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A Shocking Development In The Trump-Russia Scandal Just Changed Everything

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  1. way2confused says:

    and In their investigation of the Trump campaign, they need to expand it to concurrently investigate the Clinton campaign and Russian ties.

    1. astrojohn says:

      Why bother, nothing will be done…as usual…

      1. Robert Pollard says:

        Unfortunately, you are correct!

        1. Bebe says:

          Lobby your senators and congressman to get an investigation going. Make phone calls, hold their feet to the fire to push to get it done!

      2. Maria castro says:

        That is what worries me. Some rinos might have as much caca as the demon rats

        1. Bebe says:

          Lobby your senators and congressman to get them to insist on an investigation. Make phone calls! hold their feet to the fire to push to get it done!

      3. Bebe says:

        NO!!! Lobby your senators and congressman to get an investigation going. Make phone calls, hold their feet to the fire to push to get it done!

        1. michaelEB says:

          And while you are at it, add that they should take a look at how Hillary got her BROTHER appointed to the Board of a major uranium company —– at the same time she was selling 20% of U.S. uranium to Russia.

    2. Robert Pollard says:

      Except, they need to stop investigating Trump thus wasting tax payer money and convict her of the actual crime.

      1. way2confused says:

        I agree but we’ll never see it happen

  2. Starr Jim says:

    How the worm turns!

  3. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

    This is old news and WE the PEOPLE knew it was the DEM’S and Hillary’s people. Maybe now they can leave our President alone so we can get on with REAL business. On top of that why is OUR media not reporting that our ex-president is staying in a different country so as NOIT to be deported. See how honest he is?? I would love to see what is in his paperwork that he had sealed. Maybe that would lock him up forever and now he is NOT living 2-1/2 blocks from the White House any longer 🙂 And if he does come back he will be arrested for treason etc. Bet he was tied up with the Russians as well.

    1. disqus_0MR38PDl1u says:

      Of course he was ! He’s a Pig ! A Cheat ! An Imposter ! Dog Shit is his Name in this Country. I want Justice ! I want to see them Drag his corpse down the street behind a horse that can’t stop shitting ! Then dump his ass into a rendering plant to grind him to tallow and dry bone meal …..

      1. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

        This is about Obummer, isn’t it??

        1. disqus_0MR38PDl1u says:

          Who else would light up a fire under my ass more than him. My total disgust for all the pigs that tried to cheat their way into power shows don’t It ? That’s a good thing ! Stick Obozo in a inner-tube chop off his toes and float him out to sea . Think of the music score in the movie jaws………….

          1. Paul Whitley says:

            Why don’t you quit beating around the bush, and tell us how you REALLY feel?

  4. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

    Honestly! Does this really surprise anyone? What is surprising is how the Republicans who now control of the House, the Senate, and the Oval Office can’t seem to get it together to do something about this or about anything for that matter. They really need to put their petty differences aside and ACT.

      1. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

        Yes, on both sides and I shudder to think of what the only true solution is.

    1. Gary Parker says:

      Mary, I couldn’t agree more. Here they are with full control and they let the Dem wits run all over them. One credit I’ve got to give to the Dems is that they are much better at politics and willing to use very aggressive mudslinging against the Republicans. When are the Republicans going to learn that honesty and fair play in politics just will not work.

      1. Awaitingtherapture says:

        I differ a bit from your explanation. BOTH sides are so corrupt, that the Republicans know if they start prosecuting any of the Democrats, they to will be caught up in it. The corruption is so deeply rooted a complete coo of the government and starting over with new people running it will ever stand a chance.

        1. David Estes says:

          Maybe that would be a great for the “We the People”. Drain the WHOLE swamp even if it takes both sides with it. Add term limits and no benefits of any kind. No retirement monies. It should be a privilege to serve in Congress and not make millions from their tenure.

          1. Awaitingtherapture says:

            Now you are talking ! They remind me of the Pro-wrestlers. They act like they want to kill each other in public, then climb on the same bus, party and count their money while on the way to the next match.

