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This General Made A Bone Chilling Statement About North Korea

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  1. Roger_T73 says:

    Pull out the US Military personnel from SK. If the fat boy starts something, eradicate NK!!!

    1. jacob mandelblum says:

      Please remember that what stopped the Korean war was an ARMISTICE and not a peace treaty…..

      1. Traveller62 says:

        It wasn’t a war. It’s considered a “conflict” and is called that today.

  2. Ben says:

    Sad fact, but we need to deal with it. My prediction is, by the middle of August a confrontation will ensue, probably started by an accident or miscalculation.

    1. bttrap says:

      I hope someone takes him out before that

      1. Steve Spatola says:

        Find out who killed Kim Un’s brother in Indonesia and pay them the bounty!

      2. Ben says:

        Don’t be surprised to read he choked on something and had a heart attack.

        1. bttrap says:

          can’t wait for that to happen

          1. Ben says:

            Or, one of his missiles fails and comes right back home to the chicken coop.

    2. John Wagner says:

      I’m going to Vegas in Sept, what until Oct and have an “accident”.

      1. Ben says:

        Find a dollar machine with two winning placards on it, and bet the max for at least twenty-five spins. I am psychic. Send me ten percent of your winnings for this tip.

  3. Keith F. Golembiewski says:

    Time to act is at the Proper time. It is coming to that time. They need to be wiped off the map. Just maybe
    Iran will give up their NK program once they see what we will do to North Korea. The USA has taken their SHIT long enough. Shoot the Fat Slob.

    1. jacob mandelblum says:

      As good a President TRUMAN was, he got his HOOF IN MOUTH by dismissing MAC ARTHUR when
      he wanted to bomb Manchuria and stop the Chinese “volunteers”,as it would have stopped the war
      and set Communist China straight…..
      Now, we built China into the biggest world power and we have to face it …..

      1. Traveller62 says:

        The other “thing” Truman did on micromanaging the Korean conflict was telling our men to bomb HALF the bridge spanning the Yalloo River. Flat out stupid.

  4. David Gust says:

    Nuke the SOB!

  5. Ken says:

    Hmmm. Nuclear attack by N. Korea would be terrible, but, their taking out Los Angelos? What’s the downside of that? I’m not sure nuking L.A. by N. Korea could even be called an act of war.

    1. Barbara Vollick says:

      Hey, Ken! The problem with nuking LA is it would also affect other counties that have some GOOD and sane people in it, mine included! At least give me some time to move out of this hellhole!

      1. Stephen Warren says:

        That brought a grin to my old face. Sometimes we in the Heartland don’t stop to realize there are really a lot of good conservative people in rural California. The liberals love to huddle in the urban areas like LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, St. Louis, Chicago, New York, Baltimore, etc. We need to spare all the good guys we can find. The rest, oh well………..

        1. John Wilson says:

          What about the entire US population. Take a look at the links above.

        2. CommonSense4America says:

          Well,,,”she it” happens!

      2. John Wilson says:

        How about the entire country? Please see above.

      3. informativex says:

        If you hurry you can sell in CA for good money and buy a better place in TX for 50% less money. Way nicer neighborhood in places like Frisco, McKinney, Anna, Van Alstyne, West Plano etc. All super nice.

        1. informativex says:

          Texas new and improved now with SEASONS. They get actual winter and summer free if you act now!

        2. John Milhous says:

          Texas is where moronic clowns and Demodouches live. ……..oh, and where punks like you live who know NOTHING about California. ……..and, Plano????????????? A freakin DUMP!!!

          1. informativex says:

            I’m sorry your momma didn’t give you enough teat. Then you had to live out your life as a conservative internet troll living in California. Short people can still have fulfilling lives just not in CALIFORNIA BAHAHAHA!

      4. CommonSense4America says:

        Get going. Head east my man.

      5. rockyndallas says:

        Please get out while you can. If you aren’t a progressive nitwit you are welcome in Texas. Just don’t bring the lunatics with you.

    2. Joel Goodman says:


    3. John Wilson says:

      It would take only one to bring America to its knees. See above.

