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This Democrat Instantly Regretted Attacking Trey Gowdy

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  1. Jjb54 says:

    What I am hoping for in the end. All these “Emo Politicians” that bought and sold the Fake Russian Story – will be left out in the cold, licking their wounds and “retired”, when this all goes down in smoke.

    1. i’m even more hopeful than that! soon i hope to see the eagle of justice pointed toward Hillary,Debbie and the rest of the scurvy crew

      1. pappy450 says:

        Don’t forget oscumbag and piglosi.

        1. Brenda Sinclair says:

          you mean gay muslim, with a male gay trannie for first lady OUR FIRST GAY HOMOSEXUAL PRESIDENT OUR FIRST HOMOSEXUAL MALE FIRST LADY YOU RIGHT ITS AN OSCUMBAG

          1. william bailey says:

            Thats deep !

          2. Brenda Sinclair says:

            it is disgusting to know my fellow americans voted this gay muslim thief, child rapist into office for 8 yrs, i have to wonder is it a case of birds of a feather flock together,that they are just like gay muslim obama

          3. pappy450 says:

            You GOT IT! MANY People are still in disbelief how we got “played” for 8 LONG years by this HOMOSEXUAL MOOSLIME “plant” and his Trannie “wife” to TRY to destroy this country by the demmocommies and rino “friends” in an attempt to “take over” and turn our country into a third-world CRAPHOLE.

          4. Gen11American says:

            Since our treasonous 44th president granted the UN authority to secretly flood 3 million UNVETTED Middle Eastern Muslim Refugees into the US, which will threaten the safety and security of all Americans for generations to come, and possibly may result in the utter destruction of both our Constitutional Republic and Christianity itself, that depiction of Obama is totally appropriate! And since he made trips to Pakistan, for whatever reason, prior to that globalist puppet being promoted to POTUS in 2008, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn he had paraded around Islamabad in that stupid garb!

    2. Gloria D. says:

      I agree completely!

    3. BeeCubed says:

      Only as long as their “retirement” is not at the taxpayers’ expense! It sickens me to think We The People are going to be paying for all these criminals for the rest of their lives!

      1. dbondinkc says:

        If it’s a retirement spent in prison, that’d be ok with me. They need to do hard time, and do the laundry for all the in-mates since they are so very good at “laundry”.

        1. James says:

          No; “retirement’ is too easy on them, public execution by hanging would be most satisfactory!

        2. AL ELLIS says:

          You do mean laundry of money, they’re all good at that. They come in poor as a church mouse and leave rich as a King.

          1. Brenda Sinclair says:


          2. dbondinkc says:

            If you are putting the Catholic Church in this list, you need to be person-specific. There are more pedophiles in protestant churches than in the Catholic and Orthodox churches. More in the teaching profession, and in youth organizations like Boyscouts, and others than in the Catholic Church as well. Not right to make it a blanket statement like that. Yes, it is present in the Catholic Church, but not as many as in the protestant churches. You only hear about the Catholic Church because we’re the largest and the oldest Church direct decendant of Christ Himself.

          3. Doris Will says:

            The Catholic church’s biggest mistake was moving the Priests from Parish to Parish instead of having them arrested and defrocked.

          4. dbondinkc says:

            Correct, some were moved, but, more often than not, they were sent away for treatment. Yes, they certainly should have been arrested.

          5. Ma Bruthu says:

            It should be arrested and de-cocked.

          6. Doris Will says:

            I don’t think the police do that.. You have to have a trial first, then prison. I think the other prisoners will take care of the removal you requested

          7. dbondinkc says:

            Yup. Absolutely.

        3. Brenda Sinclair says:


      2. Gen11American says:

        Those who retire from Congress should be subject to means testing. If they have accumulated more than $5 Million while serving in Congress, they shouldn’t receive a pension. If they have accumulated more than $10 Million while serving in Congress, they shouldn’t receive healthcare for life at US taxpayer expense. They can purchase their own GD healthcare!

