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The FBI Investigation Involving Bernie Sanders Is Even Worse Than You Think

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  1. Joel Goodman says:


  2. Tim Groves says:

    You watch though, Thee CRIMINALS will Walk without so much as a Slap on the Wrist !!!

    1. ter334 says:

      The long arm of the law seems to have been taken out of the straight jacket that previous admins placed it in? I encourage an investigation into whether WJC got some payola for the CF from muslim interests for using our military as mercenaries in the police action in Kosovo.

    2. pepie says:

      democratic lib judge will be a head of it and he will let them go as they need that money and didn’t do any thing but steal money from the banks and the students.

      1. Tim Groves says:

        What they did WAS Commit a Crime, Many as a matter of Fact. JAIL Time, I Sick enough to PUKE at the Double Standard Shown to Government And Illegals A well as Hard core refugee !!!

  3. ModConserv! ? says:

    Sad that I actually liked him before he dropped out. Did not agree with his socialist beliefs, but thought he was genuinely honest and nice. And liked his wife too.

    1. Cheryl Brinson says:

      Democraps can do that to you. Trick you into almost anything.

      1. ModConserv! ? says:

        They “care”.

    2. Jeffrey hamilton says:

      typical liberal deception! NOPE that’s not MY hand in YOUR pocket. wink,wink!

    3. KDC says:

      I fell for that too.

  4. Mike W says:

    It’s very simple – Jane Sanders made false claims on a loan application – that is called fraud in the most basic definition of the word. The college could not pay for that fraudulent loan because the donations just were not there. She got a golden parachute and the college – especially the students got screwed.

    1. ter334 says:

      There is no statue of limitations on fraud. I recall that once upon a time citizens had respect for the police. they were the long blue line that kept crime at bay. Now, thanks to O and others there is this BLM nonsense, That in my opinion is rotted in muslim social teaching! Namely we are all infidels that are not muslim. Infidel is the N word of islam. While suicide bombers and other forms of global terrorism will indeed break my bones and words will never hurt me the religion segregation muslims practice in other places and their mosques segregation is not allowed here.

      1. Mike W says:

        I did not know there was no statute of limitations on fraud – I sure hope to see Chelsea’s husband Marc Mezvinsky face those charges one day. He “operated” a hedge fund – but
        “had” to shut it down after losing 90% of the investors’ money – said to be north of $30,000,000. In my mind there are only 2 types of investors that sit idly by and watch 90% of their investment go down the tubes – They were either lied to – sent false statements – like you see on the show “American Greed” all the time – or they were not worried about the money because they thought it would by them “favor” with who they thought would be the next president – “pay for play”. It would be interesting to know if any – and how many if they did – of those same investors also contributed to Hillary’s campaign fund and the Clinton Trust – I mean “foundation” 😉

      2. Sandra Roberts says:

        The only laws that do not have Statutes of limitations under Federal Law are thus, Kidnapping, Murder and crimes against the State (Treason). States very on laws within their boarders and I do not know the laws in that state. But it will make a difference if the College was State or Private.

    2. ONTIME says:

      We call it elitism and it’s a world wide plague……

      1. Michael Castillo says:

        Globalism strips the common man of his rights and gives them to the state. Let us not allow history to be rewritten. First and foremost the Nazis were Socialists as were the Stalinists and the Maoists.

        1. John Redman says:

          If you follow your words, you might end up aligning with Voluntarianism/Agorism/me in believing that the world needs MORE government(s), not less. Somewhere north of 7 billion proud, rebellious people that MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS would satisfy me. I would hope that neighbors would care for neighbors far and wide in defending from force/coercion. The Non-Aggression-Principal is vital to peace. And Freedom.

          1. Michael Castillo says:

            We are more endangered by the leaders of the globalism movement than the concerns you express. Forced sterilization, euthanasia and dissolving the sovereignty of individual nations are essential elements of their “Utopia “. Apparently you ony listened to the propaganda and failed to read the fine print. How the Hell do you think they will reduce the world’s population to 500 million? Globalism is evil. Period!

          2. John Redman says:

            Sorry that I was not more clear. I meant that all persons should become their OWN government. Of course, the larger, the worse. CON-versely, the smaller, the better.

      2. Deborah Pratt says:

        High time we find a ‘cure’—huh!!

