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Top General Made A Disturbing Prediction About North Korea

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    1. glock 19 fan says:

      Turn Pyongyang into a glass parking lot!

  1. ter334 says:

    There is always the possibility of war. Wars have been a part of society since Abel and Cain. The consequences to NK, if they make a preemptive strike, likely would be fatal? The guy could run but there is no place he can hide. I doubt China wants a nuclear war with us so he could not suck them into a war with us.

  2. Bayside GolfClub says:

    Airdrop 10,000 mp3 (outdated overstock) players showing the real world where children eat real food instead of ‘glass clipping tea’:.. Give it a week while these make the rounds. The people will take care of the problem before the week is out. Cost: $1.43/unit + 10,00 gallons fuel. Results: Priceless…

    1. AC1USNRetired says:

      With few, and I do mean few, very few North Koreans are incapable of thinking for themselves or know what true freedom is. For those reasons among several even though they may have relatives in the north the younger South Koreans want nothing to do with “unification”. I have an idea from which they speak as I have first level relations over the hill in Sacramento and down the road in San Diego I want nothing to do with as they bought into Communism.

  3. Ben says:

    In a full scale conflict, the Axis powers would be North Korea, Iran and China. Two hundred battlefield and strategic nuclear war heads could send all three despots back to the dark ages. We should not wait until North Korea and Iran have the ability to attack the Mainland United States. China needs to be dealt with in the strongest terms and will not support the other two when push comes to shove. My “feeling” is some sort of a conflict happens in August. God Bless America’s leadership for making the correct decisions to protect the American public.

    1. AC1USNRetired says:

      We will have several fronts to engage in physically. If you haven’t noticed these Antifa people have taken to wearing full face Balaclavas and “Arafat” type Keffiyeh head scarfs … AND they are planning on packing heat on their protests. Need I say more?

      1. Mt Native says:

        They need to be notified that anyone covering their face and protesting/rioting will be shot on sight and then follow through. If they survive they might think twice after seeing fellow protester/rioter shot.

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          Like N.. Korea and Iran, it seems they won’t just take your ‘word’ for it! They need a ‘demonstration’!

        2. AC1USNRetired says:

          Been pulling up video of their hijinks and the police are arresting ANY who don’t remove their masks. Also many in the Antifa movement are taking to wearing the Keffiyeh, PLA /PLO style head scarf. That tells me plenty.

          1. Mt Native says:

            I still think shoot them if they don’t remove it. Those that do should be put on a plane to the middle east and pushed out the door at 20,000 feet – no parachute just tell them to let allah save them. I am sick of these people who aren’t Americans. I may not like everything the President does but I respect the office, well with the exception of the last 8 years as there was nothing to respect.

      2. Ben says:

        Islam should be taken care of by a virus that attacks anyone without the residue of swine antibiotics in their system.

      3. WilliamHarrington says:

        I may be wrong but aren’t most, if not all, protests in states or cities that regulate weapon carries, aka. ‘gun control.?

        1. bttrap says:

          they don’t see it if it’s hidden

      4. bttrap says:

        if they are planning on packing heat then we will also pack heat

    2. Denise Stathatos says:

      Why worry about Healthcare or the lack here of? We won’t be around after August to worry about it!

      1. Ben says:

        I wouldn’t be so pessimistic. Depending on the breaks, in a worse case scenario we would lose 20-30 M. There wouldn’t be a blade of grass left alive in North Korea or Iran. China would lose 500 M. Best case scenario: We lose few by sidelining China, by acting first against the other two.

    3. VN VET says:

      Now does that not sound peachee, now just what is YOUR reason to go in to these different countries that you just named in your comments and kill millions and millions of innocent men, women and children by holding them responsible for something that their government did ? You sound just like another one of those posters / people that I refer to as a “Monday Morning Q B”, you sit behind your computer and talk big and try and tell other people what to do,but at the same time you sure as heck are not going to dirty your sweet little hands. Maybe you should try joining the military and asking to be sent to the combat zone, then you might see thing in a much different way that some video game or some movie. As for my self and many other servicemen and women, I have seen enough killing and lost enough friends during my time between Korea and VN to last me a life time I do not care to see any more.

      1. Ben says:

        Bet I served more time than you. Sure, we’ve seen pretty sh*t and lost friends, but sometimes it’s necessary to fight. Regardless of what you think about America, we have some righteous real enemies and just like you learned in combat, “now is not the time to rationalize as to why they want to kill you.” Yes, millions of innocents will die. We target command and control and military concentrations, but civilians get killed. The choice is–over there, or over here. Dem is the facts. Have a nice evening.