          2. Cherie Lynn Davis says:

            I kind of agree, but I think the corruption is more prevalent among the Democrats. I am hard pressed to think of even one Democrat I would place in trust with my life while there are many of Republicans I can still name who are trustworthy and haven’t sold out to special interests and lobbyists! The list was growing shorter, but I think the last election will turn that trend around!!

          3. Awaitingtherapture says:

            I agree, the DemonRAts are better at marching in lock-step, but the culture in DC, to
            get along, you have to go along is so corrupt and prevalent, that as you say, until this last election, an honorable Republican did not have a chance of getting on any committees or get anything accomplished. I saw a Congressman last week on Fox that said the practice of SELLING committee chairs was common, 4 to 5 hundred thousand dollars in some cases. DRAIN THE SWAMP.

          4. Cherie Lynn Davis says:

            The sooner President Trump can get it done, the better. It is so obvious now, why they were so opposed to his election!!! No more gravy train!!

          5. Awaitingtherapture says:

            President Trump is fighting corruption both in DC and in the propaganda media. Join me in praying for him and all our leaders. Pray that he and they, allow the Lord to guide and direct their actions.
            If you don’t know the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, PLEASE allow me to lead you in the sinners prayer. Time is short. Events in the news concerning Russia, Persia, Turkey, were foretold thousands of years ago and we are seeing it play out before our very eyes.
            GOD BLESS YOU.

          6. Cherie Lynn Davis says:

            I have already included the President and his family in my bedtime prayers. We can only hope that the Lord will keep His Almighty Hand protecting all of them! The hatred and vitriol the whole family has had to endure is like nothing I have ever seen before!! Satan is joyfully doing his evil dance of death and damnation around those who do not believe in the Lord, and even some who do, trying his best to lead more souls down the road to perdition. Sad thing is, Hell hath plenty of room!

          7. Awaitingtherapture says:

            Keep the faith my Sister. God Bless.

          8. Awaitingtherapture says:

            Cherie, I would like to invite you to a site where Christians discuss current events, scripture, and request prayer for each other. It is hosted by a wonderful woman that goes by the name 7Genie. Below is the address to one of her discussions. I already mentioned you and I am sure everyone will make you feel welcome. Bye for now. ATR.


          9. Cherie Lynn Davis says:

            Thanks. I have checked out the link and will probably bump into you again there at some point. 🙂

          10. maxx says:

            That was the original intent of the Founders. Citizen servants of the public. Didn’t take long for the despots to change that idea. Even Ben Franklin knew that when he said “when barristers are allowed to be elected, the peoples government will be in much trouble”.

          11. David Estes says:

            Ben Franklin need what he was saying. He hit the old nail on the head squarely. God bless America. We need his help more than ever.

        2. maxx says:

          All of Congress needs to be replaced with people that are not professional lying politicians.

          1. hbcark says:

            Actually Congress needs to be replaced with some who cares for the American taxpayer and America.

          2. Awaitingtherapture says:

            I will give that a resounding AMEN !!!

      2. Palmer says:

        More important , When are the Republicans grow some BALLS? The dems step all over them, they roll over and play dead. The dems are a very corrupt group, but they are corrupt together. No matter what they stay on the same page. Get it together Republicans. And , the American people should demand that the Congress and Senate take less time off. If the job is not getting done, the paycheck should reflect that. Less work, less pay. 120 days in a row off. No Way. Do your job..

        1. Denison Ridenour says:

          Congressional TERM LIMITS.

      3. maxx says:

        Republicans need to learn that politics is a blood sport not a game of ring around the rosy. You don’t see a single DINO in the democrat communist party, do you?

      4. Tomahawk says:

        The RINOs have skeletons in the closet. The Clintons know exactly what part of the closet they’re hidden in. There’s your “why” as to the honesty, and there is no such thing as fair play in DC politics. Term limits, Gary. We need to purge them out.

    2. maxx says:

      The petty differences would be best eliminated with the removal of all Rino’s from the Republican party. Lets see how many can be eliminated in 2018 by selecting good conservatives to run against them in the primaries. Start searching now so the voters can be prepared.