        1. John Milhous says:


    4. Eguth3 says:

      Since their so in love with Russia, I would celebrate their defection from the US. There someone else thorn in their side.,

    5. SGirl says:

      Don’t count on it in California & West Coast unless of course North Korea cleans their clocks!!!

      1. Gen11American says:

        If it weren’t for the fact I have a grandson living in California, and most other members of our family reside in Liberal Washington, whatever the fate of the West Coast happens to be wouldn’t concern me quite so much. And rather than having N. Korea initiating World War III, I would much rather have the legitimate voters in Oregon, Washington and California take their states back from the Leftist loonies presently running them (into the ground) and return some sanity like we used to have before the Democrats invited tens of millions of illegal aliens to invade our country, take our jobs, and suck American taxpayers dry!

        1. SGirl says:

          ??I so feel your pain! ??

        2. SGirl says:

          You know they invited them in to bribe their votes…that is ALL the Dems care about…their VOTES!!!

      1. Jjb54 says:

        I LOVE IT! LOL ….

          1. Jjb54 says:

            They keep proving a quote I came up with:
            Common Sense is on the Endangered List.

            I just wished they would STOP going out of their way to prove it!

          2. magno et malo lupo says:

            They CAN’T Stop because being stupid and having no common sense is innate within all lieberals

          3. Jjb54 says:

            .. I just wished they would not go out of their way to PROVE IT. But that would take thought, huh? Okay, you win! 😉

          4. magno et malo lupo says:

            Who says they go out of their way it’s innate within them they prove it each time they open their pie holes

  2. AnAmericanRight says:

    Trey Gowdy has more intelligence in his little finger than all the Democrats combined.

    1. Joe Sam says:

      you have that right .OLD VET.

    2. 1Texas says:

      Sense and Sensibility still reigns with Trey Gowdy and could not agree with you more.

    3. Rose Ribitzki says:

      AMEN to that ! … but they will never admit to their ignorance.

      1. AnAmericanRight says:

        They don’t have to admit to it. They show it daily. They are throwing a tantrum over the fact Trump won the election. And that Trump wants to “drain the swamp”. That includes a lot of dirty politicians. They are losing tons of back door money. Why else would they be having such a hissy fit? This includes Republicans too. If the FBI did a check on all the politicians that take kick backs they would have to build a jail the size of Texas to put them all in, past and present.

        1. GrumpyGrandpa says:

          Texas doesn’t want all them snakes down there. They’ve committed Treason! Kill Em!

          1. AL ELLIS says:

            Down here in Texas when they pulled this bull puckey, they’d wind up in someone’s septic tank with the worms.

          2. AnAmericanRight says:

            Grandpa, I didn’t mean ship them to the beautiful state of Texas. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I merely meant a prison the size of Texas would be needed to house all the corrupt politicians in. The Clintons would have to be in isolation from the start.

          3. GrumpyGrandpa says:

            OK! Thumbs Up!

      2. John Milhous says:

        Agreed. I’m thinking that it is NOT POSSIBLE for any of the Demodouches to “admit that they are ignorant buffoons” simply because their DAMNED IGNORANCE IS HOW AND WHY THEY BECAME DUMBASS DEMODOUCHES IN THE FIRST PLACE!! And, as it is “said”, “Ignorance is bliss!” ……..And, with that in mind, daaaaaaaaaaaayum, the Demodouches must be a bunch of IGNORANTMUTHAF’ERS!!!!!!!!

        1. Brad Fisher says:

          Remember too, nothing more than communists.

    4. Jim says:

      The reason the Demc. are pissed off at Trey Gowdy is because they will never be as smart as he is..

      1. John Milhous says:

        Trey Gowdy WOULD NEVER DO SUCH A THING as I am gonna say now, (because I’m just making a point), but, if Trey was DRUNK DRUNK DRUNK, AND ON CRACK, AND ON METH, AND ON ANGEL DUST “AT THE SAME TIME” he would still out-perform and be smarter than ALLLLLLL of the Demodouches COMBINED!!!!!!!!

