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The Pope Made These Shocking Comments About Donald Trump

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  1. Betty says:

    thank God I am not a catholic and this marxist he cannot make up his mind when the immigrents end up attacking him he should not be shocked as they believe they are to use women as sex slaves or kill the

    1. Highland26 says:

      I agree. He appears to be a globalist plant.

  2. MobileMarine says:

    I really do not think President Trump gives a damn what the Pope thinks or says.

    1. libertybells2 says:

      And no one else other than leftists. The guys a dunce.

    2. Lara McCulloch says:

      Trump cares very much what people say and think about him. All narcissistic people do. Any minute he’ll Tweet about it. No President should be on Twitter, that’s for kids.

      1. JoLa25161 says:

        The President SHOULD NOT have to use Twitter. If the media was truly honest and upright in their reporting the President WOULD NOT have to use Twitter. CNN — in particular — has been caught flat out lying about what the President has said and/or done — just like little “kids”.

      2. feduptohere says:

        Another who thinks she can read minds, how else would she know what our President cares about – and especially stating that he cares what people say about him, when in truth, he could care less about peoples opinions of him, so, who put you in charge to tell everyone what they can say or do. If there ever was a narcissistic President, it was the one who just left, and as an “expert” on the topic of recognizing one, you certainly should have seen that. . President Trump uses Twitter because todays newspapers write what they want to, never the truth, every statement is completely different from what came out of the mouth of that person speaking, It is like the telephone game. One person hears the message, tells it to someone, and then they tell someone and on and on, and when it comes time to print, or post or discuss the subject, one would never recognize the original answer. at the end of the conversation. On Twitter, Our President can reach millions of people who will then hear what was really said. He has had it out with them, but it is like some sickness, to want to distort or totally change a persons words, unless of course, the newspapers are still under the thumb of the liberal Democrats, and Soros ~ who pulls their strings,

    3. apprin says:

      I believe that Mr. Trump cares a great deal about the pope’s opinion. Mr. Trump, unlike the small minded primates that are opposed to the core of Christianity, is acutely aware that this pope is but a snapshot in the 2,000+ years of the catholic church and of Christianity itself. This pope,as all popes, is nothing more than a man who happens to be a priest, who happens to be a bishop, of a diocese that happens to be the Vatican. All the hatred that one can direct toward Christianity, as you assert, is totally diluted by the fact that the pope is a fallible man. Only twice in 2,000 years has the pope spoken ex-cathedra as an infallible emissary of Christ. Thus, let’s appraise the pope, as we would appraise any other human who leads over one billion humans.

      How many Earthlings are you learin? I’m certain that you are amply qualified to make that judgment, biatch !!!

    4. Kathleen3 says:

      Nor do millions of former Catholics who have left the Church as a result of the Socialist/Marxist positions of this Pope and the Catholic Conference of Bishops.

      1. Observator14 says:

        Kathleen: You are an ignoramus who does not know what Communism or Socialism is. Good grief, open the windows and take a breath of air.

        1. Kathleen3 says:

          Those who have no facts to back their claims resort to name-calling.

          1. Observator14 says:

            Kathleen3 That is Exactly what you have done ! Precisely why I called you out !

  3. peter9810 says:

    The Vatican is surrounded by an 8′ Wall.

    1. Mary Diecidue says:

      Interesting, huh????? Is he protected by terrorist???? with a wall around the Vatican…..

    2. libertybells2 says:

      Whoa have you see that thing? It’s more like 16 ft…I have an 8′ fence on my property and it is nowhere the height of what the Vatican has.

      1. David Bridges says:

        The wall is 40′ high with NO windows or openings. Was built originally to keep out Muslim hordes from invaiding. Now they just invite them in and pay for all their needs. (Into Italy, not the pompous Vadican)

    3. Marlene N Donald Graham says:

      Typical liberal what is good for him is too good for anyone else. I am a catholic but this Pope is another story, not real fond of him or some of the things he says. I don’t think many people are paying to much attention to any of the liberal rantings anymore, except for the media the feeds into it.

      1. Charles Sroka says:


      2. Ben says:

        When I was a kid I thought the pope was those peeps in my orange juice. This guy definitely impresses me as being a little gay.

        1. JeanneD says:

          a tad Communistic, I would say

          1. Ben says:

            That too. Too bad we don’t have a better selection of leaders.

          2. Observator14 says:

            JeanneD: How can you call yourself a Catholic and make such a False accusation. Is your pope Rush Limbaugh? That is pitiful.

          3. JeanneD says:

            Yes, Observator14, I do consider myself a Catholic.
            What did I say to indicate to you, otherwise ?

        2. Observator14 says:

          Ben: Did you have anything more simple-minded to say?

          1. Ben says:

            Not only it was a statement of fact but a metaphor to show how powerless the Church is becoming.

          2. Observator14 says:

            Ben: Not really. It only shows how mindless you have become.

          3. Ben says:

            I believe that I am qualified to debate you on this subject. Notice, I haven’t jumped to an unsupported conclusions like calling you mindless without knowing more about you.

          4. Observator14 says:

            Ben, you have shown yourself mindless in thinking by your foolish words. Try to impress me with Real Thought and Intelligently formed words.

          5. Ben says:

            How old are you?

          6. Observator14 says:

            Ben: I am 80. I have lived mostly in Pennsylvania, California, and Texas, but also in Eritrea (East Africa), Italy (9 years) and Nicaragua ()16 years) besides having traveled in various countries.
            I have an MA in Linguistics and speak Spanish and Italian (an a little bit of German) besides English. I have been a student of history for 72 years of my life.
            My father was Republican and my mother Democrat. I have close friends of various philosophical orientations, including atheists. I respect people who know what they are saying or at least are intellectually sincere, and preferably respectful of other views.

          7. JeanneD says:

            You are a very learned man, Observator14. You are living a very interesting life and your wisdom and contentment show through brightly and clearly. I will always stop to read your very informative observatons whenever they are here,
            God bless you, too, dear friend and I wish you well, always. Jeanne

          8. Ben says:

            Thank you for your very nice response. My comment that you took offense to, “how I didn’t perceive the difference between the Pope and Peeps in orange juice” was made in jest but based on an observation made at (probably) age 5. I apologize I offended you, especially if your Catholic or the other preference I mentioned. I will be 58 years old next month. I have lived in New York, Israel and California before fulfilling my dream of moving to Hawaii. My background is Intelligence community–nuclear security, and now a licensed private investigator. My father was Republican, right of Ghengis Khan and my mother was a democrat. My most important experience occurred on 06/26/2011, when I had a heart attack, died and got to see where we go. I am honored to have been one of the few who has had this experience. It humbled me, in the sense that as a professional observer I thought I could describe anything and here was something beyond description–what most words in any of our languages could fully describe. “Beyond love.” Have a good day, and keep the faith. In the future I will be more aware of certain of my comments, and before I make them. Ben

      3. Highland26 says:

        Lifelong Catholic here, too, but I feel evil coming from this man.

        1. Allen says:

          Catholic also, but am ashamed of this guy.

          1. Morena_nic says:

            ask the vatican to replace him as he does not represent GOODNESS….HE IS SIDING WITH THE FORCES OF EVIL….left wing policies are destructive

          2. MMSwirks says:

            Most popes have historically been evil. Some are even said to have practiced the dark arts and could shoot lightening out of their fingertips much like Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars according to eye witnesses who worked closely with those popes. Others owned brothels for profit. And many have forbidden people from reading he bible, God’s word, which happens to say that the scriptures are OF NO PRIVATE INTERPRETATION. The Holy Bible was always intended to be for everyone to read for themselves so that nobody could promote “another gospel” than the one Christ himself taught. The bible also claims that no man should call another “Father” except He who is in Heaven. Many of the confessions in some Catholic churches have been used for bribery and as a means to rape women in some cities and the Catholic church in America is known by the former FBI chief to be a channel for child prostitution rings and sex slavery for human sacrificial rituals. This is the true history of the Catholic church, the Whore Church that the bible warns about. Jesus is the only way to the Father as the Church’s bridegroom, giving intercession for her sins, not some phony pope who wears and practices idolatry and pagan sun god worship like Ancient Rome, Egypt or Babylon. Keeping the clergy from marrying has also historically been a means to keep the wealth in the church rather than inherited by descendants. Let’s not even get me started on the Holy Wars and purging of Muslims. There is no denomination that is better than another, unfortunately. It is the people within all churches that make up the body of Christ, dare I say. The Catholic pope is running a giant cult scam. Multitudes will be led astray by him while only the remnant will be saved according to the bible. Think about this and read for yourself. Be free from Roman tyranny once and for all. Don’t believe anything this evil pope has to say. He is clearly a pawn of Satan.

          3. Houmid says:

            Funny how many Christians think the Bible is one single, unified, consistent book.
            The Bible is an anthology; a collection of many stories and books, not a unified whole. There are many versions, with some books added, and some books omitted, depending on the Christian denomination. Translation variances abound.

          4. John Savell says:

            Most Christians know the Bible is a collection, but it has been compiled into one book now, which is why it is often referred to as the Holy Book. The Catholic Bible has some extra books that the King James does not. When King James commissioned an English version of the bible, he brought in scholars of the day, who read and spoke the dead languages in which the original scrolls were written. These scholars found several issues where earlier Bibles had mistranslated the original documents, and they discovered some of the “books” came from sources much later than the others. Because they could not authenticate the originals to prove they were primary sources, they chose to keep them out.

          5. Helen says:

            It is the protestant Bible who left out 7 books, not the Catholic Bble. In fact you could well say the protestants STOLE the Caholic Bible and then adulterated it!!

          6. Observator14 says:

            They were 7 books of the Old Testament only, which also the Eastern Christian churches recognize, and some even other books.

          7. John Savell says:

            The Catholic Bible does in fact have more books than the Protestant Bible. The reason is that the scholars of the ancient languages could not authenticate the sources of those books. There is nothing wrong with those books, for ex. the Gospel of Thomas, which I have read and is right in line with the other gospels, just from a different perspective. The King James scholars just could not guarantee that they were actually written by the author they claimed to be written by. I am not saying one is better than the other, or one is right and the other wrong. I was responding to Houmid, who stated that there were different versions and explaining why there were.

          8. Observator14 says:

            The so-called Gospel of Thomas is not accepted by any church, although some scholars think there are Sayings that are authentic in it, but the book itself is accepted by no church.
            The books not chosen by the Jews at Jamnia and by Protestants were the four books of the Maccabees, Tobit, 1st and 2nd Esdras, Wisdom of Solomon, and others, some of them only parts or stories.
            The Anglicans put some of the recognized good writings into a category of Apocrypha, but the Catholics and Eastern Orthodox call them Deutero Canonical. More Protestant translations are now including them.

          9. John Savell says:

            I did not know all of that.

