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This Obama Attack On White People Was Ended By Trump

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  1. Robert Zraick says:

    Its about time. Yes folks, black people can be racist.

    1. CaptTurbo says:

      You calling that halfrican black? Well maybe a quarter at most. He comes from slave traders.

      1. Annie says:

        Obummer never wanted to acknowledge the ‘white side’ of his family!

        1. CaptTurbo says:

          Well being that his mother was white trash he did have a broken compass.

          1. reggie says:

            White trash with a PhD from U of Hawaii. Grandma (who he lived with from the age of 10) was one of the 1st female executives at the Bank of Hawaii. Bozo went to the top school in Hawaii, so he has no damn f’n excuse. Just like Kaepernick. They make me want to puke.

        2. GrumpyGrandpa says:

          His mother hated being white and Jewish, then acted on that hatred sexually and every other way they could.

          There’s 3 men in history, born to white females that hated being white and Jewish, passing that hatred on to their offspring. Adolph Hitler, George Soros and Barack Obama.

      2. Brad Tipton says:

        “HALFRICAN” ? A new word to add to my vocabulary. Thank-you. My Wife insists he is not a legal resident and should have never been able to run for President. And why has this fact not been irrevocably proven?

        1. CaptTurbo says:

          You married a wise woman. Hold her tight.

        2. harpo49 says:

          because the democrats are better liars than the GOP

        3. Shelby Olsen says:

          Of course, snopes, run by a husband and wife team (I would not trust anything that they say-they always have very liberal views), says that this is false. Listen for yourself.

        4. reggie says:

          Because he spent $millions of OUR money to seal his records. Both his birth and adopted fathers were Sun’ni muslims, by their law, that makes him muslim. He was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, was registered in school in Indonesia as a muslim. Being adopted made him an Indonesian citizen. Indonesia does not have dual citizenship.

        5. Deborah Pratt says:

          The ‘proof’ is there!! It just hasn’t been brought to a court of Law–yet!

      3. harpo49 says:

        bet they were not asking much

    2. Gen11American says:

      As Obama, Michelle Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Rep Maxine Waters of California, Rep. Green of Texas, and virtually every other member of the Black Congressional Caucus have fully demonstrated on countless occasions, especially during the past 8.5 years, the anti-White bigotry and racism which Blacks arrogantly display once they get into positions of political power proves the legitimate White Majority in the US should NEVER AGAIN give up Majority Rule to the Blacks, either in the White House, or in the US Senate, or in the US House of Representatives! And under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should radical Muslims be either allowed to run or to serve in Public Office! If American voters are too stupid to realize we are committing national suicide by electing ghastly politicians to supposedly represent our interests (93% of Demos DON’T), they’ll just have to suffer the consequences. Unfortunately, so will our children and grandchildren, assuming they survive at all.

      1. Frank says:

        Absolutely common sense …. I fully belueve it was fixed for Obama to win both times.

        A combo of voter fraud and totally undesirable opponents ( McCain and Romney )

        Yes if they survive at all. Not being one bit cynical to say that

      2. Shelby Olsen says:

        Not all black people. There are great people like Ben Carson and Allen West. Every race has good and bad. The only way race should be considered is the human race. Unfortunately, so many people are bigoted. It is so sad. The worse ones are usually the ones who accuse others and they want special privileges. Can you imagine this world if everything was done according to merit and virtues?! How amazing would that be to look at people for who they are inside…sounds like a Godly trait.

    3. Cheryl Detar says:

      Nah, they can’t. Just ask them.

    4. harpo49 says:

      not many aren’t

    5. mlmaston says:

      Sometimes ( more often than not ), even against their own kind. Black on black crime is evidence of this.

  2. Roy Veteto says:

    I find it interesting that those who oppose racial profiling support white privilege

    1. mlmaston says:

      Please… define ” white privilege”. If you mean working for what you want, and being successful in obtaining your goals….then, to me… that’s not white privilege, that’s called ” taking the initiative “, and that can be done by ANYONE…. regardless of skin color. White Privilege, Affirmative Action…. those are in and of themselves racist terms.

      1. Roy Veteto says:

        to mlmaston , white privilege [or whiteness] is something being promoted on college campuses that blames all of society’s evils on white people

  3. Daniel Mount says:

    All of these Washington DC Criminals need to be charged with Treason Right NOW!

