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This Ridiculous Attack On Trump Was Obama’s Biggest Betrayal Yet

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  1. Doris Will says:

    Who is paying for all this Obama travel? Do we pay for security agents when Obama leaves American soil? If we do, who pays for the travel accommodations, food and fares? I hope we, taxpayers, are not. Where are all these Americans who want this New World Order? By the way, I am sick and tires of Megyn Kelly crap.

    1. badass says:

      me too. btw, we should strip all obama’s pension since he’s our biggest enemy, potentially.
      why this great country is so divided? that’s because of him.

      1. Jose Oscar DeSoto says:

        About time, OBAMA has responded to previous attacks from the feeble minded prick, from all his lies and innuendos, good for OBAMA, more power to him.

        1. pcwalt says:

          So G. W. Bush should have hit back every time Obama blamed something on him? (The blame is still going, last I knew.)

          1. Red Steiner says:

            LOL it’s continual and never ending.

        2. Luke says:

          obuma, what a pos

        3. Brad Fisher says:

          Another incompetent fool.

        4. Donna Boutin says:

          Another friggin snowflake liberal who kisses obumass ass..obumass didn’t have a dime to his name till soros came along, then soros kept buying a matter of fact the POS pussy never had a real job, he never did anything.. Pres Trump has worked for his money..but talking to you liberals fools we might as well talk to a wall, we would get a smarter response..

      2. Kenneth Van Antwerp says:

        That’s a big AMEN!!!

      3. Vernon Devine says:

        You are an idiot. Obama did great things while President. Trump on the other hand is an idiot who may well put our country at risk.

        1. Debra Baxter says:

          Oh my God! Are you SERIOUS???? Obamanation divided us, caused more unbelievable racism than before and stole and commited TREASON< MANY TIMES!!!

          1. maxx says:

            He learned very well from a communist grandfather, a communistand a communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis i

          2. Daniel W says:


          3. Beverly Hightower says:

            I agree with Brad, Deborah, Kenneth Hyde, and Debra. I am so sick of Barry Soetoro aka Obama. I hope we aren’t having to pay for any of his protection. Angela Merkel is an idiot just like Barry.

          4. Jose Oscar DeSoto says:

            You will pay for his protection the same way you pay for the orange baboons’s entire family’s, including Melania’s extra protection cause she refuses to occupy the WH and live w/an asshole that treats her like shit.

          5. Kathryn Ross says:

            Totally False. Jose Oscar DeSoto……

          6. kmac1969 says:

            She’s in the WH Jose. Feel better?

          7. Karen Lee King says:

            The ONLY reason she wasn’t in the WH was because of their son being in school. She stayed behind so that he could finish out the school year. She and the boy are now in the WH with President Trump.

          8. Vernon Devine says:

            You are the idiot!

          9. chief1937 says:

            Takes one to know one not that I am agreeing with you.

          10. Kenneth Jones says:

            In SPADES!

          11. Jose Oscar DeSoto says:

            The election of a black president brought back the dormant real sentiments of a bunch of inbred mongoloid bigots.

          12. kmac1969 says:

            Says you?

          13. Karen Lee King says:

            That idiot wasn’t even black! He is a Mulatto. Which means having one parent of one race and one parent of another. In his case his dad was black and his mama was white.

          14. Vernon Devine says:

            You are crazy!

          15. Karen Lee King says:

            Thank you.

        2. Brad Fisher says:

          It’s rather obvious that you are of the same stripes. Clearly incompetent. Obama’slegacy is treason which will yet be proven given time.

          1. Deborah Pratt says:

            As far as I’m concerned, Brad, it IS being ‘proven’ each and every day!! The ‘fruits’ of his treason have not yet ‘ripened fully’ but unless Pres Trump can ‘turn things around’—we’ll regret the day ‘O’ ever stepped foot in the Oval Office!!

          2. Kenneth Hyde says:

            I already regret the day he stepped on USA soil!

          3. RTR says:

            You should already regret that the Islamic Jihadist was every in the oval office, I know I do and most of the rest of the world does as well.

          4. disqus_2AF1QOhOSp says:

            He not only brought America down, but created murder in other parts of the world. I don’t understand why any other head of a country would want him around for the damage he’s done.

          5. RTR says:

            Nor do I, however there are those in some countries that are still enamored with the Islamic Jihadist mostly the countries he has colluded with to do harm to America and her allies.

          6. Rebecca Landrum says:

            Personal greed for MONEY and POWER, plain and simply. And they are still at it, just as hard and heavy as ever. They are taking over our young people, our sons, daughters, grandchildren, and we continue to pay for them to go to the so-called colleges where they are totally brainwashed. Wake up people! You are paying for your own children to be destroyed!

          7. Vernon Devine says:


          8. Pattie Kelly says:


          9. chief1937 says:

            Your middle name at last I see. VBD.

          10. Deborah Pratt says:

            Keeping in mind that Trump realized the mess our government was in and stepped up!! If he hadn’t done that and challenged the candidates–accusing them of their ‘mis-deeds’, would we have been made aware that things were so ‘bad’?? He helped expose one corruption after another, making people ‘look’ and ‘think’!! Whether they liked what he said, or not, he caught the attention of the nation that all was ‘not well’ in Washington!! Layer after layer being turned over and exposed!! With Hillary in office–would we even have been aware that we had ‘Jihadists’ and traitors in our highest places? Even in our courts?? Hillary would have advanced their agenda and, by the time the public knew–it would have been far too late!! Her motto on the campaign trail was to ‘keep them unaware and uninformed’!! She almost succeeded!! With the foolish ‘liberal’ group—she ‘did’ succeed!! We not only wouldn’t have survived another ‘Obama’ term–we wouldn’t have survived a ‘Hillary’ term, which equates to the same thing!!

          11. Pattie Kelly says:

            Great comment Deborah.

          12. Vernon Devine says:

            Stupid comment, pure bullshit.

          13. Pattie Kelly says:

            Again PROOF

          14. Jose Oscar DeSoto says:

            There’s no one more corrupt than “The Orange Baboon”, Hiding his tax returns, ripping students out of their hard earned money, trying to deport his Polish workers to avoid paying their salaries, groping women by Their genitals and bragging about it in public, declaring bankruptcy numerous times to avoid paying his debts, I could go on and on, but shame on you being a woman and supporting this repugnant and fake replica of a man, you got no self respect for your sorry ass.

          15. Vernon Devine says:

            Crazy comment. You are either psychotic or drinking dangerous stuff. At best you are a fucking liar. You know what the rest of the world thinks, you are out of your mind. Obama is popular in most of the world and he won 2 elections here. Get your head out of your ass.

          16. Pattie Kelly says:

            Yes and because of Obama America was made to look weak. He was not respected over seas. In fact when he went to Saudi Arabia NO ONE MET HIM AT HIS PLANE. Quite different than the reception President Trump got. How he got elected twice is because people were stuck on stupid and FREE STUFF. And he brought our national debt to 20 trillion dollars more than all the presidents combined. And don’t give me the excuse that Obama used every time something was wrong “It’s because of President Bush”. Obama never submitted one balanced budget report in eight years and now President Trump has and the liberals are going ape shit over it. He’s brought back more jobs in his first hundred days than Obama did for 8 years. He as sent a message to all nation that “America is back and stronger than ever” All Obama did was take vacations and played golf. When Benghazi hit he was informed and he got on a plane and went to Las Vegas to a rally. Oh how concerned he was that 4 people were murdered. I could go on but your not worth it. Crawl back under the rock you came from.

          17. Larry Adams says:

            Stick your mouth up your ASS Vernon.

          18. Ray says:

            Absolutely, talking and don’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. Just working his jaw is all,that’s the kind of people that is destroying our great country. Wake up Vernon!!!!..

          19. Vernon Devine says:

            Fuck you asshole!

          20. chief1937 says:

            More ranting I see. First off I am not sure Obama won the second term look who counted the ballots. Secondly I can find nothing good he did for our country we are more divided now than ever before in history. If that qualifies for what you call great things I guess he succeed. He helped send the morals of this nation down the tube I could go on bit I thing I have made my point. By the way maybe you should check the position of your own head before advising others. Just a thought.

          21. bikarb says:

            Your profanity proves your intellect Vernon. Obviously you are a young college graduate who just doesn’t get the picture. There is little hope for people like you!

          22. Vernon Devine says:

            Shows how stupid you are. I am 73 years old, have a Ph.D., and continue to work because I enjoy it. I do not mind profanity when talking about assholes and Trump is the King of assholes. Evidence: six bankruptcies, 3 wives, bully. A truly poor excuse for a human being.

          23. Tony Geraneo says:

            let me guess Vernon, are you African American????

          24. Vernon Devine says:

            No, born in Connecticut to two Caucasian parents.

          25. Karen Lee King says:

            Prove him wrong.

          26. Vernon Devine says:

            You are a lying son of a bitch. Obama was a great President, I doubt Trump will make the top half of Presidents.

          27. Pattie Kelly says:

            Vernon you are a man of words and words only. Like I have kindly asked before show me PROOF. You have to have facts and proof to back up your accusations. If you can’t do that then you don’t know what you are talking about. There it’s that simple oh and I also asked you if you “ate” with that mouth?

          28. Karen Lee King says:

            I don’t know what you be trippin’ on, but it must be some really good stuff!!

          29. disqus_2AF1QOhOSp says:

            I regretted the first day. I was right. I cried when he won.

          30. Rebecca Landrum says:

            I am afraid we will regret the day he ever was born.

          31. Doris Will says:

            I’ve regretted it for the past 8 years, and no end in sight.

          32. Jose Oscar DeSoto says:

            Keep on waiting for the Orange Baboon to turn things around, fake president.

          33. kmac1969 says:

            No, that would be the Ayers/Rev Wright Disciple.

          34. Karen Lee King says:

            Nope the fake president was Barack Hussein Obama or what ever his real name was. And no he wasn’t the first black president either because his mama was white.

          35. RTR says:

            The Islamic Jihadist’s TREASON is blatantly obvious, the only question is how many counts will he be charged and tried for, considering he committed about 50 that I am able to think of.

          36. Vernon Devine says:

            You are nuts. Do you have a brain? Trump is more likely to be charged with treason than Obama.

          37. chief1937 says:

            Being charged has nothing to do with the actual proof which no one has against Trump but when the investigating is complete there may be against the Obama clan.

          38. Vernon Devine says:

            You are crazy. Trump more likely to do something treasonist.

          39. Vernon Devine says:

            You are full of shit

          40. Dr.Nelsion says:

            It’s time for you to shut up your colorful mouth; only begotten of your mother. You endorse the agenda of an Islamic homosexual, who try to sell out our nation as part of his demonized-destructive-anti-American-tyrannical plan, and, exhausted every effort to decentralized our country; a country not of his own. This nation belongs to Jesus Christ the son of God, no wonder you hate God’s elected president, who has the courage to bring God to the white house; NOT Allah!!! President Trump will bring back to us, the very thing your father the devil tried to steal. You don’t have to like it, and yes, you’re welcome to go back to the promise land of your progenitors, and reunite with your father Kahn; the one who saw his father’s nakedness and was cursed with the curse of slavery (Three times); Your roots are calling you!!!!

          41. Vernon Devine says:

            You are fucking crazy, a real nut job. You are a loser. What are your roots?

          42. Jim Norris says:




          43. Vernon Devine says:

            You are so full of shit I can not believe it. Is Dr. Nelson you real name or is it fake because you are afraid to use your real name?

          44. Vernon Devine says:

            You are fucking crazy. Obama was a great President. Trump is a complete asshole who
            probably should be in jail for things he has done like touching women inappropriately, not to mention six business bankruptcies. Still might get impeached or resign for things he has done in the short time he has been President. The difference between Trump and Obama is the difference between chicken shit and ice cream. I will express myself with the words I want to use and if you do not like it, too fucking bad.

          45. Vernon Devine says:

            You are dreaming. It is Trump who will leave a terrible legacy.

          46. Vernon Devine says:

            You are dreaming, asshole

          47. Vernon Devine says:

            You are full of shit, a complete idiot.

        3. David in MA says:

          the idiot is in your bathroom mirror, go look.

