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The Situation At Fox News Took An Unexpected Turn For The Worse

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  1. Poke says:

    James Murdoch is a pussy boy. Most Blokes are..

    1. David S. McQueen says:

      James Murdoch is a Leftist, only concerned with his own wealth and power (as all Leftists are).

      1. JBQ21 says:

        It does no good to “scream rape”. You have to do something about it. Chicken Little went about screaming “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”. As if that did any good. You start with prayer and a knowledge that your cause is right and just. As a traditional Catholic Navy vet, you can write off a Marxist pope as being any help.

        1. Berengaria says:

          Thank you JBQ21, the Marxist Pope played a real BIG PART in the Rise of an Islamitized, Dark World. When Pope Francis pranced beside Barack Hussein Obama into the UN Bldg in NYC, pledging to abide by the UN Agenda, HE SOLD OUT CHRISTIANITY.

    2. JBQ21 says:

      You may have it right. I pick that vibe up from Andrew McCabe who is acting director of the FBI. His wife ran for the State Senate in Virginia and was given close to 700K for her run by the governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe who is a liberal Dem.

  2. granny_forUSA says:

    The DEMS/Liberal media want to destroy the USA, and make it a land of mooslums & illegals……….Too bad they don’t teach good/truthful reporting at those schools they attended……….

    1. kassa1 says:

      Until the elite/communist media is physically taken to task nothing will change and only will get much worse!

      1. Still_Educating_the_Idiots says:

        If you’re saying what I think you’re saying, then I agree wholeheartedly. And personally, I can’t wait to see the day when it all begins.

      2. GrumpyGrandpa says:

        You mean like we conservatives being in the street and taking on the news media and Leftists like the Turkish guards took on their protestors? That may be much closer than some believe. It takes the right ignition!

        1. kassa1 says:

          You are right and the communist a.k.a. Democrat party has been striking yours matches too long one I’m is bound to ignite just as you say, they are not going to like the results.

    2. Berengaria says:

      Thank you Granny, you summed up the Agenda of the “US LEFTIST TYRANTS” beautifully & truthfully. US Fake Media has become the MouthPiece for the Muslims & their Illegal Compadres & the UnAmerican Democrat Party.
      PRAY that there are enough of Americans, who refuse to submit to this MultiCultural Garbage.
      Thanks again!

      1. C. LeSaint says:

        Instead of calling the Democratic Party UnAmerican, say what they really are, the Communist Democratic Party.

        1. Barkingdeathsquirrel says:

          Calling them fascist would work too.

        2. maxx says:

          Been doing that since the 70’s. I remember sending an email to Rush when Bush II was running begging him to call the democrats either socialists or communists, words that more accurately describe what they are. But he didn’t start do it until 2015 when others lead the way.

    3. Deborah Pratt says:

      Seems nothing is more ‘repulsive’ to the Liberal mind than ‘Truth’!!!

    4. maxx says:

      Journalists are no longer journalists. These people are Hollywierd wannabee script readers. The females feign “unsubstantiated sexual harassment” so they can retire with millions. While too many of the males are homos or hen pecked guys.

  3. celtblood says:

    FOX made a terrible mistake in firing O’Reilly. Like too many Republicans, they cave to the pressure of the left too easily. We Americans are in a war of sorts, a war of ideologies. It’s common sense and reality vs. PC fascism. If we, as conservatives, do not stand together in absolute unity and refuse to back down, we will lose this nation and the Constitutional liberties that have made it great. So many of our citizens have been brainwashed into this radical socialist view they have lost their identity and their sense of independence. They have forgotten how to think for themselves, and challenge all sides equally. We not only need FOX to stand strong and serve as a source of truth, but we need more balanced media across the spectrum. Had I the money of people like the Koch brothers, I would be starting conservative networks, newspapers, and websites to combat this flood of extremist propaganda, and restore some basic sense of reality. God knows we need it.

    1. David S. McQueen says:

      They cave in easily because (as the story pointed out) there are Leftists involved in the decision-making process.

      1. celtblood says:

        So very true! And if they get what they want, and when their new society crumbles to the latest tyrant, they will be the first to be murdered.

        1. Jan says:

          Yes, when the powers that be, no longer need those “useful Idiot’s”.

      2. Deborah Pratt says:

        They also hold the mistaken view that, just because ‘someone’ is watching their show–they ‘agree’ with what they are presenting!! So, if they only way they get the point that ‘some disagree’—guess we just don’t ‘watch’!!

