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Talk Show Host Dropped A Bombshell About The Secret Force Behind The Plot To Stop Trump

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  1. William toxic says:

    It is time for a third party,,, the America first party. Screw the establishment Republicans and Democrats. I will not vote for either again! I will vote Trump again!!!

    1. Rodger K. Shull says:

      I agree, THE AMERICAN INDEPENDENT CONSERVATIVES PARTY , like I was brought to be to this day, you vote for the person not the party, on their merit, an not their BULLS**T PROMISES .

      1. Oren Player says:

        We need young conservatives to run with a third party with nothing but conservative values. It may take awhile to take control of the Congress but if we don’t, the two parties will destroy what is left of this country. We need to start this time, 2018, with the effort to vote out EVERYONE. Now is the time to start.

        1. Force Recon says:

          TRY FINDING young conservatives. Most young people are brainless and remain that way the rest of their life And college (what a joke) only serves to further indoctrinate them in Demorrhoidic Leftopathic Corruptocratic Lieberalism

          1. Oren Player says:

            They’re out there. Some schools have Young Republicans Clubs. They have to hid, but they are there. They need to be cultivated and assisted in running for state offices. We need to start with the states and if possible national. But we absolutely must start now. The Democrats and Republicans are nothing more than private clubs who want to keep everything as is and drain the middle class that remains, beat down and impoverish the minorities to maintain the welfare dependent population. Neither party deserves our trust nor support. We have to come up with an alternative.

          2. Millard Huff says:

            Damn you got that right.

          3. DonnaDonnaTwo says:

            He did say most…Liberty University and Hillsdale U are good but are overflowing. We need many more like those.

          4. ADRoberts says:

            You want to win. Obey II Chronicles 7:14.

          5. Hollywood lost says:

            we need young anything but a Collage trained idiot

          6. ADRoberts says:

            There are THREE things involved. 1 Intelligence —– the ability to learn 2. Education — the gathering of knowledge from all kinds of sources. 3. Wisdom —– the discernment to determine what works and what God is doing in our life.
            You focus on Education. I don’t believe that is the important thing.
            What is important is WISDOM.
            And according to the Book of James, it is not that difficulty to get it.

          7. Tim Gard says:

            Not all my friend …

          8. DonnaDonnaTwo says:

            True, but he did say “most”. You would agree with that, right? We do have a couple of good Conservative colleges….Christian ones that turn out decent humans.

          9. Force Recon says:

            Again see my comment to Tim

          10. ADRoberts says:

            Read what happened when Elijah complained to God just about the same as you have complained. HE, (God) had reserved 7000 who had not sold their souls. Now trust HIM and do the best you can.
            YOU have the ability to make a difference.

          11. Force Recon says:

            Maybe but not nearly enough to negate or reverse the stupidity inherent in today’s society

          12. ADRoberts says:

            In the power of human beings, we will be lost. This is certainly a situation where we deal with “principalities and powers.” Time to go to THE MAN.
            First obey II Chronicles 7:14. Then as backup, memorize and believe John 14:1-3

          13. Brad Tipton says:

            Check out the GOOD technical colleges and schools. Entirely different class of students. They are overlooked by all news media. My Son and myself are two good examples.

          14. Force Recon says:

            Brad Unfortunately (in my case) I needed that sheepskin from an accredited university However when I attended college (MIT) things weren’t as (for the lack of more sophisticated diction) “F”ed up as they are now. Back then although not up to earlier standards one could receive a “quality” education. I don’t believe there are less than a handful that could make that claim.

            When I was in business I availed myself of “technical graduates” who were often more down to earth than the “college boys and girls” they certainly didn’t have the “hey look at me” attitude they actually performed AND were promoted

            SO KUDOS to you and your son for your ability to provide something tangible for society

          15. ADRoberts says:

            Your background is perfect for a person to LEAD in the start of a THIRD PARTY. You have what it takes. And I bet you network well.
            Sir: It is now up to you. It only takes ONE person who will STAND IN THE GAP.

          16. Force Recon says:

            Why is it up to me??? I have had my time in hell and it is time for you “younger people” to take the baton and run with it. I am older than dirt and although I might have the necessary credentials I do not have the necessary mindset to seek notoriety nor do want to put my family in peril I was once involved in politics and know that politics is an extremely dirty and often deadly business

          17. ADRoberts says:

            You are still alive.
            You have great influence.
            Want to know how old Joshua was when he took over
            Want to know how old Elijah was when he took a stand
            Want to QUIT? Go ahead. But it remains. YOU are one who can make a difference And if you PUNT, you need to STOP talking. Talk is cheap. YOU need to use your abilities. God gave them to you. IF he does not bless you, it will not go anywhere.
            You have no excuses.

          18. Force Recon says:

            One thing you should know I don’t quit never have otherwise I would be dead, Secondly I have already served (several times in fact) Thirdly I don’t consider anyone much of a man who only suggests others do what they should. Lastly you should follow your own advice and not rank on those of us who have already spent our time in the like of fire

          19. Betty Anthony says:

            Guess I am lucky my grandsons did not go to college. They would never vote Democrat.

          20. Force Recon says:

            I don’t believe in luck. I have never voted for a Demorrhoid However my deceased father has but didn’t when he was alive.

            I view everything I have experienced learned and accomplished as nothing to do with luck. Everything I do or have done is/was a conscious decision no luck involved!!!

          21. ADRoberts says:

            You might want to consider adding to that the intervention of God to those who obey II Chronicles 7:14
            Do you doubt? Then look up King Hezekiah and see what he did to CHANGE THE MIND OF GOD.

          22. Force Recon says:

            You are preaching to the Choir However God intervenes when HE wants to intervene and our day will come No one can EVER change God’s mind to be able to do that one needs to be greater than God do you know of any who are?

            I didn’t think so

          23. ADRoberts says:

            Not every one who goes to college buys the junk the liberals put out.

          24. 8_patriot_9 says:

            Schools and Colleges indoctrinate the young ones into Communism and Nazism. Those are the people who were attacking Cops, Burning Cars, rioting and robbing businesses after Trump won the election. They were mad because Hillary couldn’t sell anymore of our Uranium to Russia. They wanted her to keep arming ISIS and the Taliban to kill Americans.

          25. Force Recon says:

            This has been occurring since the mid 60’s when the government and teacher’s unions took over public education. Political opinions if left unquestioned are the reason America ALMOST went under the past eight years and the reason for unchecked illegal invasion the rise in Radical Islamic terrorism more people on welfare and food stamps than are working the reason businesses are outsourcing over seas and the rise of stupidity

            Sadly our lieberal “friends” are products of socialist liberal progressive one dimensional regressive hypocritical politically correct lieberal idiot-ological indoctrination camps that masquerade as public schools inculcating our youth instead of instructing them on what they need to know to be productive and responsible citizens.

            According to the Demorrhoidic Leftopathic Corruptocratic Lieberals all we need to know is contained within those walls where they brainwash those who are most impressionable, the age of five through eighteen in what the government wants them to know. These perfect little automatons are devoid of all essential knowledge and awareness and ready to do the government’s bidding

            Illiteracy doesn’t only affect the minorities but most everyone else as well. Since the government takeover of the education system our children have become products of the socialist one dimensional regressive hypocritical politically correct lieberal idiot-ological indoctrination camps that masquerade as public schools producing functionally illiterate dependent on government and their Propaganda Agency the Lame Stream Media (LSM) and are devoid of common sense morals ethics personal responsibility and are intellectually bankrupt

          26. ADRoberts says:

            1, Find God. Give yourself to Him
            2. Put your efforts to work See what you can do when you submit your life to him and let HIM bless you.

          27. ADRoberts says:

            II Chronicles 7:14, will counter all of that. Note that the ONLY ones who qualify for this promise are “those called by My Name”. Seculars need not try.

          28. ivca56 says:

            You have to search the middle of the USA. Thanks god we still have some young people who get it! Not many but they are there!

          29. Force Recon says:

            Still EVERYONE thinks you need a degree from a “BIG NAME University” where the NON-EDUCATION is forced down kid’s throats ad $5K/year. The way I see it REAL education is acquired at smaller universities. I do not need a “Harvard” law degree in fact anyone with a Law degree is persona non grata

          30. ADRoberts says:

            Here is the answer. You build a 60 million voter base, ONE PERSON AT A TIME.
            And it starts with YOU. Don’t look to the young. Don’t look at others who now have position. Do it yourself. IF God will bless you, you can succeed. For sure, NO ONE will succeed if no one tries.

          31. Force Recon says:

            Mr. Roberts I believe that has already been done It wound up being the DNC who will only exist because the party promises them “gifts” Largesse from the Public Treasury. From that moment on the majority will always vote for the Candidates promising the most benefits from the aforementioned Public Treasury

          32. ADRoberts says:

            II Chronicles 7:14 has never been canceled.
            And it has been quite some time since our nation has been able to say they followed God.
            Again, I point to Hezekiah. All it took was humbling himself before God and repenting.
            You want to claim TOO OLD? You are not dead Therefore you are still in play.

