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Trey Gowdy Asked This Question That Turned The Russia Investigation Upside Down

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  1. Theresa M Collet Armstrong says:

    There was never a hack it was all a cover up!

    1. Ballard Kamees says:

      Intended to “Cover up “KILLERIES” anti Americian “TREASON” and ineptness as Secretary of state, also theDNC’s collusion with Russia during the 2016 elections where they the DNC polluted with KILLERIES campaign to Dehigh Mr Sanders the the apprate party election probably to “Protect” kill dry and oblowme’s legacy!!!

    2. rick meek says:

      Nah – rich hacked the dnc and hitlery —- he turned the 411 over to a trusted source to deliver to wikileaks for publication…..The hacks are nothing more than russian surfing and our own INTEL surfing using the cy-war data they bought and acquired with taxpayer money……Check with a man named dennis montgomery before he ends up with bullets in his back….

      1. Theresa M Collet Armstrong says:

        I agree with you ? %

        1. rick meek says:

          It’s only the truth of what actually happened…..

    3. eddyjames says:

      I figured the “hack” was Seth and the DNC took care of the leaker themselves with the help of Killary’s wet team.

      1. erleebird says:

        I agree Seth was a whistle blower for the right PATRIOTIC reasons. Wiki-leaks has offered $25,000 for information about his MURDER; and other patriotic organizations have offered up to $150,000. Hmmmm! Seems where there’s smoke, there’s still FIRE!

        1. Ed Shick says:

          Do not mess with the Clintons , you might commit Suicide , happens often !

    4. FloridaBoyee says:

      There is ALWAYS a RUSSIAN blame, but it is a KNOWN fact that the CHINESE have even hacked our US Pentagon, BUT you NEVER ever hear about that!!

      1. erleebird says:

        . . . . and, of course, we have ex-Pres. Obama spending millions of dollars to try to take down Netanyahu (sp). Of course, that’s okay, because Mr. Jive Rocker (Obama) did it! Different rules for different leaders!

        1. Ed Shick says:

          and he is doing it all on his 400,000 retirement and he just bought 2 Houses one in Hawaii , and paid 8.1 Million for one in DC. The Acorn Agent did good with his Voter Fraud , He is as big a Traitor as America ever had and he sure knows where he was Born !

          1. erleebird says:

            Isn’t that amazing? Of course, I understand O’BS is charging more for giving his hateful speeches. But, $400,000 year does not a millionaire make! That man is abhorrent.

    5. Tom says:

      I don’t believe there was a hack either, Hillary just got what she deserved, to be beaten by a better person to be President of the United States. We would be a destroyed nation with Hillary as our President.

      1. Ed Shick says:

        It is sick the way the Hillary supporters are threating Trump , That is more than Free speech ! but we still have songbird McCain ! what a creep !

    6. Danni Smith says:

      I am inclined to believe that. The hacking began during the debates-when Donald Trump said, “Russia look at hil’s emails, maybe you can find the 30,000 missing ones.”

  2. budo says:

    Same old. Anything to the right is verboten. Anything the left does is fine and swept aside.

  3. Annie says:

    It’s so tiresome & disgusting that these hearings go nowhere with the rotten, evil democrats! Love Trey Gowdy & he’s doing an excellent job but people need to be held accountable now! Put them all in prison starting with hag Hillary, Obama, Billy-Boy Clinton, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, John Podesta, Jim Comey, Eric Holder & Loretta Lynch…to name a few!

    1. BIGFRANKBRONX says:

      That’s a good start.

    2. Ron haymaker says:

      I agree & I think they should be all be put in a large cell–So they can eat each other!

      1. Jim says:

        And play Butt Darts

      2. FloridaBoyee says:


      3. Rodger K. Shull says:

        an try them all, like the Nuremberg trials, after the WW2, basically war crimes an treason, put them all on stage at once, an see who does the FLIPPING

      4. Kenneth Riden says:

        and confiscate all their holdings and give to the poor upon whose backs they all have grown to be millionaires and billionaires . .

      5. Ed Shick says:

        Treason is punishable by Death !

        1. William Glass says:

          No longer. Traitors USED to be shot. NOW they are ELECTED! The old way was better.

          1. Marjorie Lee Peterson says:

            Yep, somehow, Obama DID get elected, with a little help from illegals, and dead people voting.

          2. noBS says:

            Yes, but don’t forget who was running against him. Neither McCain nor Romney had anywhere near the charisma that Obama had. The Republican voters stayed home, while the Democrats came out in droves to vote for the nice-looking, black guy from Chicago, who was very good at holding a crowd’s attention with nice-sounding words. Somehow, we allowed ourselves to be manipulated into a lose-lose choice at the polls, not just once, but twice.

            But WHAT would we have had if Obama had lost to either McCain or Romney? They’re both RINOs (although McCain is far worse), so we’d probably still have had some form of federal healthcare similar to (but not as bad as) Obamacare. Maybe the US wouldn’t have lost as much respect in the world — I can’t see either McCain or Romney bowing to a foreign leader. Nor do I see either of them supporting ALL of the liberal social agendas that Obama did. But as RINOs, they might not have offered much resistance to those agendas, either, so I’m sure that at least some of them would have been “accepted” by now. Neither of them are “constitutionalists”, so I don’t believe that they would have done much to slow or stop illegal immigration.

            All in all, if Obama had been defeated in 2008 and/or 2012, things wouldn’t be much different — except that the Democrats could now complain that everything bad that happened in those 8 years was the fault of a Republican administration.

          3. drbhelthi says:

            – add fraudulently programmed voting machines.

          4. William Glass says:

            Also, don’t forget the MSM. They were in the tank Barack HUSSEIN Obama, and they were the propaganda wing of the Killery campaign. They are now in full blown “attack” mode against President Trump. I really feel it is just a matter of time before these left wing psychos make an attempt on Pres. Trump’s life (they have already tried to assassinate Republican members of congress). I pray to God the Secret Service is up to speed.

      6. Gene says:

        Obama needs to be locked up with the crew.They need an experienced licker for their sweaty b_lls

      7. betty thompson says:

        Ron I totally agree and also OBAMA

    3. OldKoreanwarvet says:

      Well, that takes care of all the puppets, now for the head beast/ puppet master….. George Soros!!

      1. Roger Domnie says:

        send him back to hungary, or some greek island nearby penniless……

        1. SouthernPatriot says:

          Macedonia and Bugaria want Soros for manipulating their elections and/or money supply. Just send old Soros to one of those countries and we’ll never see or hear from him again.

