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Robert Mueller Just Revealed His Plan To Remove Trump From Office

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  1. GeneZ says:

    What has this got to do with President Trump’s ability to govern this country? You would think Donald were in the oval office servicing a Russian intern by the the name of Monika Valowwsnka. Hypocrites like Mueller create false scenarios as a means to suck another into feeling there was wrong doing. Something that does not even pertain to the real situation on hand. The question really is? Can Russia now control and influence Donald Trump? Period!

  2. Elena Bowman says:

    Mueller needs to be fired asap. If Lindsay (Alice) Graham doesn’t like it he can go straight to hell with McCain. Mr. President fire the b……d now!

  3. Edward Ackell says:

    hillary is the liar and thief ,,,for a donation to bills viagra fund she sold out the U.S.A. to russia…she should be jailed then brought to trial …

  4. rennyangel2 says:

    I doubt that r deals with Russia earlier deals before the election impact the pres. at all.

  5. annefarrelly says:

    If Mueller overlooks Hillary’s treacheries, his entire investigation will be no more than a political lynching of Trump. Does not serve the country, only serves the Democrats’ attempts to take down The Trump Administration. Can Mueller be prosecuted for cause if he refuses to investigate the Clintons’ dealings with Russia like the uranium sale? Bill Clinton’s $500,000 speech?

  6. Spunky says:

    I hope these deep state idiots just give it up – there is nothing there. Need to be looking at your Clinton crime family. Investigate Mueller!

    1. Carol Hyndman says:

      AMEN! Apply your investigative powers to something known to contain illegalities – everything Clinton, but not with Mueller. Find a more neutral person to head the investigation, then step back and allow him/her to get on with it.

  7. mueller is the tool the leftist establishment is using to wage war on America and her President, time we lock and load

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