      1. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

        You are correct, but that has not gone well in the past and I don’t think it’s possible now. Two examples: 1. John McCain should have been eliminated long ago. You see how well that went in the last election. Even with good opposition in the primary, he’s still there. 2. Marco Rubio was a tea party candidate. You see where he is now… Rino. I just don’t think it’s possible.

        1. maxx says:

          I have found in my own state that the Rino’s are kept in office because the demommies mount a huge get out the vote movement encouraging their members to vote for the Rino. That’s how important Rino’s are to the democRATS.

          1. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

            Wouldn’t surprise me one bit. That’s how the Dems play ball. Did you see this one: http://www.americanpatriotdaily.com/latest/massive-voter-fraud-scheme-democrats/
            Great! Sounds like my lib state of NJ. Ugh!

    3. Maria castro says:

      They want Trump to fail. Is easily palpable.

      1. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

        Well, they should give some thought to this one. If Trump fails, they’ll go with him and we’ll be controlled by the Progressives again. If they are going to attempt being politicians, the Republicans on Capital Hill really need to take a course in Political Strategy 101.

        1. Cherie Lynn Davis says:

          They obviously don’t care about the Country. They are more interested in lining their pockets than doing what they were sent to Washington to accomplish for their constituents. Once they fall to the lure of the establishment’s gravy train, they are no longer fulfilling their oath of office. Just another convincing reason to have term limits!

          1. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

            They will never pass term limits and the COS may never come to be because, of course, both the Dems and Reps in the state legislatures are fighting us tooth and nail to keep that from happening. We the People must initiate our own term limits by re-electing these self-serving non-representative politicians to no more than two terms.

          2. Cherie Lynn Davis says:

            I am not sure how referendums work but couldn’t a referendum for term limits be placed on the ballots in all states without the politicians’ approval? If it were to be up to popular vote, I’d bet at least 75% of the American people would vote in favor.

          3. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

            It’s not so simple as that and not all states allow a referendum. See http://www.ncsl.org/research/elections-and-campaigns/chart-of-the-initiative-states.aspx

      2. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

        And a course in sticking together. A Party divided against itself cannot stand.

        1. Maria castro says:

          Is not convenient for the rinos agenda. They want the Status quo.

          1. Awaitingtherapture says:

            I think that the majority of both parties are establishment that like you said, only care about the Status quo.

          2. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

            Well, if they keep this idiocy up, they’ll get the status quo. The Dems will be back in power.

  5. skipfoss says:

    Gee, would anyone expect something like this? DUH, any body with any brain cells would have not been surprised by their findings for crying out loud everyone knew that Killery and Omuslime were behind all of the bullshit that the Russians were connected to Trump. Every time that the liberal communist demonrats accuse some one of something like this they are just trying to cover their ass’s. I would love to have the intrest off the money these lying thieves have taken from all of these governments I could good hell my whole would never have to work forever. This bunch of lying thieving bastards and the half breed son of a whore need to be arrested today and tried for treason and subversion then placed before a firing squad for their actions

  6. Timothy Dayton says:

    The Podesta Law Firm was in contact with Putin’s frontman and helped put him in contact with Mossack Fonseca of Panama Papers fame, those guys responsible for hiding billionaires money all over the globe. Ever wonder why our media never really took any look at the whole Panama Papers thing in any detail. A German newspaper did quite a of research and came up with the Podesta connection to Putin and Fonseca.
    Yes more scum from those fine left wing we’re out for the little guy Democrats, hiding billions and working with the Russians. I wonder how many other left leaning political insiders or supporters we’d find hiding money that should have been taxed in offshore accounts all the while talking about how we need to do more and spend more but not their money. Kinda like Joe Biden’s charitable contributions, he prefers being charitable with other peoples money not so much his.

  7. Ddenney1 says:

    The CLINTON’S doing something WRONG????? I shocked!

  8. Deby says:

    Duh, of course the Russian ties/link/underhanded/dirty-dealing can be tied to crooked killary!! Who is surprised? Why do you think that directly after her huge loss in Nov. she and billybob shut down all donation-gathering by the “esteemed” foundation. This is just another story that the msm will twist and turn so much that all signs will of course point to Trump. This is getting quite tiresome to say the least.