          1. Gretta says:

            You are soooooo right, evil George needs to be removed from our planet, and his two evil sons will have to be sent as well because they are exact duplicates, and evil clones of their father, and after he is gone (if satan allows it) they will take up where evil George leaves off.

            Our planet is not safe with the Soros evil trash. These people think they are gods to be obeyed, that they are above us and that we are suppose to be their slaves. They are a cancer,

            Soros said that destroying countries is a game for him. He enjoys it more than anything. He even makes bets to see how long it will take for him to destroy and collapse the country he targets.

            He loves destroying people’s lives. We aren’t talking about one “person” we are talking about millions of people’s lives that he ruins. The man is a pure devil. He is the most evil man on our planet who enjoys destroying people who have done absolutely nothing to him. And, this is how he made his billions, by destroying others.

            He is so powerful that the politicians are terrified of him, because he thinks nothing of assassinating and snuffing them and their entire family out of existence.

            Think about this. There is no one safe with him on the earth, there is no one who can match his power, and there is no one who can stop him. He has thousands of tentacles of his evil web woven around the world, inside nations, inside the highest offices of those nations, and people are paid to watch his back and be traitors to their country and to their families.

            Money reaches into the very soul of a person to corrupt their hearts and minds. The 30 pieces of silver turns people into monsters, and Soros knows who he can manipulate and use, because he is experienced in seeing who he can corrupt the fastest. Lack of character, no moral values, and those who hate God like he does. Soros zooms in on them and they jump on it like scum on a pond. Soros is the scum on the pond, and his minions will do anything Soros tells them to do.

            The demonRAT party are his masterpiece, and it is very obvious as we see the hurt they have done to us from the hate and division they purposely have created and caused…. all was orchestrated, schemed, and planned to take our country down for their new world order that Soros’ idol Adolf Hitler was working so hard for.

            Anyone who buys into the demonRATs, Hollywood, mainstream media’s hate and division, we are being forced and herded and manipulated into committing national suicide to destroy the ONLY nation that can stop their madness. They are insane with greed, power and control so they can make us their worker ants to keep them in luxury for the rest of their lives. They want our tax dollars and they want to control every aspect of our lives to keep us in line and in their control. This is why they want to keep Obamacare in power, because if they control our healthcare, we are tied to them. Soon it will be our food supply, our water supply, communications, travel, housing, land, they will be more than dictators, they will have absolute power over us.

            Absolute power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. They are corrupt and they are evil to even want to do this to us. This is why our founding fathers wrote our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, and this is why Hussein Obama continually tried to destroy them both, why he constantly told us that our Constitution was out of date, and why he took it upon himself to continually break his oath of office to defend and protect it.

            They HAVE to destroy our Constitution and they HAVE to destroy our sovereignty…. so they flood us with the most savage barbarians who will fight us on our land to take it away from us.

            Just think about this and decide which side we are on. The side of the devil or the side of our way of life and our family who will be destroyed if we let them finish their agenda 21 on us.

            Educate others before it’s too late for us.

          2. Russ Baker says:

            When you say, “Money reaches into the very soul of a person to corrupt their hearts and minds” I truly believe that statement identifies the majority of problems in politics……..including both Parties, and much of the Lame Stream Media….Great analysis Gretta.!.

          3. Deborah Pratt says:

            I disagree. ‘Money’ has no power of its own. WE allow it to bring out those ‘darker’ parts of self. Everyone is open to temptation but the choice to give into it or not is ours and ours alone. We are responsible for our decisions!!

          4. Rose Ribitzki says:

            SO TRUE !!!

          5. betty thompson says:

            I totally agree as soon as possible or sooner

          6. Wynette Atkins says:

            Isn’t it strange that no one in the News Business even talks about the United Nations Agenda 21, or United Nations Agenda 2030? Especially when you read them, it is so evident that America is under attack from the Globalists, and the push is on for a New World Order.

          7. newland65 says:

            Bush senior came out and said it.. the new World Order..100 of the richest people in the world will rule the world.. the golden rule is (He who has the gold, makes the rules). Never seen a poor man hire someone to do his work

          8. Wynette Atkins says:

            Obama said it a couple of times too! And it looks like Obama was really trying to follow both of those Agendas. His signing off on the Paris Climate Accord, UN Small Arms Treaty, His reducing our Military Strength, his outsourcing our jobs and manufacturing under his 2 terms. His removing Ranchers off Federal Grazing Lands, his EPA trying to seize control over every small body of water, including water in ditches, and in low spots on farms and ranches. His Open Borders policy, and allowing in anyone into our Country. The rise of Bitcoin under his terms in office. So many things he tried to do, are right in those Agendas.

          9. andrew says:

            check your local library for a copy of this book !! Amazon lists a few copies fairly reasonable… any good online bookstore, If Barnes & Noble is still around There is also a pdf online of the complete tome.
            This will give you some insight into how long the ” New World Order ” conspiracy has been around, and who the major players were in the beginning, right up to modern times.
            It also ties the NWO in with Biblical end-time prophesy, and does a good job of it as well.


          10. Deborah Pratt says:

            Another ‘good read’ is Michael Savage’s ‘Trumps War’!! He showed the connections to Crowdstrike early on. He also ‘nailed’ the connections that power the ‘inner government’ in this country!! He named names and connected the ‘dots’ all through this ‘dark maze’ we now face.

          11. John Savell says:

            The sons always turn out worse than the dads. Look at Saddam’s two sons. Look at the chubby N Korean.

          12. John Savell says:

            There are still some of us who answer to a higher power than money and will not let money corrupt us. Soros is in fact, as you say, an evil person. He is also an angry and bitter person. He is much like Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars franchise, without the force ability. He kind of looks like him too, after the dark side destroyed his kind old man looks. Michael Cain in “The Dark Knight” had a great line when speaking of the Joker, which I always thought fit Soros and his ilk. He said “some men just want to see the world burn.” He has no joy in life, so he wants to take the joy from everyone else as well, and if he can profit from it, so much better. If you notice, his minions on the left are the same way, angry, bitter and hateful, with no joy and no peace about anything.

          13. Gary Purcell says:

            Southern Patriot: Do you honestly believe that God can’t handle the likes of soreass?? If and when he takes a notion to, Mr soreass is GONE!!!

          14. Retired says:

            Him and Obozo interfered in the Israel election .

          15. Gen11American says:

            It’s curious that Israel’s Intel agency Mossad knows Soros helped to identify 60,000 Hungarian Jews to the Nazi’s during WW II, yet did nothing to punish him. Now the Jews are the driving force behind the One World Order movement, and thus they have allowed Soros free reign to interfere in the activities of multiple nations, including US!

