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Trey Gowdy Made A Surprising Announcement That Just Shook Up Washington

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  1. M. D'Souza says:

    Rep. Trey Gowdy is the best person to tackle the cozy folks of the Washington Establishment & drain the swamp there.

    1. Thomas Burlew says:

      I totally agree! It is GREAT to See Trey Gowdy in a position where he can “kick butt” and get rid of the Libtards left in the DC Swamp! Go Trey Go!

    2. Hotnike says:

      As you drain the swamp Rep. Gowdy the alligators and crocodiles need to be caged up!

      1. bob cratchette says:

        caged up nothing they need to be deep fried and turned into dog food.

        1. James in Texas says:

          Hold on now! Alligator meat taste just like chicken, give it a try. If you don’t like it, your dog will have a big tail shaking going on!

      2. James in Texas says:

        Nope, alligator and crocodile hides make great boots. Drag them out, end their useless lives and skin them and sale them to the boot makers. Two goods make a big good any day of the week! Oh well, just dreaming of a good ending to draining the swamp!!!!!

        1. Pomona Pete says:

          “Fahn lookin par o’ Dems, Hoss.”
          “Thankee. Ah like the extra high heels.”
          “Doan it hurt none they’s left feet only?”
          “Yeah-yuh. Yew want Frisco authentic, ya pays.”

    3. Judy Selich says:

      M. D’Souza: outstanding comment. Gowdy is one of my heroes!

      1. Margaret Graney says:

        Mine Too! He and Julian Assange. And Trey

        1. Doc Chaos says:

          I see you’re new and for some reason I read you’re few posts. I want to recommend

          I think you’ll find this man and his site most informative and thoroughly grounded. And may I say welcome.

    4. Elaine Morris says:

      Gowdy is like the perverial Dog with a bone. He had no intentions of backing off!

      1. Lasher says:

        Proverbial, Elaine, proverbial !!!

  2. RoseBrownlee says:


    1. Judy Selich says:

      With Trey Gowdy on this, there will be many who will be “very sorry”. Gowdy is the “textbook example” of what real patriotism means.

    2. Richard Wadzinski Jr says:

      hopefully the list can start with, lewis, cummings, Hussein obozo, killary, piglosi, holder, holder in a skirt, and a cast of thousands yet to be announced !

  3. Sandra Pecorino says:

    They couldn’t have picked a better man for the job, get the crooks and bring them down so the people will finally see justice

  4. My country says:

    Way to go Trey ! This time it must not have any left overs from Obamas dirt bags ! The truth has a way of always coming out !

  5. James Bryson says:

    A great American patriot…fears only as appropriate, damns the rest of the torpedoes.

    1. BOC says:

      What is a “great American patriot?” We are american citizens for the most part. With the exception of foreign visitors.

      1. James Bryson says:

        I see from your other posts that you are having difficulty finding your gluteus maximus with either hand. Can’t help you.

        1. BOC says:

          This tells us that you have nothing intelligible to say. By the way, gluteus maximus is the main extensor muscle of the hip.

          1. James Bryson says:

            Your series of posts mark you as a waste of thought.

            There is an old adage about not wrestling with a pig…

          2. BOC says:

            Yeah, ignore your inadequacies. Physiology isn’t your strong suit.

  6. JST says:

    I agree with the choice. BUT, Instead of all these STUPID Hearings and talking, how about some DAMNED indictments and put some of these ASSHOLES in prison, where they belong.

    1.) Start with the former idiot in chief, OBLAMO!
    2.) Killary next and the Clinton Crime Family

    And the list goes on.

    He may not be able to put them in prison directly, but keep them tied up with lawyers and legal fees will certainly destroy these people!

    1. DOC says:

      Don”t forget Bush and Chenney.

    2. Pomona Pete says:

      They’ll do it to us. It’s a MAD scenario. Who’ll go into government but power-hungry cooties, and we have an entire party full of them already?

