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This poll Was Devastating News for Barack Obama

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  1. Larry says:

    Oslobbo is a worthless delusional faggot, naturally he thinks he is invincible. Hopefully even after he leaves office, someone will blow his head off !!!!!

    1. FIRE1949 says:

      Everyone has an opinion, but I only pray to GOD that HE give obumma his just rewards as soon as possible. Your wish may coincide with GOD’s will. In the interim, I just pray.

    2. The Dutchman says:

      14 days and a wake up and the queer muslim bastard is gone!

  2. American_League says:

    President Elect Trump vs President Reject Obama, interesting poll.

  3. rodstew says:

    ….so the rabbit wants a do-over with the tortoise……. Sorry, one fairy tale is enough.

  4. jonrmoore says:

    Most all of the Obama voters would be those working for the government or living off the government !!! None of those people should be allowed to vote.

    1. sobelle says:

      I believe that people who are on welfare and food stamps should have their voting rights suspended until they are no longer dependent on the government. That is the biggest conflict of interest that exists in this country and is tantamount to handing the keys to the hen house to the fox. If you are depending on the tax dollars of other US taxpayers to survive you have no business voting.

      1. Vassiliki says:

        I disagree! People on food stamps are not all democrats! They work but don’t seem to make ends meet especially during the Obama years so they need a little help to feed the kids. This may be due to job loss, underemployed, etc. Don’t put all food stamp recipients as leeches and democrats.

        1. jonrmoore says:

          That is fine but they should not get to vote themselves more and more at our expense. If is was not for giveaways, do you think there would even be a democratic party?

          1. Vassiliki says:

            The people do not get to vote themselves more money and how many actually get out and vote? Food stamps is calculated upon one’s income and how many dependents one has. Did you know that food stamps have been reduced in the last 2 years for families that make the same income and have same dependents in previous years? I read an article this summer that stated that US citizens are getting less in food stamps due to the illegals- that is wrong! I would rather give to an American family that works than to illegals.

          2. bjpurg says:

            Calm down Vassilicki…people who are on welfare should not get to vote…those who are receiving food stamps or medical assistance but no welfare check should!

          3. Vassiliki says:

            I agree with you on that. But it seems people are confusing cash assistance recipients and food stamp only recipients. The first group does not work the second group does.

          4. Bruce says:

            I think you are making a good arguement, but you’re fighting an uphill battle because there are SO many welfare abusers taking advantage of the system. Unfortunately, the individuals who fit your description are a smaller percentage of the total number of people receiving benefits and you get lumped in with the abusers. There needs to be a better way to separate the abusers from those in need.

          5. Vassiliki says:

            I agree with you and thank you. We do need to get rid of the free loaders and help those that are truly trying to make a living but quite can’t make it or had an unexpected change of life circumstance.

          6. InTheKnow327 says:

            @Vassiliki said “Food stamps is calculated upon one’s income and how many dependents one has.”

            Yes, that’s true – but the legislation creating the formula is passed by legislators elected by voters. People living off the government will tend to vote for legislators who are likely to give them more and more benefits. The point is that legislators, mayors, governors and presidents should be voted for by the people who contribute to the tax base, not those who have arranged a lifestyle around taking from it.

          7. Vassiliki says:

            By receiving only Food stamps one is still working but not able to make ends meet. The ones on cash assistance do not work (they also get rent money and food stamps, medical, etc). The food stamp people usually do not arrange a lifestyle around food stamps but are actively working and should have a say in their government. I understand what you are saying but I do know quite a few families that fell on hard times under the Obama years and have relied on food stamps to help feed the kids and they are republicans. I just wish people didn’t lump everyone as a free loader if they are getting partial assistance from the government due to hard times.

          8. esquire2 says:

            Could it be that OUR “Legislators” delegated their responsibility to the Agency running the program .. too much “legislative authority” is delegated .. such as CHILD SUPPORT GUIDELINES, which are included in “RULES OF COURT”, so the Court makes the law and enforces it … Totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL !

            How does this Happen? Ask the (corrupt) BAR Association.

          9. The Dutchman says:

            What a load of crap! Look at just how many more parasite have been added to the rolls in the past 8 years thanks to the obozo buying votes with his free bee program!

          10. Vassiliki says:

            that was also due to the high rate of unemployment under Obama! As well as the illegals.

          11. The Dutchman says:

            If it weren’t for the parasites, the unions and the hollyweirdos there wouldn’t be a dumbocrap party

        2. toad says:

          Nobody said they were all democrats. However, there are people out there who do not and will not work. As long as they can continue to be supported by the taxpayers they will do so.

          1. Vassiliki says:

            I agree and I think there should be made to work x amount of hours if able bodied (not including seniors and people with disabilities) otherwise they get off.

          2. Nikita63 says:

            With all the failing infrastructure in this country, the interstate highway system and nation’s bridges in particular, there should be a work for welfare program like the WPA which could put the indigent to work doing necessary repair and maintenance work.
            It would prevent much welfare abuse of food stamps, EBT cards etc. and would alleviate the taxpayer burden so that they would at least GET something for their tax dollars in improved and better maintained infrastructure, I am in sickeningly liberal Massachusetts but, one of our sheriffs here just vowed to help Trump build the border wall by releasing prisoners to do the actual; labor and lo and behold: once the news got out , other sheriffs from all over the country thought it was a great idea and are volunteering to do the same! That is more progress than the Progressive mouths and mindless autobots like Elizabeth the “fake Indian” Warren and other doltish democrats
            have done for us and Trump has yet to be sworn in and accomplished more in 8 weeks than his predecessor has in 8 YEARS!

          3. Vassiliki says:

            I agree but you are also talking about prisoners which is different from people on welfare or food stamps. look at this scenario. let’s say a single mom gets a job for $8-$12/hr and works 40 hours a week, it still isn’t enough to cover all expenses. I would rather have her go out and work and supplement her income with food stamps than her not working and getting cash assistance, rent, and food stamps. There should be programs to help train them to get a better paying job- in the long run that will pay off.

