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Trey Gowdy Just Shut Down Trump’s Critics With This Epic Statement

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  1. rjet43 says:

    Again the media are evil lying scumbag!!

    1. granny_forUSA says:

      I love the story regarding Trey Gowdy……….Great human being………Thank you for this one MEDIA.

  2. Vicki Kuner Mattingly says:

    there is no talking to the left!!!! they just stir the pot. if you would read what trump is trying to do rather then go insane!!!! i’m all for this vetting why are so many against it??????

    1. John Somers says:

      Simple answer BECAUSE THEY WERE TOLD TO just like a bunch of Lemurs, 1 jumps of a cliff they ALL jump off a cliff.
      I think the MAIN reason is that colleges today are turning out people who CANNOT THINK FOR THEMSELVE !! These kids believe just what they are TOLD to believe because they are told it’s the Gospel Truth.

    2. granny_forUSA says:

      They love the muslims……..They love the violence they perform…….I see the left as killers of the USA, because they hate it as much as BO & HC do.

      1. preston says:

        They love the voting pool

    3. Libs R Loons says:

      A few supportive and related thoughts….feel free to share! 😀

      Space is a dangerous place, especially between a liberal’s ears.

      They can’t handle the truth even if it came with instructions.

      It’s so CUUUUTE that they think people believe them.

      They are a taco shy of a combination plate.

      We can explain it to them but we can’t explain it FOR them.

      Schooling a liberal is akin to nailing Jello to a tree.

      It’s as futile explaining anything to a liberal as it is sweeping water uphill.

      Liberals = perpetual adolescents….their emotional development was arrested somewhere between the 3rd and 4th grades.

      Liberals have clinical delusions manifest by their rabid defense of the islamist Barack Hussein Obama and lifelong criminal Hillary Rotten Clinton.

      Their insufficient and defective socialization processes led them to believe that foul language and slurs add power to language.

  3. My country says:

    It looks like the real infedels are trying to totally destroy this country . Trump is right to deport illegals and totally ban Muslims ! There’s no way to vet them and just by looking and asking no one can tell if they are terrorists! I guess the protestors and the media and the communist democrats are willing to wait for the bombs to kill more of us Americans !

    1. Lara McCulloch says:

      You didn’t read the article, did you? There is NOT going to be a total ban.

      1. granny_forUSA says:

        Well they can either leave by their own accord or in a horizontal position……makes no difference……….as long as they are gone, gone, gone…….

      2. isBubba says:

        There ought to be. Islam is NOT a religion. It IS an incompatible form of governance.

        If the people speak out, there COULD be a total ban.

        1. Robert Zraick says:

          Ban Islamic terrorists. They are not a religion any more than the NAZIs were a religion. Don’t paint the Syrian Christians with the same broad brush.

          Trump has been correct about this from the beginning. Just letting anyone past our borders without knowing who they are is insane. With the exception of some fools in Europe, no other country in the world allows people in without vetting them.

          1. isBubba says:

            Syrian Christians aren’t Islamic, are they? So there IS no painting of ” the Syrian Christians with the same broad brush,” is there?

            I believe we should not allow Muslims to become residents in our country, period, nor any other persons who espouse illegal actions and/or forms of governance which are adversarial and/or otherwise incompatible with our own form of governance. Another, non-muslim example would be, say. satanic worshippers who practice infanticide.

          2. Lasher says:

            That would include most of the democrat socialists and a lot of the people you’d never guess are Satanists.

          3. isBubba says:

            Exactly! There are RINOs in that bunch, too, but it doesn’t really matter WHO … If they are killing babies, they’re not for justice and good, that’s for sure.

      3. My country says:

        Yes I’d did ! And I know Trey Gowdy personally ! I just said he has the right to ! The laws are already there and were there before Obama ! There had better be a total ban or you might just be wearing some new black clothes . It will be too late when another bomb goes off in a crowed area ! Europe is dealing with the same thing ! We are about to hit the biggest financial depression since the 20’s ! We can’t continue to carry the world on our backs when we don’t have jobs to support our own ! Or do you not believe we should take care of Americans first !

    2. John Somers says:

      Not bombs, MACHETE’s !!!

    3. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

      The first time i saw Obama’s eyes on T.V. i knew he was very EVIL and boy was i right.

  4. becompassionate says:

    Thank you AGAIN, Mr. Gowdy!

  5. TroyGale says:

    Here is a Letter to the Editor of my County Paper. No matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican, you ought to read this.

    American or something else?

    As I watched the News leading up to our Presidential Inauguration, I was angered by the
    childish behavior of the Left. Yes, there are those who do not honor and care about our
    Nation’s Election Laws and Processes! The Left are not American, no matter what they say.
    Yes, there are people who don’t want the rule of law, and who will do what they can to derail
    it for their own intent. I say the Left, because certainly most Democrats do want the rule of law,
    but they have in their Party, a group of people who will be dishonest, violent, and treasonous
    if it suits their purpose. And what is that purpose?

    History shows quite plainly that the Left is single minded in their purpose, which is to take over
    a group of people, deprive them of their rights, confiscate their wealth, and then purge those who
    disagree, murder them. This is the Left, from the beheadings after the French Revolution, to Marx,
    Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Che, etc.

    The Left accuse the Right of taking our liberty, being violent, and against humanity. Things history
    shows that in almost every instance come from the Left, not the Right. Sadly, what too many of
    we Americans have forgotten today is that the Left in many countries around the world are
    responsible for murdering well over 100 million people in the last century or so. That’s right,
    over 100 million, it isn’t a mistake. The Left are evil, and once they become plentiful, and
    powerful enough, will do the same here, if they can. Thank God our Founders provided for
    our defense though the 2nd Amendment. The Left will find this Nation a bitter pill because
    of that Amendment.

    Don’t be fooled, the people who want to take your rights, subjugate you, tell you what you may
    say, tell you what you may think, and confiscate your land and wealth are not only found in
    North Korea! Does any of that last sentence sound familiar? Look around, they are among
    us today, working actively to undermine our Institutions, our rights, and our way of life.
    Look no further than the headlines from the past several years. The Left, working tirelessly
    to gain power over our Nation, and your person, stated publicly their intent to disrupt our
    Peaceful Transition of Power, as dictated by our laws. Part of their philosophy after all, is
    that they do know what is best for the rest of we citizens. It seems like only yesterday that
    our News was filled with names like the Weather Underground, and Symbionese Liberation
    Army. Just to name two, there were others, they were violent, and they too were the Left.

    The transition of power was completed, not without incident, but it is done. Lest we forget,
    over 1 million men died for our Nation and way of life, millions more were wounded.
    Now a new tally is being kept, about 200 of my Sisters have died, while serving in Iraq and
    Afghanistan. A part of their sacrifice was to insure our Nation continues to be a place of freedom,
    and a self governing people. The Left do not share that sentiment, they feel that only they are
    smart enough to fairly govern our Nation. After all, it is much more important that anyone can
    use the public restroom of their choice no matter their gender, more important that College
    students are protected from alternate viewpoints which might scar them for life, than it is to
    solve the real problems of our Nation. While it may sound insane, these things are the Left,
    working continually to gain control of your life, what you may say, what you may think,
    and what you may do. May God Bless the incoming President. I feel that God has blessed
    America, but evidently there are some who aren’t paying attention, or as the Left normally
    states, there is no God, just before they make it a crime to worship Him.

    1. Terry M Chambers says:

      Thank you for posting Troy

      1. TroyGale says:

        You are welcome. What tears me apart is that I know Democrats and Republicans want the law. I know that the Left doesn’t, and will use any excuse to raise cain, and destroy property to further their agenda. But come on! What was posted ought to be known by every American, it isn’t as if these facts are hidden. Yet, the Left act up, and the next thing Congress is acting like these Democrat Party hangers on are the entire population. I don’t get it.
        3 weeks ago I went to a funeral service, it was for a 31 year old Vet who was diagnosed with PTSD, but untreated. He took his own life, and he was a wonderful young man. While American Vets die to the tune of 20 per day, many of my fellow citizens are ignoring my Brothers. It is a matter of priorities, and many of my fellow citizens have their heads up their posteriors in my opinion. We can’t do everything at once, we don’t have money to do everything necessary, but for God’s sake, lets put Vets first for a change, they paid our freight, and even a mangy cur knows how to express gratitude, why don’t our fellow citizens?

        1. nicholsda says:

          The left feels the vets are worthless and that a refugee should have more rights and care. Too bad when you came back that you didn’t have a rifle that could have slipped and knocked out a few teeth.

          1. TroyGale says:

            LOL, they didn’t allow that you know…we were crazy.

          2. Lasher says:

            Lasher knows, Tory.

          3. Lasher says:

            Violence begets more violence nicholsda. We need to turn the other cheek and take another slap. We need to love our enemies and tell them of the Christian life. We need to all intermarry with different races and make only one mixed up race (except for the Jews) and serve our masters, the Children of Light, the Jews, who have worked so hard all these centuries to win their rightful place on the throne of mankind where they can rule, protect, and guide us poor, ignorant goyim, whom a thousand of are not worth a Jewish fingernail.
            Glory be to the Great Jewish People!!!!

          4. nicholsda says:

            Read the Bible. If you don’t own a weapon, buy one. Does that sound like we should always turn the other cheek? Not to me.

        2. Sharon Windus says:

          Exactly Troy! Thank you and all Service men and women who have and continue to fight that the rest of us here at home can be free. Free to love, live and worship as we please in this great country we call home.

        3. Bill says:

          TroyGale, I’m a vet from Vietnam and I have never used my veteran benefits because I always felt there were others more needy. There are many many good Americans still in this country. We out number the looney left and we all better start speaking up. We allow illegals into our country, but what is worse many collect welfare and others get SS while our veterans get ignored and many elder folks also. More states and county’s voted for Trump, but now more than ever we need to stand with Trump and demand our politicians in congress support him also. It is my belief this is a make or break for the direction of our country and we need to support Trump. He really has opened the eyes of many Americans of what is going on and it is obvious our country was being sold out. Trump supports our veterans, our country and it is so refreshing to watch this man expose the corruption, propaganda media as he takes them on. The silent majority needs to become vocal if we are to make this country great again. God Bless you brother as I stand tall with you.

          1. TroyGale says:

            I do know we still have a long battle, but at least we have a President who seems to get it, now if we can kick Congress in the butt and get them moving…I pray we do!

          2. lew31 says:

            We need to kick most of congress OUT and start over again! USN !951 – 1955.

          3. TroyGale says:

            I’d love to kick them out. However, and this is a problem, it costs so much to be elected these days, that a common, honest, true American can’t run. That is a problem we need to address, and soon.
            Regards brother, and thank you for your service.

          4. Elaine Blackman says:

            I know it was a long time ago, but did you know that Strom Thurmond was first elected as a write-in candidate? I had a friend from his area originally and was related to him who said that he went from door-to-door meeting people.

          5. Lasher says:

            Elaine, you’re kidding!

          6. Lasher says:

            Strom was a great man who made the mistake of sleeping with the enemy.

          7. Warren Kinerson says:

            USS Philippine Sea CVA-47

        4. nicholsda says:

          Troy, the cemetery where dad is buried flies the flag at half staff on a day of a vet burial. Even in a county with a population of only about 61,000 there is a vet’s funeral just about daily. The number of graves with American flags on them is just about 50% with one section alone set aside for vets. Per dad’s request, he was not buried at Arlington or in a National Cemetery as he wanted both mom and I to be near him. So we opened up a new section in that cemetery. Since that time, several more former military have been buried there. Across the highway they opened up a larger VA Clinic as the need out grew the 2 doctors and now there are 6 there. One of the older cemeteries there has vets dating back to the Revolutionary War up to today’s War On Terror. Including George Washington’s/US’s first Surveyor General, BG Rufus Putnam.

          1. TroyGale says:

            Yes, here in MO, I live in a town of 1200. Our cemetery has Vets from both sides of the Civil War, and sadly right up to present day. My American Legion Post places Flags each Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, and 4th of July. We have a Local Bugler and have about 10 to 15% of the population show up to honor our fallen. I am always touched, and teary, these are my brothers, and I do honor their sacrifices for our Nation.

          2. Lasher says:

            nicholsda, I know there are many in here who will disagree with me and ridicule this little correction of your grammar, but in the fourth sentence of your post, you should have used the word “me” instead of “I” where you say “… both mom and I to be near him.” Not a biggie, but I just wanted you to know so that next time you won’t sound so pseudo-intellectual. At any rate, I know there will be some who will condemn me for trying to help you avoid such a glaring grammatical error next time. People like TroyGale seem to take a great deal of pleasure in making themselves look awkward and foolish by essaying to correct the indomitable Lasher. Regards.

          3. nicholsda says:

            I would suggest that you need to learn when to keep ones mouth shut rather than to remove all doubt about how stupid you are. Because of the word ” both ” before ” mom and ” you cannot remove ” mom and ” and be correct grammatically correct with ” me ” or ” I “. So that one word ” both ” requires the use of I and not me. Spoken and written are not the same in English.

          4. Lasher says:

            Sorry Hoss, but you are wrong and Lash is right, as usual. I don’t care how furiously you attempt to rationalize your stupidity, it is all to no avail when dealing with the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-American Lasher! Never doubt the Lash, He will get you every time. Regards!

          5. Warren Kinerson says:

            Does it make such a rat $hit difference!

          6. Lasher says:

            Yes, it does.

        5. betterboy says:

          The left are controlled by the corrupt establishment cartel – Bushes, Clintons, Globalists, international Bankers, big corps. They own the politicians and media.

          1. TroyGale says:

            All too true in many circumstances.
            All I can do is write to the Local Paper, Call and write my Congressman and Senators, and carry on the fight. Trump sure put a wrench into things, and I am delighted with him to this point!

          2. Lasher says:

            Troy, do you like seeing your name in print?

          3. TroyGale says:

            I like it when I can share honest thoughts with others.

          4. Lasher says:

            Objection, your honor! Not responsive to the question!

          5. TroyGale says:

            Oh but it is responsive, you’ve followed the bread crumbs deep into the forest.
            LOL, be a good child now, and annoy another adult.

          6. Lasher says:

            Troy, your weak attempts at ridiculing me with such childish jabs only indicates your total inability to converse in an adult manner, and it appears you are losing a lot of the fans you have taken in by boasting about your patriotism and love of this country. That is the behavior of a cheat-shot artist who has nothing else to do with his time than to dwell on the internet and act as though he is the second coming of Jesus Christ. You have shown us all that you can talk about your love of the country with the best of them, and even claim some outre grammar book validates your errors in grammar even though it is not true what you claimed. Lasher is always right, and in this case, you have made a terrible mistake in saying you are right, when Lash knows for certain that your position is phony. Keep on spouting your false information, and Lash will continue calling you out on your falsehoods. Good luck, old sport.

