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Someone Just Exposed The Deep State’s Secret Weapon Against Trump

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  1. Silverfoot says:

    He should have never been chosen…..

  2. Betty says:

    Comey’s best friend MUELLER GUESS HE SUPPORTS

    1. Ron haymaker says:

      Have you noticed that Comey is the first half of Commie?

    2. Ken/FL says:

      Is that “guess who he supports”?

  3. SouthernPatriot says:

    Mueller has a huge conflict of interest with his close friend Comey being involved in the investigation he is supposed to be pursuing.

    1. Mary says:


      1. elmcqueen3 says:

        SC Robert Mueller was once Comey’s boss…he was Comey’s mentor…SC Robert Mueller also comes from within the confines of the “deep” state shadow government…who will do what ever is possible to get rid of a nationalist such as Donald Trump who wishes to make America great again…Trump is against everything the “deep” state shadow government stands for that being The New World Order and “globalization”…their motto is “One World Government or None”…SC Robert Mueller has been sent by the “deep” state globalist to “get” Trump….”Dead or Alive”.

        1. Ken/FL says:

          It is up to us to stop that from happening.

      2. Ken/FL says:

        It looks like you had some good comments, but the caps made it too hard for me to read.

        1. Askjrsk says:

          Laughable. You just have a hard time reading and comprehending. Obviously a weak point.

    2. Ken/FL says:

      But he is a liberal and a liberal would never do the honorable thing.

      1. ernldo says:

        They don’t even know what “honorable” is….

        1. Ken/FL says:

          Not a single one of them!

    3. Doris Will says:

      DO YOU REALLY THINK SO! This Paragon of virtue knew full well his BFF, Comey was involved up to his wallet. Mueller should have recused himself immediately. Schumer should have called foul. I know he had knowledge of the Comey-Mueller relationship, Schumer asked for an independent counsel, and knew straight away, and should have demanded that Mueller step aside.

  4. maxx says:

    Comey should have been fired the day after the inauguration. But he was kept on based on recommendations from GOP Establishment elitist Reince Briebus. Now you all know why I called Priebus “a snake” 7 months ago. He has always been a GOP mole. He needs to go A.S.A.P.

    1. granny_forUSA says:


      1. Keith D. Gilbert says:

        O’h please! They aren’t “that” honorable!

        1. Wondering Woman says:

          AMEN to that as both are lower than snake feces

        2. stgabrn says:

          Your comment gave me the first laugh of the day. Thanks. What you said is so true.

    2. Kathryn Ross says:

      I believe the Speaker of the House (Paul Ryan) is another snake in the grass… who does not have the President’s back…….I have a hard time differentiating which side he is on! The Left or the right? i think he rides on the fence…… and will sway whichever way it will benefit him! He needs to go out the door and don’t let it hit him in the ass on the way out…….

      1. Frank says:

        I agree! Trump is fighting on multiple fronts!

      2. Vote for Truth says:

        Ryan’s wife is also a Democrat. I don’t trust him at all because he wants to run for President in 2020, so if he makes Trump look bad, he is hoping that Trump won’t win re-election.

      3. Rose Ribitzki says:

        yes, that door needs to hit ryan in the rump on his way out, and sling him clear in outer space for the evil back-stabbing RAT that he is !!!!

      4. maxx says:

        I have been calling Ryan a Rino for years now. He votes with the democrats more than conservatives. He learned how to “cave” from the best of them; John Boehner. He keeps getting elected because he is the recipient of lots of crossover votes. A Rino is more valuable to the democommies than another democommie because as a Rino the democommies know what is going on behind the scenes. The GOP should be eliminated.

    3. David in MA says:

      This slimy rat Reince Priebus should, along with RINO Ryan, be tarred and feathered and run out of town..

      1. MaxGShepard says:

        My sentiments
        exactly . He’s always reminded me of a rich spoiled kid .

        1. David in MA says:

          Priebus is more like Ceasers, Brutus.

    4. Frank says:

      If the GOP does not unite with Trump, bad things will happen! They need to grow a pair!

  5. LANI says:

    They have sold their souls to the devil?

    1. Ron haymaker says:

      Yes,the devil has been doing a lot of business lately!

    2. C. LeSaint says:

      All liberal democrats have sold their soul to the devil.

  6. Rick D. says:

    All Libs are parasites. They live off others and try to suck the blood from their victims! Hence, they should be treated the same way we do mosquitoes, rodents, dung-flys, and vipers. They are a plague on our society!!

    1. Kathryn Ross says:

      Bring out the MEGA RAID!!! These Cockroaches need to check into the Roach Motel… They can check in but they will never check out! Hillary Clinton is a Black Widow Spider,,,, and Obama is a deadly Venomous Snake…. Like the “King” Cobra….I don’t like Spiders or Snakes…

  7. Reverend1 says:

    Mueller is a nothing but a scum bag. He should be lynched along with Comey. No good dirty democrap loving slime.

    1. GeneP54 says:

      He should have never been put in the position that he holds. Unfortunately, Trump is paying his liberal friends with these kinds of appointments. That needs to stop. Now. AND… he needs to get his family out of this country’s politics. His liberal son-in-law and daughter whisper in his ear far too much!

      1. guest says:

        I agree We do not want to lose our freedoms, but by starting a fight, you chance Marshall law. by starting a fight you give them ammunition to take away our guns, by starting a fight you become no better than them. IF they start the fight then be prepared to defend.

        1. Kenneth Jones says:

          When Martial Law is declared, the police are usually placed under military control. Civil government government is placed under military supervision, and a curfew is usually imposed.

          1. Davey says:

            Martial Law may seem like a great idea, but take it from me
            the military is not prepared to govern a city or state. Military policing isn’t nearly as subtle and polite as you’re used to. I’ve
            been there.

          2. Kenneth Jones says:

            It is not something that I’d want, either, since I’ve also been there and done that.

          3. Arizona Don says:

            I was one!

          4. ernldo says:

            That’s just it, martial law would rarely be needed in the red areas of America, just imagine the cities, especially the negro infested inner cities. Imagine when the power goes off, the water stops flowing and the food deliveries halt. They’ll need to leave their liberal paradise to eat….and leftist morons want to take MY firearms?
            Molon Labe, fools!

          5. SeanM62 says:

            And we need marshal law in rural areas where Cliven “The Clown” Bundy and his fellow thieves, cheats and cowboy welfare queens live. Crime is everywhere, not just the cities!

          6. SeanM62 says:

            Correct. Its different and completely undesirable except as a last resort.

          7. SeanM62 says:

            And you have government-based repression and REAL gun control.

        2. USCBIKER says:

          that’s martial law. LOL.

        3. ernldo says:

          The fight has already been started. Had Hitlery won last November, we’d already be fully engaged in civil war by now…..