  4. Forties Mysteries says:

    If we put one nuc in the right spot we could destroy the future threat from Kim the fat kid. It might also deter Iran, China and russia from putting their 2 cents in

    1. johnh says:

      You are right, but China can end this almost over night if we stop the flow of China made products into this country until the threat is gone.

      1. awaitingtherapture says:

        This is something we the people can do without any help from the critters in the swamp.
        If we quit buying ANYTHING with a made in China sticker on it, they would do what needs to be done within 30 days.

        1. Ohio Lady says:

          Another very good idea !

          1. awaitingtherapture says:

            Thanks, I tell my wife everyday that I am not just another pretty face. 🙂
            Just to make sure she doesn’t forget. LOL.

  5. Reynald Deschamps says:

    What a piece of War propaganda garbage from Military war mongers who can’t do anything else than search and destroy no matter what
    We all know WAR is big business for the Military Industrial complex especially when like these Generals you DON’T HAVE TO FIGHT IT and send young fools to do it for you..
    How many countries North Korea and their dumb leader (IQ 84) invaded for the past 15 years ? Zip O
    How many countries the US invaded for the past 15 years ?
    Definitely more than one
    How many countries North Korea BOMBED for the past 15 years ? Zero
    How many countries the US NATO & their vassals Bombed ?
    7 in 8 years during Obama and a few more under Bush (cost $6 Trillion and 5 Million Arabs killed)
    ONLY ONE COUNTRY SO AFR DID use the atomic bomb on a civilian target knowing perfectly that Japan was ready to surrender (according to declassified Military intelligence documents)
    Peaceful AMERICA
    How many NUKES North Korea & their retarded leader has ?
    MAY BE less than 10
    How many Nukes the US has ?
    ABOUT SIX thousands ( 6000)
    North Korea or the so call Western world which is 1000 times the size of
    North Korea ?
    What these “generals” do not tell you is ; NATO conduct invasion training
    in South Korea a few miles from North Korea borders every year which is DELIBERATE provocation in the eyes of the retard Kim jon un
    What would we do if North Korea was conducting war game in Canada a few miles from our borders?

    1. Blue says:

      no use trying to inform idiots, who do not have a clus.
      How many times has the USA threated to attack the N. Koreans, not, jerk. How many attacks have the USA and S. Korea done against the North, none jerk.
      How did you get access to classified information the Japan was ready to surrender, you did not, jerk.
      When you do not have a clue, shut your stupid mouth. Just one more communist shill on here, but and idiot at that.

      1. Reynald Deschamps says:

        BLUE Under educated bullies ALWAYS call for War especially when they have others to do their dirty work STILL LOOKING FOR THE WMD’s IN IRAQ ? BLUE.
        Before involving more American lives EDUCATE YOURSELF ON THE SUBJECT
        WE CONSTANTLY THREATEN NORTH KOREA FOR DECADES it’s just not mentioned by our FAKE NEWS MEDIA Jerk !
        Kim Un is A JERK and a bully and obviously has his equivalent in the US.
        George Washington University in DC has a lot of DECLASSIFIED (read English) documents covering the subject of Japan ready to surrender
        Any idiot can Google search it and find the facts.
        1000 US army DECLASSIFIED pages are available do your homework like I did NEVER HEARD OF FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT ?
        Even Eisenhower & Marshall knew and were against using the Atomic bomb , the so call plan of invasion of Japan was a scam … Using the BOMB to save lives was one of the biggest LIE …Unfortunately BULLIES NEVER LEARN
        Nuking Japan was (Psychopath) General Curtis Lemay pet project and above all the dirty secret was to take credit over the Russian allies for finishing WW2
        I have a great respect for the young Americans who died in Normandy I have been there many time to see their graves but no respect for the American Wall Street Bankers who supported Hitler (in 1941 Hitler personal investment were frozen under the “trading with the enemy act” the chairman of that Bank was Prescott Bush (George W grand father)
        Good day CYBER TROOP TROLL

        1. SGirl says:

          It takes 2 to want peace!!! What part of that crazy fat little pimple wanting nothing more than to be the first to shoot off a nuclear bomb towards the American shore don’t you get?!!!

