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Robert Mueller Is Hiding A Secret That Spells Big Trouble For Trump

Robert Mueller
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  1. Susie Q says:

    My BIG QUETIOx in all of this is where is Rosenstein in all of this since he himself a TRUMP cabinet member hired the SOB Mueller?? Comey6s best friend for years. This itself is ludicrous!!! Why is Rosenstein so quiet nowhere in the forefront of this and why does he have nothing to say during all of the s–t. SOmthing smells in all of this and I personall have been screaming to keep a close eye on Rosenstein because I think he is a mole!!! He is like Paul Ryan no where to be found??????

    1. RichFromShowMe says:

      Rosenstein is a mole . . . he’s a holdover from the obamba Regime where he learned that lying pays off quite well; i.e., obamba, AG Lynch and “Fast & Furious” AG Holder, the clinton-crime-family and others.

      Why he was not replaced is the question, but, I suppose AG Sessions thought it would be a “good faith offering” to keep him on, for continuity in the AG’s office. But, AG Sessions essentially “resigned” as AG when he Recused himself from the Left’s attack on President Trump.

      Ergo, we have a holdover obamba Regime mole essentially running Mueller’s bogus investigation of President Trump’s affinity for Russian Dressing on his salads 🙂

    2. Brad Fisher says:

      Rosenstein is a holdover from the Obama admin and would never have had the opportunity to select Mueller for Special Counsel if Session had not recused himself. That’s why the president is so frustrated with this whole situation. I believe Sessions need to un-recuse himself and start leading the DOJ with integrity, purpose and severe consequences for anyone doing wrong in government.

    3. dennodog says:

      All this garbage “got legs” at the very beginning of the administration before anyone had an inkling of how the swamp operated. Sessions should “unrecuse” himself and start kicking in some gonads on the swamp rats. ALL of them.

  2. Susie Q says:

    When people disappear into the woodwork and are a prominent figure something just isn’t right!

  3. bj veteran says:

    This is another case of double standard. One set of rules for the politician and another set for regular citizen.I worked for a company that required that i sign a letter each year acknowledging that conflicts of interest were not allowed. If you violated the this, then you would would be fired. Double standards?

    1. Maria castro says:

      I hope you are “not” referring to Hillary.

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        There was never a ‘whisper’ of protest over the ‘double standards’ set by either Obama or Hillary Clinton!! In fact it seems that most of our government operates on ‘double standards’!! It’s the ‘norm’ in Washington. When Pres Trump works to level the field and make ‘set rules’ that apply to ‘everyone’–the whining, sniveling and screaming can be heard ’round the world!!

      2. Richard Daugherty says:

        Hillcapone should be in prison as we speak.

  4. John T. Koszalka says:

    God Bless President Trump. He is so right calling this stupid investigation a Witch Hunt. They are wasting the money of WE THE PEOPLE on this. They should redirect their investigation on Clinton classified e-mails, Clinton Foundation Uranium Connection.
    Unmasking, DNC Wasserman, this is where many crimes were put into action, some even by THE LIAR IN CHIEF OBAMA.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      You know, John–it seems the Dems have been on one grand ‘witch hunt’ after Pres Trump ever since he won the election. Before, even!! It just seems to me there is a ‘smell of fear’ in the air concerning our choice of president!! I simply hope it’s justified!!

      1. Brad Fisher says:

        Let’s hope it’s their undoing in the midterms.

        1. mbnick says:

          IT will be if Republicans get off their butts.

      2. John T. Koszalka says:

        Of course their afraid. He owes nobody nothing, at 71 years old he has chosen to give his life for OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY. Look what they have been trying to do to him, and his family. He is one tough guy, and I believe he got a pretty thick skin. What these Evil People Have been trying to do will come back, and smack them right where it’s going to hurt most. WE THE DEPLORABLE ONE ARE 100% THERE FOR HIM, AND HE KNOWS IT.

        1. allmhuran says:

          You hit the nail on the head. This person who has everything gave up his entire life for this country. He volunteered for this abuse. I tell so many people they don’t deserve President Trump. I wish there was a way to give the left their own country. A peaceful parting of ways. Let them have their very own socialist “utopia” and leave the rest of us alone. I will never abandon President Trump.

          1. dennis w says:

            DITTO…..100000000 TIMES………

        2. mbnick says:

          Can you imagine the impact on the stock Market, our 401K’s, and jobs if the hater Dems could take him out?
          Never forget that the Democrat’s CORE mission is to try to make and keep as many as possible Government dependent. One of major reasons they hate him.

          1. John T. Koszalka says:

            The Sewer is full it has to be drained. The DEMO-RATS,
            we know are a problem, but it’s the snakes called RINOS, that are doing the undermining. I hope their is a new party evolved, and it could be called the Independent Conservatives.

      3. Sharron Freitas says:

        Deborah, it’s worse than just the smell of FEAR! It’s more a smell of rotten eggs and it runs in the family.

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          That obnoxious ‘odor’ is the smell of ‘sulphur’!! I understand it is a common odor associated with ‘Lucifer’s’ realm! LOL!

          1. LOL….Love the comment!!

      4. Lillian DeVore says:

        They attacked while the administration was at its weakest, with new people still learning their jobs and before they could stand up. Democrats delayed his nominations and implementation of his policies. They publicly dragged his selections through the mud. Jill Stein demanded a vote recount in swing states. Federal courts tried to wrest power away from him, and now Congress is doing the same. Hillary pitted us against each other with the resist and persist movement. Very disappointed, but the worst betrayal is coming from the republican Senators who are part of the coup.