          4. Nikita63 says:

            That there are many people on welfare and food stamps that deserve the aid and are trying to help themselves out is not in question but, the means to do so under THIS administration from hell ARE! There are too many unemployed vets on these programs and many of THOSE are people who by practice and as a result of Honorably acquired service disabilities lose more than a few meals, including homes since they have either very limited or no ability to work at all. Those who I witness every day in my home state using aid to buy booze and lottery tickets and who NEVER make an attempt to find any work because it is not NECESSARY. are the ones I am looking to get off the rolls of the dole.Those who need should get what they need but, those who abuse the system and remain indigent by choice and find other means of acquiring unreported income through drug sales or other criminal activities should be held both responsible and accountable. However, when so many of those who MAKE the laws Break them with impunity it is exceedingly difficult to have any credibility for the JUSTICE system. And, have you seen tonight’s latest racial atrocity against whites by 4 blacks who beat and tortured a retarded white teen ? Welcome to a sick America Courtesy of Barack Obama! I CANNOT WAIT FOR TRUMP TO BE SWORN IN TO END THESE ABUSES, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

          5. Vassiliki says:

            I am counting the days as well! That horrible incident with the special needs young man is unspeakable! I work with special needs teens and they are the sweetest, innocent and trusting people. It just broke my heart to what they did to this susceptible young man! I hope they get many years in jail!!!

          6. nicholsda says:

            The left would claim that having them work outdoors would be cruel and unusual punishment for the non-workers. Heck, there were days when we wanted to get out of the building in mid-summer. And that included the head person. We got chewed out about it by higher ups too. Said they paid us too much to have us out cutting our grass or pressure cleaning equipment. So they farmed it out and we had to stay inside. 🙁

          7. Nikita63 says:

            The left would claim that ANY form of actual labor was cruel and unusual punishment. These leftists are nothing but career Marxist oriented parasites living off the labors and work ethic of the rest of us . I am a 72 year old Vietnam disabled vet but in SPITE of it, worked for forty years after my service and retired with a belated government rating of 100 % disability. due to a multitude of conditions caused by late blooming exposure to Agent Orange, so I do NOT want to hear the leftist BS. I have no respect for any of those bums. I earned respect in triple canopy jungles 12,000 miles from home with an infantry unit in Vietnam. These scumbags should either work when it is assigned and they are able or lose the right to vote and if they are here in violation of law, deported, not mollycoddled. When you have a troll for president who encourages violation of existing immigration laws and encourages them to VOTE when they have not the Right but do so because HE fails to enforce Constitutional law, it begs the question WHY he was never impeached or forced to resign. The answer is a criminally complicit and cowardly enabling and empowering CONGRESS! Remember that 2 years from now and remember to Vote all such pond scum parasites OUT OF OFFICE, IN BOTH PARTIES! they are supposed to represent American citizens and have failed us miserably!Trump has given us , the unspoken and unrepresented American citizen silent majority the opportunity to take back what is ours: the damned Country. LET’S DO IT!

          8. Rose M. Arieta says:

            Did you hear that the ACLU already stepped in…causing trouble

          9. Nikita63 says:

            Hell! What else would you have expected from the Asinine Communist Losers Union?
            Their methodology is strictly from the Marxist Dialectic . No wonder the outgoing Narcissist so loves them. They are as totally UNAMERICAN As he has been!

          10. esquire2 says:

            the ACLU is actually the AACLU … ANTI-American Civil Liberties Union! (socialists)
            … goes all the way back to Madeline Murray O’Hare!

          11. esquire2 says:

            You have just “contradicted” yourself!

            Retirees with a record as “taxpayers” should NEVER lose voting PRIVILEGE!

            BTW, Voting is an earned “PRIVILEGE”. Rights come Only from God! See Declaration of Independence. … beyond the authority of government … Think about it!

          12. bovestrian says:

            There are a lot of able bodied folks out there who are confirmed dead beats. I’m sure they would find a way to wiggle their way out of working.

          13. The Dutchman says:

            You can bet tour ass most of them are dumbocrap parasites. Normal folks work for a living!

          14. Vassiliki says:

            normal folks also got laid off work and are underemployed. They might qualify for $125/mo for food stamps if lucky. Don;t be so hard on people in these tough times.

          15. The Dutchman says:

            I worked all of my life and never drew unemployment. Never got laid off either. Had a company go bankrupt on me once and was working again in a week. Normal folks don’t need welfare, the sick and disabled do but not the parasites the system is overloaded with today. Just look at all the ones that stay pregnant just to get more.!

          16. Vassiliki says:

            Good for you. But I do know educated families that lost their professional jobs and were only able to get mennial jobs – therefore underemployed and aren’t making it. The older you get the harder it is to attain employment in a professional field.

          17. esquire2 says:

            … and they continue to VOTE for their personal Gravy Train!

        3. Nikita63 says:

          They are not but many of them are Disabled Vets and cannot get the help they need despite their life changing and HONORABLE service and so the screening ought to be based on need, physical ability and mental competency to DO the work required. The problem then is our kids and others who were indoctrinated under Common Core and other idiotic systems of so-called education really do NOT have the minimal skills which are necessary for some types of work. It is not their fault, it is the system adapted to make all Americans malleable and a nation of Sheep by DESIGN. I was born in 1945 and such was not so in my early school years or those of my contemporaries. IT SHOULD NOT BE SO NOW!

          1. Vassiliki says:

            I agree with you. In another post I did mention disabled vets, seniors and the disabled should not have to do the work requirement. I also agree with you about the educational system and how it has shaped our young people today.

