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This Arrest Could Be The Final Nail In The Coffin For Schumer And Pelosi

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  1. ProudAmerican✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ says:

    Schumer and Pelosi are both liars and criminals!

    1. Darlene F. Donston says:


    2. KurtofLA says:

      Only born liars can join the democratic party

      1. Annie says:

        Hillary has the word, “liar” in her name….H l liar y..just move the ‘i’ to the second ‘l’ & you have LIAR! How appropriate!

      1. jong says:

        I would agree with most of what you have said however, the only people that are leaking in the intell community are those that are there because of ole jug ears. The rest do their jobs and most do a very good job of it. Dont let the liberals lead you to the conclusion that because of stay behinds that the rest of them are bad.

        1. RockinOn says:

          Agree whole heartedly, and know some of the people, just like nationality ratings, not all in any nationality are bad people, same with the government agencies, Congress ! Lately there seems to be more than normal due to those same obummer holdovers you mentioned !

          1. Robert Uda says:

            RINO Lindsey Graham fits in there perfectly. Why don’t he change parties?

          2. EC Lewis says:

            He’s in a Republican district.

          3. Lynn says:

            The Obama holdovers need to be removed once and for all! There is a lot of good people who could take there jobs all I know is something needs to be done. Obama needs to be locked up because he is trying to overthrow our government!

          4. Carol Hyndman says:

            Love the avie!

        2. TPS12 says:

          We need those good people to point out the stay behinds causing the trouble.

      2. William Glass says:

        You need to include some of the MSM, Academia, Entertainment? Personalities, and especially George Soros.

        1. rick meek says:

          Don’t forget their lawyers and judges….

          1. Jeronimo Dan says:

            Hell, we’re the only two that’s not crooked and I beginning to put a little worry in you…

        2. planesales says:

          I still don’t know how Soros cheated the hang man. He should have stood trial at the Neurenberg War Crimes Tribunials, at the end of WW II, for the crimes he is alleged to have committed as an SS Trooper working for Adolf Hitler. His job was to confiscate all worldly goods from his fellow Jews before they were sent to the death camps.
          Can a human being get any lower? Oh, I forgot about Hussein Obama.

          1. Chinook Isaacs says:

            That’s too bad. I have written to DOJ and asked them to make Soros a ‘persona non gratis’ and pull his Visa and never allow him back into this country. Whatever he owns, Progressive Insurance we all need to boycott, he must sell and never be allowed to own anything here. He is a One World Control Freak and is trying to bring down this nation.

          2. Chinook Isaacs says:

            that is a reply to plansesales and thanks for submitting the truth about Soros.

          3. AC1USNRetired says:

            They’d have to revoke his citizenship effective 1961

          4. mikegru says:

            does ANYBODY know where this piece of shit lives and his whole bastard family

          5. The duck says:

            You have George Soros mistaken for someone else. in 1941 – 45 George Soros was far to young to do what your indicating. However he was convicted of criminal activity and bought his way out of prison. He does belong in prison for sure and he is rotten to the core.

      3. Patrick Murphy says:

        I see you got a list but just what is to be done with them and how long will it take to do it?

        1. Robert Walters says:

          It might take forever but, put them in jail, seize ALL their money, assets, stocks, everything and pay off some of the National Debt they doubled in 8 years. Make the corrupt bastards pay until they are poor like so many Americans they fucked over. Hillary needs to be investigated for numerous murders and George Soros for treason for his Deep State involvement and deport him to Israel.

          1. Chinook Isaacs says:

            Good advice Robert Walters, and thanks for sharing it.

      4. Danno42 says:

        Faces of the NWO they are hoping.

        1. Doris Will says:

          Before any of us casts their ballots we better check to make Sure we are not voting for any of them.

      5. Robert Uda says:

        All of the above people have three things in common: They are all liars, cheaters, and thieves. Q.E.D.

          1. Chinook Isaacs says:

            Amen it is for sure.

