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Trey Gowdy Stunned The CIA Director With This Question About Russia

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  1. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

    Evidence counts for nothing to the Trump haters. They will continue to stir this empty pot until they find evidence and since there is none, the pot will be stirred ad infinitum.

    1. Brenda Sinclair says:

      it is clear to the intelligent americans, that russia was used for the covered up murders of seth rich, shawn lucas, john ash, charlie tri and victor thorne, judge scalia all murdered with connections done by clinton crime family and fbi comey covered up for all these murders, the two most recent murders were two men from trey gowdys office who went to serve a warrant to clintons at clinton library, before they got there they were beaten tortured murdered put in black plastic bags YOU KNOW TREY GOWDY WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO HAVE CLINTONS HUNG FOR THOSE MURDERS

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        Then we wonder why Putin is totally disgusted with us?? Tired of being our ‘whipping boy’ ‘ad nauseum’!! Now our ‘lib media’ have us in ‘Dutch’ with Britian as well!!! They just don’t know when to quit–do they?!!

    2. IluvmyUSA says:

      That’s because without this Russia lie they have nothing else to go with. Hillary destroyed evidence with a hammer and bleach bit that congress ordered her to turnover. News of that story was gone quicker than you could lay on a layer of whiteout.

      1. candice baron says:

        I Agree with you and there is more evidence of a very criminal and corrupt pack of wealthy elite with their thugs Investigator for DNC election fraud murdered Recently wiki leaks leaked documents that prove the Hillary Clinton “intent” that Comey said he had to have in order to have a case that could be prosecuted. The Podesta emails have been out how long now and the media has not covered it President Trump and good American people need to get the word out more than ever and fight back The DNC and Clintons and Obama and their murdering thugs and pedos need Arrested and stopped. Not on our TV screens getting praised for their crimes

    3. Gen11American says:

      Both ad infinitum and ad nauseum!

      1. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

        LOL Amen!

    4. No name nut case says:

      They just ignore that they don’t want to hear or see.

  2. Mike W says:

    Seeing as telling the truth should be so easy as
    A: “do you have evidence?”
    B: “Yes”
    A: “Can you produce this evidence?”
    B: “No”
    A: “Then you have no evidence.”

    In a similar questioning (actual testimony)
    Trey Gowdy : ” So this report is full of lies?”
    Eric Holder : “NO!! Not Lies – there are things that are factually inaccurate.”

    It’s like trying to style a frogs hair getting the truth out of these people

      1. Edgar Duvall says:

        They are making accusations that can never be proved either way. They may be crafty but they are one incident from someone getting in trouble. Why disrupting an entire government is not against some ancient law that our lawmakers aren’t intelligent enough to know about.
        I personally suggest the Left or Right which ever it is stop hindering President Trump from his task of Making America Great Again.

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          I’m sure that has been said multiple times but the Dems are having ‘none’ of it!! They insist on hindering any progress and then, insist that Pres Trump is ‘ineffective’!! Then I hear ‘other’ dim-wit ‘libs’ echoing that as though it is ‘true’!! Seems they’re incapable of individual thinking!!

          1. ExGOP says:

            No, Democrats insist on hindering REGRESS. That is what Trump is about.

          2. Edgar Duvall says:

            You are being led to believe Trump is undoing everything Obama did and it was going to Ruin America.
            Check the budget cuts in urban development. Saving millions on grants that are costing more for administering the funds than doing poor people any good.
            Trump is finding Fraud everywhere. Democrats are really holding Trump back thinking he won’t be able to drain the swamp.
            The government makes bonuses on each of the entitlement programs.
            Do some serious searching the internet. You Tube lets you type in what you need to research. Check End Times, you may not know what is happening with the world in general.

          3. ExGOP says:

            You said it is costing more for administering the funds than doing poor people any good. WRONG. And is cutting them doing poor people any good????
            Trump is making fraud everywhere with his Tax Plan.

          4. ganderdavis says:

            How can you undo things Obama did considering that list consists of 1 thing AHCA and the rest of the time he spent blaming others for everything. Lets just let ExGOP continue to spew his BS and sooner or later some on the left will pull their heads out of hiding and move on. Ok that last part was wishful thinking…lol

          5. Jose Oscar DeSoto says:

            I’m stuned that you being a woman would be willing to defend this bastard pussy grabbing SOB, shame on you, you have no self respect.

          6. Lynda Bauer says:

            You sound like such a hypocrite. Did what you heard two men “joking”about bad behavior hurt your virgin ears? Our country has been placed in a position of disrespect for the past eight years, and a past President who lied under oath denying his sexual interlude with an intern. I suppose that’s okay with you. I am a woman, and I deplore people like you who are sanctimonious for political reasons. Please wake up and grow up.

          7. daniel wright says:

            I’m stunned that you think women would prefer a true rapist over one who talks about it in private. Trump said he COULD do it. He didn’t say he did. Bill paid $850,000 to Paula Jones for trying to make her perform oral sex on her. Can you say the same about Trump?

          8. Chi Sam says:

            Stunned, stupid. Por favor…hablar Ingles.

          9. ExGOP says:

            Speaking of incapable of individual thinking, look at the number of people that STILL want to defend Trump.-

        2. Roger Peabody says:

          If the President is allowed to pursue his agenda to, “Make America Great Again”, it will put the lie to decades of the kind of shit we have endured forever. It will make fools of every executive branch toady that has buttered his bread on the taxpayers dime. Not a single politician would ever be trusted again; EVER!

          1. Deborah Pratt says:

            Seems they’re hanging onto public trust by their ‘fingernails’, as it is!!! Darn close to losing even ‘that’ grip!

          2. No name nut case says:

            Oh, but the Dem voters are still blind as bats. They’d still vote for those lying, thieving, bags of excrement!

          3. ExGOP says:

            But Republicans DID vote for a lying thieving bag of excrement.
            He is the lyingest president ever and setting new records daily.
            He has his personal business with offices IN THE WHITE HOUSE so it can make money from his position (thief)
            And as a bag of excrement, grabbing a woman’s vagina and bragging about it pretty much describes it.

          4. Lynda Bauer says:

            You like to throw words like “the lyingest president ever” around like the fodder those words are.I am glad you are an ex GOP. We certainly don’t need people like you in our party. So what lie has he told that has brought humiliation to our country, or put us in danger? Are you saying he has said something about a position he favored during his campaign, and then changed his opinion after becoming president?
            You consider that lying? I suppose you never lied like that ( if that’s what you want to call it) in your dealing with individuals. If you want to talk about lies, why don’t you start with Obama’s PROMISE to the people that “if you like your doctor, you can keep him/her”. Need I remind you? Are you so worried that out President might be making financial decisions about his business holdings? Gee whiz, how awful that he might have some interest in his financial holdings.I suppose it is okay with you that the Clinton’s could have a “fund” while using their political positions to procure donations for their personal gains. Talk about lying to the people. You have no room too talk.

          5. ExGOP says:

            It means that his business interests will dominate OUR interests.
            Clinton didn’t have a “fund”. She does NOT benefit from the foundation.
            Trump did benefit from his foundation (because it was a personal foundation) and had to pay fines for his illegal activities and had to close the foundation. He used his foundation to pay his legal bills and to bribe an official. The Clinton Foundation did NONE of that.

          6. Lynda Bauer says:

            I can agree with you that the Clinton foundation did not “bribe”an official. They just used their political position to accept money for “charities” that reported did not receive the donations as was promised. Did that escape your memory? Is that why when this was uncovered and exploited, the Clinton Foundation had to shut down? I would like to know who you suggest President Trump bribed. If you say it was the judge, then you are mistaken. To my knowledge I have heard of no one receiving a bribe, not even the judge whom President Trump felt was prejudiced against him.
            Are you suggesting President Trump actually bribed an official? What was the bribe? Who received it? Oh, are you saying President Trump “attempted” to bribe an official? Who was the person he “attempted” to bribe, and what was the bribe? As for his paying for legal fees, you apparently have an “insiders” information on how he pays his bills or pays fines, etc. Although he is a billionaire, according to you he had to use. funds from his “illegal foundation” to pay his debts. Amazing! I don’t believe your facts are correct about his “foundation”. First of all, it was a school that some unhappy students felt they did not receive what they had signed up for or paid
            for. Although it was not determined what effort those particular students did or did not do to achieve their desired outcome, they wanted their tuition and other expenses to be remitted to them. They were denied their request, and therefore began a lawsuit against Trump U. When other students learned about the lawsuit, they thought it would be a good way to not pay for their education, and decided to join in. It’s amazing how the many (numerous) students were not only satisfied with their

          7. Wondering Woman says:

            The Cllnton Foundation was their slush fund, along with other illegal activiities, such as looting and selling natural resources from public lands i the west.

            But on the outside possibility that you are as gullible as you are trying to sound, I have a friend wanting to sell an ocean front lot in Phoenix, Arizona.

          8. daniel wright says:

            You never heard of the Clinton legal defense fund? The had people donate to pay their lawyers in the ’90s. The Clinton foundation was a slush fund operation for Bill, Hillary and their cronies to loot. For someone as opinionated as you are. You are woefully uninformed.

          9. Kenny Albert says:

            You are reading from the democrat party play book lol. Lie to everyone enough until they believe it.

          10. Vicki M says:

            The Clinton “Shakedown” Foundation gave only 3% of the millions raised to charity (Haiti got NONE), meanwhile using the rest of it to pay for poor Chelsea’s wedding and other personal expenses.

          11. gage says:

            You have not one scintilla of evidence that the Trump administration is corrupt. Everything the Clintons and Obama did was illegal. You obviously have a one track mind and don’t know what you are spewing our of your liberal mouth. I feel sorry for such dumb people like you. I will pray for you!

          12. Donna Harris says:

            You are a sad person with sad ideas.

          13. Wondering Woman says:

            Agree with you that making personal business decisions in the oval office is so high a level above running a child sex ring from it, or laundering money from it through the Clinton Foundation, such legitimate activity is totally incomprehensible to characters like the ex GOP who obviously prefers the company of pathologiccal liars.

          14. ExGOP says:

            Did you see him elbow other international leaders aside so he could be in front of the camera? The world is watching that video of him being crude, rude and obnoxious to gratify his ego. VERY EMBARRASSING to our nation. And yes, he has a terrible conflict of interest. HIS COME FIRST.

          15. saron2211 says:

            Lying sack of excrement you are. Hell is waiting for you, BAD KARMA IS HELL ON THE GUILTY ORGAN, YOUR TONGUE WILL FALL OUT.!

          16. saron2211 says:

            BY THE WAY, ExGOP, you NEVER WERE A REPUBLICAN. A Tea Party person and a Rino, are very different ideologies.

          17. techsavvychick says:

            BEWARE OF TROLL! ExGOP is a troll, IGNORE 🙂

          18. daniel wright says:

            Crude? like this man?..…..Rude, like this woman?….. Is that what you mean? I guess that depends on what the meaning of the word is is. And at this point what difference does it make?

          19. Joe Gleaton says:

            yes he comes first

          20. Hardcore says:

            You nailed it. what a joke some of these fools are. They want to disregard the election when a Republic win. It is about time the Republicans go Hardcore and put the turn coats in their place. I just thank the America people have had their fill of these nut case liberals.

          21. Jose Oscar DeSoto says:

            Linda , u full of shit, the way you defend the Orange Baboon by reminding previous Presidents behavior is childish excuses, how old r u ?, this Turd that we have in the White House is a degenerate generating scandals almost every day, there has never been such a liar and disgusting repugnant jerk like this in the WH ever.

          22. ganderdavis says:

            @ExGOP Lucky us because we didn’t vote for another liar on the dems ticket.But you seem to be one who loves to swallow their BS. So just get back down on your knees and continue to do what you seem to do best. You are one true DBK which means a Democrat Butt Kisser .IMHO

          23. ExGOP says:

            But Hillary might have stretched the truth a couple of times, but Trump lies daily. He is not only the lyingest president ever (Nixon is laughing) he is the most embarrassing. Did you see the crude, obnoxious and egotistical way he elbowed his way to the front to be near the camera at the NATO conference. The world is looking at that and wondering what kind of people would vote for a rude obnoxious idiot like that.

          24. daniel wright says:

            Hillary “stretched” the truth??? Like this……

          25. ganderdavis says:

            ExGOP you need to post your true name Hillary. So far you have spewed more BS and zero truth except what you claim is true.How about you just accept you lost Hillary and stop using ExGOP. Also grab some new knee pads because you seem to love being on knees more then standing. IMHO

          26. Vicki M says:

            Do you have any idea how stupid you sound. You make me laugh.

          27. Wondering Woman says:

            U R S F O S – Reread your message if you really want to see a bunch of lies – then crawl back into your rat hole and remain there. Notice you said ex GOP – guess that means you must have felt lonely so retreated to join the party of the big time liars – the party that lied so much people said “if their lips are moving, they’re lying”.

            You could have remained as part of the GOP establishment and been a part of the same party of liars – no difference between establishment democrats and establishment republicans – both are guilty of high treason and crimes against humanity – and explains why the establishment, aka the one world global government,
            aka the new world order puppets are such polished liars.

          28. ExGOP says:

            But not NEARLY as guilty of high treason and crimes against humanity as the Teabaggers. They are truly evil.