        4. Susan says:

          Please list his great accomplishments.

          1. Red Steiner says:

            Lol Yes, please.

          2. Kristy McCallister says:

            That shouldn’t take too long!

          3. don says:

            he divided this country, made his country look like fools.the POS did nothing but screw the people yet some MORONS THINK HE DID good, LOL

          4. disqus_2AF1QOhOSp says:

            there is not one.

        5. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

          Exactly WHAT great things did Obama do? Caused our debt to rise more in 8 years than all other Presidents combined, alienated our allies, threw Israel under the bus more than once, made a deal with Iran that nobody wanted, paid RANSOM for 4 American prisoners, which is illegal, by the way. The Obamacare hurt more people than it helped. My son has 4 kids, so their insurance premiums went up $1000. More people are receiving some sort of government assistance than ever before. 47 million at last count. Not to mentions the jobs lost,etc. So please tell me what great thing did he accomplish? He also made the racial divide worse than it’s been in 50 years.

          1. maxx says:

            I totally agree with you BUT we can’t forget that without a complicit Congress he would not have been able to do much of it. And that Congress of cowards and traitors is still with us doing their dirty work in D.C. That should be our most important focus in 2018. We have given them everything they begged for and look what they are doing with it. NOTHING FOR THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY THAT I CAN POINT TO.

          2. Kenneth Jones says:

            What we really need is a full-scale Congressional housecleaning from the top on down, and with mandatory term limits. For example: Two six year terms for senators, and no more than three two year terms for congressperson. Combine this with a Constitutional amendment limiting Supreme Court appointments to staggered twelve year terms, and maybe we’ll see a real change in how Congress operates. Further, require that all Federal Civil Servants serving in all offices of every department in the administration submit their immediate resignations upon the swearing in of a new president.

          3. bttrap says:

            make that shorter term limits and after their first term have a vote for their next term

          4. deepthink says:

            Great suggestions! Let’s make those happen!!

          5. chief1937 says:

            Agreed they messed up but we sure do not want a democrat majority.

          6. Kenneth Jones says:

            What we really don’t want is a permanent majority of either Democrats or Republicans. We can’t afford to ever let that happen. We experienced Democrat rule from 1940 to 1952,when Franklin Roosevelt led the Democrats (who really did represent American values then) until Dwight Eisenhower took office on January 20, 1953.

          7. deepthink says:

            Remember, when the next election comes around, you must vote out all the ingrates who have been doing those things that are harmful to the True Americans. Those who love the United States, who are true to our Constitution, and who believe the United States are the very best Country and who will defend America!!

            Vote our Maxine Waters who can’t put a proper sentence together, Nancy Pelosi who appears to always be either drunk or on drugs, Elizabeth Warren, the liar – she really isn’t an American Indian!!, etc., etc.

          8. maxx says:

            We have one liberal in the Senate from my state who I can definitely vote against.

          9. Kenneth Jones says:

            All of which, by the way, is a matter of public record. Look it up!

          10. badass says:

            my young brother has family of 3, his premium is $1700 per month, deductible $7000 per year.
            the bottomline is i just don’t wanna use my money to pay for those on section 8, illegal aliens, on food stamps, on govt handouts.. because the pigs and donkeys they will not become human beings.

          11. Kenneth Jones says:

            I don’t blame you one bit, and I share your views.

        6. Tony Rowell says:

          you are stupid. What’s one great thing?

        7. Red Steiner says:

          What are you smoking fool? It has to be something mind numbing like a PCP dipped cigarette.

          1. Karen Lee King says:

            lol Gots to be something really good. ha ha ha

          2. Red Steiner says:

            LOL It has to be.

        8. MarcJ says:

          No komrad – you are a far-left idiot. B. Hussein Obama’s only real paying job before being “elected” by the Chicago vote fraud machine (you remember – “Vote early and often!” was as a street agitator for the ACORN thugs.

          1. Deborah Pratt says:

            The ‘early and often’ advice, by the way, was offered to the ‘illegals’ he ‘gave permission to’ to vote!!

          2. Kenneth Jones says:

            A “community organizer” who never held down a real job.

          3. deepthink says:

            …and he didn’t and still doesn’t mind “stealing” from the rest of us who are working hard to provide for ourselves instead of taking from other families who are also struggling to provide for themselves.

        9. Don Keith says:

          Hey, thanks for calling me a Idiot. shows how smart you really are. God Bless, you.

        10. Arnold Young says:

          Who paid you for this bunch of crap? Soros??

        11. Veteran 29 says:

          Vernon Devine, it’s little, liberal, mental midgets like you who are allowed to vote that put our country at risk.

        12. Pattie Kelly says:

          Vernon please enlighten me with one “great thing” Obama did as president? And don’t say ObamaUNCare because that train has left the station. The last provider has left ObamaUNCare and therefore ObamaUNCare has just imploded on itself. $600.00 premium payments and $6000.00 deductible WOW what a deal. OK I’ll be waiting.

          1. Vernon Devine says:

            He established good relations with our allies and reached out to countries we had strained relationships with and generally represented this country well. Trump is an idiot not inspiring trust. He is all about Trump. Obama had class, Trump is the opposite of that. I was proud of our country with Obama. With Trump I am embarrassed because he is so inappropriate. Trump seems actually stupid.

          2. Donna Boutin says:

            Good relations with our allies??? He treated our good allies like cow shit..he never represented our country at all..he kissed our enemies asses..he bow to them, he gave them weapons and money..he made America look weak to the enemies. You worship a fraud, a non-American, a pussy, the worse pres our country ever had in our history, he lied all the time, he’s nothing but a puppet with George Soros hand up his ass moving obumass lips.. the only thing that pussy knows how to do is play golf and spend the taxpayers money.. So you stupid liberal keep worshipping the “N” while Pres Trump turns this country around.. onumass, his American he/she wife and soros needs to be shot for treason to the United States..people like you dimwitted fools are the problems with our country..

          3. bttrap says:

            very well put

          4. maxx says:

            He betrayed all of our former friends and paid off and made friends with all of our mortal enemies. That is treason and he deserves the punishment for treason.

          5. Marge Bomar says:

            Vernon Devine, Obummer did NOT establish any good relationship with countries we had strained relationships with. The only one he had who liked him is Angela Merkel and her countrymen may vote her out, if they’re smart. Only a dummy would invite millions of muslims into their country. Germany can’t afford their upkeep, not to mention the cost of policing them when they break loose on a killing spree.

          6. Deborah Pratt says:

            Angela is having a ‘melt-down’!!! Not only is she in the position of losing her job but, now Pres Trump has with-drawn from the ‘climate change’ club!! No more money coming from us there. Also, he’s demanding that everyone pay their ‘fair share’ to NATO!! No wonder she ‘hates’ him!! Now, how will Germany be able to feed, clothe and medicate their ‘immigrant millions’?? They are already in financial trouble!! (Whew! If ‘looks’ could ‘kill’—) Not ‘our’ fault–not ‘our’ problem, Angela!!

          7. Karen Lee King says:

            I believe he means kissed the butts of our enemies. Israel is our ally and look how Odumbass treated them. I totally agree with you 1,000,000 %

          8. Rose Ribitzki says:

            you are an idiot’s idiot !!! .. that obuzzard will burn for eternity for all the treason & atrocities he & his ilk have committed against the USA & the world !!

          9. Karen Lee King says:

            Don’t forget the murders that were committed like, remember Benghazi.
            Where Hildabeast asked what difference did it make.

          10. Karen Lee King says:

            roflmao!! Go take another hit off of your crack pipe!!

          11. Vernon Devine says:

            Do not use drugs so stop fucking LYING, if that is something you are capable of doing.

          12. Kenneth Jones says:

            Not me and my wife. Our best friends and neighbors are now paying over $800 per month on premiums! How on earth can Obama care be such a great deal?

          13. Karen Lee King says:

            I agree! My husband and I are now paying over $800 for Anthem and if our daughter was still on it, we would have been paying over $1,000 for it a month. Yeah Odumbass has really did good things for us, NOT!! (sarcasm)

          14. Kenneth Jones says:

            Obamacare doesn’t work! Sky high premiums just keep rising, and until something better comes along, things are going to get even worse. I don’t care much for the Republican proposal, either, and that’s why I’m in favor of Single Payer…..whatever it might look like. As a veteran, I’m covered by the VA Medical Care system, since I’m service connected disabled, and I guess you could call that a Single Payer system, since it’s paid for with our taxes. Could this be an answer? Possibly.

        13. Bill says:

          I 4 one would like 2 know what in the world U think he done that was so great.

          1. Deborah Pratt says:

            ‘Lost’ six million dollars and the respect of every nation on the planet?? Hey, not everyone could do that even over 8 years!! LOL

          2. Bill says:

            I luv that1lol???

          3. Rose Ribitzki says:

            of course, he wasn’t concerned about hat… it wasn’t $$$$$s out of his pocket … it was the taxpayer’s !.. he could had cared less.

        14. Dan says:

          Great things for whom? Our enemies?

          1. Karen Lee King says:

            yep, because he sure didn’t do anything for us!!

        15. Deborah Pratt says:

          OK–OK—I ‘got one’!!! He exposed every other Turn-coat in America!! We now call them ‘Liberals’!! Until Obama—we didn’t know they were there!! Good Job, ‘O’!!

          1. Lorraine Irizarry says:

            I agree. We had become so complacent that this country voted him in. Twice!!! Thank you Obummer for showing us all the other turncoats and enemies our country really has. Now let’s kick them all out.

          2. deepthink says:

            Remember, several million votes were actually illegal! That means that those votes should not have counted! G. Soros paid thousands of illegals (people who are not eligible to vote in The United States) to vote and vote again, and again…different fake I.D.s, different States,or cities with multiple votes. This must all be stopped!!

        16. mary ann says:

          The only idiot here is you Vernon. Name one good thing that criminal bozo did, beside going on vacation, playing golf, sending billions of $ to countries that hate us, ISIS, among other things. I’ll be writing all day what that evil did to America.

        17. Kenneth Jones says:

          Yeah, you’re just like all the other liberals: they can’t keep their lips from flapping!

        18. Beverly Hightower says:

          Vernon……’re misinformed. STFU

          1. Karen Lee King says:

            Yep!! Big Time!!

        19. badass says:

          @vernon, you must be blind. obama has done so much damage to this great country, i.e. he spent 10 trillion, who will pay for this debts?
          President Trump has made other countries respect us, can you see? anyway, you’re so stupid, i don’t wanna write too much since you even don’t understand.

          1. Robert Walters says:

            Good response. I’m sorry for Vernon, once the Dem/Liberal brain washing is completed they are lost, no more common sense. They will follow each other like sheep and that will lead to there own destruction.

          2. Deborah Pratt says:

            I agree, Robert, I’m just hoping they don’t contribute to the destruction of the rest of us!! By obstructing Pres Trump’s agendas to protect and build this nation, they could well be responsible for that!! Particularly those very Liberal Judges in our courts!! So much ‘weeding’ out to do!! Who knew??

          3. Karen Lee King says:

            He can’t see for all the Odumbass B/S that is in his eyes.

        20. fred schramm says:

          Are there 2 Obamas, because the one who was POTUS didnt do anything great. Unless you consider great as in funding ISIS, HAMAS , HEZBOLLA and giving hundreds of billions to Iran and lets not forget overthrowing EGYPT and LYBIA (with Hillarys help) and killing innocent people in Iraq and Sudan with drones

        21. RTR says:

          Name one thing that the Islamic Jihadist did that was great, just one.

        22. BillB says:

          And who is the first one to begin the name calling here…of course it is an obamanation lover. You and the others just cannot be civil can you!

        23. willi p says:

          We are at a greater risk now than we have probably ever been. It was brought on by Obama. Maybe you could insert some facts in your short reply and maybe change some minds. I think the additional reply would br shorter than the first one.

        24. jug says:

          Great things?
          Like F&F?
          Private partying when he should have been on top of Bengahzi?
          Crooked IRS and FBI?

          Aw, lets just face it, you are an idiot!

        25. Robert Walters says:

          What did Obama do, what great things ? No bull, no lies, give me the true facts.

