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The Trump-Russia Investigation Just Took This Turn For The Worse

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  1. andrew says:

    will you f**king imbeciles just STOP ALREADY !!! Russia has been totally de-bunked — nothing further to be wrung out of the garbage that is left !!

    1. ShermanRMcCoy says:

      Dummocrat idiots in the Fakestream Media as well as Neocons (like John McMoron and Lindsay Damn) and Warmongering Dems won’t be satisfied until the nukes are flying.

      God help us all!


    2. KDC says:

      I’m with you Andrew…really tired of it going around and around!

    3. Deborah Pratt says:

      Granted, the ‘Russia’ cyber connection has been thoroughly dis-proven—however this is not the time to discontinue the investigation!!! The ‘trail’ is leading straight to our own Democratic despots!! This needs to be brought out blindingly clear to the American public!! The ‘real’ villains are not the Russians—these guys are ‘home-grown’ variety!! The ‘cold war’ mind-set is pathetic.

  2. Mike W says:

    ” The Obama administration released a report that an assessment of all 17 intelligence agencies found Russia was behind the cyber attacks.

    But the report was really only the work of the CIA, FBI, and NSA.

    And two of the three agencies used questionable intelligence. ”

    Just another Obama lie – he said 17 when there were actually only 3. The former directors of two of the three agencies are under investigation – as are 2 former attorney generals. Loretta Lynch will most likely be going to prison and when she does I’m sure she will start talking.

    Actual Testimony

    Trey Gowdy: “So, this report is full of lies?”
    Eric Holder : ” NO!! NOT LIES!!! There are things that are factually inaccurate….”

    1. l penn says:

      These DEMORAT VERMIN will NEVER tell the TRUTH, ONLY LIE!!

    2. laurig says:

      So when is someone going to ask the difference between lies and factually inaccurate?? I want to know cause I might want to use that line sometime– : )

      1. Mike W says:

        Factually inaccurate is when a Democrat does it – a lie is when a Republican does it.

        1. astrojohn says:

          …or inaccurate coming from ANY elected or nonelected official and a lie if YOU say it…

          1. David in MA says:

            It is in the bag of tricks known as: Lie, Deny then Blame.

    3. Jerry Dodds says:

      We are in a Constitutional Crisis. While comments assert Repubs in control, they are not! We know in Senate at least ten of the 52 hate Trump. The real number is likely triple that. The Dems followed BO 100 percent. Dems stand together right or wrong. But the biggest difference is the Bureaucracy. It is apparent they favor Dems. In DOJ 80 percent supported Hillary. FBI and the 16 Intelligence Agencies I have no idea, but with the leaks true or false there are many. The federal government for first time is openly lawless. Decisions for past 8 years have been made on politics not law. Top officials openly violated laws and it infiltrated lower levels. How can you govern without laws? You can not. In spite of perjury, 5th Amendment, executive privilege, has anyone been indicted in 8 years? Basicly Congress is split with majority anti Trump. Bureaucrats can not be trusted. Supreme Court’s power is the executive branch bureaucracy enforces their rulings or not!

      1. Mike W says:

        You have to remember President Trump is not really a Republican – not like the ones in D.C. anyway. He is not a Democrat either. He is not one of the elite – establishment career politicians – who look upon the treasury as their personal piggy bank and us as the people they allow to provide for them. There are billions and billions of unaccounted for dollars and they are afraid he will expose them for what they are. Pure and simple – a den of thieves.

    4. David in MA says:

      I love that saying, kind of like not violating the law, just poor judgement (these people are in jail)…… when will these politicians start going to jail?

  3. bobs33hotrod says:

    Hey FUC$EN DIMMS, Trump is Been Elected President. Get over it. All that you Dimms can do is now Lie Cheat and try to steal the Election Back. It won’t work. Sit Down be Quiet and make American Great Again
    BOBBY ~!~.

    1. GrumpyGrandpa says:

      Had there been no Obama, there would not be a Trump! If they manage to elect some rabid lunatic again, we’ll elect a successor twice as bad! It’s hilarious when Democrats complain about political “civility” and being “presidential” after giving us Obama’s filth, corruption and ideological destruction for 8 long years! You get what you give!