    3. leonh1 says:

      isn’t it odd how the clinton machine remains intact in spite of a half-century of shady dealings and no one but bill knows how many deflowered interns could tell he tale

  7. BOC says:

    Gowdy is the equivalent of Joe McCarthy and Darryl Issa.

    1. uncle_fweddy says:

      Actually, I think he’s even better.

    2. Pomona Pete says:

      Give a shout when you’re done and you need wiping.

      1. BOC says:

        Wiping? You don’t want to go there.

        1. Lasher says:

          You mean wiping like Hillary did to her computers?



  9. Mikey says:

    Trey Gowdy, the Honey Badger of the GOP.

    1. Barkingdeathsquirrel says:

      Honey badger doesn’t care! Honey badger doesn’t give a $#!+

    2. BOC says:

      He’s wasting tax payers money.

  10. CaptTurbo says:

    I like trey Gowdy. good man!

    1. BOC says:

      He’s lost in the wilderness, just like his predecessor.

  11. Intelligal says:


  12. Audrey Spaulding says:

    Love this announcement. Go Gowdy Go,,,,, best thing to ever happen, WE need more of these kinds of people, Honest and Truthful and He will help drain the swamp, He will see that the Congressmen in Washington DC, either learn how to cooperate, or get the hell out of Washington, I hope that Senator Bennet is one of those that I would like to see gone, Here is the famous child like guy: I didn’t agree with Obama, but I sure took the money he offered me to betray the people on the Southern Border, I took money and help him get what he wanted, now I am here in Washington and I am not very well like except by the Seat Warmers in Congress. My Brilliant Ideas were for me to keep going to the Fountain of Money while I still could and when I got voted in this Last time, I was astonished, I am one of the most Corrupted Senators around, I have made excuses for everything I have done and Colorado believed me, I spread the BS as thick as I could, They bought it lock stock and barrel, So all of you that voted for Bennet unless your greased his hands with a lot of Donations he is just exactly what your going to get NOTHING, HIS WEBSITE SHOWS THE POOR PITIFUL BENNET TRYING TO ACT LIKE HE DIDN’T KNOW THAT OBAMA DIDN’T KEEP HIS PROMISE ON THE MINE IN DURANGO AND HILARY DIDN’T GET VOTED IN, SO BENNET IS SOL, Don’t expect much from Bennet, he is not going to keep any of his promises

    1. BOC says:

      Washington became a swamp in the past three weeks.

  13. msmotown says:

    Trey Gowdy is like Superman! This is great news! Sick’em!

  14. bovestrian says:

    Boy, the liberals are making Watergate look like a kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

    1. Judy Selich says:

      Just a bit of Trivia, but Hillary Clinton worked on the Watergate investigation and was terminated for providing false evidence. Is anyone (other than Democrats) surprised by this?

  15. sandsgrandmother says:

    He sounded wonderful and had all the information he needed to convict and send her to prison. The end result as it always is.. A lot of lip smacking and behind tail wagging to get the vote.

    You can have all the information in the world needed to convict someone but it is what you do or chose not to do that makes the difference.

    1. gobrien says:

      Are you aware Congress does not have the POWER to charge anyone with a crime even if it is right in front of them. That is up to the Justice department. But in Hillary’s case, with corrupt Lynch and Obama, along with a corrupt State department, nothing was going to happen.

      1. Jim says:

        Oh how time have changed since Nov. 8TH. Trump has his eyes on this homo and Sessions will drop the hammer on all of them.Some of them are not sleeping very well at night now.

        1. uncle_fweddy says:

          Perhaps they’ll sleep better in their Orange Jumpsuits.

    2. uncle_fweddy says:

      In this particular case, it was what the totally corrupt Department of Justice was choosing ‘Not to do’. And, of course, the even more corrupt Boob-bama administration. Things are different, now. We shall see.