        26. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

          I think you are the one WRONG.

        27. Rebecca Landrum says:

          Vernon, your stupidity is really showing ! You are evidentally totally unaware of any thing truthful regarding Obommmmma. He is the worst TRAITOR this country has ever known, and if anyone in our Congress or Senate cared one hoot about our country they would make it their business to prove it and put him where he belongs. You, just need to get yur head out of wherever you have stuck it and look at the FACTS!

        28. badass says:

          @vernon, you’re a brain dead useless, valueless trash in US. because you can’t see through that black obama is our enemy….

        29. bjeweled21 . says:

          Back on the crack pipe I see…

          1. Karen Lee King says:

            LOL Love your reply! LOL 😀

        30. Linda Coburn says:

          You are the idiot if you can’t see what good things Trump has done in a short time. Creating good relationships with other country leaders , and dropping bombs after the attack in Manchester. He’s a take action President, which is what we need. Obama needs to go into hiding, along with Hillary.

        31. Richard says:

          U R the Idiot !


          #1 “Islam has always been part of America”
          #2 “we will encourage more Americans to study in Muslim communities”
          #3“These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and
          Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity
          of all human beings.”
          #4“America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition.
          Instead, they overlap, and share common principles of justice and
          progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”
          #5 “So I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed”
          #6 “Ramadan is a celebration of a faith known for great diversity and racial equality”
          #7 “As a young man, I worked in Chicago communities where many found dignity and peace in their Muslim faith.”
          #8 “Ilook forward to hosting an Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan here at the
          White House later this week, and wish you a blessed month.”
          #9“That experience guides my conviction that partnership between America
          and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn’t. And I
          consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States
          to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”
          #10 “I also know that Islam has always been a part of America’s story.”

          Quotes By Barack Obama About Christianity
          #1 “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation”
          #2 “We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation.”

        32. chief1937 says:

          The saying “you can not cure stupid” was surely written for you VD after that idiot statement you just made. Our country is at risk already thanks to the previous administration and their open borders policy.

        33. Kathryn Ross says:

          You Vernon Devine ( by the way are anything but Devine!) are the Idiot who sounds like you are brainwashed….by the enemies (Anti-Americans) Who want to destroy this Country…. Obama is a Dictator! was groomed as such to be leader of a New World Order…..He was not a great President. He did not improve anything in America…. and internationally he caused nothing but, Chaos, Division, Corruption, Destruction and slaughtering of innocent victims by perpetrators of Radical Islamic Terrorist”s which he and Hillary Rodham Clinton Helped to create ISIS; Their Foreign policies helped to do this……Trump has had more accomplishments in 100 days than Obama had in 8 years!!! To you Sir! everyone is an Idiot! you are an Attacker with words trying hard to hide your own flaws. I can hardly wait until the day when Politicians are held accountable for the crimes they have committed…..No One is above the Law! President Trump’s Accomplishments truly out way Obama’s many Evil, Corrupt ways. Obama Has failed America by lying to the American people! The Left has taken Emotionally Disturbed and Mentally Challenged people such as yourself and has had you under Mind control and Subliminal messaging…… so sad all of you do not understand you have been and still are being used as puppets just for one more vote!!! Obama and Micheal should have never been in the Oval Office….. America was Conned by the biggest CON Artist of them all……a total FAUX PRESIDENT for eight years!!! He fooled you ’cause you are the Idiot Vernon…. What Obama did is left the world in which we live in today! a Total Mess!

          1. Vernon Devine says:

            You are nuts. Obama was a great President. Obamacare meant less uninsured people in this country. Obama was well respected around the world. Trump on the other hand is a poor excuse for a human being. Six bankruptcies, 3 marriages, bragged that could get away with touching women inappropriately. A personally unlikeable individual and a bully. I am hoping that Trump gets impeached or resigns.

          2. Karen Lee King says:

            Obamacare may have meant less uninsured people in this country, but people who couldn’t afford any type of insurance and those that actually didn’t want it had to pay a FINE for not having it. That was insurance that was crammed down people’s throats whether they wanted it or not. I don’t think it was right for people to be fined. People shouldn’t be forced to get on health care if they don’t want it. What does Trump’s past life have to do with how he’s gonna run this country? Not a daggone thing. If you think you could do a better job, why didn’t you run for president?!? (God help us if you would have!)

          3. Vernon Devine says:

            I do not want the job. I do want him to be impeached or resign. He is a terrible person and may now be under investigation that could lead to impeachment or his resignation.

          4. Vernon Devine says:

            Would never run for President. Trump’s current life is still bad. He is an idiot. Remember the six bankruptcies, three wives. Just a loser. Hope he gets impeached, not following the expectation of a President, like revealing his finances as other Presidents have done. Maybe he can go bankrupt again.

        34. badass says:

          @vernon, you’re worse than a pile of sht, because sht can be used as fertilizer but you’re useless, valueless, why? because inside of your brain is nothing but shit.

        35. Karen Lee King says:

          Hey Vernon Devine: If that idiot Odumbo did such great things then why don’t you let us know all the “good” he has done!!

          1. Vernon Devine says:

            Affordable care act, making connections with variety of countries, both allies and potential allies a don and on..

          2. Karen Lee King says:

            You mean kissing the butts of our enemies and shunning our allies. The Affordable Care Act was nothing more than a death warrant. He caused a divided nation and made the deficit go way way up!! He did no good except to line his pockets with our tax money!

          3. Vernon Devine says:

            You are misinformed or stupid or both. The affordable care act led to the highest percentage of insured people in our history. He was ethical and honest, neither quality very present in our current poor excuse for President or even human being, the asshole Donald Trump.

          4. Karen Lee King says:

            Ethical and honest?!? Since when?!? He was out to destroy our country and to become a fat cat off of our tax money!! He made a mess that now President Trump is working to fix. Trump’s motto is “Make America Great Again” and I truly believe it’s gonna happen. Odumbo only made America Worse!!

          5. Vernon Devine says:

            You are delusional. Trump could not fix anything and may not even complete his term. Obama helped a lot domestically and internationally, a great President unlike idiot Trump.

          6. Jim Norris says:


          7. Vernon Devine says:

            You are brainwashed by idiot Trump who is a despicable person and unworthy of the office of President of the United States. Hopefully he will resign.

          8. Vernon Devine says:

            Trump will fuck it up. Remember his six bankruptcies.

        36. Karen Lee King says:

          What about ISIS? Odumbo was told about the uprising of ISIS and what did he do?!? He said, “Oh let’s wait and see what they are going to do they are probably nothing more than like a JV team.” A JV team!! While he sat and did nothing but go on his vacations that WE paid for, ISIS grew stronger and are now what they are. Odumbo was and is nothing but a butt kisser to our enemies and President Trump is opening up cans of whup-ass to use on them.

      4. Beverly Hightower says:

        It’s a fact that Barry Soetoro aka Obama won’t be getting a pension until he is 65. By that time we will hopefully have put his sorry ass in a Turkish prison, where the tide comes in the cells at night. For the time being I just wish Barry would stay in Germany, along with Michael. Angela surely has a room for them, or maybe they will be invited to share HER bed. Yuck.

      5. Vernon Devine says:

        The biggest enemy of this country is idiot Donald Trump. He did not win the popular vote but because of our bizzare electoral college system he won the electoral vote. Noe we are stuck with this poor excuse for a person until he resigns, is impeached, or loses the next election. Obama was a great President, improving things domestically and internationally. His accomplishments really highlight Trump’s failures. I can hardly wait until Trump can get back to his businesses and files some more bankruptcies!

        1. Pattie Kelly says:

          Vernon you are delusional. Obama did more damage to us over seas than any president in history. He made a bad deal with IRAN who by the way chants “Death to America” and Obama gives him millions of dollars for their nuclear project. Iran is not friends of America they hate us. And Obama tried to influence the elections in Israel when BiBi was up for re-election he Obama funneled over $300,000.00 of tax payers money to BiBi’s opponent. And everyone thinks the Russians influenced President Trump’s election? Really? Plus when putting together ObamaUNcare he took over $700,000.00 from our Social Security account so he stole money from hard working citizens that paid in for ObamaUNCare that was the biggest hoax in America’s history. He lied “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor if you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan” Now go ask someone on ObamaUNCare if that is true? Honestly do you watch any credible news station? I asked you to tell me one accomplishment that Obama has done for America and you replied with innuendos. Only because there aren’t any. He will go down as one of history’s worst presidents ever. President Trump has done more in his first 100 days than Obama did in 8 years.. I’ll list some for you!!!!

          Supreme Court Judge Neil Gorsuch
          The stock market reached over 12,000.00 highest ever
          Has the respect form most country leaders China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Palestine, Italy, The Pope, NATO, England, Germany, France…need I go on. Where was Obama with all those country leaders.
          His has brought back more jobs in his 100 days than Obama did in 8 years
          Companies are coming to America to make their products and more jobs will be made. Ford is one that comes to mind.
          When in Saudi Arabia they paid him to help them stock up on weaponry to help fight ISIS 1.9 million dollars. Again money and jobs.
          Illegal aliens crossing our border is down by 70% since President Trump untied the hands of the border patrol agents to be able to do their jobs and use the laws already on the books to do so.

          These are just a few I’ll be waiting for all the accomplishments Obama did oh and when Obama landed in Saudi Arabia NO ONE was there to meet his Air Force One….what a great leader.

          1. Dr.Nelsion says:

            Good speech Pattie; you’ve got guts, love it!!

          2. Pattie Kelly says:

            Dr. Nelsion thank you I only speak the truth and from the heart. Vernon Divine hasn’t a clue about what he comments or what he thinks he knows. It just BABEL. God Bless!

          3. Karen Lee King says:

            You go girl!! A big thumb’s up for you!! 😀

          4. Karen Lee King says:

            And FORD turned down the offer of a bail-out check from Odumbo.
            You Go girl!!! Tell it like it is! A big thumbs up to you! 🙂

        2. Orion Newman says:

          Trumps failures? You are a whack job considering he has had 6 months to succeed at everything? Wich successes are highlighted? Handing over hundreds of guns to people who behead women and children or allowing an embassy to be overrun to bolster what we now call isil? Maybe it was his allowing of terrorist group leaders that destroy cities in a tantrum to dine at the white house. The only thing he did was allow the lgbt community to marry freely which is good but minimal at best. Oh wait, i almost forgot the free flip phones he gave to the collective (hood) as it is called. He said it himself, if he had a son he would be a gold toothed, criminal record toting, gang sign waving thug too! The dudes a crook and a thief and that is being modest.

        3. Beverly Hightower says:

          So Vernon…….just how black is your hind end? Barry’s is only 50/50, and a useless piece of shit. Maybe you should join him and Angela in Germany.

          1. Vernon Devine says:

            I will not leave my country because of asshole antiabortion idiots. I will also outlast idiot Donald Trump.

          2. kmac1969 says:

            Let’s see. You are for the party that:
            Suppressed free speech
            Kills the defenseless
            Makes nice with our enemies–Iran, Cuba, etc
            Undermines our military,created ISIS
            Spawned racial hatred
            Used IRS and DOJ for political harassment harassment
            Blames and apologizes for America overseas
            Lies repeatedly to sell bankrupt, one party health plan
            Coordinated with leftists and media to push leftist agenda
            Elevated race baiter Sharpton
            Consorted with virulently anti U

          3. Vernon Devine says:

            You are an idiot. I have learned a lot and certainly know more than you do. What you posted was pure bullshit.

          4. kmac1969 says:

            Typical lib response. No substance. Your response is exhibit A for Progressives–attack. Have a nice day.

          5. Vernon Devine says:

            I know Trump is a fucking asshole and Obama was a great President dealing with domestic and world issues very effectively.

          6. kmac1969 says:

            Typo. I think you meant Obama dealt with “world issues very DEFECTIVELY”. Have a nice day Vernie.

          7. Vernon Devine says:

            I guess the truth hurts for Republican losers!

          8. Vernon Devine says:

            No I meant what I said “effectively”. Obama was very effective, unlike idiot Trump who is such a loser.

