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The Russia Investigation Took A Disturbing Turn For The Worse With This Development

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  1. Chamolauan says:

    That is one justifiable way to oust Mueller from Special Counsel to the Russia Investigation. Mueller’s hiring should go before a Hiring Committee for the sake of fair and impartial investigation into this probe. He hasn’t even started and its not looking good. Who knows. The Comey leaking may have been planned by both of them before the congressional hearing.

    1. Kissingfan says:

      The hiring was done by a career Justice Department Obama administration holdover. Perhaps he has a desire to become the AG and is using the special counsel yo pursue his goal. So far, every person hired by Mueller are Clinton supporters (financially). The investigators are being stacked in that one bias.

      1. Chamolauan says:

        The Acting Attorney General should and must go before the Senate Committee and address this biassed concern and inform the committee that unless the Special Counsel’s recruitment is changed to a more unbiassed staff, that he will ouost the Special Counsel and will look for a new one. We want the American people to know the honest truth from the investigation. Not the truth that the Special Counsel and his team want the people to believe. I urge the Acting AG before its too late.

    2. maxx says:

      Comey admitted that is the reason he leaked the information to hid college friend. He wanted a Special Council and there is no doubt in my mind Mueller was part of the plot.

      1. Kenneth Jones says:

        It’s been obvious from the start.

  2. Robert F says:

    Nothing like the home team playing with a stacked deck.

  3. KDC says:

    The title was very misleading here. No new news here. Someone other than Pres.Trump should put an end to this liberal circus. Where is Congress?

    1. Kissingfan says:

      Congress is supporting this liberal circus.

      1. KDC says:

        Exactly. Full of RINOS.

        1. Kissingfan says:

          You mean the liberal Dumbocraps. The whole Russia accusations were a smoke screen to hide the major failures of the crooked DNC and their failure in the election. They had to blame someone for their failures. So they chose the Russians. Yes, the Russians tried to hack into the DNC and some of the state level election offices. But there is no evidence that they influenced the election in any way.

          1. jug says:

            They are truly “Commiecrats”!
            “Dumbocrats” lets them off the hook as someone too stupid to be dangerous!

            Commiecrats describes exactly who they are, and how dangerous they actually are.

          2. Thinkingman2025 says:

            I call them Demon-rats, since that’s how they act.

          3. jug says:

            No, they act exactly as their history shows, transition from democrats to communists!

            We need a catchy but accurate, one word description, to catch on and go viral, to combat their evil!

            I have heard and seen literaly hundreds of such terms, just “all over the map”, but “Commiecrats” seems by far the best, and most descriptive yet.

            It even notifies people what their history is.

          4. Thinkingman2025 says:

            I also called them Demo-rats, so maybe Commie-rats would be a good try.

          5. kbmiller says:

            Dumb ASS ok RATS

          6. badbob85037 says:

            I call them traitors and would rather call them dead.

          7. June Gagnon says:

            We now know CPUSA (communist party USA) “bought out” the dimwit party in the 60’s. Many do NOT know nutty nan pigazz (of SF origin) was a “chairperson” for CPUSA, just prior to becoming House Speaker; to avoid “showing conflict” she was forced to resign the chair position, just prior to taking the gavel. At that time, you could still research the CPUSA membership roster on line; that was taken down immediately after she took that gavel. Notably, we also have a “minimum” of 80 other Congress critters who belong to that ill-gotten “komradeship”!

          8. ShermanRMcCoy says:

            “Yes, the Russians tried to hack into the DNC and some of the state level election offices.”

            You SURE about that? All the “evidence” presented has been pretty flaky.

          9. Tom Schuckman says:

            Sir, I think it really goes much deeper, because the Clintons and obummer should really be in prison right now for “High Crimes and Misdemeanors !” They actually tried very hard to bring down our country by supplying arms and funds $$$ to our enemies in the Middle East, etc. Just my humble opinion… –My humble Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL. My email: [email protected] —Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70. — “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” —John 14: 27.

          10. Brenda Sinclair says:

            thank you for serving our country tom

          11. Carolyn Mills Dill says:

            So I guess you don’t mind supporting Drumps weekend vacations playing golf, eh?

          12. Oren Player says:

            You easily forget the imperial vacations of the Obama’s where Michele had an entourage of her extended family, staff and secret service to Africa, Europe and others. Millions of dollars were spent for such extravagancies. Meanwhile, Odumbo played golf every weekend all over the nation and the world. When he felt stressed instead of manning up and staying the White House to govern, he took off for a golf outing. That’s what I remember about your president.

          13. Bud says:

            Obama did not arrive in Washington to govern, but to “rule,” per Valerie Jarrett’s comment that they “would be ready to rule from day one.”

          14. ShermanRMcCoy says:

            Seriously? Are you impaired? Enjoy your 2-digit IQ.

          15. Tom Schuckman says:

            Ha! You are being too generous…. LOL.

          16. ShermanRMcCoy says:

            Would “room-temperature IQ” have been better?

          17. badbob85037 says:

            How bout an IQ matching her shoe size.

          18. Bud says:

            Her shoe size may be double digits.

          19. Tom Schuckman says:

            Sherman, As you already, prob. know, anything below, 70, is considered retarded…..

          20. Bud says:

            No, because the room temperature is double digits.

          21. ShermanRMcCoy says:

            But I was thinking in Celsius!

          22. Olaf Thunderfoot says:

            Subtract 9…

          23. Eldor Luedtke says:

            Carolyn, like Obama’s golf and vacations?
            You are clearly one of those who will try anything to put that man down. I am glad I never stooped to that with Obama, I did not want him to be the POTUS but I understood that he WAS my president and I am happy that he is no longer. But I DID show him the respect the office enough not to act an ass about it, grow up.

          24. KDC says:

            Remember, he’s not getting paid for his presidency, Carolyn. And he’d have to go some, to catch up to BO’s extravagant vacations and numerous golf games. Especially when “Rome was burning” so to speak.

          25. kbmiller says:

            Go away you stupid POS.

          26. Tom Schuckman says:

            LOL ! Thank you, Sir.

          27. kbmiller says:

            Yer welcome !!!

          28. shamu9 says:

            I remember the “Kenyan Kommie, Koranic Kweer, Klown, Trying to Golf!

          29. COMPU-TRON says:

            And doing it better than your Crybaby-in Chief.