          16. nwjohnson says:

            The JEWS, or the ISRAELI Government.
            Two very separate entities.

          17. drbhelthi says:

            Propaganda espoused by “nwjohnson”.

          18. gobrien says:

            Wonder if we have extradition agreements with those two countries? If we do, all they need to do is file charges against him and ask the U.S. to send Soros to them. It still sickens me that Soros, himself a Jew, falsified papers and denied that he was a Jew. He proved thisby pointing out Jewish friends, neighbors and even relatives to the Nazis — guaranteeing them a death sentence.

          19. Gen11American says:

            Unfortunately, his evil, Satanic sons will just take over where he left off!

          20. andrew says:

            Very recently, Soros’ son alex ? was photographed sharing drinks with
            My / our illustrious New York senator Charles ” up-chuck ” Schumer… Schumer was obviously quite drunk in the picture.

        2. Robert says:

          Hungary would love to get him back so they can throw his Worthless A$$ in JAIL for almost ruining their currency.

          1. Junius Graham says:

            Don’t put him in Prison, Fry him and his sons until Blacken. Then they can’t do anymore harm to people!

          2. Doris Will says:

            Hungary won’t take him back. Russia wants him in jail.

        3. john parak says:

          hungary don’t want that communist!!!!!

          1. countryboy says:

            you mean that nazi. he sold out his own jewish people to the nazis wh in turn were sent to the concentration camps and were gassed so he can get rich off other people’s suffering.

          2. David in MA says:

            Russia does.

        4. Retired says:

          Send Soros and Schumer at the same time ,Both family’s are from the Ghetto .

        5. jong says:

          Or make him a present to Putin who also has warrants out for his arrest and make sure you get the whole family. The courts will be swift and with a old rope to hang the lot of them

        6. Deborah Pratt says:

          Russia wants him!! Send him ‘gift wrapped’ and that might help our relations with them!

        7. J. Ernst says:

          HE IS NOT GREEK!!!
          Soros is a hebe from Hungary!

        8. lavenderohopper says:

          send him to hell, do like what Kim of N.K. to his own uncle— feed the dogs. or shot with artillery.

      2. Thomas Peterson says:

        Arrest George Soros, seise ALL his assets, every last nickle and dime he has to his name. Then put all his$$$ on the border wall, Then have a democrat arresting mission and a few rino’s along with.

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          Soros’ wealth, along with El Chapo’s would build the best and most technologically advanced wall we could imagine—totally paid for with billions to spare!! There would be no argument left for ‘not’ building, it based on ‘cost’!!

          1. andrew says:

            Put the balance of those funds in a perpetual account to earn interest, and use that to pay the supplies and staff that will be needed to tend the daily operation of the wall

      3. guest says:

        do not think Soros is on American soil – extradition problems – he has resources and probably lawyers to do his bidding – need lock stock proof against him before anything would be more than a loss of money

        1. Retired says:

          One Drone would solve the problem .

          1. guest says:

            Fair game go for it – probably not legal

          2. Retired says:

            If Clintons can leave a trail why can’t others ????

          3. drbhelthi says:

            While Soros is guilty of subterfuge, he is not the chief string-puller. He is a “loner” type who is being used by the genuine string-pullers as their scape-goat.
            Focussing online attention on Soros distracts from their subterfuge via the MSM and stooges, the Clintons, alias Obama, the DNC and Dem stooges in the US congress and the Pentagon.
            One drone would only initiate the removal of one small element of the basic source of current, world-wide, financial and political subterfuge.

          4. Retired says:

            It would take funding away from Democrats and the many lies they support .

          5. drbhelthi says:

            It would be only a temporary measure. The string-pullers would only re-orientate the money flow.

          6. Retired says:

            LOL, but true .

          7. newland65 says:

            Pull up on the internet, what hit the pentagon and you will see that it hit where record’s of all the money has gone. Many trillion’s of dollar’s, gone due to these crook’s in wash

          8. drbhelthi says:

            Yes. I had an inside contact on 11 Sept later in the day that explained the background, and also the source of the BGM 109 that impacted the Pentagon.

          9. nwjohnson says:

            But, of course, you can’t, for obvious reasons, disclose the identity or even the area in which your “inside contact” works.
            We will just have to take YOUR word for it.

          10. drbhelthi says:

            “We” who? You represent only yourself.
            No one is required to believe any of my comments. Nor, am I required to believe any of your Khazarian Empire propaganda.

          11. nwjohnson says:

            What is the Khazarian Empire?Another of your conspiracy theories?BTW Ebay is selling rolls of aluminum foil in bulk right now.Thought you might be interested “We” is me and some of my friends; and probably a whole lot of other people, but I can’t speak for them. Don’t Let Them Out Of The Mirrors!Embrace Your Inner OgreNever underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups
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          12. drbhelthi says:

            Fairy-tale jargon is junk, whether in small or large quantities, as demonstrate by your response.

          13. nwjohnson says:

            And still you will not answer any questions, even if they are for information or clarification.This is a typical reaction, along with ad hominem attacks, of someon who has only his/her personal opinions to support his/her statements.As an advocate for your “cause” – whatever that may be – you are a dead loss.Good bye and have a nice life. Don’t Let Them Out Of The Mirrors!Embrace Your Inner OgreNever underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups
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            | | What is the Khazarian Empire?Another of your conspiracy theories?BTW Ebay is selling rolls of aluminum foil in bulk right now.Thought you might …Read more |
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          14. drbhelthi says:

            Your adhominen repetitions are not questions, but rather trite jargon, exemplifying your on-line subterfuge.

          15. nwjohnson says:

            You never answered my question about the Khazarian Empire, It was and is a bona fide question. I looked it up on line, and it seems to me to be right up there with the “Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion” and the old canard about Jews using the blood of Christian babies at passover.For the rest, I have no idea what you are raving about, and, I suspect, neither do you.You are just another troll, trying desperately to prove to the world that you are relevant.Good luck. I guess that I am guilty of ignoring the old adage; ” Never argue with a fool. he’ll drag you down to his level and then beat you with experience.” Don’t Let Them Out Of The Mirrors!Embrace Your Inner OgreNever underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups
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        2. scrubbie says:

          Then there’s that recently publicized Canadian sharp-shooter who killed his target (ISIS) from 2 MILES away. Soros would never see it coming nor would he be protected from it unless he never steps foot outside his fortress.

          1. drbhelthi says:

            Wasted effort.

      4. Rose Ribitzki says:

        Hungary wants him “DEAD OR ALIVE” !!!

        1. Retired says:

          He is banned from 4 or5 countries !