          29. Right? their so damned worried about what President “might have done without any facts to support their accusations” But totally ignore the fact that Hillary profited from her sale of uranium to the Russians who in turn sold it to Iran to enrich or the bomb. this doesn’t even touch on all the other scandals that the Clintons have been involved in (the laundering of money by the Clinton Foundation), stealing White house furniture, Bill Clinton meeting with Lynch on the tar-mac, the list just goes on and on. Where is the MSM on any of these issues? They are all bought and paid for and in the Clinton pockets, Traitors all!

          30. Hardcore says:

            Another liberal that don’t like a Republican regardless who it is . Grow up ExGOP of the out door s___house. SMOKEY we have election to decide who the President is to be. Did you have your head stuck in a deep hole and didn’t get the results of last November? Perhaps you didn’t get the results, Check with your local liberals and can fill you in on who won the election. My advice to you grow the F___up

          31. gage says:

            Did you deliberately forget or is your brain too small to comprehend the scandals of John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton. Oh. and you think lying Hilliary is not evil and CORRUPT. You need a psychiatrist ExGOP. Get off of welfare and get a job!

          32. ExGOP says:

            But their scandals pale in comparison to the corruption in the Trump administration. NO PRESIDENT has EVER put his personal business in the White House before. That is a new level of corruption. And to hire a lobbyist registered for a foreign MUSLIM country as NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER was just plain crazy.

          33. Joe Gleaton says:

            he is a Hillary man

          34. Vicki M says:

            Ex GOP: I see that your brainwashing has been a complete success. You have been programmed to spew (not unlike sewage, spews) the Liberal Democrats Progressive, Socialist, NWO talking points, ad nauseum. The People, as in “We the People”, are not listening.

          35. Jack says:

            Hey Ex-Goper,Anybody that can’t put a name on a post is a coward of the highest order. Your not on here to try and post something honest and reveling. Your sole purpose is to contradict anybody that says some good words about Trump, if the truth be known your being paid to cause confusion with all the nonsense you post, that is an age old trick out of the socialists handbook. To lie and spread foul garbage just to try and make people believe what you you say is true, but you don’t have a truthful ounce of integrity on this forum. If the truth be known your paymaster George Soros is footing the bill, your just another Antifa goon that would sell your mother for one piece of silver. Go play with those other anti-Americans your part of that would sell your soul for fifty cents, and put on a mask to hide your shame, you are a 1st class a–hole.

          36. Donna Harris says:

            It is cowardice to hide behind a pseudo….if you are man or woman enough to state such filth, you should be brave enough to back up these insane statements, which have no merit, with your identity.

          37. ExGOP says:

            Lots of psuedos on these sites. But for your information, I am John Cunningham. Wish Trump were this brave. He is a coward. He backed off and avoided talking about Mexico building a wall when talking directly to the Mexican president. Coward. He lambasted Obama for not using the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism. But when face to face with the Saudis he backed off and avoided the term. Coward.
            No wonder that over 40% of Americans want him impeached, and it is growing with every stupidity he makes.

          38. Donna Harris says:

            John……Unless you were beside President Trump every minute of his trip, you would have no idea what is said, was said or will be said. Are you, by chance, a government employee? Unless you were there and can state under oath… is just fake news, made up by someone to undermine our President. President Trump is working against unbelievable odds to help save this country….please take the time to re-think your negative attitude. If anyone has a right to spew filth, it is those of us who had to live under Obama’s Presidency. As bad as it was under him, true Patriots would never behave in this manner. They would just go to the polls.

          39. ExGOP says:

            But Fakex News was there with him all the time, as were all the other news stations. NO ONE heard him utter the phrase and they were all listening to see if he would.
            Trump is working to destroy this country. He is an abomination. He has NO IDEA what he is doing. Patriots need to stand up for America and DUMP TRUMP.
            At least with Obama you had someone who loved America. With Trump you have a president who loves TRUMP

          40. Jack says:

            Roger, I never trusted them to begin with, Politicians will shake your hand and go through your pockets with their other hand while smiling.

        3. desert says:

          Consider how moronic these dumocraps really are! They badmouth Trump with nothing, and want to go back to the corruption, perversion, theft, immorality, dishonor, total lack of integrity that dumocraps are famous for…tells just how SICK these vermin really are imho!!

          1. No name nut case says:

            As long as they can blame it on the Reps when everything falls apart!

          2. ExGOP says:

            Because Trump will make sure it falls apart. He is incompetent.

          3. daniel wright says:

            How did the koolaid taste?

          4. ganderdavis says:

            So the only question i have is who is more the nut,the democrat politician or the democrat voters who put these people in office ?????

          5. ExGOP says:

            No, the nuts are the people that put this nut in the White House. He is not just incompetent and a compulsive liar, he is just plain BAD.

          6. Jeannie says:

            DEMONcraps in general!!!

          7. Jose Oscar DeSoto says:

            What people, Trump, Pence, Ryan,McConell, Ivanka, Kushner ?, come on man, drain the asylum.

          8. ganderdavis says:

            Jose you need to drain what little brain you have and see about getting a transplant or just continue running with being just another stupid follower of the lefts BS. Maybe you and ExGOP could hold hands and skip on over to a planned riot courtesy of the Soros clan.

        4. Jose Oscar DeSoto says:

          Edgar, with all due respect, you’re either stupid or very very naive, wich woulbe a shame given your age.

          1. daniel wright says:

            Gullible,aren’t you?

        5. Diane says:

          What the Democrats are doing is Sedition & Treason!

          U.S. Code › Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 115 › § 2384

          18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy

          Current through Pub. L. 114-38. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)

          US Code

          If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

          (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 808; July 24, 1956, ch. 678, § 1, 70 Stat. 623; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(N), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

          U.S. Code › Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 115 › § 2381

          18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason

          Current through Pub. L. 114-38. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)

          US Code


          Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

          (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(2)(J), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

          1. Edgar Duvall says:

            Smart honest citizens should submit more of this. Maybe some Republican Senators will read and say why did we not think of it.

          2. ExGOP says:

            But they haven’t done any of that. You are making it up.

          3. daniel wright says:

            You’re not really a fan of current events,are you?

          4. Apolloone says:

            There are two kinds of Democrats today, the kind Diane described and their “Useful Idiots” If you believe your reply to Diane then you’re one of the latter kind.

          5. ExGOP says:

            But there aren’t any “current events” that support your statement, and you can’t find any.

          6. Apolloone says:

            Diane you described one type of Democrats, they wouldn’t be so dangerous without this type; they’re are the “Useful Idiots” A creation by the government controlled school system. the Communist so-called news media and the entertainment media.

        6. Palmer says:

          The Democraps are pulling the same shit as dirty harry when he said”Romney didn’t pay his taxes” though he did and that piece of shit dirty harry admitted that he had lied on the senate floor, where were the “Ethics”‘Committee then. ?

        7. The only way “We the people” can make a differance is to BLOCK the MSM channels from our TVs. (Easy to do these days with a remote) This will hit them harder than anything else we could possibly do.

        8. kassa1 says:

          this is all a strike against weed the people, as Trump is the representative of the people and is trying to do the right thing for the people, but the left hip check this country down the drain for the last seven years and they will not have anybody derailing their train to destruction of this country. May God have mercy on those trying to destroy this country because the American people when the truth comes out and it will will have no mercy them.

      2. ExGOP says:

        Got it wrong–It is the TEA PARTY. Trying to rid the country of all its Christian values.

        1. sandyhayley says:

          You’ve lost your mind.

          1. ExGOP says:

            Absolutely not. It is obvious when looking at the Trump budget. Take from the poor and give to the rich. That is totally against Christ’s teachings.

          2. Del Austin says:

            Ex whatever… are not very bright…read the real facts—-if you can understand them

          3. ExGOP says:

            I have read them. You apparently haven’t. Probably only heard the Fakex News summary that makes it glow.

          4. Askjrsk says:

            You can’t read nor write there Gordythreehorse.

          5. Askjrsk says:

            Gordythreehorse can’t It’s a troll

          6. Robert Brumley says:

            So glad you’re an ex GOP. You belong on the losing side because of your stupidity.

          7. Deborah Pratt says:

            Lord, Robert—the very ‘last’ thing they need are more ‘losers’!! Their ‘life-boat’ is already ‘full’!! LOL

          8. Askjrsk says:

            Three horse isca troll and goes under more than one name

          9. Askjrsk says:

            You are illiterate Morons can see you through your lies or stupidity. Christ taught not to lie. Try to have someone read you the budget in terms you might be able to understand. I believe it’s simply above your grade level

          10. gordythreehorses says:

            you can not even write one sentence without screwing it up, sounds like you need to go back 1st grade

          11. Askjrsk says:

            Let’s look at your writing, there horseman. You do not use capitals, sentence structure is primary level. Comprehension low, also it appears. I trust you,also cannot read or comprehend President Trumps budget– largest ever in the world, either. Sorry about your low levels of understanding and comprehension. Work on your own challenges, as you have sufficient to keep you busy. Enough to negate any suggestion or opinion, and invalidate your thought.

          12. gordythreehorses says:

            If being stupid was a crime, you would be on death row!

          13. Askjrsk says:


          14. Askjrsk says:

            Former GOP IS THREE HORSES

          15. ExGOP says:

            You keep saying that, pretending it is true. I have NO connection with gordythreehorses, except that we share an abhorrence of Trump and his (lack of) values.

          16. Askjrsk says:


          17. Gen11American says:

            That’s one of the better insults but it’s still just an insult and we’d rather have you providing meaningful comments about the topic at hand than getting personal.

          18. gordythreehorses says:

            I am sorry your mother never gave you the love you wanted so much!

          19. Askjrsk says:


          20. Askjrsk says:

            This is EX GOP other posting name

          21. Askjrsk says:

            Oh this is your other name. EX GOP

          22. David in MA says:

            He IS in the first grade, I used to think he was a little older but have changed my mind, but he is a good example of how Nintendo games can shrink the thought process.

          23. Askjrsk says:

            Know thisvtroll is also known as Former GOP

          24. No name nut case says:

            Leave the Lord out of this conversation! He doesn’t deal in politics. Politics crucified Him.

          25. ExGOP says:

            Convenient argument for conservatives. But we have a government where your vote matters. As a result, it is a vote of moral value. You can do good with your vote by voting Democrat or do evil with your vote by voting for Trump. HE will judge.

          26. Deborah Pratt says:

            It ‘would’ be, if it were true!! However, since it’s ‘not’–your comment is irrelevant!!

          27. Askjrsk says:

            Know this troll is also Gordythreehorses

          28. Jerry Nolen says:

            Why don’t you tell me about Trump’s budget and how in any way it affects you.

          29. Askjrsk says:

            Known also as gordythreehorses its a troll that’s not on subject but deflect from real relevant and real issues. It’s thoughts not profound but real HILLARY

          30. Jerry Nolen says:


          31. MarcJ says:

            And so the poor have so much money that Trump wants to take it from them; logical!!!

          32. Deborah Pratt says:

            First of all, you can’t ‘take’ from the ‘poor’!! They have nothing to ‘take’. Then, may I point out that Christ told his followers during the times of excessive taxation by Rome—‘give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s’!! Pres Trumps budget takes nothing from the people that isn’t legally ‘due’ to our government to run their business. ‘O’s budget was inflated and excessive and becoming more so!! In fact, Pres Trumps budget will, in the long run, return a lot of funds to the public where it’ll do the most good.

          33. Askjrsk says:

            The troll EX GOP IS Gordy three horses

          34. Askjrsk says:

            Yes horseman. You are a troll

          35. matt ridgeway says:

            we get rid of the illegals and the poor will have jobs to get on their feet. the poor have made their selves poor depending on the government

          36. Gen11American says:

            The poor have also kept themselves poor by producing far more children than they can take care of properly so poverty is passed down from generation to generation!

          37. No name nut case says:

            I’m not so sure of this. There doesn’t seem to be very large families in any socioeconomic situation. Birth control and abortion prevent large families.

          38. ganderdavis says:

            So ExGOP please explain to everyone all the great things the left has done that actually worked and didn’t drag our country further down. Or maybe you could tell us all the things Obama did to correct all the things he blamed Bush for. You know all those things the left had BOTH houses to correct and didn’t or when they had BOTH houses and the white house and still only got AHCA passed with a one party vote and then saying they don’t understand why the right won’t work with them.Maybe it’s because the right knew where the AHCA would lead and didn’t want to follow that bus over the cliff. IMHO

          39. ExGOP says:

            Since you asked. The things the left has done for the non 1% are:
            1Workers compensation so that a person hurt on the job isn’t just sent home with no pay. He can pay the bills while recovering to go back to work. The right fought it viciously.
            2Unemployment insurance. Same argument. The right fought it viciously.
            3 Child labor laws that stopped having ten year old kids working full time six days a week. The conservatives fought it viciously.
            4. Fair labor standards act that makes employers pay overtime. The right fought it.
            5. Social security so that people can retire or at least work fewer hours in their old age. The right fought it vicously.
            6. Medicare so that seniors can afford insurance–extremely costly for seniors and people that worked for a living couldn’t afford it. The right fought it very hard.
            And on and on. What have conservatives done for the non1%? NOTHING

          40. Del Austin says:

            SANDY–yes he has—ExGOP is not very smart….block him

          41. Askjrsk says:

            Gorythreehouse is the same troll.

          42. Roger Peabody says:

            To have ‘lost’ something would mean that at some point it had to have been in ones’ possession.

          43. Askjrsk says:

            Well said. Thisvtroll is also under the name of Gordythreehorse

          44. Askjrsk says:

            Also known as GORDYTHREEHORSEMAN and other posting names.

          45. ganderdavis says:

            What mind ???

