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Trump Advisor Made This Jaw Dropping Prediction About Trump Being Indicted

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  1. Linda Shelton says:

    Democraps are really adding to the action if anything happens to our duly elected President and no one can say where that action will end.

  2. vinny says:

    What is this another white person going to take the fall for a NIGGER!!!

      1. Gene says:

        Sorry, but that’s what 90% of them are

      2. vinny says:

        What NIGGER? Oh EXCUSE ME. LOL.

  3. Name says:

    The criminals in the deep state are subverting the outcome of a legitimate election while also diverting attention from their own crimes.

    President Trump, go on offense! Have AG Sessions prosecute Hillary, and watch what happens.

    1. PatriotGal says:

      Absolutely! OWEbama, KILLary, Podesta, Rice, Lynch, Sebellius, Holder, etc. – go after them ALL and charge them!!!!!

      1. Kathryn Ross says:

        OWEbama! I love that PatriotGal…..He sure the hell owes the taxpayers of this Country a whole hell of a lot! Indict them all for the crimes they have committed….Put them in a snake pit, filled with snakes as they are the deadliest snakes of them all!

    2. Gloria D. says:

      I loved Sessions! I was all for him until he recused himself. It left our President vulnerable! It was a stupid move. Do you think Sessions would prosecute Clinton??? I’ve been waiting!! I’d throw in Obama, Soros, Rice, COMEY, Holder, etc.. I just don’t see it. I sure hope and pray you’re right.

      1. Name says:

        Bad decision, indeed. When you are surrounded by jackals ready to bite you, recusal is surrender. Not on option. If Trump asks Sessions to prosecute Clinton and others, he is merely asking him to enforce the law – do his job.

    3. Kathryn Ross says:

      Name, Like playing a Political Football Game? I agree. President Trump needs to go on Offense! Yeh AG Sessions should prosecute HRC….. And we all know what will happen….Hopefully we can get back to the business of Making America Great again! and making her First again!

  4. Elisha says:

    Mr. President, you must now be pro-active. For one thing, this Robert Mueller is an interloper, a fraud, and a deep state operative. This critter has to be relieved of so-called duty right away. Fire the monster! As for prosecuting Hillary Clinton, a slap on the wrist will not suffice. Prosecuting her for the Benghazi affair does not go far enough. The Pedogate criminal enterprises continue to take top billing, in terms of today’s ongoing criminal cases. The list of Ms. Clinton’s heinous crimes is mind-boggling and horrific.

    1. very well put- and if you ask me all this aimed at Trump is to distract from Hillary-Trump hasn’t shown much inclination to go after her,having beat her in the election,but he should,or she’ll come slithering back she always does!

      1. Frank says:

        Government had the case to bring down Clintons in 1998 and our leaders were too corrupted or weak to honor their oath of office. I knew immediately they would be emboldened and be back to kick America in the balls……….. “Fake charity” I thought at the time … wow what an underestimation !! More like a global criminal enterprise.

      2. Susan Meyer says:

        I most certainly agree with this. Well put!!!!

  5. Ron haymaker says:

    It is a “WITCHHUNT” & yes the DIMS are gathering firewood. However president Trump should be ok. The firewood,like the DIMS is wet & rotten!

  6. if Trump says anything in his defense then he’s guilty-that’s their logic

      1. Bud says:

        Yes, too bad for your lack of logic.

        1. SGirl says:

          What? I am agreeing…too bad for the left logic!

          1. i took it wrong too-thanks for the clarification!

          2. SGirl says:

            If you ever see me agree with the lefts logic…I give you permission to just shoot me!

          3. i would never do that- i’m not like they are! only somebody who’s out of ideas and arguments resorts to shooting those who disagree with them(like the fellow whose name i won’t mention,at a certain baseball practice)

          4. Susan Meyer says:

            I would not stoop that low. Then I would bring myself down to the level of a Liberal. Never happen.

  7. Jerry says:

    Too late for Mueller to back down. He just got a well paying job and gave work to many other lawyers. They will spend millions and millions on this witch hunt just because there is money and publicity in it for them.

    The President should just call off the special council and instruct the Justice Dept. to investigate and prosecute all leakers including Comey and his friend. This crap must come to an end.

    If he doesn’t put an end to this crap it will go on forever.

    The President has the power to stop this and in my view he should. Thereafter he should just ignore the press.

    He should prosecute Obama, Hillary, and the rest of their support team.

    Enough with being Mr. Nice Guy Mr. President it is the time to act and stop the foolishness.

    1. freedoms_glory says:

      By law Mueller should resign because of his close ties to Comey. That is a fact. Trump needs to point that out to Mueller.

      1. cp123 says:

        It depends on whether he has ethics or not!

        1. Bud says:

          Obviously he does not, or he would not have accepted the assignment.

          1. Fredsgirl1 says:

            Mueller accepted the job because he is something you only have a vague understanding of. He is an honorable and dedicated PATRIOT.

          2. David Hack says:

            That son of a bitch doesn’t know the meaning of those words, and from your response snow flake neither do you!

        2. 3CatLady says:

          He is like all Demorats – no ethics, no morals, and no conscious. It is truly disgusting what they have done over the last eight years. But SOMETHING must happen. Start indicting those who write on Facebook and other social media that there should be shootings of conservatives and Republicans.

          1. Fredsgirl1 says:

            If democrats were all these things then they wouldn’t give a [email protected] who was president and who wasn’t. They would rejoice that at last there was someone in the oval office they could identify with. We wouldn’t be fighting back at your troll-wriggling to subvert the truth and spread inaccuracies. Just like you don’t care that Russia hacked into our government systems and stole information, we would care about any of it either.

          2. Frank says:

            Hillary Clinton was illegally exonerated of high crimes publicly insulting every law abiding American. The corruption in DC is epic …. the Russians have nothing to do with collusion as its an inside job.
            The fix was in for Hillary to win …. “fake polls” meant to undermine and discourage the right …..non stop 24/7 wholesale bashing of Trump and his supporters on most tv and internet media …. Hillary didn’t even find a need to present an agenda or campaign. Unprecedented. Why ?
            No need to debate anyone whether or not DC corruption is widespread … the Republic is under attack from within. Period.
            That’s the major concern not whether or not any external forces are trying to take advantage and “influence” our election process. Even if they did try … that’s to be expected of foreign interests. isn’t it???

