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The Shocking Secret About The FBI’s Trump-Russia Investigation Ruined The Deep State

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  1. drbhelthi says:

    Yes, and who are the string-pullers who sponsor all the subterfuge, including the 2-term occupant of the POTUS slot? The alias, Barrak Hussein Obama, an alleged, human male being for whom no verifiable certificate of birth, evidence of American citizenship nor genuine name has been published ?

    1. littlesmoke says:

      That sucker needs terminated.

      1. Pattie Kelly says:

        How can I put this. Let me think. I am a very religious person so I can’t say terminated. How about “silenced”. If he would just keep his mouth shut and do what other presidents have done and not talk about the current president. I knew Obama would not give up his reign quietly. Nope he just won’t quit. I heard he up and took his family to Indonesia where he can’t be extradited. Run Run as fast as you can and stay there.

    2. Pattie Kelly says:

      Good question but after he was out of office his school records were unsealed and he went to college on a foreign aide grant. He was enrolled as a foreign student. HUMMMMM I knew he wasn’t an American born citizen ever!!!!!

      1. SGirl says:

        He must pay back what he stole!!!

      2. Albert8184 says:

        True. That’s the real scandal here. Not the fact of his US citizenship. Because he is an American citizen according to law, UNLESS his mother was out of the country during the prescribed in-country residency requirements prescribed by the law.

        1. drbhelthi says:

          You have missed some decisive information. There is no evidence that he is an American citizen. Hospitals in Kenya and Hawaii have stated no record for a Barrack H. Obama. No verifiable certificate of birth for the alias has been published.

          1. Albert8184 says:

            No evidence? There’s no argument about who his mother was, and his mother was a US citizen. It doesn’t matter what his father was (but I don’t believe the Kenyan was his father. Frank Marshall Davis, an American, is more likely his father. But, if his mother is a US citizen, then so is he. And he meets the requirements of the law to be a natural citizen UNLESS his mother did not meet the in-country residency requirements stipulated by the law.

          2. undeRGRound says:

            “O” is the SPITTIN’ IMAGE of FMD!
            I am convinced he is Obama’s father,
            but Davis being a communist, IN FACT,
            would have doomed “Candidate Obama”
            most certainly! That is why it is a secret…

          3. drbhelthi says:

            The UNLESS takes precedent in this case.

          4. Albert8184 says:

            Only if it can be proven. And boy, how I wish it was. We could probably do it, if we could get our people to stop wasting time on foolish non-arguments. Personally, I think most of those bogus arguments are fomented by left wing distraction tactics.

          5. elmcqueen3 says:

            But…but..but…Obama had a very clear and legible birth certificate posted on the WH web site for a brief period of time…did he not?

          6. drbhelthi says:

            Meanwhile, Hawaiian officials stated no birth certificat for a Barrack Obama in their files, and two hospital in Kenya responded similarly.

          7. Albert8184 says:

            Uh no…. do you not understand the difference between an original document and a notarized facsimile produced by a shilling partisan bureaucrat?

    3. Mary says:


    4. elmcqueen3 says:

      I assume you are referring to Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soberkah aka Barack Obama for short.

      1. drbhelthi says:

        The alias, B.H.Obama is only one of the stooges of the sponsoring organization. One representative in the US of the sponsoring organization clarified their stance in a speech in March this year_

  2. Michael says:

    The election of Donald Trump has shaken up Washington, DC, and the reaction of the Washington elites (both Democrats and Republicans) has shaken what little faith I still had in our government.

    1. jtintx2 says:

      Trump just got started!! DC hasn’t been shaken yet, but wait!! More to come and stay tuned right here!!

    2. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


    3. Ima D. Plorable says:

      Dittos, Michael!!

      1. Debra(bogene) says:

        You are so correct !!!!

  3. littlesmoke says:

    Isn’t it just about time the Bullshit stoped and the charges instituted against these crooked suckers? I believe the FBI needs a full blown housecleaning, and those prosecuted who have done wrong. Trump needs to get on top of this.

