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Trey Gowdy Asked This Question, And Now Obama Is In Big Trouble

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  1. Palmer says:

    Gowdy is to smart for Brennan, He knew the answer and that is why he asked it. Brennans stuttering was laughable.

    1. ajareins says:

      With dolts like this running the CIA no wonder the Russians are all over us. How stupid a man is this??

      1. Molon labe says:

        I’m pretty sure Brennan is not stupid. That’s why, stuttering aside due to surprise, he answered in the evasive, lawyerly manner that he did.

        He is, however, an evil CIA globalist/Islamist crook who looks like he’d as soon kill you as look at you! Nobody should believe a word out of this spook’s mouth!

        1. ajareins says:

          Stuttering when facing an obvious question that he should have predicted he would been asked and thefore prepared for is stupid in my book. Many definitions of stupid although i am sure his IQ is high. As for the rest of your post I totally agree. What’s the CIA doing surveillance in USA anyway!? that’s noT their brief that’s the FBI’s

          1. Molon labe says:

            Yeah.. Obama politicized and corrupted every department of the government during his tenure and planted MB operatives throughout. The man is an Islamophile and a traitor to his country on almost a routine basis!

            The most impeachable scandals and the worst president in history. A man so very evil and soulless that, merely to save himself some political embarrassment, he put his own Ambassador in grave danger and then ignored his repeated pleas for help and abandoned him to die a horrible death!

            And at the hands of the Islamic jackals to whom Obama had been pandering in the midst of his illegal Libyan gun running operation.

            Despicable does not begin to describe the “man” known as Barack Hussein Obama! Contemptible and vile are not strong enough words!

            And yet he remains scott free, now wealthy probably beyond his wildest dreams with a 60 million dollar book deal, traveling the world partying with the rich and famous, and still working to bring down the country along with his evil buddy Soros fomenting overthrow of a duly elected president with the so-called “Resistance”!

            Is America a great country or what??!!

          2. David in MA says:

            Didn’t Brennen convert to islam while stationed in the ME?

          3. Molon labe says:

            Yes he did. Most likely half the government are now Islamists! Thanks to our devout “Christian” president Barack Hussein “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” Obama!

            Unbelievable how stupid people were to actually believe that a Christian would say something like that–and that was far from his only statement promoting Islam! The stupidity boggles the mind!

          4. Deborah Pratt says:

            I vividly remember Obama giving a speech in front of our military men in which he ‘YELLED’—‘You WILL respect Islam!!’ and slammed off the stage!! I think all the men were in total ‘shock’!! I know I was!! I got a ‘cold chill’ down my spine!!

          5. C. LeSaint says:

            I would have stood up and screamed back “YOU WILL RESPECT CHRISTIANS!”

          6. ajareins says:

            I would have shot the jug eared muslim piece of shit

          7. grnjllybn says:

            Will you marry me?

          8. ajareins says:

            Lol send me a photo :):)

          9. John E Strom Jr. says:

            Obama NEEDS to be held accountable for his crimes.

            So does Hillary Clinton, James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and the hundreds who work for OUR country who damaged it. Nail every damned one of them, send them to jail OR the gallows as their crimes require.

          10. SuLig says:

            Don’t forget Podesto that highly needs to be put in the high group.

          11. John E Strom Jr. says:

            Yes he does. He’s but not in the government but clearly broke the law. So did Bill Clinton re sale of Uranium One (20% of America’s uranium) to Russia. What Hillary Clinton accuses President Trump of (zero proof) the Clinton’s HAVE done and our left wing media runs with. ALL should go to jail for sedition at the least.

          12. crustyone says:

            Obumble can shove it.

          13. SickOf BeingCoddled says:

            corroborating evidence for that statement.? this would be awesome.

          14. 4Pip says:

            I remember when he said that and I was seething!! Not one person called him out on it. He was also taking every chaplain out of the Military to replace them with muslims. What good is a muslim when you need help with a spiritual problem? They only know killing and hate,but God is so good He would forgive them if they turn to Him.

          15. grnjllybn says:

            I knew he was scum in 2007 – before he ran for Prez
            in 2008. I was screaming it all over the internet that
            he is a ‘lying piece of muslim crap’. I guess I was not
            believed. Sad.

          16. Ron haymaker says:

            It would appear the Left owns & controls the polling places.

          17. Norma Davis says:

            YES HE DID

          18. ajareins says:

            It’s an unsubstantiated rumor never been confirmed

          19. Norma Davis says:


          20. ajareins says:

            Obama should be executed. period

          21. rose says:

            by firing squad at sunrise

          22. ajareins says:

            However it’s done the sooner the better as far as I’m concerned

          23. RTR says:

            The constitution subscribes a rope and hanging by the neck until dead. Save the bullets, use a rope, it is cheaper and reusable. Not to mention there are plenty more that need to find their way to that rope.

          24. John E Strom Jr. says:

            I’ll donate the rope and tie the noose.

          25. tinker1 says:

            This is going to sound very crude but if he is convicted he should be pulled apart piece by piece like they do it on 20 week abortions. I’m sure there is a video stashed somewhere to tell the person how to do it!

          26. John E Strom Jr. says:

            tinker1, Planned [baby murdering] Parenthood SELLS those body parts.

            Who would buy any of Obama’s body parts? Well, except for his head! That would need to be on constant exhibition lest some other fraud attempt to run for president.

          27. John E Strom Jr. says:

            Naw, hanged by the neck. A short drop with a very rough rope

          28. pevans1 says:

            No, he should be thrown off the roof of a tall building…. like all other gay Muzlems.

          29. Milton Lytle says:

            Yes, but nothing ever gets done.. the same with Hillary and a few others but they get away with it. Why?

          30. Deborah Pratt says:

            True–up until ‘now’!!! A ‘new’ Sheriff in town and he’s appointing new ‘deputies’ as well. For the first time in a long time—the laws will be upheld!!!

