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Robert Mueller Dropped A Game Changing Bombshell About The Russia Investigation

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  1. Doris Will says:

    Is Mueller still here? does he still need his 25 assistants? I suppose we are still paying the Assistant Attorney General who needed this troop? Has anybody asked the Democrat Official, who allowed the Russian lawyer into this country, why she let her into the country You know, the lawyer Obama used to collude with his Ambassador to Russia, McFaul, to derail Putin’s election. This entire scenario is getting to be disgusting,, ca-ching$$$

    1. Gary Smith says:

      This a crock of shit

      1. Doris Will says:

        Please elucidate

        1. Olaf Thunderfoot says:

          Five dollar words will only confuse him more.

      2. Glanda Widger says:

        He can prove it or I can but grow up and use your own search engine. Obama got her here and let her stay to use against Trump.

        1. Askjrsk says:

          Spot on Set up by crooked illegitimate fraudulent Zobama and Loretta Lynch.

          1. Tom Cook says:

            Don’t leave Hillary out of that.

          2. Askjrsk says:

            Your absolutely correct It’s just the very thought of her makes me gag, and the mention of her name sends me to the latrine.

      3. Dave says:

        You have no idea of what is going on.. Go live in Russia!

      4. Olaf Thunderfoot says:

        Were you looking in the mirror when you typed that?

    2. granny_forUSA says:


      1. Roger says:

        It won’t happen, he is too smart and quite content to let the democrats self destruct!

        DONALD TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT and PRESIDENT for all AMERICANS! He has built a cabinet of carefully selected advisers that can only help him make America, safer, stronger, more prosperous and greater, greater than ever before!

        1. DOC says:

          What tea are you drinking. Turn on your TV news.

          1. Bill O'Connor says:

            roger — TV news is FAKE NEWS; DON’T YOU KNOW THAT “COMRADE.”?

          2. DOC says:

            Oooo that fairy tale. All fake news?? Really

          3. Tom24 says:

            Doc ,this isn’t Fake news , Hillary Clitton could not even win a rigged election , and Donald Trump is America’s President ! And you can take that to the bank .

          4. DOC says:

            Ok, so all the stuff that there saying about Trump is fake news. He’s clean.

          5. Tom24 says:

            DOC , you are watching way too much FAKE News , most of your liberal news stations do nothing but bash Trump 24/7 , there is no evidence to the fake stories they keep inventing and people like yourself believe them. When Obumma ,was president ,did you ever see one tenth of the negative coverage about anything he did , ” No “, NADA. But President Trump uses Russian dressing on his salad and it’s twisted into a story of collusion with the Russian govt.
            I will let you in on a little secret DOC , the last people I will ever vote into govt office is another Clinton , Bush , or OBumma. Americans deserve better !

          6. DOC says:

            You got a short memory. On day, Our mission is to make Obama a one term president. Then he got the second term and you were empeach him even after he is out of office. So save that story for your fake stories. lol

          7. Tom24 says:

            DOC , please take your prescribed psych meds , because you are making no sense , well sorry what was I thinking you dumbocrats never make any sense. Who’s mission is it to make Obumma a one term prez , and who wants to impeach the muslim after he is already out of office ? We already know past prez Obumma ,was the worst president this country has every had ,PERIOD.

          8. DOC says:

            You must missed history at school. But you stay on the trail.

          9. Tom24 says:

            Again you are making no sense , but to sum up this past presidential election , Trump is your President , DOC , get over it and enjoy the ride.

          10. DOC says:

            I never said he was not my president. I don’t care for him. That’s my right, this is America.

          11. Tom Cook says:


          12. Tom Cook says:

            Liberals deal in innuendos and lies. I think they are allergic to the truth. The media pushes all of these fake news stories, even after they have been debunked.

          13. Doris Will says:

            Wow you got that right! Do you think you’re beginning to see the light.

          14. Tom Cook says:

            True, he is innocent.

          15. Askjrsk says:

            Absolutely.The collusion story is just that. The real collusion is Obama
            (After the election I’ll have more flexibility), and Hillary (Benghazi, bleached emails broken blackberry, bathroom servers, Clinton fraudulent foundation, fast and furious, uranium sales to the communist). You know the real story.

          16. Askjrsk says:

            They are saying. “They” referring to mass media, the Obama stooges and obstructionists? Yes. Their accusations have been fake and unsubstantiated . Now we must investigate obama Hillary, their collusion with the enemy. The assaults on our national security. We want to get the truth of the subversives that continue to ridicule those of us who legitimately voted for President Donald Trump.

          17. DOC says:

            Put them all jail leading with Trump.

          18. Askjrsk says:

            Leading with Predident Trump bringing up the charges of sedition and treason, and espionage to the traitors. Those globalists who seek to destroy our country. We who voted for legally and legitimately for our President Donald Trump, want these people prosecuted. . We no longer will be ridiculed by ridiculous morons that still can’t figure out how the con, the fraudulent illegitimate HILLARY lost even with all those illegal votes and all that massive voter fraud. MAGA

          19. Tom24 says:

            Again DOC , I think your oldtimers disease is really kicking in , please take your daily dose of Aricef , sit down , turn off CNN and think back , way back when you had a little common sense and truely cared about what was right with this country . Then think about your hero hillary clinton , and all the great things she has accomplished over the last 30+ years she has been in politics, Yup , that’s right hillary has done nothing but get an ambassador and staff killed in Benghazi on her watch , she sold this country out to the highest bidder, ” You need Urainium , comrade ? How much are you willing to contribute to the Clinton Foundation ? She stole furniture from the white house after she and bill moved out , several books are written about what a true Biatch she is , by the people who worked at the whitehouse for her , and don’t forget the trail of dead former staff members who were suppose to testify in court about her and bill , but seemed to always come up dead ,just before their day in court, I can go on and on , but I have a life DOC ,so please ponder some of these points and try and justify why hillary is your choice for a better America.

          20. DOC says:

            Why are you talking about Hillary. I don’t talk about history. Trump is the subject. What Trump is doing in the WH is so sad. One thing for sure it will all come out in the wash.

          21. Palmer says:

            The best place to get the real news is on Direct TV, CH 347, One America News. All Conservative and 5PM PST , The Daily Ledger, and at 6PM ,The Tipping Point. Exceptional Shows. They are on 24/7. Much more Real News then Fox. so I watch both. they compliment each other on information.

          22. Jim says:

            Dude, that is why you are all fu%ked up, I was just in TN visiting family and they are the same as you seem to be, watching CNN and MSNBC 24- 7. Stop playing with yo self.

          23. DOC says:

            What news do you read and watch???

          24. Deborah Pratt says:

            I did!! Couldn’t believe ‘what’ THEY are ‘serving’ the public!! I prefer my good old ‘Irish’ black tea, thank you. I got up and left the room. These people tell you this ‘cr*p’ with all sincerity and then, in a month or two, they are ‘back-tracking’ it like crazy!! Haven’t you noticed that?? Everything they ‘reported’ months ago has now been proven ‘false’–including their own ‘opinions’ (which isn’t ‘reporting the news’)

          25. Bill Powell says:

            Yes, by all means. Turn on the Democrat propaganda machine. You idjit.

          26. DOC says:

            Both parties do the propaganda thing. I really don’t trust either.

          27. LeaM says:

            Politics IS propaganda. Also known as political communication. It’s perfectly reasonable not to trust either party, but in order to be able to exercise YOUR full right as a citizen, you really HAVE to pick one or the other and exercise your FULL franchise. Otherwise, you have no influence on EITHER party, and no way to judge how their propaganda squares with reality. In other words, it makes more sense to be a distrustful INSIDER (R or D) than a distrustful OUTSIDER. The more you make yourself an insider in the party of your choice, the more influence you can have on the system. The more you sit back and say “I don’t trust either one!” the LESS influence you can have. So, you wanna be a pawn pushed around the chessboard by a bunch of people you don’t know, or you wanna be one of the people who does the pushing?

          28. DOC says:

            My 8th grade teacher said the same thing. I push by voteing.

          29. LeaM says:

            That’s great — as a first “push.” But if you want to push hard enough for people with power to feel, you have to do more than just vote. IF you want to have influence, get involved. Work in someone’s campaign (politics runs on part-time, volunteer help: there’s room for anyone who is at least semi-literate and has a couple of hours a week to donate. You’d be surprised how much credit even minimal involvement can earn you!) And if you REALLY want to do some pushing, RUN FOR OFFICE (assuming you’re a citizen and 18 or more; 25 for the US House). State legislature or local city council are good places to start. You may not win, although you might surprise yourself (or have no competition). But even losing candidates acquire political clout, which can be used to help other, more viable candidates. And today’s volunteers in somebody’s legislative campaign become tomorrow’s paid staff to an “elected official” — and who knows how far THAT can take someone?

          30. DOC says:

            Send your letter to a younger person. 83 is not a time to run for office.

          31. LeaM says:

            Wow, I didn’t realize…Sorry! Something you said made me think you were much younger! I’m 74, so I feel your pain. 🙂

          32. DOC says:

            You don’t have to be sorry. I get that all the time that is a BS they say about old people. I had a clerk act suprize be cause I knew my phone number. so I told him my number when I was a kid, So then he ask me for nat. guard service number so I said 217365872 NJ. and smile.

          33. Doris Will says:

            I wake up every morning wondering what’s going to hurt today, but I find out pretty fast.

          34. Tom Cook says:

            Too bad she did not teach you how to spell.

          35. Jeronimo Dan says:

            Aw, what’s a little extra “e” in a big world like this?

        2. Gen11American says:

          With the exception of his own liberal, registered Democrat kids, that is. Won’t it be ironic if Trump Jr. brings down his own father’s presidency because he wasn’t savvy enough to keep himself from being entrapped in a pre-set Demo trap funded by Hillary?

          1. Deborah Pratt says:

            Obama and the Dems had a LOT of ‘pre-set’ traps ready for when Pres Trump took office. This particular one was set even ‘before’ the election!! Seems they must have been ‘worried’ even then, that Trump would win! They have shown they have no hesitation in attacking Trumps’ family right from the beginning. Cowards!!

          2. Palmer says:

            Those “Pre-Set ” traps are going to be Obummers down fall. The pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming together.l

          3. Doris Will says:

            Stupid Cowards! Never learned that people who live in glass houses should never throw stones.

          4. Pattie Kelly says:

            Deborah and in an interview with FOX news President Trump’s daughter n law is pregnant with her first child. This is how EVIL the liberals are. She got a text message that “we hope you have an abortion or that you miscarry your baby the world doesn’t need another Trump in it”. Can anyone believe that anyone could be so hateful? What would happen if Obama’s daughter got pregnant and something like that was sent to her? OH MY GOD the sky would fall down like chicken little. That just shows why the liberals are losing their base. When I heard that it just made me think how EVIL the liberals really are and they will stop at nothing. Sad and Sick

          5. Tom Cook says:

            Jr only discussed the child adoption issue anyway. There was nothing about the election. This is just a witch hunt.

