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Trey Gowdy Just Left Nancy Pelosi Speechless

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  1. drbhelthi says:

    Comrade Pelosi´s subterfuge stance is so rigidly consistent, that her behavior may be classified as automaton-type. I wonder is she has had MKUltra treatments?

    1. Diane says:

      Did you know the Party’s have to send letters to each states Atty General to certify the person they picked to run for President is qualified to run? Pelosi sent 1 letter to Hawaii stating Obama was Qualified to run for President. She sent the other 49 states Atty. Gen. letters stating Obama was Duly selected by the Democrat Party to run for President! That shows Hawaii’s Atty. General was in on the treason

      1. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

        It’s also why she was killed in a fake plane crash!

  2. granny_forUSA says:


    1. sunandfun says:

      The Clinton Foundation probably paid her very well for all her LIES! They’re all in the same basket.

      1. ernldo says:

        No, the Clintons probably had foreign donors, media, academia, Hollyweird, etc suck the Piglosi bribes and payoffs from the workers and earners, aka, taxpayers.

    2. ernldo says:

      Millions in stolen tax payer money, of course….

    3. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

      Actually, the Clintons were the ones that raised the birther issue. Until Obama threatened to hurt them through Chelsea. As much as I despise the Clintons, I still have to give them credit for their love of their daughter.

      1. mustangsallyann says:

        Exactly how was he going to hurt them through Chelsea? If her hands were clean, what did they have to be afraid of? I’m not questioning your post. I’m just interested in how Chelsea was also used by her parent’s.

    4. Shirley Goetz says:

      I am so with you granny for USA. None of them spoke up when the real crook was illegally allowed to be a candidate for president. Pelosi and Maxine Waters are two of the biggest idiots in politics, my comment is not racial since one is black and one is white. Both idiots that make you question how they ever got through high school much less allowed to talk as politicians.

    5. Dave Nettles says:

      Dig a little, I have. Subud is behind all that’s going on. BO, Clinton, Soros, all the main players are all members.

  3. Anouk says:

    Nancy Pelosi shouldn’t have been reelected. She is a real Communist at heart and a big hypocrite.
    She should resign. Her ramblings are getting boring.

    1. sunandfun says:

      That would be a great help in political truths. She should have been FIRED YEARS AGO! Democraps have NO morals and don’t know what the word TRUTH is!

      1. Diane says:

        Because they are communist with an agenda to turn America communist for the New World Order! It is what Bill Ayers and his Weather Underground wrote in their manifesto they actually published in a book called “Prairie Fire” they wrote back in the late 1960’s while they were hiding out from the FBI and Obama was following the plan Ayers laid out including causing uprisings in the mid east countries to overthrow their Leaders and replace them with their own Leaders. That manifesto was the first time I heard of The New World Order when I was a teenager. Ayers intended to kill 25 million Americans so they could control the rest. We only had 160 million Americans back then so today they probably planned for that number to have to triple but communist always murder millions in the final violent take over.

        1. Shirley Goetz says:

          Study the Communitst Manifesto, they have been lying in wait with all their agents and 2nd and 3rd generation Communists agents for when they could destroy this country. They said they would take us from within and when the Democrats/Liberals/Communists have managed to totally infiltrate politics because the rest of us have been busy watching TV and crappy movies while they planned and schemed!

          1. mustangsallyann says:

            You’re right, we slept through way too much. Hopefully most won’t ever make that mistake again.

          2. phengl says:


          3. Linda Shelton says:

            And they started in the schools which they have completely taken over from K-College.

          4. James says:

            This is a point I have been trying to stress for over 20 years.
            I grew up in a small urban community. After my divorce and the awarding of custody of my two young sons, we moved back into that community, the change in the entire school system was astounding. I regret that I had to send my sons to public school, but with no alternative and no wife to help me home school, it was my only choice. I never encouraged them to make a goal of college, but rather to attend a trade school. Now both are well employed with a trade which is in high demand!

          5. Shirley Goetz says:

            I agree wholeheartedly, Linda!

      2. ernldo says:

        The demoTards care not about anything except their power to make earners pay for their free rides…

      3. gobrien says:

        Term limits!!!! That will solve a lot of these problems including the Rino’s like McCain, etc.

        1. mustangsallyann says:

          I so hope Trump is successful in ridding us of that.

          1. gobrien says:

            Amen — being in “public service” is as addictive as generational welfare.

          2. mustangsallyann says:

            Career and politician should never be titled together. Looking at what it does to most in that position is proof enough that it’s a really, really bad combination. It should’ve been stopped many generations ago.

          3. rottenrollin says:

            If the librals get in charge again, you might well end up wishing Trump had championed that.

            Term limits, Tort Reform and Public Hangings.

            My cure for what ills us.

          4. mustangsallyann says:

            He said he’d confront term limits so am hoping it will get done. He’s been doing a lot so it won’t all get done in a month or two. Plus the Dems will delay him every chance they get. I’m for the Tort Reform but no public hangings. Our children have already lost an innocence that we had and we see where that’s led. So I’m just not cool with public executions. Everything else is a must.

        2. Exactly, but the vote has to be put to WE THE PEOPLE or nothing will change as these corruptocraps will never vote themselves out of a cushy part time job with high pay and big time benefits. Career politicians are all corrupt, PERIOD

          1. gobrien says:

            There are two ways to change the U.S. Constitution — both found in Article V. The first way congress decides and we know that will never happen. The second is our only hope because we get to bypass congress — but it would not be easy (think of all the blue states out there):

            Here’s how it was set up by our founding fathers:

            1. Two-thirds of state legislatures (34) pass bills applying for the Term Limits Convention.

            2. Congress is mandated to call the Convention.

            3. The Convention, which features delegates chosen by the states, proposes one or more term limits amendments.

            4. Three-quarters of states (38) must ratify the amendment, either by legislature or state convention.

            With this process there are checks in place to make sure that there is a narrow agenda for the term limits convention to discuss ONLY term limits on Congress.

            Here’s a link for further info:

          2. Exactly, and WE THE PEOPLE have to unite to force change.

          3. gobrien says:

            I’m with you! We need a big voice to do this. I know Trump and Cruz have talked about it. I’ve seen it taking place in some states for their judges and legislators. But we have a long way to go.

          4. usn says:

            State politicians aren’t going to go for that because that is their next step federal govt. plus they know if they pass that people will want to apply to them too.

          5. kingwarren says:

            The idea that a Constitutional Convention would some how correct all the problems is extremely short-sighted. What possible damage could be done by the so-called liberal progressive who would surely attend? The main thing that saved the United States today is we were established as a Democratic Republic with a division of powers that have been slowly restricted in favor of the Federal government at the expense of the powers of the individual States. The change largely favors the large cities who are usually not as well run and need large amounts of money to provide for the welfare and other services needed because of poor governments usually elected there.

          6. gobrien says:

            Perhaps if you had read my original post with understanding, you would realize I NEVER said ALL. Here’s my post: “Term limits!!!! That will solve a lot of these problems including the Rino’s like McCain, etc.” The mayors and politicians in big cities are CORRUPT. The money never makes it to the people. They want the people to remain poor and uneducated because then they get more money from the taxpayers which they can keep for themselves, family and friends!!! I’m from Chicago and had family involved in city politics so I know what I’m talking about.

          7. hiltonsgnlvr says:

            it is NOT a Constitutional Convention. It is a convention of the states. Check out their web site and learn the difference.

          8. Denison Ridenour says:

            Same danger still applies. It did not take a convention of either type to pass the FED ACT and 16th Amendment. Do it the same way with enough public pressure on Congress.
            Have the FED ACT and 16th Amendment repealed at the same time as TERM Limits. Did it take a convention to repeal Prohibition?

          9. Denison Ridenour says:

            There is a simpler less dangerous way. Simply pressure Congress to pass a Term Limits Act….no different than the Federal Reserve Act and 16th Amendment which Woodrow Wilson signed. Have them repeal the FED and 16th Amendment at the same time!.

