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This Republican Just Shut Down Bernie Sanders

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  1. jong says:

    Rand and Bernie both have something in common. Both are try to stay relevant.

    1. jreg9304 says:

      Relevant to what? A good case of the schitz!

      1. jong says:

        And a runny one a that. 🙂

  2. David in MA says:

    Ever notice the proposals and claims by people like Burning Bernie, Liz-a-Hauntus and Obama and his useful idiot scum, drain the country economically? THAT is their true direction, bankrupt America so the people will accept their plans. Adolph Hitler and other dictatorship types would be proud of the democrats socialists of today.

    1. Rosech Levy says:

      And they are mostly millionaires who got their money off screwing us! Bernie has over a million dollars, and Warren even more millions, and Obamas, and Clintons and yet they want to control our money and lives. Get real. Today we are celebrating OUR INDEPENDENCE and we will continue to fight for it again if necessary.

    2. kbmiller says:

      Yes so true. The Socialists and Communists vote for the Dumb A$$ ok RATS.

    3. Force Recon says:

      Our current system of liberal “Democracy” cannot exist as a permanent structure of Government. It can only exist until the Voters discover they can vote themselves Largesse from the Public Treasury. From that moment on the majority will always vote for the Candidates promising the most benefits from the Public Treasury, with the results that a liberal Democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy and is always followed by a Dictatorship!!!

    4. Choff C says:

      Precisely David, I find it hard to understand these freeking loons on the left when you ask them to comment on countries such as Venezuela, etc,etc… they go silent on the question and their only retort is to change the topic and argue….They SUCK every last one of them…!!!!!!!!!!!! A Huge Cancer To Our Republic..!!!

      1. Audry Marsalis says:

        They go silent because you just handed them a piece of knowledge they did not have. None of those who lean to the left have ever researched the actual result of Socialism on a society. If they had they would soon realize that what sounds good on paper or in a classroom may not in reality work. They would soon realize that the “average Joe”. Is not altruistic and is not willing to work harder for the good of his fellow man. Why should he work harder to receive the same benefit as his slacker neighbor? He is not going to. It is the same principal as the woman who realized she could make more money staying home with her children and allowing the government to support her.

        1. Choff C says:

          Spot On Audry….They do not want to work when they can depend on the GOV to support their lazy arse’s, hence their behavior towards what they consider a threat to their meal ticket..!!!

        2. Curt James says:

          “Free people are not equal. Equal people are not free.”

    5. Curt James says:

      The plan was outlined by Clowers and Piven, professors at Columbia. Obama studied it. Read it on Wikipedia.

      1. Red Steiner says:

        He also studied Hitler.

    6. Red Steiner says:

      If you had watched the Documentary on Obama’s past you would know that he was a great fan of Hitler.

      1. David in MA says:

        I basically spotted this from the first, his speeches show the toxic Hitler delivery, worse than a country preacher in the church of the uneducated.
        Every person in both houses of congress who were in office when Obama first (and 2nd) ran must not be re-elected, ever again. They had the chance to avoid the 8 years Obama gave America and they ran and hid, shame on them.

        1. Red Steiner says:

          Agreed. Their presence, as Public Servants, not “This countries leaders” is toxic to Patriotic Americans and has to be eliminated.

          Have you noticed how President Trump refers to himself as a “Public Servant? This man and Vice President Pence are America’s only hope after 8 treasonous years of Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Holder, et al we are in very serious trouble but President Trump and Vice President Pence are making great progress in their efforts to save our once great nation from those who would destroy it, and us.

          1. David in MA says:

            President Trump and Vice President Pence in their draining the swamp must start sending the corrupt to jail, with the leaders going to GITMO.
            I read today that there are FEMA Camps gearing up to receive people.

    7. celtblood says:

      Thank you for being intelligent enough to see this very obvious reality! I am amazed (and terrified) that so many Americans, especially our young “college educated” voters, completely fail to recognize tyranny and would-be tyrants hiding in the cloak of freedom and civil rights. Compare the views of Martin Luther King, for example, to those of Barack Hussein Obama, the stark chasm separating their ideologies couldn’t be clearer. Obama is the antithesis of King, yet I see so many trying to claim they would have agreed in their respective opinions. No way.