      1. GrumpyGrandpa says:

        One Nuc on American soil would signal SHTF!
        Democrat facilities would become burned out or bombed.
        Many Democrat Congressional offices would be shuttered.
        MSM would become a carnival of fake news and fake video.
        Stocks of firearms and ammunition would be exhausted.
        Cities like Chicago would be killing fields, everywhere, all the time.
        All food, medicine, waters, sugared drinks, beer etc would get scarce.
        Democrat mayors and Democrat Governrs would react the wrong way.
        All transportation hubs would be jammed with returning former immigrants.
        Traffic to the borders would become insane.
        The markets for Equities, Bonds, Derivitatives, Commodity, would crash.

        Even if Kim puts his bomb right on the Nevada Proving Grounds, SHTF.

        1. John Wilson says:

          Hey Grumpy Grandpa thanks for the reply, I just don’t know what the acronym “SHTF” stands for so can’t comment back too well. Ha!

          1. Jay Taz says:

            IF you’re serious, Wilson, do a simple “Google.” Then maybe you’ll be able to comment.

          2. Traveller62 says:

            It means “Ship Hittin’ the Fan”. Replace the “p” with a “t” and you will get it.

        2. John Wagner says:

          Beer would be scarce? Now your getting serious. How can Democrat officials be any dumber? Give stupid Lib college kids something to protest.

    4. Eguth3 says:

      More like a thank you.

    5. DollyT says:

      YOU SPEAK SO CAVALIERLY ABOUT WAR! I was born during the depression after WWI and lived through WWII, Korea and Vietnam. I am a Military Widow and very familiar with the costs of War both in lives , destruction and financial aftermath. War is nothing to joke about and once committed you fight it to the bitter end.

      1. vetteguy08 says:

        I remember Vietnam, the liberals wouldn’t let us fight to win when we were there. Then they made us leave with our tails between our legs. Also I remember Korea, there was no ending, no peace treaty. Dolly, I think you better read some history.

        1. MissouriMule says:

          If I ever see some snotty progressive liberal spit on a military man/woman, like they did to our military men coming home from Vietnam, I think I might be forced to punch someone.

          1. jacob mandelblum says:


          2. MissouriMule says:

            That sounds about right. Seems wrong is right and right is wrong these days.

            Jail me! I welcome it. The publicity for someone defending our military personnel will play well in my state of Missouri. We don’t much go in for that progressive BS in the part of the state I live in. Really, St. Louis is the only part of this state to be considered liberal.

          3. Bruce Allan Johnson says:

            He’ll still get his azz kicked. The cops ‘ll have to drag us off him.

        2. Jay Taz says:

          Vetteguy, I think you’re misreading Dolly’s comment. She’s not talking politics. She’s talking about war itself, not rationale for getting into it or how we got out of any of them. And as for your “read some history” comment… you “remember” one, but she’s lived through all of them and doesn’t need a warped history book to consult. And BTW, how many spouses have you lost to war?

          1. vetteguy08 says:

            How many people lost their spouses when the World Trade Center came down? How many people will loose their spouses if the mad man dictator in North Korea is allowed to used a nuclear weapon on us. Sometimes war is necessary. Sometimes the bleeding heart liberals have to keep their mouths shut and let the military do what they do. That is what happened in Korea and yes I was around then, and Vietnam. When the bleeding hearts saw villages getting bombed they went nuts and just wanted it to end. Remember Vietnam was the first war fought live on the 6:00 News every night. During WWII all they had were newsreels at the movie theaters that were so edited to only show the good stuff. No body wants a war but when it is necessary you have to be ready. You have to do what has to be done.

          2. Jay Taz says:

            I’ll say the same to you again and as I just told Traveller… you are misreading Dolly’s intentions. I’m WITH you, as is Dolly.

          3. Elbert Bicknell says:

            General MacArthur and Gen Patton had it right”There is no substitute for

          4. Traveller62 says:

            The U.S. SAVED many spouses by dropping both bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If you will look up Japanese people and their all-encompassing worship of their god-emperor Hirohito and past god-emperors, you will understand WHY we dropped them. They don’t teach it any more in History class.

        3. DollyT says:

          I remember that shameful history and how they spit on those vets when they came home. War is Hell and I and you should never take it lightly!

