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A Scandal From Bill Clinton’s Past Continues To Haunt Him

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  1. Joyce Lathrop says:

    Lewinsky was not a victim of sexual harassment. She was a young adult who decided to have an affair with a married man who was a public figure and got caught. The reason she got caught was because she bragged about it.

    1. Tony Rowell says:

      so I guess it is better and more decent to be a political whore

      1. Oldclimber640 says:

        Redundant terms – “political” and “whore”.

        1. Lorax says:

          sorry to clarify your statement, I believe you mean “politician” is the same “whore”

          1. Oldclimber640 says:

            Yes, you are right – political and whorish would also have been right.

          2. marshmil says:

            There you go Lorax. Thanks.

        2. Ron says:

          Please stop insulting prostitutes by grouping them with…ugh…politicians!

          1. Oldclimber640 says:

            LOL ! Nice ! Never considered that, and thanks.

          2. marshmil says:

            Good point Ron. Cannot classify “tutes” down with politicians.

    2. Mike W says:

      Did this go over your head? The point is Bill Clinton is a liar. He was not impeached for what he did he was impeached for lying about it. FYI Obama had to surrender his law license to avoid prosecution for lying on his bar application. You see, the genius community organizer and Editor of the Harvard Law Review must have forgot about his two autobiographies when filling out his bar application. In those books he openly spoke about his past drug abuse – but on his bar application when asked about past drug abuse he answered in the negative. Again he probably would have had no problem if he could have managed to bring himself to tell the truth. But old habits die hard.

      1. RightWriter says:

        What Joyce Lathrop said isn’t so different from what YOU said. Both Clinton and Lewinsnky lied.. Clinton hit on her, no question about THAT, but she had the power to say “NO!” — not every 21-year-old HAS to give in to every bigshot boss who makes a pass. (I was 21 myself once upon a time, and I know it IS possible to decline even a VIP boss’s…er, attentions!)

        There’s guilt AND STUPIDITY enough here for EVERYONE: Clinton hit on a much younger woman who was in a subordinate position to his (wasn’t everyone?), and didn’t bother to exercise personal discretion or even clean up his mess, leaving him totally vulnerable to having his lies discovered (by the prosecutor or, worse, by HIS WIFE). And then, as you note, he lied about all sorts of things — drug use in law school, “not having had sex with that woman” (or any of the other women he assaulted or raped in his days in Little Rock). And became the second US President impeached and ALMOST the first CONVICTED and kicked out of office!

        Meanwhile, Monica set her cap for the President of the United States and used every wile at her command to snag him. Then, instead of letting him get her pregnant so she might have a stronger negotiating position, she let him get by with oral sex and SHE didn’t clean up his mess, or HER dress, either. And then she BLABBED (well, if you’re 21 and having sex with POTUS, you’re gonna want to tell SOMEBODY!) to her great good friend, Linda Tripp, who didn’t keep HER mouth shut, either. And waaaah!, how sad! She was afraid to go out of her home because the paparazzi were chasing her — making her FAMOUS for as long as she may live (has anyone heard of her in connection with any positive ACCOMPLISHMENT, apart from having been a sex toy for the President of the United States? NO, you haven’t! THAT will be her lifetime achievement!)

        1. Willard Weems says:

          So, it is okay, to demean the Office of the Presidency, as long as you tell the truth about it, if questioned? Who would have thought it? All this time I thought being faithful in marriage, setting the example, especially as POTUS to children and young adults were traits that was desirable in a president. So all fault belongs on Lewinsnky for having sex with the boss and then blabbed, let me guess you must be a DEMOCRAT AND A LIBERAL!! As for his wife finding out, she already knew that Bill was haveing/had affairs way before Monica.

          1. maxx says:

            The Arkansas State Police or Patrol were his very own private whore hounds and drug runners delivering women and drugs to him.

          2. fempatriot says:

            Read all about it in the late Victor Thorn’s books on the Clintons: HILLARY (AND BILL) THE SEX VOLUME; HILLARY (AND BILL) THE DRUGS VOLUME; HILLARY (AND BILL) THE MURDER VOLUME.

          3. Houmid says:

            Yeah, my Aunt used to regale me with those stories from when she was working the campaigns and living in Arkansas. Half of the state voted for Clinton for President just to get them out of the state. And they weren’t the least bit upset that they went to New York afterwards.

          4. RightWriter says:

            No, it’s NOT OK to demean the presidency, whether you tell the truth about it later on or not. It’s despicable, and IMHO Bill Clinton is a thoroughly despicable person. But the clock doesn’t run backward. Once he’d COMMITTED adultery, rape, and so on, he couldn’t UN-COMMIT those crimes, and lying about them merely ADDED another layer of outrage. And no, the fault doesn’t all lie with Lewinsky: I SAID THAT in so many words — “There’s guilt AND STUPIDITY enough here for EVERYONE.”
            As for me being a liberal and a Democrat, you have TOTALLY misjudged ME based on everything I said. I’m a life-long (since age 9!) conservative Republican, active in every campaign since 1956 on behalf of the most conservative guy running. How you get the opposite out of ANYTHING I have said is beyond me — what are you smoking?