  3. Deborah Lavelle says:

    Bernie Sanders and his socialized medicine needs to go somewhere else not in America. We do not want to destroy our country as Venezuela has done, our country is deep in debt now and that would bankrupt America. They need to do a complete total repeal of Obamacare and start fresh, even people that have jobs and health insurance with their jobs has suffered under Obamacare with higher premiums and higher deductibles, that most can hardly afford. So complete repeal is the best way to go and start fresh, we need the government out of healthcare not in control of it and our lives. We do not need the government controlling our lives. We must stop the Democrats from trying to control and destroy America now, or we will be like third world countries, if you want that go to a third world country and leave America alone. God Bless America and keep us FREE

    1. Andrew Johnstone says:

      Send sanders Warren and that piece of shit obama to live in Venezuela

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        Love to but it would be hard to pin down Obama!! He’s ‘jetting’ around the globe with his ‘family’ living the ‘royal life’ on our money!! You can’t convince me he has those kinds of funds from a few ‘over-priced’ speeches and a book
        contract!! There’s a ‘missing funds’ trail behind that guy!

        1. Andrew Johnstone says:

          Yeah some ‘socialist ‘. Animal Farm comes to life. I hate that Muslim piece of shit.

      2. Higlac says:

        Better yet, North Korea!!! When they learn what it is to be received there as SPIES (when they’re dumped there without ANY possessions, papers, money or absolutely anything else), they’ll then learn what Marxism is truly all about…

    2. Deborah Pratt says:

      With all the countries who have tried their ‘proposed system’ and failed miserably—how can anyone with any shred of ‘sense’ think it’s a good idea??? Oh, right—the ‘control freaks’ think we’re all totally stupid!

    3. Lowcarb says:

      We need to create jobs. And that means if we privatize insurance “AGAIN”. Yes, it used to be you [email protected] millennials! That means jobs in insurance even though most of have as much hatred for it as we do taxes.

  4. Jeffrey Foj says:

    Erin Burnett isn’t very bright, much like most journalists. Check out Mark Dice on YouTube and he has posted a video on a study of the intelligence of journalists. As a group they’re not all that smart. We just happen to live in a country full of idiots who actually watch and listen to them as well as taking their bs as the truth.

  5. Robert Miller says:

    Socialized never works Sanders just wants to bankrupt America whern that happens he will no longer be here to see it

  6. Lowcarb says:

    Rand Paul understands Capitalism ( His father taught him well) is the best method to keep a strong healthcare system and a sovereign country. He can sniff out Dictator, Communist types. (OBama, Hillary and Sanders.) He recognizes Globalist Agendas bring us down to European standards of living that is shiot. Bernie came in spouting again about “Giving” free medical, college etc. Then Hillary would match him in the Campaigning ( Socialist). He wanted a Socialist Democratic America.?( This is an oxymoron) Ask Britain about why they went Brexit. By the way, the Deep State Liar Obama who said that his ACA plan would not raise taxes? Remember that FN lie!? OBAMACARE IS A TAX! The Supreme court had to rule it a tax. Obama with his supposed background in constitutional law “Mistakenly” forgot that constitutional law. He FN knew and he was stealthy shoving the largest increase ever in are butts. The Constitution does not allow collection of money without deeming it a tax. Exactly the legacy that Sanders wanted to have so he pile on more Taxation. Sanders flat out campaigned that – Taxes would go up! The Dumb @ss ignorant millenials cheered this!??? It is all about taking away your ability to be independent and free. Period. When you allow your government to control your health (Obamacare), what you eat ( Michelle’s school meal plans)and Where you can go ( Self Driving Cars), What is taught to our kids ( Liberal Colleges who created the Millenial) This is what Communism is! They keep saying Rand is a Libertarian. Not so much. Republicans used to be “Less Government” as today Reagan would be considered Libertarian. By the way Libertarian is not Liberal for you ignorant young people. No they are the real Conservatives believing in constitutional law is first. If you want Socialism because you’re to lazy or scared to make your own way go to Europe be a drone. Listen to the 50+ people that know a difference. Wake the hell up.

    1. Jeanne Stotler says:

      Tax is ONLY to be applied thru an act of Congress, since the Supreme Court designated this as a Tax it should have gone back to the house and been voted on as such, therefore this is an illegal act, Article 1,section 8 U S Constittion

      1. barnjoer says:

        Since when have the Dembats followed the Constittion??

