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This RINO Senator Just Threatened The End Of Trump’s Presidency

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  1. stoth says:

    No the President should not fire Mueller. It is common knowledge that Graham (who lost in the race to be the RNC pick) and McCain (who lost his bid because we had rather have 4 more years of Obama) are both going to switch to the Democratic party. McCain will switch before cancer gets him.
    Neither of these two and the two “ladies” are good representative for their people. Its a shame that Trump wont cancel the insurance for the congress. Let them share the burden like us common folk.
    Mr President let Mueller run his course. Maybe he (Mueller) will give an honest assessment.

    1. Palmer says:

      Even if they switch,there isn’t a Senate seat that they can simply move into.

      1. Marty says:

        Sure there is, their own. The seat doesn’t change, just the party. However, even if they do, it won’t change much. So it would be politics as usual. Their already voting with the demonrats. Hopefully if they do switch, it will open the eyes of their stupid voters and would give them the boot come their next election.

        1. John Wagner says:

          We need term limits so bad. Voters are so lazy and dumb they just keep putting in the same idiots year after year.

          1. Marty says:

            Yup. Short memories. Term limits are the only way to fix this mess.

    2. Carolyn says:

      I don’t know if many people know this or not, but McCain was originally in DC as a Democrat. Really!! But then he ran out of support from the Democrats because of his flip/flop actions back then. So he switched to the Republican side in order to stay in office. And now, once again he is showing his true colors. Another example of his flip/flops is that he co-wrote the bill with a Democrat back in the day that was supposedly going to give amnesty to all the illegal immigrants at the time. But when his constituents started demanding that a wall be built to keep the illegals out, McCain’s next campaign motto was “we will build that wall!! But I guess no one else remembers all that. And yes, the Republicans were promising to build that wall way back in the day before anyone knew anything about Mr. Trump!!

      1. C.T. Dixon says:

        Wrong answer MCCain was not originally in DC as a Democrat. His first political office he held was as in the House of Representatives representing Arizona’s 1st Congressional District for which he ran and won as a Republican.

  2. Susie Q says:

    Lindsey Graham is another John McCain! A traitor and he is screaming it right now. He is a NOBODY that wants attention and doesn’t deserve any!!! He has never accomplished anything meaningful just a wanna be!! I couldn’t give a damn about anything he has to say on anything!!!!

    1. Ed Shick says:

      There are many snakes in the Swamp , RINO’s are a bit lower than Socialist , Communist ,Democrats !

      1. granny_forUSA says:

        Bush is on the RINO list……….

        1. Brenda Sinclair says:

          also pedophile list

  3. Ron haymaker says:

    I say it’s time to go RINO hunting!

    1. granny_forUSA says:


    2. Deborah Pratt says:

      Making a ‘list’ and checking it ‘twice’!!!

      1. Ron haymaker says:

        This list will be pretty easy to make, all naughty—no nice!!!

  4. don says:

    Need to throw this worthless P.O.S out . He is nothing but trouble.

  5. Robert Walters says:

    Maybe it’s time to investigate Lindsey Graham ! I’m sure this little party Traitor has something to hide like his close friend John McCain another traitor.
    If these two bastards are tied to the Deep State and the Obama, Hillary foundations they are guility

    1. Sheri Gray says:

      YES!!! We need to start calling for investigations into these RINO’s who are obstructing Trump!

      1. granny_forUSA says:

        Their names are available on google………just hunt for Soros funded Politicians…….

      2. meme35 says:


    2. Hardcore says:

      Good point, the two of them talk out of both sides of mouth

    3. granny_forUSA says:

      I believe that I saw his name on the google list of Soros owned………..along with all the DEMS, and quite a few RINO’s………..

    4. Brenda Sinclair says:

      they are lover boys did you not gayly know that?

  6. Palmer says:

    Lindsey Graham should be investigated for Subtrafuge against a sitting President along with the Traitor McCain!

    1. rose says:

      His ‘day’ is long overdue, is a true RINO in every sense. Who needs him?

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        Evidently, not even the people he ‘supposidly’ represents!! They want him ‘gone’ as much as everyone else does!!

        1. Doris Will says:

          His statement to his constituents, If you don’t like me don’t vote for me. He should be forced to step out of the race, and have a real Republican run against the Democrat. Otherwise it will Democrat running against another Democrat.

          1. LeaM says:

            First, McCain JUST WON re-election LAST NOVEMBER, so he has 5+ more years in this term. That means THERE IS
            NO “RACE” FOR HIM TO STEP OUT OF (and won’t be, until 2022). Given his health, he’s not likely to run again, anyway. (If he dies, the Governor can appoint an interim Senator, but there’ll be a special election in Nov. 2018 or, if McCain lives past this year, in 2020.)

            But the Arizona Republicans better find a decent candidate to run for his seat (or fill it by appointment if McCain doesn’t beat his brain tumor), because they haven’t given Arizona Republicans a good alternative for 30 years! (The woman he beat in last year’s primary, who says she’s going to run again unless she runs against Sen. Trent Franks instead is an absolute IDIOT. Run HER, and the DEMOCRATS will take control of that seat!

          2. Doris Will says:

            Doris Will Deborah Pratt a day ago
            This is what Lindsay Graham said: followed by my answer:
            His statement to his constituents, If you don’t like me don’t vote for me. He should be forced to step out of the race, and have a real Republican run against the Democrat. Otherwise it will Democrat running against another Democrat.

          3. LeaM says:

            We seem to be talking about 2 different things & people! I pointed out, first, that candidates have to appeal to the voters IN THEIR STATES., be that Arizona (McCain) or South Carolina (Graham). Otherwise they don’t WIN and WE GET A DEMOCRAT in that seat — AND LOSE OUR SLENDER MAJORITY in the Senate. You really WANT Chuck Schumer to run the Senate? Elizabeth Warren (“Pocahontas”) to be the likely Dem nominee? Keep it up and you’ll get there.
            Second, I didn’t say a WORD about Graham’s statement, which I also found absurd. But again, IF THE REPUBLICAN VOTERS OF SOUTH CAROLINA CHOOSE HIM as their candidate, THERE IS NO WAY (legally morally or practically) to “FORCE” him to “step out of the race.”” YOU can’t, I can’t, and neither can anyone else IF the GOP
            voters in his state nominate him again. And as he WON reelection with 55% of the vote in 2014, he doesn’t have to run again until 2020, so there’s NOTHING you or I or anyone else can do about him until then (and probably not then, either).
            And, like him or not, HE IS A REPUBLICAN, by HIS choice. NOBODY — and no state — EVER gets to choose ANYONE’S political affiliation EXCEPT THAT PERSON. The Republican Party is a BIG TENT, with a lot of people who don’t always (or even often) agree with one another. IF THEY SAY THEY’RE REPUBLICAN, THEY’RE REPUBLICAN. And if they run for office AS Republicans and WIN, there’s NOTHING you can do about it.
            BETTER GRAHAM – WHO VOTES WITH REPUBLICANS ABOUT 80% OF THE TIME – AND NOT A DEMOCRAT WHO WOULD NEVER VOTE WITH THE REPUBLICANS. (It’s the old “half a loaf” issue: if you’re hungry, half a loaf of bread is better than none at all!)

          4. Doris Will says:

            Graham told HIS VOTERS IN HIS STATE THAT IF THEY DIDN’T LIKE HIM THEY SHOULDN’T VOTE FOR HIM. McCain in Arizona gets a lot of his votes from snowbirds who only spend the winters in Arizona. Arizonans don’t like this as those same voters can also vote in their home states. My pet Peeve is we vote for candidates to represent us in Washington. When they get there they vote as they please, because they voted their conscience when we elected them to vote for our conscience.