          2. Nikita63 says:

            Perhaps the question should in fact not be concerned with Americans for the most part but with the millions of Illegals in this country. I OBJECT to supporting those felons and that is what they are the minute they violate, our laws by entering illegally,. They should get nothing from American taxpayers but deportation. period. The quotas were lifted years ago and never observed so there is no need to violate the laws to come her.If they do, they need to be investigated as many are felons on their countries of origin and others pay Cartel members to deliver them here. Some actually make good citizens but, it does not change the fact they entered illegally and so should be subject to lawful penalties for doing so! Recently, Sanctuary Cities received $342 million in aid , much of it CUT from Veteran’s Administration programs for the abuses but, they originate from POLITICAL APPOINTEES and the laws concerning termination for cause simply do not exist. It can take up to ten years to end such scumbag’s employment. A Chief Administrator MUST be given a carte blanch authority to hire and fire at need and depending on qualifications with a Veteran first opportunity in place. Do not try to tell me it is not possible. I AM a Vietnam Veteran and changed careers at 53 after 26 years in Food Manufacturing, retrained in Transportation, acquired the necessary training and licensing through a VA program and worked in it for my last 15 years before Agent Orange exposure manifested itself and caused me a variety of problems. As insidious as it was, I did what I had to. Others CAN too, but ONLY IF YOU HAVE THE WILL AND THE OPPORTUNITY! I had both, Today that is not always so but I think it WILL get better after January 20th. It better if our young people are going to have any future at all and they ARE the future of this country which is why this current reign of terror has been so damaging!

          3. Vassiliki says:

            I agree with you and hopefully these sanctuary cities will be dissolved and the illegals sent home or off the government programs. I am sorry to hear about your agent Orange exposure and thank you for your service . By the way, are you Russian or Russian descent and are you celebrating Christmas tomorrow?

          4. Nikita63 says:

            I am not Russian or of said ancestry. I am the descendant of both Greek and Irish immigrants who came here LEGALLY. I was the first in my family to acquire a college degree and it happens to be in Government achieved in 1967 and by the same date the next calendar year I had already been several months in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive and assigned to the 199th Light Infantry Brigade. I AM proud of that service but NOT for the sake of this government or the general populace who treated us all as criminals and I despise democrats as I was present when a certain scumbag one of them , my former junior Senator and a soon to be Ex-Secretary of State ran on a long forgotten river in Vietnam as cover fire for a joint Riverine operation Army-Navy. . FORGOTTEN BY MANY, BUT never by me. And, it was verified in the co-authored book, Unfit For Command by Dr. Jerome Corsi and the scumbag’s replacement, John E. O’ Neille. I make NO APOLOGY for my views as I EARNED the right to espouse and declare them in service FAR more Honorable than most of these Congressional career parasites. period. My oldest son is a current candidate for A PhD in Marketing and Sports Management from the University of Georgia and has a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology from James Madison University, an internship with the Boston Celtics,and two Masters in Sports Management and Business Administration from the University of Ohio. He did not serve in the military and I would NEVER have let him though as a college graduate with a degree in Government in 1967, I enlisted to fulfill a citizenship obligation as I knew I would be called upon to serve. I was eight months through my tour when I was DRAFTED in the lottery, at #4 though I had enlisted the previous year while we were still under Selective Service. My only regret is the moral swamp this country has become SINCE that service to PRESERVE everything this president and administration have sought to destroy in total violation of the SAME oath I took to “defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States against all enemies. foreign and domestic…” Not to become such and enable others to subvert it as well! Respect is EARNED. I have NOTHING but disdain for the abuses of the last eight years AND THOSE WHO AUTHORED THEM!

          5. Vassiliki says:

            I was wondering because Nikita is a Russian name. My sister adopted a little boy from Russia named Nikita, he is 11 now. So we have some common blood. I am a full Greek, my parents were LEGAL immigrants, so I am first generation American. You should be proud of your service. The service men and women do not deserve the government we have had and especially the treasonous traitor that we have today. I pray that nothing happens to Trump- they are trying so hard to get rid of him and to make it impossible to clean house and do right for America and Americans. 14 more days! You must be very proud of your son, he has accomplished quite a bit academically. My girls are still in HS and have to put up with this transgender crap (it has gotten so out of hand) and the liberal education. Fortunately, I was able to home school them for the first 7 years so they have a good foundation and question the BS they are trying to teach them.

          6. Nikita63 says:

            Both sides of the family came around 1900. My father and his were BOTH career Coast Guardsman . My Mother’s father was full blooded Macedonian Greek and so, I knew all the heroes of the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C. and understood early on what the concepts of duty , honor and obligation were. My Greek Grandfather came here in 1906 and ten years later fought in France with the AEF as a doughboy.. As to my screen name: it came about when I was a Freshman in High School in 1959. I was assigned to debate from the Russian point of view in a World History class why we should still trade with the Soviet bloc nations and Russia in particular. The girl assigned to argue the American view was born and raised in then occupied Communist Lithuania and in the debate she was handing me my head as my heart was not into defending anything Russian in the vitriolic days of the Cold War! In desperation, I took off my shoe and began beating the podium as Nikita Khruschev had done in the U.N. General Assembly in the previous year! The class cracked up but my instructor waylaid me before I could leave. He was hard put not to crack up himself and lectured me on never being that disruptive in class ever again. He would have had more credibility had he not had such obvious control problems because he did mention it was a VERY effective example of how to apply a knowledge of current events in a “somewhat” appropriate venue. I was nicknamed Nikita forever after and, was notorious in my class for the nickname . I adapted it as a screen name with the advent of computers and so, now, as the late great Paul Harvey used to say in his broadcasts when America WAS American and media was far less controlled and far more HONEST in its reporting than is so today: you know the REST of the story!. My Greek grandfather’s name was Alexander Nagos Arges. The woman he married from Cutler, ME was a woman surnamed Parsons but her given first name was Clytemnestra! Go figure! To hell with the liberal losers and lunatics. It sounds to me as you are doing right by your girls and in this day and age you too , should be PROUD of them and yourself for raising them correctly. There was a a time when I wished to have a few grandchildren to spoil as my grandparents did me but, not in Obama’s America and it may NEVER be what once it was. More is the pity for that sad fact. Perhaps in a revamped by Trump America but, at 72, and with the liabilities from Agent Orange, who knows how much longer I have left?