  4. marco a. poshar says:

    You should call Obama -KING of all RACIST,,,,,,,,,,

    1. Janelle says:

      Marco, while I can think of multiple things to call him…….would like to simply relegate him to the dustbin of history. We have managed to survive other fools.

      1. mlmaston says:

        True… but it is a piece of history that we would do very well to remember….lest we repeat it.

        1. Janelle says:

          Unfortunately, we always do!

          1. mlmaston says:

            That can and must change… no excuses.

          2. Janelle says:

            And you are doing what to help that? No sarcasm meant…….just curious.

          3. Juanita says:

            I hear you. We have got to organize and push back. A huge movement or several small ones. Much of what was done is because no one stood up. A large part of that is because those of us who believe in law and order have heretofore looked to authority figures for leadership and protection. Now that we know that their primary, indeed often only, interest is in themselves we have to move in a different direction. Let them know that they will be joining the rest of those on the unemployment lines if they do not shape up. They need to also be made to know that if they attempt to remove Trump there is a high possibility of physical civil war and that their “authority” will vanish. That needs to be communicated calmly and not as a threat but as a fact. It needs to be pointed out that an attempt to remove a legitimately elected president through corrupt, illegal and evil means will simply not be tolerated. Their claim to authority will evaporate. Many on the left want that war because they think they can win it. They are wrong.

          4. Morena_nic says:

            Contact the new FBI director Chirs Wray at 202 324 3000 and Rod Rosenstein at the Justice Department at 202 514 2000…demand they clean the corruption and investigate the illegal spying of Americans. Brennan admited to Congress that the Obama Administraton spied on Senators who were critical of Obama but nothing was done. Unmasking of your political opposition was defenitely political motivated and A CRIME. Comey and McCabe and Mueller are all compromise and corrupted. McCabe should had recuse himself from the Hillary investigation and DID NOT. This is criminal. Comey nor anyone at the FBI recorded or even took notes when Hillary was interrogated but Comey took note of every conversation with our President?? Neither Comey or McCabe charged Hillary of perjury as she lied to congress during her testimony to Congress. It is time of a Special Counsel to investigate REAL CRIMES not fake ones but real crimes under the Obama administration… ALL OF THE CORRUPTION, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, DESTRUCTION OF EVIDENCE, CONCERTED COVER UP ON BENGHAZI, THE IRS, FAST & FURIOUS AND HILLARY MISHANDLING OF CLASSIFFIED INFORMATION, THE USE OF AN UNSECURED UNATHORIZED SERVER, THE DESTRUCTION OF EVIDENCE, PERJURY WHEN SHE TESTIFIED TO CONGRESS ETC ETC COMEY LEAKING PRIVILEGE INFORMATION AND ADMITING HE INTENTIONALLY LEAKED, WHY IS HE NOT IN JAIL???

          5. Morena_nic says:


          6. Janelle says:

            The feral government is no longer hiding their intentions! And you are correct……..they will find out most painfully how wrong they are.

          7. rfmbdm says:

            Preparing for the worst and Hoping for the best. obama shouldn’t say he was the president. He should just say he lived in the White House at the Tax Payers’ expense. Except when he was on vacation or out humiliating U.S.A.. That would still be lying, though because he also collected a very lot of ammunition for many weapons to be used against us by foreign armies. Or refugees. He is a globalist muslim. One world order type of believer. No?

          8. Janelle says:


          9. Deborah Pratt says:

            A lot more people are now aware and educating themselves about ‘who’ we elect!! Lots of people ‘used to’ vote a party simply because they ‘always’ have or Mom and Dad did!! Some of the candidates ‘got it’ simply on ‘charisma’—like Obama!! We are learning that is not a good ‘basis’ for voting anyone into office!! ‘Know’ your man/woman and know them well!! We found out–the ‘hard way’ how critical that is!! This country has always taken a rather ‘cavalier’ attitude toward its politics. We’ve had a few ‘rough’ presidential terms but nothing like this past one!! This shook our confidence and trust to the core!! Whether we like to face the fact or not—we darn near lost this country to a Socialist regime!!! We need to learn to value our freedoms and to guard them against those who would take them from us!!