          31. Alan BYRD says:

            “WALKING TALL” new’ Sheriff in town and he’s appointing new ‘deputies

          32. SickOf BeingCoddled says:

            Milton lytle: WHY??? because our representatives and senators – who have the authority to do so are ELECTED by we the PEOPLE and we elect Party hacks and NON-honorable NON-god fearing non-constitution lovers to office OVER and OVER and OVER., WE encourage and promote the behavior we SAY we deplore. Stop voting for the lesser of two evils who might win and vote for someone with moral character and a decent sense of responsibility not to me or to you but to the CONSTITUTION. God won the revolutionary war by assisting/ blessing the sincere efforts of GOD fearing liberty loving ordinary people Who gave it all for the IDEA and forgot about their own comfort and desires, HE can and will bless us too, Now, what are the principles -morals- and values we are going to work and sacrifice for? are we wise enough to do it now with the tools of the constitution given to us and using our firm faith in liberty truth and right or are we going to continue electing party hacks and immoral individuals until our grand children are forced to be slaves or maybe even worse fight a bloody war?

          33. Rose Ribitzki says:


          34. gina says:

            He should be jailed for the rest of his life . He is a sorry inhumane double standard promoting ,devil possessed ,piece of crap . He hates Christians! he is not one ! No one who is a true child of God could or would mock Christians or The Bible as he has .He has allowed them to be murdered as he turned the other way and criticized and called out others if they only spoke against Islam Jesus would have his creation live in peace . The way to tell Obama is of the devil is that he does his bidding and so does Islam They Kill They Steal and They Destroy that is what they want … That is the dreams of his father what a Joke .

          35. rose says:

            There were so many opportunities in his two terms to’get’ him- for lying, perjury, treason, going against the Constitution only to name a few. So why did we not clamor for his removal at the time? We hid our heads in the sand while he destroyed our country, stole our money, usurped his role as president and told us boldfaced out and out lies. We should have gotten him long ago

          36. Deborah Pratt says:

            There are two ways we are responsible for our ‘reality’. We either actively ‘create’ it or we ‘allow’ it!! This country has done an awful lot of ‘allowing’ these past 8 years. Now, we need to actively ‘clean up’ the results.

          37. Alan BYRD says:

            Yes I agree, and it’s been the silent majority who has allowed and help create this corruption in America.
            Just look at the gay community, its said their less than 3% and they are controlling whats happening in America, because they have the loudest voice and it goes along with the progressive liberal lefts agenda.

          38. buffalobob826 says:

            The Republican’s ignored the people and let it happen plus we did not push hard enough. So yes it’s our fault and we should be ashamed but know more push hard at this government to get things back to the way they should be or lease close. Don’t worry about the snowflakes unless they start real civil unrest through violence and make it against the law to wear a mask during a protest event.

          39. SickOf BeingCoddled says:

            our representatives and senators – who have the authority to address the corruption are corrupt too, and are ELECTED by we the PEOPLE and we elect Party hacks and NON-honorable NON-god fearing non-constitution lovers to office OVER and OVER and OVER., WE encourage and promote the behavior we SAY we deplore. Stop voting for the lesser of two evils who might win and vote for someone with moral character and a decent sense of responsibility not to me or to you but to the CONSTITUTION. God won the revolutionary war by assisting/ blessing the sincere efforts of GOD fearing liberty loving ordinary people Who gave it all for the IDEA and forgot about their own comfort and desires, HE can and will bless us too, Now, what are the principles -morals- and values we are going to work and sacrifice for? are we wise enough to do it now with the tools of the constitution given to us and using our firm faith in liberty truth and right or are we going to continue electing party hacks and immoral individuals until our grand children are forced to be slaves or maybe even worse fight a bloody war?

          40. Molon labe says:

            “We” couldn’t stand the thought of being called..gasp!..racist! Better the country be destroyed and everything millions of patriots fought and died for, than to be called..gasp!..racist!! /s

          41. grnjllybn says:

            I cannot understand how people voted him a second
            term, unless the voting machines were really rigged.
            Since that is a distinct possibility, the only way to assure
            an HONEST election is to go back to paper ballots and
            number two pencils.!!

          42. Francisco Machado says:

            Removing Obama would have required two thirds of the Senate – and the Democrats were in full support of what Obama was doing. Which has something to do with them losing the House, the Senate, the Presidency and the majority of the states. The attempt by the Republicans would have been time and money wasted – with no beneficial outcome. The Democrats, with even less chance of success, do not concern themselves with time and money as long as they can get headlines off it. They are like the screaming kids in a grade school class (or college campus) – if they create enough disruption, no one can learn anything. It’s one way of achieving equality.

          43. John E Strom Jr. says:

            and packed every federal court with his leftist judges, mostly homosexuals. Hopefully Barack Hussein will meet his fate in court. He IS evil and corrupt

          44. Deborah Pratt says:

            This is the first ‘move’ of any kind that indicates that just might ‘happen’ yet!!! I don’t know about you but, I’m delighted!! With Trey Gowdy in our ‘corner’—it’s starting to look very good!!

          45. RTR says:

            obama will meet his fate when he stands before God, and all the lies he spews to the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob will only seal his fate of separation from God and any memory of him and his atrocities against man.

          46. John E Strom Jr. says:

            We mere mortals would like to see Obama get his comeuppance a bit sooner.

            Render unto God that which is God’s and unto Lady Justice what belongs to Lady Justice. Obama’s ass belongs FIRST to Lady Justice. God will wait.

          47. grnjllybn says:

            and in hell !!

          48. Alan BYRD says:

            obama was not a traitor to his country, he was and is a traitor to America, America is not his country and it’s been proven.

          49. SickOf BeingCoddled says:

            just as contemtable and vile are those who could have and should have STOPPED it did not do so. Progressives, greedy, and lazy people of all parties have allowed this to develop over decades. And we who vote for them are not guiltless. GW warned against a party system and we (the voters) ignored the warning. we were all to happy to let those political folks take over OUR responsibility to find and elect DECENT honorable people to go to DC. sad sad sad

          50. grnjllybn says:

            Obumbo just paid $8.1 million for a house in D.C.
            I think the word you may have been looking for is

          51. Lorine M. Shannon says:

            As long as we don’t let the snowflakes push their bull any farther.

