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This Answer Was The Final Nail In The Trump-Russia Investigation’s Coffin

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  1. Cecilia Robarge says:

    Comey finally sucked it to you lying devilcraps and rinos……Now eat shit for your time is drawing near. Your devilcraptic party is over….. GOOOOOO POTUS!!!!!!!

  2. Mike W says:

    I might be way wrong about my interpretation of what I saw yesterday – but what I saw was Comey perjure himself – contradicting his May Senate under oath testimony – implicate himself in a felony – illegally releasing government documents – and for political gain. Then implicating Loretta Lynch as interfering in the Hillary Clinton investigation.

    1. KDC says:

      Yup, you’re right! Stupid is as stupid does.

      1. doctorivy says:

        Not only that, but his reason that nobody leaked the fact that Trump was never under investigation and that he never colluded with Russia was that everybody in the know keeps their mouths shut. Then, in the next breath, he told us he leaked info via his old college prof to the NYT. The guy is an unmitigated disaster. He states Trump made him “uncomfortable” because he thought Trump would, at some future date, ask him to affect an investigation. Then, in the next breath, he states that the Obama administration did exactly that. Yet Comey never reported it. A more feckless, ineffectual leader of the FBI cannot be imagined, and I’m including Louis “It’s Richard Jewell” Freeh. This guy isn’t fit to carry J. Edgar’s bra.

        1. Mike W says:

          There was also collusion reported between Comey and another former FBI director – Mueller on preparing his testimony. Louis Freeh was also brought in to get Bill Clinton out of that little jam with long time Clinton friend and fund raiser Palm Beach
          (Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s district) billionaire Jeffery Epstein in regards to all the orgies on board the “Lolita Express” and at “Pleasure Island” with trafficked and run-away under-aged girls. Epstein went to prison and Clinton got off scott “Freeh”.
          Makes me wonder if there anyone trustworthy in the FBI and if there is – where the hell are they?

          1. chief1937 says:

            Good point and I have not seen where anyone has answered your question. Guess there isn’t anyone.

          2. Deborah Pratt says:

            I believe Pres Trump would like the answer to that himself!! I know he’s searching for ‘someone’!! We do need an FBI director and neither he or ‘we’ want just ‘anyone’!! We already went that route!!

          3. Red Steiner says:

            There doesn’t seem to be very much integrity in the FBI does there. It scares me that an organization of this caliber is out there with unlimited power, and that the tried to destroy the best President we have had since Reagan. It’s my belief and most fervent hope all those involved, including the Obama/Clinton Cartel and George Soros will be charged, convicted of their crimes against America and Americans and incarcerated at GITMO.

          4. drbhelthi says:

            There are hundreds. However, they are keeping their heads down, to avoid being captured in the Obama DOJ dragnet that continues to be sponsored by the owners of the MSM.
            Who wants to be imprisoned on fraudulent, trumped-up charges, imprisoned, and leaving a family with no means of income?
            There are not many Donald Trump billionnaires with his honesty and courage.

        2. maxx says:

          Ah yes. The famous often used buzz words liberal always fall back on to try to get their way; “uncomfortable” and “offended” which are interpreted by other liberals as “I am a victim”. Of what nobody knows, but that is the object. Being “uncomfortable” or “offended” are the same words used by the queer couples shopping for a bakery or florist that would not take their business.

          1. KDC says:

            Being “uncomfortable” or “offended” Is your conscience saying your not doing something right.

          2. Harry J Schaubel says:

            What that feeling really is tho, is Guilt! But Uncomfortable (that you’re exposing my Hypocrisies) and Offended (because I can’t have my way) are easier to swallow than GUILT

          3. drbhelthi says:

            Neat, down-to-earth, practical clarification!
            Narcissism that is “typically” traced to parenting in early childhood that indulged the developing infant and child, absent of normal, social, humane values. Such is the hallmark of the LGBT “society” movement.
            Added thereto is the religious society that sponsors the LGBT movement as a tool to disrupt all other religious belief systems. Which system uses the theme, “our society is victimized” in order to obtain the sympathy of “normals” who are not constituents of their inhumane, religious society.