          10. Juanita says:

            Obama was elected in large part because the US wanted to believe that it had hit the highest point on the matter of race relations. As a result, people did not see the red flags which were on view in spite of the spin doctors at work.

            However, I definitely agree with you that citizens need to learn about what the real candidate “is all about” before voting for him. People need to look at the person’s qualifications, background and any inconsistencies therein as well as previous statements and actions.

            Obama is not really that charismatic. He cannot put a sentence together unless he is working with a teleprompter. Without it, he sounds like the street thug that he is.

            Also, he know how to photograph well. All smiles. However,when he is caught not posing,the man has a very evil countenance.

          11. Scosh says:

            The Half-breed has done nothing but do his agenda to destroy America. There have been many lives lost defending what a great country we have. To let this no good Mulatto keep going is a real shame. If this Congress is not going to stop the former dark administration We The People will. Also, these no good RINOs’ McConnell, Ryan, McCain, Flake, and Graham to name a few need to be used as an example, one way or another.

          12. Juanita says:

            We all feel angry and betrayed. As you note, not just with Obama but with the RINOs. While he was in office, they pretended to oppose him but secretly conspired with him. Of course some of them were overt in their treachery. Now that he is gone, the rest of them are showing their true colors. The seven that opposed the the repeal of obamacare are prime examples.

            What we need are congressional term limits because the culprits feel that they do not have to answer to the voters.

            As for Obama, he is being so blatant with his treachery and crimes that at some point he will place himself in the position where he will find himself arrested and incarcerated. His arrogance is going to be his undoing.

          13. Bill says:

            You are 100% right. The American people have been asleep when it came to keeping an eye on the Gov’t. That has all changed. The ’18 mid-term elections are going to be a shock to the Dimms, who bring nothing to the table but obstruction.

          14. mlmaston says:

            Voting for fresh candidates, Republican or Independent ( No Democrats ). Vote out all, and I mean ALL incumbents…all the career politicians. Vote for the person you feel can get the job done….not strictly Party.

          15. Janelle says:

            Am in 100% agreement with that and have been beating that drum for at least four decades!

      2. Annie says:

        The fraud Obummer should be removed from the list of Presidents!

        1. Janelle says:

          There are others, Annie! Not as short a list as I’d like, but the weasels in congress are worse.

        2. harpo49 says:

          and shot stabbed and hung lets take no chances

        3. Janelle says:

          One at a time…..Annie!

        4. Nina814 says:

          Those eight years should be referred to as “the darkest and anti-American period in US history.”

      3. Robert Zraick says:

        I would rather he be relegated to a firing squad for treason.

        1. Janelle says:

          Too easy… ant hill, Robert!

          1. Robert Zraick says:

            LOL thanks

        2. mlmaston says:

          Actually, I’d prefer that he get the ‘Rosenberg Treatment’.

          1. Robert Zraick says:

            Very nice. Thanks

            I like to be reassured that some people actually know history. Obviously you are not a millennial educated in modern Liberal indoctrination centers.

            Just a note to everyone under the age of 35, history did not begin on the day you were born.

          2. reggie says:

            Now you Know, that when you present that “F” word, fact, they go into an apoplectic fit. Do it again.

          3. Robert Zraick says:

            Thanks. LOL. Nice to read a comment from someone who actually has a working brain, capable of logic, and rational thought, rather that hysterical emotional “feel good” lunacy.
            There are plenty of loons out there.

          4. Deborah Pratt says:

            ‘I’ almost had an ‘apoplectic fit’ when a ‘young’ person I know, told me the schools were planning on not teaching American history earlier than 1965!!! WHY??? ‘Because it was no longer ‘relevant’!! HELLO??? Parents—keep a very ‘close eye’ on ‘what’ your schools are teaching your children!!! This is beyond ‘ridiculous’!! Then, I hear Sharia Law IS being ‘taught’ in some schools??? Totally unacceptable!! This is taught under the ‘cover’ of a ‘Cultural Exchange’!!! It is NOT ‘culture’!!

        3. Janelle says:

          No objection from me.

      4. Holy Joe says:

        He is not the ‘Fool’ in the pack of cards – he is the Knave !

        1. Robert Zraick says:

          One might be able to forgive a fool. You are right, he is no fool. His attempted and continuing mission to destroy our country is not being fueled by stupidity. He is pretty smart and totally evil.