          5. Willard Weems says:

            It is simple you overstate what the females did while understating what Clinton did. Monica was young and in my opinion stupid. Linda Tripp, was careless and stupid, not because she blabbed but because she was old enough to know what was most likely to happen. As for misjudging you, I judged you based on the totality of what you posted. If I was wrong then I was wrong but it is hard to apologize for what on the surface appears to be. One does not defend or justify as you post seemingly did with the statement about undoing what one has done and then immediately attack the females involved with the comment about keeping their mouth shut. (“blabbed”)

          6. RightWriter says:

            I said at least 3 times in that one post that Clinton was at fault (“Clinton hit on a much younger woman who was in a subordinate position to his…” How many times do I have to say it to make you happy? I also said Monica did what she did intentionally, not out of stupidity — which I believe to be true — SHE WANTED TO HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH CLINTON. And then instead of being smart enough to keep HER mouth shut, she “blabbed” to a friend, Linda Tripp. A STATEMENT OF FACT: if you think the word “blabbed” demeans her, I’m sorry.

            I also said that Linda Tripp “didn’t keep her mouth shut, either” — again, a STATEMENT OF FACT, NOT including a reason — although I have reason to believe Linda knew EXACTLY what she was doing and did it DELIBERATELY. She was outraged by the behavior of BOTH Bill Clinton AND Monica, and quite happy to make trouble for them BOTH. That doesn’t make her a worse person than Bill; it just offers an explanation for her doing what she did.

            I disagree strongly with your analysis that I was being harder on the women than on Clinton. CLINTON BEGAN THE DOWNHILL SLIDE as the adult in the scenario, and by making himself available to an intern and not telling her very firmly, “NO!” and having her internship ENDED the next day. I don’t know how much more strongly I have to say that HE WAS RESPONSIBLE. But Monica was ALSO guilty in that SHE was trying to lure the PRESIDENT into a relationship. SHE could have said “No!” too — to his advances — instead, she reciprocated! HOW is that being harder on her than him? I don’t blame Linda Tripp for the incident because SHE wasn’t even THERE, and if she did anything wrong it was that she neglected to call the Washington POST the day after Monica confessed to her. I’d have challenged the POST to treat Clinton’s behavior JUST as they would have done similar behavior by a Republican president.

            You completely misinterpreted my statements about Monica and Linda but brush over the FACT that once Clinton had attacked Kathleen Willey, Gennifer Flowers, Belinda Stronach, Paula Jones, and of course Monica Lewinsky, he couldn’t have put those genies back in their bottles. I did NOT mean that to EXCUSE his behavior, but only to point to the behavior which occurred AFTER his original offenses (and to point to the role of at least SOME of the women — especially Monica — in keeping things going). If I’d tried to list all his trysts, assaults, and rapes I’d have been typing all night.

            Now I really cannot waste more time on discussion of a 19-year-old scandal with someone who DELIBERATELY misstates (or maybe just stupidly misinterprets) everything I say. To close: I AM DISGUSTED BY BILL CLINTON’S BEHAVIOR with the women in questions, especially the barely-adult Monica. I am ALSO disgusted by the behavior of the women who either encouraged Bill or responded with enthusiasm to his “advances.” AGAIN: THERE IS PLENTY OF GUILT HERE TO GO AROUND. Got that?

          7. Willard Weems says:

            The only thing/person who is too stupid to realize that you brush over Clinton with he was wrong, while concentrating on the females. I don’t have a dog in this fight I believe that to some extent all are probably guilty of acting in a careless/stupid way and got burned. But Clinton on the other hand has been given a pass, rape= no jail time along with all the other illegal activities but you choose to harp about keeping their mouth shut and that is the crux of the matter. If one was to surmise you would have rather the whole episode went unnoticed. Then when I questioned you line of thought you want to act like holier than thou, In this case, being 21 is like being a 14 -15 year old female who consents to having sex with a 25 -30 year old man. Rich, famous and powerful are words that describe Bill Clinton at that time and most young women would be tempted, some due to upbringing would steer clear while others for the same reason would do what Monica did. This in now way excuses her part in the scandal nor her lack of judgement, but it certainly is more understandable than the decisions actions that Clinton took. So you have a nice day, I stand by my original post in that your post was more slanted against the women simply by the was it was written.

