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This Obama Scandal Just Exploded When A Deep State Leaker Was Revealed

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  1. kodster says:

    Reeks of Communist tactics employed by Stalin during his dictatorship. Obama and his minions are ALL Communists! This is the goal of the NWO… to conform the entire world into Communism. The reason why our children are being indoctrinated in their education systems. The final Beast System of the Book of Daniel.

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      It’s beginning to look that way, and if we don’t do something about it soon, it’ll only get worse. May I suggest a People’s March on Washington, along with a sit-in on the Mall for however long it may take to get Congress’ attention and force them to get off their asses and fix the mess or get kicked out of their jobs? Something like the World War One veterans did during the Depression to get their pensions?

      1. kodster says:

        In reality, that tactic backfired on the WWI vets. My suggestion… go in, grab them all, tar and feather them, and run them out on a rail!

        1. Kenneth Jones says:

          It did get Congress’ attention, and action was taken to redress their grievances. We may yet need to resort to marching on Washington.

  2. icemancold says:

    Well if Power had any connection to the CLINTON CRIME FAMILY she will quite possibly commit suicide if not she will plead the fifth or HUSSEIN OBAMA will have her LAWYER up.

    1. rightsright says:

      Notice her skin color and Susan Rice’s skin color! Who do you think the scapegoat will be?

      1. denphi16 says:

        my thoughts as well

        1. Willard Weems says:

          With any kind of justice, O’bama,Lynch,Comey,Powers and Susan Rice will all have an Orange jump suit, oh! Sorry I forgot HRC I think that probably covers the main group anyway!!

          1. Wynette Atkins says:

            John Brennan (Unmasking political foes of Obama) , Bill Clinton (meeting on the tarmac with Loretta Lynch and Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative), Patrick Kennedy (security decreased at Benghazi and cries for more security was ignored, missing $6 Billion from State Dept.), Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (election fixing in 2016), Donna Brazille (election fixing in 2016), Cheryl Mills (IRS Targeting, HRC Private Server, selling insider information Clinton Foundation Pay-to-Play), Huma Aberden ($6 Billion missing State Dept., HRC Private Server, Top Secret Information on personal computer shared with Anthony Weiner, Aiding Pay-to-Play), Lois Lerner (IRS Targeting), Eric Holder & ATF officials involved (Gun running to Mexican Cartels), Leon Panetti (Weapons taken from Libyia and given to Syrian Rebels (ISIS) along with help from HRC and CIA John Brennan), Ben Rhodes (Benghazi cover-up), John Podesta (Election fixing in 2016, and insider trading with Russia, while working for HRC Campaign), and Assist. FBI Director Andrew McCabe (cover-up and obstruction of justice in HRC Private Server-destruction of Govt. Records and Property probe, in his FBI Investigation, that he intentionally mishandled, most likely ordered by Loretta Lynch and James Comey).

  3. Patrick Murphy says:

    Treason is treason and somebody needs to be shot or go to prison and at this point in time shot is at the top of my list.

    1. kevin A Grumpy Old Man says:

      Orange suits for all in the oboma administration!

      1. Patrick Murphy says:

        I still like the shot for treason idea then they don’t come back to haunt you later if they got out of prison.

      2. James says:

        I’m with Patrick; only I prefer public hanging.

        1. Patrick Murphy says:

          James when i think of treason the only true action is to hang them high for all to see.

          1. James says:

            Public hanging was a very deterrent during the 1800’s; it leaves a very deep impact to see someone kicking out what is left of their life, while piss runs down their leg.

      3. denphi16 says:

        There’s room at Gitmo.

  4. Patriot( retired Navy) says:

    Powers got her marching orders from higher up the chain, but with this weak congress and their attitudes, these crimes will go unchallenged in any court of the land. Obama and his minions should be in prison for treason and other crimes and corruption they perpetrated on the American people.

    1. denphi16 says:

      ABSOLUTELY!! MAYBE it’s time for Americans to write to their congress and demand
      accountability. Tax dollars and witch hunt tax dollars are now being wasted on condemning Trump
      all driven by the Left. This special council is a mistake and should have been aborted by Trump.
      IT’s all so clear how America is unraveling. Trumps advisers better get Schooled real quickly
      very soon. IT’s time for Trump to go on offense in a decisive direct manner.
      The Dems lost the election but are winning the war in the trenches via gorilla warfare and
      political terrorism.