          10. cjazz1950 says:

            Yeah, they are so much worse than the grifter in the White House who screws…well you know,,,and DECENT HARD WORKING PEOPLE WHO HE REFUSES TO PAY.

          11. Are you really that clueless or just another pathological denier suffering from liberal liars loser remorse. You are one of the 60 million who are paying for the border wall. Thanks for supporting President Trump. lol

          12. gobrien says:

            cjazz — you talking about Bubba Clinton again?

          13. Warren Kinerson says:

            Would you have preferred that lying bitch!

        3. Merle Dickey says:

          Mc Cain definitely has to go .

          1. gobrien says:

            And he can take Lindsey Graham with him.

          2. Merle Dickey says:


        4. Jim says:

          I don,t understand what you mean about term limits. we already have that, every four years all these people are up for rehire by the state they live in, the people there vote these people back in for some reason every time. I guess they do not have any body better than what they keep sending back, so term limits are already instate, every four years. I say if the state they are from cannot find someone better then they cannot have anyone up there trying to run our country

          1. gobrien says:

            Jim, Terms for the House is every 2 yrs and the Senate is 6 yrs. I think you will agree, it’s because of $$$’s often provided by special interest groups and the RNC itself. Once someone is elected it is VERY difficult to get them out, even if you have a great candidate from the same party opposing them. Not everyone follows politics as close as we do, so name recognition is a big factor too.

          2. Exactly, it all comes down to control, and those in control also control the money coming into their political coffers, makes me sick to see career politicians, cut their salaries to expenses only would be the only other way to push them out, no pensions would be another way to chase these thieves out of congress if term limits don’t get passed.

          3. Roy Fredrichsen says:

            Gobrien – If the House and the Senate have term limitations, how do you explain the Pelosi, McCain, Harry Reid, and others that have made a career out of getting re-elected for many consecutive years. The only politician that has term limits is the President as a result of Roosevelt dying in office.Remember?

          4. gobrien says:

            Roy — Please see my response to Jim about why it’s hard to get incumbents out of office. Trust me, I worked hard, as did many others, during the PRIMARIES to try and make sure Rubio and Ryan didn’t get re-elected. Obviously, it didn’t work and it comes down to do you vote for the Republican or the Dem. Do you want to keep the House and Senate or don’t you.

        5. kingwarren says:

          We have term limits in California at the state level. That has not helped. Only made things worse. No government is better than corrupt or bad government!

      4. Shirley Goetz says:

        Amen to that!

      5. Anouk says:

        Liberals are destroying this country. They should be deported in Venezuela to have a taste of what Communism is.

        1. mustangsallyann says:

          Or at the very least, they should be sent there for at least a 5 year vaca. That should hopefully be enough to cure them.

          1. Anouk says:

            Right! Let’s see if they would enjoy to be in line for a roll of toilet paper and a loaf of bread.
            Madonna should try to move there. And other Hollywood’s spoiled brats who have no clue of what reality of life is.

          2. Nothing will cure these liberal liars and deniers, they all have defective DNA, no cure, so they must be kept out of power, and the only way to do this is to support President Trump and hope and pray he gets half of his campaign pledges through congress and flush out these rino wimps like McConnell, McCain, McCarthy, Ryan and the list goes on and on.

          3. mustangsallyann says:

            One can hope most people have just a bit of common sense, even if it takes something catastrophic to bring it out. But you’re right, they’re some really hard learner’s and even seeing a miracle themselves still wouldn’t open or free their mind’s. When you factor that some actions could only be thought of by those with some type of mental illness, it gets even more discouraging. But when being obedient to God, He wouldn’t want us to completely write all of them off as a lost cause. Their sin, will not excuse my own. ;o)

      6. mike gunter says:

        They don’t care about America at all or they would help the President fix what the Socialist MUSLIM FRAUD LIAR did to America. I think they, the DUMOCRATS, are mentally unstable, Seriously. No common sense at all.

      7. Anouk says:

        Most of the Liberals are hypocrites.

    2. dinkerduo says:

      And PLEASE take Maxine Watters–Lieawatha Warren–Elijah Cummings–Mother Chucker Schumer and others with her—-they all need to go!!!
      Oh yes—and John Mc Cain!

      1. carolat538 says:

        yes yes You are so RIGHT Watters and McCain are so anti American

        1. ernldo says:

          McCain actually served, and is simply senile and should be retired. The rest of those pig traitors should find deep, cold water….add the 0bamas, Sharpton, the Clintons, the Gores and quite a few more to the fish food list!

          1. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

            Actually, one of these fine days, in the near future, God’s Judgment is going to fall on these people. I definitely don’t want to be anywhere NEAR that throne on that particular day!

          2. mustangsallyann says:

            I’m with you on that one.

          3. adler56 says:

            The only throne you’ll ever be familiar with is in your outhouse redneck.

          4. George Hilliard says:

            Spoken like a true turd.

          5. l penn says:

            Obviously a DEMORAT TURD!!

          6. Perry Perno says:

            MAY GOD HELP YOU

          7. Warren Kinerson says:

            I had a gentleman tell me there was nothing in the bible true! Of course I know along with all my brothers and sisters in Christ that it is all true! As I was reading the fourth chapter of Proverbs this morning, I fine it inspired, the integrity of the knowledge of the Word given to inspire us to seek wisdom and knowledge, it is a direct order to live as Our Father in Heaven directs, for by it; it enriches our life’s and keeps us in tune with the reality of purposeful living.

            It is a direct demand to live in righteousness for the sake of self and others. It tells me there is nothing bad about being good, It tells me to obey the law of God and I will have a long life, This gentleman had the law written also on his heart, but lost the ability to read his own heart due to the darkness and has no willingness to see the shining light of the Truth and Light of God’s Word; He has chosen the path of darkness as most have, even without knowing his destiny.

            If it were not true, why….would it advise you only too the side of righteousness and never to the dark side, as a warning, if it were not true, a God would not even care for us and would not even try to warn us. This gentleman did not know the New Spirit that our Lord gives us, so in turn he can make up his own laws because his spirit has left him and he makes up his own path directions, and with no compass of truth, he remains on a path of destruction that goes in circles.

            When they are in darkness, the Light hurts their pride and sight of truth, and they can not find their way. I hope and pray that these words of mine find a person that is willing to look at the Light, and finds new paths to walk and truths to bare and wisdom to uphold.

          8. Perry Perno says:


          9. Warren Kinerson says:

            Only the majority (lost) will be near that Throne, it’s called the Great White Throne Judgment Seat of Christ and all those who belong to the Lord will be else where during that judgment where the lost are judged.

          10. Robert Chow says:

            I and true believers will be at the marriage supper of the lamb. Praise the Lord. Amen. Amen

          11. golding4 says:

            But always remember we are of the few, for the easy road is for the many who prefers the dark where their deeds are hid, they think! Keep telling people about the Lord and His Salvation.

          12. bub says:

            So he served. So what. So did Benedict Arnold. McCain is worse than just senile. He’s a deliberate conspirator with the leftists, and he attempts to do as much damage as he can by his irresponsible interjections at the most strategically inopportune times. He is one of the enemy of the people. Just because he served does not give him clemency. And even then, there are those who knew him that say he was a traitor when he served. Google it. This is coming from others who served with him, and were POWs, too.

            There is no shortage of traitors who at one time “served.” And I’d bet most of Obama’s military appointees are / were traitors.

          13. ernldo says:

            Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like McCain, I just rate him a little over a demotard. I consider him more of an elitist goof off….
            Here is an interesting read……
            The Navy released John McCain’s military record after a Freedom of Information Act request from the Associated Press. The record is packed with information on McCain’s medals and commendations but little else. The one thing that the McCain campaign does not want to see released is the record of McCain’s antics on board the USS Forestal in 1967. McCain was personally responsible for the deadliest fire in the history of the US Navy, outside of the Second World War. That catastrophe, with 27 dead and over 100 wounded trumps McCain’s record as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam.