        2. ADRoberts says:

          Too many people out there who are COWARDS. They are so terrified of the Perot effect that they will NEVER step out and take a stand. They will die in slavery rather than risk actually doing what might win.That is precisely why the Tea Party will not step up. Cowards, who pretend to oppose and yet leave themselves in submission to the Establishment Republicans who continue to dominate them. Want to hear them cry. Just mention calling on Sarah Palin to lead a third party. Not that she would. They got to her just before she was to register for the 2012.

      2. Pattie Kelly says:

        I like your idea too keep me in the loop

        1. Force Recon says:

          I’m here all you need to do is look for me!!!

        2. Rodger K. Shull says:

          Well not sure I had a loop, but you are more than welcome to join in. An Thank You, I,ll try my best, to do just that. GOD BLESS

      3. ADRoberts says:

        I have called for a third party for some time. But I called my idea Christian Tea Party.
        Christian because they are the LARGEST minority in a nation of minorities Tea party because they are the group that rebelled most effectively against the Republicans. And for those of you who object to “Christian”, you are just liberals in disquise who will cater to a veru. very small group who, like muslims, HATE Christians and want to silence their very large numbers.
        How is it that liberals can form alliances of very different and evil groups but those who call themselves conservatives reject any other conservatives.

      1. Pattie Kelly says:

        You are not alone

    2. Force Recon says:

      It’s time for a third party all right THE COMMON SENSE PARTY


      1. Carol Line says:

        More divisions will only break us apart further! Vote out the moderates and the RINOS

        1. Force Recon says:

          I don’t think there is any hope of that because people are creatures of habit and don’t like change. What is needed is another revolution as The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure. ” so says Thomas Jefferson

          1. Carol Line says:

            Luke 11:17, 12:52, Matthew 12:25, and Mark 3:25 all point with similar verbage, “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand”. I trust God’s word penned through them more than the adullturios and cheaty Jefferson. Beside one must think carefully about someone sugesting spilling blood or a revelution is the answer because that sounds like someone trying to cause trouble. Are you an ISIS memember, a RINO, or a democrat?

          2. Force Recon says:

            I am a FISCAL Conservative and a CONSTITUTIONALIST
            I am a LEGAL immigrant and Naturalized United States Citizen. In 1943 our family for political reasons had to flee Germany or face execution ( a real no brainer) I grew up in the 50’s enlisted in the armed forces in 1960 I have known what semi freedom was as well as total tyranny. What I am seeing today is nearly the same political attitude as was exuded by the Nazi party in the late 30.s until we left Germany

            Something for you to ponder — Man is not free unless government is limited. – Ronald Reagan Our revolution ensued because of too much government involvement in people’s lives

            Here are two videos one is less than a minute and part of the longer video I suggest you watch and PAY ATTENTION!!!

            WE THE PEOPLE

      2. Sue Bird says:

        we must get all the commies who work against america out of office every chance we get. they are becoming rich off our backs and only want to hear from us when they are running again. lets get as many out in 2018 that we can

        1. Force Recon says:

          Yes but talk is just talk we need people to act instead of talk

      3. LarryMH47 says:

        I call them DemoPublicans.

        1. Force Recon says:

          Call them anything you like I’ll stick with what I label them as

    3. jackhy says:

      William: I don’t think a new 3d party would work (the 1st time around, which is too risky). The GOP chair, and leadership should consolidate party support and apply back room pressure on these RINO rogues to either get on board or lose their seats in 2018. However that is too far away, so something more drastic has to take place to derail these traitors now and the Trump/Pence with close-in advisors like Gorka, Gingrich, & others must be able to craft a plan to oust them ASAP!

      1. granny_forUSA says:


    4. Dexter L. Wilson says:

      And you want the Democrats to control both houses and the President? No, but get involved on the grassroots level of the Republican Party. There are precinct meetings after primaries, there are precinct chairs, find out who yours is for your area. Contact and find out where your County chair stands. Campaign for those persons whom you know who are for your ideals. When the Christian Coalition visited churches, my wife and I learned how to get involved on the grass roots level back in the 80’s. Learn how your Republican party works and support really conservative Christian Candidates. Have you noticed how conservative Texas is. That is what happened here. Christian got involved on the Grassroots level and became salt and light. Your turn, get involved. If you live in the states where MCCain, Collins, Merkowsky, and Graham are your Senators, find Christian and conservative candidates to run against them by getting involved first in your precinct. Then get elected to go to your County convention, then to your state convention. Get involved. Ted Cruz is a strong Christian and his father was a Pastor who was imprisoned for his faith in Cuba. Find those with character and remove those who do not have character.

    5. Judith Mahar says:

      I have been waiting years for someone to say this. I have believed we need the “American” Party since it was prophesied in 2010 by Kim Clement. God says it is going to be established. This party needs to be made of people who believe in American values and the constitution. All congressmen should have to take a test on the constitution. Most people do not know what it says. Study of the constitution needs to be implemented in every school curriculum.

      1. Force Recon says:

        Judith I don’t know how old you are I would guess no older than 50 Because at one time OUR Constitution along with Government and Civics was taught in public school. This all ceased once the the government took over public schools and allowed the teacher’s unions to dictate what they will teach

        Sadly most Americans are products of socialist liberal progressive one dimensional regressive hypocritical politically correct lieberal idiot-ological indoctrination camps that masquerade as public schools inculcating our youth instead of instructing them on what they need to know to be productive and responsible citizens.

        According to the Government all we need to know is contained within those walls where they brainwash those who are most impressionable, the age of five through eighteen (and beyond in those so called institutions of “higher learning”) in what the government wants them to know. These perfect little automatons are devoid of all essential knowledge and awareness and ready to do the government’s bidding

        Illiteracy doesn’t only affect the minorities but most everyone else as well. The following is the true definition of a pampered, self indulgent college-educated idiot. They exist in the make-believe world of the campus, and have no idea of what people in the real world do or endure.

        Their total lack of common sense shows just exactly why today’s college diploma would be better used for toilet paper. All today’s diploma shows that one has learned/knows how to scam the system, and not that they know how to tie their shoes…without help…. It’s too bad the military draft was abolished as a stint in basic training would do wonders for their understanding of reality.

        1. Pattie Kelly says:

          AMEN and another BIG AMEN

          1. Force Recon says:

            Pattie My parents and I came to America in 1943 as asylum seekers. My father was murdered a few years after we arrived and never got the chance to be an American Citizen That was hid dream. I was able to be Naturalized but only after having to pass a “Citizenship Exam” consisting of American History Government Civics and all documents from the Mayflower Compact through the Monroe Doctrine with heavy emphasis on OUR Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

            I believe that every high school student should have to pass the citizenship exam before they graduate ( I can literally hear the lieberals screaming at the idea) Our nation would be more free ans stronger if everyone knew the rule of law and the common core that was supposed to have made us a Federal Republic and “The United States of America” as opposed to the Demorrhoidic Leftopathic Corruptocratic Socialist mess we have morphed into

          2. Oren Player says:

            Welcome to the US Force. By the way, I was in Chu Lai, ’68.

          3. Force Recon says:

            Thank you but I believe I arrived a bit before you were born USMC 1960 through 1974 Served three consecutive combat tours from 1965 through 1968 Spent most of my time outside South Vietnam in Laos Cambodia North Vietnam and China Can’t say much more than that

          4. Hollywood lost says:

            My brother was there in 68 Agent orange got him in 2014

          5. Pattie Kelly says:

            I can relate to your story my Grandparents came to America thru Ellis Island in 1901 from Croatia and they were escaping the war there. So they settled in Minnesota where most of the refugees were sent almost all with the same last name. My Grandfather could speak fluent English and Croatian so he got a supervisor position working in the Iron Ore mines because he could speak to the bosses in English and speak to the workers in Croatian. My Father came from a family of 12 children, 2 cousins and one border raised in a 5 bedroom farm house. Yes there was a farm thrown in there too. Both of my Grandparents became citizens I have their paperwork. And they lived and worked the mines and my Grandmother would have a new baby in the morning hand it over to the oldest daughter and then be in her vegetable garden a couple hours later. These are the kinds of immigrants we want in America. Not the illegal ones that come here and straight to welfare where they stay. If Americans really knew how much it costs the US taxpayers in welfare payments we would be in shock. People who are single and well enough to work should NEVER be on welfare. That just creates a demographic of lazy people living off someone elses’ dime.

          6. Force Recon says:

            It would certainly be nice for a face to face with you I certainly agree with your philosophy in immigrants (and suspect on many other subjects as well)

            Of my family I am the only person still alive to report on such atrocities having seen my grandparents cousins and such lined up in the street and summarily executed.
            I can bear witness to similar atrocities perpetrated on other families in our village Although I was a young boy of six I vividly remember the circumstances and cause of this behavior of the Gestapo. All one needed to do is disagree with the Nazi Party to guarantee a visit by the SS or Gestapo.

            My father was an industrialist who manufactured electronic communications equipment. The Wehrmacht demanded he provide equipment to the Luftwaffe and Army and join the Nazi Party.