          5. LeaM says:

            Yes, that’s what Graham told the voters — SO? It’s TRUE, no? The voters in Graham’s state (SC) DID vote for him, so apparently he was right.

            As for McCain getting votes from snowbirds who aren’t really Arizonans: I’m not sure that’s really how he gets reelected. The snowbirds are, after all, Yankees (from places like NY and Illinois!), and NOT NECESSARILY CONSERVATIVES. In fact, they’re MORE likely to be RINOs or “Never Trump” Republicans. And of course IF they are law-abiding Americans (and most of us DO try to live by the LAW, which everyone knows means VOTING IN ONLY ONE STATE, not in two just because we own houses in two places). So while I haven’t seen any stats on the subject, I suspect McCain gets MORE votes from full-time Arizonans than from the “winter people.”

            The problem is that we vote for people because we hope/expect them to vote AS WE CHOOSE, not as THEY choose. But first, they’re HUMAN, and they DO have their own consciences — it’s human nature to follow your own conscience; being told you MUST follow someone else’s is BEING A SLAVE TO THAT PERSON. Nobody’s allowed to tell YOU, or me, or any other individual HOW TO VOTE.

            Also, the issues don’t always show up on the floor of the House or Senate exactly the way we expected them. We Republicans set up the “repeal/replace” paradigm for Obamacare, for example, on the ASSUMPTION that we’d have enough votes (in the LAST Congress, before 2016, WE HAD 54. Then we found we had only 52, including 3-4 RINOs, and the “repeal/replace” plan simply wouldn’t work because WE DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH VOTES TO DO IT. Don’t blame McCain OR Graham for that: IF ANYONE IS AT FAULT IT’S THE REPUBLICAN VOTERS IN THOSE STATES WHERE WE LOST REPUBLICAN SENATE SEATS and thus dropped from 54 to 52.

            Legislating is a very messy business: a distinguished long-ago statesman once said, “THERE ARE TWO THINGS NOBODY SHOULD WATCH BEING MADE: SAUSAGES… AND LEGISLATION. (I’ve never seen sausages made, but I have a vivid imagination; I’ve spent YEARS watching LEGISLATION made, and it IS exceptionally messy.)

            A Congressperson or Senator can fight as hard as he/she likes for the legislation he/’she WANTS (the bill he/she promised the voters to support), but at the end of the day it’s a BINARY choice: each member has to decide to vote Yes or No ON THE BILL THAT’S ON THE FLOOR — which may not look much like the one that the Congressperson or Senator PROMISED to support.

            So what does a Congressperson or Senator do if they don’t like the bill the way it ended up, but the law they wanted to vote AGAINST is STILL TERRIBLE? The Congressperson or Senator HAS TO DECIDE — NOT WHICH IS BEST, because they’re BOTH bad, but WHICH IS WORSE. So he/’she ends up voting for a bill he/she thinks is THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS, in the hope that in the NEXT Congress their party’s majority will be bigger and they can come back and make changes/improvements.

            That’s what happened with the “repeal/replace” pledge: THEY DIDN’T HAVE THE VOTES and HAD TO SETTLE FOR A BAD BILL — or leave Obamacare as it was. Most decided to try for a SMALL improvement in 2017 in the hopes they can do better, if not in 2018 then with the NEXT Congress. For decades most voters UNDERSTOOD this kind of decision, but now people like YOU want ALL OR NOTHING: a perfect bill or NONE AT ALL. Well, when you put the decision on that basis, what you GET is NONE AT ALL. And the rest of us — the whole country — ARE STUCK WITH OBAMACARE, MAYBE FOREVER. Thanks (not)!

          6. Doris Will says:

            All I can tell you is a lady from AZ told me that.

          7. Cheryl Detar says:

            You would think, with McCain’s cancer, he would just retire and spend the rest of his days, with his “loved ones.” No, instead, he continues on his path to make a fool of himself and pave his way to hell.

          8. LeaM says:

            YOU (or I) may think McCain has made a fool of himself, but about 60% of the COUNTRY thinks he emerges as a HERO for standing his ground. And DO NOT FALL INTO THE TRAP OF THINKING VOTING FOR OR AGAINST A PARTICULAR PIECE OF LEGISLATION WILL SEND ANYONE TO HELL. THAT is a VERY dangerous assumption: WHO TOLD YOU WHICH VERSION OF THE BILL THE DEVIL LIKES, and which is God’s preference???? YOU don’t know, and neither does anyone else. That’s why we call it “VOTING YOUR CONSCIENCE” — the best you can do is vote for what YOU believe is best, and NOT TRY TO DETERMINE what God, or the Devil, wants. YOU CAN’T.

      2. Caro Line says:

        What does RiNO stand for?

        1. Wmichaelmic says:

          Republican in name only.

        2. rose says:

          Republican in name only

    2. shamu9 says:

      Graham is a Gay Boy! Just listen to him!

      1. Brenda Sinclair says:

        of course he is and loves molesting little boys

    3. Hardcore says:

      You are correct, we have a few senators that couldn’t reach the White House because the American people rejected them. Now these AO have no respect for the guy that kicked their ass and reached the WH. I do not like the policy’s of the liberals but
      I give them credit they stick together unlike some of our turncoat republicans. For those of you dressed as republican I hope you get your turncoat ass voted out of office when you are up for reelection. You are a disgrace for not being part of the GOP TEAM. The President can’t get a lot done because of you disloyalty liberals in republican clothing. You are a disgrace to the people that put you in office.

        1. Brenda Sinclair says:

          i agree

      1. Rose Schulz says:

        You are so right.

      2. Still_Educating_the_Idiots says:

        The people that put him ( repeatedly ! ) in office are a disgrace to themselves.

      3. Artie says:

        Ive never voted,newly registered,but I will be voting against this scumbag

        1. old codger says:

          Artie, to many people from both sides of the aisle DO NOT vote!! Yes they go to the polling place, check in, enter the booth, then depending on which party they registered as grab the ALL D or the ALL R lever, cast (in their mind)their vote and exit!!!
          THAT IS “NOT” VOTING!!!! Going to the polling place after examining the candidates as best you can and voting for the one in your mind is the “ABSOLUTE BEST” choice REGARDLESS if he/ she is of the other party “IS” voting!!

          1. dude says:

            for sure that is right

          2. old codger says:

            I don’t know how it is elsewhere but back in Pa. they had the booths with curtains! When you entered you pulled a lever to close the curtain, made your selection(s) and pulled the lever over (opened the curtain) and you had voted! I saw people in and out before the curtain STOPPED swaying!! You know it was the ALL lever!!
            I/ we moved to Co. and they send out a paper ballot which gets dropped off at a voter box!

          3. debarl6 says:

            you are so right….I a democrat around 40 years ago. but still vote how I want to and of course my vote was for Trump andw will back him all the way….some make no sense at all…

      4. Starman535 says:

        All those Rinos should be put out to pasture at the next opportunity. Shame on any voters who still support them.

        1. LeaM says:

          MOST of the RINOs (or moderate Republicans, since only 1-2 are really RINOs) come from states where a CONSERVATIVE COULD NOT WIN. That means defeating the RINOs or moderates WOULD SEE A DEMOCRAT — a REAL liberal, and in Arizona probably a Hispanic — elected instead. Aren’t we better off with a Republican who only votes with the party, say, 60% of the time than we would be with a Democrat who NEVER votes with the Republicans? And whose presence IN the Senate would REDUCE OUR CHANCES OF KEEPING CONTROL of the Senate? You REALLY want CHUCK SCHUMER running the place? HOW WOULD THAT HELP PRESIDENT TRUMP (or the country)???