          30. badbob85037 says:

            I see you know as much about golf as you know about the last two presidents. Could you answer a question for me? Over the last 8 years I have ask the question a thousand times. Most of the time it goes unanswered and the few times it has tried to be answered it was answered with disillusion and void of reality. Tell me what Obama did in the 8 years he ‘served’ that improved the nation, it’s people, or it’s allies. Or anything he did that didn’t cause harm to the nation, it’s people or it’s allies. I’ll be waiting your answer.

          31. COMPU-TRON says:

            By your grammar you are obviously a Russian troll. Good bye.

          32. Ray says:

            Really, that’s a very very good question. I would love to see the answers the Demonocraps have to say on this question. WAITING!!!!..

          33. Gizmo says:

            Do you want more kool-aid?

          34. Bud says:

            There was no bigger Crybaby-in-Chief than your Naked Emperor who was always blaming someone else for his problems.

          35. Crystal says:

            Funny, I haven’t seen Trump play golf nearly as much as Obama did… But I have seen him work harder and show more respect for the American People than Obama ever did!

          36. Ray says:

            Exactly, the President puts in long days for We the People, to get this country back to AMERICA FIRST. Sooo let them talk, we know better than that.

          37. Elizabeth Voelker says:


          38. Tom Schuckman says:

            “Drumps ??” Is that a real English word ? President Trump refuses to take any salary….. duh !

          39. Olaf Thunderfoot says:


          40. Patrick Henry says:

            No not at all. Like us tax payers paid for Obama to play golf more than any president in history.

          41. badbob85037 says:

            Wow some how, maybe a coma for 8 years, you missed the last president’s golf time. Or you’re a hypocrite and a dumb one at that.

          42. Bud says:

            Which has what do do with anything?

          43. Apolloone says:

            The old Communist trick being played out, accuse your opponents of doing what you’re doing, these Vermin running the government today have mastered this trick 100%. I hope President Trump doesn’t give in to these parasites, especially by resigning.

          44. Brenda Sinclair says:

            the russians were used by comey, podesta, hillary obama to coverup the many murders, child traffcing crimes, child rape crimes, that seth rich of dnc exposed sent to wikileaks that opened up pizzagate the spirit cooking, satanic rituals and names of pedophiles in congress, fbi senate cia, schumer,peloski,kaine,clapper, brennan comy, lynch hillary and bill obama and his trannie male wife mechelle, podesta, alefantis, biden,waters, feinstien cumming richard blumenthal

          45. Maria castro says:

            To deflect their treason and blame Trump.

        2. Linda Smith says:

          EXACTLY. it is a circus.

      2. Stephen says:

        What do you mean, congress is the circus.

      3. chuck708 says:

        Your Right Congress is supporting this Democrat Liberal Circus and once again the Hard Working Taxpayer is picking up the Tab.

      4. daledor says:

        Which is worse the Demon cats or RINO transplants into the Repub Party?? Brothers in their demonic quests. One is always ‘against’ good and the other wolves in sheep’s clothing that show their teeth more and more (RINO).

      5. shamu9 says:

        Congress IS The Lib Circus!

    2. old lady says:

      I agree ..congress had better step up and watch the presidents back or they will be gone next election too !!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Lee McLaughlin says:

        Agreed – 100%.

      2. maxx says:

        Most of Congress will stab Trump in the back when they get the opportunity. Look how they tried everything in the book to keep him out of the race altogether. It was “we the people” that changed that so now they are taking another shot of undoing the will of the people. If you have repuklican representative WARN THEM about what will happen if they are complicit in this witch hunt.

        1. Kenneth Jones says:

          The solidly entrenched career Congressmen don’t like President Trump because he’s not a professional politician of the Old Boys Club, but an experienced businessman who believes in getting things done. Yes, he has made some bad choices, and he’s on the learning curve, but who would’ve bet six months ago that he’d accomplished much of what he said he’d do?

          I didn’t vote for either him or Clinton, but as far as I’m concerned, he beats her hands down.

        2. Curt James says:

          You mean members like McCain?

          1. Brenda Sinclair says:

            john mccain a pedophile is fighting against president trump to keep his years of raping little children a secret, too late mccain your dirty secrests are out same as obama, hillary bill, comey kaine biden, kerry,clapper, brennan,peoplski, waters, cumming,blumenthal,soros, comey covered up for all of you but comey is down and singing like a bird against all you lowlife pedophiles

          2. dennodog says:

            He beat the great banking fraud of the late 70’s as an “accusee” in the “Keating five”.

          3. bytheway4 says:

            john McCain is a traitor, He was a song bird whole boing a POW, he had our soldiers beaten and tortured, while the enemy treated him like a king. He should have been hanged for what he did, he was drunk and landed his plane on a ship and killed over a hundred sailors. Throw him out.

          4. badbob85037 says:

            You’re right about everything but him killing 100 men in his plane. Those men were killed when another plane on deck fired a rocket that hit his plane causing those deaths. His record is more than enough to reflect his actions Making stuff up only makes the rest of what you say unbelievable even if it’s true.

          5. ShermanRMcCoy says:

            The world will breathe a sigh of relief when McPain shuffles off this orb to his eternal reward . . . in the lake of fire!

          6. badbob85037 says:

            Believe or not McCain use to be a good senator. But that was back in the 80’s, a long time ago.

        3. Deborah Pratt says:

          I think it is the Liberal Dems fondest wish to gain control again. Their ‘big dream’ is to get to the point where they can finally deny us the right to ‘vote’!! This is the ultimate treachery and their ‘ultimate’ goal!!

        4. mallen11 says:

          They don’t work for the people or our Nation; they work for themselves and they don’t like the idea of President Trump pushing them to get the job done.

    3. Lee McLaughlin says:

      Yes where are the Republicans on this and so many matters we are facing. Are they all against the President of these United States. Certainly seems that way.

      1. maxx says:

        It doesn’t only seem that way…… IT IS THAT WAY.

        1. Ray says:

          Right, President Trump is messing up the Washington Cartel gang. All about money. The ruler of all evil. They would sell out this country in a heart ❤️ beat. Very sickening!!!

      2. Tom Schuckman says:

        Lee, Well…. some of them are now wounded from the shooter at their base ball practice, recently.

        1. Lee McLaughlin says:

          No joke dimwit.

        2. jug says:

          By another crazy Commiecrat, no less!

    4. Robert Swafford says:

      They are afraid of losing their check from Soros if they defend Trump !

