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Shocking Video: Stephen Miller Shut Down This CNN Reporter

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  1. ShooterTutor says:

    I’ve written it before and I’ll write it again, I would take his press credentials away. Basically disinvite him from any more press briefings. To watch Jim Acosta breathe is to watch a complete waste of oxygen, to hear him speak wastes everyones time. What an incredibly ignorant person!

    CNN, be proud, he’s definitely all yours! Why don’t you close your doors and turn out the lights?

    1. Tim Gard says:

      Sorry ShooterTudor, I disagree! He needs to stay there! That way I do not have to articulate the stupidity of CNN fake news, I just say “Watch Jim” and my work is done!! ;-P

    2. ARJAY says:

      “What an incredibly ignorant person!”

      ShooterTutor, I respectfully disagree, an IGNORANT person an become educated. jim acosta is NOT ignorant, he is STUPID!

      STUPID can NEVER be fixed and jim acosta is NOT fixable!!

    3. rosemarienoa says:

      I cant believe Acosta is SO STUPID !!!! He was just rambling on & on to himself, everyone else had tuned him out !!! He’s a disgrace but so are most others on CNN !!!

  2. Bayside GolfClub says:

    The immigration system has become insanely destructive. Opposing logical and sensible reform exposes who the enemies of the American citizenry are. I would happily support an ‘exchange program’ for these America haters, for people who would all but die to come for the opportunity. And they are many.

  3. Chet says:

    I saw that exchange live, Miller did an outstanding job! Hope to see more of him doing WH press briefings. He’s a natural and mopped the floor with Jim, big time…

    1. ONTIME says:

      I wonder how long those teeth marks in that reporter’s butt will be seen????

  4. Ron haymaker says:

    CNN—-Communist News Network Needs to clean their act up before the place becomes a dust bowl.

    1. reggie says:

      Rather see them blow away in the dust and not return.

  5. suesueb says:

    Stephen Miller did a great job shutting down and exposing the ignorance of the CNN “reporter” who obviously is a leftist looking for his very TV show.

  6. MSG Leo says:

    Liberals brains just do not function properly.

    1. nrahat says:

      Yes they do but they just need to get out of the US and go to a country that suits them like say Iran!!!!

  7. Brad Tipton says:

    Why do I find Acosta’s “argument” SO STUPID AND IGNORANT”? Because he is citing a POEM written about the Statue of Liberty as “the law of the land” regarding immigration. Yet, it is a well known fact that LIBTURD PROGRESSORATS are trying to tell us the Second Amendment is no longer valid as the law of the land. News Flash to you idiots, THE SECOND AMENDMENT IS STILL A VALID AMENDMENT TO OUR CONSTITUTION. The poem is not a law, for immigration or anything. It is just a poem!! US laws regarding immigration are on record and clear. We Americans simply want them enforced for the good of our GREAT COUNTRY!!

  8. Rodger K. Shull says:

    an acosta say,s he won the debate, LOL LOL , another fool from the cnn cesspool

  9. Paul Omlor says:

    Stephan Miller crushed Jim on this platform. I think it’s rude when reporters ask a question and then won’t allow the speaker to give an uninterrupted answer, liberals are bad at this. Jim was saying let immigrants in and let them learn English later, sorry but that will not happen most of the time when these people settle in their own communities. CNN reporters need to think before they open their mouths, commonsense goes a long way.

  10. Gary Hull says:

    They should institute a non interruption rule at all these press meetings. A question can be asked and answer given without continual interruption. I would also like to those that cannot abide by this ruling be escorted from room. Some type of penalty could also be used to say prohibit them from returning for a specific time frame. Way too much dis courtesy at this events. Gary