        3. Deborah Pratt says:

          Totally proving that Pres Trump’s firing was justified!!

          1. drbhelthi says:

            Internet comments suggest that several million of “us” are hoping that the current AG and DOJ will soon proceed to the next step.
            Providing the string-pullers of the Clinton-Obama-DOJ combo, along with their stooges, to include James Comey, with their just deserves is a constitutional requirement.
            However, due to the pervasive subterfuge by the Khazarian Mafia within USGov, and associated legal complexities, the action is not likely to occur next week – even if already initiated.

        4. Donna Howard says:

          So true!! I liked the last part also!!

        5. Harry J Schaubel says:

          Even if PRESIDENT Trump Flat TOLD Comey to drop the Russian AND the Flynn investigation it would have been entirely within his RIGHT, since he is the Ultimate Head of the Judicial Dept. This was stated by Comey himself.
          But he didn’t. ONE TIME he stated that he hoped Flynn would be let go since he’s pretty much lost everything already. Comey stating he felt that PRESIDENT Trump’s Hope was a Direct Order, was nothing but a steaming pile of Brown 25.

      2. SGirl says:

        Which proves that you can’t fix stupid!

    2. Tony Rowell says:

      and that clears Trump of lying about the FBI being in shams and Comey being a disgrace to the organization ,,so Comey is the liar that we all knew he was

      1. Rose Weleski says:

        A Nut Job, as Trump put it. And…McCain actually stood up for Trump’s case. I couldn’t believe it.

        1. Stephen says:

          That surprised me too. Is it a bad thing I actually understood what McClain was trying to elude to and ask.

        2. George says:

          My guess is that the Democrats only had 29 pieces of silver to offer.

      2. Mike W says:

        Comey has a long history of baling out the Clintons going back decades. One year in between gigs with the Clintons he was working for Lockheed Martin and made $6,000,000. That was the same year that Lockheed Martin received several huge government contracts signed off on by then Secretary of Take Hillary Clinton.
        Comey’s brother Peter Comey works for DLA Piper – the company that performed the so called “independent audit” on the Clinton Foundation. Yet the media can look past all of this and go on wild goose chases hoping to find some dirt on President Trump. I think it is blatantly obvious that the main stream media is a part of the “Swamp”.

        1. drbhelthi says:

          After forty-eight years of studying the history of “our” situation in the western world, I would like to assure you that the owners of 96% of western world media have sponsored “the swamp”. The following link provides a hint_

    3. Donna Howard says:

      That’s the way I saw it too Mike!!!

    4. Red Steiner says:

      I agree with your view sir. I saw it like that too.

  3. bobs33hotrod says:

    I hope this is the end of all this BULL SHIT.. We as a Country need to get on with all things that matter .Comey, Hillary, and the rest of the Libs. will get whats coming to them.
    Bobby ~!~

    1. philla12 says:

      That’s the whole point of all this mess….sabotage everything the administration is trying to do with lies, investigations, false news items, anything to bring down this administration, no matter how dirty the tactics. Tie up everything good that is happening with numberless lies and trashy accusations, and that way destroy what we couldn’t destroy during the presidential campaign.

      1. edcedar77 says:

        Philla 12 – You nailed it in a few words. I like your comment.

      2. George says:

        Some of our popular conservative radio hosts are finding out that you can’t and shouldn’t try to fight liberal lies and attempts to silence with tolerance on our part. I was waiting for the day when they would realize that we have to go after the bunch with a vengeance. Now is the time for conservatives consumers to shut them down using the same tactics they wanted to use against us. If those tactics fail, we must improvise. The Liberals, RINOs, left leaning media and any other supporters should be shut down once and for all. There is no justification for tolerating those seeking the destruction of this great nation.