            His refusal meant we had to flee Germany and seek asylum in the US. The year was 1943 and it took nearly a year to finally arrive at Ellis Island. During this year we at times fought with the French resistance. I remember hiding by day and traveling at night carrying ammunition and explosives. All this for safe passage over the Pyrenees into Spain then to America

            I have issues with those who believe they know everything on immigration and are not ashamed to let me know it.. I am often labeled stupid or ignorant., and I am OK with it As I could care less if they agree with me as I cannot force them to be right.

            So there are times when it becomes necessary for one to speak up and attempt to introduce our lieberal “friends to reality, and I take EVERY opportunity to do so. Their piety in all matters demonstrates they need a huge dose of reality. Our lieberal friends consider us to be in need of psychiatric assistance and often like to think that I am ignorant, when telling them it is they who have issues.

            Well maybe I am a bit ignorant, ignorance simply means that one hasn’t been taught or introduced to a subject. Granted I am not the smartest individual on the planet and never claimed such However before they deem themselves to be of superior intellect they might want to consider my modest pedigree as well as a little bit of my humble background.

            As you are aware I am a LEGAL immigrant. I finished High School in the 50’s before the government takeover of the education system which is nothing but inculcation for government propaganda.

            After graduating High school I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps., served three consecutive combat tours in Southeast Asia I separated as a Lt.Col. Along the way I was able to earn doctorate degrees in three separate engineering disciplines from a well known technical institute located in Cambridge MA., as well as earning an MBA from a prominent west coast university.

            You also know I subsequently became a Naturalized United States Citizen. I was able to parlay my education which allowed me to form my own engineering firm conducting commerce on six continents while employing up to 120 individuals.

          7. Pattie Kelly says:

            Force first off I want to thank you for your sacrifice serving in the United States Military. My Dad joined the Navy and was on the USS New Jersey Battleship and was a gunner’s mate. He fought during WWII. So I have great respect for anyone who serves in the military, police force, etc. I recently learned the New Jersey was the most decorated Battleship in the Navy during the war. It was out of commission for a long time then President Ragen re-commissioned it and I watch it as it hit water and cried. But your story is one of incredible courage. And what you saw and lived thru one can only imagine the horror of it all. But you took your life and made something of it. You know my parents taught me you can be a “A” honor roll student and be the dumbest person in the room if you don’t have “common sense”. That was my sister she was a high honor roll student but had no common sense and took her life were she could of been anything she wanted and thru it away because of poor decisions. So I feel you are very intelligent and even so I learned it’s OK to be a “C” student a lot of famous people were “C” student. Heck Albert Einstein was kicked out of school for challenging his teachers all the time. He was too intelligent for them and it caused friction PLUS he had common sense as well. He had a very hard life. But his famous quote that I love is
            “The Definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. And that is how I see our government and how they can’t handle Trump because he broke the mold. Great story of courage and survival and comment back anytime.

          8. Force Recon says:

            Pattie Those Battle-wagons your father served on in my opinion were the most beautiful powerful and underutilized ships in the Navy While in service I was able to board several ships The New Jersey was one I absolutely fell in love with.

            I certainly agree with you on common sense. I know several colleagues who are highly intelligent who haven’t an IOTA of common sense

            I have a couple favorite quotes from Einstein:
            “There is a limit to genius and none on stupidity”

            “Two things are infinite the universe and human stupidity….and I am not so sure about the universe”

          9. Sue Bird says:

            yes we dont want the ones that feel americal owes them something and gives us the finger when they don’t get their welfare fast enough

          10. Pattie Kelly says:

            I am so glad we agree. 🙂

          11. tinker1 says:

            HEAR, HEAR!

          12. Force Recon says:

            Yes I “hear” you

        2. Judith Mahar says:

          Thank you for the comment. I am over 50 and was not ever taught the constitution. Was raised in California. Am seriously patriotic though and for Trump. Here is a long article that is worth the read. Just received it today.

          The Big Picture

          AWANGATE: A CIA Black Operation that Used Pakistan’s ISI to Do the Dirty Work While MOSSAD’s Inside Woman Directs

          This is an excellent commentary on the imploding
          Wasserman-Shultz/Awan scandal, and fleshes the story out significantly.
          The fact that people like DWS are still part of a government after all
          this is astounding. Is this acceptable to her Florida constituents?
          Apparently it is. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

          Thanks, L, for the share. There are many live hyperlinks in the
          original article which I didn’t include here so please see the source
          link for background articles on this story. ~ BP

          AWANGATE: A CIA Black Operation that Used Pakistan’s ISI to Do the Dirty Work While MOSSAD’s Inside Woman Directs

          August 3, 2017

          Deepening House Scandal Guaranteed to Bring Down Democratic Party… Before It Destroys the GOP

          Mainstream media ignores unparalleled Democrat

          corruption while fixating on fake ‘Russia collusion’

          State of the Nation

          Were the Awan brothers really gathering intelligence for
          Pakistan’s ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence)? And was the ISI on secret
          contract with the C.I.A.?

          The ever-unfolding scandal known as Awangate can only be understood
          by viewing it through the lens of the international collusion that
          routinely takes place. Only in this way can the agents of Deep State be
          legally sequestered from investigation, prosecution and/or
          incarceration. Except that Imran Awan did not get away quickly enough to
          be shielded from the consequences of such a heavy conspiracy.

          It’s often been stated by experienced investigators that the ISI
          played a central role in the false flag terror attack on 9/11/01. As a
          matter of fact, ISI fingerprints have been found on many terrorist
          bombings and political scandals over the years in nations far from
          Pakistan. There are specific reasons for this which the active Awan case
          clearly illustrates.

          Special Note:

          What the nation is now experiencing is a full-blown C.I.A. black
          operation. The U.S. Intelligence Community knows that the purposefully
          planted ISI espionage cell (i.e. Awan brothers et al.) has been outed.
          These black ops are routinely executed in any country that is about to
          become the victim of a full-scale color revolution (now known as the
          ongoing Purple Revolution). Everything about Awangate smacks of the
          CIA’s well-known MO—contract out the most precarious espionage work to
          foreign intelligence agencies (e.g. ISI) so that the C.I.A. possesses
          plausible deniability should the op be exposed. Now that this critical
          piece of the CIA’s unlawful surveillance of the US Congress has been
          revealed, The Company is desperate to quash an investigation any way
          they can. This is why the fabricated “Russia collusion” story simply
          won’t die, and seems to get even bigger with each bogus non-story.
          Because the C.I.A. literally owns and operates every major MSM organ of
          propaganda, they completely control this utterly fake narrative.
          However, given the CIA’s flagrant criminality in spying on Congress
          utilizing foreign intelligence agencies, they will not – cannot – relent
          in pushing the many transparent falsehoods about ‘Russia hacking’, etc.
          The Company (as the C.I.A. is known within intelligence circles) knows
          that it would go bankrupt in a day and night should the true back story
          be widely disclosed about Awangate.

          Fired DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz

          All the evidence points directly to fired DNC Chairwoman Debbie
          Wasserman Schultz as the CIA’s point-person in this ongoing crime spree
          perpetrated in collaboration with Pakistani brothers Imran, Abid, Jamal
          Awan, as well as their ISI associates. Remember those three names.
          However, it’s Rep. Wasserman Schultz who is the CIA’s pivotal inside
          agent for this seditious operation.

          Who does not know that Wasserman Schultz was the DNC Chair during the
          totally corrupted Democratic primary? The highly incriminating leaked
          emails from that extremely sordid period of US presidential history
          speaks volumes about the lack of ethics exhibited by the disgraced

          What’s quite shocking is the degree of naked criminality that
          Wasserman Schultz boldly displays even to this very day. It’s as though
          she has a power standing behind her that permits her to act with utter
          impunity. The American people have never witnessed such sheer audacity
          and chutzpah where it concerns treasonous conduct. As follows: Corrupt Debbie Wasserman Schultz Threatens Capitol Police Chief

          Exact moment when Debbie Wasserman-Schultz threatens DC police chief
          with “consequences” for not returning DNC laptop in Imran Awan

          Awan brothers “had access to the emails of every member of Congress”

          Judge Napolitano of FOX News has recently reported that “Imran Awan
          reportedly sold information to still unknown parties, which the FBI is
          currently investigating”.

          Napolitano: He was arrested for some financial crime – that’s the tip
          of the iceberg. The real allegation against him is that he had access
          to the emails of every member of Congress and he sold what he found in
          there. What did he sell, and to whom did he sell it? That’s what the FBI
          wants to know. This may be a very, very serious national security

          (Source: Judge Napolitano: Awans Had Access To Email Of Every Member Of Congress, Sold Information)

          In the wake of these security breaches and legal problems for Imran
          Khan, he is now “frantically” selling off his real estate as he [tried
          to] moves back to Pakistan. His wife — Hina Alvi — has apparently
          preceded him in their relocation back to their homeland after a criminal
          investigation was initiated against her husband. Perhaps the following
          investigative report excerpt and this FBI affidavit explain why she left
          in such a hurry.

          Imran Awan, a congressional aide arrested by the FBI after wiring
          $300,000 to Pakistan and misrepresenting the purpose, had previously
          wired money to the country and was frantically liquidating multiple real
          estate properties on the day he was arrested, The Daily Caller News
          Foundation Investigative Group has learned.