        2. Mike W says:

          Oh I see you are just a left wing looney troll.

          1. Askjrsk says:

            Also known as gordythreehorsemen

        3. Barkingdeathsquirrel says:

          Go to the detox center and get treated for that crack addiction. It has obviously made you unhinged.

        4. ChicagoThunder1 says:

          They have you all twisted up in knots the clowns that want to rid the country of Christian values are the Communists. May I remind you of what the Democrats first called themselves when the party was started. “The Democratic Socialist Party.” They still use that name for their closed minded club organization. But later dropped the word Socialist when they realized that no one would vote for them if they told the truth.

          1. No name nut case says:

            Very good reply! Right on!

        5. whattabunchacrap says:

          The Tea Party originally held on to Christian values.. Once Ron Paul dropped out the warmongering factor of the RINOs took over using it for their purposes.. Don’t blame the Tea Party, blame the RINOs that perverted it’s true mission.

          1. ChicagoThunder1 says:

            Democrat or Republican in name only makes no difference they are the same thing only one is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

          2. No name nut case says:

            How in the world can they be the same if one is a wolf in sheeps clothing and the other isn’t? That alone makes them different. All of this ya-yaing sounds like a couple of 2nd graders. Knock it off.

          3. ChicagoThunder1 says:

            One says he’s different than the other but they act the same. “You will know them by their actions.”- Jesus Christ

          4. ExGOP says:

            Christian values are Christian Charity. Not much Christian charity in the Tea Party.

          5. No name nut case says:

            Depends upon what your definition of charity is. There are several definitions of the word. Look it up.

      3. MIKE6080 says:

        its demonrats

        1. Barkingdeathsquirrel says:

          No, it’s demoncraps.

          1. ChicagoThunder1 says:

            NO, they are Communists by proxy but they won’t admit to it. “You will know them by their actions,” – Jesus Christ.

          2. Apolloone says:

            In 1963 Congress held a hearing on the 45 goals of the American Communist party, one those 45 goals was to capture one or both of our political parties, need I say which party they captured, the RINO party is right there with the Communists. The American Communist party had been trying to get the government to take over our public schools at least since 1935 when then president of the party called on the government publically back in 1935, they finally achieved this goal when Obama’s white brother Democrat Jimmy Carter signed off on the Department of so-called Education, why so very important to the Communist Vermin? So they could dumb down America’s youth, now there are millions of “Useful Idiots” who support the American Communists, sadly their numbers are growing both within and without, the real reason why Democrats/Communist want open borders, power and money means much more to these Vermin than the safety and welfare of the American people.

          3. ChicagoThunder1 says:

            The Soviets actually started on the school systems after Pavlov and Lavrenti Beria thought that they had perfected Pavlov’s theory. What they did was to start a school in Vienna to teach what they had learned. They ran an ad in the local Vienna Newspaper stating that if anyone who took their free course would be automatically enrolled in a contest to win a free full scholarship to the prestigious Vienna School of Psychology if they received an “A” in their course. Everyone who got an “A” won the scholarship. So before even becoming a recognized Psychologist they were already well versed in Pavlov theory or already brainwashed into a Manchurian Candidate. The man we now call the Father of modern psychology Dr. Sigmund Freud was one of the first graduates of the free Soviet School!
            When Dr. Freud became recognized for his famous INK SPOT association test Beria took that as a victory and green lighted the scam for the other Colleges and Universities so it was already rolling before Freud’s death on 9-23-1939 Pavlov’s theory is mostly based on dog training and as it turns out it can also be applied to people.
            The 45 goals of the American Communist party was discovered by Cleon Skousen an FBI agent working deep under cover inside the American Communist party for over a year. He is the author of the Book titled “The Naked Communist” the book itself is pretty much his report back to the FBI. That’s really why the 45 goals to Communism made it into the 1963 Congressional Record. Lavrenti Pavlovich Beria is also the author of the Soviet spy manual on the “Art of Soviet Style Brainwashing.” This is what the CIA’s MKULTRA sprang from because during operation “Paper Clip” not only did we get a rocket scientist with Dr. Von Braun we also picked up a few of the other graduates from the Soviet’s free course in Psychology and other doctors in the Medical field like the senior Dr. Pew who was one the only gynecologist here in Chicago for a period of time in the late fifties who had worked creating the Nazi Super solder for Adolf Hitler.

          4. Lucien says:

            Thank you for a most informative read. Naturally it cannot be expected that the populace most effected Progressives/ Dems and the like, would ever comprehend the depths to which they have been beguiled. Which leaves others the task of defending against the onslaught we face. Any suggestions?

          5. ChicagoThunder1 says:

            Just get out there and call it like it is. Explain to all those who can hear. Tell the stories of the useful idiots exploits. How many have been used abused and gotten rid of under the wheels of that proverbial bus. How the deeds were hung on those who played no part to make it look as if the criminals were the hero’s. So the idiot’s would blame those who were and are awake to the events taking place to deceive them for the purpose of controlling them. So to stay in controlling power for it is manipulation pushed to the extreme so as to fleece them for every possible penny to their name that those in control can think of. For the purpose of robbing them of their free time they have left on this planet. To enrich the greedy and UN-appreciative robbing the others of their humble existence.
            For it was LUCIFER who wouldn’t play the game and bow to the Icon’s that were put forth. WHY? When God said: “Let “US” create man in “OUR” image was that not enough?

          6. Lucien says:

            Yes, well I seem to have made enemies a plenty in regard to this conversation. Knowingly that was to be expected, never the less I prodded on. Fact being however, there has not been one progressive be they family or ex-acquaintance, that has troubled themselves to investigate their reasoning. Which leads me to conclude they’re either unable or unwilling to question their beliefs. .. I do appreciate your writing, and find them compelling as well informative. I must say, however, your last statement in regard to LUCIFER/ Icon’s etc. Leaves me in question…

          7. ChicagoThunder1 says:

            Seek the truth and the truth shall make you free.
            Read Genesis again and realize that God was talking to the Angels “the lower gods” as a group as “his helpers.” Realize also that man is an Icon to not only God but to the lower gods as well. If man were only in god’s image then we would all look the same but as you realize we don’t all look the same and this is why.
            The first and the second Commandment pretty much cover this putting GOD as the leader in charge so as to not mistake the Almighty for one of the lower gods or one that man had made up. He had already done this when he said “Let Us make man in our image.” An image is an Icon if presented in this way. It would be second guessing God if you did. That is also why tattoos are forbidden because it is like putting graffiti on a statue.

          8. daniel wright says:

            Our spirit was made in the Image of God. God is spirit,not flesh. Of which lower gods do You refer? The father,son and holy ghost are one. Read John 1:1-3 and Colossians 1:16 and you will se that yahshua (Jesus) is the creator.

          9. Lucien says:

            Thank you for your insight, which I’ve read several times knowing that my reply needed to be of equal discernment. I’ve learned over the many years of conversation in regard to the subject matter of God and His word, that there are times when clear understanding of one man’s interpretation given to another, can become difficult due to phrasing or language/words used in the attempt to link one’s thoughts on a matter to some other interested party. More recently I’ve come to discover the importance of “dividing the word” to its most pure comprehension, depends heavily upon one’s understanding of the Hebrew language, which I claim not to be a scholar, however, have been made aware by multiple examples, where to think upon a passage in English, then to have that passage reviewed in Hebrew, leaves one with a different perspective. This being brought to my attention, I’ve concluded that any comment I might make, though well intentioned, may in all probability be based solely on opinion derived from limited revelation rather than biblical fact. So, with that I thank you once again for this opportunity to share these thoughts with you.

          10. No name nut case says:

            I think you have the wrong impression of this bible verse. God the Father was speaking to God the Son when He said “Let US” create man in our image. He was NOT speaking to Lucifer. Lucifer is a created being just as man is a created being. Lucifer was an angel, who fell from grace and became Satan, because he (Lucifer/Satan) had sin in him and he was thrown into the bottomless pit as a result of that sin. God the Father and God the Son are both eternal; no beginning, no ending.

          11. ChicagoThunder1 says:

            You see there are a few contributing factors in modern day interpretation of the word.
            First you need to realize that the church at one time was the government and had a need to control its people. Case in point, Ask why is it that the Vatican has a library that is off limits to only a select few?
            Second in both the Hebrew and Greek language one word depending on the voice inflection used in how it is spoken means two entirely different things. So many times the scribes got the meaning wrong in translation into English. With that I leave you, enjoy the holiday.

          12. No name nut case says:

            1935. That would have been when Franklin Roosevelt was President.

      4. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

        Maybe Gowdy should put them on the stand and have them hooked up to a lie detector. When they go what is this for?? He can tell them it will tell us the truth weather or not you are lying. And we can go over EVERY question until we get the right answer. I wish Judges would make it that they MUST do this then WE the PEOPLE might know the truth.

        1. Askjrsk says:

          Spot on. We need these people under oath.

        2. No name nut case says:

          People can beat a lie detector if they believe what they are saying is true. So, a mind numbed brainwashed loon would pass every time.

          1. Askjrsk says:

            True. Psychopaths never fail a test. Polygraph only records a change that can have many causes other than lying. Criminals even murderers have passed lie detector tests.

        3. Diane says:

          They’ll never allow a lie detector in a court room and can’t even say in a court if a person took the test because it isn’t reliable.

      5. jug says:

        The word is “Commiecrats”!

        Ever since they stole the CPUSA political platform!

        Yeah, the same one that Obammy’s REAL father belonged to back during WW2 and on into the sixties! Same sexual deviations, same ugly face warts that get worse as they age, etc. The only difference is Jr. added Islam to the mix!

        Jr. has already had plastic surgery to try toward it off.

      6. Jim says:

        Brenda, you have the making of a Rep. congress woman.That is the picture of 2 or the worse.I thank both of them may be gay.

      7. ThomasJefferson says:

        The greatest Threat To America,is the belief that one of the two mainstream parties is somehow superior to the other.

    1. mlmaston says:

      They are going with the Politically Correct versions of theirs answers. If they can’t dazzle you with Brilliance…then they will try to baffle you with Bullshit…(aka: the Liberal’s Mantra).

    2. Gen11American says:

      Since we had a Liar-In-Chief in the White House for 8 years thanks to the dumbest voters on earth, and probably millions of illegal votes since the voter fraud commission has discovered 7.2 million voters with registrations in two states. If we didn’t have extended voting periods, fraudulent voters wouldn’t be able to travel to another state to cast a second ballot for crooked Democrats instead of just one! Any voter who votes twice should be fined $25,000 and should lose their voting privileges for life!

      1. I agree there is and was massive voter fraud. However, in the interest of fairness, that 7.2 million is most likely wrong. I used to live in NH and was registered to vote there. Then I moved to another state and registered to vote here. Who goes to their voting poll to de-register when they move to another state? So, maybe hat 7.2 miliion includes a lot of people like me who just moved and didn’t de-register (if there is such a thing) from their previous residence.

        1. allen g. english says:


        2. Deborah Pratt says:

          I moved as well, from MO to ME!! One question I was asked was if I had registered in the state I’d moved from! When I answered ‘Yes’, I was told that would be noted with my registration.

        3. Jerry Nolen says:

          I saw one report where there could have been up to 18 million illegal votes cast in last election. When you count all the illegal aliens and the dead plus the double and sometimes many votes cast by one voter. Several counties where more people voted than live there. Several counties where over one hundred percent of votes went to one party. Get that, over 100% of votes. I will give maybe one county where all voters belong to one party but not several and certainly not over 100%

        4. mary murphy says:

          Very good point. Most of us who have moved several times, may indeed, be registered to vote in more than one location. But now that we have better ways to check voter registration, we should be able to keep better track of these double, or more voter registrations, in more than one state.

          1. Of course if your state has voter ID laws, then it is simple. Show a valid picture ID and you can vote. I’ll never understand states that do not want voter ID in order to vote. That’s inviting voter fraud.

          2. Gen11American says:

            That’s exactly why the Democrats and Liberal judges have been blocking Voter ID for years!

          3. Robert says:

            The Progressive Democrats and RINOS do not want voter ID, they couldn’t get elected to office without voter fraud.

          4. No name nut case says:

            You can say that again! And there IS voter fraud! They do it because they can get away with it. Simple.

        5. Gen11American says:

          There are 7.2 million voters registered in two states. That doesn’t mean all 7.2 million voted twice. But you can bet plenty of Democratic voters voted twice, especially after Obama encouraged non-citizens to vote for Hillary Clinton to protect HIS legacy, and claimed no one would be coming after them if they do vote illegally! Obama knew exactly what he was doing when he said that, and Congress should have impeached him for making that blatantly lawless, unconstitutional statement 10 days before the election! I was thrilled when HIllary lost despite all the voter fraud he encouraged! It’s even possible Hillary was right about losing the election because of Obama! Even if I had been planning to vote for Hillary prior to Obama’s lawless declaration, there’s no way I would have voted her afterwards! Obama lost the last once of credibility he had as a president the night be encouraged massive voter fraud! Hope he pays for that!

          1. Mike W says:

            No matter how many people voted for Obama – I’ll bet in a few years it will be very hard to find anyone who will admit it.

          2. Gen11American says:

            I guarantee there will be one group of voters who will always claim him as their president. After the bad experience we had, and the blatant anti-White racism Obama promoted, it’s unlikely White Americans will EVER be willing to vote in another Black president. Nor should they ever give up majority rule again because that just opens the floodgates of non-White immigration, trying to permanently change the demographics in this country. That’s what Bill Clinton tried to achieve during his 8 years in office, what George W. Bush allowed to occur during his 8 years, and what Obama actively tried to achieve during his 8 years in office. Now we’re going broke providing benefits to an estimated 30 million illegals (11-12 million is one of the lies of the 20th & 21st centuries). And once the Baby Boomers die off, this country will likely be a Third World Socialist hellhole instead of being a nation worth living in and defending with our lives.