          3. Susan Meyer says:

            Very well stated. Hey liberals, the truth hurts, doesn’t it? That’s why you ignore it. Some people think the liberals care about them. Well, think again. They could care less about any of us. All they care about is power and lining their pockets. Don’t know how they can live with themselves. But, I guess if you have no ethics, doing dirty deeds and spreading “Fake News” is just everyday stuff.

          4. what about Hilalry’s ridiculous”reset” and her subsequent sale of one fifth of our supply of Uranium-1 to the Russians? and they worry TRUMP might have connections???the Democrats i remember were always too friendly with the Russians,except for Jack Kennedy

        3. daniel wright says:

          There is a blatant conflict of interest here. It also looks like a deep state conspiracy. The acting FBI head (with ties to Hillary) appoints a special council (with ties to Hillary) to investigate Trump for firing Comey (Who has ties to Hillary) I see a pattern here. Am I the only one?

          1. David DeRossett says:

            By the current Washingtonian actions you must be.

          2. daniel wright says:

            Trump needs to get Sessions to fire the acting FBI director and the “independent” council. Mueller is anything but independent. The swamp is leading the phony investigation.

          3. David Hack says:

            Well, I guess that lets the obstructionist democrats and the RINO’s out, not to mention the globalist/elitists in the mix huh?

          4. David Hack says:

            NOPE! And anyone with the sense of a duck would also see it!

          5. chief1937 says:

            As the saying goes if it looks like a duck walks like a duck quacks like a duck it must be a duck. This could be applied to this situation. Should we say the fix is in?

        4. Crystal says:

          I seriously doubt that any of these Democratic Anarchists have ethics, if they did, they wouldn’t be doing this!

        5. Gloria D. says:

          He doesn’t.

    2. lin says:

      I don’t believe that President Trump should fire Mueller. I do believe that Congress, which has the power, should shut down the ‘witch hunt’ or make the parameters of the investigation very specific and public. Right now Mueller and his DNC supporter lawyers can go anywhere they want whether there is an actual lead or not.
      Write, call or email your Representatives-House and Senate- and demand they grow a spine, get off their back sides and stand with the man we voted for.

    3. chief1937 says:

      If the president tried to stop this investigation witch hunt he would only be giving the liberals an opportunity to say he has something to hide. We need common sense in the congress to stop this mess.

      1. Gloria D. says:

        Repubs have no tails..the DemWits are still running the show. We’ve got the House, the Senate, and the Presidency..WHAT THE HELL IS THE PROBLEM??!!! Soros has paid off almost everyone and who knows what Obama has threatened? Drain that corrupt swamp..our only hope. Get rid of all Obama leftovers..PERIOD!!

  8. freedoms_glory says:

    How could you possibly have obstruction of a phony charge? The left (Dems) are insane. They are just going on a fishing expedition trying to find anything at all. How many in Washington could stand a probe with no parameters? Not many, if any. Trump needs to fire McCabe or have him limit the investigation to the original charge. Actually according to the law, Mueller should resign as he is BFF with Comey, a major witness and person of interest in another investigation.

    1. mogul264 says:

      Only INSANE minds could STILL believe, DESPITE being unable to prove AT ALL, in Pres. Trump’s guilt in this ‘Russia-gate’ made up affair, and WORSE, to then accuse him of ‘obstruction’, in objecting to the original unsubstantiated, spurious accusations! Plus, setting a PARTISAN ‘investigator’ to search for ‘facts’? How “fair”! Typical Dem. procedures! Instead, investigate Obama, Killary & the Dems for all the CRAP they’ve pulled in the previous regime! Oh, NO! Dems are pure as the driven snow! …AS IF!

    2. nwjohnson says:

      Easy. Check out the Teapot Dome scandal where one man was found guilty of accepting a bribe that the other guy was ACQUITTED of offering.
      Remember, this politicians that we are talking about here .

      1. second time this week i’ve heard a reference to the Teapot Dome scandal!

    3. i think their strategy is twofold: first as long as they keep flinging spaghetti at the wall,the complicit press seems to cover little else;secondly,to attempt to inflict a death by a thousand cuts on Trump,and make him look guilty when he tries to defend himself against baseless charges-he really ought to consider going full bore after Hillary,Obama,Lynch and the rest of rogues’ gallery

  9. Mike W says:

    Go back and look at the history of the past 3 former FBI directors – Comey, Mueller and Freeh – they all have very deep ties with the Clintons. Mueller is filling his investigative team with Clinton donors. The FBI should be investigated.

    1. elmcqueen3 says:

      They all should be investigated…all were/are members of the “deep” state shadow government…Mueller was once Comey boss…Mueller was picked as chief counsel of the Trump/Russian investigation for his ability to wrangle “obstruction” of justice charges against those accused who have done nothing wrong…It’s Meuller’s trade mark…That’s why he is leading the “Kangaroo” court against Donald Trump…The hypocrisy of it all is…how can Meuller claim “obstruction” of justice against Trump when the whole investigation about Trump and his collusion with the Russians is based on “fake” news reporting of events that never occurred in the first place…there is no evidence or proof of such a Trump/Russian conspiracy with which the outcome of our elections were altered…how low can Mueller and his pack of Clinton vigilantes go…Apparently as low as the “deep” state wants them to go.. thus giving Democrats grounds for impeachment of Donald Trump…thanks to their “hit” man Robert Meuller and his bosom buddy James Comey.

  10. Susan Lindauer says:

    Warning alert to GOP lawmakers: American voters will NEVER allow you to indict or impeach President Trump! This is fraud and double standards in the law! All of us know it! And all of us DESPISE YOU for trying to pull this lie on us. It’s blatantly obvious to everyone outside of the LaLa Lands of Washington DC, Los Angeles & New York. You’re embarrassing yourselves.

    1. 3CatLady says:

      It’s the Demorats that are pushing impeachment. They just can’t let it go because they have nothing else. Even Diane Feinstein and Comey said that Trump didn’t do anything that elevates it to impeachment. Multiple lawyers have also stated as much.