        1. Force Recon says:

          Not in my lifetime that’s for sure

          1. barnjoer says:

            Thank you!!

          2. Force Recon says:

            No thanks needed when stating FACTS

      2. Lowcarb says:

        So it even gets better Jeanne? Amazing how this basturd broke laws but for libs he was a savior. Did you ever see the media blow this up into a CNN alert? Fock no! Trump is trying to do things lawfully and they want him impeached. How f’d up this country is! Honestly there are times when people in my age group think we may have step off the cliff with out a bungy cord already. Will common sense and the American Dream ever come back? Maybe we should just let it burn to the ground for the Millenials? When they suddenly realize they live in a 3 world country maybe they will then understand how right Rand Paul was?

        1. Jeanne Stotler says:

          As one that grew up during WWII, I cringe as the drums are playing across both oceans, these crybabies could not last.

    2. JIM HERRIN says:

      Spoke like a true patriot in my brother I couldn’t agree with you more we need to drain that swamp and Washington and do everything we can to help our president do it

      1. Audry Marsalis says:

        Ever heard the expression “It’s hard to remember your objective is to drain
        the swamp when you are up to your ass in alligators”? That’s kinda’ where we are today in Washington, it is full of alligators, carrion eaters, and scum suckers. Like all vermin they multiply rapidly as the hordes of parasitic sycophants overtake the reigns of government

    3. Higlac says:

      The Commies don’t want “European” standards of living: they want exactly what they’re doing to Venezuela and North Korea nowadays, where the rich eliminated while the poor are destitute – and only the “intellectual” élite have EVERYTHING!!!

      It’s our élitists that, the INSTANT they voice pro-Marxist aspirations, need to be made to live under Communism as the PAWNS they want EVERYBODY ELSE to be!!!! Only when they experience life in the GULag can they be given a last chance – if they insist on advocating for any totalitarianism, they then need to be expelled from the West totally DESTITUTE and dumped into North Korea, Saudi Arabia or Iran, NEVER to be allowed to return…

  7. Lowcarb says:

    TODAY IS INDEPENDENCE DAY! Exactly the Antithesis of what Socialism is. They want to take away your independence which is your liberties and freedoms. Bernie, Obama and Hillary want to take this from us. So I guess in about four years if Sanders was in Office now they would change it to “DEPENDENT DAY”??!!

    1. Andrew Johnstone says:

      Typical of communist leaders everywhere. Make believe they care for the ‘people as they rip them off….off with their heads

  8. Lowcarb says:

    And why Rand would make a great president post Trump. We needed a strong president like Trump. Need a fearless hatchet man to clean up DC so guys like Rand can continue his legacy long after to keep us Sovereign and Free!

  9. HESpecialist says:

    Bernie’s NOT a socialist, it’s just his mantra. Look at him “personally” and you’ll see he believes in lining his OWN pockets. Cars, houses, selling influence, all a part of who he is and what he’s about. If the FBI investigation pans out on Jane, Bernie will be in that mess to his eyeballs.

    1. Lcagee says:

      First he was a communist. Then he was a socialist. Then he was an independent. Then he was a democratic socialist. Then he ran as a democrat. Then he endorsed Hillary, a democrat. Then once he raised 100 million dollars, he started buying stuff. Obama, another democrat, just bought an 8.1 million dollar crib. Like the Clintons, they feel our pain.

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        I’m ‘under-whelmed’ by their ‘sympathy’ and compassion!!

    2. Diane C. Santucci says:

      That’s what socialists & communists do! Live well and let everyone else starve! Just follow history!

  10. oldk says:

    i agree with senator Paul 100% on this. Paul speaks common sense with a good history and Sanders speaks conceptualism with a failed history. I do not understand why this making of associations is not picked up by the GOP. As a matter of fact, I don’t know if it allowing groups to form that we need or if we need to consider it discrimination to NOT allow some groups to form. Why can the plumbers union have a group but the local small business owners not have a group.Is it a matter of what we need to allow or is it a matter of what discrimination we need to stop?

  11. fredno says:

    Ridiculous and so out of touch with reality most other free countries have universal health care and they aren’t going broke you lie…

    1. Diane C. Santucci says:

      Which countries have socialized medicine and are thriving. They also have to do what you liberals want: all illegals & refugees covered as well!