      1. KDC says:

        There’s a lot of rabid lunatics in both parties .

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          You can tell ‘who’ those are!! They’re the ones pointing to Pres Trump and screaming that ‘he’s’ the lunatic!!

      2. bobs33hotrod says:

        Know what I am so glad Trump is our President. At Least he is trying to Make America Great Again. Give him a chance. He has accomplished more in his short time than Obummer did in his last two Terms.
        BOBBY ~!~

  4. jong says:

    And none of the other 17 other agencies wanted to have anything to do with it either. Only the people put in by ole jug ears was treating it with any kind of credibility. Not the agencies themselves.

    1. Mike W says:

      All of those people are deeply connected to Obama AND the Clintons.

      1. Annie says:

        Obummer looks like the puppet, “Howdy Doody”! He’s such a liar & idiot!

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          Is Obama ‘Howdy Doody’s’ ‘dark side’?? LOL

  5. maxx says:

    The fact that a CNN producer close to the Trump/Russian “fable” has admitted on tape and video that “all this Russian stuff is pure bull sh*I” is not enough for the liberals, democrat communists and the MSM to shut down their subversive activities. Something needs to be done to these people like applying 18 U.S. Code Chapter 115 – TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIEs statutes to what they have been doing for 6 months now. The courts should end this BS now.

    1. Mike W says:

      In Dick Morris’ book about the Clintons he said that Hillary once said she loved Democrats “because most were not very educated and they are easily manipulated”. The DNC has come right out and said they are not obligated to produce any candidate other than one of their choosing (chosen ones). Basically telling Democrats you are too stupid to choose a candidate so we will do it for you.
      Still they have their supporters – makes me wonder if these people can read – and for the ones who can read – can they read english?

      1. KDC says:

        Hitlary is an arrogant, elitist dictator. She wouldn’t be any better than N.Korea’s dictator!

        1. GrumpyGrandpa says:

          Just as fat wth the stupid looking hairdos and glasses though .

        2. Annie says:

          H ateful
          I gnorant
          L iar
          L ooney
          A rrogant
          R uthless
          Y okel

          C riminal
          L ush
          I rresponsible
          N otorious
          T wo-faced
          O bnoxious

    2. figmo says:

      You don’t believe that the liberals care about the truth do you? It’s the process they use to keep themselves relevant and by placing themselves in the position that their accusations, no matter how absurd, must be investigated and reported. A power play, pure and simple. I guess it’s because the MSM is the liberal’s lap dog. Otherwise, I’m trying to understand how we can have a majority in both Houses, a republican president and still wind up having to answer to the democrats’ demands. Remember how the republican minority was ignored by the dems when they marched in lockstep and passed obamacare? The republicans on the other hand always seem to have a number of jackasses who have to oppose republican bills. Probably they are beholden to those bribe paying lobbyists who bring them their suitcases filled with hundred dollar bills. All made “respectable” by calling the process “lobbying” and the bribe payers “lobbyists” If we have any chance of reclaiming our country, we must eliminate lobbying and make it a felony. “Bribing a public official” comes to mind.

    3. GrumpyGrandpa says:

      The Courts do not uphold the Constitution or law any longer. That’s old school.

    4. Deborah Pratt says:

      Even the ‘courts’ need a good, old-fashioned ‘deep cleaning’!! Too much ‘Obama’ scum still clinging to our ‘scales’ of Justice for them to even begin to ‘balance out’!! When we have judges defying our laws, constitution and even our President–we know how deep the corruption has gone.

  6. jimahrens says:

    And to think they call them Intelligence Agency’s

  7. Albert L Biele says:

    As The World Turns!!
    You mean—-You want Evidence? —- So, Obama may have lied, and now we informed that, 2 of the former top security chiefs are now under investigation. And then there’s Lynch the control freak–do you think she’ll go to prison? And then there’s the Clintons Money-Laundering-Business, and espionage violations. Yep! The Russian investigation has definitely boomeranged toward the Democratic Party! When are we going to get on with repairing the damage inflicted by the Obama Administration?