          3. No name nut case says:

            That is their goal in bringing in all of those illegals! As long as Americans are prosperous it will be very difficult, if not impossible to make us bow down to the communist manifesto, which is the eventual goal of both parties. But for now, the Reps seem to be the best way to go. The Dems leadership is so messed up!

          4. No name nut case says:

            There is no fear of impeachment. Remember when Clinton was impeached? It accomplished nothing. He went right on doing whatever he was doing. Impeachment is useless today. At one time it showed one’s lack of trustworthiness, which was a great embarrassment back then. But in today’s economy, those people (like Clinton) don’t care. It doesn’t bother them at all that they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar, and they just go on the same as before.

      2. gordythreehorses says:

        those who write on shithouse walls roll their shit in little balls and those who read those words of wit, eat those little balls of shit!

        1. mary murphy says:

          And this comment has to do with this conversation how?

          1. No name nut case says:

            Oh, gordy just has to show his immaturity and act like a horse’s ass.

        2. Gen11American says:

          The utter irrelevance of your comment is only exceeded by the disgust it causes!

      3. No name nut case says:

        I think there is a law on the books concerning people voting more than once, but so far they haven’t enforced them, that I’m aware of. I’m not sure what the penalty is, but as long as the people who are working the polls are the ones breaking the rules it won’t matter.

    3. ExGOP says:

      Evidence will come from the investigation (which Trump is desperately trying to avoid).

      1. sandyhayley says:

        Takes an inordinate amount of dumb to believe that.

        1. Mike W says:

          adding alcohol to stupid sure don’t help either – he can get as drunk as he wants it won’t change anything. He will sober up to the same reality – they lost!

      2. Mike W says:

        If Trump is guilty I want him prosecuted too. But that does not give Obama and the Clinton’s a ” Get out of Jail Free” card like you people want to give them. They are as crooked as a dogs hind leg and you just can’t bring yourself to admit it!

        1. ExGOP says:

          Trump is the current problem we have to deal with.

          1. Mike W says:

            Keep drinking the kool aid

          2. ExGOP says:

            We will all have to get drunk to live through this abomination.

          3. Mike W says:

            Funny you chose that word thats what we called the last 2 elections especially the first and “Obama-nation”. You need to get some help dude. Your hatred of President Trump has you blinded to the truth.

          4. No name nut case says:

            You can try drinking all of the poison while you’re at it.

          5. Del Austin says:

            EX—you are either stupid or dumb or both

          6. mogul264 says:

            I vote for the ‘both’ option!

          7. Barkingdeathsquirrel says:

            I’m going for having taken all of the drugs. That’s how exgop went for the drug test. Studied by taking them all.

          8. No name nut case says:

            What’s the difference between those two words?

          9. Seems more like low information people like you are the real problem we have to deal with

          10. gordythreehorses says:

            you are a libtard cum guzzling fag!

          11. No name nut case says:

            You can say what you mean without using language that illiterate Dem numbskulls use.

        2. ExGOP says:

          He cannot be prosecuted while in office. Only the congress can do that through Impeachment–and they are Republicans.

          1. No name nut case says:

            I believe that decision is something that Rep voters do need to address! We can clean House and Congress if they mess with us. Rep voters are a little different than Lib voters. We recognize a rat and we take action.

      3. Ken Craig says:

        The majority of true Christians are republicans you jumped on the wrong ship exgop explain that to the Lord. Oh that is right. The Lord said many will say they know me, but I will say sorry I never knew you. It looks more and more like the parties have turn to good verses evil with the Democrats being the party of hate and no moral values what so ever. Explain that to the Lord so he can understand why your party wants men to be able to use girls bathroom when they feel like a girl and be tolerant of all the things that the Lord is against. You have a lot of nerve talking about Christ teachings……………..

        1. Askjrsk says:

          Excellent well said

        2. No name nut case says:

          Do you mean that they feel like a girl, as in cross dressing. Lol! Or do you mean that they feel like having a girl as opposed to having a boy. Or do you mean that they feel like being a female instead of being a male. They are pretty good at doing all of the above.

      4. the evidence will point out a Russian connection. But it will be between the clintons and Russia. Not President Trump. Remember, nobody gave Trump a spitting chance of becoming our 45th president up until election night close to midnight. So why would the Russians back a “loser”?

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          Great point!! Love it!! LOL

      5. Deborah Pratt says:

        He is not trying to avoid it!! If anything he, as with many of us, want to get this ‘demon’ behind him!!

    4. SouthernPatriot says:

      If demented Democrats do not lie they are dead. If Democrats are not hypocritical, they are dead.

    5. Askjrsk says:

      Professional liars

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        And often ‘well paid’ to do so!!! ’30 pieces of silver’–to be exact!!

    6. Deborah Pratt says:

      I think the Elders had a ‘saying’ for that—-‘Pulling hen’s teeth’!! Still ‘fits’!! LOL

      1. Mike W says:

        We used to say – “that’s harder then nailing jello to a tree.”

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          ‘New one’ to me!! I like it! What a ‘picture’! LOL

    7. desert says:

      Holder is one that should hang from a tree somewhere and left there to rot!! imho

      1. Mike W says:

        What a lot of people do not know is that Eric Holders wife and Loretta Lynch are founding members of an all black sorority at Harvard. So much for equality? Also Lynch was appointed by Obama not to protect Hillary – as it turned out – but to keep Eric Holder from being prosecuted for Fast and Furious etc.

        1. No name nut case says:

          One big seething caldron of cronyism.

    8. FL Frank says:

      We Patriotic Americans are fed-up with these traitors and another Bunker Hill is on the way. The 2nd shot heard around the world.

    9. David in MA says:

      “Eric Holder : “NO!! Not Lies – there are things that are factually inaccurate.”

      THIS is not the same as a lie?

      1. No name nut case says:

        uuuhhh. Yes! They are just used to dealing with Democrats. Their voters don’t question any of the garbage that they spit out.

    10. jreg9304 says:

      Naturally, there is no truth, so they twist the lies to try and make a truth… Totally impossible to achieve.

      1. Mike W says:

        They believe that if you tell a lie long enough it will become the truth. They’ve been doing it for decades. Re-writing history to suit their agenda.

    11. Diane says:

      Because they’ve told the truth so little in their lifetimes they’ve now forgotten what truth is!

      1. No name nut case says:

        Did they (I’m assuming you are referring to the Demoncrats) ever tell the truth? I don’t think I’ve ever in my lifetime heard the truth come out of any Demoncrat’s mouth.

        1. ExGOP says:

          Always, but that can’t be said of Trump. He thinks truth is for sissies.

    12. Jack says:

      Mike, I like your reply it’s just plain language that even those high priced lawyers can understand without uses a dictionary. They parse words that only shysters can catch the meaning of, and they constantly get away with this garbage talk. I wonder how they would phrase your last sentence about the Frog.

  3. Beatriz Alford says:

    May God Almighty keep His blessings upon Mister Trey Gowdy he is one honest and impeccable man

    1. Gail says:

      Amen, wish he could be cloned!

      1. IluvmyUSA says:

        Yeah, fill up congress, the senate, and all the courts .

        1. mogul264 says:

          One way to ensure the slimy toads we now have in Congress and in the SCOTUS, is to have Term Limits! Even the most stainless ‘Mr. Smith Goes To Washington’ types become soon infected with the dread “Foggy Bottom Fever”, that desire to STAY in Congress because ‘their original mandate from the people’ STILL isn’t complete! (Note: it NEVER IS!) This devolves eventually into the same as all the rest, clawing for power (and MONEY IS POWER!) and prestige! They work hand-in-glove with the same organizations which they are supposed to oversee, and upon retirement, take juicy board positions and consultant positions on these VERY SAME organizations!

          So, with Term Limits, we get those “Mr. Smiths” BEFORE they turn “Professional Politician” (PTUI!!), and learn how to scam the system as so many welfare cheats now do! Then we get NEWBIES! NONE of these can qualify for “retirement” as they can’t remain in office!

          1. No name nut case says:

            Yup! One of the biggest problems in government…any government.

          2. mogul264 says:

            Unbelievably, our FF (Founding Forefathers) KNEW of the problem of “Professional Politicians!” (PTUI!), and WARNED us to beware! Apparently, they thought THIS was sufficient, that we would ensure this WOULDN’T happen. Sadly, we were naive, and thought experience counted, as it does in craftsmanship! We fell RIGHT into the inadvertent trap! Today, we see the effects of the folly!

      2. No name nut case says:

        He could be cloned, but the Dem party would be cloning people like Hillarat… Obuma….Hitler…Gingus Kahn… YICKS! Right now the best part is that if they did do that clones don’t live as long as normally conceived people. They are not perfect.

    2. IluvmyUSA says:

      Yep, one of the last men standing in that capacity.

  4. Lee McLaughlin says:

    Was there new information in that article? We are all familiar with witch hunts. I just wish we could blow back on the knowing fake accusers.

  5. jim says:

    no evidence of collusion period

  6. david says:

    More deep state malfeasance. Yawn nothing new there for the time being!

  7. maxx says:

    So Brennan admitted on the record he had no concrete evidence or proof of collusion or conspiracy. BIG DEAL. The media and the democrat communist party will not change a single thing they are doing because it is working for them. Trump has been ham stringed by anti American operatives that should not even be walking the streets anymore. And a complicit Congress that did not want Trump anyway just keeps looking the other way. When Joe McCarthy warned of the communist infiltration of Hollywood and the government he started hauling them into court. Probably would not work today considering that our judicial system is as far Left as possible. They have even but a stop to Trumps completely constitutional bans and executive orders. Something needs to be done when the courts have taken control of the Executive Branch.

    1. shamu9 says:

      Brennan’s a Goddamned Moslem Sheenie Convert, and as such has No Credibility!

  8. ter334 says:

    IMO this whole Russian circus was a diversion to keep any real Russian espionage hidden since it was by and for HRC. The idea of T conspiring with the R’s is far fetched because T had no political power and probably still has none. What would the R;s do? Help make America great?? I doubt that. This is wheeling and dealing, scheming by the Ds like a bunch of muslims trying accomplish whatever by deceit and deception. More D party projection. They would do political things like this so they assume everyone else does them too!

  9. Donna Harris says:

    Brennan is not honorable and God is watching…..who does he think he is? One can say any derogatory remark against you in this “save your butt” environment. You are guilty! Unless….they allow you to attempt to prove you are innocent. President Trump has untold lies swirling like an evil wind around him. Stand behind him! Why would he join Americans in trying to save America? He did not have to!! Stand behind him!!!

  10. cathylovesyou says:

    Brennan, Obama henchman is a Communist Muslim and a danger to our country. Don’t know what happened in his life that radicalized him

    1. brakeshoe says:

      Read “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” by Dinesh D’Souza. He explains everything.

      1. cathylovesyou says:

        Thanks. Brennan like Comey comes across like a nut job. Oh,it’s been said already

    2. rightsright says:

      Amen! Thank God for Trump’s tweets because it is the only way real true news gets out!

      1. ExGOP says:

        But he lies more than Nixon. Why believe EVEN ONE THING that Trump says.? He is the lyingest president EVER already.

    3. Gen11American says:

      Reportedly he converted to Islam to “please” Obama. Yet Obama claimed to be a Christian. One more lie of the century to chock up to that lying POS!

      1. Mike W says:

        Obama is not even an Obama that’s another lie. His “brother” Malik in Kenya says the family would like to see a paternity test because they are having trouble believing they are related. I would bet the farm Barry whoever he is would never go for that. You will notice that Obama made no contact with the Obama family until after Obama Sr. was dead.

  11. wapitihunter says:

    Brennen is about as crooked as they come and should be in prison. Brennen is a worthless Muslim. He worked for the Clintons covering up dirties for Billy’s Presidential Run and continued working for the Clintons. He was brought in to Clean Up Barry Ohomo’s tracks as well. Michael Hastings go too close while researching a story about Brennen and was murdered. There is a lot more to uncover about Russia and Ohomo, the Clintons and the Russians. Hillary sold or gave US uranium to the Russians which was sold to IRAN. That is treason and so was Fast & Furious.

    1. rightsright says:

      Isn’t he the one who went into the Passports of McCain and Hillary, when it was Obama’s he actually “altered” but went into their to throw things off?

      1. wapitihunter says:

        Yes Brennen is the one who “cleaned up” Bill and Hillary’s passport, he did the same for Ohomo. I am not sure what he did for McCain but McCain is no different than the other three. That’s how Brennen got the job. Ohomo appointed him. Brennen became Muslim while he was in Egypt.

    2. IluvmyUSA says:

      Brennen is a Muslim.

      1. ExGOP says:

        Why did you say that? There is no evidence that Brennen is a Muslim? WHY?

        1. IluvmyUSA says:

          It’s been widely reported that he is Muslim for a long time. But I Googled it and you’re right, no one knows definitely whether or not he is Muslim. I do apologize if I have misled anyone.