      3. Carson Tyler says:

        I am a Republican and do not like to be call a leftists just because I do not agree. The Fox news caused their on problems. Trump has to get rid of his ego, if he wants to make it four years. That is said by Republicans and Democrats. I quit watching because they are on sided believing Trump can do and say as he pleases without a backlash. His action makes me wish I had not voted at all.

      4. GrumpyGrandpa says:

        Like maybe, Rupert Murdock’s daughter in-laws who have their husbands way P-whipped.

        1. Palmer says:

          The Murdock brothers Balls are in a jar on the mantel where their wives can keep an I on them. Pussys!

    2. maxx says:

      From what I have been able to ascertain only one of the Koch Brothers is Conservative. They have proven to be great business entrepaneures but politically are not too good at it. They withheld all funding for Trump because he wasn’t their “chosen one” and their chosen one was not who “we the people” wanted. So they took their ball and refused to play. It is a shame because they could do real good with all that money.

      1. dso1 says:

        They are open border scum!

  4. jackhy says:

    Fox news must not lose the war brought about by the leftist Liberal biased media and the likes of George Soros and NY’s Bloombutt! They intend to silence the only objective honest news service available to the public. Who wants to listen to Matt Liar, Motor Mouth Matthews, Rachel Madcow (the bitch in black), Bill ‘bulb nose’ Maher, Wolf Shitzer, Chris “wally peepers” Hayes, Michael “hippo” Moore, and a score of other elitist Liberturds who spew out fake news, invented conspiracy theories, all of which play into the hands of the Democraps resistance and impeachment goals!

    1. brbg says:

      It is all planned by the 2 Murdock boys who now have control of Fox. They will see it either become just another leftist biased media or they will destroy it. Time for someone to step up and create another conservative/ truth valuing media company.

  5. BigAl says:

    The divide between liberals and conservatives continues to widen. The reactions from the left following Trump’s election are clear, the ends justify the means…so by any means possible, lie, cheat, obstruct, destroy, resist the Trump movement. The main stream press has gone all in, with unsubstantiated claims of collusion between Trump and The Russians, to the Comey Memos, any remote claims of malfeasance to slow down his administration.
    What remains telling to me was the COMPLETE silence out of Fox News following the hit on Bill O’Reilly…for the network who up until that moment declare fair and balanced news reporting, the gag order was in from Murdock.
    There are powerful dark forces at play here. Those who supported Trump must now stand up and push back agaisnt this tide, or the opportunity to change the past course the Country will be lost.

    1. edb says:

      It will indeed change, but we’re still 3 – 5 months away, and it will be very, very ugly.

  6. Old Patriot says:

    Where are the conservatives? Where are Republicans? Why is nobody fighting back against the progressive liberal group think?

    1. Anti-Lefty says:

      How about you?

      Do you do more than comment here?

      Organize like minded folk and start our own network or zip it!

      1. Palma Menno Rice says:

        Everyone has a Right to Speak his or her mind! Some don’t have the opportunity to do more!

      2. Still_Educating_the_Idiots says:

        And what exactly are YOU doing, btw ? ( other than demonstrating hypocrisy textbook-example-wise ? )

    2. maxx says:

      Could it possibly be that we really only have a single party? Or more appropriately two sides of the same coin? The Republicans have been handed exactly what they said they needed in order to make necessary changes. Now they sit by and still act like democrats. Don’t tell me they are not working with the Left to take Trump out. They never wanted him in the first place but realized if they went against the people there would be hell to pay. Well, I’m ready to bring hell down upon them. It’s the only way to teach them a lesson about betraying the American people.

  7. STOCKBOY says:

    As in so many other businesses, the Murdoch boys stepped into an absolutely thriving enterprise and they will destroy it all for the sake of stupidity and liberalism, but wait, I repeat myself.

    1. maxx says:

      That has been their goal all along Knowing the old man is just about ready to retire.

  8. bobs33hotrod says:

    Fox News Did Destroy Itself The Only News Caster I Watch Now Is HANNITY. The Liberal Based Media Just Got Its Way. Too Bad. The Rest Of Fox News Now is Trash.
    BOBBY ~!~

    1. Palma Menno Rice says:

      I consistently watch Tucker Carlson. He’s Young, he’s bright and brings on guests from both sides. He’s on Fox News most Every Weekday!
      Watch his show! You will be happy you did!!

