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This New Obama IRS Scandal Is Bad News For Democrats

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  1. Lakshmi says:

    Koskinen should be FIRED and charged with conspiracy & cover-up . He is a DEEP STATE SATANIC ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE SWAMP CREATURE.
    AG JEFF SESSIONS, DO YOUR JOB! OBAMA & HILLARY are still running loose!!!

    1. Roy Ota says:

      Amen!!! The AG needs to do his job!! Soon we should know if Jeff is a part of the “swamp” that needs to be drsined!!!

      1. Richard Bagenstose says:

        that’s what i say , is their only one person that works with the a/g because it seems he can only do 1 thing at a time , when he and his people should be throwing out warrents left and right for the criminal activity of the last 8 years , i say sessions needs to go

        1. sophie bonner says:

          No he needs to stay. He is getting things done.

        2. Frank B. says:

          Yet you can’t name even one single crime that any one in the Obama Administration has committed.. asshole.

      2. sophie bonner says:

        Sessions is not part of the Swamp but he also is working with people who will put obstacles in his path to keep him from getting things done.

        1. Frank B. says:

          sessions lied to obtain his security clearance — I would say, that put him right in the middle of the swamp!

    2. disqus_XK9gIx2U7h says:

      I tots

    3. betty thompson says:

      I agree with you lakshmi

  2. Palmer says:

    Put Koskinen in jail for lying to congress. He is a slime bag. arrest him

    1. william surratt says:

      AMEN!!! LOCK HIM UP!!!!!

    2. kassa1 says:

      I have seen no one go to jail that should’ve gotten the gas chamber at the minimum under this administration not want to see even got a jaywalking ticket. There is concrete evidence totally against the left you name it they did it and got by with it because the media help them and they should be brought to trial also. From Gun running, to destroy our military with your morality, to take taxpayer dollars to kill babies, to do Manchurian style candidate killings on kids in schools to get rid of the Second Amendment. To aiding in abetting The Muslim brotherhood and by giving them money and arms, in Libya, Syria, and Egypt. From paying ransom to get our troops back that were hijacked, when the Obama ministration was in on helping them that being the terrorist, but what goes on and on more concrete evidence out there that you could shake The Trump Tower at.

      1. eddie47 says:

        Yes please do Lock Trump up for tax shenanigans and charity fraud. Since Trump is full of gas I doubt if a “gas chamber” would even penetrate his concrete noggin.
        Yes Trump should be jailed for attacking the Free Press and making a mockery of citizens right to Free Speech. We can’t allow any President to censor,lie and intimidate as he has done.
        Yes Obama’s gun running was not well thought out but neither was G Bush’s or Reagan’s.
        Federal Tax dollars are not used for abortion but you keep insisting on bring that up.
        Obama did not ‘destroy our military’ and the USA is the strongest military in the world and the most expensive.
        You are just plain sick to even suggest that “school kids” are killed to get rid of the Second Amendment. A mental institution would be too good for you peddling that nonsense.
        Money and arms to Egypt have been authorized for over 30 years and can only be cut off by Congress not the President . It will continue unless CONGRESS passes a different measure saying so.
        “Arming Syria and Libya”? Okay that is fair enough but the USA has been doing that for decades. Reagan in Afghanistan and in Central America . Johnson and Nixon in Vietnam. G Bush in Iraq,etc.
        Good for any President for getting “our troops back”

        1. kassa1 says:

          Eddie please grow a brain you’re really not that stupid are you. Trump Only use the text nipples that the government created. If you want to lock somebody up for real shenanigans as you put it then go after Nancy Polosi, she and her allies the Democrat party, made it against the law for people to do insider trading yet the exempt their selves were she made,Millions of dollars insider trading! Obama did destroy our military where have you been in outerspace or drinking that Kool-Aid again. You really can’t be as stupid as you asked how are you. You are three kinds of people for the Democrat Communist Party. One or people who are very rich and powerful, two people who are on the door, and three people are too stupid to think for their self. I believe you probably fit in the last two categories as most of the useful idiots to follow the Democrat party.

          1. 8_patriot_9 says:

            The Democrat Party is now a combination of Communists and Nazi’s. Three Investigators who were investigation Hillary’s crimes as Secretary of State, mysteriously found dead and one shot on the street is D.C. Nobody is going to survive long enough to give Hillary’s crimes away.

          2. kassa1 says:

            As for Hillary or the Obamas or Bill Clinton, Jesus one said many people sell their souls to get to the head.

          3. 8_patriot_9 says:

            20 Pieces of Silver is worth more today than when Jesus walked the Earth. $750 million donated to Clinton Foundation after she signed away 20 percent of our Uranium Mines to Russia.

          4. kassa1 says:

            It’s amazing how many of us so-called common folks could know this, and the supposed brains who are in the Congress and the Senate don’t have a clue, or else they’re part of the problem.

          5. eddie47 says:

            Donald Trump has done that for 40 years . One bad deal after another and 6 major bankruptcies where contractors were shafted and had to take losses because of his incompetence.

          6. kbmiller says:

            Dumbeddie47, why isn’t he in jail then? Do you think any Dumb A$$ ok RAT ever declared bankruptcy? Name the crime. waaaa waaaa waaa sniff sniff, the Dumb A$$ ok RATS lost. Stop whining you baby.

          7. eddie47 says:

            Trump is his own special manipulator. He is continually rewarded for his arrogance and huge mistakes. Most folks learn their lesson so why did Trump keep falling into the same self inflicted trap? AKA: Knows full well the taxpayer and equally corrupt laws will protect his assets while someone else has to pay for it.

          8. kbmiller says:

            What you just posted is straight out of the Dumb A$$ ok RAT playbook. HA HA HA Good intentions using other people’s money while you stumble along. How stupid are you?

          9. eddie47 says:

            I only comment to prove how Trump Trolls behave . What you say has consequences in how I respond to you and on other Trump sites. I’d like to see an improvement in Trump supporters intelligence but you failed again …and again.

          10. kbmiller says:

            Dumbeddie47, You only comment…… HA HA HA Sure eddie, whatever you type. You Leftist FOOLS love exposing your stupidity and ignorance. Keep it up.