  16. Bob* says:

    Before leaving office, Obama put his people in strategic positions. Gowdy needs to investigate these people or Trump needs to replace them immediately. Gowdy will find that they were put where Obama wanted them to help him hurt Trump’s Presidency.

    1. Judy Selich says:

      I hope you are wrong! Once Trump became POTUS, he is given the authority to determine who is appropriate and who is not. Thus far, I see nothing amiss with Trump’s choices.

      1. Robert Pollard says:

        I believe Richard is talking about the “mooslims” that Obutthead put in the government through out the intelligence agencies and other very key positions.

        1. BOC says:

          Name them or keep silent.

          1. Audrey Spaulding says:

            Everyone is or was a Muslim in Obama’s Cabinet and in every facet of the Government, None of those can be trusted, Name them hell, We know for sure that they are either a Muslim or related to one, What do you mean name them, Get real,

          2. BOC says:

            I’m real, you’re just ranting. You cannot name any, stop posting. Go back to drinking your tea.

          3. Richard Wadzinski Jr says:

            top aides valeerie jarret to barry soto hussien obozo, huma to killary, jeh johnson , rice, holder, lynch and a cast of many more boc your a troll and need to go away…,.

          4. Richard Wadzinski Jr says:

            you keep silent you damn libbtard troll,all your negative posts on the thread are not welcome. crawl back under your rock boc.

          5. BOC says:

            My posts are factual and fully supported. Too bad you’re not capable of doing the same.

          6. Robert Pollard says:

            I’m not doing your research for you. Don’t have them off the top of my head and would have to look them back up. There’s a crap load of them. If you’re interested in the truth you’ll look it up and find them without me lifting a finger. If you’re not interested, won’t matter what list I give you, you’ll just say it’s made up or my sources suck or some non-sense. Already been through this with others that don’t really care for the truth.
            So, do your own research and piss off if you don’t want the truth and stop trying to waste my time!

          7. BOC says:

            That’s your problem, you’re not doing any research at all to support your position. Thus, putting your credibility into question. You try deflecting, by telling me to do research on something you espoused, that’s not the way it works.

            Let’s try to stay above the personal attacks, it makes for better dialog.

          8. Robert Pollard says:

            I’ve already done the research. Time for you to spend some time doing the same. I have gone through this with people that want proof but after I spent time giving them document after document, article after article they said something like “Oh, well this is just not true” or “you don’t have a reliable source of information” It’s so easy to dismiss something because you don’t believe it rather than read something and believe the exact opposite of what you thought was true. Yes, that is the way it works. You do your own research. I was completely taken back when I first started seeing reports that Obama was putting Muslim’s into various government agencies that didn’t quite seem right.
            And, you were the one that essentially told me to shut up. Just meeting you at your level.
            Have a wonderful day!

          9. BOC says:

            You haven’t provided a thing.

    2. Richard Wadzinski Jr says:

      any and all mooslim brotherhood sumbitches need to be rooted out,arrested,charged and sent to prison !

      1. BOC says:

        Pure paranoia and racism. Good thing you’re not the judge.

        1. Richard Wadzinski Jr says:

          No paranoia pal,just the facts you troll, if i was the judge, i would have them hung like the Egyptian govt did to the ones obozo had forced upon there country till the people rose up and had enough,had them arrested,put on trial and then hung those nasty pos.

          1. BOC says:

            Get a hold of yourself!

          2. Richard Wadzinski Jr says:

            hay you troll go crawl in your rock and shut your pie hole,tired of scum like you who has nothing better to do then jump on threads and screw with everyone with your snarky remarks,your quite
            disgusting boc crawl under a rock and stfu.

          3. BOC says:

            Okay, we’ll get you some help.

          4. BOC says:

            Are you under the influence of drugs or Trump? Either one, both the same.

          5. BOC says:

            I see you’re in imagination mode again.

            Troll: a mythical, cave-dwelling being depicted in folklore as either a giant or a dwarf, typically having a very ugly appearance.