        2. Romeena says:

          I certainly don’t claim to be an expert, Reynald, but I can’t help wondering. If Japan was ready and about to surrender, why didn’t they do it immediately after Hiroshima was bombed? Why was there a three-day delay, which resulted in Nagasaki also being bombed? I think if I was ready to surrender, and somebody dropped an A-bomb on my country, I’d have been waving my little white flag before the smoke cleared.
          Oh, and by the way, all those capital letters up there don’t really make you sound emphatic, they’re mostly just annoying.

        3. Paul Hartje says:

          I was in Iraq when they found the yellow cake radioactive precursor stash which Saddam had. Do a search on the net for ‘yellow cake’. In the ‘armed forces news in July 2008 it was reported that the ‘yellow cake’ was secretly shipped to Canada where it was auctioned off.

          The damned politicians never even mentioned it while the media was lying to the world saying no WMDs were found!

      2. SGirl says:

        That is what happens when they escape my mommy’s basement!!

    2. Brad Tipton says:

      Why doesn’t the VOTE DOWN work? Is this a LIB web site?

      1. Mt Native says:

        I have wondered that myself. They just want you to think you can vote down.

        1. awaitingtherapture says:

          That is how the liberal mind works, if indeed it works at all.
          They only want you to be able to AGREE with them.
          If you disagree, your vote is automatically nulled.

          1. Mt Native says:

            Yup I have been down that road before when I didn’t agree. Free speech on here doesn’t exist so you have to be pretty creative sometimes to make a statement.

        2. Brad Tipton says:

          I think my post indicated how I wanted to vote.

    3. johnh says:

      Yes, I’m a vet, Navy 63-66. War is hell, war makes money for some, but if we don’t have a strong military how long before they come to our country to try to make their point? Do you want a bomb dropped where you live? Do you know what 10 nukes could do to this country? Because of the amount of armed citizens in this country is the only reason that Japan never invaded our shores. They thought we had a gun behind every blade of grass. Yes we have the largest military in the world because of our armed citizens. Do you think that other countries don’t think of that. And yes many of us are getting old, but our trigger finger still works. Have you heard of Peace through strength?

      If we stop the flow of China made products to this country completely until this threat is over it will stop with in a week. China will take care of the problem for us. Remember only a total sociopath would do what North Korea and Iran want to do.

      1. awaitingtherapture says:

        Amen Brother. Psalms 144:1 says,
        ” Blessed be the Lord, my strength, which teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight.”
        My Glock 20sf has that imprinted on the rear plate.
        It is always with me, even in Church, just in case some jihadist wants to come busting through the door screaming something about Hawaiian snack food, you know, Aloha snack bar.
        I will introduce him to his 72 virgin male goats in a heartbeat.

        1. Butch Lane says:

          Some WW2 heroes up in heaven, Manila Joe Basilone, Ernie pyle, others were talking to the 72 Virgins promised to the Mohamedians (all of them). problem is; THEY ARE STILL VIRGINS!! The above mentioned goats are worried, however

      2. Reynald Deschamps says:

        Johnh I respect your position and you bring some good points.
        However Governments lie all the Time about War i had fights for month in 2002 about WMDs in Iraq I Knew there was NO WMD’s and Hussein was bluffing to look good for his population and friends in “high places” confirmed “Of the record” that I was right but the WAR was planned NO MATTER WHAT..and it is the problem INTELLIGENCE ARE CONCOCTED BY PRIVATE DEFENSE CONTRACTORS who have a huge interest to provide their “services” to the Pentagon. AND ALWAYS OVER BLOW the so call “THREAT”
        Iran fight ISIS which was created by the CIA as proxy forces to remove Assad WHO DID NOT use poison on his people
        Poison gas was used in Syria by the forces of opposition to remove Assad supported by the west (NATO) this poison was delivered by Turkey
        Our clandestine services action to remove the elected leader in Iran in the 50’s created the Problem, The Shah was a ruthless dictator and responsible for the extermination of Iranians by his secret police the SAVAK (trained by our CIA) When the Shah died Komeni took over, he did not fall from the sky (he was living in France protected by the French Intelligence and the CIA) and was allowed to take over by the West HIS TAKE OVER WAS SECRETLY BACKED UP BY THE US who wanted “extremists” in charge in order to keep the country weak & divided it did not work. IRAN is not the biggest “Terrorist supporter” SAUDI ARABIA is and the US perceive them as ally.
        We DID SUPPORT THE TALIBANS and Mujah hedin under REAGAN against the Soviet Union invasion and then left them in a completely destroyed country …Have a Nice day….People do not forget..Al Qaeda was born.
        and are visited and INSPECTED regularly I read the IAEI report when they publish it NO NUKE THERE ,…
        YOU are like many Americans victim of “perception management” by our Military intelligence & Israeli lobby infiltrated NEWS MEDIA ….It is more than 15 years that we hear from Israel that IRAN is going to get a NUKE sooon …Propaganda garbage Israel has more than 200 Nukes illegally at Dimona and REFUSED to sign the NTP
        JFK asked them to come clean THEY NEVER DID . They actually DID exactly what they are accusing Iran to do .
        The Problem is not our brave Army but those who mislead them into Perpetual War based on concocted intel and misinformation showing all over our Major Media to convince the masses that War is the ONLY answer.
        Click this 1980’s Document and you will understand the REAL reason WHY we are in Perpetual War in the Middle East