      1. grace pierce says:

        I love Tucker!

    2. C. LeSaint says:

      Watch Judge Jeanine, too. She is totally conservative.

    3. CommonSense4America says:

      I like Sean Hannity, but he is not a news caster. He is an opinion commentator. I just happen to agree with most of his opinions.

    4. Palma Menno Rice says:

      Watch Tucker Carlson! He’s Great.

  9. Euclid22 says:

    Don’t believe the report that FOX has lost is amazing lead over the socialist/progressives! Always remember that all of these reports are based on false and manipulated statistics. Fox is also now leaning a bit left with the children of this networks owner, real card holding members of the progressive party. But they still like the income that they make from FOX. Keep watching FOX as it’s ratings are higher than ever.

  10. Nutmeg Man says:

    Firing Reilly was a gross mistake by Fox largely because it helped MSNBC, CNN and the rest of the left-wing maggots. To think that the utter obnoxious Rachel whatever-her-name is is now No. 1 in the cable news ratings makes me feel like puking. I will never watch the left-wing loons because they are so full of BS, but it’s hard to see how much Fox has declined with the loss of O’Reilly and likely Kim Guillefoy, who could become Trump’s new press secretary.

  11. JBQ21 says:

    Kathryn Murdoch, the wife of James who is the new CEO, is orchestrating the entire scenario. Rupert is passing on the empire to his sons James and Lachlan. Kathryn has ties to Hillary and worked for her foundation. She is a scheming woman that so far has had no one to challenge her control.

  12. USCBIKER says:

    Most of the problems in Fox are self inflicted by Murdoch’s pussy whipped cheesedick sons! O’Reilly needs to sue them into insolvency and go on another network. Hannity pretends to go along for now but will eventually need to leave as well.

  13. bp says:

    Law suits are not enough. If his beliefs are proven they should be tried and put in prison in a cell with Bubba or Bubbette, for 20 years. Even better the death penalty.

  14. Pac12 says:

    Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States of America. Is CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, NY Times, and Buzzfeed, to name a few, rejecting who the American people voted for? It wasn’t even close, he blew Clinton out of the water. I support President Trump because of what he stands for. He is a STRONG leader! The constant level of attacks he takes from the one-sided bias media tells me he has steel balls! I don’t watch news anymore unless its Fox News, and that is sparse. I am so sick and tired of the media! I don’t believe them anymore. I believe it is just a matter of time before President Trump unleashes his fury on Obama, Clinton’s, Soros, the Democratic Party, liberal Hollywood, intelligence leakers, the news media and any other lift-wing underground organization in America and around the world operating in criminal activity against him as the President of the U.S. and brings them ALL to justice exposing the lies, corruption and criminal activity. God bless America in the name of Jesus!

    1. Galloper says:

      Trouble with media is that you do not have a printed page….you cannot underline whats said and refresh your memory…..A lot is added with body language tone, and facial expression. Add to that the choice of amount of time devoted to each thing, and the allotment importance …………That says a lot. We are now discovering the power of story ostracism by the media…… Once turned off , you have only memories…..With a newspaper you can underline and keep it and show it to many people and make copies with little effort… can rip it out right there and hand it to a friend…

    2. brbg says:

      They should all be prosecuted for treason.

  15. Chuck says:

    The Damn-o-rats are immoral, liars, cheats, crooks, and will do anything and everything to gain power and destroy our President. FOX is the only Conservative oriented news network; the rest of the media has been co-oped by the Left and the Damn-o-rat Party. FOX must survive if our nation and democracy is to survive!

    1. CommonSense4America says:

      I’m only watching two shows a day on Fox. It used to be a 5 or 6 hour ordeal.

      1. Barkingdeathsquirrel says:

        Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity?

        1. CommonSense4America says:

          Fox & Friends in the morning while drinking coffee and later Tucker Carlson while drinking martinis. How is that for a day?

  16. MikeyParks says:

    Fox convicted O’Reilly based on allegations. It was a cowardly act, and the Fox audience hates cowards. When Fox started taking advice from the Left as to what they should do, they fell right into the trap. Beg O’Reilly to come back and watch the ratings rise from the dead. They don’t need the viewership of the hate-ridden Leftist feminists to succeed.

