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Things Aren’t Looking Good For Chelsea Clinton After This Lawsuit

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  1. chuck708 says:

    When is someone from our Government going to Arrest the Clinton Crime Family?

    1. ronniecanoli says:

      They are frightened , that they will turn up , ” DEAD “… like many have before.. The Clinton Criminal Cartel Family is backed by Big Money of yet another CRIMINAL POS …THE DEVIL HIMSELF.. Little georgie soros…

      1. ghetonda mosley shertzer says:


      2. drbhelthi says:

        Look closer. The string pullers are much more than comrade Soros.

        1. maxx says:

          Remember the comment from Pogo; “we have met the enemy and he is us”? He was talking about our very own political parties and the “ruling class” that keep us their control.

        2. ronniecanoli says:

          The BILDERBERGER’S, perhaps ?

      3. rainier4311 says:

        They never will. Who wants to end up dead before their time?

      4. mpdMD1965 says:

        if all of this crapola is so obvious why are these idiots not behind bars? Do you realize how useless
        these agencies appear? Rather than reporting what you suspect, put the culprits behind bars when you have irrefutable proof of their illegal activity and then report the fabulous job putting these idiots in a prison they have earned.

        1. ronniecanoli says:

          I couldn’t agree more ,with your analysis.

        2. Palmer says:

          I’m not happy with my party,The Repubs, Their just a bunch of spineless pussys. The Democratic Party is out right Dangerous. Very scary what they are doing, and Chuckie is Looney toons, But the Repubs let him run around as if he was elected President. Our Senate and Congress are pathetic. If I could I would get rid of all of them.

    2. Jeronimo Dan says:

      They will never be arrested, as they like so many in Washington D.C. are in what is called the Top Tier of Justice. They are not to be indicted, nor charged and certainly never to be incarcerated.
      We, You and I are on the 2nd Tier of Justice. If you, or I should be brought up on charges of J-Walking, we’re in a heap of trouble.

      1. ghetonda mosley shertzer says:

        THIS IS SO TRUE!!!!!

      2. william surratt says:

        Amen!!! they have gotten away with murder. You and I could do some minor thing and we’d end up in jail for sure

    3. eddie47 says:

      You can’t be convicted on innuendos and wild conspiracies. At least not from any normal thinking person. Be careful for the same can be said about the Trump’s and the evidence is mounting daily. It’s like saying Trump influenced the elections through Russian hacking. Yes there was Russian hacking but very difficult to prove President-elect Trump was directly involved. Wild accusations have to be proven against anyone in either party.

      1. VanceJ says:

        Absolutely zero forensic evidence of Russian hacking, just guessing. and zero evidence mounting daily as you suggest.!!!!!!!

        1. eddie47 says:

          Come on deal with facts. Russian hackers admitted their involvement in out elections and in that of France. So you told a whopper and no I didn’t say Trump was involved.

          1. VanceJ says:

            Show proof !!! you can’t because their is none.!!!!!!

          2. eddie47 says:

            Evginey Bagachev and Alekey Belan were two of the hackers so we already know that plenty of hacking was going on. Did Putin or Trump know? Probably not directly but that is why there are investigations.

          3. Mike Burkett says:

            Sounds like a waste of taxpayer funds to me. Maybe the DNC should carry this witch-hunt investigation’s costs. Sounds like the BS justice perpetrated on the American people by democraps – ‘Seriousness of the crime alone demands more investigation even if proof is never found.’

          4. Robert Uda says:

            Is the Russian hacking to influence the 2016 POTUS election anything like Obama’s involvement in attempting to make Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu lose his reelection bid? Just wondering.

          5. Mike Burkett says:

            Don’t be naive, all the world’s powerful leaders attempt to influence other country’s elections and policies (see Obama’s using taxpayer funds to oust Ben Netanyahu).

          6. eddie47 says:

            Glad to see it’s all business as usual and you give your full endorsement. I didn’t know this was a time for more excuses.

          7. nicholsda says:

            I could admit to killing Kennedy but that wouldn’t make it true. In case you are too dumb to understand what I just said, people say things to make themselves look important to others. But there is no proof of Russian hacking of the DNC computers. Nor has there been any proof of Russian hacking of the election. There has been proof shown of DHS hacking.

          8. eddie47 says:

            Hacking occurred and verified by our our intelligence agencies.They tried hacking into all 50 states and they found access to 20 of them. Two states Arizona and Illinois have proof to back this up. Even the Republican Secretary of State of Arizona was personally hacked by Russia. What is known is that Russia was trying to disrupt our election process. To force voters to doubt our democratic process thus to take us down internally with in fighting.

          9. nicholsda says:

            To force voters to doubt our democratic process doesn’t take the Russians. We have Dems that block the requirement that voters provide photo ID to vote. That right there is enough to cause doubt because if you don’t have a valid photo ID today, you can’t really do anything.