      5. drbhelthi says:

        He is being used as the scape-goat by the string-pullers in the fraudulent, UN land-grant of 1948, that was fraudulently named “Israel”. The string-pullers are located in Tel-Aviv.

        1. James says:

          take your anti Semitics, and shove them up your a–

          1. drbhelthi says:

            I support semitics. The Khazarian progeny from the Khazarian Empire are not semitic, rather frauds.
            Are you one of them?

          2. James says:

            Since we can only trace our family genealogy back to the 1600’s, I do not know if I have Jewish blood or not; which in the whole scheme of things, really doesn’t matter because the Apostle Shaul/Paul states; in Rom. 2:29 that one is not a Jew just because he is born of Jewish blood, but because he is one inwardly. Therefore, I am not able to judge an entire nation’s heart; whether they are obedient to The Mighty One of Israel! And by the same standard; neither can you my friend, only The Almighty One can do that!

          3. James says:

            By the way dr….. I choose to be healthy in body and spirit. hatred for any race is not healthy. Hate the sin; not the sinner and pray for your enemies! If they are indeed your enemies,

          4. drbhelthi says:

            You choose to maintain your beliefs. Judaism was once related with a tribe. The tribe has never been a race. The lie of “race” reflects the fairy-tale basis of current “judaism”. The proxy army of the CIA and Judaism, ISIS, reflects the “heart” of Judaism. Judaism being an evil, narcissistic society, whose goal is to subjugate all “Goyim”, or non-jews. The plan to overtake and subjugate the entire Middle East and rename it “Israel” has been variously publicized.

          5. drbhelthi says:

            Your knowledge of “Judaism” could stand some updating and additional information. What did Jesus say about the folk called Jews?
            Israel of 4,000 BC is unrelated with the “Israel” of the UN land-grant of 1948. In his scholarly books, Shlomo Sand, univ. of Tel-Aviv, clarifies the history of the current, “Israel” fairy tale. You reliance on the fairy tales of fraudulent Judaism identifies your belief.

      6. Ann Wiley says:

        That is exactly what he is, the puppet master.

      7. Chris Robinette says:

        By way of Obama!!

      8. James says:

        Right; cut off the head and the body eventually dies!

      9. Deborah Pratt says:

        While we’re at it—take down his son as well. He has been ‘trained’ and brain-washed by Soros and is just as dangerous, if not more so!!

      10. martin Gries says:

        Why is it that these rich Jewish guys want to disarm us and control us? Case in point…Soros, Bloomberg, Feinstein, Lieberman, Boxer, Levin, Lantos, Rothman, Frankin and others. Most of the above Jewish politicians have introduced legislation for strict gun control and many want confiscation. Vote them out before we have another Bolshevik revolution like what took place in Russia in the early 1900s. Google it if you think I’m kidding you…It is happening again….

        1. newland65 says:

          People just don’t want to know about such thing’s. They are way to busy getting free stuff from the government., wait until it all run’s out, that is when we need to start to panic… Sorry to say, it’s on it way….

          1. James says:

            You are so right; people do not want to hear the truth, they continue to search out those who will “tickle their ears”, and make them feel “warm and fuzzy” all over!
            Most are deniers of any kind of conspiracy theory, yet The Scriptures tell us that the master of all conspiracy theories is the ‘prince’ of this world; at least for the present. But his day will come, prophecies do not lie!

        2. James says:

          If you had studied the origins of the “illuminati” you would not have had to ask that question. They have infiltrated every religion but the One True Faith. Their henchmen, the jesuits are in seminaries; colleges; big business; and politics, recruiting and teaching their satanic cult! Google that and see what you learn!

      11. John Savell says:

        I still say we need to declare BLM and antifa as terrorist organizations because they threaten violence if they don’t get their way, which is the definition of terrorism, then arrest Soros and seize his assets as a sponsor of terror, since he funds these groups. He knows what they are. He not only funds them, he gives them their marching orders.

    4. rick meek says:

      It’s going somewhere – they’re getting rich offa taxpayer funds – they’re discovering evidence out there that they will destroy and shred – they will keep themselves in power anyway they can….

    5. Hugh Miller says:

      Good job. I don’t think you missed anyone. I’ve copied the list for future use and suggest in future comments that you promote a followup investigation into the deaths of various individuals who got in their way. After all, if the Clinton’s felt no compunction in promoting the killing of innocent unborn children why should they hold back in ordering the killing of adults who could interfere with their agenda?

    6. Roger Domnie says:

      annie so right, think of the money it would save tax payers. maybe then these goofs would do the jobs they were hired to do……… the only one who works is trey gowdy………. the rest are either sleeping, corrupt, lying, committing perjury, hiding under desks, finding fault with trump, or on a vacation………. they do nothing for their salaries and benefits…………… put them in the private sector they would last a week………

      1. betty thompson says:


    7. Jay Taz says:

      I agree that this is all getting so tiring, but in reality this IS going somewhere… it is pointing directly to corruption. The problem is though, that the MSM refuses to see what is right in front of them, that the DNC and those you named all have something to hide and are the corrupt ones. We need more Trey Gowdys.

      1. betty thompson says:


        1. Retired says:

          Tell us how Trump can do anything the way everyone in WDC and media is behaving along with the legal system .

          1. scrubbie says:

            Exactly, Retired. Until the undeserved, unpatriotic chitstorm from the left ceases, Trump won’t be able to do a lot of the very things he was elected to do. How many other Americans have to claw their way through each and every day because new obstacles were thrown all over the place while they slept the night before? If average workers were treated this way all across America, there wouldn’t be a single business operating.

      2. scrubbie says:

        Jay, MSM doesn’t refuse to see it, they just refuse to acknowledge it because to buck their own system would mean putting their precious cushy jobs at risk, plus enough of them are brain-dead, Kool-Aid-drinking sheep who bought every bit of propaganda Obama and Hillary threw at them.

    8. Robert Jumonville says:


    9. BJE says:

      I gree! Why aren’t they punished?

    10. Danni Smith says:

      adding lois lerner, who sits in her mcclean va. mansion collecting our money. + wasserman Schultz, donna wonderbra.

    11. Mick Fischer says:

      Now is the time for a lot less talk, and a hell of a lot more action!

    12. betty thompson says:

      annie I do agree with you get rid of the swamp what is wrong with Trump

      1. Retired says:

        It’s not Trump , put the blame where it belongs. Between Congress -Lawyers and Judges bought and paid for Trump can not do anything ,plus after Nov2016 election Obama made sure his hands are tied . Then there is the fake news media also making Trump look bad world wide.