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      From the most recent reports, Lynch is definitely headed for the courts. We’ll see what happens there, won’t we? Citizens know she is guilty of the charges. Now we’ll see if ‘Justice’ is served for ‘all’!! This is all in the process of ‘Obama’ repair!

      1. Albert L Biele says:

        I agree –No one is above the law!

      2. Arizona Don says:

        Susan Rice may keep her company.

  8. jackhy says:

    Since the far Leftist socialists cannot let go of the fake news “Trump/Russian collusion” theory, it is now past time to take apart the former Obammy administration to reveal which of the agencies are the culprits in this deceptive story line. Then bring them to justice once and for all so our POTUS can get down to the real business of running the country!

  9. Gary Smith says:

    Let it go commies or they will be no democratic party. I have been a registered democrat all my voting life and now I am ashamed to be a member . So wake up and quit fitting over an election you lost because of your crooked candidate. Try being a party of the real people again not just a bunch tooo far left idiots

    1. GrumpyGrandpa says:

      Thank you Gary! I knew there must be some “real” democrats left out there. In my life experience, JFK was the last real Democrat that cared about America and Americans. But then LBJ was involved in killing him and that changed my whole life too. Nothing has been “right” since, in anybody’s politics. We’ve literally been at war ever since, our currency is crap, public institutions are in shambles, morality is gone and we’re about to collapse. I’m not sure there even exists “a party of the real people”. Sorry for my rant…

  10. Richard Bagenstose says:

    i’m sure putin would like it over with to , because you can never tell what these fools in congress will do,seems to me they are as bad as un in n.korea pushing for a world war. i would contact putin and ask him to join me in one of the biggest lies of the century and put it out for the media to run with it , and prove once and for all they have no proof of anything they are selling and it will be legal remember oboma signed an executive order for misinfermation

  11. Elvis Ridley says:

    Russia had nothing to do with the election i was at a Donald Trump rally in Harrisburg and line wrapped around several times and we all did not even get into the farm show complex and people still were coming in the line see TRUMP and all his rallies were like that and while TRUMP was filling arenas clinton was filling rooms and there was no Russians in the lines or the rallies so Russia had nothing to do with the elections . end of story

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Thank you for your post, Elvis!!! You just confirmed what Pres Trump has been saying all along and the media was trying so hard to deny!! All the ‘libs’ were saying he was ‘lying’! Nothing like an ‘eye witness’ to prove the ‘truth’!!

  12. travis690 says:

    It appears obvious that these “intelligence” agencies were pressured to reach the “Russian interference” conclusion, since it was being based upon a questionable source that may or may not have inspected the Democrat National Committee’s servers. It certainly wasn’t any of these “intelligence” agencies that conducted the investigation, since they said as much in their reports.

    I wouldn’t have much confidence in this type of report, since they are placing their reputations on reports provided by a third party that may have a reason to hide data.

    1. Arizona Don says:

      The NYT printed a very small retraction just recently regarding seventeen intelligence agencies. They now say there was only four. However, it appeared they actually were trying to hide the retraction from the people.

      1. travis690 says:

        Yes. It will be noted that the retraction was buried, while the original fake news was highlighted.

  13. ter334 says:

    There was no evidence included because there is no evidence to include. And this stuff by Obama was probably created recently to patch up the holes in their story. Any evidence is only virtual evidence that exists in the minds of the anti-Trump players.. In cyberspace out there somewhere. This scandal is probably much bigger then O’s birth certificate. And is on pace to rock the DDs, deplorable democrats to their very core! They seem to be more and more desperate in their fantasizing about Russian hackers bringing O back to rescue America from Trump!