      2. Leaving aside your Russian fetish, do you really think all the scandals surrounding the Clintons are “innuendos and wild conspiracies?” I mean, really? The Benghazi “video” false flag– proven, documented. The Russian uranium deal– proven, documented. The “Truth Squads”– proven, documented. The Clinton campaign payments for (ultimately recanted) false rape accusations against President Trump in the final days of the campaign– proven, documented. The payments from George Soros to the Clinton campaign– proven, documented, on file with the FEC. The open security breach with the private email server, and thousands of deleted emails– proven, documented, and the only reason the DOJ didn’t indict was, as they explicitly said, because the fallout from the recent McDonnell decision required them to prove a specific intent to commit a specific crime, and they weren’t sure they could get a conviction in the wake of McDonnell’s acquittal. The IRS harassment scandal, the Travelgate, Chinagate, and Filegate scandals during President Clinton’s administration– all not only proven and documented, but testified to in open court. The Clinton Foundation Haiti scandal– documented and sworn to by witnesses in Haiti, and the witness who was scheduled to testify about it before Congress this week was found dead in Miami two days ago– an “apparent suicide.”

        Now, the many suspicious deaths that surround the Clintons– Vince Foster, Seth Rich, the Mena boys, Ron Brown, etc.– it is true there has never been sufficient evidence to bring criminal charges against either of the two for any of them. (In some of those cases, that’s because key witnesses themselves ended up dead, and therefore on the list). But only someone in deep denial would categorize “insufficient evidence” as “innuendo and wild conspiracies.” Police don’t investigate, and DA’s don’t examine evidence, based on “innuendo and wild conspiracies.”

        The evidence is clear. Even if every one of those suspicious deaths is in fact a mere coincidence, there is still more than enough documented evidence and testimony on the record to convict both these crooks and send them to prison for the rest of their lives. You just refuse to admit it– probably because you’re afraid to admit the reason why they haven’t been convicted already.

        1. eddie47 says:

          You already made up your mind so it’s foolish of me to respond yet you claimed several innuendos. I’l address one. The famous “video” indeed played a part in the attack at the Consulate at Benghazi. Captured militants have already confessed to that fact years ago. They said it was a needed recruitment tool “to inspire” the reluctant ones into action. Generally all it takes is the mocking of Mohammed, so yes it did the trick. No one lied on that fact except for the anti-Hillary operatives who used it for political purposes.
          This article isn’t even about Hillary so if you want an example on Embassy attacks ( an actual embassy) then look no further than 1983 when Ronald Reagan was President. He was warned several days before the bombing in Tripoli Lebanon and was urged to beef up security and set up road blocks. He refused to act on credible proof which ended up killing 17 Americans.

          1. James Wilson says:

            Eddie, your deflection endeavors need a bit more tuning. You sound like the president of the ” Save the Clintons at any cost ” club.

          2. eddie47 says:

            Don’t you belong to the Deflect From Trump Club?

          3. I almost forgot to call you out on your egregious lie about the “Innocence of Muslims” video. It wasn’t even released in the Arab world (or dubbed into Arabic) until just days before the embassy attack. As has been well-established– again, documented, proven, testified, yes, it happened this way, it’s in the record– the embassy attack was an organized, coordinated, and carefully-executed military campaign by Ansar al-Sharia that had been planned for months. That a couple of cowering captured terrorists claimed the “video” was part of the attack may be taken with as many grains of salt as needed to understand the desire of fearful prisoners who will tell the captors what they think they want to hear– or just lie to keep from incriminating their brothers in arms.

            Now, the “video” WAS linked to a Muslim Brotherhood riot in Egypt that occurred just hours before Benghazi, and a CIA cable referencing that incident, and mentioning the video, was intercepted by State and doctored by someone, probably Susan Rice, to make it seem as though the reference was to Libya and not to Egypt. This all came out in sworn testimony, before Congress, by CIA operatives who were on the ground at Benghazi. As did the admission, days after the attack, by Mrs Clinton and by then-President Obama, that the video in fact did not incite the embassy attack and that they’d made an honest mistake. Mrs Clinton’s infamous “What difference does it make?” remark was in response to that very admission. Of course, admitting the story was bogus (“Oops!”) does not mean those two admitted they had any complicity in the false-flag narrative and cover-up attempt. Of course.

            You bring up the 1983 Beirut (not Tripoli) embassy attack. It was a lone suicide bomber driving a delivery truck through a gate and into the compound, similar to the US Marine barracks attack six months later. These certainly were the blackest moments of Reagan’s presidency, and you may be right that they could have been prevented if intelligence had been acted upon. But they were not organized and planned military campaigns, which Benghazi indisputably was, and most importantly, neither Reagan or any of his subordinates engaged in lying, attempted covering-up, or “spinning” a phony narrative to avoid blame. They knew those lives were lost on their watch. Mrs Clinton and ex-President Obama have never owned up to theirs.

          4. eddie47 says:

            Looks like you are busted again. The assault on the Consulate took place on Sept 11. There were major protests in several Arab countries in JULY over the video. Such as In Jakarta and Karachi. There was also a huge demonstration in Cairo on Sept 10th ( not hours before attack) which inspired Abu Khattala one of the Benghazi mob leaders. Stop making things up about what the militants said or didn’t say and what Hillary or Rice have said. Neither would have any reason to lie about the video. Hillary never said the “story” was bogus. Those are your words. “cover-up:? That was manufactured by Republican operatives back home, (and yourself). Nice spin on blaming Hillary and Obama but thinking Reagan didn’t search for excuses. He actually did turn it into a patriotic fanfare episode making it look like the loss of life was in the defense of America. False Flag patriotism! By the way you left out that Reagan was ALSO warned about the Marine Barracks bombing and 13 days before it happened. There again, security was not beefed up there either. That was far more incompetence and more serious when 241 Marines died that the overblown Benghazi incident.
            Yes admit it you used it and are still using it for political hay no matter how much you have to lie about it. It’s WELL DOCUMENTED that Hillary sent for help which is something else always left out in the Republican narrative. There were no US troops in Libya and they had to come from Europe. They arrived while the fighting was still going on but were blocked at the Libyan airport by Libyan officials. Time wise they could not have saved anyone of the 4 but did rescue the other 27 who survived.
            In both the Reagan cases they had troops in country but never beefed up security. Huge difference!
            By the way the Lebanon Embassy was in TRIPOLI and the Marine barracks was in Beirut . The Embassy attack was planned well in advance by several days and the Lebanon Ambassador insisted on more security and more concrete barrier placements. Neither came!

