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Trey Gowdy Made A Big Announcement That Could Blow Open The Russia Spying Scandal

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  1. Andrew Molina says:

    waterboard her if she pleads the 5th

    1. JS says:

      Talking about the 5th – whatever happened to Lois Lerner of IRS. She deserves a good old fashioned Waterboarding. Plus a total clean-out of IRS political activists. I hope Trump is listening.

      1. robinked says:

        Shut Down the IRS, bury it & sow the ground w/salt!!

      2. martin Gries says:

        Hey…what about that dirty Atty General that met with Billy on the tarmac to discuss grand-kids…Whatever stupid libtard believes that ought to stick their finger in a light socket for electro shock….

        1. John McPherson says:

          :-)))) !

        2. KJ says:

          They also discussed golf allegedly. Yah, right….

          1. grnjllybn says:

            And if anyone believes that, we’ve got a
            bridge in Brooklyn we’d like to sell…

        3. grnjllybn says:

          ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  2. SouthernPatriot says:

    Susan Rice is a congenital liar. Susan lied about the cause of the Benghazi massacre being an Internet video even AFTER that was disproven. Susan lied about spying on Trump and his transition team and unmasking thousands of U.S. citizens.

    I hope Trey Gowdy subpoenas Rice and let’s her lie under oath, then turns her testimony others over to the new AG Sessions for prosecution. Let it be the first of many Obama sycophants going to prison.

    1. Mike W says:

      These people who have been sheltering Obama and Clinton have done so with impunity – now that they are facing some real serious charges and possible prison time – I wonder how far their allegiance will go?

      1. Chandler says:

        Sad but oh so true !!

      2. NMG says:

        Their problem is that they believed themselves to be beyond the law as they expected that Hillary was going to be elected. Since they no longer have the cover provided by the White House, as they did for the last eight years, we might just see the rats jumping ship and turning on their own.

        1. Mike W says:

          They have Rice with her feet to the fire – a lot of evidence about Lynch and Wiener’s computer with all kinds of derogatory files on the Clintons. None of these people are kids. Susan Rice has made $40,000,000 – mostly from dealings with Iran – I’m sure she would rather enjoy spending that over rotting in prison for someone who will let her rot in prison to keep them out.

          1. KJ says:

            I sense a Eeuggge fine coming in conjunction with serious jail time if Susan Rice is convicted. No sweetheart deals; no pardons; no clemency; no mercy. Watch out Bill and Hillary–YOU’RE NEXT!

          2. Robert Early says:

            If Rice is convicted, that’s when they will offer her a sweet deal to expose the fat cat criminals.
            We all know who they are.

        2. Wmichaelmic says:

          People have to walk a tight wire when testifying about
          Clinton. The question is: Do I spend time in jail, or shoot myself in the back of the head?

          1. Ray says:

            Isn’t that the truth. Two bullets in the back of the head.

          2. VanceJ says:

            And have it called suicide.!!!!! by the cop’s.

    2. gobrien says:

      I’m sure you know Hillary still believes the internet video played a role in the attack on Benghazi. I think Chelsea should be appointed ambassador to Libya. Let her and her family live in Benghazi.

      1. daniel wright says:

        No,Chelsea should be the ambassador to N.Korea.

    3. tmk6190 says:

      And speaking of liar’s don’t forget About Hillary, Obama and Bill! LOCK THEM UP.

      1. Chandler says:

        You know in this day and age i really wish I could forget about Hillary and Obama
        and Bill !!!

        1. Jon Roy says:

          That would be nice. However, if you want to create an atmosphere where politicians are a least a little afraid to do the things that both Clintons, Obama, Pelosi, and a host of others in BOTH parties then we need to discover, divulge and convict a few of them or this will continue to grow. The more they get away with then the more they feel they can get away with.

          1. Chandler says:

            You know Jon;
            Sometimes we have to stop and take a deep breath before we run head long into a wall.

          2. KJ says:

            Jon is correct. Betrayal of the public trust and criminal wrongdoing requires investigation and legal proceedings. No man or woman is above the law except in third world countries and dictatorships.

          3. VanceJ says:

            And the good old USA.!!!!!

          4. Chandler says:

            We all should know that by now after all our founding fathers said to the Politicians. You will make no law the does not pertain to you as well as the citizens.

        2. John McPherson says:

          That’s what I wish too. Plus I am sick of the big butt Kardashians (?), and don’t for get ole ugly Chelsea. How much did they pay that Jew boy to marry her??