  9. Mike W says:

    Hillary Clinton as Secretary of Take made the uranium deal with Russia about the same time Podesta was there. Obama told Putin “I will have more flexibility after the election” in 2012. Obama arranged for Iran to obtain nuclear capabilities. Susan Rice made $40,000,000 mostly through dealing with Iran. Bill Clinton made $500,000 for a speech in Moscow after Hillary’s uranium deal went through. These are the people pointing the finger at President Trump. Meanwhile James Comey couldn’t find a rice paddy in Asia.

  10. TPS12 says:

    I understand why the msm, dems/lids are ignoring all this information after all their in bed together. What gets me is the coward establishment gop remains silent WTH is wrong with you morons?

  11. dondh says:

    You’ll never see this story in any of the Liberal news Media! This would incriminate them and the Clinton’s as well as the entire Liberal Democratic Party!! For their doing their best to incriminate President Trump, there should be a sweeping of all Democrats who supported this fake attempt to destroy President Trump and his staff members as well as the RNC, except those Rhino Republicans who seemingly have joined in with those Libtards!!

    1. disqus_0MR38PDl1u says:

      They read the funny papers with pictures, anything beyond that is to complex for them to understand.

  12. Gary Parker says:

    I would bet that this will never see the light of day, if the Democrat propaganda machine (aka MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC) has its way.

  13. Larry Cowden says:

    The Dems were behind every dirty thing that occurred to try and maintain their power! Murder, bribes, payoffs, international solicitations to other countries to access our government and more. Violation of security protocols, defiance of our laws, lies and more. It never ends!

  14. disqus_0MR38PDl1u says:

    Just getting around to what we the people already new ! Come on Hillary Clinton and the fag Obama and his buddy Soros, are all treasonous ass sniffing money grubbing lowlife scum, the likes of which the world has never known, they all need to be put to DEATH for their actions against the American people. Treason is the one crime that comes with the DEATH penalty no matter what. They have conspired to destroy or country from within, and the amount of cheating and lying these bastards
    Have done is more than worth being hung by the neck until DEAD DEAD DEAD !

  15. Benjamin Michel says:

    The Clinton,s & BHO should be stop from making trouble for trump!! They are trying to make Trump look like a fullish so that no one will check them out!! Yes there is some looking at them BUT not very hard!! WHY NOT????

  16. ter334 says:

    This is classic dim party political cover up by blaming the GOP. They started this type politics at least during segregation in the south. They blamed the GOP for being racists, but it was dim politicians that implemented segregation. The southern plantation owners, also dims, were the main slave holders. The Democrat party is the party of blame. They blame the GOP, or anyone else that dares to have a different opinion than the party of blame. And let us not forget the party of blame is also well known as the tax and spend democrats. And if you vote democratic you get to vote early and often. It is the GOP that wants to try and eliminate voter fraud by having voter ID. So if you vote democrat, you are essentially voting for the party, not for the country. It appears to me that the democrats are all political animals that place the interests of the party, always seeking votes with their patronage actions, ahead of everything else. They function like communists by placing party over country. Instead of a govt for the people, they have a govt for the party when in office.

    1. Palmer says:

      when the republicans get blamed,they don’t fight back. We need more “Trey Gowdys” in the Congress and Senate. Right now we have to many “Pussys”.

      1. devilindetail says:

        This is so the Grabber in Chief can get more action.

  17. devilindetail says:

    I would fact check this. Chances are the whole story is fabricated. We already know about the Trump-Russia ties and the Russian efforts to influence the election. The only question is whether solid proof exists of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russia government. There is ABSOLUTELY NO evidence of any connection between Clinton and the Russian government — a reported unconfirmed Ukranian tie between the brother of a Clinton aid is so far removed from what we already know about Trump senior aids and the Russian Ambassador and top Russian officials it is laughable to even try and compare the two. Get real you Clinton haters, the truth is out there. You just need to be willing to look and quit ignoring it. Your President is potentially illegitimate and possibly treasonous. If proven, both he and Pence need to be impeached and removed from office.