      1. Gloria D. says:

        You’re right but don’t kid yourself, the Repubs have no tails. Some of them are in this, as well.. McCain, Graham, Burr, Ryan the snake, etc.. they have an agenda. They are in thick with the DemWits. They are DemWits in disguise. They are not helping President Trump. McConnell could have stopped this crap by now. The first mistake was Sessions recusing left President Trump vulnerable without protection. I like Sessions but that was a stupid move. He should’ve known better. President Trump must fire Mueller now or this impeachment will happen over nothing. Only thing protecting Trump now are the new lawyers he hired for himself. This is deep state and they planned this before Trump came into office as soon as they knew he won!!! Obama is the orchestrator. I still swear that PIG of an ex president had to have something on those Repubs. It’s why they’re worthless and they do nothing to help Trump. They don’t fight for anything. Ryan is a lying piece of crap! He is always working against the President. Now Obama’s plan is in motion. President Trump must listen to Gingrich. He needs to fire Mueller and press for the investigation on Obama, Soros, Rice, Holder, COMEY, Hillary, Jarret, etc. then maybe the DemWits will get off of President Trump.

        1. Kathryn Ross says:

          Gloria D. so sickening to watch these republican traitors in action day in and day out isn’t it? So right! Obama is the groomed Dictator behind it all! All these Treasonous, Destructive, Destroyers must be stopped. Hey the Special Investigator (long-time pal of Comey) needs to be investigated himself! Robert Mueller needs to be fired…There is no Russia Anything Period. I believe the Clinton’s should be investigated no.1. then Obama! Now There is Collusion for ya! and downright threat to National Security! Soros is the main funder behind their cause. I too think that President Trump should heed the warnings from Newt Gingrich…All the made up ,phony, lies, will never end unless all are indicted who have broken many laws…..The Demon-Wits need to stop bashing President Trump. Lock ’em all up…..

          1. Gloria D. says:

            100% in absolute agreement Katheryn Ross! It’s time for some heads to roll! LOCK THEM ALL UP FOR TREASON!! Obama, Hillary, Lynch, Rice, Holder, COMEY, all Obama cronies, even the ones behind the scenes we don’t know. Most of all..SOROS, the master demon behind Obama and Hillary, corrupt judges, corrupt DemWits and corrupt Rino Repubs, BAN THE LOW LIFE FROM
            OUR COUNTRY FOR GOOD and TAKE ALL HIS ASSETS AWAY COMPLETELY!! Never let that garbage return..better yet, lethal injections for all the dirtbags I mentioned above, so we rid ourselves of this filth once and for all!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! UNITED WE STAND!!! GO PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!! WE THE PEOPLE are behind you all the way!!!

          2. Bob Morton says:

            Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas and Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz. have asked for Mueller’s recusal. I don’t think that Pres. Trump can fire Mueller, only Rosenstein can. Pres. Trump could fire Rosenstein though. We’ll see how far the investigation into Loretta and Hillary goes. I can’t believe the frenzy over the false claims re: Pres. Trump’s collusion with Russia and the mediocre attention in regards with the actual collusion and crimes by Lynch, Hillary, Obama, Rice, et al. I am glad that Trey Gowdy is on our side. I don’t think that he will let it go that easily. Here’s hoping the guilty will fall! This is Bob’s wife.

          3. Gloria D. says:

            Hi Bob’s wife…you have a point. President Trump may not be able to fire Mueller but Rosenstein can. Well, time will tell. I’m just sick and tired with this FAKE assault on our President. It’s time this gets buried and the deep state will go under. Time to lock up the real culprits..all in the deep state who are, in fact, trying to destroy our Constitution and our American values. I say, good luck with that because these snowflakes haven’t seen nothing yet…WE THE PEOPLE will not lose. They’d better stop antagonizing us because they WILL go down and it won’t be pretty. Hope it never comes to that, but WE
            PATRIOTS are sure as hell not gonna let them take our America, ever!

          4. Bob Morton says:

            Amen to that! I have not been this patriotic for a president for a long, long time. I used to vote against a candidate rather than for, then close my eyes and hope for the best. I haven’t had faith in our government for forever and then some. President Trump is honest, has intregrity and really cares about America and all of us. All of the BS from the liberals is because they’ve never encountered anyone like him before and the true support from all of us. Their sins are coming back to haunt them and we can’t let them try to sweep it under the rug anymore or try to pass the buck. Time to drain the swamp and make the a$$holes pay for their crimes. Go Trump!!! This is Bob’s wife.

        2. l_tecolote says:

          If Trump were to fire Mueller, even he wouldn’t survive the ensuing firestorm, and a majority of congress/deep state critters would happily jump on the Dems bandwagon. A far more astute political pathway out of this political quicksand situation would be for Trump to order an investigation of former Obama admin. officials, including Madame Clinton, for the crimes they’re known to have committed. That would be an easier political firestorm to survive. Feinstein and a few other astute Dems have quietly been encouraging a Trump let-up because they fear the consequences to the Dem party if these dirty political tricks and crimes were to be revealed and became widely known.

          1. Gloria D. says:

            You may be right. President Trump has got to go on the offense..NOW!!!

          2. Frank says:

            What do we really know. We can only watch and pray that Trump is strong , smart and honest for American citizens.

        3. Frank says:

          “Obama must have something” on these Republucans.

          Of course he does. Blackmail and or Bribery is obviously very effective.

          He used the surveillance state as a weapon to remove any honest Americans from our judicial , intelligence , legislative government as well as main stream media. They should all confess and sin no more

          1. Gloria D. says:

            I agree with you 100% Frank!!!

      2. Kathryn Ross says:

        3CatLady, Yes, the Demorats are full of Demo-Crap! and they are bound and determined to remove the President from office…With absolutely no evidence, Zilch-Nada-nothing… That;s all their little Pea Brains can come up with! They have nothing! In more ways than one! It is just a stalling of President Trump’s Agenda… They are the obstructionists De’Jour……..The President is surrounded by Obama Leftovers who are leakers for the left….why are they still there? hiding in plain sight so to speak…… on the Republican side they are masked by the republican Elitist’s also who are threatening Trump’s Presidency….. Stay tuned folk’s there is a lot more to come……We know who they are….one by one the Swamp Dweller’s in Washington D C will be drained.