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          You’re right in every aspect. However, it seems that, even at our ‘weakest’ we are proving to be resilient people! So far, their attacks have failed. When Jill got her recount votes–they actually ‘back-fired’. People are getting ‘fed up’ with their futile attempts to undermine our country. Obama can only succeed ‘trashing’ Pres Trump with foreign governments already against us–as with Angela Merkel. Yet the Germans are ‘fed up’ with ‘her’!! Pres Trump got the respect he is worthy of in most of the countries he visited–even the Arabic nations. Something they never displayed with Obama! As for the ‘resistance movement’, a lot of ‘thinking’ people are asking–‘resisting what’?? Closer inspection of ‘protesters’ proves they are not ‘citizens’ but ‘paid’ instigators and rioters!! At one such ‘scheduled protest’—one person showed up!! That was because there were no ‘paid’ protesters. Seems the ‘media’ missed that ‘sad comment’–didn’t they!! Federal courts are, even now, being cleansed of Obama’s men and replaced with respectable people who ‘deserve’ respect. Yes, I too am very disappointed in Senators who claim to be Republicans but behave in a very Democratic/liberal mind-set!! Caution, mid-term elections are soon due!! I know a certain Maine representative who will not be getting ‘my’ vote!! A ‘RINO’ in every sense of the word–she has proven to be untrustworthy, in my opinion. Given time–perhaps the rest of them will begin to feel the wrath of the ‘silent majority’, too!

        2. mbnick says:

          Trump should do like Obama and make appointments while the despicable Dems are in recession and avoiding Town halls.

      5. mbnick says:

        It is blatantly obvious that the swamp is trying to over turn the voters choice. If you remember they also did little to support Romney. They do not want ANY businessmen threatening their control and plush perks. Voters just need to get stronger.

    2. Phoebe Isley says:

      Hey John and Deborah…I thought you two would like to read what a fellow republican wrote. It is truly great and so true. It’s called YOU created US it’s a bit long but please if you could take the time to read it I think you will understand.
      “YOU created US”
      You had expected to see the fulfillment of your plans to redo America – but we caught you. And like kids caught with their hands in the cookies jar, you cried. You are having hissy fits and can’t believe your well-thought out plans of socialized medicine, open borders, free everything, applauding every evil act and variety of sex, legalizing every intoxicating and addicting drug, promoting the killing of the unborn innocents, spitting on and burning our beloved flag, you thought we would just stand down and let you get away with it?! Nada.
      You are drunk with hate and abusing your God given freedoms in demeaning our new Commander in Chief and those of us who voted for him. He is wiser than you dreamed, more patient than you deserve and was elected in a God-Ordained election. You have a gripe – take it to your Maker.
      You claim to be “sick” over the results of our election that took place six months ago. Grow up. Get a life – or better yet – get a job.
      “How did this happen”, you whine? Well here is how it happened!
      You created “us” when you attacked our freedom of speech. Not one peep came out of the ACLU when the IRS under the direction of Obama refused to grant 501©(3) status to conservative groups (and Lois Lerner took the Fifth.)
      You created “us” when you attacked our right to bear arms. Don’t wanta mess with The “Bear”.
      You created “us” when you attacked our Christian beliefs and our Jewish beliefs. Christians and Jews stand together and know the truth.
      You created “us” when you constantly referred to us as racists.
      You created “us” when you constantly called us xenophobic.
      You created “us” when you told us to get on board or get out of the way.
      You created “us” when you attacked our flag.
      You created “us” when you took God out of our schools, our public buildings and tried to take Him out of our lives – by demanding and confusing our Constitutionally
      guaranteed freedom of religion as freedom from religion – and the liberal judicial appointees said – “Yup -that’s right”. Well, no it isn’t – and we will fix that too.
      You created “us” when you tried to confuse women’s rights with feminism.
      You created “us” when you began to emasculate men, in your never-ending quest to eliminate any difference between gender. You just don’t get it . . . gender has more to do with what is between one’s ears than what is between one’s legs. Women are women, and men are men. Divinely so.
      You created “us” when you decided to make our children soft and confused them with the lie that freedom means free stuff – and they are “entitled” to everything – NOW.
      You created “us” when you promote every crack pot idea of progressive a/k/a socialist goals with the sole intent to rip our Constitution to shreds and destroy America.
      You created “us” when you attacked our way of life; one man married to one woman, living life the way our God has told us to live in our Holy Bible and our Torah.
      You created “us” when you purposely decided to spend more of our tax dollars than what we had, putting our children and grandchildren in huge debt for decades and beyond.
      You created “us” – formerly called the Silent Majority.
      You created “us” when you murdered innocent law enforcement officers and then convinced the ignorant amongst you it was good and justified. Black lives matter? Sure they do – and so do white lives, red lives and blue lives.
      You created “us” when you created policy and legislation that forced jobs to leave our country and left families without a wage earner. We aren’t lazy like many of you – we like to work, take pride in our work and deeply believe this is one of our rights as citizens of the greatest country on earth. We WILL get our jobs back.
      You created “us” when you took a knee, or stayed seated or didn’t remove your hat during our National Anthem.
      You created “us” when you lied and said we could keep our health insurance plans and our doctors. You created “us” when you forced us to buy your health care (that isn’t worth a plugged nickel) and then financially penalized us for not participating. And then you had the unmitigated gall to expected “us” to look the other way while you planned to force us into a Single Payer System (meaning we the tax payers would foot the entire bill for the entire country) once Hillary Clinton took the White House. Obamacare was created to fail and you thought we were too stupid to see your plans. Surprise!
      You created us when you demanded open borders and that America should be no more. The millions of brave Americans who have gone before us and laid down their lives for our country’s freedom would be forgotten and our freedoms given up to your evil, socialist, Godless view of the world. Not now . . . not ever!
      And we FINALLY became fed up – and we stood up, pushed back and spoke up.
      And we did it with ballots, not bullets.
      With ballots, not riots.
      With ballots, not looting, destroying property, being
      With ballots, not blocking traffic.
      With ballots, not fires, except the one you started inside of
      “us”. And we ain’t going away!
      Oh, and by the way, did you happen to read “Rules for Radicals”? Yea – we thought so.
      “YOU” created “US”.