          52. Tim says:

            Wash. D.C. was corrupt before the N1663R from Kenya showed up. Try Lincoln, 150 years ago………MIC & FBI in Nov. 1963….OKC bombing, Waco, Idaho, 9/11, Patriot ACT ? not one muslim voted for that. THAT was corrupt Amerikans, mainly white ! Wise up !

          53. NRA_Life_Member says:

            Exactly. Stupid is not the opposite of intelligent. I have known a lot of very intelligent people that were stupid.

          54. ajareins says:

            Yes not preparing for a congressional hearing properly is stupid. I do expert witness work and I would never be caught surprised by such an obvious question. Didn’t he do his homework on Gowdy?

          55. grnjllybn says:

            Correction: The saying is:
            “Education does not equal intelligence”.
            But intelligence is the opposite of stupidity.

          56. GrumpyGrandpa says:

            THe old rules, customs and boundaries don’t mean anything since Obama. That’s how NASA got involved in Muslim outreach also. Like Van Jones and Satan likes to say; “Upside down, right side up, inside out”, which is their game of chaos they like to play on you.

          57. grnjllybn says:

            I guess Obumbo made him do it.

        2. John Warden says:

          He was only doing what he was ordered to do.

        3. Deborah Pratt says:

          I’d hardly call Brennan ‘stupid’ but he just didn’t see this ‘bullet’ coming!!! He wasn’t ready and didn’t quite know ‘where to duck’!! LOL Seems he’s met his match!!

          1. xjcv8jag says:

            He gave the best answer he could with out implicating himself. That is all Gowdy needed. You notice there was no follow up. Gowdy now has Brennen in a box simply by saying ” it rings a bell” Gowdy never would have asked the question if he did not already know the answer. Now the next time under oath Brennen will be forced to remember what is in that bell and release the name .

          2. ajareins says:

            He was a federal prosecutor who never lost a case

          3. Chi Sam says:

            Without is simply one word, stupid…which is why you only seen it written as such the many thousands of times you have seen it in print.

        4. John E Strom Jr. says:

          Looking at John Brennan is staring into the face of evil. Clapper is a man without a conscience or any integrity. Much the same as his corrupt sidekicks, James Clapper and James Comey. No wonder Obama chose them. ALL of them are evil

          1. Deborah Pratt says:

            Obama always selected people who either would ‘obey’ him or who reflected himself in his ambitions and agendas. I think we, as a nation, were extremely naive in just what that meant. Naturally, I see Pres Trump doing the same. Thing is, I believe Pres Trump is far more ‘open’ concerning his agendas. When he says ‘change’—he lets you know what he has in mind. Obama never did!!

          2. Rose Ribitzki says:


        5. Tim says:

          evil dolts running the evil empire as their private video game is OK but don’t call the clueless, (lack of) intelligence agencies stupid ? Comey is a nut job. Just like barry boy obama. Comey is not a N1663R.

      2. Raymond Miller says:

        The Dems only hire stupid people so they can control them. Did you ever notice that Demon-Crap presidents pick stupid VP’s like Gore, and Biden. It also works for them to blackmail their hirelings if they get out of line, how do you think that they all say and think the same way ? The hirelings wouldn’t dare say or not do what they are told. Look at their conventions, if you have a different point of view on a subject, you don’t get to speak, as per Bernie Sanders and what they did to him. They are vicious animals.

      3. Zap says:

        Don’t forget. BHO is a fabrication of the CIA. His grandfather was a major figure in the CIA, sent to Hawaii to keep tabs on Communist Party leader Frank Marshall Davis. Barry got his new ID from the CIA when he returned from Pakistan in 1982. The’ve been protecting him since then.

        1. xjcv8jag says:

          Zap Where did you get the information.

          1. Zap says:

            Obama’s books, Frank Mashall Davis’ book “Sex Rebel”, Robert Duncan’s memoirs, OBAMA’S ‘TRUE’ IDENTITY? by Matt Drudge,


          2. Zap says:

            Both his books, and the Frank Marshall Davis book, “Sex Rebel”. Read them and put the pieces together.

      4. SickOf BeingCoddled says:

        except they aren’t all over us. the progressives within us of ALL PARTIES are doing just fine tearing us apart.

    2. Raymond Miller says:

      Trey is a former prosecutor, he don’t ask questions that he don’t already know the answer to. I would never want to be on trial with him as the prosecutor.

    3. John E Strom Jr. says:

      The rats are scurrying for cover. Track them down. One by one by one.

  2. Perry Perno says:


    1. KDC says:

      Me too. He’s a smart cookie.

    2. flasawdust says:

      Yeah, me too… I hope he moves up the ladder and that the Clintons don’t have him killed.

    3. Oldmonkey says:

      A real blood hound. If it’s there, he’ll find it

      1. Tim says:

        He has found plenty criminal activity. How many have been arrested ? ZERO

        1. Barbara Lewis says:

          That’s just what I said.

        2. Gerry Dionne says:

          Tim, why is that? Zero arrested?

          1. Tasine says:

            I’m saying none have been arrested because everyone with any authority knows he or she may not live until next week.

    4. Angiesd Seveneightnine says:

      Me too!!! He is fabulous!!!

    5. gobrien says:

      Gowdy would not have asked the question if he didn’t already know the answer. He’s a prosecutor and that’s their number one rule.

      1. John E Strom Jr. says:

        Always give a criminal rope …just enough to hang himself or herself with. I’ll supply the rope. Cheap hemp rope should suffice and it’s reusable – which is to say it’s eco-friendly

      2. erleebird says:

        Trey Gowdy has more integrity than most of his peers! He knows what to ask; and often knows what the answer will be! He’s definitely on the side of the American people!