      1. KDC says:

        You’re probably right.

      2. Deborah Pratt says:

        There is a lot more going on here than just Soros!! We have mega-businesses with mega-funds that are every bit as dangerous as Soros and they are firmly entrenched in all this!!

        1. Ray says:

          Yeah, K Street Lobbyist and big Corporations. You do this for me and I will do this for you that’s how they fill there pockets with money. That’s why we have got to have term-limits.

    5. jreg9304 says:

      You are absolutely correct! this whole thing coming out of the democratic corner is nothing but a three ring circus and needs to be dealt with swiftly and with alike prejudice! these extreme Liberals are going a bit too far, actually on the verge of defying the Constitution just like Obama has With his eight plundering years in Office!

      1. jug says:

        There is no “democratic corner”!
        There is nothing “democratic” about any of this!

        Democrat and democratic are nowhere near the same terms!
        The “ic” makes all the difference in the world!

        The “democrat” party, ceased to exist many years ago, when their “so called” leaders, hi-jacked the political platform of the CPUSA! (Communist Party of the USA)

        It is now, the “Commiecrat” party!
        Fitting and completely descriptive!

    6. Kenneth Jones says:


    7. Deborah Pratt says:

      Bought and ‘paid for’!!

    8. lin says:

      Call or write your Senators and Congressmen and remind them the Silent Majority chose President Trump and their lack of respect and support for him will be remembered at each upcoming election.

    9. Carolyn Mills Dill says:

      They are busy trying to get together an affordable care act behind closed (secret) doors and won’t let all the members get a shot at it. I don’t feel sorry ? for any of these crooks. They know Drump is corrupt but won’t do anything to stop him. LOCK UP all Republican congressional members.

      1. Eldor Luedtke says:

        I see, you one of those Commiecrats ?
        Or, just a common troll?

      2. KDC says:

        Carolyn, God bless you. I would suggest you go back as far as the Civil War to the present and look at your Democratic Party. They are NOT who they portray to be and have been despicable in the way they have treated your people. They lie to you, use you for their agenda and haven’t done anything for your people. Just look at Chicago. Please, wake up to the truth and quit believing the lies. The information is out there for you.

      3. Along came Jones says:

        Then your Democrat Masters can put you back picking cotton like they had you before the Republicans helped free you during the Civil War.

      4. bytheway4 says:

        Carolyn, what country do you live in? You don’t even know what is going on, you must be for the NWO, is Soros paying you too. You must really hate America like your twin, Obama.

    10. zizi Newton says:

      I am very worried. The democrats are too evil. They will try everything to kill the president.

    11. zizi Newton says:

      Some suggested that the president to fire Mueller. Others pointed out that there would be a backfire. I agree. If the president fires Mueller the left wingers will definite make a huge scene. The Republican are useless weaklings. Many Republicans, such as McCain and even Ryan, are as bad as the Dems. The president has mortal enemies all around him. The Dem left wingers are also very dark and violent. Assassinating the president is not off their mind.

      1. KDC says:

        It would be nice if Congress would step up to the plate, so yo speak, but many of them are RINOS too. Pray for Pres.Trump and his family.

    12. Jane Ford says:

      I agree with your comments. It happens all the time – the headline is all most people read so it is causing so many people who don’t think or read to jump on the bash Trump bandwagon. Why aren’t senators and representatives going to war to stop this stuff from continuing. We need to keep track of republicans in offices and what they are saying and doing about this administration, and then work to get them out and someone new elected.

    13. Force Recon says:

      Don’t you mean Demorrhoidic Leftopaths???

    14. Maria castro says:

      Congress is hiding. Some of their clothes are stained with Manure too.

    15. Ron Alford says:

      Same place they always are, nowhere.

  4. chief1937 says:

    With a stacked team of democrats just how fair does one really believe the commity will be?

  5. guest says:

    Unfair witch hunt should not be tolerated to continue
    oh please jimmy fix it so I can be special prosecutor, I’ll get him good

  6. Lorraine E says:

    Robert mueller is a clone of RINO coney. He is an enemy of President Trump and will do everything he can to help impeach him. It is asinine to consider mueller for any position in the Trump administration.

    1. jug says:

      Neither one is a RINO! (Repubican In Name Only!)

      They are both, “Commiecrats”, (democrats that “rode along with the preveiling winds), when the democrats hi-jacked the communist party platform of the CPUSA years ago!

  7. ARVIN says:


    1. Kissingfan says:

      That is why the next chapter in the history books will refer to the Obama presidency as “The Fake President.”

  8. CaptTurbo says:

    I wish President Trump would have dumped that rat turd, Mueller and insisted on an appointment without toxic alignment with the corrupt deep state.

  9. Trump fired Comey and hired Mueller.

    1. Kissingfan says:

      Trump did not hire Mueller. It was the assistant AG who hired Mueller without any input from AG Sessions nor President trump.

  10. nSsgCdS2Tu says:

    This just goes to show how deep the SWAMP is! The mud is deep and THICK!! Draining it is going to be a FULL time job as there is so much collision and intertwining of liberals and Rhino’s it’s not even funny! GO TRUMP!!! MAGA!!!!

    1. Kissingfan says:

      Insist that term limits be added to the regulations for all members of congress. Make an addendum to the US Constitution Article 1 Section 2 and 3.

      1. maxx says:

        There is a nationwide movement starting to demand an Article V Convention. And already I have heard senators and house members warning “how dangerous” such a convention will be. Dangerous? You bet, but only to the corrupt Congress because “term limits will be demanded”. The Article V Convention is the only solution left to us by the Funders to deal with a corrupt and rogue government.

  11. j0e cave says:

    these crybabies will keep investigating and when they can’t find any evidence they make some. if Hillary had won there would not be any Russia investigation

  12. Rocky Brokaw says:

    being that there was never any evidence to conduct an investigation it should be halted and start investigating the real criminals on the left

    1. old lady says:

      Yes it should, but not by president or they will just say he is covering up something…

  13. ter334 says:

    This is a kangaroo court/investigation. They will forever be tainted even though in the short run they might appear as pillars of American justice, There seems to be no evidence of criminal activity and to ‘convict’ a politician of criminal activity they have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt they are guilty of something other than their intent to impeach that person. Belonging to a different party is not illegal here. Maybe in Russia, maybe in Islam where if you belong to a different mosque sect terrorism is an ever present danger. This perhaps is an effort by the establishment to implement sharia law. That is you are guilty until you prove you are innocent which is opposite to the rule of law and the Bof R. Innocent until proven guilty;m Proving guilt is the responsibility of the accuser. T. like HRC, is innocent, because he had no intent to make a deal with either the Russians or Islam. Why, he didn’t bow to the king in SA.