          11. eddie47 says:

            Again you show your own total ignorance so what kind of FOOL does that make you? I shouldn’t have to come back and explain that to you now do I ?

          12. Kathy says:

            Really? Who is the fool here…hanging with all the dem losers YOU

          13. kbmiller says:

            illterateeddie47, read your last post dumba$$, It makes no sense. Did you finish 4th grade English. Thanks for playing and showing how stupid you are. HA HA HA HA Did you misplace your pacifier?

          14. 8_patriot_9 says:

            Hyped up on drugs scrambles their brains and, that is why they are less understood for their fatal thoughts of Communism.

          15. eddie47 says:

            Do you ever read your own replies? You keep repeating the same nonsense over and over again. At least show a little bit of smarts!

          16. kbmiller says:

            dumba$$eddie47,”(I shouldn’t have to come back and explain that to you now (Do I)”. HA HA HA HA Go back to 3rd grade Ignant eddie47 How’s bout, “duz I?” or “Be I doin’ dat?” Go back da ghetto dumbeddie47

          17. Kathy says:

            Dems are the biggest idiots…don’t even have a message except “hang Trump” .. can’t come up with anything else..what idiot would cast a vote for these jerks? YOU!!

          18. eddie47 says:

            You have poor reading comprehension and just a simpleton name caller. That’s no more than having an empty noggin!

          19. 8_patriot_9 says:

            Follow the Democrat druggies from the 60’s. Pelosi, Feinstein, Schummer and the other over 70 burned out drug brains. They have been taking money from the Arabs and the Russians for years. Now we find out that Russia has been funding the anti-Oil fools for years. What would America be without Oil? Marijuana is the word of today for the Democrats and their druggie followers.

          20. eddie47 says:

            You don’t even make any sense! “Russia funding the anti-oil”? LOL! Is that why Russia allowed Exxon and Tillerson into their country to drill for OIL? You are a wee bit on the nutty side.

          21. kassa1 says:

            Eddie I think everybody knows you’re brainless that you were Kool-Aid drinker and a useful if so you need not reply to anybody’s blogs is all you’re doing is making yourself look dumber than you really are.

          22. eddie47 says:

            I don’t drink but you have sure taken in the Trump Fool Aid . Go play your violin with someone else.

          23. kassa1 says:

            Eddie was you really born stupid or did you gain that over the years, being on the door and stealing from the backs of people who work for a living. You really need to grow a brain Eddie if that is possible but we the people need to pray for you because you are a b Eddie was you really born stupid or did you gain that over the years, being on the door and stealing from the backs of people who work for a living. You really need to grow a brain Eddie if that is possible but we the people need to pray for you because you are every bit as stupid as the people Hitler sucked in and Stahelin sucked in.

          24. eddie47 says:

            I’m not surprised you are so dishonest and just plain full of it. Then you go and repeat yourself….again. You need to pray for yourself and redeem that evil heart if you have one. I’ll try and decipher your rambling mumbo jumbo and what does “being on the door mean? I have never stolen anything so that is your first lie. I have worked 44 years so that is your second lie. I served 3 years in the Army with 13 months in Vietnam so you can go to hell you wicked lying little jackalope.

          25. 8_patriot_9 says:

            What Country did Hillary sell 20 percent of our Uranium to? Dumb asses never get their facts. Only garbage from the sewers.

          26. kbmiller says:

            Yep, eddie47 is a total moron.

          27. eddie47 says:

            Not near as stupid as you are since I have never “used other peoples money”. That’s you little lie, so enjoy

          28. kbmiller says:

            Dumbeddie, nice try, but you lose again.

          29. eddie47 says:

            I haven’t lost a thing but you apparently lost your integrity years ago.

          30. kbmiller says:

            dumbeddie47, but but but , dat be da dumb A$$ ok RAT way. Yu noes, tax aw dem der wookers so’s usns can be gettin hour we fare. Udder peeps money, u noes. Gets ma chex in da male.

          31. Kathy says:

            Just can’t stand to lose huh?

          32. eddie47 says:

            You can’t stand any facts.

          33. Robert Zraick says:

            you don’t have any facts.

          34. eddie47 says:

            Sure do and have presented several. Keep reading if you are capable.

          35. 8_patriot_9 says:

            Listen to the Liberal Media and know they don’t report facts. Only fools listen to their crap and eat it.

          36. eddie47 says:

            Wrong Again! My you are on a roll, all the way into the basement.

          37. 8_patriot_9 says:

            You are at the bottom of the Ocean wallowing in Whale Shit.

          38. Doug says:

            Effective, but too quick and (think about it) too kind.

          39. Doug says:

            Oops! My “effective” remark should’ve been placed here.

          40. Robert Zraick says:

            Eddie 47 Boo Hoo. Grow up.

          41. eddie47 says:

            If all you have is a mocking WHINE then that is all I need to know about you.

          42. Kathy says:

            Repeat…another poor loser, snowflake…grow up

          43. kassa1 says:

            what has Obama ever done except be a community agitator and sponge off the people and a lot of the people that he was born here when he wasn’t because when he went to college he filed as a non-resident of this country so we can get free college. You are just one of the useful idiots that the left loves but when they get through with you you’ll be grease for the wheelbearings

          44. 8_patriot_9 says:

            Obama only worked for the criminal ACORN screwing people out of millions. He came out of Office with a $100 million to his account. That is $98 million more than he had when he was elected.

          45. eddie47 says:

            Wrong! Try again! You’re no PATRIOT!

          46. kassa1 says:

            Clinton’s came out the same way they went in with nothing and now have over 250 million in the bank and counting. Oh by the way they like to chastise always the Rich for not paying their fair share well Obama on the surface last year made one and a half million dollars in on the surface he only paid 18% in taxes

          47. Robert Zraick says:

            The thing that Communists and NAZIs have in common is that they are both Collectivists. They believe that the individuals must sacrifice themselves to the State.
            The U.S. was unique when it was founded in that it put the individual first, and the State was to serve, not to rule.

            The Democrats and unfortunately most of the Republicans think that the government should rule rather than serve. Both parties are BIG government parties.

            The last election boiled down to a simple truth. Hillary is a murderer, and Trump in not from the government establishment.