          7. TroyGale says:

            When you read the book, you will see who is right.
            You have made a tactical error though. You think that I care about what you believe and think.
            I don’t.

          8. Warren Kinerson says:

            $hit head!

          9. Lasher says:


        6. Lasher says:

          Troy, would you kill yourself to save America?

          1. Warren Kinerson says:

            Someone should take you out, that would help the nation, No one needs a $hit head like you, you wouldn’t be missed.

        7. Lasher says:

          We might have enough money to help if we didn’t throw it away like a drunken sailor on shore leave by furnishing so many undeserving countries extant with everything they demand of us taxpayers. The state I live in is in drastic need of funds to repair its infrastructure, build better schools, pay teachers better salaries on a merit system basis, generally raise the salaries of government employees to attract better people, and so much more that a well-run economy could provide, but we throw billions of dollars at just about any repressive, sick, backwater country that demands it of us, and we consider it our socialist duty to provide every Tom, Dick, and Harry with whatever he considers his cost of living whether he works at a job or not. The smallest nation on Earth that lives off us – Israel – receives more money than any other of the myriad beneficiaries of our taxpayer-provided largess, yet any Israel-firster will tell you that is logical.

      2. Lasher says:

        Thank you for not posting, Troy.

        1. Elaine Blackman says:

          He answers people who post to him, unlike you. It’s you who seems to like to see their name. I post too often myself, but I don’t try to ridicule others except in defense of someone I see being picked on.
          Lasher, you really have a problem keeping a handle on things. You criticize someone and a few hours later, you’re calling them great. Then later, you are harassing them. You remind me of Obama and HRC. They have that same problem.

          1. Lasher says:

            Elaine, you must study your sarcasm, little lady.

          2. Warren Kinerson says:

            Shut up freak!

          3. Elaine Blackman says:

            I saw a post he made 2 months ago appealing to Hitler and asking where he was when we needed him. It just flew all over me and in an instant, I blocked him.

          4. Lasher says:

            What? You don’t think Der Fuhrer could straighten this Jew-ridden country out?

          5. Lasher says:

            Elaine, you’re a harridan after my own heart.

      3. Lasher says:

        Isn’t he wonderful??????

    2. Robert Pollard says:

      Well said. I believe the number for Mao alone was ~100 million. In my opinion, Left = Socialists = Communists.
      “The goal of socialism is communism” –Lenin

      1. TroyGale says:

        It was, but in my feeble mind, over 100 million was terrible enough. I couldn’t state the almost 200 million that many feel is the real number today. If folks won’t wake up to 100 million graves, will another 100 million make a difference? That I would live to see my Country so ignorant and uncaring…I never would have thought, but once the Hippies spat upon me and my brothers in the Vietnam era, I should have guessed.

        1. granny_forUSA says:


          1. TroyGale says:

            He has my friend…I am an American.
            I have many brothers, and sisters.
            I will continue to write, and comment, but I am but one voice.
            I depend on my fellow citizens to be counted, I wish more would stand up and say “Enough”.

          2. Bill says:

            TroyGale, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! We are many and we are fed up with the wacky liberals.

          3. Gloria D. says:


          4. Donaldo says:

            And thank God and because of the 2nd amendment we will do what is necessary.

          5. Elaine Blackman says:

            The right to bear arms is always taken away when the left is about to enslave the population with finality. The left here is trying to do that. They must be squelched once and for all. We are so close to being enslaved and President Trump is possibly our last hope in keeping our freedom as a “free” nation. One thing we have to do is to keep our right to be armed.

          6. Lasher says:

            Elaine, a hat-pin is hardly being armed, old girl.

          7. Lasher says:

            Which is?

          8. Donaldo says:

            Fight for our freedom anyway that is necessary, armed if need be.

          9. chuberry says:

            How is this working for you Lasher? I would love this to be true, but a lot of people have claimed that income tax is voluntary, but then get hung up by the thumbs.

          10. Lasher says:

            It is definitely true, chub.

          11. Doris Will says:

            ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I agree! Parents who plan to send their children to college should vet the college to make sure the college is not a “snow flake factory.” Otherwise you will get a basement tenant who will go to leftist demonstrations and tell you what you did wrong. A Christian college is probably your best bet.

          12. Tom Schuckman says:

            “Christian College, or Tech School” —– Smart Idea ! Learn a trade, and study the KJV Bible ! For a great Bible that helps you learn better/ faster, check out the “DEFINED KJV Bible.” Visit: —- Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70. –Jesus is Lord.

          13. Doris Will says:

            Tech School is also a great idea. Techs are always in demand, and more so as new technologies are developed, even now it takes tech training to repair a car – all computers now. Thank you for your service, My grandson is at Marine Boot Camp now. God Bless

          14. Tom Schuckman says:

            Thank You, dear Doris ! When I was age 19, I was accepted by a few colleges in the State of Wisconsin, but just didn’t have enough money saved up to get in…. so I figured that I would get “some kind of education” in the Army. I they taught me A LOT !! But I ended up in Aviation School, at Fort Rucker, AL., however, it turned out OK, and I became a helicopter door gunner on my 2nd tour in Vietnam, and went to Germany before all that ! I got along with the Germans very well, and right now I am dating a very nice, blonde, German-American, farm gal, who likes me, too ! God has blessed me, BIG TIME ! I am retired from Chrysler, and also have a trade I leaned in Tech College, latter on in life when I was ‘laid off’ for 6 years — Welding. I learned a lot in college, too, and my Welding Instructor was a Navy SeaBee — So we got along well.
            My email: [email protected] —My Blog: TOM;S JOURNAL.

          15. Lasher says:

            That’s very interesting, dear Tom.

          16. Lasher says:

            “I they taught me a lot?” What does that mean? They apparently didn’t teach you good English.

          17. Derek says:

            It’s called a typo idiot!

          18. Lasher says:

            Dear Derek, thank you so much for your input.

          19. Derek says:

            Same reason you didn’t because I didn’t write it lol.

          20. Lasher says:

            Then why are you meddling in the conversation between me and the writer? You seem to need someone to talk to. Is it about your tiny penis?

          21. Charles Ginetto says:

            Lasher, you are a nattering nabob of negativism.

          22. ntn says:

            Semper Fi……….

          23. Elaine Blackman says:

            Thank you for your service. Too many have been disabled and killed in wars.

          24. Tom Schuckman says:

            Tom’s Journal. [email protected]
            So maybe a learned lady like yourself might volunteer a little help to a poor, old, country bumpkin, like me….. –My email: [email protected] — Please comment to me, “back channel.” [Via my personal email]. Smile.

          25. Lasher says:

            Tom, please do not put a space between the last word in a sentence and the punctuation mark as you did in the first sentence of that post. It only serves to confuse those of us who are used to reading well defined prose. Regards.

          26. Derek says:

            You find that complicated? How do you read the letters you get from your liberal pen pals in prison?

          27. Lasher says:

            Well, Derrick, most of my Prose and Cons buddies are more literate than idiots like you, and are definitely easier to understand, old sport.

          28. Janet Backus says:

            you are a breath of fresh air my new friend compare the kjv to the new international ? loses it’s source of depth thank you for all of your comments

          29. Tom Schuckman says:

            Hi Janet, Thank you for the warm, kind, comment, and I invite you to visit my humble Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL, which is geared to helping other combat Veterans navigate the corrupt VA system, that Pres. Trump will soon clean up ! My email address: [email protected] — I can’t share everything share everything on my mind, HERE, because of heathen trolls, and God-haters, Socialists, etc., although there are also some good people, like you. –Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70. —Tommy Schuckman. –Jesus is Lord.

          30. Janet Backus says:

            I am not a veteran like you just getting old …..still climbing up the ladder towards home

          31. Elephant says:

            I believe we just did in November. And there is more to come. 🙂

          32. TroyGale says:

            I sure hope so, but the Left never rests….

          33. Lasher says:

            Sounds like a good title for a rip-snortin’ military movie starring John Wayne as you, Roy. Of course he could never capture your total manliness, but he’s the best I could think of.

          34. Lasher says:

            More to come?? Would you care to elaborate?

          35. Tom Schuckman says:

            Hi Troy, We were both born in the same year! I am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, Army Helicopter ‘door gunner,’ and I was raised of a beef, hog and grain farm in S.E. Wisconsin, back in the ’60’s The name of my Blog is: TOM’S JOURNAL, and that is one of the ways that I share my Patriotism, Ideas, Military Info, and help other Vets’s as much as I can. My Email: [email protected] —Let’s communicate and share notes ! I also voted for Trump, but I think that he needs MORE Security. His very life is on the line, and he knows it ! Jesus is Lord. —-Tom Schuckman

          36. TroyGale says:

            Tom, will do when I get on my computer tomorrow. Silly tablet for tonight…slooow typing with 1 finger

          37. Lasher says:

            And where has that finger been?

          38. Elaine Blackman says:

            I wish you would quit using that avatar. You’re an embarrassment to the south.

          39. Elaine Blackman says:

            I thank God for all of our vets. In doing genealogy, it seems that most of the country volunteer in WWII. My father and uncles were among those with my father being a Marine in the Pacific where he was wounded with shrapnel before his fellow Marines went to Iwo Jima. I think his experience was used in “Sands of Iwo Jima”, except that political propaganda kicked in and he then was shown in Iwo Jima.

          40. Lasher says:

            Was he John Wayne?

          41. Lasher says:

            Yes, Troy, those silly tablets are so hard to get along with, aren’t they?

          42. Lasher says:

            What a novel and applicable name for your blog, Tom!

          43. Cecil Highsmith says:

            Amen TroyGale and I also agree with everything you have said! I to was spit on when I returned from Vietnam in 68 and after my second tour and I returned in 71 I was told to not wear my uniform to a civilian airport to get home for Leave.
            Our political parties have become so politically correct they can’t fart correctly and parents have catered to these wimpy children demonstrators while they tear up this country. Our accountability has been taken out of the government so what does worthless citizens expect. Freebies and more freebies.
            Our enemies don’t need to wire tap us there letting us destroy ourselves within. Unless the swamp gets drained quickly we’re doomed!

          44. Barbara Lewis says:

            You are so correct. I think about the american men and women that have died that I might be free and feel so sorry for the ones that don’t understand what it takes to remain free. No I never served in the armed services but wish that I could have but I just pray the American citizens never forget Auschwitz and the destructive power of the leftist. So many people killed and starved because of one monster and we are only a prayer away from the same thing with the leftist in power. Look at that and then tell me where we would be if they led this country. IN TROUBLE MORE SO THAN NOW.

          45. Elaine Blackman says:

            And President Trump was the answer to our prayers as a chance to stave off total takeover by those who want us enslaved. The left lashes out at everyone who stand up against them. I’ve seen sites that say that Rev. Franklin Graham is evil and a fake. I don’t believe them. His prayer is the one I read and prayed the night before the election when chills ran through me and I knew God was answering that prayer the next day (although I did have doubts that I was reading my chills wrong). I believe He will help and guide us through this war. I believe it is a war of good vs. evil going on right now. God is our Leader. President Trump is His general for now.

          46. Tom Schuckman says:

            God gave the USA a “Reprieve” — not total absolution… as the corrupt sins we have amassed stink all the way up to heaven, with abortion and the Gay agenda… sorry to say, and a serious falling away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now is the time to work super hard at sharing the Gospel during this short, “lull” before the ‘Storm.’ My Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL. — Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70

          47. Lasher says:

            Elaine, what do you think about Franklin’s father, the Rev. Billy Graham, telling Pres.Richard Nixon that the Jews in America have a “stranglehold” on our country, and if we didn’t do something about it, we will be doomed? This was in the 1970s and it was a comment captured on a secret tape recorder Nixon had in the Oval Office. Any comment? Regards.

          48. Derek says:

            Yeah. Who cares?

          49. Lasher says:

            Well, Elaine/Derrick, that’s what’s wrong with this country. Too many morons like you who don’t have the intelligence to understand what’s happening to them.

          50. Lasher says:

            De wreck, if Lasher wants anything out of you, He will squeeze your scrawny neck until it comes out of your eyes and nose. You got that, old sport?

          51. Derek says:

            WOW lasher man I’m sorry! Please don’t talk like that you’re going to give me nightmares for weeks! Lol just kidding anytime lasher feels the need to do that you go right ahead I will be more the glad to put you in traction for months. I know your kind the floor mats of society. Bought and sold everyday because you’re too weak to make a stand so you hide behind a key board and talk like you’re strong knowing you’re just a little pi** ant. I’m sure it’s a good healthy release for you but it’s all just a vision in your mind don’t forget that. The real world is for real men so just stay home and stay safe.

          52. Derek says:

            Oh man lasher I’m so sorry. I had no idea that you was a genetic mutant. What is the name of that awful condition? It’s turned you into a giant butt plug:(

          53. Lasher says:

            I can see you now jerking off while slavering over what’s under that jock strap, you moron.

          54. Lasher says:

            Barbara, dear, it is very patriotic of you to desire to have been in one of our military forces, and it was through no fault of your own that you weren’t, dear. It was such a misguided policy back during the Civil War that females were prohibited from front-line service, but I believe you would have made a fine soldier for whichever side you had been on.

          55. Lasher says:

            Barbara, most of those men and women who died didn’t do it for what you think, they died so that Zionist bankers and other Jewish money lords could keep adding to their – and their sworn enemies, gentiles, would end up in flag-draped coffins. This must sound off-the-wall to someone like you who hasn’t been exposed to the truth for your whole life, but all it takes is investigation to prove it is so. Most history you and your contemporaries have been taught is twisted and false propaganda put out by those eternal Masters of Deceit, the Zionists.

          56. Tom Schuckman says:

            Welcome Home, Bro. Cecil ! I live in the U.P. of MI, but moving South to Wisconsin soon, I hope. –Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70. Please visit my humble Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL. My email: [email protected]

          57. Lasher says:

            Why do you want him to visit your blog, Tom? Is there something special about it that you can’t put across in here, or are you just fishing for like-minded people whom you can sit around with and agree on everything while singing Kumbaya?
            Do you tolerate obverse opinions, and allow anyone with a valid opinion to state it, or do you kick people like myself out immediately on posting?

          58. kbmiller says:

            ENOUGH !!!