          6. Gen11American says:

            Even if discussion was ONLY about adoptions of Russian children, that was an exceedingly potentially heartbreaking and disastrous issue, not for the Russians, nor for the children, but for any American parents eager to adopt Russian children! If anyone thinks the Russians will send the US their “best and brightest” children, they won’t! They’ll do just as they did the last time adoptions were agreed upon! The Russians are so rotten to the core, they’ll send children with AIDS, and children which have been genetically damaged due to Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and children which have been ignored in cribs for so long, they’re incapable of bonding with adults! Thus, only heartache and heightened international tension can result from adoptions of Russian children by Americans! If Trump’s offspring are ignorant of what transpired in the past, they better do research on matters before they agree to meet with Russians to discuss such potentially sensitive matters. Better yet, they should leave delicate matters of diplomacy to the professionals who recognize traps when they encounter them. Even better than that, if elected officials can’t even drink Russian vodka, or use Russian dressing on their salads, or sell property to the Russians without the Leftists salivating and crying “Treason!’ why are Russians even allowed in this country?! Why are they allowed to buy multi-million dollar buildings in Manhattan, and estates in Florida? When the devil is freely welcomed, it becomes difficult to avoid the Devil! And if the Democrats are going to use the Russians as an excuse to try to impeach a duly-elected Populist President THE PEOPLE ELECTED, obviously it’s the Democrats and their dirty paid trappers which should be crushed!

          7. LeaM says:

            I’d give them a break on the kids’ being liberal, or registered as Democrats. In NY City, if you want to have a real say in who gets elected, you have to be able to vote in Democrat primaries (because the Republican Party isn’t worth squat), and that means you have to BE a registered Democrat. NO open primaries. And the kids all went to NYC private schools, which may be the most assertively liberal, politically correct institutions on the PLANET. If they HADN’T been brainwashed into liberalism, it’d mean they were too BRAINLESS to absorb the ALPHABET.
            But you’re right about Don Jr. not having been savvy enough to spot what was clearly a trap. Possibly a result of a political neophyte being so close to the top of the political heap: in most political families, by the time they get even CLOSE to the White House, they’ve learned how to avoid such pitfalls. When Daddy ENTERS at the top, there’s no time or space for on-the-job training for Junior (or Sis).

        3. DOC says:

          You mean the one he swaped out..??

        4. arthur M. alex says:



          1. LeaM says:

            Whether or not President Trump’s choice of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General is “disastrous” — much less “ends his presidency” (HOW? WHY? Maybe “ends Sessions’ career,” but NOT Trump’s presidency) is arguable. I wouldn’t even call it “disastrous.” In fact, it’s the President’s time-line that is disastrous. He appointed Sessions and Sessions took the job some time before the question of Sessions needing (or wanting) to recuse himself on the “Russia matter” When Trump named Sessions there WAS no “Russia matter,” so in fairness it’s hard to see how Sessions could have given Trump a heads up that it might be a problem, or that recusal might be an issue. It WASN’T yet an issue. The President (who has a lot of things on his mind, and can be excused for mixing up his dates) HAS mixed up the dates, and is blaming Sessions for not telling him (Trump) about something that hadn’t happened yet.
            As for Cruz, I’m not sure he WANTS the job. As a Senator, he can help the President when he wants to, or simply decline to get involved if that suits him. As Attorney General, he’d be the “President’s man” ALL the time, with no right of refusal to get involved. Cruz is still young by presidential standards, he will still be only 50-ish when Trump’s SECOND term comes to an end. He’s got a safe Senate seat. Why on earth should he want to take a “last act” job as stand-in, substitute, supporting actor for ANYONE else?

        5. LeaM says:

          Don’t let your obvious admiration for President Trump (which I mostly share) blind you either to his faults OR (more important) to the damage his rivals can do his reputation and ability to govern. He’s ALREADY beginning to lose some of those carefully selected advisers — mostly because the establishment didn’t want them there in the first place and won’t LET them do their jobs. More to come, unfortunately.
          Good — even great — presidents can be brought down or at least badly damaged by unfair, unreasonable, and totally inaccurate allegations of wrong-doing by themselves or their staff members (or even family). President Trump’s advisers, good as most of them (I don’t think they’re ALL great) may be, CAN lead him into hot water. Beware!

      2. CindyD says:

        Well at least we know what they are spending all their time on instead of healthcare and tax reform

        1. Askjrsk says:

          No vacation. President Trump has to be the adult here. Teach congress and senators about going to work for a living. MAGA.

          1. Deborah Pratt says:

            Problem is—they are all still trying to ‘play hookey’ and Trump won’t let them!! Nothing makes them more angry than to actually have to ‘work’ for their paychecks!! Well, ‘we’ shouldn’t let them get away with it either!

          2. Askjrsk says:

            Trump is the adult in the room.

          3. LeaM says:

            The reason Congress takes an August recess is NOT so members can have a nice vacation. It’s so they can go home and spend their days in their local offices, talking to constituents who either need help dealing with some government agency or want to complain about something the congressperson has or hasn’t done, and then spend evenings and weekends speaking to or with various constituent groups, from farmers to business people (big or small) to unions to parents or school kids or someone else who wants to hear what’s happening in Washington. Most members work 6 days a week, plus several evenings, when they’re “playing hookey.” AND IF THEY DON’T COME HOME AND SPEND THE MONTH OF AUGUST MEETING WITH THOSE CONSTITUENTS, THE CONSTITUENTS GET MADDER THAN HELL AND THINK THEY’RE NOT DOING THEIR JOBS. The job IS mainly in Washington, but those who forget the part that’s at home aren’t DOING their jobs, and will hear about it from the voters.

          4. Askjrsk says:

            What you say sounds nice. I don’t believe it. Most are satisfying their major contributors, not giving a hang about their constituents. Case in point, Maxine Waters. She does not live in the same district as her constituents. Waters is only out to please her big money campaign contributors. Pity. Only one to support a cop killer to Fidel Castro.

          5. Tom Cook says:

            I am wondering what part of our country she sold or betrayed to pay for the mansion she lives in.

          6. Askjrsk says:

            Not only our country, but she sold her soul.

          7. LeaM says:

            You pick one of the WORST examples of Congressional malfeasance to describe a typical situation. Maxine is a thief, no question about it. And her support for that cop-killer (whose name escapes me) is typical of HER. She gets money under the table from Fidel’s friends, but — sadly — MOST of her contributions come from AMERICAN “civil rights” organizations which are themselves financed by hard-working African-Americans who have NO CLUE how those groups are using their hard-earned donations. And Maxine, who doesn’t need to spend money to get reelected in the 90% African-American district where she runs (but doesn’t live — that IS legal in California & some other states — we just saw a special election in Georgia where it figured prominently — though some would say it shouldn’t be)

            But she’s ONE of maybe 30-40 who operate that way — ROUGHLY TEN PERCENT OF THE HOUSE MEMBERS. The other 90% are NOT on the take. They decide whether they are pro business (more likely WHAT business they’re pro, because different industries have different interests) or pro union (same thing, but fewer choices). THEN they get money from lobbies representing those interests. RARELY does a lobbyist say “We want to support you, are you on our side?” That’d be throwing money away. Instead, they identify (by their votes) members who ARE on their side and offer THEM some support (which is ENTIRELY LEGAL).

            There IS a good reason that some Members of Congress don’t live in their districts: reapportionment, sometimes gerrymandering. Congressional district boundaries change AT LEAST once every ten years, after the Census reapportions seats in Congress. The courts have demanded that districts have to be as close to equal in population as possible, which often means cutting communities up into small pieces that will be in different districts, even if they’re right next to each other. And the lines between Congressional districts have no connection to the boundaries of, say, school districts. Worse, because of endless lawsuits about whether district lines have been fairly
            drawn, the lines may be CHANGED several times in one Census cycle. Congressional families would have to MOVE 2-3-4 TIMES during a 10-year period to keep up with those changes. Kids would have to change schools, etc. Expensive hassle, upsetting for families. So they don’t do it, and explain to their constituents (lobbyists don’t give a damn WHERE they live) that the boundaries are likely to change again…Despite this, MOST members do live in their districts, or just outside them. Most live fairly modestly, unless they have serious FAMILY money or wrote a best-seller or something.

            Maxine Waters is an exception, obviously. Her money comes mostly from speaking fees — to audiences made up of African-Americans who don’t earn in 20 years enough to make a DOWN-PAYMENT on her home, while her constituents — the people she supposedly represents — can’t even get into her gated community. Fortunately, there AREN’T many like her.

          8. LeaM says:

            I agree Maxine Waters is out only to feather her own nest, and that she probably gets help from the Castros and their California friends to do it. But you’ve picked one of the very WORST examples of corruption in the whole House as your “case in point.” MOST members (House or Senate) are not like that. In fact, in the House (435 voting members) I’d put it at roughly ONE bad apple in the barrel of 10 — not too bad a percentage; you’d probably not find any better in a room full of, say, accountants, or even people who run charities.

            But where Maxine lives has nothing to do with either serving her constituents OR pleasing her big-money contributors. Her mostly low-income, mostly black constituents don’t EXPECT her to live in their neighborhoods; they just expect her to VOTE for whatever THEY (not the wealthy donors) WANT. AND SHE DOES. She “pleases” her “big-money contributors” by doing everything she can to make sure her CONSTITUENTS STAY poor, ill-informed, and mostly happy with whatever welfare payments they can grasp. I doubt Maxine gets $10,000 per cycle (small change!) from what you think of as “big-money contributors” (rich people, big business). HER money comes from a few very wealthy entertainers & their backers (they may or may not be African-American, but they’re not White!), very possibly (and illegally) from overseas money fonts like certain Arab sheiks, and the more extreme branch of the “civil rights” community.

            As for living outside her district, that’s not quite the sin it sounds like.
            The Constitution requires Senators & Congresspersons to live in the STATES they represent, but the Founders did NOT say House members had to live in their own districts, probably because in the early days it would have been impossible to find someone in every district in every state who was willing/able to run and hold the office.

            Today it’s a matter of all-too-frequent revising of district boundaries, which are based on the Census taken every 10 years — but which can lead to SEVERAL revisions during that 10-year period because the courts DEMAND the districts have almost exactly identical populations. Then, the courts insist on one hand that districts NOT be designed to favor one racial group or another, but on the other hand that those SAME districts SHOULD assure the election of members of certain favored minorities (GUESS). If you read that twice because it sounded insane, or just contradictory, you’re RIGHT.

            Anyway, assuming the family of a Congressman/woman doesn’t want to MOVE (with kids maybe changing schools and of course losing friends who are no longer convenient for visiting) 2-3 times in a 10-year cycle, THEY stay put. The voters figure out their district boundaries are changing (again!), and don’t blame the Congressperson.

            In Maxine’s case, I believe she lives in a posh gated community where most of her constituents could ENTER only with a visitor’s pass or “household/grounds help” ID. But that’s MAXINE. She’s NOT typical, thank the Lord.

          9. Tom24 says:

            Wake up LeaM , the only constituents most of congress cares about and serves is lobbyists and the green they give them to support whatever agenda is paying the most, the almighty dollar is who our congress works for , just read some of the bills that get past congress , they are put in just to help certain corporations become richer, etc…. Wake up and smell the coffee LeaM !