          48. eddie47 says:

            ….and you feed on conspiracies about Hillary. Facts be damned! Maybe it would be nice if Trump understood facts about our government instead of always stumbling in the dark. We the people don’t need his inexperience ,confusion,strange fits of anger or a staff that doesn’t know which direction the wind is blowing.

          49. eddie47 says:

            You can throw insults around around all day long and you’ll still be wrong. Yesterday the US Aircraft carrier Gerald Ford was launched which was built during the OBAMA Administration . So much for OBAMA destroying our military. This is the second warship built during during the Obama Administration. So put your lies and wicked fantasies away.

          50. kbmiller says:

            dumbeddie, this is a conservative site. It’s you LIBTURD Dumb A$$ ok RATS who come on here to throw insults. How stupid can you be?

          51. eddie47 says:

            You better check your insults in the mirror IF that is a capability you possess? So far apparently NOT!

          52. kbmiller says:

            dumbeddie47asswipe, read your postsjerkwad. It’s you who started with the insults. Did you forget or just too STUPID to understand?

          53. eddie47 says:

            That was kassa1 or can’t you read? Okay Nasty BOY!

          54. kbmiller says:

            When I asked,”How stupid are you?”, I didn’t expect such a quick response. LOL, Yes I did. change your diaper little eddie munster

          55. eddie47 says:

            If you are such a PRO at diaper changing then please quick change your own. If you get the drift? Whew!

          56. Kathy says:

            Why then did he bring ALL our aircraft carriers, battleships back home to dock and do nothing?

          57. eddie47 says:

            Are we at war and with whom?

          58. kbmiller says:

            kassa1, eddie47 is that stupid.

          59. eddie47 says:

            Except he wasn’t speaking to me so go play trivial pursuit with yourself.

          60. kbmiller says:

            dumbeddie47, while you play pocket pool with yourself.

          61. eddie47 says:

            At least I have balls to play with and a joy stick for you to enjoy!

          62. Kathy says:

            This guy eddie47 is stupid..yes

          63. kbmiller says:

            Yes, incorrect data, as well as horrible English. He is a typical LIBTURD, still whining about the election the Socialists lost.

          64. 8_patriot_9 says:

            I have a complete brain. I am a lot older than you and, I have seen what Communism and Nazi’s are all about. I don’t cater to a Party. Only those who are American and, don’t sell our Country out to our enemies like the Democrat Commies do. Look how much Hillary made selling our Uranium to Russia. Can you say $750 million from the Commies she catered to?

        2. Phyllis Schultz says:

          Obama didn’t bring our troops back. He spread them out. We had Special Forces deployed in 134 countries, which is a 123% increase under Obama,, and we had troops dying in at least 6 countries while Obama was in office. More of our troops died overseas during Obama’s 2 terms, than under previous Presidents. He did cut our military dramatically. I don’t know where you have been but I’ve seen more than once that our military has been so underfunded that if anything happened now they would not be able to defend the US. He wouldn’t commit money for newer weapons or other military equipment for our troops. They aren’t even allowed to pray, or have a bible anymore with out being court martialed.
          Regarding your so called free press. They have the right to free press as long as they print the truth. The main stream media has done nothing but lie and fabricate stories, since the day the Pres. announced he was running, yet with all of Hilarys and Obamas lies and corruption, they report none of it, even though they have been caught many times over.

          1. eddie47 says:

            We have troops in 150 countries and it’s been that way for a couple of decades. That equals 300,000 troops. So there was no 123% increase under OBAMA . You need to ratchet that figure down almost 123%. We know Trump loves exaggerating and inflating numbers but you should be better than that. Once Trump send those 8,000 into Afghanistan then he will be the leader of troops in foreign lands. No one died in Yemen during OBAMA’s Presidency as they have under President Trump. There are now more US troops in Syria than under OBAMA . No US troops died in Libya so it depends on how you want to manipulate the numbers. “more US troops died overseas during Obama’s 2 terms than under previous Presidents”?? Total combat deaths in the Bosnian War ? ZERO! Only 3 casualties and they were non-combat such as a vehicle accident on base.
            ” NO money for newer weapons” ?? 1 trillion spent including the $80 billion in 2009 and the $80 billion in 2016. A new bomber was authorized,a new battleship was launched over a year ago in Maine . Plus the USS Ford Aircraft Carrier was build while OBAMA was President. Started in 2009 and completed at the end of 2016.
            The Free Press? They only print what President Trump says so it must be Trump that is the one slinging mud. ( lying and fabricating)

          2. Phyllis Schultz says:

            This information was not spread by Pres. Trump. It was an article by The League of Power, but it’s obvious you have no interest in anything anyone else has to say. The Free Press? Why would Pres. Trump have them spread all the lies about himself, and what about the many times they have had to recant or apologize, for spreading those false stories.

          3. Kathy says:

            You truly are an idiot

          4. eddie47 says:

            You offer NOTHING and you call me an “idiot”.? You are damaged goods and couldn’t punch your way out of a paper bag. AKA: Running on empty.

          5. Frank B. says:

            And to all of your stupid nonsense I simply say…. “SO WHAT”?!?

          6. eddie47 says:

            Another reply blocked. WHAT! Only lies can be told?

        3. Larry Pierce says:

          Your one idiot for sure. Stupid fucks like yourself are too ignorant to speak. Shut the fuck up.

          1. eddie47 says:

            Another Trump supporter flaunting their nastiness and deplorable behaviors. Act like a human instead of yelling into outer space in hopes some alien with rescue you.

          2. eddie47 says:

            Are you the one who blocked me? Whether you did or didn’t you are still a sick deplorable with a foul mouth.

        4. Kathy says:

          And another poor loser, snowflake is being heard from

          1. eddie47 says:

            ZZZZZzzz! Stop dumbing yourself down unless you like it.

        5. Houmid says:

          It’s not against the law to attack the free press. We’re just as protected as the news media are on that account.
          Fast and Furious may have been started under Bush, but it came home to roost and be covered up under Obama. Both of them should have been impeached and punished for that alone.
          Excuse me, but federal tax dollars ARE being given to Planned Parenthood who are using the revenue to fund abortions.
          It’s not sick at all to suggest that members of the government and political cabal deliberately set school children up to killed. Ever heard of Travelgate? Three government agencies used by the President’s wife to destroy an innocent man AND his entire family just so there was an excuse to fire him to turn his job over to a crony.
          Sending tax dollars to other countries is just plain theft from the American taxpayers, regardless of which President authorizes it. Needs to stop, NOW.