          8. RightWriter says:

            1. I faulted Bill Clinton for HIS behavior THREE TIMES in each of my posts, while I only mentioned Monica in passing (along with all Bill’s other victims). If anything, it seems like I put the blame on HIM much more, or more often, than on his coterie of bimbos.
            2. She was NOT a kid, she was an ADULT with quite a lot of experience with “rich, famous, and powerful” older men. If she HAD been a college kid, I might feel the burden of guilt shifted a BIT more to him, but every “girl” of 14 KNOWS she shouldn’t let herself get into that kind of situation ESPECIALLY with a “rich, famous and powerful” older man.
            3. No, “MOST young women” would NOT be “tempted” because they don’t BEHAVE that way. I was once myself a “young woman” and I speak from experience, personal and of friends/relatives. Yes, SOME young women DO allow themselves to be tempted, or to be just plain BAD, but “MOST” is absurd and — i say this as a WOMAN — INSULTING.
            4. If Bill hadn’t been a predator — we’re using the right word nowadays, at least — NONE of this would have happened. But it ALSO would not have happened if Monica hadn’t been, well, receptive.
            5. Lastly, I was commenting NOT on the original Bill & Monica story from 1998, but on MONICA’S current attempt to blame such incidents on DONALD TRUMP (who obviously wasn’t even THERE) or people like him. While fault for the 1998 incident may have been shared, or debatable (and I NEVER said otherwise!), NOBODY BUT MONICA CAN BE BLAMED FOR HER DECISION TO GO PUBLIC NOW — in 2017! — and BLAME IT ON THE CURRENT PRESIDENT. THAT is 100% MONICA’S DOING. Period.

          9. Gen11American says:

            I’m afraid much of the respect which Americans had for the presidency dissipated when the disgusting details of Bill Clinton and Monica Lowinsky’s Oval Office encounter came to light. It diminished further when he lied to our faces and denied what he’d done. It was diminished further when multiple terrorist attacks against our interests took place and Bill Clinton responded by flooding in Muslims from the countries the terrorists came from. It diminished even further when Bush 43 flooded in Muslims post 9/11 instead of permanently banning them from entering the US. The real kicker was Obama’s 8 years in office, when he lied about so many things, it’s hard to keep them all straight! If he truly was a Christian, having him “bear fals witness” would shock us to the core, but since we know he’s a lying POS Muslim globalist puppet, his lies don’t surprise at all! Anyone who knows anything about Islam knows the Koran condones lying to “infidels” as long as it promotes Islam. Having a Muslim in the White House certainly did that! Our country is overrun with Muslims Obama placed in towns and cities from coast to coast, including in the wealthiest enclaves, I presume so they’ll available to slaughter the White Christians. Obama talks openly about conducting a coup to take out Trump. Just mentioning that should have gotten him arrested by former FBI Director Comey! But that worthless partisan hack let that Muslim subversive get away with that also!

          10. Houmid says:

            Could have taken the 5th.

        2. xenonman says:

          Don’t you get it? Oral sex just isn’t sex anymore! LOL

          1. RightWriter says:

            Oh, I GOT it, way back in 1998. I just can’t believe that stupid little slut has us all talking about her non-sex with POTUS again (still?) NINETEEN YEARS later!
            And just for the record, I blame HIM equally with her. To use another old cliche, it takes two to tango.

        3. Gen11American says:

          If any of the rumors are true about Bill Clinton having AIDS, that will certainly be his just punishment for cheating on his wife only God knows how many times. On the other hand, when a man is married to a radical feminist lesbian who cheats on him, he probably felt he was justified. God won’t, but that’s between God and Bill Clinton!

          1. RightWriter says:

            In truth, I hadn’t heard that rumor, but I can easily believe it, given the number of women with whom he has had a fling over the years since AIDS has been around. There must be 100 or more, and if none of them DID give him AIDS, he’s the luckiest man on the planet.
            I agree with everything else you say. Clinton may have escaped conviction and removal from office as POTUS, but he won’t escape God’s punishment.

          2. xenonman says:

            I suspect that 100 might actually be a serious underestimate!

      2. David in MA says:

        Obama is one big lie.

        1. Gloria D. says:

          Thats for sure! Hoping and praying one day he gets locked up in prison along with Hillary Clinton and Soros.

          1. Mike W says:

            …and Holder and Lynch and Rice and Comey and the list goes on and on

          2. Gloria D. says:


          3. marshmil says:

            Oh yes, the entire Obama Administrative staff.

          4. Gloria D. says:


          5. marshmil says:

            …and Slick Willie.

          6. Gloria D. says:

            That’s for sure…

        2. Gen11American says:

          The Koran permits Muslims to lie through their Arab teeth to achieve the aims of Islam. I realize Obama is only 1/4 Arab, but that certainly overruled his White half in all things!

          1. David in MA says:

            Genetic make up has no bearing, it is what is believed and followed and Obama follows the koran….., Now if you want to talk citizenship, Obama is a British subject via his father and African by birth.

          2. marshmil says:

            So again. he never met the Constitutional requirements for the US Presidency.
            But that’s OK with liberals because anything that suits their agenda is legal even if it is against statutory or Constitutional law.

          3. Gen11American says:

            Obama was specifically elevated into the presidency illegitimately by George Soros in order to weaken the requirement that presidents be Natural Born Citizens. If Marco Rubio had been selected as the Republican nominee instead of Trump, it would have been weakened even further because both his birth parents were Cuban nationals, and not even Naturalized citizens, when he was born. The requirements for running for US President need to be strengthened, not weakened, and this insanity about granting natural born citizenship to any kid born on American soil by two illegal alien parents or by foreign tourists who are cheating the system needs to end! But there hasn’t been any action by Congress on that issue since 1989! If it takes a Constitutional Convention of the States to bring sanity back into favor, then let it be done! We just didn’t dare hold one while Barack Obama was still illegitimately occupying the WH!