          Imran’s real estate properties provide a source of money that could
          be sent directly to Pakistan when two upcoming home sales close.
          Prosecutors have since filed paperwork saying they fear “the dissipation
          of the proceeds of the fraud and destruction of evidence in other

          Imran was arrested July 24 — four months after the FBI says his wife
          Hina Alvi moved to Pakistan after learning the family was the subject of
          a criminal investigation into their work as IT administrators for House

          (Source: Wasserman Schultz Aide In Pakistan Still Liquidating Assets In US)

          Who gave the 3 Pakistanis brothers digital access to so much sensitive data and classified information in the first place?

          That, is truly the $64,000 question here. Not only was Wasserman
          Schultz instrumental in the hiring of the Awan brothers, she kept them
          on as congressional IT consultants well after they were the subjects of a
          “national security-oriented” FBI criminal investigation. The Florida
          rep only fired Imran Awan after he was formally arrested at the airport
          attempting to flee the USA. Wasserman Schultz IT aide arrested trying to leave the country

          Wasserman Schultz quite suspiciously continued to pay Awan even after
          he was a prime suspect in the theft of House computers. Wasserman
          Schultz kept paying tech expert suspected of stealing House computers

          Why this same IT worker smashed the hard drives only further lends
          credence to an espionage operation which had to be overseen by the
          C.I.A. It was the FBI that found and retrieved the damaged drives, but
          given that agency’s dismal record, it appears this was done to maintain
          the secrecy of the black op, not to prosecute the traitors for the real
          crimes. FBI Investigating Smashed Hard Drives Retrieved from Wasserman Schultz’s Pakistani-Born IT Worker’s Home

          Curious Response of the Democratic Party

          What has been very strange throughout this multi-month
          CIA-coordinated crime wave is the complete lack of response by any
          Democratic member of either the House or Senate. Given the profound
          compromise of private communications sent to and fro within Congress,
          one would think everyone involved would be demanding investigations and
          resignations. The rather muted reaction by the Republican side also
          gives reason to believe that this black op is controlled at the very top
          of the D.C. power structure.

          How many Democratic lawmakers are involved?

          According to Rosiak, the family members worked for at least 80 House
          Democrats in their decade-plus on the Hill. Though Wasserman Schultz is
          certainly the highest-profile House member ensnared in the scandal and
          did herself no favors by keeping Awan on her payroll long after everyone
          else canned him, she’s far from the only lawmaker who could have been
          the target of data theft or, as Rosiak claimed in a later story,
          blackmail. The Daily Caller released a handy chart showing how many
          other Democrats were tied to the Awans: The list includes South
          Florida’s Ted Deutch and Frederica Wilson, and Lois Frankel.

          (Source: Wasserman Schultz’s IT Scandal Only Gets Bigger By The Day)

          Furthermore, that Awan retained an attorney long associated with the
          Clintons is of particular interest. Why else would the Democrats do so
          much to protect an ISI agent and transparent cyber-criminal unless there
          was much more at risk than meets the eye? Arrested DNC Staffer Awan Retains Long-Time Clinton Associate For Legal Help

          The longer this saga continues, the more is breaking out in the open.
          Slowly but surely, more investigative journalists are looking more
          deeply into the many unprecedented irregularities and extraordinary
          lapses in this episode of congressional security breaches. However, no
          matter who is doing the investigating, everyone seems to hit a wall.
          There is an inexplicable info blackout beyond a certain depth of crucial
          research. That’s how the CIA controls all of their black ops.

          To be sure, the tale is a strange one with plenty of unsavory links.
          Thirty-seven-year-old Awan, as well as his wife and two brothers Abid
          and Jamal, worked as IT administrators for [numerous] congressmen, all
          Democrats, including former Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie
          Wasserman-Schultz. They did not have security clearances and it is not
          even certain that they were in any way checked out before being hired.
          At one point, they brought into the House as a colleague one Rao Abbas,
          someone to whom they owed money and who might have had no qualifications
          at all to work IT. Abbas wound up working in the office of Rep. Patrick
          Murphy, who was at the time a member of the House Intelligence
          Committee, as well as for Rep. Theo Deutch. He was paid $250,000.

          (Source: The Strange Case of Imran Awan)

          Everything speaks to Rep. Wasserman Schultz being a stone-cold MOSSAD
          agent. If she’s not a card-carrying agent, then certainly she is an
          exceedingly loyal sayanim. To date she has shown an unusual recklessness
          and willingness to do whatever she must to protect this black op. Never
          before have the American people been treated to a crime committed by a
          member of Congress in real time. And her command and control of the MSM
          only confirms the political power that she possesses which is rarely, if
          ever, seen.

          Debbie Wasserman Schultz Goes Public On Her Scandal And The Interview Is A Doosie

          KEY POINT: C.I.A. spying on Congress is not without
          precedent. The American people were treated to a disastrous CIA spying
          scheme against Congressional leadership in 2014. Even the ever-compliant
          Diane Feinstein expressed her strong misgivings about having been spied
          on by the C.I.A. (A Brief History of the CIA’s Unpunished Spying on the
          Senate) Likewise, Deep State often arranges for collusion between
          foreign intel agencies and secret services to do their dirty deeds like
          the C.I.A. and NSA did when they “wiretapped” Candidate Trump’s campaign
          headquarters. In that recent criminal case, Great Britain’s GCHQ was
          employed to conduct the illicit espionage. (Trump Wiretapping Mystery
          Solved: G C H Q)


          Like so many other serious scandals throughout the Obama era,
          Watergate pales in comparison to Awangate. The sheer depth and breadth
          of official criminality which directly concerns national security is

          What is much more breathtaking, however, is the lack of initiative
          and will to do anything about it. The leadership of both parties is
          either AWOL, out to lunch, or there’s simply nobody home.

          That the Republicans have permitted these grave transgressions to go
          relatively unscrutinized for so long reflects complicity at the highest
          levels of Congressional leadership.

          In other words, they are all obviously controlled by the same shadow government.

          Now that this cat is out of the bag for all to chase around, there’s absolutely no putting it back in.

          Welcome to Awangate — and what will surely become the scandal of the century.

          State of the Nation

          August 2, 2017

          Author’s Note

          The good news is that the smashed hard drives can still be read.

          The bad news is that they will quite likely never be made public.

          All the more reason to compel Congress to take this scandal as

          seriously as Watergate was. Awangate, after all, goes to the

          very heart of American government, national security and the

          very stealthy, ongoing Purple Revolution.

          BEWARE: The Purple Revolution Comes To America

      2. Pattie Kelly says:

        Great idea too.

      3. tinker1 says:

        Absolutely needed! We will not exist as a republic if we the people don’t take real action and now! Every person under 50 years needs to study the Constitution because it has not been taught! They don’t know any thing but to follow the media and dem agenda. Have not been taught to think on their own! What a real shame this is for this country and we the people to allow this to happen!

      4. Charles thompson says:

        I urge everyone who hasn’t taken a course on the Constitution to sign up for the free online course from Hillsdale College. It is excellent!

      5. Tim Gard says:

        We the people … For ourselves ** and our posterity …** posterity … Look it up … So much for abortion as posterity is protected by the Constitution. Supreme court? I guess the Constitution says they are party to murder!

      6. Sharon Windus says:

        Look up the Veteran’s Party of America. Read their mission statement.

      7. ADRoberts says:

        Cruz knows the Constitution. Look what they do to him. WHY? Because he does not obey the ONE WORLD ORDER guys.

    6. Mick Fischer says:

      There are still many exceptional Conservatives, the RHINO’s are going to have to be weeded out some how!!! For example, how did Arizona elect another “Flake?”

      1. Pattie Kelly says:

        Voter fraud is rampant now. There is a study going on and so far so many people have voted fraudulently that if they were eliminated from the beginning President Trump would of won the popular vote too. And guess all happened with Democratic voters. SURPRISE!!!

        1. Sharon Windus says:

          and the socialist democrats are bucking this commission HARD! They are trying to say that President Trump is committing voter fraud by asking this commission to look into it. Once again, they are trying to pin their lies and crooked schemes on the man trying to clean up our government. We need picture/current address voter ID in all 50 states.

      2. questioner says:

        How? Because most voters are too lazy to do personal study of the candidates, and it’s easier to simply mark the “R” or the “D” than go to all that trouble! N’est pas?

    7. David Renaud says:


    8. Pattie Kelly says:

      I like your idea keep me in the loop.

    9. Ron Alford says:

      A third party always splits the vote so that the Democrats stay in office. That’s why they have been in control for 50 of the last 60 years and destroyed our country. The only way we can beat them, other than a lot of prayer to Almighty God and His Son, is to vote out and replace every Democrat and RINO in our government. And, anybody else who gives President Trump a hard time.

    10. bobs33hotrod says:

      Killer, So well said. Kudos To you.
      BOBBY ~!~

    11. Too late. Congress has already sunk into becoming a European parliament. There are two communists in the senate, 9 RINOS and some Republicans and Democrats. That is four parties right there. The house is so mixed up it is difficult to nail down just what that is about. Currently Democrats solidly control both houses because there is no Republican majority.

