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The FBI Just Announced A New Investigation Involving Hillary’s Emails

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  1. Mark Sauck says:

    This has to be done, one way or another it cannot be ignored or swept under the rug. It’s all part of the swamp that’s existed in Washington and all liberal bastions including the corrupt cities like Chicago, New York and everywhere liberalism exists. This has to end and it may have to start with the media.

    1. malaw says:

      And lets not forget California, the country’s number 1 safe haven for illegal aliens.

  2. chuck708 says:

    Investigate all you want but when in Gods Name is someone going to Jail?

    If no one gets arrested and charged with TREASON, CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA then there is no law in the United States. So why should taxpayers pay for this Corruption in the Obama Administration?

    1. FHockey says:

      This will happen with the new Federal AG.

      1. Hotnike says:

        God, I hope so. It better get done.

      2. ProudlyUnaffiliated says:

        Sessions need to appoint a special prosecutor to look into this entire mess. He has so much to do to clean Obama’s fanny mess up at DOJ he needs to offload as much as he can.

    2. John Savell says:

      Nothing will happen with numb-nuts Obama in office. Let the new AG get in and see what happens. Sessions is not one to look the other way on corruption. I personally hope he holds Hillary accountable, Lynch accountable, Holder accountable and Obama accountable, all for obstruction of justice and abuse of power.

    3. Houmid says:

      Because it gives them an excuse to look like they’re doing something and get paid big bucks for doing it. See any one of the multiple Dilbert books by Scott Adams for plenty of examples of managerial incompetence.

  3. Morgan23 says:

    This is just another example of why Term Limits are necessary. When the bureaucracy hops in bed with ”career politicians” nothing good can happen and our rights and interests are no longer recognized as paramount. If we, the Taxpayers, are subjugated by these bureaucrats and their buddies, the political elites it will be our own fault. I hope Trump cuts ALL Budgets by at least 25%. That will get rid of all the riff raff political hacks and make these PUBLIC SERVANTS our servants again.

    1. malaw says:

      Term limits mean nothing as long as “Idiots” continue to re-elect the same scumbags.

    2. malaw says:

      Politicians are not going to vote to enact term limits. This is something Americans have to demand.

    3. Joan Davenport says:

      this is why we need term limits

  4. nodo says:

    Just so they do not actually charge anyone with anything while their “get out of jail free” card is in the WH to pardon the lot to them.

  5. Gale says:

    Put that evil, corrupt, felon *ITCH in jail where she belongs.

  6. nevergivein says:

    Obama still has four (4) DAYs to Wreak Havoc on the United States of America. He will do everything he can to cause problems for President Elect Trump and the American Taxpayers and he will end his last day by granting Crooked Hillary and her band of Crooked Associates full pardons. This will be just as Bill Clinton did on 1/20/2001 (his last day) when he pardoned Marc Rich and a whole basket of Really Really Deplorable s, 140 to be exact.

  7. SED says:

    Gitmo has been cleaned out to make room for the new kind of felons to be sent there. A “lot of bad dudes”.

    1. Hotnike says:

      Obama and Hillary need to be the first new tenants. It may have to be expanded to house everyone that needs to go there!

  8. Peter J says:

    Just more smoke and mirrors when the point is, “Hillary Clinton violated federal regulation and policy regarding procuring, setting up and using unauthorized and non secure IT equipment to conduct federal business.” One can also only wonder how much the American taxpayer shelled out to pay for her clandestine IT equipment. As a former federal employee, all of us including Clinton were required to complete and pass IT security training and records management. The training materials are crystal clear. Clinton is guilty and had I done what she did I would have been charged, fined, possibly jailed and removed from federal service. So why is she roaming the streets? Corrupt, liberal connections…

  9. Gunut says:

    It’s a ruse, they are still trying to undermine the republicans, and should no be trusted. Old saying “play with a snake too long…”

  10. L. Pine, Sr. says:

    There is a slight chance that O. will also be prosecuted, if not he certainly be named. He is guilty of exchanging emails with Hillary on her illegal setup (which he denied any knowledge of). That makes him guilty, also. We know that he does not care for our Country as she evidently does not either.

    1. drbhelthi says:

      A close look at the involvement of the alias, Barack H. Obama with the CIA, the payment by the “USGov” into Swiss bank accounts that ISIS leaders draw on, Obama´s failure to stop USAF subterfuge in the CIA-MOSSAD-ISIS attempt to destroy Syria and remove Pres. Assad, and his “executive decrees” that require the approval of Congress, suggests that his secretive exchange of emails with Hitlary Clinton. of the Clinton Crime Foundation, may be the least of his acts of treason against the US of A.