          7. Vassiliki says:

            I love your story on how you got your screen name! Both my parents came after WWII – they lived in Greece during the war and the communist war afterwards as teenagers and I will never forget their stories. I am Spartan and proud of it as well as being an American! I have wondered the same thing about my children having children (not yet – they are still in HS!) and what kind of world it will be. Even what kind of world will it be when they are adults…I don’t think it will be too good, even with Trump in office (it will be better but for how long?), the globalists are too strong and I worry. !3 more days till that impostor is out! Today I celebrate the birth of Christ – so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family 🙂

          8. Nikita63 says:

            The thugs and government goons of the New World Order are not as strong as they think they are and there are signs that the world has had enough of their BS. We are throwing the democrats out of power and repudiating the Obama lack of any meaningful positive accomplishment as he has NEVER earned anything from Real Americans but disdain and contempt. He sorely needed to be held responsible and accountable to Constitutional Law as the anti-American racist, brigand he has always been. Brexit is another sign of rejection of globalism as is the FACT that Angela Merkel was required by her people to deport 215,000 Muslim ” refugees,” for the murders, rapes and outrageous demands and attacks on German citizens IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY; just as it is going on here and wherever these vermin contaminate local cultures with their hatred of all things and persons NOT MUSLIM. However, in a few more days, Trump WILL be sworn in and,Hopefully those acting in such manner in this country will be be held responsible for all they do under Constitutional Law, NOT SHARIA. If they so desire to follow Sharia Law in their homes fine, but this is America. Not Mecca or Beirut or Cairo , neither is it Aleppo and we will NEVER allow that kind of crap here. They will be held responsible and accountable to the fullest extent of constitutional and American law and that should NOT include any foreign law at all as long as we remain a sovereign nation. CAIR has stated they are here to DOMINATE, not assimilate. The soon to be ex-president has appointed 14 Czars who are members of the Muslim Brotherhood to high and sensitive positions in our Government. It is an outrage as they are considered a Terrorist organization in many countries.Yet, a criminally complicit and cowardly CONGRESS allowed this without objection! Is this service to their American CITIZEN constituencies? I do not believe so and we need strict term limits, an end to Congressional benefits paid for life for decades after active service ends. No one in the private sector receives such, why should they when they are so utterly incompetent? We need also a civilian review board to approve ANY raises for those nit wits based on PERFORMANCE and adherence to their duties and obligations to AMERICAN CITIZENS. If others do not like that, THEN LEAVE THE U.S.~! We do not need more enemies within than we already have! Had they lived up to those duties and obligations, the most important of which is to act as a check and balance on the power of the Executive Branch, We would NOT have had Obama as long as we have. and THAT would have saved us TRILLIONS in additional debt. period.

            Thank you for your best wishes and may they be returned to you a thousand fold! Perhaps this time NEXT year it will not be considered a crime to celebrate Christian holidays and perhaps also, those who wish us evil will no longer be with us. I did not serve 12,000 miles from home 50 years ago so our enemies could destroy us from within aided and abetted BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT AND PURSUING THE END OF THE CONSTITUTION THEY ARE ALL SWORN TO DEFEND AND UPHOLD. WE, SERVING IN THE MILITARY HONORED THAT SAME OATH GOVERNMENT GOONS RARELY DO. THEIR PERFORMANCE RECORD SPEAKS FOR ITSELF IF ONE LOOKS AND CHOOSES TO SEE THE TRUTH!

        4. The Dutchman says:

          Most of them are parasite leaches to damned lazy to carry their own weight and thanks to the obozos free bees they don’t have to but that shit will soon come to a screeching haul! I HOPE!

          1. Vassiliki says:

            You may be referring to those on full government benefits such as, cash assistance, rent, food stamps, medical, etc. I am referring to food stamp recipients only. I do agree with you that the welfare program needs a good overhaul and we need to get rid of the ones that live their whole life off of welfare even when they are able bodied. That needs to stop.

        5. asadamerican says:

          Agree. Not all people on welfare want to be. A lot of the reasons for that is the fact that so many rich companies have taken their companies to third world nations to exploit them instead of keeping the jobs here……greed. Same holds true now for many large companies who have even transferred answering services to foreign countries and you are stuck trying to communicate with someone who has such a terrible accent that you cannot a word. I have decided that as much as possible, I will no longer deal with companies that have foreigners trying to answer the phone or who call me to sell something ( even though I am on the no call list).

        6. Rose M. Arieta says:

          Have you ever witnessed the food carts that these people push around the supermarkets. Filled to the top, sometimes they have 2 carts filled with steaks and lobster. They don’t need all the money the government gives them for food. It’s totally out of hand. Posted on Facebook last December a receipt from Redners Warehouse supermarket, in my home town, a purchase of 8 filet mignon and 6 lobsters tails…over $160.00 paid with an Access Card. I have never bought such expensive steaks or lobster in Redners nor do I have an Access Card. This is unexceptionable.

          1. Vassiliki says:

            I also know personally a single mom with 2 children and income of $1700/mo getting $173/mo of food stamps. That’s about 1 1/2 weeks of groceries. Her income has remained the same the last 2 years but her food stamps keep getting reduced. I do not know where these other people can get so so much more for food stamps. It is supposed to be based on a sliding income schedule and number of dependents. Maybe that particular family knows someone in their local office and gets more. I do agree with you that excess is unacceptable. But I think people have blown the amount people actually receive for food stamps out proportion based on one or two examples. I also think that this whole benefits program needs to get revamped and get the free loaders that don’t work out working or off the program.

        7. esquire2 says:

          Clearly, YOU ARE Missing the point! Better run out for another glass of Kool-Aid!