          9. kmac1969 says:

            Vernie so sad: no sense of humor, full of rage, politics is his religion, and road is paved right to hell. Mindless boot clicking and boot licking. No substance just vapid, baseless talking points.

            Vernie so sad, basement so cold. So sad…

          10. Vernon Devine says:

            You are clearly an arrogant asshole. I will no longer waste my time responding to you.

          11. Jim Norris says:



          12. Jim Norris says:



          13. Vernon Devine says:

            Guess you can not spell. Check your errors.

          14. Chi Sam says:

            Says the arrogant punk that cannot discern ‘anymore’ from ‘any more’.

            (It’s likely too complex for you to grasp, but ‘can not’ does not work in your remark. Add the word ‘cannot’ to your vocabulary.)

          15. Chi Sam says:

            The all caps and quotation marks, look-at-me theatrics makes it appear that you are boasting that you’re too stupid to spell everybody’s and Benghazi correctly.

            Why would anyone brag about his incompetence?

          16. Jim Norris says:


          17. Vernon Devine says:

            I have seen enough of Trump to see what a loser he is. Do not need anymore info. Even before he was President he had 6 bankruptcies, 3 wives and crude behavior like touching women inappropriately and bragging about it.

          18. Chi Sam says:

            Any more, stupid. The common word anymore is a reference to time, not a measure of quantity.

          19. Jim Norris says:


        4. Karen Lee King says:

          You just don’t like Trump because he is backing up everything that he has said, and because he isn’t saying what the PC people want him to say, he is saying what he wants to say and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about who gets mad over it; and usually it’s people like you and the rest of the demoncraps that are getting mad.

          1. Vernon Devine says:

            I do not like Trump because he is a terrible President and a bad person.

          2. Karen Lee King says:

            Name one thing, just one, that he has done that was so terrible since he took office.

          3. Vernon Devine says:

            He is under investigation for potentially impeachable offenses.

          4. Vernon Devine says:

            He only has been in office a short time. Give him some time to fuck it up. You do not have 6 bankruptcies without major stupidity.

      6. Vernon Devine says:

        Your are nuts. The country is divided because of idiot Donald Trump who is a horrible President. Hope he resigns or is impeached.

        1. Orion Newman says:

          The country was divided long before anyone knew trump was even contemplating running. Its all part of the plan to put you sheeple under totalitarian control. Just like the rest of the world throughout history. And to add the man has done nothing wrong or illegal during his presidency unlike our last commander in lies therefore he cannot be impeached. Giving guns to cartels in my opinion should have ended obama but people like you who believe its ok to break the law if it serves your purpose are why he stayed. Idiots

        2. Beverly Hightower says:

          You are nuts Vernon Devine, and you need to just shut up and go back to Indiana.

          1. Vernon Devine says:

            Spent about 3 days in my 73 years of living in Indiana. Not impressed and not interested in ever returning to visit this state again. Regarding “shutting up”, you can be assured I will not shut up until I die. Perhaps you are the one who is nuts!

          2. Karen Lee King says:

            you’re only talking to hear your brain rattle.

          3. Dr.Nelsion says:

            Well said; Woman!!

      7. Doris Will says:

        He always has been. He started in Chicago with a grant from Anenburg to improve the schools. He used the money to start ACORN. Tripled down on Chicago politics to get elected to the Ill house, immediately started to run for US Senate, then campaigned for President. He ran on hope and change, never saying exactly what he was changing. We picked up clues along the way. “Joe the Plumber” must go down in history as a catch phrase for Socialism, and we all know that Obama will never say, “I have enough money, I should spread it around.” That must mean if I can’t get it for free, I’ll find someone to pay for it. I hope Sen. Chavez has success with his bill.

      8. Vernon Devine says:

        You are full of shit. He was a great President and now that we have asshole Trump, we can see how lucky we were to have Obama as President. Hopefully Trump will resign or be impeached.

      9. Carlin Houx says:

        We are he stole so much money we are still paying .

    2. CaptTurbo says:

      George Soros sponsors that little Kenyan rat but of course we tax payers are on the hook to keep his miserable worthlessness protected.

      1. Jose Oscar DeSoto says:

        So it’s ok for you that the orange baboon hired all of his family so they can travel all over the world for free ?.

        1. so disapponted says:

          Word you apparently seem to understand ‘fuck you about you not even a fucken American about your a’ fucking illegal it came here a long time ago aren’t you ‘asshole so gofuckyourself

          1. Jose Oscar DeSoto says:

            You’re an American Citizen that can’t write English worth a shit, go back to night classes in your community college and then write to me so I can understand you, Deplorable American.

        2. Roger Domnie says:

          jose hope your not an illegal and can read, you didn’t know you’re buddy spent $ 90 million on vacations and still counting, his mother in law, two girls and a bunch of family members went on every trip. he never did a thing eight years. his mother in law was a nanny to two grown people. she earned $ 128,000 a year, plus lived free. she earns that per year rest of her life. what about golf outings always???? how much was their cut from iran deal, for bamy, killary, kerry, kerrys son in law an iranian sat on their side of the table. need more, i got it. lefty……

          1. Brad Fisher says:

            You have nailed it right on the head. This Jose has to be a moron.

          2. Countrysunrise says:

            Not only that, but he had an Aunt and another relative come here from Kenya and live off of the Government’s dime all this time!! So there were even more relatives than everyone knew!!

          3. Deborah Pratt says:

            Can we count all the ‘illegal’ immigrants from S. America, etc. to ‘come to America–everything’s free’?
            No? Darn—that would have been another approx. 20 million!!

          4. Karen Lee King says:

            Don’t forget that when Odumbo and his family went on vacation, that the dog traveled in a separate plane and who paid for it? We did!

        3. Brad Fisher says:

          Those people are competent in business and are just as competent in the President’s employ. President Trump has chosen to receive no wages. Did your incompetent clown Obama do the same? Hardly. Just wasted tax payer’s money. I think it’s time you rats go dig a hole and stay there. President Trump has already done more for the American people than I can begin to mention. No 1 is leading with courage and ability not from being apologetic. Now, please get lost. I’m mildly nauseous at your nonsense as Comey would say.

          1. Countrysunrise says:

            If I’m not mistaken, there are some Cabinet members that didn’t take a salary, either. So the President isn’t the only one who just took a $1 salary, and by law, has to donate his salary to the Government. He gave the first quarter salary to the Forestry Service. I watched as he gave them his check.

          2. Beverly Hightower says:

            You’re right Brad. Trump HAS to take $1.00 a year. I don’t know of one other person who would work 20 hours a day 7 days a week for no pay. I KNOW that I wouldn’t, and neither would anyone else. But, he is very strong, and he loves America and all of us who are REAL Americans. If I could, I would walk beside him and deflect all of the shit that is being thrown at him…..right back into the libTURD’s faces.

        4. Susan says:

          Well he is just following the Obamas. Remember Michelle’s mother and friends always traveled with her for free.

        5. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

          Neither Jared Kushner, NOR Ivanka receives a salary. And, we only pay for the President & First Lady’s expenses. And, name calling solves nothing, but, makes YOU look bad.

          1. James Collins says:

            Ignorant voters, the bane of our country! We see the name calling and Demonrat talking points every day from quasi literate know nothings.

        6. James Collins says:

          Trump and his family are not being paid as I hear it. Unlike Obama and Michelle from the Illinois legislature, she was paid handsomely for a make work job that wasn’t filled when she went to Washington. He also put Kenyan relatives in Public Housing (who knows what other benefits). Quite a contrast, working on your own dime for the public compared to constant rip offs.

          1. Kenneth Jones says:

            The family isn’t getting paid a dime.

        7. TediBearMom says:

          He did not HIRE his family, no one is being paid a dime including President Trump who has refused to take any pay. The Clintons and Obamas were all “broke” when they were in the white house even though they took salaries and now get thousands for their ignorant stories.

          1. Deborah Pratt says:

            They managed to ‘walk out’ with more than a ‘few’ million, though, didn’t they? As I recall–$6 million went ‘missing’ and no one seems to know ‘where it went’! I know half a billion dollars from the Haitian fund went into the Clinton coffers and was never returned!! That’s OK??

        8. Beverly Hightower says:

          So Jose……what color are you? I’d have to say GREEN, and stupid

          1. bttrap says:

            I’d say brown because he has his head stuck up the area between his two back pockets

        9. bttrap says:

          obambie did the same with his family and mother in law

    3. Brenda Sinclair says:

      we the taxpayers are still paying for mooslum obama to travel for his food condoms, cigeretts alcohol, to buy his little boys to rape, yes we the taxpayers foots his bill but notice mechelle his gay trannie is no longer with him or his rented two daughters

      1. Jose Oscar DeSoto says:

        Fuck you

        1. Richard Frick says:

          You couldn’t handle it limp dick.

        2. bob says:

          Treasonous communist seditious moron who is an idiot and muslim scum

          1. Vernon Devine says:


        3. Roger Domnie says:

          gooooooooooo pick up your food stamps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS THAT THE ONLY ENGLISH YOU KNOW?

        4. Brad Fisher says:

          Seems like you don’t even know English…other than profanity. Again, I say “Dig a hole and don’t come out.”

        5. Red Steiner says:

          LOL You’re a literary legend aren’t you wimp?

        6. Donna Boutin says:

          Amazing how this friggin liberal only attack a woman but none of the men..what a pussy..

        7. bttrap says:

          too bad your mother didn’t practice birth control

      2. Roger Domnie says:

        i like brenda, that’s the wanted guy, plenty of guys in jail for him to enjoy……..

      3. Doxieman says:

        Reserve that fucker a room in either Leavenworth or a luxury room in Cuba both for life.

    4. C. LeSaint says:

      America could save a lot of money if a sniper would apply his ability to Obama.

      1. Vernon Devine says:

        Totally inappropriate comment. Shame on you.

        1. CaptTurbo says:

          Well, a reusable rope would be more appropriate for that Kenyan maggot.

        2. Donna Boutin says:

          wasn’t inappropriate at all..don’t need a sniper, stand the “N” pussy up against a wall and 12 Americans standing in front of him with each pointing a gun at him and then have someone saying …”READY AIM FIRE !!!!”

        3. Kenneth Jones says:

          I agree, and C. LeSaint, I’d be very careful if I were you.

        4. Deborah Pratt says:

          Save your ‘shame’ comments for Obama and the Clinton Mafia!!

      2. Doris Will says:

        I don’t think so, the ensuing riots would level this country

    5. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

      We pay for the Secret Service agents that guard them. We don’t pay for the Obamas, but just paying for the Secret Service is very expensive. The Obamas are millionaires now, from their time in office. It’s disgusting, but nothing we can do about it. And, the Obamas are having a WALL built around the place they’re renting. Only way we can stop it, is, the Obamax are removed from life. LOL!

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        I’d much rather pay for his upkeep in prison, than the upkeep of his SS guards and his ‘mansion wall’!!

    6. Red Steiner says:

      I think you know the answers. Yes, we the people are paying him to continue his agenda for the destruction of America:

      Former Presidents Act:

      “By law, former presidents are entitled to a pension, staff and office
      expenses, medical care or health insurance, and Secret Service


      The Secretary of the Treasury pays a taxable pension to the president. Former presidents receive a pension equal to the pay that the head of an executive department (Executive Level I) would be paid, as of 2015 $203,700 per year.[4] The pension begins immediately after a president’s departure from office.[5]
      A former president’s spouse may also be paid a lifetime annual pension
      of $20,000 if they relinquish any other statutory pension.[1]


      Transition funding for the expenses of leaving office is available for
      seven months. It covers office space, staff compensation, communications
      services, and printing and postage associated with the transition.[1]

      Staff and office

      Private office staff and related funding is provided by the Administrator of the General Services Administration.
      Persons employed under this subsection are selected by and responsible
      only to the former president for the performance of their duties. Each
      former president fixes basic rates of compensation for persons employed
      for him, not exceeding an annualized total of $150,000 for the first 30
      months and $96,000 thereafter.[1]

      Medical insurance

      Former presidents are entitled to medical treatment in military hospitals; they pay for this at interagency rates set by the Office of Management and Budget. Two-term presidents may buy health insurance under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program; a GSA legal opinion ruled Jimmy Carter and George H. W. Bush ineligible.[1][6]

      Secret Service protection

      Former presidents were entitled from 1965 to 1996 to lifetime Secret Service protection, for themselves, spouses, and children under 16. A 1994 statute, (Pub.L. 103–329), limited post-presidential protection to ten years for presidents inaugurated after January 1, 1997.[7] Under this statute, Bill Clinton
      would still be entitled to lifetime protection, and all subsequent
      presidents would have been entitled to ten years’ protection.[8] On January 10, 2013, President Barack Obama signed the Former Presidents Protection Act of 2012, reinstating lifetime Secret Service protection for his predecessor George W. Bush, himself, and all subsequent presidents.[9]

      So you see, this treasonous enemy of America is a lifetime parasite, feeding off of the very nation he seeks to destroy.