          10. Observator14 says:

            The Christian Bible is a collection, yes, and the books chosen were by the bishops of the Catholic Church of the early centuries. The bishops are taken as Successors of the Apostles, and as such, Authorized with power in the Church. The New Testament books were chosen by the bishops, and all those chosen are accepted by all Protestants.
            The Old Testament books were separated into scrolls for the Jews. When the Pharisees declared which scrolls They accepted in 80 AD at Jamnia, they did that as authorized by Jewish law. However, they were No Longer authorized by Christians, since Jesus had created New Authorities in his Apostles some Fifty years before. Early Greek-speaking Jews used the Septuagint version off the Jewish scriptures, and New Testament books cite That Version in various books of the NT, which would seem to Authorize that version. Even the interpretation of the Hebrew word for unmarried female in Isaiah was translated into Greek as Parthenos, virgin, in Greek, and was used by the NT author of Luke.
            At Qumran, some books of the OT of the Septuagint were found in Hebrew such as Tobit. The oldest churches, such as the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and other Orthodox churches of the east of the Alexandrian and Antiochian communions accept even other books not formally recognized by the Catholic Church.
            Modern Jews celebrate Hanukkah, a festival recognizing the freeing of the Jews by Judas Maccabeus and his warriors and the purification of the Temple. The Maccabean books are accepted by various ancient churches. The Catholics accept the first two, the Eastern Orthodox also accept the third, and the Ethiopians all four.
            What the King James version used was One Received text, which was Not the Only received text. The king authorized Anglican bishops and theologians to translate That version of the biblical texts. It is Ironic to note that some recognize it as authorized, even though they are Not Anglicans. They also recognize the books of the NT chosen by the Catholic bishops of the fourth century as inspired, and yet they are Not Catholics.
            Is there any Coherence to this ?

          11. Helen says:

            You are the pawn of Satan!!!

          12. Observator14 says:

            You are not only IGNORANT, you seem to be High on something probabaly Illegal. Sober up and get informed.

          13. Observator14 says:

            MMSwinks: You say correctly that there is no Private Interpretation of scripture, yet that is Exactly what you propose. Rather, it is only the Church that sets forth the correct interpretion, as Jesus authorized Only His Apostles and not just anyone. The private interpretation theory has resulted in the greatest Confusion and Division among Christians, to the Scandal of the world, just the opposite of what Jesus prayed for.
            The bible did not exist until the Catholic Church put together the various books into One Collection called “the Books” (ta Biblia, in Greek). You speak of so many Falsehoods, that it becomes difficult not to believe that you are a pawn of Satan, the father of lies.
            Jesus founded His one and Only Church on Simon Peter, as in Matthew 16:17-19 with great powers of binding and loosing, and more specifically, the power to forgive sins, as in John 20: 21-22. He prayed for Unity, as in John 17, and that is a Sign of His truth to the world. The one billion two/three hundred million Catholic all over the world for almost 2,000 years is proof also of Jesus blessing, since He sent His apostles to All Nations, as in Matthew 28: 18-20.

          14. MMSwirks says:

            You sure are great at twisting things to favor your exclusive religious practice. Some of us Christians actually care about keeping the biblically accurate doctrines and teachings of the church pure as Jesus taught them, and not as they’ve been selfishly twisted by greedy or power hungry Luciferian Popes who follow a neo-pagan, Roman sun-god worshipping, Albert Pike freemason-version of so-called “Christianity”. If you don’t think this is what the Roman Catholic church follows, then try reading Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma book which has lain out the plan for the Catholic church to be instrumental in ushering in a Luciferian New World Order over the past 100 years. It is Babylonian mystery religion reborn which passed down through Egyptian mythology and Freemasonry over the past few centuries and now is being taught through Catholicism, Mormonism, Islam, and various other religious groups as outlined by Mr. Grand Master Pike himself. They have infiltrated every aspect of our beliefs and culture to pervert the very nature of what Jesus made pure and holy for us to follow. The Catholic church and most other branches of Christian denominations are NOT what Jesus or the apostles laid out for us to follow. We have gone very astray to follow “another gospel” of false gods, apostate doctrines, pagan rituals and Satanic ideologies to satisfy ourselves with our humanistic lusts of the flesh, power and money.
            As far as your take on the private interpretation issue, “let the spirits of the prophets be subject to the prophets” as 1st Corinthians puts a finer point on it. There MUST be some accountability that church leaders and others are held to. The Pope claims he is speaking for God and therefore is counted as infallible. This is just wrong. The Pope is the leader of a corrupted organization that practices idolatry and pagan traditions and rituals. This is anything but godly. He is an abomination in God’s eyes, unless your god is Satan. I’m sure Satan is well proud of him. You proclaim how there are so many Catholics around the world who follow him and therefore surely authenticate him as a righteous leader of spiritual truth. Do you not know the scripture that declares “ONLY THE REMNANT WILL BE SAVED…”? Remnant is not billions or even millions. It is a very small number. Multitudes follow the wide path to destruction. This is scriptures too. Do you see multitudes following the Pope as he declares himself a false Messiah? Absolutely! He tickles their ears with what they want to hear, so they follow him as people always have lying politicians.
            Furthermore, Jesus did NOT give Peter the power to forgive sins, nor did he the Catholic church. “No one can go to the Father except through me.” Jesus said this as He is the ONLY mediator through which we are authorized to pray for the forgiveness of sins or otherwise. His blood alone covers us and holds us blameless before his father in heaven. The church is merely a spiritual hospital by which we may be healed of our spiritual injuries and get a recharge each week to go back into the world with a “full battery” to stand against the troubles of the world. It is a place of accountability and encouragement to stay on the straight and narrow path to find and maintain a personal relationship with God. The “CHURCH” is not a structure of walls that holds people inside. It’s not a set of doctrines and rules that restrict and bind us. The true church is made up of God’s children, regardless of denomination. These people were written in the Lamb’s Book of Life from before time eternal. They come to a full understanding and acceptance of God’s truth and salvation at the appointed time in their lives when God calls them in an effectual way. To know God is not a binding of rules and rituals like it is with the world or with Satan’s way. To know God is freedom from the binding and condemnation of sin and is the empowerment to resist sin when it tempts us. It is a personal relationship with God that gives us the internal drive and motivation to do what is right, not to merit our salvation, but as a result of our new-found love in our savior for saving us when we were still yet in sin.
            I’m not arguing the fact that the post-apostolic Catholic church was right with God in the beginning and that it was appointed by God for the purpose of making the saints stronger and giving God a temporal presence through representation here on Earth until Christ would return. But it didn’t last long. History is clear that the Caesar of Rome was very much against the Christian presence posing opposition to his empire. The more he persecuted them, the stronger their faith became. Satan has always used the same strategies to infiltrate and conquer his enemies, whether it be the church, governments, the family structure, or otherwise. He plants his moles posing as one of “us” (just like Obama) and then they begin their divisive mischief. Rome was no different. The Roman emperor made Catholicism a state religion thereby forcing all pagans and their sun god worshipping practices and beliefs into the church. It poisoned Jesus’s bride forever. THIS and THIS ALONE is what caused division in the church denominations due to individuals who recognized the anti-biblical occult practices and heretical doctrines within the church that were against God. They left the church due to their convictions about this to try and purify the doctrine of corruption with new protestant denominations through the years such as Presbyterian, Lutheranism, Calvinism, etc., some more successfully being cleansed of the mistruth than others, in an attempt to set things right once again with a revised church. The problem has been not unlike trying to separate compost from water once the water has been tainted. There is bound to remain some impurity once the attempt has been made to remove the filth.
            Listen, I don’t care about demonizing the Catholic church in particular. I care about truth and about helping people wake up to see where cult religions are taking us. They may wear different masks, but the end result and goal is always the same. The Pope and others are all taking their flocks to the slaughter of a Luciferian New World Order. Those who oppose it will be murdered the same as the Bible tells about. But those who support it will take the Mark of the Beast and lose their soul for all eternity for choosing a whore religion over God’s truth. You can slander me all you want and make ridiculous claims about me speaking for Satan or whatever. But I know I’m right and probably, deep down, you do too, but your pride won’t allow you to admit it, especially with so many people reading these posts. Sorry if you’re losing face here. I really don’t mean to embarrass you or make you upset. It’s the lies of Satan and people used by him that make me upset. These lies lead people to their eternal demise. You clearly have attempted to educate yourself about many of these things, but I fear you are coming up lacking about the exact parts of knowledge, faith and spiritual truth that can set you truly free in this life AND the next. I pray that God will have mercy on you and open your eyes to see what’s truly important and to study about that instead of just trying to defend yourself by standing up for a false messiah whom seeks your destruction for his own lust for power. The Pope is a fraud, and most people I’ve talked to have already woken up to that fact as they can’t refute the dark evil this Pope represents any longer. I hope you can do the same. I really do. May God bless you. I mean that sincerely. Peace.

          15. MaryQ says:

            Remember, God works in mysterious ways ~ stat vigilant.

          16. Observator14 says:

            The pope speaks of general principles. He said clearly that he has no opinion formed on Trump. Read. Moreover, the Media present things the popes say according to how They want it to read or to get a reaction or agitate to $ell.

          17. John Savell says:

            What? Are you saying the media intentionally tries to mislead us???? (please note the tone of sarcasm in my post)

          18. Observator14 says:

            Morena: You are Quick to Judge, something the pope is avoiding with all these slavering journalists who are trying to Set Up an answer They want, but he does not give in to them. Wait and See before Judging, he said. Do you understand ?

          19. Morena_nic says:

            Observator14..did you miss the Pope visit to the Mexican/USA border??? He went to the border to play nasty politics. I do not believe anyone can manipulate this Pope but whatever he says or do, he is solely responsible for his actions and he criticized our President for trying to protect our borders and its citizens!! He has no right to tell us NOT TO PROTECT OUR BORDERS. IF HE DOES NOT BELIEVE IN WALLS, HE SHOULD TAKE THE VATICAN WALL DOWN.

          20. Observator14 says:

            The pope is for Americans and Mexicans and for justice for all. Is a visit to a border that is a point of great tension a bad thing? That is all in your interpretation.
            When the journalists spoke to him about a wall, he answered that it is better to build bridges between peoples and not walls and said wall building is basically wrong. Remember, they have a Big Problem in Europe where he is with hundred of thousands of refugees from the Mideast and Africa invading Europe, causing a lot of debate and strife there, particularly in Italy, again, where he lives, so he gives General answers..
            The Vatican Wall is Behind the Vatican and was built in part by the Roman Emperor Aurelian over 1,500 years ago. Other parts were built in the Middle Ages to keep out invading hordes. The Front of the Vatican is Open to the general public. Didn’t you know that? Do you think Ancient walls should be torn down?

          21. MMSwirks says:

            Exactly! Well put! Let’s not forget that taking down borders lends to an NWO which is exactly what the Bible foretells is the kingdom of the Antichrist. Borders keep out the undesirable bad nasty criminals. That’s why we have immigration laws to filter these rapists, murderers, child molesters, etc. OUT or to catch and imprison them. If an individual can prove themselves worthy of becoming a contributing citizen to a peaceful society then they can get their citizenship. There is a process and system in place to make sure we keep our people, our families, safe. Would you let a stranger come into your home and endanger your family? Only a fool would do that. So why are people criticizing Trump for common sense immigration laws that have been around for a long time in every country? Look what it’s doing to Europe. Borderless countries means Muslims get to storm the streets by the hundreds and terrorize natives in the name of Allah. They claim they will murder and rape their daughters and breed in a new age of Islam while breeding out western ideologies and religions. These people are deranged big time! Do we really want that in America? The Pope is obviously a pawn of the NWO. Perhaps a pawn is too generous. He’s more likely a leader of this worldwide revolution. He is certainly no man of God.

          22. JeanneD says:

            Listen to the Pope only in matters of your faith and your morals, Allen.
            He is not an expert on the ways of government, by any means.
            Keep the faith, friend !!!!!!

