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The Shadow Government Is Executing One Disturbing Plot To End Trump

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  1. USSJEAN1937 says:


    1. disqus_REJ69 says:

      You just said what we were thinking.The bogus media has done a good job of brain washing the not-so-smart Americans unfortunately.

      1. Jan says:

        Then it’s up to us to re-educate them.

    2. DENNYJAMES says:

      Amen. You are right. I have been saying for a long time Omallah and his tranny wife have done everything possible to bring his county to its knees. Open boarder and heroin grew expodetially, cut the military budget to the point 70% of marines planes are grounded due to lack of parts,allowed illegal criminal aliens to be protected, tried to open showers and bathrooms for any gender including elementary, junior high and high school, brought in Muslims from Syria and denied christians entry and they were slaughtered, coddled our enemies and turn his back on our allies. i could go on and on but yet a lot of idiot americans love Obummer. Shows the stupidity of some.

      1. Gloria D. says:

        That’s for sure. Good post!

        1. DENNYJAMES says:

          The big problem is the gutless senate and congress are afraid to get close to Trump but the dumb asses fail to remember how a lot of them got re elected. ON TRUMPS COATTAILS. Gutless cowards and some traitors to repulican party. Dems preach they are for middle class but Shillery only hangs with the rich and celebrities. TALK ABOUT “DUMB DEMOCRATS” LOL

          1. Gloria D. says:

            I couldn’t agree more. Such a disgrace! Hopefully, with this shake up and changing of the guards, per say, it’ll fix some things. I hope these states remember their worthless reps and vote them out next time around! They actually need to be recalled right now, but I’m not sure they can legally do that! Gutless!! Damn swamp!!!

          2. birdman says:

            the very first thing that needs to happen is for rex to rid his dept of obama hold overs the efing door with a boot in the ass

          3. Gloria D. says:

            I completely agree!

          4. birdman says:


          5. Gloria D. says:


          6. Tony Rowell says:

            WELL,,, actually they can and should,,, i agree 100%

          7. Gloria D. says:

            Thank you for answering my question, that’s good to know..:)

          8. Tony Rowell says:

            you are welcome,, it would require enough people on a petition to demand a special eletion to vote them out, but yes it could happen

          9. Richard Daugherty says:

            Senate and Congress have been purchased. They no longer work for the people. The entire system has to be brought down. Many in Senate and Congress are criminals. The system is broken.

      2. Jan says:

        We have identified the problem. Now we need to correct it.

      3. MarioSalassa says:

        Thank you Danny for describing the damage Obama did to America, just go back 8 years and think of America then and America now, with 10 trillions of debit rise bay Obama to help all the America and if we don’t have the guts of getting rid of these Muslim he brought in this country bay this America number one public enemy Barrack Hussein Obama America will never again regain sovereignty.

    3. Gloria D. says:

      I completely agree. WE THE PEOPLE took our Country back in electing President Trump. Let them try to do something to our fairly elected President and they will feel the wrath of revenge!!! They won’t win the the war that is coming!! It will be like no other! The snowflakes/deep government will go down faster than any enemy we’ve ever had. WE THE PEOPLE will prevail!!! NO ONE TAKES OUR COUNTRY DOWN!! Obama should be locked up along with Hillary and all their cronies.. put their puppet master behind bars right beside em!!! Then administer lethal injections for all, so we rid ourselves of this garbage once and for all!!!!

      1. birdman says:


    4. irene mccallister says:

      Obama is devil servant.

      1. Rose Ribitzki says:

        That’s for sure, as is Kill-liar-y, slick willy, lynch, comey,waters, Pelosi, Schumer, that arizona senator, and on & on the list goes..

    5. BEVERLY RYAN says:

      Not only should Obama and Michelle also included in that list is Hillary and all the muslims in this country should be in jail (dungeon) , where no one can find them and should only be fed bread and water. OR JUST GET RID OF THEM PERMANITLY !!!!!!!!! accidents can happen. They thought nothing about getting rid of anyone who was going to testify against them . They have committed acts of TREASON and should be prosecuted immediately. HOW MUCH MORE PROOF DOES THE GOVERNMENT NEED ???????

    6. Red Steiner says:

      He’s a Muslim, nuff said!