    3. No name nut case says:


  12. srw says:

    The people that “helped” Trump seemed to have been put on a Dem Watch list. Once they were identified… as in Jess Sessions case the Obumo Adm called him up about needing to have good relations with Russia. Arranged to have Sessions call the Russian. What do you know. Sessions was “captured” by the Obumo spies or what we use to call the CIA, FBI, State… etc. A set up. Same with Flynn and the rest. Why don’t we get “captures of Podesta, Blumenthal and the other Clinton People doing business with Russians. And had many conversations that were not on secure lines. How about Billy going over and collecting over $10 mil for the “clinton charities”. However those funds were never found in the charity. How many other Millions for the “clinton charities” disappeared. Whose pockets did it go into. How about all the inside deals of Hillary and the Russians. Or were these deals all on the lab tops that Comey had destroyed. No tape of Hillary/aides being “interviewed” by the FBI. No one involved in the Clinton investigation were involved in her questioning. It is called COVER UP. Why not bring Reid, Schumer, Durban, Pelosi, Frankin etc under investigation for supplying the names to the IRS of Tea Party People to be harassed. The T party people were not guilty of anything… Just trying to use their constitutional rights. Clapper, Brennen, Lynch, kHolder, Rice, Huma, Obumos’, Jarrett, all members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Running our govt.

  13. Deby says:

    Trump needs to CLEAN HOUSE NOW. Enough with this questioning crap-Asked and Answered–there is NO EVIDENCE of any collusion with the Trump campaign.

    1. ExGOP says:

      To clean house, we need to Impeach him.

  14. ONTIME says:

    Brennan needs to be on the spot more to explain why he lies to the committee about his agencies acts on spying…he is a muslim and a DNC boy and will go to his grave lying to protect left wing acts…..

  15. Cecilia Robarge says:

    The truth always prevails….AMEN

  16. rightsright says:

    They are all scared as hell of the One World Order groups, aren’t they? No wonder the media and the Democrats in the House and the Senate are against Trump, they all know they have been spied upon and that everything they have tried to hide or thought would never come out, is right there in Obama’s hands to use as he deems necessary to destroy or get what he wants out of anyone because he had us all under his microscope. John Roberts, Supreme Court Judge a perfect example so Obamacare is a TAX! If he found nothing and has nothing to blackmail the person with often they end up dead!

    1. Janet says:

      What I have never understood is that if Obamacare is a tax and the only place a tax can be established is in the House and no one in the House voted for Obamacare, how can the “tax” be legal? Why was it not done for with that ruling. If anyone really knows the answer to that (not speculation), I would love to understand it.

      1. No name nut case says:

        Easy. It is illegal.

      2. ExGOP says:

        The House (and Senate) did vote for it. You were misinformed by the fake news sites (Fakex News, Limburger, and the fake sites by the Macedonian kids).

  17. A patriot says:

    tell brennan to go back a crawl in his rat hole with Obama

  18. icemancold says:

    When dealing with HUSSEIN OBAMA people, Democrats, Liberals and Snowflakes it is like herding cats you never know what is going to happen all you know for sure is it is going to be one hell of a hard job and you will never get it completed satisfactorly.!!

  19. Dexter L. Wilson says:

    You and I know who they are referring to, Paul Manafort because he had business in Russia and Flynn who was connected with Russia long before he became part of the Trump team and wasn’t there long enough to collude with any other government state. And who was he working for, President Obama at that time. Talk about misdirection and cow manure. Here is the real Russian actors colluding with Russia, President Obama talking to the number 2 Russian telling him to wait until after the election and he would have more flexibility and finally go to this link:

    1. Paul Whitley says:

      “Cow manure” – I knew there was another name for bullshit. It can be used in polite, casual conversation. Thanks for reminding me.

      1. Dexter L. Wilson says:

        Just trying to keep it civil, but boy do they spread the manure.

  20. Cheryl says:

    Is it just me or is everyone sick of hearing about collusion, haven’t they figured out by now this is fake media? I have taken a poll from many different social media the same answer I get is There is no reason to continue this it is madness Democrats have nothing as the President did nothing. Grabing at straws.

  21. Gordon Preston Brown says:

    Brennan is part of the dirty deep state trying to destroy the United States of America. He, and fellow communist and muslim) Obumma can pontificate all day long to the communist main stream media about the collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia, which never happened. But the mainstream will go forward with this false information in an effort to remove Donald Trump as president.

  22. Grant1959 says:

    Along with the LOCK HER UP slogan we now have DRIVE THEM OUT!

  23. Frank says:

    All the swamp politicians lie it is what they are all about. Just like coney with his so called memo; after he got fired why didn’t he disclose that discussion immediately after it supposedly happened ( because it never actually happened) except in his mind

    1. ExGOP says:

      The “swamp” has moved to the White House and we MUST drain it to survive.

  24. Askjrsk says:

    If he saw something or heard something that’s called hearsay, not admissible in a court of law. Evidence must be beyond a shadow of a doubt. Further investigation is a fishing expedition which also supposedly illegal. Why are we paying for these incompetent government employees to investigate. This should come out of their pay and benefits package. How’s that Hillary investigation going? Obama and Iran and sealed records ? You know real issues that concern real Americans. Oh voter fraud how that going for next election that we don’t need recounts because of dead people voting.

  25. nSsgCdS2Tu says:

    It’s really a great shame and diservice to the American people, that the democrats are spending so much of the taxpayers money to chase their unicorns! If you cannot produce a shred of evidence then there is no collusion, no conspiracy, no laws broken. It’s time for them to shut up and accept THEY LOST and move on!!!

  26. Jay Crossbow says:

    This has ALL been a Red Herring since Day 1. And we all know why. 17 National Security agencies, that are run by politically correct rules of no profiling, no this, no that. None of them know what the other ones are doing, there is internal bickering and maneuvering going on to get a bigger slice of the Security agency money and the one upmanship game. And while all this nonsense is going on, Americans are at a greater risk than ever of being a victim of islamic terrorism. We don’t need 17 agencies running into eachother.

  27. John in TX says:

    The Dems will say anything and do anything to protect their real objective – that is destroy this democratic republic and create an oligarchy similar to Russia, China, etc where the PARTY is more important than the country or the well-being of the people. They have to lie, create false news stories, deflect sny attempt to expose their treason, such as letting a SoS use any unprotected server and e-mail over unsecured lines state secrets and putting our forces and collaborators at risk. They had their programs to destroy the economy and put the country in debt that may never be paid. They put in place false teaching and socialist educators that convey the message that there are no consequences for their actions and their are ENTITLED to a FREE LUNCH. Proof is the riots and destruction of property plus not losing their teaching position when they had these crying rooms, etc.

  28. Jay Crossbow says:

    Is Brennan the one that converted to Islam ? While he was being cajoled in Saudi Arabia on supposed service to the country. That this person was even confirmed as CIA director is remarkable.

    1. ExGOP says:

      But he wasn’t converted to Islam. You lied about that. Trying to emulate your hero Trump?

  29. Jay Crossbow says:

    No wonder why the communist obongo, picked this Brennan to be CIA director in 2013.

    His(Brennan’s)studies included a junior year abroad learning Arabic and taking Middle Eastern studies courses at the American University in Cairo.[4][6] In 1976, he voted for Communist Party USA candidate Gus Hall in the presidential election; he later said that he viewed it as a way “of signaling my unhappiness with the system, and the need for change.”

    And we know obongo’s real father(Frank Marshall Davis) was head of the Communist Party USA in Hawaii in the 1960’s.

  30. Jimmie Cooper Boswell says:

    last question: is there any evidence of a conspiracy, of the use of false facts to intentionally harm the office of the president of the united states?

    1. Jay Crossbow says:

      If Ryan and the GOP congress was actually legit, they would call for and launch an investigation into the NY Times and the Washington Post’s wreckless and criminal, unsubstantiated fabrications of this duly elected President and his administration.

      But you see none of them want to see President Trump succeed.

      1. Jimmie Cooper Boswell says:

        well the question implies, a wonton act of espionage.

      2. ExGOP says:

        But these are substantiated. That is why there is no investigation. Didn’t you know that? Don’t you read the news (or do you just listen to Fakex News and Limburger?)

  31. Rick D. says:

    Gowdy is fantastic!! He doesn’t allow the slippery, slimy, left-wingers get away with weasel-words that imply that something is factual when, in fact, it’s nothing more than “wishful thinking” by the pitiful, whiny, wienie, and wimpy bed-wetting liberals. They just need to learn to STFU!!

  32. gordythreehorses says:

    what Gowdy should have ask him was if he spits or swallows when he was on his knees in front of Obama!

  33. MarcJ says:

    Former FBI Director James Comey has a long history of involvement in Department of
    Justice actions that arguably ended up favorable to the Clintons.

    In 2004, Comey, then serving as a deputy attorney general in the Justice
    Department, apparently limited the scope of the criminal investigation of Sandy
    Berger, which left out former Clinton administration officials who may have
    coordinated with Berger in his removal and destruction of classified records
    from the National Archives. The documents were relevant to accusations that the
    Clinton administration was negligent in the build-up to the 9/11 terrorist attack.

    During the congressional investigation FBI director Comey announced that despite the evidence
    of “extreme negligence” by Hillary Clinton and her top aides regarding the
    handling of classified information through her private email server, the FBI
    would not refer criminal charges to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the
    Justice Department. Imagine a similar finding of the Nuremberg trials of the
    Nazi criminals: “Well – yes, Goebbels did order that 6 million Jews be
    exterminated – but he really did not mean it, so let him go free with an
    appropriate government pension”.

  34. jong says:

    Very simply Brennan has always been a hack. And any kind of business between Trump and the Russians was just that business. After all in the time period they are talking about Trump was a private citizen. However, Hillary and her thuggery including bj billy were government employees of one kind or the other.

  35. tommy2sweet says:

    Gowdy is “The Man!!” Like a laser bulldog he gets to the meat of the matter.

  36. TEA says:

    It will be a glorious day when all these subverts are found out, and punished no holds barred!

  37. MarcJ says:

    (Written a few years ago) Brennan, the former White
    House Czar in charge of national security and the inventor of “Overseas
    Contingencies”, “Workplace Violence”, and the “You-Tube” excuses (reported to
    have converted to Islam while serving in Clinton’s administration), will lead
    our CIA activities as its new Director while shielding, together with AG Holder
    (and now under Lynch), the jihadists from pursuit under the “civil rights” and
    “inclusiveness” excuses. Brennan had also been enforcing Obama’s directive
    titled “Outreach” whereby American mosques and their members are specifically
    excluded from the NSA-FBI terrorist surveillance programs; this according to
    the sworn testimony to Congress by the former FBI Director Muller; he explained
    how the Boston Marathon jihadist bombers had escaped their attention. Also mass
    murders in Orlando, Chattanooga, San Bernardino…

  38. Sterling Michaels Munce says:

    No way shape or form does this exonerate John Brennan from being part of the deep state which he absolutely is!

    We Veterans of the intelligence community know one understand through the Deep State players are, and make no misunderstanding, here are a few of the names of the deep state; John McCain, Chuck Schumer, Paul Ryan, James Comey, Hussein Obama, Both Clintons, Bush Family, James Clapper, Deborah Sanchez, John Podesta, Mike Pence, Reinse Pribus & EVERY News Anchor on Night Time TV who relentlessly attacks POTUS Trump and his White House.

    They are NOT Free Press, they are Deep State Handled Agents who are fighting for their very lives now because POTUS now has the NAMES, DATES, PLACES, E-V-I-D-E-N-C-E of the sweeping corruption cover up of Blackmail, Spying and unmasking Hundreds of Thousands of Citizens as well as the Pedophilia and blackmail cover ups that POTS has ordered arrests that are being carried out that Mainstream Propaganda refuses to cover.

    The Seth Rich Murder is now a House Of Cards imploding that cannot and will not go away!

  39. Jeronimo Dan says:

    Breanna being of Muslim faith, in no way can be trusted.

    1. arnie fiergang says:

      What could he have been thinking? When he did that?

    2. ExGOP says:

      But you lied about “being of Muslim faith” WHY?

  40. ChicagoThunder1 says:

    The one question you ask first is… “do you believe in Political Correctness?” If the person answers YES, you know that you are dealing with a messed up mind. In other words a Communist by proxy! Reason being is it is the foundation of Pavlov’s proven theory. It was used to undermine China as well as the UNITED STATES and other countries as well. It’s beyond slick because the Soviets understood that no one wants to be looked at as being the oddball. It’s human nature to want to belong to the in crowd and be accepted in the group. So all they had to do was to change the meanings of words to get their desired results. what that does is it creates a grey area of uncertainty and shakes to its core the meaning of right and wrong. Lawyers love the idea because it calls into question right and wrong. Because it includes grey with black and white to be an acceptable conclusion. This is one of the reasons the Ten Commandments had to be gotten rid of because it has no grey! All of the former directors answerers were GREY designed to get you to assume he was correct. You know assume right? ASS-U-ME it make an ass outta you and me. Trey wasn’t about to made an ass of I wish we could clone him…

  41. muypro says:

    Still tryin to take down a great President with their “Whack-A -Mole” tactics ! Pedantic in the least ! Get busy helping to Make America Great again why don`t ya !

    1. ExGOP says:

      That is how to Make America Great again after Trump embarrassed us so stupidly. Take him down and Make America Great Again.

    2. ExGOP says:

      But Trump isn’t a great President. He is absolutely horrible.
      He bowed to the Saudi King.
      He refused to use the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” even though he said Obama should have used it.
      He humiliated us at the NATO meeting.
      He sucks up to the Saudis and makes enemies of NATO. NOT good policy.

