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The FBI Just Destroyed Obama’s Biggest Lie

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  1. Timothy Dayton says:

    There are a number of people who have questioned Mr. Clapper’s objectivity as head of the CIA. It seems as if his agency’s intel may have been tailored to meet the needs or match the story of the White House on several occasions in the past.

    1. ronportsmouth says:

      I think you mean John Brennan, he is the head of the CIA. Clapper is the head of the National Intelligence Agency. I know that is an oxymoron but that is an agency in Washington and it is headed by James Clapper.

      1. The Dutchman says:

        What’s the dif? Their all part of the obozos crooked empire Eh?

        1. dsinchrg says:

          All the agencies have flooded with demoraps and Trump needs to fire all and start fresh with country loving patriots not ideologues

          1. The Dutchman says:

            He needs to fumigate the whole place and get rid of all the bugs

    2. darlin1951 . says:

      Brennon of CIA is is a muslim convert, what would you expect? He is the one who is helping to push the agenda of and protect commie fascists and sore butts. That is the real agenda too… legalize every evil sin against God, and then sharia law for USA.

    3. irish1919 says:

      Yes. As evidenced by his letter on dec 13 which stated that there was absolutely no evidence of Russian hacking and Comey would not say that it was a certainty but then they both caved 2 days later . Do you not think that Obamas and Brennan threatened them? I know they did . It’s called collusion and it is criminal . Doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. The real story is did the Russians hack the machines. Absolutely not. Only thing Jill Steins recounts revealed was extra votes for trump and massive fraud in Detroit. Hello??? Might we investigate this?? Hello?? Oh yeah how bout investigation on threats to our electors ?? See how obvious it is that Obama and intelligence are in bed together ?

      1. Judy Travis says:

        Of course. Brennan is a Muslim.

  2. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    But, I just read an article that says Comey has come out & said he agrees with the CIA. And, exactly WHY would Russia want Trump in the WH, instead of Clinton? She would continue the dismantling of our freedoms & our Constitution. Plus she would be no threat to any of the enemies of America. She’d be too busy setting up more Benghazi incidents.

    1. Dick says:

      If Hillary had been elected, she would have pushed for world war three based on the debt she owes to businesses and the foreign powers. Putin is not a fool. A war NEVER does anyone any good, no matter who “wins”.

    2. The Dutchman says:

      And more pay to play games Eh?

    3. irish1919 says:

      Bingo. Hillary would do his work for him.

  3. Ddenney1 says:

    Why are we more worried about the hacking than the hack? NOT ONE ALLAGATION AS OR WILL BE DENIED!!!!!!

    1. Dana Cole says:

      Exactly! Podesta’s emails proved he was the Russian link. And those emails detailed the timeline and circumstances behind Uranium One and how Russia gained control as well as Mrs. Clinton as the Secretary of State involvement and 2.35 million in donations to Clinton Foundation and another 500k directly to Bill for another speech in Russia.

      You are so right, the hacking is irrelevant. The hack proved corruption at highest levels, Podesta’s at the White House and Hillary a Secretary in the Presidential Cabinet. The hacking investigation is just diversionary bullshit.

      I am a security professional and both ClintonOne server and Podesta’s emails hack were child’s play.

  4. jowolo says:

    Clapper has always made me think he is the dumb kid on the block.

  5. Brian Falls says:

    It sounds like to me here that this is just the same old, song and dance, smoke and mirrors, b.s. that the democrats just love to spread. They can’t stand it that they lost and they are melting down big time! I’ve said it once before and I will say it again democrats. We won, you lost, now get over it!!! If Hillary would have won and we would have raised this kind of nonsense then you people would have jumped all over us and laughed like hyenas and called us a bunch of conspiracy nuts. Well, you people(democrats) are the conspiracy nuts here. We had to deal with your guy for the past 7 + years. Now you can deal with our guy.

    1. darlin1951 . says:

      He messed up a lot up “wet dreams”

    2. rex ames says:

      I agree with all but they are trying to influence the electoral college voters on January 19th.
      Most of you may not know it, but Bill Clinton is one of the voters for New York State.
      How do you think he will vote?? I’ll give you a good guess and it wont be Mr. President elect Trump.
      The Democrats will stop at nothing.

      1. Ray Downen says:

        My guess is he will vote to please voters in New York state since that’s who he is representing. That surely is what he should do!

        1. Digistar says:

          Yea, a vote for Hillcat!