          1. reggie says:

            He’s a soros puppet just like the rest of them.

    2. ECwashr says:

      And KING Of ABORTION!! Only Senator to vote against The Born Alive Infant Act..

      1. Ron haymaker says:

        And I just read the Ill Gov. wants to honor Obama’s birthday! I’m beginning to think Bruce Rauner is a RINO!

        1. harpo49 says:

          yeah what a bad idea
          he was useless as a il state senator even worse as a US senator and we aLL KNOW HOW BAD HE SUCKED AS PRESIDENT

          1. reggie says:

            Yes, but he had soros money backing him.

        2. Raquel Salientes says:

          Rauner may have been forced to sign it, as he could not veto it. However, he did say that it was a good idea to honor an illinois citizen who became President. So, don’t think he’s a RINO. Believe it, he is!

          1. Ron haymaker says:

            I will never celebrate the day that despicable man was born, but I will celebrate the day he dies!!!!

    3. John T. Koszalka says:

      Both Obamas love to race bait. Barach has that smirk, and Michelle has the arrogance.

      1. harpo49 says:

        and together they have a quarter of a normal brain

    4. sherri palmer says:

      Trump is doing the right thing, and it is about time. Obama & his hag are racists!

  5. CHARLES S says:

    Long overdue!!!

  6. Sheri Gray says:

    Finally, our colleges have been controlled by uber liberal professors who have brainwashed our younger generations for years. It began innocent and just kept going more and more liberal till now they are all as radical as Berkeley! This is what is causing so many problems in America today! Kids have been schooled in “Progressive-ism” (read marxist/communism) for decades!

  7. john says:

    Racist ? I never met one that didn’t have a deep rooted dislike for whites………..once they get in a group of two or more the jive talking be startin……cracker dis and cracker dat

    1. Deeper says:

      I am white and I have many black friends where I live. Not all are racist.

      1. Ron haymaker says:

        Absolutely, there are black people & there are ni####s. I have meant my share of both!

      2. Glenn Newton says:

        And your a fool!

        1. Deeper says:

          Oh no! ! ! Another Dumocrat uninformed with Fake News trying to blame someone else for Hillary’s loss.

  8. vinny says:


  9. Gen11American says:

    A meritocracy, as our Founding Fathers envisioned, can only be maintained when the most talented members of our society are allowed to rise to the top. Instead, they’re being held back by asinine deliberate efforts of the Left to permanently alter the demographics of this country by flooding in Third World “Socialist voters,” or to discriminate against the legitimate generational racial majority of natural-born citizens in this country in favor of newcomers, including non-citizens, legal immigrants, illegal aliens, and even undesirable ME Muslim refugees! Whatever standards have been lowered to permit the least worthy among us to rise above the most talented need to be ordered by Trump to be reformed. That in combination with establishing a Merit-Based Immigration System instead of a disastrous system which has been based on “Family Reunification” since 1965, has a far better chance of achieving MAGA than ANYTHING the Democrats have put forward since JFK was alive!

  10. mlmaston says:

    Imho…Obama was the most racist of all Presidents to date.

    1. Frank says:

      Common sense says if you elect a militant black activist into po

  11. roboteq says:

    Affirmative Action has done more harm to Americans of color than it has ever done any good. Perception is reality, and the perception of Black and Hispanic Americans who have succeeded in academics is that they are not as good as White or Asian students because they were not required to be. No matter how hard Black and Hispanic students worked to achieve success, even if they exceed the standards imposed on White and Asian students, they will always be perceived as not being as good.
    Why would anyone want to put this kind of negative stigma on people based on ethnicity? The answer is the same as it was for justifying the Jim Crow laws; to make it seem like everyone was being treated fairly while making sure that Americans of color would always be perceived as being less than equal. Every facet of slavery will not be eliminated until Affirmative Action is eliminated and all Americans, regardless of ethnicity, will be truly equal.

  12. CaptTurbo says:

    Thanks President Trump! Please ask Jeff Sessions to end Obama. There is plenty verifiable crimes to stretch his scrawny Kenyan neck.

  13. geneww1938 says:

    That last illegal presidential puppet executed more damage to this country than any other single person in history.
    We should be on our knees daily … thanking God for answering our election prayers the way he did. Please continue those specific prayers.