          1. Chandler says:

            Like your post there John; Got to give you a big thumbs up on this comment !!

          2. VanceJ says:

            Bribed him with promise of a great future.

          3. gogettergirl says:

            More than we will ever know!!!!

      2. KJ says:

        Oh come on… it was only a few million dollars here and there which got laundered. And the Clintons became fabulously wealthy because Bill is such a gifted orator that organizations wanted to throw money at him. There wasn’t much skimming from their piggybank. No, really.

        But then again, “it all depends upon what your definition of ‘is’ is.”

        Let’s get down to brass tacks: should we bake Bill a prison cake with a file or condoms inside?

        1. grnjllybn says:

          Neither, because he’s going to have to take up the a–!!

        2. Don Keith says:

          ”Bill, really likes Cigars.”

    4. Chandler says:

      Most sneaky snakes are !!

  3. Mike W says:

    Susan Rice is a liar. Hillary Clinton is a liar and Barack Obama (or whatever his real name is) is a liar. They have all three lied repeatedly. They can keep playing this “game” with them or they can get serious. I get the feeling Trey Gowdy is about to get very serious. I also hope that somewhere in the near future the head of the snake George Soros will be brought up on charges and held without bail so he doesn’t slither away like he has in the past.

    1. greenlantern1 says:

      Nixon told the truth?
      Was he a crook?
      A murderer?
      Do you REALLY believe Dorothy Hunt’s plane crash was an “accident”?

      1. Mike W says:

        It’s 2017 troll – try to keep up. Besides what Nixon did makes him look like a choir boy next to the Clintons.

        1. greenlantern1 says:

          Trump is president!
          Didn’t praise Spiro Agnew?
          Nixon’s first VP?
          Our ONLY VP to enter a plea bargain?
          Our ONLY, convicted, attorney-general was Nixon’s first,, John Mitchell!
          Our ONLY, fired, special prosecutor was Nixon’s first, Archibald Cox!
          Who fired him?
          Attorney-General Robert Bork!
          Didn’t Sessions attempt to seat him on the SUPREME COURT?
          When did the leopard change its spots?

          1. daniel wright says:

            How many died in the water gate break in? Please show a Nixonian parallel to this…………

          2. Chandler says:

            I must say that if reports are right , then the Clinton’s take the prize of unexplained death’s of friends and people close to them.
            No doubt about it, when the secret service or who ever stated that a close person to the Clinton’s, committed suicide by shooting himself in the head not once but twice.
            Should that not be a time for a pause and remake.
            How does a person shoot himself in the head not once but twice, seams suspicious to me.
            But it appears not uncommon with people close to the Clinton’s. they die by CAR,PLANE,TRAIN, on foot in a wooded area and other places.WOW GO FIGURE.

          3. Mike W says:

            Look at how Loretta Fuddy died – she is the Hawaiian official that certified Obama’s birth certificate. She was only in office a couple of months before certifying that birth certificate and died mysteriously a year later. She was also a member of a small cult called SUBUD, oddly enough – so was Obama’s mother. Check out the cult look at the founder of the cult especially his photos from the 60’s he looks very familiar. Loretta Fuddy died in a plane crash – it was a small commuter – puddle jumper going from island to island in Hawaii. All the other passengers survived – they said they saw her in the water with her life vest on and appeared to be ok. The autopsy report says she died of blunt force trauma probably due to the crash. Her family is suing. You don’t see that in the media probably because they do not want attention drawn to SUBUD not only was Obama’s mother a member – Oprah Winfrey teaches it and George Soros funds it.

          4. Chandler says:

            When our government finely starts charging Politicians like the Clintons and Obama,Holder and Rice the list goes on.
            Add the Judges with there crimes, then follow through with guilty as charged in there crimes.
            Then I might think that we are moving forward, but until then, crimes punishment is for the average citizen not the Politicians or judges.
            The Politicians and Judges are more guilty that most , but don’t pay for there crimes as does the average citizen, for lesser crimes even.
            Sad sad day for America

          5. Mike W says:

            As in all things follow the money – There is so much corruption in D.C. and a lot of people have become very very wealthy from it. It is these people who are fighting tooth and nail to keep the gravy train running. They are the Swamp.

          6. Mike W says:

            The green lantern is just a troll probably a 10 year old with a keyboard and no friends.

          7. Chandler says:

            Probably so !!

          8. daniel wright says:

            That may explain his picking a cartoon hero as his online name.

