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The Shadowy Figure Behind The Deep State Leaks Will Shock You

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  1. Palmer says:

    People need to be indited for treason and subterfuge.

    1. klsparrow says:

      I go for the final solution a bullet to the back of the head

      1. jreg9304 says:

        There is not a bit of doubt in many American minds that these deep state terrorist traitors should be rounded up for some swift justice!!!!

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          What is the point in possessing ‘evidence’ if it isn’t put to good use legally??



        1. betty thompson says:


        2. Deborah Pratt says:

          (Decision ?) LOL

          1. Ann Stow says:

            I’m sorry but I bet you knew exactly what they meant!

          2. Deborah Pratt says:

            Yeah—I did!! LOL

          3. George says:

            Petty. Focus!

      3. Retired says:

        That’s the Cliton style .

      4. Gary Smith says:

        You sound like a Clinton lover

        1. klsparrow says:

          Little back ground I live in AR have know Bill Clinton since the 60’s. I had friends that ran around with his sorry ass. Even back then he was a POS. if you are saying that I an a Clinton lover because a bullet to the back of the head would be what Clinton would do I am fine with that. If you are saying that I like Clinton I am not fine with that.

    2. granny_forUSA says:


      1. Thinkingman2025 says:

        They should all be stripped of their financial assets other than the Presidential pension, as well.

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          So far it would seem, people like Obama and the Clinton’s are being ‘rewarded’ for their traitorous acts!!

  2. wjeretidwell says:

    It will only stop when the head of the snakes are chopped off. Obama has established a network of Boyer like offices around the country to operate a shadow government . Their job is to discredit Trump and all conservatives and a shadow government he thinks can take over when they get Trump out. They have all the media on their side. His accomplice in this treasonous endevor is Hillary and Bill Clinton. It won’t stop until Lynch, Holder, Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton are all wearing vertical striped suits and getting one hour to exercise and have no visitors. If allowed visitors they will keep it up until all the fake news and fake news consumers get wise and stop following the Soviet line just as if Marx, Lenin, and Stalin were all still alive.

    1. John T. Koszalka says:

      This guy has big attachment to FAKE NEWS CBS. David Rhodes President of CBS News is his brother. The Rice unmasking with her lies, has the smell of Rhodes all over it. These are DEEP STATE DWELLERS THAT ARE WAY DOWN IN THE MUCK. They sold their souls.

    2. figmo says:

      The conservatives who support Trump have never been fooled by the false propaganda of the “deep state”. Finally, even some of the most obtuse liberals (but I repeat myself) are beginning to catch on and turn against the liberal traitors (I repeat myself again!) who would destroy our nation if they believed that the democrat party would benefit from it. Even the obtuse liberals are beginning to realize that chanting their false jingoistic mantras every day fails to accomplish anything worthwhile and they are beginning to seek the truth (we can only hope that they see the light and how they have been used).

    3. Brad Fisher says:

      What a horrible 8 years have brought to pass. Sink that ship once and for all!!

  3. Ed Shick says:

    The Clinton News network is still a bunch of Liars , and we should revoke Obama’s Passport , He was a citizen of Indonesia that is where he belongs ! he should be in Prison along with Hillary and George Soros!

      1. betty thompson says:


        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          Right now the ‘Right’ is doing their very darndest to get Pres Trump impeached!! It doesn’t matter whether their charges are legitimate or not, it still needs to be addressed and defended against. This is serious. It also keeps Pres Trump from advancing his agendas. That is their ‘real’ reason. I’m solidly behind Pres Trump but he really needs to stop ‘reacting’ to the ‘pokes’ of the media!! It just ‘feeds’ their armory against him!! I’ve always found that ‘ignore’ can be a powerful weapon when used ‘right’!! Not always, I agree, but ‘often’!!

    1. drbhelthi says:

      If the subordinate clauses of the constitution were accurately applied to the subject group of persons, many of them are qualified for the hangman´s noose, not prison.

    2. Nina814 says:

      He probably still holds an Indonesian passport and citizenship. That’s why he’s seeking refuge there.

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        Obama and Michele keep ducking in and out of countries where they can’t be extradited should we decide to levy charges against them. It doesn’t keep them from accessing their ‘ill-gotten’ funds, though. I do believe we have the right to shut those accounts down, however!