          23. Tom says:

            Then what the hell is he messing in politics?

          24. JeanneD says:

            Your guess is as good as mine, Tom !
            Probably because he can get an audience ?
            You and I “talk.” How do we know anyone is listening ?

          25. dennis johnson says:

            I am.

          26. JeanneD says:

            Thank you for listening, Dennis !!! 🙂

          27. Observator14 says:

            Have you thought about how the Media distort everything the popes say?? You are too easily led astray. The pope clearly said he had No Opinion about Trump. He has seen Many Problems in Italy and the rest of Europe about refugees from the Mideast and Africa which he is in the middle of.

          28. JeanneD says:

            If you are an ardent Catholic, I am happy to hear it. ThoseCatholics I was referring to are very confused between their faith and their duty as Americans. I feel a huge devotion to our wondergful nation and appreciate how it came about. I also feel an obligation that we must preserve it as the forefathers intended it to remain.
            The Holy Father and my religion is most important to me and my family. However, he is going beyond his jurisdiction when he tells a nation to allow illegals into a country without inspection, especially when some have been proven enemies in the past and have killed and maimed many.
            The Holy Father guides us in our faith and in our moral standards. He often has excellent advice that we would be smart to listen to.
            However, telling nations how tp run their nation is not one of them. ““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`

          29. Observator14 says:

            What you have said is consoling. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that much of what the Media tell us is Chosen in Snippets and at times tied in Incorrectly to the situation that the pope is talking about.
            He usually speaks in generalities that apply to a variety of circumstances, and in his case, particularly to Europe, where there are a number of nations with distinct situations. He is in Italy and is head of the Italian episcopate as bishop of Rome. Europe is beset with vast numbers of Mideast refugees, many of them, I remind you, Christians facing genocide, members of the clergy, monks & nuns, mothers and children among them.
            Journalists inquire about general cases frequently, and some of them have a particular Application that is Not what the pope is talking about. Media can be with both leftist and rightist tendencies and hot on Their particular agenda and interpretations. We must be very circumspect about taking Their interpretations as the true ones.
            I do not think that the pope tells any nation how to run its affairs. It may be that he has some particular take on a non faith and morality issue, and that could be mistaken for him to venture too far on that level, as it is not his particular calling. Popes are, after all, humans, and not everything they say or do is Gold or perfect.
            Keeping that in mind, as you said too, let us Analyze what the agenda of the journalist is as well as take with the proverbial grain of salt.

          30. JeanneD says:

            Dear Observator,
            By reading your messages I can easily see you are not just an ordinary Catholic but one with a great deal of knowledge and devotion to our Church You have probably deducted that I am one of the former.
            And as you say, we cannot rely on the accuracy of what the media relates to us but if we do not hear otherwise from our churches and our religious, what are we to think ? I do know a few nuns and a priest that I see socially and they feel as I do about President Trump and the protection of our nation from people from Muslim nations, without first screening them carefully. A relative of mine came here in the 90’s from England and was vetted time and time again until he became a citizen which took about 5 years. He has an Irish name and I thought perhaps they thought him IRA. He can get annoyed at how easily people can enter now.
            (Sorry,for the rambling message but this is a day for interuptions) The Eurpean Union has stifled nations from doing what is best for their individual countries. Some have paid heavily. It is stated many times that among the refugees coming to the US last year,very few are endangered Christians but rather, Muslim. Of course we only hear that from the media. (?)
            Thank you for your message, Observator. Your words are always so interesting to read. Hope you are having a good day. We are having a rather snowy day here in the Northeast. 🙂 Jeanne

          31. Observator14 says:

            KeanneD: Thank you, and I wish you well. God bless and keep you and yours.

          32. MMSwirks says:

            Interesting how you claim the Pope is merely human, but the Pope claims to be speaking ‘FOR GOD’ which according the scriptures means that his words must be inerrant. If a prophet in bible times came out to the public and said….”thus saith the Lord…” and then something they proclaim is wrong, they were to be stoned to death. If anything he proclaims conflicts with the bible, he clearly is NOT a prophet. There are specific guidelines in the Bible that lays out what a prophet must do and not do in order to be considered authentic. The Pope does NOT meet the criteria of being a prophet, or even a Christian according to God’s word. He is no better than a pagan priest with great power and wealth.

          33. Observator14 says:

            The pope is human, but he speaks for God as do all the bishops as a group, being successors of the apostles. The pope is bishop of Rome, the church founded by “the glorious apostles Peter and Paul, and with which church all others must be in agreement”, as Irenaeus of Lyons wrote around 180 AD in Adversus Haereses.
            Not everything a pope says is absolute truth and binding in faith, but only those declarations that are on faith and morals and solemnly proclaimed. It is the teachings of the great body of the bishops as successors of the apostles that is authentic, as Jesus authorized and guaranteed Authority to the apostles, an authority they passed on to their successors, as Paul did to Titus in sending him to Crete to put things in order and to create Elders or Presbyters (from the Greek word) in charge.
            In Acts 15, the apostles and presbyters decide with authority of the Holy Spirit for the rules of the One and Only Church that is apostolic in every local church united to them and their authority. That is the way the Catholic Church is and how it works. There is not a series of tiny, recently-founded, and divided sects, each one inventing its own interpretation of scripture.
            You must remember that the Church came first, and out of the Church there gradually came the sacred writings approved by the bishops of the Church ! You are fore Private Interpretation vs 2nd Peter.

          34. MMSwirks says:

            The definition of a prophet starts with the giving of new revelation, as were many of the apostles. When the Pope does that, he declares himself to be a prophet and inerrant in his new decrees. This is a big problem and proves he is a phony. We are not authorized to judge people to heaven or hell as to whether or not they are saved. That’s a private matter between each individual and God. Only He knows the condition of our hearts. But we are to keep each other accountable and judge each other’s actions as to whether or not they line up with biblical commandments. Iron against iron makes us each stronger. United we stand, divided we fall. Right? When we see error in the church, we are to stand up and call it out so it can be corrected, lest it spread like a cancer through the church. That goes doubly so for our church leaders, including the pope. We expect the world to wrongfully judge us as Christians because they don’t understand what it means to be a Christian while being human. But our church leaders must be held by themselves as well as the church to a much higher standard since they have many people following them. When a leader is teaching false doctrine or doing evil deeds, how many people will trip on him as a stumbling block to their own destruction. We know the bible is clear that false teachers will lead many to hell and will themselves have a special place reserved for them in hell.

          35. Observator14 says:

            You are mistaken again. The pope is not a prophet. He is a Leader and successor of the apostle, particularly Kepha/Peter/Rock. Moreover, you are mistaken about what a prophet is. Prophets do notnecessarily give New Revelations. They have Messages from God about certain things. It is true some reveal Future things, but not all prophets do.
            The Pope has Not declared himself a prophet, nor has he said any new decrees are inerrant. You Overstate everything, then you argue on the basis of Your Mistakes. That proves You are a phony.
            I don’t know if you are insinuating that the pope is judging Trump or anyone else to be saved or anything else. He has clearly said he does Not judge Trump and reserves himself to see. He deals with problems the World over, including especially the many nations of Europe where he lives and which are dealing with problems of reactions to refugees and immigrants from the Mideast and Africa.
            Please, get Informed before you rant with blatant ignorance and prejudgement. You know not whereof you speak, since you are awash with pretention. Satan leads you around by the nose. You apparently think You are some kind of prophet, but you are Wrong !

          36. JeanneD says:

            An after thought, Observator 14.
            I have freinds with relatives in Italy and many are distraught because of the actions of the immigrants. There doesn’r seem to be much that can be done. One said it has made Italy a “different country. ”
            Too bad that they couldn’t be aided in their own area of the world as the US and other nations have done in the past.

          37. Observator14 says:

            JeanneD: Unfortunately, Italy and other countries are led astray by the lefties in Brussels. The UK jumped ship over them, and I have a friend in northern Italy is about the same in opinion as are people in other countries.

          38. MMSwirks says:

            Did you actually HEAR him say those exact words yourself, or are YOU spouting your own predisposed ideas and expectations of what you HOPE he said so you don’t lose your faith in this Luciferian “god-figure”.

          39. Observator14 says:

            Did you actually READ the article with his Quotes with an idea to understanding His opinions instead of Leftist periodicals trying to bend his words to Their side??? If not, then REREAD, or, Take a Class in Reading with Understanding, Mr. Smirks.

          40. MMSwirks says:

            Just curious….how much does the pope pay you to be here? Hehe

          41. Observator14 says:

            God will pay me for speaking Truth to Falsehoods that you bear.

          42. Observator14 says:

            The pope is answering the Journalists who are pressing him in order to find something Sensationalistic to slant and use to Sell their papers. The pope said he has No opinion and must Wait and See in order to judge.

          43. MMSwirks says:

            Because he is not a man of God. He is a pagan idol set up by Lucifer to confuse the masses into believing in the Great Lie which will lead the world toward the Antichrist’s NWO. Look at everything he says and see how it lines up with this One World Government ideology of unification. God said he is a jealous god. You should have NO OTHER GODS BEFORE HIM. He cursed people throughout biblical history for bringing idols into their homes, but yet look at all of the idolatry the Catholic church promotes….statues of the “saints”, Mother Mary, Giant statue of Jesus, etc…. Every time you pray through a human being (father of the church) you are breaking a commandment. Remember Jesus said that no one can go to the Father except through HIM. There is no other mediator. The bible also tells us not to call anyone else Father, except God the Father. The Catholic church teaches a works-based salvation of giving penitence while the Bible tells us that works are as filthy rags to God. We are only saved by our faith, and that is a not of ourselves, but a gift from God. Grace is unmerited favor bestowed upon whom HE chooses. 1 Peter says that the elect are chosen through the casting of lots….in other words, God chooses whom He chooses so that we may not boast that we were good enough. Read Ephesian and tell me this isn’t true. Read Romans and tell me this isn’t true. I believe there are true Christians in every denomination of “Christianity” regardless of the teachings or beliefs of each individual body of church-goers, and their relationship with the triune Godhead is genuine and between them and God. But the Catholic religion as a whole is a giant fraud and represented in the Bible as the Great Whore mystery religion from Ancient Babylon which was passed down through Roman rule via sun god worship similar to what you see in Ancient Egypt and various other religious cultures from around the world. Mixing mythology with God’s truth is a very dangerous game and must be avoided to prevent kindling the wrath of God (as the Bible puts it). Don’t make God jealous……PLEASE!

          44. Observator14 says:

            You are far too Hysterical and wild in your claims..
            All people of faith Pray for Others, and so are mediators Through Jesus with the Father. Mary interceded with Jesus for the couple at Cana and got Jesus to perform His first miracle. Jesus spoke of the rich man in hell who prayed to father Abraham to send Lazarus to his family. Re-read that.
            As for making pictures or sculptures, have you not read how the Jews were commanded to make figures of Kerubim (bull figures with human heads and eagle wings) on the curtain in the tabernacle? Did you not read of the Seraphim on the Holy of Holies? What is forbidden is to Adore them, not to honor the persons represented, just as you honor a photo of your parents or of great leaders of your country.
            You must also Reread John 20: 21-22 wherein Jesus gives the Holy Spirit and the power of forgiving sins to the apostles. In Matthew 16: 17-19, Jesus gives a new name of Rock (Kepha in Aramaic, translated into Greek as Petros) and gives Peter power of binding and loosing on earth. Read also James about works and faith !
            You listen to False Teachers and False Prophets. Jesus founded a Church in Matthew 16 that is for All people (Matt. 28) and should be United as He and the Father are One (John 17).
            Be Humble, Pray to God, and reread those passages trying to understand the Meanings.