            WMR has learned additional details regarding the deadly fire aboard the Navy aircraft carrier, the USS Forrestal, on July 19, 1967 in the Gulf of Tonkin. The additional details point to then-Lt. Commander John McCain playing more of a role in triggering the fire and explosions than previously reported.

            On January 16, 2006, WMR reported that according to a US Navy sailor who was aboard the Forrestal on the fateful day of the fire, “McCain and the Forrestal’s skipper, Capt. John K. Beling, were warned about the danger of using M-65 1000-lb. bombs manufactured in 1935, which were deemed too dangerous to use during World War II and, later, on B-52 bombers. The fire from the Zuni missle misfire resulted in the heavy 1000 pound bombs being knocked loose from the pylons of McCain’s A-4 aircraft, which were only designed to hold 500-pound bombs.”

            WMR further reported, “The unstable bombs had a 60-second cook-off threshold in a fire situation and this warning was known to both Beling and McCain prior to the disaster.” WMR also cited the potential that McCain’s Navy records were used against him by the neo-cons in control of the Pentagon, “The neo-cons, who have had five years to examine every file within the Department of Defense, have likely accessed documents that could prove embarrassing to McCain, who was on board the USS Forrestal on July 29, 1967, and whose A-4 Skyhawk was struck by an air-toground Zuni missile that had misfired from an F-4 Phantom.”

            WMR has been informed that crewmen aboard the Forrestal have provided additional information about the Forrestal incident. It is believed by many crewmen and those who have investigated the case that McCain deliberately “wet-started” his A-4E to shake up the guy in the plane behind his A-4. “Wet-starts”, done either deliberately or accidentally, shoot a large flame from the tail of the aircraft.

            In McCain’s case, the “wet-start” apparently “cooked off” and launched the Zuni rocket from the rear F-4 that touched off the explosions and massive fire. The F-4 pilot was reportedly killed in the conflagration. “Wet starting” was apparently a common practice among young “hot-dog” pilots.

            McCain was quickly transferred to the USS Oriskany (the only Forrestal crewman to be immediately transferred). Three months later, McCain was shot down over North Vietnam on October 26, 1967.

            As WMR previously reported, at the time of the Forrestal disaster, McCain’s father, Admiral John McCain, Jr., was Commander-in-Chief of US Naval Forces Europe (CINCUSNAVEUR) and was busy covering up the details of the deadly and pre-meditated June 8, 1967, Israeli attack on the NSA spy ship, the USS Liberty.

            The fact that both McCains were involved in two incidents just weeks apart that resulted in a total death count of 168 on the Forrestal and the Liberty, with an additional injury count of 234 on both ships (with a number of them later dying from their wounds) with an accompanying classified paper trail inside the Pentagon, may be all that was needed to hold a Sword of Damocles over the head of the “family honor”-oriented McCain by the neo-cons.

            WMR has also been informed by knowledgeable sources, including an ex-Navy A-4 pilot, the “wet-start game” was a common occurrence. However, it is between “very unlikely” and “impossible” for the Forrestal “wet start” to have been accidental. “Wet starts” were later rendered impossible by automated engine controls.

            Remember also, McCain graduated from the Naval Academy, last in his class….

          14. bub says:

            Here’s some more info in two re-posts in an article on McCain on this site:
            GeneP54 > Jerry Dixon • 3 days ago

            “Granted McCain endured a lot as a Prisoner of War . He was awarded many awards and promotions, that is how the Military recognizes your accomplishments.”

            No, he didn’t ‘endure’ anything. He wasn’t tortured. He gave sensitive information and recorded over 30 propaganda ads for the N. Viet Cong. He gave them sensitive information and aided the enemy. The Viet Cong said that he got his injuries when they pulled him out of the plane. He was flying, against direct orders, over the coast of N. Vietnam.

            He refused to leave after being captured. The very first rule of capture is to escape to give your superiors information and to not waste time, resources, manpower, and intelligence. He chose to stay. There is NOTHING right about that and NOTHING admirable in his lies of wanting to stay until other were released. That doesn’t even make sense!

            He got his ‘awards’ after he became Senator and demanded them.

            He also killed 136 men and injured hundreds of other on the deck of the aircraft carrier, Forrestal by acting like a jackass and showing off.

            There are a lot of heroes from VietNam, for sure, and my brother was one of them. McCain was not!
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            Jerry Dixon > GeneP54 • 3 days ago
            I don’t know where you got all of your information from some is right, he did sing like a canary that is were he got the name song bird. The truth is there was never an offer for him to come home before others. He did a lot to help the North and the Viet Cong as well as the Chinese and the Russians. His entire capture was a big lie. They gave him an award for close ground combat with the enemy forces. All he had was a pistol and they had to cut him lose from his shoot. He never fired a shot so there was no ground combat. The NVA reported he broke several bones on impact so he was not doing much fighting except in his mind. There is a great deal the people don’t know about him , but they seem to feel he is an expert on military tactics. You don’t learn jungle combat from 30,000 feet. He flew 23 missions and crashed 4 planes and got shot down in one so the story goes. I don’ know everything but I do know from some of the POW and the league of families. They are the wife’s and children.
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            GeneP54 > Jerry Dixon • 3 days ago
            Thanks for the info. I doubt that we will ever know the whole truth about him. I do know that many who were captives with him hate him to his core. That says a lot to me!

          15. mustangsallyann says:

            I used to have a great deal of respect for McCain until all the info that’s recently come to light. My Pop Pop was a POW in WWII, was tortured horribly for 3 years and I’m so glad he passed before the truth about McCain came out. Pop held the details of those 3 years inside so it would never upset the family and when he died, we were still clueless as to most of what he went through. Then here comes McCain, glorified by convenient and well placed lies. After, I can only think of the torture Pop went through without telling anything and it makes me so angry. My Pop Pop was a real man, a strong, upstanding and honest man, and McCain will never be half the man my Pop was. We all have to go before God one day and he’ll definitely be called on to explain that one.

          16. Randy says:

            I am with you. i used to think McCain was a good guy and would have made a good president, not now. Not just from the actions he is doing today, but I too looked into his war record and it wasn’t that good. i am currently reading a book titled “Defiant” it is about Vietnam Navy and Air Force pilots who where sot down over North Vietnam from 1965 to 1973 and ended up as “guest” in the Hanoi Hilton and for the “instigators” they went to “Alcatraz” for special education. You would about have to be super human to stay alive thru the torture they where put thru. But you know something, I am half way thru this book, which puts it around 1967, and nothing has been said about McCain and wasn’t he at the Hanoi Hilton? As new POW would come in and they would tell the others what was happening, they where all surprised how the North Vietnamese where about to shoot down our jets .

          17. mustangsallyann says:

            Ditto. Knowing what my Pop lived through and it being so horrible he couldn’t speak of it and took hit to his grave, I will never view McCain the same. I voted for him in 2008 and don’t know who’d have been worse now. He’s an insult to those that died and those that lived but kept their mouths closed. Hard as it is, we must forgive him as Jesus would have us do. What a horrible world this is.

          18. dawgiron says:

            Hi SallyAnn. We haven’t finished our other conversation but for now it’s on the backburner. A “small quiet voice” is telling me that we have much to talk about.
            I don’t have much to say about this subject. You see, I was there. 1966-67 SSgt USAF Intelligence. I was attached to an Army advisory team with MAC-V. Some will recognize what this was. Most will not. I truly cannot fathom what a POW went thru if he got home alive. I guess I was lucky. I was not a POW or physically wounded. Funny thing about war. Most of us do not talk about it with civilians and very little with family. Why? There is absolutely no way on God’s green earth that you can understand what it does to a person. I guess that is why I truly support our Policemen and Women. They would come closest to understanding. Sorry, didn’t mean to ramble. About McCain. No one, and I mean no one knows what his limits are until he or she comes, literally, face to face with the real thing. McCain has his own burden and cross to bear. I do agree that he seems to be misplaced as a politician. His policy decisions leave a lot to be desired. To the armchair psuedo-warrior wannabees in this please shut your face about something you know nothing about unless you have had your boots on the ground in some political driven god forsaken place in this world. I pray to God that you never had to or will never have to walk thru the horrors of real bullets and real blood war. Piece to all and God bless.