        1. George says:

          So did Osama Bin Laden. How did that work out for him?

    3. Deborah Pratt says:

      Seems that, so far, Obama and Michele are living the ‘High Life’ on OUR ‘buck’!!! Some ‘punishment’!!

  4. tucker1 says:


    1. granny_forUSA says:


  5. Mark McKinney says:

    When you drain the swamp, someone needs to scrape up the muck an mire that’s revealed. The job’s not done until everything has been purged.

  6. June G says:

    ANYONE hired by Obama should be fired. Everyone. They ate all rats.


      GOOD START————

  7. Poke says:

    You indict Obama and Clinton and Kerry………
    Arrest Lynch and Rhodes.
    Shit hits fan butt who cares?
    They see ‘.Rule of LAW’ in motion.

  8. Valerie Lever says:

    All involved in endangering our country and Israel need to be indicted and sent to prison and receive thd death penty…how can anyone only care about mob5ey and power over the destruction of their country. Once they succeed in destroying us and tbis beaitiful lland what will they do with their tine (things will be destroyed)? What will they do for enjoynent when the devil is chasing them, no sleep, scared to eat for fear of poisoned food, surrounded by others out kill them….it just makes no srnse fo for peopke go be brainless. Anyone who thinks Obama and Michelle care about America need to take a very close look at the past 8 years.

  9. Roy says:

    The past 8 years have been devastating to our culture and society. The advancement of immoral directives from Obama’s courts has riddled our Constitution.
    I truly believe he has sided with the Shite Muslims by aiding the Brotherhood, hating Israel, funding Iran with 150 billion (there entire GDP is only 425 billion), and he has consistently acted in the interest of Muslims.

    1. Brad Fisher says:

      Boy, this needs to be looked after sooner than later. Like right now!!!

    2. George says:

      Read his book. He said he would.

  10. Valerie Lever says:

    Sorry for all the typos…scheduled for catatac surgery on both eyes over the next two months. I didn’t see any way to correct after already sent.

    1. KDC says:

      My iPad does it all the time. I spend more time correcting. God bless you in your time of need, Valerie.

  11. KDC says:

    Oh, sure, rely on exposure to stop the leaks. Arrest these traitors and stick them in GTMO. Accountability will stop the leaks. I havent seen any yet, anywhere. Oh, yes, that little person who got jailed for the voter fraud. It’s easy taking down a “pee-on” get the big fish, like Clintons, BO and the rest of the schemers.
    This is for the Liberals out there….”IT WAS NEVER THE AMERICAN INTERESTS, IT WAS THE INTERESTS OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY” remember that! They’ll chew you up just like the rest of us, to save their pathetic necks and to further the NWO.

    1. Brad Fisher says:

      I’ll also add “chew you out and spit you ou.”

  12. gary says:

    All these leakers are treasonous criminals as they are leaking highly classified material for the sole purpose of over throwing the legally elected government of the u.s. that make it treason, the penalty is death!!! now lets get on with the round-up of the criminals we all know who they are!!! the only question is finding people willing to arrest them, and give them a quickie trial( don’t want a thing like that dragged out!) then get on with the executions!!!! I know there will be no problem finding people willing to pull the handle on the trap door or pull the trigger of the rifles for the firing squad. once we throw 20 or 30 of these scum bags in the garbage pit!! or burn them and dump the ashes at sea, the leaks will all stop post hast! so will all this anti trump noise in congress and the media stop right now!!!! then things will quite down and we can all get back to being normal, going about our business and daily lives with out having to hear form mental cases with fixations on various subject and people like the sicko Morning Joe jerk and the sicko on his show!!

    1. Robert Russell says:

      2018 we know who in congress are the rotten apples try to vote them out.

      1. gary says:


  13. John 'Rocky' Andrews says:

    If this is true, all these traitors need to be arrested and found guilty then to need to be hung by the neck.

  14. Roy says:

    Here is what the Bible says about the last days that are coming upon us:

    (2nd Timothy 3:1-7) But understand this, that in the last days perilous times shall come. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good,
    treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people. For among them are those who creep into households and capture weak women, burdened with sins and led astray by various passions,
    always learning and never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth.”