      1. Sue says:

        Can’t help but wonder if Ron Paul wasn’t the catalyst for Trump. He filled venues with simple values and the Constitution. There were many angry people (including the military) who wanted Paul in, yet they swept him under the rug.

      2. Deborah Pratt says:

        Thank you Phoebe!! Well, worth the ‘read’! I’m in my ’70’s’ and my parents/grandparents raised us with ‘standards’ of honesty and self respect!! We respected our Elders, knowing they had a lot of offer us. From them we drew our strength. It just seems that when our young people lost their respect for the ‘older folk’, they lost their way in their arrogance of thinking they had all the answers, just because they can operate a computer or ‘i-phone’!! Well, when your babies learn to ‘relate’ to a ‘robot’, they aren’t learning to relate to ‘humans’ and are ‘poorer’ for that. They have a lot to learn about becoming responsible, productive people!!

        1. Phoebe Isley says:

          You are so right and it’s sad. I was brought up the same as you and I am 53 and my 2 boys who are grown men were brought up like me. Sure they have technology but as you said the #1 priority is to have human contact and we as parents are responsible in how we raise our children to never become robots. God Bless Miss Deborah and I applaud your comments and will most certainly retain your knowledge.

      3. John T. Koszalka says:

        This was so BEAUTIFUL, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. They think we are stupid—well I believe that they are in self destruct mode. OBAMA, & CLINTON’S HERO was SAUL ALINSKY THE AUTHOR OF THEIR RULE BOOK—–“RULES FOR RADICALS”. By the way David Horowitz book THE BIG AGENDA spells this all out. THESE ARE VERY EVIL PEOPLE WHO HAVE SOLD THEIR SOULS. God Bless You Phoebe.

        1. Phoebe Isley says:

          Blessings to you too John. Let’s just say we are now wide eyed and bushy tailed so to speak and no more going along to get along.

          1. John T. Koszalka says:

            By the way Phoebe I’m 82, and will not let up on this fight.
            God Bless President Trump. I don’t know who running these polls, but it must be the DEMO-RATS. I have not found a DEMO supporter they must be underground running these negative polls.

          2. Olivia Escoto says:

            Fake polls. I’ve been called on the phone for a poll. As soon as they feel that I’m giving conservative answers they hang up right away! Not what they were looking for. They select the people. Fake polls!

        2. Deborah Pratt says:

          Thank you, John. I have the book but have yet to actually ‘read’ it!! You gave me the incentive to take the time!!

      4. Susiev says:

        Excellent, the TRUTH PERSONIFIED! God Bless America, We Will Overcome!????GO TRUMP MAGA????

      5. Joyce Winn says:

        you sure have it right. Thank God for President Trump. I believe his presidency is God Blessed. We were in need and he saw us through.
        I am in my late 70’s and I pray for our country and President every day. Its hard to believe there are so many in this country who want to destroy it. I think some of those are in our congress also.
        But, I have confidence in Trump to withstand their evilness and make America Great Again.
        Thank you Phoebe for your article. It was right on!

    3. rick meek says:

      Talk to graham about that – he wants to stop another special counsel to investigate clinton and the dems…….His and other names are there in the unmasking reports that the people don’t see and will never see….

      1. John T. Koszalka says:

        The President is not going to let them get away with that. It’s going to be a great UNMASKING PARTY OF THE EVIL LITTLE SNEAKS IN THE DEMO-RATS, AND THE RINOS. Truth TRUMPS Political Correctness.

      2. Lillian DeVore says:

        Newt Gingrich said he talked to some of the Senators about this, and said they are scared to death of the Clinton’s. It makes you wonder what the Clinton’s have on them, or if they have the power to destroy any one of them?

        Capitol Hill defends Mueller as honorable and impartial, but why don’t they also think Sessions can be impartial and must recuse? They worked with Sessions for so many years, but they don’t trust him? On the other hand, Mueller looks like he’s part of the seditious activity in DC, If Sessions would only un-recuse himself and put an end to this witch hunt before they do more damage to the country. They are gradually stripping the President of his power, and making it impossible for him to lead. Graham was talking about impeachment before the Primaries were even over, and it looks like part of a grand scheme to overturn our votes. They will pay, but so will we.

  5. Maria castro says:

    and the story goes on…..The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming. And in my opinion…we are watching episodes of Bullwinkle with Boris and Natasha in the main role. Don’t forget, they need to get moose and squirrel and, the taxpayers, are paying for the libtards to watch cartoons.

    1. Volarekathy99 says:

      Right on!

  6. skipfoss says:

    This investigation should only be allowed to cover the election and not allowed to go back 20or 30 years ,that has nothing to do with what he was to look at ,hell if they keep digging into my life they could find something I did that was illegal. This witch hunt is getting out of hand and should be stopped now

  7. Artell Watson says:

    Nothing gets done, no one has the balls to do anything. This just keeps going on and on and all it is doing is cost us the tax papers MONEY. I am so SICK of what keeps going on in Washington. No one has to be responsible.