      6. Chinook Isaacs says:

        tHIS IS SAD BUT TRUE. We need to pray for the abolishment of the existing Democratic Party. And, as our founding fathers pointed out, there should never be just 2 parties.
        Some of the Republicans are just as evil as the Democrats. We need a tremendouse house cleaning in Congress and passing TERM LIMITS AND CUTTING THEIR RETIREMENT PAY TO UNDER $300,000 FOR A LIFETIME WOULD DO JUST THAT. WHEN WILL ‘WE THE PEOPLE WAKE UP AND VOTE THEM OUT’?

        1. Lynn says:

          I so agree! If something is not done this country is in for it! Obama is trying to overthrow our government! He needs to be locked up! It was his plan all along. This was all planed out a long time ago! People of our country need to wake up.
          It’s a good thing that a lot of us have woken up! We need to pray to our heveanly father and his only begotten son Jesus Christ! To save our country!

      7. Elena Bowman says:

        You left out McCain and Graham, McConnell and Ryan…to name a few.

        1. Carol Hyndman says:

          These 4 might as well change parties, if they wish to appear honest.

    3. badass says:

      and Hillary C., obama.

    4. planesales says:

      Gosh and I just thought they were gutter rats only.

    5. Keith Amherst says:

      criminally insane

  2. Charly Autumn says:

    Is that Pakistani born a US citizen? Is his wife, who reportedly fled to Pakistan with several hundred thousand Dollars?

    1. KurtofLA says:

      It does not matter if he is a American citizen. He is Pakistani no matter what

      1. Paula says:

        If you hand out American Citizenship to every Crook that slides over the Border, you have to live with the crap!

      2. Charly Autumn says:

        It does matter, because he apparently had access to classified material! Wassermann should be investigated about this, because this could be illegal!

    2. 3Curmudgeon3 says:

      That would be no, no and yes, Wasserman has her nose up Hillarys ass and if Hillary had a Muslim aide, then Wasserman had to have one too.

      1. Charly Autumn says:

        This is very disturbing to me! Where is the special prosecutor here?

    3. C. LeSaint says:

      He should be waterboarded.

  3. polly says:

    Just wait you see that truth will always win in the end.

    1. mark k. says:

      I wish you were right, but look at the Federal Reserve & the IRS. Two massive scams that were foisted on us many years ago (FED- 1913!), and nothing has changed.

      1. polly says:

        Funny you should say this.I just read today about something will be done soon about the Federal reserve

        1. mark k. says:

          They still printing MAD magazine?

  4. EC Lewis says:

    I’m sure they’re already looking for a big carpet to sweep this under. It’s the Liberal way.

    1. MeanGene155 says:

      Or a big prayer rug to sail away on to a middle east dung hole.

    2. Red Blooded American says:

      Sad, but very true! 🙁

  5. OldWoolfy says:

    Take em ALL down !!! It’s way overdue !!

    1. ronniecanoli says:

      Or perhaps , ” WE the PEOPLE “.. take these scumbags out. These slimy BASTARDS , DO NOT FEAR US , & maybe we should teach them a lesson, to these GREEDY ANTI-AMERICAN POS.

      1. MidnightDStroyer says:

        That’s the problem right there…They DO fear us. As history has shown, those who control the flow of information have always been the worst of the tyrants & despots. They maintain power through their lies & treachery because a poorly-informed public has no idea how to act or react. With the spread of computers & the internet throughout households around the world, they have lost control on the flow of information & the truth is laid bare for all to see. Even if they manage to clamp down on the internet now (which would be too late at this point because of how widespread the Information Age has already gone), they have even MORE reason to fear us as they never have before.

        The key is that We the People must always oppose the methods they employ to stifle free speech & ignore censorship. The genie is out of the bottle now & the wanna-be rulers are getting desperate to cover up their deceptions. The so-called “Silent Majority” of the USA is silent no longer; the sleeping giant is awakened. They have EVERY reason to fear us.