            This definition doesn’t describe me, son.

          6. Richard Wadzinski Jr says:

            not your son pal, your a frickin snowflake troll, you lost get over it, go troll some place else, trolling IE. while fishing you troll for fish, ,send your happy ass to the knackers and be done with your lot.

          7. Lasher says:

            This phony who calls himself a Jew name is nothing but a troll who wants to be a Jew. Jews, as a rule, aren’t half as stupid, uneducated, misinformed, and mal-educated as this POS who wants us to believe he’s got the brains to be a Jew. He’s a faker.

      2. Lasher says:

        How ’bout them Zionist Jews too?

        1. Richard Wadzinski Jr says:

          what about us Jews, you got a problem buddy? Are you a racist troll on here?

          1. Lasher says:

            You know what I’m talking about if you are a kike. Jews have been kicked out of over a hundred countries in Europe because of your greed, hate, deceit, warmongering, usury, and all the rest of your myriad faults. Yeah, I have a problem, and apparently many other people do too. Why don’t you Jews start acting like decent people? I suppose your evilness is in your genes, isn’t it? Otherwise you’d not have been treated like the pariahs you are for so long. You got that, Schlomo?

          2. leonh1 says:

            You are not describing any of the many Jews I worked for or with! You should be ashamed of yourself. As a Christian I am offended by your thoughtless remarks!!

      3. leonh1 says:

        Not prison! Then we would have to clothe and feed them. Simply deport them forbidding re-entry!

    3. BOC says:

      What people did President Obama place in strategic positions? Gowdy has been ‘chasing his tail’ since he arrived at the committee.

      1. Audrey Spaulding says:

        Obama made sure he couldn’t move an inch as long as he was President, You must be on something,

        1. BOC says:

          Yes, I’m on you for not thinking fully before you publish. Still waiting for the answer to y question, who did POTUS 44 place in SP’s?

      2. Bob N says:

        It was reported that in the last couple of weeks that Obama was in office, he started moving his people to strategic places around the government to help him hurt Trump.

        1. BOC says:

          Well, I know that ‘W’ Bush was guilty of this practice. Term used during that time period was called, embedded.

          1. Richard Wadzinski Jr says:

            thats the ticket,boc is an embedded troll here to piss folks off with it’s libturd rants….

          2. BOC says:

            Just the truth, that’s all. Come-to-terms with it.

        2. BOC says:

          Who reported it? You fail to answer this question.

  17. maxx says:

    Gowdy’s reputation as a “bull dog prosecutor” was well known. So how come he and his team meet for over 18 months and never indicted anybody. We all know what Clintons part was in Benghazi. She was responsible for Chris Stevens death and the 3 guards that tried to save him. Stevens knew too much about the gun running program through Libya into Syria to be allowed to be saved. Clinton saw to it that he was nothing but collateral damage. He was murdered to cover for Clinton and Obama going around Congress to sell arms to Syria. One doesn’t need to be a experienced prosecutor to figure that out.

    1. gobrien says:

      maxx — Because Congress does not have the power to indict or charge anyone. That has to come from the Justice department. Certainly you knew that wouldn’t happen with Loretta Lynch, a corrupt State department and Obama standing in the way.

    2. Jim says:

      Maxx, Sir ,it is not up too him to indict,that

    3. Judy Selich says:

      Seeking indictments is not something that occurs at the drop of a hat, particularly when it involves someone seeking the White House. Convening a Federal Grand Jury preceeding a presidential election year is, in many ways, a virtual impossibility. I was a prosecutor for many years, not at the Federal level, but I am reasonably certain that it would have resulted in a “poor Hillary” campaign. It might even have catapulted her into the White House. I think things turned out exactly as they should have. Fighting over Clinton would have made her “poor Hillary”, and it would resulted in a messy election. We achieved the outcome we wanted: President Trump! Let Clinton take care of herself.