      1. Doris Will says:

        I was thinking along those lines, but It’s just not right. Congress got his Birth Certificate. Did he qualify for the office or not! If he didn’t qualify, then we could just put him in jail, and save a lot of money. Thank you for a great reply.

    7. Pattie Kelly says:

      Doris I wonder too. I do know the Senator Chavez was purposing a bill to take away Obama’s retirement payment because of all the speaking engagements he is doing and all the extra money he is making. But I so know ex-presidents still have secret service so who knows how much of our tax dollars Obama is wasting. Hey he’s been doing vacations for years. That’s why nothing got done when he was president. He was so weak that when HE went to Saudi Arabia and Air Force One landed…NO ONE was there to meet him. WOW that must of been embarrassing.

      1. Donna Boutin says:

        No can’t embarrass a “N” moron.. He shouldn’t be getting a single dime seeing he’s not even a American..he gets his money from his puppet master soros..

      2. Doris Will says:

        Hi Pattie, Judging from his speeches over the past 10 years including his “Joe the Plumber” talk, Obama is so full of himself he is oblivious to everything a lesser person would consider embarrassing. He told the poor plumber that, at some point you tell yourself, I’ve made enough money. If Obama ever tried to make that statement to himself, he’d choke himself to death. That being said, Sen. Chavez has it right!

    8. Dan says:

      He had a 16 vehicle motorcade when driving around in Italy to his $15,000 per night room

      1. Doris Will says:

        THAT STINKS He’s out of office, $1,500. per night, and she looks like she selected her outfit from a brothel’s trash bin. It’s just not right. Congress got his Birth Certificate. Did he qualify for the office or not!

        1. Kenneth Jones says:

          It doesn’t just stink; it literally reeks!

    9. maxx says:

      Unfortunately we have a “Congress of Cowards and Traitors” that we should deal with very soon. It will take some very drastic and unconventional methods to fix the problems with Congress. Maybe actions and tactics similar to what the Colonists had to use on George III and the Tories. Either they follow the will of the majority or they resign or be physically removed from office for corruption and dereliction of duty.

      1. Donna Boutin says:

        We need to clean out all of DC, especially the democRATS and then clean out all the friggin Rhinos in the republicans, then get rid of the friggin district fed court judges..

      2. Doris Will says:

        It’s just not right. Congress got his Birth Certificate. Did he qualify for the office or not!

    10. mary ann says:

      Yes Doris we the taxpaying idiots are paying for him & moocher michelle til the day they croak. We just paid for his Italy vacation. The plane, the secret service. Not sure about the hotel that cost $1,500.00 a night. Look it up, you’ll see. Must be nice.

      1. Doris Will says:

        THAT STINKS He’s out of office, $1,500. per night, and she looks like she selected her outfit from a brothel’s trash bin. It’s just not right. Congress got his Birth Certificate. Did he qualify for the office or not!

    11. Linda Smith says:

      you are. pension for life. enjoy working your asz off while obama and hillary party

      1. Doris Will says:

        Yes, but the people should have some say about the pension and benefits, same as us.

        1. Linda Smith says:

          does not exist. i wish. the government employees vote on their own pay and pensions. not you or me.

    12. Gen11American says:

      Since Obama will receive $65 Million for his next book, and receives $400,000 each time he gives a speech to the same Wall Street bankers who screwed this nation of trillions in wealth in 2008 without suffering any personal consequences whatever, and because Obama gets paid $3 Million just for giving a speech to the climate change “experts” who hope to bankrupt the western nations, he should be paying for everything out of his own pocket rather than bilking American taxpayers even more!

    13. Linda Shelton says:

      We pay for Secret Service, no matter who they are attached to, and can you see O paying for anything he could get out of?

      1. Doris Will says:

        Actually no! However, Sen Chavez should add those items to the Pension Denial bill he is proposing. Failing that, he should be given vouchers for Secret Service protection. If he wants to travel he can pay for their travel expenses.

    14. shamu9 says:

      We Do Till the Token Croaks!

      1. Doris Will says:

        Wonder what the lifespan of a Toad would be?

    15. BillB says:

      You can bet we taxpayers are getting the bill!

      1. Doris Will says:

        If it could be proven that he was not eligible to be President. Maybe we could drop his pension, reverse his laws, and all judges he appointed. Oh wouldn’t it be “loverly!”

        1. Kenneth Jones says:

          Even though these allegations about his eligibility have been proven “wrong,” there’s a lot of suspicion that will never go away.

          1. Doris Will says:

            I thought the Birth Certificate went to a committee, I haven’t hear what they decided

        2. Deborah Pratt says:

          That has already been ‘addressed’ to Congress. No word of how it was received or any comment. Right, it was Senator Chavez who proposed that. Hope it doesn’t disappear under a ‘stack of papers’!!

          1. Doris Will says:

            Congress has the Birth Certificate. Did he qualify to run or not. I am 76 today. I don’t have that much time to find out!

    16. Kenneth Jones says:

      Former presidents are furnished with a Secret Service Protective Detail. A former president receives a very substantial retirement pay package for the rest of his life, money for an office and staff, and I believe, for travel expenses of the staff and Secret Service Agents, who must travel with him and his wife. His children are not entitled to the same perks, and their parents pay their expenses.

      1. Doris Will says:

        It’s just not right. Congress got his Birth Certificate. Did he qualify for the office or not! If not, It should be a jail cell for him, and Soros can support the girls.

    17. Rebecca Landrum says:

      So don’t watch her. I haven’t watched that she-devil since she “hosted” that debate. Her first paragraph directed at Candidate(at that time) Trump was the last straw for me. When and if she comes on , I leave! Simple as that!

      1. Doris Will says:

        TV no, not TV. Every web site you open there’s a picture of her and some drivel, you can’t delete it, so I just zip past it quickly while I read the article I open to read

    18. Moira says:

      I am wondering the same.

      1. Doris Will says:

        Apparently we pick up that tab.

    19. mary says:

      We are paying for it. You don’t think he is using his own money do you?

      1. Doris Will says:

        I thought so, I am so sick and tired of paying for his travel. for the people, darn those fools who voted for him

  2. greyparrot says:

    This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Barack Obama criticized, berated and blamed George W Bush for every little thing during his 8 year reign. He has never displayed even a modicum of class so don’t expect him to start now.

    1. Brenda Sinclair says:


      1. Don Keith says:

        ”The, Democrats ,just loved him. they believe every thing he said. he, should had been vetted before coming the President, even back when he was in the congress. he, done nothing when he was in there. so why would he do anything as our President? if, he had been White he would had been impeached, and put in prison. What do y’all thank? ”

        1. Karen says:

          true..Obama played the race card and got away with it!!!

          1. Brad Fisher says:

            And that’s all the Devilcrats know, including their surrogates the Communist MSM. These folks are the enemy of anything American.

          2. Don Keith says:

            ”Thanks, so munch for your comment. right Brother.” Brad, you are my new friend.LOL.

          3. Red Steiner says:

            And we allowed it! And we are still allowing it. Investigate the treason he and the Queen of Benghazi and the Clinton Cartel as a whole. committed and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. Do it soon. They are reorganizing like a pack of Jackals.

          4. Don Keith says:

            Amen Karen. so, so, true.

          5. Don Keith says:

            ”Hey, thanks so munch. another great friend. we, got to stay together. have a great week end. God Bless, all of our Military, men. and women. ”

        2. Vernon Devine says:

          You’re crazy

          1. Donna Boutin says:

            better to be crazy then a friggin liberals snowflake moron !!!!

        3. Brad Fisher says:

          Agree 100%.

      2. Vernon Devine says:

        You are truly an idiot or just crazy.

        1. Donna Boutin says:

          blow it all your ass snowflake!!!!

      3. Roger Domnie says:

        show us a true birth certificate, college transcripts, you phoney… everything about you is forged, spoken by your grandmother and brother. born in kenya, not HI……….. queer, your partner is michael lavaughn robinson. you have always dated guys. two girls are adopted.

        1. Jose Oscar DeSoto says:

          Well I hope u r not an illegall either, u see. That’s why America is so divided, cause of ignorant prejudiced fucks like you that think that a person’s name defines their legal status in this country, oh and one more thing :GO FUCK YOURSELF ALL THE WAY BACK TO EUROPE.

    2. Don Keith says:

      ”How true. only thing he needs is a good old ass whipping behind the born.”

    3. Jose Oscar DeSoto says:

      But your orange baboon has class ?, LOL

      1. David in MA says:

        Yo, burro, ¿qué sabrías?

      2. bttrap says:

        you still here? I thought you might of ran back to the border to get back to your home. your not welcome here

    4. Kenneth Jones says:

      He has no idea of what “class” means.

  3. mike whitty says:

    Huh! Don’tyou hide behind that big wall around you Washington DC home then Obamee boy?
    Did you not hide for 8 years behind those walls and bars while you were in the WH Obamee boy?
    Many of us hope that some day soon you will be in permanent hiding behind the Prison walls of Gitmo or similar Obamee boy!

    1. CaptTurbo says:

      Did he not hide every document and record that would have clearly shown that he was not legally eligible to even work at the Post Office let alone infest the White House?

  4. jimmy9522 says:

    He is such an insecure little man, he must keep trying to make himself important.

    1. KDC says:

      Man? That’s using the term very L o o s l e y!

      1. jimmy9522 says:

        They wouldn’t print my real feelings about the little bastard.

        1. Kenneth Van Antwerp says:

          I agree!!!!!

  5. CaptTurbo says:

    I want to see that Trojan Horse, Muslim, Kenyan, maggot locked up and waiting to be hanged.

    1. Brenda Sinclair says:


        1. CaptTurbo says:

          Correct. It could be said that Moochie is probably well hung, but Barry Soetoro should be hanged.

    2. Jose Oscar DeSoto says:

      Not in your miserable life time you f**ng bigot Bastard.

      1. Raymond Miller says:

        My what an intelligent person, and such a vast vocabulary, very impressive. Hey Jose, go back to the sewer you crawled out of, get out of my country you POS.

      2. Curt Lamoureux says:

        Jo’se you you surely are an Illegal dumd ass mexican, am I right?!!!!

  6. KDC says:

    BO needs to keep his mouth shut and just go away. He’s a pathological liar, and no one with any credence listens to him. Go away you lying usurper!

  7. Gary Smith says:

    I hope we aren’t paying because this worthless piece of crap should have been hung for treason for what he did to our great country .Please just take your commie agenda and go away Obama 8 years was plenty get a job teaching college that is what they teach in college leftist propaganda. Please shut up

    1. George E. LeFebvre says:

      What we need is the Lone Ranger and Tonto to clean his mess up.

      1. cdansreau says:

        we do need a hero. but i suggest getting rid of soros and his money as the first step, this should be done by the attorney general or CIA. secondly prosecute hillary and her Benghazi crowd. and as a matter of national priority unlock all of obama’s sealed records and especially his Hawaiian birth records. it should be clear to trump NOW that if you let these folks commit crimes and let them attack you they will just continue to do so. when they do that they are not only attacking the office of the presidency but the US itself.

  8. Marijane Ambrogi says:

    What would you expect? He wasn’t our worst president because he was dumb, but because he knew EXACTLY what he was doing. He is a traitor to the USA; a fanatic Islamist who has always hated the USA and did his best, in 8 yrs., to destroy our nation. He should have been indicted and prosecuted, but, due to the corruption in the media, Congress, etc., he was allowed to continue his attempt at destruction unabashed.