          1. Vassiliki says:

            I think you are referring to someone else about the kool-aid crap or your reading comp is not very good. When did I ever defend this current traitorous administration?

        8. Capt. Denis says:

          If someone makes a paycheck and pays taxes or is retired and on Social Security, then they should be able to vote. If they are none of the above, then no they should not. Simply due to the fact that every penny spent by the government is put there by tax payers, and they should have the say in how it is spent. And that voice is the vote.

      2. WriterDudeLA says:

        What about disabled veterans and senior citizens on Social Security?

        1. InTheKnow327 says:

          Different issue. Someone on Social Security is living off their own savings, not welfare. Of course they should have the right to vote. But @sobelle has an excellent point. Someone who lives off the government and does not work should not be in a position to vote themselves more and more benefits at the expense of those who do. If you want a say in the running of the country you should be paying your dues (in the form of taxes) or honorably retired (as in living on a pension or Social Security).

          1. kuddels says:

            Yes, that is why in colonial days only property owners were allowed to vote: i.e. Those with something to lose and with skin in the game.

          2. The Dutchman says:

            Should be that way again.

          3. Harold Cranford says:

            InTheKnow327, The 2nd Book of Thessalonians (Holy Bible) very clearly says: “…that if any would not work, neither should he eat.” I go along with that wholeheartedly! i donate time to a Christian C A R E program dedicated to helping the needy with food, clothing, furniture, appliances – you name it. People drive up there in new cars, hair dos that cost at least a hundred bucks, custom painted fingernails with a sad story, and with a beer breath spin a sad story in order to get handouts!!

          4. The Dutchman says:

            Re to WriterDudeLA: That was the absolute dumbest crap I have ever read. The LA must be where your from making you one of the far left wing radical liberal kalifreakians that just sits back and lets the idiots you voted in bankrupt the whole damned state!

          5. Robert Zraick says:

            Yes I agree. That makes as much sense of having congress vote for their own pay increases.

          6. WriterDudeLA says:

            I concur.

      3. FIRE1949 says:

        Sobelle, This is kind of at you and WriterDudeLA and at America. Every U.S. citizen should have the right to vote, however, additional weighted “vote count” should be allowed for property ownership, good conduct military service, being a taxpayer not in arrears, and maybe a couple of more adds. That solves dependency conflict.
        Just my 2 cents worth……………

      4. Rob says:

        I am sorry, but that is not necessarily true, or fair. some people do need some help sometimes. That does not mean that they should not have a legal right to say something.
        I know someone on SNAP benefits right now, (and not trying to get any other monetary benefits from government) because he has a open disability case, and has no money coming in, but takes care of his handicapped parents, and lives with them.
        Does that mean he should not have the right to an opinion? I don’t believe so.

        In a lot of situations you would be right, but there should be some exceptions.

      5. Rose M. Arieta says:

        I believe those people should also be taxed on the welfare and food stamps just the same as retired people receiving social security. Up until Clinton, there was no tax on SS, but the Democrats always tax to clean up their mess, and Clinton approved taxing social security. So, we the people who have already been taxed on our own money are taxed again. TAX THE WELFARE PEOPLE WHO RECEIVE A LOT MORE MONEY THAN PEOPLE RECEIVING SOCIAL SECURITY

      6. mpdMD1965 says:

        These folks are unable to think logically and therefore cannot
        factor in the knowledge they are helping the likes of Rotten Clinton and antiAmerica BarryO

      7. mpdMD1965 says:

        Fabulous idea. Anyone able to work and selecting loafing on welfare should not be allowed to vote. They have no skin in the game. Business as usual. On welfare no matter who is in office. They are bums
        and dregs on the working folks . No job, no tax paying, no vote.

      8. Jim McGann says:

        Don’t agree! Lots of good folks are suffering and can’t find jobs and have to feed their families!

    2. esquire2 says:

      America NEEDS election reform more than IMMIGRATION reform!

      Voter ID + proof that the voter “Pays Taxes”!

      When Peter can vote Paul’s wallet, the economy collapses.

    3. BooBooBaby says:

      Exactly! You Nailed it!

  5. seahawk10 says:

    How delusional this narcissistic idiot is. If Trump would have ran against him or someone not like Milktoast Romney he would have had his Marxist, Machiavellian butt handed to him. There would have been no 2nd term as the idiot created an economy with the highest unemployment numbers and the idiot Democrat sycophants still voted him in. In his 8 years the divider in chief had ONE quarter with a 3.5% growth rate, all the others were an anemic, 1.5 to 2,5% due to this asses draconian regulations and taxes.

    1. JOHN VAUGHN says:

      Very well said!!

      1. Rob says:

        Bravo!!! I could not have said it better myself. I would have added a couple of things, but I will leave good enough alone. LOL.

    2. Bill Mulholland says:

      Agree 100 percent, Obama’s worse than inept management for eight years leaves us with a lot of work to correct/rescind his multitude of disastrous mistakes. Worst of all, his massive addition to the National Debt. While he ignores this issue, he stridently preens and brags about what a “great” job he has done. His behavior is comical but no one is laughing.

      1. esquire2 says:

        Obama’s LEGACY should note that HE is the 1st ANTI-America POTUS! A TRAITOR!

        btw, I’old, but do not remember whether or NOT Benedict Arnold was EXECUTED for TREASON!

      2. dude says:

        obama didn’t make any mistakes he done all his crap on purpose …remember that him and his trannie hate America and americans …that’s why he tried to destroy it and he might have suceeded too if hillary had won the electionbut he didn’t and she didn’t and TRUMP won now their’s hope at last that we will be great again …if not we will still be better than if hillary had won for sure

  6. Well, don’t celebrate too quickly: You are leaving out the cemeteries of Cook County, Illinois, New York City, Philadelphia and the states of Maryland and California, plus the voting officials in Minnesota and several other states plus all the illegal aliens who vote several times each.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

    1. CharlieM says:

      If the cemetery residents would have been asked, the Demonrats would have found a way for them to answer for their side.