      1. maxx says:

        I’m sure you are right. But it drives me crazy to see how terribly corrupted our political and judicial systems have become. That old saying that “crime does not pay” seems to be pure hokum. The bad guys, liberals and communists, seem to win more often that good and decent people with plain old common sense.

    4. Judy Selich says:

      maxx, only a grand jury can issue an indictment. Additionally, Comey had both hands tied behind his back; I suspect his hands were tied by B.O. because Clinton was going to be the next POTUS. Obama wanted nothing to interfere with that. The deal they made, included Obama’s support for Clinton to become POTUS provided she promise to fulfill U.N. Agenda 21 and erase our borders. That she made that promise to Obama on camera in exchange for his support to make her the next president shows the depths she is willing to go to achieve power! We thankfully dodged that bullet when she lost to Trump!

  18. Dave Bass says:

    WHOO-HOO! Best news I’ve had all day! Go get em, Tiger Trey!

  19. Elizabeth Davis says:

    Go Mr Gowdy

  20. 2broke4 her says:

    Im a Registered Democrat, not by choice, Corrupt Registrars office in Califoreignia keep changing my party preference.. never voted for any Democrat Presidential candidate, voted for Republicans.. When I hear or see Gowdy’s name mention, i just smile and laugh.. i love watching him in action and reading about it.. its about as good as an Article in Penthouse magazine.. gives you pleasure without doing anything..

    1. BOC says:

      Congrats! You have demonstrated how well read you are.

      1. 2broke4 her says:

        Congrats! you have demonstrated how not to, construct a sentence!

        1. Audrey Spaulding says:

          He needs to go back to school and learn how to write ,

        2. BOC says:

          Thanks for acknowledging that you fully understood what was posted.

          1. 2broke4 her says:

            not really just your imagination!

          2. BOC says:

            Reality is far from being, imagination!

          3. 2broke4 her says:

            Imagination is your Reality..

  21. George Townsend says:

    About time an honest man was appointed to a position where he could help get rid of the moles.

    1. BOC says:

      All dog, with no bite.

      1. CaptTurbo says:

        All dick with no balls.

        1. Lasher says:

          All hat and no saddle.

  22. ONTIME says:

    I am a great admirer of Cong.Gowdy and was sorely disappointed by the obstruction of the Deemers involving Clinton illegal acts for Benghazi and for abuse of office in act as as high as treason…The shoe is now on the other foot now and all 3 branches are in R’s control, this time I am sure he can with the co-operation of the DOJ this kind of obstruction performed previously will be dealt with in a much more serious manner……….This unaffordable government is far to big to manage properly, to costly and the corruption is growing, we need serious reformation…….

    1. BOC says:

      Come-to-terms with it, there was no illegal acts committed by HRC at Benghazi.

  23. Mike says:

    Can only hope that Trey Gowdy gets a chance to see this information and researches it to find the truth on who had it and who leaked it and then hopefully that person pays for what he/she did.

  24. Bruce R Haskin Sr says:

    I really think that this will be great. I, for one, would have like Gowdy to have been appointed as US Attorney General. If anything happens to Sessions, I would hope that he’s next in line.

    1. Judy Selich says:

      Gowdy is the quintessential example of true patriotism and obedience to the law.

      1. BOC says:

        What is the quintessential example of true patriotism? Amazing how people keep making up these false labels and identifiers. Either you’re a real American Citizen or you are not, there is no in between.

  25. maryb says:

    Trey Gowdy has everyone’s support in his new position. Glad he got this position.

    1. uncle_fweddy says:

      Maryb, I just LOVE to watch Trey Gowdy in action. The other thing I loved to watch was the Trump Rallies. I thought him inspiring, as he enumerated the things wrong with Boob-bama’s vision for America: The western headquarters of the Third Caliphate…SCREW THAT! And his proposed fixes, such as building that wall…

      And, as I watched Rep. Gowdy shred Crooked Hillary, and assorted pompous bureaucrats, and that Elija Cummings buttinsky, I thought: BOY! I sure hope President Trump will put Rep. Gowdy to work somewhere, where his surgical skills can be used to excise America’s liberal tumor.