          4. marshmil says:

            Not understanding the : “…We just didn’t dare hold one while Barack Obama was still illegitimately occupying the WH!” ??? why not? ‘scuse my ignorance here.

          5. marshmil says:

            He seems to have really lived his religion. Will Moochelle be jealous about eventual 72 Virgins?

        3. marshmil says:

          It’s official now. He’s officially the Lier Lawyer pResident.

      3. xjcv8jag says:

        It was also because he stated that he had never used another name yet his school records showed Barry Setoro as a recipient of Foreign Student Loans.

        1. xenonman says:

          Who’s Barry Setoro?

          1. disqus_2AF1QOhOSp says:

            Its the name obama used when he attended Occidental College in California.

          2. marshmil says:

            The correct spelling is: Barry Soetoro. According to records he adopted the name Barack Hussein when he converted–or whatever they call it–to Islam.

        2. Gen11American says:

          That’s why Obama spent $7 million covering up his past deplorable record! Not only was he a drug user, his records would prove he wasn’t eligible to run for president, let alone to serve for two terms and 8 years! Nancy Pelosi should be serving in GITMO for violating the US Constitution by promoting a candidate who was a globalist puppet!

      4. maxx says:

        I doubt very much that lying about drug usage in his past is why he lost his law license. Moosechell also lost his/her license to practice law. I don’t know what caused it but it was definitely something a lot more serious than drug usage.

        1. Mike W says:

          Look it up – besides are you paying attention? I didn’t say he lost his law license for drug usage – I said he lost it for lying about it. If he hadn’t lied he would have probably had no problems. Funny thing about the bar they don’t ;like it when you lie to them.

          1. marshmil says:

            And rejecting someone for lying is appropriate. Remember the oath: “Whole truth and nothing but the truth” –DOES NOT GIVE LEEWAY FOR LYING. …otherwise why bother with court proceedings if we cannot rely on testimony.
            So if Barack Obama’s testimonies were unreliable than WHY was his name allowed on ballots anywhere? Seems to me like some vetting officers should spend time behind bars themselves for lying. The lying plot seems to get thicker.

      5. Holy Joe says:

        And the Dimcrats claim that Obama was the smartest and greatest president ever. Amazing Disgrace.

        1. marshmil says:

          Ha! Joe I like your: “Amazing disGrace” (…how squeaky the sound…” )

      6. Gen11American says:

        The front fly of the first book written about Obama flatly stated he was born in Kenya, yet Nancy Pelosi completely ignored that evidence when she “vetted” Obama in 2008! She also ignored the fact his Muslim background as an Indonesian citizen should have disqualified him. But since Obama had been “vetted” by George Soros and the globalists, Pelosi automatically promoted Obama while knowing full-well doing so was a blatant violation of US Constitution! Once elected president, Obama went on to violate the US Constitution over 50 times, and in total, wracked up 100 justifications for impeaching him, but Congress never did a damn thing!

        1. taffytee says:

          Can Pelosi be held accountable for verifying that Obama was eligible to run for President?Of course, Soros funded the cover up, don’t you think, and will fund any protection of Pelosi and Obama for their lies.

        2. marshmil says:

          Let’s sentence Congress to prison!

        3. marshmil says:

          I find all this amazing. Back in 2008 I said Barack Hussein Obama was NOT born in the USA. Then came the fake Birth Certificate–proved so via forensic examination. Nobody was interested in that lie. Barack Obama stated in a video he was not qualified for the US Presidency. Again nobody was interested in the statement from the donkey’s mouth. He stated in a video that he is a Christian. In another video he stated that he is a Muslim. Islam is a religion, Christianity is a Faith. They are mutually exclusive. That means that once you choose one of them you cannot be the other one. The two belief systems forbid membership or beliefs outside their own dogma. I have but one question about this legal quagmire—why was it allowed to continue unabated for eight years? I propose one answer: there has been for at least eight years a laissez faire fog over most of the Congress. I question the integrity of the Congress. I am only one (e pluribus unum) of We the People but I hold that question before the US Congress.

          1. Mike W says:

            Look up the cult called SUBUD. You will get some info on his birth certificate. Then look into the mysterious circumstances surrounding Loretta Fuddy’s death a year later. Her family is suing for the truth. When you dig a little further into SUBUD you will find the Oprah Winfrey teaches SUBUD and George Soros funds it.

          2. marshmil says:

            Thanks Mike. Will follow up. It’s interesting that now that the Kenyan imposter is theoretically gone questions are surfacing that I’ve been asking for 8+ years.
            Where has everybody been?

          3. Mike W says:

            We’ve been asking the same questions. But, do you remember Ray Nagin? He was the mayor of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Everyone who said he was a crook was called a racist. You know he’s in prison now – for being a crook.
            There is also an interview with Obama’s “brother” Malik. You can find it on You-Tube.
            He says the Obama family would like to see a paternity test – because they now have doubt’s about being related and would like to get the truth and move on. Malik thinks that Obama looks more like Frank Marshall Davis – I used to think that too – until I saw SUBUD and saw a age similar photo of the guy who founded the cult Muhammed Sabuh and Obama – they are almost dead-ringers.