        2. Robert Walters says:

          Excellence response to a stupid comment. Thank you

      3. Shelby Olsen says:

        Are you referring to the closeness between Hillary and Putin and uranium
        and the Clinton foundation? Trump’s only known craziness with Russia
        is that he does not refrain from some foolish tweeting. But, then,
        there was obama who was accidentally taped reassuring that he would have
        more power when he achieved his second term. Now, there is a Kodak
        Russian moment. This administration has done more for this country in
        his short time in office than any in recent history. obama did
        everything in his power to destroy our borders and our
        citizens…including, but not limited to the release of terrorists who
        were against this country. One of them is residing in Canada and one of
        our wonderful liberal judges awarded him compensation in a lawsuit
        against our country. The judge should be tried for treason along with
        obama and Hillary. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there is actually work
        being done, as promised. Trump is securing our borders (one of the
        things that define a country). People are here illegally-doing
        something against the law-not legal. When someone is doing something
        against the law (illegal), that makes them a criminal. That is not an
        innuendo or conspiracy. That is a fact. Many of them seek free food,
        healthcare, housing. I am not against helping people in need. I am an
        older American with a low income, but do not seek those things, yet had
        obamacare forced on me or I paid a penalty. But, I am against rewarding
        people doing illegal things. I do not believe that prisons should have
        cable available. Rewarding bad behavior is ludicrous. I am working. I am not in another country making
        demands that they change their culture to suit me. This is America and
        we have always welcomed others with open arms-legally. Our country has
        been run by the people, for the people, of the people. It was set up
        to protect our country and our citizens. There have been many “proofs”
        with the Clintons for the many things that they have been involved in, but they are always above the law. When ANY citizen
        works for our people, they should strive to protect them. I
        worked in a small job in our government. It was repeatedly stressed
        about private servers and how important protecting the privacy of our
        citizens was. It would stand to reason, then, that Hillary should have
        NEVER used a private server, since she had the safety of our citizens
        and our country in her hands. obama continuously upheld people who did
        illegal acts in and to our country. This country has laws to protect
        all of her citizens. But, all of the special interests have divided
        this country into gender, race, etc. This lawsuit about Chelsea is in the courts. I
        doubt that it will go anywhere, even if it does, what is 100,000 to any
        of those people? Like 1 dollar to us? I love that Trump puts American
        CITIZENS first. Look up what Mexico does if they catch someone there
        illegally. I love that he is creating jobs, making trade better for
        America, securing our borders, stopping people from entering this
        country without knowing that by doing so, we put it at risk. I have a
        personal interest in the obamacare and cannot wait until it is repealed and
        replaced. I was so much healthier and financially better off before it
        was forced on us. By the way, pre-existing conditions are included in
        the new plan (contrary to what the alphabet news would tell us), I know
        this, because I contacted my congress woman, who told me the facts and who makes
        the plan available to her constituents. The president is protecting our right to
        bear arms, which was put in place to protect our citizens from the evils
        of government taking over and for protection against those
        who plan harm to our families. This does not create crime. Criminals,
        in the true fashion of doing things illegally, will always be able to
        obtain guns illegally. The only ones who benefit from abolishing our
        right to bear arms are those who know that they can, at any time,
        possess guns when we can’t…their reasons are not honorable. If a woman
        wants to sleep with 50 men in one night-that is their right, but if I a
        baby is the result, she does not have the right to mutilate the child
        for her selfishness. I am glad that he stands against this. He utters
        God in many conversations. Our country was founded “under God” with
        many references to Him. Yet, a minute minority of people who resent this as
        “special interest” against them, have ruled. They are the special interest. Our schools encourage self
        indulgence and very little caring about God and others. They
        encourage, instead, standing up for things that were once considered
        evil. Christians are to judge right from wrong and to pray even for our
        enemies. But, never are we to condone what the Bible verses as evil in
        the eyes of the Lord. We have different races, genders, ages in our family. It is
        not any of these that determine a person, but, rather their beliefs and actions. Trump has stood by our police and our military. He is working at improving benefits for those who serve our country. He is trying to improve education to be more fair for families. He is working on infrastructure. He is downsizing our inflated government (salaries donated by our taxes) and making them more accountable for what they spend. He has down sized our over inflated regulations and taxes that were strangling our corporations and our good jobs for many years, finally they are returning to us. There are, of course, other things, as well. The point is that Trump is not perfect. He is only a man. But, he is doing his best despite the many people that oppose him (too numerous to list). He is standing up for us-the ones who put him in office. He is trying hard to fulfill his promises against all the odds. God guide and bless our president, our country and her citizens.