    1. PaulaRevere says:

      Partly true, except HRC and a s888 pile of others are guilty of what they accuse our President. They will be exposed.

      1. Kissingfan says:

        It is doubtful that Mueller will expose anything about Hillary or the members of the Obama administration. Even Loretta Lynch should be exposed for the criminal acts in obstructing the Clinton email investigation.

  14. A patriot says:

    fire Mueller and his communist left

  15. Lakshmi says:

    PRAY for all the evils and all the evildoers to reveal and destroy themselves.

  16. Stephen Repko says:

    Trump should just fire them immediately,enough is enough.

  17. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    More corrupt liberals burning our money to further their made up lies, it ain’t gonna happen losers. You will not impeach Trump but you may find yourselves in a lot of trouble before this is over. Liberals are something you scrape off the bottom of your shoe

  18. Mimi says:

    “The Russians are coming – The Russians are coming!!!” A 1966 movie cashing in on the Cold War paranoia that was going on in America at that time… Hysteria – now being whipped up by Democrats and it is so phony. Get down to business and forget the “witch hunt” … sore losers – I am 82 years old and have never – or can’t remember – a bigger bunch of foul-mouthed politicians in the Democrat Party, and the weak-kneed, wimpy Rinos, who really give me a pain since they should have the upper hand.

  19. AnAmericanRight says:

    So what is Mueller coming up with? Every investigator I’ve heard thus far has said there is NO evidence. Even Comey said there was NO investigation cause there was nothing to investigate. Will these Demonrat assclowns never give up? Don’t they want the USA great again. This proves the Demonrats are filthy no good, only interested in what’s in it for them, blood sucking creeps.

    1. maxx says:

      Mueller will be looking for a crime to pin on some way. If he does he will trigger a civil war because Trump supporters will not allow Trump to be railroaded.

      1. AnAmericanRight says:

        Maxx, I agree with you 100%. Trump may not have to empty the swamp. the people may do it for him. you do understand that both parties do not like Trump. because he is NOT a thieving, lying, SOB like they are. Trump is honest and he speaks the truth, something politicians know nothing about. we DO need term limits. but to get the career politicians in Congress to pass that would be like pulling a tooth from a lion. If civil war is what the politicians want, I’m all in. the people have had enough. Obama nearly single handedly destroyed America cause he’s a Muslim terrorist. who the hell appointed Mueller? they know he’s a Democrat and a buddy to Comey, Clintons and Obama. WTF

  20. hy is everyone so excited. Trump did nothing wrong and now is the time to prove it.

  21. Susan Lindauer says:

    It sure looks like Obama set a “honey trap” for GOP lawmakers with this Russia scam. The Obama Administration scheduled the events in Cincinnati and the Mayflower Hotel. Obama’s people oversaw the guest list. They invited a whole bunch of Republicans… and…. gasp… THE RUSSIAN AMBASSADOR…. (no, say it ain’t so!!) Then they shrieked to high heaven when GOP Senators stood in the SAME AUDITORIUM as the Russian Ambassador!! (Unforgivable!)

    Democrats are FURIOUS that Julian Assange, an AUSTRALIAN, I must add– published the DNC & John Podesta emails received by former BRITISH Ambassador Craig Murray, which expose MASSIVE Democrat corruption. WIKILEAKS — not a Russian organization– exposed the sleazy practice of “pay to play” scams run by Democrat elite, trading favorable policy decisions in exchange for cash donations.

    As true sociopaths, Democrats refuse to APOLOGIZE for that corruption!!! They’re not sorry! They’re outraged they got caught!!! And they demand to punish Julian Assange & everybody else who showed American voters what Democrats really are! Rage is a sociopath’s response. And that’s why a man of integrity like AG Sessions got grilled yesterday by angry Democrats who have been deprived of the perks of stealing from the Federal Treasury!

    God Bless AG Sessions! We will prevail! But we’ve got to remember WHO WE ARE. We’ve got to start attacking the Common Core Geography that Democrats are basing this stupidity on.

    1. Lee McLaughlin says:

      Very interesting common sense thoughts Susan and I couldn’t agree more with everything you said.

    2. NoCoincidences says:

      It is my belief that with the revelations about a worldwide pedophile child-trafficking ring and the alleged involvement of Podesta, a man of questionable character, and whose hands are outstretched into the affairs of the Clinton and 0bama criminal cabals, pose a potentially damning outlook for the demonrats’ future, along with many world players.
      President Trump stated after his inauguration he had learned of such a child-trafficking ring and his Attorney General would be looking into it and going after those who participated in such evil actions. AG Sessions backed the President’s assertion and declaration of rooting out the exploitive criminality against children.

      It would seem if someone or some group was desperate enough to protect their positions, and their sick malfeasance, there would be no holds barred as to what lengths they would go in order to stop their billion-dollar ‘way of life’. This is one of the reasons they are going after AG Sessions with such fervor and despise.

  22. Roy says:

    The hunt begins! They will find stuff that does not exist. The entire team is a construct to personally destroy Trump and bring down his “illegitimate” election.
    Democrats have become enemy’s of the Constitution. Mueller should be fired!

  23. Baron S says:

    Is anything surprising in this?? The fact Comey and Mueller are friends and Mueller was his boss also, should have disqualified him from the get go. Wake up America, this corruption will sink us.

    1. oncemorearound says:

      “wil sink us….” or has sunk us ?

      1. Baron S says:

        Correct—in process daily!

    2. Lee McLaughlin says:

      No joke what gives with this!

  24. jackhy says:

    Why the hell would the Trump people approve Mueller and his choice of investigating aides whose backgrounds are clearly biased? They are ‘putting the foxes in charge of the chicken coop’ for sure!!!

    1. Lee McLaughlin says:

      That is what surprised me when I first heard about Muelleer being picked but didn’t President Trump consider Mueller for FBI director at one time?

  25. Bill Chandler says:

    Another complete screw up by the brain dead Republicans and our president for ever letting this happen in the first place. This man and all the crooked democrat lawyers should be fired today, not tomorrow. Period. Don’t let this happen to the people that voted for Trump and a bunch of the total sorry republicans to try to get some order back in out country after that piece of crap-president tried every way in the world to destroy with the backing of the billionaire Jew George Sores.