    1. Shelby Olsen says:

      Yes, he is not perfect, but people are terrible with him for anything and everything. He is doing an amazing job. I cannot imagine being in his position and all of the good that he has done, and yet, he gets credit for almost nothing from many of the representatives on both sides of the aisle. May God guide and bless our president, our country and our citizens.

  14. ECwashr says:


  15. SouthernPatriot says:

    I am still holding on to “God and {my} guns.” I am a deplorable. I have always been a producer and not a taker. I pay every kind of taxes just about known to man: Federal, State, County, and city, property, ad velorum, occupational, social security (for all my employees, and some for myself), and in all my years of voting and all my years of life, I have never seen a worst POTUS than Obama, and I thank God daily that we know have the anti-Obama in President Donald J. Trump.

    1. Annie says:

      Thank God, hag Hillary wasn’t elected! Can you just imagine the state of our country now?! She should be in prison along with Obummer!

      1. reggie says:

        She should have been in prison 30 years ago.

  16. Lee says:

    In my opinion, Affirmative Action is one of the most stupid and unfair program ever created. If you are able, you don’t need any help to enter any university. All your accomplishments should be through your talent, not your race or gender. I am a woman, I studied hard and I earned, all by myself, my two Ph.Ds.: one in Indiana University and the other in the Sorbonne, in France. I would feel humiliated if anybody tried to offer me this kind of program. I did not, and DO NOT, need a crutch to succeed in my chosen profession.

    1. Shelby Olsen says:

      Good for you! That is how it should be…accountability and doing the work to get achievements. I would bet that, if these people would need a doctor, they would want the MOST QUALIFIED, not the one who got ahead because of special interest.

  17. jackhy says:

    It’s a blessing that Trump killed the Obarfo’s anti-white stance after all! Shame on those real American’s that thought this a–h–le was their night on shining armor (I left the ‘white’ out on purpose!).

  18. Richard Bagenstose says:

    the kenyan clown is nothing more them a black version of the kkk, another reason hillary lost the election

  19. Sue says:

    Their scores aren’t equal, they’re getting in because of the color of their skin. As a consequence our medical profession, businesses, teachers, and country as a whole have suffered. White children are told every day they’re worthless. Something has to be done. I applaud President Trump for recognizing the wrong that has been ongoing since the end of WWII.

    1. Shelby Olsen says:

      I know that there was a time that it was unfair to minorities. But, that was not the fault of most of us. Going against anyone for their skin color is not right either way.

      1. Sue says:

        Your answer as it stands is correct. However, it’s gone well beyond “either way”. This is the deliberate practice of promoting one color over another. A country that puts mediocrity above excellence can not be a first world nation.

        1. Shelby Olsen says:

          I agree. I live in a state where I actually remember some people doing that with minorities when I was a teenager (many years ago). I would have no part of it. It was a small part of people here, but they were wretched. The Bible leaves no space for such things. The human race is born in sin and until we turn from the world’s agenda and give our hearts to God and make our motives pure, there can be no change.

  20. OSNOFLA AIDNEM says:

    Barack Hussein Obamagedon, the muslim hybrid is a complex man, who is not white and is not black!

  21. A patriot says:

    Obama administration should be put on trial

  22. chuckie2u says:

    Trump should expose who funded Barry’s schooling and his passports.. Another little bit of news should be to tell the American public all of Barry’s fathers were Muslim and according to their doctrine so is he. His being a Christian is just another lie.

    1. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says:

      Amen! Obama was a fraud and a liberal moron!

  23. Chuck says:

    End of racism ? We still have Mad Maxine Waters, “The Queen of Racism”, still mouthing off. And
    a biiiiiiiiiig mouth it is!

  24. MarioSalassa says:

    Obama has been for 8 years America public enemy number one and the stupid naive liberal are still defending him to day, This brand the democrats as the party of fools. God ! please save America from these ignorant’s and blind fools.