      4. GrumpyGrandpa says:

        Where is actual evidence and proof of Russian hacking that I can read? I want to see IP addresses, server names & logs, timelines, testimony of computer forensic experts that are certified and not involved in any political activities. Sources that have less than zero credibility is ANY document created or passed along by MSM, foreign government or foreign agent, university professor and anybody named Clinton. I am skeptical of all stories of wrongdoing reported by MSM or politicians and I’m tired of the baloney!

        1. nicholsda says:

          You can’t see it because the DNC won’t turn over their servers to the FBI for an in depth forensic investigation. They have something to hide? The last question is already proven it just is a matter of what? Like it was the CIA that did the hacking and made to look like the Russians did it?

          1. eddie47 says:

            The hackers ( under the Fancy Bear name) were located in Russia and were connected to the GRU one of Russia’s intelligence agencies. Keep up so you don’t look so foolish.

          2. nicholsda says:

            Try to keep up. There is no proof of them doing it. Why? Because the DNC never allowed access to their servers. Now where is your proof? You take the word of the DNC? Good luck with that. The DNC is not a good source of info unless it is being fed to their chosen one. And even then it is suspect.

          3. eddie47 says:

            This goes far beyond the DNC and involves the integrity of our complete election process. Russian hackers were trying to create fear and panic among voters and election officials. It worked because all we have to do is look at all the false accusations in one party blaming the other. Welcome to the new world of Cyber Attacks where no bullets were fired.

      5. Lee Strabel says:

        What???? Seriously????

        1. eddie47 says:

          Yes, very seriously.

      6. Mike Burkett says:

        Russian hacking was a direct result of Hilary’s illegal, naked (unprotected), private server in the bathroom while she ran State.

        1. eddie47 says:

          She wasn’t Sec of State by 3 years when the 2016 hackers did their business and her private server wasn’t connected to the DNC which was hacked. Stop making up fake information . Your stretch limo has two flat tires.

          1. Mike Burkett says:

            Your boy Obama claimed there was no problem when questioned about Russian hacking to keep Hilary’s and the DNC’s servers out of the FBI investigation. Typical Euro-trash tactics to cover up political corruption,

          2. eddie47 says:

            “Obama claimed” ? No he didn’t! That just sounds good to you so you run with it.

          3. Mike Burkett says:

            Is that all you got? Do your research, anybody can spout shit on the blog and your postings resembles having diarrhea of the mouth. Check Obama’s statements around June 2016 when he stated the DNC claims did not need to be investigated by the FBI. Obama was afraid the FBI would find Euro-trash corruption above and beyond Hilary’s and Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s DNC primary corruption.

          4. eddie47 says:

            You are stating your opinion on what you think not what Obama actually said. For now I will leave it at that since I don’t have time for that research. So look at this as a win for yourself.

      7. Stever says:

        Mental deficiency, must be a prerequisite for holding the title of Liberal, if this is your argument. You bring up Trump, when was the Screecher, ever investigated for her numerous crimes… You libs would defend serving crap and demand that it was a gourmet food that you had served.

        1. eddie47 says:

          Maybe you can afford Trump’s expensive gourmet tastes but I sure can’t . Yet you still buy into his “CRAP” . You know; his fake promises he knew wouldn’t be met. His exaggerations that are always wrong. You know; Talking out of both ends! Maybe you need to look up narcissistic con man and see if Trump’s picture is there.
          Why are you so shifty? Why are you posters bringing up Hillary and Obama but Trump can’t be brought up? I know! It’s always different when you all do it. Hypocrites to the bitter end.

          1. Stever says:

            1. You liberals are always jealous of someone else’s money…I’m sure you never complained about your Messiah spending 100 Million in eight years on luxurious vacations, that was taxpayer money. You can find that figure in government records. Besides being a traitor to this country’s, he created by his bigoted actions to divide this country, so you had a flaming hypocrite racial bigot
            2, Your Screeching Banshee, Hilarious, is a crook, a traitor to her country, she has no morals and would sell out her mother for a dollar. A compulsive liar, who does not thing twice about selling out this country, with Benghazi, Russian Uranium crooked deals and destroying secured records of her dealings.
            So when you talk about crap, clean out your back yard, but you won’t because you like to wallow in their Crap and you most likely eat it when they serve it up with your vote for them… As for Trump you will go four years trying to destroy him and here it 6 months and your attempt to destroy him, only opened up your own cesspool and you are drowning in it. So take a stroll little eddie, in a park where you won’t be stepping on liberal defecation, that will be hard to find.

            In a message dated 7/20/2017 5:31:57 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, notifi [email protected] writes:

            “Maybe you can afford Trump’s expensive gourmet tastes but I sure can’t . Yet you still buy into his “CRAP” . You know; his fake promises he knew wouldn’t be met. His exaggerations that are always wrong. You know; Talking out of both ends! Maybe you need to look up narcissistic con man and see if Trump’s picture is there. Why are you so shifty? Why are you posters bringing up Hillary and Obama but Trump can’t be brought up? I know! It’s always different when you all do it. Hypocrites to the bitter end.” (
            _Settings _ ( (

            A new comment was posted on _Trump Address_ ( tp:// ter-this-lawsuit/#comment-3426536183:i1mQSa2i17wkrCHDy34DGCJYTKQ&variant=act ive&experiment=digests&behavior=click&post=3426536183& .registered&event=email)

          2. eddie47 says:

            Do you swim in ignorance or does it make you feel smart . Get over the Benghazi bullcrap. Republicans have been wrong on that for almost 6 years for all they have is a bucket of lies.