  17. Old Salt says:

    FOX heading left is making the classic mistake that all TV network egos make. That is, they think what they’ve aired, has formulated the thinking of the people who watch, that the opinions of the viewers have been molded by them and all they have to do is skew it another way, even with clever innuendo, and the viewers will still embrace you. Maybe they have the misguided idea that to be fair and balanced, they need to increase the opposition to conservatives so as not to be accused of bias by the socialists and fascists who control the air waves on virtually every other net work. The left has been the dominant force defining what fair and balanced discourse is and the definition is simple…you either agree with them or you’re unfair. Here’s what the Rupert babies are missing…the conservative thought on FOX, has been the only network TV outlet which provides a balance against an overwhelming amount of left bias on the other main stream outlets. Diffusing the conservative message any further than they already have, will make FOX no different than the others and will lose being unique. The alternative to the above is that they’ve decided to make a political shift and become just another, agenda driven, progressive left parrot. The sun didn’t rise and set on O’Reilly, in fact, he’s made me frown on occasion, but I think his departure was the results of a merit less, political assassination by those who once again, define what constitutes sexual harassment. I believe the same bully who buys anti conservative riots across the country was instrumental…strictly my opinion, but the smell is the same.
    Conservatives are self-educated and have drawn their own conclusions from history, common sense and critical thinking. I’ve watched FOX so far, only because the majority of its offerings have validated my conservative thinking. There are certain people they’ve aired that I turn off, Bob Beckel, Megyn Kelly, Juan Williams, Shepherd Smith and many other contributors, not because of what they think, but because, before they start to speak, I can tell you what they’re going to say from the Alynski play book on how to destroy a free capitalism republic, under the guise of being “fair” to the downtrodden. In other words repackaged socialism with different articulation and in that process, no longer validate my thinking, but are anathema to it. In my 72 years I have studied socialism/communism from the writings of Frederick Bastiat dating back to 1850, to a more modern revelation from Dr. Fred Schwarz in his great book, “You Can Trust the Communists {to be Communists}.” Pavlov may have been able to do it with dogs, but if you try conditioning people who are rooted in historical and traditional American core values…they’ll drop you like a hot rock and the sponsors will be apprised as to why.

  18. polly says:

    Very sad . Falling for the NWO agenda. I stopped watching Fox and so are my other friends.

    1. Palma Menno Rice says:

      There is No Other News Media which gives the whole story! Fox News is Best; they Don’t Lie.

  19. grace pierce says:

    I believe that moving “The Five” to the 9:00 time slot has/will cost viewers. We loved the show, but can no longer watch it at that time. and “the specialists” is not a good replacement. Really miss O’Reilly. Do not miss Kelly at all. Love Tucker.

    1. Ron Myers says:

      I agree with ALL that you said. I think the move of “The Five” was done to dispense with it, later on. I think Tucker is Great, He don’t take “Crap” from anyone. I think Lou Dobbs is the best “Straight shooter” on TV, and He don’t back down either.

  20. Doris C says:

    It is so obviously a leftist ploy. Tthe left will keep on until we are a one news country. People wont matter at all. Its so sad. They are allowed to destroy our country this way.

  21. GRAMPA says:

    Many myself included were tiring of Oriley and his attempts at being fair and balanced. too much of his personnel opinion was presented and not actual facts with sources to back them. the interruption of the guest so they cant finish their thought to make their point so he could make his was anything but fair and balanced. He did have the information but its presented in a fashion to make him look good and knowledgeable was clear in every show. the bits with Watters was entertaining and I am glad to see he is gaining popularity for he presents his data without personal opinion interjected as fact. with his show that presents what the people say has more value than any politician. people do not trust any politician while they take the man on the street at face value.

  22. cathylovesyou says:

    Soros broke the bank of England after they took him in from Hungry in 1939. Soros a Jew turned in fellow Jews to the Nazi’s for money and his own hide. I worked on Beck and O’Rieilly and is responsible for the killings of many Policemen around the country, using his Black Lives Killers to do the job. Nice

  23. Joanne says:

    FOX made it because it was the only conservative channel, that’s why they were #1, too bad they screwed up!

  24. Rhonda Beebe says:

    I will always stand with Trump

  25. Anti-Lefty says:

    Fox was going to dogs at least a couple of years ago when I refused to keep paying for TV of any kind.

    Now conservatives should come together with a targeted effort to present real, true news and Godly commentary … viewer supported/funded and gather works outside of the Lame Stream Media … their material should not be considered!!!