          19. adler56 says:

            I think pop-pop sang like a bird.

          20. way2confused says:

            no one ever claimed McLame was smart.

          21. Wambli525 says:

            Thanks for your posting.

          22. SDofAZ says:

            Well said, ernido. And there is much more about the Hanoi Hilton stay on McCain.

          23. Perry Perno says:

            McCain is the manchurian candidate while in captivity he was brainwashed and has been activated,

          24. ernldo says:

            The 2008 election was a win win for the leftist American hating traitors, too bad the demotard base can’t see through the truth…Maybe they ARE simply stupid?

          25. James says:

            I’m with you on this one. McCain; as a prisoner of war, was compromised. The trouble was, when he returned, he should have been de-programed, but wasn’t! All of that communist propaganda was left in his weak mind to putrefy and finally spill out in any and all that is un-American!

          26. bub says:

            I never really thought of him in that way … a victim, being “compromised.” I always just saw him as being a spoiled brat that had no backbone. The prisoners that were with him managed well enough, and didn’t turn. But you may be right. The VC might have made a harder effort on him, because of his dad. But I never heard any stories from his co-prisoners such as that, and if he had been leaned on, I’m sure his co-prisoners would have had a more merciful opinion of him.

            One thing’s certain, he doesn’t deserve any mercy regarding his actions as Senator. If he’s ill, he should not keep being given the privilege of representing the citizens of Arizona.. They must be ill, too. There’s certainly something wrong with them for voting for him, and it hurts us all.

          27. James says:

            I don’t really mean to make him out as a ‘victim’ But I do know that some people; especially those who have been pampered most of their lives, tend to not be so strong mentally and emotionally Take the current situation with all the ‘snowflakes’ crying over D. Trumps’ win.
            Perhaps the mind which is susceptible to senility is more susceptible to breakdown during indoctrination efforts, applied under duress!
            At any rate; I would hope that someone close to him would tell him it is time to get out of politics and seek help before his condition gets any worse.

          28. Wambli525 says:

            Are U proposing Mc Cain is another Manchurian candidate?
            Trumps pre election comment about McCain, while stinging, was accurate.

          29. zipper says:

            Bowe Bergdahl

          30. bub says:

            Exactly … like him, except Bergdahl isn’t opening his big mouth and representing us. He’s just being a plain loser, not a loud mouthed one.

          31. adler56 says:

            I’ll bet bub didn’t serve. Jail time don’t count bub.

          32. bub says:

            I was a captain of industry, and would wager I made more personal sacrifices than a majority of those who served in the military. And I saved a lot of people’s butts in the process … and I didn’t get a dime in the way of benefits.

            Btw, like Dr Carson, I was offered a full AFROTC scholarship (which I turned down for another full scholarship) which they would’ve paid my way through undergrad, med school, been in the jet pilot program, and come out as an MD, a jet pilot and an officer, and after specialization, owed them 1 year in an AF hospital … with all the veteran benefits.

            If you’re just in the military, some desk or other normal job and aren’t in combat, as far as I’m concerned, you’re not likely a hero, nor are you getting a bad deal of a job for lifetime benefits and retirement at 40. And like anything you need to commit to in life, you knew even more about what you were getting into than most (eg: becoming a parent).

            So, adler56, what did you accomplish for anyone else in your life … and though I doubt much, I truly hope you “served” in some way, and could recognize that there’s a lot of people who do, with NO special treatment EVER afforded them.

          33. George Hilliard says:

            Adler is a troll. Best to ignore him.

          34. ernldo says:

            Yup, I blocked the simple minded stooge a long time ago….

          35. rottenrollin says:

            They called McCain “The Canary”.

          36. zipper says:

            Pollute the ocean with them? Naw. After swift trial & conviction for treason, all should be publicly hung. Then, their bodies stuffed by a good taxidermist and displayed in the Smithsonian in the “arch criminal” section.

          37. ernldo says:

            OK, we can work together….

          38. skipfoss says:

            McCain is nothing but a traitor to the people of this country he has used his capture for his big ripoff of this country just like all the rest of the so called OLD GUARD

          39. SDofAZ says:

            Actually he served but not with distinction or honor. His daddy fixed his mess.

          40. Mikal Gastpipe says:

            McCain may have served, but he also committed TREASON while he was a POW, which if his daddy wasn’t who HE was, he would have NEVER gotten into politics, IMHO!

      2. Tony Rowell says:

        Lindsey Graham, is another

        1. bub says:

          McConnell and Ryan are big scheming piles, too.

          1. Tony Rowell says:


          2. rottenrollin says:

            And steaming piles, too…….

          3. bub says:

            Yeah, lol. That’s what I was tryin’ to play on with the “scheming piles.”

        2. dinkerduo says:

          So true–and Mc Connell—most Dems AND ALL OF THE RINOS–THERE ARE QUITE A FEW!!!

          1. Tony Rowell says:

            thank you.

      3. Anouk says:

        If I could I would!

      4. Anouk says:

        And so many more who hate America. We won’t miss them for sure.

      5. Anouk says:

        And so many more….Let’s get rid of these garbage un-American haters.

      6. Shirley Goetz says:

        Yep, I agree!

      7. Judy Kidd says:

        Amen to that . Makes one wonder just how stupid are these people that keep putting them back in office.

        1. rottenrollin says:

          We’re a nation of morons any more. Just look at the so called popular vote in November past.

          1. Warren Kinerson says:

            The voters (majority of them) know nothing about politics, they vote for what name sounds better. and they have a new name! called snowflakes.

          2. rottenrollin says:

            Snowflakes are beautiful and unique.

            These people are just flakes, morons.

      8. zipper says:

        Ryan can ride in the back seat.

        1. dinkerduo says:

          Or the trunk!

      9. drbhelthi says:

        Removing John “Wetstart” McCain first, would remove the example that some of the lesser stooges emulate. It would also neutralize some of the international subterfuge in which he is involved.

        1. dinkerduo says:

          So true—Being a war hero 50 years ago is NO excuse for his behavior now–he’s gone goofy! Time to retire as he’s 80!
          Dianne Feinstein is 83 and Charlie Rangel who JUST RETIRED IN 2016 is 86!!! boy do we need term and age limits!

          1. Warren Kinerson says:

            Not all of us old people have bad minds, but the body goes all different ways except the right way, but those who believe in Jesus, and I do…..He has proven Himself over and over again to me….will be given a eternal body in perfect condition……Amen

      10. Joyce Reeves says:

        you handle matches your crazy rhetoric

        1. dinkerduo says:

          Do I hit tooooo close to home for you libtard Joycey—awwwwwwwwww!

      11. Palmer says:

        The idiots that you pointed out are perfect examples of why this country need term limits. These people are the Deplorable ones. No action at all to make the people of this countrys lives better. Fire them all!

      12. Robert Chow says:

        you meant viet nam traitor McPain stinking rear hole fogging the whole place. demorat party needs him to be their mole.

    3. ernldo says:

      She should be “disappeared”…

      1. Anouk says:

        Yes! But, roaches never disappeared!

        1. mustangsallyann says:

          Nukes can’t even do those nasty critter’s harm.

    4. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

      Sadly there are more Dimocrats in her territory of the state than Republicans. Of course, San Francisco is part of her jurisdiction, the majority of which are gay, AND Dimocrat!

      1. bub says:

        And I just hate that they usurped and spoiled so many previously-nice words that had such wholesome and beautiful imagery associated with them … like “Gay” and “Rainbow” and “Partner” and “Butt” … I was thinking of cigarettes, really. Lol

        1. James says:

          Hey; you forgot ‘fag’ a slang we used for cigarettes when I was a teen!

          1. rottenrollin says:

            And George Carlin’s line, “Commie Pinko Faggot Spy”………

            Been saying that for 40-50 years……….am I THAT old?

          2. bub says:

            Who you callin’ Forgot … Oh, sorry, I read that wrong. LOL.