          3. nicholsda says:

            Hypocrites are what Dems and Liberals are. Funny thing about Trump, every time your type has said he was wrong, he was proven right. Now when is Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Eric Holder, HilLIARy, and 0bama going on trial for their crimes? You point fingers and say that Trump needs removed from office while the real criminals all have a (D) after their names.

          4. eddie47 says:

            What was said by the Democrats that was wrong on Trump’s policies? What hasn’t Trump exaggerated on ANY issue? He’s a fire breathers who can’t get anything right. He boasts and brags about accomplishments that don’t exists. From Ford Motor to Carrier to China to taxes to infrastructure,etc. Then he makes a bigger mess of healthcare where he never had his ducks in a row. He’s all hat and no cattle!

    4. Pattie Kelly says:

      When Hell freezes over! I feel the same. We a two tiered criminal system. There’s one for the Clinton’s, the Obama;s, Susan Rice, Comey, Brennhen, Loretta Lynch, that Ambassador, Mueller and I could go on. And then there’s one for the lay people such as you and me.

      1. tiaraboo says:

        And we actually believed that Gowdy could make a difference..LOL, He’s like an ant coming up against a dinosaur!

        1. Pattie Kelly says:

          Are you saying that Chelsea Clinton is a “dinosaur?”. Well she may be one of the Clinton Cartel but Trey Gowdy was a prosecutor has dealt with worse. You seem to think they are above the law but sooner or later it all catches up with you.

          1. tiaraboo says:

            For over a decade we have watched Lynch, Obama,the Clintons,,Podesta,Lerner,Holder, Waters,McCain skate for their crimes. Their criminal activities are laid out factually in black & white, Yet, STILL no one has been held accountable. They are walkin FREE on our tax dollars. I’m beginning to think that perhaps Gowdy is just another Ryan. Ten years is waaay too long for them to skate. In the Clintons case their criminal behavior has been going on for decades. They are laughing in our faces! They all know that they are held to a different standard. Shameful.

          2. Pattie Kelly says:

            You will not get an argument from me on this topic at all. You just knocked it out of the park. Good for YOU!!! Keep that attitude and keep fighting that ONE DAY they will be wearing orange.

    5. ONTIME says:

      When we finally get to the part where they run out of those owned, bought, intimidated or extorted by the Clinton’s……

      1. maxx says:

        Our problems go much deeper than the Clintons. Our problems are with all politicians and political parties and the oligarchy that the politicians have created to control every aspect of our lives.

    6. RockinOn says:

      Damn good question ! It is time, they have gotten away with plenty of crimes and will continue to commit them until that happens, indict, prosecute and convict ! Send to Gitmo with Obummer !

    7. Pattie Kelly says:

      Understand this they are above the law. There are two sets of laws one for the Clinton’s and the Obama’s and one for lay people like ourselves and never shall the two meet. The collusion over Russia started in August of 2016 when Obama was made aware of it and he did nothing thinking and knowing Hillary was going to win the election. But things didn’t work out that way so now it’s all on our President. But you can’t get liberals to ever admit that. Obama did no wrong he was KING. So until I see them in orange I take things like this with a grain of salt.

  2. noah jonas says:

    I’m curious. In the Chelsea book, does she say that Hillary is one of the “13 AMERICAN WOMEN WHO CHANGED THE WORLD” ?

    1. eddie47 says:

      Be curious no more! NO IT DOESN’T This weak article is, well …very weak. There are numerous books about women who have changed the world. One is ” 100 women who have changed the world”. No plagiarism since each offer a unique perspective.

      1. Plagiarism involves the copying of another’s words, not the appropriation of another’s subject. Read the plaintiff”s complaint.

        1. eddie47 says:

          Show where that has been proven? Sorry innuendos don’t cut it. Even the author of this article should have shown examples if whoever it is wants to be taken serious.

  3. Kyle4318 says:

    She will be Fine, Both the ACLU. and PETA will try to help her.

  4. WilliamHarrington says:

    She and her family have unlimited hubris.

  5. jong says:

    She should be found in a alley with the book shoved up her a s s . That should be a warning to the rest of the family.. We are coming for you and your friends.

  6. FL_Stingray says:

    She looks like a chipmunk with lipstick

    1. Jeronimo Dan says:

      I was thinking more of a horse and further south?

      1. eddie47 says:

        Oh yes the wicked crowd is in full swing. We’ve heard it all. “Amy Cater was an ugly kid” “Linda Johnson” was ugly” Chelsea Clinton was ugly” or even “Sasha Obama was a hooker in Georgetown”. Really doesn’t say much about you all anymore than what stupid Kathy Griffin says and does.

        1. VanceJ says:

          So you love these fugly’s. each to their own.!!!!! ugh.

          1. eddie47 says:

            So many of you are obsessed with butts and boobs on these sights with all the suggestive advertisements so no surprise on your narrow minds. Maybe you do support abortion in stopping the “fugly’s” of the world..

          2. VanceJ says:

            your nuts

          3. eddie47 says:

            Stop proving that deplorable’s do exist.

        2. Shelby Olsen says:

          Most of us are not beauty queens. The beliefs and actions are what need to be examined.

          1. Joseph Carrilho says:


        3. Joseph Carrilho says:


      2. william surratt says:

        YOU GOT IT BUBBA!!!!!