    13. Ann Wiley says:

      Well said, Annie!

    14. littlesmoke says:

      Here we sit, Patriotic, Hard working, Taxpaying Americans, watching and learning about the people that have been running this country, AND THEY GET AWAY WITH IT! They even say publicly that POTUS should be shot. God help them if they don’t knock it off. Remember, everyone, that that is the REAL REASON for the 2nd Amendment, and that is why they want to eliminate it. THANK GOD FOR THE NRA.

    15. Emilie Walling says:


    16. Ronald Fiskum says:

      If these hearing stop, there will be nothing for our senators to do other than do the work they were hired to do . Why do they keep going?, because they love it. Some day these liberal democrats will be put in jail and get what they deserve. In the mean time I hope they just keep doing what they are doing and exposing themselves more and more.

    17. sharon says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more Annie! And you named the same liars and crooks I had in mind.

  4. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

    WE know they are full of sh*t and won’t let them look because there is NOTHING to find. Just MORE trash from them. TREY will kick their butts and make them look stupid as they are. And they wonder why WE the PEOPLE put TRUMP in office?? How stupid can they be?? I wish TREY would bring TREASON charges on Hillary, Obama, Lynch, Billy, Holder and the MEDIA and then maybe TRUMP could do his job without all of their crap everytime he goes to do something GREAT for our country. He did MORE for our country BEFORE he was President than Obama did in his 8 years prior.

    1. Tom says:

      Well hell yes, all Obama did was try to destroy America.

      1. Ed Shick says:

        He is still working and still has his Communist Adviser , Valerie Jarrott with him !

  5. John T. Koszalka says:

    We all know that the DNC could not release the server to the FBI, because what they were hiding would be exposed. They follow the Progressive RULE BOOK, by Saul Alinsky. “Rules for Radicals”.
    Their #1 Weapon LIE, LIE, LIE. #2 Create FAKE NEWS, and Claim they received it from ANONYMOUS SOURCES. #3Call your opponent a RACIST. POWER IS THEIR GAME, they will do whatever it takes to get it. EVIL IS EVIL, and they don’t care. THESE ARE DEEP STATE DWELLERS, and they hire masked demonstrators to create chaos.

  6. Suze says:

    This is why the investigation will finally be abandoned by democrats, because it uncovers much more exposing their criminality than it could possibly INVENT about President Trump who wasn’t even in office until six months ago. And this special commission headed by Mueller in search of crime will now be compelled to hold at least some of the many abuses of government power accountable…all under OBAMA.

  7. George Mccormick says:

    Obviously the DNC was more concerned about what might come to light about their activities if someone was to access their computers to prevent a search by the Russians.

  8. ROB says:

    Lies to cover up more lies. The clintons and obamas have lived lives of lies, deception and death. You cross them and you are literally dead.

    1. rick meek says:

      a lot deeper than you could ever imagine…..

  9. rick meek says:

    Nah – rich hacked the dnc and hitlery —- he turned the 411 over to a trusted source to deliver to wikileaks for publication…..The hacks are nothing more than russian surfing and our own INTEL surfing using the cy-war data they bought and acquired with taxpayer money……Check with a man named dennis montgomery before he ends up with bullets in his back…..

  10. James R. Currier says:

    Isn’t computer hacking a federal crime? If it is in fact a federal crime, the FBI has jurisdiction whether the DNC likes it or not.

    1. Ron haymaker says:

      So is deleting classified e-mails——BUT!!!

  11. Margaret Heller says:

    It’s amazing that the DNC has gotten away with refusing the FBI access to their computers Re the Russian hacking. Why didn’t the FBI issue a Duces Tomkins subpoena? Because Comey was in charge and the Dems’ inside man.

    1. ter334 says:

      Obama was in charge. If the hacking was a virtual hack, O knew about it. The DDs have taken bipartisan politics to a new, national and even global level. Of course they have misled America with fake concern/interest in the nation for decades. They are more communist than the communists by placing party ahead of country.

  12. rick meek says:

    This has the makings of an “Ian Fleming” novel – a new adventure for James Bond along the lines of “Quantum of Solace”.

    1. erleebird says:

      Hopefully, as in an Ian Fleming novel, the GOOD GUYS WIN!

  13. Wayne Pemberton says:

    Damned right it does!

  14. ter334 says:

    Was the hacking fake hacking? With denial of access to govt agencies implemented because the govt agency would find out, in a heart beat, there was no hack. Instead there is now fake
    new political hacks by deplorable democrat political hackers in PC DC, They are trying to blame Nixon for their fake hacking of the DNC. It is hard for me to imagine what info the Russians or anyone else would get by hacking a political party? Or even to break into their office like Nixon did. The Watergate break in must be the dumbest political stunt in history, until this virtual hack created and implemented by the DDs. Deplorable Democrats.

  15. JB says:

    Lying Hilary strikes again

  16. Jim Wagenmann says:

    Read the story in Facebook about destroyed documents found in the Russian compounds in Md and Ny that obama took over. The MSM hints it could be documents of Trumps collusion.
    I think the truth is that obama sanctioned to Russians to force them to destroy records of his collusion with them to destroy America.
    Now the reason that the DNC did not let the FBI view their computers is because the FBI would have not found any hacking but rather a direct link between the Russian, DNC and White House computers.
    It is time to investigate obama, clinton and all of there crooked friends.

    1. Mike W says:

      Why would Obama be destroying documents that proved Trumps collusion? Does the MSM think everyone is as gullible as they are?

      1. Jim Wagenmann says:

        Read my post! Obama was sanctioning Russia to get them to destroy their records showing collusion with obama and Hilary to cover up their traitoreous activity.

  17. Michael DePoy says:

    Lets see make up a fairy tale… Shout that it’s real… Then when asked for the evidence Claim “our servers were hacked”. Then commit a real crime by impeding an Investigation in to the crime. In Poker it called a Bluff well it’s show your cards time you been called. If one ordinary US citizen did this they be sitting in jail waiting for a judge for sentencing. It is time to enforce the Law, time to jail the ones responsible for these obstructionist plans. Really want the feathers to fly? Hell maybe it is time to start relieving Bureaucratic Department heads who believe they control the country? Well shoot we’re on what the third FBI director now, I think your firing the wrong people. As for the Yellow journalism going on they are required by law to submit to yearly exam by the FCC to go on air, be a shame to LOOSE that privilege(read the fine print).