          10. LeaM says:

            I’ve been awake and smelling the coffee on Capitol Hill for HALF A CENTURY, and I know what I’m talking about. You may think they care only about lobbyists, but LOBBYISTS DON’T ELECT THEM and they are MUCH more worried, especially nowadays, about the VOTERS who DO elect them (or not). Sure, lobbyists provide a lot of the financial resources that help senators & congresspersons get elected, and win reelection, but the dirty secret of Washington is that LOBBYISTS SUPPORT LEGISLATORS WHO ARE ALREADY ON THEIR COMPANIES’ OR ASSOCIATIONS’ SIDE, not the other way around. That is, pro-business members will get money from business lobbyists, but anti-business members will NOT become pro-business in order to get that money, because it won’t work (the lobbyists aren’t stupid enough to fall for false friendships). Ditto the pro-union member and unions, which actually make BIGGER contributions than most business lobbies.
            Lobbying is just a way organizations (corporations, unions, and nonprofits) exercise THEIR freedom of speech (which the Supreme Court says includes the right to raise and spend money on some candidate’s behalf). The bills that are proposed “to help some company get richer” almost never see the light of day, and certainly don’t get to the President’s desk. Believe me (and I’m smelling the coffee right now!) most of that tale of influence peddling is a MYTH.

          11. Tom24 says:

            What , be real , the senior members of congress don’t know what hard work is , they never really rolled their sleeves up and did anything useful but pad their bank accounts with the taxpayers money. There needs to be term limits so we can get these career political dinosaurs out of office.

          12. Askjrsk says:

            Could not agree more. Term limits and fix voter fraud.

          13. LeaM says:

            That’s REALLY off the mark. Maybe ONE in TEN is “padding” his/her bank account with taxpayers money. They get paid a salary (comfortable but not lavish, most — especially older members or those with law or medical degrees — could make more in the private sector. These days they don’t get much in the way of freebies: they can’t even have LUNCH at a lobbyist’s expense anymore. And of course the “senior members” weren’t ALWAYS “senior”: and quite a few DID roll up their sleeves (whether you consider practicing law or medicine useful, of course, I can’t know). A good 20% were at one time BLUE COLLAR WORKERS, and probably most had jobs at McDonald’s or something when they were kids. VERY few have SERIOUS money, and those who do mostly inherited it from a parent, who MADE it in the private sector before some Americans decided that “the American Dream” is no longer acceptable.

          14. LeaM says:

            That’s not what the August recess or other breaks in Congress’s schedule in Washington are FOR. Members go home to WORK in their local office, talk to the people in their states or districts, both to individuals who are having problems with government agencies (a big part of a Congressperson’s job is helping constituents navigate the bureaucracy) or in groups of farmers, miners, businesspeople (big or small), parents, students, and so forth. Then they go somewhere in the evening to make a speech to a group of people with some common business or professional interest — ALSO constituents. That too is part of their job and if they DON’T do it, they usually don’t get re-elected. Most work WAY more than 8 hours a day — plus time on weekends — when they’re home on “vacation.” If they get HALF a day per week without some official business, they’re lucky. NOBODY runs for Congress to “not have to work for a living” — you may not LIKE what they’re doing, or think they should do more or different stuff, but they ARE working. Most of them very hard. And when they travel, it’s to some tourist NON-mecca like Korea or Afghanistan, where they’re as likely to get shot at as not (and even the “luxury” hotels are crappy).

      3. Doris Will says:

        If they had investigated Obama as they are President Trump, Obama would have never been nominated. His conversation with Joe the Plumber, and the Subsequent examination of Joe’s records, should have sounded alarm bells off all over the country. COMMUNIST!

        1. LeaM says:

          Nah, wouldn’t have helped. You have to realize, voting for Obama made millions of people “feel good” because they were supporting an African-American for President, thus proving they weren’t bigoted (and even that they were “politically correct”!) Since everyone from junior high school up these days is brainwashed to believe that being politically correct is more important than being able to READ or do simple arithmetic (never mind calculus!), millions of brainwashed idiots voted for him so they could congratulate themselves on being open-minded. THAT wouldn’t have changed if Joe the Plumber had turned out to be Josef Stalin’s great-grandson.

          1. Doris Will says:

            I must not have worded my comment clearly. I meant the Democrats acted like communists by having government clerks checking all of Joe’s records just because he had a two minute conversation with a candidate running for office.

          2. LeaM says:

            I’m not sure if your comment was unclear or I just didn’t read it carefully enough. Point taken, and my apologies.

          3. Doris Will says:

            No problem

          4. Tom Cook says:

            I felt GOOD not voting for him, but then I have common sense.

          5. LeaM says:

            With you 100% on THAT!

    3. chock says:

      And spokes person.

      1. Doris Will says:

        Send the bills to Schumer

    4. samw says:

      The witch hunt must go on; how else can the democrats incite mayhem!

      1. Doris Will says:

        The Left can incite violence over anything anywhere. Pelosi is trying now” The Republican Budget is going to incite violence. I guess that why the Dems never had one.

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          How very ‘noble’ of them!! Wonder who thought that one up for her? That poor woman is too ‘feeble minded’ to have thought it up herself!! LOL

          1. Doris Will says:

            If somebody put her up to it she would have had to read it. She is a wizened old fox with claws and teeth and well preserved in very expensive alcohol, and we paid it and her weekly flights to and from California in a private plane, which we also paid for during her tenure as Speaker.

    5. Pattie Kelly says:

      I would have to agree with you. Too much American tax dollars are going to pay for this stupidity and it’s beginning to piss me off.

      1. Doris Will says:

        I love your comments they are witty and spot on. KEEP IT UP! I am 76 and I have been pissed off many many times, but the last 8 years have been a nightmare. Pray, Pray, Pray GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  2. Reverend1 says:

    A bunch of democrap bull shit.

  3. davesnrakleberger says:

    well, the gop said comey was a stand up guy. Wrong! He proved himself to be a slime ball. GOP said Mueller was a stand up guy! Wrong! Are there any people in FBI “leadsership” (and I use the term very loosely) that even know what ethics and honor are? They also said Sessions was a stand up guy but I not seen Mr. Sessions make any moves to go after the many obvious felonies committed by Obama, Rice, Hillary, Holder, Lynch, Maddow, etc. I’m getting more and more skeptical, cynical, and disappointed in a gummint so obviously out to ignore the voters.

    1. Wondering Woman says:

      After watching a video of how one black American veteran was coerced illegally to become an FBI informant, the answer is not likely, unless you consider frame ups against honest citizens and murder to be ethical and honest.

      Did you ever read what Ruby Ridge was all about? It started with an attempt to get the guy whose wife and son were killed to become an FBI informant and infiltrate a local militia group, which he refused. They didn’t like his refusal and tried even harder to coerce him into being their informant. President Trump needs to abolish the CIA and FBI and start over with honest and patriotic leaders, instead of shadow government corrupt criminals who stoop to ambush and murder to force honest citizens to spy for them..

    2. LeaM says:

      The FBI does pretty darn well when it’s hunting bank robbers or ax murderers. When it gets involved in issues that involve politics, though, they kind of lose their way. I don’t know enough about the newly named Director, Christopher Wray, to know if he’ll be any better, but I really suspect the Bureau should STAY OUT of politics and just hunt those robbers, murderers, child abusers, and so on.

  4. Doug says:

    If I was one of them I would not testify until susan rice does.

    1. Bill says:

      Doug, 100percent correct!

    2. Emanon65 says:

      Absolutely agree with that. I also believe that Pres. Trump should not divulge his tax papers until Obama opens all his sealed documents for all to see what a fraud he is. What’s good for the gander should be good for the goose.

      1. Wynette Atkins says:

        And Hillary Clinton produces the missing 33,000 emails too! She may think she has a right to personal emails, but not when they were on a personal server, on which she did government business. She was told she could have a private email account for her personal emails, aside from the government emails that were to be on the .gov system. But we know that some of those deleted emails were recovered by the FBI from other people’s email systems, and contained Top Secret and National Intelligence Information that she tried to delete; even though the FBI wouldn’t disclose what was on them.

        1. Emanon65 says:

          I agree with all of it. It has always been perplexing that when Pres. Trump gets bombarded about revealing all that he has, why are the repubix silent and don’t menton what the two of us just stated? They never seem to defend the matter. It’s very telling that they are all in the swamp.

          1. LeaM says:

            It’s not that they’re in the swamp, but they’re dealing with a judiciary (especially trial level) stacked against them — Obama had 8 years to stack the courts with left-wing judges! — and a jury system more likely to lean left than right. That, plus the fact that the Justice Dept. itself is still populated largely by liberals who came in under Obama and then slid into career slots, making them VERY hard to remove….well, the whole damned system is stacked against conservatives. It IS improving, slowly, but it will take awhile to reach a point where we can really trust it to let us do what has to be done.

        2. LeaM says:

          Not possible, unfortunately. Hillary DESTROYED those emails — she had to be SURE nobody got their hands on the PROOF of HER treason (taking MONEY from the Russian govt., not just having a drink with the ambassador now and then)

        3. LeaM says:

          Almost everyone in govt. has their own private email account (don’t we ALL?); the issue is when people in government service use their private accounts for official communications (THAT is illegal, and it’s what Hillary was doing).
          You’re right about the FBI recovering some of the emails Hillary illegally sent on the government system by examining the emails of the people she mailed TO. Those messages that did contain Top Secret or National Intelligence information WON’T be made public, because that information IS classified, no matter who has it. (As Sec/State, Hillary HAD the info; what she DID NOT have was the right to distribute it through unclassified means or to people who didn’t have the necessary security clearances.) The fact is, she treated info with the highest levels of classification as it if were ads that had run in the morning newspaper. That alone SHOULD put her in the federal pen for at least 10 years, but finding a court with a judge not biased in her favor and a jury not made up of Hillary fans would be…well, difficult.

  5. JC says:

    When is Mueller going to get to the real collusion between Clinton—Obama and the Russians?

    1. bj veteran says:

      Good question. When is Oblamo going to answer to the statement he made to the Russian, Medvedev, that he, Oblamo, would have more flexibility, after the election.He will never be asked and besides this question, how did he know he would win the election? No one ever asked him about his campaign slogan of, Hope and Change. What was he hoping for and what change did he have in mind? Had he answered the question then We The People, might have been spared the last Eight years that we had to learn the hard way. TOO BAD NO ONE ASKED ABOUT HIS, ” Hope and Change” slogan. God forgive us.

      1. RightWriter says:

        Nobody will EVER ask Obama either what he meant about having more flexibility after the election, OR how he knew he’d be reelected. But really both questions are self-answering: presidents in their first terms ALWAYS think they’ll be re-elected (even poor Gerry Ford, who had told Congress he didn’t intend to RUN for a full term in 1976, had that delusion). And ALL presidents have greater flexibility for ANY purpose in Term Two, because they know they won’t have to face the voters, EVER again.

        As for slogans (“Hope and Change”)? Well, the candidate brings in some expensive ad-agency genius to dream one up, and if it SOUNDS good the campaign runs with it — it doesn’t actually MEAN ANYTHING at all, ever. (If someone HAD asked, Obozo & Company would have said something like, “Ordinary Americans have lost HOPE because of the terrible Bush administration’s bad policies (unspecified), and we want CHANGE to bring that hope back.” Totally content-free, you notice, and unspecific — but it SOUNDS good and in a campaign THAT’s all that matters. The audience (Mr. and Ms. Average American Voter) can read into it whatever they LIKE.