    3. cyh045 says:


    4. maxx says:

      She is a democrat or maybe socialist like her husband. What else would we expect from them? One country, I believe it is Iceland where politicians spending habits are scrutinized to see how they compare to their reported incomes. If their life styles are out of sync with their incomes they must provide justification. That should be done for all politicians that live off the taxpayers.

    5. jtintx2 says:

      Very good post Mike!! Socialist countries have VERY wealthy leaders and the people can’t support themselves and have no way to defend themselves: VENEZUELA come to mind. People are starving in North Korea and Venezuela!!!!!!!!! And other countries where despots rule!!!!!

      1. Mike W says:

        Look at North Korea – from all the photos I have seen that came out of that country Kim Jung Il is the ONLY fat guy. Everyone else is rail thin and look malnourished.

        1. Bilgeez says:

          That’s because they are, and it’s ALL the USA’s fault!

    6. roland Osbold says:

      I agree with you, so much by the Political Leaders…..

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    7. Bilgeez says:

      “Socialism” is anything but “social”! The elite few make the many miserable so they can live an elitist lifestyle, in relative security as the masses they supposedly are so for helping out, are kept so depraved they cant even get basics for living. They are kept on a short leash of promises and a few crumbs to make them think things will get better.

    8. ONTIME says:

      Elitism 101……

  5. Cheryl Brinson says:

    Hillary and Sanders are to birds of a feather who flock together. Common connection….They are BOTH Demo-Kraps !

    1. Roger Martin says:

      They are both communist. Socialist is the PC name for Communist.

      1. badass says:

        100% agree with you.

      2. rose says:

        or… AKA…it’s all about me…

    2. ONTIME says:

      Communist = Criminal……

    3. Ky cowboy says:

      A lot of folks prefer calling them Commie-Rats now. Both do a good job of getting the point across though.

    4. Deborah Pratt says:

      Yet, when it is to their advantage, they don’t hesitate to stab one another in the back!!! Case in point–what Hillary did to Sanders’ campaign during the elections. The old saying—‘There is no honor among thieves’!! Compared to Obama and Hillary–Saunders’ wife looks like a ‘Girl Scout’!! Not that I condone what she did but, it’s ‘small potatoes’ compared to what goes on every day in the ‘Washington’ elite set!! Still, it make ‘head-lines’ in this article. Deflecting the attention of citizens isn’t going to work!! We still demand that the ‘big-wigs’ that have committed serious crimes and broken numerous laws, be brought to justice!! No exceptions!

  6. Nina Ferguson says:

    Was there some pressing reason that the college needed all this other land? Was it necessary for the enrollment to increase the land? Or did she just want to increase the area for her own priority.

    1. maxx says:

      Most importantly, who owns the land in the first place. Remember the Bundy incident? Harry Reid went after the Bundy family to get them thrown off their own property because he was working a deal with some Chinese company that had made a deal to buy some of the property that the Bundy family owned. Reid used the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) to try to steal the property pseudo-legally using government agencies. Reid should be hung for that.

  7. toothii says:

    So Sanders thinks it’s a witch hunt? Seems lots of witches inhabiting D.C. These days! The reality is: so look who’s calling the kettle black”! Funny how one doesn’t hear about this on the MSM! The selective bias of the MSM is an indictment all by itself!

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      No hesitation in conducting their own ‘witch hunts’, though. When the ‘shoe’ is on the ‘other foot’, they scream ‘bloody murder’!!! As always–hypocrites to the core!!

  8. Jeffrey hamilton says:

    Oh, when it concerns Bernie Sanders it’s a witch hunt! Not so when it’s Donald Trump!

    1. SGirl says:

      Exactly!!! If, this had been Melania, do you think for an instant that we would just be finding out about it?!!!

      1. Jeffrey hamilton says:

        you got that right!

  9. Bayside GolfClub says:

    Pyramid scheme.. Now.. Who and where did the bankrupted property go to, and for how much?

    Who are the players and what connections can be made? The sanders moved into a new home and are driving hisn’hers $100,000 cars.. Why sis a bankrupting main player like sanders wife get a severance of anything, let alone $200,000.? Who’s money did it come out of?
    WHY did nobody care about any of this? Everyone involved needs to be inveastigated. the sanders are way too stupid to pull this off on their own..