      I have, likewise hoped that Pres. Trump could find spots for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke; there are a couple lawmen who aren’t afraid to wade into the swamp, kick butt, and take names. I’d like to see Sheriff Arpaio in charge of a task force, to dig into obama’s many lies and hidden records, such as his phony birth certificate. I’d put Sheriff Clarke in charge of cleaning up the Soros-created ‘Rioter Mess’, such as Black Lives Matter, and others. And, it’s Blue Lives that matter, and Green Lives (our military).

      1. Judy Selich says:

        Sheriff Clarke intends to run for Congress. I have already sent him a donation! He is one tough hombre and exactly who we need to help Trump straighten out the mess Obama made!

        1. BOC says:

          What mess? Do you mean the W. Bush mess he cleaned up.

    2. BOC says:

      He doesn’t have every ones support.

  26. EE says:

    It gets clearer every day that the democratic party is the treasonous, terrorist party.

    1. Judy Selich says:

      That is their modus operandi. We have come to expect this from the left. More important, is that we take care to ensure that we do not emulate the Democrats’ behavior.

  27. No PC says:

    I LOVE seeing beads of sweat on Liberals brows. Many of them should be in a Federal Prison, especially Hillary and her almost virgin husband, Bill.

    Let’s not forget that Martha Stewart went to Federal Prison for lying to the FBI about how many chocolate chips she puts in her cookies, while Hillary, who is responsible for Benghazi and so many more horrible actions, is still walking around as if nothing was wrong. Hopefully, Trey Gowdy sill fix that situation, pronto.

    1. uncle_fweddy says:

      No PC, Beads of sweat is good…Orange Jump suits, appropriate sentencing and full restitution, would be better.

      Yeah, poor Martha, I really thought what happened to her was a little over the top. And, the really ironic thing is that she sold on insider warning that the stock would fall, short term–and that’s how she got her tit in the wringer. But, had she just not acted on that information and, instead, held her stock, she would have gained much more, as the stock later recovered. I felt bad for her.

      1. BOC says:

        She was tight and didn’t want to lose $25K. Never considering the big picture, which cost her much more.

    2. BOC says:

      That’s because you haven’t seen any, it’s your imagination.

  28. SED says:

    If we could get to the bottom of this barrel of snakes we would find half of Congress and the previous administration in very questionable light. But no organization is ever able to police itself……wonder why….I have not seen a valid birth certificate either from you know who

    1. Judy Selich says:

      Well, there was allegedly a “real” birth certificate. Unfortunately, the woman who “produced” it is no longer alive. She was killed in an airline crash a few years ago.

  29. gerald Hughes says:

    Go Trey Gowdy, we want to see the liberal dem bloodsuckers in jail.

  30. John Gasper says:

    What a great move.

  31. DirtyDaveyDownEast says:

    Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, all is hypocrisy. There is nothin’ new undah tha sun. Old King Solomon, Dirty Davey’s paraphasin’.

    I am so sick and tired of tha hypocrisy of those on tha left. Not only should tha leakahs be prosecuted, but whereas tha buck stops at tha Oval Office Barrack Hussein Obama should ultimately bear tha responsibility and pay tha price, tha full price, and nothin’ short of every minute without tha possibility of parole or commutation.


  32. stick says:

    I would love to see Trey go after Soros for treasonous acts against Trump and tha USA

    1. Judy Selich says:

      I may have misunderstood something I read a couple of days ago, but Soros is allegedly not an American citizen. I have tried to track this down but without much success. What concerns me is his huge funding to political campaigns, particularly Clinton. I recall that Trump was adamant that there will be no more foreign money allowed in American elections. I wonder what would be the result if Soros is no longer allowed to “buy” the candidates of his choice.