    2. Pat Robertson says:

      NHS in UK is not only broke… you cant get appointments to see doctors
      Of you need a soecialist… can take months
      If you need MRI, CT, PET…. it can take months

      Hospitals are mainly 3rd world standard compared to US hospitals

      Same story in Canada or any EU country

      Socialism is top heavy in bureaucrats… in no way user friendly

      In UK you pay 11% of salary to support NHS along with 20% VAT on goods… it is anything but free as the Democrats claim

  12. James R. Currier says:

    The GOP NEEDS to get a plan formulated by Doctors, nurses, and all medical personnel, NOT hospital administrators and bureaucrats! Administrators and bureaucrats are the epitome of corporate greed

    1. 752858189 says:

      The problem that exists with high medical cost is underlined in the statement “Only drugs can cure disease.” It is illegal in the US to claim that 1) diet change
      2) taking supplements or even 3) avoiding toxins —can cure disease. Because it is illegal to make such a claim Pharmaceutical Companies hold a monopoly and can keep the prices as high as they wish. One solution for government to set a ceiling on drug cost–but this interferes with free enterprise and the free market. The correct option is to remove this law and allow people to use whatever remedy they choose for their disease—this reopens the door of competition for other options to compete with the drug companies thereby bringing down prices. There are more and more licensed MD’s who use alternative medicine today but even they do not claim a cure by a means other than drugs because of this law.

  13. SouthernPatriot says:

    Bernie and his free tuition to everyone sounds appealing to the youth at least for a moment until you introduce the huge cost and how it will be paid by everyone. Socialized heath care the same thing. One payer system that all the Democrats want is already in practice in the VA. How many vets are now dead? How many vets were abused? How many incompetent, mal-practicing bureaucrats have been fired in that scandal, and never would be in the scandals in future, if not for President Trump recently.

    Bernie and his wife should have their hands full defending the scandal she left behind her and keeping up the 3 mansions they own.

  14. vinny says:

    Bernie you should shut the hell up. Just worry about keeping you and your wife out of prison.

  15. The article asks me what I thought about the content so, I agree totally with the Doctor. My insurance is almost ALL Medicare, and as I am way below poverty level, but I pay attention for what this means for all the other people As an aside, Erin Burnette is really starting to annoy me, not that I watch CNN, but she is as stupid as all the others at this network!

  16. Joel Goodman says:


    1. Ron haymaker says:

      I agree with you, but you are being far to nice to him!

  17. Brad Tipton says:

    To paraphrase the “9 immortal words that create mortal fear”, by our Great POTUS Ronald Reagan.
    “I am from the government and I’m here to give you your government controlled HEALTH CARE!”

  18. angel says:


  19. crockett says:

    Bernie was and is still an idiot .Bought off by hitlery , that labeled him unfit along with liz “runamuck” warren .
    How could you place a vote for either one of these losers ? You wouldn’t if you are keeping up with their lie’s .
    The clinton kool-aid is one drink they drank and they will always have the stupids for the rest of their lives. They are beyond help and there’s no cure for stupid . The Chief in charge is what we needed and with a re-election win President Trump will have us on a winning streak to the GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ONCE AGAIN. We will be a country to be recconned with . Mess with the U.S and you mess with the best ……

    1. Phyllis Schultz says:

      If he can get rid of the liberal and rino obstructionists in Congress and the liberal judges who ignore the law, he might even be able to accomplish what the taxpayers elected him to do. Waters, Schumer, Warren, McCain, McConnell and their ilk need to go. For all of them it’s all about power and greed. They do nothing for the American people.

      1. crockett says:

        Agree that waters warren sanders schumer mccain mcconnell should be gone and election time they will be.

        1. Phyllis Schultz says:

          I hope you’re right. That would help immensely.

          1. crockett says:

            I hope we are both right Mam . We need to get some people in DC that have no clue about Congress and the Senate . The old group has to go .

      2. crockett says:

        I totally agree Mam

  20. Andrew Johnstone says:

    Sanders is a stupid man with no econmic background or even a high school level understanding of it

    1. badass says:

      yes, you’re so right. but he’s our enemy and an inciter to our youth.

  21. badass says:

    Bernie Sanders, old fart, he doesn’t belong to this great nation but N.K, Venezuela and cuba….ship this Ahole out now. why? because he is as bad as obama and are #1 inciter to our youth.