    2. Dave Nettles says:

      California is where it really happened, just read my “California vote Fraud” page, @

      1. Fedup says:

        Governor brown allowed illegal alien criminals to obtain a Ca. drivers license which gave them the right to vote. He should be prosecuted for aiding and abetting these criminals under federal immigration law. If we had an honest USAG that would have happened but we have the racist holder and lying lynch who did what obama told them to do instead of what they took a sworn oath to do.

      2. You appear to have nailed that one at a time when the California population is supposed to be in decline. Nowhere in CA has the population doubled per these numbers!

  7. DollyT says:

    Nothing worth discussing here

  8. SED says:

    In four years both parties will exist in name only if they exist at all. They will both be transformed parties in order to survive. Article 5 will take place during the next 4 years to bring our republic back to where it should be….regardless of leadership.

    1. Dave Nettles says:

      A fulfillment of Daniel 7:4.

  9. USCBIKER says:

    Disgusting it was even so close, this nation is full of MFing stupid people!

    1. sobelle says:

      Take voting rights away from welfare and food stamp recipients and it wouldn’t have been at all close.

      1. Vassiliki says:

        That is BS, especially in the economy that Obama has given us. I know educated families that lost their jobs and are underemployed and need a little help to feed the kids. Don’t lump all food stamp recipients as democrats. I would rather see the law that Clinton passed that to be enacted again, which allowed someone to be on cash assistance for 5 years max! Obama repealed that law. We also need more stringent regulations for welfare recipients such as if able bodied need to work to be able too receive benefits, no more cash if keep having babies after the first one, etc.

        1. jonrmoore says:

          That unfortunately will not work because of mass cheating. It is easy to know if someone is on welfare, etc. During that time put them on a “do not vote” list!

          1. Dave Nettles says:

            Yep, kick ’em while they’re down, that’s the American way, (NOT)

          2. jonrmoore says:

            No one is kicking anybody! Isn’t our charity enough? Originally you had to be a landowner to vote. You don’t get to vote at an Apple meeting unless you own stock. Why should people on the public dole get to vote themselves more benefits but do not contribute to the system?

          3. Vassiliki says:

            what if they are land owners and still receive food stamps? Do they still get to vote?

          4. jonrmoore says:

            I think you are just being silly. The land owners in that time were contributing to the nation with farm and ranch products. They grew food for themselves and maybe others in the marketplace. There were few if any handouts which made people WORK instead of leeching.

          5. Vassiliki says:

            There will not be mass cheating. If you do not work or actively getting an education or training then no food stamps. You have to show your pay stubs so they can calculate what you get. It was working during Clinton’s time, they also offered training and schooling during this 5 year period to help people get off government assistance. I would rather see someone work and get off cash assistance and may only need some food stamp assistance than to get both. I do not agree with you about losing your right to vote if on government assistance- that will include the disabled, vets, and seniors.

          6. jonrmoore says:

            A couple of years ago a friend of mine was forced to apply for food stamps because his employer went out of business overnight! He had three kids in various schools and his wife could not work. He was denied because one of his kids, his wife, and he owned a car !!! The cars were pretty old but that did not matter because the system is rigged against white people!! Our government especially under Ovomit is crooked and favors minorities. In the last 40 years the term “federal government” is offensive. It is know for affirmative action, set asides, section 10 (or whatever) housing, quotas, and an attorney general office that ONLY helps minorities. I thank God daily for a government without Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and Ovomit of course.

          7. Vassiliki says:

            I am sorry to hear about your friend. You may be right about the minority thing. I do know that food stamps are being reduced for US citizens due to the huge influx of illegals getting on the program and that is wrong. 14 more days and those people will be gone – the ones you mentioned above!

          8. jonrmoore says:

            Amen !!

      2. Dave Nettles says:

        Get the illegals off the voter roles in Cal would eliminate 4 million Dem votes

  10. preston says:

    The American public is tired of voting for the “communist” (obuma) elitist party full of academics who place themselves on some moral high ground given to them by satan himself.

  11. Jay Haischer says:

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way OUT!!!!

    1. CharlieM says:

      I would like to see the door hit him and Michael in the asses. A pay-per-view event would make someone a boatload of money.

  12. GeorgeKocan says:

    No, no, no! Barak Obama would have beaten Donald Trump, because Obama and his Chicago team know how to cheat better than Hillary Clinton’s team. Democrats cannot win without cheating. And, they have many, many ways of cheating. Hillary lost because she was overconfident and lazy. She did not think she needed to cheat that much. I think the Dems have learned their lesson. I hope Republicans get wise.

    1. Dave Nettles says:

      Here’s what really happened: Check out the “Blip” in both sides of the graph just before the change of direction. That’s where God crashed the vote cheat program. Without God’s hand, Hillary would have won.

      1. GeorgeKocan says:

        So, God intervened in the election. Now, Dems can’t blame the Electoral College, and they can’t blame Putin. What kind of sanctions can they come up with against God?

  13. Bizexpert says:

    Odumba will go down as the worst President in U.S. History … Period.
    In his 8 years in office he has done nothing to improve our nation.
    His foreign policy has resulted in more Americans being killed in the middle east.
    His economic policy hasn’t done anything for our economy.
    Odumba Care is the worst health care system and should never have been implemented.
    A 12 year old Boy Scout could do better than Odumba.
    When are Americans going to learn, liberal policies don’t work.
    Have A Great Day,
    Mike Ryan

    1. Fedup says:

      When they had problems getting obamacare running didn’t they pay one of michele’s sorority sisters, who worked for a company in Canada, millions to straighten out obama’s failure. This wouldn’t be the same company that hillary used to launder money from foreign governments would it? This company wouldn’t have given the obama’s a kickback on the millions we gave them to fix obama’s failure would it. Maybe that’s what they have on each other and don’t cross each other? Just sayin.