    2. Susan says:

      You can’t just let it go or the same policies will continue. Sometimes you must make an example of what happens to high ranking criminals when they break our laws. I can’t think of a better time than now. Look how much money the government would save by not having yo pay retirement to Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Holder, Learner, Rice, Yates over their lifetime. We could use it yo start paying down the debt.

      1. George says:

        Or towards the construction of the wall.

  4. KDC says:

    Okay, the Comey testimony is over. Can we move on now to his indightment? Along with Loretta Lynch, Bo, Clintons, etc.?

    1. CaptTurbo says:

      Yes and after that I hope they indict them. 😉

      1. Yea and then hang everyone of them, if found guilty of treason, as I believe they are.

    2. drbhelthi says:

      Why not begin with the fraudulent vetting of the foreign alien, Barrak Hussein Obama?
      A 2-term occupant of the POTUS slot, for whom neither verifiable certificate of birth, evidence of American citizenship, nor even genuine name has been published.
      Perhaps even discover the “owner” of the alias, Obama, and his assignment prior to being transferred to Chicago?
      Don´t settle for the cat in the bag, go for the owner of the bag !!!

      1. KDC says:

        Wouldn’t that be refreshing? No one has the courage to go after a black “president”. And I use the term loosely. More like usurper.

        1. Susan says:

          Bet Sessions does!

        2. Deborah Pratt says:

          That may have been the case before Pres Trump but things are changing rapidly. The Washington ‘libs’ keep throwing ‘trivia’ at him to distract him from his agendas. However, I think they are beginning to realize how limited that plan is and are getting a bit desperate!! Remember, Pres Trump has only been in office a little over 4 months. A lot of ‘fur’ has been flying during that time. The whole, carefully set up structure is in imminent danger of collapsing on them. They know that if they can’t stop this man, both Obama and Hillary are on the agenda to be brought up on charges!! Both of them being vulnerable to some serious problems with the law!! It’s not a matter of ‘if’–it’s a matter of ‘when’!! Hillary realized this when she lost the election. I’m not sure if Obama does or not. He’s been keeping a relatively ‘low profile’ but still contacting foreign leaders. As an ‘ex-president’ he really has no business doing that. Those who he contacts are of ‘suspicious’ nature. People like Angela Merkle—supporters of ‘open borders’, and other socialist agendas.

      2. edcedar77 says:

        That which seems missing and cannot get any traction is 20% of US mining interest being sold to Russia and 145 million being deposited in the Clinton Foundation fund. Here is the real Russian connection. Why is more not being investigated in this serious miss use of power.

        1. George says:

          No real investigation into Clinton’s Russia deals because it would probably kill the goose that is going to be laying the golden egg for many politicians in the future.

    3. Tony Rowell says:

      I bet if Lynch is charged and it’s getting hot, she’ll sing like a canary saying Obama made me do it,, so she may have an accident

  5. doug9694 says:

    Comey could have lied and said they were investigating Trump. Or that trump ordered him to let up on Flynn. I figure he was afraid maybe those conversations were recorded so he had to tell the truth to cover his “A”. Too bad dems and rhinos!

    1. KDC says:

      Well, Pres.Trump confiscated all of Comey’s office, after getting fired and while he was away. I’m sure there was incriminating info in all of that.

      1. doug9694 says:

        Do you think maybe he didn’t want the opposition to destroy damning memos and such. Just like Hillary destroyed damning evidence against herself!

        1. KDC says:

          Could be. I’m just really sick and tired of this whole thing. I’m really over it. I want to see some indightments.

          1. Mike W says:

            I wouldn’t harp on the spelling too much- that sentence you tried to construct above is a disaster. Don’t act like the so called “liberals” – that’s all they do is correct spelling and grammar – kill the messenger and ignore the message.

          2. KDC says:

            Yeah, I try never to even mention it. They don’t take into consideration that sometimes the spell check has a mind of its own and is quicker at changing things. As example…I had yo correct five words on this comment.