          Sometimes it’s NECESSARY to accept a “RINO” or moderate because the ALTERNATIVE IS MUCH WORSE.

      5. dude says:

        you got that right but will see if they hang on to their set their next election …as far as PRESIDENT TRUMP if you try to impeach or get rid of him I can tell you you have just started a war in your own country because the American people ain’t going to let that happen now that we got a president with some balls

        1. Hardcore says:

          I hope you are correct, because if the liberals get their way we want have America as we know it. I can’t understand why we have allow Soros to live in our country and at the same time pay people to try to destroy the United States as most of us want the country to be..

          1. tugger76 says:

            Like it or not, Soros is the dedicated NWO (New World Order) boss and has many politicians, both R and D in his pocket. Do not ever doubt there are many Socialist and Communist within our own government. Donald Trump upset their apple cart when he was elected. Hellory was all set to implement an Oligarchy Government, and we the people saw right through her except and in despite, the Liberals who are now guilty of insurrection of our government.

        2. Sheri Gray says:

          DUDE! I am 71 but raised a farm kid, and a military brat, and held all kinds of nontraditional jobs for a lady…..but I can shoot like a man(!) and will join the NRA and do a whole hell of a lot more if they try to take my President away from me!

          1. dude says:

            me to

          2. old codger says:


        3. Ray says:

          That’s right. It’s not going to be pretty thats for sure. The American people are sick and tired of the Democraps way they treat people. It’s all about them, power and lobbyist money. And the hell with We the People, can’t happen any more. NO SIR!!!!…

          1. dude says:

            I agree

        4. old codger says:

          I’m ready!! Locked and Loaded! I don’t think they realize the hurting they seem to be begging for! I’m 100% Trump, donna F— with my man cause the F–KING just may come back 10 fold to you!!

      6. Sheri Gray says:

        hardcore…..AND they have made mega fortunes while in Congress doing ‘pay for play” straight out of Hilaries book, so have the Dems, and they are power mad, rich beyond what they should have earned honestly, and will fight a very vicious fight to keep on holding on to power………..I really and truly believe that this is probably our last chance to SAVE AMERICA as it was……….and I truly believe Trump when he says that is what he is trying to do!
        Am I wrong in this???? Don’t you-all think the same thing! Are you as worried as I am??

    4. Scosh says:

      Investigated my ass, we already know what they are, hang the Bastards

    5. Stephen says:

      They need to look into his closet while they are at it, there’s just something a little creepy and strange about him.

    6. JKH says:

      What makes Senator Booker and Senator Graham think they have the power and authority to amend the the US Constitution’s “Check and Balance” system by merely writing and getting passed a simple law? They are OBLIGATED, by their sworn oaths, to follow Article V. Their elitism and arrogance explains the abuse of power.

      1. Hardcore says:

        Yes we also know where Booker is coming from. He showed who he is when he tryed to destroy Sessions after the two went together to write a new policy. Booker showed who is radical. His true color came to the front when Sessions were being confirmed.

    7. Mary says:

      Absolutely, this rat should shut his mouth, he and McCain are the worse, I hope whoever runs against them both next time they run for reelection they are dumped, never heard anything from them when Obama was doing all his dirty things but now they can’r get done bashing President Trump, well jealousy reaps a long tantrum, I wish this mug would just shut up, HE NOR McCAIN WILL NEVER DISCOURAGE PRESIDENT TRUMPS SUPPORTS, WE LOVE HIM AND SUPPORT HIM FULLY, YOU TWO ARE NOTHING BUT DIRTY MOUTH’D SKUNKS, TRAITORS AT THE WORST.

    8. John Milhous says:


    9. LeaM says:

      There’s no law or even policy against “subtrafuge” (actually spelled SUBTERFUGE) against “a sitting president” or anyone else. Nor is there any law against disagreeing with the president, even if he’s in the same party.

      GROW UP! These are adults who have earned the support of a substantial majority of THEIR CONSTITUENTS, whether YOU (or I) like them or not. McCain was reelected to a sixth term last year with 59% of the vote in Arizona, AFTER destroying an opponent in the Republican primary. Graham won with 55% in his last re-election bid. THE PEOPLE WHO GET TO VOTE ON THEM SEEM TO LIKE THEM, even if you or I don’t. Since neither of them has done anything impeachable (not supporting the president is NOT an impeachable offense), that’s that. The voters of Arizona and South Caroling got to decide, NOT US.

      I’m from Arizona though I don’t live there anymore, and I LOATHE McCain. Always have, since he parlayed his fame as a POW into a divorce from the wife who stood in for him and practically RAN the national POW-MIA program while he was in captivity. (Then, having divorced his loyal wife, he married a much younger notorious bimbo for her substantial FORTUNE — inherited from his successful car-dealer Daddy.)I don’t much like Graham, either (though it’s not visceral), but SO WHAT? I don’t vote in Arizona or South Carolina, so I don’t get a say. I sort of suspect YOU don’t live in their states, either.

      Anyway, your proposals to investigate for a NON-CRIME or what YOU think is treason (but ISN’T) would be outside the law and legally/judicially IMPOSSIBLE. Try reading the Constitution — it doesn’t allow ANYONE to accuse another person of a crime JUST BASED ON PERSONAL DISAGREEMENT or ANIMOSITY. Thank GOD, or we’d ALL be in prison.

    10. figmo says:

      “War hero” McCain does not come across a such a hero. Google his experience on the USS Forrestal off Vietnam in 1967 and google his capture and cooperation with the North Vietnamese at the Hanoi Hilton. Was he responsible for the fire and explosions on the Forrestal that killed over 130 sailors? One theory is that he wanted to pull a prank on a pilot behind him so he “wet started” his engine meaning he loaded it up with jet fuel before starting it causing a big flame. It appears to have been nicely glossed over by the navy probably from the influence of his daddy the admiral. I understand he cooperated in making propaganda films for his captors. The only question is did he follow the “code of conduct” and resist their efforts as long as he could?

    11. Debbie Rausch says:

      We the People have got to get on top of this crap and take out all long term congressmen and women who have stayed much longer than they should have. The lifers need to be take down/out. They are corrupted and the longer they stay the only thing they do is get paid by special interest groups and are no longer working for the people but for other payers. Only way to clean out the swamp is take them all down..

  7. Kika68 says:

    Trump can’t fire mueller unless he does something wrong !? He is already doing something wrong. He is not recuessing himself for conflict of interest because he is good friends with Comey. Also he did Hitlerys dirty work by helping her with her uranium one deal with the russians. Fire that ass already. Screw Lindsey graham

    1. Marty says:

      The President can fire anyone within his administration for any or no reason. However that doesn’t mean he won’t suffer politically. But the conflict of interest with Mueller is staggering. Mueller must go.

    2. Hardcore says:

      Bingo you have it right

  8. William toxic says:

    If we are lucky Graham will get a fast killing cancer too!! Best thing for American.

    1. Whaledriver says:

      More than likely, AIDS.

    2. NorthPortNurse says:

      Please don’t wish that on anyone, not even your enemy.

  9. ConnieJ says:

    Graham, McCain, and all the rest of the RINO Soros-Democrats need to be investigated and tossed out of the Republican Party. All they’ve ever done is sabotage the American people. Gov. Kasich is another prime example. When they take the Soros money, they dance to his tune.

  10. bee says:

    HANG these DIRTY Sons-o-Bitches grahm and mc cain for Treason.

  11. John T. Koszalka says:

    Lindsey Graham, And the hero turned Evil Little Man McCain I give you a warning—–Being snakes are more to your elk. You both seem to do best talking out of both sides of your mouths. We The DEPLORABLE UNDER BELLY ARE WATCHING YOU.