        (Caution: this is true of “Make America Great Again” too! We can all picture whatever we think “great” means, because while there’s no doubt President Trump and his team have some a specific meaning in mind, the slogan doesn’t SAY what that meaning really IS. That’s the beauty of ALL ad slogans, from MAGA to “Things go better with Coke!”: WHAT things? HOW “better”?)

        1. bj veteran says:

          That is exactly the point, but rather than ask the one that uses the slogan; what does that mean and what does it entail, is never asked. I know we will get some pre- planned answer, but at least, when it does not come to fruition, then we will know they lied from the git go. Maybe then we would only have had to endure Oblamo for One term.

          1. RightWriter says:

            Possibly, though personally I suspect we weren’t going to be rid of the First Black President until he’d run his full constitutional eight years. And having been around politics for a LONG time, I wonder if we really WANT the public, or even the media, asking just what we MEAN by (insert ANY political slogan). I can’t remember a single case where a slogan actually MEANT ANYTHING (any more than advertising slogans in business ever do: that’s why I used the Coca-Cola slogan as an example).
            But still, you’re right — it might have HELPED if someone HAD demanded to know what “Hope and Change” really meant. I suspect if he’d been forced to answer, he’d have had to admit the “Change” tag meant “Let’s adopt SOCIALISM and get rid of all this free-market nonsense.” But he’d NEVER have SAID it, and if any of his team had dared to, they’d have been GONE the next day.

          2. cathylovesyou says:

            Hi Right, you have to lighten up. I call them Communist the way they use racist and extreme get it. Of course they are not all communist but many do subscribe to the Alinsky agenda. Obama and Hillary did, with a number like Jarrett, Jones , Sunstein and many more. Some like to hide under the guise of Socialist.(not using force yet)
            The one thing we see is they are hell bent for 100 years to transform America to resemble Communism. (to be nice Europe’s Socialism) Dems are our countries number one enemy

          3. LeaM says:

            OK, I can buy that. But the problem is that when someone (anyone) on
            OUR side calls someone a communist (or even a socialist), it immediately sets off a furor about how we “right-wingers” accuse everyone we don’t like or agree with of being a communist (or at least a socialist), which in most cases in the US nowadays is NOT the case. The liberals, of course, can toss around perjorative terms about conservatives as much as they like, because nobody will complain, but when WE do it it’s like calling someone a “N*gg*r”: just not ALLOWED in polite society.
            I’d dispute that all the folks you name are really even Alinsky disciples, but then I’m old enough to have fought the REAL Alinsky-ites on the barricades back in the 1960s. I’m also accustomed to parsing the finer distinctions between Alinsky, socialism, and real communism, and these days they’re all bunched together.
            Also, keep in mind that “Democrats” cover a fairly wide range of views (maybe not quite as wide as we find among Republicans these days, but still not uniformly of one mind). We know Hillary and Bernie didn’t agree on much, and there are Democrats even less liberal than either of them (Sen. Joe Manchin of WVa, for example, who is a target for possible conversion one day) AND even MORE liberal, too (I think Elizabeth Warren is probably to the left of Bernie, though it may be a fine line of distinction. Valerie Jarrett CERTAINLY is. So to call “Dems” our country’s “number one enemy” may be painting with a somewhat wider brush than necessary.

    2. Woody says:

      He is getting $$$ so why hurry, eh?

    3. RightWriter says:

      He probably WILL, eventually, because sooner or later HE will run out of questions to ask and people to ask them of on the Trump team, and he’ll HAVE to start digging into the Clinton-Obama-Putin scandal to keep his name on Page One or in the first 10 minutes of the newscasts (tweets are easier — those will go on forever without any prompting!). For Mueller now it’s all a game of keeping HIS name in front of the American public; he doesn’t CARE who he hurts or even brings down in the process — he’ll even go after people who were his FRIENDS. Anything for headlines, clicks, tweets, whatever.
      This is what’s wrong with these special counsel investigations: THERE’S NO “OFF” BUTTON, no way to STOP them when by any RATIONAL measurement they should be FINISHED. 🙁

    4. bobbywho says:

      Because they are all hiding something. If Comey knows, Mueller knows.

    5. LeaM says:

      That’s not in his primary assignment (unfortunately: thanks to Comey) but he MAY get there yet! The wheels of justice in Washngton turn exceedingly slow, but they DO turn.

  6. Kenneth Fichtl says:

    What are they Insane? Does this mean any American who Goes to Russia for any reason will be hung by the Government?

    1. Phyllis Schultz says:

      Only if he/she is a member of the GOP.

      1. Kenneth Fichtl says:

        All the major player have taken funds, done business or been sued or sanctioned by Russia FB got 200 mil Amazon washington post has been doing business there for years. Micro soft was accused of Bribery Apple for price fixing In 1990 US west got Federal aid to build the cell network there I was going to go The oil companies most likely big hotel chains How much will Mueller and his teams cost ? Millions. Both Trump and Obama Sec of state did business there Obama promised Putin favors after elected. They will drag this out for years. They twist they spin they lie. Even Harris is being held out as Black but she is Indian/ Jamican Raised Hindu.Ukraine was a Soros gig I have family there.

  7. granny_forUSA says:




    1. edcedar77 says:

      Granny you have nailed it, my sentiments completely and much more could be added to your comment.

    2. Emanon65 says:

      How about investigating the hundreds of WH visits from the Muslim Brotherhood with Obama, or the uranium deal with Russia? Are they not worthy of investigation? The problem here is that the two idiot leaders of congress, Frick and Frack are in bed with the rest of the progressives who want to take down the POTUS. It’s they who should be demanding this. We had Obama who leads from the back, and now we have Ryan and McConnell who can’t even lead from any position.

      1. Wynette Atkins says:

        Good one. RINOs both of them.

      2. LeaM says:

        Don’t be so quick to knock Ryan and McConnell, especially not McConnell on the very DAY that he beat the odds and got the health care bill MOVING toward enactment. Even people on OUR SIDE didn’t think it was possible, but McConnell did it. Less than an HOUR before the vote, there were FOUR “No” notes among Republicans, which would have killed the bill and left us with
        Obamacare intact and the RESPONSIBILITY for not killing it on
        OUR shoulders. The Dems would probably have won majorities in both House AND Senate next year, making Nancy P. Speaker again and putting Chuck Schumer in charge of the Senate. But that guy you love to hate — MITCH McCONNELL — brought two “No” notes over to the “Yes” side in that last one hour — AND WE WON.
        Now we have three days to amend or not amend the bill and pass a NEW health insurance plan that will be AT LEAST a first big step toward free-market health care. AND YOU CAN THANK MITCH McCONNELL.
        As for Ryan, he’s keeping the House under control, which is all we can ask of any Speaker right now. Once the health care bill is through the Senate, Ryan can do HIS thing in the House and make sure it passes in a form we can all approve. Meanwhile, the House HAS passed a number of small but worthwhile bills that are stacked up waiting for traffic in the Senate to clear. We’ll see THOSE in September, and you’ll be VERY pleased.

        1. Emanon65 says:

          I’m not so commendable to those two as you may be. For 7 years congress begged their constituents to give them the house, so we did, then the next cycle give them the senate, so we did. It was always about Obamacare. So what the hell did these jerks do for 7 years?
          Certainly it wasn’t writing a bill to over turn that horrific bill. They sat on their duffs, collected perks and mismanaged congress.
          I saw an interview a few months ago with John Boehner. When asked if he thought we were going to repeal Obamacare, with a glee in his eyes, he said, “never”.
          Now what did he know that we didn’t?
          I’m a conservative and I don’t trust any moderates, today.
          All they did was move this bill out of committee, that’s all they voted for.
          Pres. Trump is being obstructed not only by the left but by his own progressive elements in his party.
          Sorry, this nation is running out of time, seven years to be exact.

          1. LeaM says:

            Well, first off, we couldn’t PASS any legislation and get it SIGNED by the guy in the White House. None. So there was NO WAY we could pass Obamacare repeal into law.They DID pass legislation every year to repeal Obamacare, but it went nowhere (of course) because Obama obviously wasn’t going to sign it. But that is NOT “mismanaging Congress”: it’s having one party in control of Congress and the other firmly in the White House, and since we had nowhere near 2/3 of either the Senate or House, we couldn’t hope to override an Obama veto.

            As for Boehner’s “never” repeal Obamacare, that was his opinion — he’s not even in the House anymore, so his opinion isn’t any better than any other citizen’s. Maybe he’s right about today’s achievement (although it wasn’t Boehner who commented on today’s events), but maybe NOT. I spent nearly 30 years on Capitol Hill and I’ll match my judgment against his any day (I did, in fact, a few times when he was still Speaker, so I have NO problem doing it now!) and I think we’ll get a bill THIS YEAR that is halfway a full repeal/replacement. Assuming that we don’t have a revolt of CONSERVATIVES like you (AND ME), we can pass the rest in 2019. That will actually be the EASY part, because the repeal will be DONE.

        2. Emanon65 says:

          Again, I say those who feared a democrat take over, really don’t understand those who support Pres. Trump, the forgotten middle class. That’s the big mistake many are still holding dear.
          The 2016 election was never allowing anymore liberals to win the presidency. Trump’s rhetoric was that of a “blue collar billionaire” that the working class loved. He promised not to ever forget those who built America.
          With the exception of Cruz no one else thought of the middle class except in empty talk. And to this day, many still believe that it was the Speaker and the senate majority leader who delivered on bringing healthcare to the floor.
          Sorry, it doesn’t register with the middle class. We all see that they are playing games with us and would be perfectly happy to patch Obamacare here or there.
          Here’s some proof of their games. Ryan’s pal Boehner, resurfaced, today, to tell the truth. It appears we have only the president to trust on this.

          1. LeaM says:

            I’m not going to deal with your certainty that the “forgotten middle class ” brought about all these great things, or that there was no way the liberals could have won the 2016 election — except on the last point to say you’re crazy. The liberals ALMOST DID win in 2016; if Hillary had been a more effective candidate there was no way Trump could have won. Fortunately she was the WORST candidate of … well, since Mike Dukakis in 1988.

            But on the role of Speaker Ryan and Senate leader McConnell, you’re just plain WRONG. True, the House had enough Republican strength (and little enough opposition within the GOP caucus) to keep it in line for the Republicans anyway, with or without Ryan (or another Speaker). But WITHOUT MITCH McCONNELL’S LEADERSHIP — AND HIS ABILITY TO MANIPULATE THE SENATE’S ARCANE RULES — THAT MOTION WOULD NOT HAVE PASSED. Even with the VP. No way.
            I have been watching Senate floor leaders since a guy you never even HEARD of (I’ll bet), a crusty old conservative from New Hampshire named Styles Bridges. (He died in 1961, so I’m dating myself but good.) I watched Bridges and Everett Dirksen, the greatest legislative tactician of the 20th century, maneuver the often pathetically small Republican minorities into forces of real influence. I watched Lyndon Johnson, as Democrat leader in the Senate, play both ends against the middle by backing the racist Southern Democrats while making Martin Luther King and his coalition THINK Johnson was on THEIR side. I watched…well, all of ’em. And McCONNELL IS ONE OF THE BEST. At legislative tactics, he IS the best since Dirksen and Johnson, for sure.
            Sorry if you can’t see or understand that, but in your prayers at night, be sure to thank GOD for McConnell and pray he doesn’t get hit by a truck (or a terrorist) or otherwise taken out of the game. With such a narrow margin in the Senate and several unreliable members, WE CAN’T POSSIBLY WIN WITHOUT HIM. Take THAT from an experienced observer, not someone who tuned in last year.