            Oh yeah …. I completely forgot about “fag” being a cigarette. I wonder where it came from, and how it got used for describing a limp-wristed, light-loafered fairy. There’s another one, “Fairy.” But normal folks re-used both those words, not the light-loafered crowd. Too bad, “Fairies” had been a nice word.

      2. Anouk says:

        Too bad they do not realize how their party stinks. Pitiful indeed!

    5. dawgiron says:

      No No. Keep Pelosi around. Every time she opens her mouth she adds another turd to the Democrat pile of crap. She is our best asset.

      1. mustangsallyann says:

        Except for the fact that keeping her around is just one more way to steal the taxpayer’s money.

        1. dawgiron says:

          Well, SallyAnn, you are so right there. However, we do payout good bucks to see a good LBGT etc. comedy, based on the real life of a fictitious person(s) currently living in NYC and commuting to LA to visit an elderly Grandmother visiting from Cairo, Ill. who is straight but holding on to a deep secret that her 2nd husband had an affair with the Presbyterian pastors wife. Don’t we?

          1. mustangsallyann says:

            Nope. We do not watch those types of movies. Nor do we have porn in our home, extreme violence, don’t watch movies starring O.J. or other murderers, rapists, etc. To each his own, but we try to be as obedient to God as any human can possibly be. Why??

          2. dawgiron says:

            Oops. My bad. My attempt at tongue-in-cheek humor has fallen on deaf ears. Considering the tempo of this thread I really thought you might appreciate this rant. I was wrong. I have been thoroughly flogged. However, considering you have a long string of ‘do not’ and I would ‘never’ how do you ever find the ways to recognize and separate the good stuff from the bad?

          3. mustangsallyann says:

            Separating good from bad is easy when you have good guidance, good self control and the desire to obey God. I don’t remember a time in my life that Jesus and God didn’t guide me and being obedient to our Father is the most important thing in my life, not from fear but out of desire. I make mistakes like everyone else but some things are so ingrained you can’t joke about them, your post being one of them. Sin isn’t ever funny and I hate it in myself even more than in other’s.
            Sorry if I misjudged the intent of your rant but there was nothing in it that I found humorous. When allowing a couple of other people to read it, they too found it confrontational, as if you accused me of being a hypocritical Christian hiding my stuff in the rafters. In any case, if you’re doing those things yourself, maybe God wanted you to get that flogging and used me for it. ;o) After all, He’s bringing His children closer to Him every day. Now, send me a knock, knock joke and I just might get it. LOL

      2. Anouk says:

        If you say so???

    6. cjazz1950 says:

      You are already boring. Time’s up. Hey…I thought you Trumpettes l o v e d Russia now. You are so nuts it would make my head spin but I can only shake my head. Hope you enjoy the minimum wage jobs your fuhrer will bring back to America.

    7. way2confused says:

      No one ever runs against her and I understand she is grooming her hideous, loud mouthed daughter to inherit her seat. The dumbo voters in SF will see Pelosi on the ballot and have no idea it isn’t Nancy they are voting for..

    8. kingwarren says:

      Nancy Pelosi should have have never been elected in he first place. She is the perfect example of the very rich liberal progressive who gets elected because voters vote for political party labels instead of knowing what the person really believes. The voters in San Fransicko should be ashamed of themselves.

    9. Wambli525 says:

      Think of Nancy Pelosi this way: Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Feinstein and Boxer may be the Californians have to offer. Then there is “odd man out” ( take that literally) the perpetual hippie … Jerry brown LOL : )

    10. zipper says:

      I do believe the old hag is suffering from dementia. She still thinks Bush is president!

    11. Terry says:

      she’s hitting the sauce way to early! she’s trying to talk and slurring her words. she’s a drunk 24/7!

  4. Rodger Johnson says:

    Liberals seem to have a hard time accepting that their tired old tactics just are not working anymore. I personally stopped paying any attention to anything they say about 5 or 6 years ago.

    1. ernldo says:

      They aren’t even liberal anymore, they are traitor progressives, on par with the Nazi party of infamy….

  5. downs1 says:

    Poor Nancy is at it again! She is so utterly lame! But, she just never knows when to quit, so let her be and she will eventually do it to herself! She will become such an embarrassment that her own Party will quietly ask her to leave! She must have majored in “political hypocritology” when she was in college!

    1. sunandfun says:

      I’m surprised to hear that she graduated from KINDERGARDEN!

    2. Roy Fredrichsen says:

      Just remember that she is so smart that she said” We had to pass O’Bama Care to find out what was in it”. I guess that if it said that all congressmen that passed it would be executed, she still would have voted for it.

      1. bub says:

        And no one ever DID know what was in it even AFTER they passed it. I know of no single person who has actually read the thing from end to end. I’ve searched it, but READ the whole [email protected] pile? H3LL NO! My beneficiaries would have a good lawsuit though, if I tried.

        All we really no about it is our healthcare system sucks for EVERYONE now except for the moochers.

  6. dinkerduo says:

    These azzholes just CAN’T take the fact that Donald Trump won the potus election so they have to keep this story about the Russians going until they have time to plant enough evidence to make it seem real!

    1. ernldo says:

      “If you tell the same lie enough times, people will believe it; and the bigger the lie, the better.”
      Joseph Goebbels

      “Not every item of news should be published. Rather must those who control news policies endeavor to make every item of news serve a certain purpose.”
      Joseph Goebbels

      1. dinkerduo says:

        Nobody has said that those Nazis were stupid—-EVIL YES!!!!–stupid no!

  7. johnright61 says:

    Another way past retirement age(77) U.S. Representative who has been around for decades and has never added anything to a conversation with any intelligent substance. Yep, that’s Nancy Pelosi, Queen of the Instigators.

  8. RobD7200HappyGuy4You says:

    No one takes that Old Wind Bag seriously anymore! She just flaps her dentures in the wind, under her “RUG”, that Ridiculous Brightly Colored, Oversized WIG that she Sports! She thinks that that thing passes for real hair!? Give me a break! That shows what poor judgement the woman has!

    1. ernldo says:

      She’s actually quite stupid, represents those Frisco dolts well….

    2. Peter says:

      Doesn’t Maxine Waters get her wigs from the same store pisslosi’s gets hers? Just two of washingtons idiots.

      1. Mtn Man says:

        Maxine has her wigs built to James brown specs. Apparently she’s quite on karaoke night

  9. sick and tired of the dictator says:


    1. Peter says:

      Sick. Tell us how you really feel. You’re awesome!

  10. ernldo says:

    Gowdy for president, 2032, following eight by Trump, and two terms for Pence. I hate traitor demotards.

  11. Bayside GolfClub says:

    We also might consider revising laws that protect politicians from slanderous character assassination aginst ‘political opposition’.. Laws that grant criminal and civil penalties for damages..

    Slandering people willy nilly as a political strategy is unacceptable. No evidence, no foundation should = fines in the millions $ and many years in Prison.. It is uncalled for, anti-American and rampant as it stands currently..

  12. Chris Romero says:

    The Liberal Media and The DNC haven’t received the memo yet. The party is over in Washington DC. We the American people know that the Obama Administration along with folks from the DNC broke the law by illegal surveillance tactics against the Trump Campaign that caused illegal unmasking of American identities. UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!

  13. Mike Gilliam says:

    Pelosi is not out of the woods yet. There is a good chance the new AG will charge her along with many of her colleges for the many crimes they either committed or covered up.

    1. Peter says:

      Mike, we can only hope!

  14. fordfool says:

    aftr the ‘phony endorsement’ she gave insisting signing the YoMama Bill…in depth Q about the “Stimulus Bill” I doubt Ms Think beautiful-Pelosi is qualified to advise anyone who’s honest…

  15. Leslie Bryant says:

    Nunes did nothing wrong!! Before anything happens to him Pelosi and Schumer need to be investigated and tried for fraud and lying to American people. What little peevish, whiny crying losers they are!!

  16. tCotUS says:

    Pisslosi…Comes from a State that is 127.2 billion in the Red..I would say it’s best she shuts her pie hole & figures out what they are doing so wrong.