  18. Rodger K. Shull says:

    jeb johnson, was derelict in his duties, he just kicking it back, taking life easy, he had no worries, not with his bro an the pant suit queen, at his back, well he should have been paying attention, an then when he did, the dnc, you can,t touch this, HA HA HA HA, over confidence wins every time

  19. Janet says:

    Doesn’t surprise me at all. We are so lucky to have Trey Gowdy asking the right questions and pushing until he gets a real answer. God Bless him!

  20. Kurt Hanssen says:

    Than they find out that was Seth Rich that had been the leaker, that is a NO NO after they killed him. No choise but to blame the Russians, to late, we all know who killed Seth Rich.

    1. Mike W says:

      Did you know that the Seth Rich murder investigation falls under the jurisdiction of the Washington D.C. District Attorneys Office – and that crooked Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s brother – Steven Wasserman is an assistant District Attorney in that very Office? Convenience or another Clinton coincidence?

      1. Kurt Hanssen says:

        Yeas, I; was aware of that, and a relative of Podesta is the female police commisioner, And the last and only Dr. that had akces to see him was also related to Podesta. none of the bullets was fatal, and he was recovering fast, why did the police and the FBI enter the hospital and seal off his room.?? He was killed in the hospital for sure. Killary strikes again.

        1. Mike W says:

          Podesta is a sick f**k. In fact when you look at all the Clinton associates the same can be said. Epstein long time Clinton pal and fund raiser – pedophile – Hillary’s best friends and closest confidante Huma Abedin’s husband – a pedophile – Podesta exposed as a devil worshipper. Bill Clinton with all of his trips to Epstein’s “Pleasure Island” for the orgies with trafficked and run-away under-aged girls a pedophile. A computer seized by the NYPD from Abedin/Wiener’s home during their investigation into Wiener’s pedophilia case had evidence that Hillary made at least 6 trips to “Pleasure Island” the times would indicate she was not going there to drag Bill out – she’s a pedophile too. Chelsea’s father in law – Ed Mezvinsky went to prison for bank fraud – after stealing $10,000,000 in various schemes. He has since got out of prison but has only paid back a few hundred thousand in restitution. Not bad steal $10,000,000 give $300,000 back – nice profit margin. The Clintons are scum

          1. Kurt Hanssen says:

            Mike, you are right on the ball, Billy boy made 26. trips to orgy island on the Lolita express, The Israeli Zions has spy cameras all over the place, for black-mail purpose they got Billy boy with a 13. year old girl. The Bushes, the Clintons, and most of the WH.Cartel are members of the Scull and bones. ( devil warshippers ) So what is there to be expected,

  21. Charley C. says:

    You’ll never get a straight answer from the DNC ,or any of their people! This is just a waist of our money ! There never was any Hackin of the DNC. so just close down the hearins no one is going to go to jail anyways.

  22. dennodog says:

    The dummies in the dnc still think that they can get over with their juvenile games and excuses. They would be laughable if only they weren’t so dangerous and expensive.

  23. Robert Jumonville says:

    Yes, and it confirms that the Democrats have much too hide and will respect nothing and no one to hid everything. They are guilty as sin, but not really worried because they think they are untouchable from being prosecuted an jailed , or put before a firing squad.

  24. moron says:

    Gowdy, Trump, Mattis, Tillerson. Expert professionals in charge vs Obama’s career politicians living off corruption.

  25. Mike W says:

    Obama said he was unaware of any Russian “hacking” – that was proven to be a lie he knew – he knew months in advance of everyone else and did nothing. Obama said he knew nothing about Trump Tower being bugged – that also was proven to be a lie – he knew he ordered it. Obama said he knew nothing about the NSA secretly spying on American citizens – again that has been proven a lie. Obama said he knew nothing about the IRS selectively auditing conservatives and yet again he lied. Still dumbassed left wing loons still hang on every word he says like it is Gospel.

  26. david says:

    Because it might has exposed the depth of their own criminality!

  27. monongahela says:

    Jeh Johnson is the typical reason why our government is failing, he is a boot licking poor excuse of a man.

    1. Mike W says:

      That’s all Obama surrounded himself with was “yes men” and muslims who would constantly tell him how great he is – That ego has to be stroked. What else would you expect from someone who wrote not one but two autobiographies before anyone ever heard of him.

      1. monongahela says:

        yes and both books were nothing but lies!

        1. Mike W says:

          Did you know that his “family” in Kenya – the real Obama’s would like to see a DNA/paternity test as they no longer believe that they are related? A lot of people believe that Frank Marshall Davis is his biological father – Frank Marshall Davis was a known communist – if you look at it that way the title of one “Dreams from my Father” makes a whole lot of sense.

          1. monongahela says:

            Yes I read about that back in 2007, everything about obama is a lie. I`d like to see a paternity test done I don`t think those are obama`s daughters his nick name was bath house Barry in Chicago and he preferred white men and crack

          2. Mike W says:

            There are many photos online and stories that suggest and try to prove that Michelle is really a man. Barry himself while publicly speaking (on a microphone) said (slipped?) many times “Michael and I”. Joan Rivers being interviewed was asked if she thought we would ever have a gay president – she said “we already have one” and then added “Michelle is a tranny – everyone knows…” a week later she died on an operating table during a routine minor surgery. The girls look an awful lot like Anita Blanchard and Martin Nesbitt – Dr. Anita Blanchard is the one who signed the birth certificates for the girls indicating they are “Michelles”. Look through all of the pictures you can find of the girls with the “Obamas”? Then look at all the photos with Blanchard and Nesbitt – not only do the girls look more like Blanchard and Nesbitt – they always look much happier in the photos with them

  28. Anvil6 says:

    Never looks good when a victim refuses help from the experts and then hires a “sketchy” third party on their own. Especially when that third party comes up with a conclusion that MATCHES a narrative that would SUPPORT their employers political campaign allegations.

  29. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:


  30. Richard Frick says:

    The Does Not Compute (DNC) allegations smell worse than a beached Pod of rotting whales. Soros’ parade marched off the cliff and will take the entire party with him, along with the gross Sanders group of communists. It can’t get more obvious or corrupt. Then it does anyway. And she called OUR CITIZENS DEPLORABLE? Despicable Killery! Owned by Satan Soros and the Russians. Just send money.

  31. Tids1960 says:

    I still have tons of unanswered questions…
    Why did all three branches of government allow the Obama administration get away with ALL of the felonies that Barrack Obama committed ?
    Why didn’t the 17 intelligent agencies intervene regarding those crimes at the time they were committed ?
    If all three branches AND the 17 intelligent agencies are Compromised, WHY shouldn’t they all be recalled and dismissed on a public vote, It is still “We the People” isn’t it ?

  32. Douglas Russell says:

    Just one more cover-up.