          9. Amazed says:

            The liberal supporter doesn’t want to be confused with the facts… His brand of truth is believing lies because he is scare of what the truth will require of him.

          10. Amazed says:

            So you justify the lawlessness of your present liberal leadership by the actions of the past known wrongs of the conservative leadership? Red Herring argument greenlantern1 response to Mike W.

          11. greenlantern1 says:

            John Mitchell was found GUILTY in an ACTUAL, American court of law!
            Oliver North’s CONVICTION was overturned!
            In this country every defendant, conservative or liberal, is considered innocent until PROVEN guilty!
            PERFECTLY CLEAR??

    2. Brad Fisher says:

      His real name is Bathhouse Barry.

    3. gobrien says:

      Not sure why Soros is allowed to live in this country. He is subverting our government. He’s banned from other countries and not allowed to do business in others.

  4. Richard Bagenstose says:

    what good will it do , she will just take the 5th ,other then base ball players when has anyone bin held accountable by congress, for 8 years we watch them lie time and time again and laugh when they walked out the door

    1. Mike W says:

      “If a judge determines that the 5th amendment is not relevant and the person continues to refuse to testify, the judge can hold the person in contempt.”

      Contempt of Court can and usually does land you in jail.

  5. Raymond Levy says:

    hang all of them including clinton and her family, clinton for her e mails and her family for the money laundering of the so called charity foundation, rice, obama lynch, and every one els who has a hand in this bullshit…………..

    1. ekim says:

      Do you really think that ANY of these RATS will spend a day in jail ? Perhaps this is ALL for show and tell, nothing but fodder, . Believe it or not, THERE IS a ” good ole boy ” connection in DC ! THINGS are just not changing FAST ENOUGH to suit me !

      1. Chandler says:

        Not really because they know to much on each other both sides of the isle.
        Just saying !!

    2. gobrien says:

      Make sure Valerie Jarret is included.

      1. Chandler says:

        Throw in Soros and take his money !!

        1. gobrien says:

          Great idea! Wonder how many walls, ships, planes, tanks, etc., we can build with that?

          1. Chandler says:

            I am pretty sure he has enough with property and investments and cast to take care of it all.

  6. A patriot says:

    get this communist bit** in prison

  7. Christopher Gilbert says:

    This story was a ZERO ! Trey said. Who cares?

    1. Christopher Gilbert says:

      you people are dreaming, If anybody goes to jail it’s going to be Flynn and Manafort

      1. jobird says:

        I guess a little bird told you that tibit?You must have an inside track to print that someone is going to jail (Flynn/Manafort) but not Susie Q the liar.Opinions are like AH’s every one has one.

      2. Chandler says:

        Sad to say but you might be right. Stranger things have happened.

    2. Chandler says:

      Not sure what you mean with your statement.

      1. Christopher Gilbert says:

        Meaning this story says nothing. It wasn’t a big announcement. Trey said something. Trey couldn’t pin anything on Hillary and everybody still claims she is guilty. So if Hillary is guilty Trey is incompetent

  8. pudge1 says:

    The former admn. will say Sessions can’t participate because of his prior recusal from Russian investigation. Well, ok then , it won’t take a genius to connect these dots to Obama. As I posted before, he should be warned not to leave the country. I’m sure he’ll just laugh and ignore anything like that.

    1. tmk6190 says:

      if Obama Leave just meet Him in Kenya!

      1. John McPherson says:

        Let the little queer leave, just let him back in!!

      2. Mike W says:

        His family in Kenya don’t want him – in fact they would like to see a paternity test. They don’t believe that are related

  9. Rodger K. Shull says:

    Good for you Trey Gowdy, run them all in, an see who flips on the other, But Mr Gowdy, you are pissin in the wind, if you DO NOT TAKE SOROS down 1st, get him out of play,

    1. John McPherson says:

      That is an absolute must!!!

  10. oncemorearound says:

    It’s refreshing having a good ol’ fashioned cold war instead of chasing goat humpers all over.

  11. survivor33 says:

    L is for Liberal and also Lunatic, louse, liar, etc. Need I say more, other than seems like all the crooks, corrupt Dem’s are slowly but surely getting caught. Hopefully they will all be going to jail/prison.

    1. Linda Shelton says:

      I believe Gitmo has a lot of empty cells.

      1. Chandler says:

        Nice place for a Vacation for more than one Politician to include two Presidents Billy boy and Obummer.

    2. Chandler says:

      Just don’t hold your breath !!