          1. SeanM62 says:

            It would be great to have America-haters like you secede from the union.

          2. ernldo says:

            So you suk a dik and that makes YOU a patriot? Real Americans will probably soon cleanse the nation of traitor goobers like yourself. Of course you won’t have the guts to meet us outside, that’s ok…we’ll come drag you from under your gay lover’s bed…..

          3. SeanM62 says:

            Let me guess – you prefer cattle to women? Real Americans live on reservations and still fight foreigners like you to keep America American instead of just another fake European knock-off. Many White people have become Americanized, but you still sound like you don’t know what the word American means. Go back to Europe where you belong and would be happier with your fellow thieves.

      2. guest says:

        again, I agree we cannot just let them have socialism in this nation or sharia, but be wise as serpents and as gentle as doves. let them start and be prepared. The security for the baseball person who was shot was prepared and defended, they did not shoot first

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          As a direct result, we now have a Senator fighting for his life. Even if he survives, his body is severely compromised for life!!! Most likely, now unable to continue his work. There is ‘right’ and there is ‘righteousness’. Sometimes, ‘righteousness’ must step back.

          1. guest says:

            WE the People should never start the fight, be prepared to defend ourselves and others but not instigate or shoot first. Knocking out one by one their opposition is the democratic way not fair votes. Instead of character assassination they tried bodily removal. Righteousness never stands aside or it loses. It is no longer an eye for an eye. Right does not make it right.

          2. Russell Coleman says:

            But once it starts “We The People” must be on the front lines and roll those the would oppose freedom and liberty right into ocean so that we can take back our country.

          3. Kenneth Jones says:

            I believe in the law, and this country must take firm steps to squash the activities of criminals who do things like this.

          4. ernldo says:

            He was a House member…..

          5. SeanM62 says:

            Did you say these things when Gabby Gifford was shot? Or is it only bad when a Republican goes down?

          6. teachersaide says:

            I said them when Gabby Gifford was shot, ALL while the MSM was BLAMING right wing conservatives!

        2. SeanM62 says:

          In deep Fundamentalist Christian areas we already have Christian-style Sharia law.

          1. guest says:

            I choose to be obedient to my husband except when I am not. I choose to live in a Christian manner that is somewhat like sharia. MY GOD says love your neighbor and to do unto others as you would have them do to you. HE does not say kill them if they disagree with you; HE does not say torture them; HE does not say force them to believe on ME and even though HE permits it, MY GOD said one man for one woman. Notice, I CHOOSE.

          2. SeanM62 says:

            I am glad you have chosen wise things for yourself. Please do not choose them for me. I have made similar choices but want to have the freedom of choice in the matters, just like you.

      3. Vote for Truth says:

        Mueller was put in his position by Rosenstein and Trump knew nothing about it until it was already accomplished. So this has nothing to do with paying any liberal friends. Maybe you should read up on information before you post false information. I believe Trump only has his Son-in-law on board is because he is a Jew and Donald Trump wants him to be involved in trying to get successful negotiations between Israel and Palestine.

        1. GeneP54 says:

          I haven’t spread any false information in my comments here.
          Trump put Rosenstein in place and Rosenstein put Mueller into place. Mueller worked for Bush and for obama. That should have told him something. Now it very well may be his undoing.
          Yea, like it or not, Trump has paid many of his liberal friends with appointments. Look at all of the Goldman-Sachs guys that he’s placed (you know, the same GS that Cruz’s wife was slaughtered over because she worked for them in a loan officer position and had taken a leave of absence). Look at some of the other appointments. I see that you don’t know a lot about Trump’s history or how he operates.
          There is no ‘palestine’. There is nowhere on the face of the earth a country that goes by the name ‘palestine’. There USED to be, but not now. It doesn’t matter why his SIL has an office in Washington or his daughter an office in the White House. It’s unethical, possibly illegal, and completely inappropriate. They are both far left liberals and they have Trump’s ear. That should concern you a great deal!

    2. JON B. says:

      I’ll totally have what you’re having! Lynch’em!

      “Mueller, folks. In the grand opening of Life, he’s stuck in the toy department! His family tree is a rest stop for dogs!!”



      1. Wondering Woman says:

        AMEN to all you say!

        1. Bevo2 says:

          Yeah, what they said!

      2. SeanM62 says:

        MAGA – Is that Make America Grope Again??

        1. Cookie Vranish says:

          Dope are you?

          1. SeanM62 says:

            Gullible are you?

        2. JON B. says:

          “Poor Libschits-

          They struggle in vain to have it their way, but every time they get to Burger King, it’s always closed!”

          My name is Jon B. and I approved this message!

          MUCHO MAGA!

          1. SeanM62 says:

            Can’t stand a little law and order? Get out of the way and let some sanity reign.

        3. ernldo says:

          No, in your case, “my a$$ gets achy” when a good demotard rams you from behind.
          Go back to watching your porn and munching your cheetos, rump swab….

          1. SeanM62 says:

            Porn? You sound too old to even remember what porn was all about. Ask your nurse, but no touching!!

        4. teachersaide says:

          NO, that was during the Clinton years!

          1. SeanM62 says:

            I hope you are not comparing mutual groping in Clinton years with unwanted groping by President Pumpkin. Pumpkin is now too old to carry out the threat of continued action after groping.

          2. teachersaide says:

            NOT from what I have heard from Bill’s victims!

    3. Jerubbesheth xx says:

      I would prefer the gas chamber at San Quentin for corrupt Communist B—h Clinton, Sex offender Bill,

      Comey Muller, and any other corrupt liberal communist Democrat.

  8. gene smiith says:

    This entire matter is sickening and disgusting….we are coming increasingly close to NOT being any longer the United States of America,,,,,,,how sad and all based on greed.

    1. granny_forUSA says:


      1. guest says:

        they have the same rights. We the People do not need a gun battle and the start of Marshall law.

        1. GeneP54 says:

          You kinda don’t get that they are usurping the Constitution which dissolves ALL of our rights, do you?
          This country was founded with a gun battle and will probably end with one. If you aren’t willing to take up arms and fight for it, feel free to move to a ‘peaceful’ socialistic country where the govt. will coddle you and take care of you. As for me and mine, too much blood has been shed for our freedom to now defend it further.