  26. Lee McLaughlin says:

    Yes, I agree that Mueller shouldn’t be able to hire his team unless approved by a impartial committee . Who in the world comes up with the rules in this country? It’s almost like the left runs everything. It’s ridiculous.

  27. Mike W says:

    Mueller should have been fired the minute it was exposed that he was helping James Comey prepare for his testimony before the senate committee last Thursday. That is a conflict of interest at the very least and collusion at the worst. He should be investigated for that. The last 3 former FBI directors have all been a party of having investigations turn out in the Clintons favor. The FBI needs to be investigated for corruption and collusion. The damn swamp is much deeper than we ever thought. Washington is running amok with criminals in government.

  28. ter334 says:

    Someone suggested yesterday this whose thing is to tie up T’s presidency so they can keep the establishment intact and field a pro-establishment candidate in the future and stay in control, They are fighting for the survival of the establishment and have pitted themselves against the voters. They all come up for re-election, the myth that the establishment is for American has been busted. The myths the democrat party and RINOs are for women’s rights, for BLM, for fair play, for bipartisan politics,for the good of the nation have forever been shown to be as valid as O’s American birth certificate. They need to put up proof of T’s guilt, of bipartisan politics for the good of America and it’s citizens, of O’s BC (the state of HI perhaps needs to be expelled from the Union , impeached, for collusion to get a foreign born elected. Or shut up! IMO Obama has been the greatest political disaster for a political party in America’s history! And the corruption is just starting to leak out. Mueller and others have strapped political suicide bombs on themselves and are in the process of lighting the fuse like any other suicide bomber. Boom, and they are gone! The latest investigator of political corruption, mueller, needs to investigated like the previous investigator, Comey, for of all things political corruption. The American people have lost confidence in the fed govt. Shown by support for T at the voting booths and the rejection of a Clinton. The loss of confidence is due to Obama who bombed Libya at the request of the Arab League, etc.. Including placing the interests of immigrants over citizens. This rejection of citizens maybe the most heinous political crime a pol can make. Trump is not to blame for America’s loss of confidence in govt, yet they are trying to blame T for their corruption.

  29. Tim Miller says:

    I am beginning to think the Democrats are more dangerous than ISIS.

  30. Duane says:

    It doesn’t matter what their credentials might be. There were no crimes committed so there will be no guilt. It’s just a witch hunt wasting taxpayer money. I hope this investigation lasts until the midterms. Then everyone will realize that the Dims have nothing to offer except racism and hate toward white conservatives.

  31. jug says:

    It looks more and more like another Tom DeLay or Scooter Libby case, where the Commiecrats set up and either tried to, or actually did railroad the two guys above!
    Libby actually was falsey convicted and went to jail!

  32. painterkk says:

    Why is it no Midwestern non-political people are never tapped for these committees? Does one have to be. Lawyer?

  33. Arbie Viau says:

    Someone needs to stop this insidious “investigation” or as Lynch would say “matter”. One lie after another supplied by the “close friend” Comey is so obvious and if Mueller is supposed to be an “honest, well qualified” attorney, then he would recuse himself due to a conflict of interest. All the rest of attorney’s are supporters of Hillary Clinton, if this were a fair investigation, then why are they all liberal Dems, what’s fair about that? They are spending our money in a game plan to destroy the Trump Administration which is obvious to every true American and just stop it, game’s over you POS’S.

  34. ReaperHD says:

    Time to end this BS after over 10 months of wasted TAX PAYER MONEY there is not one shred of any kind of evidence there was collusion of any kind between PRESIDENT TRUMP and any Russians to change the outcome of the election. This investigator MEULLER appointed is pecker sucking buddies with COMEY and should be replaced with a nonpartisan person. The more that is exposed is showing there is a problem with this choice and either needs to be changed or his final decision will be questioned as his FRIENDSHIP with COMEY is overwhelming and influencing.

  35. Redfox007 says:

    This is a farce. Every move the DemonicRATs have made, has been to try to involve Trump, and our news has shown time and again, he had nothing to do with it. It has been shown it was the DemonicRATs who had contact with Russia, to try to swing the election, not the Republicans.

  36. maxx says:

    In Obamas own words “there is not a smidgeon of scandal” . No matter what he was talking about it was a lie. Mueller cannot possibly be considered a man of integrity and fairness since the very people he is putting on his staff are all democommies. Is this really what the GOP wants? I would say definitely YES unless Congress removes Mueller immediately. There is no way this is going to end anyway but badly.

  37. ljblady says:

    He should be fired immediately..he has ties to the Clinton Foundation and Comey…he is part of the swamp that has been put in charge of bringing down Trump….wow..

  38. fred schramm says:

    The donor lawyers should all recuse themselves. But dont worry, God is in charge. PraiseHis HOLY NAMES!

  39. Jack says:

    Yeah, its nothing but a liberal witch-hunt out to abolish Trump. They just can’t stand having opposition….

  40. so disapponted says:

    Maybe it’s time just outlaw liberals. Make it a felony to be associated with such treason

  41. Phyllis Schultz says:

    This is a blatantly obvious set up by the liberals, and this whole group including Mueller need to be fired. They are apparently as corrupt and dishonest as Hillary, Obama , Comey and the liberal media. Come on Congress, do your job and show them the door.

  42. Richard Bagenstose says:

    and this surprises you how , democrats approved this idiot, so he has to be a left wing troll , filling his team with left wing idiots, they don’t want the truth , they just want to get rid of trump any way they can, they prefer the kenyan coone , who let’s them get away with crimes because he is committing them to, i want to know when trumps team is going to start fighting back , and he can use government agencies to do it just like oboma did , just be smart about it

  43. rrkeng says:

    Looks to me to be a set up! I say we need to just close the investigation and save the taxpayers money and time that could be used to MAGA! I believe Trump has been vindicated, We need to go after the real sabotagers of America, Obama and Clinton!

  44. cheryl55 says:

    If the President does NOT use his power to REPLACE Mueller than they get what they get!!! Very simple! Congress and the oversight can ALSO weigh in and use the brains GOD gave them to SEE the writing on the wall or to LIMIT exactly what is going on! There is nothing wrong with giving Mueller a time constraint as well as reject those he chooses who are impartial… what the hell is wrong with these people? This is ALL COMMON SENSE!!!