  9. candice baron says:

    Do not watch MSNBC or CNN or MSM they lie omit and filter news President Trump caught some of the corruptions Go Trump Go Drain the swamp

  10. Duane says:

    The Berlin wall was built to keep people in. The Great Wall of China was built to keep foreign invaders out. While the Berlin Wall was wrong, no one has ever criticized China for building their wall. Obuma go away and stop meddling!

    1. Karen says:

      I wish he would just go sick of him!!!!

  11. SKIPRSA says:

    His hate and betrayal of America continues and should not surprise anyone. Except his attempts to undermine this country to carry on at whatever level he can generate.

  12. AnAmericanRight says:

    Obama is a turd. he needs to be flushed down the toilet. what a creep.

  13. Tex Bentley says:

    Like any narcissist he does not admit to his failings and lack of abilities.

  14. samw says:

    Can’t we put him on the terror watch list and leave him in Germany with Merkle’s other Muslims?

  15. Glanda Widger says:

    The only ex president I have seen in my lifetime who just keeps on campaigning and making attempt to be the king. He stalked Trump all over Europe while the taxpayer paid for his security team. He just need to go away. far away and keep his treasonous mouth shut. he is so full of himself he thinks he is still the ruler of America, and sad to say far too many here think he still is as well.

    1. Mort Mason says:

      How did Obama ever get a passport anyway? Or isn’t it an AMERICAN passport?

  16. zizi Newton says:

    This great messiah of America is a traitor, a dark and insidious evil power. I, a young person, lived through 8 years of dark age and thought there would never be a bright sunny day again.

  17. Pomona Pete says:

    imagine if this jerkov was president of the United States.

  18. marco a. poshar says:

    This pathetic dude should be send to Gitmo for TREASON,,,,,,,,

  19. cdansreau says:

    obama was traveling with one purpose in mind. to attack and undermine trump. he as an ex president presented a voice to undermine trump. Many leaders attending the summit were wondering about how solid a voice trump had in the policies of the US. trump is our elected president, we have had enough of liberal policies of failure in security, economics and foreign policy. i suggest we revoke obama’s passport because he is interfering with foreign policy. we should also have congress reprimand him for his G7 actions by impeaching him as president (retroactively), take away his retirement pay benefits and ban him from all white house and diplomat activities.

    1. Karen says:

      amen to that!!!

  20. Gary Johnson says:

    why dont these world leaders ever think about their own people. how many of their own people have to die before they find out the big mistake they are making, who puts these idiots in charge it seems the only sane one out there is PRESIDENT TRUMP

  21. WuDanFu says:

    From the looks of him he’s back on the good stuff,,, the party is on…

  22. bob says:

    Opiece of treasonous seditious communist muslim shit needs to do the world soon and die

  23. Timothyf7 says:

    Then why did Obama put a wall around his residence?

  24. Rick D. says:

    If anyone other than Obozo did that, the MSM would go ballistic!! But, since they’ve always excused his blunders, they ignore it.

  25. Fortuneless says:

    Obama and Soros need to be hung for Sedition. Nothing better than seeing justice for crimes committed.

  26. Vernon Devine says:

    Obama was a great President addressing domestic issues and global issues. Our current President is impulsive, delegates to his children work that should be done by him or experienced politicians, and brags about how he can touch women inappropriately and get away with it, not to mention his 6 business bankruptcies. Can there be any greater contrast between a competent Obama and idiot Donald Trump. Trump is a threat to our country, what a sad commentary on our country.

    1. Fortuneless says:

      What the Hell you been smoking..Obama was the worst President in US history. He almost sold this country out. If something sinister were to happen that POS not many people would shed a tear.

  27. B. Pearson says:

    Obama is getting worse and now his legacy has reached an all time low. Obama is trying to reverse al his poor decisions and blame Trump when in fact something like open borders is lubricious of coarse, Liberals simply don’t understand the whole “Wall” concept and how it will affect them eventually without it. Democrats are easily swayed always believing what they are told from the like of Hillary and Obama and they know this so, Obama and Hillary keep pushing the Liberal buttons for they know full well the sheep will follow.

  28. Fortuneless says:

    Merkel is going down in flames just like Hillary…

  29. Brad Fisher says:

    Now we know he’s the biggest idiot around. The clown needs to be tried for treason.

  30. Estelle Barnett says:

    Why doesn’t OBAMA get the hell out of the Capital and go back where he belongs {not the USA} and change
    the Congo. Second thought maybe they don’t want him either.
    I do not despise the person BUT what he stands for.

  31. GrumpyGrandpa says:

    The world can now see and judge just how “good” the socialist-liberal ideology has worked out for America, Europe and a lot of the Middle East. Clearly, most everything has reached a pinnacle of disaster in debt, corruption, illegal immigration, wars & conflicts and problems from The frauds of globalism and global warming.

    The US has woke up, but hasn’t yet adopted the full cure from Obamaism. Europe will soon be invoking the cure and it will be quite nasty to watch the bloodshed. We just don’t want or need the crap Obama and Merkel is selling. Take the medicine!

  32. Lee McLaughlin says:

    Seriously, did anybody expect anything more from this guy. He is nothing more than but another Jesse Jackson or Al Sharp. It’s just that he happened to fool enough people into thinking that his lies were true and he was something more than his past showed.

  33. David in MA says:

    I believe Obama just crossed over into treason, State Department, revoke his American his passport (if he has one), force him to use his Indonesian passport and see the real Obama..

  34. Hardcore says:

    Obama hit the jack port. He went from a street guy to the senate and President. I suppose most liberals disregarded his lack of experience and wanted to put a black man into the White House. OBAMA talked a good game but he done very little for eight years other then becoming very rich. If he start his BS some body is going to remind his he is a ex and he need to keep his nose out of the business of running the USA

  35. noBS says:


    Based partly on the signage, I strongly suspect that much of that “rapt crowd” was staged. I’m old enough to remember when JFK spoke in Berlin, he said, “Ich bin ein Berliner”. He was openly and strongly criticized for not knowing that the article “ein” is not commonly used by Germans in that context — he should have said, “Ich bin Berliner”. So whoever made signs praising Obama that said, “Du bist ein Berliner” committed the exact same faux pas that JFK was criticized for making 50+ years ago. The error gives away the fact that whoever made those signs WAS NOT A GERMAN, but more likely, was one of Obama’s minions from the USA who was not familiar with German colloquialisms.

  36. Rodger K. Shull says:

    well, then lets throw out the rules an fight fire with HOTTER FIRE, lets start calling for some real deal investigations, lets put his skinny smart a$$ on the hot seat , an I mean right now, lets throw some distraction in front of him an the leftist morons, an I ,am sure there is plenty of issues to work with. An start with soros lock him up an freeze all of his accounts an companies. Then watch the rest fall out an SQUEAL like the greedy traditorist pigs they are

    1. Red Steiner says:

      I’m with you.

  37. cheetah says:

    Typical niqqer

    1. June says:

      Skin color has nothing to do with his crimes against America.

      1. Fortuneless says:

        Homosexual, Marxist, Nigger

      2. Poleski says:

        Yes it does. It’s the culture. Sorry but that’s the way it is.

  38. fordfool says:

    about all Obama was ever good at,was promising othr Countries how much more America could do for our ridiculous xpense…….sorta like chopping down the apple tree so You can get the apples at the top….and not thinking- – now U’d have NO apples from now on!! Hey Leroy, THINK…,,,C’mon, the lst time’s alwys the hardest…
    ….EARN Respect….no one gives it openy w/ out EARNING it…

  39. Fedup says:

    What do you expect from a low life, no class ghetto rat? You can take the boy out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the boy.

  40. Noah Disembet says:

    Obama is a nasty homosexual and muslim and illegal immigrant born in Kenya, West Africa and a filthy traitor to all of America. What a slime ball.

  41. Rocknrobyn says:

    He was treated so well by Bush, but cannot carry on the decent tradition. Well, what would we expect? He was always a rude, crude, low-lifer, without a shred of respectability.

  42. James Collins says:

    Obama showed no class while in office, do you expect him to show class as an ex president?

  43. Camille says:

    Obama is the worst president that had delusions of grandeur. He is arrogant, as well as a Traitor to America and his wife was really a man Michael. We had the first gay Pres. who hated America when he ran for the office of President. He had those at the Libyan Embassy his plan was to leave them helpless so they all would be murdered. Obama made sure he could not be reached even if it was imperative. We were taken over by a Muslim terrorist man who loves the religion of Islam and wanted to convert our Christian country to being Muslims and worshiping allah who us really Balaam aka Satan. Satan comes to steal from us, kill us, and destroy us as we fall into his traps.
    Jesus sent in military men to rescue them, How ever the Ambassador was sacrificed as a Pawn that Hillary and Obama were together in the murdering of those they wished to get rid if both are dangerous people. They do not believe in Jesus so the demons have a full right to attack those criminals who do not hold human lives as precious to all.Obama is like Mussolin loving to be a dictator and is a liar and never tells them the wrong things. God has removed the Obama from destroying our country from the inside out, Bringing into our country islam, and trying to take our guns away, He hated the constitution of the USA, He put Muslims in key positions so they could infilrate our govenrnment then bring us down. Their friends of theirs

  44. Veteran 29 says:

    Vernon Devine, you are obviously a very CONFUSED shmoe! Like most of the other people who have their head out of their rearends that posted on here, what “accomplishments” did Barack Millhouse Benito Obama have. Oh yeah, I can name a few DESPOTIC accomplishments. 1) 19.5 trillion dollars in on budget debt 2) Gutting and hollowing our once powerful military out 3) neutering our foreign policy abroad, (by design) 4) rampant ILLEGAL immigration 5) plus sanctuary cities and states, (blue Democrat crapholes) that were allowed to usurp federal immigration laws 6) Benghazi where 4 American citizens were dragged through the streets and killed, and Obama and Hillary Clinton LIED REPETEDLY and blamed it on a YouTube video 7) Fast and Furious where Obama and Eric Holder again LIED about weapons being sent to Mexican drug cartels, plus Obama claimed “executive priveledge) to keep Holder out of hot water. And I can keep going with the DESPOTIC ” accomplishments

  45. Charlie says:

    Obama is bad ancient history. Ignoring him is the best medicine for us and the worst thing that could happen to that narcissist. Nobody of note pays any attention to him any more anyway. Not even the demo-rat party that he torched. Let’s concentrate on with the miraculous future of America via the Trump’s presidency.
    Make America Highly Prosperous and Strictly Constitutional Again! TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!!

  46. Arnold Young says:

    Poor bho, the only person I have seen whose soul is the same color as his hide!

  47. Poleski says:

    Obama. African Chief American Traitor. The worst President we will ever have. Look at the bright side. There won’t be another this century.

  48. Richard Bagenstose says:

    while standing behind a wall of bullet proof glass he says we don’t need walls, yet i herd he is building a 10ft. wall around his house in d.c., anyone see a little hypocrisy here

  49. Deborah Pratt says:

    That’s ‘rich’, coming from someone speaking behind a ‘bullet-proof’ wall and living behind a wall in Washington!! It’s OK with him that the rest of the population is in danger of their lives–he makes sure ‘he’s’ safe!! I doubt that the majority of Germans are on Merkles’ side!! Many native Germans are experiencing the lawlessness and crime of having millions of Muslim immigrants invading their homes and land!! Of course, ‘liberal slanted’ media won’t report it that way–would they?!! The only way we’ll rid ourselves to the ‘Obama Curse’ is to put that guy away!!

  50. Veteran 29 says:

    Hey Vernon Devine, we had to put up with YOUR BOY Obama for 8 years. Now the shoe is on the other foot pal. We have a REAL President, the 45th President of the United States Donald Jay Trump!

  51. Veteran 29 says:

    Touche Deborah Pratt, very well put. The best thing to be done to Obama and Hillary Clinton is federal prison!