  26. meangreenMarine says:

    That brown, smelly stuff on the bottom of the shoes of the Fox News team got there when you walked through it the day you fired O’Reilly and others! What happens now is no one’s fault but your own!
    Personally, I’m looking forward to a new, more conservative News Channel!

  27. deerflyguy says:

    This ratings demise doesn’t surprise me in any way! The first time I heard about O’Reilly getting fired I made the prediction. Tucker Carlson is good, but I tuned in to the Factor every weeknight for many years, and now I don’t. Fox seems to be getting the same loyalty from it’s fans that it gave to Ailes and O’Reilly – look out Hannity! What is remarkable is that the whole O’Reilly issue would have blown over by now, and viewership wouldn’t have been hurt near as much as Fox did to itself!

  28. keepthe2nd says:

    back in the early 60″s when Communist leader Nikita S. Kruschev said ” we cannot take America by force but from within”,they now have that foothold.This is why the Dems are working so hard at this.They were well on the way of destroying the country and the Trump win threw a wrench into the works.What do you suppose the deal HRC made with the Russians with the urainium deal was about? That’s where Russian collusion took place.Wake up people!!

  29. Alan Erwert says:

    More than likely this was a calculated risk by FOX. there are segments within FOX news that aren’t exactly on the right side of the issues. Let FOX go the way of the all the others now extinct. This will open the doors for those that are constitutionalists and want this country to stay the course.

    1. Lazer says:

      The constitutionalists that want our country to stay the course are only as good as the people who back them – that is people like you and me. The left is clearly getting the news media attention by protesting, destruction of property, and the numbers of people brought in to do so. Leftists such as Maxene Watters and Nancy Pelosi never have any facts – just accusations. We need to publically protest against them to force them to come up with facts and solutions. We need to have answers – and we need to put the questions to them in public and force them to answer by doing so – example: Pelosi – “How many contracts have you or your husband signed that you did not read?” “What are your fixes for ObamaCare?” “Have you made these suggestions, or simply will not contribute to a fix?” “Specifically, who and how will growing entitlement programs be funded as they escalate?” “What provisions do you have to reel them back or are taxpayers subject to more increasing taxes?” The questions go on and on – PUT THEM ON THE SPOT – PUBLICALLY!!!!

  30. JC says:

    Fox is on it’s way to join the rest of the liberal media—I do not watch them or pay any attention to them anymore

  31. Ragcat24 says:

    All you have to do is watch the return of such crude slobs as Beckle on the ‘Five’ [previously banned for his behavior [and they removed O’Reilly for unproven accusations?] to know Fox is becoming another mouthpiece for the left.

  32. bjpurg says:

    FOX News is destroying itself!! The left wing children who are inheriting the company will cause it to go down in flames and I would rather see it do so then to watch it become another CNN or MSNBC!

  33. exbobbie says:

    Looks like the Murdoch brothers (and their loony lefty wives) plan to destroy FOX is working out very well. With any luck someone will start a new channel that will be 100% conservative, and draw the remaining conservative members of FOX away so we can all help the Murdoch’s finish the job and put FOX in the toilet.

  34. klsparrow says:

    James his wife Kathryn who was the big push to get rid of O’Reilly and Lachlan the other son going to push Fox to the left and become another CNN are MSNBC. Fox was started for a place for conservatives. now that it is becoming just another liberal media those viewers will leave. Fox will be trying to divide up the viewers of CNN and MSNBC. Fox was a cash cow for Murdoch but it did not take the two idiot sons long to start destroying that. You can bet that Hannity and Dodds will be next. Hoping that the talk about starting up a conservative channel is more than talk. Used to watch Fox all the time down to just a few show now. When they go I will leave.

  35. Ak Marks says:

    If O’Reilly gave money to make the claim go away, he was guilty. Was it sufficient reason to fire him? I want to know the rationale and the decision maker before taking sides.

    The bottom line is that FOX is the only true conservative cable voice available. Who benefits from its demise?
    When making decisions it is wise to look at the whole picture and decide what you want the outcome to be. I work with leaders who do not do that and give them a failing grade.

    O’reilly is only a personality. His clout comes from the support team. With that in place, FOX has people that are capable replacements. People are wimos. They follow a leader rather than following a principle.

    Go figure

  36. William Tormey says:

    Comparing ratings for only one day against any category or demographic does not tell the whole story.

    I’ve been hoping for some time that the Murdocks’ will sell the network to a real conservative individual or corporate entity, like the Koch brothers. The two Murdock sons will eventually run this network into the ground.