    1. Artie says:

      McCain is no hero,read up on him.

      1. John T. Koszalka says:

        On the hero stuff there are to many yes, & no stories out there so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.
        As far as Evil Little Man—-No Doubt about it, McCain, and the snake Graham.

    2. Thomas The Paine says:

      McCain: Colluding with the enemy since 1967. . .

  12. OnlyTruthFirst says:

    Why can’t Graham & McCain be RECALLED by their states? They are traitors to their own party and the American people who are SICK of the status quo. The Republic Party needs to cull the RINO’s from being able to run under their ticket, if they ever want unity.

    1. Marty says:

      I believe he may be removed from office with 2/3 vote of the senate. Hell, we cant even get a simple majority with all these RINO’s in place.

    2. Carol Gemkow says:

      Toss them into the drain

      1. Scosh says:

        Trust me, they will regret what they have done to America. We The People will get justice one way or another. Civil war on the horizon……

    3. granny_forUSA says:


    4. Brenda Sinclair says:

      mccain is dying from brain cancer God took real vengence out on that pedophile, as God will on other pedophiles in washington government, maybe all will have penis rot or brain cancer

    5. chief1937 says:

      Better yet we as voters need to cull them out during the primaries.

  13. 1937shirley says:

    Graham and his buddy McCain both need to go along with McMasters and Mueller. They are all out to get President Trump.

    1. rose says:

      and in the process are undermining what we voted the sitting President in for.

    2. Martha Sullivan says:

      Those 2 Rhinos are on the top of the list….
      why is there no way? to oust them?? some one please find one m.s.

  14. charles johnston says:

    RINO is all he ever was, never an actual republican.

  15. Whaledriver says:

    I wish that Lindsey would just crawl back to the gay bar he just slithered out of and have another virgin daiquiri.

  16. Thomas The Paine says:

    Lindsey Graham needs to commit suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head. . . TWICE!

    1. Ed Shick says:

      Save one bullet for Chuck Schumer , He is a Snake also , but at least he is a Socialist !!

      1. Thomas The Paine says:

        As bad as Chuck Scummer is, no one is more deserving than John McCain: Colluding with the enemy since 1967. . . And a lousy pilot too!

        1. granny_forUSA says:


    2. granny_forUSA says:


      1. Thomas The Paine says:

        Trump needs to learn a thing or two from the Clintons. . . How long do think Robert Mueller would have lasted if he was investigating them?

  17. Ed Shick says:

    Well last night the Governor of West Virginia became a Republican , He could see just how great Donald Trump is ! but we have these Sick Rino’s that should be recalled by the voters in their state

  18. John R Fleming says:

    he is upset because his sex partner is terminally nice to him

  19. richard black says:

    he’s buttbuddies with McClown aint he !!!!

  20. Dodie1990 says:

    He never liked the nominee of his party and has made it clear that he does not support him. Democrats are united against Trump. Unfortunately the victorious Republicans despise him just as much and are trying to destroy him so they can get back to “business as usual”

    1. Carolyn says:

      You’re right, Dodie. And that’s why we elected Mr. Trump — to STOP that corrupt “business as usual” crap!!!

    2. granny_forUSA says:


  21. SouthernPatriot says:

    Panty-waist Graham is at it again. Usurping authority. Seditious. Traitorous. Trump won South Carolina by far more votes than did Graham.

  22. Dan says:

    This guy has got to go! Just what is his end game? His campaign if I’m not mistaken when he ran for President had less than 1% of the voter’s support. He hates Donald Trump, because Lindsey is a sore loser who’s part of the establishment swamp.

  23. Darlene F. Donston says:

    What is WRONG WITH SOUTH CAROLINA!!!!??? How can they still be voting this Gay in all the time. Time to get rid of him along with his “buddy” McCain! Both are TURNCOATS to the U.S. Mueller should have been FIRED months ago! 16 attorneys making multi-millions off of this is wasting OUR Money and time where Trump could be doing more constructive things! EVERYTHING SMELLS ROTTEN LIKE A DIRTY SHITTY SWAMP! Time for Sessions to FIRE these Crooks who support Killary and Comey! Just SICK AND TIRED OF THIS WHOLE MESS. They are so JEALOUS that a NON-Politician won the election and is trying to clean up the MESS OF 4 YEARS OF MUSLIM OBAMA!

  24. BeeCubed says:

    Graham and McCain have got to go! They are both traitors and should be in jail!

  25. Pauline Kasper says:

    This RINO needs to go! The Republicans in South Carolina need to find someone who is willing to run against him in the primary and win!

  26. James Flanery says:

    This is something that is needed to hopefully get to the bottom of this investigation because when Mueller gets to close to finding out the REAL TRUMP he will just be fired to keep the truth from coming out. WE NEED TO FIRE TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Jim Strong says:

    Time for McCain and Graham to be fitted for a new pair of shoes.
    The cement type.

  28. William Glass says:

    Maybe it’s time for true “Patriots” to go to D.C. (in the millions) with their AR’s and “HELP” the President in “Draining the Swamp”. There are a lot of slimy critters in “The Swamp”.

  29. NorthPortNurse says:

    All the RINO’s need to be reminded that their were commissioned by the people who elected them and elected our President, Donald J. Trump. We elected Trump our President in hopes he could be the one who carried out the commitment to represent the people and so far it appears he continues to try despite the members of the “resistence.”
    Trump knew this was going to be a bumpy ride and I believe he has the fortitude to withstand the onslaught wrought by the pompous abusers of the people’s trust. Please make sure to cast your vote accordingly in subsequent elections. Help our President, Donald J. Trump “Drain the Swamp.”

  30. Steve Flowers says:

    Hey TASTELESS GRAHAM CRACKER! Your attack and remarks about President Trump are giving you the reputation of a whining loser who finds himself out of the mix of being a Republican, I don’t know what you are trying to prove unless you are just interested in seeing yourself in the news! Being despondent as you find yourself and are jealous of President Trump, it would be best if you retire or find some other means of support and while you are at it, please take McCain with you!
    YOU AS A ‘CRACK have turned out to be one BIG ‘CRUMB!’

  31. parthenon1 says:

    come on Lindsey pack up your frilly drawers and cute little pinafores and go back to the back woods of South Carolina away from the good people there so you cant contaminate them !

  32. Sheri Gray says:

    Lindsey Graham needs to go home, or admit that he is ‘in’ with the libs and dems!

  33. Doug Sergeant says:

    Mueller needs to stay within the script as he is not authorized to ad lib.

  34. davesnrakleberger says:

    These anti-Trumpers in both parties are letting their pathological hatred of Trump override their love of country if they still have any. I’m keeping a list of them and will support any challengers to them in the next set of elections.
    Hey Lindsey….you sound like you need a new set of BenWa balls.

  35. Linda says:

    How about this proposal : Get rid of Graham and McCain, and any other Republican who opposes our President. All you have to do is think about what kind of country we would have had Hillary Clinton won the election. It would be destroyed completely, so the republicans better get busy and pass President Trump’s vision for America, or simply get out, go home and get people in there that are for America.

  36. Cecilia Robarge says:

    Graham, cookie, I pray that you also will fall victim to an aggressive brain tumor as God’s punishment for interferring with His President and people. You are a traitor and God knows it.. amen

  37. Arnold Young says:

    Tell this Rino idiot to stick his head in a box of sand and only remove it after so develops some common sense!

    1. Jjb54 says:


      Pansy Graham is on-going proof of this!