  52. Vernon Devine says:

    Obama was popular in Europe. Perfectly reasonable he visits as he will be welcome. Not sure what Trump’s reception will be. I suspect it will not be as warm given what an asshole he is. Trump is going to pay for his mouthing off. Be great if he is booed.

  53. Bob Stewart says:

    Hang Obama !

  54. Veteran 29 says:

    To all you liberal pukes out there, maybe you can join a “snowflake” support group? Just saying?

  55. Veteran 29 says:

    Hey Vernon Devine, go live in socialist Europe, do this country a favor.

  56. don says:

    This POS is the worse.Look what he is, that says it all!!

  57. Veteran 29 says:

    And take YOUR DESPOTIC Democrat Party with you!

  58. bernie3 says:

    drumph is the con man donnie…never speaks any truth…loses in every venture he has tried…is attempting to make a greedy profit from his administration… and will soon be prosecuted for all his corrupt actions…lock him up …

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Are we living on the same ‘planet’??? That description sounded an awful lot like it fits ‘Obama’—certainly not Pres Trump!!

  59. Countrysunrise says:

    So two losers get together for a reunion!! Obama has the nerve to try and criticize the President about putting the wall up on the Southern Border, yet he moves about 2 miles from the White House, and what is one of the first things he does?? He puts a wall up around his house!! So we have a case of the pot calling the kettle black here!! He always tends to talk out of both sides of his mouth. Do as I say, not as I do?? Andrea Merkel is sinking fast, since she doesn’t have a wall, and she has major problems. She let a lot of “losers” as the President would call them, into her Country, and now they’re attacking her Citizens, and her rating as a President is sinking. So she asked another sinking President to come and try to save her. I pray that her opponent wins, and whomever it is, has the common sense to deport them all, and straighten that Country out, before it’s too late to save themselves!! She’s another poor excuse for a President, as it turns out!!

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      Frau, or is it Fraulein, is likely to be out of office soon….thank God!

  60. Veteran 29 says:

    Yea Vernon, Obama is popular in Europe, if I didn’t know anything else about this clown that’s enough.

  61. Steven Coy says:

    Throw the not black half breed in prison for treason Now !!!!! vietnam vet

  62. jhforsythe says:

    What a disgusting man! He has no respect for this country or its leaders.

  63. Veteran 29 says:

    Right on Steven Coy!!!!!

  64. Kristy McCallister says:

    BTW, in the question “Should FOX have fired Bill O’Reilly”, you have the wrong comment with the YES & NO answers. With the YES you have that “the Liberals pushed you into it” & with the NO you have that “O’Reilly should have been fired”. I feel that NO he should NOT have been fired & that the Liberals did push you into it so I am NOT voting YES although I agree with your comment. I feel he should NOT have been fired, by all means!

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      I agree that O’Reilly shouldn’t have been fired, but that’s water over the dam. He’s got a new job now, and it’ll be interesting to see where it takes him….not that he really needs to work now.

  65. Veteran 29 says:

    Hey Bernie3, are you and Vernon Devine a couple of poor little snowflakes that just can’t come to terms that Trump won the election. And that Hilary, that both of you PUKES voted for LOST. And that just to friggin, bad!

  66. Veteran 29 says:

    Oh, and for the record to a you Demorat, knuckleheads posting on here. Trump also carried FORMERLY Demorat held states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Ahhhhh, did Hillary’s “blue wall” just get bulldozed, or C4’d? Just saying?

  67. Dan says:

    There are no words to describe the treasonous Barack Hussein Obama

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      I don’t know about that, Dan!! Looking at these posts—I’d say these folks are finding ‘all kinds’ of words!! LOL!!

  68. maxx says:

    WHY in the world would we expect anything less from Obutthead, the worst non-president to ever dishonestly occupy The Peoples House.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      This isn’t the first time ‘O’ has gone abroad and humiliated the USA!! He’s done that while in office in Saudi Arabia and in China, as well!! Referred to as his ‘Grand Apology’ tour!! (idiot)!!

  69. Veteran 29 says:

    Right on Maxx!!!!!!!

  70. Bayside GolfClub says:

    What betrayal? Obama’s prerogative are entirely are entirely outside anything pro-U.S. It’s called treason. Who hasn’t figured this out yet? If it will inflame enemies and encourage them,.. Obama is going to promote whatever narrative will do so. If it besmirches the reputation of the U.S. obama will say it.
    It IS treasonous.. It is Anti-U.S.. It IS pro-jihadi/globalist/leftism,.
    It is NOT ‘rocket science’..

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Evidently the Liberal Snowflakes haven’t quite ‘grasped’ that just yet!! Could be they’re just ‘late bloomers’!! If we keep ‘hammering’ it into their little ‘pointed’ heads–do you think they’ll ‘catch on’!!? Maybe if we could get some ‘mostly naked’ Rock Star to go on stage and ‘yell’ it to a ‘beat’—hmm!!

    2. Kenneth Jones says:

      One doesn’t need to be a genius to know that Barack Obama is corrupt as hell. American voters got snickered, bamboozled, robbed, and downright lied to for eight long tortuous years!

  71. Phyllis Schultz says:

    I wish he would go to Germany and stay. Maybe then we wouldn’t be forced to see his lying face. I am really tired of him and his corrupt activities. Send him to Germany or send him to jail. He should be stripped of all the great benefits he gets, since he seems to have become so wealthy off the backs of the American people. He is no longer the God, he thought he was, and should keep his mouth shut.

  72. Veteran 29 says:

    Bottom line here is, if you Demorats can really credit anything to President Trump winning in such a landslide. You best thank Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as the Demorat Party. Because without them, and their party’s level of tyranny and despotism on our Representative Republic, President Trump may not have had as big of a victory as he had.

  73. Veteran 29 says:

    Hillary didn’t need any help losing the election. So I think that rules out “Russian collusion”. Plus, why would Putin want Trump as our President who won’t buckle on anything? Versus the treasonous, witch Hillary that would roll over at every turn for him? It would seem to me that Putin would want Hillary in there for the simple fact he wouldn’t have any problem pushing his agenda forward. Kinda shoots holes in the ” Russian collusion” narrative that the Demorat Party and the left want to put forward doesn’t it? Just a thought

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      You have a point.

  74. Veteran 29 says:

    To all you Patriots posting on here that support our current President Donald Trump, I salute you! Happy Memorial Day!

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      Thank you!

  75. Gen11American says:

    Unless the Trump Administration drops the boom on Obama for being a traitor to the US, that Muslim globalist POS will continue his unrelenting attacks because he’s a puppet of George Soros! Since Soros placed Obama in the White House, Obama owes him Big Time, just as Hillary Clinton does for spending $1.2 Billion on her failed presidential campaign. Since Soros is 85 years old, he’s running out of the time to be King of the World under a One World Tyranny he and the Rockefellers and Roshchilds and the Jews in the CFR want! We need to resist them in every way possible to counter the 200+ evil Leftist organizations which Soros funds and runs! And most of all, the 93% of Democrats in Congress who are overrunning us with illegals and Muslims need to be voted out of office in 2018 and 2020 so some sanity and common sense might return to this country!

  76. Carol Line says:

    I am sickened by this, but even more that an evening news broadcast that “Donald Trump is flying over the Atlantic Ocean as we speak”. They did that in a manner that put his life and all that were with him in harms way as they traveled home from the summit.
    I hate all the lies and democratic propaganda/narrow viewpoints the news is bombarding us with.

  77. Carol Line says:

    The news rarely show anyone that support the President. We need a new news team that show the republican viewpoints equally and one that just shows them entirely.

  78. Carol Line says:

    People who are against Trump’s wall should remove the locks on their doors. They are likely people who are secure in their gated communities. There are many people that have to live in apartments and less secure places among dangerous people. I just moved from a place like that and most of them were foreign.

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      My wife and I don’t live behind a locked gate, and we don’t think much of the wall because we think illegal immigrants will find another way to get into the country.

      1. Carol Line says:

        You lock your doors and windows and that keeps unwanted people out. They may find another way to get in, but they won’t get in that way. It would be a fantastic deterrent and reduce drug/human trafficking. Plus there will be an enormous amount of superior job and business growth to build it.

        Your locked doors/windows are the same thing as a wall, they keep criminals out. You should remove the locks on your windows, car/house doors as unwanted people will just find another way to get in.

        I hear news reports that criminals break into cars and houses that have unlocked doors.

        1. Kenneth Jones says:

          It rarely happens where we live. We’re in the country, and we have coyotes, deer, and elk here…..with a rare appearance of mountain lions in the hills.

  79. cyh045 says:


    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      People think foreign governments liked him when he was President, but they thought of him as a useful idiot…not so you’d notice.

  80. Pattie Kelly says:

    Doris I agree with everything you said especially about Megyn Kelly. She was a bimbo. I know some of our tax dollars are going to his lavish vacations that he is so use to doing. He gets a ex-presidential salary. And believe me he makes a lot of money on speeches. So you can take it from there. Plus he is a liberal and all they know how to do is spend someone else’s money

  81. Jay Crossbow says:

    Only way to shut this traitor obongo up is to help Sheriff Joe conclude his investigation into obongo’s birth in a foreign country. Which is why obongo had the Feds go after Sheriff Joe.

    This is war and we must bring down the fraud traitor obongo anyway we can.

  82. Joel Goodman says:

    i wish someone would put a bullet in that nigger’s head

  83. Nutmeg Man says:

    Just when you thought the world’s biggest liar and worst president in history couldn’t become any more of a scumbug, he starts undermining his successor. To be spewing garbage while touring Europe the same time as Trump is as unprofessional as imaginable. You ruined the country with your mindless policies and now you have the gall to badmouth Trump. I wish someone would give him a one-way ticket to Iraq so he can pal around with his Muslim buddies in ISIS and not continue to an utter disgrace and embarrassment to the country.

  84. If the Germans are stupid enough to re-elect merkel and like listening to owe-bama. Well, they get exactly what they deserve.

  85. Joseph F Kubik says:

    Er ist nicht ein Berliner; er ist nicht ein Americanisher. Er ist ein dummkopf.

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      Und er ist ein verdammter Vercater!

  86. Pattie Kelly says:

    Doris I remember when Obama was talking about people who build their own businesses. He actually said “you didn’t build that yourself you had roads, and trucks, and people helping you”. I think that’s when Joe the Plummer spoke up when he said that right? Yes Obama broke so many rules when in office and these liberals have the nerve to make President’s Trump job impossible it makes me sick. How many jobs has our President created since he became president? More than Obama did his first 100 days. All these strangling regulations Obama put into place so small businesses impossible to build their business, the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, his trip to the middle east and the Vatican, Italy, Brussels, and he was treated like a king, both pipelines are being worked on (more jobs) and the border by just giving border patrol agents the right to do their job and enforce the current laws on the books..Illegal immigration has come down 70% and our unemployment rate is 4.5%. Of course that was the case with Obama but that didn’t include the unemployed and the people who just quit looking Obama forgot to factor that in. So I think Trump’s first 100 days has been great.

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      The one thing that we should never forgive him for, besides Benghazi, is his “rule by fiat,” or presidential decree. He deliberately bypassed Congress multiple times, when they either were on vacation or they didn’t act when he thought they should. That is a violation of the Constitution.

  87. sandy says:

    Typical Odumbo. Can’t bow out (gracefully?) when his time is up. Did we hear one word from Bush about the dumb shit Obama was doing? NO. He is STILL intent on bringing this country crashing down. He can’t keep his big mouth shut and live as a normal (citizen?). He should be ashamed. Wait, he has no shame.

  88. Obama is doing what a nigger does ,stab you in the back

  89. bearone7777 says:


  90. parthenon1 says:

    Obama is the worst example of a fraud ever ! He ran as a native born citizen when he is actually Kenyan, he took tax payers $ for his education listed as foreign exchange student. he had no civilian job he was employed as a community activist which is another term for “professional extortionist”, then ran for senator ( with the help of George Soros’es $ and ending up as his puppet, then ran for president (illegally) again with Soro’s $ and support of the very corrupt Democratic and because he was able to sell the “Snow flakes” that it would be a great stroke of genius to elect the first Black President. Then he ran the country almost in to the ground until we were almost like another European Socialist broke state. He spent us most likely into some sort of bankruptcy. Now we finally have a savior who understands how to run a business and will run the government like a business and will thin out our excess uneducated population by enacting strict immigration laws.