    12. Steve Hufferd says:

      I think this is the best time in the history of our country to form a third party.. Trump broke the Establishment in Washington, and they’re running around like a bunch of roaches with the light shown on them.
      “America First”, “Constitution”, “Liberty”,–name doesn’t matter–the essential thing is to get behind conservatives who will bring our country back from the brink.
      I think there are ways of consolidating the power of conservatives–
      Before we can make any progress, we have to get rid of EVERY RINO.– they are worse than Democrats. At least we know the leftist ideology of Democrats. The RINOs are full of treachery and deceit.

    13. jd says:

      That’s music to the ears of the dc cartel (rips/dims establishment). We Conservative/Constitutionalist/Nationalist’ need to pressure our governors for a convention of states to force term limits and pass a law/live under that law (even dc inhabitants). That would stop all this BS/horse manure.

    14. Millard Huff says:

      I and my family will also vote for Trump in 2020.

  2. William toxic says:

    Repeal Obama care you Republican slugs! You lying dirtbags !!!!!! All blow no go. Gutless slime! May you all get cancer you deserve it.

    1. Ann Tisher says:

      Yes, I agree about Republican slugs and lying dirtbags, but draw the line saying they should all
      get cancer no one deserves cancer, thank you.

      1. polmutant says:

        They are all diseased in some way. Look at brainrot mckaine. If they were subject to the americide plan aka obamacare they would already be dead

        1. dennis w says:

          BE STILL MY HEART………!!!!!!

          1. polmutant says:

            If you want no heart beat you will become obamaloid, not even useful as fertilizer.

      2. June Burgess says:

        NO but they ALL DESERVE TO HAVE THEIR GOLD PLAN HEALTH CARE REMOVED AND BE PUT ON OBAMA SELF PAY NO CARE INSURANCE, wonder how long it would take for them to repeal it then.

        1. Jo Melcher says:

          This is so true! Wonder how we can make this happen that they have to be on the same health plan we are on.

      3. dennis w says:

        CONTRAIR. MON AMI……..

        1. James says:

          Traitors they are, but why have them die of cancer in private? I say: STRING THEM ALL UP, PUBLICLY!

  3. leviathan says:

    I will never vote a party again, nor will I send money to the RNC.Even those that I support like Trey Gowdy of S.C. can’t do anything about people like McCain and the others,Lindsey Graham of S.C. will not get my vote.Tim Scott is OK but I am watching for the CBC to go after him and other decent black politicians.James Clyburn does not represent me and calling his offices is a joke.

    1. Raiderwolf says:

      I have stopped giving to the RNC a long time ago, because of gutless doormat Boehner and such perfidous liars.

      1. dennis w says:


  4. June Burgess says:

    well they just cut off their noses to spite their face, come next election they will have to pack up their stuff and wave goodby. If they think their constituents, who they just screwed, will forget their disregard of what the voters wanted & voted for they will be unpleasantly surprised.

    1. James says:

      While your concept sounds good, it’s major downfall is that there are still far too many Repubs. who will send funds to those who are not backing MAGA.
      I was a Dem. in my younger years, turning Repub.. during the Carter years; although I stopped voting altogether during the Johnson years.
      I now regret all of the donations I ever made to the GOP; something which I have not done for a number of years now, and have made no bones about the reason why I do not support the GOP.
      It is another “criminal” org.much like the Clinton crime syndicate. They mis-use monies sent to them to fight WE THE PEOPLE and our agenda, in order to forward their globalist agenda.
      I don’t know if a third party is the right idea yet, as it is necessary that such a party garner more than 40% of the votes to prove viable!

      1. Force Recon says:

        “Show me a young Conservative and I’ll show you someone with no heart. Show me an old Liberal and I’ll show you someone with no brains.” Winston Churchill

      2. Sue Bird says:

        send it straight to the person u want in office not to the commie controlled gop

        1. James says:

          My point exactly!

  5. MILES E DRAKE says:

    For most of the past 75 years the Republican party has been perfectly happy being the junior party of the terrorist group formerly known as the democrats. Establishment Republicans queued up for scraps from the table of the party of Andrew Jackson and Harry Truman, and continued their obeisance even as the democrats changed themselves into the party of Michael Jackson and Truman Capote. Even now, when the party of satanism, socialism and sodomy carries out espionage and murder at a level unprecedented in our history the Republican establishment cares more about maintaining its privileges than about the nearly-complete transformation of the North American republic into the Central African Republic. This establishment is short-sighted, however, as the party of perversion, pedophilia and pederasty means to dispose of them once the legitimate government is overthrown and one-party peoples republic established under the control of the globalists and the mullahs. President Trump is our last chance short of civil war to forestall a permanent oligarchical dictatorship by the party of Marx, Mohammed and Murder.

    1. Raiderwolf says:

      That really just about sums it up.

      1. Force Recon says:

        The Democrat party is no longer the party of your fathers!! Lieberals are now 100% Anti-American By adding Anti-Free Speech 100% Anti–Freedom 100% Anti–Life 100% Anti-Religion 100% Anti-Family 100% Anti-Truth 100% Anti-Business 100% Anti-Growth 100% Anti-Business 100% Anti-Free Enterprise 100% Anti-Gun 100% Anti-Constitution 100% Anti-Patriotic 100% Anti-Responsibility 100% Anti-Liberty 100% Anti-God 100% Anti-Character 100% Anti-Energy

        1. Sue Bird says:

          it is the godless perverted commie party

      2. 1Verny65 says:

        Another reason for the Democratic/Socialists’ supporting the Mudslimes is for their vote…you are right in that if they succeed, they will never be able to control the barbaric savages and they will turn on everybody, including the leftist Democrats, unless they bow down at the feet of Islam and if they do this, they will have to face their daughters and granddaughters being forced to submit to the savages, this might be difficult for even them to take and they will no longer be in power – the savages of Islam will!!! I don’t know why they don’t seem to realize this….

        1. Sue Bird says:

          the elite think that they won’t be touched by this living behind their gated estates. but boy they will find out soon enough what’s going on.

      3. Sue Bird says:

        love u guys u see exactly what is going on that is what i try to tell people

        1. Sue Bird says:

          they have to wipe god off the face of the map in order to control the masses leading them in to the one world evil godless order with the UN as the head of the world. obama wants that position so badly as head of UN using america’s money to control the world. most americans if they actually knew what was going on would never go for it but most are godless and clueless

    2. Force Recon says:

      ” The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure. ” — Thomas Jefferson

      1. Silverfoot says:

        That is where we have to go. Soon…..

        1. Force Recon says:

          YES VERY SOON!!!!

    3. Der Kriegsbringer says:

      Given their track record over the past many decades I think it is safe to view them, not as the ‘junior party’, but as ‘un-indicted co-conspirators’.

  6. buffalobob826 says:

    Cut off all funding to the DNC and the RNC and don’t send them any more money. The people of this nation is tired of this this bullshit. Get rid of all of them and start over and don’t let any of these A holes run ever again.

    1. Twin1by4 says:

      This is why I didn’t send in my RNC dues this year. I don’t trust them anymore!

  7. Wynette Atkins says:

    You would have thought that the Republicans would have gotten the message in the last election; that we did not want a career politician to be our new President. That we wanted an outsider, and what Donald Trump promised us. If they are not going to deliver on his and their own promises; then it’s time that they get replaced ASAP. The best way to help President Trump and our America First Agenda is to vote out the Democrats up for re-election in 2018, until the Democrats don’t have enough votes in the Senate, to block anything the Majority of People want. But we also need to vote out the RINOs when they come up for re-election. Right now we have too many people in Congress who are just obstructionists to what the People want, and voted for. Definitely time for us to help President Trump clear the swamp.

    1. Der Kriegsbringer says:

      I think the sad truth is that neither party can ‘get the message’ because neither is committed to representative government.

      1. Force Recon says:

        Ich mag deinen Moniker Du magst nicht, Deutsch sprechen?

      2. Wynette Atkins says:

        Then hopefully they will get a hard earned lesson on it, when they don’t get re-elected.

  8. Brenda Sinclair says:

    way i see this logically we the people, who voted for hired the Republicans and democrat’s , paying their salaries have the right to demand they do their jobs or be fired/voted out, they are obstructing president trump which violates the constitution, if WE PATRIOTS DO NOT BEGIN TO STAND UP FIGHT FOR OUR PRESIDENT AND AMERICA WE WILL BE IN A NATION RULED BY MUSL; IMS FOR OBAMA WANTS TO TAKE OVER RULE AMERICA AS A MUSLIM NATION.. IT IS FIGHT NOW OR DIE WHAT IS YOUR CHOICE?

    1. bttrap says:

      already locked and loaded

    2. Jo Melcher says:

      Amen! You are so right, the Republican party is not standing with our President, we the people are going to have to fight for him!