  45. Stephen Hiller says:

    Trump knows he’s innocent and if the rabid Democrats stacked up against him under Mueller can’t find anything, I say kudos to Trump for letting this go forward. What a gamesman he is !!!

  46. Lee McLaughlin says:

    No joking. Get outta here.

  47. jong says:

    That is actually a good thing. This gives both the AG and his assistant the ability to fire the lot of them on that clear basis of their bias.

  48. Agostino says:

    Rosenstein chose Mueller. He should be called before Congress to explain the reason he chose someone so evidently anti-Trump. It’s obvious that everyone not directly associated with Trump will be given a free ride.

  49. Curt James says:

    Remember when special counsels were “independent?” Aren’t Democrat/socialists such honest people?

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      It would seem to me that these very facts could be used against Mueller and his ‘team’. A few days ago I heard that Pres Trump had hired a lawyer of his own. He must have got ‘wind’ of this early on! Pres Trump is no ‘dummy’–as much as the Dems wish he was!! Seems that all the ‘sharks and crocodiles’ have been called from the ‘Swamp’ to go on the ‘attack’!!

  50. george briar says:

    this is nothing more than an attempt to over throw the Trump admiration as the democrats know Trump will be reelected and with two terms he will accomplish everything he said he would and they know if that happens they are finished as a party so this is another attempt to stop him but it too will fail. I believe Trump is smarter than these bozo’s and is just waiting to make fool of them.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      I certainly hope so, george!! Pres Trump has a huge challenge ahead of him!! I give him credit in that he never under-estimates the ‘enemy’!! These people are incredibly dangerous and not just for him—for ‘all’ of us!! They’ll stop at nothing to attain their agendas!!

  51. Rodger K. Shull says:

    get rid of this DOFUSS, he is corrupt an dirty, an is in complete CONFLICT of INTEREST, fire the damn fool.

  52. Jacky says:

    This is why two terms and your out for good should be implemented–too much under the table hand offs–there is no two party system when they are all swapping favors for self gain—Rinos are keeping the Republican majority from accomplishing anything by listening to the crap big media is putting out and siding with them. After two terms if they all had to get real jobs all this greed would change. They would be working for a cure to the issues not a continuing disagreement that cost the American public.

  53. Bob Blackburn says:

    The Democrats along with Bob Mueller are clearly Only interested in VIOLENCE. Examples are their violent use of guns to harm and kill members of the Republican party, Bob Mueller who the Democrats have described as a wonderful human being has hired 4 attorneys to support his “which hunt”…it must be noted that combined they gave over $50,000 to democratic campaigns….this narative could continue to fill volumes to include the behavior of Senator SCHUMBER and Nancy (the mouth) Pelosi!!!! etc…….

  54. It was the Deputy AG and I heard Prez Trump praise the appointment. Has he changed his mind.What do you all fear. Let the truth out and all will be better off.

  55. messup says:

    True, will be extremely difficult, once Mueller et Comey brotherhood amass “incriminating evidenciary documents” produced from Comey’s government computer and personal devices WHILE STILL EMPLOYED. This “web” of evidence has two objectives: 1) obstruction of justice and 2) basis for DNC, Black Caucus, Democratic Socialists of America, et al to formulate (led by the paradigm of probity) Al Franken, and his “merry band of happy lawmakers” bringing articles of impeachment. As in every accusation of guilt, proving a “negative” is extremely (if not impossible) to “disassemble!” Bill Clinton found out the hard way. This is the “end game” of all of this charade…and it will go thru 2018 and some of 2019. We The American People are running the risk of losing Our Republic to the “Collectivists.” Gone forever will be We The (individual) Patriots of these USA. So, America and Americans…time to gird-ones-loins, dress for battle and unite under one flag…Stars and Stripes. Pray. Amen. God Bless America and ALL Americans. Read A Bible. NKJV Psalm 128.

  56. rick meek says:

    Maybe mueller and his boys should play some baseball…….besides – a lot of us KNOW mueller for what he is…….Hmmmm – repukicans sitting in DC and around the country with their thumbs up their butts – allowing these nuts to attack and set the agenda – fixing elections – voter fraud – liberal judges – muellers – Mcauliffs – McCabes – rosensteins – comey’s clintons – obama – holder – lynch – rice – selling uranium – slush finds – kickbacks —- and yet ALL OF THEM DEMAND SPECIAL PROTECTION FROM NUTZ LIKE THE SANDERS GUY…..

  57. 1PierreMontagne1 says:

    What you are watching is fascists without guns going after Trump – after the targeted shooting of the GOP whip this morning it looks like guns are being drawn.
    So who recommended Muller to trump? Priebus?

  58. Palmer says:

    You don’t play poker with marked cards, That is what Trump is up against with the Special Council. Mueller is stacking the deck. Time to Fold. Get rid of him. Let the Democraps scream and yell. Trump needs a new set of cards.

  59. Gary Hull says:

    This is a complete bias investigation. Also noticed that congress is suing Trump. We as citizens should sue congress for failure to do their job as elected officials. They cannot perform their daily required activities of running the government because of their hatred toward Trump. Drain the swamp and scoop up the exposed mud and take to the nearest landfill. Gary

  60. Brenda Sinclair says:

    why is this circus continueing day after day? when will it all end? what can president trump do about it?

  61. pearldj says:

    glad to see that the real truth will come out and we can throw out or fake president and have a new vote and rule that the electoral college has no say anymore.

  62. B. Pearson says:

    I can only agree that a person that has stayed out of the limelight is George Soros, Obama’s endless mentor to dirty politics and Hillary’s financial support as well. Remember, who mentored Soros, that’s right Adolph Eichmann one of Adolph Hitler’s henchmen. Most Democrats don’t want to know the history or the truth. The Liberals are being pushed by these three people to today’s Media and Congress Hearing manipulations. This circus is now well over played to no real end. Should have put Hillary in prison and all this would stop. Its still not too late for Hillary to be found “Guilty!”