      1. Susan Johnston Bailey says:

        They are not winning the war, they are merely forcing delay of victory. In any event, you are right. It is time to demand the traitors in government be brought to justice.

  5. Elizabeth Raynor Short says:

    Witches of the United States:

    Hillary Clinton, Victoria Neuland, Samantha Power, Susan Rice.

    1. Gail Wasden says:

      And Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Maxine Waters, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Whoopi Goldberg and the loud mouths on The View, Ashley Judd and all the Hollywood dingbats who keep calling for Trump’s assassination, Former First Brat Chelsea Clinton Whatever her name is Now, and people who keep insisting that Hillary was an honorable and well qualified candidate for president.

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        Please be sure to add Elizabeth Warren to the list!! The ‘wicked witch of the East’!! I’m hoping Mass will be ‘smart’ enough to vote the ‘genuine’ Indian (India) American Citizen Shiva Ayyadura, into her place next election!!

        1. Gail Wasden says:

          How could I have forgotten the Indian Princess! She should have been right next to Nancy Pelosi.
          (P.S. You and I may be related; my name before I was married was also Pratt.)

          1. Deborah Pratt says:

            Hi Gail–My husband has a lot of relatives, especially S Shore area, Mass. Now that we moved to Maine–‘more’ of the Pratt clan. LOL Glad to ‘meet’ you. My ‘maiden name’–Marshall–Gloucester, Mass.

          2. Gail Wasden says:

            I am on Facebook as Gail Pratt Wasden and should have realized this would be your married name. My side of the Pratt family came originally from upstate New York but joined the Mormon Church in the 1830’s and now are mostly in the west. We also ran into a branch of Pratts who live in Hawaii when we moved herein the 1950’s. Small world: very big family!

  6. Michael DePoy says:

    Someone to Testify??……does she qualify for military honors at her funeral? or will she just vanish? Curious Minds Want to Know!!! hum Clinton involvement = Vanish Obama = DOA drug over dose…Lets watch.

  7. Jeronimo Dan says:

    This old saying they can be prosecuted to the fullest extent? That is a joke, no one in the government elite ever get a slap on the wrist, let alone prosecuted to the fullest extent! Ha!

  8. James says:

    OK; so another treasonous actor in the past admin. is exposed ; along with the admin. itself, now when do the indictments come out? When do the prison doors start clanking shut?

    1. Jeronimo Dan says:

      When do the prison doors start clanking?

      They don’t, this is the “Elite” of government and they don’t get Indicted, Charged, Tried, Convicted, or Incarcerated. And it doesn’t make any difference if your Democrat, Republican, Independent, Socialist, or Communist, if your in the Elite in Washington DC, there’s no law you can’t break and walk away from.

      1. Robert Zraick says:

        Yes that is true, but now it is time to change that. This is a government of the people, not of the elite. If we do not change this, we deserve the government we get.

        1. John T. Koszalka says:

          As one of the BASKET OF DEPLORABLES ONES, I would like to see all these people in a public hearing UNDER OATH. I guarantee they will start throwing one another under a VERY BIG BUS. Exactly like COMEY DID WITH LYNCH. NO CLOSED HEARINGS. I WANT TO SEE THEM SQUIRM FOR WHAT THEY DID.
          The biggest catch will be THE LIAR IN CHIEF OBAMA. Now we have a President who has done more in 6 months than Obama did in his lifetime.

          1. CommonSense4America says:

            If what you suggested were to come true, the whole bunch would become very constitution minded. They would all plead the 5th Amendment. NO ONE would talk just as not one of Al Capone’s gang members would talk about him. They are all crooks. It’s the Chicago way.

          2. Deborah Pratt says:

            You’re right about that. What people don’t know is that a person being questioned in ‘closed door’ sessions, is subject to a lot closer examination and ‘must’ answer some very ‘piercing’ questions. In a ‘public’ exam–like Comey could–they can refuse to answer under the guise of the information being ‘too sensitive’!! There are ‘pluses and negatives’ to both forms of examination. However, if you have a ‘sharp’ lawyer who will really ‘dig’ for information–the ‘closed examination’ is best.