        2. rex ames says:

          Its a conflict of interest, he should just stay home and count his illegal contributions to the Clinton foundation.

      2. Digistar says:

        NY voters won Hillcat so Billy Boy would be an Electoral College voter voting for Hillcat anyway.

  6. IluvmyUSA says:

    Hillary left the door open for anybody to hack her secret and unsecured server, and to blame someone else for her own bad judgment is ridiculous. The president contacted her on this same said server, so what’s his excuse. They do so much dirt they can’t keep track of it all, and by bringing those things to the attention of the public, unexpectedly, (who are in no way fooled) they make themselves look like idiots.

    1. uncle_fweddy says:

      They’re not idiots–I wish it was as simple as that–that at least could be understood. They are traitors, bent on destroying America, and should be dealt with as such.

    2. The Dutchman says:

      No way in hell can anyone be as stupid as killary and still be so rich, She’s just someone else’s puppet!

      1. Ollie Octopus says:

        She is not stupid; she is on the other side.

      2. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says:

        How do they get there hands up her pants-sute ,and do they use clorox or lysol to clean there hands afterwards ?

        1. Chandler says:

          She might want to start with her mouth first.

          1. Wildeagleone says:

            No, Bill found out she doesnt

      3. Common Sense says:

        Have you ever heard of thievery? With a setup like they have in Canada where rthe Government does not reveal who or where the money comes from and it is given to the Clinton’s and never reported as the government of Canada has no obligation to do so, the Clinton’s could and probably have stolen many, many millions of dollars and stashed it away in off shore accounts. I would not trust a Clinton with anything known to exist in this world with any value to it at all. .

        1. The Dutchman says:

          No doubts here what so ever!

        2. Btty says:

          100% correct and they have the body count to prove they will do anything for power!

    3. McFerguson says:

      This, in a nutshell, is why Hillary lost. And she turned out to be flop as the candidate. She appealed to no one and she lied pathologically.

    4. John Bramble says:

      When Killary was installed as the Sec. of State a few weeks later the reports were flying back and forth from her office to security at state dept.- she was demanding a handheld with high security like the President had – State Security said no, use the desktop system for everything needed, it is secure, she said NO I want my own handheld high security system like the President has. This went on for Months, their response became “just go Color” (treating her like the preschooler she acts like).
      So, I guess she decided that she would show them who was the boss!

  7. ReaperHD says:

    Anything that comes out of the mouths of these LYING OBLOZO, CLITON and the DNC is just to cover up for CLITON, why she supposedly spent all this BILLLION DOLLARS and loss this election. All you donors who threw money at these CRIMINALS deserve to be taken to the cleaners and loss your money, may you go broke under TRUMP Reign.

    1. Maria says:

      Right he should get over it, isn’t that what he said to vets about WWII? Get over it, well it is time for him to get over it and shut up.

  8. harpo49 says:

    what else would or could expect from a hole dumbocrars they are real bad losers and thjey put all their money on a lying cheating untrustworthy unpopular maybe even hated Hildapig good for you dumb @%%$#
    soon your hero will be gone thank you lord and maybe the country can heal this lying cheating commie muslim a hole has d

  9. suz says:

    Seems to me this may be another diversion from something that’s going on. Maybe like the closing of the Cuban prison getmo or the other 150,000 more Syria refugees coming to America . Or their last vacation on the backs of taxpayers.

    1. Dana Cole says:

      More likely, an unannounced request to the Senate to ratify that f**king UN treaty covering small arms. An assault on our Constitution from within sponsored by NWO.

      1. suz says:

        I thought I had heard Trump was going to do away with the UN treaty

        1. Dana Cole says:

          You are correct about Trump. Obama is trying to sneak it through in the lame duck Congress. The same way he got Obamacare signed.

          1. suz says:

            yea like the old hag /drunk Pelosi said you have to pass it to find out what is in it. Like the Iran deal how many terrorist plus billions did he give them for one person’s release and we don’t pay ransom . Another Obama lie

        2. Maria says:

          Yes that is what he said, no more money for the UN, it’s a total waste.

  10. Norma Lewis says:

    Obummer needs to get off of the subject of Trump won ,, he don’t remember that he was put in office 8 yrs ago , , so he needs to shut his ugly mouth,, hillary is nothing but a thief liar, and we definitely would have gone down hill if she got it , ,, look at benghazi,, I am sure there are more than just her involved in this case

    1. davidsunkle says:


  11. Oculus Dar says:

    You mean the CIA, the same terrorist organization that has interfered with and rigged not only foreign elections but domestic elections…and intruded in the affairs of governments of foreign countries…for decades? Yeah, right!