  7. Jeronimo Dan says:

    $100,000.00 is no big pay out for Chelsea, but her only defense maybe to blame the person who actually wrote the book for her?

    1. eddie47 says:

      Did you know that almost all of Donald Trump’s books were written by someone else? Including The Art of the Deal.

      1. FL_Stingray says:

        The same can mostly be said today of James Patterson and Clive Cussler

      2. Jeronimo Dan says:

        YES, Most politician’s allude to such fakery. Both sides…

      3. erleebird says:

        I agree! Many people have the information to fill a book, but are not good writers.

      4. Yes, and the ghosts were paid and given due credit for their work. You clearly don’t know what plagiarism is.

        1. eddie47 says:

          “plagiarism” is not established as a fact in this case and I was referring to Jeronimo’s comment which you clearly couldn’t grasp.

      5. Shelby Olsen says:

        Don’t really care, if it was legal.

      6. NancyNurse says:

        Not surprised in the least. Name recognition is a big seller anytime, anywhere.

      7. nicholsda says:

        And your point is? Her book was written with stolen material. That is something that can be part of a judgement against her. Trump’s books may be written by someone else for him but don’t ripoff other authors. Big difference.

        1. Whaledriver says:

          He’s just changing the subject like every professional liberal troll is paid to do. Ignore him: doing so marginalizes him.

    2. erleebird says:

      Jeronimo: You are correct, $100,000 is petty cash for the Clintons.

    3. NancyNurse says:

      If this $100,000 wasn’t a big payout for Chelsea, why did she accept it? Chelsea is the only breadwinner in her marriage now. Her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, shut down his hedge fund, Eaglevale Partners, which lost 90% of its $25 Million investment back in December, 2016. Mezvinsky’s hedge fund invested in bank stocks and debt from Greece. He is now in the process of returning what money remains to investors in the fund, including Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd C. Blankenship. Currently, Marc Mezvinsky and wife, Chelsea Clinton, are both without full-time jobs, i.e. unemployed.

      Read more:

      1. nicholsda says:

        They don’t need jobs, mommy and daddy will keep her taken care of from the Foundation funds.

  8. pemaddin says:

    Just more corruption from the clintons, will it never stop.

    1. eddie47 says:

      Where is this corruption ? There are hundreds of books on Abraham Lincoln ( as an example) and there will be more so no one can be stopped from writing about other women ( as in this case) even if it includes some of the same characters. The wording would have to be exactly the same which it isn’t.

      1. Reverend1 says:

        Go to hell you democrap loving nitwit….

        1. eddie47 says:

          I bet that’s all your “upstairs” could muster up,right? Does this site attract anyone that is educated?

      2. John Warren says:

        eddie 47: You are a brainwashed punk. Your attempts at connecting books on Lincoln are typical Democrat idiot comments.
        Hopefully you will choke on a wad delivered down your throat from sick Willy.
        You suck!!!

        1. eddie47 says:

          Where’s the corruption in Chelsea writing a book? Books on Lincoln was an EXAMPLE so calm down cowboy!

      3. You STILL don’t know what plagiarism is. Have you some sort of fetish about displaying your own ignorance?

        1. eddie47 says:

          Golly Goober! If has to be proven in a court of law and so far it hasn’t been. Laws pertain to people like yourself too who make libelous replies. Chelsea could even counter sue Kimberley for libel if you want to play silly word games.

    2. Shelby Olsen says:

      I doubt it.

  9. big weld says:

    She has had very good role models.

  10. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

    She is just like her parents, LYING, CHEATING SCUM! This is nothing new for a Clinton who thinks because I am a CLINTON I am ABOVE the LAW just LIKE my Mommy! For that is who taught me everything I know because Daddy was out screwing every woman he could so he was not home much.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      She even ‘borrowed’ her mothers’ ‘smirk’!! Mom told her she doesn’t ‘have to’ follow the Law–she’s ‘special’! So she has the same ‘contempt’ as the rest of the ‘elite’!!

      1. NancyNurse says:

        I really don’t consider Chelsea, Hillary, or Bill Clinton one of the elites. They are common, simply people, who learned how to work the political system for personal gain without penalty from the law.

    2. NancyNurse says:

      The “home environment” is the primary influence in every person’s life. It profoundly impacts a person’s life.

      1. Whaledriver says:

        Chelsea was probably raised hearing Bill and Killary discussing how to screw everybody they could sink their hooks into, and likely learned every trick in the book — and then some. Why should we expect anything more from this little girl who was raised to be a career criminal?

  11. Robert Walters says:

    They can’t kill us all. “WE THE PEOPLE” need to turn the heat up, demand justice. We need to bring down and expose the Clinton Foundation, follow the illegally acquired monies from Russia and other countries. We need to tie the money man George Soras and the Clinton’s to the treasonous Deep State. Then we need to start seizing there money and assets. Bring the traitors to justice. Deport George Soros after seizing his money. Return him to the Jewish State for justice. He killed his own people. AMERICA FIRST

    1. Shelby Olsen says:

      I doubt that will happen, but I agree.

    2. Shelby Olsen says:

      I think that both parties have their problems and I am an independent. But, the democrat party seems to support everything evil and violence. One person uses this term, Demorrhoidic Leftopathic Corruptocrat Party. It pretty much sums it up.

    3. Brad Tipton says:

      Robert, From the looks of your beret you are a veteran. THANK-YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY.