          3. GrumpyGrandpa says:

            There was a common saying back in the 50’s “The only good Red is a dead Red”.

          4. CommonSense4America says:

            There was also an old western sayin,,,”get a rope”.

          5. jerrycollie says:

            The reason they won’t talk is because they don’t want to become another suicide statistic on the Clinton witness hit list.

          6. Darlene F. Donston says:

            They all LIE UNDER OATH! Even Dirty Bill Clinton lied under Oath about Monica! AND you can bet your bottom dollar that Obama LIES ALL THE TIME as has been proven! Just a bunch of SCUMBAGS ran this Country for 8 whole long years and CONGRESS DID NOTHING ABOUT SAYING NO TO ANYTHING! Absolutely a DISGRACE! Actually they are not Scumbags but would be classified as SOCIALISTS/COMMUNISTS that want to take down America and also with President Trump and wanting TERM LIMITS they don’t want to lose their CUSHY JOBS AND POWER ALONG WITH THE MONEY!

          7. Force Recon says:

            You’ll NEVER get ANY Demorrhoidic Leftopathic Corruptocratic Lieberal to admit that Trump has done anything except lie!!!

      2. justanagent says:

        IF you are correct then it means that we are no longer living under a legitimate government and we should immediately begin deconstructing it. The article 5 COS process is the best means of bringing this about, but it is slow and deliberative. If we could repeal the 16th amendment we could begin starving the beast. That would accelerate a collapse that has already begun brought on by a national debt that is rapidly approaching a point at which we will soon be unable to raise enough revenue to even pay the interest and roll over the debt. At that point the government will collapse in national bankruptcy. To those who believe the government cannot go broke because it can always just create more money, you are wrong. That is called “monetizing” the debt or devaluing the currency and it is the final effective admission on the part of the government that it is bankrupt. The first thing we will probably see is government seizure of all individual retirement accounts such as 401ks followed by negative interest rates which will amount to a tax on whatever funds you may have in checking or savings accounts. There will be no way to avoid this “tax” since we all have to maintain bank accounts to pay certain bills and negotiate certain types of business transactions. Your IRA will be replaced by something called a GRA or government (guaranteed) retirement account, paid to you at whatever rate the government determines. Think it cannot happen? It already has. Prior to 1964 everyone had an individual retirement account. We called it social security and it was yours individually. You had an individual Social Security Account Number (SSAN) instead of just a Social Security Number (SSN). There is a difference.So what changed and what is the difference? What changed is that the money in the social security trust fund was moved to the general revenue fund. Because at that time the social security trust fund contained a massive surplus LBJ could have a war on poverty, a war in Vietnam, and a GREAATT society without raising taxes beyond what even a liberal (for the times) democrat controlled congress would tolerate. The difference is that a pretty well designed sustainable government administered supplemental INDIVIDUAL retirement plan was replaced with a giant pyramid scheme and individual contributions were replaced with collective pay as you go tax. The forced “investors” who got in relatively “early”, during the first forty or fifty years, would be OK because there would be enough workers putting money in to support the retirees taking money out. That began to change when the baby boomers began to retire. The pyramid began to invert and there is no way to stop it. The bottom line is this. Due to an unsustainable social security entitlement system and a massive national debt that we will eventually no longer be able to “roll over” every year, our currency and our national government will both at some point collapse. The best we can hope for is a somewhat controlled crash because there will be no soft landing. Having said all this it must also be said that the collapse of our government does not necessarily mean the death of our nation. It might even provide an opportunity to build an even stronger nation based on our existing Constitution. We can begin doing that right now with an article 5 convention of states.

      3. TPS12 says:

        What they do get is a pension and benefits on the taxpayer dime. Crime pays for the elite.

      4. James says:

        “…the Elite in Washington DC, there’s no law you can’t break and walk away from.”