    1. golding4 says:

      one of these days, you are going to hell and that is really sad, To bad you aren’t a Real Christian….A lying democrat doesn’t stand a change of the Rebirth Jesus tells us about, in fact, I think all democrats use the bible as toilet tissue.

      1. devilindetail says:

        I wouldn’t worry about me, but yourself. God is my judge and yours. If I were you, I would spend more time worrying about how he is going to judge someone who goes around telling others what he is going to do.

    2. glenn davis says:

      Snopes and Politifacts already fact checked it. Said the whole thing is 100% accurate.

      1. devilindetail says:

        Actually, Politifacts said just the opposite. See http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2017/mar/28/fact-checking-donald-trumps-tweets-about-hillary-c/ AND
        Snopes has NO mention of this ridiculous claim.

        1. glenn davis says:

          Pardon me. Sometimes my obtuseness combines with me sense of humor in such a way that my meaning lacks clarity. In fact, I never checked Politifact or Snopes, I just assumed that they would debunk the story. (Yeah I know I said that they agreed with the story, that is part of the humor.)

    3. dfinch says:

      What this article didn’t say is the Clinton campaign met at least 6 times with the Russian Ambassador over an 18 month period. Congress meets with Ambassadors at the UN about once a year each. Why would a “staff member” with the Russian Ambassador meet 6 times in 18 months? Clinton and Obama are up to their eyeballs on this one. The Intel Community also said they saw no collusion between President Trump and the Russians so your comment is “zippo”. Have you wondered why things have been very quiet these last couple of weeks? The crap is about to hit the fan and it has nothing to do with President Trump.

      1. devilindetail says:

        They don’t say it, but that is also nonsense. They did not. The meeting with the Russian Ambassador is on the Trump campaign. The Clinton Campaign did not meet with the Russian Ambassador and had no interest in doing so.

        You need to go back and learn to read. I stated specifically, the only question that remains is WHETHER SOLID PROOF EXISTS OF COLLUSION between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. I did not say there was solid proof of collusion — just very suspicious interactions at key moments in the election cycle. That should concern EVERYONE except of course people like yourself who are so far removed from reality you can’t grasp what is and is not real anymore.

        The crap is about to hit the fan and it ALL centers around Trump and his band of misfits.

  18. Robert Pollard says:

    Well duh… Anything the democrats/communists accuse someone else of doing, they are actually doing it themselves. Age old tactic they used for many moons.

  19. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

    These Democrats Have Done There Best To Take Our President Down But I Don’t Think That Will Happen. What I’m Hoping For Is We Will Vote Them Out In 2018 And 2020.

  20. maxx says:

    It seems every time liberals accuse a conservative of something nefarious it turns out a liberal has already beat them to the “corruption punch”. Not a big surprise at all.

  21. rick meek says:


  22. ED Ballantine says:

    It’s time to put Hillary in prison. That bitch has been killing people and robbing banks for years. Put Bill in there as well. I’m sick of all this Bull#^*t from the left wing media and the Clinton Obama tag team. They bitch about the money it take for Trumps trips to his Florida estate on business and say nothing about Obama’s nine hundred million spent on his freaking vacations.
    If I see another liberal crackhead jackass punch a lady, old man, or a cope, I well personally kick there ass myself if I’m within striking distance. This George Soros crap has got to stop, RIGHT NOW!!!

  23. Richard Bagenstose says:

    she made millions from the nuke deal , she set up investors to build russias cilicone valley , if anyone has ties to russia it’s hillary and oboma , they both ok’d these things

  24. Richard Bagenstose says:

    and that is why i want them investigated just like trump ,it’s only right to look at both sides , i’m sick of everyone letting hillary and oboma get away with their crap while smearing others who have done less

  25. Camille B says:

    we knew it had to be democrat who did it!

  26. Camille B says:

    Hillary did it get her to prison and give her the orange jump suit and send Obama there too.

  27. jim jones says:

    It’s a lot of bullshit to distract Americans from the important issues. Stay alert, the world needs more lerts!