        1. Gloria D. says:

          I sure hope you’re right!!! I know one thing, WE THE PEOPLE aren’t gonna let them take our President down. They have another thing coming if they try it!!! We won’t stand for it. Those snowflakes will lose! UNITED WE STAND!!!

          1. Kathryn Ross says:

            United They Fall!!! Gloria D. We are Trump’s Basket of Deplorables….. We are labeled as harboring every Phobia (and then some you can think of) Our President Trump is not going anywhere! We will not let it happen, no way, no how! The whining, crying, snowflakes need to come back down to earth! Off of their High Horses…We The People are tired of the hateful Rhetoric of the left. Hillary Clinton and her resistance anti -Trump movement… need to get a grip on reality! And the Reality is She Lost the Election because she was not the best Candidate…… Trump is the Winner because he was. History will repeat itself in 2020 if Hillary Clinton (Or any Clinton relation for that matter!)is the nominee for the democratic party….. She has lost 2 presidential elections…… and i do not believe 3 times is a charm in her case!!!!! As you say Gloria They have another thing coming if they try to take our President Trump out of the White House, I think they have another thing coming if Hillary tries to run for President in 2020…. They will encounter another Loss! The DemonRats; They are “Despicable”……

          2. Gloria D. says:

            UNITED THEY FALL IS RIGHT KATHERYN!!!! The Deplorables against the Snowflakes…the Deplorables will win hands down!!!!

    2. David DeRossett says:

      Stop dreaming, Susan. Liberals (including all Democrats) don’t embarrass. They just plod on through all of their BS.

      1. Gloria D. says:

        That’s for sure.

    3. Kathryn Ross says:

      Susan Lindauer, You hit the nail with a Silver Hammer……President Trump has done nothing to warrant Impeachment nor Indictment….And Robert Mueller is a Conflict of interest and should be fired and his investigation in to the Russia Probe involving President Trump should be stopped. We the people are not stupid, and we know it is all just to undermine the President’s Agenda. All Fraud by the Left. You are an Embarrassment to What this country stands for…. “One Nation Under God” with Liberty and Justice for all. The Whacky- Left has no conscience! And it goes a lot deeper than Washington D C, California and New York….They seek to destroy America. They care more about third world Countries than they do the “United States Of America” The Left are walking, Talking, Democratic Zombies……. brain washed and brain dead lawbreakers.

  11. Dale Kerlin says:

    They just won’t let go. I think this ongoing investigation is an obstruction of justice.

    1. Crystal says:

      It’s certainly obstructing the proper running of this country and government, which in turn, is definitely hurting the American People… Not that these Dems care!

    2. Susan Meyer says:

      I agree. If it is not an investigation of “obstruction of justice”, it would most certainly be something else. The liberals will not stop. If I thought it would do any good, I’d recommend just ignoring them. Liberals have so much hate built up within themselves, this in itself should be criminal.

  12. Jerry Martinez says:

    You will all make nice flag waiving citizens of the new “US-soviet republic”
    How anti American can you get-Republicans and Russians together at last.
    Why is no one incensed about Russia tampering in our elections!!!!!!

    Because a Republican won!!!
    If Hilary won??? Think about it
    Forget-Donald.. the Russians aren’t our friends nor are they American and should be held responsible as always but noooooo! they helped a Republican so it is OK!!

    1. Glanda Widger says:

      LOL cute and as usual proven wrong weeks ago. Change the script lib. Everyone is laughing at you.

    2. Jerry Martinez says:

      I’m an American that served in krypto with a ts clearance not a lib.. and yes Russia is definitely a threat of the highest order….. and yes they did tamper in our election as they did in France.

      1. Bud says:

        How did the Russians “tamper” with the election in the U.S.?

        1. Ron haymaker says:


      2. daniel wright says:

        And you ignore the real traitor, (Hillary)?

    3. daniel wright says:

      What proof (other than zero) is there that Russia helped Trump?

  13. jimmy9522 says:

    Those democrats can stretch nothing into a big bag of bs.

  14. BeeCubed says:

    The bags of trash that call themselves the democratic party will do anything to destroy President Trump – lie, cheat, steal, anything! They will not stop until he is run out of office. They are disgusting!

  15. lynda 930 says:

    If he’s a confidant of trump for 40 yrs he’s Americas 2nd best liar, second to the orange faced yellow haired fat man who lives in the White house part time. LMAO what a joke he is. Play Ball!!!

    1. Fred says:

      You fail to see reality for what it is. Take another sip of Kool-Aid, drink good and deep until you drown. Your ignorance of the crimes Hillary, Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Mrs. Carlos Danger, Slick Willy, Nancy Pelosi, and the other traitors in our midst have committed is astounding. Really, you need to open your eyes and really take an honest look at what the crimes the past “banana republic regime” pulled. The nonsense the DemonRats are pulling is to divert attention away from the real traitors in any attempt to dishonestly smear the duly elected President of the United States on “Trump’d” up charges. These fools will continue to harp about some other fake junk that comes to mind to continue to make sure everyone does not look at the real criminals.

      If you don’t like it so much, here, you are invited to leave and immigrate to any socialist hell-hole that will have you. You don’t have to go away mad, just go away.

    2. Paul W Baumgartner says:

      We got rid of the jokes in washing, not enough maybe , but Hillary, Obama, comney are all gone, but maybe we can send them to jail

  16. usn says:

    Start going after them with the AG and you will see all this crap stop.

  17. Steve Terrill says:

    Mueller is anticipating what the Dems want this investigation to “prove” so he is being proactive and going forward with investigating the obstruction charge which is the what the Dems are hanging all their hopes on for impeachment. GET IT RESOLVED AND THEN MOVE ON TO THE RUSSIANS. Destroy the Dems witch hunt one lie at a time. After a couple of defeats, they will “surrender.”