  14. Jane Gullett says:

    Who cares, thank god the obama’s are out. The transgender won’t get there free operations. The obama care is down the tubes. God hears our prayers. He’s the ruler of all. You can gloat about doing a third term. But that’s not reality

    1. Dave Nettles says:

      Absolutely, election night was the best miracle I’ve ever seen.

  15. ToniStimmel says:

    Actually he was running as a sponsor of Hellery and we can thank him for that because without his touting her as a new himself cost her the undecided votes in the swing states that won the election for Trump.

    That’s the only thing he ever did FOR this country. He saved it from Hellery.

  16. Louise Kleinman says:

    Trump would have ran circles around Obama…just like he did around Hillary.
    Talk is cheap!

  17. Junkki says:

    I guess in Obama’s mind, articulate means being able to tell a lie with a straight face.

    1. Dave Nettles says:

      Poker, it’s all about Poker.

      1. The Dutchman says:

        In the obozos case it’s all about poke HIM!

  18. Poor Obama. That is what happens to young people that smoke too much Pot at a young age. they become detached from reality. They don’t recover either.

  19. James A. DeHart says:

    I would not let him walk my dog, let alone be the spokesman for the greatest country on this planet.

  20. granny says:

    The liberal Muslims, Democrats and potential terrorists are all self serving people who only want for themselves. The news about the Dems hiring Rom Emmanual to watch for Trumps mistakes and prosecute him is a joke. That man is as ignorant as Obama and Hillary. I’m not surprised at all the fuss and threats the Dems are making. They have nothing going for them but posturing and they are as fragile as a blown out egg, The cabinet members Trump has chosen will make fools out of those people. I am so fed up with the pundits and all those who want to undermind the needs and wishes of the American people. That includes McCain and any other Republicans who want their name in the news..

  21. Rob Waddell says:

    Obama is a fraudulent racist hood-rat! Bye Barry!

  22. Rob Waddell says:

    If I were President Trump, I’d leave obamasnare alone, it will be a complete disaster and it needs to be theirs to lose! Don’t interfere so they can blame you!

  23. juan robledo says:

    Obama both Delusional and DEMETED YES, this man is truly demented to really think that just because Axelrod made a statement that Obama could have won a third term is just outrageous, he thinks that just because he got the fools to re-elect him too a 2nd term, he could have won a 3rd, what is smoking or snorting, he needs to go, I don’t know about the rest of America but he’s done screwing up this country

    1. dvdriver says:

      Amen to that Juan.

      1. juan robledo says:

        I just hope the American citizens realize and come to their senses

  24. Harold Cranford says:

    Obama must have been lounging in the white house back lawn swilling down high dollar beer (paid for by you) with his lackeys Hillery and Kerry when he made this brag. Aside from the Marxist democrats, the sick-in-the-head who want to take a shit alongside someone of the opposite sex, , the NAACP, the ACLU, et al who would no matter vote for him, he couldn’t. get elected dog catcher in his hometown!

  25. Danang says:

    The reasons why Trump’s future administration is being hammered by the Progressives and the media is explained by the Obama administrations liberals who are working for the Obama administration and the liberal media operatives listed below! This kind of blatant bias is against the law!

    ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.

    CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.

    ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney

    ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary

    ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood

    CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

    And now you know why it is no surprise the media is in Obama’s pocket.
    Ya think there might be a little bias in the news ???
    It also explains the cover up of Benghazi………

  26. George says:

    Obama, people in America have seen the truth about you and your liberal ways of doing things and the majority would have said, “NO MORE OBAMA.”

  27. Rodger K. Shull says:

    proof he still believes in the tooth fairy an the easter bunny. an is very mentally un-stable

  28. Nikita63 says:

    Obama is and always was completely delusional! Our overall future and the foreboding lack of one for our progeny IS what in the end he and his lugubrious legacy will be mostly remembered for, AS WELL AS BEING A DIVISIVE AND NOT A UNITING FORCE IN AMERICAN SOCIETY BY THE EMBRACING OF ILLEGALS AND MIDDLE EASTERN REFUGEES COMPLETELY UNVETTED AND UNCHECKED WHO MIGHTILY CONTRIBUTED TO THE SOARING DEBT HE CREATED BY INCREDIBLY OBTUSE AND FISCALLY IRRESPONSIBLE POLICIES. PERIOD. He is so utterly racist toward whites that racism has run rampant on his watch and police vilified and excoriated to the point even Black law Enforcement officers despise him (e.g. Sheriff David Clarke in Milwaukee and others) What is a shame is that he is a total failure but neither he or the demented dolts of the democratic party will admit the sorry REALITY.!

  29. RuFus92 says:

    I know not what dream world he and Michelle are thriving in but ir certainly is not one of reality! His falsified popularity polls have swollen his head so that it is a major miracle that it doesn’t explode.

  30. dave says:

    Talk’s cheap ! so’s obama !!!!!!

  31. yellowjacket2 says:

    I’m not convinced that Obama even won the 08 and 12 elections. At least not honestly. If he had run again he would have had more scandals and failures to overcome than Hillary Clinton had. And his results would have been the same as hers.

  32. Nana says:

    Good grief…the only thing bigger than that man’s ego is the Nat’l debt he added too. He won’t be missed.

  33. A proud Deplorable says:

    Many Democrats are sick of Obama and voted for Trump. Many of them were in the closet about being a Trump supporter because they feared for their safety.

  34. J A says:

    Even in Obama’s last election I doubt very much he won fair and square. Much fraud was reported.