  63. Jack says:

    I wonder why the Republican party always sends messages to their faithful asking for money,
    but yet after they receive all the donations from their followers and the election is over those
    rhino’s in the party like speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and the leader of the Senate good
    old Mitch McConnell forget all about the people. The Republican party was put in control of
    the House, the Senate and the White House but they are refusing to do the work that our
    President has outlined and have done what is good for them and the hell with the people who
    put them in office. If the leadership isn’t changed to allow people who will follow Trumps plans
    they will suffer in the 2018 election.
    The people are getting disgusted with the likes of Ryan and McConnell, these two are doing
    just what the Democrats want by bringing up all kinds of fake and untrue issues, and are
    stalling Trumps agenda. They will carry on this fake issue until the next election, and the
    RNC ARE BEING WILLING DUPES in these fake investigations.

    Now this Robert Mueller guy ins’t looking to find anything except to try to convict Trump of
    another phoney charge, and there are some Republicans who are agreeing with those hate filled
    Rats in their party. If the Republican don’t put an end yo this garbage the Democrats are
    getting away with then Yrump will have to fight these fake charges for his entire term in office.
    Mueller is stacking his investigating team with all Democrat loyalist Lawyers to find just an
    ounce of false accusations.





    AND $2,300 IN 2008. HE ALSO GAVE $2,700 TO CLINTON LAST YEAR…

    I for one will not support
    the Republican party if this farce continues, but I will never vote for a Socialist Democrat.

  64. mike gunter says:

    I think it is crazy to let this DUMOCRAT lead any investigation period. He is bias on either side. TRUMP should fire him and his group.

  65. James Edward Ray says:

    Now the brain dead liberal Democrats are shooting GOP baseball team members so they can win the game against them !!!

  66. Maria castro says:

    Should we play with fire? Maybe. If Trump has good lawyers and the truth is with him, the can explode in Mueller and in their idiotic faces.

  67. justanagent says:

    I agree that the integrity of this investigation is fatally compromised. The question I have is who hired Mueller. They must have known about his relationship with Comey and pre-existing bias. Why not allow the governors from each of the states to select one or two top tier investigators and send them to Washington to serve temporarily as contract investigators answering directly to the attorney general. Give them a free hand to investigate anyone they have reason to suspect colluded illegally with any foreign government to influence any national election, illegally leaked or compromised classified information, directly or indirectly accepted a bribe or other illegal gift from a foreign entity or in any other way illegally compromised national security. Turn them loose and require the attorney to prevent their findings to a federal grand jury. Thar is how we can drain the swamp and eliminate the vermin. At this point I do not believe any agency of our national government is “clean” enough to remain objective and go all the way.

  68. Sunshn51 says:

    Good grief people. Russia very likely interfered in our election and you act as though that is not something that should be investigated. What they find could potentially affect this administration, but it is imperative that we find out how extensive the incursion was. To ignore this issue is to invite a foreign country to take us over without a single shot being fired. This is not primarily about the administration…they may be collateral damage if proof is found of collusion, but they are not the main event.

    Nixon tried to obstruct and it did not turn out very well for him or for the GOP. Both parties need to clean up their acts, but acting as though wrong doing is only a Democrat issue is simply ridiculous.

    We need to forge a path to the middle and quit running for the extremes. Extremes didn’t work out too well today and fostering this divide, as this ‘publication’ does, is not helping. We are your neighbors, your co workers and friends. We are Americans. Time to be the people that can once again have important discussions without deception and by presenting facts for debate. We all need to win, not just one side over the other.

    I don’t really hope for anyone to agree with me so save your nasty comments. I don’t care what you think of me. You have no power over me. Have a wonderful peace filled evening.

  69. GRAMPA says:

    they must still try to make a case present it and prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. they are counting upon the fact that any charges made will stop Trump

  70. KDS says:

    The President has every right to fire Meuller. Democrats have given none of Trump cabinet appointments any support what so ever. Time to get rid of their calculated bias and throw them under the bus like they have done so many times to Conservatives.

  71. MrG says:

    So how much is this guy getting paid by the clintons the Democrats and Soros they’re the enemy of the United States Democrats Clinton liberal wackos sorel’s they’re all Satan’s puppets

  72. StopTheJews says:

    The United States Government is very crooked and dangerous. Read below what one of the sailors said about the attack on the USS LIBERTY by Israel The Whore House Of The Middle East. Tel Avis is advertised as the biggest HOMOSEXUAL CITY in the Middle East . The Holy Land. Look at picture enclosed.

    The Jewish Mafia Media’s bashing Republicans 24 hours a day . JEWS JEWS JEWS ! Go after these Anti American Anti Christ Jews. WE HAVE A VERY CROOKED AND DANGEROUS GOVERNMENT . JEWS JEWS JEWS!


  73. Richard Frick says:

    The Libs and Progressives are floating on the swamp and a giant skimmer needs to scrape them off and deposit them behind bars and out of the mainstream of the decent Americans.

  74. Linda Smith says:

    all setup by corrupt comey and his buddy. CORRUPT LIBERALS.

    THIS CRIME is what should be investigated. Republican leaders… what are you doing? LEAD!!!!

    Loretta Lynch directed Comey to change the name of the HILLARY investigation to a matter to match the POLITICAL NARRATIVE. This is an obstruction of justice by the Attorney General under Obama. Now that is collusion and warrants an investigation into Comey’s coverup, investigate Lynch and Obama. Obama weaponized these departments and we are seeing the outcome.

  75. Fredsgirl1 says:

    Trump and his swamp people will do and say anything to muddy this investigation. They are desperate, wriggling like a bath full of eels. It won’t work. By the fact that Trump could end this so easily but will not, does everything he can to stop the investigation, what hehas created is nothing less than a smoking gun. It becomes clearer by eachTweet, that there is something big and dirty here to be investigated. Sorry conservatives but the sooner you ditch your support for Trump the less you will have to apologise for later.

  76. Richard Frick says:

    There is a total absences of Credibility of Mueller, Comey and their insidious appointment of major supporters of the Clinton machine to investigate the Legitimate President of the USA. This is a blatant guerrilla court run by despicable scum. These individuals acting as a consortium of treason pigs wallowing in their own slop.

  77. dfinch says:

    He not only is good friends of Comey’s but he recommended Comey to take over for him as the FBI director.

  78. Ken/FL says:

    Mueller needs to step aside due to conflict of interest. How could a mentor to one of the principals of the investigation be impartial? He CAN’T.

  79. Carrie says:

    My thoughts when I read this-“God is bigger than all of them. He was bigger than the left at election time, and He still is now.” Pray for Trump and the first family.

  80. Robert Smith says:

    Now maybe a lot of us understand just why our forefathers enacted the 2nd amendment. This BS needs to stop and stop now.