        1. Lynn says:

          For John McCain to tell us to not listen to the people . Like Sean Hannity and the people on the radio! . That right there shows that he is a RINO big time!

    2. Glenda Trull Kee says:


      1. OldWoolfy says:

        Very true, Glenda!!

  6. Ron haymaker says:

    Don’t DIMS know when you smash equipment you’re suppose to bury it in the same graveyard where the dead voting DIMS reside, not leave it lying around. Hasn’t Hillary taught you anything?

  7. tatashady says:

    JarJar Wasserman Schultz needs to be in jail with the Clintons.

  8. Darlene F. Donston says:

    This is part of the SWAMP! Let us start the beginning of DRAINING THE SWAMP! All the DimmocRATS are GUILTY! Gitmo is a good place for them! The real reason for our Trillions of dollars in debt is they have been stealing our money and putting it in their pockets and giving it to other Countries!

    1. mhardin says:

      Naw,,,the trillions have gone to build their underground cities and bunkers…They know something huge is coming and they want to be protected.

      1. Janet Johnson says:

        They won’t be protected anymore than the rest of the country if North Korea hits us with their missiles.

    2. Carol Hyndman says:

      Pull the plug, and keep Drano and a plumber’s helper handy in case the drain plugs up with the waste.!

  9. chuckie2u says:

    Maybe the few real Republicans left in DC should investigate all of the Muslims allowed sensitive position under Barry and his Boyz. One might find stuff more interesting than fake news of the Democrats .

  10. smankes says:


  11. Vicki Kuner Mattingly says:

    it’s about time we nailed these crooks

  12. messup says:

    This merely “unmasks” the blatant corruption in ALL of We The elite People of culture of corruption and crony capitalism in ALL of Washington DC. And the “IT agent” (who had several contracts, several contacts and $4 million dollars sent to ISIS, ISIL Hezbollah and Hamas – Muslim Brotherhood???) ALL under Obama Administration official’s nose. Nancy Pelosi still has to answer fraud, corruption and “money laundering” charges for her husbands several shady dealings out and around California. CRICKETS! Wiener and HUMA’s sharing of information with this “family” of IT fake computer experts. Obama wasn’t vetted (by then Speaker Pelosi) and this clown of an foreign agent wasn’t either. THE SWAMP is alive and well…LOCK THEM UP. SEWAGE abounds in Washington DC. Pray. Amen. God Bless America and ALL Americans. Read A Bible. NKJV Psalm 128.

  13. Murfal says:

    Let’s see how Upchuck Schumer spins this now to explain how “It’s all Trump’s fault”.

  14. jackhy says:

    These damn Dems in Congress seem to hire these foreigners as aides who have no loyalty to the USA or their bosses and end up stealing or committing other crimes and getting away with it. No expose from the Liberal biased media either, who believe the Democraps can do no wrong while they attack Trump with baseless charges!

  15. Bob says:

    why isn’t there anyLiberals here trying to defend these scumbag liars

  16. jong says:

    Looks like some of the worse skanks that have ever been in Congress are going to be testifying for some time. Should keep them out of mischief and in a jail cell.

  17. j0e cave says:


  18. Jeanne Stotler says:

    As the old saying goes, “What goes around, comes around” looks like they (Dems) are going to get it back in the end.

  19. mary says:

    Lock them up now!

  20. Dan says:

    I think it’s time that “Debbie does Congress” while under oath

  21. Rose Ribitzki says:

    We can only pray the the DEMON-RATIC party has seen it’s days, as well as all the RINOS.