  9. Mike W says:

    I would go one step further than Mr. Gingrich and say the whole damned FBI is in collision with the “deep state”. 3 former FBI directors are deeply embedded with the Clintons. We all no Comey’s history since the 90’s of having every investigation he was involved with come out in the Clintons favor. We all know Comey made $6,000,000 one year working for Lockheed Martin. That was the same year that Lockheed Martin was “awarded” several huge government contracts signed off on by then Secretary of Take Hillary Clinton. That was also the same year Lockheed Martin became “donors” to the Clinton Foundation – “pay for play”?
    The Clintons couldn’t just cut Comey a check for his services that had to pay him off in a less obvious manner.
    Comey’s brother – Peter Comey worked for DLA Piper – at the time that DLA Piper performed the so called “independent audit” on the Clinton Foundation. To no ones surprise – they found no wrong doing either. In light of what we now know about the Clinton Foundation we know how erroneous that “independent audit” was.
    Seth Rich’s murder investigation fall under the jurisdiction of the Washington D.C. Attorney Generals office.
    There has been very little if any progress in that investigation. Debbie Wasserman Schultz – crooked Debbie – threatened Washington D.C. Police Department officials – she was never charged with threatening police during an investigation – she demanded that they turn over to her a computer they found lodged between buildings during an investigation – making that computer Police Property. When they refused to turn it over to her she made several threats against them.
    Could it be – that no charges were brought against her and no progress has been made in the Seth Rich murder case – which many people believe the Clintons have something to do with – because – Crooked Debbie’s brother Steven Wasserman is an Assistant District Attorney in Washington D.C.?
    I can only imagine the outrage if something like this was going on in the Trump administration.

    1. guest says:


      Please send this information to someone like Dick Morris, the Tea Party, or put on Facebook on politicians pages, send to Trump, Kelly Conway, do something with this information with sources, even if you are the source. This needs to be made better known.

      1. Mike W says:

        I’m sure they know – all of this is available online

        1. Wondering Woman says:

          You are probably right but spread it anyway – as far and wide as possible. Give them good sources to start witn where investigation has already been done like the Bundy and Hammond Ranch cases which also involves corrupt decisions by federal judges in the same area that obstructed Trump’s travel bans on terrorists, etc. That way some serious and honest investigators can get a roaring start. Suspect that journalist arrested along with some of them would be happy to talk with them

          Think James Comey is on record as lying about the Burns, Ore.ambush and into demonizing protestors in Burns, Ore. Some residents there gave completely different stories than the FBI did.

          Seem to recall at least 1 female crisis actor from Sandy Hook also appeared in Burns, Oregon pretending to be a camper and talked with FBI concerning fear of the peaceful protesters. Strangely some Burns area residents reported feeling safer and finding them friendly instead of fearful of any of them.

      2. exbobbie says:

        Send it to Sean Hannity on FOX, I’m sure he’d love to air it on his radio and tv show.

        1. Sharo says:

          Tried that! Not that I don’t put stock in Hannity, but either he gets too much mail (and I’ve even tweeted) or he’s not into bothering with what the “little” people have to say. I tried to encourage him on several occasions to bring up the subject (with regard to “border” issues,) of the “Bracero Program” the U.S. had some years ago that worked well for bringing in “seasonal” workers and returning them when work was done. The program really did work quite well that is until Ceasar Chavez was allowed to come in and organize the workers, which if you check out your history you will find stirred up demonstrations, and violence. Never solved anything positive, but did forever change the face of Mexican Worker issues. Anyway, apparently no one is interested in what REALLY works. In other words, no one really cares about “common sense” tactics or solutions.

      3. C. LeSaint says:

        The White House contact is:

      4. Sharo says:

        Tell me what good will be done???? Many of us have known and spouted off about these same things for years by way of letters to the editor, emails, letters to members of Congress and the Senate, and now in the last couple of years even Facebook and Twitter! To what end?? If you have a controlled media and government up to the highest levels, no matter what you try to do to expose all this corruption, far to few ever find out the TRUTH. So therefore nothing really gets done about it! Until you have wealthy people who care enough about losing our great REPUBLIC, that will take out full page ads in major newspapers and buy time slots on major TV networks to tell the TRUE story, destruction will continue until we no longer have a free nation! And lastly, we need to PRAY for all of our legislators, that the scales of delusion will be lifted from their eyes and HEARTS will be changed!

      5. Rose Ribitzki says:

        agree !!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. guest says:

      not everyone knows, I did not know, I would not have cared except for the position they are putting President Trump in and the possibility of losing our nation to them. What someone does or who someone knows is gossip unless it can be used to harm. Put it in the face of those who can have a direct say about this information, just like doctors do not know everything, politicians do not. Put it in their face with sources named

      1. Wondering Woman says:

        A lot of those politicians know more than they want you to know, because they are a part of the traitors who are working to destroy this nation from within rather than to be exposed for pedophilia or other crimes.(John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer rank high on suspicious list. Don’t forget those pizza gate e-mails implicated 6 current congressional members and 9 higher level federal employees and you can bet those 9 higher level ones were appointed heads of departments..Allegations that James Comey is one of them and has a Howdy Doody preference has already ssurfaced.!

    3. Ken/FL says:

      Without any doub,t anyone associated with the Clintons is totally corrupt.

      1. Mike W says:

        They even marry into corruption. Chelsea’s husband’s father Ed Mezvnsky went to prison for bank fraud after stealing $10,000,000. Her husband Marc Mezvinsky “operated” a hedge fund. That is until he “had” to shut it down after losing 90% of investors’ money – said to be north of $30,000,000. I guess he ran out of “operating capital”. I think someday he might be featured on an episode of “American Greed”.

        1. Rose Ribitzki says:

          the ugly offspring of kill-liar-y is married to soros’ nephew !!!!

          1. Mike W says:

            I have read that Marc Mezvinsky is George Soros’ nephew. The media reports say that is just a rumor started by Scott Baio. If it is just a rumor started by Scott Baio why have the neither the Soros, Clintons or Mezvinskys done anything to disprove it – like say – suing Baio for “lying” about them? Maybe because they sent the media out to do their bidding – and they can’t go to court because they can’t prove it wrong? It would be easy enough to prove one way or the other.

        2. Ken/FL says:

          There is no limit to their corruption, even with how blatant they are in carrying the corruption out.

        3. Ken/FL says:

          A Bernie clone with Clinton ability to not face the consequences.

      2. Rose Ribitzki says:

        never had any doubt about that !!!

  10. Linda Shelton says:

    And so a long look at the person who appointed the special council as another deep state person, who is still in a control spot.

  11. parthenon1 says:

    If Trump is impeached its time to “lock & load” and take our country back from the foreign interests through the snow flakes and the swamp creatures. We won at the ballot box so we must win again with arms if necessary, like the fore fathers did in 1776 !

    1. granny_forUSA says:


    2. guest says:

      this was the attempt at the ball field. We would be just as bad as that is. dems saw no other choice, are we to be the same? NO, we always have a CHOICE. always a choice, the Israelites were in Egypt four hundred years, WE PRAY to make change, then we submit if we do not have the favor of change, it will not take GOD 400 years this time to end the oppression of wrong doing against HIS people. Look up your redemption draws nigh

      1. GeneP54 says:

        Rolling over and letting our country be destroyed isn’t a wise or prudent choice. With prayer, we need action. “Faith without works is dead.”