          3. Paul Whitley says:

            Learn to spell!

          4. KDC says:

            How do you spell…spell checker with a mind of its own?

      2. Bud says:

        Yes, trump marched right over to Comey’s office and removed all the incriminating evidence, just as Hillary had her people do to Vince Foster’s office in the White House. /s

        1. KDC says:

          Bud, go have another beer…?

    2. doctorivy says:

      But he couldn’t. If there was an investigation there would be records. And if Trump ordered him to let Flynn go (which was his legal right) Comey would have had to have reported it. Which he didn’t.

  6. doctorivy says:

    Comey’s testimony not only exonerated Trump of any guilt, it proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Comey needed to be fired.

    1. drbhelthi says:

      Yes, fired – as a starter. For his history of subterfuge he qualifies for much more.

  7. David in MA says:

    “Comey walked into the hearing hoping to shovel dirt on Trump’s political grave”
    Comey is setting it up for a pardon of any wrong doing in return for tesifing in other cases of Clinton, Obama, lynch, holder, et al.
    Comey may be dirty but he is not a complete fool.

  8. Ohio Lady says:

    I wondered, when during his very first questioning ( and barely answering ) , why he was so “lukewarm” about pursuing Leakers. Remember that folks ? He was asked by one of the Senators/reps if is or would make that a priority.. I remember him looking vacant and saying ” I’ll look into that ” ( or something very similar). At that time , I thought that the FBI had been investigating that issue . Well, now I know why nothing happened after that … HE was a primary leaker ! He was not going there and expose himself !! That’s a guy that is full of himself , in a positon he was not fit for and not as smart as he and others think.

    I hope is now on the list of leakers to be indicted. What he leaked to NYT is ,and should have remained property of the FBI . Some of it was Classified , as I hear. Lets see… Vanity , Comey , and ??? He just was trying to save his backend again by slipping this “detail ” into his testimony.

    As far as I can see, Trump has been exonerated. He is a business man clumsily learning the rules. He didn’t directly ask Comey to stop the investigation . Comey is an inept coward, traitor ( from stuff he suppressed in the Clinton email and Clinton Tar Mack episodes, as well as following Loretta Lynch’s order to call those scandals “matters “. and let it go as that .Also ..add to that a leaker ! I’m sure Obama was in the mix of these things and quietly blessed it all. After all, he was certainly no saint.


  9. Mike W says:

    This is very well put

    “We wonder why we have leakers in the government when the FBI Director is playing these little games for political points or because his tender ego is bruised. This is outrageous. He took an oath to the constitution and he’s betrayed it in no uncertain terms.” -Chris Farrell

    1. J. Ernst says:

      They have ALL “taken an oath” to be IGNORED once they get the job. Then, their OWNERS tell them what to do…or in this case, NOT TO INVESTIGATE!!!

  10. jimmy9522 says:

    Do you think the snowflakes can stand another azz whooping?

    1. lill8 says:

      No, but won’t it be wonderful to watch?

  11. J. Ernst says:

    PERJURY is a commonality with LIARS, cheats and thieves in the DEMORAT PARTY. Comey’s history with the globalist demorat’s goes way back. In these times, Comey’s “case” is that he was the GO-TO MAN for UN-INVESTIGATION of ANYTHING HIS OWNERS wanted him to IGNORE!!!
    Comey’s attempt to be a legislator, executor AND judiciary is part and parcel of what has happened to out triune branched government. It has been turned into the old Soviet business model. And its POLITBURO is alive and well thanks to Carter’s appointment to our FIRST legislator, Ginsberg, to be placed into the Supreme Court…Reagan appointment “balanced” the Supreme Court a bit.
    COMEY is an anti-American ameriKan globalist who should be PROSECUTED NOT JUST FIRED. Because by the federal Government Employees UNION, COMEY could actually GET HIS JOB BACK through mediation hearings.
    This dog and pony show is what We, the People are viscerally disgusted by!!!
    HOPEFULLY, Comey’s thespian demeanor will eliminate his ability to hold a government position even if it isn’t done by prosecution.
    Ever wonder WHY TREY GOWDY isn’t present for questioning Comey?
    THAT would be something to witness!!!