          59. Lasher says:

            ToryGail is really a man for the times, isn’t he granny-forUSA?
            He has the enviable power and position of a man who can manufacture a quite rosy picture of himself and his make-believe past experiences without cracking a single little snaggle-toothed grin that might expose him as the most prolific prevaricator the internet has yet seen, and make it all appear to be reality for you older folks who are looking for a savior to save you from the machinations of the evil, left-wing politicians who are striving mightily to price your drugs out of your reach and cause you to have to choose between a bone for your cute little doggie, Muffin, and one for your watered down soup this evening made from the same bone Muffin has been looking at with those sad little eyes of his for so long now. But, Not To Worry! President Trump has plans to issue each and every one of you good people over the age of 80 a brand-new bone cut from the carcass of only the less sick of the beasts the government has culled from the herds that were recently found on an abandoned ranch in Wyoming, and there is expected to be a bountiful flood of semi-government-inspected beef and pork that should have you and your poor crippled, destitute friends and neighbors soon gorging your gullets with all this miraculous sustenance provided for you government dependents by your shadow government that is always looking out for you and yours.

            Regards, Lord Rothschild and Family.

        2. mh5 says:


          1. TroyGale says:

            I know, but my service was the Nam era. I was a Submariner and we patrolled the N. Atlantic ready to fire Nukes if the Russians ever launched first. Of course, didn’t make any difference to the Hippies…
            I was ashamed that our Command actually told us not to wear Uniforms when traveling or on Liberty. They just yelled baby killer, and spat, didn’t matter the uniform, we were not loved greatly.
            I recovered….

          2. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


          3. TroyGale says:

            God has blessed me in abundance. I’m married to the same Woman I married 46 years ago. I have had a good life, Dad literally lost the farm to the Bank. I didn’t have new clothes till I got a part time job at age 13. I served my country, learned a trade, and was employed in good paying jobs my entire working life, except for a year off which I took for myself and my Bride because I could afford to do so on my own dime. She was battling Cancer at that time, and needed me. I retired several years ago, and between us, we won’t ever be rich, but do have enough coming in each month with a small surplus. I have been blessed in so many ways, and I never forget that it is this Nation, and its people who made that possible.

          4. David Cole says:

            Troy, it is persons like yourself and a WWII veteran that educates his family with letters from grandpa and his amazing WWII survival on most of the beaches in Europe and the Pacific. His name is Dan Reichard who gave his account of his service in his book, “Time to Go.” That is what heroes did in WWII and every call to arms for their country since the American Revolution until now. Every day I get up on the morning or at night and thank God for people like you and the rest that gave as best they could for their country. Thank you for your service as well.

          5. Elephant says:

            You are more rich than most people with money.

          6. TroyGale says:

            And fortunate enough dear Elephant to recognize how much I have. If I were to die tomorrow, I will have had a richly blessed life.

          7. What a blessing it was to read your posts, a true patriot and thank you for your service and moral compass still in tact. God bless.

          8. TroyGale says:

            Well, I don’t know if my compass is intact or not my friend, but I do know I’ll take up arms to defend our nation if the need arises. God will have to decide if it was warranted. I don’t know if I am a good man, but I do know I am a good American.

          9. Lasher says:

            Troy, you are a Grrreat American.

          10. Elaine Blackman says:

            Why don’t you just delete your rude remark to him then? I don’t understand why you made that remark just 2 hours after making this one.

          11. Lasher says:

            Sorry, but I don’t know what post you are talking about.

          12. Elaine Blackman says:

            The one asking where the finger had been. This is the 2nd reference to it I’d made. Redundant of me.

          13. TroyGale says:

            Elaine, Lasher is a vulgar child with no socially redeeming values. Don’t trouble yourself, or worry in any way about his posts. I’m a big boy, and so is Tom. Thank you for your civility and your defense.

          14. TroyGale says:

            Elaine, don’t worry. I’m sure Tom knows, as I do, a vulgar child when we hear one crying. You see Lasher hates America, he is a snowflake and decries anyone who loves our nation, and has served it. It is all about him, and gaining some attention. I suspect the Ladies don’t pay him any mind either. Harassing his betters seems his only means of communication. It gives a new meaning to the word “pariah” .

          15. Lasher says:

            “Snowflake?” What is a “snowflake?”

            They Call The Wind Pariah.


          16. Lasher says:

            Troy, you sound like a saint!

          17. Elaine Blackman says:

            I can’t figure you out. You talk like a jerk and then you sound okay. By using the Confederate flag as an avatar, it seems that you’d be okay except for that one post you made.

          18. Lasher says:

            Which post was that, if I may ask?

          19. Elaine Blackman says:

            The one about the finger and asking where it had been.

          20. Lasher says:

            “Dear Elephant?” Hahahahahahahahahaha!

          21. Barbara Lewis says:

            My brother-in-law was a Vietnam Vet that has gone home to be with the Lord now and so has my husband. He was not a veteran but he and I were married almost 51 years. He worked as a plumber for about 30 years and suffered the side effects of the poisonous fumes that were used. But I surely bless you and ask the Lord to keep his hand on you. That’s the problem with the young today: they have no sense of responsibility, no morals to speak of and no RESPECT for anything or anybody. They don’t respect themselves so how can you expect them to respect anyone.

          22. Lasher says:


          23. Lasher says:

            What poisonous fumes are you referring to, Babs? I was once a Master Plumber, and I never heard of anything like that. Who told you that misinformation? Now, I did employ some plumbers who were bitten by the deadly oakum bugs that are found in the twisted jute packing that was once used in the poured lead joints as a sealant to prevent the hot lead from leaking through the joint, but since about 1972, poured hot lead isn’t used. Now the procedure is to use rubber sleeves and metal tightening bands on the joints. No longer does the name “plumber” apply to those who once did use hot lead (Latin, “plumbus”) to prevent filthy feces-polluted water from leaking down from an upper apartment into one below it, as an example. Are those “fumes” from the sewage that poor guys like your hubby had to control the ones you were speaking of?
            I can imagine how breathing such fumes might become deleterious to one’s health after many years of being forced to work around them for so many years and years.

          24. Lasher says:

            That’s so good to hear that you and she (or is it “her?”) are still together. Regards back at you.

          25. Lasher says:

            “God has blessed me in abundance. I’m married to the same Woman I married 46 years ago.”
            You call that being blessed?

          26. Elena Bowman says:

            Troy not all of us felt that way…only those who hated this country did. Thank you for your service. God Bless You and yours

          27. TroyGale says:

            Thank you Elena, I assure you God has blessed me in abundance, and my wife as well.
            I know not everyone felt that way, but it is something which does remain with a person for a lifetime.

          28. Warren Kinerson says:

            Some of us have a lot to be thankful for….I came through 1951-53 in Korea and just stayed in the military and through Vet Nam 1964-69. was a crew member in A3Ds just before retiring from military in 1970 and many times God held us together with His Hands…My praise and thanks goes to God.

          29. TroyGale says:

            Yes Warren, I didn’t do much myself, but I had a Superior Role Model to follow.

          30. Lasher says:

            You must be talking about God.

          31. Lasher says:

            Toy, were you under my command?

          32. Lasher says:

            Vet Nam?

          33. Lasher says:

            Hey, Warren, I know a guy whose grandfather was in the Korean
            Police Action. His name was Bill Smith – did you know him?

          34. Elena Bowman says:

            I can understand what you went through and how it affected your life. My four brothers and my husband, not to mention cousins and nephews fought for our country too. They all came home but some, one in particular continued to fight the war every day for 65 years until God took him home. I hated to see him go, but in a way it was a blessing for him. I still miss him and always will.

          35. TroyGale says:

            LOL, btw…I can’t help but be nosy…curiosity is a hallmark of intellect.
            I even read cereal boxes for goodness sake.

          36. Lasher says:

            Troy, I believe you have told everyone more than once about your amazing intellect. Let it go.

          37. Lasher says:

            Who reads and defines the big words for you, Toy, your boyfriend?

          38. Lasher says:

            Troy, I love the way you declare your thoughts. It makes you seem like a leader of men.

          39. Lasher says:

            Tory, were you picked on by your bigger and stronger classmates when you were in school? Did they give you wedgies, and make you cry? How terrible if that is so.

          40. Dianne Cornett says:

            You are correct, only the hard left felt that way — American Patriots love and thanked The Lord for our troops brave service. May God Bless America once more through Our President, Donald Trump!

          41. Elena Bowman says:


          42. Dianne Cornett says:

            Thanks, Elena. Troy Gale is true American Hero, isn’t he? Wow, what an attitude
            in the face of so much hurt and pain. Kind of like St. Paul singing praises to God
            while tethered to the floor of the Jail!
            We must be in prayer for our President — I feel God is giving us another chance to
            turn back to Him by blessing us with President Trump! Bless you, Dianne

          43. Lasher says:

            Saint Troy sounds good to me

          44. Lasher says:

            What was Paul in the slammer for?

          45. Lasher says:

            Elena, don’t you mean “Awomen?”

          46. Elaine Blackman says:

            Weren’t most of them in CA even then?

          47. bj veteran says:

            Thanks for your service as I too was a service member during the Nam era and was also not in the war theater of Vietnam and was also spit at and called a baby killer but continued to wear my Uniform with pride. I think the article failed to mention the 60 million plus that have been murdered in this country simply because they did not want their babies. And they called us baby killers?

          48. TroyGale says:

            Yes, there will be an accounting some day.
            Regards my brother…Health, Happiness, and Long life to you and yours.

          49. Tom Schuckman says:

            Hi BJ, Yes, Abortion IS Murder, according to the KJV Bible, and I have recently dealt with that subject on my Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL. I am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran –“Door Gunner” –Huey’s. Let us visit and compare notes: [email protected]

          50. Elaine Blackman says:

            Wow!! You’re right about that, and it was probably the same people in both instances. What hypocrites!! I guess evil is like a shape-shifter, saying and doing whatever it thinks it needs to accomplish its evil goal. In the past, I’ve said that the libs were wolves wearing sheep’s clothing, but that’s only a very small part of it, I guess.

          51. Lasher says:

            Does the “bj” stand for what I think it does, bj?

          52. Tom Schuckman says:

            Welcome Home, Brother Veteran ! I put 2– years in RVN [Vietnam], in 3rd Corp., BearCat, with the 240th AHC, “door gunner” —Huey’s. I also write a humble Blog; TOM’S JOURNAL, –that aims to help other Disabled Veterans, with Info, Intel, Encouragement, etc., helping people navigate the corrupt VA system, etc. We are going to see some improvements, soon ! I voted for Pres. Trump, and pray for his family and health/ Security. My email: [email protected] —I live in the frigid U.P. of MI. and hope to move back to WI., this Spring. I also share the Gospel with all who will listen to me, because a “Huge Storm” is coming and people need to Prepare in many ways. Retired from Chrysler after 30. 5 long years. —Jesus is Lord. —Tommy Schuckman

          53. TroyGale says:

            I love all my fellow Vets Tommy. The older I get, the more I see evil in those we elect. I too voted for Pres. Trump, as I expected he is a man of his word. Now if we can get Congress and the Senate moving with him, we have a chance to save our nation. May God bless you and yours Brother.

          54. Lasher says:

            How much do you love them, Tory? Were you pretty close to some in the submarine? Hmmmm?

          55. Lasher says:

            Tommy, is advertising one’s own blog allowed in here? Are you having trouble getting people to come to yours? What a shame … pity!

          56. Lasher says:

            I get a warm, fuzzy feeling when I think about how you made the world safe for us (or is it “we?”) Americans

          57. Elaine Blackman says:

            It’s “us”, as in U.S. 🙂

          58. Lasher says:

            I have heard that the submarine corps really preferred little guys because of all the tight space in a sub. Did you have a bunk mate, Troy? Was he black?

          59. Elaine Blackman says:

            Are you a schizophrenic by any chance? There are times I want to block you and then you show the other side of yourself. I think there’s hope for you, Lasher. You must be very angry about something, but you seem to lash out indiscriminately at everyone.

        3. C. Daniel Fowler says:

          I agree with most of what you say Troy, but your characterization of hippies, and lumping them all into one big pot is folly on your part, and shows a certain bias, as if hippies were responsible for every bad thing that ever happened to this country, or to you. Well I have news for you Mr. Wizard, you are wrong. No group of people that society has created a name for, and looked upon with suspicion and disdain has ever enjoyed the same mindset, the conscious mind, that you apparently believe the hippies of the 60’s and early 70’s had. Every group has it’s dissension, which amounts to a different type of checks and balances, if you will. It’s a good thing, and has the ability to change the mindset or creed of the group from inside out, when good indeed overcomes evil, and justification prevails. I was also a soldier in the Vietnam Era, and when I cleared paperwork and was on my way home after being released fro the Army, I made the mistake of wearing my dress greens and trying to hitchhike home. Yes I got called a baby killer, and people tried to spit on me from closely passing vehicles. I ever had a glass bottle of beer thrown at me, that barely missed. But I didn’t miss. I saw the frustration of the people as being a part and parcel of the coverage the Police action in Vietnam received, and the irresponsibility of our politicians for refusing to declare it a war, though how could it be considered anything other than a war? And one of the most viscous and stealth wars ever fought in the history of our nation. To this day I don’t blame the hippies, hell I was one of them until I received my draft notice, number 48 for the 1972 inductions. I answered the call, swore the oath and hold fast to it to this day. I’m no GI Joe, just a man, a citizen, and a patriot, though I didn’t realize that until it came time to make decisions. It was offered to me the money to move to Canada, seriously. But I’m not a Canadian, I’m an American, and though I considered the draft tantamount to imprisonment, the way it pulls you up by your roots and plants you where they want you planted, I was inducted into the US Army, and became a better person for it. Not bu coming out and judging everything I saw that I didn’t agree with or understand, but by actually allowing my countrymen to operate on an equal and opposite axis than I was on, all part of the constitution I swore an oath to protect from all enemies, Foreign and Domestic. The are enough enemies that wish to do harm to the citizens of the USA, foreign and domestic. Let’s not join them by joining in the assignation of the character of some of our countrymen,, simply because were allowing our emotions to dictate our commitment. We are already soldiers, and we’re also better people than that.

          1. TroyGale says:

            There was one group of people who spat upon me, and other servicemen.
            They were Hippies, and frankly, I don’t care if you want to forgive them.
            They are the Left, and the Left have filled well over 100 Million graves in the past century.
            Those who won’t learn from History are condemned to relive it….See Berkeley last night…they are the Left…
            You are entitled to your opinion, but so am I.