  2. rf396 says:

    Then its time to disband the dept and move on

  3. SouthernPatriot says:

    There are now several bloodhounds on Trump’s staff: Anthony “The Mooch” has already fired one employee for leaking and is hunting down others. New Chief of Staff, General Kelly will have investigators go forth to find and feret out leakers. AG Sessions has a huge staff, some of whom will be investigating leakers, others the Hillary scandals. The Swamp is being drained and though it takes awhile with the obstructing leftist and demented Democrats, it is proceeding.

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      All good news.

    2. Gloria D. says:

      Yes it is!!! Cannot wait til Clinton and Obama get what is coming to them!! Good post!

  4. Bayside GolfClub says:

    Start polygraphing the likely suspects. We have an infected bureaucracy. We had an alinsky-muslim for 8 years. Time to clean house.

    1. Ron haymaker says:

      The likely suspects would likely blow up a polygraph machine!

  5. Ron haymaker says:

    Makes sense Shadow Government from a Shadow person!

    1. FL_Stingray says:

      The Shadow person lurks in the shadows like the cockroach he is

      1. Ron haymaker says:

        I couldn’t agree more!!!

      2. Gloria D. says:

        Lock em up!!

      3. Deborah Pratt says:

        Cockroaches only carry ‘disease’! This one is more like the venomous spider who sits in the dark spinning ‘webs’ of deceit and lies!!

        ‘O’ should have been ‘crushed’ long ago except for those who ‘cringed’ away and allowed him to have his way!!

    2. rennyangel2 says:

      You are so right. We don’t really know legally and technically when and where oboza was born, have no continuous work history, have no client list from the brief time he was a lawyer, don’t know why he gave up his law license, never got more than a 1-page “medical report” when he was a candidate, have almost no one who admits to knowing or working with him at any of the three colleges and u’s he attended (one interesting sideline is years ago the WSJ did a “vetting” and found the guy who was supposedly oboza’s roommate at Columbia who said he didn’t remember ever meeting oboza at all), somehow oboza got to be pres. and ed-in-chief of the Hahvahd Law Review and never wrote or edited anything, and can be found online in a pix with pres.’s who made Phi Beta Kappa and yet oboza had all his records sealed–and why so if you had the highest grades anywhere ever? And he admitted his “memoirs” were all made up of “composites” and situations that “might have happened” so they were not real memories of anything at all and the DNC bought millions of his remaindered “memoirs” that him a “best-selling millionaire”–so the truth is oboza is even less than a shadow and more like a ghost. And has the MSM ever cared? NO.


      1. Ron haymaker says:

        All 4 Obamas & Clintons were lawyers. All 4 lost their license for various reasons! Google up Obama BIRTH.

        1. rennyangel2 says:

          Yes, they are all lawless “shylocks”–no aspersion ag. Shakespeare.

          1. Ron haymaker says:

            It’s too bad they all lost their license. It would have come in handy someday when the Law finally catches up with them. They could have took turns representing each in a court of law!

          1. Ron haymaker says:

            3 MEN & A BIG BABY!

          2. Gloria D. says:

            It’s probably cuz somehow, someway, they all faked it. Where there’s a will there’s a way I’m sure. They found a way, once they were found out, it was over. I still don’t believe Michael or Obama was ever legally an attorney. All a lie just like the imposter he is!

        2. Gloria D. says:

          I do not believe that PIG was a lawyer. I read he never passed the test.

          1. Ron haymaker says:

            When you said pig, I thought you were referring to “Slick Willy”. It’s funny you should use the word “pig’ referring to Obummy–since Muslims don’t have anything to do with pigs! But look at Obummy, he’s walking right beside a “PIG” in the photo below!

          2. Gloria D. says:

            Him too! Lol.. they’re all pigs.. the Clinton’s and the Obamas. They make me sick. If you think about it, even comparing them to pigs is too nice.

          3. Ron haymaker says:

            I really meant “Slick Willy”. She/he is an APE—–IN HEELS!!!

          4. Gloria D. says:


      2. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says:

        You have correctly hit on most of the salient points in why Obama was an illegally installed “president”.

      3. Gloria D. says:

        I don’t think he ever was an attorney. I read he never passed the test. He’s nothing but a community organizer who sucks at that too!

        1. badass says:

          he’s a dirty muslim, ask him where was he during july 4 that day?