    1. Linda says:

      Even worse than that…. but then many dem run states are terrible with handling their fiscal responsibilities… they just continue spending…. tax and spend as CA has done = “Total debt is $118.17 billion. When valued on a guaranteed-to-be-paid basis, total unfunded pension liabilities are $756.67 billion, and other postemployment benefits (OPEB) are $29.05 billion. These three liabilities are equal to 46 percent of total state personal income.”

      1. tetse says:

        They will eventually come to the Federal Government to get us with our tax dollars to pay for their addiction to spending.

      2. tCotUS says:

        Worse yet… Any crisis(which just happened) & they come crawling to the Federal Government for help.. Now that takes balls !!

        1. Linda says:

          Agree, especially since they supposedly have a ‘rainy day fund’ which is supposed to be used to deal with their states own emergencies… =*&spf=68

          I’d place my bet that CA has been spending those funds on THEIR illegals…. and now think they can ask the feds to take care of what are their OWN responsibilities to deal with.

          CA taxpayers will soon face another HUGE tax increase as the dems haven’t been using the appropriate funds to keep their infrastructure up to standards SO… again raise those taxes… =

          “$52B Needed to Fix California Roads, Taxes and Fees Proposed

          California’s governor and legislative leaders want to raise $52 billion to fix roads through a big increase in the gas tax.

          | March 29, 2017, at 9:11 p.m. =

          1. Paul says:

            We might let them fix the roads, but only after they admit how they broke it and are no longer planning to “Fix” it the same way they broke it. Even Californians can become skeptical. Too bad it is far too late. They have the hostages and all we can seem to do is negotiate for their treatment, not their release. Until Californians stop confusing what they want for what they need, The state government will continue to collect hostages and threaten their safety unless we relent.

          2. Steveglen says:

            Here is a bit more information I caught on loCAL new radio:
            Of the $52 billion, 60% is to be diverted for a program called Vison Zero, the goal of which is to eliminate every highway death from traffic accidents.
            This means hiring a board to fatten their bank accounts with 6-figure salaries, and ultimately lower speed limits, write new laws, and making it extremely difficult to drive anywhere.
            It also means the roads will never be repaired.

          3. Linda says:

            Thanks Steven…. Seems to be a program that is trending all over the US. Tried to find who began it.. who funds it… to no avail at this point, but I will look in to it some more tomorrow. Wonder if CA political controllers plan to ‘allow’ their taxpayers to know what their real intended ‘project’ is.. how these additional taxes will really be used, rather than fixing their roads which is what they’re ‘selling’ to them now. 🙁 One article I read said it ‘might’ be threatened by some cut(s) that Pres. Trump is considering making….can’t remember which state that applied to right now… I’m tired. 🙂

  17. SouthernPatriot says:

    Trey Gowdy put a little salt on the Wicked Witch of the West. Nancy needs to take another drink and mellow out. Retire.

    The witch hates the truth and has no authority over Nunes. She has become totally irrelevant.

  18. Reverend1 says:

    Piss on Pelosi. She’s nothing but an over the hill mental case as is her good friend liar Hellary….

  19. judy says:

    Pelosi is senile.

  20. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    I LOVE Trey Gowdy! I wish Trump WOULD put him in charge of the FBI, or I would love to see Sheriff Clarke in charge of the FBI!! All appointed heads of any department, that were there when Trump assumed command, need to be fired IMMEDIATELY, & replaced with PATRIOTS!

    1. Anouk says:

      You are 100% right Sharon!

  21. Roy Fredrichsen says:

    Everybody seems to have forgotten Hillary Clinton helped the Russians buy American uranium, but the Democrats insist that somehow the Russians helped Trump win the election by filling the Clintons pockets with cash. Even Putin denies intervening in the election. The Democrats are looking for someone to blame
    for their mistakes”Putting coal mines out of business” “Removing the Second Amendment because it interferred with gun control plans” and several others. They must have thought the voters were as stupid as they are.

  22. Florence Portell says:

    Well, now we bring Jesus and God into this! I think God would want Nunes to do the honorable and honest thing, don’t you? After all, he is an honorable man and I know he wants to do the right thing for all of us. Anything else or anyone else has done should not even enter this picture.

  23. Florence Portell says:

    Boy these comments are really hateful. How on Earth did we sink this low?

    1. bub says:

      You don’t hate what the leftist and their RINO friends have done to this country, and continue to do? Then you’re part of the problem, and that makes you their supporter. And we need to ventilate sometimes.

      You’re asking yourself and your leftist kkkomrades why we hate your guts? Well, it’s really not you, as a fallen child of God. It’s what you do and represent. It’s because y’all hate America and what it stands for and has stood for its first 200 years anyway.

      Many people, our relatives, died to make America great … as it has been until yours infiltrated, undermined, indoctrinated and sabotaged it. You can be proud that you nearly accomplished your goals, but not quite. The internet and a few people who learned real history and remembered how things used to be here, came and saved the day, by enlightening those who were sleeping/too busy working to pay for you folks, that they didn’t properly participate in our governance. Meanwhile, you and your friends and foreign invaders were collecting their so-called entitlements and being paid by the likes of Soros and “XYZ Commie NGO” to riot-protest and generally cause the insane chaos and deviant behavior we have today.

      That’s “how on earth” you’ve riled us to such hate. We hate the enemy destroyer and deceiver, it is true. And if y’all, his minions, keep pushing things, there will be a war here, it won’t be civil and much evil will finally be expunged from our shores. Then we’ll once again have peace, a Federation of States, Love of God and Country, personal freedoms and the responsible citizenry that goes with it. We won’t have all the weirdo shit that goes for reality in your imaginary world, and we won’t have your ilk trying to control everyone else through a massive government potentate which y’all dream of running. Goodbye Soros, Goodbye Obutthead. Goodbye Pelosi. Goodbye Democrat Party. Goodbye RINOs. Hello again, Beaver Cleaver, Laura Wilder and future generations of fruitful, wholesome, good lives and memories again.

      1. Florence Portell says:

        Having lived as an American for a very long time I hate what has happened to us. My family fought for this country, we have worked for this country. Beaver Cleaver, Laura Wilder are beautiful thoughts but they are in the past. We are marching to the future and the future doesn’t breed hate. Beaver Clever is a TV show. Laura Wilder is a very good writer and her story, made into a TV series is just what it is – a very enjoyable TV series. What you think you are looking for, your search to return to younger years is not possible. The hate that has been foisted on us in this last election, the destroying of our country, nobody is going to make my country great again, it has always been great and this has come because we didn’t have a king we have Presidents, Senators and Representatives, right now not working together too well but we’ll get there. Somewhere along the way some of our politicians thought being black in our White House desecrated our heritage. I wasn’t taught to hate blacks, whites, Indians, Irish, and we can go on and on. I like moving forward honestly and without trying to take things away from the people who have worked so hard to build our country. I don’t care of you don’t agree but I know a lot of people that do and I am one proud person to have been a part of this great country even if some people don’t feel she is.

        1. bub says:

          Actually, the characters of those Golden Age TV shows represent what life was like back then in many ways. If you watch old westerns, they portray values that our country held then, and they reflected the Christian values and Natural Laws (which were Gods Natural Laws). Those values CAN be returned -to, and they must to be.

          Our country was never great because of having presidents, senators and representatives. It is great because we have individual sovereign persons … each of us, along with God-given unalienable rights. That is what was different about this country than any other country in the history of mankind. Our form of government places God first, individuals second, our States third and the Federal government is only there for the few things that the second and third can’t take care of, namely common defense and inter-state and inter-country relationships. That’s about it.

          I don’t like changing what is right to begin with. Some truths are sacred and eternal. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights verbalized and consolidated the necessary ones for governance, for the first time. Trying to re-invent what’s been inspired by God and what the cumulative wisdom of mankind already got right is unwise and plain dumb. How can you ever argue that what is new is better than what we had in the late ’50’s and early ’60’s? Of course, there were a few things our country was learning and improving. It wasn’t perfect. But the world was far behind us in most ways. And, as I said, we were coming along in maturity, just fine. We’d have “been there” by now if the leftists hadn’t sabotaged our society. We had it 90% perfected. Id’ say we’re about 90% destrroyed at this point. Your definition of moving forward is not my idea of a good thing. My idea of that is to build upon what’s good, and eliminate the bad. Taking a wrecking ball to what’s good, and enlarging the bad is, well, evil. And I will always HATE evil.