  81. myfordtruck says:

    Its time for the people to demand a house cleaning in Washington kick all these dam life timers and all non constitutional believers out of there and that includes the supreme court

  82. jesse says:

    So the political witch hunt intensifies and we march closer to civil war if they try to take down the duly elected president while ignoring a mountain of evidence of crimes committed by clinton, obama, lynch and company!

  83. daledor says:

    What do you expect from DEMON CATS.

  84. Patrick Henry says:

    We are at war….with this report, and the ongoing violence by democratic and liberal supporters, we need to stand up to these criminals and relieve them of their power and corruption.

  85. Steve Terrill says:

    So what, don’t quit your day job, Kelly, being a greeter at Wal Mart. Of course he is going to hire Democratic party hacks to go after Trump in order to have a credible investigation. If not, the Far Left would say it was biased against them. Now it appears to be biased against the Reps. But if there is truly nothing criminal and/or impeachable there, then the Dems hopes of retaking the House and Senate in 2018 are over. And if there is something there, which Congress and the Senate will be able verify, then Trump and/or his “team” should be impeached and/or charged with criminal offenses and run out of town. Whatever happens is still better than having that fat f*****ng cow HRC and man-whore husband in there.

  86. RsGoat says:

    Didn’t The American People elect Donald Trump to devise our foreign policy and since that is what we elected our President to do what he does or does not do with Russia is up to him just like it was Obama’s decision to end diplomatic relations with them at the end of his Presidency. This does not mean the next President is tied to that decision as evidenced by the number of executive orders trump has rescinded. What difference does it make if he went to work early before he was sworn into office so that by the time he was behind the desk he had the ability to get right to work as our President! Most employer’s admire go getters! It does no mean he or anyone who works for him was going to work selling our nations’ secret’s. And here is a big surprise for all those Congress men and Women. He can declassify anything he wants to allowing the American Public full access to all kinds of information and at the same time Russia could have it if they wanted it so how do you nail him on this? It is just pure greed for power on the part of the Democratic Party who never saw this loss coming. They might have if they watched real news instead of the big three which is more interested in fantasy news reporting the Democrat’s want to hear or have heard in the public space! That is the sad truth. Face facts if you paid attention at all under Obama’s plan he lost both Houses of Congress which means the American Public didn’t like it. and Hillary ran on that Losing strategy! The GOP did badly with the TEA Party in the second term because they did not aggressively attack Obama’s Plan showing they were not getting a candidate approved hence Trump was a walk on favorite and he worked hard telling people his plan in person since the Left Wing news denied he had one knowing it was that much better then Hilary’s! Come on boys he had crowds who cheered when he spoke because they like his idea’s that much. No solid evidence of Russia changing votes or affecting this election plus the complete failures of “Never Trump”, change the electoral vote” and “he’s not my president”! We have had a long string of attacks on this guy by the elites giving some credence to that old myth the people don’t select the President! If the Democratic Party actually wins this war they will do a lot of damage to our country and their Party in the end.

  87. PaulaRevere says:

    Need to expose this sham. Kangaroo court of rabid wolves judging the rabbit, only this rabbit has positional power to fire them. They are pursuing the destruction of their own careers. May the rope go only so long as to allow them to hang themselves. Congress acts afraid like a bunch of spoiled children. As long as this Russian thing goes on, the false accusations for impeaching the best President we’ve seen in many years, the criminals like Obama, Kerry, Lynch, HRC, Bill, Chelsea, Pelosi, Ried, and company, RINOS included, their political and treasonous crimes remain secure. EXPOSE.

  88. Al says:

    Trump, you need to visit with Jeff Sessions about taking the real law breakers and criminals to task, like say for example, Clinton, Obama, Lynch, Comey to begin with. These demons won’t leave you alone until you put the monkey on their back. The people have your back so go for it!

  89. pscheck2 says:

    If Trump fires him, then the liberal media will have a field day (ala, Watergate!) It seems Trump is between a rock and a hard place! As I write there are rumors Trump is hiring top notch lawyers to defend himself from serious charges of obstruction of justice, etc.! Can this possibly be happening? Have the liberals finally got their ‘smoking gun’ to impeach him?

  90. Government is corrupt to the core, the swamp is overflowing with these liberal liars and rino wimps in DC who are pulling out all the stops to impeach president. As they have yet to find any collusion, they will surely create enough by finding fellow crooks who will testify for payoffs, no shortage of these low life unethical crooks, many in the intel agencies where the cesspool resides. WAKE UP AMERICA, the coo has begun by the black state traitors.

  91. Phil Owens says:

    To show the critical bias in this case, the law regarding Special Prosecutors requires the recusal of the investigator if there is any conflict of interest or if there is any relationship to any party of the investigation, in this case Mueller’s relationship with Comey is sufficient grounds for recusal and there are several other grounds as well. Any findings by this investigation will be tainted from the beginning and should be considered invalid. (Consider this standard practice by the Democratic Party.}

  92. epauls says:

    Another Democrat Program “JOBS FOR LAWYERS” or also knows as “ACLU Donations to Democrats”.

  93. don says:

    This BS is really getting old.

  94. Wondering Woman says:

    As the old saying goes, enough rope to hang himself – looks like the crew Mueller is assembling and his lack of doing anything on the IRS, Hillary, Obama, pedophilia, etc. he is building a building a good case for hanging himself and some 13+ other new world order puppets for high treason.

  95. Maria castro says:

    Maybe is just wishful thinking…but, Trump, although human and can make mistakes, is not your average reach across the aisle bear. Could it be that he is giving them rope to hang themselves? They are deep in manure and they are bold because they are fanatically stupid. Dangerous game. Let us wait and see and pray.

  96. Bennie Bennett says:


  97. Sandra Roberts says:

    AN easy win for Trump should he go to court as there is a conflict of interest in the investigating party, easily proven as it is a matter of record

    1. Meggeler says:

      Won’t work to go to court. Obama loaded the courts when he had the congress. Trump trying to change them but the Dems dragging their feet to stop him.

      Supremes won’t acknowledge until a pass through Omama loaded courts. One error by our Founding Fathers to allow them to act as moderators.

  98. Ron Alford says:

    Judgment Day is rapidly approaching, and like everything thing else they do, they don’t have a clue.

  99. GARY ZIERK says:

    OF THE N.W.O.

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