    4. Butch Lane says:

      CHILDLIKE PREDICTIONS: How would North Korea get anything to Canada to have WAR GAMES?? A smarter man would have used Mexico as an example, and NOT BAHA. Simple minds such as this would think in childlike concepts such as:korea is a penensila; so is baha. The Germans did talk to the Mexicans during war, but this person(child) probably doesn’t know any history.

    5. smithleeroy21 says:

      Reynald Deschamps you are a blooming idiot. If you got out from under the teachers skirt and interacted with all the other students, you would remember the bullies. Kim Jong Un is one of those bullies. As long as he can get his way, he is fine. Let some country stand up to him, he will wet his pants. The number of countries that are willing to stand up to him is very few. It is sad to say but our las president was too busy playing golf all over the world to see the dangers staring in America’s face.
      I fear for my grandchild because of people like Reynald Deschamps. They live in a dream world like the “Flower Children” of the 60’s and early 70’s. Peace and love will solve the world’s problems. Some people do not know peace and love. All they know is hate.

    6. Deborah Pratt says:

      How many people have to die for you to get the ‘message’ that you can’t refer to the ‘past’? When, in the past, did N. Korea have nuclear weapons and ‘long-range’ missiles? N. Korea IS ‘playing war games’ just off our coast–or haven’t you noticed?

  6. David VanBockel says:

    I favor a pre-emptive strike from the US.

  7. Brad Tipton says:

    I still say, as I have posted before, we need to hack N. Korea’s missile system and make their next test missile land in China. Then China WILL fix the problem.

    1. Thinkingman2025 says:

      If that is possible, it might start WW-III. Russia seems to support those evil beasts, and China has a lot of them as well. We have an anti-missile system, and we could use it to destroy their next launch – probably a safer alternative.

      1. Brad Tipton says:

        N. Korea is not testing armed missiles yet. So direct one into an uninhabited area of China. Have the Chinese think the N.K.’s are too incompetent to have such weapons and they force N.K. to “give it up”.
        PS. Nice Cat.

    2. John Bush says:

      If we had that ability, it would be tantamount to a first strike by the US. Not a good plan.

    3. wjeretidwell says:

      We allowed the last missile to fly as far as we did to see how far they had advanced. We have spies in every atomic program in every country and have built into their systems their destruction when they are too successful. Don’t worry we will not permit them to harm us or our friends, the Israeli’s.

  8. awaitingtherapture says:

    I say they should start evacuating all our service men and women , then give them 24 hours notice that we are going to make them glow in the dark if they don’t stand down and give up their nukes.


    1. Ohio Lady says:

      I really like your thinking . Brilliant !!

  9. John Eastin says:

    if we don’t do it sooner the losses will be far greater
    Obummer put us in this position and we must act on what things we have left

    1. awaitingtherapture says:

      As much as I despise the Kenyan Jackal, he alone is not responsible for this problem. It started with Bill Clinton, who gave them billions of aid to cut out their nuclear ambitions, then both Bush’s did like wise. President Trump now has to shoulder the burden all three left him.
      I do agree with you, read my comment below.

  10. Russell Long says:

    as much as i hate to think or say it im only seeing 1 way this is going to end

  11. richard black says:

    i live in OKC…i’ve seen military presence here for months…..i dont know…just bring it little fat boy !!!