  22. John Price says:

    can we just slap bernie…what a twit.

  23. glock 19 fan says:

    Another problem with socialized medicine ha been discovered — and ignored by the MSM: If you are in the military and become ill then you will be treated until you are well enough to go back to work; you may still be sick but you are well enough to work. Hopefully you won’t have anything “ketching.”

    This is in addition to other “unmentionables:” e.g. : above a certain age (59.5 y.o. in UK and Canada) and have a heart attack and require surgery the patient is SOL.

  24. badass says:

    FBI, please investigate this old fart. 10 million is a lot of money.

  25. gene smiith says:

    I would believe The Joker before I would believe Bernie Sanders. He of the admitted SOCIALIST AGENDA is not an authority or a sane voice for very much of anything,
    Dr. Paul has his finger on the pulse of what is going on and is easy to believe.

  26. Richard Frick says:

    Send the commie Sanders to Argentina to solve their Socialist regime. He is an insane, anarchist and thieving money launderer for his wife’s ill gotten income gains.

  27. johnh says:

    First, everyone have a safe and happy 4th of July. God bless our country.
    It does not matter what the Government gets into the middle of to try and make it better it becomes more screwed up. We need to keep the Government out of our business and lives as much as we can. I belong to the IUEC (International Union of Elevator Constructors) we had out own way of training and educating our new employs. Every one like it but the Government. The Government got involved and now it is all screwed up. Not near as good as before and not as fair to our members.
    There is a time and place for government in our lives, but they need to listen to the people and not just try to take over. They don’t need to control every move we make.

  28. Ed Cohen says:

    I definitely agree with Ron Paul. Bernie Sanders is a loon who is involved in fraud and corruption as history will substantiate.

  29. Bayside GolfClub says:

    Remember this.. Unions were exempted, demanded it… While they were demanding no one else could choose their own co-ops.. This is a fundamental usurping of the rights of the people. then obama the klown and co.. went tot he supreme court and defended it as a government right to “tax”..
    this thing stinks so high to high hell it’s ridiculous.

  30. Ron says:

    Socialism and communism are both related, as socialism eventually turns into communism.

  31. paddy says:

    Latest – Bernie pressured the banks to give loans to his wife’s Burling College. She overstated the assets and in so doing committed bank fraud. the Feel the Burn idiots won’t care …. they want their free stuff ….. just like Venezuela.

  32. johnh says:

    Have you ever thought about how many Americans have been in our military fighting for our way of life and keeping us safe. What?? 10-15%. Now think of what our country would be like of we had 85-90% of our population would have served in the military on a voluntary basis. Now great would we be? Even in the beginning more people set back and let only a few win them their freedom. Many were against it.

  33. Nina Ferguson says:

    Sen. Rand Paul makes a lot of sense in regard to the health insurance question. I have to remember what Imam Obama said, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”, knowing the whole time, that he was lying. We do not need socialized medicine. It would raise our taxes horrendously high. Bernie needs to hold his wife’s hand while the FBI investigates her.

  34. The so called Main Street Media did not challenge the democrats on Obama care and Pelosi saying you have to pass it to know what is inside it. But they are railing the republicans who are trying to right the ship. Medicaid should be handled by the states and eventually should disappear as time goes on because Medicaid should not be adding new people to the rolls after a few years with

  35. Apple153 says:

    I think the Democrat Party follow , Hitler Democrat Socialist Party to the letter . How did that worked out, we are still going to pay for the stupidity obama ignorance

  36. douglas says:

    not a senator but americans in America shut him down… democracts for jail is there true party name

  37. chuckie2u says:

    Unfortunately the “free stuff ” crowd actually believe the guv’ment is paying for their Medicare and Medicaid. They refuse to pay for their deductibles . The Clinics and Hospitals end up not collecting the money. Democrats under Barry have forced the Military to accept transgenders so they can get FREE sex changes. Taking back FREE STUFF will not happen until we have medical care like Cuba..
    While the law of large numbers come into play the federal government could partner with insurance companies to provide a basic health plan for all Americas and force the Political Elites and government employees to participate. .

  38. fredno says:

    I have several friends in the UK and Canada they are perfectly satisfied with their.
    10 Countries With Universal Health Care Have Freer Economies Than The U.S..
    Hong Kong,Singapore,New Zealand,Australia,Switzerland,Canada,Chile,Estonia,Ireland,Mauritius,and Denmark all have universal health and freer economies> You can BS people but the voters are getting smarter and the conservatives will pay at the ballot box.