  9. Albert L Biele says:

    Trumps President-election victory has cut off a major income source, for a number of congressman and Senators, who have received financial gain, by passing legislation, introduced by lobbyist and special interest groups: resulting in increased corporate profit at the tax payers expense. The Politicians attacking Trump, including the ‘No-Evidence-Russia” investigation has been initiated by Big-Money, who are also behind an initiative to create a one-world-government. If Trump is removed, this country will fall!!!

    1. Force Recon says:

      I would like to suggest that Politicians wear race care driver uniforms that way we can know who their corporate sponsors are

  10. John T. Koszalka says:

    A great name for a new party could be INDEPENDENT CONSERVATIVES. I’m in as an Independent, and refuse to donate to any party, but I will donate to a like minded individual, Example-
    Trey Gowdy.

  11. ruru101 says:

    If either of these Congressional leaders are in your district, make sure they are voted out next election. That is what WE THE PEOPLE CAN DO. Let’s go.

  12. ReaperHD says:

    All those RINOS need to be dumped and replaced with real Conservatives who will back all the agenda to help the American People. Seems that a lot of these POLITICIANS on both sides are just worried about filling their pockets and doing nothing for the PEOPLE.

    1. Twin1by4 says:

      You can say that again!

      1. Wynette Atkins says:

        Cushy jobs if you get them. Don’t even work half a year. Earn $179,000 + subsidized Insurance premiums, great retirement pay, get to take foreign trips for studies of what we don’t know. Get wined and dined by the lobbyists and corporations. Get to be in committees to talk most of the day. Get to be seen on television. Turn most of the work they are responsible for over to their staff members, to research and decide questions for them to ask at committee hearings.

    2. bttrap says:

      they have been there too long another reason for term limits on congress no more life time jobs for the congress, then maybe we can get rid of people like durbin

      1. Jo Melcher says:

        I would love to see term limits, It should not be a lifetime career.

  13. Gary Hull says:

    I totally agree. Trump winning the election has all the big government, old establishment and those fearful of being reelected siding against Trump. We need to let them know we are behind Trump and will vote them out if they don’t start supporting the new agenda. Gary

  14. Jeronimo Dan says:

    Put Congress on Obamacare and then take away their retirement’s and let them receive what they have contributed to social security thru the years and we’ll see a whole new system of government and all new politicians in Washington, over night!

  15. PM says:

    They absolutely hate Trump because he is not from the DC belt, he is not an established member of the ritzy ultra-Republicans that have been. These guys need to leave, not Trump. Trump is trying to right the ship of state that was sinking and the named Republicans are more involved as are the Democrats-self,party and country last.

  16. starliteblonde says:

    The evil they are doing to Trump will come back on them. No good comes to those who do evil.

  17. CommonSense4America says:

    Now it is our turn to send OUR MESSAGE back to the elites. If it is a Democrat or a RINO, and we know who they are, vote them out of office. If AZ has a recall provision, then recall McCain. We can send messages too.

  18. court says:

    Mr. Trump forgot that there’s a lot of Republicans in the swamp as well as Democrats. The only thing’s that those “in the swamp” want, is to line their pockets and don’t give a damn about the country. I see no reason why they would vote themselves out of the power that they have. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

  19. Mike W says:

    I have been saying all along the Reoublicans hate President Trump as much as the Democrats. He is NOT one of them. Career elitist politicians who have all become very wealthy in so called “government service”. They have been using the treasury for their own personal piggy banks for years and are scared to death President trump will expose them for what they really are – A bunch of damned crooks.

  20. There are more than one way to skin a polecat. President Trump need to bring his case to the American people via a “fireside chat” and ask the American people to put pressure on the Republican establishment. Sixty-three million plus Americans are with President Trump. Come on Donald sit down and talk to America.

    1. Force Recon says:

      That would be a great idea if anyone cared. Most Americans only want a free ride and to play vidiot games.

  21. CompletelyOutsane says:

    It’s time for ENFORCEMENT of The Constitution for the United States of America!

    1. Force Recon says:

      Sure it’s time BUT talk is cheap and far too many Americans are plain and simple apathetic and wait for SOMEONE ELSE to do something. Apathy gives tacit approval that what government does is acceptable. Apathy is why Political Correctness has been so effective!!

      1. CompletelyOutsane says:

        What to do?

        1. Force Recon says:

          Why are you asking me? Are you a leader or a follower? I cannot speak for anyone other than myself but here is what I have done GET IN THE FACE OF MY STATE’S US SENATOR I made it my mission to make the rat as uncomfortable as possible so much that he altered his course when his entourage saw me

          For the record that A-hole in the graphic Was none other than Dirty Harry Reid
          Who’s bodyguards mistakenly decided to try and manhandle me so Dirty Harry wouldn’t hear what I had to say. I am not a small man and two who put hands on me wound up on the deck. I was willing to face being arrested but someone had the sense to let it go as there really would have been trouble if they decided to charge me with assault. I am willing to risk everything I have including my life (as I have in the past) I aske everyone else How far are you willing to go for you and your fellow Americans?

  22. NO $HIITE!!!! Who doesn’t see this already??

  23. Maria castro says:

    We, comnsevatives are aware that republicans are the worst enemy Trump has.

  24. game50 says:

    The anti-trump establishments are pissed off at him because he’s coming after them…. for what they’ve done to the American people for Generations upon Generations ….they wanted to control us and they think they still can …and he’s saying enough is enough … that’s why they’re going after him … he standing up for the American people… it’s time for the American people to stand up for President Trump today’s…enough of the PC…B.S. on America and American.

  25. Dianne Cornett says:

    Laura Ingram is exposing a lot here but one of the huge things I see that is not often mentioned is the establishment’s total and complete lack of respect for “We The People”. We voted President Trump in with a mandate to make this Country “great again”. And with massive lack of respect they have spit in our faces.
    They are openly trying to destruct and destroy a duly elected President (of their own party). Do any of them have a clue what the Constitution is all about?
    Somebody, please, explain exactly what the word TREASON means — It appears to me they are making a great effort to undermine the vote of the afore mentioned, “We The People”.

    Brenda Sinclair had an similar post below.

    1. bttrap says:

      they can’t understand that the people are tired of soros’s puppets trump is a fresh start to bringing back america and soros can’t buy him

  26. granny_forUSA says:


  27. Brian Bertha says:

    The took Trump over Cruz but no one wanted their fair haired boyz Jeb and Rubio

  28. vetteguy08 says:

    I have read through the comments. The one thing everyone seems to be missing is that term limits would solve almost every issue people are complaining about. Our founding fathers never envisioned career politicians so they never put safe guards into the constitution to protect us from a career politician. The people in congress seem more interested in getting re-elected than doing what their constituents want. Their main interest is doing what the big money people want and doing what the mainstream media wants. Another help would be if all political contributions had to come from the candidates constituency. When democrat Jon Ossoff ran in Georgia recently over 90% of his campaign money came from Nancy Pelosi and California. What is the difference between California trying to influence a Georgia election and Russia trying to influence a US election?

  29. Almos Berry says:

    Let’s form a third party and field candidates to run for every office up for re-election and then vote them into office and replace all the republicrats, democrats, and independicrats. Yah, I know those aren’t real words yet, but they will be.

    1. Carol Line says:

      More divisions will only divide us further! Vote out the moderates and the RINOS

  30. Janet says:

    The Republicans need to wake up and realize that many of them will lose elections which could cost them Congress if they don’t get it together. The people voted for Trump which should let them know just how disgruntled Americans are dealing with the same old same old behind the scenes deals and corruption in politics. Obama and the Democrats/Liberals have led America down the road to self-destruction, socialism, and One World Order and we can continue down this path due to lack of support for our duly elected President or we can just throw our hands up and follow along the same road. I truly fear that we are headed for a civil war in this country that will lead to thousands dying and I don’t believe that the military will support attacking Americans, but will follow their President and it is not hard to guess which side he will support. God help us all.

  31. fordfool says:

    Congress better wise up….if it weren’t for Pres Trump on the ticket I doubt half of ’em would be there today. MAN-UP, wise up Like a buncha damn kids, we HAVE rreal ability,leadership,and a truepatriot. To what damn childhood dream do they live in?

  32. Pat Wells says:

    Trump IS the third party, the RINO and Socialist party are one in the same.

  33. Palmer says:

    I would be a part of that . There is no trust from me to these Traitors, Their Slimey and underhanded among others discriptions. Term Limits also are a must!!!

    1. dfinch says:

      Congress determines what their term limits are. Do you think they’d change that? Not a chance.

  34. David Gearhart says:

    She is right the democrats have always been the enemy of the republicans. Now these republicans are joining the socialist as the enemy of the people. They want government control of the people. The democrats have been obstructing by refusing to negotiate. Now their stating that they will work with the republicans to save Obama care. As if that is negotiating. All the republicans have to do is give in to socialism and everything will be fine according to the democrats. McCain has been the enemy of the republican since Bush. Now his hate for Trump continues his against the republicans presidents. He is mad that he is not the president.