          45. MMSwirks says:

            I am so sad to see a person like you with all this knowledge serving the wrong master. The pope is a huge fraud and you will soon find out when people start being forced to take the mark of the beast. Unfortunately, your knowledge is horribly misguided. It’s unbelievable that when someone like you doesn’t like what someone is saying, the first thing flying out of your mouth is always “you must be a pawn of satan”. Oh brother! That’s pretty weak as are your errant bible references. The few references you give don’t support your claims as they either skirt the issue or can be misinterpreted in multiple ways along with not be supported when cross referenced by other scriptures.

            Let’s start quoting some bible verses that are in context and look at a fuller picture for a more complete understanding of what we have been told by God. Regardless of denominational preconceptions or adherence to a religious leader’s ideologies, let’s let the bible speak for itself in a complete way….

            James 4:12 – There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the One who is able to save and to destroy; but who are you who judge your neighbor?

            Luke 6:37 ESV –
            “Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven;

            Matthew 7:1-5 ESV –
            “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

            Now for a link from a very experienced theologian looking at the reference you gave with a correct understanding of the grammar used in its original language….

            by Matt Slick

            Does John 20:23 mean that Catholic priests can forgive sins? No, it does not.

            “If you forgive the sins of any, their sins have been forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they have been retained.” (John 20:23).

            Context is king when interpreting scripture, and this is no exception. Let’s take a look.

            “When therefore it was evening, on that day, the first day of the week, and when the doors were shut where the disciples were, for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood in their midst, and said to them, “Peace be with you.” 20 And when He had said this, He showed them both His hands and His side. The disciples therefore rejoiced when they saw the Lord. 21 Jesus therefore said to them again, “Peace be with you; as the Father has sent Me, I also send you.” 22 And when He had said this, He breathed on them, and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit. 23 “If you forgive the sins of any, their sins have been forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they have been retained.” (John 20:19-23).

            The context of John 20:23 is that Jesus was speaking to the disciples (v. 19). He breathed on them to receive the Holy Spirit (v. 22). There is nothing in here about priests having the authority to forgive sins. There is nothing here (or anywhere else in the New Testament) about apostolic succession that says priests have the authority to forgive sins and that it is passed down. The Bible does mention appointing elders (Acts 14:23; Titus 1:5), and that the disciples of Jesus had special authority (Matt. 16:18). It speaks of the laying on of hands to receive the Holy Spirit (Acts 8:19) as well as ordaining men to the ministry (1 Tim. 4:14; 2 Tim. 1:6; Titus 1:5). At best, the laying on of hands deals with ordination–not apostolic authority being passed down. After all, they were ordaining elders and not apostles; and it was the apostles who were given the authority by Christ to do miracles and write scripture. Nothing is said here about apostolic authority being passed down.

            Have been forgiven

            In John 20:23 the words “have been forgiven” is the single Greek word aphiami. It is the perfect passive. The perfect tense is “I have been.” The pluperfect is “I had been.” The perfect tense designates an action that occurs in the past and continues into the present, i.e., “I have been eating.” The disciples were not doing the forgiving but pronouncing the sins that “have been” forgiven by God. We find that the Psalmist says, “Help us, O God of our salvation, for the glory of Your name; and deliver us, and forgive our sins, for Your name’s sake.” (Psalm 79:9). Also, consider the following:

            “Jesus seeing their faith *said to the paralytic, “My son, your sins are forgiven.” 6 But there were some of the scribes sitting there and reasoning in their hearts, 7Why does this man speak that way? He is blaspheming; who can forgive sins but God alone?” 8 And immediately Jesus, aware in His spirit that they were reasoning that way within themselves, *said to them, “Why are you reasoning about these things in your hearts? 9 “Which is easier, to say to the paralytic, ‘Your sins are forgiven’; or to say, ‘Arise, and take up your pallet and walk’? 10 “But in order that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins”—He *said to the paralytic— 11 “I say to you, rise, take up your pallet and go home.” 12 And he rose and immediately took up the pallet and went out in the sight of all; so that they were all amazed and were glorifying God, saying, “We have never seen anything like this.” (Mark 2:5-12).

            Jesus forgave sins; and the Scribes, students of the Law, rightly stated that only God forgives sins. If they were wrong about that, then why didn’t Jesus correct them? Instead, he affirms their claim, states he has the authority to forgive sins, and then heals the paralytic. It should be clear that only God forgives sins; and Christians, as representatives of Christ, pronounce to people what has already been forgiven them by God.

            So, John 20:23 is not saying that Catholic priests have the authority to forgive sins. It is saying that Christian disciples have the authority to pronounce what sins “have been forgiven.”

          46. MMSwirks says:

            BTW, praying for others doesn’t give them salvation. Each person is accountable for his/her own walk with God. You are not a messiah or mediator. I am not a messiah or mediator. Only Jesus Christ is the eternal savior who was both eternal God and corporeal man in order to bring the gap between us and his “Father”, You are really reaching for straws on this point. Many cult religions try to make a similar claim that you may be saved by going through a manmade structure (idols), a religion or church organization, doing good deeds to gain merit, serving some leader, praying to Michael the Archangel, committing animal or human sacrifices, etc. in order to seek such mediation as to gain eternal life and salvation by a path through some part of God’s creation. If these methods were enough, we wouldn’t need Jesus Christ to forgive us at all. But since Jesus is the ONLY eternal being through which ALL of creation was made, He is truly the ONLY path to God, not some earthly vessel.


          47. MMSwirks says:

            “Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me'” (John 14:6).

          48. MMSwirks says:

            No need to listen to the Pope at all. Just read your bible and pray that the Holy spirit shows you discernment. God takes care of his people. The Pope doesn’t know you from Adam. God does. Jesus does. Jesus is the one to answer your prayers and to forgive you of sins as your mediator to the Father in Heaven while working things out in your life. No mere human being can do any of that. The Pope is ONLY FLESH AND BLOOD. Corruptible by lust, greed and power like anyone else born of Adam’s seed.

          49. JeanneD says:

            True, the Pope is only flesh and blood like every other minister, rabbi and priest. However being that these special people have devoted their lives to studying the bible and teaching and guiding humanity, litening to other souls, it might very well be a good idea to listen to them. Even though they are human beings like the rest of us, it may be wise to think over what they preach. Then after our prayers to our Lord, listen carefully and follow our consciences with His guidence.

          50. MMSwirks says:

            I should add that it is still important to follow your local church leader if you trust they are from God according to the biblical account of what a church leader ought to be, and also allow your brothers and sister in the church to strengthen your walk with God by providing godly guidance as the bible talks about….but notice these are all people you already know and are ideally close to. There is a relatively high level of accountability there, for you and for them. God appoints authorities over us to keep us on the straight and narrow path. This person, the pope, is not one of these appointed individuals and does not fit this biblical model I am sorry to say.

          51. MaryAnnM1962 says:

            Practicing Catholic who loves my faith, but not this Pope. Agreeing with everyone else here.

          52. Observator14 says:

            Allen: Ashamed of what? Some of what you read is Twisted by the Media and the mediocre and politicized journalists. Do you read more ample news from Catholic sources about him?

          53. Observator14 says:

            Did you read the Pope’s own words, or do you take the words of the author here who Avoids the clear sense of the pope’s words? Also, journalists try to set people up for their Sensationalistic or Partisan judgements. Understand.

          54. MMSwirks says:

            I actually totally agree with you on this point and would have to ask you the same question…DID YOU HEAR THE WHOLE OF WHAT THE POPE ACTUALLY SAID or are you just trying to protect your faith in him? The fact is, I read his speech he made last year to the world and it was heavily political. It called for population reduction and climate change….both of which are total NWO political propaganda and scientifically questionable, to say the least. He is echoing what so many others have been calling for which is totally George Soros agenda as well. If you look at the works of Albert Pike, a well known Luciferian Grand Wizard and Grand Master Freemason, he was calling for all of this in great detail about 100 years ago and has it all laid out in a plan for Satanic world dominance and destruction of western civilization including Christiantiy. He actually discusses using Islam as one of the vehicles to make sure this happens. He outlined all 3 world wars to perfection and how it would all go down. This was not prophesy, this was planning, and our world leaders, including our Popes, have all been in on the conspiracy to make it all happen exactly to plan. Let there be NO mistake. This pope is not innocent. The Superior General of the Society of Jesus, a Jesuit, or also referred to as the Black Pope, is a dangerous person and should be looked upon with great scrutiny as his mission at the Vatican can not possibly be for the good of the saints or God’s kingdom, regardless of your specific slant on Christianity or any other religious belief system.

          55. Observator14 says:

            Climate change is a scientific Fact. The Reasons for Climate Change are in discussion, mainly whether carbon pollution is negatively affecting not only such things as sea levels bit also the quality of people’s Health and well-being. This must be for the good of All People and naot just for the economic profit of large corporations. We must balance the considerations for the good of Humans everywhere. God gave us stewardship of His World, so we must be Responsible in managing it.

        2. Observator14 says:

          Highland26: What kind of “evil”. Do you consider that much of what we read about the pope comes in brief “news” squibs from the mainstream Media with their uninformed and misinforming journalists with political and ideological twistings? Do not be led astray. By that, I do not mean you have to agree with everything he says or does, but be more careful about what you read by the Media. Do you believe what they say about Trump? or about issues?

      4. Congilio says:

        I am a Roman Catholic, I’ve told all my children not to listen to this Pope, and everyone I talk to.

        1. Observator14 says:

          Then you are not very Catholic nor a good Catholic parent. You listen to the lousy journalists we have who Twist what popes say to political ends, to the left or to the right or just to create a hubbub and $ell.

          1. dennis johnson says:

            And you are not Catholic at all or are completely in the tank for the Catholic Bishops and Pope. Ever hear of the Pharisees & Sadducee’s? They ran the Jewish Religion pretty much the same way the Catholic Bishops and Pope run the Catholic Church. “Do as I say, not as I do.” Are you a Priest? Do you like to be called “Father”? Do you like to dress in full length gowns and have the adoration of the members of the Parish? Do you like little Boys? Do you like everyone to come to you and confess their deepest thoughts and ask you for forgiveness? Does that make you feel like God? No thanks, Observator. I will continue confessing my sins to God in a quiet place, not on the street corner as you might. I have but one Father and he is in Heaven. I don’t need a so called Father here on earth that is younger than me. I also don’t need a Religion telling me that their’s is the only way to Heaven.

          2. Observator14 says:

            dennis Johnson: : You apparently belong to some small, recently-founded sect, but Jesus Himself founded His One Church on Simon bar Yona who he renamed Kepha or Rock as His placeholder on earth to unify and lead the early Church. That was 1,985 years or so ago. You make up your own rules, but Jesus instructed His disciples to Preach and Teach with Authority. Read Matthew 16:17-19, Matthew 28:18-20, John 20: 21-22, and John 17 on the Unity He prayed for His One and Only Church which Satan has tried to Divide and Confuse so that the World may laugh at us Christians divided into thousands of little churchettes and sects. The Catholic Church has over one billion two hundred million members all over the world, as Jesus told the apostles to do in Matthew 28.,
            John 20:21-22 Jesus authorizes His Apostles to pardon sins, not just any body. You listen to False Teachers, Dennis. Wake up !