    6. John E Strom Jr. says:

      America needs a thousand Trey Gowdys. Unfortunately we have a thousand spineless cowards instead.

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        Maybe he’ll act as an ‘inspiration’ for a few ‘youngsters’????

        1. John E Strom Jr. says:

          We could use the help! Too many spineless eunuchs in this country. We need patriots

    7. gina says:

      South Carolina People call it like they see it and don’t fall for BS we are very patriotic and love the truth no matter what it May be Gowdy and Haley are doing a great Job . I’m proud they call S.C. Home . We need more people like them . They cut to the chase and find the truth .

      1. Tim says:

        Haley supports abolitionist like BLM, hates the Confederacy. Ya’ll keep electing Lindsey Gramnesty ? Proud ? GOD help US ! Arizona & Kentucky are stupid too

        1. gina says:

          I despise Graham and she does not support BLM.

          1. Tim says:

            there is a third position ? IF you believe that the South was wrong to secede from the tyrant in D.C. then you do NOT support America that seceded from a tyrant in England. The abolitionist of 150 years ago thought that stealing arms (guns) to overthrow the plantations (murder, destroying property) was a good way to change laws (slavery) that they disagree with. BLM, panthers, occupy wall street believe this very thing today. IF Amerika started calling islame and muslims the Ku Klux Klan or sand N1663R supremacist, they would be gone tomorrow. Given hate group status. No fence sitting on Amerika’s future. Are “WE” gonna be free ? or continue the stealing & abuse (socialism) from our government & those that will NOT work, but attack those who do ! Think they are entitled, deserve MY stuff. I will get rid of them, IF they attack me or mine ! I will pay the fine for littering. Fear ? White guilt ? Not here ! Not never. Not a victim ! Not apologizing. Not holding back from threats.

  3. KDC says:

    “Obama administration’s surveillance – are a felony”… Put this guy away for his high crimes. I want to see justice with these anti Americans.

    1. ajareins says:

      My understanding if that’s if it’s court approved it’s not illegal Nevertheless what reasons were given for the surveillance and the unmasking is a crime

      1. drbhelthi says:

        – thus, the approval by the court was invalid, as are many court actions that are traced to the illegal occupant of the POTUS slot, alias, Barrak H. Obama.

        1. Palmer says:

          drbhelthi, Quit being a Dumb Ass. Trump was elected legally. If not , Prove it stupid. You need the learn about the Electoral College and why it was implemented by the Founding Fathers. If you lived in Iowa , you would know the answer,. Educate yourself.

          1. drbhelthi says:

            – my comment references ajareins, which uncovers the illegality of the Obama court system and the illegal surveillance that the courts of the alias, Barrak H. Obama, approved.
            How you falsely introduced president Trump into my comments reflects your less than adequate comprehension of my comment and the line-up of the comments.
            Your erroneous comment reflects your inadequate comprehension, not the state of Iowa.

      2. Palmer says:

        The surveillance wasn’t illegal, The Unmasking of Flynn by Rice was.

        1. ajareins says:

          Yes I’m pretty sure that’s what I said. Thank you

    2. drbhelthi says:

      Several million American patriots support representative Gowdy and your desire for justice. Additionally, millions of Europeans who see through the distracting propaganda of comrades Merkel and Mass of Germany would like to see Merkel and Maas added to the American group of unconvicted criminals who deserve residence in GITMO.
      A 2-term occupant of the POTUS slot, for whom neither verifiable certificate of birth nor evidence of US citizenship nor even his real name have been published. Also the subversive-type California reps in congress who “vetted” his eligibility deserve to share GITMO residence with the foreign alien, alias, “Barrak H. Obama”.

  4. bub says:

    Trey better watch his back. More than one person has commited suicide by mysteriously shooting themselves in the back of the head when the Clintons and Obamas political and legal necks were in jeopardy.

    1. reenie217 says:

      The cover up of the Seth Rich murder means we are getting to close to the truth, imagine how much power they have to shut everyone up. I hope and pray they will not go after Trey Gowdy, if they do and get away with it we,as a country, are in more trouble then we thought.

      1. kbmiller says:

        They got Judge Scalia. Wonder why there was no autopsy.

        1. reenie217 says:

          I wondered the same thing. I am sure his family wanted one but were in fear of their own lives. Scary stuff.

        2. James says:

          My assessment from the moment they announced Judge Scalia’s death

        3. lcj240 says:

          Clintons thought they would get to replace Scalia with a liberal – another thing that has not worked out for them lately.

        4. David in MA says:

          muslims are worse than Nazi’s.

          1. Deborah Pratt says:

            FAR worse, David!! Probably worse than our ‘worse’ nightmares!!! Still, we finally have some ‘good’ people to champion us!!

          2. Palmer says:

            Fucking Desert Rats. They invade and Destroy. They are no good for anything!

        5. Rose Ribitzki says:

          you can bet your bottom dollar there were threats and/or pay-offs not to have an autopsy preformed !

        6. Alan BYRD says:


        7. grnjllybn says:

          Because Obuma and Klinton would not allow it.!

      2. Molon labe says:

        We’re already in more trouble probably than we can even imagine!

      3. xjcv8jag says:

        Not much in the news but two of Gowdys’ investigators that were sent to Arkansas to gather info on Hillary have been found dead, not accidental.

    2. Dee says:

      That’s called Clintonocide,three shots to the back of the head, no weapon found at the site and the police label it suicide.

      1. cajanone1 says:

        And no blood splatter pattern!

    3. glock 19 fan says:

      Also all the way back to the LBJ years when a Dept of Agriculture employee, during the Billie Sol Estes case, committed suicide by shooting himself five times — in the back — with a .22 bolt action rifle. Of course, three of those shots were incapacitating so he couldn’t have fired all five.

    4. David in MA says:

      Yes, but you know what, this whole thing started out as a get Trump and has blossomed into the Obama rats have set up the sinking of their own ship of evil.

    5. Rose Ribitzki says:

      we all need to band together and pray for his protection so he can get to the bottom of all the corruption and justice be served !