          1. Gloria D. says:


      4. Gabby Ward says:

        This Muslim got in office with Arab money! THAT’S why he was ALWAYS visiting THEIR countries! This is WHY he NEVER allowed Israel into the White House! This is WHY he funded that nuclear Iran deal and topped it off with Billions of dollars! He is the worst TRAITOR America has EVER seen let alone had in that White House! NOW he is Shadow Governing over President Trump with a second administration down the street from the White House to throw a monkey wrench in EVERYTHING President Trump is doing!! This is HIGH TREASON! He should be arrested and thrown UNDER the prison in Guantanamo Bay!

        1. Gloria D. says:

          I think he should be dealt with like most traitors..don’t tell him what’s coming, and aim right between the eyes, that goes for all the traitors that are and were in the WH. It’s the only way to accomplish what must be done. If they know there is someone out there that will testify, that person is always found dead somewhere or disappears. No, it must be done the only right way and quickly. Over and out. Problem solved.

          1. Eleanor Cummings says:

            There was a time when all traitors were summarily executed by firing squad or hanging, although in ’53 Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were electrocuted for much less then our present day traitors are guilty of doing. Today they run around loose, still doing their mischief!!

          2. Gloria D. says:

            You’re right again Eleanor! So sad these traitors don’t pay for their crimes. If it was one of us, they’d fry us!! They think they’re above the law, but they’re underestimating this administration. I think, I hope Sessions throws them all under the bus. Time they all pay for their sins. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

        1. rennyangel2 says:

          Thanks. I am sure I missed some points but that oboza got elected twice in this nation without the press paying any attention to his empty suit life is beyond fiction.

          1. Gloria D. says:

            Ovomit got elected in 2012 by cheat vote..maybe even 2008. We’ve really gotta get down to election integrity where every vote truly counts, not using the deceased or illegals. This DemWit voter fraud must be nipped in the!! Voter ID required in ALL states!! More than one piece of ID required.

          2. Eleanor Cummings says:

            We need honest non-fraudulent elections here in Arizona as well as ALL the other states. VP Pence and his Voter Fraud Investigation Committee is on it. All illegals caught voting should IMMEDIATELY be deported, zombies and ballot stuffers put in prison, no more Soros rigged voting machines, no more bussing in of multi-voters, etc. You get the idea.!! AND ABOVE ALL, VOTER PHOTO ID REQUIRED.

          3. Gloria D. says:

            Great post!! You are 100% correct!!!

          4. Gloria D. says:

            You’re welcome. In complete agreement.

  6. KDC says:

    “Barack Obama has been accused of setting up a shadow government to thwart Donald Trump”… Isn’t this sedition? Put the loser in prison! And I don’t believe for one milasecond that any department, in the Pres.Trump administration, is in “massive dysfunction “.

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      It’s called sedition, yes, but it’s also a violation of the Logan Act, which was signed into law by President Adams in 1799. It’s been used only once, but is still in force.

      1. Eleanor Cummings says:

        TWICE treasonous, along with all the other crimes he’s committed.

    2. Eleanor Cummings says:

      Bull’s eye!! And I’m wasting, like many of us, are waiting to see him and Hillary HANG!

  7. Carol Hyndman says:

    Dismiss Rex Tillerson and Stuart Jones IMMEDIATELY! Then, start polygraphing the rest of the Obama holdovers and fire those who do not pass.

  8. jong says:

    Tillerson should do what Al Haig to when he got in. Get rid of all the homosexuals and liberals. Cleaning the “swamp” at “foggy bottoms” is once again long over due since most there are divas or drag queens. Taking one look at the former UN Ambassador Samantha Powers should be a very large clue.

    1. Robert Uda says:

      We need to put Anthony Scary-mucci in the State Department with the charter to clean house. He would be the right man for that job. I hope President Trump understands that. Tillerson needs help or he is going to be virtually stabbed in the back soon.

  9. Kenneth Jones says:

    Barack Hussein Obama is in violation of the Logan Act, and the Department of Justice should immediately seek to have his passport lifted. He must be arrested and prosecuted for violating that Act by plotting to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency. Violation of that Act is an act of treason against the United States.