      2. Traveller62 says:

        Dolly: you are dealing with many Vietnam vets on this blog. Those who physically fought over there, lived through LBJ’s “bull-chit” and micromanaging OF the war, having sent them rifles and machine guns made of sub-standard materials, expecting them to work when in actuality said materials only made things worse. Unless you’ve physically fought over there against a population that expected us to fight their war FOR them, for which they did not appreciate and did not like us over there to begin with, you don’t have a leg to stand on. You better ask a few Vietnam vets what actually happened over there before spouting off your mouth. I could be more disrespectful, but I’m trying to be nice. War is nothing to spout off about, unless you’ve been there and done that. You better get your Vietnam history straight before someone else rips you a new one.

        1. Jay Taz says:

          All of you are misreading Dolly’s intention with her comment. I believe that she, and certainly me, is with you in your anger. We know war is hell and it is not to be taken lightly. And as I’ve stated, she is looking at war not as some political tool to be used at the whim of politicians or liberals, but from the human standpoint of misery and loss, but once into it g-damn it let the military do its job! Don’t take war lightly, but when it becomes necessary DON’T politicize it! Don’t put gloves and restraints on us, get the f**k out of our way and let us do what we have to do.

    6. jreg9304 says:

      Tell ;ittle kimmy to aim at Hollywood, since it is the excrementing orifice of America.So no more sh-t comes from there.!!!!!!!

    7. John Milhous says:

      Hey, IDIOT, in your wildest, most treasured dreams YOU WISH YOU COULD LIVE IN LOS ANGELES!!! ……..and, it is obvious that you would just LOOOOOOOOVE to live in Watts!!!!

    8. jacob mandelblum says:

      At one time I would have accepted WWIII to be settled by two A bombs:
      One on Moscow and the other on the ROTTEN BIG APPLE…!!!!!!

    9. Ben says:

      Better San Francisco.


    These confrontations are what the NeoCons , Deep state and Central Bankers cheer for.

  7. Why wait for the next display of their supposed weapon’s capability? That man is nuts. We already know what their lift-off rockets look like and that that nut case with the odd hairdo would like to wipe the United States of America off the map. Give then a warning shot with one of our lesser a-bombs the next time a rocket capable of carrying a load as heavy as even their weakest Atomic bombs–and warn them a finger is already on the “next” button. If you just sit by and do nothing, you, not that little freak will be responsible for Armageddon!

    1. jacob mandelblum says:

      Actually, the one who should be set straight is CHINA, who is the one holding NK’s leash….
      How about raising sky high import tariffs of Chinese goods….??????
      After all, isn’t Dollar Stores merchandise made at China’s “reeducation camps” from their Army…????

  8. ter334 says:

    McCain is supposedly a hawk. So ask him to elaborate on what he thinks needs to be done. It is not his decision so just running a poll to find out what others think. Including many sports persons and celebrities should be helpful to T. Also it will be helpful for T to act like a democrat and blame others if his popularity should slips and NK makes a big mistake and attacks us. He can act like a democrat and only want his legacy, his popularity to stay high instead by being PC instead of trying to do what is right for the country.

  9. Bob says:

    I say turn NK into a giant lake

    1. GrumpyGrandpa says:

      Do you have any idea how many Democrat Bizzillionaires are already eyeing all of NK as “assemblers” for their tech gadgets and stuff. Why they could easily make another $100B while the stupid taxpayers “saves” them from starvation.

  10. AnAmericanRight says:

    You want to destroy North Korea. Drop Ovomit and Whoreillary on them. Ovomit would raise their national debt so high they wouldn’t be able to finance nuclear endeavors. And Hillary would sell all their nuclear material material to Russia then they couldn’t build a nuclear bomb. Problem solved. And we would get rid of both of them. I think this is a win win for all.

    1. Ron says:

      Yep! Get Hillary or Obama to replace Kim Jong Un as NK President. Problem solved. They would destroy that country, from within, in LESS than 8 years! It has been PROVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Steve Spatola says:

      If Killary dressed in KIm Un Scum’s military uniform, who could tell which is Witch!

  11. uhptony says:

    Send enough nuclear warheads to N. Korea to totally obliterate it within minutes and then turn around and address these ass hole Arab/Muslim animals and ask one simple question. Which one of you is next?

    1. Pattie Kelly says:

      I like your attitude.

    2. John Milhous says:

      NOW somebody has the right idea!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPOT ON!!!

    3. Ron says:

      You get MY vote! Are you in?