    6. grnjllybn says:

      …by shooting themselves in the back of the head TWICE !!

  5. Floyd Sloan says:

    Gowdy is the best Q&A guy I’ve ever seen. The best in Congress!

    1. Oren Player says:

      He ought to be. He’s a former prosecutor from SC.

    2. rose says:

      And he doesn’t back down or play nice or bow to the pc police. He is his own man deserving of much respect

  6. kbmiller says:

    Didn’t X pres. Barack Hussein OHOMO use the IRS to target conservatives for political purposes? Why woudn’t ANYONE believe he was still using this illegal tactic?

    1. Molon labe says:

      The Messiah who halted the rising of the oceans and began the healing of the planet? The One who we were all waiting for? The Anointed One?

      This paragon target conservatives, use the IRS for political purposes or demean his nobility by doing anything..gasp..illegal?!

      Surely you jest??!!

    2. bet1125 says:

      He wasn’t really a President, but he did stay (with Reggie Love) at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

  7. reenie217 says:

    I seem to remember Brennan said it rang a BIG bell, and I though that is an odd answer. I could be wrong, but I think that was his answer.

    1. rightsright says:

      Isn’t Brennen the one that ALTERED Obama’s PASSPORT? I believe so!

      1. reenie217 says:

        I don’t know the answer to that but I do know his SS number belonged to a guy that died in a mental hospital in (of all places) Sandy Hook Connecticut.

  8. Marijane Ambrogi says:

    I am so proud that Trey Gowdy represents my state of SC. I believe that he is one of the only ethical, honest congressmen left in Washington, I absolutely love him!

  9. Annie says:

    Kudos to Trey Gowdy! Can’t get enough of him!! He is the best in Congress! God bless him!

  10. A patriot says:

    Obama administration should be tried for treason if guilty should be imprisoned and stripped of their wealth and send them to Africa with obama

    1. cajanone1 says:

      Or GITMO with the rest of their radical muslim friends!

  11. CaptTurbo says:

    Is Gowdy smart enough to see Obama walk his well deserved steps to the gallows?

  12. Joel Goodman says:


    1. Mike W says:

      Susan Rice has amassed a $40,000,000 fortune not bad for a government employee. I hope while they have her on the stand they ask her about that and also why most of that money was made from dealings with Iran.

    2. Annie says:

      Obummer, hag Hillary, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Huma Abedin, George Soros, Loretta Lynch & Billy-Boy Clinton all need to be in prison…the same cell!

      1. Norma Davis says:


  13. Mike W says:

    Obama also allowed Hillary Clinton access to classified material after she was no longer a government employee let alone one without a security clearance. She said is was to do verify information in her latest memoir? I hope she finishes her next memoir telling us all about prison life.

  14. humandegradation says:

    What Gowdy will not say, (and is up to Americans to stop bc Democrat-Muslims are working hard in every citi) is that John Brennan a Muslim with a culture of lying to get what they want. He was placed in key position, FBI under Hussein Obama/democrat party to “fundamentally transform” inject as many Muslims within the cities and in rural areas “Muslims villages” to take over and kill as many Americans (sleeping cells) like in EU countries. Furthermore Democrat party is working in school to teach Koran See SDUDBD, Or dividing by race. See Oceanside city CA they voted 3 to 2 and passed on every city. THE REAL reason is that they are protecting Muslims until they kill and then the media will make us not remember again, like San Bernardino,CA and others and with this tactic of suppression, intimidation of Americans Muslims advance and because Americans ARE NOT REALLY INVOLVE TO STOP THEM AT THE SCHOOL, CITI EVERY CORNER LEVEL. AMERICANS ARE LETTING TRUMP ALONE TO FIGHT THEIR FIGHT!!!

  15. Crime Doc says:

    Rule #1 in interrogation or cross examination, “Never ask a question you don’t already know the answer to.” Gowdy is a master at this. I so wish he would reconsider the position of Director of the FBI. We need someone leading the FBI that does not see Democrat or Republican, but only sees, legal or illegal. Because believe me, we have enough waste, fraud and corruption to go around across both parties.

    In fact, waste, fraud and corruption may be the only true bi-partisan issue.

    1. cajanone1 says:

      Maybe Supreme Court. Lifetime appointment instead of one that if and when we ever get another DIMWHITCRAP in the White House he couldn’t be fired!!!

  16. BUILD BABY BUILD!!! says:

    hope Gowdy nails their asses to the wall.
    And, go after the Clinton’s and obama as well.

  17. rightsright says:

    How sad it is that the direction of Obama/Jarrett/Soros America was being destroyed for eight years, Obama put out fake BC, uses a dead man’s social security number, sealed all of his records and we are talking about dribble! Russia is a hugeeeee part of that dribble made up by the Obamanations! The root of America’s problems all circle back to Obama’s deception!

  18. geneww1938 says:

    Nail this criminal…open the investigation of the Obama’s, Clinton’s and DNC crime syndicate.
    “trail of dead bodies leading to Obama’s white house worse than Hillary’s” …or “47 deaths of Clinton friends” …or the recent “/2017/05/26/foul play suspected death black prosecutor found Florida beach/” … or “barbells crushing throat of former U.N. Diplomat John Ashe” (day before he was to testify about bribery 6/23/16) …or “DNC staffers, Seth Rich, Sean Lucas and Molly Macauley worked on exposing recent election fraud during the Democratic primaries were all found murdered” … or “Clinton Body Count +5 in Just 6 Weeks” … or “Cash flows to Clinton Foundation from Russian Uranium Deal” …or “Clintons Take $1M to Ignore Nigerian Foreign Aid Theft” … or “Clinton friend Fethullah Gulen, Pocono Mountain, PA” …or “Hillary Middle East contacts (funding Clinton funds) starting ISIS and coup in Turkey” …or “Hillary’s huge scandal list 25” …or “57-Nation Coalition” to sink our dollar” … And then “The Clinton-Cash-movie” on YouTube … Or should we forget domestic policies like “Ruby Ridge” … “Waco TX” … Or “$.5 Billion dollar Solyndra scandal” … Or her support to “Obama-dozen-scandals-counting”… Or “Misplaced $6B under Hillary Clinton” … or “Criminal Aliens Released by the Department of Homeland Security 4/28/2016” …or “Operation Zero Footprint” … or “MH17 evidence shows two Ukrainian fighters” …tied to… “Biden’s Son Ukraine Oil Deal (May 2014)” “69 eye-opening facts about Hillary’s VP pick” plus “64 Ways Obama is Sabotaging Trump” and “Color Revolution” and “Soros Report: North American law center’s organizations 2017/03/ report on U.S. patriot act violations

  19. tommy2sweet says:

    You are a “voice in the wilderness” Trey Gowdy, keep up the good work. Can’t wait to vote for you to be president!