    5. barbara says:

      you got that right!!

    6. John Milhous says:

      AAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL the Demodouches COMBINED wouldn’t make a pimple on Trey Gowdy’s ass!!!

  3. Joe Sam says:

    just another fake screw ball trying to make a name for himself .he needs mor money .OLD VET

  4. Larry Cowden says:

    Trey should immediately be going for full criminal charges against Wasserman, her IT trash, Pelosi and any others of hers. There is criminal evidence in custody now that cannot be disputed.

    1. indeed i would love to see Trey Gowdy appointed prosecutor for that

  5. Arnold Young says:

    So it looks like GOWDY just started flushing out the sewer. And look what just slithered out-a dimoRAT!!!

  6. Tomas Leon Jr Nufable says:

    I will never never ever VOTE for Adam Schiff! He is as Fake as The Fake Russian Story!

    1. badass says:

      his ahole-face is so disgusting..

  7. David says:

    The problem we currently have in America is that the Democratic party is primarily made up of socialist “progressive” idealogues, while the Republican party seems to be made up of incompetent individuals with extreme egos, eg,. McCain and others, that don’t know how to work together to get things done. Those of both parties have ample representation in the “swamp/sewer” President Trump promised to drain, which is why it seems he is embattled on all sides. Is there a Drano that works on people and political organizations?

    1. GrumpyGrandpa says:

      The TEA Party! It worked before.

    2. Herman says:

      I think its called Trumpo. I agree with you, the swamp needs to be drained on both sides. It seems that the only difference between the two partys is their names. I think its time to start a third party, called the American Party. Just for all the Americans left in this Country, no matter what their politicial affiliations were before.

  8. rightsright says:

    I’ve been watching shifty Schiff try to make himself relevant and laughing my head off because he isn’t able to get the best of Trey or Trump! The used to be Democrats are now split into two groups, the Femocrats and Communists! Both sick and disgusting!!!!

    1. John Milhous says:

      Schiff is an embarrassment to ALL GOOD PEOPLE E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E!!! …..and, yes, I mean ALL “GOOD” PEOPLE!!! I’d be willing to freakin BET that even his fellow Demodouches are embarrassed of him!

  9. Jerry D Mitchell says:

    Schiff reminds me of Mike Nifong.

  10. Maggietish says:

    Schiff takes every opportunity to get in front of the camera to keep his Russian conspiracy going. He has never once provided any proof or witnesses. He simply continues his witchhunt against President Trump and now his family. Since Schiff is so convinced of a Russian conspiracy one can’t help but ask what is the outcome of his investigation of the Russian female attorney who was illegally in the United States and what Loretto Lynch’s role was in having her here illegally. Certainly that isn’t something that he would ignore. Schiff is just another corrupt liberal Democratic political hack who continues to betray the American people and the United States. All he’s concerned about is his own election and every time he opens his mouth he proves it. Wake up America haven’t we had more than enough of people like Schiff in office.

    1. Rose Ribitzki says:

      America is SICK & TIRED of all the horse dung the DEMON-RATS keep spewing! .. It will all catch up with them individually, as it has already fried the party as a whole! God bless the USA !

      1. Gloria D. says:

        Exactly!! UNITED WE STAND!!

    2. Robert Pollard says:

      All the while they are sending our money trying to prove or at least appearing to try to prove this non-sense. America, enough is enough. We should all get together and stop this crap!

    3. SGirl says:

      Can you imagine the uproar
      if this Russian attorney was here on a Republican President’s watch during all this fake news?!!!

  11. BUILD BABY BUILD!!! says:

    Pardon me but, s*it on Schiff. He’s an ass.

  12. Los Condenados says:

    Schiff reminds me of the guy who ran out of gas and ran his battery down trying to restart his vehicle . He keeps on coming up empty .