  33. parthenon1 says:

    I agree 100% Gowdy has a very sharp mind and should be listened to more by all conservatives. also a recent AMAC poll asked should Nancy Pelosi and the results were heavily in favor of her resignation, but i disagree she is a very good lightning rod for the dumb & dumber crowd and some one else < (any one else) would be harder to compete with!

  34. Gene says:

    Isn’t treason still a crime?Why isn’t Hillary and Obama in prison?

  35. timothyf7 says:

    “If they were hacked, why didn’t the DNC let the FBI look at their servers?”

    Because the FBI would be able to see “ALL” of their “Illegal” activities! That’s Why! Trey knows it, we know it, everyone knows it!!!

  36. sandy says:

    This information should end this investigation into President Trump’s involvement-DNC is so sneaky and secretive, but the first to point fingers. Let this man get on with important business!

  37. Leslie Bryant says:

    Only name missing is Deborah Wasserman-Schultz! She should also be investigated for crimes like fraud, mishandling of classified. Congressional computers housing classified were broken into due to her negligence in the hiring of reputable IT personnel. That story seems to have disappeared thanks to our dishonest, unethical, biased MSM.

  38. 10-Nov-1775 says:

    The bottom line is that this happened on barry and hillary’s watch. She was busy giving our uranium to the Russians for cash for their criminal scheme, I mean foundation, and barry was too busy making out basketball brackets and apologizing to the world for our existence. The only ones that colluded with the Russians were the democrats. And all the illegally placed votes for hillary did not buy her the election.

  39. guest says:

    Who in the DNC had authority to deny FBI access – what reason did they give – what puppet of Clinton’s owns/runs/Crowdstrike

  40. Elisha says:

    Hillary Clinton is a criminally insane Communist witch. And Communists are NOT atheists! They believe in God and they hate Him. .

  41. Steve Flowers says:


  42. CommonSense4America says:

    Why bother with hearings or investigations? No one ever get punished or goes to prison. It’s all a laugh laugh,,,we caught you with your pants down. The score is now X to Y. We are winning,,,laugh laugh. It’s sickening!!!

  43. maxx says:

    I would bet $$$ on the fact that if there was any hacking it was not by the Russians but by some far less sophisticated group or person. Then to cover up the embarrassment of being that Cyber ignorant they made up the entire story using the Russians as the “boogey man”. The lying by the democrat communist party and the Clinton campaign is so deep they will eventually and are already showing signs of exposing themselves. And I wonder why the FBI or other government agency even needed permission. If they were investigating such a crime they don’t usually bother to ask for permission. They just come and kick the doors down and confiscate whatever they want.

  44. TPS12 says:

    No proof time to move on, all they seem to be proving is the Intelligent agency’s have no Intelligence! What they should be doing is looking into the dnc what were they trying to hide from the FBI?

  45. glock 19 fan says:

    It looks like Obozo, the DNC and the MSM are inspiring a new line of asbestos pants!

  46. Paula Martinez says:

    Reading all the comments, and I agree, however, our voices are falling on deaf ears, apparently our government isn’t listening to the PEOPLE as usual. So sad, all those actions by all mentioned, are treasonable acts, and if any normal citizen committed them they would be thrown in prison or worse, yet all these money mongrels go free. I for one am very frustrated, upset, and very concerned for our country and our children. God spare the children.

  47. jong says:

    Trey Gowdy who is a extremely intelligent man has been asking what we have known to be true the whole time. There is no evidence that Russia were in collusion with Trump. After all they had played the ole jug ears administration for eight years they did not want that to stop.

  48. MarcJ says:

    With the same “logic” the British socialists could have accused Churchill for being elected back in 1939 by Hitler’s interference.

  49. drbhelthi says:

    Perhaps unintentional, however, “The media accepted as fact the claim that the Russians hacked the Democrat National Committee’s servers” is an erroneous statement.
    The media (MSM) INITIATED the claim, and without supportive evidence, and continues to publish the claim without supportive evidence.

    The MSM consists of 96% of all western world media, owned by six companies. These 6 companies are owned by a double-handful of super-rich, jewish families. Their identity is documented at this link_
    These MSM owners sponsored the attempted coup of the 2016 US presidential election via their stooges, Hitlary Clinton, the foreign alien, alias, BHObama, the DNC and Dem stooges in congress. This group continue to support the foreign alien, B.H. Obama, his subterfuge and their stooges in the U.S. congress who are conjuring.up “impeachment” charges against president Trump.
    The lie of Russian influence on president Trump and the election is one more, additional lie created by the terrorists that generated the lies of the alleged “Holocaust”. Scholars term the Holocaust, the Holohoax. There is no German documentation of gas chambers in any of the NAZI slave-labor stalags of WWII, and all the NAZI, slave-labor stalags combined did not contain 6 million jews.

    The key to the “historical system of holocaust lies” is provided by information at the following link_ http //www eutimes net/2017/03/it-is-our-right-to-influence-and-control-america-with-the-media-dershowitz/

  50. icemancold says:

    The DNC is one of the biggest liars there is outside of HIL-LIARY CLINTON can’t believe a thing the DNC says.!!

  51. David in MA says:

    Where this is alleged to be an intrusion in a secure system why couldn’t the FBI or Homeland Security get a court order for obtaining these computers for inspection?

  52. Jan says:

    I love Trey Gowdy. If they had an ounce of common sense; they would know that if Putin was able to manipulate the election; “Crooked Hillary” would now be in the White House!

  53. Censored4Watt says:

    um???? leading question? Nah just a simple question for someone that knows answering it shows Da’ Swamp for what it is.

  54. Dexter L. Wilson says:

    It is still clear that that the NSA and CIA leaders covered up the truth that it is still a leak and not a hack just to satisfy their president Obama. The left, the media and the Democrats praised Julian Assange and Wikileaks as long as they didn’t reveal anything about them and once the truth about the DNC was revealed they freaked out and started blaming everybody calling Assange a lyar. Well it is time to just tell the truth. The DNC won’t let the FBI investigate what they claim was a Russian Hack so you know they are not about to reveal the truth. Well here is the Truth Go to this link and remember they the media, the left and the Democrats are the ones who have been collaborating with the Russians all along. Contact your Senators and Congress Person and tell them that you want everyone on this link investigated and ask why we need Mueller investigating every one else but these people. Even President Obama is hiding evidence at his library so that Congress and the Senate can’t get at it so says Judicial Watch. Tell your elected officials to start prosecuting Podesta and Hillary now!