  8. Firbolg says:

    The evidence is mounting that the present list of ‘usurpations’ is, indeed, calculated to bring us under ‘legal despotism’. Therefore, it is long past time for WeThePeople to follow TJ’s Declaration of Independence ‘counsel’ that “it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” Instituting Term Limits for the Legislative and Judicial Branches would be a good start.

  9. Kay says:

    How is this game changing? I don’t get it! What exact game did it change? They have offered to testify. I didn’t know Mueller could tell them they could or couldn’t. It’s still a witch hunt. No game has been changed.

    1. PG says:

      It simply means Mueller has concluded that nothing questionable happened in that meeting, which means the Dems will have to abandon it as distraction material.

      1. RightWriter says:

        PG – you’re right that Mueller has figured out there’s nothing here to investigate, but that won’t stop the parade. Once these special counsel processes get going, they just don’t STOP. The Dems will never abandon it as long as there’s a single living Republican who can be dragged before a hearing and harassed. They KNOW there’s nothing there to find (Dianne Feinstein even SAID so!), but what the hell, as long as the mainstream media will still turn on their cameras and send out tweets, that’s all that matters. We’ll have this going on now for a YEAR before they run out of steam.

        1. PG says:

          I know you’re correct. I was just answering Kay’s specific question.

    2. RightWriter says:

      Kay — Well, the “game-changing” headline was supplied by the Great American Daily folks who are obviously looking for clicks, or whatever we’re calling new eyeballs on an old story these days. You’re right: Donald Jr. AND Manafort both volunteered to testify, and when Mueller “cleared” them it just means he said, “OK, how about next Thursday?” (or whatever). But you’re right, it’s still a witch hunt targeting conservatives. Mueller wants his old job (as Director of the FBI) back, and most likely Comey set up this whole thing to help his friend get what his friend wants.

  10. CaptTurbo says:

    So when will the real crooks from the Muslim usurper’s team of crooks and the Clinton Crime Cartel be testifying?

  11. Bayside GolfClub says:

    Here is the moronic nature of the allegations and what they boil down to: I received an email that was rather vague but seemed of interest on a couple levels, some not understood because it was extremely vague. I took the meeting. There was nothing of consequence on any level regarding any matter and the meeting was ended. It was a waste of time.
    And as a matter of collusion the email itself clearly portrays a preliminary nature. that is impossible to be collusion. taking the meeting is called LISTENING.. It’s what intelligent people do. If there were some evidence of criminality regarding clinton as the email so vaguely suggested, it would have been more of a crime to ignore it..
    IF let’s say trump jr did not take the meeting, the media would still be calling the email evidence of collusion as well. Because what we really have is a group psychosis.. A mad twisted psychosis of weak minded feebs..

    1. RightWriter says:

      Bayside — WELL SAID! 🙂
      Imagine if Donald Jr. had REFUSED to take the meeting: the Left would be SCREAMING that maybe he’d passed up an offered deal that might have LED TO PEACE and understanding between the US and Russia….And protesting that it just proved we shouldn’t let foreign policy amateurs like Donald Jr. anywhere NEAR international negotiations. Can’t win for losin’, as my grandmother used to say many eons ago.

  12. US Patriot says:

    Mueller is investigating Clinton with Clinton lawyers. When they get their findings, the Liberals cannot whine becuase Mueller will have used all of Clinton and Obama supporters for his lawyers doing the investigation.

  13. Bill says:

    Mueller is a joke! The investigation should be about obozo, rice, lynch and killary, etc, etc, etc. what a charade, obvious cover up in DC. Absolutely disgusting pack of wolves in congress.

    1. RightWriter says:

      Members of Congress had virtually NOTHING to do with Mueller’s investigation! That’s under the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT’s authority to appoint special counsels for “outside investigations” — a power that should be greatly restricted if not eliminated entirely.
      The Congressional “investigations” are really just HEARINGS, which are also a pain in the posterior, though relatively minor. Those happen because the people back home who think something needs investigating write, phone, message, tweet, or for all I know send SMOKE SIGNALS to their Senators & Congresspeople, demanding that they INVESTIGATE. Since Congress has NO CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY to investigate ANYTHING except the conduct of its own members (which it RARELY looks into!), they hold hearings — the next-best thing.
      But the same constituents who insisted on having “investigations” soon lose interest and start contacting their Senators/Congresspeople to say “ENOUGH, ALREADY! Stop wasting money on this crap!” and the Senate and House hearings dwindle to a natural (and relatively quick) conclusion. The Special Counsel, on the other hand, can go on FOREVER.
      What is needed but doesn’t exist is some overall OFF switch that could put a stop to ALL this nonsense after, say, 90 days or something. But since two separate branches of govt. (Executive – the Special Counsel – and Legislative – Congress) are involved, nobody wants to quit FIRST, and so the process drags on and on …and on and on.
      Shakespeare had it right: “It is a tale told by an IDIOT, full of sound and fury, SIGNIFYING NOTHING!”

  14. ter334 says:

    IMO Islam, the mother of all socialism, including the nazis and communists and even Bernie the DD American socialist, has been using American ex-presidents for some time starting with who knows whom, but were successful with the Clinton’s by dangling petro dollars for a political foundation and Obama who they perhaps dangled political spoils, say to be America’s first ayatollah along with Angela to make amends for the nazi’s by making Europe multicultural? The problem is Islam is a home of religious apartheid, a mono-cultural society. And the Nation of Islam has been active here in the USA among some black communities peddling anti white racism? Islam does not give a hoot for anyone they can use to further Islam and their jihad and political duty to rid the world of infidels?

  15. Larry Cowden says:

    Any old dumbassocratic cow over 60 should immediately be retired and sent to pasture! And there is a hell of a lot of them. They no longer serve a purpose. And all elderly dumbassocrats like Schumer should immediately be forced to resign and committed involuntarily to a mental hospital for treatment. They have lost their way and no longer remember who they were supposed to work for!

    1. RightWriter says:

      As someone who is quite a bit over 60 but in full possession of my faculties and memory, I really RESENT that. Some people at 80 are sharp as tacks, others at 50 should be retired to an assisted living facility. And there IS a way to retire them; IT’S CALLED “AN ELECTION.” Every state/district HAS them, but if nobody better RUNS the old guy/gal will go on getting re-elected. If Republicans can’t put up GOOD candidates (NOT extreme candidates: they have to be people who CAN plausibly serve in public office), we will keep losing — and deserve it.

  16. Wondering Woman says:

    Mueller and Feinstein seem a little anxious for a rapid testimony so we should not be surprised if they have come up with some frame up! The story of identification of another person in the meeting being there as a translator
    makes on very suspicious of skullduggery by the shadow government working overtime to take President Trump down. No mention has been made of this so called Russian lawyer not speaking English. If she couldn’t, was the translator also in the country without a visa on the authority of Loretta Lynch.

    Is Loretta Lynch and other shadow government puppets involved in this going to be called to testify as to why she authorized the entry of these people without a visa? Does the AG actually have that authority?

    1. RightWriter says:

      The AG has no authority to call Loretta Lynch or anyone else, but THE SPECIAL COUNSEL (Mueller) DOES. After all, a former AG is just a citizen with a presidential appointment plaque on her wall. She’s subject to the law like everybody else.
      AND the Congressional committees looking into the matter also have the authority to call Lynch. Of course, she can take the Fifth Amendment, but THAT would focus Mueller’s attention even more closely on WHY…

  17. ter334 says:

    It ain’t over ’til it’s over applies to politics as well as a baseball game. IMO something, somebody is going down? Who I don’t know. Perhaps it is islam? O? DD party? America? Trump? The Clinton family? RINOs? Mueller? Maybe more than one? If there is a domino effect and a conflagration sweeps through Islam others will go? O and the Clintons and the DD Party? Just saying. Personally I bet it will not be the Constitution, the rule of law, America. Our govt is based on something solid, the rule of law, not the rule of politicians. Not even on hear say like islam whose govt is based on hear say. Mo heard allah say what???

  18. Askjrsk says:

    Why is mueller still there? Are his 25 assistants coming out of his pocket? Fire this pimple. He’s another crooked Comey, who was fired for incompetence. Not to fire Mueller is furthering incompetence.

    1. RightWriter says:

      “Still” there? He’ll BE there for another YEAR, maybe longer. The problem isn’t Mueller (or even his ridiculously large troop of assistants). It’s the whole “special counsel” process, which allows the Dept. of Justice to appoint an extra-legal prosecutor to conduct whatever investigations he wants, for AS LONG as he likes, and answer to NOBODY.
      It ends when one of three things happens: the special counsel (Mueller in this case) actually ADMITS he’s run out of stuff to investigate (NEVER happened in ANY previous investigation!); the special counsel actually DOES come up with a case (however weak) for impeachment (CAN happen, but there IS NONE in this instance); OR (and this is the most likely/hopeful) the MEDIA, which have tight budgets these days, lose interest in (or resources to support coverage of) the whole issue.
      THAT happens when sponsors pull their ads from newscasts or stop funding “investigative podcasts” or Twitter accounts. That’s the most likely in this case, because it’s very likely the media will move on to some other major “scandal” that just doesn’t fit Mueller’s scenario. When the media sponsors won’t pay the bill any longer, the networks and newspapers will stop covering it, people will stop thinking they have no choice but to cooperate and testify, and Mueller will find himself and his army of assistants facing an EMPTY WITNESS TABLE.
      Also, that army of assistants will start getting job offers from big law-firms that pay enormous salaries, and they’ll drop out of the special counsel’s army — leaving Mueller with a table empty of witnesses AND lawyers. In other words, the whole thing will DIE OF ATTRITION.

      1. Askjrsk says:

        That’s a lot of our time money and resources that should be used to indict HILLARY OBAMA COMEY SAMANTHA TOWER SUSAN RICE LORETTA LYNCH BILL CLINTON and more. Americans are put at risk daily by this sham scam that Americans want over with. This is illegitimate and fraudulent witch hunt.