  91. MJL says:

    Obama is nothing but a low life POS Kenyan Coon Muslim Bastard

  92. Tins17 says:

    ‘O’ will do anything to save his legacy at our expense. Treason.

  93. Barbara Morse says:

    Why are we allowing this man to go abroad and represent our country? He has done tremendous damage to this country during his 8 years as POTUS. And now instead of reaping his retirement, he is causing further damage going overseas and speaking against our President and the American People. Bad….VERY BAD.

  94. jug says:

    “We cant hide behind walls”, while he WAS ACTUALLY HIDING behind a wall!

    What a POS!

  95. jesse says:

    Would we expect anything less from the most classless and most corrupt luciferian to ever hold the office!!

  96. daledor says:

    I wish Obama’s horns would show. What a devil.

  97. Robert Morris says:

    Hopefully, the German voters will turn out Angela Merkel in the fall elections. She threw the floodgates open to muslim extremists and the German people paid the price for her liberal ideals. When will the leaders of Europe come to the realization that you can’t treat zealots from Islam as humans. Serbia had the right idea for dealing with these 12th century political nut jobs except for the ethnic cleansing which I would never condone. America and Europe just need to keep them in the middle east where they belong. Only the so called elite believe in the new world order, aka the Clintons, Obama, Merkel.

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      The Muslims started coming into West Germany as “guest workers” when I was stationed there from 1969 through 1972.

      1. Robert Morris says:

        You are correct in saying that the muslims came into Germany between 1969 through 1972 as guest workers. When I was in Germany in 1997 there was a backlash against the guest workers who replaced a lack of people in the workforce due to the fact that Germany lost over 4 million men during the war. However, with the reunification of Germany beginning with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 , they no longer needed the guest worker and wanted them to leave to provide jobs for former East German workers many of which lost their jobs with the collapse of East Germany which provided a lot of government jobs.

  98. Robert Walters says:

    When this bullshit investigation toward President Trump is over and the truth comes out. Mr. Obama and the Clinton’s along with the other individuals committing TREASON, murder, etc.
    They will loose there pensions, security detail, etc. as they will be in custody pending a firing squad.

  99. Original Anna says:

    Is he being invited and why if he is, he is not the president. If he is not being invited why is he there and how does he get in without an invitation. Obama can’t let go of the fact he is not president any more, he is probably trying to prove he can still draw a crowd. That will get tiresome when people realize he has no power only money he made while in power. And I would like to know if we taxpayers are paying for gov’t employees to go with him. Security in this country, okay, but tripping around the world doing speeches I will bet you he is getting paid for, no way.

  100. RuFus92 says:

    Germany and other European country’s are going to pay som e very high prices for the ineptitude and stupidity of these two clowns. I hope that when it all collapse into the great Armageddon that is headed this way that both of them are sought out and compelled to pay for their crimes and treason to world peace.

  101. jim jones says:

    There is no “N” word when it comes to osama, he’s pure nigger!

  102. William Merrell says:

    Obama is the biggest racist dick that ever was.

  103. ny2223jv says:

    Why does this surprise anybody This scumbag wants to destroy this country. He was way out of his league from day one. I would love to see a real intense investigation of this corrupt former POTUS. Once the investigation is over charges filed and a subsequent conviction.

  104. RichFromShowMe says:

    More absolute proof, obamba has never understood what our wall is for; i.e., to keep out the bad guys, terrorists, drug and human trafficking and provide security for our nation.

    However, obamba does like the wall around his house in Washington, deCeit . . . . he even locks his doors at night even though he has 24x7x365 Secret Service Agents for protection.

    The Wall in Germany kept out the good guys (East Germans) who helped propel Germany into an economic powerhouse.

  105. Ron Manning says:

    Mr “No Class” Obama. President Bush sat for 8 long years saying nothing while Obama blamed every problem on him. Obama need to return the favor after his 8 failed years as POTUS and keep his mouth shut; if that’s possible.

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      He can’t keep his mouth shut. He has to keep justifying everything he did while in office.

  106. RONALD WIEDER says:

    Appropo for the worst U.S. president in history !

  107. Pattie Kelly says:

    Us tax payers pay his ex-president salary each year and he still has secret service protection. Now the personal vacations that he always has taken I don’t know. But that’s all he did as president was golf and take lavish vacations. That’s why America went down the tubes in his 8 years as president.

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      When he goes on vacation, the Secret Service goes ahead of him to make arrangements for security just as they would if he were still President. I believe he has to pay for their rooms, though.

  108. Moira says:

    The former democratic presidents such as carter have no trouble dissing the current president if he is a republican and the left eats it up. Period. At least the Republican former presidents shut up even if they disagree with the current occupant in the WH

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      They disrespect him because he’s a Republican, pure and simple. To them, if one is a Republican, that means he or she is Public Enemy Number One.

  109. chief1937 says:

    There has to be some way to stop Obama from interfering with our president. Pull his passport if he has one and shut down his pension reassign his body guards to other duties. This has been will never stop trying to destroy our nation.

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      The only way to do that aside from filing a criminal complaint against him (and you’d better have solid proof) would be to raise the issue with your congressperson, and again, you need proof. The chances are that this would get as far as his or her deep six file.

  110. john w w taylor says:

    Let’s face it folks, Obama’s a socialist muslim, so anything that comes out of his mouth we have to disregard. He should be brought up on charges of being a traitor to our nation for giving aid and comfort to our enemies as well as other charges, but we know that that will not happen, sadly. The taxpayer has to pay for him until he passes away,again sadly. The Clintons should also be brought up on charges for so many wrongdoings while in office, but we more than likely will never see that happen. I would like to say that All of these unlawful and wrongdoings that these people in power have committed while supposedly serving America, and getting away with while here on earth will have to be answered for when they stand in front of Jesus Christ. Many people out there will not agree with me, and that’s ok, because I know that what I say is true. It really hurts me inside to see All of these people in power getting away with so much injustice, and harming so many people, but I know that these people will pay such a heavy price when they leave this earth. While here on this earth We must do what we can to stop the injustice being done to America by using our justice system. We must do what is right to preserve the rights of all Americans following the constitution that was given to us.

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      I stopped paying attention to Obama when I found out about his lies.

  111. Adam Thomas says:

    I guess they spike water with LSD now in certain parts of our country. America needs to wake p and realize it is no longer insular. We can longer exsist as a country that pushes other countries around and bullies them. Just the other day 45 got it all wrong when condemned Iran in Saudi Arabia for it’s support of ISIS. The guy is foolish. Iran has been fighting ISIL and extreme islam hate for years that has been funded by Saudi arabia.

    I know, I know … all together now … fake news .. fake news. That only works for so long. When the facts start to stack up and out weigh the delusions you choose to believe you have to confront your beliefs and say to yourself that you got it wrong. However, it doesn’t matter ho many world leaders Trump pushes out of the way or ignores by not accepting interpreters, the FACTS are the same. He is a poor representation of intelligent thought. You can only repeat the same things before people want to hear new stuff.

    Also his first 100 days were some of the most damaging to this country in the last 30 years. Take coal for instance. It is a finite resource. Meaning it WILL run out. To boost support for a system that will eventually fail is stupidity, pure and simple.

  112. StopTheJews says:

    Obama like Bush and Clinton are own by the JEWISH MAFIA EMPIRE. Same JEWS who control our news media’s. HITLER SAVE GERMANY. Remember the USS LIBERTY Israel Attack killing and wounding 208 American Sailors.

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      Are you by chance an anti-Semite?

      1. StopTheJews says:

        No I hate ANTI AMERICAN ANTI CHRIST DEVIL JEWS. Are you a Homosexual Jew. Picture enclosed says it all.
        God Recognizes No One Religion. The devil occupies ISRAEL . God does not support the Jews killing the World. Hollywood a Jewish Pig Pen with scumbags like Jewish Walt Disney Co pushing everything bad for America. Tel AVIV Israel a homosexual city supported by Hollywood Jews. Federal Reserve run by crooked Jews. Jew York City loaded with crooked sick Jews robbing and destroying our country. Penny Pritzker another crooked Jew who own Obama. HITLER SAVED GERMANY .

        1. Kenneth Jones says:

          Your screeds aren’t worth a reply.

          1. StopTheJews says:

            Because I am 100% right about Jews. We need to execute the JEWISH MAFIA EMPIRE killing our country. Walt Disney queer Jews are a threat to our children’s future and safety. THE REAL WAR IS RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA FUEL BY JEWISH CONTROL MEDIA. Hitler save Germany. The Jewish Federal Reserve are our enemies. They kill JFK and his brother. HITLER SAVE GERMANY . HISTORY ABOUT JEWS DOES NOT LIE. PICTURE SAYS IT ALL!


  113. Autoharp1951 says:

    Guess what, folks, the good ol’ American taxpayer is footing all of the bills for this classless buffoon. Still.

  114. reggie says:

    You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.

  115. Daniel Parker says:

    With Obama doing this gives grounds now for Treson. He should go to Jail for misrensenting the (Now in Office) President and the USA. When will the US get some Balls and put that Traitor in the deepest darkest doungon that the USA has. I am tired of hearing about him and Hillary.

  116. Countrysunrise says:

    That’s an odd comment to make to the President, when Obama put a wall around the house he moved into!! Why was that the first thing he did??? Why was the second thing he did was to ask his right-had girl, Valerie Jarrett to move in with them??? Is that part of his Deep State?? Or maybe it’s part of his soft coup I’ve been reading about. After all, he needs help with the Obama Foundation and the Organizing for Action groups that he’s also opened across the Country. Why was he following the President around Europe, anyway?? That’s a bit creepy if you ask me.

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      The wall was already there when he rented the place.

  117. StopTheJews says:

    Obama a known homosexual cocaine user and pusher. How many lives did this black turd ruin? PERFECT PRESIDENT FOR FILTHY ROTTEN DEVIL JEWS WHO LOVE THIS BLACK TRAITOR. Jews are killing the USA. Check out the picture. HITLER SAVE GERMANY .

  118. StopTheJews says:


    Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate was Obamacare website builder | The Daily Caller
    The Daily Caller › 2013/10/25 › michelle…
    Oct 25, 2013 – First Lady Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate is a top executive at the company that … the no-bid contract to build the $678 million Obamacare enrollment website at

    Today the cost has risen to 1.2 billion dollars.

  119. Mike W says:

    Obama has to keep fanning the flames of the ignorant to try and keep the attention off of himself. Can’t wait to see this impostor behind bars or 6 feet under. Unlike the General I will have no problem waiting in line to piss on his grave.

    1. StopTheJews says:

      Him and his JEW buddies might be pissing on your grave? Check out picture enclosed

      1. Kenneth Jones says:

        Oh, STOP it!

  120. Pattie Kelly says:

    Kenneth Jones I believe you are correct. Ex-presidents will always maintain their secret service but any vacations, etc. is on them. There’s a bill trying to pass Congress, ha ha, that will eliminate the amount of money an ex-president can make on speeches given and paid $400,000.00. When they make this money their president retirement income would go away. But really it’s just a ripple in the water compared to the speeches people will mindlessly pay for.

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      Well spoken!

  121. Pattie Kelly says:

    Keith Jones I agree with you totally. But the problem is there are two sets of rules that are very apparent. One set is the the Democrats, which basically is no rules and get away with anything, and then for the Republicans which is tear down and destroy, belittle, abuse, and hate and discredit everything they stand for. And find fault with everything they do. That is why Trump no matter how good he is he will be shot down for everything in the name of “RUSSIA”. That horse has been alive since last July and there is NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION. But to listen to the lame strain media that’s all they talk about. Now they blame a murder on Trump. Really? Our country if things don’t change will be an America no one will notice. Our President is TRYING to do everything he can but is shot down at every turn. He was treated better over seas this last trip than in his own country. That my friends is BAD!!!!!

  122. Ron haymaker says:

    You can always tell when NOBAMA is lying-his lips are moving!

  123. Pattie Kelly says:

    Thank you Karen Lee King. I try!!!!!

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