  8. Elizabeth Davis says:

    It is time Mueller goes. He was to investigate the Russia probe. If given enough time and the right to investigate everything the man has done since he was born. Yes he will find something just like each and everyone of us, including Mueller, could have something know or unknown in our life if we search long and hard enough. How about investigating Mueller see what we can find there

  9. Richard Daugherty says:

    Mueller is highly involved with Clinton. He was involved giving uranium samples to Russia. This man needs jail. He does not belong in our government. He is a criminal. The sooner he goes the better.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      According to this report it would seem that, as ‘special council’, Mueller is practically ‘bullet proof’!! If he can be removed by means of ‘conflict of interest’—it needs to be ‘done’!!!! With the ‘Deep State’ backing him–this could be difficult. We need our Senators to start acting in the interest of the people, for a change!! I know I’ll never vote for my state representative!! She has proven to be a RINO and we don’t need that in office representing us!!

      1. Phoebe Isley says:

        Mine too Deborah and it is shameful

      2. Janet says:

        Unfortunately, mine are all Democrats/Liberals that I never vote for, but my vote never seems to count or very rarely. Mueller has overstepped his bounds. Was it not made clear that this investigation was to cover only the 2016 election and any ties? So why is he given the freedom to go back to Trump’s birth? I don’t want my tax monies paying for this and I don’t think anyone except the “Never Trump” or “Not My President” types are happy to keep paying an unnecessary bill.

    2. Andy Ryan says:

      Russia removed no uranium from the US.

      1. Richard Daugherty says:

        Mueller delivered stolen highly enriched uranium to the Russians when on a trip there. This man is a criminal involved with the criminal Clinton’s and other criminals in our government. He must be found out and taken to task.

        1. Andy Ryan says:

          “Mueller delivered stolen highly enriched uranium to the Russians when on a trip there”
          No he didn’t.

          1. Vote for Truth says:

            Andy, you are wrong about Mueller…look it up on the internet. Hillary Clinton received $145 million dollar kickback because she sold 20% of our uranium to Russia!

          2. Andy Ryan says:

            Ha ha, nice try. Bye comrade.

          3. Richard Daugherty says:

            Yes he did!! He is a criminal that needs prison.

  10. Deborah Pratt says:

    OK—it is obvious this is all a ‘huge’ set-up!! So–now what?? Pres Trump should not be subject to this under-handed ploy by Liberal traitors!! I don’t see how Mueller can legally continue to investigate ‘decades old’ history into Pres Trump’s private business life. How can that possibly lead into reasons to ‘impeach’ him now? On what basis?

    1. Phoebe Isley says:

      I really enjoy reading your comments Deborah. I truly believe in my heart the MAJORITY not minority feel the same way. We are sick and tired of the BS these idiots are pulling and the time has come where something instead of nothing needs to be done. I pray for our President every day and with all our prayers the truth will out. The corruption will come to light and then and only then these people that are wasting our money and time will go by the wayside and the other minority who don’t see what we see will be enlightened that our President Trump was and is right from the get. GO TRUMP

  11. RDB says:

    The Democrats have no evidence to impeach Trump. They are bluffing. Muller is prejudiced toward Trump as evidenced by the Clinton supporters he hired to help him destroy Trump. And as known, Muller is big friends with Comey, meaning he wants to exonerate Comey. He is out to get Trump any way he can. He needs to be replaced.

  12. Debbie says:

    I would suggest that the Congress give this man his walking papers. If Trump does it he will be the talk of the town. They put him in there they can take him out. Because if something happens they will pay the price. We put Trump in the Whitehouse and we will take him out in four years if he doesn’t do what he said he would. We also put Congress in and they darn well better remember it.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Hi Deb!! Well, Pres Trump is even ‘less’ the ‘flavor of the month’ with Congress lately!!! LOL Pres Trump recently threatened to take away their ‘special privileges’ concerning their government supplemented health insurance!!! That was a ‘goodie’ Obama signed in for them and, now, Pres Trump said he just might take it away!! They might have to fund their Obamacare for themselves–by themselves!! They may not back him to remove Mueller if they see it as a means of removing Pres Trump from office. However, as you stated, WE see a means of ‘removing THEM from office’ if they don’t get their ‘act’ together!!

      1. nicholsda says:

        I hope he does sack their healthcare. They need to learn the hard way that they are there to work for us, the taxpayers and not there to have us work for them.

  13. jackhy says:

    Mueller’s special prosecutor team (incorrect title as there was no alleged crime), needs to be disbanded for reasons recognized by everyone except the biased, Leftist media and Demorats with their RINO rogues. Trump should not be the one to do it as it would be leaped on by the “impeachment movement” to bolster their devious objective. The Justice Dept. is the one to dissolve it with Congressional input to back the move. It’s past time for our GOP majority to have some “back bone” for once!!

  14. oncemorearound says:

    The WHOLE stinking rotten US government should resign due to fraud.

  15. fordfool says:

    well If Congress had any kahoonies,they’d call shots in our favor anyway. We’v got tooo many stump-siters and if they don’t, we must call e’m out. The main reason most got re-elected was hey rode the shirttails of Pres Trump, now if they don’t do duty and back him up, its time for another Mid-Term election w/ a diff turn-out. Get ‘er done.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Maybe they need to be ‘reminded’, huh?!! I intend to be writing my state rep. She needs a good dose of ‘Yankee’ common sense!!

