and the complicit media simply keeps pushing the lies and deceptions to keep themselves fat and happy. The truth is the LAST thing that the citizens will EVER hear, and that is why I constantly say that the truth is far too inconvenient to stop obfuscating, but the citizens are refusing to take responsibility for their own thoughts, feelings and actions, while refusing to find the truth and rather, “believe” anything. Belief does NOT constitute truth, as truth does NOT require your “belief” in it in order to exist, but “belief” in lies and deceptions have an enormously negative effect on everything, it’s just that far too few citizens the world over understand the consequences of their lack of acceptance of their personal responsibilities regardless of the fact that the effects are all around us hidden in plain sight.

  28. Rose Weleski says:

    Maybe Putin meant he had dirt on “Obama”. Now, THAT I would have believed.

  29. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:

    The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty — Paul Craig Roberts

    Tattered flags show ferocity of the attacks

    The Israelis claim the Liberty flew no flag, but two US flags full of holes from the attack exist. When the first flag was shot down, crewmen replaced it with a flag 7 feet by 13 feet. This flag with its battle scars is on display at NSA headquarters at Ft. Mead, Maryland.
    Admiral John S. McCain Jr., the father of the current US senator, ordered Admiral Isaac C. Kidd and Captain Ward Boston to hold a court of inquiry and to complete the investigation in only one week. In a signed affidavit Captain Boston said President Johnson ordered a cover-up and that he and Admiral Kidd were prevented from doing a real investigation. Liberty survivors were ordered never to speak to anyone about the event. Their silence was finally broken 12 years later when Lt. Commander James M. Ennes published his book, Assault on the Liberty.
    It is now established fact that the attack on the Liberty was intentional and was covered up by President Johnson and every administration since. There has never been a congressional investigation, nor has the testimony of the majority of survivors ever been officially taken. Moreover, testimony that conflicted with the cover-up was deleted from the official record. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e69a3f33ee17e7407aaa55386de886d9e522930ad6f8cb6a92f706e6aaf87f7f.jpg

  30. Susan says:

    It is a witch hunt as Trump said. They have found no collusion between Trump and Putin and finally under oath the little weasel Comey admitted it to the world. Now let’s stop wasting the taxpayer’s money and get to work on fixing America.

  31. Danang says:

    Putin would have made a better President than Obumer, it’s just to bad he is Russian! At least you know where the wind is blowing from! We still don’t know much about lier and chief Obumer. The worst thing about Obumer is that he hates our beautiful country and he gave away as much as he could!

  32. fred schramm says:

    Do you think democratic voters will ever wake up?

    1. cheetah says:

      Only when the welfare/food stamps no longer come. But they’ll awaken for the wrong reason. They’ll wake up to throw a temper tantrum to get the freebies back, which will shut them up

    2. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:

      They are brainwash by Jews. ALL POLITICAL PARTIES ARE CROOKED

  33. betty thompson says:

    Megan Kelly always has her nose in every thing why not keep your nose clean Kelly you have enough to worry about yourself

    1. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:

      She is a reporter tubby

  34. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:


    Traitor And Genetic Male Bradley Manning Freed From Prison | The Daily Caller

    The Daily Caller › 2017/05/17 › traitor-a…
    AMP – May 17, 2017 – He. Him. His. Facts don’t change when you change a pronoun. Science doesn’t work that way. Bradley Manning is …

  35. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:



    Trump calls Chelsea Manning ‘ungrateful TRAITOR’ after Obama criticism …
    CNN.com › 2017/01/26 › politics › trum…
    AMP – Jan 26, 2017 – President Donald Trump called Chelsea Manning an “ungrateful TRAITOR” in an early morning tweet Thursday, the …

  36. Timothy Dayton says:

    Testimony today showed that there isn’t much substance to the MSM reports and Dem claims about Trump, the Russians, and obstruction. However, we did learn that Loretta Lynch’s meeting with Billy Boy was not innocent and she did actively and forcibly missuse her position and might have committed Acts of Obstruction on behalf of the Clinton campaign. Of course the MSM will not highlight that and probably won’t mention it, the Dem spokespersons have blown that off.

  37. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    Even though I would be very leery of President Putin, I would believe him. Why would he lie? And, I LOVED the way he slam dunked Kelly! If anybody deserves being smacked down, she deserved it. I especially love it when he asked her if she didn’t need a pill. She’s lucky that he didn’t get up, & walk out on her. And, I agree with people that Putin would have been a better President than Obama. Is he a wicked man? Yes, he is, or was anyway, when he was head of the KGB. But when the President of Russia says that America is heading to hell for allowing same sex marriage, it’s pitiful that he could make that claim.

    1. cheetah says:

      He’s right. Check history. Every nation that legalized homo marriage collapsed

  38. bearone7777 says:

    And now the end is near–so I face my final curtain——-I HAVE LIVED MY LIFE I TRAVELLED EACH AND EVERY BY-WAY!! ETC. ETC. BUT FOR THE DEMONS. IT IS NOT GOING TO BE THEIR WAY—-THE MEDIA’S WAY IS THE WAY IT IS GOING TO BE!! Watch and see what happens if they stop this stupid idiotic witch hunts!!

  39. RuFus92 says:

    The only liars in this whole rigamorole have been the media and the Democraps. Or as Trump’s young’un said the non-humans.