    4. Traveller62 says:

      I wish. The only problem with that is: One-the prevailing winds, and two-it would get SK as well. SK is our ally in all this mess.

  12. ter334 says:

    T will be criticized no matter what he says or does. And the polls are the way to really find out who you should vote for so why not just have a poll of the liberals, muslims, singers. opinionators and QBs to find out what a president should do. After all they act like they know everything? It is unfortunate we didn’t have this type of poll in place when O was in office. They, he and HRC, wouldn’t have made the mistake of saying an LA video maker caused the Benghazi massacre and his prodigy birth certificate that was lost, then found would never have been lost by the State of HI?

  13. WilliamHarrington says:

    If NK decides to start things, I would suggest that, militarily, their best start would be to take out Guam and the Hawaiian Islands. This would take away our major military bases in the Pacific, both naval and air, thus limiting or even crippling our ability to fight effectively a war in the Far east. Although attacking LA or Alaska would cause heavy casualties the major effect would be psychologucal.

    1. Pattie Kelly says:

      OK you want NK to take out American military bases in Guam and the Hawaiian Islands in the major military bases in the Pacific both naval and air. It would be limiting or even crippling our ability to fight effectively in a war in the Far east? So you want a war and America to fail? Do you live in America? And I don’t know if you realize that turning against America in the time of war as stated in the Constitution is TREASON! What’s you point exactly?

      1. WilliamHarrington says:

        Pattie, read more carefully. I am not saying I want America to fail, I am only trying to point out that we should be more concerned.about places other than LA or Alaska which would make us more vulnerable.

  14. cowboy541 says:

    I would send Rdman over with aone way ticket.

  15. Doris Will says:

    If we have submarines with missile launchers, why can’t we take down their missiles when they are launched and over North Korea while they are testing before they are armed ?

  16. dasbunker says:

    If NK attacks us, the United states must respond with no more force than was used against us..
    That’s right the Obummer is gone.
    These backwards Asian Hillbilly’s.will be completely destroyed.
    Thank god for Donald Trump !

  17. drbhelthi says:

    Leaders of the governments of both Korea and Viet Nam have just cause to hate the USGov. They fear an additional attack by USA war-mongers, again under false pretenses. Former CIA station manager of Angola, former marine major, John Stockwell, summarizes the destruction of 3rd world countries by the CIA from 1950 – 1980. https //www youtube com/watch?v=l1_3ayrwkc4

    Compared to the leadership of the USA, the leadership of Iran gets a clean bill of health for trying to mind Iran´s own business instead of that of other nations. Except for threats and bribery, such as “the
    October Surprise of 1980“, by George HW Bush/CIA/MOSSAD, Iran has not interfered in USA politics. Even in 1980, Iran´s leadership cooperated with Bush, who fraudulently presented himself to be representing the USGov.

    1. Lee says:

      You mean in 1980, when Jimmy Carter couldn’t get the job done?. You say that Iran minds it’s own business. What do you call holding Americans hostage for 444 days?

  18. PM says:

    We’ve been waiting and watching North Korea for years, what’s a couple more months or years? We wait and they build more nukes and do some major damage to us. The time to hit them is yesterday, last month! If we continue to simply talk about the problem without addressing the problem, it will be too late for millions of people.

  19. John Wilson says:

    No one below has mentioned that NK also has the technology for building and EMP attack. Our electric power delivery system needs to be protected from terrorism, electromagnetic pulse attack, and natural Disasters. Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) caused by a nuclear explosion high over the United States –REPRESENTS an Imminent danger to the U.S. All it would take is a couple of explosions to send America back to the 1800s.”

    1. Steve Spatola says:

      Thanks to Jimmy House-builder Carter we outlawed the EMP bomb as it kills to many people and leaves non living things standing. Oh! Carter can rebuild them while he glows in the dark!

      1. John Wilson says:

        Hi Steve,

        Thanks for this info. I had no idea that the EMP was outlawed for production in the USA under Carter. I want to know more because I am wondering why, when it would not be too costly (in the overall scheme of things) to protect our electric grids and other machines. Legislation has been “out there” a long time and has gained no tractioneven though the threat has been proved real.

        1. Traveller62 says:

          Not enough money in it to pad the senator’s pockets first.