  16. MarcJ says:

    Representative Gohmert ripped FBI Director Mueller for
    ignoring that Boston mosque in the testimony regarding the investigation
    into the Boston Marathon bombings. Gohmert shredded FBI chief’s answers;
    Mueller’s only defense in not looking at that particular mosque was that
    all the mosques are part of their “Outreach”program to Muslims here in America
    and therefore not included in anti-terrorist investigations!!! Now that is the
    real case of PROFILING that excludes the jihadists! And that is how the two
    Boston jihadist brothers “escaped” the NSA and FBI attention. Mueller also did
    not know who is in overall charge of anti-terrorist programs at his own FBI.
    Note: since then there were more jihadist mass murders perpetrated in Orlando,
    Chattanooga, San Bernardino…

  17. ReaperHD says:

    I’ve got President TRUMP’s BACK and I’m sure most AMERICANS who voted for him do also so fire this whole group of COMMIE LIBTURDS and screw what the other side has to say and quit wasting American Tax Payer Money.

  18. Dexter L. Wilson says:

    5 Democrat Attorneys, one of which was with the Clinton Foundation. Mueller is a close friend of Comey, What is wrong with this picture. Time for him to either recuse himself or be removed by the Congress.

    1. nicholsda says:

      Try again, the number is 8 Hillary supporting Dem lawyers.

      1. Dexter L. Wilson says:

        I certainly appreciate the Correction. Thanks again. 8 wow!

  19. Richard Bagenstose says:

    like your going to believe the democrat head hunter, this is worse then putting new sanctions on russia with no proof they interfered in the election, if you as me congress is acting like a bunch of 3 year olds who lost his favorite toy

  20. Moe says:

    Ok, now think about this one here will you? All Obama’s personal records are hidden from public view, concealed. In all the numerous scandals evidence was destroyed in purpose during court ordered request for it and nothing happens. The FBI commits criminal activity in the Clinton cover up, then lies in our faces about it. There is no collusion with Russia do Trump in the campaign so Mueller who turns out to be Comey a sneaky criminal’s friend. All the lawyers recently hired have ties to Obama are investigating Trump? We were not allowed to question Obama’s illegal actions or we were racist? We are not even sure if Obama was born here, look he is a pathological liar that is a fact. He covered up most of his life because of that fact. How evil and corrupt can a federal government possibly be after eight years of Obama? State, county, urban and municipal cops are being murdered in the street due to Obama interference, now the FBI shows their true colors in the investigations, the once honorable agency gave up our respect for Obama.

  21. Bayside GolfClub says:

    Mueller needs to be arrested for stacking the bogus investigation with clinton donors/demcorat establishment attorneys. Let the courts figure it our. It’s not rocket science. Clearly turned it into a farce/obfuscation/distraction from where already known guilt lies.. Violation/dereliction..

  22. EC Lewis says:

    You can only stack BS so high before it falls over. I am so sick and tired of this witch hunt and to the point of feeling sorry for Trump and hoping that the thick hide he’s projecting gets even thicker. The entire “old” regime, regardless of party are scared to death because Trump is the death knell of the corruption of all parties in the swamp. It’s time the president and our elected offficials looked out for America and not every illegal alien, not sanctuary cities,but our economy, and our nation. Mueller’s pet boy Comey and he have a relationship that stinks to high heaven. Mueller’s henchmen are Clinton operatives, as he most likely is himself. Get rid of the SOB.

  23. KDC says:

    “His investigation into the Russian collusion is designed to get the President”… BULL !
    This guy’s team isn’t even credible. Nothing to find here. Let’s go where the REAL collusion is, Hitlary and her team of crooks. Go get ’em.

  24. Sue says:

    If there’s a whiff of bias the person is supposed to step down. There’s ample evidence for it. Sessions recused himself for much less. Are the Republicans that cowardly they don’t call Mueller out forcing the issue?

    1. Lindy says:

      Not cowardly so much as working with the dems to bring Trump down. Too many closet leftists in the party like McCain, Graham, Collins, Flake, Ryan, to name a few. Then we have good representatives like Gohmert who came out publicly and said as much about those in the Republican party that are undermining Trump. It is up to us to oust as many dems as we can and encourage conservatives to run against the RINO’s when they are up for reelection.

  25. Moe says:

    I not as smart as these folks running the show, but I do know after what Barrack did to us, we will not turn on Trump for stuff not related to the original investigation purpose. The most corrupt and dishonest illegal administration in history just walked away from the disaster they created laughing their asses off. Where was 12 trillion dollars spent who authorized it? According to the minorities whites whom oppose Obama are racist, yet due to his cabinet being mostly minority members they were not held accountable to openly seen and known crimes? Trump cannot live another 100 years to catch up with Obama, he cannot break as many laws as Obama, he cannot ignore fedederal laws for a new world order agenda. Why can we not investigate Obama who the hell is he God?

    1. Lindy says:

      Don’t demean yourself. You have seen over the last decades what these “smart” people have done to this country. A small group of elected have taken this great country and almost succeeded turning it into another third world country. Then here comes someone outside of the Washington bubble brave enough to tackle the left, the deep state, the anti-American radicals. The media along with the dems and RINO’s will try their best to undermine Trump, to undermine the American people but we see more and more everyday that it is beginning to backfire on them. Mueller is as dirty as they come, part of the Clinton cartel and if Washington thinks we are going to stand by and let them railroad Trump, they have another thing coming.