    1. Dave says:

      I have friends in the UK and Canada, they are not happy with their universal health care.

  39. KDC says:

    The govt. should get out of health care altogether. Why don’t these socialists move to a socialist country? No, they’d rather tear this country down and make it a vanilla world for their globalist agenda.

  40. Bruce Wayne says:

    My friend Rand Paul makes perfect sense.Socialized medicine doesn’t work anywhere.
    It didn’t work in Nazi Germany or the USSR It doesn’t work in Canada,they are coming here for healthcare.It doesn’t work in the UK.The UK government has told the parents of a young boy that they can’t bring their child to the US for an experimental treatment that would save the child.The UK government has told them that THEY HAVE TO PULL THE LIFELINE PLUG,and that the child has to die.Socialized medicine is the DEATH KNELL FOR ALL CITIZENS in ALL of the countries that have it.Socialized medicine is how governments KILL OFF populations!!!!! This is why the US wants a SINGLE PAYER
    SYSTEM,the government,so they can tell us when it is time for us to die.It amounts to
    nothing but TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Deborah Pratt says:

    Rand Paul has my vote!! At least ‘one’ Republican with his ‘head on straight’!! He’s smart and well informed!! THIS is what we need in our government! We need to ‘weed’ out the ‘brain fog’, airy-fairy group!! They’ve been in there ‘ruining’ things far too long!!

  42. Marijane Ambrogi says:

    I don’t get it! If you love/want socialism so much, then just get the hel out of the USA and move to one of the many “thriving” (NOT) socialist coujntries available. The USA was founded as a democratic republic and we want to keep it that way! STOP TRYING TO CHANGE OUR COUNTRY!!!

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      I agree, Marijane!! The ‘old saying’—don’t mess with success! Granted, our system needs adjusting and ‘tweaking’ once in awhile, to meet the changing needs of society, but not a total change to disaster!!

  43. Jim Wagenmann says:

    The Bern USA socialist idiot who needs to go live with his brothers in N Korea. He has been a communist sympathizer since Vietnam.
    He steals tax dollars from us so there can buy a $180000 Audi A-8 and pay $600000 in cash for a third home.
    He is a senile imbecile!

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Maybe so—but smart enough to get rich off those even ‘dumber’ than he is, huh?? Hard to believe–he still has supporters!

  44. Mat50 says:

    Not just Venezuela – look at Europe, Canada,…they don’t get an appointment to even be looked at, let alone treated, for quite some time. Add in all their new migrant parasites + , and you have bankruptcy in spades in no time flat.

  45. monongahela says:

    Bernie is busy filling his bank account, his pay off for playing patsies for hillary

  46. Jacky says:

    First notice that the ones who propose these types of insurance plans are either under a specialized plan different from the one that they propose or they are rich enough it does not apply to them–if all government employed people were subject to the same insurance “we the people” get how fast do you think it would change and in what direction–government should not be able to pass any law that they are not subject to

  47. Jim says:

    Group Insurance is fairly simple. For groups, At a minimum (it varies by insurer) number of members must be met. Some will be high risk, while others will be low risk. This minimum number must be met or you will not qualify. Varies by providers. All members pay the same premium. (family members enrolled will effect the amount required) That lowers the cost for the group. Some payment MAY be provided by employers. Employees MAY be required to contribute if they choose to become a member. Far less expensive than individual insurance. How do I know this? I was an independent insurance agent for many years. I retired when Obamacare. became the law. This screwed every single American citizen. Are you feeling it yet? If not you damn sure will. Socialism/Communisim always fails.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Thanks for your in-put, Jim! It’s always good to hear from people with experience!

      1. Jim says:

        Thank you for your response Deborah, I appreciate it. It was far from perfect before. But it was better than we have now. The real killer was when congress exempted themselves from inclusion. What’s wrong with that picture?

        1. Wynette Atkins says:

          I agree. Congress should not establish any law, that they themselves do not have to live by. I also do not understand why they get so many days off each year. Maybe they need to work 4 (10 hour days), and get Friday to Sunday off each week, to fly home to be with their family. And only get 8 – 10 days off for Holidays each year, and 2 weeks for Vacations.