  11. Hillary for prison says:

    Like I’ve been posting on here for weeks. Obozo will pardon her for all past and future crimes and indiscretions. She will walk away with no charges and all we can hope for is one of the foreign governments, that paid into the Clinton crime organization, bumps her off. We, the taxpayers will be stuck with the bills for all these investigations. The system is broken but I’m sure Soros, Comey, Lynch and the rest of this criminal bunch will be getting pardons as a late Christmas gift from the big O.

    1. George Matyas says:

      than the only choice is to prove if he met the requirements of the office president, if not, then none of his orders are valid.

      1. Donna Costa says:

        Obuma did NOT meet the requirements.
        He’s NOT even an American.

  12. Hotnike says:

    Wait until Obama is gone otherwise he will pardon her. Obama needs to be charged with aiding and abetting the enemy, which is Treason!!!!

  13. bovestrian says:

    BREAKING NEWS……Obama has been seen at the local Subaru dealer trying to by his Legacy.

  14. david goodman says:

    you have to get all crooks out first.lawyers,union,lobbyists,demon crats,muslimobama,and repubrats.then charge all with treason.firing squad.

  15. SG says:

    I can’t see how obumer can pardon anyone if they have not been convicted of a crime. Now if she was in jail or served time then yes, he can pardon her. This is not like the Minority Report movie where she could be charged with a crime in the future, and looking into his crystal ball see her convicted and pardon her. Yes she needs to go to jail with about 50 others to include comey, DOJ AG, and the ring leader obumer and soros as a START.

  16. malaw says:

    This woman and everyone involved with this corruption had better be “CHARGED.” This is one of the reasons I voted for Trump to put these criminals behind bars. hillary clinton should be impeached from ever running for political office again, and if justice is served this will happen. If not in 4 years i’m voting his arse out.

  17. jimamrhein says:

    I Sincerely Hope The Investigation Won’t Be 1 Sided In Defense Of “HI-LIAR-RY”!! She’s Belonged In Prison Ever Since “BENGAZI”! This Time I Hope TRUE JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED!!! NYC SURE DON’T NEED HER AS MAYOR. SHE’D RUIN IT MORE THAN IT IS NOW!! NYC’S LAST “GREAT MAYOR WAS RUDY GULIANNI”!!!! Jim

  18. Stikit says:

    Something is going to happen to them. The whole world is investigating their: Clinton Global Fund, which they just shut down. They have no place to hide! History demands JUSTICE.

  19. MysticBear says:

    Obama And Hilary with all of their Corruptibles to include: Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, BATF Head Kenneth Melson on down to the present Swamp Dwellers Should be investigated, Charged with Treason, Thrown in to GITMO, Loose any money they have made, their Golden Umbrella Pension, and most importantly their Hidden Bank Accounts, Offshore Accounts,etc. to pay for all cost involved, and Lives lost because of their involvement! To include those harmed or killed by the Illegals they let in! And Their Citizenship removed permanently! That way them can spend time with their friends that they love SOOO much! And they can be Loved Back.

  20. mudhead says:

    Not a smidgen of corruption…
    No scandals in this administration…
    If you like your doctor…

    What crack is that whole administration on, anyway?

  21. Bay0Wulf says:

    A Dozen “Smoking Guns” Laying on the Table.
    Clintons have had people covering their butts for decades and have simply gotten sloppy. They also have begun to get caught up because they simply don’t understand technology all that well.

    Information sitting on hard drives is somewhat different than a boxful of paper folders and files. Information passed from computer to computer leaves a copy or trace of itself behind. Its not like a bankers box full of folders stuffed in the trunk or under a bed … if you make that box “gone” there is very little, if anything, remaining.

    At this point Obama and Obama’s Administration is providing cover for Hillary because … I am very sure … Clinton is covering Obama … or has enough on Obama that taking her down will bring him down … or “hurt” whatever reputation he thinks he has …

    I would normally say that the New Administration should simply drop it and get on with fixing the problems except that Obama, Clinton & the Establishment aren’t letting go themselves. They are insisting on being obstructionist. I think that there is enough evidence available to seriously damage the Establishment for some time into the future as well as Clinton & Obama so it makes it worth while to pursue the leads.

    I don’t want the Trump Administration to get sidetracked trying to prosecute this however …

  22. Mark Peterson says:

    Don’t forget Loretta Lynch. Don’t leave her out of the mix.

  23. MysticBear says:

    This won’t happen until they FIRE all in Evolved with the cover up! Other wise the Obama and Hilary Corruptibles. Won’t find nothing again, and again, and again.

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