          With your “racist” vent, it’s obvious that you’re taking your thinking from the script of the left. Prior to Obama, most of our country was well beyond the racist thing. Creating special classes of people, and giving them special “rights” quite simply divides people, and THAT is what promotes the resurgence of racism, if anything. I believe that that will subside once again, once the “special class” laws and speech is eliminated. BTW, it wasn’t the “black” (<20%) in Obama that most people felt desecrated the White House, it was his desecration of everything that patriotic Americans valued, including the Christian values which were the basis for all America was built upon, which most felt he spat upon. He was also most obviously a complete lie about who and what he was from the get go. He was NOT black (just a small percentage). He was not American. He didn't value American values. He was not Christian, but Muslim. Muslims have no problem with dishonesty, so long as it serves their purpose, just as the leftists. Islam is not a pure religion, no more than Scientology is. Its' purpose is as a form of governance, which is wholely incompatible with, and designed to destroy our Christian-based (infidel) form of governance. Obama, as a muslim from a radical Islamic country, was obviously working toward that end. Of course, the left will say this is all "conspiracy theory," but come on, really. Where is all the normal historical proof of his supposed background. It doesn't even have the smoking guns that this supposed "theory" does have. And why all the Social Security numbers?, and on and on… No, a reasonable man would, in a court of law, determine that he is a muslim, he was not a US born citizen, etc., and his actions in office bore out the fact that he hated our country.

          And, finally, as far as having a heritage in this country, few can compete with my family's claim to being all-in on laying claim to this as OUR country. We got here long before there WAS a USA (in 1650), bought our land from the natives (a group that came here in 1640, so there goes the leftists' argument about us stealing it from the indians), and participated in every step of development of this continent into what is now the USA … and we fought in every war, had governors, reps and senators in both state and federal government … no presidents (but some relations with them), heroes, educators, engineers, post masters, tool booth operators…you name it. And we have the blood of all those you mentioned (and we can also go on and on), in our line all along the way. In fairness, the only black blood we have that I know of is pretty recent … a TV Star out on the Left Coast, but I don't think she's a leftist, and I think she probably just recently married in … first generation, that is.

          Anyway, it is my contention that things were MUCH better before, that it is because of the principles on which our country was founded that it is the best country that has ever existed in written history, and that it can return to those principles, or it will cease to exist. As our founding fathers warned, any successful form of governance would require a moral and a vigilant people. Every so-called modern experimental leftist idea of governance has already existed and failed countless times. They are doomed to failure because their basis is flawed, does not account for human nature, does not rely on the influence of God, and is not Divinely inspired to begin with. In fact, they REQUIRE that God does not exist, because the Governing body necessarily must be the highest power. Leftist forms of governance, in fact, are most certainly not even uninspired, but definitively inspired by the master Deceiver himself … the evil one. And I contend that it is evidence that the evil one has plotted their course, as it is beyond human complexity, and has been in the works for many centuries …. definitely cross-generational, and not likely humanly designed.

          The one point that you make that is out of place for a leftist, is the line "I like moving forward honestly and without trying to take things away from the people who have worked so hard to build our country." I'm not sure what and to whom you're referring. To whom are you referencing as having "worked so hard to build this country," and are having things taken away from them? Is this a class of people you're referencing? Have you had some issue to this effect personally? I don't exactly get what your referring to. I can say that I'd agree with you on not taking things away from non-criminals who have earned those things, but I'm unaware of any innocents having such issues.

          If it's so-called "entitlements" you're referring to, I would contend that word is a misnomer. I don't believe there are any such things, except as what a person has earned by their labors. The only people who should be getting any governmental assistance, are those who are truly disabled (ie: immobile, blind, mentally incompetent, or some other (80%+) debilitating handicap), and without the capacity to be supported by immediate family. I would say for those above, but disabled with 50-79% debilitation and no immediate family support capability, it would be OK for the government to assist them, where they would contribute by performing some productive and equitable task for society in return. So if you're getting at Repealing Obamacare, that is what they promised. That is what should happen. Return the system to the private sector. Get the government OUT as much as possible from the business of our healthcare. You leftists always want government out of your health "choices." well, this one IS a choice. Allow buying insurance across state lines. And , as far as cases of the poor and pre-existing, these are NOT healthcare issues. They are social welfare issues, and should be handled as such. Only those who are responsible, but fall short of their needs, should be helped by governmental sources (if at all, as this could also be handled through the private sector). So health care, Constitutionally speaking, is not the role of the federal Government.
          We should NOT have the Feds meddling in our lives, period. It MAY be the realm of the State, if we so choose to make it that. We should not be sending so much money to the Feds, but if we, in our State, choose to do so, we could send it there, and handle some of these issues closer to home.

          Trump, if you need help, call me. You have my permission to research/surveil my contact info to get ahold of me. Just make sure your agents knock and announce themselves. I support my own 2nd Amendment rights …

  24. Ironmike4610 says:

    Piglosi can eat s**t, as far as I’m concerned.

    1. URNuts says:

      Just like YOU DO daily!

  25. Terry says:

    i just seen where the 62,000,000+ people that voted for Trump were actually Russians according to FBI sources because the Russians sent waves down from space to turn us into Russians and vote for Trump! Now everyone knows how they messed with our elections! Wonder why it didn’t work on Damnocrats?

    1. mustangsallyann says:

      They are lying, that’s why it didn’t work for them. The only thing Russian’s did was to make certain we knew the truth and extent of their corruption. Like it or not, they were truths we deserved to know long before we actually did.

  26. Pelosi should recuse herself from America, check out you worthless POS.

  27. Wambli525 says:

    The kindest words that can be said of Pelosi is a “Bunker-ism”. ” She’s a dingbat”. ‘Nuff said! : )

  28. Pat Look says:

    Why didn’t Pelosi ask Lynch to recluse herself when she met with Bill Clinton in Las Vegas?? Picky picky!

  29. For Matt 55 says:

    Just imagine the think tank the Veiw with Joy & Woopie could have by inviting Pelosi on to discuss such things as Russian hacking. When you see these morons you know it’s the likes of Obama and the rinos pulling the strings that are roadblocking President Trump
    . Here’s to one of these traitors getting indicted for being a traitor to America

  30. dfinch says:

    You gotta love Trey Gowdy.

  31. Marion Jones says:

    That is quite a feat. She never stops talking even when she is off subject.

  32. kbmiller says:

    If you’ve ever seen the “Bird brain”, Pelosi on camera, you’d see that she can’t even put 3 sentences together. This IDIOT is a LEADER of the Dumb A$$ ok RAT party. SHEESH !!!

  33. William M Durham says:

    Just more liberal bullshit to block the search for the truth, if the demo-rats are such seekers of truth they should shut up and let the investigation proceed, only the guilty would stop or cloud and investigation.

  34. No PC says:

    The Demorats are Imploding. It’s a wonderful thing to watch! I was a Democrat for many years, and then I smelled the coffee. The Demorats are nothing less than complete Globalists and Socialists! Thank God I smelled the coffee!

  35. Terry Stinnett says:

    As I said on twit , I think Nancy should recuse her brain from herself . ‘ It’s ‘ not doing her any good !

  36. Warren says:

    “Jesus would not be a satisfactory chairperson to some of my Democratic colleagues,”
    I am certain that Mohammed would be very Satisfactory to Many of them!!

    1. mustangsallyann says:

      A really sick and sad truth, for most of them anyway.

  37. Dan says:

    Nancy is the leftist all her life, never appreciated American values, an opportunist, nasty one.

  38. uchsamin says:

    Drain the swamp in Washington and flush the toilet in California. Send this damned stupid hag to the abyss once and for all. I hate this witch.