  22. Lorraine E says:

    “Nail in their coffin” “the end of their career” “finally going to jail” and “the destruction of the democrat party” and absolutely NOTHING HAPPENS. It is like a rerun of the clinton “white water” “Vince Foster” “China gate” “File Gate” “Voter Fraud” “misuse of classified information” “pay to play state dept crimes by crooked hillary” and the most unforgivable crime “The Four Benghazi Murders” and absolutely NOTHING HAPPENS!
    Let’s be serious for once. Most POLITICIANS are above the law and it is anything goes for them without the necessity to worry about being prosecuted. That’s why we elected Donald Trump. He IS NOT A POLITICIAN.

  23. KDC says:

    “remind voters of the Hillary Clinton email scandal”… Are you kidding? Remind us? Gracious, I’ve been waiting, very impatiently I might add, for Hitlary to get indited on her gross “negligence” of classified information and her shady dealings.

  24. wharfrat says:

    The Democrats are showing what fools they are,Trump announced a $10billion Dollar deal from Foxconn and right away the Dummycraps said “Foxconn can’t be trusted,they haven’t followed through on deals in the past”,the Dems. can’t stop lying,the GOP is bringing 13, 000 jobs and it is too much for those idiots to take,if they would just shut up and work for America they would better off.

    1. KDC says:

      Leopards NEVER change their spots. I don’t want the likes of any of them working for America!

  25. Hans says:

    Pelosi looks lost, probably a brain malfunction, which is not unusual for The Democrat Leader ! Ha Ha

  26. game50 says:

    Start from the TOP and the others will follow…Enough of their PC..B.S.

  27. Joseph F. Riggi says:

    This is an interesting read. It looks like more government classified, secret and top secret information has been destroyed by the Democratic party. When will it all end and why aren’t these people in “The Big House” yet. It’s beyond just breaking the law but putting our country in jeopardy. Maybe it’s time for the Democratic party to regroup and start over again, cleanout your SWAMP and get some people in office who are not self-serving and willing to work with the President and for the American people who put them in office.

  28. Annie says:

    Unfortunately, nothing will be to these criminals, liars, evil so-called human beings! They don’t have a conscience & will just continue draining the system until they’re 6 feet under! Can’t come soon enough! Hope they all burn in hell!

  29. 13chuck13 says:

    laws do not apply to Democrats and they will walk blaming a Republican for their problems

  30. Danno42 says:

    Let’s see, Obama’s right hand advisor. Valerie Jarret was born and raised in Iran, these people were Iranian. Duh, I think I can see some ties here. Traitors all looking for their place in the NWO hierarchy.

  31. vinny says:

    I hear that BULLSHIT all the time, and nothing happens.

  32. irene mccallister says:

    Nothing will be done because FBI and DOJ are on their side. (Obama hired them)

  33. ARVIN says:


  34. drbhelthi says:

    I wonder who decided to use Schultz’s IT staffer, Imran Awan, as a scapegoat to distract from the serious business? Also, the question arises, how did a Pakistani become selected to do the IT work for Schultz – DNC? Is he a Moslim, pre-selected to be subsequently used as a scape-goat ?
    Amazing how the FBI jumped onto this foreign alien, instead of the treasonists who hired him – – – .

  35. Joel Goodman says:


  36. WilliamHarrington says:

    The biggest problem will be convincing the diehard, committed Liberals that their gods have clay feet.

  37. rick meek says:

    DC is proof that “Crime Pays”…..and the judges and lawyers are accessories…..

    1. Robert Uda says:

      All liberal judges were appointed by crooked Democrat presidents, e.g., Obama, Clinton, and Carter.

  38. Jeff T. says:

    After watching Debbie Wasserman Schultz threaten the police chief about retaining her computer hardware for investigation (“there will be consequences”, she decried), it will be so very refreshing to see her be the recipient of those consequences.

  39. Susan Johnston Bailey says:

    So, it’s being considered a criminal investigation. Good thing they let a Muslim who is a suspected threat to national security out of jail. Will we be surprised when Awan or Schultz commit suicide? Will we be surprised if those hard drives are wiped clean…..with a cloth? If there is any integrity left at the FBI and DOJ, this will be the beginning of the unraveling of the most corrupt political machine in the history of this country.