  12. Jan Lee says:

    Subpoena her. Do it today. Stop playing footsy with her. She should be subpoenaed then she will lie and then she can be put in prison. If she decides to spill the beans on Obama and Hillary she should still go to prison along with them. Stop the corruption. Then go after George Soros. He needs to be arrested for insighting riots and that is just to start with.

    1. jobird says:

      I was wondering can his citizenship be revoked for his past crimes against the Jewish people in WW2
      Wishful thinking,he is such a rodent who seems to have more lives that a cat.

    2. John McPherson says:

      It is called “sedition”!!

  13. Susan Lindauer says:

    Truth is always dangerous to a Democrat!

  14. Susan Lindauer says:

    Trey Gowdy’s one of the very best on Capitol Hill!!! Tom MacArthur should get a lot of respect, too, after what he just did on health care reform!!! AMAZING PERSONAL STORIES!!! We’re seeing truly devoted Americans on the GOP side— I’m getting chills! We’re getting to the good stuff now! 2018 will be a year for rewards to GOP LEADERSHIP– Underline that word LEADERSHIP.

    1. gobrien says:

      I agree with leadership. This ‘leading-from-behind’ phrase is BS. If you’re not leading your following.

    2. John McPherson says:

      I am praying you are correct.

  15. Bernie Lounds says:

    It’s time someone got to the truth.I hope Trey can get it done.

    1. Radman414 says:

      So say we all.

  16. Radman414 says:

    Hillary absolutely committed perjury via her proven under oath lies (about her use of a private server and saying that she had turned over all work-related e-mails) to the Benghazi Committee. This entire corruption case (and all of the facts) should have been put before a Grand Jury.

    1. ter334 says:

      Has some high ranking FBI types been aiding and abetting the cover up server scandal episode? Did T outfox the FBI by placing them/him in a position where he “gets” to explain it all?

    2. Arizona Don says:

      Absolutely correct! I am glad someone finally got around to mentioning a grand jury. In is not legal to take the fifth and lying to the Grand Jury is a felony. Unless of course your name is Clinton.

  17. jobird says:

    Would she take the 5th.?I personally do not believe any one from the Obama Administration would tell the truth because lying is an art to them.Too bad she can’t be water boarded.Good luck Mr.Gowdy.

  18. greenlantern1 says:

    Rush Limbaugh CLAIMED that he had stand down cables!
    Why didn’t he show them to Trey Gowdy?
    Thanks to Loretta Lynch, and her DOJ, Ahmed Abu Khattala is in custody!
    The charges?
    The murders of Ambassador Stevens and his bodyguards!
    Will Sessions recuse himself from that?
    Should CONGRESS name an ACTUAL special prosecutor??

    1. John McPherson says:

      Forget that!! Just hang the bastard before those crazy judges block it.

  19. John Savell says:

    Bergdahl was a deserter. he walked right out of the camp to which his unit’s was assigned. He had removed the tracking devise we are all given when we arrive in country, so they can find us if we get separated or abducted. In his phone or notebook (I don’t remember which) they found phone numbers of known associates of the Taliban.
    As far as Rice goes, if she gets subpoenaed, begin looking in the news for her dead body to show up somewhere, or for her to just disappear off the planet.

  20. gobrien says:

    Maybe we need two separate investigations. One on the Russian investigation and the other on the spying and leaking. To be honest — I think a Grand Jury should be seated to investigate the spying and leaking. Put Trey Gowdy in charge of the Grand Jury questioning — if they can. I like Sessions but wish Gowdy was our AG. Not sure why the House and Senate keep having these investigations — they can’t charge anyone.

    1. Chandler says:

      To look as though they are really doing something i suspect !!

  21. EE says:

    Don’t waste time just asking demoncrats to testify, subpoena them all ASAP!

    1. Ray says:

      Absolutely, that’s what needs to happen. Let’s get on with prosecuting the scum ASAP. This has to happen.

  22. Michael Davis says:

    The only way she can avoid testifying is to invoke the Fifth Amendment, which states “…on the grounds that it might incriminate me.” Isn’t that admission enough that she’s DIRTY??

    1. Chandler says:

      With our a doubt she is dirty !!

  23. ter334 says:

    What is the difference between a communist, a socialist, an islamists, and patronage minded politicians in America, long standing? Nothing, because islam is the mother of all socialism. Patronage in America is actually financial socialism. They use money handouts instead of laws to empower those in power and try to control what people think/believe.