  13. granny_forUSA says:


    1. Gloria D. says:

      Bingo!! 100% correct!!!!

  14. Edward says:

    Pencil neck Adam Schiff is grandstanding and the liberal media loves it and provides him the opportunity to spout his venom.

  15. SouthernPatriot says:

    Adam Schiff has a seared conscience so he won’t regret even his abject stupidity and lies. He did find how stupid he was to attack Trey Gowdy.

    The Democrat are liars, hypocrites, and most are suffering from advanced cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome and should not be re-elected or elected to anything.

    1. Bradley says:

      That idea may be true, but why are these politicians reelected? Interesting that half the country agrees with you and half disagrees with you. If this country really was the

  16. rick meek says:

    Man —- Some people just need a godd a** kicken……

  17. rick meek says:

    IRS scammers are hard at work – They don’t speak but pigeon english – they attempt to threaten – they ask you to resolve – DOT – IRS – FBI turn deaf ear to you – Their mailboxes are always full – BEWARE A 202 FROM IRS INVESTIGATIONS NUMBER….

  18. Lou J Apa says:

    This adam schiff guy is just a loose cannon and a provature. Useless to progress! He ‘s a hilly man…..

  19. Bayside GolfClub says:

    Trey Gowdy reminds us that we should be ELECTING MORE PROSECUTORS of character and Compass.. It’s the stinking politicians we have to fear..

  20. Karen says:

    Schiff is an out and out communist. He’s mad because he and the other democrats made fools of themselves and wasted millions of our (taxpayers) money. They should be made to pay it back.

      1. John Milhous says:

        I MUTHAF’INGHEARTHAT!!!!!!!!

  21. Adam Schiff is emblematic of the type of Democrats my state spawns-a little more eloquent but in the end another pea of the same pod;where i am we have to put up with Jared Huffman;Diane Feinstein,Nancy Pelosi…California is all but lost-and to top it all off Gov.”Moonbeam” Brown,who just signed “cap and trade” in accordance with the “Paris Climate Accords” the only state in the Union to do so

    1. Joseph Carrilho says:

      Brown needs to be re-called.

  22. RockinOn says:

    Term Limits, so politicians can’t make a career out of the games they play, time for booting the majority of these guys out and reduce their pensions, so that they have to work once they are gone !

    1. C. LeSaint says:

      Term limits for democrats and RINOs

      1. William Glass says:

        Term Limits for ALL of them.

    2. Ron haymaker says:

      Hope to someday see this on the Post Office wall!—-With the words “WANTED,DEAD OR ALIVE”

    3. dbondinkc says:

      Should be on America’s 28 most wanted criminal posters. Should see them up in every police station, DMV, and post office. The reward would be to put them in prison and off the high paid politician payroll.

      1. dbondinkc says:

        We’re missing Schiff-less’s mug shot, he’s gotta be in it for sure.

  23. Arbie Viau says:

    Since I’ve been following Trey Gowdy, I’m proud of the people who elected him into office. Oh, if only we could clone him to have more like him in our government. I describe him as a seeker of the truth and find justice from liberal ideology. He’s a keeper! Love the man!!!!

    1. dbondinkc says:

      If only he wasn’t already married! Wait a minute, I’m already married. Never mind. (tee-hee!)

  24. RG ODOM says:


  25. Terry Edwards says:

    When will the intell. comm. look into DEM. I.T. mess. Now, there is a story that I would like to see probed.

  26. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

    I think it’s time for the Republicans to start blaming the Democrats for wasting enormous amounts of taxpayer money on this witch hunt into totally bogus charges. Just imagine the positive, productive things all that money could do for the country. The Republicans really need to take a course in effective messaging. Stop playing defense and go on the messaging offense.

  27. Sharo says:

    Agreeing with most of the comments, but that still isn’t solving the problem of stopping the dems & republicrats from stalemating every piece of the agenda that Trump tries to put in place. Somehow they have got to be stopped!