  40. EE says:

    Wake up, Putin would want and help Hillery since she is easily bought. She already gave him 20% of our uranium.

  41. Danang says:

    As a matter of fact, Obama was born in Kenya! You idiot whoever you are or whatever you are should quit drinking the cool aid and look at facts that none of the Republicans want to touch, you know, racist, bigamist, the Nigerian word etc., etc., the democrats playbook that the Repubs are deathly afraid to touch on. If any other fag homo would ever dream up a plan like this, he would be in jail. Well the criminal Soros with almost unlimited $ put him through the finish line with a bunch of pansies in the Senate and the House who would not question his credentials.

  42. Maureen Torres says:

    I believe Putin I can see where he has anything to gain unlike Obama and Hillary’s gang they have money to gain and could give a damn about the average american people

  43. Jim Thornhill says:

    I don’t believe the MSM that is for sure. They hate President Trump so they will do everything they can to write or report anything negative about him even if they have to make it up to sell their narrative.

  44. Deborah Pratt says:

    I know Putin can be a ‘ruthless’ leader at times and he has proven that. However, the more I learn about him, Russian history and some of the things America has done over there–the less I think we’ve always done the ‘right thing’!! I see Russia’s motivations more clearly and the fact that she has the ‘right’ to reclaim her historical territories. Our ‘media’, once again, playing ‘devil’s advocate’, claiming that the citizens of those countries are against Russia, are incorrect. Over this past year or so, I’ve gained respect for Putin, if not ‘trust’!! However, we–in this country, have lost a lot of trust in our own leaders as we learn of their corrupt ways. I believe that, if nothing else, it is ‘respect’ between countries that is essential–not necessarily trust.

  45. maxx says:

    Just compare the two 2016 candidates. Which one would be more likely to collude with another country? Any country? Who sold 20% of our Uranium resources to the Russians already? Who has a private foundation that has collected billions of dollars allegedly as a charity when actual facts show that it contributes less than 5% of what it collects to charitable causes? Putin will get less from Trump than he already got from Hilldabeast.

  46. Alexander Reginald Watts says:

    Sad as is I would believe Putin before I would believe Comey, Schum.er, Durbin, Waters or almost any Democrat

  47. Kristy McCallister says:

    I agree with Houmid that Obama was the worst “president” ever. He did NOTHING for the USA, just enjoyed the White House for himself & family and felt bigger than his britches. I have been saying from the first time I heard that the Russians had anything to do with our election that it was nothing but a scam – an easy way out to blame Trump. It’s has been an easy excuse since Khruschve (sp?) was in office – “blame it on the Russians!”

  48. J. Ernst says:

    Frankly…MY opinions are:
    LIAR’S will ALWAYS NEED to change up the story, documents and people directly involved, (meaning untimely deaths).
    Bureaucracy feeds itself to SUSTAIN itself and those involved MUST cater to the party line.
    By WHATEVER NAME this BASTARD chooses, HE can easily claim innocence BECAUSE he was a child moved about for _________________________you fill in the blank for PURPOSE!
    The LEGAL ramifications ONLY come in to BEING IF Barry “admits” to ANYTHING!!!
    NO PERSON is cognizant of WHERE he or she was “born” and to who UNLESS TOLD, And, THAT STORY LINE is corroborated by WITNESSING who, what, when, where, how and why!!! HIS documentation is/was easily changed a/or CREATED (in this case with whatever was popular in cyber space), to corroborate a “story line”.
    This cause and effect upon U.S. has been detrimental to what the definition of LEGAL CITIZEN has become…and what WE, the People are to accept a/or tolerate…LEGALLY.
    Morality does NOT come into “play” with LIAR’S!!!
    Morality is NOT LAW!!!
    THAT has been proved for centuries!!!
    WE elected an AMERICAN this time!
    Let’s keep up the “pressure” to push aside the ameriKan’s among U.S. because they have been doing U.S. harm for DECADES now.
    EDUCATE your children AND grandchildren about OUR Constitution, Separation of Powers by the Branches…….AND the HISTORY of what it is to BE AMERICAN so as to eliminate the “world order cadre” and the globalists funding the likes of the Oh-bama’s among U.S.
    Otherwise, we will CONTINUE PAYING DEARLY at the alter of socialism, communism, gangsterism etc…

  49. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:

    Family marks 50 years since Brackenridge man killed in Israel’s errant attack on USS Liberty
    MARY ANN THOMAS Thursday June 8, 2017, 12:33 a.m.
    LOOK AT PICTURE. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/674c4da894e1c45a087b628194ba67c5837df07c72739fd9773abf5345b690db.jpg

  50. Richard Bagenstose says:

    barry’s brother in kenya has the real birth certificate , they can’t find any proof anywhere in hawaii to prove he was born their,

  51. Richard Bagenstose says:

    kelly did what every left wing troll does , she badgered putin trying to trap him , and he told her off, the u.s. has interfered in elections all over the world, the last one was in israel , oboma used tax payer dollars to try and beat bibi

  52. CLARA PERRY says:

    of course its fake,WE need to get rid of the deamoncraps and citizens should donate to hire lawyers to sue the media and sue the senators and reps that lie..

  53. Marge Bomar says:


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