  35. candyman_726 says:

    the reason they or trying to stop Mr Trump is because they don’t want to change what is going on in Washington the corruption in DC, that is what the problem is Look at Maxine waters look at, chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi etc. they or part of the problem with what is going on they don’t want to stop the stealing tax payer money wasting tax payer money, and as long as they keep wanting to bring people into the country so they can vote democrat they don’t care about the american people, and if you notice most illegal most refugees or going to vote for a democrat, so what is the difference if russia hack the election of democrat stole the election by bring illegals in to the country to vote for democrat;s

  36. monongahela says:

    The republican party died along time ago we have been under the control of the globalist a one party system since they killed JFK.

    1. Carol Line says:

      The republican party is splintered a bit, not dead!

  37. Lorraine E says:

    We do not have a two party political system in our country. It is all a game by the so called gop and demoncrats because they are using their pretense of being opponents in order to collect money for themselves. There is no difference between the RINOs and demoncrats and they both comprise the one party which is called the LIBERAL PARTY.

  38. Greyguy says:

    And we thought Ann Coulter had a mouth on her, talk about a tag team that no one in politics wants to face off against.

  39. So, ‘certain’ Republicans are behind the drive to destroy Trump? Why not just say ‘Neocons’? Neocons are generally pro-globalist, international banks (and their inevitable international wars), multinational corporations, and mass influx of ‘refugees’ into America and Europe ONLY! And, of course, they blindly support Israel regardless of what Israel does to either it’s neighbors OR to America! That’s why I love these ‘Who’s REALLY behind’ types of articles. They’re gutless! Because, you see, they NEVER address who’s behind the Neocons!

  40. Carol Line says:

    If a RINO is in my town, then I will not vote for him/her. We have to pay attention to who stands in the way of the progress Trump is making and vote them out. I sometimes leave amessage for a RINO at their office to tell them I do not appreciate their atacks on the president and why they should support him.

    I love everything Trump is doing, may the good Lord guide and bless his endeavors.

  41. hoosier46 says:

    Unfortunately, this appears to be true. Time to get rid of the fake republicans along with the fake news.

  42. gene smiith says:

    Sad and disgusting….and We The People are paying for our own destruction at the hands of those we trusted with our Vote. Yes, Sad and Disgusting.

  43. Vince says:

    These rinos need to be voted out KID ROCK FOR SENATE MAJORITY LEADER,

  44. David Renaud says:

    Lets start a Trumpeconomics party………We all know he is RIGHT and the democrats and most republicans are WRONG. I really believe President Trump is for AMERICA. The other political parties are ” NOT ” for AMERICA……..Most of the other parties are for socialism (ie. Communism)………The other political parties are all for only themselves and bigger and more money for them. They care not for the average AMERICAN.

    1. Carol Line says:

      More divisions will only break us apart further! Vote out the moderates and the RINOS.

  45. KDC says:

    “John McCain, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins admitted they lied about wanting to repeal Obamacare.” That’s because they’re RINOS. Vote them ALL OUT! Remember who they all are.

  46. Pattie Kelly says:

    All these Senators are RINO and believe me I will send each and everyone one of them a email today just like I have been. I send the ones causing trouble emails to remind them that Americans don’t have short memories and they work for the American tax paying citizens and they need to watch their step and start supporting our President or guess what? YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!!!

  47. DeplorableGordonVariety says:

    I well remember as a child how I feared the Japanese Zeroes. In the end, those poor pilots were only humaan. It is true with the forces against Trump. Spiritual Powers in High Places are on Trump’s side.

  48. A patriot says:

    jeff flake McCain etc. may god take the sooner than later

  49. Almos Berry says:

    Carol, you are correct. We do not need another party. It just seemed like it might be easier to weed out the “false” conservatives by starting over, but probably not. Maybe we can make them sign a contract to resign if they do not perform properly, or something.

  50. SED says:

    We only have one party. It is called the ITP, the Ivory Tower Party.

  51. barnjoer says:

    Don’t need A third party!! Just need to clean Washington of ALL the two faced polititions!! Back who We The People voted for President!!!!! Plain and simple!!

  52. Maryann Hearn Bowman says:

    I’m worried some crazy, like the one at the baseball practice, will shoot Pres Trump. I don’t think any of the “republicans”, or anyone else would even try to investigate who did it. I really feel for our President. He is trying so hard. News media blame him for not getting thing done!! It’s his own party and the dems that are to blame. Don’t blame him. He should do like BO did, just sign it into law and be hanged if it’s right or wrong. I’ll vote for him again, in a heart beat!

  53. bobs33hotrod says:

    I would hate too see what would happen to AMERICA if Trump was to get Impeached. You would see outright war in the streets. Don’t forget Trump has Millions of supports. I don’t wish this, but it will Happen. All the Congress people would try to lie their way out of Trouble. It would be too Late.
    BOBBY ~!~..

  54. joleenworden says:

    It is just time for the Tea Party Republicans to get back at it again. They must support Trump and elect more conservatives in 2018. We do not need any more Susan Collins RINO’s. If they can beat a few Democrats along the way it will be even better.

  55. These asshole Republicans like McCain should be constantly called out as traitors to the Republican party. I hope McCain dies from brain cancer. That will get rid of one of the biggest traitors.

  56. Barbara Evans Riefner says:

    Let’s remember this when they come up for re-election. Only those that support Trump will be able to hold onto their offices. The others will go out with the swamp water!

  57. Somebody In Texas says:

    GOD Bless President Donald J Trump !!!

  58. Eguth3 says:

    The established Republicans took down the Tea Party because they didn’t like the competition for votes. My personal political ideology leans more towards Libertarian and/or Independent or the true conservative party, the Tea Party. I no longer see “true” conservative under the current Republican party, it’s mostly just different shades of gray and with the RINO’s it’s just jet black. I pretty much want the federal government out of my personal business and life. I pay my taxes on time so leave me alone. Why would I want the federal government involved with my healthcare when they’ve pretty much destroyed Veterans Affairs and our nations veterans? There’s far too much corruption in both parties, to ever make me trust them ever again to do the right thing for everyone, NOT their own wallets and bank accounts..They don’t respect the middle class. Out of the 535 members of congress, I can count on one finger the only one who’s on our complete side and that’s Trey Gowdy. It’s scary how much common sense he has and he’s got our backs. Like us, he’s sick and disgusted with the lies and corruption. Can we order 534 more like him? My personal crusade is don’t vote for incumbents in 2018 (exception is Trey) it’s just more of the same crap. We change President in hopes of changing the direction of the country, when the same corrupt imbeciles still remain. If Americans want real change or any hope in restoring common sense and stability to this nation. It’s not up to congress to do it, it’s up to the American people to make that change for ourselveR. My conservative friends and I have come up with a conservative mantra or slogan. Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Forget and Never Again. The t-shirts would have the doom of the capitol building with the slogan running across. On the back an image of Trump that says restoring Liberty for America.

  59. disqus_Patriot says:

    Term limits would solve this problem. Unfortunately draining the swamp would need to include ALL these “professional politicians”. Yes ALL.

  60. Alleged Comment says:

    TRAITORS, RACIST and COWARDS lurk everywhere. One was shockingly made to be your “President”, though. unqualified without ANY accomplishments and not ONE call was made for him to be investigated and removed, because he was a NEGRO.

    But look how they go TOOTH and NAIL after the LEGITIMATE white guy every single gdamn day the man is up there!

  61. Hollywood lost says:

    I will never vote for any party that was against Trump Deomcrats and Republicans are the same
    Once the constitution is gone you will be slaves

  62. Al Engel says:

    Whats absolutely most important is that these Establishment Repubs get run against and crushed THEY MUST GO, It’s clear that Trump has plenty of enemy from within and it must be exposed and crushed. Trump must start calling them out at his Rally’s so the voters are clear.

  63. Pendit 1 says:

    Work to PRIMARY the ‘Establishment RINOS’ and contribute $$ only to those (Rs) who support the Trump Agenda. Sadly, the RNC and other organizations will see that your contribution is ‘shared’ with the Never Trumper Zombies, IMHO.

  64. Charles thompson says:

    Since the election, I have received countless requests from the GOP for financial support for one candidate or another. All breathlessly describing some crisis that could only be averted with my $40 or $60 or $1,000 donation. I have answered all of them with a note that says no donation from me until I see widespread GOP support for President Trump. I urge others to take this same tactic.

    1. Janelle says:

      Charles, I have the same answer……keep your promises or lose my email. You don’t get another dime.

  65. messup says:

    Leader of this travesty? Sen. John McCain and his “McCain Institute.” See, George Soros and his Open Society Network is funneling large sums of cash (per financials) to all SWAMP Republicans. Especially, John McCain whose vote is up for sale to highest bidder .just like”Repeal” vote. Now, McCain is flooding Arizona’s airwaves with false advertorials from Madison Ave. Pray. Amen. God Bless. Read A Bible/ NKJV Psalm 128

  66. srw says:

    The REPUB SWELLS have been the biggest road block getting REPUS elected. For years if the person winning the REPUB primary doesn’t meet their left leaning trends, they pull the money from the CONSERV. candidate–push another person against the primary winner. Trying to pass them off as conservative. The SWELLS IN THE REPUB want people that mirror their buds … the DEMS. For their money guys.. Geo Soros and the lefty Chamber of Commerce. These people hate conservatives as much as they hate Trump. Beware of turning what is left of our heathcare into Medicaid. This is a total burden put on the states. The States will be bankrupt.. taxes will soar. Obumocare dumped people paying for their healthcare/destroyed it … Medicaid was program set up for people unable to pay..never put anythig into social security.