      1. nicholsda says:

        All you have to do is look at who thought Venezuela was a good idea to see what they would have the US like. It is cheaper to use their money for toilet paper than it is to buy toilet paper. And it was an oil rich nation till the leftist destroyed it.

  26. John Redman says:

    Please explain how the headline here relates to the story. This click-bait BS ought to stop as I’m strongly tempted to unsubscribe.

  27. Susie Q says:

    Where in the hell is Rosentsein in all of this that appointed Mueller in the first place??? Why does he not put an end to this as he said he would put an end to it all if Mueller went too far. We all know there was no Russian collusion with Trump it was The Democrats. Rosenstein needs to fire Muller based on his close long term friendship with Comey and a direct conflict of interest NOW!!!! Instead he is totally silent??? Who is this guy another traitor and mole against Republicans??? We all know that you can say your a conservative after last week and it be the furthest thing from the truth!!! He needs to be questioned and explain himself over this wild goose chase!!!! This is a total wast of taxpayers moeny created by the Liberal Democrats!!! Sickening!!!!!

    1. Lindy says:

      Rosenstein is part of the problem not the solution.

  28. pappy450 says:

    Time to END this taxpayer-funded CORRUPT “witch hunt” filled with HITLERY, DNC “contributors”. This is the definition of “conflict of interest”, and ALL should recuse themselves. Actually I believe they are “investigating” the WRONG “side of the isle” if they want to “discover wrongdoing, corruption, bribery, and collusion”( but that was the whole idea to begin with is it NOT??) Don’t look at what THIS hand is doing, EVERYONE look over HERE! What a farce!

    1. Red Steiner says:

      You’re leaving out questionable deaths of those involved who might blow the whistle.

      1. pappy450 says:

        You mean Arkanside? (what happens when you go against the clinton crime cartel and all their minions) You commit “suicide” by two bullets to the back of the head by two different calibers., your plane crashes, “car accident” “robbery gone bad”, but the wallet and other valuables are left behind untouched. ETC, ETC. MY question IS when in the HELL are people going to smarten up, OPEN THEIR EYES and see the forest for the trees? Time for a LOT of hangings for treasonous traitors to start.

  29. Lindy says:

    Why aren’t we talking about Mueller’s connection to the Uranium One deal and Hillary Clinton?

    1. pappy450 says:

      Check MY post below…The old “slight of hand” to get people to look at what THEY want to them to see, while keeping the attention to what was “actually” being done “behind the scenes” TYPICAL DEMOCOMMIE/ RINO BEHAVIOR to push their “agenda” of “obstruction”.

  30. Red Steiner says:

    I was amazed to discover that Mueller is a decorated Vietnam War Veteran. When did he switch horses and become a member of the Obama Muslim Cartel? Why is he undermining our President who is working damned hard to restore our country to it’s (prior to the Clinton Cartel and the Obama Muslim Alliance). It has to be all about money. Nothing else makes sense. How many millions are coming from Soros and the Muslim nations Robert? Remember the oath you took from which we were never released? Where is your Patriotism?

  31. PM says:

    Mueller is compromised because of his relationship with the Clintons as well as Comey. As such, he should voluntarily step down and let a real independent party lead the investigation. With that, Trump has nothing to fear if he has been on the up and up in his business dealings.

  32. geneww1938 says:

    Find a way to fire him. the DNC would have had him commit suicide by now if he were investigating a Democrat like this.

  33. jimmy9522 says:

    He is going to make Ken Starr look like an honest prosecutor.

  34. Ken/FL says:

    This is little more than a Kangaroo Court and a method to stop/delay Trump’s agenda. Wake up America you are being abused by the (d)emocrats again.

  35. chief1937 says:

    Nothing Muller reports will be credible As he has already proven his bias by the staff he hired and proceeding outside his assigned investigation. A total waste of tax payer funds for this group to continue. Fire the whole bunch and if anyone is still concerned appoint a person who is neutral to do the investigation and give them boundaries or this turns into just what it is a plot to get Trump fair or not.

  36. Mike W says:

    Comey investigated HSBC for for laundering drug cartel money when Mueller was legal cousel for HSBC. Now Mueller is investigating Comey? Both are deeply connected to Bill Clinotn as is the other former FBI director Louis Freeh. Of the three there is not one who shouldn’t be locked up.

    1. Lindy says:

      Mueller had played a part in the Uranium One deal, that tells you much about the corruption that is going on today.

      1. Mike W says:

        All of these people are connected. Comey’s brother – Peter Comey worked for DLA Piper the company that did the so called “independent audit” on the Clinton Foundation – of course they found no wrong doing – in light of what we now know about the Clinton Trust – I mean “Foundation” ;-)) we know how erroneous that report was. Now i hear that Peter Comey works for The Clinton Foundation. James Comey made 6 million dollars one year working for Lockheed Martin – That was the year that Lockheed Martin received several huge government contracts signed off on by the Secretary of Take Hillary Clinton –

        1. Lindy says:

          This is new information to me. Thanks for sharing but why hasn’t this been broadcasted by others who are investigating the ties of corruption?

          1. Mike W says:

            Because the crooks have the luxury of investigating each other. Look at the Seth Rich murder. Many people believe the Clintons have something to do with that too. That investigation is under the jurisdiction of the Washington D.C. District Attorney’s office. Guess who just happens to be an assistant district attorney in that very office.
            Crooked Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s brother – Steven Wasserman. If you look into every investigation concerning the Clintons there is always someone who has deep ties to the Clintons in a strategic place to run interference for them

          2. Lindy says:

            My head hurts from all of this and yet no one is talking about any of it. Not Lou Dobbs or Hannity.