  25. Gene A Daniel says:

    pbama caused morerace tensons than all the other presidents combied. The muslim illigitamate presendent should have been put in the slamer but due to the corrupt govt this didnhappen

  26. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says:

    Obama was an institutional racist thug! He hated Whitey! Obama was a disgrace a liberal Moron!
    Obama hated Traditional America, Christians, whites and little sisters ( Catholic ) he attacked!
    He hated Real America and what America stood for!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We rejected this Liberal Democrackhead Moron and we elected a Real President!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Rick D. says:

    It’s about time some positive steps will be taken to do away with the favoritism shown to minorities when considering college admissions. Acceptance should be dependent upon academic performance– not by the color of one’s skin. Under Obozo’s reign, minorities received preferential treatment. Glad this is ending.

  28. Albert Witte says:

    It’s about time!!! That has been going on for waay too long.

  29. Wyatt says:

    About time . Afirmative action gave us the likes of Eric Holder and by in large basically kept many a good student out of our collages . Blame falls on Lyndon Johnson and Democrats who pushed this program and those who kept it going . I was in collage in those years and witnessed much of the privilege these students enjoyed while others struggled on . Not only were they accorded preferential admission but , they were graded on a curve much more lenient than others but they were also accorded privileges denied to others on campus

  30. Ken says:

    Affirmative action is, by definition, a way to discriminate against whites, legally. Even if followed to the letter, it is intended to add to the possibility of minorities gaining seats at colleges at the expense of whites. It needs to be called what it is and eliminated completely from any college entrance criteria.

  31. ONTIME says:

    Barry Sotero the WH Fraud had his agenda of malicious intent and he with Eric Holder implemented many edits and mandates totally foreign to the rule of law and to the US Constitution and used and abused government agencies to the point where you could not recognize them…..Barry’s admin was thuggery plain and simple, it was criminalizing the US at will……..MAGA……America for Americans…………..All those who would like to see Barry and his thugs in a cell at GITMO…Raise Your Hand!

    1. Shelby Olsen says:

      I would raise mine high for that.

  32. Lorraine E says:

    I’m so happy to learn that Jeff Sessions found his backbone.
    Hopefully none of my tax dollars are being given to schools, colleges and universities.
    Best idea is to eliminate the dept of indoctrination in which students are trained to become socialists and Marxists. The entire responsibility for education should be returned to the states where students may actually be educated again.

  33. Gerald Holloway says:

    I can not believe Congress made a Day to celebrate Obama. Get real.

    1. Shelby Olsen says:

      I would celebrate an obama day if it was about him going to prison or getting shipped out of our country with not admittance again.

  34. Isabella says:

    I’m glad that, Trump will end Affirmative Action.I don’t like to make difference between people, but, I also don’t like if,some category of people are taking advantage just , because their skin are different then mine, it’s inacceptable. Revard and recognise the hard work not the color of the skin.

  35. harpo49 says:

    there are a lot of things that one could call him a hole communist race baiter dishonest a liar but I should stop now because they will not let the others go thru

  36. Obama was the biggest Racist ever, I shill hope he will be tried for treason and hanged

  37. MidnightDStroyer says:

    Might as well eliminate all of the race-based questions from ALL government paperwork that people are expected to fill out, such as on the US Census too…After all, by law, the only info that the government *requires* that you answer are necessary to collect taxes, such as name, address, phone number & specific information for contact purposes. Any other questions on documents is superfluous & counter to upholding Privacy Laws. After all is said & done, it was Democrats that insisted upon dividing Americans up according to race & heritage into hyphenated-Americans (African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Latino-Americans, etc). After all, we are Americans first & foremost, everything else is secondary, regardless of what Democrats & Liberals try to push down our throats.

  38. barnjoer says:

    Get er done!!!

  39. Disqus says:

    President Obama is a racist and should have been a healer.

  40. crockett says:

    In obozo’s term in office thats all we heard was play the race card , That is all he and other black people knew and it still sticks with most . Get over it and lets get back to just being AMERICAN PEOPLE ………That is what we are . The thing we all should be looking for is the terrorist that obozo brought here as refuges that were not. That is our as AMERICANS #1 thing to look for, As I still want my freedooms as an American. If you want to keep living look for those so called refuges he brought to our country ……..obozo was and still is the U.S biggest racist ever …………..

  41. Red Steiner says:

    This traitor and destroyor of everything we hold dear in America should be charged for his many and varied crimes against America and her people and sent to GITMO.