  35. Obama should have been impeached and imprisoned for treason. His many scandals have been protected by executive privilege and the feckless RINOs have been complicit in letting him get away with it for fear that they would be labeled as racists if they have tried to impeach him. His legacy is one of failure unless his plan all along was to destroy America. His only claim to fame is his smooth, mesmerizing tongue that has appealed to a near majority of people in America that voted him into office twice. And I believe that huge voter fraud actually won the second election for him. His true colors are coming out these few weeks before his demise by stabbing Israel in the back, and doing everything in his power to attempt to delegitimize Trump’s winning of the election based upon false charges that the Russians interfered with the election by hacking the DNC and Podesta emails and working with Julian Assange to post these emails on Wikileaks, which Assange has repeatedly denied. But the corrupt FBI, CIA and NSA heads claim they have proof, but that it is secret and can’t show it to the public. It just makes one wonder what other evil plans BHO has up his sleeve prior to Jan 20th. I’m sure that Obama would assassinate Trump if he could get away with it. Let’s pray that Trump’s secret service and private security are up to the task of protecting him. Trump has already accomplished more in this past month for positive good for America than BHO has done in his entire career as a senator and as POTUS. Somehow BHO has accumulated a net worth of about $100M when considering the 5 mansions that he has purchased. It is not known how he was able to do that on his salary plus about $500K from book royalties. Hopefully as Trump’s new AG and DOJ drain the swamp we will be able to get the truth that Obama had Scalia murdered, that BHO gave the “stand down” orders at Benghazi, directed the IRS to persecute conservative organizations (tea party in particular), gave direction to sell arms to Islamic terrorists to cause mayhem in the middle east and was really the reason why he allowed Amb Stevens to die in Benghazi to cover up that scandal, allowed the false narrative of the video causing the Benghazi attack, gave orders to allow guns to be sent to the Mexican drug cartels in the Fast & Furious scandal, and the list could go on adnauseam. It will also finally be revealed that his main goal is to proliferate Islamic ideology throughout America and replace the Constitution with Sharia law because he is one of them.

  36. john says:

    All I know is I will be having a good riddance party the day that piece of dung leaves office..hey obummer..let the door hit you on the way out..I hope Putins assasins find you

  37. sick and tired of the dictator says:

    america has had see the news only shows a small percentage of the left that is for obam/hillary.its all propaganda and bullshit.the dems lost over 1000 seats across america.thats speaks volumes that hasnt happened since i think 1909.trump mopped the floor with you and you anti america rhetoric,your hate for freedo and christians,your immigration,your attack on the constitution,your scandals and lies.your legacy obama is a failure.we still dont even know who you really are.your transparency is so transparent thats why all your records are sealed,fake birth certificate,phony social security etc you a muslim and the goal was destroy did do that

  38. Daze Inde says:

    Can’t wait to see his uncanny, pro-tranny fanny booted out the door

  39. Fredrick R Smith says:

    Obozo just keeps trying to make himself relevant. No one cares about this a hole.

  40. ONTIME says:

    Stand by when reality hits Halfast B’Ob will become a manic depressive, he will find his friends(?) are going to throw “him” under the bus as a matter of course…….Paybacks are a real b!tch…..

  41. Jim says:

    obola should be triedand convicted of treason /sedition and EXECUTED. And ALL his minions at every level of life in USA should also be GONE. And ALL the scumbags in MB obola allowed to get in and entrenched and ALL their enablers /supporters should be executed as well.

  42. Douglas says:

    Obama was just day dreaming again to think he could have won a third term. Our country does not have
    another 4 years to throw away on Obama.

  43. Timothy Dayton says:

    Yeh, right! The man has the ability to overlook reality. If he had run there would have been a full court press against what he claims to have done. Unlike Hillary he would’ve had to run on a rather dismal record. So, no, he would not have been re-elected a 3rd time. He has had to many failures of policy and to many issues in which he did not perform. FDR was re-elected not because he beat the depression, he hadn’t, but primarily because Americans were facing the Nazi’s actually at war in Europe and a rising Japan.

  44. esquire2 says:

    “BUT FOR ….” black voters, Obama would have lost to Romney … remember the 47% “Immortals”???
    They are the “black voting block”, which would have been smaller than 85% if TRUMP were heading the other ticket!

    Obama RAN as a closet “racist”, and the Media is afraid to TELL THE TRUTH! But after 8 years, even Stupid American Voters have had “ENUFF”!

    Obama would do NO BETTER THAN Hillary-ous! … lose by 50+ electoral votes.

    btw, it ain’t ONLY the Media … Obama and the Clinton’s are BOTH INCAPABLE of Speaking TRUTH!

  45. BooBooBaby says:

    Who would want Obama again….Oh, I know….people on Welfare and Handouts…..and illegals and their families!

  46. bovestrian says:

    I’m surprised The SOB didn’t try to finagle a third term out of congress and or the supreme court. I’m sure it crossed the arrogant SOB’s mind.

  47. Jim McGann says:

    As Jack Nicholson said:”You can’t stand the truth!” The Politico poll shows Trump would beat Obama by 45%.

  48. Dr Food says:

    IMO the real underlying problem is that WE do not like each other and have zero tolerance for “right”. “Right” takes many forms depending on the situation. From homelessness to illegals being treated better than American citizens, WE have deep issues that must be confronted head on and fixed using a non political pragmatic approach. Like him or not, Donald Trump and most successful business people are pragmatists. They understand where probelms are hurting the result and make the necessary, yet often painful decisions, to fix them.

    I could cite many examples of obvious problems, and so could anyone reading this if we would move from a genuine dislike for one another to fixing what’s wrong. Liberals present a problem because, for the most part, they are weak people with a screwed up view of real life. From using the word “Immigrant” for someone that is in OUR Country illegally, to allowing men to use the ladies room because they “feel” like a woman is screwed up thought. And you can’t fix stupid no matter how you slice it. Abortion is a woman’s right and a health issue? Are you serious? It is a lack of discipline and person responsibility issue. My parents taught the simple theory of “keeping one’s legs crossed” as prevention, not engaging with sex after a movie on the first date then deleting the consequences of your actions to be the result. What the hell happened?

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