  12. marco a. poshar says:

    Nuke them before they Nuke USA,,,,,,,no brainer,,,,,,,don”t wait ,,,,,,,do it now,,,,,,,,,

    1. denphi16 says:

      Nuke is too messy, But we have the ability to surgically rip them apart with minimal
      losses. Remember desert storm? We are even better than that now.
      N.Korea is not a power house of military as they would have you think.
      They don’t have the military leaders we have.
      The thing we must be careful of is not keeping an eye on Iran while we do the deed.
      Iran is an Ally of NK when it comes to hating America.
      Maybe we can kill two birds with one stone.

      1. GrumpyGrandpa says:

        Screw much with NK and you’ll have container ships in America full of Nukes; thousands of them; all under remote control. Never consider Any opponent as dumb or stupid.

  13. You can thank Bill Clinton for North Korea having a nuclear weapon. Bill and Hillary two misfits that have done nothing but harm this country.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      It says something to the credit of this country that, so far, we have survived Bill, Hillary and Obama!! I’m proud of, and grateful to, the people who have had the wisdom and resiliency to make that happen. I’m hoping to see that number grow as we become more aware of the corruption and identity of the ‘enemy within’! We need the strength, persistence and ‘will’ to evict these people from places of ‘power’! Thank you Pres Trump for your patriotism and willingness to lead the way!

      1. wjeretidwell says:

        Down deep the Clinton-Obama cabal is still digging the hole they want us to fall into. I am convinced they hate America and all we stand for. They are in the same hate mode their idol Carl Marx was when he tried to destroy the middle class because they would not accept his relationship with Engels as normal. They are all perverts, in one way or another. Hillary is a Dike and mentally distrubed, Bill is a rapist acording to 8 accusers and Obama was never involved with a woman until Rev Wright paired them up for political office. They hate each other and have their girlfriend living with them for the last ten years. Valarie Jarrett was born in Terham Iran and is a practicing Muslim as are the Obama’s. Their sect wants everyone in the world to be Muslim or dead.

        1. justanagent says:

          God willing that hole will be their common grave.

        2. tmk6190 says:

          The democrats are still pissed off that they lost the first civil war, that is why the democrats do what they do cant stand losing!

          1. Dave Nettles says:

            It goes back farther then that, try the Barbary Wars.

            Remember the Moslem’s were the ones who created our slave problem by enslaving African Christians and selling them to southern plantation owners, who became the democrats that rebelled in an effort to keep there slaves. This led to the Barbary Wars, when the Moslem’s tried to take this to the next level and charge us tribute. The Democrats were always on their side.

        3. 2nd amendment vs evil govt says:

          say it loud and proud…..Rev Wright ran the “on the down low club for black homosexuals”. Obama was a flaming fag!

        4. June Gagnon says:

          It’s difficult to go so far as to say fraudbama was paired with a woman, if you’re referring to “the mooch” – -and – -we have never seen any proof that sassy sasha and misfit malia are even their own “flesh and blood”! As for the “viper jararrett”, she needs to either be permanently exiled OR hanged for espionage and sabotage – -and do NOT try to tell me she isn’t guilty of that and a LOT MORE!

        5. Dave Nettles says:

          God’s word declares that if you trust in The Lord, when your enemy digs a pit for you to fall in, that he will be the one who falls in his own pit. Trust in The God of Israel, The Great I AM, for he will deliver. Listen to the song I wrote @ Because the lyrics are as true today as when I AM delivered Israel from Egypt.

      2. June Gagnon says:

        Sadly, the clinton/fraudbama mafia appears to include the likes of pauly rino, in the house and gitchy mitchy in the Senate, to name just two – -there are too many others to even name. Those that are not part of that mafia are members of other “orgs”, like one-world-order, la raza, sanctuary city mayors, open borders supporters and on and on.

    2. Force Recon says:

      If you really look at it ALL the problems we face are at the hands of and direct results of Demorrhoidic Leftopathic Corruptocratic idiotology!! The financial collapse of 2008 was Bubba’s It was HIS administration that mandated he granting of millions of Federal Guaranteed mortgages to people who shouldn’t have nor qualify for a mortgage and the subsequent “creative financing” frenzy and inflated property values. When folks
      started defaulting and it took nearly two decades to hit, the economy was starting to collapse and we those who have taxes TAKEN from us had to pay for the ” Financial Institutions that were too big to fail” out. AKA Clinton’s Legacy

      I will briefly mention 9/11 could have been avoided as well IF Bubba acted on only one of the actionable opportunities he had to kill Bin Laden

  14. Albert L Biele says:

    China is not expanding their military operations and building Islands in the China Sea as an exercise, there preparing for war, and North Korea is part of their war strategy. We should be concentrating on defense and not be distracted by some half-ass Russian investigation that’s politically motivated. There’s big trouble on the horizon, and our politicians are not prepared.