  14. Kathy Stutts says:

    Before this is ever over, there will be more bodies washing up on the beach or being shot in the back walking down a street in full daylight (that’s mob’s technique). There is evidence but no one is giving it up; isn’t it strange (not really) that the body that washed up on the Florida beach was a US atty working on visa and passport fraud (isn’t that strange working for our gov’t finding people who should not be here). I’m sure Obama and the Clinton’s wanted these illegals here. And then the young man walking down the street was related to the DNC.
    The Clinton’s befriend their higher up people and then they bribe; you pay off in favors or if you suggest you want out, you get a trip to the beach or park or you just get shot down in full view and no one knows anything; no one noticed a car passing by and a pedestrian just falls.
    The atty was felt to have a bullet hole in his head. I suppose they didn’t weigh him down enough but he was thrown from someone’s boat.
    No one can go back to the early Clinton days in Arkansas and track all of the murders involved with the Clinton’s in some way and still happening years later; I’m sure has his sticky fingers involved in the “going’s on’s”. Evil…and then add Obama into the bunch…evil and evil and evil. Too many people involved and scared to death for their lives who will never talk and even go to prison before they give up information. Or they may agree to tell and go under the Witness Protection program, but that has been proven not so great either.
    Just my opinion

    1. GrumpyGrandpa says:

      If autopsies are performed, they are court sealed. Evidence always disappears if handled by the police. No or minimal media reporting is ever done, etc.

  15. KDC says:

    “collusion with the Trump campaign”…. The only collusion is with the usuper in chief, BO and his administration. What a bunch of shifty, scheming, corrupt communists! I hope they bring justice for the American people.

  16. jdalabama says:

    there is not, never was, an investigation of Trump about collusion with Russia. Comey stated that 3 times during his televised brief to Congress. Why do the Dems lie…all the time?

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Seems they know nothing else!!! If their ‘story’ suits their purpose–that’s what they tell. No regard for honesty at all!!

  17. Danny says:

    The lies and fake news traitors should be charged with said treason against the USA for attempting to start a war against Russia. That is the only justification for these actions.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Putin tried to warn the American people about all this. Of course, at the time, the American public was still trying to sort out what was a lie and what wasn’t!! The media was ‘shoveling’ their lies fast and furious!! We, as a nation, have been victimized and we’re darn lucky we still ‘are’ a nation!!

      1. Arizona Don says:

        If obama would have had his way we would not be!

  18. Pattie Kelly says:

    Discovery on 06/29/17 as reported on FOX NEWS not 17 intelligence agencies only 4. HAY GOTCHA!!! Obama the infamous liar.

  19. Caro Line says:

    Off Subject But I Want To Mention It, Please See Video:

    The government can’t pay for everything, that is communism/socialism which has never worked.

  20. JimC says:

    Schumer needs to shut his mouth !! He LIES !! He has said no matter what Trump comes up with they will NOT approve or even vote on ANYTHING ! Then he gets up in the last few days knowing that as for health care which is what the republicans is trying to get passed and Dems only want to vote on keeping OBC ..Now about this Russia thing , When Obama left the white house he set up a lot of traps for Trump and the Russia thing is 1 of them People might not know yet but Obama also took ALL records from his term and put them in his “Library Archives” which isn’t even built yet . BUT by doing that all the unmasking records are locked down for 5 yrs so no one can see what he has done and also Susan Rice and how she unmasked of Flynn . You see before the records were moved she would NOT testify , Now that the records are locked down for 5 yrs so they cant prove what she actually done . BUT the President can supenia the records ALL of them !! I hope he knows he cant They screwed that mans life up just over he got $37,000 from a Russian TV station that he didnt report . IF he gets the records (Before they are ultered by Obama ) I wouldnt put it past him , And Obama should pay back the $100 MILLION they spent of tax payers money on their vacations And this wont be popular >> But i still think Obama IS from Kenya !! Take away his pention ! PUT him and Rice also Hillary Lynch too in PRISON !! Trump for president 2020 !! Ivanka Trump first woman president for 2024 !!

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Schumer pretty much stated that no matter what Pres Trump attempted, the Democratic Party would not co-operate!!
      Wasn’t anyone listening? That statement alone should have been enough to raise some very large Red Flags!!

  21. icemancold says:

    The question why the report contained no evidence to support the claim of the Russian HACK is best answered this way :: THE RUSSIAN HACK NEVER OCCURED.!!

  22. Doris Belanger Frazier says:

    The truth will come out and Obama is going to be behind the whole thing. He is a snake. They are going to find out how corrupt he really was and is. Maybe eventually his so called followers will realize what he really is.