  37. Rodger K. Shull says:

    I hope this witch hunt, this BOZO, is on, BLOWS UP IN HIS FACE, an is disgraced into obscurity an never heard from again until he to is investigated, you know this man is as dirty an corrupt as comey an clintons

  38. MACVSOG says:

    Fuck Mueller, if he was investigating hillary clinton, he would be dead by now!!

  39. PatrolAgent says:

    Robert Mueller was the director of the FBI during Operation Fast & Furious (F&F), the debacle that cost the life of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Mueller is on the public record saying he knew nothing about F&F, until after the press/media reportsts on the Terry murder came out.
    The Mueller denial is at odds with the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) guidelines. The OCDETF is a major crime fighting program of the U.S. Department of Justice (AG Holder). The OCDETF program’s managers had to review and approve a well detailed ATF operational proposal, prior to authorizing the funding.

    The OCDETF program has nine federal law enforcement member agencies, including the FBI. A well experienced FBI special agent had to review and approve the ATF F&F proposal.

    The operation was seen as so important that the ATF Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix office was briefing the White House directly, yet Bob Mueller was never informed?

    The Phoenix FBI office sent their own infomants into the same gun dealers that were being monitored by the ATF in F&F. The FBI was doing this without informing the ATF. The FBI infoormants were already convicted felons, so the FBI had to mask the records in the NICS database, so the dealers wouldn’t stop the sale.

    Where did these guns go? Mexico?

    Did you read or hear anywhere that Robert Mueller was uoset about not being told, I sure didn’t!

    Did honest Robert Mueller hold any of his subordinates accountable for not reporting all of this activity, if he did I sure didn’t hear about it.

    Perhaps Obama told him to keep his mouth shut right from the get go.

  40. Palmer says:

    It seems the “fair haired boy” Mueller isn’t as upstanding and truthful as claimed. He is as devious as any Democrat can be. Sneeky, vengeful , dishonest. Yep, Perfect Democrat.

  41. Richard Schmidt says:

    Unless Trump’s business deals involve Russia directly and substantially since he started campaighing for POTUS, they are irrelevant to Meuller’s investigative mission.
    One can search forever in an unbounded search for that which evidently does not exist.

  42. ndhosford says:

    The Dems have shown us that written law means nothing if you can find judges to creatively interpret it. Can’t sombody find a right wing judge in a district with a right wing appeals court to enjoin Muller from straying from the original task? It worked great for the Dems to prevent Trump from using his legal power to order immigration controls.

  43. Arizona Don says:

    If in fact Mueller did find something he would not hide it. He knows how desperate the democrats are to find something. Anything even if it is false. Consequently, here we have more lies and innuendos. Just looks like more fake news to me. This Russian thing investigation has gone on for a year now and found nothing legitimate.

  44. It’s time for Sessions and Trump to take the offensive, fire biased Mueller and his heavy anti Trump hit squad, and kick some ass. Mueller will certainly “find something” real or imagined that happened years ago to put on the front pages just before next year’s election. Why would you sit around and voluntarily let the lynch mob hang you. Wouldn’t you fight? Like I said, it’s time to kick some ass.

  45. SGirl says:

    GOD has a way of taking care of good people & bad people…he sends the good up to him in Heaven and he sends the bad down to Lucifer.

  46. Mikal Gastpipe says:

    It’s a good thing this ‘investigation’ is against Trump, for the ‘Never Trumpers”, and the FASCIST left, liberal Democrat Party! If this had been tried against Obama, all holy hell would have broke loose, the race card played to the nth degree, protests, marches and violence would have been the hallmark of the opposition of a ‘Special Prosecuter’ to investigate Obama!

  47. Monica says:

    Our forefathers gave the presidential office a 2 term limit to prevent abuse of power. We need term limits for any elected official of the same 2 term limit. This will not solve all the problems we have in the Congress but at least it will “age out” these people who have been there for 40 years and taken root in what I call the 4th branch of government. If there is a turnover at least then our young people can come in who are still living in the real world and raising families start to change things for the better to serve their country and not use it for their own agendas. Two term limits and a ban on lobbying for 5 years after you are out of office. These swamp creatures gotta go.

  48. 4USA2 says:

    Donald Trump was a successful businessman on the World stage long before he ever became an actual candidate running for President. None of his business transactions prior to his getting the Republican nomination, should have any bearing AT ALL on his now being THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. If The Trump Corporation had business with Russia in the past; (that business was between Russia and the Trump Corporation and had nothing at all to do with funds of the USA tax payers). However, the Clintons did business with Russia and what they did DOES HAVE EVERYTHING to do with the funds of the USA tax payers. The big difference between Trump’s business dealings with Russia and the Clinton’s is that Donald Trump was NOT a GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE and was not cheating the United States tax payers out of a dime. Where as, Hillary gave Russia 20% of the USA’s Uranium so Russia could restock it’s NUKE supply and in return, (her pay to play scheme at work) in return, Putin wrote a big fat fat check to the CLINTON FOUNDATION. So, isn’t that considered a crime? Seriously, if the USA was selling Uranium to Russia, shouldn’t Mr. Putin have written the big fat fat check to the USA’s bank account?

  49. Wmichaelmic says:

    A blind person with one eye can see this is all a scam to oust Trump. The republicans know it, the Democrats know it, so let’s eliminate this special investigator and get on with the country’s business.