  11. John Milhous says:

    What do you suppose would happen if our so-called “Leaders” finally gained the courage TO SPEAK UP FOR “REAL” AMERICANS, and deported ALL illegals, and ALL alleged refugees, along with ALL of the DISHONEST politicians who are screwing We The People? ….I’ll tell you just a ‘few’ of the things that would happen >>> We (REAL Americans) would have enough money to pay for college tuition for ALL “REAL” Americans, house the homeless, feed the hungry, take care of the elderly, rebuild our infrastructure, help the Veterans in the way they deserve, AND our Great Country would be SAFER THAN IT HAS BEEN IN DECADES! I wonder how many REAL Americans know that the illegal trash coming from Mexico (and a few other countries) are actually “sent” here with instructions describing how to take advantage of our welfare system AND sponge off of the American People’s taxes?? >>> It is true, because illegal scum have been found with just such instructions provided by the (Mexican government, for one) and other governments are suspected of the same thing!!! And, all the while, the lying, deceptive, unscrupulous, damnable-fake-news, liberal media SUPPORTS AND ENCOURAGES all of these criminals (illegal immigration is STILL a crime) to continue to steal from the American tax-payers!! Think about that for a while!!! Oh, and one more thing >>> all of you dumb-ass, so-called “Leaders” who give ‘sanctuary’ to illegals (illegal immigrants are criminals) ARE ALL TRAITORS TO “WE THE PEOPLE”, AND, YOU SHOULD BE DEPORTED WITH THE SCUM ILLEGALS YOU GIVE SANCTUARY TO!

  12. sophie bonner says:

    Acosta, in his arrogance, pushed until Miller flattened him. Then he whined about it. Since the WH always knows what to expect from Acosta they should put him in the back row and refuse to take his questions. He will soon tire of shouting over everyone else and being embarrassed nationally. If he loses his opportunities to make himself the news, he will stop his foolishness.

  13. ONTIME says:

    The WH has decided to make Communist Nations Network it’s whipping post, they have it coming, they are back stabbers and low class when it comes to the objectivity of reporting, they are as low in moral fiber and character as is the NYT……..both need to fade into the sunset……

  14. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    What a jerk Acosta is!

  15. sandy says:

    Bam! How does a foot in the mouth feel JIM? Racist!

  16. barnjoer says:

    How stupid can he get? Why he was not told to just STFU!!

  17. GeneZ says:

    I worked with two people from Nigeria. They spoke perfect English. I also worked with someone from Kenya. He, too, spoke perfect English. I now work with someone from Cameroon…He speaks perfect English. And, I also work with someone from Ghana…. once more..perfect English. All legal immigration. If we let just anybody in, without English speaking, and unskilled? They will most likely lose their jobs to robots in the not to distant future. Why import future unemployment?

  18. vetteguy08 says:

    Perhaps Mr. Acosta needs to learn history. Perhaps he needs to learn what happened when European Jews tried to come to this country in the late 1930’s to avoid Hitler and were turned away by the liberal Democrat FDR administration because of the quotas on immigration they wouldn’t change even under those circumstances. The Communist News Network needs to hire people that know history. Remember those of us that don’t know our history are doomed to relive it.

  19. Alleged Comment says:


    Adult male (Miller) argues with adult child!! Absolutely SHOCKING!!

  20. phillip M. Freeman says:

    I think Jim Acosta should be barred from the White House news briefs because he has
    always been nothing but a wise_a– (thinks he is well versed on all subject matter)
    put him in the same crowd as Anderson Cooper and Blitzer, Ruhle, Tapper, Cuomo,
    Maddow, O’Donnell, ad_finite vomit

  21. ARJAY says:

    Jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, you are a complete moron, STUPID, idiot!

    jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, you DO realize that that poem the statue of Liberty is holding IS NOT IMMIGRATION LAW, don’t you?

    jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, jim, I can’t fix stupid!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. ARJAY says:

    A year or two ago, in Grand Rapids, MI, a man became a US citizen after living here for 25 years, THAT’S TWENTY FIVE YEARS, and had to have his granddaughter INTERPRET for him!!

    In 25 years HE LEARNED NO ENGLISH!!!! Not even a MINIMAL amount of functional English!

    Learn English BEFORE you come here LEGALLY and almost ALL will welcome you here. It shows that you REALLY want to become a USEFUL Citizen and assimilate to our culture!

  23. ADRoberts says:

    Remove Accosta from the Press room. He continued the entire time to interrupt and refused to allow a response. It was more of a SPEECH from the duffus who did not want an answer, but wanted to make a statement.
    He is NOT a journalist. He is an anti-American radical liberal.

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