    1. maryb says:

      Bayside GolfClub, You are right, these nitwits had help doing this. just follow the money. Why did she believe the college needed more land? what was this land going to be used for? I think it was all a scam right from the get go.Why and where did all their new wealth come from? Sanders seems like a blue collar guy. Maybe not so DUMB after all?

      1. KDC says:

        They all sound like the guy next door, when In fact, they have the knife at your back.

      2. Deborah Pratt says:

        Taking a good ‘hard’ look at all of it!! Hillary is working on re-joining the elections in 2018!! Where did SHE get the funding to do that? For all their claims on being so ‘broke’–the ‘money tree’ never ceases to have a ‘new crop’ of funds!! She and Obama are working on forming the ‘Resistance Party’ and, once again, trying to take over our political scene!! That they believe they can succeed in this is ‘scary’!! Again, what do ‘they’ know that we don’t?
        Hillary was confident in her ‘win’ during this past election–‘knowing’ about the rigged machines and the ‘illegal’ votes being registered. THAT was why it was such a ‘huge shock’ when she lost!! As she said–‘this wasn’t ‘supposed’ to happen’!! Think about it!! Yes–the election was ‘rigged’—MEGA!! Has enough been put back in place to ensure that they ‘win’ this time?? We had better start investigating THAT!! They haven’t ‘gone away’. Like hyenas, they still ‘circle the camp’ looking for opportunity to attack!! We can ‘take down’ little guys like Saunders but he isn’t the ‘real’ problem!! He is just a ‘distraction’–wife included!

      3. toothii says:

        They speak about income redistribution as if it were a religion. Problem with that is they are this religion’s worst disciples! Take note: in Communist China and what was the Communist party in the old USSR, the heavy weights in the party were all VERY wealthy and remain so today. So when the Sanders speak about redistribution of wealth, they are not talking about their own wealth. To date this Socialist couple own 3 homes, very expensive cars and live a lifestyle most of us would envy. Take a look at another very left liberal, Sen Warren! She lives in a 4.5 million dollar mansion with a large staff of housekeepers, cooks, etc., all the while lambasting the wealthy. It’s all theatre, my friends. They speak out of both sides of their mouths! At least a true capitalist makes no excuses for their successes.

      4. maxx says:

        There isn’t a “blue collar guy or gal” in the federal government system….period. Most are very rich to begin with and use politics to get richer. They are not public servants as the Founders intended politicians to be. They treat us a their servants with all the special benefits they give themselves. Term limits are the only way to end the corruption and they will not voluntarily accept them.

      5. jtintx2 says:

        Sanders was paid handsomely by the DNC to get out of the way for that skank Hillary!! She sucks as a ‘leader’ anyway!! She and most democrats are clueless and don’t give a damn about anyone but their own power and control over the people!! DEMOCRATS ONLY WANT TO CONTROL EVERY ASPECT OF PEOPLES LIVES WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE BEDROOM!!

        1. Bilgeez says:

          wrong! They want to control that too, with abortion on demand and pushing the gay counter-culture as “normal”!

    2. maxx says:

      Corruption is everywhere. The most egregious is when it’s an organization that pretends to be a charity or a conservation group. I found every conservation group I used to donate to was “filthy dirty” when researched. Even the Natures Conservancy that was supposed to buy or accept property for the purpose of saving it from development for posterity was caught selling or trading prime tracts of land to members of it’s “governing board” for their own private use. That is when I shut them off. I wrote them saying “when you clean up your act, contact me”. Never heard from them again. The WWF is another questionable group.

      1. Bilgeez says:

        And the Sierra Club, and Greenpiss, and PETA…

  10. SouthernPatriot says:

    Sanders is a “convenient” socialist. Similar to the Castro family in Cuba being communists. Both have great wealth, expensive houses, multiple expensive autos and live far above those who are deceived to follow them.

    Jane gave false information on loan applications to receive millions in financing. Blatant fraud. Not a witch hunt, fraud. Socialist fraud, free market fraud, Democrat fraud, or just fraud. Prosecute her.

  11. kbmiller says:

    Is anyone really shocked over this? Socialists use ,”Other People’s Money” for their individual gain, while claiming that they are advocates for the, “Common Good”. Look at the HillBilly Clit ons, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Al Gore, Putin, the Castro bros. Soros, Saddam Hussein , the Obamas. They’re all peas of a pod, LYING POS’s.

    1. SGirl says:

      He thinks that if Soros can get mega rich by stealing…why can’t he?