        1. RightWriter says:

          It’d be great if we COULD hurry it up and focus on the targets you suggest, but we CAN’T. We have this stupid special counsel law in place — and it won’t just go away or let us change the focus. We have no choice now but to let it play out — but as i SAID, it WILL end when one of three things happens: It ends when one of three things happens: the special counsel (Mueller) ADMITS he’s run out of stuff to investigate; the special counsel actually DOES come up with a case for impeachment (there IS NONE in this instance); OR the MEDIA, which have tight budgets these days, lose interest in (or resources to support coverage of) the whole issue. Best bet is that sponsors pull their ads from newscasts or stop funding “investigative podcasts” or Twitter accounts. Before long (it may SEEM like a very long time, but it won’t be) the media will move on to some other major “scandal” that doesn’t fit Mueller’s scenario. When the media sponsors won’t pay the bill any longer, the networks and newspapers will stop covering it, people will stop thinking they have no choice but to cooperate and testify, and Mueller will find himself and his army of assistants facing an EMPTY WITNESS TABLE. Also, all those assistant counsels will start getting job, and they’ll drop out of the special counsel’s army — leaving Mueller with a table empty of witnesses AND lawyers. In other words, the whole thing will DIE OF ATTRITION.
          Then maybe when it’s over and done with, we can change the stupid special counsel law to at least put a TIME LiMIT on such investigations so they DON’T go on forever.

          1. Askjrsk says:

            Thankyou for your time insight and kind response.

          2. RightWriter says:

            You’re welcome. Thank YOU for a civil discussion.

  19. Askjrsk says:

    Now that the election is over, said Obama to the Russians secretly on a hot mike, I can be more flexible. Does this change any games?

  20. ter334 says:

    Hear say does not make a religion, nor can it be used as “evidence”.

  21. ReaperHD says:

    The DNC and the COMMIE LEFT LIBTURDS pushing this farce should be made accountable to pay for all this and also pay for whatever time the Congress has loss because of this farce not the AMERICAN TAX PAYER.

    1. RightWriter says:

      Keep “commie left” OUT of it, for heaven’s sake! NONE of the people involved are “commies” — NOT EVEN THE RUSSIANS, not even PUTIN! — That’s NOT the problem and saying it IS just makes US sound STUPID. Argue the ISSUES, not 1950s Cold War rhetoric.

      1. ReaperHD says:

        You don’t know a f&*king COMMIE when you see and hear them talk. The only writing here stupid is what you replied here.

        1. LeaM says:

          Not only do I know one heck of a lot more about communism and communists than YOU do, I can express myself without resorting to foul language. Now don’t BOTHER me again. You’re a FOOL and I don’t have TIME for fools.

      2. ReaperHD says:

        The only stupid comment here is the BS your selling, tell the people in Venezuela COMMUNISM doesn’t exist. There are a few democrats and the rest are COMMIE LEFT as HILLARY will tell you her IDOL was Saul Alinski, also you can consult with the Oppressed People of Cuba. Evidently you don’t know your Butt from a COMMIE HILLARY CLINTON when you see them.

        1. LeaM says:

          I didn’t tell people in Venezuela that Communism doesn’t exist. Obviously it DOES, there. I said in another post somewhere else that Venezuela and Cuba are among the very few nations where Communism DOES still exist; I didn’t repeat myself because I get sick of saying the same things over and over to readers who are obviously too DENSE to pick up on them the FIRST time. (Back in my day we used to call people like that “RETARDED,” but today I know that’s politically incorrect.)
          OK, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, China, Vietnam, and half a dozen countries in Africa that you probably never heard of… My POINT was that American leftists today are NOT Communists. In fact, by the standard definition they’re not even socialists. That’s why the term “progressive” has been recycled to apply to Hillary and company. Now, if my failure to repeat myself for the edification of the numbskulls who might read it here upsets you, I’m sorry — no, I’m not sorry, I regret that you apparently popped in to read only
          ONE post of the many I’ve left. But too bad. Unlike some people here, I don’t devote 24 hours a day to these chat boards, so I don’t repeat myself ad infinitum (endlessly).

      3. ReaperHD says:

        You don’t know your BUTT from a COMMIE PROGRESSIVE LIBTURD HILLARY CLINTON who proclaimed that she IDOLIZED SAUL ALINSKY and studied with him while she was in college. Guarranteed you have more COMMIE LEFT DEMOCRATS than you have DEMOCRATS in Congress.

        1. LeaM says:

          Yes, Hillary loved Alinsky when she was in COLLEGE
          (a long time ago!) but HE DIED in 1972 (also a long time aqgo) and her politics shifted from hard left — but even Alinsky was a SOCIALIST, but NOT a communist — to the “progressive” left (and not all THAT far out there; remember Bernie? HE is a MILE further left than Hillary ever was). There are numerous shades of leftism, AND UNTIL YOU LEARN TO TELL ONE FROM ANOTHER, MAYBE YOU SHOULD STUDY UP AND NOT WASTE TIME CALLING BETTER INFORMED
          PEOPLE NASTY NAMES (especially names that don’t come close to fitting)!

  22. SouthernPatriot says:

    The Russian lawyer allowed into the country only by the approval of Obama was/is likely a spy. She was engaged to entrap Donald Jr. and bring ammunition to for the demented anti-Trump Democrats and their sycophants in the MSM.

  23. chuck708 says:

    As Taxpayers it is Time to sue the Democrats to get a refund on the tax dollars used on this BS Russian Investigation against President Trump, his administration and family. When the real collusion is with Hillary, Bill and Barrack along with the DNC.

    1. LeaM says:

      It wasn’t the Democrats who brought us the Russia investigation and special counsel Mueller — IT WAS THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT THAT DID IT. So suing the Democrats would, in this case, be useless. You’re right that the real collusion was between Hillary, Bill, Barack, and the Russians (I’d leave the DNC out). But in time the Mueller investigation WILL get to the Clinton-Obama-Russki collusion. We just have to be patient. 🙁

  24. Ah nutz says:

    fire the rectal orifice ….TODAY & HIS CREW..

  25. Jerry says:

    President Trump should fire Mueller immediately. Since the FBI has been cleaned it should take over the investigation if they feel there is something to investigate.
    President Trump should do like Obama and order all his records sealed.
    AG Session should support the President on this.
    If there is to be an investigation it should be by the FBI and behind the scenes. When a conclusion is reached then we should get the results. It should not be overpowering the country.
    It seems no matter what the President does protesters protest without even knowing what or why the are protesting.
    I’m surprise the protesters have not protested the President bathroom habits, or the type of underwear he wears.
    All this stuff going on is just camouflage hiding what is really going on. We and the EU are being invaded by the Muslims. They are rapidly conquering the EU and working at conquering the US and Canada.
    I do not have anything against the Muslims per see, but I do not want the US transformed in a middle eastern country. I like my country the way it is.
    So, my point is while the globalist are keeping us focus on President Trump’s person instead of what he is accomplishing the globalist are coming in the rear entrance and poisoning us with our own politically correct dogooder cr-p.

    1. LeaM says:

      For Trump to fire Mueller is a REALLY bad idea. It would give us an even TOUGHER special counsel, undoubtedly even more closely tied to Hillary & her friends, AND a TON or REALLY bad attention from the media (you think what Trump has had so far is bad? You don’t know what BAD — REALLY bad — is LIKE!).

      What you’re suggesting is pretty much what got Richard Nixon almost IMPEACHED
      (a fate that DOES NOT await Donald Trump), and led DIRECTLY to Nixon’s RESIGNATION from the presidency. I’m not saying history WOULD repeat itself, but it MIGHT — so why take the chance, especially since there’s so LITTLE to be GAINED from doing it?!?!

  26. oncemorearound says:

    A neighbor has a Russian Wolfhound……. The Feds must investigate possible collusion on the dogs part.

    1. RightWriter says:

      Very good! Be even better if someone in your neighbor’s drinks vodka (whether with mix, in Martinis, or better yet, straight!) 🙂

  27. ladyluck says:

    CNN the clown news network. What a bunch of nonsense.

  28. cheryl55 says:

    What kind of underhanded BS is this? According to Rosenstein the “special counsel” as well as the FBI are NEVER to give interviews or meetings or ANY information about anything that is being investigated about anyone! ONLY when they FIND incriminating evidence are they THEN to hand it over to a prosecutor to SEE if it is something they would prosecute and if so it would be announced publicly that there will be an indictment. So, NOW we have Fienstein “meeting” with Mueller and then giving information to the MEDIA? It might be time for the President to yes get rid of Sessions so that HE HAS someone in the DOJ that has not recused themselves and move to appoint a new special counsel. One that has not been a life long buddy of Comey AND is not hiring Hillary Clinton donors!

    1. Gloria D. says:

      100% correct!!

    2. RightWriter says:

      For President Trump to “get rid of” (“fire” sounds a little less like a capital crime) Mueller would be SUICIDAL. The liberal-leftist media would shift into high gear and make an ENORMOUS scandal of it, charging that the President was misusing his executive power to bring down an honorable prosecutor — the special counsel, of course — to PROTECT himself from investigation.

      THAT is almost exactly what brought down RICHARD NIXON — not the “crime,” but FIRING THE PROSECUTORS (in that case both the AG and the special prosecutor, the earlier incarnation of today’s special counsels). Of course, it wasn’t — but since when does TRUTH or FACT have anything to do with it? The MEDIA say something, the whole damn LEGAL community says the SAME thing….a few thousand Twitter feeds from conservatives won’t make much difference. And especially since most of the media and legal lions already hate President Trump…just like those of the 1970s hated Richard Nixon. (The difference is, there WAS a “crime” then (although Nixon didn’t DO it), and NOW the “crime” is pure fiction.)

  29. bobbywho says:

    How and why is it the Dems can have this “power” to call for all these investigations? How and why not are the Repubs not doing the same back at them? Why isn’t Sessions getting this going? What am I missing?

    1. RightWriter says:

      The Dems didn’t call these investigations. The Justice Department did — under Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who took command of the “Russia business” when ATTORNEY GENERAL JEFF SESSIONS RECUSED HIMSELF (that is, removed himself from any discussion or activity on a specific issue) because he was, or thought he might be, too closely involved with issues arising from Trump’s 2015-2016 campaign. An excess of caution, most likely, but if he HADN’T done it the Dems would have just one more thing to bitch about.
      That’s apparently what you missed: SESSIONS’ RECUSAL. Happened back in March, which may seem like a century ago, but really wasn’t. Anyway, with Sessions out of any discussion or investigation of the “Russia matter,” his deputy, Rosenstein, took over that part of the AG’s portfolio. HE named Mueller, who is a REPUBLICAN, incidentally, but also a close friend of Comey, who seems to have been the “eminence grise” (evil genius) in the whole thing. Funny, HE’S A REPUBLICAN TOO.

      1. bobbywho says:

        Thank you. I did know Sessions recused himself yet it’s frustrating that it is all happening just the way the Dems want it to go. President Trump needs to complete the drain work and use whatever powers he has now for the clean up crew. There is evidence to arrest several Dems as we know them but nothing is happening. I’m hoping they are putting a slam dunk case together because they’re all strung to each other like a Creeping Charlie weed.

        1. bobbywho says:

          ….also why isn’t Sessions getting this going….meaning hearings on those Dems who have met with Russians in one way or another and there is proof particularly Hillary. Start at the top and work down like drug dealers. Nip the bud.

          1. LeaM says:

            Sessions RECUSED himself, meaning took himself out of EVERYTHING involving the ‘Russia matter.” His deputy appointed Mueller, whose (rapidly growing) staff put together HIS hearings. The Congressional committees did their own organizing — and since several committees in both the Senate and House have a piece of this issue, or grabbed one, there are going to be a LOT of hearings on the Hill. But Sessions will NOT be involved in hearings on this (and if today’s rumors are true — I have my doubts, but IF — he won’t be involved in much else, either. I personally DO NOT think Trump will fire him, OR that he will quit, but I COULD be wrong.).