  67. bee says:

    WHY????? Do we the People let this SCUM grahm, mc cain, flack, kasich, and the rest of these LOWLIFE BASTARDS Get away with this Bullshit. HANG these assholes and SHOW the Traitors of this Country WE have had ENOUGH of their Corrupt Crooked Politics.

  68. Tim Gard says:

    We must keep notes. When the swamp is drained all the old furnature must be thrown onto the scrap heap.

  69. Betty Anthony says:

    Don’t see much difference between the two parties anymore. At 75 I am not sure that I will even be around for the next vote. I have voted Republican for 57 years. Yes i will vote for another party if the Republicans don’t shape up. I will vote for Trump again if I can. He is not perfect but he is the best we have had since Reagan.

  70. durabo says:

    “Zonies” need to recall Flaky Jeff and Juan McRino

  71. Original Anna says:

    It is up to the republican party to get rid of these people and the voters not to vote for them. Why the republican party can only find democrats to run as republicans I would like to know. Don’t they vet these people. Unfortunately the only way the average person finds out the real political views of these republicans if once they get in office, they vote with the democrats. The party has the responsibility to vet these people. They can ask questions of friends, their actions in other offices, etc. The average voter does not know these people who come out of nowhere. Our local republican party keeps giving us democrats who we find out that they are democrats once they vote for homosexual marriage, against guns, don’t want to do anything about illegal immigrants, etc., etc. They are all talk and no action when it comes to our school systems and taxes on businesses, etc., etc. and the party keeps running them even though half of republicans have stopped voting for them at the polls. When we had one guy a real republican run for a major office you heard nothing from the party, no backing of the guy. We hardly knew from the news there was a real republican guy running. I am truly disgusted with our local party and it looks like our problem is infested in our state legislature too with a solid voting with the democrats.

  72. Cal says:

    The Republicans need to take a few lessons from the Democratic playbook. Dig in your heels and don’t let the liberals run all over you. We voted you into office to stop the liberal Democratic bastardization of America. Quit sucking up to them and turn the tables on them. Get rid of the few Republicans who are stopping President Trump’a agenda. McCain,Lindsey and Casich to name a few. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  73. Bob Hunt says:

    This has been obvious for some time Laura!

  74. Millard Huff says:

    The Democrats, the media and the Deep State plus the Republican elites want a CIVIL WAR and they will get it very soon.

  75. ahrcshaw says:

    Surprise, surprise, most of the people who voted for as well as Trump himself knew the Swamp include the GOP establishment and elites’. Most of those in Washington are scared to death Trump will succeed which will change politics as usual in both parties. What needs to happen is people standing up requiring results or ending the Russian thing, praising what he has accomplished, and supporting him. Maybe a third party is valid?

  76. byalexis says:

    I hope that the RINO’s will remember that they didn’t stand together with their own instead of blocking the President at election time.

  77. Stan McWhinnie says:

    1) It was God who created this Nation and its Constitution. 2) God has used corrupted individuals to accomplish his ends in the past. 3) Satan, the “Great Deceiver” wishes to destroy God’s greatest accomplishment. 4) Satan has deceived many into turning their back on Him. 5) Donald Trump may have a questionable moral past, but was always a great builder. 6) Judge President Trump by the leader he is now, not as he may have been. 7) With our support this POTUS can “Make America Great Again”.

  78. Ginger says:

    It’s very sad to know that you really can’t trust either party to look out for their constituents. Many are so corrupted by the money they get and the power and control they have. Time for many to be voted out of office, and some real middle class Americans to be elected.

  79. GrumpyGrandpa says:

    It has become obvious “The Parties” want us to continue believing the political BS while they collude, scheme and control the government so they reap the biggest rewards. That includes foreign relations, wars, how many of your sons and daughters will be “expended” to win their goals or satisfy the big brokers like Soros. This government and so-called parties have betrayed the American people, but they’re wildly pissed-off and livid that “we” elected someone like a DJ Trump! There will be a serious price even after they kill him and his family right in front of your eyes. Decision time coming folks! Will you vote like John McCain did?

  80. EttaMae Williams Svider says:

    Very well stated, Laura Ingraham. Those rinos need to be FIRED at the ballot box. GO TRUMP.

  81. Ethercruiser1 says:

    I agree, which is why I refuse to donate to the RNC or Republicans in Congress unless endorsed by the Senate Conservative Fund. I may also leave the Republican Party, but it is VERY difficult for a 3rd Party to win & make a difference (except in helping to elect Democrats).

  82. Melvin Bennett says:

    I’ve been saying this for months, perhaps I should get on Hannity’s show. I’ve been saying the Quislings in the GOP are worse than the demtards, because the Quislings are within the ranks and behind the lines.
    Thanks for verifying what I’ve been saying for months and all the talk radio hosts need to start calling these Quislings out. Heard Levin call out Flake the other day. And he’s always on Insane McCain’s butt.

  83. Sharon Windus says:

    There are several parties out there already besides the socialist democrat or the republican. My favorite is the Veteran’s Party of America. The hardest part is getting the party on the ballot in every state in the Union.

  84. Conspiracy Cat says:

    You think running a third party or even a fourth party is actually going to work? These people are in the game of politics, a game that most people on average do not know the rules to we only see the end result… The outcome of those who know these covert rules. Let’s say you guys were successful in running your third party that you got it as an established alternative to Republican or Democrat. You don’t think that a Republican or Democrat won’t play to the wants and needs to try and infiltrate your third party? On the realistic side it would be more likely a Democrat that would try to Slither its way into your third party, a republican on the other hand would see the changing tide and see if their own views equate to your wants and needs. So what happens to this third party? Well it would get absorbed by either the Democrats or the Republicans. You would have to have some of these third-party in the Senate you would have to have some of these third-party and Congress you would have to have some these third-party and all branches of the government even if it’s just one person. Then that one person would have to be the staple of the third party values which means they would have to steal the Limelight of politics with every single opportunity. And because of such Limelight they would fall under scrutiny and made comparison to either Republican views or Democratic views… soon your message would be befuddled and eventually drowned out. For anything like this to actually work you would have to form an entirely New Branch of the government body. This will not be accepted by the established government leaving you with one other alternative which is not recognizing this government as authority at all. This will lead to martial law and then eventually Anarchy. People will die both fighting and on their knees and then depending on who wins Paving the way for a unyielding totalitarian government. Which is what elitist want. So, good luck with that.

  85. Rae Semple says:

    so many do not want the president to succeed but “we the people” do and we are behind him 110%…..Mcconnell, need to get his dead ass out of their….he, lindsay graham and mccain, they are democrats, it is and has been very plain to see.they are in a category of Maxine Waters, couldn’t think of anything worse to be…they can’t possibly think we are so stupid we do not or have not seen this..

  86. BigPapa says:

    POTUS candidates need to be on the ballot in every state to garner electoral votes. Suggestions for different parties are all good ideas, although they are not registered in every state. That would be an enormous feat, and most likely take too long. Only major parties with ballots in all 50 states have a chance to win.

    The real problem is not with POTUS, so much as it is with both the House and Senate. Congress is not helping any, and will need a good shake up since term-limits legislation will most likely never fly.

  87. JAYRON1 says:

    Our Conservative leaders have done NOTHING to stop the “Progressive” take over of America,and they could care less about which party wins.It’s always business as usual.Steal all that they can steal became the agenda.Every year,the politicians make millions of dollars by selling out America.Time for a cool change.Donald Trump caused ripples of fear when he threatened to drain the swamp…hence,the fake RUSSIAN scandal.They are terrified.

  88. ADRoberts says:

    The power is not in elther party. They are both controlled by the elite, ONE WORLD ORDER, You know who they are. The ones that George H. W. Bush kept pushing on us.
    Folks, these elite are gong to be THE ANTICHRIST. They are the very ones so blatantly declaring their purpose in their very name. And the only time in history that anyone has ever talked about ONE SINGLE GOVERNMENT, was in the Bible where God points out that it will happen in the end times.

  89. LeRoy H Beltz says:

    now is the time for a new party Conservative party .Time to vote out the establishment Republicans its proven there only out for themselves and not America .They never wanted Trump and are as bad as the democrats trying to hold everything up President Trump wants to do .They are in fact Swamp dwellers wanting to hold America hostage along with our President . The senate and congress in Washington are mostly made up of crooks ,they are looking out for their best interest.America needs them looking out for our best interests. In this next election we need to vote out the swamp dwellers and vote in new blood ,we need Term limits its obvious after Americans see whats going on . There are a half dozen liars that voted to repeal and replace Obama care that when they had the opportunity to change it voted with the liberals they don’t care what the people want its what benefits themselves They don’t care if people have a hard time paying for a scam insurance policy that will never work for the people. Mitch McConnel needs to be replaced ,we need Ted Cruz

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