  39. rottenrollin says:

    Pelosi is a loaded azzwipe. Just my fondest opinion of her.

  40. Steven Coy says:


  41. Camille Gilliam says:

    i haven’t figured out if all of her problems are her age or just alcohol like Hillary. I do know that we should NOT be paying for all of her alcohol on her flights back and forth to California.

  42. David VanBockel says:

    At her age, she may find the coming civil war to be too demanding of her health.

  43. mike gunter says:

    What is wrong with the people in San Francisco? Do they not see pelosi is a Socialist? This woman is an IDIOT that needs to retire NOW!

  44. ter334 says:

    As I see it what is going on is T, his supporters and some elected GOP members of congress are finally taking on the liberal establishment politically. This is the early stages of a political civil war between those that believe in America under God and the Constitution and those that believe in a country under socialism, PC and the democrat party. Or as a speaker at the GOP convention a number of years ago said, a battle for the soul of America. Roughly speaking between conservative values and liberal values. And we now have islamic influence, and petrodollars, in our politics. We have the political tools to defeat islam in America. It is called the Constitution and the citizens that support it are far more conservative than the liberal socialists. Islam is the mother of all socialism plus socialism is the form of govt where govt is god since the govt will provide everything to everybody. Or so they say. It will be a man made new garden of eden. Made by the those who know what is best for all, the socialists.

  45. ter334 says:

    IMO we have been living under a financial/economic system of govt (it’s the economy stupid) while the nature of govt is political. And politics never ends so we can expect to see endless political arguments over subjects such as the content of what is taught in public schools to the nation’s children, where did the idea of separation of church, and mosque, and state come from. The Constitution does not say separation except for the three branches. What it says is the govt is prohibited from establishing a state religion as exists in islam. Rendering all mosques illegal since they are operated by foreign state govts. Yes, the political fight for the soul of America is just beginning. The liberals have controlled the political conversation too long! IMO all laws discriminate against someone, some group.

  46. way2confused says:

    I LOVE Trey Gowdy and would like to see him on the Supreme Court

  47. Walter Flatt says:





    IF NOT,








  48. Roy Fredrichsen says:

    Between Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer The Democratic Party will end up being the REAL ENEMY of America.Those two are doing their dead level best to fullfill O’Bamas’ mission to reduce this country to the level of Somalia. DO THEY EVER HAVE A SURPRISE coming. Many trouble-makers will NOT be re-elected when their terms expire. A better case for term limitations can’t be found.

  49. Florence Portell says:

    Bub questions why I think there is too much hate. Who would you want backing you up? One that hates deeply or one that you can sit and talk to and work things out. All this yelling and screaming and making fun of each other, calling each other names, putting each other down just is not working. An open mind helps. Sorry Bub if I stepped on your toes, I think you just needed to berate someone and I was chosen. I have a soft voice and speaking over me doesn’t change things because nobody wins. We still disagree but there was no meaningful conversation. I hope your sounding off helped you.

  50. Mary says:

    Pelosi has long since entered the depths of the sewers in Hell.

    1. mustangsallyann says:

      Yep, she sold her soul long ago.

  51. Corinne Hayes says:

    If the comments here would not be so sad, they would be laughable. I can only assume that these comments were written by Trump supporters. Nancy Pelosi when she was speaker of the house would bury the terrible job Ryan is doing. She was able to work with both parties. We now are cursed with a profoundly ignorant president, who has the comprehensive level of a 5 year old. His entire family are a disgrace. Ivanka Trump is and always has been a fraud and a con artist. Through the years she has helped her father con people out of their life savings. She craves publicity, in every way she can get it! She is a phony and has never, ever, been interested in women’s issues, child care or the environment! Her husband has the brain of a toad. He did poorly in school academically and could not get into Harvard until his father made a substantial donation to them. The Obama team when they met Jared found him to be quite unintelligent. Trump’s 2 oldest sons are idiots and prove it almost on a daily basis. The entire Trump family, along with their bloviated profoundly ignorant father, are a disgrace and a shameful embarrassment to our country and to the world! Trump needs to be impeached for treason and if not that, just for his ignorance and his comprehensive level of a 5 year old. We need to rid ourselves of this disgraceful Trump family. Comments here were a disgrace and proved their lack of research understanding the issues.

  52. zipper says:

    They damned Flynn. They tried to damn Sessions. Now, they’re trying to damn Nunes. Enough!
    Time for the Republicans to stand firm and say, “screw you!” Work together with these deranged bastids? Never happen.

  53. Rebecca Wind says:

    Does anyone know if she, Chelsea, Warren etc have at least a double digit IQ?

  54. harpo49 says:


  55. skipfoss says:

    Pelosi is one of the dumbist uglyist retarded mental midgets that have ever stepped on the house floor ,she is only closely followed by Waters and the screech owl Fienstien these are three of the biggest fools that could possibly be allowed to serve in government,but they don’t serve they try to run the government and now there is some one that is challenging their power and they are scared as hell that he will undermine the money they and the rest of their kind on both sides of the government money that they have been stealing from the people of OUR country for decades

  56. adler56 says:

    gowdy has that effect on all normal people. you wonder how one person could be that dumb.

  57. davegrille says:

    Pelosi is addled .

  58. dondh says:

    Nancy Pelosi is a dunce. All she needs is a dunce’s hat! There must be a bunch of dumbo’s in her congressional district out there in the San Francisco area! If that’s all they have to offer, then anybody who moves to that area is just as stupid!

  59. Michael Heagney says:

    I look at her ramblings as maybe a result of too much alcohol. Confused a few weeks ago when she said “I cannot support President Busk”; Hello. The GAO office published that when she had her own plane under Obama that the booze cost per trip to California and back was slightly over $19,000. Think it is called pickled brain. Agree with Anock.

  60. Loony tune says:

    Dinner-do is right on track. They are living proof they are airheads.

  61. barbarakelly says:

    Knowing Pelosi—–I’m sure if they investigated her –we would find a number of issues to pick her apart.

  62. Pat Engness says:

    I did MY Part. My county voted 71% for Bernie. Then I voted for the Republican opponant of my incumbant Representative Jared Huffman because He didn’t LIE to me like CA-2 Huffman Super Delegate did! He said he “waiting’ to see how his Peeps voted first before deciding how to use his SD vote=BS! He voted for $HilLIARy in that illegal Rothschild Family-Owned Election FRAUD AP Poll of SD’s on the day BEFORE the last 6 states (D.C.) even voted! Seven WEEKS before the Convention, where the UN-Pledged ((sarcasm)) Super Delegates are Supposed to vote! Then when we did vote, our District, Jared’s district, voted 56% for Bernie. Jared Huffman went to the convention and Voted for Hillbilly again! So I voted for the Republican in November. Like I said…..HE didn’t LIE to me. LEAVE the Dem Party and get their numbers BELOW the required 15% to be in the 2020 televised Debates! That’s how the Duopoly Keeps Everybody Else out! Here’s what Trump knows and we’ve known for three WEEKS already about the Fake Server that was set up by the McMullins: gets going 6 minutes into it

  63. Craig Anderson says:

    With the people that Obama had surrounded himself with, like John Brennan he appointed to the director of the CIA, Arif Aikhan, ( of a Pakistani mother and India father) , he was Head of our Homeland Security policy development, Mohammed Elibiary, ( a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood) and appointed as senior Homeland Security Advisor, or even Salam al- Marayati, another member of the Muslim Brotherhood and appointed and founder of Muslim Public Affairs Council, Valerie Jarrett, born in Iran, with brother having ties to the radical Muslim Brotherhood still there and she is appointed to Obama’s top Advisor. Then there is Andre Carson another radical Muslim activist that Obama appointed as lawmaker to the H.P.R.S.C.I. ( which is the collecting of all mid-east intelligence) and advice the house and committee.
    With people like this and the many other senators and reps., like that of Sen. Keith Ellison of the MN and many others, as the Muslims gain in strength and population the political positions will be over flowed and taken over and then you have the deadly duo !

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