  42. Joe Martinez says:

    Too many stupid could not see him as being a Racist. Many Black educated people could see thru him. He doesn’t really care about this country. He is here to destroy the U.S.A and that is what the Democratic Party is trying to do. The reason no one would say much against Obama is because you have people like Jesse Jackson and the NAACP crying Racism. The Democratic Party is nothing more then CULT that want to keep the people poor and dumb

  43. Alleged Comment says:

    LOL! Reversal of Negro policies.

    Yes, with the sodomite everything was about BEING A NEGRO! We had to listen to it for 8 UCKING years!!!

  44. marlene says:

    Trump, the uniter. Just what the vile globalist traitors in the Senate don’t want.

  45. jim jones says:

    Can’t call him what he is on this site, they suspend you; so much for freedom of speech!

  46. Deborah Pratt says:

    Finally! My ‘white’ grand-daughter applied for a scholarship and was denied. She, admittedly, waited for the ‘last bell’ to apply but had maintained high grades all through High School. They told her they had all been ‘awarded’. That was disappointing but, she accepted it. Later, she found that many of those scholarships had been awarded to, students ‘of color’, who had grades much lower than her own. She found that she hadn’t been the only ‘white’ student with ‘high grades’ that had been ‘left out’! That was not acceptable and she became very angry and frustrated. In my opinion–and this applies to medical schools, as well–when we lower our standards for ‘any’ reason, we end up with ‘less skilled’ people in our work force!! We have promoted and supported our ‘brightest’ students in the past, for a good reason! Race should never be a ‘standard’ for higher education!! A lot of students need ‘help’ to further their educational goals and that should be based strictly on their grades and ability to pay–or ‘not’ pay, for their own college needs. My grand-daughter is still working part-time jobs, years later, to pay for the courses she needs!!

  47. Luis D Rey says:

    Marco A. Poshar,
    You actually meant that Obama is The King of all Rats along with Crooked Hilary(Hitlery), Chuck (Chucky) Chummer?, Eizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren, Nancy (Old and decrepit Witch), Pelosi and the Late? Harry Reid, lol..

  48. ter334 says:

    Even if there are no or only a few actual legal actions the threat of one will be like people speeding and see a police car so they slow down. Obviously discrimination will never be eradicated but now there are posted “speed limits” for all, regardless of their race. No longer will one group be allowed to drive the wrong way in a one way street. That is what happened with segregation, the demon-crat political enterprise of yesteryear. Perhaps the idea of scholarships itself is discriminatory? Ideally we are all responsible for our own actions and at the mercy, or lack of it, of our parents and family. As a taxpayer why is anyone responsible for me other than family and friends, and numero uno, myself? Or me responsible for others that I don’t know? For some reason govt seems to breed dependency?

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Not all scholarships are government supported. Some are grants from private sources. The ‘public’ supports deserving students for higher education because it benefits ‘everyone’!! Many ‘students’ do work part-time jobs to support themselves while going to college. We don’t want to lose some ‘promising’ young ‘surgeon’ to McDonald’s forever, because he/she can’t pay the high tuition of medical school!! On the other hand, it is only ‘right’ that those students be selected to receive help based on their grades and ability to pay–or not pay–their own way. Some children have families that can afford to pay, at least, part of the cost. Others are barely surviving as it is. That needs to be taken into consideration and ‘help’ granted where needed!!

      1. ter334 says:

        Sounds good. But who determines who gets helped? People; and we are all flawed. Not many sacrifice themselves for others. The govt can’t bring back the Garden of Eden and make the world wonderful again by helping everyone or only the ones it chooses. Maybe the old way is better? Make college reasonably priced so the opportunity exists for all who desire to enter and then have to produce or flunk out. Which we all have to do when we go to work, get married, etc. Neither you or I know who is going to be a surgeon or a party animal until they do their own thing. Govt is just not problem solving central, but it, they, can solve and help in many ways.

  49. JOHN STEEL says:

    BHO has don more to divide this country then anyone in my life time. It is a shame they put him
    in the white house. I was actually waiting for him to suggest changing its color. I bet it was suggested by his wife.