        There’s where your wrong my friend. No one can or will break The Law of The Almighty One and get away with it, even if they do manage to get away with breaking man’s laws

    2. RockinOn says:

      That’s the question I have been asking now for months, Sessions has plenty to do, he just needs to get after it ! There are a whole bunch of laws that have been broken by many in the obummer administration, time for them to pay for the crimes ! Hellooooo Jeff are you listening, we are tired of these criminals getting away with MURDER literally, get to your desk and do your job, evidence pile is over the White House roof already with proof of these critters get busy !

      1. Kenneth Jones says:

        Their eyes tell it all. They say a lot about their character..

      2. James says:

        I greatly appreciate the last picture. If I had my way; they would all be dropped from a short rope and long fall; after being dipped in pigs blood or pig shit!

    3. Kenneth Jones says:

      So far, we’ve seen nothing to indicate what she’s alleged to have done, but if she’s been involved as deeply in this scandal as the others are, she’s in real trouble.

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        She was demanding personal information of ‘citizens’ which she had no legal right to do!! The question being asked is ‘Why’? The answer seems to lead back to spy activity for Obama–also ‘illegal’!! Another ‘Why’–to bring ‘down’ Trump and those associated with him.

    4. VanceJ says:

      Don’t hold your breath, they are Dem’s.!!!!!

  9. Annie says:

    ms. powers needs to be locked up (for protection) until she would be forced to testify. Then put in prison for treason for life. the pension would be forfeited (something one loses or has to give up because of some crime).

  10. nodo says:

    Conservatives have control of both houses and the presidency. Who is responsible for letting this farce continue? We all know the Russian non-story is a bust. Why are we paying that Mueller chap to continue his witch hunt? Why are we allowing the rest of the cronies to walk free after doing all they can to bring down the duly elected US government? What is Congress doing about any of this? Why do they continue to ask for testimony on a fake news fiasco? What in #$#$# is going on?

  11. Derek McGowan says:

    Yet another person involved in this disgraceful episode. Problem is nobody is taking any action to prosecute these people. My suspicion is that there are a lot more people involved including leading politicians. No one has the guts to prosecute these enemies of democracy.

  12. Pamela Rich says:

    And the swamp continues to fill and our Congress does nothing. What are they waiting on? Oh, that’s right, someone who can’t point fingers at any of them.

  13. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    Well old Susan already refused to show up for hearings, so that would pretty much say she is guilty and waiting for the subpoenas to be handed down. Then her and the rest take the 5th, after that I would think all could be sent to prison for refusing to answer questions if a special prosecutor issues that order , that 5th does not protect them from sedition it only makes it worse for them . The senate and congress committees do not have the authority to send them to prison for refusal but a special prosecutor does yield the power such as Kenneth Star did during the slick willy hearing on white water, he imprisoned Susan McDugal for refusal to answer questions on slick willy and that bitch hillary and since being released you haven’t heard a word from her knowing slick willy and hillary would have her commit suicide. So get ready for the special prosecutors and a minimum of one year before anyone even gets charged. But this is the best way to proceed with this because a special prosecutor can make life just miserable for someone that he knows without a doubt is lying and guilty of the crime he is investigating.

  14. geneww1938 says:

    Thank God we still have investigator working within the Internet. I would never hear about this in the newspapers and only would hear this on the news because so many saw and commented upon the news they see on the internet.

  15. Lorraine E says:

    Surprise, surprise! The obama administration and demoncrats are keeping their promise to do everything possible to prevent President Trump from keeping his promises to the American people for the next four years. Bet nothing happens to powers and that she is protected by the “deep state” which is a tentacle of the one world government. The new world order/one world government is the Big Boss of all opposition to President Trump and she was working for them. It is written “who can fight the beast” and I must add his one world government.

  16. annefarrelly says:

    Let’s hope she squeals to protect herself! She was acting on orders from Hillary or Obama most likely.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Actually, she is between a ‘rock and a hard spot’!! If she doesn’t talk, she is subject to legal action. If she does–she’s probably ‘dead’ anyway. In fact, just the possibility that she ‘might’ talk–puts her in jeopardy!