        1. wittsend says:

          BUT…we need to PRAY and TRUST God to handle it….If you’re absolutely sure HE (God) has told you to fight now, then do it…BUT WAIT ON HIS ANSWER, before acting!

        2. Kathryn Ross says:

          Gene, Prayer is an act of “Faith” There comes a time, when we need to let go! And let God! Our Savior has already begun the action to save America from the evil it is facing today….Destroying our country….is further destroyed by destroying others…

      2. Kathryn Ross says:

        guest. I have to admit that two wrongs do not make a right…We must win again at the Ballot Box… Knowing what i know today….I will never vote Democrat again. Trump will never be Impeached…. have faith… But in the back of my mind i also have thoughts as to what our fore father’s did in 1776! It is time to take our country back. our freedoms, our values, that have been eliminated by hate from politically correct cowards…..The only one i submit to is to God! and i too believe redemption draws nigh…..

  12. jerry.rebar says:

    Okay, enough is enough.
    Red States announce that you are closing all welfare programs, all food stamp programs all programs for
    people not working.
    That will immediately drive all of the liberal dem bloodsuckers into blue states.
    Close off the borders to the red states, station marksmen at the borders, shoot anything trying to cross, not crossing at a legal place
    Let the liberal dem bloodsucking parasites give handouts to anyone they like.
    Applaud while the scum starve

    1. GeneP54 says:

      I have a better idea…figure the cost to the US of the blue NE states and the 3 on the west coast. Offer that money to Canada (or Mexico, for that matter) to take them off of our hands and annex them. The liberals get their socialistic govt. and we get America back!

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        No ‘simple solutions’ to ‘complex problems’, Gene!! Don’t throw us ‘babies’ out with the ‘dirty bath water’!! LOL Our North Eastern states may come up ‘blue’ on the maps but, honestly, there are a LOT of Trump supporters up here! The very last place I want to live is in a ‘totally’ liberal state!! We’re working to talk some ‘sense’ into people!!

        1. GeneP54 says:

          True. My aplogies to the conservatives in these states, and my most heartfelt and sincere apprecitation to them (and you) for staying the course in a sea of blue! You’re always welcome to come to Texas! 😉

          1. SPECTATOR2017 says:

            It’s our country…All 57 states, and we’re not letting Communists have any of them.
            California is an “illegal alien laundering” state. They bring in illegal aliens, give them Food Stamps, Medicaid, housing subsidies, governments jobs, and driver’s licenses so they can vote. Illegal aliens are now the majority in once-great California.

          2. GeneP54 says:

            lol All 57. I love it!
            Well, California, Oregon, and Washington hate the US , the Constitution, and the US Code so much that I would give the conservatives that ARE there a chance to get out…with incentive, if necessary, and then auction them off to Canada or Mexico… personal relatives, included.
            I’m sorry.. communism/socialism already has these 3 states. Now we’re down to 54, until we discuss the North East. That’s a shame, too, since some of the most beautiful country in the world is in these states.

  13. davesnrakleberger says:

    Mueller is as corrupt as Hillary and Obama and Comey. Fire his ass, Mr. President.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      If Pres Trump did that the ‘left’ would have a ‘field day’!! They would be ‘crowing’ from the roof tops that it was proof that Pres Trump was ‘hiding’ his guilty connections with the investigation!! Wouldn’t be a ‘smart’ move on his part right now!!

  14. John T. Koszalka says:

    Newt is right, with the way the Deep State Works. Mueller as special counsel is a joke. It’s time for the Assist. Attorney General
    to step in, and do his job.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Reading your last ‘comment line’—I had to laugh! Only because all I could think was, it would be the ‘first time’ in a ‘long time’ many of these people have actually ‘done their job!’ This could be a whole ‘new experience’ for many of them!!

  15. Displayguy says:

    And the rinos are still telling Trump not to fire this liberal scum. Sure hope Mr. Trump doesn’t listen to the weasels and fires this piece of work.

    1. GeneP54 says:

      I agree that he should be fired, but that would be political suicide not only for Trump, but for Republicans and Conservatives. He needs to be ousted from within. Make him an offer that he can’t refuse?? The govt. has ways!

  16. Elisha says:

    Haven’t we had more than enough of these “blue ribbon commission”-type operations? Mueller is a fraud, a phony, an interloper, a card-carrying deep state operative. Throw the bum out!

  17. Deborah Pratt says:

    Now that Mueller’s ‘hidden agenda’ has been exposed and is obvious to ‘all’, there must be some method to have him dismissed.

    1. exbobbie says:

      There is, 28 CFR 600.7. Use this law to remove him, it clearly states the the Attn General can remove a Special Council for any violations under this law, one of them being ‘Conflict of Interest’. It is perfectly clear that Mueller’s personal friendship and past association with Comey is a clear case of ‘Conflict of Interest’.

  18. jzandensky says:

    There 75 million of us; 1 of him.
    We will see.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Provided ‘his’ isn’t the ‘only voice’ to be heard!!

  19. GeneP54 says:

    It’s a pity that they didn’t take this kind of care to investigate and oust obama. It’s a completely different world from 9 years ago thanks to him, the liberal media, and the ineffectiveness of Congress to act in favor of our country…notwithstanding the FBI and CIA.

  20. Margaret Heller says:

    Where in the hell is Jeff Sessions in all this? Rosenstein should fire Mueller. Sessions should fire Rosenstein. And Trump should fire Sessions. Trump needs a strong Attorney General, not one who rolled over at the outset of these charges. Sessions recused himself over the “Russian” investigation, not the new allegations. What a disappointment!

    1. GeneP54 says:

      Session’s hands are tied on this. It’s a different department and he has no jurisdiction over it. Sessions had to recuse himself for several reasons and did so rightly. This needs to be handled within and Mueller forced to resign. Then Trump needs to be a bit more careful about who he puts in powerful positions. It seems that he hasn’t learned that when you bed with snakes, you’ll surely be bitten.

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        I agree with you but it is extremely difficult to tell traitor from patriot when they all wear the same ‘suit and ties’!! Some are easier to ‘spot’ than others but it’s the one in the ‘shadows’ that is most dangerous. Washington is all new ‘territory’ for Pres Trump and he’s on a ‘learning curve’. He’s bound to make ‘mistakes’ along the way. The Libs and Dems are totally counting on this as his biggest ‘weakness’!! However, Pres Trump is a very ‘quick learner’ as many of them are finding out!! His intelligence and stamina are what ‘we’ are counting on!!

        1. GeneP54 says:

          I agree, but Trump knows the political leanings of these people. Many of them he’s worked with in the business world, and he always has counsel (if he’d listen to them) to fill him in on the details.
          The biggest problem with Trump in this kind of situation is that he hasn’t learned the difference between how business dealings work and how politics work. Business is ‘I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine’. Politics is ‘I’ll never tell you the truth and always remember that the political system is long-standing and well oiled…don’t mess with the grease’.
          He may be a quick learner, but if he, for example, fires Mueller, he’s done for. So are Republicans and Conservatives. That’s why this needs to be handled internally.