  20. David says:

    I believe that the reason NK is testing such high altitude ICBM’s is not to attack LA, Hawaii, or even Chicago. It’s to create a high altitude EMP that would knock out much of our power grid, communication equipment, etc., and create total social upheaval throughout the country. Especially worrisome is that we reportedly do not have a system to knock down high altitude ICBM’s. Best chance with the least world wide political aftermath is to take out the crazy fat boy that leads the country. Hope we still have some good snipers or CIA left to do the job after Obama decimated much of our defense capabilities.

  21. Pat Wells says:

    Good thing the Islamic Marxist puppet isn’t still president, i can just see that traitor making a decision. Then again, L.A.? Be a shame if the fat little jerk wiped out the southern half of Communist California..

  22. Nan Martin says:

    Funny yow so many are worried about their own personal rights to use other peoples money and are not paying attention to what is happening in the world… wake up buttercup…

  23. geneww1938 says:

    Read whole article. Long before retirement in 1993, our small group assembled a space borne, all beryllium telescope with a scanning mirror that when integrated, an IR sensor package and computer, could detect, track, discern the exhaust temperature and its speed, and probable zone of targets it could reach. By 1993 laser system demonstrated lock onto and knock-out of missiles and satellites.
    . With today’s technology, if that capability has not been integrated into operational systems aboard every ship and a constellation of satellites, then the Bush’s, Clinton’s and Obama’s administration should be charged … for allowing our defenses to deteriorate and allow our citizen to be vulnerable to foreign threat that is reported today.
    Prayer remains our best defense. Pray very specifically for what you desire out country to become. It is hard work but look what happened to the last election.

  24. Euclid22 says:

    I wouldn’t worry about North Korea or Iraq or Russia taking out anyone. The west now has technology that can stop intercontinental missiles or satellite missiles or submarine missles. The fact is that these countries are now in their final throws and living viability. But don’t take my word.

  25. Mick Fischer says:

    During the Cold War in the 1950’s General Curtis LeMay of the Strategic Air Command said in a leading Magazine: If the Russians bombed anywhere in the USA, they wouldn’t have a Country to return to. Do we still have the same capabilities?

  26. Trigger happy rogue nation leader with an attitude… not good ju-ju.

  27. A parallel to the Israeli 6-day war comes to mind, but with bigger bombs.

  28. Alleged Comment says:

    OH yes, nothing would be left of North Korea. For certain, should they lob a missile anywhere in our direction, including South Korea.

    But I must say, Kim Jong Un is the MOST GOOFIEST tyrant I have ever seen, next to oBama.

  29. danintampa says:

    Can’t use Nuclear against NK because of Nuclear agreements with the nations. 3 MOB’s would set them back and make them quit a nuclear program. 1 on Fat boys home and 2 on the mountain entrances. The shock wave would kill anyone underground and close off access. Cruise missiles on his missile launchers and it’s over.

    1. John Wagner says:

      Only problem is they have thousands of missiles on the Southern border, they would need to be taken out at same time. Hard to carpet bomb the whole border. Could try.

      1. danintampa says:

        You only need to take out the long range missile sites/launchers, after you get our ships out of the range.

  30. Palmer says:

    John McCain is Looney Tunes. He should go to and join the Democrats.

  31. jim jones says:

    The block headed little fuck will be the one responsible for whatever must happen.

  32. jacob mandelblum says:

    Farting around with this issue as it has been from time immemorial suggests that what will end up happening
    again is probably another Pearl Harbor….!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And what about the one holding their leash, that is, CHINA…?????

  33. JOHN STEEL says:

    its children I am concerned with. why should they suffer because grow ups are so dangerous.

  34. Bruce Allan Johnson says:

    Re-start the darn draft. Put some millienials in the krap.

  35. byronmullet says:

    War with North Korea means war with China. We may just have to wait till China realizes they don’t want to mess with us either and wakes up or North Korea tries to attack us.

  36. jacob mandelblum says:

    Veterans of this “conflict” should be the judges of what in hell it was, not the rotten politicians….
    “CONFLICT” MY ASS…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. jacob mandelblum says:

    To Bruce Allen Johnson:
    I saw it happening in N.Orleans to a veteran who hit with his cane a piece of shit wearing an American flag sewn to his fly…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. DollyT says:

    Politicians make the wars then send the military in to clean up their mess however they are determined to tell the Military how to do the job of cleaning as well!

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