  12. Oculus Dar says:

    When the American people decide that enough is enough and take out the CIA and the other terrorist elements in their government…and put down the rabid dogs that threaten America, the American people and Freedom, not to mention the world, perhaps there is a chance that humanity, including us, will actually survive.

  13. Jon Skaar says:

    Of more importance then these DNC lies I want to know who killed the DNC youngman who wanted to meet with the FBI and was shot on the way. Secondly, where is the Proof the CIA killed Assange or anyone else Soros has bought off.

  14. ter334 says:

    IMO the DNC hacked itself so the Ds could have someone to blame, the Rusians. After all they blamed Bush, the GOP for being racist for wanting voter ID to help prevent voting fraud and they blamed a little old lady school teacher from Pasadena or some other innocents for a video that caused the Benghazi burning while DC and O fiddled. In other words they have more credibility as the party of blame then they do as the party for America?

  15. Frank Comeau says:

    This is just another fake news site

  16. nicholsda says:

    Where is the investigation of the tie in of the DNC person killed and this non-hack? The NSA does not have a trace on the ” hacking ” so that leaves the fact that he may have had a thumbdrive that he sent to WikiLeaks. A robbery where no money, no cell phone, no wallet, no watch was stolen doesn’t sound like a robbery to me.

  17. Richard says:

    Obama and the Clintons and 90% of the democrat’s are Lying TRAITORS they don’t what to relinquish their Corrupt Government for a NEW GOVERNMENT that is FOR the People and not their Corrupt self. Trump nor Putin said to steal the GOP from Bernie. Nor did they let ISIS kill THOUSANDS of PEOPLE like Hillary and Obama has. Not one Government Agency has 100% proof but our Media is so BIAS and CORRUPT and they continue to KISS OBAMA’S and HILLARY’S ASS they are ANTI AMERICAN and are against not just President Trump and our NEW GOVERNMENT but the PEOPLE. Even now our actors are spreading LIES. America WILL BE GREAT in just a few more days. America will FINALLY have a CHRISTIAN PRESIDENT and not a Muslim Terrorist Obama who hates CHRISTIANS. Thank GOD Obama is DOOMED. Why would Putin want President Trump in OFFICE and President TRUMP will not kiss Ass like Hillary or Obama has done in the PAST. God Bless America and President Trump and our NEW GOVERNMENT FOR THE PEOPLE

  18. Glenn says:

    The point is missed that no matter who hacked who the information disseminated via Wikileaks was accurate and helped to inform the public about the corruption in the Clinton campaign and the DNC. That my friends should be the headline!!!

  19. ONTIME says:

    B’Ob the Halfast “unknown is in fear of his legacy disappearing and the congress being able to review his recorded handi work for the past 8 years, I can imagine his anxiety prob is rather high since they will now be able to legally access his credentials and that would make his fraud birth certificate a target…….Let’s just power wash Fraud B’Ob and his malicious legacy…….

  20. Douglas says:

    I have know from day one of the Obama administration that he was a liar and can not be trusted.
    He is a community organizer! He has never built anything, he has never done anything worth while, except
    to try and destroy the USA.
    My hope, Michelle, is you and your stupid husband will leave the USA when you leave the Oval Office.

  21. Bruce Walters says:

    The only time Obama opens his mouth is to change feet.

  22. ratnn says:

    You all saw it in this piece the CIA are trying to De-legitimatize Trumps Presidency. They will be under his command and I hope they realize if they Kennedy him we are much more sophisticated now and they are done for any way you slice it! Good riddance you devilish bastards (AKA as the CIA).

  23. Bill says:

    After reading down to many of these comments I can see that there are many who are being deceived, except one perhaps. The seven eights of the ice burg you can not see, they are making the waters murky for just that reason. Be ware, the other shoe is always just one moment away form dropping.