          3. dennis johnson says:

            Yes, I do go to some “Small, not recently-founded sect, (Church). I don’t need some pompous so called Catholic who has “One Billion two hundred million members” and counting down, to tell me that I won’t make it to Heaven because I don’t kiss the Popes ring or a statues feet. I would never be so arrogant as to think that I had the only “Highway to Heaven”. I am a very bad sinner and I confess to God every day, all day for everything I have said or done that day. I don’t wait until Saturday or Sunday to confess to a Priest and have the Priest forgive me because God is busy. I also don’t think that God only loves the Catholic that plays by all the rules that the Catholic Church
            has laid down, so that I will be worthy to take communion during the service and then go out and live like Hell all week until you can confess again. If that works for you, so be it. I do not condemn that as all my children and my wife are practicing Catholics. I believe that Catholics and every other Christian Faith believe in the word of God and Jesus Christ. I pray that I and all other believers will have a place in Gods Paradise. (Even Catholics).

          4. Observator14 says:

            dennis Johnson: I see that you Avoided my biblical quotes to obfuscate and insult Catholic bishops, priests, and the pope to no avail.
            Did I say that you would not make it to heaven? NO. Your malicious words are what spirited my spiritual words to you, but you sidestep the reflection necessary on the New Testament texts and play the victim.
            Did I say anything about kissing the pope’s ring or statues? NO. Stick to the argument and your own previous malicious words.
            Reread my comments with more calm as well as your own. We Catholics are not condemnatory as some sects are. God is the Only Judge and we recognize that only God has the Full Knowledge of our consciences and whether they are honest or not. Even atheists can go to heaven if God sees that their consciences and actions were sincere and honest.
            I challenge you to Reread your words and My response calmly and think over those words. May God bless and enlighten you.

      5. Observator14 says:

        Remember, that the Media pick and choose out of context what they present of him, and the Media push Their agenda in interpreting. Heads up ! This story is an example of media twisting, as the pope clearly said he had No Opinion about President Trump. He might criticize some policies, but remember, he is more focused on Europe which is being Overwhelmed by Mideast and African immigrants and refugees, and Europeans are reacting in many ways, some repressive.

      6. Wumingren says:

        I once was a Catholic, but I left the church when my parish priest kicked me out of Catechism for “asking impertinent questions.” I had been honestly seeking the Lord and did not see the merit in praying to Mother Mary or a pantheon of saints as go-betweens. The Holy Spirit was telling me to establish a personal dialogue directly with the Lord, and the priest did not like me poking at the dogma. He insisted that the only valid questions and answers for Catholics were those presented in the Baltimore Catechism.

        As for the Pope calling Trump a dangerous populist, just what the hell is an “infallible” Pope but a dangerous populist? My own mother swoons at the mere mention of the Pope. I explained to her that he was a Leftist, a Marxist, but she cannot see past the his holy infallibility. Yikes!

        Hundreds of millions of Catholics around the world are just like my mother, giving all the glory to the Pope, while backing into the Christ’s presence on their “unworthy knees.” Christ died on the cross to make us all worthy. No one goes to the Father in Heaven but through the open door that is Jesus Christ. Praying to His mother or His relatives or all the holy men and women of the ages instead of to the Christ Himself is to say that Jesus didn’t do enough for us at the cross. What a pity!

        1. eyeswideopen6 says:

          The bible says put no one before me and not to worship idols. As a previous Catholic I questioned this practice of praying to statues and saints. I believe in a direct line to God thru Jesus, I study the King James Bible and I do not respect this Pope.

          1. Observator14 says:

            eyeswideopen6: You need to open your eyes and see that those angels and saints (holy humans) who live with Jesus can pray for us, especially His own mother who got Jesus to perform His first miracle at Cana. The saints present their prayers to Jesus who presents them to the Father. If you do not believe in prayer for others or others prayers for you, then you should not do it yourself and refuse the prayers of others. Be consistent.

          2. eyeswideopen6 says:

            There is nothing in my statement saying that I do not believe in praying or praying for others or having them pray for me. I however do not believe that I or anyone else needs to go thru anyone other than our Lord Jesus or directly to God to be heard. I believe you can pray and speak to God at anytime and not just in a church. I read the King James Bible and I choose to believe it above the Catholic church.

        2. Observator14 says:

          Wumingren:: Do you ever pray for other people, or do other people pray for You? Then, that is the same as having Jesus mother or other holy people (saints and angels) in heaven Living in the presence of Jesus and praying for you. Jesus Himself said, God is the God of the living: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob all live in God, as do all other holy people who have died in the Lord.

        3. Observator14 says:

          wumingren: Notice that the article Clearly says the pope has no opinion on Trump, but the mainstream media like to stir things up by Insinuating things in their liberal way. READ more carefully to Understand.

    4. 5live5 says:

      But that’s different! yeah right!!!

    5. Observator14 says:

      It is Taller, and while part was built by the ancient Roman emperor Valerian, other parts were built 500 years ago ! Nothing recently. Look it up and get informed.

      1. Wumingren says:

        Shouldn’t we demand, “Pope Francis, tear down this wall!” before we listen to him telling others not to build walls?

        1. Observator14 says:

          wumingren: You are not Thinking. It dates from the Roman Empire and Medieval Times, friend. Think ! The front part is Open and anyone can enter. Are you just trying hard to be Klever? If you cannot think, please don’t bother with comments.
          There are other ways of resolving the problem here or in Italy or wherever, such as having More Border Agents and tracking devices which cost less and are more effective and practical.

    6. Observator14 says:

      peter9810: The Vatican is Not Surrounded. The rear part has remains of the Roman emperor Aurelian’s wall and parts of Medieval construction. It is much higher than 8 feet, but the front portion of the Vatican is offices and a Museum on one side and a very large Open square called Piazza San Pietro.

    7. elmcqueen3 says:

      Not to mention all the guards they have surrounding it.

  4. collateral_damage says:

    The precise reason I will NEVER, EVER darken any door of a Catholic church.

    1. MaryQ says:

      I’m sorry to hear that. Jesus died for you. We call church, Mother. Mother Church. Her son took his entire human form from her body as any baby. He is why to stay. Become part of Jesus’ body ~ put your skin on good works in His name? The priest is the vehicle. Jesus is the reason we gather. I’ll never leave MY church. Atone for sins of others silently. Offer to God the proper adoration He deserves. Maybe? Just a loving thought from a loving Catholic. Come home?

  5. toad says:

    Hey PoPo try minding your own business for a change, very few people care what you have to say and most of them are nuts.

    1. Observator14 says:

      Wrong, Toad Mind.

  6. crusader2010 says:

    This Pope reminds me why I’m a protestant. Go Trump…………!

    1. Discus says:

      May I remind you before you or the author of this article say any more, Trump would have lost without the anti-abortion / Supreme Court Concerned Catholic vote. By the way, the Crusaders were Catholic!

      1. libertybells2 says:

        Yeah so are my relatives die-hard catholics and all were going for hillary. Before that they voted for O. Yet they are very active in pro-life Sunday. So go figure out that mindset. So the crusaders were catholic,so what? They were a murderous bunch goaded on by the Vatican. Nothing to brag about there discus.

        1. #1TexasConservative says:

          Ah libertybells2, the Crusaders were fighting Muslims!

          1. libertybells2 says:

            That’s true, among others as well. He

      2. Highland26 says:

        It is not just Catholics who support him on those issues.

  7. ruru101 says:

    It is not the Catholics as a whole that hold these views. They are not responsible for the Socialist who has been deemed the New Pope, however they are required to follow him. This does not mean he thinks for them.

    1. #1TexasConservative says:

      They need to remove him because he is not Biblically ignorant!

  8. SouthernPatriot says:

    The Pope is sadly Biblically illiterate. Nehemiah was chosen by God to lead the people of Israel who were in a disarray and almost daily being attacked by their neighbors/enemies. Nehemiah as a builder, not from the priestly tribe or elite. The first order God gave Nehemiah was to build/repair the wall around Jerusalem. That was to be done to re-establish order and peace. The Pope does not respect God’s Word nor the sovereignty of the United States. The Pope has a huge wall around the Vatican, protecting it from those they want to keep out. So the Pope is a hypocrite. The Pope just needs to shut up. Each time he opens his mouth he is spouting socialist/communist liberation theology, rather than the Bible.

    1. libertybells2 says:

      He is definitely bible-illiterate as you say. In fac we as catholics (when I was one) were not allowed to read the Bible, but told to have one in the house as a protective measure like holy water, lighting candles and wearing scapular. But it was the priest job to interpret it for us. Which of course never happened. As they knew nothing about it either.

      1. pedidottie says:

        Wow, never heard that one ( no bible reading ? Candles and holy water for PROTECTION ?). I agree this Pope is way out there (he is a Jesuit, so no surprise there) and I pay no mind to his rankings. Sadly, the Catholic Church (as well as other religions) has been infiltrated by progressives, Marxists, communists, socialists, etc. They are the ones who get the air time and give a good religion a bad name. I am very happy in my local Catholic Church where we do have bible study ( and , yes, we have candles but , pretty sure, not for protection) and the word of the Lord is still the LAST word.

    2. #1TexasConservative says:

      AMEN SouthernPatriot!!!

  9. cunning says:

    Just saw a documentary on U-tube The Vatican admits their are 8 thousand pedophile priest in the USA
    so popie why dont you take care of your own problem, scared of Trump exposing you? and your mafia drug and prostitution money laundering for the mafia? and you wonder why Catholics are fleeing the catholic church.

    1. dennis johnson says:

      You are right on. I was a Catholic until this Pope got behind Obama and Global Warming & migration. I finally woke up and wondered why a wall on the Southern border was so terrible while a wall around the Vatican was so Right? His ass isn’t any more valuable than any of my kids or Grandkids. I now go to a small church that has 25 members that only go there to hear the word of GOD. We don’t need some old communists telling us how terrible we are.

      1. libertybells2 says:

        Our searches ended the same way. I left the Catholic Church as well and went with a small independent baptist church of 45 members who preach the Word and salvation. I look upon catholics now the same way i look at liberals, with pity.

        1. Elephant says:

          I’m sorry for the 2 of you. Leaving is not the solution. Staying and showing the truth to the world and to other Catholics would be the true way Christ would want it handled. I for one will not do without the Eucharist which is the main difference between the Catholic church and the other churches. I will not turn my back on Christ who died for me. And this is His Church. There are “people” within who are not perfect, but neither am I. We should work together to get the good going. Besides, the Pope does not make the decisions for the world. Only for the Church through divine inspiration.