      2. bobbywho says:

        Dick Morris article this am asking same questions I am asking.

  30. Ken Craig says:

    Keep it up you stupid Dems. We the people have spoken Trump is our President and when the time comes we will vote out every democrap in the congress and senate. Then we the people will take care of all the fake news and old rinos. WE ARE SICK OF THIS. I think we should investigate the fake news anchors backgrounds and their bosses and make the findings public everyday and at the same time picket everyone of their sponsors. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

    1. RightWriter says:

      That day will NEVER come, but it’s fun dreaming of it. And really, do we WANT a ONE-PARTY country, even if the party calls itself “Republican”? Lessee now, recent one party governments include Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, today’s Venezuela, and the Castro Brothers’ Cuba. Oh, and North Korea and China. Then there’s Syria and most of the rest of the Arab Middle East, where they don’t even make a PRETENSE of having elections! NONE of them terribly nice places to live!

      One-party countries are ALWAYS dictatorships. Always. And they don’t have free press or free speech or very many other freedoms, either. Our Founders were wise enough (despite their own worries about “faction”) to CREATE a multi-party republic. We should be thankful for that and NOT try to replace their model with something much LESS free and much less likely to work!

  31. Jay Foley says:

    This is just the start with Mueller. His BOMBS, will be dropping right up to the coming elections. He is the SPOILER. there are no limits on his investigation area’s.

  32. kassa1 says:

    Does anyone want to bet that prostitute Mueller who is nothing but An attack dog for the left,Will not go after Obama or Lynch in regard to the Russian lawyer why she was in the country why she was left runaround free for five months nor any of the other things Clinton and Obama were both involved in with Russia. You know the deck stacked one that like a bitch bowle Will not go after Obama or Lynch in regard to the Russian lawyer why she was in the country why she was left runaround free for five months nor any of the other things Clinton and Obama were both involved in with Russia. You know the deck stacked one that lankey prostitute Mueller put everybody on his team they were Democrat donators or they were Democrat lawyers for the scumbag Clintons. The whole thing stinks nothing being said by the right because there is a saying out there, that says if you’re not a part of the solution you must be a part of the problem. It’s up to us to take our country back that our children may know freedom instead of slavery which the A.k.a. Democrats have planned.

  33. cathylovesyou says:

    Mueller, had all these Communist stating he was honest. Forget that he is a Democrat?Communist I imagine like the rest of them. Trump at once should have him and his henchmen removed and let crook former AG Eric Holder do the investigated but firs he has to be vetted by his daughter Loretta Lynch. This is all a big joke to hurt the United States by the Democratic/communist Party. Bernie and his wife should be in jail by the time this investigation is over. Our Government is disgraceful.

    1. dfinch says:

      Mueller is actually a Republican.

    2. RightWriter says:

      LEAVE THE “COMMUNIST” STUFF OUT AND YOU MAKE MORE SENSE. Really, NOBODY in this business is a Communist — not Holder or Lynch (why pretend they’re related? They’re NOT!) — NOT EVEN THE RUSSIANS (the Russkis seem to have learned the more predatory versions of capitalism faster and more thoroughly than American “capitalist exploiters” EVER did). The sooner American conservatives stop re-fighting the Cold War and looking for “commies under the bed,” the better.

  34. justanagent says:

    The way I read this it means that Mueller knows there is no criminal case to be made here so he wants to get them before a before a congressional committee in the hope that they will at least embarrass Trump or maybe even reveal something incriminating that his “investigation” has so far failed to uncover. In my view the longer this “investigation” continues the bigger the ass Mueller will make of himself. I noticed that Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Leon Podesta have not been cleared to give public testimony regarding their known collusion with Ukraine to undermine and defeat Trump. I HOPE that is because that is a real and ongoing criminal investigation that will likely produce indictments, though I doubt it. Anyway, where is Jeff Sessions? That’s his territory. If the FBI and DOJ do their job they will be all over this. Otherwise I will be forced to conclude that they are all in cover up mode and engaging in a coordinated obstruction of justice on behalf of the Obamanistas and the Clinton crime family. At any rate, if they wont do their jobs Trump should fire them and hire people who will. This all further highlights the need for an article 5 convention of states to propose some constitutional amendments that will keep federal agencies in their respective lanes, require them to faithfully perform their constitutional duties and provide criminal penalties for those who do not.

    1. RightWriter says:

      Jeff Sessions recused himself from anything to do with the “Russian business,” much to everyone’s surprise, Donald Trump’s apparent (we heard today) anger, and his own over-caution. I don’t think he CAN “un-recuse” himself, for
      PR reasons even if it would be legal to do so. And now Trump can’t FIRE him, because THAT would look like Trump was getting retribution against Sessions for having been overly cautious in the first place.

      1. justanagent says:

        He recused himself from anything to do with the “Russian business”. He did NOT recuse himself from anything to do with the “Ukraine business” which is where the real collusion occurred. Since that would amount to an investigation of Hillary and her minions, Mueller and his posse of democrat witch hunters will be loathe to go there. Also I believe he would be exceeding his mandate. That puts the matter squarely in Session’s purview. This is Session’s chance to redeem himself and get back some of his credibility. If he fails to perform his duties again or tries to shirk his duty, Trump should fire him as he will have ample cause. Mueller must be kept in his lane, otherwise it is quite possible that he will exceed his mandate and proceed with a sham investigation designed to give cover to Hillary and her minions.

        1. RightWriter says:

          You have a good point. To be frank, I don’t know to what extent (if at all) Mueller’s mandate extends to the “Ukraine business,” but I doubt that Mueller and his minions will be loathe to go ANYWHERE on Planet Earth if they think it will get them more media time/attention and lavish praise from the NY Times and the networks. I don’t know if Sessions (or Trump) will be willing (courageous?) enough to head off an expansion of his mandate by Mueller himself — again, I don’t think Trump should be seen as doing ANYTHING that can be interpreted as limiting Mueller’s mandate (it would simply cause more antagonism than the President is already absorbing).
          One option would be for Trump to ask Sessions to appoint ANOTHER special counsel to deal specifically with the “Ukraine matter.” Assuming Sessions could find SOMEONE with top-flight reputation who would NOT be biased in Hillary’s favor, that would limit the risk of Mueller whitewashing HER misdeeds. But finding such a person with a top-flight rep will NOT be easy. The whole legal profession seems to have ganged up in support of Mueller, which means in support of Hillary and against Sessions and Trump.

  35. dragonfire777 says:

    So what has he found??? NOTHING.

  36. Dan Thurston says:

    Really? You believe that the Trump campaign’s most important men all turned up to a meeting and talked about Russian adoption?(!!!)

    It’s way beyond credible, even if you haven’t seen the email exchange that promises to dish dirt on Mrs Clinton? Wow. Just, wow.

    1. RightWriter says:

      Of course they didn’t come to talk about adoption. They apparently haven’t learned the fine art of VETTING people who are asking for meetings, though, and they really didn’t know WHY they were showing up. “A friend asked me to talk to you about taking this meeting for another friend, for yet another friend…” That sort of thing. I’ve sat in on enough USELESS meetings to know it REALLY DOES happen a LOT.

      And the quickest way to get a meeting with ANYONE during political campaign season is to tell a candidate (or his/her close adviser) that you have “dirt” on their opponent(s). Especially if the campaign looks like a tight race, or the candidate you’re talking to thinks he/she MIGHT be losing and need a little boost. Hope springs eternal, especially in candidates’ hearts.

      In addition, the only person in that room (even with the expanded attendance list in play) who had ANY political experience at all was Paul Manafort. I’ve known him for years — never worked with him, but seen him in action — and he is a TOTAL SLEAZEBAG. I wouldn’t put it past HIM to have SET UP THE WHOLE THING, using HIS Russian contacts and scamming the Trumps. He could have made a bundle off it and, if it had gone well, gotten away as the “hero” of the whole story. And if Hillary had won he’d have been a natural Chairman of “Republicans for Hillary” with an eye on the future.

  37. rick meek says:

    Mueller is the swamp……

  38. monongahela says:

    This special counsel is a total farist, Muller has no integrity or he would have never taken the job because of conflict of interest. The longer this goes on the worst Grassly looks and looks like he set Trump up to be butchered by the left and that includes elite republicans, 99% of the demorats and of coarse the left wing media is pushing the socialist agenda. America take a good look at Europe, Venezuela, Russia, China North Korea and Cuba, that is your future under the US Communist Democrat Party or just go to Chicago, Detroit or Oakland.

  39. donaldbreaux says:

    They ought to be charged with the Misuse of American Taxpayers Dollars and made to Pay every cent back with interest!

    1. RightWriter says:

      I don’t think even the Clintons managed to steal enough to do THAT, but the Treasury could take back every cent they DID steal — at least it would 1) bankrupt THEM and 2) give the taxpayers PART of what they have coming.

  40. Autoharp1951 says:

    …or how about Killary selling our uranium supplies to the Ruskies! If that isn’t treason, I don’t know what is.

    1. dfinch says:

      I was reading yesterday where Obama also signed off on that sale.

      1. RightWriter says:

        He’d have HAD to sign off on it — the Sec/State alone couldn’t authorize it.

        1. dfinch says:

          There were actually 6 or 8 officials that signed off on it.

          1. LeaM says:

            Yeah, but the others had to have been subordinates of the President. After all, everyone in government IS. So it was the President’s OK that gave the order the force of law.

    2. RightWriter says:

      Autoharp1951 – you’re absolutely right about THAT! The sale of our uranium stockpile WAS unquestionably TREASON, and it netted the Clintons a MINT of money, so it was THEFT, too.
      Unfortunately there’s something in the US Code about it being permissible to do something “under the color of authority,” meaning if you’re the President or another high official, you can do it, even if it would be a crime for anyone else (that’s what Nixon was inarticulately trying to recall when he said “if the President does something it’s not illegal” and brought down the house because it SOUNDED insane). So it’s not clear how or if for the President to sell off our uranium supply is prosecutable. And besides, even the Clintons COULD be prosecuted, the uranium is GONE. Anyway, that’s a legal tangle for some future generation of overpaid attorneys to sort out. 🙁

  41. gerald scott says:

    When will Feinstein appear and testify how through her brokering the sale of old U.S. post offices went to her husbands realty business netting them millions? Sound like corruption to me.

    1. LeaM says:

      That doesn’t require (or deserve) a Congressional hearing. It needs an FBI investigation. Maybe the NEW Director will get one moving.

  42. AL ELLIS says:

    I think when this stupid collusion stuff is done President Trump should sue each and everyone of them for everything they have ever stolen from we the people during their corrupt careers, turn it into cash and pay off the national debt. I’m sure it will cover it.