  20. Jeronimo Dan says:

    Obama and Brennan, both being Muslims will take care of one another. Brennan would never have been placed in as Director of the CIA, if he hadn’t been a Muslim.

  21. Beatriz Alford says:

    Gowdy is an honorable and trustworthy man

  22. Jim Wagenmann says:

    Obama must have been paying big bucks to get all of these people to go along with his criminal activities.

  23. Donald says:

    I have always said Obama is a terrorist out to ruin our economy even before he was president.

    1. rose says:

      Yes, that plan to have him run was orchestrated knowing full well that blacks would vote for a black campaigning for president under any and all conditions. Most of us never heard of him prior to his running for office. On a more altruistic note it’s really a shame he turned out to be such a disgrace; it would have been honorable for him to be a law abiding, upstanding leader for the black race to look up to. But he turned out worse than any street thug out there. Really a shame

  24. Charlie says:

    Make America Communist and Islam Free! TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!!

  25. Watchdog says:

    Attempting to undermine the President is treason in my book. Our government ca’t function well with all these news lies.

  26. David in MA says:

    “Who violated the law by leaking classified information?”
    Brennen, where it all started with him releasing the info, the rest were probably following Obama’s orders.
    And all of them think they will not be prosecuted even if found responsible.

  27. jesse says:

    The entire obama/clinton criminal enterprise should imprisoned! If Sessions is doing his job, grand jury proceedings should already be underway. This entire phony russian fiasco, manufactured by the left, is merely a distraction from the real crimes of the obama/clinton cartels, and shame on the wimpy deputy AG for capitulating and appointing comey’s buddy to waste more time and money on this side-show!

  28. jong says:

    And Nunnes is leading the way. Remember he saw the unmaskings and they DID NOT RELATE to any kind of Foreign Intelligence. Only to spying on political foes by the ole jug ears administration. The muslim who keeps on giving and lying.

  29. William Collins says:

    The reason for the fake Trump/Russia scandal is only half right. It is also meant to be a big distraction away from the lawless scandals of the Obama administration and it’s various players, including Obama and Hillary.

  30. Gen11American says:

    Thus far, both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have gotten away with so much corruption and undermining of our sovereignty, they should both be languishing in cells at GITMO, yet all we repeatedly read and hear is “They’re in trouble!” The precedence set by our current elitist “Get-away-with-anything” two-tier legal system is now leading to total anarchy and lawlessness in our nation because the bottom 99% feel just as entitled!

    1. Maria castro says:

      Not GITMO, is a very nice place with beautiful weather, clean oceans and a lot of tropical fish. I have very good memories of Gitmo and wouldn’t mind to live there. Let us give them the choice, Saint Quentin or Alcatraz, let them rot in either one looking at each other.

  31. Norma Davis says:


  32. Maria castro says:

    I cannot wait for Commie to testify. It might have an adverse reaction for the snowflakes. They have their hopes in his testimony…..and I hope they get a big surprise.

  33. jerry.rebar says:

    Powers and Rice offer them the chance to fink on the Obama outlaw, he is the one that belongs in jail.

  34. Jorge Rivas says:

    I hate to say it but Putin is probably right. Our own U. S. Intelligence Services probably are and have been election hackers for many years both hear and abroad.

  35. gobrien says:

    BO turned every government agency into political organizations — IRS, FBI, Justice, NSA, CIA. Hillary turned them into a cash cow for her own personal benefit.

  36. RichFromShowMe says:

    When the comey “memo’s” are “released” they’ll show the bread-crumb-trial to obamba, “the witch”, koskinen and most of the other crooks in Washington, deCeit . . . . we should hear a GIANT FLUSHING SOUND on the East Coast, soon . . . . well, at least we can hope 🙂

  37. Marvin Zeichner says:

    where’s it going to go?

  38. GeoInSD says:

    Just watch. This is ultimately going to get dropped, just like with Benghazi, IRS suppression of TEA party groups, and Fast and Furious. I believe there is very likely wrongdoing there, but Congress isn’t really interested in getting to the bottom of the matter, at least not when Democrats are the target. Republicans in Congress don’t seem to be willing to make any waves.

  39. John Warden says:

    I can’t wait until I see the headlines in the news papers and to top of the news on major networks broadcast, but that may never happen. So sad that they are in the tank for Obama and do everything possible to cover for him. Maybe the National Enquire will put it on their front page and everybody in the checkout line will see it even if the don’t read it.

  40. Deborah Pratt says:

    Go Trey!!! You’re awesome!! Looks as though you just might ‘nail’ some ‘b*tts’ to the ‘barn door’ yet!! We’ve been waiting a long time for this!! Love to see this guy become our next president!!

  41. Richard Bagenstose says:

    and when was the last time they sent anyone to prison, waste of time just like the emails

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      You can’t see the ‘future’ by looking at the ‘past’!!! Things are happening fast and furious these days. All the ‘cover’ used to slip illegal behavior under is getting ‘blown apart’!!! This is a whole ‘new world’!!

  42. justanagent says:

    The best part is that Obama can no longer hide behind “executive privilege” or pardon anyone including himself. Investigate, indict, convict, incarcerate.