          2. C. Daniel Fowler says:

            Your opinion is as valid as the next, and I’ll consider all opinions in order to attempt to reset the angle of my perspective in order to widen the view. But I cannot in good conscience lump all hippies together as “the left” anymore than I can lump all African Americans together as “All Democrats” or all music together as “good”. It just never plays out that way, and I have many friends who were teenagers during the 60’s who have been very loud spokespeople for Donald Trump and would like to see Hillary in court, and to pursue her until she’s behind bars. I understand your opinion or point of view, I just lived something different and I know the outcome your looking for does not exist. And yes, I do forgive them, for being led by the news media to believe something that existed in very minor instances, because there’s nobody of principles who wants to kill babies or little children. Servicemen got a bum rap from the government, and the news media during the Vietnam era, and the few are still leading the masses with talking points and reverse vitriol where the two party system is concerned, and it’s happening on both sides. I hate the liberal agenda, but I’m not very enamored with the Republican party either. The two party system could end up being far more dangerous than our nuclear capabilities ever have been, and far more divisive. Btw, forgiveness is good for you, and it is meant for you. When I forgive someone it cleanses my spirit and soul and eliminates all of the negative stuff, the stuff that poisons from within, and I highly recommend it to anyone who want to keep the good stuff in and take the bad stuff away.
            But that’s just my personal opinion.

          3. TroyGale says:

            I have one yardstick by which I test every major problem – and that
            yardstick is: Is it good for America?

            – Dwight D. Eisenhower

            The Left are evil, it is always just a matter of how much power they have in a Society.

            They are not good for America.

            Well over 100 million, approaching 200 million by some accounts, people have been killed during the past century by the Left. Hippies are/were the Left. When the Left comes to power, they just kill those who don’t agree with their ideas. That is fact, that is historically accurate, and we’ll have to agree to disagree on one item. The Left don’t need forgiveness, they need to be eliminated.
            It isn’t just in N. Korea…
            Here in America
            Who tells you what you may say?
            Who tells you what you may do?
            Who tells you how you should think?
            Who tells you that you need to pay more because you have more?
            The Left, evil, resolute, and tireless in their attempts to control everyone.


          4. Lasher says:

            The Jews have only one yardstick, and that is “Is it good for the Jews?”
            What do you think about the USS Liberty incident, Troy? Was it just a little mistake?

          5. Lasher says:

            Troy, I can see how ignorant you are about wars and the denouements thereof. Dwight Eisenhower was one of the most blood-thirsty killers of German soldiers and even German citizens (women and children) those Germans who were unlucky enough to survive the Jewish inspired WWII (which was brought on by International Jewry in 1933 by declaring war on Germany. Ike was so vicious he made his subordinates kill a certain quota of Germans every day or be court-martialed and thrown in Leavenworth Prison. Ike particularly liked to allow his soldiers to rape German females, and it didn’t matter what age they were.
            I suppose he was one of your heroes, right?

          6. Warren Kinerson says:

            I can tell that you get all your knowledge from the $hit pile…you’re no different than Liberals that believe all the crap from the left….and you found some one in the $hit Pile that told you all this stuff and because of your warped mind, you believed it. Go figure.

          7. Lasher says:


          8. sutherncon says:

            Koom Bah Yah.

          9. Lasher says:

            Dan, what do you think of those brave IDF soldiers who like to wear those T-shirts with an image of a pregnant Palestinian woman with her belly in crosshairs, and a caption under it saying “Two for the price of one?”

          10. Warren Kinerson says:

            I can tell that you are a secret liberal that voted for obama!

          11. Lasher says:

            How can you tell that, old sport, by the way I am so sick of this country’s leadership, and would love to have someone who would tell us the WHOLE truth about why we are losing more and more each day?

          12. Lasher says:

            You can call me whatever it may soothe your soul to call me, but the truth of the matter is that most, if not all, of those misguided young people who spat on the military, and did outrageous things in demonstrating against our country’s being involved in the Viet Nam war, actually were letting the influence of free-flowing drugs and the mentoring of Jewish organizations guide their young and inexperienced hands. Everything done by these naive tools of the Jewish leadership was done to give them a sense of doing what they were told was the patriotic thing to do by those Zionist “leaders” who usually kept clear of the jail-time deeds of their willing tools who thought they were doing great things for the eventual betterment of the world. That is the traditional M.O. of the Jews, who are experts in the art of clandestine warfare and false flag incidents. Anyone scanning the headlines of the archived news of those days would find that whenever there was some kind of anti-American act reported, there was ultimately a Jewish organization or a notorious Zionist connected with the operation (SCLC, NAACP, ADL, J-Street, SPLC, JDL, ad inf.

          13. Lasher says:

            Who told you that you are entitled to your opinion, Troy old sport? Do you believe everything you hear? Suppose you had been told that you aren’t entitled to anything you don’t manufacture all by yourself – you’d believe that, wouldn’t you?
            Anyone who would lie about some screwball book saying that Lasher is in error about grammar will probably commit any sort of crime against others, and even humanity itself. It is I, and I alone who is the master of all English prose and poetry, whereas you are only a semi-literate, maleducated little faker who has probably never been in any service except maybe the Salvation Army. I really feel sorry for your poor wife who probably regrets every day that she was trapped into marrying a total phony like yourself. Poor wife!!!

          14. Elaine Blackman says:

            You’re DEFINITELY a schizo!! I’m sorry for you since you seem to be off your meds right now.

          15. Warren Kinerson says:

            I take it back…you make all southerners look bad, they should stomp your $ss, just listen to yourself, you’re so stupid!

          16. Lasher says:

            Thank you, Warren.

          17. Lasher says:

            Is that your answer to everything, dear Warren? Is violence the be-all and end-all answer to all the things you disapprove of? Why haven’t you tried some reason and logic before you instigate something that could end up tragically for someone who has never done you any harm? Warren, this isn’t a contest to see who can better the other one with words; if it were, I would have been declared the winner days ago when we first began our discussion. Yours is a small world, Warren, and it’s getting smaller all the time. Do try to love your enemies, it will drive them nuts, old sport.

          18. Lasher says:

            That’s mighty Christian of you, dear Warren.

          19. Lasher says:

            It is such a pleasure to just read the lilting perfection of Troy’s posts, isn’t it?

          20. ted j says:

            many of those hippies are now teaching in our education system…furthering their disdain for America..spewing hatred for any the Americn way of life for socialism…many of the others are just a bunch of burned out dopers..

          21. Jean Rutz Dunn says:

            Oh so true

          22. parkslopedog says:

            Not all of them, thank you. I’d like to think I provide a counterbalance to the indoctrination on campus.

          23. ted j says:

            well parkslopedog… I hope you are aware you are an endangered spicies… the socialists in the education hierarchy are out to get people like you… my prayer is that we get them out first!!!

          24. parkslopedog says:

            Good luck trying to get them out of the schools. I have to be discreet, but when I hear my students repeat the BS fed to them by other faculty members or the media, I present a counterpoint. As for my colleagues, I fake camaraderie and pretend to sign their loony online petitions against the electoral college. It’s like living in an insane asylum where the inmates are on a hair trigger ready to take vengeance on anyone who isn’t crazy like them.

          25. Elaine Blackman says:

            I’m sorry you have to live such a dual life. It was the same in the Civil War (or War of Northern Aggression as it’s sometimes called in the south). I suspect it was the same in the American Revolution. I guess we’re beginning to have that in our lives, too, some more than others. People in CA and unions probably have to live in dual lives just as German Jews did frequently, as well as sympathizers.
            I never realized how much these posts serve to make us think.

          26. Lasher says:

            It was the “War For Southern Independence.”

          27. Lasher says:

            When referring to the South as a place, always capitalize the word. Regards.
            North, west, and east are directions, South is a place.

          28. Lasher says:

            ted, is oregano also on the endangered spices list?

          29. Lasher says:

            Mind telling us what campus, parkslopedog?

          30. David Cole says:

            Fowler your attack is rather stupid. I personally saw thousands of hippies breaking out windows in stores, throwing rocks and supposedly protesting while sitting on the steps inside Washington’s Monument is WDC smoking grass during the late 60’s, No not all can be lumped in the same bag but too many bad apples in the basket can ruin the whole.

          31. Lasher says:

            Smoking pot isn’t as bad as smoking tobacco and making the Zionist Jewish tobacco industrialists mega-wealthy on your health.

          32. Warren Kinerson says:

            This Pot Smoker Lasher gets all his information straight from the $hit Pile…..

          33. Lasher says:

            Thank you, Warren.

          34. Lasher says:

            Are you still addicted to marijuana?

          35. There are all types of hippies, as there are all types of Americans, but I would be hard pressed to identify any hippies who were conservatives at the time, most were totally against the system at the time, you perhaps were an exception, so good for you, most were not.

          36. Elaine Blackman says:

            I’m not sure he was or he wouldn’t have come down so hard defending them, IMO.

          37. Tom Schuckman says:

            Ha! I figured your “Prefix” was ‘US ! And attacking Troy was a shameful, BAD move, Bud ! Shame on you, and I will bet you voted for Hillary, too, you Liberal ! If you would have lived in Ancient Israel, they would have excused you for the Army as unfit, and the first group of people mentioned at Revelation 21: 8…. cowards. Crawl back into your bed, bud.

          38. Elaine Blackman says:

            They were the beginning of the brainwashed, useful tools. There’s that same look of bewilderment out of anyone who doesn’t know the Word of God, I’d bet.
            I don’t believe that I ever saw the word “all” hippies mentioned, yet you try to portray that as a defense in the same way that people don’t say “ALL” Muslims are terrorists. Did you join the hippy movement? Is that why you’re so defensive of them?
            We could get into a discussion of everything that started going wrong with the country in the ’60’s, including the “sexual revolution”. The ’60’s was my era as well since I’m among the last of the war babies, meaning the 1st born of a returning WWII vet. I think my father was later in returning because he was used as a guinea pig by the government for glucose after his injury in the Pacific.

        4. Robert Pollard says:

          Yeah, no surprise. Hippies were a sign of things to come. We are way past sane in this country. That’s all because the globalists can’t take being told “up yours” we don’t want your new world order. Works well for them since the democrats/liberals/socialists/communists can’t stand to lose and therefore resort to temper tantrums. Soros has already doubled the funds into the effort of overthrowing Trump.
          BTW, thank you for your service. My son was Infantrymen

          1. TroyGale says:

            You are welcome, but my service wasn’t hard, or terrible. If they hadn’t begun pulling Active Military benefits, I would have stayed for 20. I was Navy, and made Fleet Ballistic Missile boat patrols in the North Atlantic. It was boring, but the Russians knew if they ever launched at the U.S. that they would receive a world of hurt. I’m proud to say we have a continuation of those older boats.
            If you are interested Google “Forty one for Freedom”. I served aboard Stonewall Jackson, SSBN 634.
            Pass a well done to your son. I love all my brothers and sisters. Sadly we have lost about 200 women in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are the best of America because they know the value of Freedom, and from where it comes.

          2. Navy4245 says:

            TroyGale I rode SSBN633 USS Casimir Pulaski and agree 100% with you.Patrol was long and boring but did guarantee that planet keep spinning and the civilian world had no clue.Maybe if they read Blindmans’ Bluff by Sherry Sontag they may even figure out who the 41 for freedom were.Keep the bubble and may all your dives be matched by surfaces.I was a Aganger and proud of it.

          3. TroyGale says:

            I don’t know when or what crew you were on, but I had a friend on Pulaski, a NavET named Tom Clingan. Haven’t thought of him for ages. You should be proud of it, it was a job which needed to be done, and good men did it.

          4. Navy4245 says:

            I was Gold crew 76-79.Should’ve been longer but a drunk driver in Charleston ran me over.I’d do it again in a heartbeat.Except getting run over that is.My crew was like a bigger version of McHales’ Navy.We could fix anything just not pretty in uniform.

          5. TroyGale says:

            As I believe most of us were.
            Long life and health to you brother!
            Thanks for touching base.

          6. Tom Schuckman says:

            My Dad was in the Navy –SeaBees –WW-2, Saipan, and that’s why I joined the Army…. lol.

          7. Lasher says:

            SeaBees were actually Navy men?

          8. Lasher says:

            Do you have the guts to read/listen to this?


            Or this?


          9. Lasher says:

            Yeah, they are tigresses in the foxholes.

          10. Warren Kinerson says:

            True….we Americans don’t want the New World Order……and I feel a great sorrow to say this, but it’s coming! I know, because the bible tells me so. but I am happy to tell you that we are even now in the end times, in the times like Noah’s days and Jesus said that when you see the fig tree spouting, that generation will not all be gone until all is accomplished, Hey! some of us are still around yet. time is getting shorter and shorter…He is coming for His church and most likely in your lifetime.( and everyone knows that the fig tree is the symbol of Israel) spouted in May of 1948

          11. Tom Schuckman says:

            That’s exactly what I share and teach, too !! I disseminate that bible-smart information in my Blog, and I know that people all over the world read it ! Revelation, Chapter 13 speaks about the NWO, and how people will HAVE TO HAVE THE “MARK” on their right hand or their fore heads, etc. But Christ will have already Raptured up His Saints/ Believers, who have the Holy Spirit in them, and then starts the Great Tribulation. See/ Visit: –for a great, easy to read, pure Bible…. but I can tell that you already know your bible well, sir. —Tommy Schuckman. –Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70 [2– Tours], and I was in Germany before that. Love that beer and food !

          12. Lasher says:

            How ’bout them frauleins!

          13. Tom Schuckman says:

            Yes, I liked them, but they were so sophisticated, at least, at that time. And our Company Commander discouraged marriage between U.S. Soldiers and German nationals…. as they are really a different culture from America…. as I found out. Ha! I THOUGHT I was “German” until I came to Germany.

          14. Elaine Blackman says:

            Since you’re a messenger, I believe, with your blogs; I have a correction to make. The word “Bible” is always capitalized. I don’t think it would matter in a URL. Some people don’t seem to know to capitalize the word “God” or “He” or “Him” when pertaining to God.

          15. Tom Schuckman says:

            Capitalization Rules for Writers (Part 8 of 8) –


            Capitalization Rules for Writers (Part 8 … or scriptures is not capitalized. Only capitalize the term when it’s … Bible should be capitalized.”

            Do tell, dear Editor ! Well, I have always claimed to ask for any “constructive criticism” and now HERE YOU ARE ! Ha ! And have you had the sublime pleasure of reading my very humble Blog, yet ?
            TOM’S JOURNAL. And I will bet that would be a ‘nit-picking paradise’ for someone like you….lol. However, if you do it in public, that will also tell me a lot about your character, and lack of restraint. Email: [email protected]

          16. Elaine Blackman says:

            I haven’t. Proofreading seems to be a trait in our family. My brother was a professional proofreader in San Francisco. An aunt was a proofreader in Nashville for the Southern Baptist Sunday School Board, after she’d been church secretary at several churches in TX, including under Dr. Landis when he was in WF. I only proofread the 1850 census for our genealogy society, but I was proud of it.