  18. 4Pip says:

    How do we go after them?Turn the tables on all who are into these phony charges.Soros has stepped up the attacks and is now targeting the neighbors around the candidate for the R’s in Georgia. This should be criminal and he should be in custody.

    1. SGirl says:

      Talk about collusion, Soros has been a US nightmare for 50+years! Why hasn’t he been thrown out of the USA?

      1. George Soros,atheist Jew & Nazi collaborator:”1944 was my best year!”

  19. jug says:

    People, they are not “Dims”, “DemonRats”, “Dumbos” or anything so silly!

    They ARE Communists, and have been, ever since their “leaders”, hi-jacked the political platform of the CPUSA, way back in the 1960s!
    HRC and Obama have been life long Communists, and the biggest share of the other leaders of this party were/are as well.
    They have been marching down this road laid out for taking down and converting this country to Communism ever since. One such “roadmap maker”, was Saul Alinski, the author of Rules for Radicals, who also was HRC’s mentor in college. She even did her thesiss on him!

    They have PROGRESSED, so far towards sucess, that the idea of Trump bringing it to a halt at this point drives them crazy!

    Its also very dangerous for them, do you remember the slipup that HRC made, when she blurted out: “If that Son of a Bitch wins, we are ALL going to jail”!
    And she was serious!

    Now, 12 weeks into his administration, and no such thing has happened, but it still hangs there!
    The only way to get fully past such a threat, is to take him down, thourghly embarass and destory him! (Wouldnt be the first time these bastards have ruined peoples lives and reputations!)

    Trump is too soft and big hearted for his own good!
    Get behind and support him, IF you want this country to survive!

  20. KDS says:

    Justice should be dealt with by handling events that happened first. Like Bill Clinton’s coruption, Obama’s crap, then Hilliaries election fraud. Let’s get those out of the way before we say anything about Trump. Those jerks that I have mentioned have everything to do with what’s wrong with this country. Their administrations and corrupt organizations are nothing less than mob activity that have covered their tracks by making laws to protect themselves from prosecution. I know a thief who stole from my store and then stole again from a pizza place. The pizza store owner caught the man as he attempted to leave without paying his bill. Consequently they got into an argument and the store owner hit the man. The police show up and the only one charged with anything was the store owner for hitting this jerk. I’m not condoning the store owners anger, however if fair play was being applied here we would prosecute the man for stealing first. Put him in jail or some kind of restitution. But that’s not what happened. It’s oh you hit him! Forget the rest.

  21. cp123 says:

    Can the GOP step up, support President we elected and scream for a special investigation into obama, Clintons, rice, lynch and on and on. We are watching and we want you to support the president we elected.

    1. Frank says:

      Never gonna happen …. theyre all corrupt in DC …. bribery or blackmail prevents any action.

      1. Susan Meyer says:

        Unfortunately, I have to agree. This is a sorry, sorry mess that Obama left us in. And the so-called conservatives are sitting on their hands doing nothing. What in the H… is wrong with them? They campaigned on things that was suppose to save our country and back our President. What do they do? Absolutely nothing. I’m really, really disappointed in most of them. We need more Congressmen like Trey Goudy. He is absolutely the best.

        1. Frank says:

          Trey Gowdy seems very capable but really doesn’t get anything done.

  22. HESpecialist says:


    He can be impeached IF whatever their concoction is that rises to the level of a “crime or misdemeanor” and the House VOTES to Impeach. Then he has a trial in the Senate (which is what NEVER happened to Bill Clinton), where IF found guilty can be removed as POTUS. Damn, doesn’t anyone read the Constitution anymore or study their history?

    1. nwjohnson says:

      Do you ACTUALLY want an answer to that question?

    2. daniel wright says:

      An indictment is a criminal matter. An impeachment is a political one.

      1. HESpecialist says:

        Daniel, a SITTING POTUS CANNOT be indicted. He can be impeached, but cannot be indicted. Look it up, please

        1. daniel wright says:

          I don’t need to. That is well known. I never said he could be indicted. I was distinguishing between the two. By the way there must be a chargeable crime or misdemeanor to impeach him. The president has not committed an impeachable offence.

          1. the term “misdemeanor” is used differently when applied to impeachment(“for high crimes and misdemeanors”) it does NOT refer to the criminal justice definition of felonies vs.misdemeanors

          2. daniel wright says:

            Article 2 section 4 mentions treason bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors. It doesn’t specify what designates those crimes.

          3. no doubt- but the term “high crimes and misdemeanors” is said all at once,not broken into “high crimes” then,”misdemeanors” it is all one term and derives from English Common Law,as say,charges leveled against a king

          4. daniel wright says:

            It is still a fact that those high crimes and misdemeanors are not specified in the constitution. PS,Trump is not a king.

          5. his detractors might say he is trying to act like one! but i agree with YOUR statement- i just wanted to clarify the term”high crimes and misdemeanors” as having no relation to the usual definition, it is a separate legal term,our system is derived from English Common Law which has its roots in Roman law;it is English Common Law which gives us the term”high crimes and misdemeanors”

    3. Paul W Baumgartner says:

      that is true on constitutionality, they would have to prove it

    4. SGirl says:

      They don’t care…their whole mission is to take the eyes & heat off of them. They want Trump to be so busy tweeting & defending himself that they will go unscathed. They are so looney that they actually think if they can keep this going that they will win in 2018 & 2020!!!

  23. Lindy says:

    How can you indict on the word of Comey? It is clearly a he said, he said, and now that we know Comey was behind the leaks from the FBI, that he colluded with Lynch to make sure Hillary would avoid prosecution, his word amounts to, excuse me, a pile of shit.

    1. it is true Comey is now thoroughly discredited

    2. Frank says:

      comey has zero credibility and should be the target not a witness …. he publicly confessed to obstruction on national tv

  24. cp123 says:

    The people will not be silent if this is illegitimate.

  25. Jimmie Cooper Boswell says:

    the deep state, is on a fake news phishing expedition.

  26. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    Hang the frigging seditious bastards.

  27. Joel Goodman says:


    1. Bud says:

      “By Any Means Necessary” is their slogan.

  28. CharlyO says:

    Remember, this was in the WaPo so it has no credibility.