  43. Original Anna says:

    When is Mueller going to start questions of Hillary who brought the Russian lawyer into this country for the meeting. When is Mueller going to start some really investigative work instead of using taxpayer money for 25 assistants all democrats that could be used to take care of research for some of these weird diseases that are killing the children in our hospitals or is fake investigating more important than taking care of our children who are citizens and deserve money for research work on the diseases that are killing these kids. How in the world do these democrats get all this taxpayer money to spend on crap and no one says no to them. I would tell them to visit some children’s hospitals but I know seeing the kids dying from weird diseases wouldn’t effect them one bit.

  44. jim jones says:

    Just keep dripping bullshit, it camouflages the lack of progress in the White House!

    1. LeaM says:

      You obviously want another president like Obama, who wanted nothing more than “PROGRESS” toward HIS version of the Promised Land (aka: Socialism). You won’t GET that from President Trump, because he has a very different definition of progress. By HIS definition, he’s MAKING good progress, and given that the Democrats in the Senate REFUSE to sign off on dozens of Trump Administration appointees, it’s pretty damned phenomenal. Now that Chuck Schumer has figured out that doing NOTHING isn’t the way to fight Trump, maybe he’ll whip his troops into shape. I doubt it, but maybe.

  45. Deborah Pratt says:

    All this phony investigation activity is simply a ‘ploy’ to delay and interfere with any ‘work’ Pres Trump is trying to accomplish! It is also an effort to ‘buy time’ in which the Dems. hope to find ‘something’, ANYTHING to accuse him of that will ‘hold water’!! In their ‘dreams’ they hope it will be something worthy of ‘impeachment’!! Meanwhile, they are taking up precious time and funds in ‘worthless’ pursuits that go nowhere!! For once, I’d like the ‘media’ to focus on what Pres Trump ‘has’ accomplished these past few months. In spite of their ‘claims’, the list IS impressive!!! Just ‘once’–give ‘credit where credit is due!’ They just might win back some of the people who now ignore them!!

  46. Jeronimo Dan says:

    Mueller is proving himself as crooked as Comey, they both being joined at the hip, now what could go wrong with that?
    Mueller really doesn’t want an investigative team, he wants a mob to beat the hell out of the President. Mueller has a hard on for Trump, because he didn’t chose him to go back in as Director of the “Famous But Incompetent”.

    1. LeaM says:

      I think Mueller is much more interested in acquiring favorable, even laudatory, media FOR HIMSELF than he is in beating up on President Trump. This has all the earmarks of a PR campaign, including the fact that there IS no ultimate outcome except…to go away. Eventually (6 months or so), the media will get tired of chasing a non-story, and with limited media budgets nowadays, assignment editors will start pulling their reporters off Russia-gate to do something that actually has MEAT in it; the folks back home will get fed up and demand their Senators/Congresspeople STOP THIS NONSENSE and do tax reform or something, and the Senate and House will decide they’ve wasted ENOUGH taxpayers’ money on this foolishness. One day Mueller and his team will walk into a hearing room and find the Chairman (being polite) and NOBODY ELSE, and they’ll realize they need a NEW scandal to renew Congressional and/or media interest. Having nothing (let us hope!) they’ll GO HOME.

  47. mary says:

    Enough already. Unless they are going to look into the collusion between Russia and the democrats (Hillary and Obama) also then stop wasting time and move on.

    1. LeaM says:

      Send messages saying just this to your Senators and Member of Congress. Much more likely to have positive effect THERE than HERE, where nobody who reads them has the authority to DO anything to apply your suggestions.

  48. Peter Pan Syndrome says:

    this is an absolute joke, I would rather watch Jerry Springer. Donald Trump is the best american president since JFK, and this is a witch hunt. The reason the media hates him is because he is going against the grain and undoing Bush, Clinton, and Obama era policies that have led this country to financial ruin. Trump said we will look like Venezuela eating zoo animals if our trade imbalance isn’t corrected. Does anyone understand what that means? Our main import is 3rd world immigrants and our main export is war? No one wants to live in Liberal La La Land and believe that the skies falling like Al Gore and Obama’s Eco “Green” global warming restrictions on their Maytag wash machine that restrict water usage. . If you want to know the truth about climate change just watch George Carlin on you tube. He’ll tell you better than any lying conniving politician.

    1. LeaM says:

      Oh, c’mon! Trump MAY prove to be a great president, but he hasn’t DONE very much YET (he appointed Neil Gorsuch and he STARTED on a number of deregulatory initiatives, but they’re still only in the works. He HAS slowed (not ended) immigration, but he has NOT ended (or even slowed down) global trade. He hasn’t even managed to get all his appointees into their jobs (which means those jobs are still filled by ready-to-depart Obama appointees!), and he (Trump, that is) has barely STARTED to fill the
      ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY Federal judicial VACANCIES (no need to wait for deaths or retirements) BELOW the Supreme Court level — which is why SCOTUS still gets jammed up with repetitive challenges to Trump’s immigration limitations.

      As for other “greats,” 1) JFK was NOT. He MIGHT have been one day, but he didn’t LIVE long enough. 2) Reagan WAS a great President. Remember the Cold War? The reason we’re not fighting it anymore is because REAGAN WON IT — “Without firing a shot,” as Margaret Thatcher said in his tribute. You think we’re “exporting war” NOW? Guess you DON’T remember the Cold War! The other recent presidents, I’ll give you (pretty sad bunch, really).

      Unfortunately, Al Gore is now a (very rich) PRIVATE CITIZEN who can make whatever deals he wants with private companies for jobs or publicity gigs — and nothing any POTUS can do about it unless it’s illegal, which it isn’t..

  49. Michael DePoy says:

    Number one skill for a politician? Telling lies so convincing the audience thinks they thought it up.

    Secondary skill Pick-pocketing while you volunteered campaign funds, they already max out your gold card.

    1. LeaM says:

      Some politicians ARE chronic and constant liars, others are not. I think tarring them all with one brush is unfair and inaccurate. Cute line, though.
      As for pick-pocketing, maybe; but they can’t max out a voter’s gold card unless the voter gives them the number and the 3-digit code. And if a voter is THAT stupid, he/she gets what he/she deserves.

  50. Palmer says:

    One America News, Direct TV, Ch 347, on 24/7. Real news for conservatives.

  51. Original Anna says:

    I am kind of curious as to why Trump talked against Sessions because Sessions has been doing a good job with illegal immigrants cleansing but he hasn’t fired Sessions unless this is a warning of what is coming. Of course Trump probably wasn’t expecting that someone like Mueller would be wasting so much of the taxpayer’s dollars going after the wrong people. I think Mueller is incompetent because he can’t seem to investigate and either close the case or find something in an appropriate time period. After all, with 25 democrat investigators and all they have gotten are fat paychecks from the taxpayer so far. They have to be incompetent or deliberately doing no serious investigation. All they need to do is get on the internet to solve their Russia collusion problem. Every body knows Hillary and Obama colluded to sell Russia 20% of U.S. uranium and Hillary’s husband received $500,000.00 for a speech at a Russian gov’t function while Hillary was there and while Hillary was Secretary of State which is illegal for a gov’t representative’s immediate family to accept money from a foreign gov’t while their family member is a U.S. gov’t representative in a high position. It is also when Hillary met the so called Russian lawyer. How convenient Lynch let the Russian lawyer into the states months later. Of course, it is possible Mueller needs the 25 lawyers to make telephone calls to the Trump family members to tell them Mueller wants to talk to Trump family members. I mean what else can they be doing on the taxpayer dime.

    1. LeaM says:

      I think you’re right about Sessions. It seems to me (no inside info, just the experience of 50+ years’ observation of presidents, good and bad, in action) that President Trump simply got the time line mixed up. What REALLY happened was that he offered Jeff Sessions at Justice; Sessions accepted it. THEN the “Russian collusion” non-story got rolling and suddenly THAT was all anyone was talking about. Someone at Justice told Sessions it might be best if he recused himself FROM THAT ISSUE, and he did — WITHOUT CHECKING FIRST WITH TRUMP. AFTER Sessions had put the recusal into effect, Trump realized it made things tougher for HIM; and he thought Sessions had planned to recuse himself all along, which made him (understandably) angry. But it wasn’t true — Sessions HAD NOT planned it in advance. Now we’re at a point where the President doesn’t want to admit (to himself? to the world?) that he made a mistake. IF he and Sessions can/will sit down and TALK, they can straighten it out, but the longer it goes unresolved, the worse it gets. Sessions may HAVE to quit if they can’t get a chance to talk it out. That would be REALLY unfortunate, but nobody is truly indispensable.

      1. Original Anna says:

        Hi LeaM: I apologize for just now replying. I gotta agree with you and enough time has gone by and it looks like Sessions will be staying and the DOJ is coming out with investigations that we didn’t know about, so, we will see where everything lands. Nice to meet you LeaM.

        1. LeaM says:

          No problem, I don’t catch up with all this stuff too regularly, either.
          Yes, I think Sessions will be staying and there will be another special counsel to lead an investigation into Hillary & Friends and their ever-so-much-worse crimes (actual crimes, not mistakes). If Sessions doesn’t appoint one, Congress WILL. Of course, the mainstream media won’t pay much attention to THAT investigation — not until Uma Abedin or maybe Hillary wind up in court!

  52. travis690 says:

    I agree; this meeting had to amount to a whole lot of nothing for the principals to be cleared to testify before Congress about the meeting.

    The only thing that has been exposed is that Donald Trump Jr wanted to obtain information about the criminal Hillary Clinton, and was willing to go to great lengths to get any information. Whether he acted entirely within the law is beyond my knowledge. However, it shows that form is more important than substance when these issues come up.

    Unless you’re a Democrat. In that case, form doesn’t matter at all.

  53. arthur M. alex says:




    1. LeaM says:

      Trump is NOT going to be “out of office” by Labor Day, or Columbus Day, or Thanksgiving, or Christmas — or anytime NEXT year, for that matter. Even if the picture was as bleak as you think, it takes WELL over a YEAR for the process to work its way to finality — and the finality in this case will be to DROP ALL ALLEGATIONS against President Trump and members of his family. It’ll take awhile for this witch hunt to run out of steam (sorry, mixed metaphor!), but it WILL.
      First, the media will get tired of devoting all their energy to a NON-STORY. Editors will stop writing/tweeting about it because there’s nothing happening. Reporters will stop covering it because their assignment editors won’t want to waste more resources assigning them to cover a NON-STORY.
      The Congressional committee members will hear from the folks back home that they should “Knock this off and start fixing taxes!” (or jobs, or building the wall, or whatever). The Congressional committee chairmen will cancel hearings because nobody is interested anymore. And with NEXT YEAR’S Congressional elections ahead, even the biggest attack dogs in the Senate or House will decide to focus on something voters DO care about — like taxes, jobs, immigration, or whatever.
      Lastly, when Mueller and his army of liberal staff lawyers find themselves facing an EMPTY COMMITTEE TABLE in some hearing, they’ll get the point and GO HOME.
      It may take another 6-9 months, but it WILL happen.

  54. Pattie Kelly says:

    Mueller you better watch it you are treading on thin ice. You have too much conflict of interest going against you. How many Democratic judges do you now have and how many voted for Hillary? (ALL) and which ones contributed to her campaign? ( half or better). OH this is a fair and balanced investigation. Yeah and I am Queen Elizabeth.

  55. william g munson says:

    Well I declare it is getting gooder all the time What

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