      1. muypro says:

        Get a reality check eh ! President Donald J Trump in the instance you mention that when he bowed was when the King presented President Donald J Trump with a gold necklace you maroon ! GLAD YOU ARE AN EX Republican and you can join those being swamped out also ! Pffft

        1. Mike W says:

          He’s an idiot best just to ignore him.

  42. jimvancise says:

    Gee, that’s an interesting “take” on what I saw as Brennan showing once again exactly why Tree Gowdy is a “Former Prosecutor (as if that wasn’t proven when his Hand Picked Benghazi Prosecutor admitted that “everything which could have been done, was done”). Brennan told Gowdy that he didn’t want to get into specific names in Open Session-but if he wanted to continue in a Closed Session…………..THAT speaks volumes.

  43. David in MA says:

    “Brennan responded that he had seen information about contacts between Russian and US actors that led him to believe the matter should be investigated further by the FBI, but declined to say whether or not he saw direct links between Trump and Russia.””

    While he was still with the CIA or after he left?

  44. William Kern says:

    Thankfully we have a Trey Gowdy to keep us from having a Kangaroo Court in this so-called investigation. Our biggest threat right now appears to be the Democratic Party and the Major News Media (that seems to be what they want us to believe about them) from actually finding any evidence of collusion. coordination or cooperation between the President or members of his campaign staff. The day is coming when the chicks will come home to roost. I am hoping that those Democrat’s who seemingly enjoy trashing the President find out that when you mess with a bull you get a horn in the a**.

  45. David McAllister says:

    Trey Gowdy in 2024!

  46. AL ELLIS says:

    Stay on them Gowdy. Don’t allow them to call innuendos as facts or collusion which is what they all do and this started during the campaign. They apparently aren’t too smart if innuendo equates to collusion. WOW and these people are watching the countries enemies? That just flat worries me, they must be quite stupid.

  47. Original Anna says:

    I saw interaction, how about asking what interaction between who and who. And what proof do you have like witnesses to the interaction. What is with the questions that don’t get asked and why aren’t these people required to bring proof or witnesses to collaborate what they are testifying to. This is nothing but a circle running into itself. If doesn’t sound like a real court investigation or procedure. Where are the people who worked on the computers and supposedly saw the information, they would know what they saw going on, that is what their jobs are surveillance and so much of the surveillance done by the guys on the surveillance equipment the boss never sees. Go to the people working on the collusion instead of calling big names before the committee and looking like you aren’t making a real attempt to find out something. Whenever I had to investigate any employee, the first people I went to were the cleaners, than move up the chain to those working on the records you need to fire the employee. You would be surprised at what cleaners can tell you are in employees garbage or what an employee might have in their closets.

  48. Larry Maley says:

    Clearly they have no evidence at this time. But it’s up to Trump to prove to the American peaple that no evidence exist. And then the Dems. will be satisfied. Or not.

    1. ExGOP says:

      No, the FBI will determine whether evidence exists or not (if they are allowed to do so).

  49. Palmer says:

    Factually inaccurate? What the hell does that mean? These lying basturds should be put on trial. President trump can’t wait any longer. ALL obummer anarcists need to be FIRED. Some put in jail.

    1. ExGOP says:

      Factually inaccurate? That means it was probably said by Trump.

    2. ExGOP says:

      Part of Trump’s alternative facts.

  50. cyh045 says:

    John Brennan: after watching this fool testify, before congress, he has proved that he is a liar, and trying to make Trump look bad? this guy was over paid and was over stupid, and should have no place in the federal government.

    1. ExGOP says:

      Didn’t anyone tell you? He isn’t in the federal government, fool.

  51. ExGOP says:

    Did you see the latest evidence of the Trump fiasco at the NATO meeting. He was in a group of world leaders and deliberately elbowed another out of the way so he could be in front. Now he has demonstrated the truth of the “Ugly American” to the world. It has gone viral and totally destroyed America’s respect.

    1. ExGOP says:

      To Saron2211
      I can’t find your post, but you seem to doubt the event. It was in the news. Watch TV. Possibly Fakex News didn’t put it on if their censors cut it out. Others did put it in, and so did the rest of the world.
      This was uploaded to Youtube and went viral.

    2. dfinch says:

      No sweety. He was supposed to be in the front because he was giving a speech and he was joking with them.

      1. ExGOP says:

        How can you say such a thing, sweety. He was NOT there to give a speech. It was a photo shoot and he HAD to be in the front. And NO ONE joked with him, they ignored him after this crude action. You need to look at the video again (although you won’t want to).

  52. Jeannie says:

    typical left wing, liberal answer…dance around the question, try to change the subject in order not to have to answer the question

  53. J. Ernst says:

    The UNIPARTY, (demorat’s & rino’s), TRULY BELIEVES that if you inculcate enough, people will believe the lies!!! AND to prove it they espouse; 1+1=3!!!
    This is the NEW measure of “reality”…
    Listening to these assholes is like a four year old taking a shit on OUR kitchen floor, calling U.S. in to LOOK at it, then the 4 year old calls it ART, then adamantly tries to convince you and me it’s BEAUTIFUL, then happily runs off for YOU and ME to clean it up!!!
    HOW do we discipline such LUNACY!!??
    The “courts” are complicit in this insanity, BOTH houses clamor for “truism” instead of the TRUTH, and SOMEHOW the President is responsible for this ABHORRENT FRAUD!!!
    YEAH, I think we’ve allowed the this to go FAR ENOUGH…
    We, the People need to inundate our “former” representatives with the mandate, “THUS FAR AND NO FARTHER!!!”
    TREY 2024!!!

  54. David says:

    He worked for obozo and ALL who worked for obozo should be fired. Jail if necessary……

    1. ExGOP says:

      Spoken like a true UNAMERICAN

  55. Mike Tanco says:

    All of this crap started because the Democrats ran a very flawed candidate and lost. The citizens of this country were tired of hearing Hillary and Obama stack one lie upon another.

  56. 78NTSUDE says:

    Brennan is a muslim. Translation – the koran, his bible, directs him to deceive the infidel (anyone not a muslim). He thinks it is okay to lie.
    Drain the swamp of these people.

    1. ExGOP says:

      How can you make such a stupid statement? Everyone knows Brennan is NOT a Muslim. Oops, you are a conservative; asked and answered.

      1. dfinch says:

        Everyone knows he is a Muslim. At a time when he was stationed in Saudi Arabia he converted. You don’t know much do you? Watchine CNN and MSNBC you wouldn’t know that.

        1. ExGOP says:

          The “Everyone” must be all ignorant conservatives. No actual person “knows” that.

          1. dfinch says:

            Sweet cheeks…you’re the one that said everyone knows he’s not then contradicted yourself and said no actual person knows. Who’s the ignorant one? Hahahahaha.

          2. ExGOP says:

            No, I said everyone knows he is NOT a Muslim. You said everyone “knows” he is a Muslim. I said that is not true. I contradicted YOU.

  57. Jack Adams says:

    Another lying SOB working for the DNC!!! These A…..Holes need to be held ACCOUNTABLE for ALL their lying BS!!!

  58. Steven Coy says:


  59. ExGOP
    You are so greatly to be pitied. You believed the father of lies for 8 years and still defend “it”. ” If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” and many many many many many many many many many more. GOD’s word says that no liar will enter into heaven, ever. Also no homosexuals or nonbelievers will be saved from destruction. BUT, all men are liars (women included) and can only be in HIS presence when cleaned with the blood of Jesus Christ. You want to protect all those in government that are traitors, liars, thieves and want to hurt our people and our country, that, was by the way, founded on GOD’s principles, with HIS permission. . .
    NOT satan, muslims or deep state bureaucrats left by obama.
    We have endured a lawless country for all of the black’s presidents time in office. We have been fed lies and misinformation for the whole 8 years, he has stolen billions of dollars from taxpayers and employed other criminals just like him and you want to call a man that wants to straighten out the mess left to us and our children, a liar and self serving. You should be ashamed and you will be ashamed when you stand in front of GOD, like we all will do. But HIS word says that you repent and stop lying yourself and believe in HIS son, or suffer the fires of hell for eternity. Your decision, your decision only. So it is my conclusion that you are also a liar and a thief (you have stolen the truth) and will burn and be tormented with your like-minded friends.

    But remember when you get there, you had to step over and the around the truth (JESUS) and send your self to hell and destruction.

    1. ExGOP says:

      No conservative can stand in front of God and expect to be welcomed. They want to provide no help to Him. The want to cut help to Him. They want to cut food stamps for Him, cut school meals for Him. cut Medicaid for Him. Anything that helps Him is wrong according to them.

  60. ltc444 says:

    There is a question with a follow that was not asked by Gowdy or any other Representative on the committee.

    Did you find any collusion or evidence of improper contact between the Russians and any other Campagin?

    Did you look?

  61. Lynda Bauer says:

    I wrote a response to ex GOP, but it did not post. It says it was detected as spam. Is there a way to send? It does not have anything under message like edit or view or to post from me. I can see the message, but it is not sharply printed, it is faded on page.

    1. ExGOP says:

      I also can’t find the posts that were e-mailed to me.
      You said that the charities “reportedly” did not receive the money. The report was fake news. Charity Watch has reviewed the Clinton Foundation and gave it an “A”. 12% of its revenue goes to administration–a very good score. 88% goes to programs.
      They can’t give the Trump Foundation a grade because it is private–run by Trump himself.
      People have listed the things that the Clinton Foundation is ACCUSED of doing with little or no evidence.
      Can you list the crimes that the Trump foundation (run by Trump personally as a private foundation) has been CONVICTED of and had to pay fees and had to close the foundation because no one would ever donate to it again (and he would NEVER add any money of his own)?

      1. dfinch says:

        Charity Watch hasn’t done a rating on Clinton since 2014. They are required every year to do one by law. It has since been proven that they’ve given out 10% in donations and used 90% for personal and administravive purposes.

        1. ExGOP says:

          Charity watch is NOT required by law to do anything. Who told you that?
          And the figures are a lie. Yes, they do about 12% in donations and they do 12% in administrative and “personal” (but no one knows of any personal expense). The other 76% is used to do their programs with in-house staff rather than donating to another foundation for the work. It is still expenses to do their program.

          1. dfinch says:

            People like you are so scary with that kind of warped mind. Research where that ugly daughter’s wedding was paid from. $3M worth. Countries are asking for their funds back because of the corruption. Where’s the millions that was raised for the Haitians after the earthquake? 2,200 homes were to have been built and nothing was built. Where’s the Mfg. plant that was supposed to have been built? Half of the construction was done and then it was stopped because the money stopped coming in. The structure is now collapsing. You’re sick to think this is ok.

          2. ExGOP says:

            The Clinton foundation had nothing to do with any wedding, and it had nothing to do with Haiti. Why did you change the subject.
            What are you really talking about?

    2. ExGOP says:

      You apparently don’t know much about Trump. His foundation illegally paid $25,000 of donors’ money to the Attorney General in Florida. The next week she closed her investigation into the Trump University. Trump foundation paid a $2,500 penalty. In its filings, the Trump Foundation lied about who the money went to.
      The foundation also paid over $250,000 of donors’ money to cover Trump’s personal problems with Mar-a-Logo and one of his golf courses. It also spent $15,000 on portraits of Trump. They are the reason he would NEVER get any further donations. But crooked deals are what he does.

      1. dfinch says:

        Oh My God…none of that is true. His “foundation” was never set up as a foundation. It had never been filed as such. The money that went into it was HIS money. The money he gave Pam Bondi was to her SuperPac and not to her directly. He never used it for donations. Get your information right and quit lying about it.

        1. ExGOP says:

          Who told you all that BS. He created and filed the foundation and a little of the money was his. A foundation is not allowed to give money to a super pac. That is why he was fined.
          You don’t know anything about his foundation. READ, READ.
          Even a business site that supported Trump has the info. You could NOT have missed the crooked Trump foundation stuff it if you TRIED.

          1. dfinch says:

            His “foundation” is not a 501.3. The papers were never filed. So Einstein. It’s not technically a foundation. Now…what is this $5M that the WWE supposedly donated to something?

          2. ExGOP says:

            His foundation WAS (he ended it) a 501 (c) (3). Why did you lie about that??? The WWE took a $5 million deduction for donating to a 501c3. Don’t you know ANYTHING about the crooked Trump Foundation?

        2. ExGOP says:

          How can you live with yourself. You know NOTHING about the Trump Foundation. EVEN A TINY BIT OF KNOWLEDGE would have prevented you from saying these things. ALL OF WHAT YOU SAID IS A LIE (except the SuperPac–which was still illegal). Did you say it because you WANT it to be true? Trump hasn’t donated to the foundation since 2008.
          Note that World Wrestling Entertainment alone donated $5 million. It wasn’t just his money, and even if he were the only donor, it is NOT his money after he donates it–it becomes the foundation’s money.

    3. ExGOP says:

      The school was a fraud; a bait-and-switch scheme. What was promised and what was delivered were so far apart that Trump settled for $25 million payback.

  62. techsavvychick says:

    First let me say, along with our President, Congressman Trey Gowdy is my HERO! He will NEVER let anyone get away with lying or misrepresenting the facts to Congress. The sad thing is, the MSM will NEVER report the FACTS. They prefer to stick with innuendo and conspiracy theories in an attempt to undermine the president.

    Did anyone see even a portion of Killary’s “commencement address?” I put that in quotes because it was NOT a commencement address; it was a political campaign speech, not surprisingly. As narcissists ALWAYS do, she stated motives, actions and conspiracies that SHE HERSELF and the Democratic party have and are involved in, but deflected all of this onto Republicans and most notably President Trump.