          1. Deborah Pratt says:

            You are absolutely correct, Gene! One ‘false step’ like firing Mueller and the Dems and media would ‘eat him alive’!! I think he’s well aware that politics are a whole ‘other’ game and he needs to know the rules. These people who’ve been in politics for years have an ‘edge’ and he knows it. He’s more cautious than he appears.

            As a matter of fact, this was the basis for one of Hillary’s remarks. She was quite arrogant when she pointed out her ‘experience’ and his ‘lack’ of same. I’m sure she wasn’t expecting us to discover just ‘what’ her ‘experience’ was actually based on, though! LOL

  21. jepressman says:

    Mr. Mueller needs a,”minder,” someone who will investigate this deep state weasel.Please, let’s refer to Mr. Mueller from now on as Javert Mueller…it is accurate.

  22. GeneP54 says:

    One other quick comment: I love Newt! I don’t always agree with him, but I love him and how he has no problem calling a pig, a ‘pig’. Get ’em Newt!

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      I believe the majority of ‘decent’ Americans are now expressing their appreciation for ‘honesty’. It is the ‘fresh wind’ we were hoping for when we voted Pres Trump into office!! I know he’s also searching for the ‘few’ and the ‘honest’ to serve with him. Sifting through all the ‘trash’ to find these people isn’t exactly ‘easy’ or ‘quick’!! Along with the honesty must come courage. Some that would have been honest, decent people seem to lack that quality. These are dangerous times and not for those without courage.

      1. Kathryn Ross says:

        These days are not for the weak minded either…. and that is what the left depends on! President Trump needs more spit images of himself! more Fighters, more winners with the Stamina he has to face 24/7 criticism… I tell you, He has the energy of the Energizer Bunny! never stops fighting for We The People! Never stops fighting for America…..They will never Stop him for he is the “Lion” like David in the Bible….and Daniel also was a Believer!!! who refused to give up his belief in Jesus and was sent to the Lion’s Den.Our Current President Trump speaks the message of “God” Our Savior…He is the Messenger…..He is fighting for America. He will not Fail……Time to fight back for him….

  23. Marijane Ambrogi says:

    Rosenstein needs to fire Mueller. I don’t understand why this is not happening. Trump has been our president for almost 6 months. He should have cleaned house immediately. What is he waiting for?

    1. GeneP54 says:

      That would be Trump’s demise. This needs to be handled smartly and internally.

    2. Kathryn Ross says:

      To Rid the House, the Senate, and the DOJ of obstructionist’s,,,,Obama leftovers are getting in his way to advance his Agenda……. easier said than done….Marijane Ambrogi… when there are traitors amongst you. Look at the positive things Trump has done in just 6 months… he is bringing America back to The People! He is not waiting for anything he is forging on. America is a Battlefield at the moment if you haven’t noticed….. Peace in the Valley, Goodwill to men.

    3. Wondering Woman says:

      No! AG Sessions needs to fire Mueller and Rosenstein, since Rosenstein is probably another new world order puppet. Probably the top 5 in every department are, if not more!

      However if the same person who recommended Jeff Sessions also recommended Rosenstein and Mueller, then Trump needs to fire all three!

  24. SeaDragon says:

    This is jaw dropping surreal to be happening here in America. This is the most tainted, prejudice, bias, disgusting thing the left has done in quite some time. It cannot be tolerated or taken as serious. It is bassackwards tho. We have hard proof of hildabeast, Obama, and his crony administration committing high crimes against the USA and corruption and obstruction, not to mention her high crimes hildabeasts pay to play ( too much to list) and this is what the third or 4th investigation of President Trump ? Also, they are now investigating obstruction when Comey himself TESTIFIED BEFORE THE SENATE there was NO OBSTRUCTION. LMAO

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      I recently read where Pres Trump started ‘tweeting’ just this point!! In those ‘tweets’, he very cleverly shifted the ‘spot-light’ right back to where it ‘belongs’!! Right back on the original ‘crimes’ committed by Obama and Hillary Clinton!! Of course, the media isn’t about to repeat ‘those’ tweets and help shift the public focus back to all this! It doesn’t suit ‘their’ agenda!! Still, the ‘subject’ has been brought up again!! It’s not going away and the public has not ‘forgotten’ in spite of their best efforts.

    2. Wondering Woman says:

      Really??? I thought Waco, Ruby Ridge, OKC bombing, 9/11/2001, fast and furious gun walking, Benghazi, false flag of biological weapon used on Syrian people( Obama was said to be in on planning) all to be dastardly abhorrent criminal acts by the one world global government, aka the new world order. But the worst of these to me isthe children killed in OKC (which both Nichols and McVeigh said they had planned to bomb at night when it would be empty), the children killed in Waco, the child. his mother and his dog killed at Ruby Ridge and all the innocent victimized and traumatized, if not killed children, by the damned pedophiles in the child sex rings over the years

  25. Rodger K. Shull says:

    KICK HIS ASS OF THE INVESTIGATION, he is to one sided, an has BIG CONFLICT of INTERESTS. unless your setting him up, to take a big fall, then if so, please by all means proceed . an GOOD LUCK. put them all in the corner.

    1. Kathryn Ross says:

      Box them in! them back them all up in a corner….. Then, “We The United” need to come out fighting for the one who won the Election, and who is our Commander And Chief!!!! And the tabloids will read:” The United’s Take a stand! and put this country back in perspective again” We want Peace in the Free World once more. We are the Champions my friends…..We won for AMERICA!!!

    2. Wondering Woman says:

      Hopefully a corner of HELL with the one they worship!!!

  26. john says:

    I’m tired of it all. Communist scum of the earth, financed and driven by Jews (earthly satan) will not give up till they win…….I’m ready for the civil war against brain dead communist zombies.Just like the Jew depicted movies…, the zombies are easy to take out

  27. Sa says:

    They work for the worlds dictators of darkness (NWO) and the prince of this world whose bidding they are doing!

  28. Duane says:

    This whole scandal started as Hilly’s excuse for losing the election. Now Mueller is going to find out if any of
    Trump’s associates jaywalked or spit on the sidewalk.

  29. painterkk says:


    1. C. LeSaint says:

      Yeah, why did the spineless Republicans allow this to happen and not vehemently oppose Mueller’s appointment??!!

      1. NoCoincidences says:

        Because they listened to and believed lindsey sgraham and juan mclame characterization of mueller. A serious defect in their questionable actions or non-actions.

  30. Karen McKinnis says:

    A Copy….