  55. RightWriter says:

    It doesn’t make me “nervous” — it makes me OUTRAGED! What’s the POINT of HAVING an “intelligence community” laden with security if they’re going to contract out sensitive security work to some unknown, unheard-of “private contractor” who — for all WE know — is also working for the Russians or Iran or North Korea?
    Jeh (what kind of name is THAT?) Johnson and ALL his deputies should be indicted and tried for TREASON! Even if they didn’t INTEND to give sensitive US security info to other nations, they DID it through stupidity or carelessness or whatever. No matter HOW it happened, it HAPPENED — on THEIR watch and under THEIR supervision!

  56. freedoms_glory says:

    The Dems don’t want any government agency looking at their servers because they have so much to hide. It’s obvious. Why would they not want the FBI to help fix their problems? They don’t want any agency that might uncover nefarious dealings to get the proof.

  57. Wmichaelmic says:

    If the servers were never examined by the FBI or Homeland Security or any other official US Government agency, how do we know who hacked the servers? Truth is, we don’t. It is hearsay or rhetoric generated by the DNC to cover up something very, very serious.

  58. Marjorie Lee Peterson says:

    Very suspicious! I don’t believe a word they said, let alone anything that EVER came out of the Obama White House. Obama’s administration was known all over the world for their lies and deceit!

  59. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

    Everything the DNC does makes me suspicious!

  60. 4Pip says:

    The DNC didn’t want the FBI in their computers because they knew it would show they weren’t hacked at all. It was just lies and more lies,it all came from O and Hillary,so it is all lies. This whole investigation is just like a kangaroo court.What is the point of going into Pres.Trump’s family? It was already said that there was no evidence of Pres.Trump colluding with Russia,it should be over. Mueller keeps adding more lawyers,those who are in with Hillary,the whole thing stinks even more than before.

  61. Gerald A. Reason says:

    Ahhh Yes; A VERY GOOD QUESTION. Why don’t they question the President of the DNC as to why this strange behavior existed? What was the DNC trying to hide? Hmmmmm, I wonder?

  62. dave says:

    It’s time to bring the whole thin to an end.The reason they didn’t turn the server over is because of all the Dem.corruption on them !!!!!Case closed !!!

  63. Brad Fisher says:

    Thank you, Trey. This Johnson fellow is just as guilty as Comey, Obama, Mrs. Communist Clinton, and a host of others in the Communist Democratic outfit. I don’t believe a word of his testimony. He is nothing better than Comey who was fired and should have been fired the first day President Trump took office.

  64. Bayside GolfClub says:

    This whole thing is an engineered distraction from well known russian-iranian-and muslim brotherhood COLLUSION with the hillay and obama campaigns, and the democrat party at large,,
    All manner.. Voter fraud, information fraud, and electronic machine fraud..
    Let the REAL and RELEVANT investigations BEGIN.. It has been way too long and too much distraction..
    FOLLOW THE INFORMATION.. Start with Jarret/obama.. And their well known connections to the MUSBROHOOD AND IRAN..
    They thought they could get away with it forever by stealing this election and many more.. Didn’t work for many reasons.. And now it is time to pay the piper big time.. Stop the DISTRACTIONS.
    Anyone paying attention already knows about this.. Get headlong onto it..
    We have been intentionally and willfully distracted with this bs too long.

  65. joeinz says:

    The debunking of the majority of these accusations points to only one sickening conclusion . . . the Left-leaning ilk of this country are showing their un-American convictions and their blind faith tactics to take down this president in any unuscrupulous manner possible. And, of course, Dennis Prager is proven right AGAIN . . . being on the Left is never having to say I’m sorry !

  66. Mary Clouse says:

    Congrats!!!Trey Gowdy,I simply love this man,he says what he means, and means what he says..No (BS) with the New Oversight Committee Chairman.
    I can’t wait until he gets a hold of Loretta Lynch,He tried to get Hillary
    but Obama had her back,and coached her every step.
    Not gonna happen now.I say Trey Gowdy is going to be a force
    to reckon with ..

  67. 4NMatters says:

    The only thing they can do at this point is lie. They were sure their candidtae would be in and investigations would no longer be needed for anything. As a matter of fact business would be continuing as usual, spying and lying as they had been doing. This is a travesty in our political system.

  68. jim jones says:

    All of the republican sheep baaaaaaaaaaaaaa one way and all of the democrat sheep baaaaaaaaaaaa the other way, it’s all bullshit!

  69. travis690 says:

    Yes, it does. The reason is because there have been many reports about all these “intelligence” agencies stating that the Russians were involved in “hacking” the Democrat National Committee servers, even though none of them ever had access to the servers to perform even a perfunctory investigation.

    What are the Democrats hiding?

    One thing would be the truth, since all the details quoted by the press are based entirely on their statements, none of which have been independently verified. And if these did involve the Russian government, then this is an issue that needs to be handled at the national/diplomat level, as the Democrat National Committee would have no standing to seek sanctions from the Russian government. Unless it’s through a corrupt process within our government, whereby they have one of their lackeys in Congress write a piece of sanctioning legislation against the Russian government. This WILL lead to war!

    Why would we be interested in starting a war against a foreign power just because they may have embarrassed a political party?

    I’m not looking for an answer to the last question; it was put there for sarcasm against the government only.

  70. Choff C says:

    What a Joke this typical pussy, self righteous whimp j. johnson is…Love Trey Gowdy….he poses a simple question and this dick wad johnson can not answer it…LOL….God do I hate these demorat ass plugs with a passion,,,,!!!! Our President needs to go on a brutal attack and appoint special counsel and counter attack their Bull Shit…!!!

  71. newland65 says:

    Wynn” Way to many stupid people in this and other country’s to see the storm that is about to hit. These people that like to block the road’s, should be ran over. I get it that they want to say something, but why stop other people from doing their daily chores… maybe going to the doctor, or child care, they just want their side to be heard, now they get pissed because people are starting to fight back… News snowflake’s,,,,, you haven’ t seen anything yet..

  72. Donna M Rogers says:

    Trey Gowdy is one smart man. He asks some really pertinent questions to which the Democrats have no answer. Get to the truth Trey!!

  73. Elizabeth Davis says:

    Of course

  74. David VanBockel says:

    I had the impression that demonrat cyber security was being provided by a coterie of foreign Islamic techies. Hmmm?

  75. Nina Ferguson says:

    Obviously, the Democrats didn’t want the FBI or Homeland Security Agency to know WHO had hacked the DNC. If they had let them check out their servers, they, the FBI or Homeland Security Agency would have been able to discredit the claims by the DNC that the Russians had hacked them. Their illegal acts would have been exposed and they wouldn’t have been able to blame President Trump for ANYTHING.

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