  38. Jjb54 says:

    Muller DID do something wrong: Pansy Graham – read the LAW: Conflict or Interest or PERCEIVED CONFLICT of interest, Muller SHOULD RECUSE HIMSELF. He already broke the ETHIC STANDARD and LAW.

  39. Elisha says:

    Capitol Hill has turned into a country club. So very much of the time it is akin to some kind of bathhouse. The current crop of paid, professional liars (called “politicians”) is a bunch of Demolicans and Republicrats, Demonrats and Rethugs, Democraps and Redoodoolickhands. After all, the “D” stands for Dinosaur while the “R” stands for Reptile.

  40. lorenz genovich says:

    The President has his “Trump” card by going around the country to solidify and gain support energy with those massive rallies that we saw in WV the other night, where the Democratic Governor switched to the GOP. If the charade in DC keeps going on the people better start calling and yelling at their congrssmen and senators in the Swamp that we won’t accept any more of this subversive and anti-constitutional witch hunt. WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT and DC works for us.

  41. Lenny Saunders says:

    I think it’s time to get rid of the rinos recall if nessecery.

  42. Richard Frick says:

    Absolute evidence of infiltration of the Republican Party and the Democrat Part with Communist spy’s working for the Russians. Graham and McCain are Marxist Communists.

  43. gooojooo1 says:

    grahm and mccain need to stroke out

  44. EL Ripley says:

    Yes, Trump should fire Mueller! Doesn’t matter that Mueller is an independent counsel and a person above reproach who is widely respected on both sides of the aisle. And it doesn’t matter that Mueller can clear the whole Russian bogus claim up and exonerate Trump if he is without fault, he should be fired!

    It’s enough that Trump doesn’t want the investigation to continue! I say, fire him!

    And Lindsey Graham actually WORKING with a DEMOCRAT!?? Unforgivable! Trump should just do the right thing and fire everyone so he doesn’t have to put up with any more advice or questions about anything! He’s the Leader after all, do we support him or not?

    Just to be clear to you idjit fanboys: I HATE Hitlery Shillary, which is why I voted for Trump, but if you think he should fire Mueller you’ve got a screw loose. Graham is right; absolute worse thing he could do.

  45. granny_forUSA says:

    Lindsey is another male Pisslosi/Warren/Waters/Feinstein, etc. etc.

  46. Carol Gemkow says:

    I think it’s time to get rid of Graham and McCain and the rest of the swamp monsters. Start prosecuting the leakers with real jail time. Treacherous minions on the verge of treasonous acts.

  47. eddie47 says:

    It could also be that Lindsey Graham is the only smart one in the room. He has the backbone to take on Trump . Lord knows Trump has pulled the wool over a lot of faces in his demanding blind loyalty. Trump’s flip flopping and tomfoolery is catching up to him. The Stock Market may be running high but Trump keeps stooping low.

    1. KDC says:

      Don’t open your eyes you the truth. Look what he’s done in six months. Don’t believe for a second Pres.Trump is naive and isn’t aware of everything going on.

  48. Joe Martinez says:

    Trump is an outsider and they can’t control him n do their bidding. These politicians go into office with very little money n leave multimillionaires n it’s not on their salary but sticking to people. Trump is reaching into their pockets that is why they are against him. Trump made his money working and building. What have these politicians accomplished besides stealing and making deals with countries that want to destroy us like all the deals the Clintons have done n got paid millions. (Oh l forgot Hillary said they were broke when they left the White House)

    1. KDC says:

      Pres.Trump is thwarting their elitist plans.

  49. Albert L Biele says:

    Trump will be the last president of the USA…His victory was ordained by God, for events that are to follow.– The biblical signs, in Revelation 12 will occur on September 23rd 2017, triggering what appears to be the fulfillment of prophecy relating to the Rapture, and the 7 year (Great) Tribulation described in Revelation. The bible also warns us that the road to Heaven is narrow and few will find it—Look up “The Gospel of Jesus and learn how you can find the narrow road. Choose Wisely—Time is running out.

  50. gene smiith says:

    I hope that when it is reelection time for Graham that the folks in SC turn on him just as he has turned on our President.
    He is a sick person and an embarrassment to the Country and his Party.
    He and all of those like him in the Republican Party should be voted out, no question about it.

  51. Mr Pierce says:

    Remember when Trump gave out Graham’s cell phone number, and Prissy Lindsey threw a pzzy fit, and smashed his phone on TV, and then gave out Trump’s number? Trump used it to his advantage, by having a recording say “Thank you for supporting me. Find out more at my website……” or something like that. Trump turned it around without a Graham tantrum. Who do you think is smarter? LOL

    1. KDC says:

      No questions there.

  52. A patriot says:

    graham, McCain and the two republican female senator bitches should be treated as criminals by the republican congress the dept of justice and the president. Gitmo is too good for these Benedict Arnold treason conspirators also put Mueller in their also corruption group.

  53. Brenda Sinclair says:

    grahman is one of the 30 pedophiles in Washington government he knows his time is short as he is one of the scum swamp rats who preys on young boys lives is about to end with his disclosure to world end of his career so he is fighting hard like a rat on a sinking ship before he drowns in his own pool of sewer,along with schumer, kaine cummings, mccain,peloski,waters,rice,lynch,comey,wasserman,blumenthal all pedophile scum rats

  54. HarryTC says:

    True Americans that are NOT Socialist or Communist, had better create a Political Party that includes a “contract” that states that any candidate that “talks the talk, better walk the walk”, or be replaced with a replacement candidate that isn’t a poser. The current Congress is full of Democratic Socialists, and RINO’s, that are still moving forward with the Obama Regimes goals. What’s sad is that it’s so obvious, indicating that they don’t even care what Americans think. They keep quoting that millions of Americans will loose their healthcare, yet NEVER discuss who those millions are. The people who “loose” their healthcare are the ones that get it for “free” at taxpayers expense, and those who were forced to obtain ObamaCare. Anytime you are forced to purchace anything, supply and demand allways skyrockets the price and rates, just like auto insurance in California. When Auto Insurance became a requirement for legal citizens, my rates went (within a year) from $500 per year to $500 per six months.

  55. From afar, the Russian thing is more than a crushing bore. You would think the politicians were at kindergarten – not running the most important state on the planet.

  56. pappy450 says:

    Just another “elite” RINO terrified that OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP will CEASE all the “Perks” that congress enjoys off the backs of the taxpayers, AND will curb the “CONTROL”, “POWER” and those all-precious “TAXPAYER DOLLARS” that keep them in their “cushy” lifestyles. If PRESIDENT TRUMP is successful,the CONTROL and POWER will be returned BACK to where it belongs…”WE THE PEOPLE” (in accordance to the CONSTITUTION.)

  57. Clay says:

    Graham needs to be replaced by toggle switch in the off position for as much as he done anything in the Senate, thank you South Carolina Idjets for reelecting this deadbeat.

  58. Unbelieveable. Rino’s are the worst bunch..

  59. Harmon R. Wheeler says:

    graham is a traitor as well as McCain. I think the reason is they will lose all that under the table money when the swamp is drained. that is where the need to limit the terms to (2) sessions. any senator who refuse support their president needs to hang it up and go home

  60. Pattie Kelly says:

    What needs to be done by everyone reading this and is angry is to flood Lindsey Graham email with threats of him losing his job when he comes up for re-elect no matter when. Remind him that his salary is paid by hard working tax payers therefore he works for all AMERICANS. He’s pathetic.

  61. Rita Lustig says:

    As far as I am concerned the Lindsey Graham’s & John McCain’s in government need to take their anti-Trump rants & put them where the sun doesn’t shine! Time to retire!