            Also, I think your humility is false given the way you started going after me for trying to help you.

          17. Tom Schuckman says:

            Sorry, I apologize for failing at trying to be funny. I won’t bother you anymore.

          18. Lasher says:

            Tom, your name is funny enough.

          19. Elaine Blackman says:

            When you asked me if I was a Christian and if I knew the Bible, that was you trying to be funny?!! I really doubt that!!
            The second post was probably your trying to be funny, but the first post was still there.
            Also, your telling me that I should tell you in private was a reprimand. I don’t see any of those comments now. I guess you deleted them. I see. You changed it to “Guest” for the most part. You just tried to obfuscate the whole thing and put it all on me for not having a sense of humor. Anything rather than to apologize or make yourself look bad, right?

          20. Lasher says:

            Promises, promises …

          21. Elaine Blackman says:

            That post wasn’t so much a lack of restraint as it was passing on info. As I said, a lot of words should be capitalized that aren’t and they pertain to God, Allah, Messiah, Bible, and anything religious. My restraint is in not correcting everyone, but since you have a gift for blogging, I wanted you to especially know, as well as anyone else who might notice.
            Nope. You aren’t humble. I, on the other hand, am Texan. We’re known for saying what we think.

          22. Warren Kinerson says:

            Sorry, I don’t capitalize allah, the moon god, I don’t use a capital for satan either…but always for the Lord.

          23. Elaine Blackman says:

            That’s fine with me. 🙂 I don’t always capitalize Obama, either, but the spell checker does it on its own.

          24. Lasher says:

            Then I wonder why it misses out on all the other errors you make.

          25. Lasher says:

            Warren, didn’t I see you and your girlfriend, Satan’s daughter, at the last Bohemian Grove child sacrifice ceremony?

          26. Lasher says:

            And do you consider that to be a stellar quality?

          27. Tom Schuckman says:

            And are you also a religious person, and do you know the Bible well ??

          28. Elaine Blackman says:

            Don’t worry. I won’t try to help you again nor even read your posts!!!

          29. Lasher says:

            Elaine, in here, helping someone is tantamount to insulting them.

          30. Lasher says:

            You are wrong, elaine, bible isn’t always capitalized. See this post.

          31. Lasher says:

            Tom, how long are you going to wave your own flag with all your blabber about you and how good you are?

          32. Lasher says:

            I thought the dollar sign was the symbol of Izrael.

          33. Elaine Blackman says:

            Israel is God’s chosen people. It’s His plan that they don’t believe in Jesus until the end. They are one of the signs when they believe that Jesus is the Messiah.

          34. Lasher says:

            Who told you that, Elaine?

          35. Warren Kinerson says:

            The bible did!

          36. Lasher says:

            The Bible has no way of uttering words.

          37. Lasher says:

            Really, Elaine? Who knew?

          38. Lasher says:

            Dang, dear Elaine, that’s cutting it pretty close isn’t it? They have until the very end to start believing in Jesus? Why can’t I and all my fellow gentiles also wait until the very end to save our sinful souls? That seems like a little bit of favoritism in favor of Jews. So, in your interpretation of it, the most evil, blasphemous Jew can wait up until the very last second to get saved from hell, but a good soul who has lived a life of good works and charity to all can have doubts at the very end and spend eternity in a lake of fiery, burning agony? That doesn’t sound very equitable nor like the punishment fitting the “crime.” Lordy!

          39. Lasher says:

            Elaine, you ignorant slut … Israel is not people, it is a stolen stretch of land on the Mediterranean Sea taken by arms from its rightful citizens, the Arab Palestinians who had lived there for centuries before Zionist crooks devised a sneaky way of having it given to them via the Balfour Declaration – a criminal act by the British and other flunkies of the Zionist Jews. Read some history.

          40. Warren Kinerson says:

            There are two kinds of bible readers! those who dwell daily in it and those who condemn it without ever reading it, but of course, they say they read it……Yes! the symbol of Israel is the fig tree.

        5. AK says:

          Troy, that was a great letter. More of us need to take a stance against the out of control liberal mindset that won’t tolerate any view but their own. The hate and intolerance of the extreme left is sickening and un-American.
          I am a veteran too and left the service because I could no longer support the unjust wars we are fighting. This included Vietnam which was started under false pretenses just like the Iraq war. I don’t blame the hippies for rejecting an unjust war although their disgust was clearly mis-directed. They shouldn’t have blamed our troops but they should have called out our government for the corrupt, evil empire it has become.
          I feel like we have already lost our country to a criminal oligarchy elite who use the brain-washed left zombies and the controlled media to do their propaganda bidding. With Trump we at least have a shot at exposing the criminals and in time take our country back before it is forever lost to tyranny.

          1. TroyGale says:

            I took an oath AK, I may have left the Service, but I didn’t leave my oath.
            I still fight in the local newspaper and at the Cemetery on Vets Day, and Memorial Day, and at the 4th of July Parade in town. I speak about our country whenever I am asked (long as I don’t have to get on a plane). I try to talk to the youth of my town whenever I have the chance.
            Thanks for your kind words AK

          2. Lasher says:

            Troy, how do you do it? How do you find the time to be so selfless and active in saving your country?

          3. Lasher says:

            AK, all our wars are fomented by the Zionist Jews who have infiltrated our government, particularly the State Department. They get richer and richer by selling war materiel to the government that they control, and they rid the world of people they are sworn to kill – gentiles. Regards.

          4. Warren Kinerson says:

            Lasher, if you had a personal relationship with God, you would know how God turned the Jewish nation every way but loose…but He still maintained that the Jewish nation was His people….and God will; bless everyone that bless’s a Jew…God will also curse anyone that cures’s a Jew, You’re walking on thin ice, you must be awfully young and haven’t countered any wisdom yet.

          5. Lasher says:

            Warren, why would God turn the Jewish nation every way but loose? Why would God consider them as “his people” in lieu of all the rest of humanity? Is God a Jew? Will God bless everyone who blesses a gentile? Will He curse everyone who curses a gentile? Why not? Would the fact that the Bible seems to be more a paean to the Jews than to the rest of us, mean that God has a different opinion of, and affinity for, Jews than for the rest of humanity?
            Just as a favor to me, would you mind telling me your personal thoughts on these matters? As you say, I haven’t (en?)countered much wisdom in my short time on earth yet, but you seem to have a decent amount of it as compared to that shown by the others in here.

          6. Warren Kinerson says:

            It is not a wise thing, to waste a person’s time on an unbeliever like you. sense you have no faith in God, I can only tell you that your filled up life of pride will kill you, very slowly as time goes by….I know, I was like you, so full of pride in my younger days, I understand everything about you! You may not be blessed like I was, I surrendered and poured contempt on all my pride, bent my knees to the Lord and (He found me) and gave me new life, you would not understand that either. I have pity for you…you need all the pity you can obtain. If I were talking to you in person, I would shake the dust off my shoes and walk away from you. You may ridicule those who believe in Christ as the Savior of the world, I did also, I now have known for over fifty years of dwelling in His Word that it is truly God’s Word for the salvation of mankind, and yet! only a few of the many will go to Heaven, Yes! Most all peoples, of all times will go to hell….In the words of Jesus, “Wide is the road to destruction, and narrow is the path to life, and few there be that find it.” A fact of reality is; that no one can go to Jesus unless the Father sends them, and God looks within the heart (soul) and determines if a person loves God, and Jesus said, “No one can go to the Father except through Him, and Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to do the work and renew a persons spirit with a brand new spirit that is in fellowship with the Lord, sorry, you can not comprehend what I am writing, you are of the world, not the body of Christ!……..You will try to ridicule my words because they condemn you, for the Lord says you are condemned already, because of your unbelief, and the only person you can harm, is your own soul…..Now you may be one of these people that says; I prefer to go party with my friends on that downward trip, there is not going to be a party, Your soul will live forever, the bible says. and when you hear Jesus say; I knew you not, depart from me, your soul will be cast into outer darkness, Out of the presents of God…you may be right next to your buddy and never know it, you won’t have a body to feel with, nor eyes to see with, nor ears to hear with, the only thing you will have is a consciences (awareness) and you will be able to think, you won’t even be able to sleep! You will wish that you were in a lake of fire! but that may be a little symbolic. A fact is; there is no hope for you in the state you are now in of unbelief…..God designed salvation on faith alone, so that even a little child can come to Him….and that is the state everyone has to be in to know God, so you see, not much hope for you…..Don’t bother requesting me to give you another answer, because the words of this post will either make you think or more prideful, and I will just re-name you (Whosoever)

          7. Lasher says:

            AK, who do you think is controlling the media?

        6. elkhunt says:


          1. TroyGale says:

            Then they blamed the Military man, and jailed him.
            Not good for advancement in the Military.

          2. Lasher says:

            I’m sure Troy has done more than his part to insure the safety and honor of the good old USA. Right, Troy?

        7. jimmy9522 says:

          They didn’t spit on me, i was looking for an excuse to kick their pansy asses.

          1. TroyGale says:

            Well, I could have gone to the brig I guess, but I did want that next stripe, we were poor newlyweds, and needed that promotion. BTW she was worth it, 46 years and we are still going strong.

          2. Lasher says:

            How many times have you gone “out with the boys” and really picked up some harridan in a bar and made out with her while that good little wifey was home wondering why you were out so late? Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

          3. Lasher says:

            What do you mean by “going strong?”

          4. Lasher says:

            So, Tory, personal promotion and more money are things that are more important to you than love of country and honor, eh?
            Poor, poor Mrs.Gale, stuck with a glory hog and coward for 46 years now; oh, how I pity her.

          5. Lasher says:

            Ooooh, mucho malo hombre!

        8. hoya says:

          Including “the war Hero” repugnant, revolting, repulsive reptile John Mc Cain!

        9. Elephant says:

          Thank you for your service. May God continue to bless you and bless the USA!

          1. Lasher says:

            How has God blessed the USA? Obama? The refugees and illegals? Our debt? All the war casualties? Being Israel’s bitch?

          2. Warren Kinerson says:

            This was the greatest nation on earth, and you need to know that God is not blessing this nation right now….In fact, God ordains all governments, some for righteousness and some for evil, for reasons unknown to us. Obama was put in the WH to supply the WOE on this nation, the reason…This nation has turned it’s back on God and even taken God away from our youth…(out of our schools)…Give it some thought, and be one of the ones that turns back to God, you can’t be all bad, because you are a southerner.

          3. Lasher says:

            To the bone, Warren, to the bone.

        10. Lasher says:

          How can your mind be “feeble” and at the same time be such a marvel that you have trouble not mentioning its strength in almost every post? BTW, many of those corpses were buried in community graves, you know, where there is a huge ditch and they are all tossed in together and covered up. I do believe that another 100 million dead people should make a difference.

        11. Elaine Blackman says:

          You aren’t the least bit feeble minded. Your words make me cry as I do when God’s truth is speaking to me. I believe your words come from Him.
          Thank you for your service. It was a travesty that vets from Vietnam were treated so badly. I never saw it personally but I lived in a place that was too conservative to have even thought of it with a SAC base, a seminary, 2 religious backed colleges, and in the Bible belt. I did see it on the news and my brother also experienced it as a Nam Marine who didn’t fight except to defend himself a couple of times, but always worried about the missiles in camp. But he also had to fight to defend himself against the Marines who tried to frame him for murder because of his knowledge of top secret info.

          1. TroyGale says:

            Oh, but I’ve lost a step or two Elaine. I have a great memory now days, it’s just short!
            Thank you for the kind words, they are appreciated. I appreciate Americans who care about our nation like you do. Too many people in our country fail to understand that America is a special place in the world. We’ve been blessed, but many can’t see those blessings. With them, it is all about them personally, and what they want for themselves, not what is good for America, and keeping her strong. When our country fades into history, and it will, one wonders what other group of peoples will step into the void left behind. I’m certain they won’t be as happy, nor as charitable as America is, and the world will become less wholesome and good. That is in the future, but it will happen, nothing of man lasts forever. I do love my brother and sister Vets. My Dad and his generation paid my freight, and my generation paid for the next generation. The main difference is that this country is drifting to the left, and the left has never been good for the citizens who live in a leftist country.
            Regards Elaine

          2. Elaine Blackman says:

            I have more of those times as well. I’ll be 69 next week, and I can tell the difference every year, especially since I have chronic anemia and some of the cells seem to die from lack of oxygen. I was so weak last year, I had to get 7 pints of blood, and I can really tell the difference. For one thing, I was given another chance to live and I’m so much stronger, not that I’m all that strong even.

          3. Lasher says:

            All Hitler’s people thought he was a virtual holy man too.

          4. Warren Kinerson says:

            That is a lie, some of us were afraid of Hitler, Yes, I lived in a town called Trabech on the Mosul river…Yes I am that old! little Shit head.

          5. Lasher says:

            Du bist eine schumtze kopf.

          6. Lasher says:

            A nation is only as good as its people.

          7. Warren Kinerson says:

            If they were all like you, it would be a dead nation.

          8. Lasher says:

            Oooooh, that sounds like the plot of a good movie!

          9. Lasher says:

            You really have been taken in by Troy’s phony words, haven’t you, Elaine? Can’t you tell a con artist when you hear one? He is playing you people .

      2. Norm Parker says:

        Childish take on complex matters….. making no headway in terms of making headway. I bet you are smarter than the Lenin quote.

      3. BackingTrump says:

        The Left is the Liberal faction which has infiltrated the mainstream Democrats! I’m glad that I saw that coming fifteen years ago and now am an Independent!

    3. fedupwiththisc**p says:

      Perfectly stated and written. Thank you!!!

      1. TroyGale says:

        Thank you! I wish I could get this out to every American.

    4. Mikey says:

      May I re-post this on Facebook?

      1. TroyGale says:

        Mikey, yes, I wrote it, and I try to publish where it is appropriate. I just don’t do facebook.
        Feel free to post wherever.

    5. granny_forUSA says:

      Would give you a thousand thumbs up if it were possible………

      1. TroyGale says:

        Thanks granny…

    6. Arrow says:

      Thank you for this insight! Be prepared to be battered unmercilessly , be called a racist and all of the nasty things the left can conjure up. Stand strong. The Right doesn’t typically march, riot, loot, call people names, but we, the improbables, Are the silent majority and we rise up occasionally when we have had enough, and are capable of kicking some considerable butt. Make America Strong Again!

      1. TroyGale says:

        You are welcome Arrow…I wonder how many totally miss the fact that today’s College Students will be the future Left? Our whole education system seems to be custom made to create little Leftists. I will be dead by the time these fools come to power, but they will come to power if this Nation doesn’t get things under control.