      1. uncle_fweddy says:

        Judy, he was born in Hungary, and a naturalized American citizen, since 1991. But, in my opinion, no friend of America. Under an Uncle Fweddy administration, he would be tracked down by Seal Team Six, who would suspend him by the ankles and shake all the money out of him. The money would be distributed to the people his communist ideology has damaged.

        Trump seems to like him. I like President Trump very much, but have serious doubts about Mr. Soros, who funds a lot of anti-American activity: MoveOn.Org, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street…and hundreds of other groups of rioting hooligans.

        Pres. Trump would put him in a position of bargaining for the United States, reasoning that he is best at that kind of thing, and he might very well be; my concern is with his devotion to America. I would be behind Pres. Trump deploying Mr. Soros, for such tasks as re-negotiating NAFTA, and other such tasks, but I’d want Pres. Trump to keep a tight leash on him.

        1. Judy Selich says:

          I have a lot of difficulty believing Trump would ever align with Soros! Clinton was the recipient of Soros’ “donations”. I am aware he has contributed to some campaigns (dirty money!) but I would need written proof that Soros contributed to Trump.

        2. BOC says:

          “anti-American activity?”
          You attempt to create and/or label organizations to fit your views. These you listed are not, in fact there is no such official list, currently.

          1. Lasher says:

            Any fool knows those are anti-American organizations, and I’m sure you know it. Virtually all groups headed by Zionist dogs are subversive.

      2. BOC says:

        George Soros is a Hungarian-American investor, business magnate, and philanthropist. Soros is considered by some to be one of the most successful investors in the world. Wikipedia

        1. Lasher says:

          And … he is a Jew! Naturally.

        2. Richard Wadzinski Jr says:

          that pos SS Nazi war criminal soros???? is that who your speaking of, that SS Nazi war criminal?

      3. BOC says:

        Koch brother’s, like Trump, got their money from the USSR.

        1. BOC says:

          You want me to get inside someone’s head and explain their reasons and positions. You want me to tell you why they are irrational? i’m not the one with the problem.

        2. BOC says:

          What treasonous acts did Soros commit against Trump and the United States, when did he commit them? He never did.

          Stop reading those conspiracy blogs and underground propaganda tabloids


          1. stick says:

            It’s hard to get the big picture when you have such a small screen.

          2. BOC says:

            I guess because Paul Craig Roberts is on hiatus from his basement sweatshop, you’re filling in.

          3. stick says:

            Look, don’t go to a mind reader; go to a palmist; I know you’ve got a palm.

          4. BOC says:

            I don’t believe in them.

          5. Lasher says:

            But it’s got hairs growing all over it.

          6. BOC says:

            At least I have one.

          7. stick says:

            Yeah but it’s fuzzy not a very clear picture. Did the aliens forget to remove your anal probe?

          8. BOC says:

            Hey, You’re the one that can’t see.

  33. John T. Koszalka says:

    Now we have someone we can depend on. Thank You Mr. Gowdy for accepting this appointment.

  34. clem says:

    Trey. Whack their pee pee!

  35. Perry Eisenhower says:

    I’m just ecstatic about this appointment.

    1. Judy Selich says:

      I am ecstatic about virtually everything connected with Trey Gowdy. He is someone that only be known as “straight arrow”.

  36. rowleya says:

    Gowdy speaks for me

  37. mwood13 says:

    watch them run, the swamp cleaning its self

  38. Kika68 says:

    Right on. Go get em Gowdy. You are a great investigator and interviewer. You don’t follow thru tho’. Hitlery is still walking around free as a bird and Obummer is still walking around free as a bird. His birth certificate is a forgery and has been proven to be so. Where are the arrests?

    1. Judy Selich says:

      As long as Obama is no longer involved in the government, I do not care what he does. I tend to believe that his purchase of the mansion so close to the White House was designed to enable him to try and run an illicit shadow government with him meddling and stirring up dissent against President Trump!