  28. Pat Robertson says:

    This Russia story has more than run its course

    Can Washington get back to governing for a change

    Democrats have become a danger to America

  29. Low Cover says:

    Adam Schaffer has a little boy prick brain. The POS.

  30. downs1 says:

    Adam Schiff! One day his foolishness will catch up with him, and he will be judged harshly for his dishonesty and “collusion” with the other Democrats and the Deep State in their attempt to bring down a legitimate sitting President! He will undoubtedly blame everyone else! It is what these fools do!

  31. The only collusion in the whole Russia is the democrats many of them involved and taking funds from Russia, lying and FAKE NEWS. Adam Shaft is a stupid jerk like all the other democRATS.

  32. Bill Harney says:

    Schiff should be put in jail for the minimum of 20 years for conspiracy against a President. In other Countries Schiff would be killed .

  33. Brad Fisher says:

    Adam Schiff is nothing more than a foolish Communist democrat. Folks vote him out. Don’t vote democrat under any circumstances because you are voting for a Communist. Their social outlook proves it. Thanks.

    1. badass says:

      your statement is 100% right.

  34. Vicki M says:

    Attack Trey Gowdy at your own peril. Adam Schiff is demonstrating the same mental capacity that the Democrat Party has said their own Democrat voters have…limited or “dumb”. Trey Gowdy will turn attackers into swamp gas. He is SO much smarter and versed in the law than they could ever even imagine. It is FUN to watch. MAGA

  35. fordfool says:

    all thngs considered, the Billary-support crowd cant come up w/ an answer “what part of the word NO dont U understand? Is it that hard? …think…c’mon now, the lst time’s alwys the hardest…AJ Vict TX

  36. gene smiith says:

    Scum laden douche bag and another loser from CAilfirnia….Sad to say, we seem to have more than our FAIR SHARE of these hypocrites .

  37. srw says:

    He is a DEM……..what else do you need to know. Liar Liar pants on fire.

  38. swed says:

    So, when do the arrest for collusion, fraud, perjury, misuse of government property, treason and just generally being a democrap start.

  39. Ron says:

    Rep. Schiff as a “non-partisan fact finder???” LOL. Schiff couldn’t even dress for that on Halloween!!!

  40. Mike W says:

    It smells like a set up. As Secretary of Take Hillary Clinton “brokered” the deal that sent 20% of our remaining uranium to Russia. As Secretary of Take Hillary Clinton met with the very same lawyer – Natalia Veselnitskaya – who has ties to the Kremlin. After Hillary met with Natalia -she flip-flopped her position and voted against sanctions for Russia. Also after these two event occurred – Bill Clinton received $500,000 for a speech in Moscow – then a Russian company with ties to the Russian government started funneling 10’s of millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation. Makes me wonder why the press has been so quiet about that – If it had been President Trump who had these things occurred you can rest assured they would be all over it.
    In todays news the Pakistani IT guy who was hired into the Obama White House – also worked for Debbie Wasserman Schultz – as well as many “top” Democrats including Nancy Pelosi – was arrested at the airport as we all know trying to flee the country. His new lawyer also has very deep ties to Bill Clinton. Yet left does not have the ability to sniff out corruption in all of this.
    A former FBI agent outted James Comey – Robert Mueller and the Clinton cover-ups that have been going on for years – decades. The video in the link below is about 15 minutes – but he names names, places and amounts.

    Don’t forget the FBI now has the hard drives from the smashed computers little Debbie was so concerned about getting back that she threatened the Washington D.C. police if they would not turn them over. She was never charged with that – and the Seth Rich murder investigation has gone absolutely no where – either – many believe that the Clintons have something to do with this too. That murder investigation comes under the jurisdiction of the Washington D.C. district attorneys office. Crooked Little Debbie’s brother – Steven Wasserman – is an assistant D.A. in that very office. Coincidence?