  50. ter334 says:

    The flaw that exists in society now is the expectation that govt can end things like discrimination, unwanted babies, some being poor, others rich, etc.. IMO as a free person I can legally discriminate against anyone for any reason. And do since I don’t allow the neighbor’s kids to live in my house, The power of the law was really evident when the govt imposed legal discrimination in the south and when Prohibition was enacted. It became illegal for whites to not discriminate as well as denying blacks some rights. The founders of this nation were either very smart or there was divine inspiration when they wrote the Constitution. They were aware of the power of the govt because they were subject to the whims of the king. The greatest danger in the world to people’s freedom is govt. And our Constitution actually places “speed limits: of what they can and can not do on politicians who then place speed limits on civil service employees and on private citizens and enterprises.. Ideally to punish us if we say kill someone, embezzle, and other laws based on the 10 Commandments and the good of society, such as defense of the nation. The purpose of govt seems to have been expanded beyond reason, in excess of it’s legally authorized obligations and focused on “solving” social problems, many of them created/encouraged by the govt itself. Such as 20 trillion dollars of national debt. And counting. The human condition can not be fixed by govt even though it can be considered broken. But people get elected by pursing this fantasy of fixing the human condition. Others don’t get elected as HRC found out. They, the insiders/establishment, have the buildings but we the people have the vote. Their power is fleeting like their fame, as is mine and yours.

  51. Billijean Goodwin says:

    Obama and Michelle have always been racist and they never hid it. So whats new? Its the blind tunnel vision of the people who thought he would be their knight in BLACK armor.

  52. Caro Line says:

    This is a fantastic move, housing needs this fair approach too.

  53. shawshank09 says:

    Over the years the blacks have become by far more racist than whites. Obama is prime example or should I say the biggest racist there is in modern times. He uses it to his advantage, “HIS ADVANTAGE” not for the advantage or any good for the black people. Blacks thought he was their massah, WRONG, he is his own massah, his own hero, his own (place what you think is right), his own advantage.The blacks thought he was one of them, wrong, he is his own man. The closest faction is the muslim, for being his people.He uses racist for blacks, muslims or (insert your own thought) for his advantage. He thought he could badger the rotten bunch in D.C. to award him with a third term. WRONG.
    obama is the monarch of racism, for his use, no one else. Even his so called family, he has thrown them under the bus.
    Anyone who though obama would keep them safe in post obumer times has found out one thing. NOT.
    He plays racism anytime for his own welfare. And that is what he has had his whole life, he’s never worked an honest day in his life. Well he doesn’t know what the word “honest” is.

  54. RockinOn says:

    I think the “Wheels of Justice” turn slowly, but in due time “God’s Time”, all who have been accused and caught in the corruption activities will receive their just reward ! All the way to the top, as time brings all things to Light, and will have consequences. Trump is believe was elected for a reason and God has His Hands on all of the works in progress !

    All of the deceptions will be illuminated eventually

    And all will be revealed !

    Once and for All Americans will have vindication for the wrongs of this man !

    1. Shelby Olsen says:

      In God’s time…if not with our justice system, with God’s. Praise be to God for His mercy, justice and timing.

  55. rennyangel2 says:

    I don’t want to discriminate ag. anyone, but the idea that qualified and more than qualified young people should be denied because some one else with darker skin fits a quota requirement abases the white student and often throws the darker-colored student into situations where he/she cannot perform; i.e.. putting a student who could never pass algebra in high school into a college calculus class.

  56. C.T. Dixon says:

    To be honest what does this have to do with Obama? Affirmative Action programs existed well before Obama was ever elected as President. Affirmative action policies have existed since the early 1960s.

  57. Fran Leard says:

    Obummer was a disgrace to our country and continued to turn his back on our police officer’s and veterans while causing so much unrest with his one sided black issues.

  58. roland Osbold says:

    Obama is the worst President ever ,he is so PROUD of himself , it makes me sick…..
    go to my Webpage on Facebook ,search,, ,the cure for any cancer, ,its free, the cure itself is so easy you can do it yourself at home, and it works 100%, cost 2-3.00$..People are spending over 100.000$ for useless treatment, at the end they still DIE… plus many more information you never heard of. GOD created Human Beings 1+billion years ago out there in our Universe, learn how they live and travel, they are far, far ahead of us, why 1/3 of the Angels rebelled against GOD, no Man has seen GOD, I did, find out what happen, it is a must read, you will be glad you did

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