    1. denphi16 says:

      Absolutely, but regardless of what the media says, Trump is on top of things, unlike Obama

    2. GrumpyGrandpa says:

      “Our politicians are not prepared…” is an understatement. They have directly caused most of the problems we have right now, from foreign affairs, letting George Soros have an operating base, letting the Clintons run rampant, forming a Swamp, etc, etc. TERM LIMITS are the answer at state and federal levels. The power of encumbrance is so powerful, it overcomes truth, honesty and fresh ideas.

      1. SGirl says:

        Yes and I want to know WHY George Soros has a safe place in USA…what is that all about?!!!

  15. denphi16 says:

    My concern is for the American service members in S. Korea who can be caught in the crossfire.
    China should not be relied on for any help since they have not don so as of this date.
    I remember China backed V.Nam

  16. TPS12 says:

    This is what happens when our politicians keep kicking the can down the road. Sooner or later someone must take responsibility and action. Unfortunately the problem grows harder to deal with.

  17. S. Segal says:

    It was the Democrats that got us into this mess with North Korea. Clinton signed off on them obtaining the means to produce nuclear weapons. NK’s dictator comes across as being insane but he’s not. He enjoys good booze, good food, luxuries, etc. If his country is losing a war he will be the first to leave. The military possesses many conventional weapons, some are old and close to being antiquated but they still work. Their plan is to fire off as many rounds as possible towards South Korea in hope of human and property losses. They will send as many low rank military personnel as they could as cannon fodder who will most likely be killed immediately but may be able to kill and destroy. Whatever is their equivalent of special forces will possibly move quickly into SK, and since they are Koreans, they would possibly blend in with the population quite well. The U.S. having modern conventional weapons would eventually prevail over NK. Now the best options: I would make sure that both SK and Japan have both the best defensive missile systems and the best offensive weapons systems available. Both should be relentless in retaliation. I would be using constant Psychological Operations aimed at demoralizing the low rank individuals that are going to fight and use it to alert those inside the hermit country about the outside world and the advantages of living in a better environment. I would have a large navel fleet close within striking distance of the NK capital. Lastly, I would instill the strongest sanctions available. China will only help if it is to their advantage.

  18. The duck says:

    See MacArthur was correct and Truman wrong when it came to NK. We had that war won under MacArthur but Truman pulled our troops back to the 39th parallel and we have been at war ever since with the despots there. From 1950 to now and still counting. Diplomacy has not worked for the last 67 years so what makes this administration think they can taught their way out of war there. Every day we wait only makes the NK more dangerous and they know it. General MacArthur wanted to go through China back then and we would not have had the problem today. Thank You President Truman.

  19. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    Nothing like a 2000 pounder to help get their minds right

  20. monongahela says:

    Tell China if they don`t stop N Korea we will and if they want to dance with us, we will dance with them too.

  21. Paul Dragotto says:

    we need to knock there satilite out of orbit. it has a nuke in it. they can detaniate it over the usa and cause an emp.

  22. Simon Ghanime says:

    Should nuke N. Korea and Iran, and as it says, let all the mothers of the world cry, but not my Mom.

  23. Monica says:

    I think parking a few of our Navy Ships outside of their country but close enough to respond should put an end to it. I do not think they realize the size of their country is not very big in the scheme of things. He must of run out of blackmail money he got from Obama (millions of dollars) and now he is making noise to replenish his bank account. I am pretty sure President Trump is not going to write him a check this time.

  24. JOHN STEEL says:

    one thing if 4 certain. NK, must be stopped. Any way its done .lives will be lost. That another thanks we owe the CLINTONS.

  25. John Savell says:

    I think people are giving NK too much credit. If it comes to military action, our military can destroy theirs, if the politicians will do what they are supposed to do and get the F#$% out of the way and let the military handle the conflict. Their job is to decide who the enemy is and whether we need military action. Then they should send in the troops and let them do their job. If they do that, which I think they will with Trump as CinC, the US military will make quick work out the NK military. The problem we have is if China decides to get involved of NK’s side.

  26. william g munson says:

    What if the USA exploded a bomb that takes out their electric grid how would they be able to fire any of their weapons lets get real here and they have all kind of ships and and weapons and air craft carriers there too. Tell them to disarm now and move their weapons out of the area period

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