          1. dennis johnson says:

            And if you are a practicing Catholic, the Pope is your “Holy Father” as according to the Catholic Faith. I wish you well but I do take what Jesus said in the Bible literally about not calling anyone here on earth “Father” because you have only one Father and he is in Heaven,” The Catholic Priest and the Pope Love the Title of Father and it reminds me of the Pharisees in the New Testament that loved to be recognized as the only authority to be listened to. I’m sorry but I take the Bible literally and will not be led blindly by a Communists. The Catholic Church has bought into the Liberal view and so has many of its members, Climate Change, Immigration, Social Justice and even Homosexuality to some degree. What’s next? Abortion and Euthanasia? I wonder what God thinks when he hears people talk about “Their Religion” and try to justify their Faith by saying “I am a proud Catholic, Methodists, Lutheran, Baptists, etc.? I think that Christ loves more than just the Catholics. I feel sorry for you if you think that you have a “In” on going to Heaven because you’re a Catholic. I don’t remember anything in the Bible that says the Eucharist is the one and only thing that you can do to buy your way into Heaven. Seems to me that Jesus said that “Love God with all your Soul and Love your neighbor as yourself and then you will have kept all of the commandants.” I know that Jesus said “Take this bread & Take this wine, in Remembrance of Me” but he didn’t say that only Catholics can do this. I wish you well my friend and I hope that your faith is from your heart. Mine is.

          2. MaryQ says:

            Catholics understand the bible contextually.
            We follow the Word and Tradition.
            Not every word was written. Not every act was recorded.
            Early Christians continued to practice and teach both.
            Many of them did not read. They taught generation to generation how to folliw Christ to save souls. It may be a smorgasbord, but it is not ala carte. God bless you. Praying for you and thecwhole world.

          3. Observator14 says:

            Jesus did Not say take this breat and wine. He said –This is My Body; This is My blood, and remember that He said,My flesh is True Food, and My blood is True Drink. whoever eats of my body shall have Eternal Life in John 6.
            Moreover, Jesus founded a Church upon Simon Peter, called Kepha in Aramaic (Matt.16:17-19), and He prayed for Unity of HIs disciples in John 17 as a witness to the world that the Father had sent Him
            Do you follow some tiny recently-founded sect? Jesus founded His Church some 1,985 years ago promising that the gates of hell would not prevail against it and that He would be with it to the end of time (Matt. 28:18-20). In that last citation, He sent the Apostles to All nations, making His Church Universal,which is called Katholike in Greek. The early centuries of Christianity are clear witnesses to the presence of a widely spread Church, as also in Acts and the apostolic letters, yet you belong to some little lonely sect belonging to Whom??? You are connected to which other churches? Thus, by Not Thinking, Many are led Astray by Satan.
            Was there sin in ancient Israel? Yes. Was it still the People of God? Yes. Is there sin in the Church founded by Jesus? Yes, since He knew people are Imperfect, but He gave them Power to Preach the Truth.

          4. Mary Beth Zabinski says:

            Amen! You are right on. Never leave the church because of someone else’s sins. Never give up the body and blood of Christ. There have been bad popes throughout history. Keep praying for him.

        2. Oculus Dar says:

          And I look at ALL Christians as delusional retards. No body with a functioning brain believes that mythological nonsense. It’s the 21st Century. Time to put that junk in a museum where all relics of the dark ages belong.

          1. Observator14 says:

            Those that believe as you do tried hard through Atheistic Communism to change people’s minds and hearts and almost destroyed millions. Now your atheistic communist friends are in the Trash Heap, except in China and North Vietnam. Good luck.

          2. Oculus Dar says:

            You ignorant slut! [Remember that Saturday Night Live routine?] Anyway….You have no idea what I believe so don’t be comparing me, or my beliefs, to other ignorant sluts. Communism has NOTHING to do with my beliefs, or more accurately, my calculated logical conclusions and critical analytic observations on this subject. [Keep in mind I have not and am not expressing an “opinion” here.] I’ve noticed that you’ve posted a lot of hot air on this thread, probably other threads as well. At any rate I will not take up too much time trying to explain the error of your ways to you. Chickenheads make a lot of noise sometimes, but, after all, they are just chickenheads…with a cluck cluck here and a cluck cluck there. I don’t have any qualms about labeling you a chickenhead…since chickenheads are pretty much just…chickenheads. I almost feel guilty responding to your comment. Almost! After all it’s just a bunch of clucks! Meaningless clucking for the most part. However, even I need a little amusement from time to time. I take it you are one of those delusional retards that I referred to in my original post. Delusional because you [apparently] believe in things that are simply not true, have been proven to be false, thus, delusions. Delusions are a symptom of insanity, thus, insane. And retarded [a clinical diagnosis of which I am eminently qualified to render] because your comment shows a complete lack of brain function. OK, that’s a little harsh. Well….I’m getting bored with this so….I’m gonna go…..say hi to Ole McDonald will ya? Ok…bye…….cluck

          3. Observator14 says:

            Oculus Dar: What a heap of clucking from you. You have put a Lot of Words but Little Sense, only raving.
            You rant against “religion” without knowing what you are talking about. You are so self-important that you attack what you have No Proof about.
            If your opinions are carefully reflected about, then I respect your personal conscience. Please, respect Ours. If anyone desires respect, then he must show it himself.
            Your fellow Atheists sowed oppression, destruction, and death. Be more Positive and respectful of those with whom you disagree.

          4. Oculus Dar says:

            I had a little fun with a fool. As a consequence the fool dances on….though the music has stopped…..

          5. Observator14 says:

            Oculus Dar: You mean you had a little fun commenting like a fool Well, I shall not bark back to a dog.

          6. Oculus Dar says:

            I’m done with you. Piss off!

        3. MaryQ says:

          Turning your back on Jesus’ one true church is not the way to save your soul. People are frail. God loves us anyway. Receive the sacraments often and reverently. The priest is Jesus in the sacraments we receive. Stay for Jesus. It’s the people’s church. Not the priests’. Yours. Ours.
          Stay and console Jesus, please?

          1. dennis johnson says:

            Jesus’ one true Church? Where in the Bible does it say that the Catholic Church is “The one True Church”? Where in the Bible does it say that “Peter” is the first Pope? Where in the Bible does it even mention the word “Catholic?” Wasn’t Jesus a Jew and wasn’t his Apostles all Jewish? If we call ourselves Christians, doesn’t that apply to other religions such as Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, etc? Because we all don’t believe as Catholics do, does that mean that Jesus will turn his face away from us? How about Gods Chosen People, the Jews? Do they think that the Catholics are all doomed to Hell because they believe in Jesus Christ? I for one have a very strong belief in God and Jesus Christ and I think that God sits on his throne in Heaven and laughes at all the Foolish people here that think that they have the only path to his Kingdom. I pray that we all make it there by whatever path he lays out for us.

      2. Highland26 says:

        I’m with you. Lifelong Catholic and now am looking for a protestant church.

        1. Mary Beth Zabinski says:

          Don’t give up the sacraments and the real presence in the Eucharist. Pray for the Pope. You don’t have to like him.

        2. Observator14 says:

          Why not invent your own? Since you do not believe in the One Church that Jesus founded (Matt. 16:17-19) nor in the Unity of disciples He prayed for in John 17, nor in His promise to be with His Church to the end of the world in Matthew 28:18-20. Invent something. Ziz boom BOM !

      3. Observator14 says:

        You never understood your Christian faith. Jesus prayed for Unity of His disciples in John 17. He gave power to Simon bar Jona to be a Rock of unity in faith for His Church on earth in Matthew `16:17-19. There was only a Preaching Apostolic Church at the beginning. The New Testament books received today are those that Catholic Bishps approved in the fourth century ! You broke a run to Whatever without Any apostolic authority and just interpret However they want to, dividing and confusing as Satan wishes to do to Christ’s One Church of disciples All over the world (Matt. 28:18-20)

    2. Observator14 says:

      You are so Wrong. The John Jay School of Criminal Justice investigated the Abuse Syndrome for the period of 1950 to 2002 and found that there were a little over 4,000 priests who abused in one way or another out of some 100,000 priests. They said that the problem was mostly concentrated in the period 1965 to 1985.
      There are still some cases which the Leftist Media use in their campaign against Christianity while they Ignore sexual abuse in the Public Schools because the Unions do not want them to, and they are backed in their Hands off policy by the Democratic Party and the New York Times.

  10. texas1 says:

    This pope is a Marxist liberation theologist type whom Pope John Paul II declared to be heresy. If he thinks he can tell the American Catholics what to do, he is deadly mistaken. I’m surprised on of the true Catholics there in Rome hasn’t poisoned him yet. People forget that poison was the way the church used to get rid of bad popes.

    1. #1TexasConservative says:

      I do agree with you, but I do not advocate “poisoning” him that is wrong! It would be better to legally remove him from the position he holds!

      1. texas1 says:

        There is no way to legally remove him. That is why they poisoned them in the past.

        1. #1TexasConservative says:

          You are correct. However he can or be forced to resign. If there were Catholics, Priest’s, Bishop’s and Cardinal’s around world that requested he resign because of a lack of confidence in him to rightly interpret/divide the Word of God (The Bible), I believe he would resign!

          1. texas1 says:

            Tyrants never resign. they only leave feet first.

  11. Deert says:

    The only “message of hate” I’ve been hearing is from the Left.

  12. jtberger says:

    I WONDER….
    Does the pope accept any and all illegal immigrants to the Vatican.??

    1. MaryQ says:

      Heard they took in two.

  13. fbair1 says:

    Pope needs to worry about his child molesing priests, as he sits inside his golden castle surrounded by an eight foot wall. He doesn’t even know trump.

    1. Observator14 says:

      fbair1:: The article says clearly the pope has no opinion on Trump. READ.

  14. JerryBGoode says:

    How does a Marxist leader of a religion in a country with multitudes of their own problems get to weigh in on how a country he has never lived in, and which is a democracy, should choose the leader to run their country. This is the primary reason we do not allow church to run the state. Our founders fled that kind of overbearing rule over 240 years ago. We are not going back to it because this Communist was elected the Pope of a religion by some other men of his own cloth.

    1. #1TexasConservative says:

      @JerryBGoode America is a “Constitutional Republic” which uses some aspects of Democracy!

      1. JerryBGoode says:

        I understand that and agree. I considered saying that but said “democracy” to distinguish from a Communistic and Marxist form of government. We are a form of democracy in that we individually have a vote for our Senators and Representatives and the electors within our state party for the Presidency. Why would one party be called Democrat if that were not true? However, It made no difference whatever to my point that a Religious leader from another country has no business lecturing us on what our President and our government should be doing to protect our borders and trying to compare us with Hitler, especially with his political background.

  15. Arcturus6 says:

    As far as I am concerned, Francis is an anti-Pope who is engaging himself in areas where he has no business whatsoever. He should be concerned with the teachings of Christ but instead, he is too busy meddling in world affairs. I have heard him being compared to being an apostate from Hell. One wonders. As for Trump, I seriously doubt he is fretting over what that babbling buffoon says anyway.

    1. libertybells2 says:

      You said it…’a buffoon from hell’.

    2. Highland26 says:

      Globalist plant most likely…

    3. Observator14 says:

      You anti-Catholic freaks are like flies of Satan, buzzing around looking for garbage.

  16. Gloria Alatorre says:

    I am a Catholic and a strong admirer and respectful of Pope John Paul II. His messages were always wise, healing and promoted peace. I find myself most often than not, surprised and at odds with the stance and the messages of Pope Francisco. He acts and sounds more like a communist or some mixture of that. Not my cup of tea.

    1. libertybells2 says:

      Did you ever see the pic of JPII kissing the Koran? And his interfaith services and entertainment in the altar section while he looks on. Go to organized by traditional Catholics disgusted with the way the church fell down the corrupt road.