  29. Richard Frick says:

    Call in Comey’s subordinates and make them testify under oath that they were totally in support of the With Hunters agenda. Come has muddied the names of the entire FBI and turned them all into suspected Treason suspects for gross violation of USA Laws and Leakage. President Trump should pull the plug on the swamp and get the entire Dumassocrap Party.

  30. Linda says:

    It’s time to fight back, get behind our President and start marching on Washington DC. I know most of us can’t afford to take off from our jobs to protest but if we want to keep our country, we have to do something.

    1. KDC says:

      And pray for our President and country.

  31. Thomas Hart says:

    An indicment that appears to be political rather than serving justice will be more than this country can stand. It will kill any remaiing feeling of trust in our government by a large group of Trump supporters. I for one will stop all participation in the political process and become an ex-pat forced by my age and circumstances to remain in this country but no longer a part of it. America for me will be dead and gone. The phantom America that remains will be a country despised by me and I will be forced to pay taxes to a country I hate with all my fiber. Mueller and his band of Clinton supporters has the fate of the whole of America in his hands. He can be a statsman or a cheap political hack. We will see.

  32. just me says:

    Lock and load! If they impeach our POTUS, they will bit off more hell then they will be able to handle.

  33. David DeRossett says:

    A sitting president cannot be indicted (or so the talking-heads say in quoting ‘federal law.’) But, on the other hand, according to current ‘Washingtonese,’ what does ‘federal law’ have to do with it?
    However, they do say that Trump can be impeached. But, for WHAT? I say neither one is going to happen.

  34. GrumpyGrandpa says:

    The Democrats know it won’t succeed on it’s own HOWEVER,
    1). The Fed Res is brewing up a market crash with rapid interest rate hikes, and
    2). The Resist plans for street chaos is still being planned, and
    3). Special Prosecutor will announce indictment at the right moment, and
    4). Serious terrorist events, false flag or otherwise, will happen

    The CLINTON/OBAMA Cultists have the whole thing planned and underway.

    PREPARE and get ready!

  35. geneww1938 says:

    They are not looking for a crime, they just want an impeachment and thing to impede Trumps progress. For an impeachment hearing, you do not need evidence… that happens during that long dragged-out battle.
    The Shadow government (Establishment) does not care how much the taxpayers have to pay to hurt this presidency that is trying to wipe out the Shadow government’s control and return it to “We the People”

  36. kassa1 says:

    if I was Trump I do want that man said and indite Obama, Jared, holder and Lynch, beings how Trump knows they’re trying to overthrow we the people, he should as he is the commander-in-chief of the military, use the military and take charge of 17 corrupt federal agencies that are helping to destroy this country. This would be a good beginning to cleanse the swamps and then go after the swaps pant 17 corrupt federal agencies that are helping to destroy this country. This would be a good beginning to cleanse the swamps and then go after the swaps Pimps, One world order billionaires who were feeling this just one name that comes to mind and Soros to start with.

  37. Jonathan Brooks says:

    Prosecute Comey, McCabe and Mueller for leaking and see how they like jail time. Then Indict Hillary, Bill, and Obama for their actions. Go full Untouchables on the Dems rear. They want a war. Give them lawsuits.

  38. ter334 says:

    We have and have had a govt of the establishment, by the establishment, and for the establishment. Since 1913. The establishment is just another word for socialism and/or communism. In a way it is like islam and communism and all socialism, a single political entity that runs, controls the govt. In islam this entity is the mosque which rules the govt and uses the power of govt to impose their religion. In communism it is the communist party which controls everything. Neither of these have given any rights to the subjects that have the misfortune to be born in these countries. Nope, that is why people, for the most part flock to America. For freedom: with muslims the glaring exception. They carry signs that say freedom sucks. They are blinded by the indoctrination they have been fed for centuries.

    Here the establishment is the political entity that controls, runs everything and at the moment they are frantically trying to avoid being ‘outed’. But in reality they have already been found wanting. Maybe unwanted by we the people. The DNA of the establishment is financial with the fed res owners as the principal funders of the political apparatus with tax payers footing the bill. Years ago the banker owners made a big investment. They bought the govt and converted the taxing power of the govt to private use. In an absolute brilliant move by the bankers, they set up the apparatus so the govt would collect taxes, then hand over some tribute they called interest on the national debt, with no strings attached to the owners of the fed res bank.

    So who is in the establishment? It’s latest emperor was O. The D party, the RINOs, a handful of elected officials are not insiders, union bosses, CEOs. the media, celebrities, the judicial branch, high powered sports figures, blacks and women and people with sexual preferences that are not normal–but only to be pampered to milk for their votes to keep the establishment in control, Same for immigrants who also are temporary, honorary members of the establishment. In short, everybody but we the people. You might even call the establishment the Capitalist Political Party. The slogan for this bunch of hacks is. Damn the Constitution. Full control by the establishment ahead! They, like O, will throw anyone under the bus to protect the establishment. Even though they take an oath to fall on their sword for the Constitution. Then spend their careers trying to work around the restraints on their political activities written into that fine document. It is the Constitution that will save America, not a political party, not the fed res, not even God Almighty. Not even Wonder Woman. After all it is the law of the land and we have the rule of law in effect.

  39. Marvin Barry Cohen says:

    The Leftist Liberal Army of cretins, mongoloids, lip-drooling, idiots and self-centered mega-Gods will never let up on Trump. Their meanness and hate know no bounds. The sanctity and freedom, We, the People have stood for since 1776 can not be broken and destroyed unless these slithering creep-dripping hate filled slug-brained anti-American creatures unless their self-appointed leader, Lying-Thieving God, Hillary Clinton becomes the President. Clinton and her crowd of America-haters would destroy all which is America. The end product is the Clintons will own the entire planet and the USA will be just another robber-baron wasteland. .

  40. RichFromShowMe says:

    Don’t ever forget what happened to Scooter Libby . . . the Democrats investigators sell out quite easily, even when its obvious to everyone in America they are crooked to the core.

    Scooter was convicted of leaking Valerie Plame’s name when the Special Prosecutor knew who leaked it before he started his investigation . . . Scooter got some lockup time for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

  41. KDC says:

    “the rigged investigation is plowing ahead anyway”… So they can waste our tax payer money and waste Pres.Trump’s time. Time is money.