  62. Dolly Brunner says:

    When I hear and see stuff like this, it only makes me think what is he hiding and what kind of corruption is he in that he so afraid the truth will come out.

  63. Francie26 says:

    I voted for President Trump and would/will do so again. I do not take it lightly when a freely elected official of any level is attacked by his own constituents to this degree. If Lindsey doesn’t like Trump, let him wait and vote against him next time. That’s what the rest of us will have to do to get rid of ole’ Lindsey.

  64. Pam Rusnell says:

    Kind of sound like there are a few babies in Washington that need there diaper changed and they need to go home to momma if she will even have them.
    What a bunch of babies both sides of the aisle .

  65. Joyce Winn says:

    Senator Graham should be voted out of office. He’s a disgrace to the Republican party. He does nothing for the American people, always against anything the President is doing FOR this country. He, like John McCain who is his buddy, can’t seem to get over the fact they didn’t have what it takes to become President, like Trump did. So, get over it and get out of our Congress.

  66. There is no need for Trump to fire Mueller. Mueller holds the Special Counsel position FRAUDULENTLY and in violation of American law. Per Gregg Jarrett “The law governing the special counsel (28 CFR 600.7) specifically prohibits him from serving if he has a conflict of interest in the case. The rule has been interpreted to mean that even the appearance of a conflict is sufficient for disqualification.”

    Jarrett continues “So what exactly is Mueller’s conflict? He and Comey are good friends and former colleagues who worked hand-in-hand at the FBI and Department of Justice. Agents will tell you they were joined at the hip.

    … Comey regards his predecessor as a mentor, while Mueller considers Comey his protégé. Their relationship is not merely a casual one. It is precisely the kind of association which ethical rules are designed to guard against.:


  67. Bud William says:

    It is still stinging “Pansy” Graham that he lost to a non-politician. He is lower than “whale poop” and that is at the bottom of the ocean. Right down there with McCain.

  68. KDC says:

    “urging Republicans to un-endorse Trump”… So what else is new? These Establishment HACKS make me ill! Why wouldn’t Graham want to save the tax payers an insurmountable amount of money, by joining in with Pres.Trump to stop this wasteful witch hunt? He and the little gang of eight plus others need to realize they are going against the people too. Oh, but that doesn’t matter. Graham is a petulant loser along with his cronies. Anyone that goes against Pres.Trump is going against the will of the people.

  69. notalib says:

    Lindsey Graham–one of the very worst of all the RINO’s. He, and McCain do everything they can do defeat Trump. I wish both would retire! I’ve never liked either.

  70. angelo baccala says:

    Must be Trump is getting to close for comfort for Graham, McCain and the rest of the swamp things. When they voted 98-2 to keep the President from changing Russian sanctions that proved without a doubt that the entire republican party is totally against him because, apparently, there are more than career politicians that have something to hide.

  71. srw says:

    LIL LINDSEY takes his marching orders from his buddy BIG JOHN MC C.

  72. ECwashr says:

    Really shows how corrupt Graham is. Mueller is like Comey, a total sellout and a Disgrace, so is Lindsey Graham!!

  73. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


  74. Lorraine E says:

    I find it very difficult to believe that the voters in South Carolina keep voting for lindsey. He is not a conservative and he is not a republican. I question the whether or not there is a major problem in South Carolina with voter fraud and cheating. It would be interesting to learn the results of a recount after the cheating and fraud have been eliminated.

  75. Beatriz Alford says:

    Lindsey Graham is a piece of human feces

  76. Dexter L. Wilson says:

    Lindsey Graham is going to have to apologize to President Trump when he finally realizes that truth, that he is out of step with the American People.

  77. Shawn Sapp says:

    No, he shouldnt have to. Mueller should never have accepted the job. Now, the people should fire him if that is what it takes. How can you claim to be searching for justice when it is being done by an extremely biased person. Mueller is a disgrace to all he is supposed to syand for.

  78. Rhesa says:

    THIS IS ANOTHER TRAITOR!!!! These guys are so jealous that Trump is not one of their Society and they are trying to get even. Trump will always be for the American people where these other guys against him
    are just out for themselves and all the money they can get. Trump don’t need money he has enough of his own.

  79. chief1937 says:

    In my opinion if anyone should be investigated it is Muller as he has already gone out of the boundaries of his investigation of Russian influence on the election by digging into Trump’s personal accounts as reported. Muller showed his intent by hiring all democrats for his committee or at least a majority. South Carolina needs to reign in their senator as he is colluding with the enemy. Maybe someone should look into his background and see how lily white he is.

  80. joe s says:

    Graham has got to get rid of his women underwear.

  81. mthammer says:

    The embarrassment we have to put up with by our Senator from SC is really unnerving and makes every person in our state sick to our stomach every time this jerk opens his mouth. He is a RINO And has been carrying water for the Democrats too long , he is incompetent , a liar almost every word out of his mouth is a lie , a glory hound just loves seeing himself on TV , no better than his RINO Buddy MCCain , keeps sponsoring bills with radical Liberal Democrats like BOOKER from NEW JERSEY , but won’t follow his own party . He is a traitor and we have been trying to get him to resign , we have more than 15 Thousand signatures to have him recalled , he is nothing but a incompetent Fraud of a Senator , worthless piece of crap . Never comes back to his state to talk to his Constiuents , because the only people who would show up would be the ones to tel him to resign ,me barely won his last reelection and it will be his very last.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      I’m sure a lot of people, myself included, appreciate your efforts and those of your countrymen!! We, too, have a ‘RINO’ representative in our state of Maine!! You’re right–it ‘is’ an embarrassment to their constituents!! This is the ‘power’ we hold–the elections. Meanwhile, hoping they don’t manage to create too much damage!! It isn’t just the Democrats that need to change–there are those in the Republican party that also need to ‘rethink’ their positions!!

  82. Lindy says:

    Graham and McCain, both working against the American people and for the left. I will never forget when the two made a trip to Cairo at Obama’s request to ask the President to reinstate the Muslim Brotherhood. Graham cannot be recalled but his constituents can make his life a living hell.

  83. Deborah Pratt says:

    I believe Pres Trump could get that Federal Judges approval based on who is now in that position! Obama’s ‘men’ are no longer dominating that position. Considering Mueller’s close ties to Comey and the issues on that ‘front’, it wouldn’t be a ‘stretch’ to relieve Mueller based on ‘conflict of interest’!! In fact, I understand it isn’t Pres Trump who is initiating this but other members of the Republican party. Not Graham, obviously!!

  84. game50 says:

    Lindsey Graham should be investigated for comments made about threats to the United States President ….. enough of the crap…. this thing needs to be taken serious …. because he or somebody else he knows might just exactly follow through on the threat …. we can’t let that happen something needs to be done… if something should happen you’re talking about a Civil War in the United States and it’s not going to be nice….. and it’s not going to be pretty …. Let’s prevent it by taking him away to start with the cause-and-effect …. then eliminate them move them out put them into jail… meaning Lindsey Graham in the rest of Rinos and the Democrats who are against President Trump. One way ticket to Gimo….. enough is enough.

  85. Richard Hennessy says:

    More Graham grandstanding. More Washington establishment idiocy.

  86. Robert Dimmock says:

    This witch hunt should’ve never been allowed. we knew when it started it was not about the Russians and the elections. And look at all the democratic lawyers involved. Graham should be investigated for Subtrafuge and treason.

  87. Thomas The Paine says:

    Trump needs the help of a couple millions armed bikers to give him a hand draining the Washington Sewer and all the rats. . . Starting with that traitor Jeff Sessions!

  88. oncemorearound says:

    You think of this on your own Lindsey or did your man/wife suggest it…..