    1. dfinch says:

      This isn’t a committee that Gowdy is on.

  12. granny_forUSA says:



  13. autrypma says:

    Mike (below) You are totally correct…I know (from much literature re: Comey that he has been “knee deep for years with the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation.” Is corrupt himself. He should be in prison…I wish him there…He is a piece of arrogant work, glad he is no longer head of our FBI. Hope the FBI and State Dept can get cleaned out and we will have a trustworthy government, besides the new ones already in…

  14. fordfool says:

    get rid of all the YoMama carryovers for “obstruction of Admn progress.’ and the aches & pain goes away

  15. Gail Wasden says:

    Our local news rag front page was headlined with Comey’s comments about President Trump being a liar but it didn’t actually mention what lies he may have told. And the article completely washes over the significance of what Comey really said about any investigations. Democrats and their gushing supporters will continue to push their destructive and carefully sanitized inflamatory comments on anything to further their attempts to bring down the President. I wonder if the hesitation slapping some of the public voices of that agenda with jail terms is intended not to make public martyrs out of them to add fuel to the actions of the rest of the snowflakes.

  16. 2mules says:

    Ah yes, another day and more wind taken out of the liberal’s sails, If you liberals ever get tired of being LOSERS. you are more than welcome to join together and go to some uninhabited island in the Pacific to form your own la la land.

    1. George says:

      Didn’t Obama just visited that island in preparation for the mass exodus?

  17. parthenon1 says:

    i dont like the way “notes taken about anything” after the fact could be lies in note form so how does anything not covered by both parties at the time fit as gospel truth ? I dont buy it !

  18. airmech says:

    You know folks, I really think that Comey was just riding the fence while trying to cover his ass. Old Chinese dude say: man who rides fence will have sore nuts.

  19. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

    I’m sick of all this bull and its time to get to work and do what the hell we’er paying you to do. If you can’t then its time to resign and move on down that road that is waiting for you.

  20. Lily Haley says:

    Trump won the election via the Electoral College….the way it is supposed to be won. Unless Russia learned the names in advance and blackmailed or threatened them, I don’t understand how else Russia could supposedly change the final results.

  21. downs1 says:

    Poof! But guess what? The leftists do not know when to fold! They will continue to try to find a way to get rid of Trump! Will the divide ever heal? Probably not, so that sets the stage for the coming to pass if a statement by Jesus Christ: “A house [or a nation] divided against itself cannot stand” (Mt. 12:25). When this nation implodes, the left will blame everyone but themselves! Fools!

  22. messup says:

    Trump applied his now famous “Cassius Clay – Rope-A-Dope” to “intel community.”
    Two examples follow:
    Reality Winner is “sacrifical lamb.”
    1)As regards “leakers.” Lower level “intelligence community operatives” will now become fodder for prosecution. This is designed to conceal and protect “intelligence community” and “deep state” senior operatives from becoming “fodder for prosecution” while remaining in their “protected mole” classification, top-uber top secret clearances, where they can continue to siphon America’s valuably collected “intel,” quietly passing this on to complicit world news outlets (AP, Guardian, Reuters, et al). Until ALL, yes ALL, “Obama moles” are ferreted out of ALL American “intel” We The People are under a very, very black cloud of suspicion and “command-and-control.” (Animal Farm comes to mind).
    2) Shifting sands of fabricated “Breaking News”
    One wonders when will American news organizations come to reality that former FBI Director Comey “leaker-in-chief,” was MSM’s main source of “headline news” stories. That is what is really happening. Now that MSM has lost their main source of “leaked headline news” they are counting upon enabling lawmakers and “unnamed sources” as their direct connections for “headline news.” Lastly, in order for MSM to remain relevant, now that they have been unmasked for their “news sources (Director Comey and his minions)” and fabricated stories, they have to continue this ruse by posting unfounded stories of “impeachment” and “obstruction of justice.” Funny thing about this whole, sad saga of American MSM, they, too, were complicit in their gathering, receiving and publishing “leaked” stories from “deep throat” operatives from within both “Deep State” and “intelligence community.” Who broke the law were MSM, its Directors, News Departments and news reporters. Who walked the fine line between felonies and out-and-out lawlessness…were ALL American MSM. Pray. Amen. God Bless ALL America and Americans. Read A Bible. NKJV Psalm 128. Remember MSNBC’s nightly diatribe of “Breaking News” conspiracy fables? And CNN’s daily “Breaking News” of Trumpian (now, non-existent) INVESTIGATIONS? Both, will now become far more “fantabulously other worldly.”