  15. jackhy says:

    What happened to the “drain the swamp” movement to purge the gov’t. from the O’bungle admin.? We thought that would be the job of the incoming Cabinet heads! The deep state will continue to function until all these lackeys are rooted out and many may not need to be replaced in order to reduce the size of gov’t.

    1. Mike W says:

      Only thing I can think of is President Trump was giving them enough rope to hang themselves.

    2. chrisitnesalt says:

      Looks like the swamp runs much deeper than was first thought. It might take a lot of digging and routing out to get them all, but Donald WILL get them. You can count on him!

      1. Ten-Mile says:

        Draining the swamp will have to include many establishment Republicans as well.

  16. Mike W says:

    Ben Rhodes was an Obama appointee. His brother David Rhodes is president of CBS. His wife Ann Norris was chief foreign policy advisor for Barbara Boxer. Gee I can’t figure why he would be anti- President Trump ;-). I wonder why he was even kept around. Should have been fired day one.

  17. Phyllis Elliott says:

    OBoozo needs to be INDITED and the shadow government with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL


  18. Richard Bagenstose says:

    all you need to do is follow the money , who ever soros gives money to is tied to it, goes for you 2 mccain

  19. littlesmoke says:

    Actually, a little “outside help” from our true allies, that have a genuine interest in our well being, would help. The Israelis have the capability to “disappear” the troublemakers. Our Investigative Services need to spread popcorn on their way in to work each day to find their way home at night, so it should be easy. If the Clintons can do it, so can our friends.

  20. Raymond Miller says:

    Find them, try them, if found guilty, EXICUTE them. Indict their boss, Obama.

  21. chrisitnesalt says:

    The whole lot of them should be arrested and tried for treason. End of story. Maybe we could have them all shot at dawn, too.

  22. chuckie2u says:

    I am sure these same people will support and supply the Islamic army that has been allowed to come across our borders so they can truly transform America into their Utopian Socialist State.

  23. starliteblonde says:

    “Nothing is covered up that will not be uncovered and nothing secret that will not become known. Therefore, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light and what you have whispered behind closed doors will be proclaimed from the housetops.” Luke 12:2,3

  24. granny_forUSA says:



  25. Luke says:

    After every thing revealed and exposed about this past administration and the one that almost became a reality there are those duped enough to vote for them over and over..Thank God for president Trump and the intelligent people who voted for him and not the criminal regime that would have replaced the worst and sorriest president America ever had, obuma..

  26. dennis legassie says:

    the centered on Obama loyalists Socialist Dem.Party is Blinded with Hate I believe will Lose the Elections in 2024…the Lies the Cover up which says against the True American People. Sicking!

  27. Robert Russell says:

    Now that we know who it is what are we going to do about it?? So far these kind of people none have gone to jail “WHY NOT”?????

  28. Simon Ghanime says:

    Those are a bunch of Jehadist that threaten the National security

  29. kassa1 says:

    Trump should line all opperitaves caught , and give the a military firing squad for Treason, no trial because the disrespect our constitution and rule of Law! Give the enemy within the firing squad save the taxpayers money , because the operatives were Treasnous!

  30. Mike_E_V says:

    These people need to be rooted out. There was a time in our history when this type of activity would not be tolerated. Find them, arrest them. DO NOT release them. Hold them until trial by citing flight risk or national security. Once convicted impose maximum allowable sentences for their crimes against the Nation and make sure they serve their time. The Constitution allows for replacing government if the general population sees fit however that is in time of crisis. These acts being perpetrated on the current Administration are purely for political gain. The country is at stake and the perpetrators do not care about the damage to our Nation. There needs to be some way to make a public example of these traitors. There is no punishment too extreme for the treasonous deeds this deep state group is inflicting upon the good citizens of this great Nation.

  31. JC Hoot says:

    We need to get the branding iron out with a capital “T” for traitorous treason and start using it on some foreheads!

  32. Sam Hale says:

    Clinton network and the underground activities are still intact.

  33. TPS12 says:

    Time to make an example of what happens to Traitors!

  34. ltbrown says:

    Fire the treasonous butt head! Never to late to do it right, Donald!

  35. rrse7 says:

    I think all those found guilty of treason to the USA should be given the death penalty!