    1. SGirl says:

      Poor Trump is working as hard as he can…everywhere he looks there is a pile of RINO & liberal generated garbage that has to be dealt with…really disgusting what this President has to deal with every day.

      1. littlesmoke says:

        The more of this undermining,subversive, government subterfuge I hear of the more I believe that it is time for a well armed militia to go into action. The BS the libs have gotten away with in Berkeley and other places, This false accusation about Russia, the pay for Play with the Clintons, the Policalization of the Investigative Services, the falsehoods/Lib leaning of the Press, they all need their asses kicked good. I’m ready!

        1. drbhelthi says:

          “Kicking ass” is fun and games. The US and Europe are beyond that point.
          We need broad application of the old-time “remedy”.

  4. Dennis K. Kramer says:

    Fusion GPS officials and Christopher Steele should be issued subpoenas & bought before a congressional investigating committee to explain and, or defend their shenanigans.

    1. SGirl says:

      They will take the fifth on advice from their crooked liberal lawyers! It is like a broken record over & over! (If you are old enough to know what a broken record sounds like)

  5. Donald says:

    This shows the Democrats are even worse than I thought they are.They are all corrupt.

    1. Ron haymaker says:

      You’re not being fair. The Democrats have the best politicians money can buy!

    2. xhawkx says:

      Indeed, what we know about all the BS O’Bummer did while out in the open and know it was wrong , we know that it all failed the smell test after each and every one of his many scandels, now we are beginning to see evidence of numerous blatant unconstitutional illegal wrong doings by him and most his administration and the more that I see it,the more pissed off,angry and sickened that I am becoming I say this in a non political means and as I stand as an AMERICAN Citizen AND while the demorats got what they wanted with a special council they are beginning to figure out and thinking WTF did we do…… this is funny ,not so much to O’Bummer, Lynch, Rice and can’t forget about CROOKED HILLARY and SLICK WILLY…..

  6. John Timmins says:

    Arrest them all!

    1. SGirl says:

      The question of the day is: WHEN are we going to do something about this treason?

  7. George says:

    For trying to subvert our system of government the FBI, Clintons, Obama, Lynch, Soros, Blumberg, all Progressives, many of our politicians in Washington, politicians in State governments, heads of news organizations and many of their so-called journalists should be charged with treason and given the maximum penalty for their collective actions and attempt to bring down the United States. We have a need to send clear warning that this crap will not be tolerated. This is the exact reason why we have a Second Amendment in our Constitution.

    1. maxx says:

      Excellent post sir. It used to be an assumed act of treason and sedition to be a member of a political party with an agenda to overthrow the government of the United States. People were arrested and deported for it. When were the laws against treason and sedition abolished? They never were. The change that took place was when the original democrat party morphed into the democrat communist party back in the early 60’s. Ever since the last real decent democrat president, Harry Truman, left office the party’s agenda became the agenda of the socialists / progressives /Marxists. It is long past the time when the U.S. government was allowed to be infiltrated by traitors and despots. Congress, as a whole does not represent the American citizens any longer. The Federal government was never envisioned by our Founder as what it has devolved into. The Second Amendment and tens of millions of armed citizens are the only thing between our freedom and the tyranny of politicians.

      1. George says:

        The Progressive movement is at the center of all our problems. It was and continue to be their goal, to destroy the constitution and force upon us their “compassionate control”. The Progressives think that we are incapable of making sound choices. They want to take care of all those pesky decisions for us. Every so often sane people have to drive the Progressive movement underground. Evil will never give up because it is in the nature of power hungry people to control everyone for the “common good”.

  8. monongahela says:

    I believe the communist democrat party opened a can of worms they didn`t want opened!

  9. Albert L Biele says:

    As the World Turns—this entire left-wing progressive, zero evidence campaign to oust Trump has just boomeranged toward the Obama administration, as solid evidence unfolds against an infestation of corruption, involving illegal wiretapping, suppression of evidence, coercion against the FBI director, secret meetings of Lynch and Clinton, all adding up to the dirtiest political maneuvering of a political party-ever. It’s amazing how garbage always floats to the top! Tyranny is a fungus that must be challenged at every turn!!!