    As i see it they, the Ds have painted themselves into a corner using segregation as their financial weapon of choice. Are all the welfare payments, and Obamacare a form of separate but equal handouts to particular classes of American citizens, like the negative version of schools for blacks by Ds in the South? The poor and the “uninsured” are not the only American citizens that have to and do struggle to make ends meet. And are negatively impacted by having to pay taxes to help support those that get govt handouts. And people on food stamp recipients. The liberal empire in America is crumbling! The sooner they realize the best thing for them and the country is to “throw themselves onto the mercy of the voters” and admit they done America wrong, the better off they and America will be. It will take anywhere from 50 to 100 years to drain the swamp and stop the inflow of endless national debt which is keeping the swamp full.

    1. Chandler says:

      I do like your postter334;
      Not sure how yo came up with the comparable theory of a Socialist, and a patronage minded politicians as well as a Muslim are the same.
      Hell no they aren’t the same except in the scheme of evil.
      Now you can make your point with a Socialist,far left leaning Progressive and a Communist that would be all 3 are Communist by a certain degree.
      Communist being the worst Socialism being just below Communist and the far left leaning Progressives being just behind the socialist.

  24. Chandler says:

    Subpoena rice if she does not comply, and I hope she won’t.
    Then send a U.S. Marshall to arrest her and bring her in, and place her in protective custody
    at any local jail. If she refuses to testify then let her rot in jail, truly let her rot in jail.

  25. TPS12 says:

    No more special treatment subpoena her now and if she lies lock her up. Politicians always say no one is above the law but it always seems elite politicians always are. Time for that to stop.

  26. osotiredofitall says:

    Nice pic Trey. Lost your razor?

    Benghazi was four and half years ago. Yeah, Hillary fucked up and then covered up, but in the scheme of things it’s small potatoes. Make no mistake, I do not like that woman.

    9/11 was a conspiracy too ~ WTC7 and much more. Much bigger deal with yuuuge consequences that still has us reeling. That was over 15 years ago, and nothing changed.

    Let’s stay in the moment and talk about our current president using the office for personal profiteering for himself and his children. Seems like you tea partiers should give a crap about that too.The founders did, and those guys are your heroes.

    1. tanksolot says:

      Let’s not.
      The criminals from the last admins need to be questioned under oath.
      There will be plenty of time to skewer Trump if it’s called for.
      I suppose your messiah Barry is your hero.

    2. toothii says:

      WHAT personal profit? BenGhazi you said “…but in the scheme of things it’s small potatoes”. 4 Americans died and both Obama and H. Clinton lied to the public. You think that’s small potatoes? The Trump family has gone overboard to remove any and all perceived or actual conflicts of interests. Time you not only got your facts straight but your priorities as well!

    3. Mike W says:

      You’d like to forget all of the past corruption wouldn’t you? Bring them all down the only way we can move forward is to get the ALL crooks out of D.C.

  27. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


    1. Chi Sam says:

      Their, you ignorant stooge. How can you not know what the word ‘there’ means?

  28. Garry Fuller Sr says:

    The problem is the Rep. Is as Bad As the Dems. They all sound like there going to do something and then nothing gets done. I just can’t believe how much they all Lie to us. It’s as thou they all have a script and they don’t want to lose there perks. So we’re the ones who LOSE.

  29. Anvil6 says:

    Susan Rice knows she HAS TO lie. She has no other choice. Let’s hope she doesn’t commit ‘suicide’ al la Vince Foster (2 shots to the back of the head).

  30. Sam Hale says:

    There will be no one held accountable for the clandastine administration crimes. Obama has no background that can be proven who he is or was and who paid for his education?

  31. Wayne says:

    Time to burn these lying politicians at the stake,

  32. kingwarren says:

    Congress is not the place to get to the bottom of this scandal. A federal Grand Jury is much more appropriate.

  33. funnyface says:

    This whole story if true, could get her killed and disappear by the very people who are trying to keep her quiet in Washington. Its a sad day when the lies are silenced and she will not have a chance to tell her story in court., What is worst, this could add another person to the trail that the Clinton are leaving in the graves behind them. We all know, people do dies around the Clinton’s. I hope and pray that Gowdy gets to question her. Just maybe they should get someone to follow her to keep her safe till stories are told. Just a thought!

  34. daniel wright says:

    So where is the subpoena?