  43. Deborah Pratt says:

    Had to laugh!! Even the ‘press’ missed this one. Trey slipped this question under the mat so fast, Brennan never saw it coming. I’m thinking that, given half a chance–Trey would have Obama ‘confessing’ treason, before he even knew it!! LOL

  44. TAM44 says:

    Wish we had 399 more like Trey Gowdy.

  45. No name nut case says:

    I am just giddy! I can hardly wait for the unmasking of their crimes! I know it will go deep and there will be people who will be revealed to be real criminals. I can hardly wait to see Hillary Clinton prosecuted for not only this kind of crime, but I think she is most likely guilty of theft which was sent to foreign numbered bank accounts!

  46. chief1937 says:

    So Obama is in hot water again what is the big deal about that he has been there before without any consequences what makes one thing there will be this time. Time to stop all this investigating without consequences and wasting tax monies. No one has the nerve to follow through to trial.

  47. RockinOn says:

    Sic ’em Trey and Andrew, eventually ya’ ll will have all you need to follow the trail to obummer!

  48. Babsan says:

    The DEMOCRAT criminals get called up one by one

  49. jreg9304 says:

    He is fantastic. Trey Gowdy, has truly turned into an A #1 legal sleuth. Go after them and put them away!!!

  50. sarge says:

    he has the libs on the run for all their lies and we are going to have a lot of them in prison before long

  51. MarcJ says:

    Mueller was among a contingent of officials who, along
    with James Comey, threatened to resign over a Bush-era domestic surveillance
    program of possible jihadists. In effect those two, namely Comey and Mueller,
    were facilitators of the jihadist mass murders in Boston, Chattanooga, Orlando,
    and San Bernardino. And now that same Mueller will investigate the role of the
    Russian Marxists in the election of the capitalist Trump over the Marxist
    Hillary. Washington policies are the product of a typical nuthouse full of
    low-IQ functional cretins. With that type of logic one could have accused the
    Churchill’s election back in 1939 as being plotted by Hitler.

    Comey in particular concluded his investigation about
    Hillary’s illegal use of her unprotected private server by stating that was true
    – she was a criminal but he decided not to recommend prosecution??? Well – he
    decided together with the entire MSM and the Marxist Democrat Party that
    Hillary’s election was the 100% sure – and what about his career then?

  52. Wayne Pemberton says:

    Yeah, I really like Gowdy, too, but, I tell ya, I’m finally getting tired of these stories. i come home from work every day and read my AOL news and my AOL mail like I used to do with the Newspaper and the mail outta my mailbox back in the mid 90’s, and, everyday, for months now, I keep reading that either Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, et al., or a combination thereof, have all finally been exposed breaking the law and are now, finally, and without a doubt, are either going to jail, are going to lose their jobs and positions, or at the very least will have to disappear into obscurity out of pure disgrace and public scorn. Really?! When? I don’t see this coming from anywhere else but here. Talk about over promising just to under deliver. I’m really tired of hearing negative crap about Trump, whose policies I’m aligned with, and watching the liberals getting away with their obvious disrespectful, immoral, unethical, and illegal practices and this flagrant coupe that their undertaking in plain view. When will we get what’s promised in these stories to get these liberal hate mongers to taste their own medicine? When?

  53. chuck708 says:

    If The Russia scandal is nothing but fake news invented by the Democrats and pushed by the media, we as Hard Working Taxpayers should then be able to sue the Democrats and Media for the cost of these Investigations. Any Lawyers out there that want to take on a Class action Suit against our Democrat Congress members and the Media?

  54. crustyone says:

    Obama belongs in prison.

  55. Dexter L. Wilson says:

    Is it not time to go after criminals including the ex-president and Hillary Clinton?

  56. ONLYJB1 says:

    I’ll love him when he finally gets indictments for obama, brennan, rice, power, all clintons, podesta, lynch and the list goes on and on! Time to drain the swamp!

  57. Susan says:

    We have a big journalism gap: The Lamestream media lies and Conservatives don’t know the basics.
    I like Gowdy and hope this is true, but Real News MUST have a DATELINE, and “Obama in Big Trouble” is NOT the kind of headline taught in reputable journalism schools (at least not before the 1990’s).

  58. The duck says:

    It would be very nice if Trey could bring a federal law suite against Obama and get a conviction. But from what I have noted from watching committee hearings all that happens is a monitoring of wrong doing. Yeah I love Trey and the way he quizzes those who are subpoenaed to his hearings. But it seems like a go no where effort.

  59. bearone7777 says:

    If this is the case—-I would hope he would file criminal charges as far as BENGHAZI LBYA is concerned!! I am so dam sick that these b—–s got away with MURDER!!

  60. icemancold says:

    Well it will end up showing that HUSSEIN OBAMA IS GUILTY but nothing will be done because if charges were filed it would be considered RACIST and religious discrimination. RACIST because OBAMA is BLACK and religious discrimination because HUSSEIN OBAMA is MUSLIM !!

  61. Janice Marler says:

    I don’t believe that it’s bad news for Obama or any other Democrat. They always get away with everything, felony or not. By the way, when is Hillary going to jail?

  62. 1josephg1 says:

    Go Mr. Gowdy! Let’s get that pos barry soerto in court then jail then the hot seat where he belongs

  63. GRAMPA says:

    I have spent years looking at government in general not just the klintons. they are the most brazen and operated with impunity. Because it is the goal of both parties the work with the same goal. simply the expansion of their control and power. opposition was stifled with the removal of those who oppose. the larer and more immanent threat is handled another way. it insures that the information they had can never come to light. from the day our constitution was signed began the efforts to destroy it. I have only one question. who would benefit with such efforts that would take such a length of time?

  64. haingu nguyen says:

    I wish all our government servants had his characters. Thank you Mr. Gowdy. We love you.