  37. maxx says:

    The Murdock boys playing at being intelligent is what is taking Fox down.

  38. brbg says:

    O’Reilly should get together with other like-minded folks and start another conservative, balanced news organization. Murdock’s sons are destroying its credibility.

  39. Mike Laborde says:

    George Soros and the evil democrats have 0 morality and are evil as the day is long. Soros used his $$$$$$$$ and power, evil power to put a hit on FOX’s advertizers. Once they get rid of non propaganda news, they will have free reign to turn our nation into a socialist/communist society. They will not stop at FOX. George the communist Soros is an evil man that hates freedom and America.

  40. John Savell says:

    We can’t blame all of this on the liberal media. The Murdock sons had something to do with it as well. They didn’t have to fire him before an actual investigation was carried out. They did that because their far-left-wingnut wives told them to and apparently their are good little liberal men who are under their wives’ thumbs. Liberals have tried, and succeeded on their side, to make men into pansies and women into tyrants. Why else would they support this whole gender fluidity.

  41. DoninAcworthGeorgia says:

    Times they are a changing but Conservatives won’t roll over …. they can’t because they have principals. Just hold on and don’t panic says I. Enjoy watching and listening and see who will rise up to the top. It will be a few who never panic like Rush and Bill. We will be just fine and the changes will be championed by the Conservatives not the know-nothings!

  42. The MSM wants nothing more than to destroy FOX. They are going after Hannity next!…Time to close ranks!

  43. sutherncon says:

    Go Bill. If anyone can file and win suit, you can.

  44. NancyG54 says:

    HAHAHA…. SEXUAL ASSAULT is not a liberal or media attack. The men at fox can’t keep their zippers shut. MILLIONS PAID IN HUSH MONEY… lol… typical republicans always blaming someone else for their bad behavior. Keep the penis in the pants and hands off women’s bodies and you don’t get fired.. lol

  45. Murph68 says:

    I blame bad parenting on the part of Rupert Murdoch. His sons are nothing but facist snowflakes with money. If they replace the clear thinking on-air talent with more liberal hacks, they will take a beating in the ratings that they’ll never recover from. I agree with some of the comments on here that someone needs to start another conservative-friendly network to combat these leftist dopes.

  46. Dennis Chase says:

    Fox, has become inundated, with liberal Communists, Many now watch FOX, with one hand on the remote to avoid watching and listening to Communist propaganda. Try CRTV.

  47. Jerome T McCluskey says:

    elections are coming up ,we voted as we the public wanted got what the people wanted ,now our elected republicans are not backing our duly elected President.they got the senate and the congress as they wanted & now they are turning their back on the will of the American people .time to put some true conservatives in office instead of the whining politicians we have at the moment.lets hear it for our truly elected president

  48. Jay Crossbow says:

    The country has been so corrupted that a scoundrel, criminal, mass murderer like George Soros can’t be arrested and put on trial for his many many crimes against America, Americans and the World at large.

    We have truly almost reached The End. Mass prayer is required as it was used in America’s past, in times of crisis. We are surrounded by evil forces.

  49. johndeere790 says:

    murdoch’s sons will destroy what was a good news source I did not like some of the far left nuts.

  50. Janie Perry says:

    All I can say is I agree with most of the comments below. What I wish is that the ones who got released from FOX News would all get together and form their own network. I liked O’Reilly and the others like him because you never knew whose side they were on. To me that is what a reporter does, they report the news rather it is positive or negative and they report it with the facts to support it. I don’t watch any of the news outlets because you can’t believe what they say. The only one on FOX I will watch is Hannity and I have a feeling he will be the next. I didn’t always agree with O’Reilly but he did make sense when I didn’t agree with him, but I still didn’t agree with him. We need true news on TV so I am hoping he and others will start a new news channel.