    1. Robert Uda says:

      The “suicide” will be the Clintons’ henchmen assassinating them with a bullet to the back of the head like Vince Foster.

  40. Daria Miedzinski says:

    Chuck and Nancy need to step down. Nancy seems like she is very
    scattered, angry, worn out, and frazzled-unstable. The two of them are
    plain obstructionists and they are mentally unraveling right in front of
    our eyes. I pray that this whole scandal with the Dems gets EXPOSED,
    Chuck and Nancy are only hurting this country, but us AMERICANS, They are not
    doing their jobs so what good are they doing? Making trouble, dramatics,
    and blocking everything Trump wants to do is what you do when you are
    7-8-9-10 years old. They have their own agendas, not this country”s
    agenda, moving forward. Time for them to go.

  41. Eneida Medina says:

    Schultz should no worry about her future,just pack your toothbrush you are going yo Jail ,

  42. thecelt1 says:

    I sure hope this arrest will find a mass of criminal acts especially by SCHUMER and PELOSI. Both of these
    DumboCraps are criminals. Both are trying to impeach our current President. They will do anything to remove him from the White House. The current brouhaha is the removal of the ObamaCare fiasco. I feel that both Schumer and Pelosi are behind this Russia problem. Is this Russia problem really a problem? FAKE NEWS
    makers are assisting Schumer and Pelosi in creating the impeachment Brouhaha. Clean the house then
    drain the swamp.

  43. Rick D. says:

    If the DumbocRATS were truly interested in investigating a REAL scandal, they would focus on the egregious acts of DWS and her cohort, the Crooked One. But, of course, seeking justice is not their “end game”, is it?

  44. Mike W says:

    Imran Awan and his brothers had access to all IT in the White House and many top democrats. The computer seized from Huma Abedin/Anthony Wiener’s home had evidence that Hillary was passing classified to non-secure computers. The DNC is broke after taking in record numbers in donations. Have they been paying blackmail? If these Pakistani’s had all of this information did they work as double agents selling it to enemies? When asked about the situation Nancy Pelosi said she was unaware of anything as she has been busy working on important matters”. Apparently “important matters” means working to try to dig up some dirt on President Trump.

  45. TPS12 says:

    dems are covered in more Teflon by the msm then we can imagine. I will wait until I hear someone is arrested.

  46. Bayside GolfClub says:

    The REASON they used foreign nationals for IT appears quite evident. The democrats party has been funneling %% BILLIONS, 100s of $BILLIONS through pay to play scams..

    And currently the corrupt mueller has their legal team CIRCUMVENTING these investigations with a false ‘trump-putin’ narrative.
    This puts them in a position to destroy data right inside the investigation. They get their hands on it, it will disappear. MUELLER MUST GO IMMEDIATELY. He actually placed those who should be being investigated right at the top of the investigation.
    Of course they will squeak and scream.. Let them. America will see what’s really going om and these are people who’s lives literally depend on the destruction of evidence.
    Of course they cannot be placed in the investigation where they can do just this..

  47. Palmer says:

    We Americans don’t need to be reminded of the Clinton scandal. We 6 million that voted for Trump are still waiting for the Justice Dept to get the ball rolling

  48. Vince says:

    The demorats must be flushed out of government. They do not know how to be honest.

  49. barnjoer says:

    My question is why in the Hell has it taken them so long to get something done? Still nothing! No arrest, no shutting the DNC Down till every last one of the individuals responsible for trying to destroy this Country from the inside out!

  50. Pattie Kelly says:

    I haven’t met a Democrat that I know of that in some ways has ties to something criminal. Look at Bernie Sanders and his wife’s scandal of lying about income on a loan application to get the amount of loan she needed. And there are talks that Bernie put pressure on the bank using his political position to seal the deal.