    1. ExGOP says:

      Did you see even a portion of Trump’s “commencement address” to the Coast Guard. Spoke nothing about them, just about how upset he is about the coverage his mistakes keep getting.

  63. techsavvychick says:

    Important Note: Anything and everything negative Killary and her cronies blame on the current administration describes exactly what THEY THEMSELVES are doing. Look at the facts – and look up the definition of a narcissist. You will see exactly what I mean.

    1. ExGOP says:

      The definition of narcissist is “Donald Trump”

  64. ExGOP says:

    To KennethRussell:
    You said: “But totally ignore the fact that Hillary profited from her sale of uranium to the Russians..”. Didn’t Fakex News or Limburger tell you that Hillary DIDN’T profit from the sale? You have liars giving you information.

    1. dfinch says:

      Never has a republican say Clinton didn’t profit from that sale. Of course she did.

      1. ExGOP says:

        You clearly don’t know much about the sale. Clinton didn’t profit one dime from the sale. Someone lied to you, or you made it up.

  65. ExGOP says:

    America used to be the laughingstock of the world for electing Trump. But after his behavior at NATO, they are more angry than laughing. We have NO RESPECT in the world. Trump has destroyed all the respect we regained through Obama after Bush ruined it.

    1. dfinch says:

      NATO and the European countries all laughed at Obama because he never finished anything. They knew the US was a pushover. No more. No more. If you had any sense you’d know why they were angry at NATO. They were more humiliated that they were called out. He confronted them. Some hadn’t paid a dime for over 30 years and the US has picked up the difference. Four or five have only paid a small portion of their resposnsibility. Again the US has picked up the balance of their responsibilities. The insult is we all get the same service. No more, no less than the other countries. I wasn’t Tea Party but when I look back on it now it was them that brought a lot of what’s going on to the forefront. If you were “ever” a Republican you would know that. Because of that I have extreme doubts on your claim.

      1. ExGOP says:

        NO, they did NOT laugh at Obama. They laughed at us for electing this clown, but now they are more than laughing,they are angry. We no longer have any allies in the world, except Israel (who can’t afford to annoy us) and Russia because they can use Trump.

  66. Bill Chandler says:

    Why would a total idiot post as XGOP. He is jut another one of those ignorant bastards that can’t think past his nose without Plastic face Polisi or that goof ball that can’t afford glasses and on top of that the biggest lier I’ve ever seen in print. Are you one of those liers that was leaving the country if Trump was elected. I’ll buy your ticket dumb ass.

  67. Askjrsk says:

    No No evidence We need to fish more. We need to do more entrapment. We need to build more fake news and false narratives because we have no evidence,

    1. ExGOP says:

      Trump will provide the “alternative facts” that you need.

  68. ExGOP says:

    Did you see Trump bow to the Saudi King to get his medal EXACTLY like Obama did?

  69. Gerald A. Reason says:

    The problem is simple: There are many politicians and Bureaucrats who have lied so much, they would not know the truth if it jumped up and bit them in the behind!

  70. will kari says:

    Pres. Trump should direct the A.G.and the FBI to uncover Hussein Obama’s past records that have been locked up by a Federal Judge since before he was elected POTUSA. Those records would probably reveal he was an illegal alien islamic attending college in NYC as a foreign student with two Social Security numbers. Come on Trump apply the full court press.

    1. ExGOP says:

      I agree as long as Trump’s income tax records come too.

      1. Lynda Bauer says:

        In case you’re not aware of it, he really doesn’t have to produce any more records concerning his taxes. It is not a legal requirement, but it is something that others did. Not all produced tax records for every year before becoming elected. President Trump produced his records from two years ago. That’s all he chooses to do, that’s all he probably will do. The recent records are still under audit, and he does not have to produce them if he doesn’t want to. Tax records are not on the same par as oh, let’s say, passports, college transcripts, social security numbers, and oh, by the way, how he paid for his elite college education. Might be interesting reading.

        1. ExGOP says:

          It is not a legal requirement. It is an ethical requirement to let the American people know what his conflicts of interest are. But ethics isn’t part of what Trump is.
          Audit has no bearing on whether he produces them. That is a smokescreen, but that is Trump–all smoke and mirrors. Tax records are on a MUCH higher level than a college transcript. The college transcript is irrelevant. We have Obama’s passport and social security number. If you think how he paid for his education is interesting, how about how Trump is paid?

    2. Lynda Bauer says:

      You could also add to that the fact we have never been allowed access to his transcripts. Also, he traveled to India when at the time American citizens were banned from doing so. In order to do that, he must have had a British passport, otherwise he couldn’t have gone there. But he did! Why would he have a British passport? Two guesses, and the first one doesn’t count.

  71. Donna M Rogers says:

    Get him Gowdy. Make him show the proof (if there really is any which I doubt). Just another liberal spouting off because he still can’t believe Trump actually won. These people are living in a fantasy land, their candidate lost, get over it.

  72. Jack says:

    Jay • a few seconds ago
    O.K. Friends I agree with almost all of the posts on here but, and there always seems to be a “BUT.”
    What I would like to know why hasn’t Hillary, Obama and Rice been put in jail for all the treasonous
    acts they have committed. It appears that they are above the Law unlike the rest of the American people
    who if they had done one of the dastardly deeds these people have done we the people would have rotted
    in prison.
    It appears there is two standards in America, one for the political class, and one for the people,
    but it never seems that the political class that is protected by the media never pays for their misdeeds,
    only the people are held accountable for the slightest mis-step.
    I personally want to see those that commit offenses against the rule of Law be persecuted just like the normal
    citizen would be, and until that happens the elitists will continue to get off scott free, and never even lose
    their jobs. Washington D.C has passed Los Vegas and all the Sanctuary cities for corruption.
    Talk is cheap on these forums and all the talk in the World will not fix the problem of the political corruption.

    1. ExGOP says:

      They aren’t in jail because they didn’t commit any “treasonous acts”. That is all stuff out of the fake news sites, largely from the Macedonian kids that have made so much money making fools of right wingers.

      1. Lynda Bauer says:

        I can’t understand why you continue to support our EX President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Susan Rice for their behaviour. If you had the power to release prisoners from prison who has promised to kill our citizens as soon as they get out, would you do it? If you knew our cities are being overrun with MS13 gangs that come here from Mexico, would you stop the authorities from arresting them when they catch them, or would you allow them to keep crossing our borders and stay here illegally without consequences? Would you close many of our Military bases and reduce our armed services even though it weakens our ability to defend ourselves? Would you send our men and women into battle but not allow them to attack the enemy when they see them until they attack out soldiers first ( wear red and march in a straight line)? Would you give millions of dollars to a country that says “death to America’ daily, and with that money you knowingly enable them to build nuclear weapons they will use to kill us? Would you decide what guns private citizens can and can’t own, and would you try to take guns out of the hands of private citizens at your discretion? Would you remain silent when the “fast and furious” gun tracking program failed, putting the guns in the hands of criminals who used one of those guns to kill one of our own? Would you lie to the American people about a video being the catalyst for the attack on Benghazi? Would you authorize thousands of immigrants from Muslim countries to come through our borders without proper vetting? Would you say you deported thousands of illegals who had repeatedly broken​ the law, when in reality they came right back and you did nothing to keep them out? Would you promote racial tension between white and black citizens by turning your head to the violence in cities that was organized by the Muslim Brotherhood, and Black Panthers? Would you refuse to allow law enforcement to question citizenship of those suspected to be illegal especially when we have been attacked by illegals, because you might hurt their feelings? Would you ignore the second amendment in our Constitution n because you didn’t like it’s provisions?I think if you behaved like this, you would be arrested for obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting criminals, encouraging civil disobedience, promoting illegal transportation of weapons, perpetrating an ongoing lie to the people about the reason why Benghazi was attacked, etc. And this is just some of the behavior our illustrious EX President has demonstrated. I haven’t even started on his “treasoness” behavior yet. As for Hillary and Susan, not enough room this time.

        1. ExGOP says:

          I don’t understand your post. I have not referred to Obama, Rice or Hillary. Why did you make that up.
          And I can’t understand your persistent defense of this abominable president. He is the subject of the time. Obama is history. Trump is the awful issue we need to fix NOW.

    2. Lynda Bauer says:

      Good for you Jay. You have a good handle on this whole thing. It seems that losing was too bitter of a pill to swallow. They were blindsided and just can’t believe they lost. It might have helped if they had put a candidate in who didn’t have such a sullied reputation and no message or raport with the voters.

  73. Webb says:

    The Russia are coming…
    We wait…
    Progressive Democrats are looking for them under every rock. In every corner, under boards and Planks…Every Where!

    1. ExGOP says:

      They are already here–look in the White House.

    2. ExGOP says:

      A lot of people compare this administration with the Nixon administration. It is just the opposite. Nixon had the White House break into a hotel. Now we have hotels breaking into the White House.

  74. Maria castro says:

    I actually have an indigestion of these lies and slander against Trump for months and no proof. I don’t count with the democretinoids, but what about the rinos? they are working against Trump agenda as hard as the demonrats. We need to make them stop this nonsense.

    1. ExGOP says:

      Actually, they are NOT lies. Trump just feeds stupidities to them.

      1. Maria castro says:

        Maybe,,as they are stupid

        1. ExGOP says:

          Why does he do such stupid things? He hires a national security adviser who is a registered lobbyist for a foreign MUSLIM nation. Stupid. He bragged about his ability to hire good people, but he keeps hiring losers and having to say “you’re fired”. His administration has been a revolving door IN FOUR MONTHS!!!

          1. Maria castro says:

            He is shrewd, we don’t know exactly what happened with Flynn and why he decided to hire him. Let us give it time and then judge.

          2. ExGOP says:

            Trump shrewd??? What planet are you living on? We know exactly that Flynn owns a company that lobbies for the Turkish president Erdogan and that his attitude toward Erdogan changed when he accepted the lobbying job. Trump didn’t even ask him or didn’t care. NOT SHREWD.
            Yes, we need the Russian connection to be given time and investigation (even though Trump is desperately trying to derail the investigation).

          3. Maria castro says:

            But I know you are…correct?

          4. ExGOP says:

            Thanks for the compliment, but being more shrewd than Trump isn’t much of a compliment. Did you hear his speech about climate change today? He asked how soon the world would be laughing at us for our bad decisions. That would be November 8. Now they aren’t laughing anymore. They are must mad. Trump has P***ed off our European allies while he sucked up to the Saudis. Only Putin and Israel have any use for him.

          5. Maria castro says:

            You mean the. European leeches and investors that steal the money and then write off?

          6. ExGOP says:

            Are you sure that Trump is European? He fits your description except for that.

          7. Maria castro says:

            go and FEFE

          8. ExGOP says:

            Time doesn’t help unless the investigation proceeds. Time alone won’t provide answers, only an investigation which Trump DESPERATELY wants to avoid.

  75. ExGOP says:

    He just CAN’T quit screwing up. Too immature.

  76. ExGOP says:

    To: VIckiM
    The Clinton Foundation had nothing to do with Haiti. You are trying to change the subject. They don’t “give” to charity; they do charitable works and 88% of their money goes to charitable works, including 8% that they give to other foundations to help them. Didn’t you read the Charity Watch report???

    1. Lynda Bauer says:

      Please read what Haiti said the Clinton Foundation promised them after the earthquakes and other catastrophic events that took place. Money , rebuilding, and medical help. None of those promises were kept
      ( some construction started but not finished due to the fundings drying up), but the Clintons had no problem requesting and receiving funds to help the Hatians. I read several versions of the Charity watch. Great reviews in the beginning, not so much after Hillary was defeated. It seems she was not able to keep her promise to do political favors since she wouldn’t be President. What a shame.

      1. ExGOP says:

        And where would I read that?

      2. ExGOP says:

        Where would I read what Haiti said the Clinton Foundation promised?Charity Watch hasn’t issued a new report since the election. Where did you get that? And political favors as president wouldn’t have any effect on the foundation. You made a lot of things up.

  77. ExGOP says:

    To Jack:
    The reason I don’t say good things about Trump is that he hasn’t done anything good (yet–still looking). And all the things I post are provable, as opposed to the things that people make up on this site.

  78. ExGOP says:

    You lied about Obama. Why?

  79. Constitutionist says:

    Brenda you are a very smart lady. Polution is not a lady, Schummer is not a patriot either. They are both Communist invaders in our Constitutional USA. They both need to be deported along with all the lib progressives in NY, and Califruitville. These two States are the most un-American person we have in Government. Time to get those two and Obamaba deported.

  80. ExGOP says:

    To: Donald Trump
    Obama produced his birth certificate and taxes. Where are yours??

    1. Lynda Bauer says:

      What business is it of yours?

      1. ExGOP says:

        It is ALL Americans’ business to know who else is paying our president. Don’t you want to know?

        1. Lynda Bauer says:

          You sure are grasping at straws. You keep getting the short one each time. Who else is paying Trump? For what? Why don’t you make yourself clear? It’s easy to keep spouting nonsense. You will stop at nothing to cast doubt on our Commander In Chief. Just out of curiosity, what do you expect would happen if President Trump was gone? Do you know who would take over? He’s still a Republican, darn it!

          1. ExGOP says:

            Those are important questions, and you are happy that Trump desperately doesn’t want us to know the answers. I do.
            TRUMP keeps casting doubt on our Commander in Chief.
            We just made a mistake.