  51. Dondh says:

    How about an all-out war against Rupert Murdock!! Let’s get this guy out of his position and someone who is a true American, not some anti-conservatism idiot! This, if be known, is probably a puppet of that Hungarian anti-conservative, anti-Christian idiot who should be sent back to Hungary and never heard of again in spite of the fact that he has American citizenship. He is promoting treason by funding radicals such a was the former President Obama and his administration, the Media and several Hollyweird gullible half-wits! GET SOROS OUT AND MANY PROBLEM WILL BE SOLVED!! ALSO, ITS TIME TO FIND OUT WHICH REPUBLICANS ARE RHINOS WHO ARE PROBABLY LEFT-WINGER DEMOCRATS MASQUEADING AS REPUBLICANS GET THOSE GUYS OUT AS WELL! FINALLY, THOSE LEFT OVER FROM THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION MUST BE FIRED ASAP AND ANY OTHERS WHO APPEAR TO BE RATS AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP, HIS ADMINISTRATION AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! THAT WAY, WE WILL SEE A PATH TO MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN PROCEED BECAUSE OF PRESIDENT TRUMP’S DESIRE TO DO SO!!!

  52. Maria castro says:

    Is no longer fox news, now they are just another news channel, reporting what they want and how they want it. Too bad. My deepest sympathy to the family of Roger Ayles. The treason from fox, killed him.

  53. Jan says:

    I wish they could see the bigger picture. George Soros & his crew of misfits are organized communist thugs; who will stop at nothing, until they have silenced the voice of conservative, freedom, & family loving people; & bring America to it’s knees under the control of collectivism, socialism, & communism. Even the Islamic government don’t realize, that they have been, & are being used as a pawn for an ultimate Communist takeover. Please look at the Agenda series, & Hillary’s America DVD’s.

  54. donjulio says:

    My family is boycotting Fox News. We don’t watch any of the liberal news media: CBS,ABC,NBc or cable so-called news outlet: MSNBC,CNN,PBS,etc. We look at Beck’s The Blaze & listen to the radio stations at: Dennis Prager, Michael Medveck, Rush Limbaugh,Glen Beck, Dan Savage, Sean Hannity, & Larry Elder. Fox News: FAIR & BALANCED ? Don’t make me laugh. They only see the $$$$$$$ signs. The Murduchs’ loyalty goes as deep as my toilet bowl. We are Conservatives & we would never turn our backs to our Conservatives’ brothers & sisters. AMERICA
    FIRST!!!!! DonJuliio

  55. Jesus Nieto says:

    Like this so-called “newsletter” it seems as if every one who writes comments is scared to death of people different from themselves, critical thinking, and the truth.

  56. David in MA says:

    From a business point of view, FOX screwed up, big time.
    A perfect example of a globalization, no socialist, interest to “capture the world failing.
    Good going boy’s!

  57. Rusell Reitz says:

    i still watch fox, there is a hand full of good people over at fox. just a tad better than the rest of the stations.
    yea, fox has gone to left side. roger, is gone now, watch. BUT WAIT! there will be an honest to goodness
    station on horizon. i have read where some people are working on a all new conservative station and when that happens they can count me in. and i hope that they get this stuff in high gear ” fast “.
    old man “fox ” turn everything over to his demo. kids. and they are in love with the clintons, etc.

  58. Palmer says:

    The Merdoc brothers wanted it . Fox is going to be in a death spirial soon. They want to go left.

  59. Patrick Waller says:

    Too many liberals now on the payroll at Fox News. Liberalism is a mental disorder, I already know how and what they think and I don’t care to hear them spout their inane rhetoric in these so-called “fair and balanced” debates. I am through with Fox, Jessica Tarlov is the last straw for me. I’ll get my conservative news elsewhere, thanks.

  60. kicks says:

    Big mistake firing Bill, I was hoping by this time he would have popped up elsewhere, but no luck, BRING BACK O’REILLY.

  61. Mitch Darby says:

    One more bastion of free press is about to dissolve. Will we have to resort to “talk radio” to get balance in reporting. Very discouraging. Out once-great country is going away and people either rejoice in that, are apathetic, or don’t know how to deal with that.

  62. Salgal says:

    I think Soros should be banned from this country. Force him to return to his native land (Hell?). This man is determined to turn the United States into a globalist nation member. He’s using his billions of dollars to destroy our country as we know it. Why he hasn’t been kicked out, I will never understand. This is a man who denied his Jewish heritage and worked with the Germans during the Holocaust. Anyone as despicable as this man should not be allowed in this country, let alone mess in our governmental affairs. He is the person behind all the rabble-rousing demonstrations that have caused chaos at our colleges and Trump rallies. He should at least be arrested for causing mayhem across our country. Throw him out!

  63. Laura says:

    They made their bed We are turning them off since they started caving to liberals and constant anti trump coverage We can get that from CNN. While they have a few good shows left Most of us are counting the days until the rival network is up and running 9 months from now.

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