        1. Arrow says:

          You and I know that the education system in this country left the tracks some time ago. Now our students are at the mercy of far left professors who somehow believe that this country should be a socialist dictatorship whose leaders will take care of everyone for their lifetime as long as you are willing to obey, pay most of your income to them, vote the party line and be quiet. What they don’t tell you is that what you get in return is long lines, mediocre care, expensive food and products, while they live the good life. The example of what I’m talking about is the African American Community which has lived in poverty, been housed in high rise, crime infested housing away from all of our leaders, with no job opportunities, no educational opportunities, and fed a continual stream of propaganda that this is all brought upon you by the right. I call this slavery by another name….the far left largesse program. If this community can be kept on welfare and food stamps and now Obamacare, then all is right will the world. Actually, how much did Obama improve their lives? How much did all the far left politicians improve poor black lives in Baltimore, Fergeson, and the other riot torn cities? They all showed up, walked in lockstep saying-for the TV cameras-we understand and we are going to do something about it…we can fix your problems. And then they disappeared into the sunset of Washington, DC. Never to be heard from again…until the next TV opportunity.
          Why is it that the African American Community can’t see them for what they are? Snake Oil salesmen!

          1. TroyGale says:

            I think that because so many in the inner city African American communities have never been taught about self reliance, and personal responsibility, they don’t value those things. They are never taught that being an American is something to be proud of, they are taught quite the opposite. Many deliberately ignore or discard any education, feeling that good grades and recognition somehow make them less Black, heck some get beaten up, knifed or shot for trying to be good students!
            All I know is that no one, Black or White can fix this communities problems. They have to recognize that they are their own worst enemies, they manufacture much of their grief, it isn’t heaped upon them by others.

          2. Sharon Windus says:

            For sure! I drove school bus in the city for over 11 years. Prior to that I was a country driver. BIG difference in life outlook. My country route, the kids were up and had farm chores to do before getting ready for school. they were ON TIME for the bus, no stalling.. they were respectful of others and followed the rules laid down by the bus company and the district. As they got into HS, they got after school jobs in town unless they were still needed on the farm. Otherwise, the younger kids took over their chores along with their own after school. Family suppers and church on Sunday were the norm.
            My city route was basically south Chicago transplants and the two groups couldn’t have been more diffferent. Although I had some who were definitely doing their best to make something of themselves and held after school jobs or had chores to do, many of them were nothing but trouble. They didn’t care about anyone or anything. If they weren’t ready when the bus came, the driver would get cussed out, stopped by cars blocking their bus between stops, get torn up one side and down the other by “parents” who thought the bus should just sit around and wait for their kids to get dressed and ready and then get told the driver was a racist and it was because they were “black/hispainic/whatever”. Never that they themselves were at fault. The kids had the same lack of respect as the parents, who by the way lived on welfare and never looked for work. they felt everything they wanted should be handed to them because of their perceived idea of race. I won a few kids over when they realized that I treated ever student the same and expected the same behavior from all. But many parents weren’t too happy. It all comes down to the way each person is taught to perceive the world.

          3. TroyGale says:

            Yes Sharon, and I’m old enough to remember getting swatted with 2 handed paddles in school, and then the Old man would really give me a hiding when I got home. There was never any doubt in Mom or Dad’s mind who was at fault. (okay I was precocious).
            Spare the rod and spoil the child was followed for centuries, when we decided that children were little adults, and that they couldn’t be spanked, and could be reasoned with, we began the decline.

          4. Lasher says:

            Troy, you really like to promote yourself and what you believe is your above average IQ, don’t you?

          5. TroyGale says:

            It isn’t what I believe, it is a known number. I am smarter than most, a genetic accident, but its served me well in my 68 years.

          6. Lasher says:

            Want to elaborate on that for me?

          7. Lasher says:

            Then why are you keeping all evidence of the veracity of that claim from us?

          8. Frederico Ponte says:

            Arrow and Troy. I find your conversation regarding the inner city African American communities to be quite interesting and informative. Although I agree with most of what you two say, I do have some additional incites from a short Italian boy who was born and brought up in West Harlem, New York City, through the age of 19, then took a 21 year job with the U.S. Air Force. That boy is me. The time period was just after the Great Depression, all through WWII, and to the end of the Korean War. I began working at the age of 12 as a shoe-shine boy. I had my own shoe box, and I generally worked at the Broadway and 125th Street Subway station. There were 12 work stations around the Subway and a group of 12 of us around the same age, would take up his own spot. I was the only white boy in the group. Occasionally, when most of us had a customer, we’d all start snapping our shoe rags to the beat that one of us would make up. The customers liked the music so much on these occasions, that a couple of them would start dancing. Oh I got into my share of fights, with both white and black guys, but not within our circle of shoe-shine boys. We’d kind of look out for each other. Our group lasted for a couple of years until we all started going to different high schools. During the wars, five of my older brothers saw action in the Marines, 2 Army, and 2 Navy. Life during this period, was not all fun and games, there were plenty of scary times, enough that at one period of time I thought that I wouldn’t live to be 21. As things turned out, I ended up celebrating my 21st birthday stationed on a Japanese Air Force Base in Hamamatsu, Japan.

          9. TroyGale says:

            I know, I served with men of all colors. We didn’t have the issues I see today, and so have all the Vets in my circle of friends. The color of our skins doesn’t matter, it is the color of our hearts which matters. Yet the Left is bound to make us enemies so that they can cause unrest and discontent. I don’t hate much in this world, but I do hate the Left. As our New President said, we all bleed red.
            Regards brother.

          10. Lasher says:

            Troy, would you like to have a black relative?

          11. TroyGale says:

            I dislike most relatives, but it wouldn’t bother me.

          12. Lasher says:

            For goodness sake! Why do you dislike all your brothers and sisters?

          13. Warren Kinerson says:

            All your relatives Do! does that bother you!

          14. Lasher says:

            What do you mean, Warren? All my relatives are black? They don’t look that way to me, so what leads you to believe they are my relatives? Could they be yours? Regards.

          15. Lasher says:

            Most animals do bleed red, Toy, but what’s your point? Is bleeding red one of your prerequisites for a person to be a good person? If that is the case, let me assure you that I am just as good as the next person.
            Incidentally, I have it on the highest of authorities that Charlie Manson’s blood is a very brilliant crimson/garnet hue.
            Regards whatever.

          16. Lasher says:

            You “served them,” did you, Tory?

          17. Lasher says:

            The so-called African-American society in America has more than its share of opportunities, they had just rather exist on whatever they can get from The Man without a lot of effort, in addition to everything they can wring out of The System, such as Affirmative Action, food stamps, subsidized housing, Head-Start programs, athletic scholarships, special treatment for “inner-city youth,” and no end of governmental coddling – you people know what I am talking about – and the government “progressives” have conditioned you to believe that it is fine for all these preferred benefits just for black people because all of us are equal, but some are more equal than others when it comes to government largess. Remember when Obama was first elected as our President? Remember all the blacks going wild about Obama cell-phones, free utilities, free rent, free this, and free that? That is the childish, greedy nature of these black people – something free, something for nothing, something not earned, what’s theirs is theirs, and what’s yours is theirs too. Equality is a mirage. Equality is a myth. Equality is the ceiling above which one dare not rise; the mental block which holds one back from superior accomplishment. Equality is hate for your superiors and contempt for your inferiors. Equality is the yoke that binds us to the failures, degenerates and primitives of the world, and the wedge which separates us from the inspiration of the hard-working, successful, and morally pure. Equality, the sociologists supreme value, is the source of guilt for material abundance; the excuse for oppression; the promise, which because it cannot be kept, enslaves its believers.

          18. Lasher says:

            Because they’re ignorant slaves.

        2. Lasher says:

          Troy, why do you feel it necessary to close every post with “regards?”

          1. TroyGale says:

            If people are civil, I’m courteous as well.

          2. Lasher says:

            So, you think that using that same old word after every post means you are courteous? How do you consider those who fail to use a buzz word of that nature, discourteous? Just asking.

      2. DoninAcworthGeorgia says:

        Frankly “the left” (many of whom could be called Traitor’s if truth be known ..or certainty law breakers as they so willingly demonstrate, need to bug off)!

    7. preston says:

      That was beautiful. Great reminder of what this nation is all about. Thank you

      1. TroyGale says:

        You are welcome Preston.

      2. TroyGale says:

        And Preston, Berkeley last night is the prime example of the Left, and the lengths they will go to…
        I hate the left, and I would send Police out with No.3 Buck with orders to shoot the rioters in the legs. We either have laws for all, or we have laws for none.
        But I admit, I am a ba$tard when it comes to the Left. I know how it ends you see.

        1. Lasher says:

          How’s that, Troy?

    8. Rich Olmsted says:

      Troy – Great post. I believe that over the last 10 years the Democrat party has become dominated by the Left, such that you can identify very few “moderates” in today’s Democrat party. Today it is a hard Left, radical party.

      1. TroyGale says:

        Yes, and as I said, when they have enough power, look out.
        They are the ones telling others what they may say.
        They are the ones telling others what they can do.
        They are the ones telling others how they should think.
        Yet, idiots still flock to them, they truly have no understanding of history.
        But as I stated, we have the 2nd, and we have lots of Vets who actually know one end of a rifle from the other. I suspect the Left will fail, but will the cost be the destruction of our Nation?

        1. bonnie says:

          YES TROY ,you are 100% right about everything!! You sounded like me for a while there, I agree our second amendment is something even Obama wouldn’t take away from us, as hard as he tried, he knew he would be shot down , on that issue but he sure wanted our GUNS !! Our constitution is what keeps us safe, and gives us our GOD given rights !! The founding fathers were very smart and we owe them for the way they put everything together!! I am an old woman 73 years old and believe me I can LOAD more then just a WASHING MACHINE !! I have some very good weapons on hand and lots of ammo, My favorite is my A R 15 rifle, I am getting very good at hitting the things I aim at too !! I also have a Glock 9mm. and a Ruger 9mm. I have a old rifle my DAD left me too,its a 35mm. very powerful, I also have my concealed carry license and went through the State program to pass !!! I enjoy your comments, like I said it sounds just like the things that I say all the time, I don’t know how this will end, but the liberal left are causing all of the problems, they can’t except the fact that the CORRUPT HILLARY actually LOST !! They better get over it and fast, our country needs unified and if they can’t unify, they need to GO , ALL OF THE CRIMINAL POLITICIANS !!! Even some in the republican party, like McCain, sissy Lindsey Graham they have been there so long now they have dementia and aren’t really sure what country or what party they are representing !!! I sure hope Mr. Trump our GREAT PRESIDENT , will drain those two or drown them in the SWAMP !! They are nothing but RINO trouble makers for Mr. Trump, !! The poor man has been put through hell ,just to make our country GREAT AGAIN, and to return it to the people once again !! We have to have his back, look at all the crap he has been through, I worry about him and I pray for his safety EVERYDAY !!! We the people, finally have a voice in the White House , and I feel safe just knowing he is NOT A MUSLIM TRAITOR !!! GOD BLESS YOU TROY, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE IN VIETNAM !! YOU ARE ONE OF THE GREAT UNSUNG HEROES !! THE American people don’t know the suffering you all had to endure, I do ,I was engaged to a Marine and he served many tours of duty over there, he was gut shot and had many injurys, but he was a Marine and they NEVER QUIT !! He is gone now, but I think of him every day !!! ALL OF GODS BEST TO YOU FOREVER !!!

          1. TroyGale says:

            Bonnie, I don’t want to fly under false colors, I was Navy and a Submariner, I am a Vietnam era Vet, but never served in Nam. My job was to make sure that if the U.S.S.R ever launched missles at our country that they would pay a terrible price. In short, my job was to destroy Russia completely in the event of treachery. If you have an interest, Google ” 41 for freedom”
            I do love my brother Marines too!

          2. Merle Dickey says:

            But you were still one of our proud and brave military men !

          3. TroyGale says:

            Just a man, American man, willing to do what needed to be done. No braver than many of my brothers, just an American.

          4. TroyGale says:

            Regards Lasher, perhaps some day you will understand. Or not, but while I might be able to explain it to you, I can’t understand it for you.

          5. Lasher says:

            Then be good enough to try to explain it to me, if you will.

          6. Warren Kinerson says:

            Why should he!

          7. Warren Kinerson says:

            Now you’re even using the Lord’s Name in Vain, proving just how stupid you are.

          8. old codger says:

            I too am a Vietnam Era Vet, but never served in Nam. They made me an instructor for cryptographic machines. I taught mainly Air Force but also Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and civilians! Never even got out of the U.S.A. although I volunteered for ‘Nam on my Dream Sheet! U.S.A.F. ’69 to ’76!
            Guess they figured anyone crazy enough to volunteer for ‘Nam should not go there as they are to crazy! LOL!

          9. TroyGale says:

            Well, they didn’t station Submarines like I rode anywhere near Vietnam, a smarter and stronger President would have won that war, already had from General Giap’s point of view.

          10. Lasher says:

            Wars are created and prolonged by Zionist Jews who control our foreign policy and use Americans’ tax money and lives to
            perpetuate these wars that make Jewish industrialists wealthy beyond all reason by their selling war materiel to our government. It is a win/win situation for the Jews – they pile up the gold and bury their gentile enemy.

          11. TroyGale says:

            So are you a Hitler fan?

          12. Lasher says:

            So, do you think everyone who criticizes Jews is a Nazi? Is it your opinion that Jews are beyond any criticism?

          13. Warren Kinerson says:

            You will stand before God someday, sooner I hope, and give an account of why you hate His people. Don’t look for Him to welcome you into Heaven….

          14. Warren Kinerson says:

            You don’t see how stupid you are, Right!

          15. rowdy matt says:

            Bonnie, I agree with everything, you written so Beautifully…The last 8 long yrs of Obummer, His Wife and the Democrap party was so depressing…Every time I turn on the TV, couldn’t stand looking at any of them…God Smiled on us this election, So Glad So Grateful, We got President Trump…These lefty loon’s are so afraid that President Trump, will show Out Shine Everything that Obozo has ever done…Which was Nothing but CRAP for the America and Her People…He Did More for His Muslim Brotherhood than He did for American’s or AMERICA…OR…OUR BRAVE AMERICAN SOLDIERS…My husband is also a Viet Nam Vet and I know He would Fight Again for Our Country…NONE…of the Demo-rats know what Patriotism Is…They burn Our Flag, Spit on it, and yet, they have Freedom to do that,…and to say the most Vile thing’s about Our Country…I want to smash their faces…But Now We Have A PRESIDENT Who LOVES AMERICA… HE Will SAVE OUR BELOVED AMERICA….God Bless PRESIDENT TRUMP, God Bless You and God Bless Troy…Loved His Comments and THANK YOU Sir. For Your Service…GOD BLESS US All, GOD HELP US & GOD BLESS AMERICA…

    9. Joseph F Idell says:

      Mr Gale, thank you for sharing such an articulate and cogent statement of much that is wrong in our nation, right now. Somehow, we who have not given in to liberal brainwashing must concentrate on retaking our local schools and public universities from the progressive element currently in charge. Our nation will not survive if we don’t start teaching our young the truth of our American history, the exceptionalism of the American experience and the importance of American patriotism. I choose, today, to be an American, and begin making a difference.