    “Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who has been sainted by the establishment, is a longtime and very close friend of Jim Comey’s, the easily “stunned” and “confused” former FBI director. Mueller’s begun hiring members of his investigative team and at least four of them are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton donors.
    Mueller is hiring Democrat donors
    So far Mueller appointed at least four Democrat donorsas prosecutors.
    The National Law Journal reported that Mueller has tapped on a part-time basis Deputy Solicitor General Michael Dreeben, regarded as one of the best government attorneys in the country. Dreeben also donated in 2008 to the Barack Obama PAC and in 2006 to the Hillary Clinton PAC.
    Mueller reportedly hired Andrew Weissmann, head of the fraud section in the DOJ Criminal Division. Weissman led the Enron Task Force from 2002-2005, overseeing the investigations and prosecutions of dozens of individuals including Republican Kenneth Lay.
    Weissman donated six times to PACs for Obama’s presidential campaign as well as the DNC in 2006.
    Jeannie Rhee, former deputy assistant attorney general, donated to the Democratic National Committee as well as campaign PACs Obama in 2008 and 2011, and Clinton’s campaign in 2015 and 2016.
    James Quarles, who worked as an assistant special prosecutor on the Watergate Special Prosecution Force and who also works as an attorney at WilmerHale with Rhee, has a long record of donating to Democratic groups starting in 1987 for the PAC Dukakis for President. In 2016, he donated to Clinton’s PAC Hillary for America.
    Comey leaked a memo to manipulate the investigation
    Former FBI director Jim Comey leaked a memo of a privileged communication with the President to manipulate the administration into appointing a special counsel. He wasn’t interested in investigating leaks because he’s one of the leakers.
    That should end the special counsel but it won’t.
    Comey was interested in having a special counsel who just happens to be his friend Robert Mueller.
    Comey is a very close friend of Robert Mueller’s. For the past 15 years, the two men have been described as “brothers in arms.” Their work together during the controversies over Bush-era terrorist surveillance has been characterized as “deepening a friendship forged in the crucible of the highest levels of the national security apparatus after the 9/11 attacks,” after which the men became “close partners and close allies throughout the years ahead.”
    Jeff Sessions was made to recuse himself but Comey’s friend is acceptable?”

  31. David in MA says:

    Time for Congress to take action, dismiss Mueller and bring charges against the conspirators.

    1. Eleanor Cummings says:

      Congress?? What congress?? Not THIS one!

  32. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Now if Sessions begins another ‘investigation’ into mueller wih no fanfare.

    Monitor all his communications and who he talks to.

    Then when mueller is about announce ‘his findings, have him arrested by US Marshalls and delivered to the nearest Military base for a Military Tribunal to ensure that ‘protective legislation’ does not allow for Justice denied.

  33. donaldbreaux says:

    Not only was it Trumps Job to FIRE Comey and should have been Fired but Comey and Loretta Winch needs to be Criminally Charged!

  34. Wondering Woman says:

    Since 2 former FBI agents have already outed both Mueller and Comey, Trump needs to tell AG Session to immediately begin probe of both Comey & Mueller on several accounts: OKC false flag & connected death of Kenneth Trentadue & 9/11 false flag events and cover ups of both – probable connections to pedophile sex rings and their involvement in plundering and looting of natural resources of public lands and selling them (Bundy & Hammond Ranch cases) & Burns, Ore.ambush in which Lavoy Finicum was killed (Hilllary has been accused of selling uranium from there to Russia and she could not have done this alone without collaboration from Obama, Eric Holder, Jr., Harry Reid and others) – lots of research already available through lawyers for Bundys, Hammonds and other ranchers as well as corrupt federal judges in these cases – probably find rich dirt by including the heads of both the BLM & EPA in these cases. Don’t forget to go after both Clinton’s as OKC as well as Waco, Tx. happened on their watch and both of Obamas for all the crimes during their watch which include “fast & furious” gun walking, death of immigration ranger killed with one of those guns, the Benghazi fiasco and all the lies and cover up, the training and arming of rebel terrorists that morphed into ISIS or ISIL and the continued air dropping of arms and supplies to them after they morphed into ISIS.
    Eric Holder, Jr. was in the department of justice prior to OKC and was assigned to investigate the death of Kenneth Trentadue. Kenneth Trentadue’s brother, Jesse accused him of obstructing investigation in this case. After attention was called to a video of Eric Holder, Jr. interviewing the medical examiner who did the post mortem on Kenneth Trentadue’s remains being among info on the OKC event, it was strangely removed and even stranger was the removal of an allegation that Eric Holder, Jr. had signed papers authorizing the release of explosive materials to Timothy McVeigh. Going another route learned this papers Holder signed went to the FBI, but not to which exact person; however since both Mueller and Comey have been exposed as joined at the hip, if Mueller was director at the time, you can bet they went to Mueller.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP – PLAY IT SMART AND START JEFF SESSIONS INVESTIGATING THE HEADS OF ALL THE DEPARTMENTS IN WASHINGTON,. DC FROM 1960 or prior to the assassination of John F. Kennedy to the end of Obama’s watch. Allegations abound the CIA took him and LBJ was in on it. Now is the time to declassify all information on his assassnation and let the dirt settle.
    It has been alleged JFK caught onto the shadow government and had signed an executive order ending the federal reserve printing our money a few months before he was killed.

    1. C. LeSaint says:

      Please clean up your post it doesn’t make any sense.

      1. dfinch says:

        It absolutely makes sense.

      2. Wondering Woman says:

        It should make sense to those old enough and sane enough to observe what the shadow government has been doing over the years, so if you are lacking in either category, please research each event mentioned instead of asking someone else to explain it to you.

  35. Tins17 says:

    This is a clear and present danger we’re living in real time.
    Globalist, Elitists, Progressives, Liberal agendas will be stopped because ‘We The People’
    will fight you all the way. We win, you lose!

  36. AdjunctGeorge says:

    With the left wing assassination attempt on the congressional Republicans on 14 June 2017, there must be a change in the way that we protect our elected officials. Officials deserve the right to defend themselves. If not for the capital police, many Republican baseball players would have been shot and possibly killed. Local laws keep government officials from having concealed carry permits in many jurisdictions. For those that wish to get the training, I suggest a federal law that allows all federal elected officials have concealed carry permits independent of the local laws.

    1. pemaddin says:

      No laws or rules should ever be made for one group of people. Rules and law are for ALL people not just the DC crowd.

  37. game50 says:

    Mueller should excuse himself from the investigation he’s friends with Comay, and Hillary yes and Hillary tThe man is not honest he’s not going to do the right thing . He needs and should be removed . He should know better, basically this is unfair to President Trump. The left will try anything and everything to try to take the man down. They want PC b******* as usual and Trump says no more . Not going to happen under his watch. That’s why they’re doing what they’re doing to him. He’s going to have them arrested for what they’ve done to the American people . They want to control their lives by not letting them live their lifes. They don’t like it one damn bit that they are being taken down.