      7. marshmil says:

        So now we know the rest of the story. I’ve wondered WHAT happened to cause him to loose his license to practice law. Unfortunately the US Constitution does not have a similar checkpoint for qualifying for the Presidency. The Congress needs to address the Presidential qualifications as many things have changed since 1789.
        And on another note, WHY did “Moochelle” loose her license to practice law?
        So Obama’s legacy is that he’s officially the Lying Lawyer pResident. Only liberals can support that kind of record for any elective office. With liberal standards, Al Capone could have been President. So could Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin who were non-Americans now that we have allowed a non-American to sit in the White House (White Mosque) for eight years. Anything is legal if it suits the agenda of the Democrat Party.

    3. dansin says:

      YUUUPP!!! She had her mouth wide open. GULP!

    4. xenonman says:

      She exhibited (sorry!) many of the same sociopathic/narcissistic traits as her erstwhile employer!

    5. Houmid says:

      Monica got to cut a notch in her belt for bagging the President of the United States.
      Obviously the little snowflake is upset that such an act has consequences.

  2. Munchies says:

    Roger Ailes did not do this to her. She did it to herself by enticement with the President of the United States. Note: this was mutual enticement but she didn’t have to plunge into the abyss. She chose to do that.

    1. Lee McLaughlin says:

      Yes, we don’t admit fault these days especially the retarded liberals it’s always somebody else’s fault.

      1. and she’s mad at Bill for leaving a bad taste in her mouth

        1. elmcqueen3 says:

          Her lovers say she taste’s like cigars.

          1. Chi Sam says:

            Then her lovers are effing stupid for believing that the simple plural ‘tastes’ is some sort of contraction in need of an apostrophe.

      2. marshmil says:

        Lee you pegged the issue perfectly. “it’s always somebody else’s fault.” Liberals are good at finger pointing. Monica Lewinsky is fully to blame for all the bad publicity she got. She chose to partake of the forbidden fruit, got caught and is now deflecting the blame elsewhere instead of upon herself as the guilty party in this scenario. Had the President been a Republican the issue would never have died down. Monica Lewinsky you made your illicit bed, had illicit sex in it so now you bear the guilt. Do not try to blame the newspeople who simply ran with a story. You created your own hell so live with it! Same with Bill Clinton.

    2. Gen11American says:

      You’re right. She was free, White, and 21+, and thus should have known that what she was doing was wrong! But then, Bill Clinton should have also. He’s the one who violated one of the Big Ten! That took courage considering what a vicious, power-hungry shrew he was (and Is still) married to!

      1. Kenneth Fichtl says:

        Billie had 1999 others and thats just the ones he remembers. Prince wrote that song as a tribute to the Penis that was always ready

    3. Skin&Bones says:

      I remember.

    4. Mary Cosmah-Johnson says:

      I have a question? Does anyone but me see the resemblance between old man Soros and Chelsea.
      Just wondering.

    5. DonRS says:

      Her “plunge” was on something other than the abyss! CEOs of ANY COMPANY that did with a subordinate, particularly an intern, that which Bill Clinton did with Monica, would have been summarily FIRED for CAUSE, without a peep. But, clearly, anything goes with the Clintons – rape, lying, stealing, MURDER – ANYTHING!

  3. joanma says:

    Every Democrat that gets caught always blames some one else for their personal failures.
    And I had felt sorry for her getting taken in by Bill. She proving to be a real bitch.

    1. Jack Adams says:

      She always was a real bitch!!!

      1. xenonman says:

        A spoiled brat, from what I’ve read!

    2. Ron Long says:

      Gosh, just think, if that blue dress incident had not happened none of this would have held water. I guess one could say that if she were a swallower and not a spitter there would have been no stain, hence no proof..

      1. xenonman says:

        or had just stuck (sorry!) to analingus, which both of the wretches were also apparently into!

  4. Patrick Murphy says:

    Don’t forget she saved the semen coated dress like a prize to show off.

    1. Janelle says:

      She was advised to keep it as insurance.

      1. Patrick Murphy says:

        did she also keep the cigars she sat on as well?

        1. johnh says:

          No, Bill smoked or chewed them. Arkansas Crooked.
          There is or was a cigar called the Mississippi Crooked.

          1. Michael Lloyd says:

            It was reported that he has Peronies Disease which would make Bill’s cigar a Clinton Crooked.

          2. xenonman says:

            I suppose he caught that from Evita Peron? lol

        2. Janelle says:

          I doubt it. Yuck.

        3. xenonman says:

          Did Bill insert the cigars anally then as well? lol

    2. xenonman says:

      That’s right…she stuck to it! lol

  5. Mike W says:

    “Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath about his affair with Monica Lewinsky.”

    Bill Clinton had his law license revoked for “giving false testimony” aka lying under oath in the Paula Jones case.
    Bill Clinton has made how many trips to Jeffery Epstein’s “Pleasure Island” and on the “Lolita Express” for orgies with trafficked and run-away under-aged girls? He is not just a crook and a rapist he is a damned pedophile. The computer seized from Huma Abedin/Anthony Wiener’s home by the NYPD is said to contain evidence that Hillary made at least 6 of those trips too. Yeah sure she’s an “Advocate for Children”.