  48. Richard Bagenstose says:

    you don’t see the media reporting on the sanders criminal investigation do you

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Not a ‘whisper’ anywhere!!

  49. John Redman says:

    TG that there are “sensible” folk participating in earthly government to counter the true nut-cases like Sanders. BUT I wish that all God’s creatures would heed the 1st commandment, put all “loyalties” to Satan (earthly government) aside and become ONE of 8 billion rebellious opponents of tyranny/followers of God as their conscious dictates and, as New Hampshire fatuously states, “Live Free Or Die”. If that statement6 is hard to follow, I apologize for being too wordy. I’m trying to do better.

  50. Rj Stoker says:

    I think Dr. Rand Paul is spot on. After WWII, wages were still low, so fringe benefits such as healthcare became an inducement to work for companies and/ or organizations(unions, etc.) that negotiated these plans with insurance companies. There was no government interference or association with aforesaid plans.
    Almost all government plans that start out for the good of the people/country hits a tipping point and what started out good ends up totally bad and we the taxpayers always lose. There is not one politician on the face of this earth who knows what is good for me personally, unless there is something in it for them.

  51. Dan Menard says:

    Do we have any confirmation that all government employees including Senators, Congressmen and the President and Vice president will also be obligated to use this socialistic health program? I doubt they would ever agree to this catastrophe in the making! It would be good enough for the masses but certainly not for them. And thy dear friends we. The Masses” should run away as quickly as we can from this socialized med program.

  52. noah jonas says:

    If Bernie and Chelsea Clinton put their brains in gear before speaking there would be fewer`people who know how dumb they are. Bernie needs to shut-up at least until Congressman Scalise is stable enough to get out of hospital, after being shot by one of Bernie’s nutcase followers. I used to respect Bernie, but NO MORE1

  53. George says:

    Yes, the U.S. Government has too much power over the people.

  54. kassa1 says:

    Three on Bernie, she’s been a deadbeat all his life living off the backs of the American working man finally wound is way up in the Congress in the communist OK Democrat party using their platform the flies in the seat to get warriors now again still living off the backs of the American worker, yet again still spewing the heat in the lies the seat of the left !

  55. Duane says:

    Bernie Sanders needs to keep running for President. We need a Socialist on the ticket so we will be assured of a Republican victory for the next 30 years. And Pelosi should be his running mate.

  56. gary says:

    Bernie, Hillary, Schumer all these scum bag socialist have the same plan for America. to eliminate the middle class by any means possible!! primarily because you can’t sell socialism to a affluent upwardly Mobil middle class!!! but you can sell it to a economically depressed and politically disenfranchised lower class!!! that’s why they are all for these NFTA and PPS type of treaties and these so called global climate warming garbage causes. what these causes/ treaties really do is transfer American wealth over seas in a big give away. where we hand cuff ourselves to a bunch of garbage rules that do nothing for the climate then allow countries like chine and India to pollute like hell and blame it all on us!!! its moves like that which disperses the middle class everywhere but here!!! its all done with fake news and blame shifting, and out right lies!! of course the convenient idiots of the left buy it hook line and sinker!! the other subject that they (left)are always hammering on; is the anti gun movement!! called reasonable gun laws. again which are meant to disarm us!! so we can’t fight back when needed!! (in the civil war they are starting NOW!!) but the worst is the idiots like that M. Moore claiming that white people buy guns because they are afraid of black people!!! what garbage!! once again they are playing the racists angle. its the leftist that are the racist and bigots!! everything they do pushes the racist angle. look around at these college campuses where they want everybody divided up by race. strictly illegal under the 1964 civil rights laws but that’s what they (leftist scum) are doing to foment racial divisions among the various peoples on campus. sourly to push there outdated and obsolete racist attitudes of hate and discontent!!!! all must stop or the civil war will be at hand!!!! WE MUST FIGHT BACK NOW!!! OR SAY GOOD BY TO AMERICAN AS IT WAS MEANT TO BE!!!! land of freedom and open to the good life for all!! not just the elite left socialist scum!!! which is what they want!! a ruling class that never leaves office!! and thin upper class of mega wealthy, and very small middle class, and a meg billions of lower class economically depressed bottom of the world no voice lower class!!! that does what they are told on threat of death!! summarily!!!

  57. kmk says:

    YEP, sure do agree with Rand Paul.