  17. geneww1938 says:

    Every Catholic I know are the nicest people and friends. Several are saved for eternity as [Biblical] Christians. Unfortunately, their salvation was apart from the false doctrines of Catholicism and only from what they learned through prayer, Bible studies and evangelism.
    I fear the Pope’s eternal destination for the destruction of the millions who sought God but were detoured by false, anti-Biblical doctrine. See the website ‘godauthoredbible’ for clarification, if required.

  18. libertybells2 says:

    Let’s face it the pope is clearly of the age where dementia begins creeping in. And with his frequent contradictions, I suspect he is beginning to show symptoms big time.

  19. Les Prangley says:

    It is said to never discuss religion or politics… Whiskey Tango Foxtrot are you supposed to do when the Popete is talking politics… Isn’t that double jeopardy? 🙂

  20. barbarakelly says:


    1. #1TexasConservative says:

      He needs to resign!!

  21. RDB says:

    The pope obviously does not know much about President Trump nor Hitler. Pope Francis, since you think the U.S. should let in all the illegals form Mexico (gang elders, drug pushers, criminals, clandestine ISIS radicals, mixed in with the others. I suggest you start taking in as many illegals as the Vatican can hold. You have no a clue of the danger the U.S faces and has experienced with illegals. By the way Pope, all those who come across the border have broken the law. Your socialist views are not for America. Keep them in the Vatican! I guess you think all Americans who favor the wall are not Christians. I favor it and am a Christian. You personally offend me!

    1. #1TexasConservative says:


  22. George says:

    This Pope has lost his mind, if he is so in love with the illegal immigrants, then he can have them move into Vatican City.

  23. Virgil Sollozzo says:

    Jesuit scumbag! Disgrace to catholics worldwide.

  24. suz says:

    This pope is a false pope . This is why the church is losing it’s people . Why don’t this pope tear down the Vatican wall. He will be the last pope

  25. elizabethmcfarland says:

    The “pope” needs to tend to the vatican and mind his own business. If anyone is hitler like, it is the “pope,” telling people to embrace islamic evil is the same as what hitler would say! The man is evil, not a man of God by any means, and those that put this man in as the pope are idiots!

  26. Rich-D says:

    Pope Francis, Take down the wall around the Vatican State!

  27. Fortuneless says:

    Fuck the Pope. He is a desendent of Lucifer.

  28. disqus_kLchAqdTaP says:

    These things are clearly being taken out of context. He specifically said he is not quick to judge. Yes there are many who don’t like the Catholic Church and do not understand what she teaches but saying these things out of context is not correct and leads to character assassination, as the posts below show.

  29. TechnologyGuy says:

    Pope Frankie, a former Bouncer (really), is a fabrication of Globalists. I’m not Catholic, but I’ve paid enough attention over my decades to know that retiring a perfectly healthy Pope and sticking him into a “retirement apartment”, is not normal protocol. Frankie is a plant, put there for the sole purpose of reinforcing the arguments of Soros and the formerly significant Obama. In off hours, I’m sure Frankie enjoys polishing the Vatican’s Gold Chalices while the faithful donate their time and money to the poor. From the beginning, something has seemed not quite right, a little odd, about Frankie. He should shut his earthly mouth and stick to matters of the eternal soul.

  30. Canesmang says:

    Dear Pope, It’s the Christian genocide in the Middle East your should be focusing on, not American politics!!!

  31. peter9810 says:

    What he does not seem to realize is that when he delves into matters that are out of his realm, he dilutes the message for which the Pope was intended to speak about. His liberal meddling has only damaged the Papacy.

  32. betty thompson says:


  33. Highland26 says:

    This pooe is a globalist plant. There is no other explanation for the things that come out of his mouth.

  34. Roy Baird says:

    What a pompous ass… He can know nothing of Trump. IF Trump had less than half of the vote and when Obama won, both times, he had more votes than Trump. How can Trump by popular like Hitler and yet a Black President with more votes was not? His comparison makes no logical sense at all. Tell you what Popey, you send investigators out to find how many people Obama gave money or supplies to and paid for them from his own pocket, then have them do the same with Trump. I am going to guess, Trump will have more on his side than Obama by about 1000%, And Popey, I will put up some money to back up my claim. Are you in or out???

  35. Jim McGann says:

    The Pope is only infallible in regard to Catholic Church issues. He however has decided to play GOD on a range of nonchurch issues. Mildly speaking he is a dictator of a 600 acre fiefdom and needs to learn to shut his pie hole on non church issues. He is a Marxist!

  36. Les Prangley says:

    When the Vatican tears down the walls surrounding it then his popous can pontificate. Until then he should keep his Marxist philosophy to himself and concentrate on taking care of the Catholic Church.

  37. Morena_nic says:

    the basis of the religion he preaches….based on a SAVIOR….why? Why is it okay for Catholic to have a savior, Jesus, but not good for us to believe that Trump is saving our Nation from Evil? FORCED SOCIALISM IS A HUMAN RIGHT VIOLATION….AND WRONG/EVIL

  38. Jerry VanHolden says:

    The Pope is only a MAN! He and many others just can’t get it…

    This is the same MAN that decided that he can give his priests the POWER to forgive the SIN of ABORTION?

    So sorry to inform you sir that you are only a mere mortal just like the rest of us within the entire population of evil. You may as well call yourself a Muslim.

    Only God himself has the power to forgive sins!

    Yes, we can only wait and see how well, or how bad President Trump can and will be. To ascertain that he is of the same belief, or character as Hitler is a sin itself. You my dear sir will have to answer to God why you may likely be leading your flock to Hell.

    The “Pope” is only a MAN, he is no special creature in God’s eyes. Actually, he is just as likely to go to Hell, as is a thief, a murderer, a rapist, or a liar.

    This is the same MAN that announced that he has given the priests the POWER to forgive the SIN of ABORTION. Sorry, only the Almighty GOD can forgive sin through the shed blood, death and resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

    As far as the wall is concerned is that wall surrounding the Vatican to protect the multitude of pedophile priests?

  39. Don Ror says:

    The “poop” has proven over and over again that he is basically a Communist and hates freedom loving America!

  40. bill says:

    This is the Same Catholic Church That Stole Billions Of Dollars From Every Nation In The Name Of God For Over Two Thousand Years!. Speaking Of Nazi’s! Do They Really Think The World has Forgotten That The Catholic Church “”PROUDLY ISSUED FALSE PASSPORTS”” to Thousands Of SS Officers and Some Of The Most Dangerous Nazi’s Of World Two. The POPE Represents A Semi Religious Agency Full Of Hypocritical Apologist For All Nazis, That At Least Two Popes Worked Hand In Hand With For Many Decades

  41. JeanneD says:

    As a Roman Catholic, I am often in disagreement with Pope Francis’s words and thoughts.
    Buy first, it must be said that he is a man concerned with the well being of all people, not just those in America or any other particular country.
    Catholics need only be concerned with what he says concerning OUR faith and morals. Usually, most popes are very wise in other matters and one needs to remind ones self that he is a man from Venezuela and a very different type of government.
    Above all, Catholics, don’t let Pope Francis’ words affect your faith, EVER !

  42. seahawk10 says:

    This pope is a socialist. A stupid liberal who thinks that other people’s money other than his rich Vatican should pay for everybody. Who cares what this liberal Pope has to say.

  43. feduptohere says:

    He is sticking his nose into everything but making the Catholic religion stronger. If I was listening to his words, and not knowing who was saying them, I would never believe they were being said by a man of the cloth. Who is he to judge Our President? The only judge I know of is God himself. Try doing something about all the babies being destroyed, that would be doing something in line with the faith, or dos he agree that it is fine to have an abortion, if it makes life more convenient. I do wonder just what this supposedly religious person believes in. How was he chosen, with all the deeply religious around the world, we end up with someone completely out of step with Catholics and what they believe. he best pray for forgiveness, before he expires.

  44. Richard says:

    Jesus Christ taught us to obey the laws of our country. Controlling people crossing borders has always been considered important for national security and a good and fair thing. That wouldn’t include suppressing one’s own Citizens such as the old Iron Curtain as most reasonable people will recognize. There’s a big difference between locking people in your house and locking people out of your house.

  45. Richard says:

    I’m betting he will be urging us to support Planned Parenthood next.

  46. Casey Sierhuis says:

    catholicism is only good at the grass root level , as you go up the chain of command in catholicism , it rots quickkly and is completely corruptted at the top . the vatican , the pope ,

  47. roboteq says:

    The pope is not only not American, he is nothing to Christians other than Roman Catholics. American Catholics are not as die hard about the pope being some sort of demi-god as European and South American Catholics think of him, so maybe the pope should reserve his attitude for them.

  48. David Sharp says:

    Fuck You Communist Piece Of Shit Pope tear down your Fucking Wall that protect you , You Communist FUCK!!!! And get the FUCK OUT OF UNITED STATES BUSINESS YOU COMMUNIST FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT AND BURN IN HELL YOU MOTHER FUCKER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Mary Jane Ganja says:

    The real reason the Pope is getting involved in our immigration
    situation is that the millions of undocumented invaders Trump wants expelled, and walled out, are from south of the border, countries, which are almost exclusively Roman Catholic, not only by religion, but culture.
    This wall building, (and there is a wall around the Vatican, built to keep the Saracens out!) is an impairment to the plan of repopulation, of the pews and cash coffers, after the devastating, self induced losses, which the corpo(which could be largely, prevented, by reviving the 1st 500 yrs of Catholicism, tradition allowing, priest to marry)which tcorporateof long term, clergy pedophile sex abuse, has brought upon the Vatican.

    The Church, (in which I was raised,) has the hubris,after raping, and psychologically devastating, generations of its own RC kids here in the United States, to call a U.S. leader ” Hitler”,when they have not “thrown open the stained glass curtain, ” they’ve hidden behind, and done proper penance, starting with accountability, for child sex abusive behaviors, past and openness with the laity, about prevention of such atrocities in the future.
    Is the new altar boy, or (even girl,) victim, a brown child, who comes from generations of Catholics, who believe the church is synonymous with God himself, and therefore can’t do wrong, and ideally, for boy pandering priests, a child who can’t speak enough English, even if he had the courage, and opportunity to tell of abuse, to reveal his abuser.
    Pope Francis,answer that! Perhaps God’s will is for the facilitators of grievous, corporate, multi-generational sin, to clean to become penitent and clean up its act, and I don’t mean a surface modernization act , like Vatican II, (There were deeply spiritual, beautiful things, which shouldn’t have been rid of.)
    There are 13 million, undocumented aliens, in this country, many of which are childen, of Roman Catholic origin…Chilling, isn’t it?

  50. jim jones says:

    Trump is sure as fuck showing his Hitlerism toward our environment.

  51. Dale Owen says:

    The moment when the Pope becomes perfect is the time when he can judge others, but there is a book of truth that says he is serving two Masters and is a Hypocrite in doing so, also all men are Liars but only God is true and this Pope is neither one.