      2. Bob says:

        Obviously the Deep State is in control of the media, Clinton and Obama are all part of this Crime Syndicate, so they know they can get away with spying on people, murdering those who might testify against them, they couldn’t get away with it all if the CIA, FBI, NSA weren’t all a part of it as well. No wonder they are out to get President Trump!! It is something else isn’t it!!!

        1. kassa1 says:

          You’re right this is so complex that there has to be an evil power at work here and I believe the devil is in control of the Democrat party, and part of those in the Republican Party.

    3. disqus_XK9gIx2U7h says:

      don’t you just hate his smirk?

  3. bp 58 says:

    no one in the senate, congress, irs, fbi, cia, clinton’s, ohomo or any of his staff of hoodlums will face any prosecution for anything they have done,,but Trump will be drug over the coals for nothing..just because these left wing libertards are all paid by soros to stop Trump…no matter what happens to this country…these pedophile liberals need to keep there agenda hidden..

    1. Bolt says:

      Dear bp 58,

      Get to know your Congressman and Senator and begin to write and ask what are they waiting on.

      My conclusion? They are just as corrupt and cannot pursue their “colleagues” without a blow-back. Wow!

      It might truly be that bad.

  4. Poke says:

    IRS COMMISSIONER JOHN KOSKINEN is a lyin bastard…….smiling always. The IRS is not a legal organization.

  5. bp 58 says:

    sorry not agenda hidden but there crimes hidden..

  6. Robert Uda says:

    Why is the crook Koskinen still around leaking DEEP STATE classified information to the press for the other corrupt agencies, e.g., CIA, NSA, FBI, etc.? Fire that crook now! AG Sessions, arrest that man and throw him in prison.

    1. johnh says:

      I think that we still have to wait until President Trump gets his entire cabinet in place. Then heads should roll, and prisons will start filling up.

      1. william surratt says:


      2. Robert Uda says:

        Imprisonment cannot happen soon enough.

      3. eddie47 says:

        Donald Trump is also a prime candidate for prison. It’s his own fault his cabinet is not in place because he thinks he knows it all and doesn’t need them. When he said “he knew more than the generals” that should have been a huge clue that this will not go smoothly. He purposely creates problems and then blames others for his own incompetence.

      4. betty thompson says:

        john I sure hope so I agree with you

    1. Ron haymaker says:

      I’m beginning to think this swamp has no bottom!

      1. johnh says:

        There has to be a bottom, but it is DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.

      2. Redbone says:

        The problem with getting to the bottom is that it is always sticky and mucky and easy to get bogged down even though the putrid water is gone. Will take a long time for it to dry out for solid footing. We need to stop putting our trust in government and politicians.

  7. Ed Shick says:

    We have had enough of the socialist party and Obama , if we put him in Prison , that is great , Treason would be better, 8 years of Obama was enough, Sure glad Hillary did not make it!

    1. Mike W says:

      Obama – or – whoever the hell is really is – is a complete fraud. Once he has been totally exposed it will be hard to find anyone in this country who will admit they ever voted for him.

      1. Ed Shick says:

        I never voted for him as I was working in Chicago in the late Eighties , and 2 of my men worked as Acorn Agents with Barry so I have followed his life every since , He is like how low can you go, he was doing voter fraud at that time so Alice palmer would get elected to Illinois senate , he is a traitor !

        1. Mike W says:

          From what we can learn of him – he is most likely not Barack Hussein Obama Sr.’s biological son. His mother made pornos when she was 17 – a minor – with a man Barry calls a famous poet and his mentor – Frank Marshall Davis – who in reality is a “famous” (known) communist. We also know Barry has a strong resemblance to Davis. We also know Stanley Ann Dunham could not marry Davis because he was already married with children back in Chicago. We know that the Hawaiian official who certified Barry’s Hawaiian birth certificate – Loretta Fuddy – was a member of a small cult called SUBUD. I say was a member – because she died under mysterious circumstances in a small plane crash about a year after certifying that birth certificate. We also no she had been brought in from Washington (state) to Hawaii for the job. We know that Stanley Ann Dunham was also a member of that cult. We know that that cult originated in Indonesia and has it’s U.S. headquarters in Chicago. When you look at age similar photos of the cults founder Muhammed Sabuh and Barry – they are like twins. We know that Oprah Winfrey teaches SUBUD and George Soros funds it. That sure is a hell of a lot of coincidences.

          1. Frank B. says:

            Obsess much about Obama?— You know that may be psychological treatments available to people like you..

  8. davesnrakleberger says:

    all of obama’s cabinet should be in jail

    1. william surratt says:

      AMEN TO THAT!!!!

    2. Ed Shick says:

      Any one appointed by Obama should be fired by Trump when he took Office !

      1. betty thompson says:

        I agree with you Ed Shick

      2. Kathy says:

        That’s the only big mistake Mr. Trump has made…I agree with you…look where all the leaks have come from

    3. eddie47 says:

      So far there are plenty in Trump’s cabinet that should be in jail. Let’s start with Flynn and terrible adviser Bannon,then Conway and Sessions. Then work up to Trump himself ,Trump Jr and the rest of the nepotism gang.

      1. sophie bonner says:

        One crime at a time buster. So much garbage to clean up with regards to the Obama administration.

        1. eddie47 says:

          You’ll have to find a new garbage dump for the Trump administration for it’s piling up fast. We live in a Republic not a Monarchy and Trump is no king.

          1. Frank B. says:

            I think sophie girl is rabidly delusional…. And/or ingesting way too much of her own republican bath water… LOL!

          2. kassa1 says:

            Just remember Eddie you cannot insult underground person like yourself as they have no sense. I got a good suggestion please how I live my life on the line for this Constitution and the rule of law and the American way of life and you don’t like my country I suggest you move to Venezuela or you’ll feel more at home, as I’m not leaving

        2. Frank B. says:

          … I think you mean the previous Bush Administration… And Pres. Obama did a great job of cleaning up his mess.. But this disaster that chump is creating… My god!– Its gonna take us the better part of a decade to get things back on track!