  23. Steve rosetta says:

    Doesn’t anyone remember how the OBAMA administration tried to influence the elections in Isreal…spent money and resources to aid the opposition to Bibi Netanyahu..

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      His own run for the presidency was equally questionable!! His first election may have been ‘legal’ but his second run was not! Having had such success in falsifying elections, here and abroad, he and the Clintons were confident they could do it again!

      1. Arizona Don says:

        The word is neither were on the up and up. I have a tendency to believe that. He has demonstrated how corrupt he is everyday for eight years. Nothing he ever did benefited America or Americans. He is and has always been a nobody. That is as polite as I can be regarding obama.

  24. Deb says:

    these people are getting sicker, deranged, demented or have nothing better to do, we don’t believe a word you have to say so keep your wierd opinions among yourselves and do not waste any more of our time!

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Deb–with respect, may I ask that you clarify ‘what’ people you’re referring to? thanks.

  25. Original Anna says:

    Just another fake go-around to keep attention away from whatever it is that the democrats are hiding. Just what is it that the democrats don’t want discovered and why doesn’t the gov’t law agencies get off their behinds and find out. How much money have the democrats made by being a politician for years in Washington. They all seem to own million dollar homes, two or three vacation homes, private planes, etc, etc. all made on their taxpayer paycheck. I know they have a wonderful healthcare that we pay for but is that enough to pay for what they seem to have accumulated during their stays in Washington while doing nothing for the taxpayer but doing everything for special groups who give them millions of donations for their campaigns. What are our gov’t law agencies doing about the truth and exposing the fact that politicians are living in 3 million dollar homes in CA and not living in the districts they were elected from. Isn’t that illegal to start with.

  26. cheryl55 says:

    WHO is VOA????

  27. Tex Bentley says:

    Stupidity continues to rule.

  28. David in MA says:

    “The Bureau never examined the servers at the Democrat National Committee.
    Instead, they used the work of a third party vendor – CrowdStrike – to report that the Russians had hacked the DNC.
    But CrowdStrike has a history of falsifying data to accuse the Russians of wrongdoing.”

    In a court wouldn’t this be considered hearsay?

  29. Rodger K. Shull says:

    they need to go WRING OUT clinton an obama an soros, they are if you dig deep enough, put all of this up, an paid for it , follow the money to cnn, msnbc, abc nbc, cbs, all have one criminal 3,s hands in their pockets.

  30. monongahela says:

    obama was a worthless piece of scat and it is really coming out now for the world to see.

  31. Gloria Johnson says:

    Stupid post. Blatant lies. Putin was interviewed and he said he didn’t interfere. There is no such thing as this. There are many others that really tell the truth this post isn’t it. Get the facts quit with the lies

  32. tugger76 says:

    I think what most people are missing, and it’s evident when some so called Republicans side with the Democrats against President Trump, is the fact the old Democrat party no longer exists. The party was taken over by the CPUSA ( Communist Party USA) about 40-45 years ago, and their agenda would have been brought to fruition with the election of Hillary Clinton, She would have immediately set up an oligarchy type government, and we would all have experienced the NWO. Do not ever doubt there are Communist, and Socialist within the halls of Congress, as well as many high ranking government officials. Read the book by Trevor Louden entitled ” The Enemies Within” Communist, Socialist and Progressives in the US Congress. He even names them. One would no longer be surprised, or wonder why all the negativity and hatred surrounding President Trump Democrats do not want to make America great again, they have very cleverly crafted our young people to hate authority, by infiltrating our schools.

  33. Bill Godsey says:

    Obama and his henchmen are behind it all.

  34. Daniel Imbs says:

    DUMOCRATS, Dumocrats, democrats, and may say, no more needs to be said.

  35. elmcqueen3 says:

    Recent reports claim that only 4 of the 17 intelligence agencies have pushed the narrative that there was collusion between the Trump camp and the Russians…None of the other 13 intelligence agencies have joined with the shared narratives of the FBI, the CIA, or the NSA…The report never mentioned who the 4th deep state agency was…Any guesses?

  36. bp 58 says:

    water board comey you may find out more about ohomo and his gang of liars and theifs

  37. Bill Swinney says:

    effijerk off

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