  12. usn says:

    I’m sure Bernie had his fingers in there somewhere.

    1. moron says:

      An accomplice. He thinks spending other people’s money by any means is fine. 100% socialist! Bernie, fraud is a felony in this case! Besides you’re a white guy!

  13. Alex Davis says:

    A person spends a billion dollars, for a job that pays $250,000. And, no one thinks, there’s anything wrong? “Dumb Ass Americans” is what they call US! enjoy…

    1. dfinch says:

      The job pays $400,000. Still doesn’t make any difference.

    2. Grant1959 says:

      Just think that President Trump is doing the job for the total of $1 dollar…….should tell you something.

  14. uhptony says:

    Fraud, outright theft? Put the Sanders on trial, convict and put in jail for about 10 years each. Simple enough.

  15. Grant1959 says:

    Good, thanks for the update. To think she was/is an official adviser to her husband Bernie Bolshevik Sanders, amazing.

  16. Tim Groves says:

    Burn Also Strong Armed the Bank until they Approved the Loan, I Do believe there a LAWS regarding That as well, Using his Political POWER for Criminal purposes is Extremely Illegal. The burn has Repeatedly Broken the LAW, Still Trying to figure out how he Bought ALL those Million Dollar Homes and a 180,000.00 Dollar car on a Senator’s pay, Nothing going on There !!!

  17. bronxjewboy says:

    Instead of an orange jump suit, will they allow Jane to wear a red one in prison.

  18. moron says:

    Hey Bernie, Chavez and Castro and many other socialists got wealthy stealing and defrauding their peons. You lovebirds will have to settle for prison!

  19. badass says:

    DOJ, FBI, nobody is above the law including Bernie Sanders’ wife.

  20. Janis says:

    Three words – Lock Her Up!

    1. JSStryker says:

      Correction – Lock Them Up!

      1. Janis says:

        Your are so right.

  21. Roger says:

    He should know if he is a subject to a witch hunt. He has started many.

  22. ONTIME says:

    The taxpayers, college, students and banks all took the hit but the Sanders made money because she got a severance package from the college……How do you get a pay off for embezzlement, fraud and lying….what happened to “YOUR FIRED”??????

  23. Ralph Lazaro says:


  24. Blindhorse says:

    Little granola cruncher Jane Sanders frauds up a loan application and there’s a Grand Jury assembled but Hilary sells influence in pay for play / exposes national security on a personal sever and leaves 3 Americans to die in the Benghazi hell hole and nothing happens. When are you people going to get MAD !!!

  25. Skipp Serrano says:

    These two individuals have been fleecing people for a long time. Bernie has never met a Government Check that he didn’t like. And his wife has never seen money that she couldn’t steal. Bernie Sanders didn’t have a regular job , in his life, until he was elected Mayor of Burlington, and has been on the public teet ever since. The only thing that surprises me is that it has taken this long for the long arm of the law to reach for them.

  26. jong says:

    She defrauded a bank and used Sanders office to back her politically. Which of course means he is really no different than the hildebeast.

  27. Rodger K. Shull says:

    so much attention to the sanders fraud case, which it does need to be investigated, but lets us not forget the clinton crime family. their mis-deeds need to stay in the no.1 spot light, an if you cut off the money from clinton,soros,soetoro, a lot of noise with stop. an start investigating, those 3. but without soros money an backing the other 2 can,t work, because they are nothing more than communist puppets

  28. George says:

    A political witch hunt, well Sanders how does it feel to you. You have been doing the same to Trump now the shoe is on the other foot.

  29. rick meek says:

    Always Playing the VICTIM CARD

  30. bunky doodle says:

    bernie sanders has to go. they will use his wife evidently and the now illegally infiltrated fbi will be the instrument of getting rid of bernie. he crippled hillary in the primaries. didnt anyone tell him hillary was to be crowned? thus it was his fault she lost. not that she was a terrible candidate and bernie should have been the chosen one. then we would all be communist now and going to school for free. bernie will be gone and it has begun

  31. TPS12 says:

    So bernie witch hunt when it’s you and your family but not when it’s President Trump and his?

  32. Jeronimo Dan says:

    Bernie, will tell you he’s a socialist and he’s all into each of us sharing, but Bernie is an American 1% per center and he’s not about to share a damn thing with anyone, especially you and me.

    Next time you see him, ask if you might stay in one of his three mansions, for a night, or two?