  42. Fredsgirl1 says:

    Wake up people. This country is under attack by Russia through our electronic infrastructure. They have been doing pretty much the same thing in Europe for decades. That the president does not take these attacks seriously is serious enough in it’s self. But that he keeps lying and squirming in his attempts to deny any involvement with Russia when words from the mouth of his own son has proven this to be untrue. This isn’t someone running a mom and pop store on the corner, it’s the president of the United States. It would be a gross dereliction of duty for the security and the FBI NOT to investigate. Thousands of our men losing their lives defending this country in two wars/police actions against communism was patriotic. But if Donald Trump is the president and looks as guilty as h*ll then anyone who is in charge of defending our democracy and questions the lies and inaccuracies made by the president, makes it a witch hunt.

    Even if this is just Trump trying to save face, hiding from the public that people wouldn’t invest in his businesses in large enough numbers, Western banks wouldn’t lend to him so he had to crawl to the Russian banks for loans to bail out his collapsing companies. That he lied about it makes this serious. Even more disturbing, he can’t even stick to the same lie two days in a row. If this is the norm you want to live in then leave this wonderful country alone and go start your own mess somewhere else..

    1. StopTheJews says:

      If Russia has the technology to hack our computers and more THEN SHAME ON AMERICAN RETARDS like the FBI CIA and SS. Our country is under attack by our own crooked government who have weaken America. We should never be at war 17 years. WHERE ARE THE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION our military have been dying for ? 800 Billion Dollars wasted to kill people plus the good American lives we lost while scum invade our country. IS THIS RISSIA FAULT OR THE SHIT HEAD AMERICAN CROOKED ANTI AMERICAN POLITICIANS?

  43. Beth says:

    If Stone is recommending Trump order DOJ to indict Clinton. BO and Rice, why isn’t Trump doing anything about it. I don’t understand why Trump is being so passive about all of this. Why isn’t he asserting himself and ordering investigation into HRC’s Russian ties. I doubt if it was legal for her to go on her own and sell our uranium to Russia. Nobody likes that she did that, nobody agrees with her doing so, why isn’t somebody looking into that and other things regarding her? Frustrating!

    1. StopTheJews says:

      Why doesn’t Trump investigate the 1.2 billion dollars spent in Canada for a failed healthcare website that involved friends of Michell Obama ? How much of that money is in a Swiss Bank in Obama name?

  44. Bill Lyne says:

    Trump needs to declare a state of emergency due to the democrats/left intentional disruption of the operation of our government intended to overthrow the government. Stop all these various pseudo-legal operations. Then conduct a national grand jury to investigate the main instigators charging them with treason.

  45. John Timmins says:

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it
    cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less
    formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the
    traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers
    rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government
    itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents
    familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he
    appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He
    rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to
    undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that
    it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

    Marcus Tullius Cicero

  46. jerrycollie says:

    Mueller is hiring nothing but Dems for his team. I can see it now: How many million$ will Mueller spend over the next 8 years, investigating Trump?

  47. MarcJ says:

    Just a few examples of our “impartial” Main Stream Media that
    President Trump complained about:

    ➢ ABC’s “political analyst” Cokie Roberts agreed with its racist “panelist” Jamal Simmons who said
    Trump’s “America first” approach is really a “white America first” approach.

    ➢ In a interview, “historian” Richard Evans said Trump was using exactly the
    same language the Nazis used.

    ➢ New York Times “contributor” Michael Eric Dyson deemed that Trump was America’s “first
    toddler in the presidency.”

    ➢ Talking about the President and his daughter, HBO’s house cretin Bill Maher said that Trump
    is “the only one interested in getting into Ivanka’s pants.”

    ➢ CNN’s house Marxist Fareed Zakaria said that Trump “wants to turn off that lamp on the
    Statue of Liberty.”

    ➢ Discussing Trump’s temporary pause on immigration from jihadist terrorist nations, MSNBC’s
    functional cretin Howard Fineman said it was what “Osama bin Laden himself
    would have prayed for”.

    This former refugee from a communist hell finds our MSM today much less sophisticated than their usual
    Marxist deadly pabulum. The above crazed litany is the testament of the heavy
    boot the American voters placed on their sensitive commie derrieres thus
    causing such outpouring of pure hate and deadly ignorance.

  48. lynda 930 says:

    FYI I don’t listen to any thing a repunlican has to say, they are brainless.

    1. myfordtruck says:

      I think you have it all turned around typical of a demorat

  49. myfordtruck says:

    before they try and prosecute President Trump they better go after Obama and Clinton . Trump has the right to defend himself and this nation from hostels in and outside this nation so these people trying to comet treason better think twice

  50. Skin&Bones says:

    Will someone please indict Comey, Mueller, Rice, Clinton and Obama?! …this charade and shabby investigation into Trump needs to stop. The above indictments will redirect the investigation where it belongs. God have no mercy on the liars. Skin&Bones will be

  51. Maria castro says:

    Hard to believe how Obama and the Clintons have defiled this country. In God We Trust! may he have mercy for this country

  52. Duane says:

    Haven’t seen any Russian co-lab-er-a-tion, but while we are at it, we are going to find out if Trump or any of his associates jaywalked or spit on the sidewalk.

  53. Carol Rogan says:

    Call US ATTY GENERAL. 202-514-2000 Option 4. Leave messages re:
    Mueller conflict of interest
    Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, Clinton Foundation, Obama surveillance, American’s $ to off shore banks $348 million!!!

  54. Ron haymaker says:


  55. ReaperHD says:

    Time to end this Mueller and what’s with all these LIBTURD DEMOCRAP LAWYERS he is hiring. There was only one thing to investigate here and now overtime an investigation Peters out they are going to investigate something else. Time also the COMMIE LIBTURDS want this and all these lawyers then they should pick up the bill and this should not be saddled to the TAX PAYERS.

  56. jim jones says:

    America needs a strong, intelligent 3rd. party. Perverts, thieves, liars and climate deniers are dragging us down to the point of disaster!