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Lindsey only has ‘one track’ on his mind–that of ‘impeachment’!! It worked once for him so he keeps ‘playing’ it whether its suitable or not!

  89. Calvin King says:

    I continue to be surprised that S.C. continues to send this RINO to the Senate. S.C., unlike the far left coast states, is a great state with great people. Lived there for seven years while in the service. Where is Strom when we need him? Graham wears his jealousy of President Trump on his sleeves. He could not even carry Trump’s luggage. Like McCain, just be gone.

  90. suesueb says:

    Lindsey Graham working with the likes of Cory Booker? Graham really has hit rock bottom.

  91. monongahela says:

    Everyone knows Lindsey Graham is a bixie and john McCain`s lap dog with both having brain cancer. Funny thing is neither of them have a brain.

  92. marco a. poshar says:

    All those people that had voted for Moron Graham, should be deported,,,,,,

  93. Joe Sam says:

    Graham is just that a ham not good for the pres not good for the people .just part of the group that loves themselves .he is as stupid as he looks .trader to the end .OLD VET

  94. George E. LeFebvre says:

    Anybody needs to be fired its LINDSEY GRAHAM. HE’S A COMPLETE DO DO. He and McCain are in bed together and both have sour grapes about their Loving Hitlery getting her butt kicked hard. I don’t know when his term is up but it can’t be soon enough. As for McCain, that’s another story for the books. His activity could be attributed to the Cancer in his brain. He obviously isn’t capable to think clearly. Hopefully the people of SC are smart enough to see THE TRAITOR that Graham has become to OUR COUNTRY

  95. John Styles says:

    Mueller has a serious conflict of interest in this case. He is close friends with Comey, a man who leaked information to the press in order to instigate the appointment of Mueller as Special Counsel. Mueller’s team is heavily biased and has a victim but is desperately searching for a crime. If there is to be a Special Counsel, let the House Judiciary Committee appoint one. There are too many Obama holdovers in the Intelligence Community.

  96. Lindsey Graham is the one that needs to go.

  97. ReaperHD says:

    Another POS RINO who should be voted out of office, it’s evident he is only worried about ILLEGAL ALIEN PARASITES and filling his POCKETS WITH MONEY on the backs of the People who elected him. All you People who elected him take a good look at this POS who cares nothing about his voters and your insurance payments or jobs with good paying wages as he is just worried about his pockets.

  98. Bruce F Buwalda says:

    Perhaps, he should do what the Gov of West Virginia did last night, CHANGE PARTY AFFILIATION!

  99. Tom Brown says:

    Mueller has a conflict of interest and should have never been appointed as special counsel.This case should be persued by the DOJ and they should remove Mueller if he has violated the rules.

  100. CryHavoc says:

    ire Graham Cracker instead…

  101. PascoArt2 says:

    Lindsey Graham is up for reelection in 2020. Hopefully the people of South Carolina with retire him then.

  102. myfordtruck says:

    This man A Idiot and needs to be kicked out of office by the people who put him there

  103. dandlac says:

    The only senator worse than Graham is McCain, and hopefully his time in the Senate is limited – he should be retiring soon with any luck.

  104. MarcJ says:

    Nominating Mueller to investigate Trump is like nominating Goering to investigate Churchill.

  105. MarcJ says:

    Following the original 9/11 jihadist attack President Bush asked Mueller and Comey to establish a program of following recent arrivals of potential jihadists. The two refused saying that “It would be un-American”. Then came mass murders in Boston, Orlando, Chattanooga, San Bernardino… Those two creeps have thus become active accomplices.

  106. JC Hoot says:

    This is an antique establishment obstacle that really needs to find new work and quit being paid for his antics with the taxpayer dollar.

  107. Dianne Cornett says:

    President Trump has done more for America in just seven months than Lindsey Graham has done (positively) in his whole tenure as Senator (which is, at least 900 years, it seems). He is a traitor to his party, South Carolina, and more Importantly, to his Country.

  108. ter334 says:

    What is this country going to be if these insurrectionists populating congress, the courts, too much of the bureaucrats and the demon-crats are successful? We will no longer be the America it has been since 1776, but will mean Obama’s plan/hope to fundamentally change America has come true. Surely they have better sense than to do what O says with the real reason hidden, but of course open to speculation. My guess is this is a cover up to rival any cover ups in world history? They are on the verge of being caught with their hands in the Constitution jar? That is they have been operating as outlaws for decades as their intent is not to obey the law, not to defend and uphold the Constitution, meaning of course they should do for the nation. Not for the party, not for re-election. They have, for the most part, been compromised politically by the fed res bankers who fund all elections and probably control both parties. I suspect they are desperately trying to keep the reality secret they are political hacks and not representatives of the people at all. They are the congress of infamy and Obama is the faux president of infamy and their actions and activities of today will live in American and world history forever. They will be as infamous as Benedict Arnold! They are a gang alright but it is not just of 8, not even 80, or 180? Maybe 800? This is remarkably like when God was asked if 50 righteous people, then 20, then 1 were in DC, oops, Sodom would he not destroy it? Trump is not trying to destroy America, that is what the gang of 800 are doing, he is trying to rescue it. Snatch it from the clutches of evil, islam!

  109. Dino Laudati says:

    The RINO’s had us fooled for so long, they don’t even suspect that we are wise to them now. They are all in for a big surprise in 2018 when we take our Country back.

  110. Mister Vice says:

    I don’t believe firing Bob Mueller would be in the best interest of our president or the nation in general. We have too much chaos and turmoil already…thanks largely to the Democrats who seem hell bent for leather to tear down our legally elected president regardless of the damage it does to our republic. That said, I think Lindsey Graham oversteps his bounds by suggesting he can limit the powers of the Executive with his puny bill written to tip the scales of our system of checks and balances. Lindsey Graham is past his prime and doesn’t understand what is happening in America. Neither do the Democrats. Everyday Americans have had it! We are sick of the elected officials we send to Washington getting fat off the lobbyists while ignoring our pleas for help back home! We expect Washington to be furiously busy passing legislation that brings us jobs and prosperity while protecting the US from undue economic adversity from overseas. We want restrictions on immigration to stop flooding the job market with low wage workers who drag down wages in the US.

  111. Robert Zraick says:

    Graham is a scumbag. A low IQ kind of jerk who can barely put a sentence together and is a traitor to our people and our country. And he gets paid!

  112. Ed Mattson says:

    Lindsey Graham . . . just one look at this weasel gives me diarrhea. He and those other RINOs are the reason the Republican party is no more. Today we have only the party of Trump. Hopefully everyone is as angry as I am and will go to the elections next go-’round, and throw all these idiots out. The love the swamp and are the cause of all the country’s ills including the massive amount of debt they have laid on the door step of our children and grandchildren. The refuse to govern even though they hold all three – Senate, House, and Presidency; lie to us to saying they want to get rid of Obamacare: say they are anti-illegal immigration, and yet go back to Washington with smirks on their faces, laughing at the stupid voters who keep voting for them. I suppose the only way we are going to get our government back is through armed insurrection!

  113. Richard Z Apaez says:

    The President should fire Graham,McCain, Muller. Then he can do the job he was elected to do!!