    1. GeneP54 says:

      Why was he hired in the first place? It makes no sense to me, unless the ‘apolitical’ Rosenstein knew what he was actually doing. (???)

      1. NoCoincidences says:

        Comey stated that he ‘consulted a friend at Columbia University (leaked) about his alleged memo’s concerning Trump and Comey’s conversations. Comey said he knew it would ‘trigger’ the appointment of a ‘special prosecutor’- enter his mentor/friend and boss/director from the FBI-
        Bob Mueller. Both, owned pawns of Clinton (Hillary) INC.

        1. GeneP54 says:

          Yep. But my question still stands… why was he hired? Rosenstein is supposed to be well respected because he is “apolitical”. Is he in on the fix to take Trump down, as well? Why would Trump allow these people to be hired in their positions? It makes no sense. Rosenstein is the one who hired Mueller.

  38. SPECTATOR2017 says:

    Trump has to be destroyed because he knows about the Deep State surveillance program that targets any American they want to be wire-tapped, followed by airplanes, emails intercepted, and conversations recorded. They were doing it to Trump and he found out and said “I’m being wiretapped!” So now he has to go because too many people will go to jail for violating the rights of Americans if Trump stays.

  39. Frank says:

    Fire him now! Let lefty heads explode, yet again!

  40. Ctaj says:

    Trump needs to come to grips with the fact that the Establishment of both parties aren’t his friends, and the Tea Party-backed Liberty Caucus in the House and the Tea Party Coalition in the Senate are.

    All six of the people on Hodgkinson’s hit list were members of the Liberty Caucus. That’s who the Democrats are most afraid of.

    1. GeneP54 says:

      There are a couple of others, but yes, they are few and far between.

  41. Daniel Spickard says:

    We need to go on the offensive now and take down the Democratic Party for who they are, and disband them for life!

  42. Frederico Ponte says:

    The real reason all the Communist Democratic Liberals like Obama, Clinton, Soros, and all of their dishonorable cohorts are pushing a phony impeachment of our POTUS is because Putin seems to becoming more and more like Reagan’s Gorbachev. Putin is realizing more and more, that Communism as well as Islam are dead styles of government, and totally incompatible with world peace. Day by day Communist China seems to becoming more and more Capitalistic and learning that it is cheaper to be Capitalist than Communist. It’s only a matter of time and the continued leadership of President Donald J. Trump on the world stage that all of the above will come about. All those ballpark shooters should be arrested, tried, and hung, as a lesson to all you Communist Democratic Liberal and Islamic criminals that this country will not tolerate your criminal activities. North Korea is a different story. There, we’re dealing with an ignorant vindictive child whose addicted to his own power and greed, and will be straightened out only when the adults in his government spanks his ass and sends him back to his sandbox. There are a number of governments in the Middle East that are governed by the same child like mentality as that idiot in North Korea. Now, that’s my opinion. ONEFEDUPFED

  43. greyparrot says:

    What we’re experiencing here, folks, is a coup. Something we see happen in countries considered to be “Banana Republics”. Trump is adding some very bright and confident attys to his team and, hopefully, they can bring this to a halt before it gets off the ground. Mueller is the proverbial fox in the hen house.

  44. zizi Newton says:

    All these bad news is just ruining my days and making me furious. Why are there only talks and no action? Can Trump supporters fight back? I am not questioning why the Republicans are not fighting back because most of the Republicans are also Trump’s enemies who want to pull him down as much as the left wing democrats. Why is a legally elected president so isolated and surrounded by enemies and the only things supporters like Newt Gingrich can only talk? Can someone lead a revolt against the swamp? The president declared draining the swamp. But he is now being drawn by the swamp. He said, during his debate that he would ask his attorney general to appoint a special counsel to investigate her. Now he is being investigated for no reason at all. The left wing democrats have the audacity to openly appoint an anti-trump swamp dweller to lead a team of equally anti-trump evil minions of the deep state ringleaders. How can I not be enraged?

  45. Bevo2 says:

    Have comey arrested as well as lynch, clinton, both bill for hill for peddling influence obstruction etc., obama , holder, lerner, and at least 1/2 the Obama admn. for everything from obstruction, lying to congress, refusing to turn over subpoenaed documents.

    Apply sanctions against mexico. Russia is alleged to have meddled with the 2016 election, mexico admitted to sending illegals into the USA to vote, providing instructions on how to vote illegally and money among other things.

    Benny Netanyahu should sue obama and the USA for trying to influence the Israel elections ( Obama admitted to sending USA tax dollars to Benny’s opponent as well as advisors etc.) Trump could plead guilty on behalf of the USA, should be fun!

    The DC cockroaches would be so busy defending themselves against real crimes they wouldn’t have time to create fake news and charges.

    1. NoCoincidences says:

      I am so glad that at least one other person discovered and remembers most all of the underhanded criminal deception 0bozo and his gangstas committed, and continue to involve themselves in with impunity- so far.
      There is no reason 0bozo and his gangstas should not be sitting in prison cells right now, unless, of course, those responsible for upholding their oaths of office were/are willing participants and realize their fate would be the same. Memories are selective and obviously short with respect to 0bozo’s intended deception and destruction of the United States of America. Personally, I have wondered if our ‘elected officials’ are just stupid, willfully ignorant, or knowingly knee-deep in the treasonous actions with 0bozo.
      Thanks for stating what I have gotten tired and frustrated of explaining over and over again to people who seem oblivious and unconcerned about the gravity of the situation the United States is faced with presently because of 0bozo..

  46. US Patriot says:

    Mueller needs to be arrested along with all the rest of the Deep State and be charged with Sedition! This is a crime what they are doing! Sedition is a felony when you are trying to over throw the current Government!

  47. Fortuneless says:

    It appears that Joe McCarthy was right all those years ago.

  48. Koaboy says:

    Fire the basterd

  49. WOW!!! Thanks Newt!!!…. Want to REALLY clean the swamp??? Hire the former House Speaker Mr. President!!!

  50. GrumpyGrandpa says:

    The lack of ethics, the lying and the collusion with MSM is EXACTLY why I hate to see the Democrats in power. They feel they themselves are above the law, do not have to enforce the ones they don’t like and abuse the population with stupid PC and SJ BS.

  51. Glenda Trull Kee says:

    Just fire Mueler and all of his cronies and it will be over. I am sick of all this mess and that is all it is “MESS” and a big one. Get all of the snakes out of politics.

  52. Russell Coleman says:

    I believe it would be a wise and proper time for President Trump to appoint a
    Special Counsel to investigate
    Robert Mueller for his collusion with the Deep State and their plan to remove President Trump and collapse the
    United States.