    There is also Anthony Wiener sitting in prison – by now I am sure he is desperate to get out. The computer seized from him and his wife Huma Abedin is said to contain a trove of derogatory files against the Clintons.
    That computer was seized by the NYPD and turned over to the FBI – I hope Comey did not have the time to destroy evidence on it – The NYPD had said that if charges were not brought in a timely manner that they would go public with that information. They have been silenced – my guess was by long time Clinton friend and NYC mayor DeBlasio and NYPD police commissioner O’Neill playing politics with the law. Recently there have been reports that the NYPD is furious with DeBlasio – maybe that will break soon too. I hope Wiener had the good sense to make a few extra thumb drives and place them in some very secure areas – maybe one to someone he trust to release it if anything happens to him.

  41. Maria castro says:

    Schiff is just another greedy low class pencil head SOB

  42. ter334 says:

    Just think. O campaigned on a platform of hope and change and an intent to fundamentally change America. And was cheered. T campaigned for hope and change to make America great. Including the drain the swamp which clearly needs to be drained meaning that these hacks who have been hacking the govt, the nation while the Russians just watched? There was no need to hack us as the establishment was hacking for them and they and the muslims could buy any establishment person they needed. Money you see can only buy three things. Goods, services and politicians. Politicians are likely universal, global purchasable. There are possibly no pols exempted? And a guy, T, trying to be our first president for the people, not the establishment in decades has only received jeers! A large number of our elected and appointed officials need to hang their heads in shame for cozying up to O and the establishment before him. Apologies by any honorable elected persons, appointed judges, etc. perhaps by the hundreds are in order. You people are part of our elected government and have been led down the primrose path to Islam by none other than Qbama! And the democrat party needs to get over his machine, boss politics of their past and quit trying to make us a socialist, communist state. Islam is the mother of all socialism! Freedom isn’t free for you either. Featherbedding your positions will not help reduce the 20 trillion dollars of debt you have dumped on us. 10 trillion by Obama. The other 10 trillion took from 1913 to 2008 to enslave us, and we even fought two world wars in that period!

    1. ter334 says:

      And the media needs to apologize for being opinionators while pretending to be reporters!

  43. ter334 says:

    The former head of the CIA, Brennan I think said we should have a coup if T fired the special prosecutor. Is he going to lead the charge at Harper’s Ferry to start Civil War II? There is clearly a massive lack of understanding of the role the Constitution plays in America. It is the rule of law, the law of the land and elected, appointed officials even judges swear to uphold it. The law of the land does not grant locals the right to make their own immigration laws. They act like they are living in a place where tribal rules prevail. Like in Islam.

  44. Rick D. says:

    Adam Schitt doesn’t know Jack Schiff!! He’s nothing more than a biased opportunist. A real slimeball, low-class POS!! Somebody needs to B****-slap that smirk off his pompus and arrogant face!!

  45. Watchman says:

    Schiff is a partisan hack from the land of the fruits and nuts ,,,California.No one takes this leftist anti-Christ lib seriously

  46. Rick says:

    Schiff is a pencil-necked geek.

  47. Lindy says:

    Hey Schiff, how many stocks in Russian companies do you own again? I forgot so please remind the people. Also, why don’t you come clean about the illegal surveillance uncovered by Nunes that left you speechless when interviewed by the press. Remember that very little was left to the imagination right? In other words, Obama was surveilling the Trump women which is why Trump called Obama a very sick man and yet you stand before the country and cover for the pervert.

  48. Dave says:

    Another idiot politician for California.

  49. rockthebenz says:

    My prayers were answered when President Trump was elected. I now am praying the voters will wake up and run all these worthless non-Trumpers out of office in 2018 and give this country back to we the people. It is sinful that we pay these idiots to serve us and all they give a shit about is being reelected. Time to get more Tea Party people elected so President Trump can save this country and make her great again. I will keep praying and hope one day I, too, can move from mexifornia to a state run by real Americans rather than one run by a hook-nosed idiot like this jerry brown.