  17. S. Segal says:

    If you really want to know the truth, read: OVERTHROW! Barack Obama’s Treacherous War on President Trump! Written by Matthew Vadum. Published by David Horowitz Freedom Center, P.O. Box 55089, Sherman Oaks, CA 91499. I believe that they are $3.00 for one booklet. This booklet opened my eyes.

  18. Mario Ruffino says:

    What year is Sessions going to indict all these treasonous and law breaking SOBs in DC. Mr. AG, do your job or get the hell out of the way.

    1. Ray says:

      Exactly, either crap or get off the pot. We the People, are getting antsy about all this corruption and NO body is being prosecuted. Damn, it has to happen.
      We have got to start somewhere here very soon and get it started. Soo get the Grand Jury going!!!..
      The Dumpocrats got a Special Council to investigate President Trump. So can the Republicans, if they had the guts to do it. There are good Republicans, but the RINOS holds things up. They will not stick together. Damn shame, got to be voted out.

  19. James Higginbotham says:


  20. Prosecute her and if found guilty sentence her to maximum time take away any retirement that is paid by the tax payers. This is the only way to clean the swamp! Severe penalties is the only way!

  21. AngB says:

    I’m so tired of this. POTUS needs to UNSEAL Obama’s records. He is SO guilty of TREASON! He and EVERY one of these LOUSY traitors MUST be arrest, charge and sentenced and SHOT! I don’t think there has been THIS many traitors since….our country first “broke away” and decided to become our own nation. This is just….insane!

    I think we DO need a new TOUGH AG who will just…get the ball rolling and not STOP until all the TRASH is dealt with in this country.

  22. Just Wondering says:

    LOCK HER UP until she gives up the tapes on Obama and Hillary !

  23. Maria castro says:

    He is surrounded by harpies and they are not only harming him, they are harming America.

  24. fordfool says:

    Id said earlier, “if U wanna know where the stink comes from, just look at the prior-Skunk House
    Iv no crystal ball but gonna be lotsa white-ink used soon…files erased…comp’s crushed…betcha
    Hoooha Team-Trump

  25. Raymond Levy says:

    Hang that P.O.S Obama,

  26. bp 58 says:

    what the hell do we pay taxes for…this is the kinda shit we get…these fucking lawyers go to congress or the senate then sell there souls to people like soros for money and power at our expense…to bad these fuckers bank accounts cant be hacked and zeroed out …thats the only way to hurt these shit heads and maybe term limits to help control the madness in dc…look what the libtards did they made ohomo millions of dollars its a scam and he was just a poor hoodlum from kenya…

  27. Nina Ferguson says:

    When they find all of the people involved in the unmasking of American citizens, they should arrest them and PUNISH THEM TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW. And, they need to go to JAIL. That includes Imam Obama as well.

  28. Deborah Pratt says:

    Finally, a ‘large chink’ in the ‘armor’ of the Deep State!! Sounds like the ‘baying of hounds’ to me–closing in on the ‘prey’!! It may have taken some time–not as much as I’d have thought, but it does seem to be ‘happening’!! Samantha is ‘pretty high up’ on the ‘totem Pole’–she could bring a LOT of people down with her. Hope she ‘survives’ to do so!!

  29. Vidad Makala says:

    Jail time for all of them.

  30. Monica says:

    I highly doubt anyone will be prosecuted but they should be outed of their jobs.

  31. Fedup says:

    When is Trump going to go after obama for sedition. It’s public knowledge that obama is out to destroy president Trump. Obama needs to be in prison for the laws he broke when he was in office and congress and HIS appointed attorney generals, holder and lying lynch let him get away with it.

  32. 1josephg1 says:

    If this is true why are these traitors running around free.

  33. Duane says:

    Are any of these scum bags going to be prosecuted???