      1. TroyGale says:

        Thank you…I am a young 67 years old. I am active in my local American Legion Post, and speak at the Town Cemetery on Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, the 4th of July. I speak at our local High School as well. I try to get folks to be more involved, and to stop thinking that the Government owes them stuff. Thank you for trying to make a difference. I call my Elected officials several times a month on average, and write them often as well. I can’t say I’ve made a difference, but with the election of Trump, perhaps our voices will finally be heard again. The do all know me though, not like me I’m certain, but they know me.

        1. Lasher says:

          67 isn’t young by anyone’s definition, old sport, it’s still 67.

          1. Warren Kinerson says:

            You will never reach the young age of 67, you’re too stupid! As for me, I am from Germany and I spend 20 years in the American military and I am a healthy 90 and I praise the God you don’t know, Wish you did, it would humble you, you and I are not on the same road, yours is wide going down, but you name is “Whosoever” and you could get off that wide road and climb a steep path that leads to eternal life if you would only pour contempt on all your pride and admit that Jesus is Lord.
            It is true, I don’t like you, but if you ever, ever turned smart enough to rid yourself of all that pride and begged God for His Salvation, I would be one of the first to welcome you. God’s Salvation is designed so that even a little child can see it and obtain it, but that’s right over your prideful head.

    10. Karmw1 says:

      This is the best description of “The Left” I have seen. God help us keep them at bay.

    11. mh5 says:

      WELL SAID BROTHER,I’M A USAF vet, I personally call democrats DEMONCATS because what they main preach and push are things that go AGAINST THE FAMILY and the HOLY BIBLE. THESE TWO THING ARE WHAT THIS NATION WAS BASED ON.

      1. TroyGale says:

        Thank you, we all need to pay attention to those we elect. There are too many Socialists running around our Nation today.

        1. Lasher says:

          What percentage of socialists do you deem to be “too many” Troy?

          1. TroyGale says:

            1 is too many since you asked.

      2. TroyGale says:

        Thank you brother. I often think that they should take we old Vets, give us our own units, and drop us where we are needed. I can say that I for one wouldn’t run, no matter the odds, I can’t. ; )

        1. old codger says:

          “IF” the SHTF, I’m ready and like you can’t run. Blood clots in both legs and one(?) in the lungs.

          1. TroyGale says:

            Yes, I figure we old Vets would be a force to be reckoned with.
            Pass the ammo cause we aren’t moving back 1 inch.

          2. Lasher says:

            Troy, would I be out of line to ask what your disability is?

          3. TroyGale says:

            Well, I’ve been told that I’m too patient and kind to the terminally ignorant. That’s my only disability.

          4. Lasher says:

            Yes, I can see that you are extremely patient and kind (and good with sarcasm), but what is it about me that makes you want to label me as “terminally ignorant?” I, like you, think I am extremely intelligent and quite well educated. I would also bet my IQ is a lot higher than yours, but that’s another topic, so if I have miffed you, or made you uncomfortable in some way, I will have to apologize.

          5. TroyGale says:

            Well, as I stated before, it is a genetic accident, so you might have an IQ which is higher than mine.
            You should be delighted though, as that places you in the top 5% of the minds on the planet.
            Congratulations, now please it for good, and stop the nonsense.

          6. Warren Kinerson says:

            Hit the nail on the head!

          7. Lasher says:

            Now, in this case, your pronoun, “we” is correct. Congratulations!

        2. Lasher says:

          Troy, I hesitate to correct someone of your self-admitted intellect, but the correct pronoun in your second sentence, instead of ”’we” old vets … should have been “us” old vets …

          1. TroyGale says:

            From my bookcase..
            Robert C. Pinckert’s “Pinckert’s Practical Grammar” page 217 final paragraph on the page.
            My pronoun choice was correct, you memory is incorrect.

        3. Lasher says:

          It’s not “we” old vets, moron, it’s “US” old vets!

    12. Marilyn Durst says:

      Brilliantly stated. May I copy and share it with others who need to read it – even if they don’t want to?

      1. TroyGale says:

        Please do Marilyn, I authored it, wanting to share with my fellow citizens.

      2. TroyGale says:

        Oh, and thank you, we all need to count our blessings every day, and shout down the ones who would take them away from us.

    13. Curtis Bartley Jr says:

      I agree you spoke the truth!

      1. TroyGale says:

        I fear for our country Curtis.
        Look at what the Left are doing at our Universities, and what the people running those University are okay with.
        Look at what you are allowed to say these days, it is incredible that people allow their speech to be stifled.
        Look at what you may do, want to build a water catchment pond on your own land? You have to get the EPA and Archangels involved to make it happen. YOUR OWN LAND!
        What are you allowed to think? Again, look at our Universities and how the Left batter any thought which doesn’t meet their approval.
        These are the Americans who 20 years from now will be moving into Governmental positions, Judges, Lawyers, Drs., etc. The country will be nothing like America, it will be a mind controlled populace, just like North Korea!
        How sad is that?

        1. Curtis Bartley Jr says:

          Our country isn’t ours anymore Troy it’s all government now! We have no rights hardly left anymore it’s a shame that for sure. The left has to far and it’s coming out now for all to see!

    14. It’s time to expose and get rid of the Communist party in America. See the Communist Control Act of 1954: The Communist Control Act is a piece of United States federal legislation, signed into law by President Dwight Eisenhower on 24 August 1954, which outlaws the Communist Party of the United States and criminalizes membership in, or support for the Party or “Communist-action” organizations and defines evidence to be considered by a jury in determining participation in the activities, planning, actions, objectives, or purposes of such organizations.

      We the People MUST enforce this LAW.
      50 U.S. Code § 842 – Proscription of Communist Party, its successors, and subsidiary organizations

    15. kassa1 says:

      Don’t forget most recently Nancy Polosi said you do not need God as you have with the Democrat party. This is not only evil and demonic and despicable but undermines or call believes in this country, the government should be kept at the very minimal. Nancy Polosi is very wealthy of course,when does the civil servant she think she has the right because she’s rich to exempt or so from the laws and the Taxes as A civil servant she think she’s above all that. This is our last chance to take our country back, the elites will do anything to lie cheat steal murder whatever takes to maintain their evil agenda stay on course. Yes if there’s an assassination it will because of the Marxist left! I believe congressman Gary who was a very good honest loyal should put James call me who was the Clinton puppet on a lie detector test. Call me as a lowlife selling weed the people who he works for down the drain. All you have to do is look at history America every civilization that fell fell for the exact same reasons that is going on here, were the one percent one of the rule over the 99 and get rid of those who got their way ! Be ready to lock and load because it is coming and they will not relent. Then they will take everything you own just like the same Democrat party mode of the Indians and took their land and put them on a reservation.

    16. mwood13 says:

      democrats have become communist

    17. Roger says:


    18. Vera Morlunghi says:

      yes I am from one country where comunismus took over in 1948 and how many people disappear because of their wealth or knowledge what communismus mean I came in USA in 1969 for freedom and freedom it was I was so happy for someny years but now what socialists-communist are doing to our new president is unbelievable. If republicans would do to Obama when he was elected 1/1000 th of what socialist-communist are doing to our president Trump it would be riot of blacks and socialist comunist aggaints coling for prejudist.. Now what Obama is doing traveling from one place to other and trying make revolution against President Trump . and I call all democrats they are prejudist aggains whites,

      1. TroyGale says:

        Well Vera, we are both here in what is still America. I’m not certain that the Snowflakes of today are worthy of the “home of the Brave” label, but we are still relatively free. Don’t give up, our President is a fighter, and makes this old man proud to be very similar to our President, except I’m not wealthy.
        He is my President, and I will continue to post on the Web, Write to the Paper, and call my Congressman and Senators. I will not stop fighting the Left till I draw my final breath, and then if God finds me worthy, I’ll go to work in his Army against the Evil which is the Left.
        May God Bless you Dear.

        1. Vera Morlunghi says:

          Yes, President Trump is my hero also and God bless him and give him the strength to fight all enemy , he is only one who can save our good old USA

    19. Tom Schuckman says:

      Agreed with everything you posted, sir. If it looks like a duck, and walks like a dich, and quacks like a duck….. it is a DUCK ! Let’s just say that MOST of the Lefty-Liberals don’s know, follow, believe in our U.S. Constitution, and do damage too often… I said most. Most of them don’t know, read, or study the Bible, or Father God, and His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Well, the Scriptures say that, ‘anyone saying, “There is no God.” — is a FOOL ! I enjoy reading your posts, and I have your back, Bro.

    20. Leslie Day says:

      Amen, I couldn’t have said it better myself!! We must pray for our President and our Nation!!

    21. Lasher says:

      Troy, I would be very interested to know what you think about Trump’s decision to continue, even to nurture, Israel’s stranglehold on the United States (per Rev. Billy Graham in the ’70s). Do you, as do most so-called ‘conservatives’ these days, think that we American taxpayers have some sort of Holy Duty to continue the seemingly eternal give-away program we have been serving to Israel for the past half century or so? Why, indeed, is it our job to be such benevolent and generous donors to this Zionist state which has done little for us except to send more spies to steal our top secrets and sell them to our enemies, commit innumerable ‘false flag’ operations that have dragged us into wars that can only benefit Israel and her planned-for Greater Israel program (Eretz Yisrael), and even have a plan called the ‘Joshua Option’ wherein if Israel’s existence is threatened by any of the myriad nations Israel has pissed off on a continual basis for the entire time she has been exercising her illegal occupation of Arab lands, she will loose some 400 nuclear warheads on the rest of the world, completely destroying most life on earth, because, in their opinion “A thousand goyim (gentile) lives are not worth a Jewish fingernail”? This country, America, has been Israel’s stooge all this time due to the evil influence of the mega-rich Jews who actually control our politics – better known as the New World Order. You seem to be a somewhat intelligent man, but I just can’t understand why so many of my once-brothers in the conservative movement have fallen for this kosher farce when there are so many red flags waving over the illegal nation of “Israel.” With their complete control of the Western media, these Zionists have molded the minds and reason of people who used to be able to think things out and draw sane and logical conclusions, but today have become total robots in the service of Zionism.

      1. TroyGale says:

        I’d much rather provide Israel with aid than most we provide for, at least we know that they aren’t our sworn enemy, as is every Muslim Nation. You have valid points, but some I feel are not so valid.
        Did the U.S. give back land won in a war with Mexico? I do know I have a high IQ, but while that might make me intelligent in many ways, there are ways it is actually a negative. Our new President has indicated that we are foolish if we believe the U.S. to be blameless. We are not.
        The New World Order will fail here in America, as long as Vets have a say in it. Will that cause strife here at home? I suspect it will because we are the best of citizens until we see our Government acting as a tyrant.
        As to the Wars which may or may have not been Israel’s fault, I only have one observation. I don’t know your age, so forgive me if I am telling you something you know already. I don’t mind a war which this country fights to win. Sadly, if you read history, you will know that the U.S. has been a stinker to Korea, Vietnam, and more recently Iraq, and Afghanistan. We send our best to die in foreign lands, then abandon them when they come home mentally broken. That is why we lose 20 a day at their own hands. What I’m saying is that we had Korea won, and Vietnam won, and Iraq won. We then cut and ran, leaving our allies to die for our lack of resolve, and willingness to destroy our enemies. General Giap, leader of the North Vietnamese was astounded when we left Vietnam. He admitted that they had no more fight that they could bring..America had won, but the Politicians walked away. Many of my brothers did not ever walk again, in all those wars.
        In my mind, the citizens of Israel and America have the same problem, Politicians followed by Islamic radicals.
        I don’t know if that answers your question, but I believe we have more in common with the citizens of Israel than we have with just about any other people. As to the shadow governments, well we know they exist, what are we going to do about it?

    22. John Savell says:

      You are correct. One thing you may want to add: in your list of brutal and inhuman despots, you left out the biggest-Hitler. I know the academics and the media claim the NAZIs were right-wing, but that is a lie. The NAZIs were socialists, as were the Italians. Fascism and NAZIism are both left wing political systems, based on Karl Marx’s writings about communism. It is because of their nationalist element that people feel justified in throwing them to the right. But if you look at them, do they have more in common with socialism or democracy? Communism or a representative republic? Cuba or the USA?

      1. TroyGale says:

        Thank you John. Yes I know, but to avoid the argument with the Academics and Media claims, I left Hitler out of the List. Sometimes I just try to get the word out to folks without adding controversy to what I’m telling them. Deliberate on my part, and you are quite right, Hitler was the Left.
        Hitler was however a piker when compared with Mao.

        1. John Savell says:

          True, Mao has him beat, but fewer people know about Mao. They know his name, but think he was some great revolutionary, not a sadistic cold-blooded killer, much like how they feel about Che, even though he was the same kind of person. Didn’t Hillary at one point say she admired Mao? I’m pretty sure I saw an interview where she said that.

          1. TroyGale says:

            I believe you are correct John.
            The Left, tireless, relentless, and determined to rule your every action and thought.

          2. Lasher says:

            Mao isn’t as “well known” as Hitler because Mao wasn’t blamed (falsely) for the deaths of all those Jews who are still walking around. I never saw so many “survivors” of the “death camps!!!!”

    23. Exactly, the left have always been wrong throughout history. WAKE UP AMERICA

      1. TroyGale says:

        Yes, wrong and murderous.
        A violent and communist part the the Democratic Party…
        An oxymoron for everyone “Democratic Party”…which does all it can to kill Democracy.

        1. Lasher says:

          Democracy is the worst type of government around.

    24. Lasher says:

      Troy, you would probably be more effective in your efforts to convince all the people you think need your assurance of your patriotism and experiences in fighting for and protecting America if you could find your way to refrain from so much self-promotion via your somewhat juvenile way of injecting what you think of as an extraordinary mental gift that you somehow have been “blessed” with. Believe me, such is not the case, old sport. To me, and no doubt also to others, your perpetual reminding us of your alleged intellectual abilities does indeed wear on the patience of those who actually read your posts and enjoy the consumption of your remarkable self-aggrandizement.

      1. TroyGale says:

        Which part of “I don’t care what you think” don’t you understand? I tried to choose small words for you.