  10. chief1937 says:

    Trump must remove all Obama hold overs and congress must confirm his appointees by what ever means necessary. Republicans have a majority use the nuclear action and get it done.

    1. Robert Uda says:

      Try “nuclear option” instead of “nuclear action.” Nuclear action would provide quite an explosion and a whole lot of radioactive fallout.

  11. rennyangel2 says:

    They are not bringing Trump down. More people today would not vote for Trump than did during the actually election. With people like Ellison, Perez, Waters, Pelosi, killary, Shifff, Schumer, and Washerwoman Schultz running the party, the Dems. are on the way to digging the biggest ditch even Boston ever imagined.

  12. MarioSalassa says:

    Trump has got one hundred case of Obama treason, what is he waiting to put this Muslim America traitor in prison?

  13. Fedup says:

    Why hasn’t obama and members of his so called “shadow government” been rounded up and tried for sedition? The whole bunch should be hung for treason. Obama is just like “The Butcher of Benghazi”. They can’t accept the fact tat they have been beaten. The no class Kenyan can’t step aside like every other president has in the past after they were beat in an election. He is a true narcissist. He and his husband/wife just need to go away.

    1. Robert Uda says:

      I would prefer to have them hanged rather than hung.

    2. HarryInAZ says:

      Yes. Husband/wife is a good description, and accurately reflects Obummer’s sexual orientation. There was a photo on the Internet a couple of years ago – now no doubt destroyed – showing Barack as a freshman at Occidental College in Los Angeles sitting on the top level of a dormitory bunk bed holding hands with his Pakistani boyfriend.

    3. Eleanor Cummings says:

      BO & Moocher never just go away. They need to be rounded up and marched up on a gallows, fitted for hemp neckties, and dropped 8′ down through a trap door.

  14. Veteran First says:

    FIRE everyone who were working in the White House, prior to January 21st, the day after Trump took office. Let them go home at the end of the day, than the next morning, let none of them inside the White House and any DC Government Office, without each person having 3 escorts, who will only let them take only their own personal items and not 1 piece of anything paper. 1 escort goes through the persons personal item box, 2 escorts to go through the “DESK” and anything found that violates security, should be proof of Illegally possessing a Government Law and placed in hand-cuffs and taken to jail. DRAIN THE CRAP IN THE SEWAGE SWAMP. Stop the leaks and DemocRATS trying to remove Trump.

  15. myfordtruck says:

    why don’t they just arrest the basturd Obama and send him to Gitmo as a terrorist and treason for trying to overthrow the legal government and with warning that anybody caught working against Trump and the government will join him

    1. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says:

      Read my previous reply to mallen11.

  16. Bill Meeker says:

    For as long as I can remember, the State Department has been over funded and run by anti-American leftists. Just once, it would be refreshing to see a Republican Administration clean the filth out of this outfit.

  17. oncemorearound says:

    What’s this “shadow” crap…. It’s in plain sight you jacka$$es

  18. mallen11 says:

    If we know all this information, why isn’t something being done about it? It is time to throw the evil thinking people behind bars for life. Our country has been caught in an evil trend for too many years and the only thing that will bring us out of it is a Bible Doctrine revival to refresh believers and bring thousands to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

    1. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says:

      In order for something to be done on an effective scale, fascist measures would have to be used, and the weak kneed “republicans ” are afraid of that label. It is called “a clean sweep of the house (meaning of the government)”.

  19. geneww1938 says:

    These embedded operatives and leakers will be found … and sooner than latter.
    . The “anti-Trump” operatives, politicians and legislators either have an ill founded anti-American passion or have been bought through massive bribes, [donations, gifts, campaign funding…], extortion [entrapment by evidence of sexual or other character destructive exploits] or some psychological indebtedness to their perceived benefactors.
    . These benefactors (via lobbyists) are of the establishment which is the shadow government directed by a cartel of international and big bankers who control us (our country) as a legal corporation. This cartel also controls the NWO via the UN, One World Bank, IMF and their international laws which emanate from the headquarters in Brussels and foreign based banks. [They want to disseminate every structured government and ruler so they can enslave all by their central power…hence they use Obama as the person who did more damage to our country than any man in history and they are richly rewarding him and his team for that]
    . I cannot think of any agency or department recently established or expanded that benefits “We the Taxpaying People”. These entities use our taxpayer funds for their corporate research/studies to only benefit themselves or create barriers for competition [E.G. limit new medicine or product approvals while hiding proof to continue their use of harmful but profitable ones].
    . Within Establishment leadership, many are secretly entrapped by or members to Skull and Bones, Bilderberg, Illuminati, Bohemian Grove, … and I cannot identify one with a Biblical world view within the names I searched. In 2012 the DNC eliminated and denounced all mention of or references to God.
    . I believe President Trump is fulfilling his promises (our “Election Prayers”) and often is in direct opposition to the Anti-God control and beliefs of the Establishment. As a result, the Establishment’s well-funded ‘anti-trump’ effort creates, distorts, embellishes and fabricates every form of disruption, slander, scandal and lie to destroy this presidency and uses their willing media to shamelessly and repeatedly promote them. Being anti-God, they do not see the risk of those following the Koran which is Satan’s counterfeit and antitheses of God’s Bible.. Yet, with hundreds of hired lawyers, investigators & reporters, not even one accusation has substantiated, presented with verified evidence or proven valid. Now most people are awakening to the Establishment’s corruption and are becoming very aware of what is happening. Please pray for this administration.

  20. Dave says:

    It’s long past time to get the commies out of Foggy Bottom.

    Then raze the building and turn it into a parking lot.

  21. jimmy9522 says:

    You give Obama too much credit. He is just a parasite that is not intelligent enough to have his own thoughts.

    1. Stever says:

      I’m sure he is getting enough help from his circle jerk commies. Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn, they wrote his books for him, no doubt they are helping Mikey.

    2. Debra(bogene) says:

      You totally got that right !!!

  22. Lenny Saunders says:

    Sense Obama doesn’t want to retire send him to gitmo for the duration.

  23. Robert Uda says:

    Tillerson should ask for the resignations of everyone in the State Department and start hiring Republicans to fill those positions. Those who have resigned must go through a rigorous vetting process and rehire only those who are true Americans, not Deep State traitors. Those that want to be rehired must be subject to a polygraph test. If they refuse the test, do not rehire them, for they are the deep state traitors that we are attempting to identify. Tillerson is working among a pack of backstabbing un-American traitors. He needs some help now!

  24. Fed Up says:

    Obamuslim was an ILLEGAL PRESIDENT! His “Hawaii” Birth Certificate has been exposed as a total fabrication and fraud. His Kenyan Birth Certificate was apparently provided by his brother. Why is there no discussion or investigation of these facts? I agree that he is a total Muslim sympathizer, did all in his considerable power to bring this country to its knees and foster Sharia Law Dictatorship. He should be indicted for Treason and punished accordingly.

  25. Tiger says:

    Trump has been firing these people and for good reason. Trump is no fool, he will get this right and I mean on the Right Track the Trump Train.

    Rome was not built in a day and this country was not brought to the brink in a day. It has taken well executed plans for 40 years.

    This is exactly what happened, stunning absolutely stunning speech.

  26. A step in the right direction would be get rid of all muslims ,they are an evil people

  27. Gary Smith says:

    Obama is still trying to destroy our great country. Him and his wife are total racist and communist leaning idiots .Its time Trump got nasty and destroyed these people as they are trying to destroy our way of life and make it part of the islamic state put them in jail for treason and all their spies in Washington.Come on Mr. President start kicking ass and taking names get our country back .I fought against communism in Viet Nam and I sure as hell don’t want to live in a communist country and the hell with the muslims . If you come to this country to live by our laws not yours.

  28. Shawn Sapp says:

    Make some more vacancies in the state dept. and eitrher arrest obama or deport his ass. Ot is time for him to go, one way or another. Since he is a traitor anyway, put him underground.

  29. Richard Bagenstose says:

    hay you, kenyan clown give me a date and time your passing my house i could use some target practice

  30. Monica says:

    We need 2 TERM LIMITS for any elected official like the president. This is the only way to get these people out. These age old criminals are entrenched with roots so deep that go back 40 years or more. It is time to let the young people of our country have a chance to serve in Congress and not anyone with the same last name as the people who have been there. They are acting like this is a “family” business and not letting in any new ideas or people and right now we have politicians that do not live in the real world but instead live behind the security at their job and go home to walled gated estates. If you get rid of the leaders in Congress then their minions will have to go to. This is where I feel the voting process has been rigged to get these same old politicians who cannot even age out of Congress reelected. The only thing Congress can agree on is when they feel like giving themselves a raise. TERM LIMITS.