  53. Palmer says:

    Sessions has to fire Mueller and take over. Can’t trust anyone from the Democratic side to be impartial. Mueller is sneaky and can’t be trusted. Fire them all NOW!

    1. jesse says:

      Right, this admin and the repubs cannot sit idly by and be the leftist’s punching bag, it’s time for them all to grow a set and go on the offensive! If these mentally ill leftist losers want a war, by God, let’s get busy and give em what they want!!

  54. jesse says:

    It’s going to come down to civil war against these treasonous deep state hacks if they try to take down the duly ELECTED POTUS with their false, fabricated fiasco of an investigation! So these guys better think long and hard about their subversive mission and decide if their reputations and the state of the republic is worth it!

    1. SeanM62 says:

      Get real. TrumpelThinSkin is a professional con man and you have been had.

  55. Vassiliki says:

    What is Congress doing about this? They should make Mueller resign and all his crony lawyers he brought in to this witch hunt. I don’t hear a peep from them!

  56. David VanBockel says:

    Let President Trump call for rifles when the national need arises.
    I shall be there. Looking for militia to join at: [email protected]

  57. Camille B says:

    hahahhaha So you think this secret weapon will fly against him ?? You are all crazy. President Trump has Almighty God behind him and basically when you start this secret weapon God will clean your clock and wipe you up with the biggest problems you never knew.
    You basically will be coming against God our creator and you will not win!!
    There is no place to hide from God. He knows your plans and your evil thoughts and no one is big enough to stop what God is going to do and has been doing through Trump.
    Remember how Jacob wrestled with the Lord and lost the fight?
    Remember God Is the Great I AM. He made the world and your actions against President Trump are against God and God will allow the tempters to attack you in ways you never knew were coming. God is not mocked what so ever a man sows that is what he will reap. You will sow destruction and destruction will be coming on you wave after wave He will take you down by the destruction of your flesh and then you will come to your senses and cry out for mercy but it will not stop till you back off and you repent and stop what you are doing and mean it. Or hell will be your destiny. Rejection of Jesus will earn you a one way ticket to Hell. So I am warning you that millions of people are praying for President Trumps to be protected and God to send in His Warrior Angels to surround him Greater is He Jesus then those that are in the world.
    I would never come against God because we are to respect Him.
    Without Faith it is impossible to please God. President Trump has 100’s of people praying around the clock for God to protect him and people are being healed and set free from the devil who is in the minds of those that seek to impeach the President Trump but those who try will be eating the dirt in the road and all the things you try to put on Trump will come back on you 100 fold. God will not stand by and allow you to get in His way.

    1. SeanM62 says:

      Are you on crack cocaine? LSD??

  58. Camille B says:

    Trust in God and pray for President Trump.


  59. jim jones says:

    Owwwwww, THE DEEP STATE!

  60. Constitutionist says:

    Mueller will be exposing his bad ways of following the false investigations by the lib Dems he will be subjected to the same thing they are trying to make false claims witch is a crime as well. This is to put a stall on Trump so he will not be able to get business done in the Government. I hope that proves true as Mueller will be subjected to the same claims they are putting on Trump. From what I see is that Mueller is the wolves in sheep clothing.

  61. SeanM62 says:

    “Deep State?” What happened to “The New World Order” as a boogie man and straw horse? Oh, that’s right – Donald Trump and the Republican Party ARE the New World Order. Time for a new conspiracy theory to scare the right-wing Chicken Little acolytes.

    1. Arizona Don says:

      You mean I guess with borders and other things like laws that have to be obeyed? The old world order and deep state have no borders and ignored most of the laws remember?

      1. SeanM62 says:

        Is there a law that Trump has ever obeyed or a border he, personally, honored unless he couls gain money or advantage from doing so? Any law the Republican Party didn’t scoff if it was in their best interest?

        1. Arizona Don says:

          How long have you been a member of the communist party?

  62. Arizona Don says:

    Obstruction of justice is an extremely difficult thing to prove on a president because of the power he welds. Furthermore, impeaching a president for firing an FBI director will never happen so Mueller is grasping at straws and if that is his goal he will fail.

    It seems to me however, the progressive communists who refer to themselves as democrats do not have the goal of impeaching the president only of keeping him from any and all successes. Limiting him to one term is actually their goal so all this lose talk is just show its the stalling tactic that is actually important.

  63. Margaret Heller says:

    Why don’t people see the political incest between Mueller, Comey and maybe Rosenstein? Mueller should not be heading this investigation. He and Comey atresia joined at the hip and have been for years. Rosenstein in an enabling participant. They all should go. Get to it Trump!

  64. A patriot says:

    comey and Mueller are obstructionist that colluded with the leftist democrats and are corrupt attorneys that want to bring down the American Constitution’s laws with thugery to harm the great president’s agenda and a useless congress that should be sent home for sitting on their brains. congress should be paid at the end of the year based on performance but then we would have more on welfare

  65. USCBIKER says:

    Comey’s nothing less than Mueller’s butt boy! I don’t agree with simply letting these coup attempts dwindle on their own. Trump needs to fire Mueller and begin investigating all the traitors, one by one. But none of this will happen until we deal with the GOP’s RINO traitors who’d happily see the guy who whooped and humiliated them get his. If they don’t repeal and replace Obamacare, as well as tax reform, they’re gonna lose the House in 2018 and Sen. in 2020.

  66. A patriot says:

    put comey and Mueller in prison for obstruction of justice to over throw the executive branch of the government of the united states through lies and deceit. get these criminals out of the American peoples lives. demonocrats belong in hell. hope they get there without our help

  67. Cookie Vranish says:

    Anybody that has been in the Obama administration is no doubt corrupt. A person could not exist in the Obama gang and be honest at the same time! Trump needs to unload Mueller and the Deputy Attorney General ASAP! This is a set up and is likened to having the Fox guard the Chickens!

  68. TorchAndPitchforks says:

    Trump needs to fire that gutless Sessions and that traitor Rosenstein!
    Then, Mueller and Comey can follow the Washington DC time honored tradition of committing suicide by aoutoerotic asphyxiation or by shooting themselves in the back of the head. . . TWICE!

  69. ernldo says:

    Mueller was appointed to keep “something” alive in baseless Trump accusations….mostly because the demotards are the guilty party. They’re all complicit, congressmen, media, leftist judiciary…If they ever run out of phony charges, the new DOJ will begin prosecuting the pigs that defiled America the last eight years, and continue to do so from deep cover. They all need to be rounded up and hanged!!!

  70. Watchdog says:

    The intrigue is everywhere and only until Trump came along was all this treachery revealed.

  71. Elena Bowman says:

    Mueller needs to be fired asap and McCabe as well as the Deputy Attorney General. They are all in the gang that is attempting the impeach Trump. These traitors need to be facing a firing squad!

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