      2. Frank B. says:

        Manafort broke many laws that required him to disclose that he was working for a foreign government. And both Kushner, and chump, jr. lied on official government legal forms that are criminal offenses!

    4. Frank B. says:

      Why… nobody committed an crimes. Just because YOU didn’t like them… who cares… that does not constitute any crime being committed.

  9. ROB says:

    In the congressional hearings he always had that crap eating smirk on his face as if to say there ain’t nothing ya’ll can do about it even though you know what we did. That is the attitude of the IRS. We are powerful and you better watch your step around us or we’ll be at your front door.

  10. Jeronimo Dan says:

    None of these people are going to be charged and other than a few lines in a news paper and a few words on TV and radio will be brought to the attention of we the American people. Other than that, nothing, na na, no real investigation, as these people are the D.C. Elite.

  11. eve says:

    No matter what these investigations and Congressional hearings reveal, nothing will be done against those in government. Look at Lois Lerner, getting her big fat retirement pension.

  12. Mike W says:

    We shouldn’t have to pay any taxes until these records have been found.

  13. skipfoss says:

    Investigations into every one of the Omuslime administration and the Clinton crime family should be reopened and prosicuted, there should be jail time for every one of these lying thieving crooks without exception

    1. Mike W says:

      The problem with these investigations is we have the foxes guarding the henhouse and they have the luxury of investigating themselves. All of the elitist career politicians in D.C are up to their necks in this corruption – how else would they all become so fabulously wealthy in so called “government service”? President Trump is one of us – he is not a career politician – and he made all of his money in the private sector. He is a businessman and as such he will be looking into how we have such a deficit and where all of that money went – that is something that the limousine riding – first class traveling elitist in D.C never want brought to the publics attention. So they have to do everything in their power to destroy President Trump and keep their dirty little secrets hidden from us – just like Obama’s – or whoever the hell he really is – records.

  14. vetteguy08 says:

    We keep reading about all these Obama era abuses and crimes. Unfortunately nothing seems to get done about them. It is time to stop talking and start doing something. At this point I really need to start reading about the Trump Justice Department starting to investigate and indite the people responsible for these injustices.

  15. Robert Seruga says:

    Go for it…….

  16. Jim says:

    Why do you think that they are called CONgress?

  17. Robert Dimmock says:

    Jeff, please tough it out, stay and defend our way of life. Do your job and makes us proud. Thank you.

  18. Ron haymaker says:

    Hopefully another nail in the DIMS coffin! Anyway Obama should be charged with the conspiracy of trying to pass as a human being!

    1. william surratt says:

      I’ll drink to that!!!

  19. Kenneth Fichtl says:

    it is a typical legal game .During the ENRON scandal , QWEST was required to produce the personnel records of some of the WHISTLEBLOWERS that were US WEST employees. Rather than comply they responded that ALL the US WEST employee records were destroyed in a fire at the COLORADO ZUNI COMPLEX The judge was irate that a company had no back up for its’ records . of course that was a lie This is the game the lawyers play

  20. Mike W says:

    When Barry was first campaigning he said that his would be the most transparent administration ever. The left wing loons bought that and never gave it a second thought when he started having all of his records sealed – hidden – from the public. How very transparent of him.

    1. Bolt says:

      Dear Mike w,

      Has not been that long since Valerie Jarrett announced the BHO Administration as the most transparent in history.

      If we put up with trash like that, we deserve what we get.

  21. Richard Bagenstose says:

    talk about obstruction of justice, 1st oboma did the investigation remember , not a smiggen of corruption ,this is like letting o j sit on the jury, then you have learner taking the fifth , and holder covering up for oboma, in 8 years they never got an independent investigation on anything oboma did,

  22. Rodger K. Shull says:

    how many more law breaking scandals are we going to have to read before we get to read, ARRESTED an NO BAIL set,. flight risk, ?? how many more,

  23. freedoms_glory says:

    Hold all employees at the IRS accountable for their jobs. There needs to be consequences for their actions or lack thereof. Get rid of Obama holdovers right now,

    1. eddie47 says:

      President Trump needs to be “responsible for his action” . He needs to stop manipulating the tax codes and committing charity fraud. Then he would have relevance with the IRS.
      The same with his business ventures in foreign countries. Don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk.

      1. Deeper says:

        Get educated little eddie47. Nothing Trump has done is illegal, just following the Laws already on the book.

        1. eddie47 says:

          Charity Fraud is illegal. He made several claims and even used another Maryland charity and deducted them on his own taxes. Corrupt and cunning to the core.

          1. Deeper says:

            Like I said get educated to the facts. Why did the IRS not catch that? More of the FAKE NEWS. Nothing there illegal apparently.

          2. eddie47 says:

            Trum’s Tax Lawyers ! Need I say anything more?

          3. Deeper says:

            You don’t have to say anything just learn the IRS rules that even lawyers have to follow. I notice from your other replies above that you have many other people that know you lack intellect of matters.

          4. eddie47 says:

            Lawyers can take a million dollar tax bill and reduce it to zero. Just another form of criminal behavior in helping tax cheats.

          5. Deeper says:

            Oh I see, you just have the names confused. That must be the Clintons that you are talking about. Re: Clinton Foundation! ! ! !

  24. Bolt says:

    Why should anyone be surprised at this? There can be not doubt that when BHO talked about transparency that it was simply another lie and part of the Alnsky game plan.

    Without the persistence of Judicial Watch, we would know very little.

    I know that the problems are pervasive, but DJT must move with certainty and zealously to correct this mess.

  25. jim says:

    open up all relevent emails and let the public have access to them then prosecute those involved in the cover up including Obama

  26. Redbone says:

    “So have no fear of them; for nothing is covered that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known.” Jesus – Matt. 10:26

  27. chuckie2u says:

    Nothing short of a right wing autocrat will be able to right the ship and the ruling elites won’t let it happen. The Politicians are making too much money to upset their apple cart. All of this will be swept under the political rug.

  28. chuckster says:



    What the hell!! Someone needs to look into this and soon!! How could this happen? I don’t believe it for a minute and I think Trump should put someone in there to to look into this crap!!