    Not to mention all of the body bags connected to the Clintons – they have brought enough shame to our country as players on the world stage and living this kind of lifestyle. Hillary’s former campaign manager and campaign chair – John Podesta has been exposed as a devil worshipper – Google it up – I would bet my last dollar that Hillary is a devil worshipper too.

    1. Brenda Harrell says:

      Yes, they are all evil.

    2. David in MA says:

      How come the FBI has not taken those computer records into custody?

      1. Jack Adams says:

        $$$ talks and BS walks!!!

      2. Mike W says:

        My guess was Comey. But I read an article that said the NYPD has said that if charges were not brought in a timely manner they would go public with the information. My guess as to why they haven’t done that yet is because Bloomberg, DeBlasio and NYPD commissioner (in title only) James O’Niell are playing politics with it. I hope the rank and file members of the FBI and NYPD are sick of this kind of “selective law enforcement” and do their jobs even if it means arresting their bosses.

        1. David in MA says:

          This “going public” could screw up a jury with the possibility of pre-judgement claims.

          1. Mike W says:

            Name one high profile trial in the last 30 years that wasn’t played out in the media. Instead of a jury of 11 you have a jury of about 300 million.

    3. Jack Adams says:

      Karma is going to be a “bitch” for these two….Hopefully!!!

    4. Gloria D. says:

      100% correct!!! Great post!

  6. ROB says:

    Boy I sure am glad the fake news media and democrats don’t take ,in their case false stories, and “hammer” them every day. Monica your stories were all true.

  7. Brenda Harrell says:

    If the Clintons don’t pay for their crimes now, they will pay for them later. In the end, they will get burned.

    1. Annie says:

      I sure hope so! We’ve had enough of their evilness!

    2. Jack Adams says:

      They don’t seem to give a damn….Sense of entitlement!!!

  8. cccarr says:

    on the one hand she accuses fox news of ruining her reputation then she claims her story built the net work. Monica is still a piece of work. a perfect lying match for bill clinton. she left out the meaning if the word is. well Monica no matter what you say you will get no respect from decent people…and neither will immoral clinton.

    1. David in MA says:

      Cannot wait for her next book: Might be titled, (Bill, Hillary & Monica: Three Fools Frothing at the Mouth over Sex…… The Sin of a Stick, a Lick and Hair Pie)

  9. Domenic Perrone says:

    If Monica had stayed off her knees, no one would have ever heard of her.

  10. David in MA says:

    Monica Lewinsky, you made your own misery, if slick willie had not been the president your blow jobs would never have attracted any attention, live with your decision and the “unintended consequences”. (and , please. stay out of the limelight)

  11. Steven Coy says:

    monica, another cigar ??? vietnam vet

  12. Jack Adams says:

    Clinton and Lewinsky were both sluts and POS’s!! Slick (sick) Willy was a terrible womaniser all his life and you Lewinsky were just looking for your 15 minutes of “fame”!! You certainly got more than 15 minutes worth!! Quit belly-aching and blaming others….You were an adult!!

    1. marshmil says:

      She wound up with several years of inFame and rightly so.

  13. Michael Lloyd says:

    Monica (sounds like Harmonica which sounds like Hormonica) must have realized fame is fleeting and came back to stoke interest for another 15 minutes.

  14. srw says:

    Bill Clinton should have served jail time. He sexually assaulted young women. Includeing rape.. grope.. and expose himself. It did not start with Monica… but early on in his college days. It did not end with Monica. The “female journalists” at the time of Monica would get on programs… and fake talking to him.. saying call me. They were available for this pervert. Wife Hillary went after Bill’s victims. Destroy the victims. Now years later Bill Clinton seems to have been in the company of his pediphile friend with over 50 times .. visits to his friends “private” island. For adult entertainment. This family is immoral. Corrupt.

    1. xenonman says:

      We can be grateful to Hillary for one thing: She cleared a path for Donald Trump’s amazing victory!

      1. marshmil says:

        Yep Hillary’s Briar Patch Road made Donald’s Sterling Highway a breeze.

  15. Francisco Machado says:

    Monica and Hillary have the same sense of personal non-responsibility. The problem for them was not what they did, it was that the public found out about it. And Monica’s choice of partners guaranteed that it would see a lot of press once revealed. Blaming the press? How many of her other paramours did they publicize? Everything a President does gets press. Monica put herself in the target zone – she became collateral damage, so to speak.

    1. marshmil says:

      That’s a perfect way to view her predicament. “Collateral damage.” Perfect Francisco.
      Par favor.

  16. fireball1322 says:

    Monica…close your your mouth…and your legs…and you won’t be in so much lime light

  17. edward says:

    I was just wondering, did Bill smoke that cigar afterwards?

  18. Irate Californian says:

    This is what happens when you start believing your own lies.

  19. ONLYJB1 says:

    Now let’s discuss 26 trips to pedophile island! Six trips sans the secret service detail. Hey slick, what’s that body count up to today. Let’s not forget to add Judge Scalia – asphyxiation by pillow or the recent Seth Rich assassination, uh murder! 67 is it?