  34. Bayside GolfClub says:

    Democrats are hollering and screaming in order to DISTRACT from their many,, many crimes. Already known and proven crimes..Waving their arms and throwing their feces around like Howler Monkeys.. Mo different..
    TIME to go on big time offense. A massive anti-corruption campaign, Nobody escapes, get back in the bushes and hide if you can, but nowhere to run and nowhere to really hide.
    They are funded by masive corruption schemes to funnel federal money of all kinds. This has created an army of the corrupt who will say and do anything, tell any lie, distract in unison to salvage their corrupt money grubbing schemes.
    SO… Here is what is needed. A Private sector anti-corruption team of auditors to scour the bureaucracies where Federal money has been doled. Give them the power to demand “the books’ and make it mandatory to maintain and produce said books.. Under criminal penalty. Pay them 10% for their efforts, making the entire operation FREE… While collapsing the corrupt machinery and saving the taxpayers 90% of otherwise pilfered Funding..
    DRAIN DRAIN DRAIN THE SWAMP with a vengeance and a quickness.

    1. denphi16 says:

      Judicial Watch has been doing this for a while without government funding.
      They only need to get Trump to hear all the evidence they have collected so far.
      They also need Trump to get the Justice department and FBI cleaned out
      of Obama holdovers. That’s where federal funds or support would help.
      The mess would float to the surface fast.
      They also have all the dirt on Mueller and know why this special investigation
      is a left wing farce.
      The real “Obstruction” to this country having a clean house is all coming from
      Democrats who are being paid to run our government in a legal, ethical,
      Constitutional manner.
      WHAT is taking place Now is the promise of Obama to “fundamentally
      change America”. This was his way of really saying, “destroying America”.
      He and his deep state comrades are still at work doing so and needs to be neutralized! Jailed, prosecuted , or whatever.
      in a manner that strips him of any Post Presidential Benefits. This includes secret
      service protection. Why should he be allowed to be protected when he has made this
      country a far more dangerous place to live for the average person or Cop.

  35. jerrycollie says:

    Normally if a person leaks classified material, they get arrested, tried and convicted, and fined heavily and sent to prison for a year or more; but if a person has a card in the Democratic Party, they can use it as a Get Out of Jail Free Card!

  36. Rodger K. Shull says:

    Lets see more names , of those doing bho,s an soros dirty work. but put soros behind bars an 1 ph call an no visitors , for month or 2 , an the system he an bho build will start to crumble .

  37. Patricia Eddy says:

    When something gets to critical mass, it blows apart. I am waiting for this mess to get to critical mass. It looks like it will be sooner than later if enough people THOUGHTS get behind riding our country of these traitors. THINK INDICTMENT

  38. cyh045 says:


  39. cathylovesyou says:

    Samanther Powers is married to Communist Cass sunstein who was part of the Obama Administration. MS Powers probably agrees with her Communist ideals as did Obama. I think we know the real Russian’s in the room.

  40. TPS12 says:

    Just another person they will allow to take the 5th or just refuse to testify. Pretty sure lying under oath will be no big deal if they ever get someone to testify.

  41. noah jonas says:

    When was the last time one of these self absorbed government officials actually went to prison? The last one I can think of was Clinton’s buddy Dem. Congressman Ed Mezvinsky, back in the 90s.

  42. game50 says:

    All of the Barry Seortoro a.k.a. Obama Administration…should ALL be put in Orange Jump suits and given a one way ticket to GIMO for TREASON. against America. He wanted the UN to take over America. ..Thank God Killary didn’t win other wise that would have been the case.

  43. Melvin Bennett says:

    Everything that’s been thrown Trump’s way, is classic Deep State misdirection with disinformation. A total inversion of reality where everything the demtards are guilty of, is inverted in Trump’s direction. And of course the Fake News media is complicit with the whole canard as they are nothing but deep state tools.

  44. suesueb says:

    When are investigations to begin on these nefarious people?

  45. JC Hoot says:

    We know who most of the treasonous morons are when do we just start filling the prisons with them? Really tired of all this drama being played out drag their butts to court and getting them sentenced. Weird how this country wants to jump all over the little guy that takes pictures but leaves the people in money and real power alone. How about some justice in this country. Put em all in orange!

  46. pemaddin says:

    If the whinny weak GOP would start prosecuting these obama leftovers we would see a stop to this. They may love their lib ideas but bet not one of them would be willing to go to jail to protect obama.

  47. drbill27 says:

    Drain the swamp……….Please.

  48. MORE CORRUPTION from the previous admin….

  49. David VanBockel says:

    But will the Patriots overcome the traitorous Leakers
    before the Leakers destroy the Patriots?

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