  30. Monica says:

    The IRS does not have any problem putting together information on someone they actually want to prosecute but now they mysteriously cannot find information requested by another party. Congress keeps obstructing appointees from our president and that must stop. They are so afraid of what this new administration will find out since Obama had the weakest cabinet and evidently everyone and anyone did what they wanted without any repercussions. It was worse than we thought it was.

  31. Mumsi says:

    When are these people goIng to be indicted for TREASON?

  32. GARY ZIERK says:

    THAN IN THE U.S. !

  33. justanagent says:

    I agree 100% with Judicial Watch. The IRS is continuing to ignore the law, and thumb its nose at the court in a concerted effort to obstruct justice and protect high level IRS officials who have committed criminal offenses. I would think that Trump would be just as offended as anyone. Again, Sessions seems to be unwilling to do his duty and open a real investigation aimed at indicting Lerner and Koskinen. Trump could and should order him to do so. If he refuses to carry out his duty he should be fired. If Trump is serious about cleaning up the swamp the IRS is an excellent place to start. This investigation would have nothing to do with Russia or Ukraine nor would it have anything to do with anything Mueller has a “mandate to investigate”. It would just be a straight forward non partisan criminal investigation targeting corruption, abuse of authority and criminal conduct within an executive branch federal agency that is supposed to be apolitical.If a corrupt former president has unlawfully “weaponized” an executive branch federal agency to suppress the constitutional rights and discriminate against U.S. citizens based on their political beliefs and affiliations then that must be properly investigated and the evidence presented to a grand jury. As far as I know there is no reason a former president cannot be indicted and tried for crimes he committed while in office. This is a perfect litmus test for Trump. Is he serious about draining and cleaning up the swamp or is it all political posturing? Certainly indicting Obama and the criminals at IRS would go a long way toward accomplishing Trump’s stated goal and taking out some major opposition from within the deep state.

  34. Vince says:


  35. RoseBrownlee says:


  36. monongahela says:

    Why aren`t the top IRS leaders in jail? Do we still have laws in America or are there some people above our laws?

  37. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    I would have already hung all the bastards, everyone should refuse to pay another dime in taxes until these people are held responsible , money talks and BS walks.

  38. Jon Henri Matteau says:

    This is some exageratted bullshit perpetrated by some jealous idiots. Obama is no longer in office. Why don’t you pursue litigating GW’s war crimes as well. You should be focusing on TRUMP”S tax returns that are soon to be released.

  39. Original Anna says:

    Why hasn’t the head of the IRS already been removed/fired. Of all the people with the refusing to make the Teaparty an official organization, the head of the IRS should have been fired first thing. Why isn’t Trump replacing him and forcing an internal investigation. This guy has probably and has had plenty of time to clean or destroy any records. Come on, get rid of him.

  40. kmeyer5063 says:

    There seems to be nothing new here. The only question is when the culprits will be brought to justice, if ever. My guess is that draining the swamp will not go THAT far.

  41. Sam Hale says:

    It is amazing what the Clinton New Network and the Obama’s has done to this country. IRS, the reason the congress leaves them along is, “they are afraid of this out of control bunch.”

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Until now!! The IRS has always considered themselves ‘above the law’!! They have committed all kinds of atrocities against people regardless of ‘stature’ within our society!! Seems no one dared to move against them. I know personally, if they want to make a charge against you and didn’t have ‘facts’ to back them up–they ‘created’ them!! Now we find ‘collusion’ with our ‘socialist agenda’ shadow government!! Why would we be ‘surprised’!! All that ‘liberal’ screaming about ‘Trump’s taxes’–and, once again, we find the ‘accusers’ guilty of the accusation!! There really ‘is’ a ‘new Sheriff in town’ and we haven’t seen anything yet!!

      1. Glenda Trull Kee says:


      2. eddie47 says:

        “new sheriff in town” ? Neither Sessions or President Trump are up to those standards. So whom are you referring too?

  42. Rose Ribitzki says:

    Drain the swamp ! … jail time for ALL involved ! ! …. ABOUT TIME THE SWAMP CRIMINALS PAY RESTITUTION and serve their time .

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Was just listening to Eric Rolling–author of ‘The Swamp’!! Super informative man. He was explaining how Pres Trump is, even as we speak, laying the ‘foundation’ to prosecute the criminals and traitors residing within our government. This takes time and careful ‘legal’ planning. It’s being done. Meanwhile, we need to continue to be patient and support Pres Trump in his efforts to bring this country back into a nation we can be proud of!!

  43. S. Segal says:

    What is President Trump and the Attorney General waiting for??????

  44. James Moe Morency says:

    Sorry, I don’t believe for a second this was incompetence. This is typical democrat stall and lie tactics. Just another Obama coverup.

  45. Autoharp1951 says:

    I can’t believe Koskinen is not in prison!

  46. FL_Stingray says:

    The Russians have all of the emails

  47. showmetheschoolrecords says:

    Charge and try Koskinen and Lerhner and any others implicated in the IRS records they lied about being lost or destroyed………………SPIT!

  48. Glenda Trull Kee says:


  49. TPS12 says:

    Must be great working for the government, commit crimes no punishment if you leave get a pension and benefits on the taxpayer. Wouldn’t it be nice if every job worked that way.

  50. whoda guy says:

    Yes, shed light on all the ABUSES of the left. The media is killing freedom of the press. Therefore, the fraud, greed and evil go unchecked.

    Time to turn the tables.

    Does anyone in the Trump administration read these blogs?

    I have sent them to the RNC and Trump campaign.

  51. Einar_Petersen says:

    Maximum Sentencing for EVERYONE DIRECTLY INVOLVED. Since “All men are created equal”, the Rules must EQUALLY apply to ALL Criminals!

  52. bp 58 says:

    you liberal turdes are full of shit you would rather have a criminal like ohomo or slick willy and his ho killary run this country into the ground…i hope you all get run out of your homes by these dirt bag mus-slims these asshole are flooding the USA with..

  53. nodo says:

    why does the government continue to get away with breaking the law, lying under oath, making a may game of the Congress? We keep getting news clips of the slimy stuff they keep pulling off and nothing is done to put them in jail. When do we say ENOUGH ALREADY?????