  65. Arlene Peters says:

    Gowdy is one of if not the biggest asset that we “those who want the truth” have and I’m so glad he’s on our side… although I do believe he would go after whichever party the person worked for… He is one smart man and I pray God watches over him… Plus, I am hoping that next in line, are the (KKK) Klinton Killer Krime association…

  66. Duane says:

    So the shoes of the leakers begin to drop. Nice going Mr. Gowdy! I hope the leakers will be prosecuted as they are found. But still no evidence that a Russian voted or changed a vote in the election. The cheaters are going to suffer.

  67. annefarrelly says:

    What a swamp was the Obama administration! None of these traitors deserves a government pension. If not indicted, they at least need to be publicly shamed.

  68. Galloper says:

    I think what Trey gowdy is on to is real espionage and sedition. We need those words……”leaks” is a rediculous term for snooping and copying, passing on, and repeating state secrets…..and that is called espiaonage in real terms……also the final act ,if used as a reason to bring down the sitting govt of the nation is sedition…….Both are serious crimes……very serious … It has carried the death penalty in the past.
    They have arrested someone already…….I understand its a 25 year old woman…….if she tries to get off for any of those reasons, then, her lawyer is either a commuinist and anti american , a bigoted man hater, dumb, an ambulance chase, or has slithered from the swamp……..

  69. rusticman says:


  70. SickOf BeingCoddled says:

    please stop the DEMOCRAT blaming. this is how and why we stay divided.!! we need to be wise enough to say crooked people , and name the names !! NOT vilify everyone in the PARTY!! are YOU trying to keep good people divided?? WE can figure out what PARTY they belong to if we choose. BUT when the stake of the unity of the country is involved, I BELIEVE we will make MUCH greater strides for LIBERTY AND The CONSTITUTION if we STOP using the word democrat or republican as a LABEL for ALL. Yes they and we are in a “party” but that does not define clearly what I or YOU may actually believe. AND it lumps ALL republicans as “those people” so the opposition cannot take ME seriously when i state MY opinions. They do the same thing. The progressives FROM BOTH SIDES thrive on this PARTY mindset. it keeps the bad ones from both “sides” in power and continues, as George Washington said it would–to DESTROY the people the Constitution and the Country.

  71. Lindy says:

    Saw the video and I noticed Brennan’s body language immediately. Twist of the head and great discomfort. The man lied under oath again. He along with others in the intelligence agencies were colluding with the Obama administration to destroy Trump.

  72. maxx says:

    Did the Obama administration turn the intelligence community into a weapon to deploy against the Trump campaign? Did the DNC and Clinton campaign organization use stealth connections to Obama administration staff in order to manipulate the 2016 election? Obviously both are rhetorical questions. Obama and the democrat communist party left “nothing off the table” in their plot to jerry rig the election and when it did not work they have since then been on a political war to cause chaos and innuendo to destroy our current president and the government of the United States.

  73. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

    TREY will be good in any place he wiil be working. He is very honest and i’m proud of him.

  74. ExGOP says:

    This is a story trying to portray the Russian scandal as “fake news”. He knows better but is playing to the dumb right wing.

  75. J. Ernst says:

    Now if WE can get MORE “house” members to back Trey and this afront to the crap and corruption IN both houses….we MIGHT still be able to maintain OUR personal AND national SOVEREIGNTY!!!

  76. Elizabeth Seaman says:

    If any one can get to the Bottem of this mess it’s Gowdy.

  77. rick meek says:

    It goes a lot deeper than this —— Gowdy just scratched the surface…..Pard – trump is a monkey wrench in their corrupt machinery —– His plans to privatize the FAA is genius with some drawbacks. It means innovation – modernization – accountability – service……If I remember right – Reid slapped down a postmaster general for the same thing —- The PMG wanted to stop the bleeding of billions of dollars EVERY quarter by REORG – stream lining – reroutes and stopping Saturday service….Reid – schumer – durbin – started screaming about “old People” not getting their junk mail…..It’s the same farce as before with throwing gram over the cliff……

  78. Nancy L. Orozco says:

    Get’em !

  79. SFWhite says:

    Samantha Power had more power than most know, she was behind the UN’s mandate “Responsibility To Protect” that Obama used as an excuse to invade Libya.

  80. Alan404 says:

    Be nice if true. That said, re Obama being in trouble, I will believe it when I see or read about actual indictments. Absent to that, comment on one or another Internet site is simply wind in the trees.

  81. Tim says:

    He will be great=er when these criminals go to jail. Lois Lerner’s retirement checks stopped. Her boss in jail too. Same for Low-retta and Eric von Holder

  82. harpo49 says:

    go trey go go after all things Obama f him

  83. fishunter says:

    I applaud Gowdy for his efforts. Now, we need judges who are cut from the same cloth. It is certain the plaintiff’s will be “lawyerd-up” and will probably use the 5th. Amendment frequently . The prosecution may need to offer someone a free ride to obtain the truth, then let the blood hounds run!

  84. Barbara Lewis says:

    This may all be true, but I don’t expect any of them to be prosecuted. Unlike President Trump and this Russia stir, which I believe to be a lie by the democratic party. If it is true how close is Hillary to this scandal and how much money did she get and take for her endeavors? GOOD QUESTION.

  85. Jo Scott says:

    These people will do anything to keep Killary and evil Obama safe. Both, in all honesty, should face the death penalty.

  86. Duane says:

    Mr. Gowdy if you find evidence of crimes, please, please, please prosecute them!!!

  87. Gerry Dionne says:

    Love Mr. Gowdy also. He’s the best.

  88. Mary Clouse says:

    Trey Gowdy! he’s the man,if he can’t get answers,no one can.
    I like Trey Gowdy right where he is.I wanted him for speaker of the house
    position,but I’m glad he didn’t. The respect he has, and deserves is
    phenomenal.Hillary and Obama are going to get their day,in front
    of Gowdy,he was smacked down before,during the Benghazi hearings,because Muslim B>O >B had her back,but no more!!

  89. Lakshmi says:

    EVERYONE who was in Obama’s very corrupt administration should be FIRED NOW!!!

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