  28. hoosier46 says:

    As usual, Democrats attempt to direct attention away from their shady activities by accusing Republicans of doing exactly what they are doing themselves.

  29. Pirinno says:

    They just keep trowing shit at the wall and hoping something sticks with Trump.
    Yet these same asshats IGNORE all the shit oozing into massive piles around the democrats.
    American politics… a bunch of retards pushing for socialism.

  30. Cherie Lynn Davis says:

    This should come as no surprise to any of us. It is the typical corrupt Democrat Party dirty-trick-game- plan. Pull every illegal shenanigan in the political book and then blame your opponent of doing the things you are guilty of. Nothing new here, just the Democrats doing what they do best!!! Dear God, for the sake of the Country, please never let them get elected to anything ever again!!

  31. mannasage says:

    Of course the Clinton’s were in bed with Russia for years! Then Hilary proactively sold them America’s uranium. Where the hell is the major media on this mess?

    1. Cherie Lynn Davis says:

      Where they always are when the Democrats are caught doing dastardly deeds…, covering their crooked communist asses!! We have heard unending, nauseating drivel when it comes to President Trump’s nonexistent conspiracy with the Russians and not one damned word from the impotent mainstream media when it comes to the Democrats and THEIR illicit deeds. We don’ know for sure whether Hillary made a deal with Putin in exchange for our uranium or whether she sold it to him. In either case, what was the deal or where did the money go?

  32. Frank says:

    The fact is that even if you go to DC as a new politician within your first term the other corrupt politicians make you corrupt or your outcast & don’t get anything done

  33. Camille Gilliam says:

    So prosecute her! She has done nothing but lie, probably her whole life.

  34. Luke says:

    The clintons and obuma kissed the russians azz so much they’re having to blame Trump to try and deflect their incompetent delusions

  35. John E Strom Jr. says:

    Our corrupt FBI Director had NO intention of harming Hillary’s march to the White House. He’s corrupt and she’s corrupt. Think about it – WHY would a VERY partisan Black president hire a White Conservative Republican as FBI Director – one known as a “straight arrow”? [he ain’t] Well, if you had DIRT on him and HE was an ambitious man [HE IS] then James Comey is THE perfect fit. He does for Obama [destroys Trump and sells us out] and Obama does for him [protects him from investigations.]

    I would LOVE to hear a different take – one that makes sense. Director Comey is no patriot and he IS very political. So are James Clapper and John Brennan. ALL THREE lied to congress. ALL THREE were Obama’s picks – and you can bet your last shilling that there are many spies insinuated throughout those and other intel agencies.

    Once again, to pull our focus from the problems, Comey has President Trump thinking the BAD guy is Julian Assange. But what’s the difference between Assange and WikiLeaks and the New York Time? Or the Washington Post? Both [and others] printed that VERY secret information. And how about those spies within the FBI, CIA, DNI and other agencies? Not a whisper of outrage about them. Director Comey is a VERY POLITICAL ANIMAL and needs to be removed and the three of them need to be investigated for possible treason.

  36. RsGoat says:

    As long as we are chasing wild accusations why not include George Soros connections? I know that sounds dumb but a reasonable person would expect foreign diplomats to make contacts with the up and comers of the next government so when they achieved the seats of power they have established lines of communications, it is their jobs as Diplomats. It doesn’t take a smart person to figure out that they would be calling or making other advances towards these people or that with this new found attention from world powers people wouldn’t pay at least some polite attention! Diplomacy! Isn’t that what we expect from our government? Of coarse Susan Rice knew she would find some names in unmasking those calls, just like then President Obama who probably experienced the same thing. After sending us on that wild goose chase we can at the very least check out the rumors about another threat to our political system by one who has a history of toying with economies for personal gain. What a trophy our country would make to this man after years of practicing on smaller ones? Russia gains nothing by us going down except one less to keep China in check.

  37. Thomas Piatchek says:

    We all know she is a crook and it would be a waist of our taxes to go after her because she and slick Willy have enough money fight it in court

  38. davegrille says:

    This is not a surprise.

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