  58. jim jones says:

    Got news for you Rand, being raped by the insurance companies causes extreme poverty too!

  59. ny2223jv says:

    Bernie is an anal orifice

  60. travis690 says:

    Yes, I agree with Dr. Sen. Rand Paul.

    I’m not surprised that Erin Burnett couldn’t figure this out. Her attempt to “present the logical conclusion” to what Dr. Paul said was incorrect on its face. She maligned his statement to reach her own conclusion.

    The current rules of Obamacare do not allow for bargaining by the consumer, since they specify coverages that must be included in any policy. What female would want to buy prostate cancer coverage, when that disease seems to only occur in men? What male would intentionally buy pregnancy coverage, since that is not something (yet) that has been shown to occur in men? If they call that “bargaining for better health care,” then they can’t negotiate very well at all. Heck, I bet they can be outwitted by a 5-year-old who has never seen the inside of a government indoctrination camp (what some people call a public school).

    Requiring anyone to pay a higher cost for a good or service they will never have a chance of using is not insurance; it’s income redistribution from those with neither power nor money to those with both power and money.

    1. Janelle says:

      Travis……….that is the absolute truth!

  61. jimvancise says:

    That “disastrous plan” which you decry is the same one which nearly the entire World has. Canadians for example, are so pleased with their plan that they selected it’s creator “Greatest Canadian of All Time” in a Survey conducted by The Canadian Broadcasting System” in 2005. I’m sorta guessing that the rest of the World just may be onto something.

    1. dfinch says:

      Is that why Canada and Great Britain are now looking at other options for their healthcare? Their system is broke and out of money.

  62. Alexander Reginald Watts says:

    I come from Canada, where Socialized Medicine was introduce based on a lie by T. Nowommy Douglas. At first it seemed to work well. Then we began to lose. hospital beds. Then physicians as they began to flee the system. Government began to exert more control. Now physicians waiting lists are far too long, as are surgical lists. When I practiced in St.. .

    1. dfinch says:

      I know what you say is fact. I’ve had 4 ruptured disks and from the time of the MRI till I got admitted to the hospital was around 8-10 days. I have a cousin that lives in Alberta and she had a ruptured disk. From the time of seeing a Dr and being admitted to the hospital was around 6 months. In the mean time she was in excruciating pain and bedridden. No amount of pain killers can disguise that pain. She couldn’t work and lost her job which caused tremendous stress of the family income. No one in the US should want that.

  63. Force Recon says:

    Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

  64. rick meek says:

    americans felt the “bern” and he just won’t stop until ya TAKE AWAY those MILIONS that he’s been making….

  65. Janie Perry says:

    My Granddaughter has 2 kids and works for a company that doesn’t provide insurance for their employees because they are too small. She applied for the Obama’s insurance and was told she made too much so she didn’t qualify an they also took her kids off Medicaid. She didn’t even make $9 an hour. How stupid is that. We have several major Insurance Companies that could get together and come up with an employment type of insurance that anyone could get, but they do have to pay for it. The President could give these companies a tax break for helping. The trouble with Obama car or any government type of insurance is, The people don’t pay for it. That’s what’s happening right now, they sign up and don’t pay for it. So guess what, we the taxpayer pay for the increase in insurance plus the doctors. Governments can’t run a country let alone an insurance company

  66. Cora Bird says:

    All these people like Bernie Sanders that advocate socialized medicine aren’t talking about giving up their own taxpayer funded insurance, just those whose votes they want to stay in power.

  67. Bill Chandler says:

    How did a lonny like Sanders ever get anyone to give him the time of day much less, everytime he opens his stupid mouth the communist networks are right there. It doesn’t take but one time seeing this old coot to realize that he is crazy as hell and most of the lazy deadbeats are right there with him. Folks our country is going to hell when someone like this senile old goat stands up and runs his stupid mouth and anyone pays any attention to him. He’s another one that should be in jail because of stealing from tax payers along with his fat bitch

  68. DirtyDaveyDownEast says:

    Gotta love that Rand Paul.


  69. cathylovesyou says:

    Didn’t Senator Joe McCarthy lock up Communist Bernie Sanders back around 1950 with the rest of his Communist Hollywood cronies. They all looked like him back then. Oh well, I could be mistaken not about him as one of our Communist Democrats in DC

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