  35. Jerry Dodds says:

    Keep dreaming folks. It will never happen. We have had two past attorney generals violate the law, Lerner from IRS who violated citizens civil rights and took the Fifth, Hillary, etc and etc. this committee and Trey as useless as Comey. No indictments, no jail! Of course the Dem is going to block. She is Dem and black. Gowdy is a racist. Black elites, Clinton’s, Soros, are all above the law. Probably 80 percent of Congress is bought and paid for. We have one political party with corrupt players called Dems or Repubs but all the same. Other than talk what has Trey got accomplished? Ryan? McConnel? Dems are action toys and Repubs play the idiot clown roles. Same but play different roles.

  36. Leslie Bryant says:

    Susan Rice, Liar Extraordinaire!!

  37. Marion Jones says:

    Whitehouse should be taken to the outhouse.

  38. squeeze127 says:

    Has Trey Gowdy put anyone behind bars yet? Until then he is just all talk!

    1. dfinch says:

      He doesn’t have to authority to put anyone behind bars. He can only suggest to the Justice

  39. Trey Gowdy is the key to draining the swamp in Washington. Let’s hope and pray for his safety.

  40. Bob says:

    Testifying under oath isn’t like appearing as a guest on a Sunday show.
    You can’t lie. ?????? Try again. That is for only people not in or connected to the Federal Government’

  41. VikVega!!! says:

    No invite from the left?

    Then how about a subpoena from the right…

  42. Thomas Contos says:

    Are the Obama democrats not responsible for any law they they break? Are they allowed to do whatever they want to the american people including lying about all illegal acts they are involved in? This is the most corrupt immoral group of political thugs that I have ever seen. The congress should hold all Obama thugs responsible including Loretta Lynch and Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton and prosecute them to the furthest extent of the law. We cannot let these criminals get away with this while we pay for their retirement. Probably a good idea to investigate the FBI as well. Seems like something is fishy there as well.
    God bless the USA

  43. Oldmanwithastick says:

    Call me back when you have an indictment to report. I’m tired of the kabuki theater that sees these people come before congress, lie their asses off and return to life as usual. And we go on to the next story with the clickbait headline “this will change the world.”

  44. james.m.heller says:

    What is her back ground? how did she get an important job of adviser to the president? did the press ask any to these questions when she was selected? had any body ever heard of her before? I could go on evidently she was not vetted.

    1. Chi Sam says:

      Your grasp of English suggests you are a recent immigrant…yet you’re not. Ponder that for a minute.

  45. EttaMae Williams Svider says:

    If any of them take the 5th or refuse to tell the truth, lock them up until they decide to spill the beans. Enough is enough of this CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. StopTheJews says:

    When we talk about scum in Washington breaking the law what are the FBI CIA and other agencies doing? Think about 9/11 and this insane 17 year war . GW BUSH , CLINTON , OBAMA and other garbage should be brought up on WAR CRIMES AND CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA. We need to have some executions in America for the bastards robbing and destroying our country!



  47. skitt5 says:

    Subpoenas never worked with anyone else in the Democrat party. Remember the subpoena for the IRS director? She just brought her attorney and refused to answer questions, and the RINOs dropped the whole thing. She is certainly not in jail. As far as I can remember, this happened always with the Obama White House administration. I like Trey Gowdy, but it appears to me that he never gets anywhere. He just talks about it. Even his questioning of Comey didn’t go far enough. Why does anyone think this time will be different? Unfortunately, Trump can not control all these liars and crooks, and the Republicans in Congress won’t do a thing to help him. The only group that has gotten anywhere is Judicial Watch, and they work their tails off to let us know what’s happening. It would be nice if the people we pay in the House and Senate would do the same.

  48. Moe says:

    She will plea the fifth and answer no questions, Obama and his goons are protected by their minority status and liberals from prosecution. They are above all laws and answer to no one, now Trump on the other hand is subjected to laws cause the media said so and we use to be a nation of laws too?

  49. Palmer says:

    Nail the lying bitch. She is what is wrong in our Government. She lied her ass off and BuBa Obama gives her a promotion. How does that work?

  50. Sicklesteel says:

    Don’t believe you can ignore that request even if you lawyer up. The subpoena will come next then it will get really interesting….

  51. travis690 says:

    She should be ordered to testify under oath. But what will probably happen is that she will claim that every question asked of her is a national security issue, and that she cannot answer without Obama’s permission.

    Not that that should have much effect; Obama’s gone from the White House, and can’t prevent her from testifying on national security grounds.

    Or maybe she expects President Trump to shield her from testifying before Congress.

  52. Tallahassee says:

    Lots of sound bites, but I suspect absolutely nothing will be done….

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