  52. Osiris Thomas says:

    The Catholic Church,Church of Osiris and enemy of man
    The UN destroys nations criminalizes truth seekers and whistle blowers.Once they have monopoly over a nation the individual is a slave with no rights.Not only is the UN the perfect beast system run by liberal God hating, freedom hating people.While we are defunding and undermining the UN we should also attack and defund the other largest liberal God hating,Christian hating Institution the Catholic Church.The Nazi party has not been allowed to return and neither should the Catholic Church, they have murdered more people throughout time than the Nazi’s ever did. They are a fortune 500 company basically and control more land than anyone in the world. This should be illegal. They rape little boys,many of their priest are homosexuals,and the inner circle of the Catholic Church has lied about which GOD they really worship.
    They have deceived the nations into thinking they worship the….. VIRGIN MARY+CHRIST + GOD.
    The inner circle in the real and only Catholic Church actually worships….ISIS…..HORUS + OSIRIS.
    Page one basically of the Catholic bible starts out with the holy infallible Catholic Church and the Holy infallible Catholic Pope,obvious Blasphemy. The Catholic Church changed the day of worship from the 7th day of the week to the first day of the week Sunday, Sun. This is just the tip of the corruption. All of the Catholic churches lands and holding should be seized and the Catholic Church needs to be named a security risk to the world.Besides this the Pope is a flaming liberal retard who hates Trump hates America,hates,Israel and he fans the flames of the division and hatred from a psychological and occult level to destroy Nations with thousand of years of experience and enough money to influence and meddle in world affairs constantly. Take away their money, land and holdings because the Pope is using the United Nations to set himself up as GOD in ISRAEL.
    The Pope and the UN use the Muslims to kill Christians globally,then they rush in with their UN troops acting like the savior of the Christians,but in reality over regulate the situation so that the Christians can’t defend themselves or fight back.They control the media and always make it look like the Christians are they rebels and instigators of the wars, thus another Christian Nation is wiped out.The Christian Nation is absorbed into the UN as a slave state and UN member countires and the Pope and the UN’s defacto army the Muslims take over yet another country. They use all the refugees from these nations they displace to destroy and to create multi cultural nations with no set values or strength and then make that country a slave as well all from the self righteous Satanic pulpit. Unfortunately EU members and UN countries and even we the USA have liberal leaders who also act as their defacto Army ,Air Force and Marine Core but not when America has a real leader with real spiritual discernement,which Trump may just turn out to be..We do not want an all encompassing one world government with the Pope as God. When is the last time you ever saw a Baptist minister trying to use the Un to place him in Jerusalam as God? You won’t lol that my point. President Duerte of the Phillipines is right about the Catholic Church.

  53. Many Catholics don’t care what this left-wing wacko has to say as well as most non-Catholics. He is a fraud by any standard.

  54. alpcats says:

    The Pope looks more like the false prophet or the Evil Pope than The Donald looks like hitler. I find myself wondering after some of the Pope’s comments if he has ever read the BIBLE…

  55. Raymond Harris says:


  56. Dogpatch says:

    This so-called pope is certainly NOT a Christian, he is a Jesuit. Look it up, they were formed up as hit men for the Luciferians who nearly destroyed the early Christian church. They (the Church) had to hide in caves and tunnels to meet) and it was certain death for a Christian to be caught with a Bible or learning how to read! Doesn’t anybody remember the Dark Ages? and the Spanish Inquisition? For God’s sake! Jesuits aren’t allowed to hold church officies like priests or bishops–spriitual leaders. They are for the sole purpose of enforcing Vatican law!! Including being poliltical activitivists like Francis was in South America as a Communist!

  57. pfness says:

    That’s odd, the popes loved Hitler. And Hitler didn’t build any walls to protect people in Germany. He just killed the people he didn’t like whether inside or outside of Germany. I heard 30 years ago that there was an evil pope coming to power. I think he has arrived. I didn’t expect him to like Trump. Trump just wants to work on rebuilding the US after all these years of destructive government.

  58. xingqin says:

    The Pope is like Obama–point the finger and accuse everyone else but never look in the mirror. the Pope may feel like he is infoulable but there is only one God and that is not you Francis. You go after Trump who is doing what should have been done years ago and protecting our borders. You are a credic of the wall to help keep illegals out of our country while you are safe inside a WALLED vatican. You say Trump is not Christian—and sorry Pope, that is up to God to judge and not you. I suppose you think the racist Obama ios Christian and it looks like you are cut from the same pattern You think Allah and Jesus Christ are one and the same—WOW! You must be a Satanic Pope and you sure are misleading the people who follow the Roman Catholic Religion Shame on you–but you will be justly rewarded for your stupidity.

  59. horseridingplains says:

    It seems this Pope does not know when to keep his mouth shut—this Pope appears to be a communist- and it seems to me if he is that concerned with where the immigrants go–he should perhaps open the doors of the Vatican–don’t they have a high wall?? I am a Catholic but I believe the cardinals made a huge mistake with this one.

  60. EstrelladeDavid says:

    This jesuit luceferian will have his day before GOD and will burn in hell forever! May GOD destroy the curse of the jesuits!

  61. Houmid says:

    Pope Francis IS a Marxist and a strong socialist. He has no problem spending other people’s money. What he considers as “good” isn’t always in the best interests of all, or even most of, the people of the United States.

  62. ArmyMP6975 says:

    The Pope is not a Christian. The Pope is an anti-Christ as he claims to be the vicar of Christ. The Pope worked with Hitler to exterminate the Jews in WWII just as they killed Christians and Jews for hundreds of years before. The Pope hid holocaust war criminals in the Vatican and then dressed them as monks and gave them free passage to South America – where this Pope Francis is from. This Jesuit Pope recently acknowledged Palestine as a state and is providing floor space for an Embassy at the gates of the Vatican. So the Pope supports the sworn enemy of God’s chosen people – the Jews. Pope are historically the most evil men on earth for the 1500 years they have been here. Selling indulgences, purgatory, trans-substantiation, infallibility, deification of Mary, Catholic Saints – all evil schemes to get rich and subjugate the communicants in their apostate church. The Pope is the mouthpiece of Satan – I would not listen or believe anything he says.

  63. Rodzzz says:

    The devil in Pope’s vestments

  64. dclach says:

    The Pope is just a third world Marxist in clerical garb; his opinions are not worth listening to.

  65. Bob Rainer says:

    “I don’t like to get ahead of myself nor judge people prematurely. “…..And yet he just did.

  66. Countrysunrise says:

    The Pope lives in his palace, with his guards, who wear those silk hose!! He has his protection, and his bulletproof vehicles, should he choose to use them. He goes around the world, sticking his nose into things like “Global Warming” and other things that don’t concern him, while his flock is running in the other direction!! Then when he decides to do something about his flock, he works on accepting gays and the women who had abortions, while still leaving those who got divorced, then remarried left in the dust!! They have begged the church for years, and without filling out nosy paperwork, wanting to know everything about their lives, going back to when they were a child, greasing their palms, and going before a board of superiors, you can not get approval to be remarried in their eyes!! This is a disgrace!! You can come to church, but no longer receive sacraments!! You can no longer receive the last rights!! Shame on you, Nosy Pope!!

  67. Lori says:

    I don’t care what the Pope says, He’s not my Pope, I am not Catholic, I know a lot of great people who are., and they probably care what he says. I had an Uncle and Aunt that turned Catholic later in life and tried to tell me they were paying their way through purgatory , They were two of the evilest ,vilest people I’ve ever known to their kids, I saw it , and then all the rapes, and cover-ups, and lies., and what business , and who cares what he thinks ! get back behind your wall and shut up !

  68. Greg Scollard says:

    Oh for the days of Pope John Paul! This Pope needs to concentrate on spiritual things and not carnal/worldly things.

  69. John Savell says:

    What crisis? You means the 8 year crisis that just ended? Pope Francis can go back to his hole in Italy and leave America to us Americans. He says Trump is not a Christian? There is no justification in the Bible for a Pope, therefore making him unChristian in my eyes. He is probably one of those that believes the religion must change with the times.

  70. MSG Leo says:

    Not my Pope, I didn’t vote for him.

  71. Helen says:

    Pope Francis needs to get out of Politics and if he needs to pay more attention to being Catholic11

  72. Lorraine E says:

    Learn more about this last pope, this Jesuit pope. Read “The Final Roman Emperor, the Islamic Antichrist and the Vatican’s Last Crusade” and “Exo-Vaticana” by Cris Putnam & Thomas Horn. Also read “Operation Gladio” and “The Vatican Exposed” by Paul L. Williams. This Jesuit pope is not want he pretends to be.

  73. Warren says:

    New World Order Marxist Pope same Tyrants that placed obama & pushed hillary placed all Presidents since they got away with clipping JFK not sure about Nixon but all the rest till Trump that’s why they are losing it now. Not sure about Nixon because if he was NWO they would not let him resign would have protected him like Bill Clinton & Barry Davis the Muslim Marxist Mutt they will be sending hillary Cigarettes

  74. Genevieve Mehan says:

    Um, the Pope was clearly NOT rushing to judgment on Trump, despite being pushed to do so by his interviewer. “Wait and see,” which is what Francis said Several Times, is not judging Trump.

    I do have issue with Pope Francis over several issues, but in this case, the author clearly is pushing a storyline.

    As for that Vatican wall, I have read that it’s 50 feet tall…

  75. willr3 says:

    The pope is now and always was irrelevant.

  76. Doris says:

    Some of my Catholic friends seem to think that Francis can do no wrong, just because he is the Pope! They need to get their heads out of the sand and really listen to some of the things he is saying ;it’s scary !

  77. JBQ21 says:

    Can there be any doubt any longer of the agenda of Francis. As a Catholic Navy vet with shipboard training in Guantanamo, It appears obvious that he a Marxist with the effort to create a world socialist government. It also appears likely that he was working with the Democratic Administration which was socialist.

  78. Joe Veteran says:

    The idiot in charge of the Vatican just wants to be the head of the one world order, just like in the old days where the king would do what the pope would say. He has no control over America.

  79. Rodzzz says:

    Beware…………………… The devil in pope’s vestments! Do not trust him.

  80. Observator14 says:

    The pope has Italy and Europe with the troubling problems of refugees from the Mideast and Africa pouring in and government reacting to that in various ways. These writers are too Narrow in their views, as if All is about the US and Trump. Absurd. They lack Knowledge of the situations around the world, particularly in Europe. Journalists of little culture do not help and focus Narrowly. The pope was clear about not judging Trumpl

  81. Denis C. Flaherty says:

    This Pope….has left the Reservation….never had any serious disagreements with past Popes…but this guy is a freakin’ loon…so disappointed. Needs to be replaced. I think the Cardinals got into the wine stash when they chose him

  82. Dale says:

    They will even disguise themselves as Angels of the light. How many Muslims are there in Vatican city? Unless you take down your walls and have an open door policy you should probably not comment on someone else’s policy. Before you take a speck out of your brother’s eye, remove first the log in your own eye.

  83. Morena_nic says:

    I did hear the Pope criticized Trump om building a wall to secure our southern borders. Why is it okay for the Vatican to have a wall around them but not okay for us? He also engages in class warfair rethoric… he needs to quit being political and talk about God and the power of being more spiritual and religious

  84. elmcqueen3 says:

    I thought the Catholics religious ideology was “not to judge others least ye be judged yourself” …What happened?

  85. Michael Lloyd says:

    Pope Frances, a Marxist in a pointy hat and red shoes.

  86. Observator14 says:

    The author Disregards the clear words of the pope, who is being pressured by journalists towards a condemnation, but he avoids that with his clear words of Waiting and Seeing before judging.
    Learn to Read with Understanding, and also know how journalists try to get set-up “answers” that are not there.

  87. jg collins says:

    No worse than expected. At least he’s not lining up with the leftist media lackeys 100%. Wait and see.

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