  23. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:


  24. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:

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    I have updated my listing of ways that the Jewish supremacists are wrecking America. This list provides a good …

    Smoloko › …
    Jul 25, 2016 – The Jews have emasculated our nation by destroying our pride in America’s Christian history. Without …

  25. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    The guy is a weasel and it shows completely now. He gave the notes to a friend to throw out into the media bullshit pot. I simply turned it off and refuse to watch these dog and pony shows any longer, all I want to see is these people like obama that we know for a fact is guilty of spying on Americans not only Trump, ass wipes in our IRS still targeting conservative as I write this , hillary guilty of using her position to enrich herself and that scumbag draft dodger of a husband . I refuse to call that worthless traitorous help diddling bastard a president. I want indictments dammit and that’s all I want to see or hear about, if it comes from a liberal I don’t want to waste one moment of my useless time to listen to what they are saying, they are my enemies

  26. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:


    Family marks 50 years since Brackenridge man killed in Israel’s errant attack on USS …
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    Unsung heroes of USS Liberty attack
    Allentown Morning Call – 1 day agoAMP
    Fifty Years Later, NSA Keeps Details of Israel’s USS Liberty Attack Secret
    The Intercept › 2017/06/06 › fifty-years-…
    3 days ago – On June 8, 1967, an Israeli torpedo tore through the side of the unarmed American naval vessel USS Liberty, approximately a …
    Infamy at Sea: Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty 50 Years Later – Counterpunch
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    Jun 2, 2017 – In early June of 1967, at the onset of the Six Day War, the Pentagon sent the USS Liberty from Spain into international waters …
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  27. Timothy Dayton says:

    The biggest deal is the Loretta Lynch revelation. That really could be illegal obstruction to benefit Clinton’s campaign. Hear any MSM jumping on that one and the Dems are trying hard to ignore and deflect from it. Scum in the swamp.

  28. Susan says:

    So with Comey proven to be a liar, and Lynch ordering him to tell the pubic it was a matter and not an investigation can the go after Lynch for obstruction and investigate Comey for additional evidence that he fixed the Clinton case? There were many FBI agents that did not agree with his testimony.

  29. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:

    Family marks 50 years since Brackenridge man killed in Israel’s errant attack on USS Liberty
    MARY ANN THOMAS Thursday June 8, 2017, 12:33 a.m.

  30. Crystalsinger says:

    Comey is a disgrace and a political animal.

  31. ter334 says:

    It appears that Loretta Lynch’s matter matters? LLMM. It is interesting that this Iran-Contra of 2016-17 gets beaten like a dead horse while Fast and Furious, and what’s behind the Benghazi door are fast swept under the democrats media rug that covers everything. As they try to make the party great. Communism is a knock off of islam. Islam is the mother of all socialism. Socialism is the religious belief that govt is god, able to leap tall mountains and bring good things to life. And more govt will make America great, especially for the establishment. Islam is like South Africa, only with religious apartheid instead of race apartheid. And apartheid is just another word for segregation. Communism is political party apartheid, with the democrat party wanna be communists ?

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