  36. parthenon1 says:

    Tie him upside down a foot over a camp fire until his brains roast and burst, after nuetering him and scalping him ! The Apaches know how to treat a bad person !

  37. Jerry says:

    Time to stop all the bullshit! These subversive cannot be allowed to sabotage this country! Arrest and try them for their crimes. Jail those where appropriate, and hang those whos crimes warrant it. Remember when Hillary angrily screamed at her campaign staff “if you screw this up, we will all hang”? She didn’t saw we will all be defeated, but hanged. Ask yourself what she is so worried about.

  38. mary murphy says:

    That is treason. When I worked for the government, that was considered an offense punishable by at least prison and maybe worse. Why not now?

  39. Jimmie Cooper Boswell says:

    it is a felony, to spread false information to sabotage any member of the government. it is also a felony, to divulge classified information to any unauthorized sources. somebody, really needs to be indicted for this serious criminal activity. this is, well beyond the wrist slapping punitive area.

  40. geneww1938 says:

    The “anti-Trump” operatives, politicians and legislators either have an ill founded anti-American passion or have been bought through massive bribes, [donations, gifts, campaign funding…], extortion [entrapment by evidence of sexual or other character destructive exploits] or some psychological indebtedness to their perceived benefactors.
    . These benefactors (via lobbyists) are of the establishment which is the shadow government directed by a cartel of international and big bankers who control us (our country) as a legal corporation … please search and skim or read This cartel also controls the NWO via the UN, One World Bank, IMF and their international laws which emanate from the headquarters’ in Brussels.
    . I cannot find one agency or department that was recently established to benefit of “We the People” and find each entity uses our taxpayer funds to benefit their corporations (studies and research grants paid by us, the tax-payers, and benefits them).
    . Within the members of the Skulls and bone, Illuminati, Bohemian Grove, … or Bilderberg are those who form the leadership of Establishment and I cannot identify a true Biblical believer with a Biblical world view within the hundreds of names I searched.
    . In 2012 the DNC eliminated all mention of or references to God.
    . I believe President Trump is trying to fulfill his promises (our “Election Prayers”) and is in direct opposition to the Anti-God control and beliefs of the Establishment. As a result, the Establishment’s well-funded ‘anti-trump’ effort creates, distorts, embellishes and fabricates every form of disruption, slander, scandal and lie to destroy this presidency and uses the willing media to shamelessly and repeatedly promote them. Being evil, they do not see the risk of those following the Koran which is Satan’s counterfeit and antitheses of God Bible.
    . Yet, with hundreds of hired investigators & reporters, not even one accusation has substantiated, presented with verified evidence or proven valid. Now most people are awakening to the Establishment’s corruption and are becoming very aware of what is happening.

  41. Steve Flowers says:

    There is such a thing called TREASON, catch a couple of these renegades LONG PRISON TERMS should rebuke others who are engaged in these UNAMERICAN ACTIVITIES. SHOW ‘NO MERCY!’

  42. Lindy says:

    Hanging is too good for these people.

  43. billie says:

    The past 8 years have been devistating for our nation, with the Oboma rigeim trying to destroy us to establish the NWO.
    I have seen crying, fussing and fist pounding, but never the likes of what is going on today. I have never seen a loosing party smear the winners and attempt to destroy them and their political party, disrupting the work they are trying to acconplish. I think the worst is ths shootngs of winning party members because they are not in agreement with the opposing party.

    Lets get real people, use that thing on your neck called a head, in that head is brain that need to be used.

  44. travis690 says:

    No surprise if this sleaze who got his start as a writer of fiction were behind the problems being exposed. His biggest work of fiction was peddling the Iran nuclear deal upon his former boss, Obama, and then selling it to the rest of the United States.

    He is a despicable dirt-bag.

  45. Salgal says:

    The stuff that has been going on is incredible! How did the Democrats become so evil and devious? They are crooked to the core! What happened to honor and belief in our two party system? We should get rid of all those Democrats who were involved in government corruption. Just start over with honest people. And how did they get so far in corruption without anyone revealing it sooner? We need more watch-dogs in our government. The guilty should be banished from holding future government office.