      1. Robert Walters says:

        Thank you. Only 20+ years, I would do it all again.

    4. nicholsda says:

      We could solve the Soros problem rather easily. Just help the Russians do a snatch and grab. “We don’t know how he ended up in Russia.” 😉 Two problems solve at once.

  12. mpdMD1965 says:

    If it seems suspicious for Clinton illegal involvement it is most likely true. These carpetbaggers are bereft of any ideas but dream of being wealthy movers and shakers.
    They rely on the mindless dumbocraps whose claim to fame is intense dislike of “Rich Republicans” while these same hypocrits want nothing more than what they believe the ” nasty Republicans” have. If the dumbocraps had an ounce of thinking material they would realize that the goal of the dumbocraps is to reinvent slavery. Government intervention is not intended to solve
    problems but to reinstitute slavery in a different form. They dream of everyone depending entirely on government while the so called leaders reap the wealth. Should these megalomaniacs succeed our country is doomed.

  13. jackhy says:

    This Chelsea story is pure Clinton-ism and proves “the poop doesn’t fall far from the bird!” But will the brat skate on this plagiarism like the slick parents managed to do for decades?

  14. Bud William says:

    Hmm, can you imagine that “Things are not looking very good for Chelsea”. Neither is Chelsea.

  15. Thomas Hart says:

    As long as WashingtonDC is the center of power, the Clintons will never be charged let alone convicted of anything. They are part and parcel to the corruption that keeps the rest of American from getting good government. It would take a full fledged revolution to alter the status quo and they will not stop until they remove Trump who represents the only real threat to their power in the last 40 years.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Guess it’s up to Trump’s supporters to see that doesn’t happen then, huh?!!

  16. Maureen Torres says:

    No it is not a good inspiration to young girls unless we want them to turn out like Hillary and Chelse

  17. vinny says:

    She is a good student. She is learning a lot off her parents.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Why not? They gave her the ‘template for success’ that, even in the wake of disaster–they still maintain their ‘standard of living’ and have not been charged for their breaking of our laws!! Seems to be working for them–why not her?

  18. chuck stanford says:

    Duaghter like mother as the old saying go`s.

  19. 5live5 says:

    May she be the first to lose and may her so called parents be NEXT!!!

  20. “She persisted” in being a pain in the butt!

    1. Whaledriver says:

      In being a loser…

  21. starliteblonde says:

    Clinton keeps pushing her “for women” act and she’s NOT for women! This woman has lost sight of women and what is best for them.

  22. Swampfox48 says:

    She isn’t Bills daughter, but it is said that her mother told Bill that she was her lawyer partners daughter. It is said that over 100 people have died because of the Clinton’s. If you do them any harm you will end up on their “Death list”, so says Ms. Killary!! We cannot arrest any of them, because they have “dirt” on too many in high places even though they are so evil Obama, aka Barry Soetoro was scared of them, and he is “the Dung King”!!!!

    1. Melvin Bennett says:

      Well if they have this so-called dirt on everyone, just have their plane be RFK jr’d, But if you notice rarely are the two at the same place at the same time.

  23. monongahela says:

    Well Bill and Hillary taught her well to live off other peoples work, they must be proud parents

  24. Yvonne Hearn says:

    The entire family is corrupt. Keep saying no one is above the law. This is a joke and this country if in big trouble. Thank God one day this will not be the case. They are no more than anyone else in his eyes and they will get their day.

  25. Melvin Bennett says:

    Well we know this no talent daughter of webster hubbell didn’t write it. Everything is being handed to this goon on a silver pedo plate.

    1. Brad Tipton says:

      Melvin, you are correct. In addition to “no talent” I will add “dumb as a hay rake”. I doubt that she could write two intelligible sentences end to end, much less an entire short book.

  26. ONTIME says:

    I see this as just another chance for the Clinton’s to demonstrate how valuable a activist judge can be when you have one you bought and paid for…….place your bets….

  27. Bill Mulholland says:

    Chelsea is striving for relevance, despite being permanently tied to her parents who have set lousy examples. Best advice for her is to just avoid the spotlight and enjoy the ill-gotten gains of her parents. Unfortunately for her, it seems she has inherited the Clinton “ego”, sad.

  28. TPS12 says:

    Still don’t see anything happening, msm covering as always.

  29. ghetonda mosley shertzer says:


    1. denphi16 says:

      we need to end them and anyone like them

  30. usn says:

    The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

  31. KDC says:

    “she seems to have gotten herself into some legal trouble”… Oh, no worries. They’ll just murder whoever is involved. No problem!

  32. Mica says:

    This does not surprise me. But it isn’t the first time someone with more power rips off someone with less power. It happens all the time. Good for Kimberly in having the courage to go after her.

  33. Linda says:

    Chelsea Clinton is not anymore trustworthy than her parents. She does things for her own benefit and bank account. She learned how to be crooked from the best source, her so called parents.

  34. thecelt1 says:

    The Clinton Cartel must be destroyed NOW! Little Chelsea The Mama Mimic Clinton stepped into a Grizzly
    Bear trap. She is caught now. Have you ever seen a Grizzly Bear Trap? Very Deadly. Just remember, the Clinton Cartel is NOT ABOVE the Law. So there, TOP US COP, take the Clintons to court and END THIS
    Once And For All. I cant stand to see a picture of any of the Clintons, listen to Crooked, Lying Hillary or
    Wild Mentaly Deranged Bill. Enough Is Enough!