  57. The duck says:

    Well I think that when Trump is exonerated by the Supreme Court, because that is where the case must go, Trump should order the DOJ to arrest and place Muller on trial, then go on down the line starting with Obama and winding up with the Shumer crowd. I think that the whole Socialist Democrat Party needs to be indicted. They sure do show signs of attempted destruction of our constitution and laws allowing rioters to destroy private property and calling it freedom of speech.

  58. BUILD BABY BUILD!!! says:

    Mueller wont be around soon. His cronyism with Comey makes him the first in line to exit stage left. And Comey thought he was sooo smart. LOL The jokes on him and Mueller.

  59. J. Ernst says:

    Mike W. hit the nail true!
    TO ADD, the Clinton’s are the term to use that blankets ALL of the INTERNATIONALLY FINANCED EFFORTS & ACTIONS that have INUNDATED the “branches” (specifically the FBI) of law enforcement or investigative bodies. That business model was crated in ’47 with the creation of mossad and the cia…which have been colluding entinties since ’50!!!
    The BUSH’S were also deeply imbedded within this “cartel” of international financing and invasion of OUR Oval Office!!! But HOPEFULLY THEY are no longer a viable monarchy FOR the international banking cartels.

  60. rick meek says:

    Mueller and his cronies are the ones that will be investigated……

  61. chief1937 says:

    The way things have been going lately one can not assume anything even though Trump is innocent ( being a republican) the democrats might have enough followers to get him indited even if charges are bogus. This witch hunt has been going on long enough and should be ended and dismissed as unfounded.

    1. Frosty33 says:

      Enough is enough! The cost to the tax payers for these investigations is crazy and the investigations so far have given us nothing. What say the Senate and Congress go back to doing the peoples business and give hate mongering a break.

  62. Elena Bowman says:

    Mueller needs to be fired and so does the deputy Attorney General who put him in office. These two traitors along with Comry and the Clinton Mafia all need to face a firing squad for treason. It’s the only way the Dimms that are left will shut their lying mouths and leave our President alone…That and the only other way is the wrath of the American People to descend upon them. It’s long past time that the Dimms felt the rage that they have unleashed on this nation. Oh and there are a few other people you can add to that list, John McCain, Lyndsay Graham, Paul Ryan, McConnell and all the other finks in the Rep party. And don’t forget that miserable piece of garbage Maxine Watters to name a few misfits and malcontents.

  63. Charles A Mozingo says:

    Special Proscecuter, Ken Starr, of Water Gate fame says Mueller, does not have enough on Trumph to charge him with obstruction of Justice. Sure am glad some of these who know, know.

  64. Richard Schwartz says:

    At this point you can bet Mueller is being investigated as we speak. Mueller has already been scared. His selection of subordinates raise very disturbing issue. Why is one of the ambulance chasers has disobeyed the law? Kinda makes a person wonder.

  65. Isaac Reiff says:

    We have Eight Years of Felonious Activity, that surround everyone, from Obama down. Why are these crimes not being actively investigated? If the Fascists want to rumble, take off the gloves and go after them. I would bring Rudy Giulianni on board, along with Chris Christie as Special Prosecutors, for the sole purpose of indicting and prosecuting all those Seditious and Treasoness Criminals. That alone, will drain the cesspool, as the other rats begin to scramble for immunity as they turn on one another. What a beautiful thing this could be!!!

  66. Constitutionist says:

    Why is not all these indictments not done toward Obama, and all the others. This would be a trump to what the Dems keep trying. Also our Media is the problem here in this Country. Just like Elisabeth Warren just said that the Dems will begin to get more nasty. Here Is our problem it will not go away till there are in Dictments brought on them. WHERE IN THE HELL IS SECCIONS GOING TO GET THIS GOING!!!!!!!!!

  67. jackel says:

    The Clinton’s should be the ones being investigated but kind of hard to do when they run the show. The Clintons’ and Obama and friends must be investigated and brought down or the witch hunts of President Donald Trump will be an ongoing annoyance. And this is a daunting task because neither the Clinton’s nor Obama are being looked at for anything they have done wrong; money and favors buy corruption and these two are experts at it.

  68. fordfool says:

    this sounds like the fat man telling the fatter man he shuld diet…..why not play in REAL time, REAL sneaked voices, &omama whispering to Putin pulled aside…”…I’ll be able to do more of what I want aftr my re-election..”snort,chortle..grin..”._

  69. A patriot says:

    put comey and mueller in prison for obstruction of justice against the executive branch of government and against the constitution of the united states

  70. Ken Le Bow says:

    Thats how they got Scooter Libby and our favorite FBI director used these very tactics to Arrest and put in Jail Martha Stewart…through an allegation of illegal insider trading then interviewed her under oath had no evidence but something she told Comey while under oath did not jive and he got her on a technicality

  71. No name nut case says:

    They are WASTING OUR MONEY!! All of this kind of crap costs money, it isn’t done for free! I don’t know about you, but I don’t appreciate it! I don’t appreciate them looking under every rock in the country trying to indite Trump for something…anything! Maybe they will catch him crossing the street outside of the crosswalk! They are SO flipping petty! They are wasting resources and OUR tax dollars! I don’t know about you, but if I were a democrat I’d be pissed off and ready to vote someone else into those offices at the next election! I can only hope that democrats are intelligent enough to see what is going on!

  72. MacZiah says:

    TrumP is strangely patient which tells me he has an ace up his sleeve but I would have indicted Barack, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Valerie Jarrett, and established a special counsel to re-investigate Hillary in Mid March…my 50-Day Point! These people are apparently Above the Law and have caused much damage to our National Security!

  73. ChiefBoring says:

    Mueller should show some class and resign. There is no “there” there. Donald Trump is the duly elected President of the United States and should be treated as such, not attacked by a bunch of rabid dogs.

    1. VirgoVince says:

      he’s a liberal, how can he show class he doesn’t have??

  74. Jim Wagenmann says:

    Obama, the Clintons, Rice, lynch, Warner, and all the other communists need to be put in jail.

  75. Howard MacKinnon says:

    DJT needs to gather all his loyal buddies with chutzpa & let them stop this enormous waste of time & taxpayer $$.

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