  33. BestDayOfMy_Life says:

    Why is everyone surprised by this? When Sanders was running against Clinton, we rolled our sleeves up and delved deep into the internet, (called due-diligence) and discovered what kind of people Bernie and Jane Sanders were/are in there actual lives? The word Communist defines both of them to a tee!! NO THANK YOU DEMONcraps… NO THANK YOU AT ALL!!!

  34. Cookie Vranish says:

    I will enjoy seeing the Socialist in prison!

  35. Stephen Kirtland says:

    I guess it’s all in the public image and in the narrative; forget the facts. Socialists have always believed that reality is what you want it to be, or what you can make the people believe it to be. They thought this long before LSD and the ’60’s. Maybe “Das Kapital” gives you brain damage.

  36. BadFrad AZZ says:

    Gee, poor Bernie!
    How about he paid cash for a 600k+ lake house about the same time he freaked out all his commie followers by backing the ‘wicked witch of the left’ Hillary in her failed Presidential bid!
    They did buy the house; as to the timing of the rest, one can only guess at the truth!

  37. Lawrence says:

    Feel the BURN!…BURNNY. You socialist / communist scum are all alike. Lying, thieving RATS!!

  38. jim jones says:

    EVERYBODY is a victim of a witch hunt: Sanders, Clinton, Trump, little Trump, wow, lot of witches out there

  39. Sim Dunn says:

    Why is it “Everyone” who presents a problem for the “Clintons” ends up dead, in prison, or under investigation????

  40. george briar says:

    come on the Sanders are democrats so it’s OK. leave them alone as Bernie is thinking of running again in 2020 and all ready has a truck load of new give aways he can’t wait to tell us about. If his wife ends up in prison it don’t matter as Bernie said she won’t be the only democrat in there. Come on morons feel the Burn.

  41. Jacky says:

    As always follow the money and the truth will surface–gilt is already proven– fraud—-it’s the players involved that we need to catch—- money loaned at that amount should have been and was investigated thoroughly before any of it was set free to use—someone along with the Sanders has egg on their face–just like Enron there is a team of crooks and they are trying to place blame on one person– you go to jail for blue collar crime and to a resort for white collar crime–only in America

  42. Jeannie says:

    WHERE IS THE “NEWS MEDIA” ON THIS….Oh yeah..this is real news not fake so they won’t cover it. And besides they are DEMONcraps. That makes corruption ok.

  43. ny2223jv says:

    WHERE IS THE MSM about this ….. Crickets of course.

  44. Denise Stathatos says:

    We need to re do our political system. We need people to run who are from diverse backgrounds. This stuff that is going on with our senators and their spouses are ridiculous.

  45. Palmer says:

    I hope Sanders and his wife get nailed! He is a fraud pure and simple. He knows socialism doesn’t work. Look a Cuba and Venazuela. No money and No jobs people are starving , Yet the elites are fat an sassy. Don’t go for lying Bernies Bull Shit.

  46. Bilgeez says:

    When are the Klinton’s going to be just as aggressively investigated for their Phoney Phoundation? Janie is just small potatoes compared to America’s most Korrupt Kupple.

  47. davegrille says:

    Politicians get away with so much for such long periods of time,that they are totally surprised when gigs are up.

  48. OSNOFLA AIDNEM says:

    Bernie sander is an apostate, democrat, liberal, libertine, immoral, anarchist, communist, socialist, enemy of American values like all democrats liar and cheater!

  49. Ruth Hammons says:

    The Sanders are commies and they admit it so why does anyone listen to the old crum? It is outrageous that some actually stand for such garbage and are trying to help trash America, freedoms and all we stand for. He is a disgrace to anything good and so is she!

  50. Janice Brown says:

    I wondered why Jane had been so silent recently!

  51. ONTIME says:

    The FBI needs to regain it’s rep the left ruined for them, in this case maybe FIB will translate back to FBI and real investigative integrity will retake the stage…….

  52. Countrysunrise says:

    It’s funny that this article failed to mention about the “golden parachute” she was given when she left the college, which although the amount is unknown, left her ahead of the game. So I’m sure that between that amount, and the $1 million that Bernie earned last year put them in a comfortable position to get 2 attorneys each to represent them in this case, so they have nothing to worry about. Bernie might go around saying that it’s a “witch hunt,” but why would they hire 2 attorneys apiece???

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