  54. Bruce Von Sprecken says:

    Those Obama Regime crooks are all still running loose. Jeff Sessions should start prosecuting these crooks as soon s possible! Hope Sessions don’t recuse himself again!!

  55. The duck says:

    Having been targeted personally by the IRS in 2014 tax filing I can attest to this scandalous practice of targeting law abiding citizens for punishment for being an outspoken conservative. Took three years to finally get it resolved and that was by way of Senator Moran’s office. I suffered abusive threats of confiscation of property and or annuity income. There are far more than Koskinen involved and each and every one of them should be in prison for their part in Obama’s attack on conservative principles and people.

  56. Deplorable Lanie says:


  57. sophie bonner says:

    Long overdue to act. President Trump must fire him immediately. Send a message to these criminals that there ARE consequences to their illegal actions.

  58. Bethony Sproles says:

    Trump should go after the crooked Clintons, the IRS,, and persons who committed crimes against the American people. Enough is enough. They need to investigate all of the pay to play congrssman

  59. harold says:

    What most people don’t realize is there is an active class action lawsuit in progress suing the IRS for their obvious treasonous ambitions directed by Obama. With all the judges who now are left wing, it will probably be thrown out of court.

  60. Phyllis Schultz says:

    It’s no surprise. Many of us have suspected it for some time. Lois Lerner should be brought to Justice and so should Obama, although we know that’s not likely to happen.

  61. Robert Olsen says:

    deport the sob back to his home country of kenya.

  62. gene smiith says:

    Less about incompetence and more, much more about COVER-UP

  63. John Bails says:

    obozo the fraud should be in jail for 76 other crimes as well, the f**ker isn’t even american all his records are fake. he needs to be dropped off in the pacific with the other democommies scum, tie them all together with weights like they did with the sick and dead slaves or line them up and shoot them toss them on a fire… something simple and cost effective.

  64. It’s WAY past time to stop TALKING about draining the swamp and begin DOING something that actually does Drain the SWAMP!!!! MANY slimy creatures are still lurking in the muck and mire…most all of them in fact.

    1. ter334 says:

      In America you don’t become an outlaw to rid the place of outlaws. Everybody is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

  65. ter334 says:

    IMO all that O did and had done by others was part of his plan. Possibly to defraud the American citizens to establish a new form of govt based on islam’s form of govt. Islam is the mother of socialism and socialism is the kingdom of man instead of the kingdom of God as part of God’s plan for planet earth. In a kingdom the king has all the power, makes the laws, stays in office until does he depart.

  66. rbblum says:

    DRAIN THE SWAMP is such a pithy battle cry by the people / patriots . . . yet, such an arduous task is so paramount in embracing the ideals and values of our constitutional republic.

    1. ter334 says:

      Hear, hear. Prosecutions, not opinions, take time. Personally I think T is winning and winnowing. If T wins, we win!

  67. rbblum says:

    Notice that the National IRS Taxpayer Advocate (an independent voice of and for the people) has not been seen nor heard from . . . IN. YEARS.

  68. Kirk Kahler says:

    well the team Obama/Clinton/IRS did not lose any thing they just made it all gone cuz they are corrupt and if there is no paper trail they once again skate free !!

  69. ter334 says:

    There is little doubt that some, maybe many, do not want T to drain the swamp because they will become identified as an outlaw and operated as an out law. Or perhaps will be exposed as one who supported an outlaw or outlaw activities, ruining their career? Perhaps this is soul searching time? All will have to decide do they want to be an outlaw? And what are the consequences of being an outlaw of govt laws as well as an outlaw of God’s Commandment? No one forces a person to be a righteous person plus there is no earthly penalty for living as one outside the Big 10. And the govt does not get you to heaven or to hell . Personal behavior determines that.

  70. OSNOFLA AIDNEM says:

    But the democrat, liberal, libertine, immoral ,corrupt, anarchist press, media and journalist, were and are neglectful with these crimes!

  71. Alleged Comment says:

    Demoncraps are liars. We all know that. The negro was a liar. He said we could keep our plans and doctor and cost would go down – that turned out to be a BIG LIE.

    In the real world this is FRAUD. Yet the negro was never arrested or charged. It’s time we change that.

  72. kunling says:

    Why is Koskinen still drawing a paycheck at the expense of the American taxpayer???

  73. Howard Buckley says:

    yet another good screwing the american tax payers got from a piece of
    shit president which the goverment will just let it go by because he,s a
    good old boy, we the american tax payers are sick of being bled to
    death for all the money odummer and clintons have stolen from us. and
    the worse part is nothing will be done because it was led by a congress
    who can,t or won,t do thier god damn job, but none the less they,ll get
    another raise out of it. we the american people have had enough of you
    bunch of assholes in congress. take odummers retirement and every thing
    he and clintons own. from a tax payer who knows nothing will be done
    AGAIN and AGAIN>

  74. Ed Cohen says:

    I believe the AG should open investigations into the IRS scandal and the Clinton Foundation and previous AG’s Lynch & her predecessor. Drop the Russian “crap” and the special investigator.

  75. Tom says:

    I find hard to believe (ok, naive) that real evidence is overlooked for the sanctity of preserving Obama’s so called Presidency

  76. kbmiller says:

    Like the HILL BILLY Clit ons did in Arkansas,these crooked Dumb A$$ ok RATS insulate themselves with ~ 5 levels of corrupt individuals between themselves and the felon actually committing the crimes. In this way they can all LIE and claim no one knew what anyone else was doing. The Dumb A$$ ok RATS, along with their campaign contributors, the Socialists and Communists have been corrupting the USA for personal gain for decades.

  77. Mo says:

    Time to lock up all criminal IRS employees and abolish the IRS altogether. A small group of accountants is all that is needed to collect the nations taxes and deposited into Federal Accounts for the Government to spend.

  78. CurlyJ555 says:

    Oh dear…. You IRS employees lost the records. Gee, that’s too bad. This means you will have all the money paid to you for “doing your job” confiscated. You are fired for incompetence and by the way, we may even decide to prosecute you. We have plenty of room at GITMO. Vietnam Vet. We NEVER forget.