  51. Robert Walters says:

    “WE THE PEOPLE” the people that elected you to office President Trump. We DEMAND JUSTICE, please take some action against the Criminal, Treasonous, Corrupt, bunch of Traitors in the Demoncratic Party starting with the mundering bitch Hillary, then Obama, Lynch and the rest of the traitors. DRAIN THE SWAMP, as you promised the American People.

  52. bp 58 says:

    dress nancy in diapers and ole chuckie will molest her all night…

  53. Roy Veteto says:

    wasserman schultz should be required to reimburse the tax money that this sleaze and his family were given for doing nothing

  54. Eguth3 says:

    You shouldn’t give people hope by claiming something that won’t happen. None of the “real criminals” will never spend a night in jail. They’ll get others to take the blame and they’ll walk. I’m getting PO’d when I see headlines like that, so far none of them have come true. So, I won’t be holding my breath and no one else should either. If you were paying attention, you would notice all the liberals have set up a system by placing certain members of their alliance in power position. They won’t be touched.

  55. Jean D. Reynier says:

    LOCK THEM UP!!!!!! NOW !!!!!!

  56. fordfool says:

    like its been a long time, “….all roads lead to Home…”” where was HOME for last 8 yrs?
    DAMN!~ The facilities at Joliet are going to be crowded….takes time, we”ll get there tho..
    Pres had the single-most important promised-task….DRAIN THE SWAMP!

  57. geneww1938 says:

    MAGA and that will only come through prayer. I will continue to pray fore this administration.

  58. draftinging says:

    Time for Grand Jury Investigation of the total (all) (everyone) leadership of the DemocrATIC pARTY.

  59. myfordtruck says:

    nail all those traitors it does not matter if they have a D or R with there name because we have some rinos in office

  60. robbpa says:

    Imran Awan Was Debby’s love bunny. This scandal should end her career.

  61. ONLYJB1 says:

    The list of names of these treasonous bas****s reads like a who’s who! Now is the time Mr. Panty waist needs to step up to the plate and finally do his job! This is why Trump has been all in session’s junk! Be a man for once and start handing out those indictments!!! NOW!!

  62. Susie Q says:

    I believe there are more Democrats that are criminals and are the key people that have been trying to frame Trup with false accusations. They are a pathetic group and need to be reeled in one by one and deserve everything thaats coming to them. McCain included.

  63. daledor says:

    About time the criminals are revealed as criminals. Thank God for that and maybe there is yet some home of draining the DC swamp of sociaist liberal radical critters who use and abuse America while promoting their beloved New World Order, in order to gain power, money, prestige while America crumbles into chaos. Ordo Ab Chao – order out of chaos is not a positive thing – the NWO global bankers use chaos to coerce or force nations into following their NWO plans while stealing their wealth. They are Luciferians/Satanists with a mask of civility out to rule the world. Soros is a good example – I heard an old video where he boasted of taking down nations and profiteering from it and boasted to destroy America. He is obviously evil, not the “kinder and gentler NWO” fascade we have heard of with the Bush’s, Bill Clinton, and down your throat NWO Obama. Thank God Hillary would have been worse and pushed us into international sovereignty through the globalist Illuminist started and run UN, which with Obama was given “Peace Keeping Troops”. In other words, like in a idealogue video by HG Well depicting global control as good call “The Shape of Things to Come” – the “peace keeping troops raided countries not going along with the global peace effort. Sound familiar? An Illuminatti plan.

    Unknown by many was that Rothshild’s tried to set up a UN before the UN and the League of Nations in the 1800’s. The Czar of Russia went to the meeting with copies of the Illuminatti papers the Illuminatti, of which Rothschild dynasty started and belonged to, and broke up the effort. R swore to kill the Czar and family. When a Roth sent Lenin into Russia to take over and start a communist/socialist state the Czar stepped down and he and family were killed. Anastasia may have escaped murder.