  31. HarryInAZ says:

    It’s no isolated incident that the State Dept. is betraying President Trump and America. It’s been going on for more than 75 years. State was riddled with Communists during the Roosevelt administration. In fact State Dept. official Alger Hiss actual wrote the UN charter and presided over the UN’s organizing meeting as temporary secretary-general in April-May 1945 at San Francisco. Those Reds have been succeeded with new generations of Marxist, anti-American, pro-Soviet operatives. During Vietnam, State Dept. traitors were responsible for the death or imprisonment of hundreds of Air Force and Navy pilots and flight officers. It is now known that they deliberately informed Hanoi of the location and time of the next day’s air strikes. The excuse: “We wanted to give them time to get their innocent civilian workers out of harm’s way.” Funny. I don’t recall any concern on the part of the U.S. in WW II for innocent German and Japanese civilians. Now a third generation, pro-Soviet 1960s “anti-war” activists, inhabits the halls of Foggy Bottom, working full-time to undermine and thwart the will of the American people expressed in President Trump’s election.

  32. justanagent says:

    Can Tillerson not fire them if they refuse to carry out their duties and obey his orders?

  33. jackhy says:

    Purging the State Dept. of Obama holdovers is Rex Tillerson’s prime duty, more so than any other agency in the Federal Gov’t. and Pres. Trump should delegate full powers to Rex to drain this damn swamp!

  34. Gabby Ward says:

    Trump should have gone in cleaning house of ALL Obama LOYALISTS! THIS IS OUT AND OUT TREASON! Trump need to step up and get these OBAMA supporters MAINLY TILLERSON OUT! ASAP! Obama is a Dictator and is STILL running this country. He should have been arrested 7 years ago when America saw his agenda!

  35. badass says:

    Folks, do you still remember that our enemy Iran they caught our sailors with their knees down and hands up?
    do you still remember obama gave our enemy Iran 1.7 billion cash for our hostages? do you still remember he gave 150 billion back to our enemy Iran?
    this dirty black SOB he spent extra10 trillion and let our kids, grandkids…they would never paid off those debts…PLEASE tell me is obama our biggest enemy or NOT? AG LL, E. holden, S. Rice, Hillary C., they’re all working together and hurting this country. please tell me how much worth of Hillary clinton now? where did she get those money from?

  36. rick meek says:

    A new IRS investigation SCAM is currently being operated (202)4599868 or other numbers… You’ll receive a call from a heavily accented or not – individual claiming allegations against you….. This is done through internet calling – or even mobile numbers….. currently it’s from a call center established in pakistan (dem IT) or india ——- DO NOT USE YOUR REAL NAME – USE AN ALIAS – PLAY with them – THEY READ FROM A TERRIBLE SCRIPT – but when possible – ASK ABOUT YOUR 411 IN THE ALIAS NAME – CONFIRM the scam……The IRs used these people as contractors to process tax returns over the years – besides that 411 and in conjunction with the DC leaks and hacks – they have limited 411….Use an alias – find out what they want – ask if they have your file before them – CONFIRM that this is BOGUS – Have a little fun with them – PLAY AWAY – FEDS CANNOT AND WILL NOT HELP YOU….

  37. rick meek says:

    Time to go after obozo – but save graham for last….

  38. Nina814 says:

    All that has been said about Obama’s activities and the evidence that all of it is true, however, he’s still roaming around, conspiring with Storos to destroy the USA. Long overdue time to arrest this character criminal usurper; charge with treason. When he’s behind bars, the damage he can do will be minimal. Arrest this SOB, NOW!

    1. Debra(bogene) says:

      You got that right. !!!

  39. Stever says:

    You can also bet your bottom dollar, that the half brained Seaniltor John Keating McCain is doing his best at the State Department, giving them direction on how to screw President Trump. We shouldn’t fear North Korea more than our own Liberals and rats like McCain and the Establishment Backstabbers, the senile Senators Club, elected only to milk the taxpayers and die holding their office of Broken Promises. Ovomit the Rat and McCain, are the cancer this country has…

  40. irene mccallister says:

    Get rid of deep state by any means. Obama & his operatives will turn USA into cruel Muslim dictatorship.
    Revelations is near

  41. irene mccallister says:

    Obama is smooth liar like snake in garden of eden.