  79. Kathy says:

    IRS is the next place Mr. Trump should investigate…they are so crooked and dishonest…part of the swamp he needs to clean out.


    Why is Koskinen still there? FIRE HIM DJT !!!

  81. Glenn E Moody says:

    That is about the time IRS did the crack down on Veterans posts we are tax exempt and due to the lack of membership eligibility dates from 1 January 1955 to 28 February 1961 & 7 May 1975 to 24 August 1982 & 31 July 1984 to 20 December 1989 & 31 January 1990 to 2 August 1990 to Present are eligible to join the American Legion if you didn’t serve on active duty between the eligibility dates 1955 to 1961 & 1975 to 1982 & 1984 to 1989 to 1990 you are not eligible to join witch caused a big lull in membership in 2009 the IRS came to my Legion post and did a audit and want 20 years of meal tax at 5% because the member in charge of building mgt. Didn’t know because we are a non profit tax exempt veterans club in 2010 we were given a choice to come up with $86.000 dollars imitatelly take a loan to pay or if we owned the building sell it or the IRS would put a lean on all the memberships bank accounts/ businesses/ property/ ect. so we had to sell it and our.s was only one of many the IRS went after VFWs and any other tax exempt Veteran organizations had to pay or close the doors and next was the church Obama & Clinton are real scumbags when it came to our Military & its Veterans & Obama used the IRS to close allot of them down & when Bill Clinton was President he closed down allot of our Military bases if Otis AIR Base was up to full running capacity the 911 planes would have been shot down or South Weymouth AIR Base all cut down & OR closed by then President Bill Clinton

  82. James Higginbotham says:


  83. Joseph Techiera says:

    Fire and incarcerate the IRS director fire Muiller go in and dismantle the IRS from the inside subpoena all records at the IRS put fucking Obama in jail

  84. Morena_nic says:

    write the white house and Jeff Sessions….to reopen all of the mistrial of justice. IRS, Fast/Furious, Hillary unsecured unauthorized server and mishandling of classified information, Clinton Foundation and Uranium sale to Putin, and Benghazi!!! ALL Now!!

  85. fishunter says:

    First, thanks to the Judicial Watch Staff. I believe this illustrates how far the DC Swamp extends. We do not know yet how the swamp is, but perhaps one day we will.
    This shows the lawlessness of the IRS and its leaders. We need to get President Trump behind this and push, push, push to bring the monsters into the light. Do not forget the gun running (Fast & Furious), by Erik Holder and Obama, or the IRS scandal regarding Conservative organizations. This needs to be done before the Statute of Limitations sets in and protects the DC slime.
    It is time for action!

  86. travis690 says:

    Please: Don’t call this an example of “government incompetence” under the Obama regime. Incompetence is a determination that the errors were caused by negligence or foolishness, with a lack of intent. What happened here was a plan set in motion by the miscreants involved to intentionally obfuscate the process and hide the evidence.

    This was an act of criminal desperation, conspired by several members of the Internal Revenue Service, to make it difficult or impossible for groups opposed to government spending from being able to obtain taxpayer identification numbers, and thus operate as organizations, raise funds, open a bank account, purchase supplies: In other words, to operate in a business-like manner.

    Oh…they also wanted to be granted the status of tax-exempt organizations.

    There needs to be a complete re-working of the Internal Revenue Code. I would prefer the Fair Tax, since this would end the nightmare of having to fill in tax returns by individuals.

  87. Houmid says:

    Incompetence, obstruction of justice, perjury. Yeah, Koskinen, Lerner and Co. all belong in jail, and to forfeit their retirements.

  88. Bill Chandler says:

    Obama and the news media was running nothing but a crime operation from the day he was elected. Cnn,msnbc, abc, cbs & nbc were all bought off by George Sores bunch in so called advertising dollars. This crook owned Obama lock stock and barrel before he ever stole the office of president. I only hope I live long enough to see everyone of them in jail where they belong. You have to ask yourself if you are still a democrat or you dumb enough to stay one and become one of the crooks.

  89. Pattie Kelly says:

    I would like to see some government officials including Lerner and John Koskinen in orange jump suits along with Hillary and Obama and Bill Clinton and well I could keep going on forever.

  90. Cindy Ward says:

    As I watched the hearings on the IRS scandal, I could hardly compose myself I was so infuriated by the lies in the testimony. Here is why. I have extensive experience as an IT As technician who worked for two Fortune 500 companies that maintained government contracts as part of their customer base, the IRS being one of them. Companies that do contract work for the Federal Government are required to comply with the same policies and procedures they have for data integrity and safe keeping. They claimed they couldn’t provide Lois Learner’s emails because the hard drive on her computer crashed and all the data was lost. First, email isn’t on employees desktop computers, it’s on a network server. Second, the servers are backed up every night with two separate backup systems. One backup is stored on site and the other is stored off site. Talk about lying and obstruction of justice!

    1. Bolt says:

      Dear Cindy,

      Why more IT experts with knowledge of practice within the government, in general, and the IRS, in particular, have not come forward like you, to blow the lid off the lies, I do not know. When the hard disc crashes and destruction of electronic devices became known, I explained the very thing, plus the fact that the chain of custody on who authorized what is a record keeping mandate.

      You and I both know that there are back-ups.

      This is just one more example of how thoroughly corrupt is all of WDC.

      As I have said many times, the DEM-RINO combine never thought that Trump would win or that their march to the NWO would be interrupted. It is important for us the be stupid and ignorant as long as they can get away with it.

      So, to all of you IT folks with backgrounds in government record keeping knowledge and requirements, where are you and where have you been? Is Cindy the only one among you with the strength of character to stand and seek accountability?

  91. flamingolady says:

    More blah, blah, blah. No one is going to do one thing about this, they will get away with whatever they do because the republicans are spineless children. Just once it would be great for the GOP to go after these lying, deceptive, conniving and corrupt lowlifes.

  92. Bob Stewart says:

    Absolutely dismiss any Obama hold overs. That is the only way to get to the truth. Obama and his socialist (communist) appointees are the most corrupt administration since Boss Tweed.

  93. …AND NOBODY will do a damn thing about this!!!

  94. william g munson says:

    Somebody should gone to prison period and others fired and no pention for Lois

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