  6. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    From this point on, 100% of ALL DOMESTIC TERROR ATTACKS belong at the feet of the democrats AND the US MEDIA that supports them.

  7. Yet, as stated below this commend so many already know that the media is lying, just like they did with the polls, just like they have for the last fifty years, (50 years, for those who may not read as well as others) We have a media that is out of control, (Hiding behind the freedom of speech and freedom of the press) there is a difference and there is a point at which what the Media and the Press in some instances are doing that borders treason. It is not freedom of speech to lie and twist the facts to attempt to make it sound more like the narrative that you wish were the truth. The Media can lie lie and deny all they want but the one truth here that everyone seems oblivious to is this one simple thing… Advertisers. Follow that logical thought and perhaps we will find the right way to deal with a treasonous out of control press.

  8. ONLYJB1 says:

    This has either been taken down or my pathetic backwoods sat internet service is .gilflurted! What ever Gowdy said, I’ll stand with him 100%.

  9. brendagirl says:


  10. Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright says:

    The rest of the world DO NOT have a right to be allowed in our country!!

    1. granny_forUSA says:

      There are some that I would welcome……no ASIANS……and then we could exchange the liberals for the ones that would be good citizens……

  11. granny_forUSA says:

    GOD BLESS TREY GOWDY & PRESIDENT TRUMP………Here’s hoping the muslims or illegals will go back home and stay where they belong………Those that live by the Quran could wind up dying by the Quran….

  12. CBUJAN says:

    Mr. Troy Gale your remarks were out standing. God bless you Sir.

    1. TroyGale says:

      He has my friend, in abundance.
      I am after all an American.

  13. American_League says:

    I’d put Trey Gowdy on the Supreme Court.

  14. Richard Hennessy says:

    Gowdy is so much more intelligent than these snowflakes on the left that are so afraid we might offend someone.

  15. Clara says:

    I am glad to see that REASON Trumps OUTRAGE. What President Trump is doing is reasonable, but those who have replaced Charity with Toleration are outraged.

  16. kanthonyb says:

    Those who believe in and support the original intent of our founding fathers, must stand up and take responsibility for the current state of our nation. We must become involved. We must vote. We must hold our representatives accountable and NOT let them slide on the small stuff. We must remove them when their interests become something other than our interests. We have let those who intend to undermine our nation do so through a slow but steady process of compromise on “little” issues. Those compromises accumulate into major changes, and our enemies are very patient in their efforts to stake us down. We have enabled them by being silent when we should have spoken out. NOW is the time to cease being silent!

    1. TroyGale says:

      Yes, I gave a talk at the Town Cemetery last Memorial Day.
      In that talk, I told those in attendance that they need to be better, and more active citizens. I pointed out that if they don’t know where we have troops stationed around the world, they have an obligation to find out. I told them that while our Military are overseas defending our nation, that the Citizens who remain here in our Nation have an obligation to watch the backs of our Military. I pointed out that we don’t necessarily need more laws, more restrictions, that most of us unknowingly end up breaking the law every week. That must stop. I told them to write, and call their elected representatives weekly if they aren’t being heard. We all should give more for our Nation…we have been blessed, but nothing lasts forever if it isn’t protected and strong.
      Everything you said is spot on!

  17. Alan Hastings says:

    Trey Gowdy is a prime example of the type of elected officials we need in every elected office. A true blue blooded American that is a upstanding man of Honor. I admire everything about the man.

  18. ScoutBird says:

    Gowdy’s statement, while elegant and factual, will not shut the left down. Just like the Soviet Union before them, the left exists on disinformation, propaganda, and outright lies.

    The leftists have so corrupted the public school systems throughout America, most students have zero concept of the founding of this country. They likewise have no concept of basic civics that was taught up until the late 60’s. This allows demagogues like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and so many other democrats to lie about the Constitution and levers of government with impunity. The mainstream media is so corrupt and stupid that they easily get away with it.

    The Republican Establishment is so beholden to the donor class and lobbyists that whenever we get someone in office that wants get back to Constitutional government and enforce the borders and secure American citizens, these hacks form a circular firing squad and start blasting away at us rather than the real enemy, the democrat demagogues.

    Trump and a few members of the Freedom caucus recognize this. But we’re battling looney democrats, the corrupt nuts in the media, American institutions corrupted by the Marxist left, as well as our own establishment. The Swamp must be drained to make America great again. It’s a mammoth job, but fortunately we now have a high energy president, though a suspect Republican Congress.

  19. FairnessCatholic says:

    Trey Gowdy is a true patriot. In my area, The Newark Star Ledger and the Morristown Daily Record
    are mouthpieces for the loony left Democrats in New Jersey. They haven’t printed anything
    positive about a Republican in ages. They don’t seem to realize that, if their communist/socialist
    friends ever get into power, the press will be the first thing that will be shut down.

  20. TPS12 says:

    Just more fake news from fake reporters, dems/libs and RINOs.

  21. Richard says:

    The silent majority….not so much anymore.

  22. L. Cross says:

    The left comprises people who do not like our America. Their gurus are the likes of George Soros and Barack Obama and a plerhora of other minions, who are avowed haters of this nation. They will do everything and anything to restore the power that we Americans just stripped away from them. This is an idelogical war we have become involved in, and there is much at stake for both sides. The left, euphemistically calling itself progressives, will be relentless. We must be vigilant, complacency now is what the left is counting now, as they slime virtually anything Trump tries to accomplish. Remember them for the treacherous and cowardly bstrds the are, and hold their asses to the fire. Reject the media, they have betrayed our trust, and have absolutely ethics, Reject Sophism and know it is the corrupt medias principle device. Learn to despise those hipocritical SOB’s, better yet, ignore them.

  23. Nancy Mae says:

    Tray Gowdy is a true patriot and I love the way he handles every situation with dignity, patience, and honor. the letter to the editor below rings true and the ‘lefties’ are trying so hard to stir up trouble at every turn; time to get over your temper tantrum and be part of the solution!

  24. Peter Joffe says:

    Its time to close down the radical Islam supporting media. They are treasonous and a great danger to America and the world. The fake news that they present hits the screen all over thew world and never an effort is made to check that facts. There comes a time in all democracies (every 200 years or so) where liberties are abused and freedoms are exploited, This leads to anarchy and crime. The answer to this is always domination and dictatorship as many humans do not understand civilization. What answers do we have other than fire with fire???

  25. DollyT says:

    Troyale were are with you all the way!

  26. Mike W says:

    Liberals don’t care what is said as much as who says it:

  27. Geno Andre says:

    Thats the problem with the liberals, They tell you that their educated, Put the only problem is, They can’t comprehend anything.

  28. Ben says:

    I am greatly encouraged after reading the County Paper article below. I’m even more encouraged by the comments which follow. There are still many, many smart Americans who have not been fooled by all the crap that’s going on these days.

  29. Lasher says:

    Adolf Hitler, where are you, mein Fuhrer, when you are really so badly needed to vanquish these communist parasites????? One more time, mein Fuhrer!!!!!

  30. everyday jo says:

    I have a suggestion to all who are interested. If all of US stopped watching any programs or news on ABC,CBS, NBC etc. They would get the real picture. Power in numbers!!!

  31. RsGoat says:

    It would be nice if our new out lets were managed by adults instead of hysterical twits but this is not to be so we must deal with a country of hysterical twits since too many people are incapable of thinking for themselves or taking a moment to breath after getting upsetting news and spend the time to digest exactly what it might mean. Not just from their perspective but also to play “devil’s advocate” and look at the situation from opposing points of view before jumping off the bridge. Some time sleeping on it is not a bad idea.

  32. Howard A Milor Jr. says:

    I hope that the mid terms will see the end of more of these leftist, people like Schumer feel safe because they just were re-elected for at least a 4 year term, but there are many who can be put out of office and then the Schumers of this world can kick and scream like the ass holes they are!

  33. Bayside GolfClub says:

    The islam-fascists own and operate the democrat party. Lock, stock and barrel.. The demcorat party will get behind anything they want. Including releasing known terrorists from the battlefield from gitmo. And then some, no matter what.

  34. mwood13 says:

    people need to wake up. we are 100,000,000 overpopulated now. the government is trying to take control of fresh water and there are mountains of garbage all over the country take the damn statue back to france we do not need any more people for any reason. it was an act of war to begin with

  35. Lewis says:

    Tough a law is a law and we already have laws banning muslims so its called tough.

  36. Richard Bagenstose says:

    that’s what i say troy , be glad i ain’t incharge , i would go on tv and tell every one , if you love your muslums you can keep your muslums and when they protest at airport or what ever they get arrested and deported to the middle east to live with their muslums , there are many ways to shut people up with out becoming violent , but the left is pushing their luck, so how about deporting these american haters to some where they will be happy, if your american act like it or get out, you want to be american then act like it or go home

  37. B. Pearson says:

    Safety is first, second and third to all the considerations on this Muslim problem and heavy vetting toward immigration, refugee entry’s is being well approached by the Trump administration. Get real Libs you are wrong and don’t seem to fully understand the consequences of the potential catastrophic moves by outsiders in today’s World. Think first! We are for Trump’s decisions.

  38. BOC says:

    Curious as to how he and other conservative politicians qualify them.

  39. Ron says:

    Jewish Anti American Anti Christ Walt Disney Co ABC are the leaders robbing and destroying our country. Disney are the Trojan Horse to fear. CBS NBC FOX CNN and others Jews like Penny Pritzker and Irene Rosenfeld hate America. ALL BUDDIES OF OBAMA BUSH AND CLINTON.


    Let’s hope they don’t kill Trump like they did JFK AND HIS BROTHER BOBBY!

    Jews attack USS LIBERRTY killing and wounding 208 American Sailors and destroy our ship.
    TREASON was committed by our crooked Gov.

  40. sgsimpson says:

    The Globalist – genocide of the – UNITED STATE citz – – Destroyed the GOOD JOBS – then demonize the people – with disabilitys – and Veterns and the eldlery – By saying were all drug addicts – 26,000 people die of herion ods – 88 thousand a year die of alcohol … but they have demonized the people – meaning were worthless and notto be listened too were drug heads – were ignorant – without a doctorit from collage – – were dumb street smart people – –

    “””About 56.7 million people 19 percent of the population had a disability in 2010, according to a broad definition of disability, with more than half of them reporting the disability was severe, according to a comprehensive report
    on this population released today by the U.S. Census Bureau. “””

    “””The number of disabled veterans has jumped by 25 percent since 2001 – to 2.9 million – and the cause really is no mystery.”””

    Then add in the number of elderly – and getting older hurts – any injury you have had…

  41. Ron says:


    Flashback: Obama’s Gay Sex-Cocaine Romps with Larry Sinclair | – The D.C. Clothesline
    The D.C. Clothesline › 2015/03/10 › flas…
    Mar 10, 2015 – Flashback: Obama’s Gay Sex-Cocaine Romps with Larry Sinclair. Posted by Dr. Eowyn · larry sinclair In the aftermath of Wayne Madsen Report’s


    Navy-base Deals Turn Dirt To Gold – tribunedigital-orlandosentinel
    Orlando Sentinel › articles
    Nov 4, 2001 – When the federal government ordered the Orlando Naval Training Center closed in 1993, dozens of pages of fine print laid out a pecking

    Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty — Paul Craig Roberts –
    Paul Craig Roberts › 2016/07/26 › the-isr…
    Jul 26, 2016 – The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty Paul Craig Roberts Introduction: For a number of years Admiral Thomas Moorer, former Chief of Naval Operations

  42. Ron says:

    Irene Rosenfeld the cookie Jew took hundreds American jobs to Mexico. Look on the package of the Oreo Cookie and even the Fig Newtons . MADE IN MEXICO !

    But this seems different. Perhaps it was reading the May stories of Rosenfeld’s report to shareholders in which she touted the upward trajectory of the company’s profits through cutting back on procurement and customer service and her plans to make it even more profitable by a restructuring that would realize a gain of $1.5 billion for stockholders.

    It might have been reading the very next day that Rosenfeld was now being feted as the first woman to join the “20 Club,” those Illinois CEOS who are paid more than $20 million a year. Rosenfeld was paid $21 million in 2014 alone.

  43. Douglas says:

    These stupid, ignorant judges should be disbarred, for meddling where they should not
    have been.

  44. ONTIME says:

    The Rooster got his licks in again……

  45. Renee Kelly says:


  46. jim jones says:

    The current boy is taking away our freedom to breath clean air, drink clean water, have safe food, properly care for our health and so much more. Are you kidding me? Pruitt heading the EPA, the asshole still thinks the earth is flat. Perdue in charge of our food safety, give me a fucking break. Right, Left, they are all full of shit, in the game for their own interests.

  47. parthenon1 says:

    I am glad i am an old man . . . why? because I see a nation where good people are criticized and worse who believe the cornerstone of our very nation is self reliance ! Growing up our family wasnt rich by any means we “were comfortable” My father taught us and demanded we do not take charity WE DO GIVE TO IT! He wasnt putting down those who hit hard times aand needed help but he did expect as the people who received the help to return the favor when they got back on their feet, not to us but to others who fall into problems. Today we have one political party that appears to be made up of deviates with very few honest respectable people in it. We have people who violently protest when they feel the right to kill unborn babies is even questioned but these same people will cry and wail when we want to execute terrible criminals. People who have rqped and murdered not even as we think of rape and murder but by extra violent means. these well meaning people cannot in their right minds feel killing babies who only want the chance at life before they can even start ok while allowing terrible people to have life because it might hurt them a little while being executed. My personal feeling is we should go back to hanging and require first time young offenders to watch the hanging. it may hurt the person being executed but I would guess not nearly as much as they hurt their victims ! And its hard to believe we are not even a 3rd world country with these ongoing atrocities being allowed to happen and punishment that isnt enough to fit the crimes !

  48. Steven Coy says:


  49. jackel says:

    The left can’t or care not to read, period. And twisting everything out of context, they excel in. Of course, they already admitted that voters are dumb, but lost the election so who do they really care about themselves—–it is obvious they also learned little from the election by continually presenting and supporting issues and candidates that were forced upon the American people—–representation by the few with opposition hiding!!??

  50. Walter Flatt says:





    IF NOT,








  51. Draining the cesspool called congress is more important than the swamp as I see it, and Gowdy is the only one who has the balls to say it like it is and not like the rino wimps who are for open borders. Term limits is only way to flush these corrupt career politicians out of DC

  52. gentilekevin says:

    Why can’t we ban all islamist because they have a religion that says everyone must submit to it or have their heads cut off ?

    1. Elaine Blackman says:

      There is a law going back to 1952 that bans Sharia Law, I think.

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