    These are evil people serving Lucifer/Satan who have planned for centuries to rule the world and have stolen most of the earths wealth. Don’t believe me? Fine, sleep, you will wake us some day. For starters look at, not the prophecy but the revealing of plans, by an Illuminist southern General called Albert Pike in the late 1800’s foretelling the Illuminst plans for 3 WORLD WARS. Two have been and he was absolutely right but other reasons can be included, and a third is planned – a civil war between left and right, the right is supposed to win but loses confidence in God after all the wars to follow, this is what he said and believed, “the true god Lucifer”. Wake up folks, Revelation in the Bible is being played out. For those saved by Jesus do as He said “occupy until I come” (do all you can to stop it and reveal truth) and “see that you are not disturbed” (sounds ridiculous but consider the next statement — if you get close to God and keep cares on Him you can stand and not fear or be disturbed – if you are not fear might be a wake up call to get some courage and not be deceived into opposing God and facing the great tribulation on the losing side – Lucifer is a big Loser ever since he created sin by lusting to be as God “I will be as the most High God” “I will exalt my throne above God’s”. Result his 1/3 angels assigned him followed him in rebellion and he got kicked out of Heaven to earth. Not good to be on the losing side.)

    There is a lot of whacko conspiracy theories and fabrications to throw people off. But there is a united effort pushed by global bankers allied or related or controlled by the Rothschild’s to rule the world. The info is out there credibly from presidents and leaders of the US and other countries since before we formed as a nation. Info means nothing if it is not read and is ignores as tripe or ‘that just can’t be’ without checking it out attitudes or “go along to get along” la la land attitudes. It takes a desire and willingness to find TRUTH above LIES. One seeks truth they find it. Never in our history has search for truth been more essential. The problem with truth is IT IS NOT ALWAYS LIKEABLE OR EASILY SWALLOWED. I assure you of this one thing IGNORING TRUTH LEADS TO DESTRUCTION. It is not what you know that hurts you most but what you do not know. Easily one should recognize that having a nervous system is good. You get cut, inconveniently it hurts, you clean and take care of the cut, and then your cut heals vs festering and eventually turning to gangreen if not taken care of. The nerve system is good, lets you know what is wrong. WHY DO PEOPLE not recognize that TRUTH is the NERVE SYSTEM to help all go well??? Why choose to believe lies and bring about destruction???. .

  64. Alleged Comment says:

    **uck Shumer and Nancy Pssey. What a pair.

    A liar scum and a senile citizen. These two DO NOT belong up there much like the sodomite Nerogro of theirs. Practically ALL Demoncraps do not belong up there being communist in nature.

    A philosophy that is both GODLESS and LAWLESS. The OPPOSITE of what the Constitution of the United States of America stands FOR!!!

    I have longed called for a BAN on this communist leftist party.

    1. Carol Hyndman says:

      Nero, as in the Roman consul who partied as he watched Rome burn? Love it!
      Another Latin Scholar like myself?

  65. Tim says:

    this is only illegal IF the press says so.

  66. Anna says:

    The democrats all get a pass but not republicans. Why are these people voted in, don’t people realize they’re being used. The democrats are not for the poor. They were pro slavery, Ku Klux Klan members, remember George Wallace and his segregation forever and he was a democrat. Pelosi not only lies but she has no idea what she’s talking about.

  67. Monica says:

    Debbie and Awan are probably on the “suicide watch list.” No wonder Awan was trying to get back to Pakistan.

  68. Elena Bowman says:

    Let’s hope so. That Schumer and Pelosi will be gone for good. Perhaps even in prison for the scandal that is now in the headlines.

  69. William Glass says:

    The Russians did it just like they caused my tire to go flat and my hearing to go bad.

  70. AC1USNRetired says:

    “Final nail in the Democrat’s political coffin” my butt. I’ve been hearing that line off an on for forty years

  71. mikegru says:

    nail these bastards to the wall at the Mex border and let the wet backs see it

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