  20. judy says:

    Okay she was young. I get that. She was mesmerized by the president. I get that, too. But she was able to make moral choices at her age. Instead of being flattered by the attention of the president, she should have been horrified that a married man in his position should have been put in his place. Her morality was and is lacking.

  21. keith mc williams says:

    Obama and the clintons have made democrats not worth trusting

  22. Bob Sumner says:

    If she hadn’t gives Slick Willy a B J in the first place there would be no news about her and him at all!

    1. marshmil says:

      That’s the obvious issue Bob but the postings here have been having fun with the aftermath.

  23. libertybells2 says:

    Hey girl, er woman, you didi this to yourself. Not every day some young thing with a head full of mush goes in to suck on the president’s lollipop. You think this is natural??? Glad Roger showed us what trash Cintons are and the swamp dung they associate with and you are it gal.

  24. Holy Joe says:

    Dat ole ‘Debbil’ from Arkansas and his wife made her do it !

  25. Gerald A. Reason says:

    We all have skeletons in our closets. Some just have bigger ones and some have more. The problem is, we put them there by our actions. True, God instructs us to forgive others but He also said thatsew , ‘What you sow, you shall reap. (Gal 6:7). He also said that, when we “confess” our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins> (1 John 1:9) To many of our skeletons, however, we refuse to admit themk and, if we do, we fail to admit that they were really that wrong, or we make excuses for them. The confession the Book is talking about is a confession that, not only did one do it, bur that it was wrong and you are sorry for IT, not for just getting caught.

  26. Curvefan+ says:

    Monica dear, your being a fame whore is going to be bad for your health. I’m amazed you have lived this long without becoming the victim of one of Hillary’s mysterious deaths. She has ordered the deaths of far more important people than you.

    You really need to shut your mouth for a change. A 21 year old woman is old enough to make her own decisions. Bill has been a man whore his entire life. I’m not condoning his actions because he put the security of the country at risk with his lust. You knew what you were doing and if the mainstream media wasn’t just the operating arm of the DNC, your performances would have been reported by every media outlet.

  27. Beatriz Alford says:

    Monica, remember when you point your finger to someone else three of the fingers are pointing right back at you. The horny hick ( sick Clinton ) is, was, and always be a sexual predator, it is your fault as well for flirting with a married scum bag.

  28. Cheryl says:

    Listen here Monica Lewinsky! You were no victim of Bill Clinton! Desrespecting the dead makes you the lowest of the low, let this man RIP clean up your own sad self.

  29. Snaps says:

    It was Ailes fault that she was a slut?

  30. bp 58 says:

    bill the dick head clinton cant wait til they plug his ass in the ground

  31. bp 58 says:

    what do you expect from bill the rapist clinton

  32. Joel Goodman says:


  33. Roy Barber says:

    Clinton’s the predictors and now the 3rd one the one that looks like the mule on all the Shrek movies.

  34. Lee McLaughlin says:

    Well, we knew the woman didn’t have any pride.

  35. CharlyO says:

    What word do you use to describe this flake? She slide into the White House on her knees like Hillery did.

  36. Kenneth Hyde says:

    What could Monica possibly been thinking was going to happen ?

  37. Bro John Bsp says:

    Well Monica if you feel this way then why did you keep the stained dress in your closet without having it cleaned?

  38. Ron Manning says:

    Monica should have left her knee pads at home then she would not have had to blame Mr Ailes for her foibles!

  39. greatgrandmasue says:

    Old Horn Dog Clinton is such a sexual predator he probably snuck into Chelsea’s bedroom more than once. Anyone believe for one moment he didn’t?

  40. John Centonze says:

    Hey you dunce! What do you think gave you notoriety?

  41. greatgrandmasue says:

    Hey, if 26 year olds are considered so much of a dependent they can remain on their mommies health plan, then they are too young to make adult decisions. Stop their voting, alcohol and cigarette buying and consider them too young and immature for sex. A 21 year old would be too immature to work for anyone in Congress.

  42. George says:

    Lewinsky, you had s with a married man you are just as guilty as Bill Clinton, and do not forget you made a lot of money on this adulterous act.

  43. CALVIN says:

    Monica, this is what democrats do all the time! Why do you have a problem with this now! What you did was wrong and you know that! Even though you were young. Clinton really knew it was wrong to lie to the american people. Look how the dems went after bush for saying no new taxes! Give me a fucking break! Clinton should have been kicked out of office for lying to the american tax payer

  44. kassa1 says:

    Lewinsky is the one that came out running her mouth to protect herself from being killed by Bill Clinton or his minions ,to come out in the open and talk about her blowjob she gave Bill. So now she wants to blame a dead man, give me a break it just shows you How slimy the left really is.

  45. Donna Ashley says:

    I recall that period of time and was so tired of hearing about Bill Clinton and discussions about the dress, etc. It did get old. I did not blame Fox News, but the both Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

  46. TediBearMom says:

    Gee, did Monica and Bill have nothing to hide???? You play with fire and baby you can get burned. He was impeached but never kicked out of office which he should have been but the Demobrats saved his butt. If she thinks she is the only one he had an affair or fling with, boy, is she wrong!!!