    1. Debra(bogene) says:

      Obama is the snake in the garden of Eden. Remember who the snake was?? “Satan.” Well Satan has reappeared among us. Obama has got to be put in prison!! He is ‘pure EVIL’.

  42. Nana07 says:

    I thought you folks were winning. President Obama has nothing to do with Orange 45’s administration. I have never seen a more paranoid group of people than the repugs. Orange 45 is effing up everything all on his own, get your heads out of the sand….. Orange 45 has always been a joke, and will always be one. Comrade Orange 45 will lead you to the promised land, Mother Russia…… Winning!!!!!

  43. Brad Tipton says:

    TAKE NAMES, KICK ASSES AND DRAIN THE SEWER. There are good people available to do the jobs and do them RIGHT !

  44. gene smiith says:

    And this column can see and comment on this atrocity but those in the White House are oblivious of it or uncaring about it? I doubt that very much….so pray tell, what the HELL is going on and when will our President get hold of it and squelch it before it strangles him>? Anything even remotely connected to Obama
    has to be considered Toxic and therefore avoided and eliminated, that includes policies and people….or so says me.

  45. Gerald A. Reason says:

    Evidently, da swamp ain’t drained yet. There still be a bunch of leaches and bloodsuckers still thrivin’ there. It be about time that them that don’t want to obey their boss (Trump) and are trying to stop him, be removed. This does NOT mean those who disagree with his policy but those who are actively trying to undermine it.

  46. Pattie Kelly says:

    OK let’s start to DRAIN THE SWAMP….all Obama holdovers go…gone…take a hike…good bye. There now let’s get new ones in and proceed.

  47. vil says:

    Trump said he would return all the Syrians to their country.This should start immediately. The Somilians should also be sent back, they have caused so much troublr here.

  48. Tony Rowell says:

    It’s time to say,, O K Mattis take out everyone known to be part of the shadow government, this is an attempt to overthrow the US government, they are more of a threat to us at this time than Kim Jung Un,,,TAKE THEM OUT NOW

  49. pete0097 says:

    Trump just needs to bite the bullet and can all of the obamites. They are a drain of resources. He is spending too much time fighting these parasites.

  50. R Monty says:


  51. Kim LaMela says:

    We are all Unhinged about fake News, today I seen a Video From the Liberal left Media MSNBC about President Trump the Video shows the President bypass a Disabled Child and Shake hands with other People, it was the way they cut the Video it looks Terrible, but they Cut when the President first walked into the room he went first to this Child and spent more time with this child then all the other people in the room, After I don’t know how many hits more then Million and after the Mother of the Child seen what was going on she attacked for the President stating how False and Disgraceful the Fake Media is, a Few hours later after the Damage was done as they intended MSNBC Retracted the Video. This is so Wrong for our Country to be outright lied to by our Media and allow them to trick the Public for Political Gains and or Hatred, We caught them on the Russia Stories and they continue to poison the American Left without Consequence. Something has got to be done about this. Fox has put the Real Video on.

  52. Jan says:

    Obama IS the Deep State conspiracy. Remember where this is all headed. Obama, Hillary, and their team of
    radical Marxists; want America on it’s knees! To put it directly; it is the beginning of a communist takeover. Don’t believe it? Look closer. Compare communist idiology with Obama’s strategy for creating a “one world super power”; Hillary was suppose to usher in 2020; as mandated by the communist manifesto. Remember who Obama is: a Marxist radical, trained by Frank Marshal Davis; proud member of the communist party. At this time, we have 20,000 card carring communists in government. So what can we do? We can support our president! He is fighting against this; but he can’t do it alone. He needs the support of the American people.
    That means we have to work together to stop this; or it will be too late.

  53. Carol says:

    Is this article saying Tillerson is leading the resistance in the DOS?

  54. travis690 says:

    These Obama hold-overs should have had their positions terminated when Obama left the White House. The ones that are still there, for general functionary purposes, should be relegated to support roles, and put on notice that they will be terminated for disobeying orders from the Trump administration.

  55. Doris Will says:


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