  50. Valerie Cuccia Gleason says:

    So proud of Mr. Gowdy and MR. TRUMP! It is about time that we throw the people who belong in jail, in jail! So sick of the DEMS trying to make trouble for MR. TRUMP and America knows just what they are doing! They better start thinking about how this is going to look in the future for their party as a bunch of poor losers, conniving crooks that are raping the American people by false accusations and using up our precious tax dollars to fund their rampages against the American people who voted Trump in! Keep going Mr. Trump and Mr. Gowdy, you are in my prayers!

  51. bearone7777 says:

    Another “MORON”——From Cal. that has no sense, no morals, and just plain old is stupid!!!

  52. Jaybird says:

    Just look at what state these morons come from, and that should pretty much put an end to any credibility. These Ca. reps and senators are the losers of the losers. It shows the kind of people who live in that state, by who they elect to represent them. Jerk offs elect jerk offs to represent them. And the power they get just swells their little heads. Most were the geeky kid in school who was taunted and bullied. Now that they have some power, they are trying to get back at the world for making their poor little childhood so hard to deal with.

  53. Robert Walters says:

    What I’m hoping for is a White Christmas covered in Demoncratic Red Blood after they all committ suicide when the Deep State is exposed and they once again get there asses kicked in an election. “WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE” will not be happy until the Demoncratic Party is DESTROYED. They are the party of lies, corruption, treason and they are traitors to the American People. America First !

  54. The duck says:

    Schiff being from California could well be re-elected. I too hope enough moderates and conservatives turn out to turn him out to pasture big time.

  55. Camille Gilliam says:

    That was a good one ,Trey, I like it when you give it right back to them.

  56. Emilie Walling says:


  57. Brenda Sinclair says:

    THE SOLUTIONS TO THIS MASS histeria OF FAKE NEWS FROM DEMOCRATES IS TO not vote for even one democrate if you are a true patriot of america you will not, there is no way with good conscious ever vote for a demoncrate, they have proved they are not for us americans

  58. Newsanno says:

    Trump I believe in his second term will drive the term limit amendment and the birthright citizenship he campaigned on

  59. Jeronimo Dan says:

    You’d about as soon cross a rattle snake in a dark room, as Trey Gowdy.

  60. Palmer says:

    Schiff is a dweeb. He knows nothing and is part of the Thieves and Thugs political party Destroying California. Wake up people of California, Democratic rule has to be changed.

  61. travis690 says:

    This “meeting” that pencil-neck Schiff and his friends are focusing keeps turning up evidence that the Russians were trying to play both sides by opening up parallel channels to each campaign. And only President Trump’s campaign is being investigated. I guess that’s what happens when you lose: You just protest and open investigations.

  62. Elizabeth Davis says:

    maybe it would be better if he would just do his job instead of trying to get elected in the next election.
    people are tired of hearing the same old same old and not getting the job done they were sent to Washington to do

  63. Dexter L. Wilson says:

    Goes a long way towards the DNC failing to allow the FBI to check out their supposed hack which in all reality was a leak. Why do I say this? They, the Democrats had a long standing affair with Wikileaks and Julian Assange who was never caught in a lie as many of the media and Democrat Personalities have.

  64. mannasage says:

    Boo Hoo Schiff, you deserve t/b investigated too!

  65. Bill Chandler says:

    Folks look out for that lying piece of crap Schiff. He is just another sorry ass democrat that has told lie after lie. He needs to be sent back to California with the rest of those sorry ass democrats that livein that broke state. Note again this is a democrat run state that is broke. When Trump was elected it blew all the crooked democrat’s plans of these stealing Democratic governors. They just knew they would have Hillery the lying bitch, to bail them out with tax payers funds. Now they are in touble, because with any luck President Trump will cut their tax payers funds even more with them trying to protect the illegals.

  66. Duane says:

    This witch is coming to an end, and the false accusers will be found naked and ashamed.

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