  39. OleDad48 says:

    Does this mean the Clinton investigation Gowdy headed is officially dead? Another Washington elite guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors is excused by her colleagues because “she’s suffered enough” by not being elected president? This is a grand “us vs them” situation. So the Clintons “retire” to one of their ten mansions to enjoy the kadjillions of cash that flowed in from women abusers and homosexual executioners? No harm no foul? Where is our lionized “Nation of Laws” in that scenario?

    1. uncle_fweddy says:

      I’m not sure Hillary & Co. are out of the woods, quite yet. I understand that her Passport has been lifted, in case she should attempt to leave American jurisdiction. But the perception that her pants suits are–so far–Teflon coated is certainly justified: She appears, so far, to have gotten away with a stunning array of capital offenses. Stay tuned…the problem has not been Rep. Gowdy, but the corrupt Holder/Lynch Dept. of Just Us, and the also corrupt Boob-bama administration.

  40. tenquidinmybootaholeinmypocket says:

    Its all good news.

  41. Mt Native says:

    Wasn’t it dingy mcclain that leaked that dossier? Technically Paul was correct, mcclain isn’t a true Republican, he is a rino.

  42. Bill says:

    He deserves this honor. Trey is a shining light in a dark tunnel.

  43. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

    We really do need to clean house of all the DIRT. We have been needing this for many years now. I’m proud to say we have now a ( President that cares for us THE PEOPLE. ) The democrats are for every Tom Dick and Harry and not us THE PEOPLE. THAT IS WHY THEY LOST AND I’M GLAD.

  44. iris says:

    Just watch your back. A lot of people have gone missing or is dead that knew too much. Praying for you Trey Gowdy.

  45. Love this guy, he’ll shake them up. And he might get a few guilty of telling lie’s on Mr.Trump. I really hope he doe’s

  46. CommonSense4America says:

    Once you drain the swamp, you need to do something with the critters you find.

  47. Pomona Pete says:

    The democrats were SHOCKED, SHOCKED! that a presidential candidate might be compromiseable by foreign intelligence services!

    Ever hear of Bill Clin-ton? The Red Chinese have had their hooks in him forever (that’s why they can accurately target me in southern California).

    If the scum hadn’t nominated him, and had he not lucked out with 42% of the vote, he never would have qualified for the lowest level security clearance.

    Lord, it is with love and peace in my heart that I beg you to take the democrats away.

  48. Jim says:

    I like it. I really like Mr. Gowdy. POTUS in future ??

  49. Robert Brumley says:

    Sounds great! More good news for America.

  50. DonDKitty says:

    Go Gowdy. You da man.

  51. JackP32 says:

    Can’t wait to see “Bulldog” Gowdy in action.

  52. Margi Mackowski-Seif says:

    Trey Gowdy is our very own “little pit bull” guarding the yard. He will take no nonsense and he will do the job in the most straight forward manner possible. He is not wired to do it any other way. He is like a man who has actually read and understands the Owner’s Manual. I would strongly advise, all the “statesmen” who have been using their offices in nefarious ways, to get a lawyer. Because the fur is going to start flying.

  53. spawn44 says:

    The anti American left’s modus operandi to stay in power is to hide the truth and propagandize the lies. All with the full support of the brainwashed leftists weasels in the MSM. That’s all they do. The left’s AGW scam is a perfect example. Their time is up. No more listening to their phony racist, homophobic, open border is patriotic BS. Just move in and kick rear.

  54. Wayne Owens says:

    I hope Mr Gowdy decides that he could be even more effective as a United States Senator. I believe there soon may be a “Vacancy” for our Senator just a few miles away from Greenville in the thriving town of Seneca S.C.

  55. isBubba says:

    Trey needs to get to work NOW !!! Trump needs these traitors exposed and set-up in a line.

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