  81. ExGOP says:

    Trump thinks everyone except him is stupid, especially Republicans
    Elizabeth Spiers, claimed she told Kushner that she had serious problems with Trump’s repeated claims that Obama was not born in the U.S., to which Kushner allegedly told her: “He doesn’t really believe it, Elizabeth. He just knows Republicans are stupid and they’ll buy it.”

    1. Lynda Bauer says:

      The operative word is “allegedly”. Do you really think Kushner would even respond to such a question, let alone comment? Elizabeth Spiers can claim anything she wants to, Does that make it fact? Is it even believable? Why would he even dignify that question I with a response? Someone said she told them she thinks she was abducted by aliens. Is that a fact? Is it believable? Let’s stay grounded here, okay? I can’t believe you would even post such a ridiculously obvious fabricated statement about Kushner.

      1. ExGOP says:

        The thing that makes it so credible is that it is perfectly consistent with the Trump idea that he knows more than anyone else. He even claimed (this time on tape) that he knows more about ISIS than the generals, even though he has never been to Iraq or Syria and has never fought or even met an ISIS person. He just says (and tweets) stupid things and lends credibility to all such statements.

        1. Lynda Bauer says:

          I absolutely agree he has made some pretty stupid tweets. But the man is very defensive when he hears lies the media likes to spread. They know he will not tolerate the constant misrepresentation of his statements, and he tweets in the “moment” as rebuttal. It is not the wisest thing to do, but I think understandable. As far as his knowledge of ISIS is concerned, he has an insatiable appetite for knowledge. He probably does know more about ISIS in some respects, depending on the subject. I don’t think he knows more about ISIS in the military sense, but in the historical sense it is quite possible he does know more than they do. He doesn’t have to go to Iraq or Syria to learn about the ideology anymore than you and I do. Therefore, I think he should not be labeled as a “know it all” carte blanche unless there is evidence to do so. Just by saying he doesn’t know more than the Generals know about ISIS doesn’t make it so. Everything has relevance. I believe if people would stop trying to discredit our President every step of the way, and give him a chance to do what he was elected to do, they

          1. ExGOP says:

            A man in that position has to have a thicker skin. Obama was attacked unmercifully by the right, but he never indulged in the childish things Trump does.
            Know it all
            “Obama wiretapped me” with no evidence–know it all
            “3-5 million illegal voters” with no evidence–know it all
            “Biggest inaugural crowd” AGAINST all evidence–know it all
            “massive landslide electoral college victory” Only 13 elections in our history had a smaller electoral college victory–know it all.
            “I know more than the generals about ISIS” with no evidence–know it all.
            He constantly NEEDS to be the biggest, smartest, etc., for his fragile but enormous ego. THAT is dangerous.

            If he is such a good negotiator, why did he decide not to negotiate with Mexico on the wall?
            If he is such a good negotiator, why couldn’t he negotiate with Congress (Republican controlled) to get his original Trumpcare passed?
            So far he hasn’t tried to negotiate ANYTHING.

          2. Lynda Bauer says:

            Well if Obama was attacked unmercifully, the press certainly didn’t share that with the rest of us. I don’t recall hearing the press bombarding him on a daily basis taking him to task on every word he spoke. I don’t remember him being held back from following his agenda by constant attempts to block him by the Republicans. I don’t remember his daughters being mocked by the press. I don’t remember his wife being mocked by the press or conjecture made about her character (even though she said she was not proud of our country until she married Obama) like suggesting she was a paid escort, a whore as the media did to our first lady before she married Obama. I don’t remember people making fun of his appearance when they can’t find anything else to criticize him for. During the first year of his “reign”,President Obama was on TV every week, ad nauseum, acting like a celebrity. People did complain because he constantly interrupted their shows, yet he had nothing of importance to say. He was not called to task on his insatiable need to be noticed. Trump is on social media without the need to have his face in front of the camera. Yet he is constantly criticized for using that form to get his word out to the people. I suppose Obama was attacked mercilessly along with his wife and kids, but the press forgot to tell us about it. If your child or children and your wife had

          3. ExGOP says:

            Oh yes they did, but you don’t watch the real press.
            The “not proud of our country” was from a fake news site by the Macedonian kids. Get better sources.
            And Obama was on TV MUCH LESS than Trump that is on AD NAUSEUM. (he does make me nauseous)
            He has to have his face in front of the camera. Look at how he embarrassed us at the NATO meeting.
            He HAD to be in front for the camera. No one respects him anymore.

          4. Lynda Bauer says:

            That’s odd since I watched her say it on TV. I heard her defend her statement as well. This was an interview about her and how she felt being married to the President of the United States. She was specifically asked about that statement while addressing a Power for Women’s group, and she explained why she made that statement. She felt there was many social and economic failures that no President ever cared about. She felt there was racial inequality and inequality for women’s rights in the workplace. She felt we didn’t help the poor. She felt a lot of other things as well, but her statement was not denied, rather it was defended. So much for your fake news.

          5. Lynda Bauer says:

            I was very proud of him at the NATO meeting. Speak for yourself. At last we have a President who has a backbone. That’s something that had been missing during the last eight year term of our big, brave, leader. He was good at cow towing, apologizing for our arrogant country, and singing praises about how other countries have great health care programs. Obama would have shivered in his boots if he had to call NATO to task and to pay their fair share. What a whuss?

          6. ExGOP says:

            Proud of him making an ass of himself AND US? Proud that he looks like an obnoxious egotistical maniac? Trump asked when the world will start laughing at us for our decisions.
            Answer: November 8, 2016. They aren’t laughing anymore, they are now mad that we elected such a pompous ass.

          7. Lynda Bauer says:

            To Continue:
            If your wife and child or children (presuming you are married) had been attacked by the media, and made fun of, as well as your other family members getting the same treatment, I would suggest you need to ignore it… get a thicker skin. After all, they deserve it because they belong to you and love you. As far as being a good negotiator is concerned, we now have American businesses doing business back in our country. He has opened doors of communication between world leaders that requires great negotiating skills. When he decides to negotiate with Mexico, he will do it when he is ready, not on your schedule. He actually did not have the largest inaugural crowd in person. Trump said what he believed to be factual based on what he saw and what he was told. He was given misinformation that he relied on when he made that statement. It was not against all evidence at the time, because there was no evidence provided to contradict him. So you want to bash him? Go right ahead. As of recent reporting, the media is now trying to suppress findings of massive voter fraud issues in several states. It appears that illegals have voted in our elections by using photo I.D.’s, and states like California actually issued drivers licenses to illegals for the express purpose of getting them to vote. They had fought states​ that required photo I.D.’s in order to vote, so they simply issued them to illegals. It could well be Trump is not that far off from what he stated. Time will tell. Meanwhile, I think it would behoove you to find something really earth shattering to use against our President. You are so filled with disdain for Trump that you keep digging through the dumpsters to find any and every little thing to bash him with. If you would be able to show me how he has brought any attacks on our country due to his actions, or show me how it is his fault that the Democrats lost the election because of something he did, I might be interested. Otherwise, keep “dumpster diving”. You might come up with something worth cause for concern. It’s sad to see to what extent you will go to point out any behaviour you can use to diminish his position as our President. As far as his original Trumpcare is concerned, it was not acceptable to all members of Congress. So is it your position he should have “negotiated” for it to pass even though it was not acceptable? He actually did negotiate a revised edition, and it clearly shows he is
            willing to compromise. What about his “fragile ego” ? Was it put in jeopardy? I’m sure he is crushed that his original plan didn’t pass. Really? I think he deserves to have a big ego. Look how successful he has been in business. I doubt he has a fragile ego. If anyone had a fragile ego, it was Obama. He whined if anybody criticized him at all, or did you forget that? It’s useless to try to explain these things to you, because you have such tunnel vision. Your opinion is always important, but I wish to could be more open minded about our President. There is too much hate being spewed, and that should never be used against the leader of our country. People are getting tired of that agenda.

          8. ExGOP says:

            Actually, he has closed the doors to world leaders except Putin. His antics and BS have made him non gratis in the world.
            And he hasn’t brought any of his own Chinese business back into the US. If you go to the Trump Tower gift shop, almost all (maybe all) of it is from China. Nothing from the US. Ivanka isn’t bringing her stuff back into the US either. That is all talk.
            He has already announced that WE are paying for the wall. He isn’t going to negotiate with Mexico EVER. He knows that it wouldn’t accomplish anything. He was just assuming that if he said so during the campaign that there were enough stupid right wing people who would believe it. And he was right.
            The media isn’t suppressing any evidence of voter fraud. Trump is. If he has it he hasn’t shared it with any press, not even Fakex News. It just isn’t there.
            I’m digging through a VERY FULL dumpster of Trump idiocies.
            Fragile ego that has to be boosted constantly.
            The false wiretapping claim
            The false illegal voter claim of 3-5 million (coincidentally the same number he needs in order to claim that he got a majority of Americans)
            Pushing other world leaders aside to get more camera.
            False claims about his inaugural crowd.
            ETC. Just ego issues trying to look as big as he wishes he were.

          9. Lynda Bauer says:

            You keep beating a dead horse. I have owned my own business. I don’t believe you have or else you might recognize that contracts and business agreements with anyone (foreign or domestic) just don’t stop because you want them too. He is and always will be a business man The people of this country found it to be an asset in Trump’s case because our business and economy had suffered terribly during Obama’s Presidency. What are you afraid of? Trump does business with foreign countries. How shocking! He has products made China. Look around your home. Should we be concerned if you have items made in China? Are you kidding me​? If that was such a concern to you that an American businesses man was doing business with China, then why didn’t Obama stop it? Oh, I see, Trump wasn’t President then, but now that he is, he needs to divest himself of doing business with China. Conflict of interest I presume. It might interest you to know he no longer controls his business personally. I would think you could stop turning up stones, digging under rocks, and diving in dumpsters for anything you think would be a “gotcha’ moment. I guess you never made a false statement in your life based on inaccurate information.If you did, did you correct it? I HOPE you corrected it and you found no one would accept your correction and you will have to pay for it until the end of time. I don’t think you would be alright with that, but you don’t have any qualms about treating our President that way.

          10. ExGOP says:

            We didn’t suffer under Obama, that was BUSH. Under Obama the economy came OUT of a recession and the stock market TRIPLED, and millions of Americans got health care. The dollar is the strongest in decades. Ten million new jobs were created. Why did you feel you had to lie about Obama???
            He has given his business operations to his kids AND THEN GAVE THEM OFFICES IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!
            And when I found a statement to be not entirely correct, I CORRECTED IT. Trump doubles down.

          11. Lynda Bauer says:

            I think you should try getting a thicker skin too. Everyone who disagrees with you is either a liar, is ignorant, stupid, or they don’t know what they’re talking about. You whine and boo hoo when so many people call you out. You say “everyone” all the time when you want to prove your point. Ex: Everyone says this….. Everyone says that…. But most people refer to reliable sources when they rebuff you. Even those who don’t like Trump don’t revert to such childish name calling and filthy, disgusting language that you use. There are a couple more like you, but you are among the worst ever. When you have to degrade another human being the way you try to do with our President, it is the sign of an uneducated, rather illiterate person with a limited vocabulary. If this is not the case with you, then why do you go out of your way to make people believe that of you? That’s not what an intelligent person would do. If you are trying to “shock” people with your garbage mouth, I don’t speak for others, but I can tell you it doesn’t shock me. I just consider the source. Your behavior is infantile. Trump is President and no matter how you scream, kick and holler, you’ll have to live with it. I had to live with Obama as President for 8 long, miserable years, but I never went to the degree you have gone to because I respect the office of President. I prayed God would help me not hate the man, because I wanted to. I despise him for what he has done to our country. I prayed God would see to it that Trump would be our next President, and thanked Him for answering my prayers, and the prayers of all who voted for him. MAGA and thank you President Trump for loving our country. Sorry ExGop, but if you are a legal citizen, then whether you can accept him as President or not, it doesn’t matter. You’re fighting a losing battle. He is our Commander In Chief, and the most powerful man in the world. Nothing you can do or say will change that. So take a deep breath, because you lost and we won. God bless America, and have a nice day!!

  82. harpo49 says:

    can you say Obama but hole and corruption

    1. Chi Sam says:

      Anyone can say that… but why would one use the word but in place of butt, unless he has some odd personality disorder wherein he enjoyed having others find him stupid?

      (Note the seemingly easy use of the word ‘anyone’, stupid.)

      1. harpo49 says:

        thank you teacher

      2. harpo49 says:

        why are you on my ass

  83. ExGOP says:

    Trump has been a coward again. He complained that Obama wouldn’t use the term “radical Islamic extremism” and when confronting the Saudis, he backed down from using the term–coward.
    Trump met last year with the Mexican President and backed down and didn’t even bring up the subject of them paying for the wall–coward.
    Yesterday Trump claimed again that Mexico would pay for the wall. He then met with the Mexican president and backed down from asking for the money–coward. Trump is a bully, and like all bullies is a coward at heart.

  84. ExGOP says:

    Our Secretary of Energy with the single digit IQ gave an economics lesson yesterday. He got it backwards (of course). He declared that SUPPLY creates DEMAND and now the economists are having a field day.
    I’m not sure whether he just misspoke or whether he really thinks that if, for example, Detroit decided to make 1 million turbine driven cars that the supply would automatically create a demand for them. I think it is just his stupidity, but then, he is no threat to Einstein’s place in history. Another Trump failure.
    Of course, if a liberal had made such a stupid statement this site would jump all over him/her. But since it is a conservative, they give him a pass.

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