  35. drbhelthi says:

    My drawings for a map-measuring device were stolen by a patent attorney in Charlotte, N.C. in 1973. He told me it wasn´t worth patenting, retained the drawings, had it produced and sold it via J.C. Whitney. Such theft creates emotional injury that memory retains.

    Comrade Chelsea – and also the person who passed the original to her – deserve to pay dearly for their theft.

  36. E. George Strasser says:

    Chelsea makes a fool of herself, because she is a fool. That family is a curse to our country we need to perform an exorcism to rid these evil beings.

  37. Better watch your back!! You are now on the Clinton “hit list”!!

  38. Simon Ghanime says:

    feel sorry for Barbie Clinton …

  39. mpdMD1965 says:

    Chelsea is a reincarnation of Rotten Clinton the elder. She is programmed to be Hillary Rotten the 2nd. My condolences should there be dumbocraps ignorant enough to elect another clinton knowing the previous record of this clan. God Help The USA!!!!

  40. EttaMae Williams Svider says:

    If these filthy clintons aren’t prosecuted & put in prison then our country will be doomed. Just saying.

  41. ter334 says:

    150000 is too little. Bankrupt her and the CF, America’s first PF, political foundation. Although that is likely not legal. Maybe we can lease a cell or two in a Mexican jail since they throw away the key after they lock the cell. This is automatic life sentence even if the sentence is less. The dems are political animals and are not into charity. Instead they prefer to hand out patronage for votes type help for the poor and disadvantaged.. And the uninsured? Isn’t Obamacare a monument for this SOP liberal form of govt????

    1. ter334 says:

      It seems that a 100 or so years ago immigrants were not promised anything but opportunity, and freedom? And they came, and still come–until fake refugees with their signs “freedom sucks” were brought here to fundamentally change America. The function of govt has been twisted and compromised by our elected and appointed officials for decades. And who was it that brought the slaves and implemented segregation? Democrats, that’s who!

  42. maxx says:

    The entire life story of the Clinton Crime Family that we Americans have had to sit by and witness only shows us just how incredibly corrupt politics in America is. There are two types of people in this country, we taxpayers who are called “subjects” and the politicians or the “ruling class”. We pay taxes so they can fill their pockets and live like members of a feudal system. We think we live in a free country because they, the ruling class, let us think we are free. If the ruling class did not exist then we would be free of the continuous lies, law breaking, treason and societal abuse from those in government. Todays America IS NOT anything near to what the Founding Fathers had intended America to be when they rose up against King George to form a democratic republic guided by a Constitution. What we need now is the guts and courage to do something that puts all politicians in their place and that is not standing over us with their boot heels across our necks. .

  43. tiaraboo says:

    We the good, Family loving, God fearing, Hard working patriots are sick and tired of seeing this vile Clinton cartel go day after day after day escaping their criminal activity and blatant crimes. Why are they not being held responsible for their horrific illegal acts???.

  44. Robert Marshall says:

    She should be sued for 10x that amount. Of course since she is a Clinton she will get away with it. Nothing new here. The whole family are as crooked as the day is long.

  45. Stever says:

    For someone who is from the seed of evil, she has shown that she too, could be the one to carry on the family tradition of raping the coffers of charity, screwing the followes and having people disappear and being the ringing cry by the not so smart followers, to crown her as the second coming of Hillarius.

  46. Alleged Comment says:

    EVERYTHING the Clintons touch they think they own. They are DELUDED and DANGEROUS people. Hillary still poses a GREAT danger to this country.

    They said she might die in 3-5 years because of her illness. A wounded animal is very dangerous.

  47. jim jones says:

    Slimy, just like mommy and daddy!

  48. Gary Hull says:

    As long as the Clinton’s can profit from anything they don’t care how illegal or wrong. They already know they can get away with multiple murders, pay to play and profit immensely from the Clinton Foundation. When is the DOJ going to have the balls to prosecute this predictable family? The only way this will happen is we keep pushing. Gary

  49. 3Curmudgeon3 says:

    John Gotti, Barry Madoff, Al Capone, all have nothing on the Clintons. The Clintons can’t do something unless they’re ripping off someone or killing them………..worse, they get away with it.

  50. Mike W says:

    She may be sued and the victim awarded a huge settlement. But being awarded a settlement and collecting it are two different animals.Chelsea’s father in law went to prison for bank fraud after stealing $10,000,000 – he was released and ordered to pay restitution – so far he has only returned a couple of hundred thousand. He should have been given a minimal time limit to return the money or be put back in prison and pay it off from the $0.35 a day he would make.

  51. Whaledriver says:

    Chelsea is “special.” Either she’ll weasel out of paying the settlement or get momma to kill the plaintiff.

  52. tiaraboo says:

    Word has it that the DNC is now going after Ivanka Trump. Since they have exhausted all means to find some way, some how, some shred of anything that could tie Russia to President Trump in order to bring him down, They are now focusing on Ivanka’s love of Vodka and Beluga Caviar. Yes, She is colluding with the Russians.

  53. Rodger K. Shull says:

    I hope she has more an more bad news, an she finds her sorry corrupt criminal A$$ in jail, just down the hall from mom an dad.

  54. JC Hoot says:

    Don’t all mutts use the same sandbox!

  55. Stever says:

    This is Fredie (Frederica), of the Clinton Familia, following in the steps of donna Clinton and the Don Clintonio.

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