  46. Stever says:

    Those that they find undermining the country are not any better then the terrorists, that hide their faces when committing their crimes to destroy our country. Once found they should be held in Guantanamo and treated like the
    enemy they are. That Snake obama, we had “mis”leading for eight years (8) of lies and sabotaging the constitution, should be investigated and brought before judges, that were not appointed by the same Snake. We are at a point where, one cannot trust the FBI, Secret Service and the rest of the policing powers, with what the snake has done, planted his henchmen in all the departments and worst of all loading the federal judicial system with black op intentions to sabotage anything conservative.. Trump should launder the whole system and put those caught, to dry out in Guantanamo or Fort Leavenworth. One sick Snake, caused all this undermining, he must not be allowed to escape justice, we have seen through him, now jail him. The trouble with Progressive Liberals, they wrap themselves around the very flag they burn, when they are found out and lean on the Constitution that they try to destroy, to bail them out. Their credo in life is to destroy what works and install something that enslaves the people to their agenda. Like their predecessors the KKK, but now they were suits, abandoning the sheets and hoods.

  47. Nina814 says:

    The only way we can put an end to all this filth is to arrest Obama,.Soros, Clintons, Podesta, Holder, Lynch, Rice and all Obama operatives. They should be apprended and put in a separate cell for ech individual in a secluded place surrounded by guards.

  48. Margaret Heller says:

    You know the leakers had to be indoctrinated by the Clintons and Obubba.

    1. Nina814 says:

      Under Soros’ orders, the mastermind behind all this corruption and subverson. According to Huingary’s PM, Soros is trying to interfere with the activities of the Hungarian govrnment. The US government and the Huingarian government should create a coalition to arrest this evil idividual and erradicate him from the face of the earth.

      1. Margaret Heller says:

        I agree. Soros has to be extradited out of the U.S. He is the power (translation: $$$) behind Clinton and Obama. What a horrible man. Well, he’s 84 now and if we can hold on, nature will take over. Soros has tried to usurp other countries’ economies, including the U.S.’s. He’s a real rat.

  49. downs1 says:

    One has to wonder how long this guy, Ben Rhodes, and others will be allowed to continue to undermine the official elected government?! Once identified, they need to be dealt with swiftly by all legal means! If people have died as a result of their activities, then they are accomplices to murder and should be treated as such! It is so sad that these people want to destroy this nation. Whatever they receive for their services to the enemy will never satisfy them, nor allow them to keep from looking over their shoulders in order to survive! Just can’t help but think there is a Clinton somewhere in the shadows! If that is true, Mr. Rhodes needs to fear for his life! I don’t say so, history does!

  50. Deborah Pratt says:

    OK—-now that this is all ‘known’—-WHAT is going to be ‘done’ about it?? It would seem to me that once a source like this has been identified it should make it possible to defend against. It should make it so information can be sealed off from them. Not to make it seem ‘over simplified’—I’m sure it’s not. Still, it gives ‘focus’ to what needs to be done!!

  51. Pattie Kelly says:

    If you leak classified information there is a price to pay and yes it’s called T R E A S O N!!!!!!!! Hit some of these leakers with treason and let them go before a MILITARY court that hears Treason cases ans watch them shake in the shoes because they know what could happen to them. And it does involve a rifle.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      IF they ‘act’ on it Pattie!! I think what is baffling to all of us is—WHY aren’t legal actions being taken???

      1. Pattie Kelly says:

        That Deborah is the elephant in the room. They can find the leakers and take them to trial. It baffles me as much as it does to you. A lot come from the Obama administration hold overs. They should just be fired. Obama would of fired Trump hold overs. Comey was a big leaker and he admitted it. So why is he walking around? I hope to know the answers soon.

  52. awaitingtherapture says:

    These traitors MUST BE HUNTED DOWN AND DESTROYED ! At all costs. This must take a front burner.,

  53. Rodger K. Shull says:

    he looks shifty an illegal , lock him up.

  54. Gene says:

    I dont understand why these people are not being arrested

  55. ter334 says:

    Don’t underestimate the clandestine efforts of islamic interests to bring down America and make it into an islamic state. Like they are doing in Europe and Turkey. IMO they have a unified agenda of converting the world to be a part of the caliphate under the caliph. The “second coming” of the caliph hr world will bring into the kingdom of man, never woman. Which likely in satan’s answer to the kingdom of God mentioned in the bible. The ME is an unstable place politically because they have been in a civil war for 1300 years over who is the boss of islam. O may have his eye on that job?