  47. Bill Chandler says:

    What in the hell is this crazy democrat women (Lewinsky) wanting. She played with fire and got her butt burnt. She shoulk of never got mixed up with the loser in the first place. Does she expect Fox to pay her for being a total idiot? The Clintons have never been anything but trash, but they have been smart enough to make total fools out of millions of dumb-brain dead democrats.

  48. RIOCAR says:

    BLAH,BLAH,BLAH,BLAH,…………………………..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……that is all

  49. Tins17 says:

    Monica Lewinsky pulled up her skirt to show off her thong panties toward the President Clinton
    and he lusted after her. (Roger Ailes was not in the room), period. She did this all on her own.
    No sympathy here.

  50. JC Hoot says:

    Hilly and Billie 2 peas min a pod both liars and very corrupt politicians that both deserve orange jumpsuits. Remember the Haitian ripoff a country still no better off and homeless as ever even after the millions of dollars were skimmed hmmmm Snake oil vendors both of them at best!

  51. nSsgCdS2Tu says:

    Just another liberal crackpot not willing to take responsibility for her own actions! If she’d kept her legs together and her skirt down she wouldn’t have had a problem. Now, suck it up buttercup. It was your own decisions that got you into the spotlight, Not Fox or any other media outlet! Get over yourself!

  52. Alleged Comment says:

    WHAT??? No mention of Bill Clinton RAPING a Juanita Broadderick. Something he should be in jail for but you went and made him PRESIDENT.

    And what about the sodomite negro. Back a couple of years ago SODOMY was something shameful. But not anymore. You went and made the negro PRESIDENT!!! Illegally too.

    And Monica is only worried about you telling the world about her fornicating.

  53. Kstar says:

    If she wanted all the publicity to die down after that filthy affair, why did she go on that show and discuss all the mess that her and Bill were into?
    I don’t remember the name of the show or the year now, it was on T V for all to see, so why is she blaming Roger Ailes for her actions. Her and bill were in this filth together and both knew what they were doing.

  54. jim jones says:

    The tramp has the democratic disease, “Blame some one else”

  55. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

    I think this you don’t blame others for what you do its your fault and no ones but you are at fault.

  56. Norma Jean DeForest says:

    What a laugh. Fox did not make her a slut, she did that herself. Just because she had sex with the President in the OVAL OFFICE (of all places, the sacred room) had nothing to do with Fox. They reported the truth unlike the alphabet channels. You created the mess, quit trying to blame others.

  57. Mary Cosmah-Johnson says:

    I agree. Her attraction to the then President was for her a real thing. His was a way to get attention, a man’s needs because a wife like hillery, (lesbian) maybe. Who knows, but God.
    I have always believed that Hillary knew that Monica was interested in Bill, so to free her up for her own misdeeds, she set them up.
    Now in my mind after the disgrace for him, I wish he would have made Monica a honorable women, left old Hillary in the bed she made for herself.
    Yes He did a bad thing, but with Hillary pushing, no wander.
    My Mom, may she rest in peace. Believed that Hillary was the evil that led to all of Bills downfall. She was a very good Appalachia seed that had the very best judge of character.
    Just think, how things could have been different for many. Also, Bill believed ChelsEa was his, but he knows better now, too late. He is ill, I predict he will meet his true judge soon. A evil, strong women, a weak, loving man, makes for bad for whatever is done.

  58. jimshaw54 says:

    No Monica. You did it to yourself. Did you REALLY think that you could do those things, and not have them known, when so many eyes are on the President of the United States watching every move he makes?

  59. BooBooBaby says:

    She is just another Looney Lying Filthy Liberal!

    Every news channel, gossip show, Saturday Night Live, and etc. made fun of her and Bill Clinton…..they All reported on it 24/7….not just Fox News!

    How much is this Liberal Liar getting paid for this!? Seriously!

  60. skitt5 says:

    Ailes didn’t do this at all. Clinton did, but she allowed it. Also, if I remember correctly, it put the Drudge Report on the map because he covered what others would not.

  61. DonRS says:

    There are so many things that were and continue to be OUTRAGEOUS ACTS for Bill Clinton, NOTHING would be a surprise!

  62. Salgal says:

    ‘A’ scandal?? He had several scandals and they continued until recently. Some president he was!

  63. survivor33 says:

    So is Monica trying for another $800,000 to try and turn the her and slick willy’s woes on Ailes, right after he dies? Guess she believes in the liberal theory: Whatever it takes to make my wallet fat.

  64. dux nobis28 says:

    I have no sympathy for the slut Lewimsky what else are fat Jewish girls good for!

  65. harpo49 says:

    Clinton ruined your luife monica that effin pervert

    1. Chi Sam says:

      “Luife” is no doubt simply a typo…just as surely as ‘every one’ was born of basic ignorance and stupidity.

      1. harpo49 says:

        thanks for admitting that

  66. John Savell says:

    Liberal MO: it is not my fault, it is the fault of the Republicans. Just like Hillary didn’t lose, the Republicans somehow stole the election from her.

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