  114. Tertullian says:

    This threat by Sen. L. Graham of South Carolina is not only reprehensible, it is beyond belief. North Carolinians, you need to rein in your Senator. I along with thousands of other Americans are sick and tired and disgusted, through and through, at the disloyalty of some Republicans toward my President Trump. DO REIGN IN YOUR SENATOR L.GRAHAM, SOUTH CAROLINIANS……I HAVE NOT HEARD A WORD FROM YOU, SOUTH CAROLINIANS, IN THE PRESS RE YOUR APPARENT ANTI-PRESIDENT TRUMP SENATOR GRAHAM.. I am SO disappointed in Senator Graham for he was a Senator I admired just a few years ago, but could it be that Washington, D.C. is “getting to” Sen. Graham? I, for one of thousands of American citizens would be so happy to hear Sen. L. Graham apologize for his horrible remarks about my President Trump and begin to show his support for our duly elected President.
    I firmly believe that one day, before God Almighty, we are going to have to give an account of our words and deeds and that includes us all, even our Senators and our Citizens.
    It seems to me that a cloud of evil is looming over Washington, D.C. and we who believe God answers prayer need to earnestly ask God to grant us some peace and forgiveness and instead of being hyper-critical of our President, spend time praying FOR him!
    May God bless America and bless President Trump, our duly elected President.

  115. cyh045 says:


  116. Pyara Chauhan says:

    Trump has beaten his opposition repeatedly eversince he jumped into the race because unlike the Libs and the RINOs, he truly loves this country with all his heart. He is not in this for himself because he did not want fame, wealth or happiness. He had all these already. As soon as his detractors realize this, day light will hit them like lightning. I pray for that event sooner than later to deliver them from the havoc their evil thoughts which have taken hold of their minds.

  117. figmo says:

    Graham is a bitter baboon’s ass who cant get over the fact that Trump wiped the floor with him in the primaries. Definitely indicative of a little man who pouts a lot. If the South Carolina voters reelect this loser, they deserve each other.

    1. Melvin Bennett says:

      Last election cycle, the other SC GOP Senator, Tim Scott, who is black btw, garnered more votes than Little Lord Lindsay. So his popularity is waning. Just need a very good, very well financed candidate to run against this jackarse in the primary.

  118. Wynette Atkins says:

    Lindsey Graham just won re-election in 2014 for his Senate seat in South Carolina. He did not have an opponent running against him from the Republican Party. That needs to change, if he decides to run again in 2020 election. We need to find a Republican Candidate that believes in the Republican Platform, that will support our President, to run against him. We need to get him out of our government in 2020. If he runs for President in 2020; please don’t vote for this turncoat. He is also a war monger, and would get us into another war as quick as you can blink.

    1. Melvin Bennett says:

      This lunatic won’t run again for President, after the arse kicking he got in his own state. lol I think he got 3% of the vote. And then withdrew….. like Yeb !

  119. cori1956 says:

    Why is Mueller allowed to be special counsel when there is clearly a conflict of interest with Comey & why is all of Muellers team that he has hired, Trump haters? Can’t people see where this is going? If he doesn’t recuse himself, he SHOULD be fired! What does that tell you when a Senator who hates Trump is trying to pass a bill so Trump can’t fire Mueller!

    1. Melvin Bennett says:

      Another tribesman came into to play, Rod Rosenstein who is deputy AG. So when idiot Sessions recused himself, for no good reason, the tribesman (can’t people see where this is going) wrongly appointed a Special Prosecutor, when Comey did not provide one shred of evidence of this canard against Trump.

  120. Lee Smith says:

    Let Lindsey Graham try to push that bill thru and it get on Trumps desk to sign. Trump would veto it very fast and then fire Muller.

  121. Melvin Bennett says:

    Can’t stand this limp wristed butt pal of Insane McCain. Those two are as bad as Schumer, Feinstein, Franken and the other tribesmen on the lunatic left. We’re truly screwed.

  122. Nina814 says:

    President Trump should fire Mjueller if he continues wasting taxpayer’s money without any accountbility and the people who elected Graham should fire him for life. Who does this smiley creature thinks he is?

  123. Wynette Atkins says:

    And he had the nerve to come out and say he’s for President Obama’s DACA Executive Order, and doesn’t want it reversed. I’m sorry, if people cross into our Country illegally, or have children here, while they are illegally in the U.S.; they all need to be deported. Even their children and babies born in America need to all be deported. We need to make clear we are not supporting Anchor Baby Citizenship; as a means for their parents to get Green Cards to remain and work in America, and get on the path to Citizenship. That just invites more people to come into America illegally, if that is what they gain. If he supports them getting this, then it is way past time for Senator Graham to go!!!! Not to mention his actively working against and talking against President Trump. His getting together with Senator Cody Booker to put up a bill that says President Trump cannot fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, is actively working against President Trump. I think we are hearing so much from Senator Graham now; and probably in the next 3 years if the media keeps him on the air so much; is he is trying to build his reputation for another run for President in 2020. I never want this guy in our Whitehouse. And really what has he done for South Carolina; since he was first elected in 2003?

  124. Jean overly says:


  125. CHARLES S says:

    This worthless waste of human skin needs to go. He needs to NOT be re-elected and the people of So. Carolina need to open their eyes and get educated…..this moron does NOT represent his constituents…..just listen to what he really thinks and says: ” If You Don’t Support Keeping DREAMers, ‘Don’t Vote For Me’. That alone should tell every So. Carolinas where his policy stand, and it NOT with his constituents.

  126. Palmer says:

    I hope this Traitor is booted out the next election. Go be democrap you lying piece of shit. The Republicans don’t need you.

  127. Rex Stevenson says:

    Graham, McCain and Flake are TRAITORS who supported Obama’s anti-American agenda.

  128. Alleged Comment says:

    These uckers don’t want an OUTSIDER ruining their schemes up there. And that outsider just happens to represent the American people and NOT the American politician.

    The ukcfers up there seem to have forgotten what the purpose of OUR Constitution was to be about. Instead, they have used their position to POUND YOU WORTHLESS people on the head and to MINE you like SLAVES.

    They are sociopaths and thieves up there minding their own business, literally.

  129. Gen.Stewart says:


  130. Rob Manwiller says:

    When the revolution starts, Graham and McCain will be the first two to get two in the back of the head. But there will be many more. Count on it!

  131. fuzzball says:

    Good to know some Republicans support America!

  132. Rose Ribitzki says:

    Fire mueller asap ! .. he should never had been assigned the position to start with ! .. his aim, all along, has been to crash the President … all his ‘liberal ‘ assigned lawyers to the special council need to be ousted also ! MAGA !! Graham can GTH !

  133. uhptony says:

    One thing we can all do the next election cycle for good ol’ McCain and Graham is donate as much as is legal to whoever runs against them. At this juncture it really wouldn’t make any difference if he/she is a democrat or Republican. We have 2 RINO’s now so what difference would it make unless we got lucky and helped elect a true conservative to these two posts.

  134. Bruce Wood says:

    Lindsey Graham, you think you are so smart then why are you and all the other senators not complying with the constitution of the United States. I may be wrong but I would like for you to give me information where it gives the Federal Government the right to pass a bill and implement it on health care. I cannot find in anywhere that congress has the right to do this. If it is available where it says this I would like to know. I believe it is congress job to pass laws and see that they are carried out by the states. The states should be the ones that put health care bills into affect in accordance with Federal guidelines and laws. While I am on here why the hell don’t you get behind our president and help do the peoples work. Your main job is to do the peoples work and we the people elected Donald Trump as our president not you. You still have the privilege of being a congressman and if you can fulfill that job as you are demonstrating then why don’t you resign and let someone replace you that will. We the people are not happy with the swamp in Washington and I do believe you are showing you are a part of it. We the people are tired of the swamp, the dark state, Obama shadow government and the Democrat party. We the people are going to take back over our country whether you like it or not.

  135. RockinOn says:

    Ya’ll we have the ability to get these sorry dogs out of the Congress, it is called voting polls ! Conservatives need to step up and vote these guys out !

    Then investigate prosecute and convict !

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