  56. Kahanna says:

    These traitors need to be rounded up and hanged along with Obama!!!!!!!!!!!1

  57. 1Texas says:

    It is past time for the State Dept,DOJ, CIA and FBI to be held accountable for the many violations,lies and out and out crime to be charged.

  58. ONLYJB1 says:

    The only thing that will end forever the leaks is death by hangman’s noose or death by firing squad!

  59. David VanBockel says:

    “A new broom sweeps clean.” The President must keep appointing new brooms until the treasonous obama hold-overs are eliminated.

  60. Anecito Labiran says:

    EASY..Start Arresting suspects..Jail them No Bonds…No doubt they will start pointing each other finger..

  61. aznative says:

    If any doubt there is room at gitmo. These traitors need to be quarantined for life.

    If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

    18 U.S. CODE § 2381 – TREASON
    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

  62. aznative says:

    Why is the doj dragging his feet? It is time to restore our nation.

  63. David Rowe says:

    What the Hell is going to be done about. Absolutely Nothing. They always get away with out being held responsible for their TREASON!!!!!!! GETTING DAM SICK AND TIRED OF THE BULL SHIT!!

  64. Fred Farnan says:

    although a regressive action, the boycott is an effective device. first find the object of the boycott, then organize and focus the action.

  65. theojt says:

    With the Democrats it’s always party before country; it’s like a disease.

  66. Gerald A. Reason says:

    aIf the leakers are known, why are they not going to jail? The military, with pressure from the top down, have put several officers in jail for doing exactly what they were trained to do. When the media made it look bad, there was pressure to convict these of crimes, for which they are still in Prison. Evidence, which would have show that these, lower ranking, officers were correct in their actions, was deliberately withheld from their defense teams. The evidence wold have exonerated their actions but that would not meet t he demands of the HIGHER ups who were willing to sacrifice innocent men for their own agenda. and these power-hungry elietists go free when they place the national security at risk> That is pure BS!

  67. The duck says:

    There will be leaks regardless of who is president. Honesty in government has long been lost. There is hardly enough integrity in congress to make a mark on a pin head. Only when we stop thinking of the USA as the savior of the world and when all men become honest will we stop seeing leaks. I sympathize with Trump and support his efforts. But criminals will always be with us sad to say.

  68. Kitty says:

    Okay so now what! When is the GOP Congress going to DO SOMETHING about all this corruption – also Sessions, though doing a great job on illegals – as AG he needs to charge the leakers and put them in prison!!

  69. 4Pip says:

    Those involved in this don’t care about America anyway. We saw all that Hillary did in the years she was there.Of course Kerry doesn’t care,he and Hillary were both embarrassments for our country. We know O was also,they all have no love for Israel either. They will answer to God for their treatment of Israel,justice will be done then for sure.

  70. jim jones says:

    Why does America buy into such bullshit as “The Deep State” Simply identify your boogie man and indict him, her or it!

  71. Thomas Henry Murphy says:

    Hang the bastards for treason !

  72. Janet says:

    It is time to oust anyone left over from the Obama regime, bring charges against any of them that have leaked documents, and try them for treason. They have not only put America at risk, but our allies as well. Past time to put an end to it.

  73. Doris Will says:

    There goes another Department down the drain under Sandra Rice. So far tonight that makes the FBI and the NSA. This is High Treason. The lives of people in Israel, and friendly Middle East countries. These people are the lowest of the low. We will have to have Nuremberg type trials, and start sending these crooks to jail, or we won’t have a single branch of government we can trust. If the Democrats want to see collusion, start with Obama, Clinton and Biden. All of this mess after Dreams from my father, and he didn’t even have the right father.

  74. Sandra Roberts says:

    The Democratic Party has been working to Destabilize the Middle East since Bush was in Office and for the down fall of Israel. They have been committing Treason for years and they all need to be brought to justice just as those in the Republican Party who Collude with them (John McCain) Then taken out and hung by their necks until dead (why waste a bullet on trash

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