  24. darlin1951 . says:

    Stupid demoNcrats! Were you counting Hillary’s live rallies support numbers by common core method????????? Take your fake president commie cia/muslim with a fake family, cutout president, fake rallies, fake debates, fake Hillary/doubles,fake illness, fake poll numbers, fake citizens, fake voting numbers, fake candidates, fake gun incidents, fake riots, fake bombings, fake news and get a grip on LIFE . Everything you do and want brings DEATH. Get a grip gays and muslims , we are not going to let you legalize pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, polygamy, blood sacrifices, cannibalism, TG bathrooms. Its over! God won by having us vote for Donald Trump by larger numbers, and He has a plan for each one of you too! It’s called hell if you don’t repent! I REbuke you all in the name of Jesus! Satan is a wannabe and fake god too………Death is all he has to offer anyone! You have brought your misery on yourself, I pray your whole political party dies! It is the party of death.

  25. Honorary says:

    Did the Democrats realize that our honest American people had voted for a better leader who will work for the people not the other way around??? There are more of good Americans than the ‘despicable’ who supported Crooked Hillary. It is the most simple choice for commonsense people- the choice between ‘ethics vs. Corruption’. After 8 years of Obama’s administration of arrogance, hubris, and evil, there is nothing else there.
    The Russia had told Obama to ‘put up’ or ‘shut up’. loser Gay Lovers – Barack and Michelle Obama – Sodomy and Corruption in the White House! Urgent ‘Final Warning’ To USA: God has drawn his sword!

  26. Maria says:

    Russia denied having anything to do with the hacking, also said to bring forth the proof, have we seen the proof yet? No and we won’t see because there is no proof, this is something Obozo is making up to make trouble and to insinuate that Trump’s win was not legit that if it wouldn’t have happened Hillary would have won. But then we would have not known the truth about Hillary, those who work for her and the crooked dems. Boo hoo

  27. Ray Downen says:

    As a patriot, I want nothing to do with Russian or any other nation’s interference with our nation. I’m eager to see President Trump keep his promises as much as is possible with co-operation from the Congress.

  28. irish1919 says:

    What is more criminal: A hack that never happened but is fake news to divert the actions of the DNC and Corrupt Hillary or the actual criminal acts that were shown to the American voter . If Hillary and the DNC had any security none of this could come out . She is the bigger threat to national security and the United States than Russia is. Here is what happened . Hillary needed a scapegoat in case she lost so expecting to win easily someone from the DNC a Bernie Sanders supporter leaked the emails. I would thoroughly investigate the murder of Seth Rich because I believe you can connect the dots right back to Hillary . The CIA FBI and NDI no full well this had nothing to do with a hack. It was an inside leak and all these electors should know by now after 8 yrs of this administration that transparency is not something these people have had ever. They manipulate , politicize protect their own and are willing to criminally go after anyone that is a threat to their lies and corruption . Brennan Comey and Clapper have never shown to be independent from the administration . They are trying to protect Obama, Hillary and themselves from criminality . These electors should never fall prey to anything written in the Post or NY times . Ask yourselves one question ? Can you trust this media and these newspapers to give you the truth. They are out to delegitimize Trump so Hillary can save face . She is so corrupt , so pathologically a liar, so evil that no one with any sanity or character should believe her. Look at the Clinton foundation? Look at the emails which were released . Does that sound like a party that should be in control of this country? The electors should vote for Trump because the American electorate has spoken . What we see going on since trump was elected is nothing short of hate and vitriol. All these characters on the left are traitors to the republic and actually outside of the terrorists are our worse enemy. George Soros is not for America . Soros is connected with Hillary and Obama and Globalism . Does anyone really think Hillary gives a crap about this Republic?? She wants gun control through a UN edict. So Mr. Trump will you build that wall and get the hell out of the UN and save our sovereignty . That alone will give you the greatest legacy of any president. That would cut the cord to Globalism . That would encourage other free societies to leave also. That saves us billions each year. There is your infrastructure money . Get the U N out of this country asap.

  29. JR Quarrels says:

    Master liar!

  30. irish1919 says:

    I’m confused. First Comey says no concrete evidence that Russia hacked and then he agrees with Brennan and now he accuses Brennan of leaking false information to the two slimy newspapers ??? Well an investigation will be needed when Trump takes office . Me thinks a lot of ass covering taking place. Where is the evidence of any hacking? Again I think the leak came from within the DNC. A Bernie Sanders supporter I would presume. Think Brennan might investigate that angle ???? Not.

  31. irish1919 says:

    Seth Rich may be the key .

  32. Joseph Friday says:

    If they really had a smoking gun, it would be all over the news by now. All they are doing is blowing smoke. Sour grapes and typical Obama BS.

  33. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

    If they don;t quit with blaming Russia they’er going to really piss Putin off.