    1. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

      The democrats are worst than garbage.

    2. SGirl says:

      And the democRATS think that they are smarter than anyone else…LOL

  10. gary says:


  11. dennodog says:

    What is now being exposed are the tentacles of the deep, alternate government. For decades D.C. has morphed into a government of “figureheads” that take their orders from despots rather than “the people”. The scandals to be revealed shortly will rock this country to it’s foundation and that’s why there is so much opposition and subversion to anything that Trump attempts to do. “Drain the Swamp” has a real meaning and the swamp rats are feeling the heat. Keep it going and “let the chips fall where they may”.

  12. JOHN STEEL says:

    Schumer, is bad news, always has been, He, PELOSI , Hilary, BHO, BIDEN ,should be put out to pasture.
    Their nonsense is played out. They will only stand in America way to greatness.

  13. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    So when are the indictments being handed out, I want to be sure and have camera film

  14. CommonSense4America says:

    Harrrummmph,,,yakaty yakaty yakaty. Let’s investigate,,,I DEMAND with the strongest possible demand that we investigate the investigators. There, that ought to scare someone. Who are we kidding? No one has been convicted or punished during or after the Obama administration. Nothing is going to happen to anyone. All smoke and mirrors.

    1. SGirl says:

      Disgustingly sad but so true!

  15. Donald says:

    To Ron Haymaker:
    I hope you mean the best liars, and deceitful politicians money can buy.

  16. Donald says:

    To Ron Haymaker:
    You mean the most liars, And corrupt politicions money can buy?

  17. David McAllister says:

    All the Demorats are scurrying for cover. I love it.

  18. travis690 says:

    Prediction: The FBI will conclude this was all based upon fake news created by Steele, and will quietly let the “matter” (or investigation, if you prefer) slide into the background without any official pronouncement about it. Which also means that it is very unlikely that McCabe (if he is the party responsible for the leaks) will even be prosecuted.

  19. Mike W says:

    “The Steele dossier was a product of former Wall Street Journal journalist Glenn Simpson, who led Fusion GPS back when it received the contract. The money for the contract – the mysterious donor is George Soros. 52-year-old British Intelligence Officer Christopher Steele has allegedly been heading the Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd. They have even gone as far as to name the former UK ambassador to Moscow, Andrew Wood, who has allegedly “played a critical role” in providing American secret services with alleged contacts between the future American president Donald Trump and Moscow.”
    Again George Soros has his grimy little fingers all over this. He should be arrested and deported – preferably to Russia where there are no liberal judges to protect him and he will finally receive the justice he so richly deserves.

  20. Corrine Lee says:

    The investigation is a ploy to distract from the Hillary/Obama traitorous crimes

  21. Jan says:

    The “Deep State”; has a boat-load of hidden dirt. Ironically; they are beginning to ‘give themselves away’; becoming too obvious; & they are beginning to be ‘exposed’.

  22. shamu9 says:

    Barrack Hussein Mohamed Obama! The Greatest HOAX in the History of The WORLD! May A Plague of Biblical Proportions, be Visited upon the Demonic Rats and the House of Obama!

  23. myfordtruck says:

    the Obama’s and the Clintons and others need to be in prison for life

  24. Richard Frick says:

    Waterboard the POS ex POTUS and he will puke like a rupture in a dam. The Choom Boy is a total imposter created by Soros to destroy the USA.

  25. John Savell says:

    The FBI refused to cooperate with Congress? Congress represents the people, who as a whole is their boss. Trump is the FBI’s official boss and Sessions, as the AG is their direct Supervisor. If he gives them an order and they refuse, they are in several violations including misconduct and obstruction, and should be hammered to the fullest extent of the law.

  26. rick meek says:

    SO – the partial truth comes out……..they’ll bury it like all the other stuff…..

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