  50. Rose Ribitzki says:

    This so-called crooked investigation is nothing but a semi truck load full of horse manure ! .. mueller is the one to be under investigation, not Trump ! This whole thing stinks to high heaven !

  51. rick meek says:

    Mueller is a under cover lover…..

  52. stoth says:

    start with Rosenstein, he is the key to the entire scheme.

  53. william g munson says:

    Crooked people to investigate how real is that

  54. Dan Thurston says:

    If Mr. Trump has nothing to hide, he has nothing at all to worry about. Then again, if he had nothing to hide he undoubtedly would have released his tax returns. And not have concocted a dishonest account for Donald Jr to explain the meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya…

    1. nicholsda says:

      If he had nothing to hide, why did B0 hide all his records. Lets start an investigation of him and see how many rats leave the country.

  55. William Glass says:

    If it were a real “witch hunt” , then he should look no further than Hillary, Maxine,Dianne, Debbie, and Michelle. A true “coven” if there ever was one.

  56. Rita Lustig says:

    Whomever is responsible for appointing Mueller & his croney democratic mule team attorneys as investigators needs to be fired! LASTLY, TAKE AWAY THE FULLY PAID BY OUR TAX $’S MEDICAL INSURANCE OF ALL CONGRESSMEN/ WOMEN! They can pay their own stinking insurance premiums! What a complete waste of taxpayer dollars! Our new slogan – ‘No Way, There’ll Be Hell to Pay in 2018 & 2020!

  57. allmhuran says:

    And on and on these presumptuous elitist fools go. They really believe they can remove the President and they get what they want. Everything goes their way after the President is removed. They’re crazy………they must be. Those who elected the President will not just let this happen. This country will never be the same. The consequences for removing a duly elected President are unimaginable. The arrogance of these people just never runs out.

  58. elmcqueen3 says:

    Haven’t we had enough of this “deep” state and their investigations…Like 9 so far and none have turned up any evidence of a Trump/Russian collusion narrative…Me smells a skunk running amok in SC Robert Mueller’s hen house.

  59. mannasage says:

    Whatever gain Mueller had as a prosecutor is now turning against him. All the Liberal Lawyers he’s hired is what. fair & balanced procedure? It’s crystal clear (except to the RINOS & Liberals) that he’s compromised his position as a Special Counsel badly & us Americans DEMAND that he recuse himself ASAP! Got that Mueller?

  60. dennodog says:

    Will the person that has the picture of mueller with his head in the bone zone, kindly release it now?

  61. Dexter L. Wilson says:

    need all 52 Republican Senators to sign on. or are they expecting they will get re-elected without consulting their constituency.

  62. Sharron Freitas says:

    If Trump had half the balls for criticizing any member of Congress, or anyone serving in the military when he can’t even open his mouth without lies and deceptions, he should be impeached immediately. When is Congress going to see right through him and call him out. He never served one minute of his life or either of his sons. They need to get that idiot out of the White House and his family. He is a disgrace.

  63. John Savell says:

    Removing Meuller due to his conflict of interest is not grounds for impeachment. The dem-wits are just using that as a threat to get their way with Trump. Sessions should un-recuse himself, fire Rosenstein, who is a dem supporter and started this whole thing in motion, based on Comey’s leaks, which were intended to do this very thing, and then fire Meuller unless he can produce evidence of collusion.

  64. Lillian DeVore says:

    Graham is writing legislation that will protect Mueller from being fired.

  65. Duane says:

    If Mueller does not have the common sense to stop this witch hunt and waste of taxpayer money, he SHOULD be fired.

  66. RockinOn says:

    I think Donald Trump is in a major chess match and still arranging the pieces in a strategy to whoop up on all those that have been gettin away with Murder (literally some of them) to expose, indict, prosecute and jail all that have been caught manipulating the system and will eventually get it done !

    All of the above, including Dumbocrapic Party, Rinos, and most importantly obummer !

  67. justanagent says:

    Who investigates the investigator? Is Mueller somehow untouchable?

  68. Why is everything surrounding Trump, and no one is doing a darn thing about Obama and Nit Wit Hil LIAR y that promised Putin all the Uranium she could give. Let’s fess up and look at where the real Russian situation lays to blame. Get off Trump…he’s only been in 6 months and they’ve already found there is NO CONNECTION between Putin and Trump So go after the real culprits here as they are still doing underhanded stuff and NOTHING is being done. I demand that investigations get with the program on these other two treasonist, liar’s, and everything else they have done.

  69. Bennie Bennett says:

    When will someone stand up and rebel against the Democrats and Mueller. Mueller needs to resign and the investigation can now be cancelled. There is no proof of collusion. Therefore, the search can stop.

  70. David Forde says:

    These dangerous deep state fools, vastly underestimate both Trump and the people. The people are behind Trump . Any trumped up BS, is going to be meet with a huge reaction from,the once silent majority.

  71. jerry1944 says:

    When do we have a investigation into thus mulehead crook he woked the system for his lies He has to be a dems with all the dems he gets to work the case something smells with that move

  72. nodo says:

    I think it is time to just fire the guy and weather the media storm and then get on with it. All that impeachment crap is just that, CRAP. I for one would be on the war path if any such move got any traction at all. It is totally disgusting that someone like Mueller can so obviously work outside the law to unseat an American president and get away with it. FIRE THE CREEP.

  73. Vinny says:

    Why bring to the front news before Trump got into the race? Look at Hillary and Obama work in Chicago then as president?
    Go President Trump.

  74. Vinny says:

    Drain the swamp or sewer, President Trump.

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