  34. Sojourner says:

    The CIA are liars not to be trusted. They should be shuttered.

  35. Chandler says:

    Everyone should know that Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary and the Demorat party are front and center in this oh so fake news flash about Russia and Trump.
    In my opinion Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton the walking dead are staying in Washington for the sol purpose, of demonizing and tearing down Donald Trump and his cabinet at every turn.
    The Demorats are going to hound Trump with all kinds of made up trash, they are mad that they put up trash like Hillary and lost there battle to demonize Trump and take there power back that they lost.
    America is so lucky that Trump got in and will be able to clean out the sewer called Washington and the Political far far left garbage, with the people Trump has put into his cabinet to save America.
    God bless America and what Donald Trump and his cabinet, and what they are embarking on the saving of America our laws and Constitution.
    Just my opinion!!!

  36. Robert Piper says:

    It has been apparent that Obama and the Democrat Party would like nothing better than to destroy our representative republic and take full command of our society. Until that attitude changes the fewer Democrats that are in office the better off we will be.

  37. McFerguson says:

    The problem with this article is it’s undated. There’s no indication as to whom said what to whom and when. On Sunday, 18 Dec, the word on all the “New Shows”, e. g. , “Meet the Press,” etc, was that Comey’s FBI and all the 17 Intelligence gatherers were on board with Brennan’s analysis. Which was that Russia was the culprit in Hillary’s loss, and Trump was the beneficiary. I ain’t buying your take, Great American Daily, because I think you’re too late for the dance.

  38. Ricochet says:

    Think about it, why would the Russians even want The Donald “America First” Trump to win against self-interested Hillary? They can’t buy Trump, but Hillary can and has been bought over and over. China even bought Bill, so why would anyone even believe the Russians wanted Trump to win in the first place?

  39. Deanna Sharp says:

    be sure your sins willl find you out like lies they will come back to haunt you Obama you a disgrace to your name

  40. Wildeagleone says:

    Maybe Hillary can apply in zCuba for the position Chief In charge of their country when Raul resigns or Venezuela

  41. Chandler says:

    All I can say is it is time for the American legal citizens to understand that the Democrat Party is not what it once was.
    It has apparently gone full blown out of touch, and is now showing it’s Communist mind set.

    It has gone rogue and is now working to return power to it’s dictators.

    If we do not understand what all this crap is going on with attacks from every front of the Democrat party, Surely we will pay the price in this stampede of the Democrat party of ,Socialist,Progressive, Communism. returning to there real self interest.

    They have become deranged in there fury to take what they thought belongs to them the United States of America.
    Be afraid America be very afraid of what is coming. We must stay alert and stop this madness before it is to late. This Democrat Party is evil and cares only for power.

    Just my opinion !!!

  42. james baxter says:


  43. Dick says:

    You had me confused when you mentioned “Obama’s Biggest Lie”. The only time Obama has ever told the truth is when in 2008 he said that Hillary is not qualified to be president.

  44. TAM44 says:

    Both obama and clinton are guilty of treason plain and simple, they both broke our law and should be in prison. These two are the biggest liars to ever step foot in the white house and both are corrupt and anti, God, America, have no respect for our laws or our rights. They both think our military and vets are dirt under their treasonous feet, and think our police officers are dirt under their feet also.

  45. Duane L Petersen says:

    It has been conformed by 2 reliable sources that it was not a hack but a leak someone in the Clinton camp that finally got a conscious and could not stand the lies any longer.

  46. Van Snyder says:

    Julian Assange says he didn’t get the materials from the Russians. Craig Murray, the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan picked up the material in Virginia. He says the guy he got it from was not Russian. He says it was probably a DNC insider who was angry about how Bernie was screwed. Maybe it was Seth Rich, who got two bullets in the back of his head on a Washington DC street in broad daylight. Nothing was taken from him, so robbery wasn’t a motive. Assange says neither the FBI nor the CIA has contacted him to ask where he got the material. So the “Russians hacked the election” story is more of the same Democrat tactic of blowing smoke up our a$$es.

  47. Jim McGann says:

    Just another false flag to get us to attack Russia and start WWIII so Obama can stay in office. I’m praying the 25 days to the innaurgaration are conflict free!

  48. MarcJ says:

    In her graduation speech already Hillary changed the name of Marxism as “the politics of meaning”.

  49. jwood1952 says:

    It was Hillary who started the Russian lie, it’s right in the emails, fro Bill to Hillary….

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